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Jakov Ivan  S.  Dumbrique  

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II BS  AMF   q q q q

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President Executive  Vice  President   Secretary-­‐General   Chief  Finance  Officer  

Department Head   Deputy  for  Documentations   Deputy  for  Marketing   Deputy  for  Promotions   Deputy  for  Special  Projects  


Member Relations  


ESSAY. Explain  in  100  words  or  less  why  you  want  to  run  for  the  position  and  your  vision  for  AMS.     I  am  running  for  the  position  since  I  believe  that  the  impact  of  any  organization  lies  in  building  quality  relationships  among  its   members.    I  want  also  to  tap  the  members’  potential  and  help  them  find  their  own  role  and  place  in  the  AMS  family,  like  how   AMS  is  an  avenue  for  my  growth.     I  envision  AMS  to  be  a  home  of  math  enthusiasts  who  are  also  passionate  and  devoted  members  of  the  organization.  I   envision  AMS  to  be  an  avenue  for  increasing  awareness  and  appreciation  of  Mathematics  while  holistically  molding  its   members.      

PLEDGE     I,                                    Jakov  Ivan  S.  Dumbrique                                                      ,  have  read  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  and  attest  to  the  facts  contained  in  this  Certificate   of   Candidacy   and   in   all   other   documents   required   by   the   Electoral   Board   of   the   Ateneo   Mathematics   Society   (AMS).   By   signing   this   pledge,  I  certify  that  I  have  had  consultation  with  the  incumbent  officer  and  I  thereby  give  permission  to  evaluate  the  facts  contained  in   all  the  documents  I  have  submitted  to  the  AMS  Electoral  Board.     I  swear  to  uphold  the  rules  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  and  by  the  AMS  Electoral  Board  with  full  awareness  that  the  violation  of   the  said  rules  would  result  to  possible  sanctions  as  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code.       It  is  my  sincere  intention  to  promote  a  free,  honest,  and  clean  election.      

                                                                             Jakov  Ivan  S.  Dumbrique                                                                                                                                                          January  10,  2013                                                                                                                                        


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Use Ateneo  Placement  Office’s  (APO)  One  (1)  Page  Format.  Please  refer  to  Resume  Writing  folder  of  the  Election  Kit,  and  the  sample  below.  

Jakov Ivan S. Dumbrique EDUCATION


0916-351-8786 | 426-6001 loc. 6316 | Ateneo de Manila University BS Applied Mathematics Major in Mathematical Finance (May 2016) Certificate of Appreciation for Excellence in Academic Pursuits (given by the Ateneo Association of Former Resident Students, Inc.), 1st Semester, SY 2013-2014 Ateneo Mathematics Society XMath Project Head (2013-2014), Math 101 Programs Core(2013-2014), Cardkeeper (20132014) • As XMath Project Head, facilitated core meetings, supervised and managed the Core Team especially the Programs Core, addressed logistical concerns, conducted fundraisers, created a tracker to organize flow of information, conducted expectation setting and role opening ICs with members, established friendly relationships among members of the core team • As Math 101 Programs Core, made a list of questions and PowerPoint presentation for the Poker QuizBee and helped in creating its mechanics, created a Python file to track points • As Cardkeeper, informed the members of Seven of Clubs of AMS events and updates, encouraged them to attend the activities, made friendly relationships with the members Ateneo Statistics Circle YEP Project Director (2013-Present) • As YEP Project Director, facilitates core meetings, supervises and manages the Core Team especially the Logistics Core, builds friendly relationships among members


AIESEC AdMU Exchange Expo Organizing Committee Vice President for Finance, Legal and Administration (August – December 2013) • As Exchange Expo OCVP for FLA, drafted budget proposals, conducted fundraisers, addressed logistical concerns, created financial statements and managed budget constraints and finances Ateneo Statistics Circle Research Director (2013-Present), Research Analyst (2012-2013) • As Research Director, managed a team and established friendly relationships among the members, conducted Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), drafted research proposal for Gabay Needs Assessment Survey • As Research Analyst, conducted FGDs, disseminated surveys and did analysis for MoguMogu Research, drafted FGD Guide for Kaingin Study Kythe Ateneo I Am Hope: Dare to Dream Programs Core (August – September 2013) • As I Am Hope Programs Core, contacted performers and took care of them during the event


Ateneo Mathematics Society Leadership Training Seminar (Oct. 2013); AIESEC Leadership Development Seminar (Aug. 2012, 2013); A-Stat Membership Development Workshop (Nov. 2012)


I am fluent in English, Filipino and Ilocano. I am organized, goal-oriented and optimistic. I am a good listener. I like watching science documentaries and listening to pop music. I am open to fresh and bold ideas.

III. PLATFORM You  are  not  allowed  to  have  more  than  three  (3)  Main  Points.  USE  PROPER  FORMAT.  Strictly  ONE  (1)  LINE  ONLY  for  each  Main  Point  and   NO  MORE  THAN  SEVEN  (7)  LINES  for  the  Details.  Use  only  Cambria,  10  Font.   Note:  A  sentence  does  not  automatically  correspond  to  one  line.  

MAIN  POINT  1:  Stimulate  stronger  bonds  between  members  with  same  interests     Department  GAs  will  be  conducted  at  least  one  per  semester  in  order  to  strengthen  old  connections  and   foster  new  bonds  between  members.    There  will  also  be  Ultimate  Bonding  Experience  (UBE)  for   members  with  the  same  interests  (i.e.  suits,  department,  core  team,  pools,  whole  AMS  community),  which   will  be  regularly  done  on  intervals  between  the  projects  in  order  to  sustain  the  connections  among  the   members.  This  will  also  lead  to  a  high  attendance  turnout  for  the  projects  and  other  activities.  Through   these  efforts,  we  will  not  only  be  creating  impact  to  our  members  but  also  nurture  the  bonds  among  them   and  help  find  their  role  and  place  in  the  organization.     MAIN  POINT  2:  Activate  effective  communication  through  efficient  systems       In  order  to  have  an  open  and  consistent  line  of  communication  within  the  department,  trackers  for  IC,   projects,  Pool  of  Hosts  (PoH),  and  Know-­‐Your-­‐AMS-­‐Member  (KYAM  )will  be  created  via  spreadsheets.   This  will  organize  the  flow  of  information  and  the  system  of  assigning  tasks  to  the  members  (internal   management).  This  will  also  make  communication  with  the  different  departments  and  major  pools  more   efficient  (external  relations).  At  the  start  of  the  project’s  planning  phase,  individual  expectation  setting   will  be  done  among  the  members  in  order  to  assess  their  visions  and  plans  for  the  project  or  pool.     MAIN  POINT  3:  Propagate  impact  through  improved  project  management     Proper  monitoring  of  the  project  heads,  pool  heads  and  their  core  teams  will  be  done  on  all  aspects  (i.e.   impact,  efficiency,  sustainability)  during  the  planning,  execution  and  evaluation  phases.  Individual   Consultations  (ICs)  will  be  conducted  regularly  with  the  PHs.  Also,  we  plan  that  the  first  core  meeting   will  be  filled  with  bonding  activities  so  as  to  have  an  effective  focus  group  discussion  afterwards.    We  aim   to  foster  alumni  relations  by  inviting  graduates  who  were  members  of  the  organization  to  be  part  of  the   activities  during  the  NovFest.        


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