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Volume 2, Issue 5 AMPS MAGAZINE American Minority People Succeeding
Page 2 BRING YOUR CONCEPT TO TOWER CITY Cleveland’s downtown activity hub anchored by five-star hotels, two world-class sports and entertainment venues and Ohio’s grandest casino. For leasing inquiries email
Page 3 contents Publisher Romeo Barnes Editor Mia Barnes Writers Kalinda Meadows Contributing Photographer Kelly Barnes Lenny White Graphic Designer Gerald Wright VOLUME 2, ISSUE 5 the AMPS Ohio Team AMPS Ohio is a franchise of AMPS Magazine, a national entity, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. This magazine is published bi-monthly. AMPS MAGAZINE CORPORATE Orlando, Florida 33837 317-426-7790 What’s Inside... Tania Thomas .............................. 8 Detroit’s Supreme Justice ......... 10 Danae Blount ............................ 12 Deidra Holt................................ 12 Trap Queen…Big Fifty............. 13 Erika Ervin ................................ 15 Kenya Brown ............................. 15 Living Legends .......................... 24 Laeann-Amos-Reed ................. 26 Malan The Artist ....................... 26 Shonia E. .................................... 29 Oyotunji African Kingdom ..... 33 The Man, The Mission ............. 35 Danita Harris ........................... 36 p. 13 Big Fifty


This is the ninth issue of AMPS Magazine, Ohio Edition. I wanted to take this time to congraulate A.M.P.S. (American-Minority People Succeeding) Cleveland franchise on a great job they are doing in the community in providing good stories and educating the community.

This is where Substance and Style meets Supreme Standards. Our mission is “superior application development through dedicated professionalism while maintaining a customer-centered focus to lead the industry in ideas and creative solutions”. Our events marketing and promotions department is designed to present positive entertainment and events that the Louisiana communities deserve.

We specialize in helping brands create a unique connection with consumers at our events as well as create an opportunity for you to meet other business owners, executives, present and future customers, and other socialites. Simply put, “We’re Accomplished By Making You Successful.”

about the publisher

I am so very humbled and still very excited to be a part of the AMPS Magazine family showcasing our Melanated businesses, events and people in Ohio and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and the magazine, thank you to each person who has picked up a copy, subscribed, downloaded the AMPS app and taken the time to read the content of this wonderful magazine. Every issue we bring new businesses to the spotlight. In this issue I want to thank everyone we were able to share their business… Children at Play Thank you for allowing us to showcase you and your business! Thank you to 2 Fly Mobile for sharing your story and what you have to offer in the community! Read all of the articles from Hidden Figures to the Stitcher. They are all great.

Every issue we spotlight our missing children across the state, let’s continue to bring them home. Out of the 45 plus children we have shared 95% have been found, please look at our current 6 children and let’s get them safely back to their families.

Please support the many businesses that are in this magazine . I want to thank every business that placed their ads with us from Kings Gas Station to Crystal and Cream Boutique. I’m very happy to announce the release of the Barnes Family Honey this month! What a great experience. Continue to support our youth and my youth Organization Youth & Unity Stop the Violence we have been serving our youth in the community since 2012 and we are still going strong.

Here at AMPS Ohio Magazine we are humbled and proud to serve you.

AMPS Ohio Magazine

Publisher Romeo Barnes

Thank you for your continued support.

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Tania Thomas

Tania Thomas a real live Superhero, whose super power is “Faith”. Tania is a mother of four. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and now resides in Cleveland. Tania offers a variety of skills that she utilizes to help others increase self-awareness and grow in their areas of expertise. She is the founder of LOVEYOURSELF Productions LLC which has many facets: including her amazing smelling positive energy “Luxury Candle line”, birthed from a therapeutic place and now one of her main sources of income.

Super Host: Positive Vibe specialists

Artist Management: Top R&B Artist “Malan The Artist.. Poetress: The Blk Swan, phenomenal poet. Purpose Coaching along with her “Mindset 101” course

Tania has a true passion for the youth where she dedicated her time to the community, teaching individuals how to find their purpose and pursue it. She is best described as a passionate community advocate, a motivator, an entrepreneur and most of all, a Woman of God who sees the greatness in everyone.


Graduate of the “Legendary Les Brown Speaker Academy “ B.A. Sociology from Wright State University

M.A. Applied Behavioral Science-Criminal Justice from Wright State University Key to the city of Cincinnati, Ohio

Radio Host of her Own show: “Real Talk w Reese” with Nostaticradio where she received the honor of “Host of the year” Media specialist: Urban Grandstand Digital “Buzz Worthy” talk show, co-host with CEO of Urban Grandstand Digital Hosting team: Nolimits w/ Stace & Reese Author of 3 published books

Tania was employed as an engineer for AT&T for the past 23 years, where she has served for over 10 years as the president of Women of AT&T, advisor for ASPIRE/DECA, and has received multiple Bronze Medals from The President of the United States for her community service. Tania’s passion is empowering you with the skills and confidence to accomplish anything you set your mind to, starting with Loving Yourself. Contact info:

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From Detroit’s Southfield to Supreme Court Justice

Kyra Bolden

Read more on her story by clicking the link or check out an upcoming magazine.

“I will ensure equal access to justice, apply the law without fear or favor, and treat all who come before our state’s highest court with dignity and respect
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Danae Blount

Danae Blount better known as “Nazzie Nae” was born September 23,1982, and raised in the city of East Cleveland. Current city Cleveland.

At the tender age of two, Nazzie Nae began her singing career. Singing and playing the piano at local churches. In 1991 Nazzie became an activist for Black on Black crime.

She began singing at vigils to support victims of crimes and their families all over Ohio.

She began taking classes at the Cleveland Institute of music taking up vocal training, piano lessons and reading music. Nazzie then moved on to become a licensed cosmetologist helping other woman to love themselves.

In 2012 Nazzie started a company called the Independent Boss Chicks LLC. Which is a woman empowerment organization for female Entrepreneurs.

Nazzie became a artist for Black Kush Records in 2013 and became a radio personality for award winning Black Kush Radio. Where Nazzie had a lucrative career for 5 years.

During the course of her career with Black Kush Radio. The Black Kush family brought home numerous awards. For best independent radio.

Nazzie was a contestant for the Voice TV Show Competition

2014. She has opened for many industry artist such as Migos, Rich the Kid, Ray Cash and Rick Ross.

Nazzie sat on the Nerve DJs conference radio panel 2016.

In 2017 Nazzie closed the woman’s convention. Hosted by the City of Cleveland (5,000 attending) singing gospel music which is the root of her singing career.

Nazzie has covered red carpets with live interviews. Such as covering the Ohio Hop Hop Awards red carpet multiple years. Interviewing various artist and guest, such as UGK, B.O.B, Yk Osiris, Little Tjay, Wacka Flocka, and a host of many celebrities.

In 2016 Nazzie hosted her first IBC event. The event consisted of 20 female Hip Hop and R&B artist and two female speakers. Female DJs and female entrepreneurs from all over the country.

Each year the annual IBC showcase continues to grow.

In 2022 NAZZIE opened her first restaurant “The Toss Up Salad Bar Restaurant “. And plans to expand with multiple food trucks to educate others on how to eat healthier.

NAZZIE is currently hosting events all over the City of Cleveland.

Deidra Holt

Deidra Holt, mother of four amazing children is a holistic healer and lover of her people, she has a genuine soul. Born in Cleveland, Ohio she worked as a Network Marketer, nursing assistant and merged into holistic healing after becoming ill and healing herself via all natural methods and herbs. Deidra is passionate about life, and believes everything is healed mentally and physically from the earth. Deidra is currently working to open her own Wellness Center that will be next level healing...

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Trap Queen…Big Fifty

Many know Big Fifty from BET’s Trap Queens. The movie Chronicles Delrhonda Denise Hood’s life as the baddest Trap Queen in Detroit, Michigan. The lead in the movie was Remy Ma. It tells the story of her rise to power in the streets of drugs and money. Big Fifty handle millions of dollars.

Knowing what she knows and how street life is Big Fifty has turned things around with her quick wit and entrepreneur spirit. After being setup and doing time she is killing the game in a different way. Big Fifty has her own line of feminine products, she hosts a radio show “Keeping it 100” with Big Fifty. She has a non-profit, “Godmother’s Touch”. that helps families in the community with any need such as food, money, shelter and more. She also hosts community events to give

Her other business is Fifty Shades Entertainment, which is a media production company that does film, media content and more.

Big Fifty has continued to dominate the streets of Detroit in a different way. This Trap Queen has found a different way to make a million.


Erika Ervin Kenya Brown

Erika Ervin is the founder and CEO of We Are Unique TV Corporation and Gardening in the District Nonprofit. MY CAREER BEGAN with me obtaining my 2nd Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media in 2009 from CSU where I began freelancing as a videographer/photographer and editor. I have worked in the industry for 14 years while raising 4 beautiful kids. Opening up my Photography Studio gave me joy to be able to bring my love of taking pictures to my community. While WAU TV is rapidly growing my mission has never changed, No matter the size of the project I always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job and it’s my priority to make sure everyone goes home a happy camper!

MY TRUE PASSION BEGAN with the start of my community garden and the joy I received from giving back and bringing my community together while falling in love with teaching residents about growing fruits and vegetables helped to set my foundation for self-sustainability and healthy living. Starting Gardening in the District Nonprofit set me on a mission to be an example not only to my kids but to others around me and let them know that WE don’t have to move to a better neighborhood to have a better neighborhood.

Meet Kenya Brown, a dedicated wife, mother of four, and proud Cleveland native with over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. With a deep passion for wellness and healthy living, Kenya balances her commitment to fitness with the occasional indulgence in delicious treats on cheat days. As a homeowner for over 20 years, she cherishes her community and enjoys exploring the vibrant cultural scene of her city through educational outings and family activities with her children.

Kenya holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications (Film & Digital Media) and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Cleveland State University. During her time at the university, she had the privilege of collaborating with renowned personalities like Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s ‘Hardball,’ engaging with local communities and campuses. Her journey in entertainment has seen her work with prestigious names such as ESPN, Nike, and MSNBC. An accomplished entrepreneur, Kenya co-created and produced the dynamic reality hip-hop show ‘Bling TV Show,’ featuring celebrity interviews and industry trendsetters like Russell Simmons, 50 Cent, Ludacris, and Lil Kim. She has also ventured into the political arena, collaborating with influential figures like President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the late Tim Russert of ‘Meet the Press.’ Currently, Kenya thrives as a Producer/On-Air Personality for the Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star on 93.1FM WZAK, showcasing her talents and engaging audiences on weekdays and weekends.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kenya serves as a Celebrity Godparent for Saving Our Cinderellas Arts Program, supporting girls from multicultural backgrounds to overcome challenges like bullying, dating abuse, and low self-esteem through the transformative power of theater, film, culinary arts, and literacy.

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Living Legends

This living legend was born February 17, 1945 in Miami, Flor ida, and has a twin brother Wesley. This iconic motivational speaker never let the labels or stereotypes hinder him in life. He was adopted by Mamie Brown and is quick to tell you he is Mamie Brown’s baby boy.

Mamie Brown’s baby boy beat the odds of where his life could have went. He was labeled educable mentally retarded. This affected him in many ways including his self esteem. But he continued to push forward making moves to improve himself… and it paid off. He has used his skills to talk, motivate and to build a platform like no other. Today Les Brown is a household name, and a much sought after motivational speaker and teacher. A master at what he does he has spoken before hundreds of thousands of people. Letting them know they can achieve their dreams. He has spoken to small groups, stadiums and huge companies. His thoughts and advice is always being sought after.

Les has written books, hosted seminars, webinars, done radio and television and the list continues. His achievements even include several terms as an Ohio State Representative.

Les Brown, Living Legend continues to open doors for those that are willing listen. Today he is a

gram for those looking to follow

Master Teacher and has a Prodigy pro- in his Iconic footsteps.

Living Legends

Missy Elliott

This Living Legend was born was born Melissa Arnette Elliott on July 1, 1971, in Portsmouth, Virginia. Missy was an only child who today will tell you of the abuse she witnessed as a child against her mother from her father until her mother got the courage to leave and take her with her. Very early Missy knew she wanted to do music. She was in a girls group who first album never made it pass the label.

Done with school she took a chance on New York and began writing. Once she began writing with her friend Timberland she continued to write hit after hit. She wrote for hits for Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, SWV, Sean Combs, to name a few.

Her first album in 1997 put her in the spotlight, Supa Dupa

Fly went platinum. She continued making hit music with her follow up albums. This multi platinum award winning icon has helped to change hip hop. Missy has been inducted into the songwriters hall of fame, and has received music awards including Grammys, BET, MTV and American Music Awards. Missy was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame becoming the first female rapper to do so.

For the first time in her career, Missy is headlining her own tour with those that are close to her. Ciara, Busta Rhymes and Timberland called Out of this World, The Experience. Why now after almost 30 years in the business…according to her management team the timing is right and she wanted to do it with friends

Laeann-Amos-Reed Malan The Artist

Laeann Amos-Reed is a wife, a mother, an On-air Host of Access Vibe airing every Friday at 8 pm EST on Roku TV, Amazon Fire and Actress in feature film Broad Day on Amazon, Tubi, Vudo, and Plex. Laeann is also a Fitness Personality, a Motivational Speaker, Author, the brains behind GymNi LLC & Access Vibe.

Laeann stands on the quote “I am not a Victim, I Am a Warrior!”7 After being attacked by a Wolf summer 2023 and having her entire world flipped upside down. Laeann found her strength by choosing to go straight into gratitude minutes after being attacked!

Operating in gratitude helped Laeann fight off the victim mentality that ultimately leads to falling into depression and weight gain! On the road to recovering Laeann could only rely on prayer, keeping a positive mindset and her supplements inside her 15 Day & 30 Day Challenge kits that kept her health at the forefront. With no working out due to the attack, Laeann lost 30 lbs on bedrest and is on a mission to help educate others that maybe bedridden or on going to rehabilitation too that they can also transform mentally and physically by keeping a positive mindset and their health first.

Malan The Artist is a R&B, singer, songwriter from Cleveland Ohio been singing since age 7 years old , inspired by the voices and songs of Anita Baker, KeKe Wyatt, and Kenny Latti more just to name few, every since then she’s needed nothing more then a catchy rhythm to be motivated to create and write she’s very tal ented She has taken the Cleveland music scene by storm being the first unsigned artist in Ohio to be recognized by Billboard hip-hop, 100. Her hit single in visual “No future” went viral in 2021 and she hasn’t stopped yet. It’s gotten over 10,000 views on YouTube still and counting streaming very well on all platforms and different radio stations all over, she’s also helped other artists as well, being a big promoter in the city, throwing her own shows producing ext Malan is on her way watch out! Shes also very diverse writing and producing her own hits different style of music with her new hit single Dutty Wine she gave the city a unique Jamaican vibe!

Shonia E.

Shonia E. founder and visionary of the movement D4G [I AM] Destined for Greatness, targeting women who are working to overcome challenges, barriers, or a troubling season in their life, the woman who wants to take their life, business, or career to the next level, the woman who is experiencing a major transition in their personal life. Many doors were opened from the entry level position as a nursing assistant to having the privilege of overseeing as many as 30 nursing facilities in various states. She is a Sales/Marketing Executive in the healthcare field who has had the pleasure of assisting several healthcare providers meet their annual revenue goals, write, and teach sales training courses, who in 2015 started D4G [I AM] Destined for Greatness.

The movement allows her to share her testimony and her story while encouraging and motivating women of all ages. She shares how yes, she has taken wrong turns in life, but allowed God to take over and she encourages women – “You Can Make It”- You are Destined for Greatness”. From corporate board

rooms, women’s conferences, workshops, personal branding, and Bounce Back programs created just for you, to one-onone mentoring sessions she is determined to assist as many women as possible connect to their Destiny by overcoming fear, their past, and other obstacles. She is the publisher of D4G It’s a Lifestyle, its a Movement magazine, and CEO of the “Shades of Red” Initiative.

On any given day in America, an average of 65 of our mothers, brothers, partners, and friends are taken from us by gun suicide. And in Missouri, the majority of gun deaths are suicides. But tomorrow’s deaths could be prevented. Give your loved ones a second chance at life. Store your guns safely: locked, unloaded, and away from ammo.

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Oyotunji Yoruba African Kingdom

There is a hidden melanated treasure in South Carolina. This treasure connects our people to Africa by being the oldest authentic African Kingdom in the United States.

Oyotunji Yoruba African Kingdom located in Sheldon, Beaumont County, South Carolina was founded in 1970 by Oba Efuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi. This village is home to the Yoruba tribe. They practice the traditional Yoruba culture and the mission of the Kingdom is “Spreading Yoruba culture, feeding the community and celebrating Yoruba tradition”.

The founder is the grand son of a Trans Atlantic slave that occurred in the 18th Century he traced his roots to the Oyo King dom and wanted to bring in that tradition to North America and for the Yoru ba tribe.

At one time there was up to 200 people living at the Kingdom, today there is under 50. The Kingdom is open to the public with tours, events, workshops and more.

In keeping with the culture at the Oyotunji you will see authentic clothing, traditional meals, you will experience their

traditional housing, as well as traditional festivals and dance.

Rich in culture the Kingdom is a way to experience the culture of this African tribe without having to go to travel to Africa. Their goal is to create global solidarity among our people, and by showing how strong and intelligent Africans and African Americans are.

Located at 12814 Buckeye Rd Cleveland, Oh 44120 (216) 991-1904
Moore -
(Owner) Uniek Kreations Uniek Kreations has been in business since 1998, I started my salon at the age of 23 without a lot of knowledge on running a business but with a lot of determination on being successful.
specialize in all phases of hair and nails.

The Man, The Mercy, The Mission KAL DAWSON

Some find the entertainment market a hard area to enter without the proper connections, Entertainment manager Kal Dawson makes it easy with over 20 years experience under his belt. Born and raised in Jamaica , Queens New York with his parents Dawson began his career at a early age when his brother’s friend Russell Simmons founder of Def Jam Recordings gave him a job as A&R which duties included artist’s career strategies, and promotion. He held that position for 3 years before landing a bigger role as President of Murda Inc Records in 1998 which signed such talents as Ja Rule. Whose first hit single “ Holla Holla” went platinum in the U.S. Later signing female talent Charli Baltimore and Ashanti. Ashanti’s multi-platinum RIAA selling debut CD titled Ashanti broke Guinness World Records and spawned 3 hit singles on the Billboard charts. Baltimore scored 2 hit singles as well making Murda Inc among the most popular labels in the industry at that time. Murda Inc artist’s roster grew signing Lloyd, Vita and even Bobby Brown.

In 2004 in the midst of the commotion surrounding the label Dawson left Murda Inc on good terms to take care of personal situations. After a brief break from the industry Dawson could not ignore his gift and passion for the industry and started is own company KAL DAWSON MANAGEMENT in 2010 and is actively building his company to date.


Kal Dawson has been featured in Forbes Magazine in 1999 and 2002 discussing running a 400 million dollar record company 2015 recipient of the BET Best Artist Management Award Guest Appearance on Season 2 of Starz hit show POWER Guest Appearance on Season 5 VH1 Love and Hip Hop NY

Active Clients

Mr Cheeks (Lost Boyz)

Cappadonna (Wu Tang)

Essence (Singer/Rapper)

Pete Cain (Rapper)

Dj Mama Kim (Love and Hip Hop New York)

Angelica (Pop Singer)

Jiton Greene (Celebrity Shoe designer)

Pudgeethaphat (Platinum Producer)

Mz. Joni (R&B Singer/Rapper)

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Danita Harris continues to Shine…

Most people in the Cleveland area has had the pleasure of seeing Danita Harris on News Channel 5 as an anchor or on Good Morning Cleveland as host. Her career at News Channel 5 was over 23 years. Over these years Danita earned 9 Emmys Awards, has been inducted into the Ohio Broadcasters Hall of Fame and more.

Danita took a brief retirement from the spot light to focus on her family, ministry and her organization S.H.I.N.E. She has one son, Chase and whenever she has spoken of him you can hear the pride in her voice. Danita is an ordained minister who has delivered the word of God across the city. According to her website her favorite scripture is Luke 12:48 “For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” She is also a much sought after motivational speaker, encouraging everyone from graduating classes to congregations.

Danita is very active in the community. She is the founder of the organization S.H.I.N.E. which has helped to motivate and encourage girls and women since 2018. Her girls mentoring program SHINE Girlz is in CMSD schools for girls from 4th grade to the 8th grade. The programs has also included boys Shine Girlz and Brothers. Her women’s group S.H.I.N.E. meets monthly and the meetings usually sellout pretty quickly. Her initiative is “Its your time to S.H.I.N.E. There is now also a men’s chapter, S.H.I.N.E. Men of Integrity.

New doors are opening and aligning with the mission that Danita is on today. She recently joined the 3News Go as an anchor and can be seen on the morning show from 5am to 7am. We welcome her back to television.

NO ONE GETS A DIPLOMA ALONE. If you’re thinking of finishing your high school diploma, you have more support than you realize. Find teachers and free adult education classes near you at
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