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AMPS MAGAZINE American Minority People Succeeding

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Volume 2, Issue 4

BRING YOUR CONCEPT TO TOWER CITY Cleveland’s downtown activity hub anchored by five-star hotels, two world-class sports and entertainment venues and Ohio’s grandest casino.

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What’s Inside... Sharpe Silhouettes....................... 8 From Detroit’s Southfield to Supreme Court Justice.............. 10 Invest in your Future................. 13 Lisa Brown, Author and Producer the Triumph.............. 15 Legendary Greats....................... 24 Garden of Eleven Angels.......... 29 Ebony Alert................................ 30 D Customs.................................. 32 Keema Cherelle.......................... 33

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A WORD FROM THE CEO This is the ninth issue of AMPS Magazine, Ohio Edition. I wanted to take this time to congraulate A.M.P.S. (American-Minority People Succeeding) Cleveland franchise on a great job they are doing in the community in providing good stories and educating the community. This is where Substance and Style meets Supreme Standards. Our mission is “superior application development through dedicated professionalism while maintaining a customer-centered focus to lead the industry in ideas and creative solutions”. Our events marketing and promotions department is designed to present positive entertainment and events that the Louisiana communities deserve. We specialize in helping brands create a unique connection with consumers at our events as well as create an opportunity for you to meet other business owners, executives, present and future customers, and other socialites. Simply put, “We’re Accomplished By Making You Successful.”

Page 4 D. Wright, CEO Gerald

about the publisher I am so very humbled and still very excited to be a part of the AMPS Magazine family showcasing our Melanated businesses, events and people in Ohio and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and the magazine, thank you to each person who has picked up a copy, subscribed, downloaded the AMPS app and taken the time to read the content of this wonderful magazine. Every issue we bring new businesses to the spotlight. In this issue I want to thank everyone we were able to share their business… Children at Play Thank you for allowing us to showcase you and your business! Thank you to 2 Fly Mobile for sharing your story and what you have to offer in the community! Read all of the articles from Hidden Figures to the Stitcher. They are all great. Every issue we spotlight our missing children across the state, let’s continue to bring them home. Out of the 45 plus children we have shared 95% have been found, please look at our current 6 children and let’s get them safely back to their families. Please support the many businesses that are in this magazine . I want to thank every business that placed their ads with us from Kings Gas Station to Crystal and Cream Boutique. I’m very happy to announce the release of the Barnes Family Honey this month! What a great experience. Continue to support our youth and my youth Organization Youth & Unity Stop the Violence we have been serving our youth in the community since 2012 and we are still going strong. Here at AMPS Ohio Magazine we are humbled and proud to serve you. AMPS Ohio Magazine Publisher Romeo Barnes Thank you for your continued support. Get AMPS Apparel by Supporting Our Business

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Sharpe Silhouettes As a new mother with a full-time job, Ashley Sharpe struggled to find the time and resources to dedicate to a rigid workout regimen or costly surgeries. She wanted to reclaim her figure after giving birth to her newborn child, but didn’t want to sacrifice precious time with her child or break the bank. In search of a sensible way to achieve her desired body shape, Ashley turned to body contouring and vacuum therapy as an all-natural, low-cost alternative. The results were so im pressive that she knew she had to share this opportunity with others, leading to the creation of Sharpe Silhouettes. Founded in 2019, Sharpe Silhouettes is more than just a body contouring and vacuum therapy service provider. It is a life-transforming experience, with a team that is with you every step of the way on your journey to the new you. Whether you’re a new mother looking to shed post-delivery weight or anyone seeking an all-natural way to kick-start their weight loss journey, Sharpe Silhouettes is here to help. What sets Sharpe Silhouettes apart from other body contouring and vacuum therapy service providers is its commitment to professionalism, personalization, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. The team at Sharpe Silhouettes believes that every client deserves the highest standards of quality and care, and they strive to deliver that in every aspect of their service. So, what exactly is body contouring and vacuum therapy? Body contouring is a non-invasive technique that helps to reshape the body by eliminating stubborn fat and cellulite. The process works by using ultrasound or radiofrequency waves to target fat cells and break them down. Vacuum therapy, on the other hand, is a non-invasive treatment that helps to lift, firm, and contour the skin by using a machine that applies suction to the skin. At Sharpe Silhouettes, the team uses both body contouring and vacuum therapy to help clients achieve their desired body shape. The service is all-natural, non-invasive, and produces visible results in a short amount of time. With regular sessions, clients can achieve significant weight loss and improve their overall body shape. But Sharpe Silhouettes is not just about body contouring and vacuum therapy. It is about the journey to the new you. That’s why the team provides a personalized approach to each client, taking the time to understand their unique needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce cellulite, or tighten loose skin, the team will work with you to develop a plan that is tailored to your individual needs. In addition to body contouring and vacuum therapy, Sharpe Silhouettes also offers other services such as body wraps, lymphatic drainage, and infrared sauna sessions. The team understands that each client’s journey is unique, and they are committed to providing a full range of services that can help clients achieve their desired body shape. If you’re ready to begin your journey to becoming the new you, contact Sharpe Silhouettes today. The team is ready to provide you with a professional, personalized, comfortable, and cost-effective service that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. With Sharpe Silhouettes, you can say goodbye to stubborn fat and cellulite and hello to a new and improved body shape

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Markee Michelle’s & Goodlife Media Presents After Party for Celevrity Game. Check out more pictures from their event.

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From Detroit’s Southfield to Supreme Court Justice

Kyra Bolden Read more on her story by clicking the link or check out an upcoming magazine.


“I will ensure equal access to justice, apply the law without fear or favor, and treat all who come before our state’s highest court with dignity and respect Page 10

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Invest in your Future

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Lisa Brown, Author and Producer the Triumph

Lisa Brown is riding the wave of success with confidence and grace. A native of Detroit, her road wasn’t easy but she has defied the odds and survived the tribulations to share her story and talents. Seven years ago she was living a nightmare in an abusive relationship that turned deadly. She was shot by her husband and struggled to survive. She overcame the odds and learned not only to walk again but to use her voice and her story to help other women. A mother with 2 children she kept pushing...Lisa used her words to write and publish her story; He Played Me. She then began to write other stories including a self help book that was soon on the best sellers list on Amazon

Today a critically acclaimed author, director and executive producer, Lisa’ s life has been transformed. Her journey lead her to Tubi where she has turned her story into a movie and she has a very successful series The Dirty D now in its 3rd season. Her list of accomplishments are growing now with several movies on Tubi and books under her belt she just opened her own production studio; Plush Production Studio in Detroit. Not only will she work on her films but she is giving other up and coming film makers an opportunity to do the same. Lisa continues to give those who don’t have a voice a platform she also has a publishing company so that other authors can have their voices heard, she also founded Promise a nonprofit organization. According to their website the organization’s mission is aimed to help individuals in disadvantaged, urban communities, overcome the challenges they may face when seeking employment by providing job training and educational resources needed to overcome those obstacles, empowering them to build a better life for them and their families. Lisa is one to watch and here at AMPS Magazine we can’t wait to see

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Saturday, February 24, 2024 THE ROBBIE BRONNER MAINSTAGE

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Legendary Greats

Jim Brown When you hear the name Jim Brown you instantly think Cleveland Browns. This Legendary Great was born in St Simons Island, Georgia on February 17th 1936. His father was a boxer and his mother was a stay at home mother. Very early on he excelled at sports including football, basket ball, lacrosse, baseball and track. He went on to college where he attended Syracuse University. Again he excelled at sports and set records in football. This all around athlete would then head to NFL to the Cleveland Browns from 1957 until he retired in 1966. He lead the Browns to win the National Championship in 1964. He had a great career as an actor staring in movies such as the Dirty Dozen. But he was also known for his activism in the black community. Advocating for equal rights during turbulent times. He used his platform to help others. Jim Brown set the bar high…during his time as a Cleveland Brown. He was not only inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame but he set endless records as a running back. He was MVP 3 times and has been named one the greatest football player of all times. Here at AMPS Ohio we appreciate this athlete’s dedication to the Cleveland Browns. This Legendary Great passed away May 18th 2023 he was 87.

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Legendary Greats

Viola Ford Fletcher We have all heard of the existence of Black Wall Street but this Legendary Great is the oldest and last surviving resident from Black Wall Street in Tulsa. Viola Ford Fletcher was born in Oklahoma. The neighborhood she grew up in was the middle class neighborhood of Greenwood. Her family life changed May 1921. Viola was just 7 years old when she was awaken by her family to flee. Her parents and younger brother Van who was only 5 months at the time fled the affluent neighborhood known as Black Wall Street. Home to thousands of black residents and hundreds’ of businesses was destroyed by the hands of an angry white mob that burned businesses and killed residences based off of a tale of a black male assaulting a white female. She recalled seeing bodies in the street, homes and businesses burning and gunfire. They escaped with just the clothes on their back.

In 2021 she spoke to Congress on the event with her brother at her side. She wants to go on record and have this event acknowledged and reparations made to the descendants of the victims. Her brother passed away in 2023. Van was 102 years old and wrote the foreword of the book. This Legendary Great is still being an advocate for the victims of the destruction of Black Wall Street in 1921. Here at AMPS we salute Viola Ford Fletcher and her advocacy. Don’t let her voice fall silent.

Today at 109 years old she has written her memoir “Don’t Let Them Bury My Story” with her grandson, and made history by becoming the oldest person to write a book. Viola wants the world to know that the Tulsa Massacre happened and changed the narrative for her life and all of the residents forever. Going to just the 4th grade who knows who she may have become…but this right was stripped from her in 1 fateful night.

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Garden of Eleven Angels A place of peace and tranquility now stands in place of the dwelling that once was a chamber of horror and death for 11 victims, plus survivors of predator and serial killer Anthony Sowell from 2007 to 2009. This story rocked the Eastside neighborhood located in the Mount Pleasant area in Cleveland, Ohio. The families of the victims fought to have the house demolished and with help from local officials, community groups and advocates it was finally accomplished. And the garden honoring the 11 Angels was a vision brought to life. The angels Tonia Carmichael, Nancy Cobbs, Tishana Culver, Crystal Dozier, Telacia Fortson, Amelda Hunter, Leshanda Long, Michelle Mason, Kim Yvette Smith, Diane Turner, and Janice Webb. These Angels were mother’s, daughters, sisters and friends to those that loved them. Lured to their deaths

by the promise of drugs or money they became victims of a diabolical minded individual who opened upon women. Their families and community determined not to allow the memory of how they died be the last thing they were remembered for. The garden sits on several plots of land that includes a 12 foot granite memorial that has each of their names etched in stone so that every on that visits will know their names and not be just known as they victims of a serial killer. Also etched on the memorial is the poem “Still I Rise” by Poet Maya Angelou. This garden has helped families and the community to heal. As a community it is important after a tragedy such as this that you take back the power that was stripped away. Take a moment to stroll through the garden, read a book or bring flowers. Do not let these Angels fly alone and be forgotten. Garden located at 12205 Imperial Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44120

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Ebony Alert In 2023 Ohio had over 15,000 children reported missing according to Ohio attorney General. While many have been found safely, there’s case after case where the children have never been found. Majority of missing children are labeled a runaway. This is not true of all cases and this label causes our law enforcement to look for our children differently. It has been reported that 40% of the missing children across not only Ohio but the United States are our children of color while we make up only 14% of the populations according to statistics. There has been an increase in organizations that help to look for missing children like Cleveland Missing which is a nonprofit that offers support to families of missing and abducted children as well as raises awareness of our, abducted, missing and human trafficking. In California history was made this year when the Governor of California, Governor Gavin Newsom, signed the bill which introduced the Ebony Alert which is a statewide alert system that helps to locate and bring attention to missing melanated children and women between the ages of 12 and 25 years old right away. This system is similar to the Amber Alert. This is the first state to introduce this system. On January 1 2024 the Ebony Alert System will be up and running. State

Page 30

Senator Bradford who introduced this bill stated, “The Ebony Alert will ensure that vital resources and attention are given so we can bring home missing Black children and women in the same way we search for any missing child and missing person.” There has been some questions on this system where some feel this will distract from other missing children or motivate those who don’t want to look for black missing children will move even slower or ignore the alert. However perhaps this will give other states like Ohio where we are missing so many melanated children and women; will incorporate a similar system like the Ebony Alert to bring our missing home.

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D Customs Andrew Murray, born and raised in the heart of Cleveland, has dedicated his life journey to his love of music. His mission began at the young and tender age of 15. He is now a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist that is multi-talented song writer, artist, producer, photographer, director, mix master and videographer. He is a highly respected business professional in the music industry as well in his community.

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Keema Cherelle


eema’s official name is Shakima Cherelle. Keema is a lady who love changes in life. She always try to find something new that will amuse her. She was born in Savannah, Tennessee. Savannah isn’t just a place where she grew up and got her schooling; but it is Keema’s favorite place to visit. Her favorite foods are ribs and steak cooked medium-rare. She is the youngest of three siblings. She had to face the strictness of her father. Her brother and father are both army men, which was a major reason for her to join the military. She joined the Air Force in June 2000. Keema has lived in many places in the world such as North Dakota and South Korea. In 2015, she moved to Texas where she still resides today. Keema’s modeling career started from a fun photoshoot by her friend. She really enjoyed it and it became an inspiration for her to continue. Keema is very fitness conscious. She revealed that she loves trueness and doesn’t like to promote things that she doesn’t try or use in her own life. All of her brand ambassador dealings began in 2017 when a company contacted her to become a brand ambassador. At that time, she started going to the gym and used their products as proof before promoting it. She has become an addict to fitness due to this. She loves to take pictures and it is phenomenal that is the motivation for her to remain fit and fine. She is always taking pictures and compares it with another picture after a week to check her fitness score.

fit and fine, along with maintaining her figure. Due to COVID-19, she prefers to go to the nearest gym to remain fresh and clean in her mind. With her being fitness conscious, she suggests that her fans always try to remain healthy. She wants to tell you that you will get what you put in your body because taking a healthy diet will positively impact your future. She joined the Air force to get rid of her Dad strictness. She wanted to live freely without any boundaries. She left her parents home just one month after graduation. Now she is an instructor that trains fresh comers in security forces. She was working at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Keema mentioned that approximately seven brands have contacted her through instagram or other social media platforms, but she doesn’t know how they actually found her. Keema is an ambassador for Insta-Curve, lock t-shirts, Manscaped Company, and lock hair care companies. According to Keema, it’s hard for brands to find a target audience or approach a well demographed according to a product that appeals to be used by them correctly. Keema locked her hair in 2017 after being authorized by the Air Force. She did it because her hair was getting damaged due to tying it back. She has taken this locked hair step that looks awesome and she loves it. As a model, she has become beauty conscious and has three beauticians like Bella, Marty and one more whose work is amazing for her.

She is a risk-taker and wants to continue her modeling and/or brand promotion with full devotion. For this purpose, she shared her email address:

Other than these, she prefers cardio fasting to remain

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Her views about politics are somehow neutral since she belongs to the army. She is also worried, but hoping that COVID-19 will open people’s eyes and help in the coming elections. Simultaneously, she criticizes Mr. Joe Biden’s discriminatory behavior, who is playing by using black people to get the votes.

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MISSING CHILDREN Let’s continue to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to finding our missing children Children across the nation continues to disappear. It takes all of us to bring them home safely. Let’s do our part.

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MISSING CHILDREN Let’s continue to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to finding our missing children Children across the nation continues to disappear. It takes all of us to bring them home safely. Let’s do our part.






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