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Volume 2, Issue 3

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What’s Inside... Nova The Rebel............................ 8 The Next Super Model / Actress......................................... 10 From Personal Transformation to Community Impact.............. 12 Stephanie Morris Nunn….a Phenomenal Visionary ............ 15 Sam Sylk...................................... 16 Black Girl Sunscreen................. 17 Styles of Imagination................. 18 Miesha Wilson: Queen of the Boot Camp................................. 20 Legendary Greats....................... 24 Consistency in The Hands of The Courageous......................... 26 North Randall Fire Department ............................... 29 Linda’s Bee Farm: Honey Gift Shop..................................... 30 Keys to Flight............................. 32 The Family Tree......................... 43

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A WORD FROM THE CEO This is the ninth issue of AMPS Magazine, Ohio Edition. I wanted to take this time to congraulate A.M.P.S. (American-Minority People Succeeding) Cleveland franchise on a great job they are doing in the community in providing good stories and educating the community. This is where Substance and Style meets Supreme Standards. Our mission is “superior application development through dedicated professionalism while maintaining a customer-centered focus to lead the industry in ideas and creative solutions”. Our events marketing and promotions department is designed to present positive entertainment and events that the Louisiana communities deserve. We specialize in helping brands create a unique connection with consumers at our events as well as create an opportunity for you to meet other business owners, executives, present and future customers, and other socialites. Simply put, “We’re Accomplished By Making You Successful.”

Page 4 D. Wright, CEO Gerald

about the publisher I am so very humbled and still very excited to be a part of the AMPS Magazine family showcasing our Melanated businesses, events and people in Ohio and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and the magazine, thank you to each person who has picked up a copy, subscribed, downloaded the AMPS app and taken the time to read the content of this wonderful magazine. Every issue we bring new businesses to the spotlight. In this issue I want to thank everyone we were able to share their business… Children at Play Thank you for allowing us to showcase you and your business! Thank you to 2 Fly Mobile for sharing your story and what you have to offer in the community! Read all of the articles from Hidden Figures to the Stitcher. They are all great. Every issue we spotlight our missing children across the state, let’s continue to bring them home. Out of the 45 plus children we have shared 95% have been found, please look at our current 6 children and let’s get them safely back to their families. Please support the many businesses that are in this magazine . I want to thank every business that placed their ads with us from Kings Gas Station to Crystal and Cream Boutique. I’m very happy to announce the release of the Barnes Family Honey this month! What a great experience. Continue to support our youth and my youth Organization Youth & Unity Stop the Violence we have been serving our youth in the community since 2012 and we are still going strong. Here at AMPS Ohio Magazine we are humbled and proud to serve you. AMPS Ohio Magazine Publisher Romeo Barnes

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Nova The Rebel Demetrius Thomas Aka Nova The Rebel was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio! He Started freestyle rapping at the age of 7, and never looked back! From performing in his Highschool pep Rallies and Fashion/Talent shows to now performing across the world I would, the ascending of Nova The Rebel is looking like a real sight to see! Nova has been touring with Cleveland natives and Rap legends Bone-Thugs N Harmony for years now! He is a part of Krayzie & Wish Bone’s rap label The Life Ent. Yes he’s performed in many places in the states, yet has also been touring internationally as well! He’s performed multiple times in Canada, has also performed in Cuba and now his latest outing outside the country, Africa!

Markee Michelle’s & Goodlife Media Presents After Party for Celevrity Game. Check out more pictures from their event.

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Nova has already been on Mozambique radio showing the world that Cleveland, OH has talent! He’s not only a rap artist though, but is also the creator of Nova’s Hip-Hop Academy! Nova started teaching through his Academy in 2001 and now has taken his school to multiple school districts across Ohio! Nova has had interviews and write-ups about how well his Academy has benefited his students personally and academically! He has already brung his Academy to over 15 schools and counting. Always giving back, he has teamed up with Nonprofit Collective Express to bring the Thanks 4 Giving Flag Football and Charity Concert to his home of Cleveland, OH which takes place on Black Friday 11-24-23!


Needless to say, a man of ambitious and many talents, Nova has been and is,


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The Next Super Model / Actress In a recent conversation, Gigi Dia shared some interesting insights into her life and career. She mentioned her love for Asian food as her current favorite cuisine and praised Christopher Nolan, considering him the best director. She also expressed admiration for Matt Damon as an actor she finds inspiring. Gigi opened up about her large family, revealing that she has eight siblings, making her one of the youngest. When asked about having children in the future, she mentioned the possibility of having one or two kids, leaning towards two. Regarding her career aspirations, Gigi expressed a desire to reach a point where she no longer needs to audition, but rather receives direct offers for roles. She believes that working with her favorite directors would be a sign of having made it in the industry.

this event in her film.

In terms of her film career, Gigi discussed her first film, a period mystery drama set in 1968 Paris. She explained that the film was inspired by a Vogue UK cover featuring the first black supermodel who hid her face on the cover to downplay her ethnicity. Gigi explored the backstory and mysteries surrounding

Gigi also touched on her journey to California, driven by her love for the weather and her aspirations in both acting and modeling. She emphasized the importance of pursuing what makes her happy and encouraged others to do the same. When asked about what attracts her to someone, Gigi emphasized that physical attraction is important, but she values confidence and a willingness to approach and engage in conversation. She appreciates a confident and assertive demeanor in a potential partner. As for her future projects, Gigi mentioned an upcoming French romantic film titled “Longtemps Chibaji,” set to be released later in the year. She also discussed the anticipation of another campaign featuring Lady Gaga, hinting at more exciting developments in her career.

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GIGI DIA Overall, Gigi’s journey from France to California, her passion for acting and filmmaking, and her aspirations for the future all reflect her determination and drive to succeed in the entertain-

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From Personal Transformation to Community Impact

How One Health Food Restaurant is Fighting Food Deserts and Chronic Diseases Across America”

Introduction: In a nation grappling with rising rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension, one health food restaurant is making a remarkable impact. Not only is it changing lives one meal at a time, but its founder’s inspiring journey to better health serves as a testament to the power of a vegan, healthy lifestyle. Join us as we explore the story of [Freshlyfe], the establishment that’s on a mission to combat chronic diseases and food deserts while helping individuals shed excess weight and regain their vitality. Section 1: The Personal Journey [Terry Murphy ], the founder of [Freshlyfe], knows firsthand the struggles of obesity and its associated health issues. Weighing in at 580 pounds, [Terry Murphy ] after a heart attack at 32 and frustrated with the feeling the doctors were just pushing him to drugs he decided it was time for a change. Through dedication and adopting a vegan, healthy lifestyle, they shed an astounding 290 pounds. This transformation wasn’t just about weight loss but about regaining health and vitality. Section 2: From Transformation to Inspiration [Terry]’s remarkable transformation caught the attention of their community, serving as an inspiration for others looking to improve their health. It was this turning point that led to the birth of [Freshlyfe]. With a strong desire to share the benefits of a plant-based diet, [Terry] set out to create a restaurant that would serve nutritious, delicious meals accessible to everyone. Section 3: The Fight Against Food Deserts One of the key missions of [Freshlyfe] is to combat food deserts, areas where access to fresh and healthy food options is limited. Located strategically in underserved communities across

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America, the restaurant has become a beacon of hope. It not only provides nutritious meals but also educates communities about the importance of making healthier food choices. Section 4: Tackling Chronic Diseases The menu at [Freshlyfe] is carefully crafted to address the growing concerns of diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension. By offering plant-based options rich in antioxidants, fiber, and essential nutrients, the restaurant is helping customers manage and even reverse these chronic conditions. Section 5: A Community-Centered Approach Beyond just serving food, [Freshlyfe] actively engages with the community. They host workshops on healthy cooking, collaborate with local schools to educate students, and support local farmers to ensure a steady supply of fresh ingredients. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a hub for wellness. Conclusion: [Freshlyfe] is proof that personal transformations can lead to remarkable community impact. By focusing on the intersection of health, nutrition, and accessibility, this health food restaurant is fighting the uphill battle against food deserts and the tide of chronic diseases plaguing America. As [Your Name] continues to inspire and nourish, they are making a real difference—one vegan meal at a time.

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Stephanie Morris Nunn….a Phenomenal Visionary If you thought that crocheting was just something your grandmother did than think again… you haven’t seen the masterpieces created by Cleveland designer Stephanie Morris Nunn. Stephanie’s one of a kind handmade haute couture designs takes the art of crocheting to another level. Her journey of being a much sought after designer, artist, advocate, philanthropist, entrepreneur, mentor and author is a wonderful and amazing journey of triumph. Diagnosed as a child with high myopia which today is degenerative myopia, has left Stephanie legally blind but not without a vision. Through the years Stephanie found somethings she couldn’t do because of her limited vision however she continued to push forward and mastered her craft of crocheting and design. She is the founder and CEO of the Nadira Collection. Her knitwear collection consists of one of a kind designer dresses, suits, lounge wear, swim suits, accessories and more. Over the years Stephanie has been an inspiration and mentor to many up and coming designers. Today she is an advocate for eye wellness and sits on the board of the organization Prevent Blindness. Stephanie hosts a charitable fashion show every year that not only showcases her designs but other designers as well, with the proceeds going to the organization. This year the Event is November 11th 2023. “Signature of an Artist” Fashion Gala. This is an event not to be missed. To learn more about Stephanie and her journey be sure to pick up her new book Eye Can’t to ICON.

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Sam Sylk Sam Sylk is very well known from Cleveland to Chicago. Sam was born and raised in Chicago and his love for broadcasting has lead him to multiple cities as radio host or programmer including Chicago, Philly, Fort Wayne, New York, Columbus and Cleveland to name a few. Today you can find his charismatic personality on Cleveland 93.1 WZAK on the Sam Sylk Morning Show weekdays from 10a.m. to 3p.m along with co-host Bijou Star. Sam is also a successful entrepreneur and is the owner of 8 Sam Sylks Chicken and Fish restaurants across the state of Ohio including 1 in his home town of Chicago and Sylks in Maple Heights. Sam is also know for his philanthropist work, his Sam Sylk Foundation hosts a yearly Winter Wraps charity event that provides coats for children across the city. The foundation’s mission “To improve the quality of life in the Cleveland metropolitan area by creating positive change, establishing relationships and building stronger communities.” His goal according to the foundation site is “feeding the hungry, providing college scholarships and clothing to those in need.” Sam is also a published author. He

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penned the relationship book “ Is it them or is it me?” one of the big hits is Sam’s Relationship HOUR on his show and this propelled this long awaited book of self evaluation and accountability in your relationship. Sam Sylk has established himself in the community as a successful business man who has created jobs within the community and radio personality who cares about people and community.

Black Girl Sunscreen Shontay Lundy has enter a world where we have not gone before. She’s here to tell you that “Black” does “Crack” if not taken care of properly and protected from the damage of UV rays “… make no mistake, we are all susceptible to the damage caused by the sun,” as told to the Business Insider. “We still burn and are susceptible to sun-induced damage such as sunspots, premature aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and cancer.” In 2016 Shontay came out with the product Black Girl Sunscreen is made for the melanted skin tones. The sunscreen does not leave a white film on your skin when applied like so many others products does, and moistures as well. Shontay started the company with her own funds and continued to reinvest her money until she sought investors. It wasn’t easy finding investors being that for our melanated entrepreneurs across the board is more difficult to secure loans or investors. But in 2020 she was able to secure a 1 million dollar investment and was predicted to make a profit of 5 million in sales. Over the years Shontay has introduced a children’s line of products BGS KIDS, as well as several products to go along with her original sunscreen. She offers a hybrid sunscreen as well as a matte sunscreen for the face, a sunscreen spray Make it Glow as well as a sun gloss called Make it Pop lip gloss. Shontay has been able to take her products into Ulta, Target, Kohl’s and Walmart with a desire to have her product in Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. is there a market for sunscreen for our melanated consumer? Absolutely, this product is for the entire family and should be used year round. Shontay has also introduced her product to many

by Shontay Lundy

athletes involved in outdoor sports including the USC Women’s Track and Field. Shontay has left her mark on the industry and continues to make strides. Educating the black and brown communities on proper skin protection is important to her and her company. We look forward to more to come from Black Girl Sunscreen.

lly a r e t i l g n i l d d Cu n, o i s s e r p e d s l l i d k n a , y t e i x n a s e e reliev h t s n e h t g n e r t s . m e t s y s e n u m im

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Styles of Imagination

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Miesha Wilson: Queen of the Boot Camp If you ask many in Cleveland where should you go to get your body in shape the name Miesha Wilson is bound to come up. Affectionately called the Queen of Boot Camp Miesha has helped thousands of Clevelander reach their ideal weight through her NuLife Fitness Camp. Miesha is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, fitness trainer, author, philanthropist and inspiration. In 2006 Miesha opened NuLife Fitness Camp, At Nulife Fitness accountability is key, the warm atmosphere and fun and exciting group work out sessions keep you coming back. Her plan wasn’t to own a Fitness Center but after her experience with her own weight lose journey and friends asking her to help her Nulife Fitness Camp was born. A native of Cleveland and graduate of Glenville High School, Miesha is a shining example of what hard work and perseverance is. The purpose of NuLife Fitness Camp is posted on their site as “to give clients (children, men & women) a sense of a new beginning, a “nu life”, by introducing them to a healthier lifestyle. By incorporating a combination of intense aerobic, step & strength routines and a guide of healthy eating habits consisting of more whole foods. “ Along with her husband Demetrius Wilson they have built a staple in the Cleveland neighborhoods that shows what working out and healthy eating can do. Not only do they offer Boot camp, there are personal trainers, work out equipment, and extra classes such as Spin and Yoga. With multiple locations they incorporated the Juicy Vegan. The Juicy Vegan is located inside both the Waterloo location and the North Randall location. The mission according to the website is to “supply light and satisfying options that promotes healthy

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lifestyle choices without losing flavor!” The Juicy Vegan offers its patrons smoothies, belly burner teas and other meatless options. Miesha is also a much sought after motivational speaker. She has been able to motivate not only our adults but the youth as well by sharing her story and herself. As her empire continues to grow Miesha consistently challenges the NuLife Members to have fun and continue their weight loss journey., and proceed in their quest for living a healthy and happy lifestyle. This year Miesha will be honored with the 2023 “Embrace Her Award” from United Women in White. Here at AMPS Ohio Magazine we congratulate her on a well deserved award.

Sometimes, what didn’t work out for you really, worked out for you. Read it again.

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Legendary Greats

Carl B. Stokes This Legendary Great was born June 21st 1927 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was one of two sons raised by his mother Louise Stokes, his father Charles Stokes passed away when he was 2 years old. Along side his brother Louis Stokes he was raised in the first federally funded housing project in Cleveland…Outhwaite. Carl ended up dropping out of high school and joined the Army. After 2 years in the military he returned to Cleveland in 1946 and received his GED in 1947. He continued his education by earning both his Bachelors degree and a Law Degree. Carl worked hard and became an assistant prosecutor and then partner along with his brother Louis in their firm Stokes, Stokes, Character and Terry. Carl also had an great interest in politics and was elected as the first melanated Democrat to the Ohio House of Representatives in 1962. He went on to serve 3 terms. But in 1967 he made history again by becoming the first African American Mayor of a major United States City. This made national news and landed him on the cover of Times Magazine. Mayor Stokes was the 51st Mayor of Cleveland. Ohio and served for 2 terms from 1967 – 1971. Though his road was tough so was he. He opened more city jobs for African-Americans, he also looked for ways to revitalize Cleveland neighborhoods and was vital in cleaning up the environment and conditions like saving and preserving the Ohio river after the famous burning river incident. He had an ongoing battle with City Council as well as the Cleveland Police. Like in many other cities there was racial tension and in 1968 the Glenville shootout between police and the Black Nationalists of Liberia and riots occurred. The first night he refused to let white police officers enter the areas but soon called in the Ohio Nation Guard to help with the situation. He decided not to seek re-election for a 3rd term but when on to lecture at colleges across the U.S. then in 1972 become the first melanated news anchor in New York City on WNBC. He

Page 24

returned to Cleveland in 1980 and went on to become an municipal court judge 1983. Then 1994 Carl was appointed Ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles in East Africa, by President Clinton. He served as Ambassador until he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. This Legendary Great passed away April 3rd 1996. Leaving behind a legacy not only to the City of Cleveland but to his wife and 5 children.

Legendary Greats

Toni Morrison This Legendary Great was born Chloe Ardelia Wofford on February 18th 1931 in Lorain Ohio, whom we now know as Novelist Toni Morrison. Toni was one of 4 children born to working class parents. Toni would grow up learning about heritage and languages from her parents, they spoke of African American folklores, ghost stories and more. Her love of reading and story telling grew. After graduating from Lorain High School she attended Howard University where she receive a Bachelors Degree in English and then to Cornell where she received a Masters Degree in American Literature. After college She went on to teach English at Texas Southern University and then Howard University. She met and married Harold Morrison and had 2 sons.

Book Award, and was later turned into a Movie by Oprah Winfrey. The follow-up novel was Jazz in 1992. Then in 1993 she received the Noble Prize in Literature becoming the first African-American woman to receive this award. The 3rd book in the trilogy was Paradise which came out in in 1997. Toni has written novels. plays, poetry she is also a composer and more…making her a most celebrated writer and artist. Her legacy on the wonderful world of literature is beyond amazing, her awards astounding, all of her 1st outstanding. Not only has she left her mark but she helped other melenated writers along the way. This Legendary Great passed away August 5th 2019.

Soon Toni took a position at Random House Publishing where she went on to become the first African-American Senior Editor. Working at Random House ended up being the start of her career as a writer. While in college she wrote short stories, poetry etc. She later took one of her short stories and turned it in to the book “The Bluest Eye” which was the fictional story of a Melenated girl who wanted blue eyes. It was met with some enthusiasm and put on college reading lists. Toni would go on and continue writing. Her style giving voice to people of color showing their pain, struggles, love and real life. Soon she would be devoting herself to just writing and raising her sons. Toni would write Sula in 1973 then Songs of Solomon in 1977 which won the National Book Critics Award., also making her the first African American to make the Book of the Month Club since Richard Wright in 1940. She wrote Tar Baby in 1981 and wrote the play Dreaming Emmett in 1984. But in 1987 Toni wrote Beloved which was inspired by a true story. This novel earned her the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the Anisfield- Wolf

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Consistency in The Hands of The Courageous

by Imani Capri

“A sword in the hands of a coward is useless” Nichiren Daishonin I heard this quote in my head and heart as I sat in front of my laptop to write. Immediately, I felt goosebumps; not only because of how powerful the quote is on its own, but also because of its timeliness more than 700 years after it was first written. I first encountered this quote in my early practice and study of Nichiren Buddhism. Nichiren Daishonin, a 13th century Japanese Buddhist monk, was the founder of Nichiren Buddhism, and the first to reveal and chant “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” as a means of helping all people attain enlightenment and happiness. In a letter entitled: “Reply to Kyo’o,” Nichiren wrote the above sentence within a longer response to encourage the mother of Kyo’o, an extremely sick little girl, to courageously use her faith in chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo to help heal her daughter’s illness. Nichiren went on to say, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?” In essence, Nichiren Daishonin likened the power of prayer and faith to the power of a mighty sword, that would only be useful in the hands of a person courageous enough to use it. In many respects, Nichiren Daishonin was a revolutionary. He refuted the state sanctioned religions of Shinto and other forms of Buddhism that taught believers to seek enlightenment outside of themselves and that only men could achieve enlightenment. His teachings, based on the Lotus Sutra, emphasized that all living beings could attain enlightenment including women. As I sit in Cleveland, Ohio in the year of 2023 writing this opinion piece, I do not own a physical sword and I find it incredibly offensive that women are still having to “fight” for full power over our own bodies and life decisions. However, I am writing this piece just two days after 2,186,965, Ohio residents voted, on November 7, to pass Issue 1 thus enshrining women’s reproductive rights and access to making sovereign healthcare decisions as a state constitutional amendment. Despite the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade in

Page 26

2022, and a host of slick, manipulative, barely legal, tactics, and propaganda from extremist Ohio Republican law makers to keep Ohio voters from amending the state constitution, Ohioans showed up and used the mighty swords of courage, organizing, voting, working together, peacefully, across diverse backgrounds and political beliefs to create a change that honors and protects the basic human right of making decisions for oneself. Like many of you, I watch the news and social media timelines with constant images and stories of global genocide of innocent civilians in Palestine, Israel, Congo, Sudan and beyond, with incredible heartache and disgust. Like many of you, I too am tired of hearing about or seeing news of more youth murdered on Cleveland area streets or continued school or public mass shootings across the country. Yet these atrocities continue. Why? Too many real cowards, and bullies with agendas that really do not prioritize the well-being of the greatest amount of people hold seats of power. The courageous, not the complacent, make history. The courageous, not the complacent do the real work of creating change. Courage requires getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Courage requires the willingness to exchange staying in our comfort zones for inconvenience to create positive change for a greater good. As I reflect on what just happened politically here in Ohio and what is happening around the world, the message I am most compelled to share is: we are the change we have been waiting for, we are the change that we keep demanding from others. We are the superheroes that we have been praying for.

Yet, what use is a hero or heroine who is not using his or her voice, vote, power, talents to help contribute to creating the better world we all deserve. The change we seek is within reach of the amount of courage we are willing to activate. What does that look like on a practical level you may be thinking? It looks like registering to vote, really researching who is running for office, running for office yourself, going to your city council meetings, introducing yourself to your elected officials, actually calling their offices and voicing your opinions on matters, volunteering in your neighborhood, supporting organizations that do the grassroots work for causes that you care about, supporting independent media that tell stories and narratives that major media may neglect, identifying how we each may need to heal from personal trauma, reconnecting with and using our gifts, talents and passions, mentoring, supporting businesses and brands that align with the values you have toward peace and humanity, using your voice and not being bullied into silence on the things that matter most to you, finding the positive ways in which you can contribute to solutions for yourself and your communities, practicing consistent self-care, detoxing from social media for a while, reading books, prioritizing your health.

Whatever challenges we may face individually or collectively, that is what, I think, we are called to do, to use what we have to do what we can, consistently. I agree with Nichiren Daishonin that: “A sword in the hands of a coward is useless”; but I would add that consistency in the hands of the courageous, changes the world. _____________ Listen to Imani Capri on her international award-winning radio show/podcast, “Conversations in Courage with Imani Capri” on Tuesdays at 11 am EST on , the WOVU App, 95.9 FM WOVU Cleveland (local)

Follow Imani Capri @ IG: iam_imanicapri YouTube: Imani Capri

I do not mean to sound like I am lecturing, but I am emphasizing a point. We all have some sort of “sword” that is useful in helping to create change, but are we courageous enough to use it? One thing I know for sure is, tasks that seem insurmountable become very achievable when more people choose to help. As a Central Committee Precinct Person with the Democratic Party for precinct 2B in Maple Heights, I had the role of going to 150 homes to help get out the word about voting on November 7 and Issue 1. Going to those 150 addresses by myself seemed impossible but having the help of a few friends and family made it happen in a shorter time and in a way that was not a burden on any one individual. I do not know how all those individuals may have voted or if they all did. What I do know is that I worked with what I had to contribute to creating the change I believed in.

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North Randall Fire Department On Saturday, September 2nd 2023 the First Annual Unity Fest was held in North Randall, Ohio. Firefighters that attended the event: Lieutenant Foster, Firefighter Shack, Firefighter Hall, and Firefighter Willingham. My name is Anthony Lombardo and I have been a shift Captain at North Randall for approx. 4 years now. The best part about this job is having the ability to have a wide range of duties and being able to help others grow in the fire service. The firefighters that attended the Unity Fest absolutely loved it. The men and woman of North Randal Fire Department pride themselves on being committed to the community. Public relations are very important to us. The conversation that our firefighters had with the Youth and Unity Founder was absolutely incredible, fun and memorable. We would like to again thank you for inviting us to this event and look forward to a continued relationship. The North Randall Fire Department staffs 4 firefighters on shift 24/7. Each shift has a minimum of two full timer per shift which includes a 2 paramedic minimum, Shift Captain and Lieutenant. Our projected call volume for 2023 is 1,450 emergencies. North Randall is approximately 77 of a square mile with 1,000 residents. Approx. 15% of our responses our mutual aid and we respond to approx 50 reported working fires per year.

NO ONE GETS A DIPLOMA ALONE. If you’re thinking of finishing your high school diploma, you have more support than you realize. Find teachers and free adult education classes near you at

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Linda’s Bee Farm: Honey Gift Shop We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Linda’s Bee Farm: Honey Gift Shop, a delightful addition to the vibrant Crocker Park community. Located directly in the middle of Crocker Park in Center Circle at 189 Crocker Park Rd, Westlake, Ohio, this unique store is set to open its doors to the public on November 17, 2023 with a Grand Opening celebration and ribbon cutting at 1:00PM. Linda’s Bee Farm: Honey Gift Shop is a haven for honey enthusiasts and those seeking exceptional, locally sourced gifts. Nestled in the heart of Crocker Park, this charming shop offers an array of artisanal honey products and beethemed gifts that will surely delight visitors of all ages. Founded by owner Seth Steward, Linda’s Bee Farm pays homage to his mother, Linda. Visitors to Linda’s Bee Farm can look forward to: • Premium Honey Selection: Linda’s Bee Farm takes pride in offering a wide range of honey varieties, each with its own distinct flavor profile, sourced directly from local beekeepers. From classic clover honey to exotic wildflower blends, there’s something to suit every palate. • Functional Teas: Special blends of harmonized tea, herbs, and botanicals to amplify health, balance, and wellbeing. • Premium hand-crafted honey products: Linda’s Skin & Beauty product lines, features all natural honey soap bars, beeswax skin balms, lip balms, hydrating honey lotions fragranced with accentuated floral notes and earthy tones for women and men. • Bee-autiful Gift Options: Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift, Linda’s Bee Farm has you covered. Browse through an exquisite collection of honey-themed gifts, including beeswax candles, honey-infused skincare products, and more. • Educational Experiences: Linda’s Bee Farm is committed to raising awareness about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. The store features educational displays, interactive exhibits, and workshops that offer fascinating insights into the world of bees and beekeeping. • Community Engagement: As a part of the Crocker Park community, Linda’s Bee Farm: Honey Gift Shop looks forward to collaborating with local schools and organizations to promote environmental education and sustainability.

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To celebrate the grand opening on November 17, 2023, Linda’s Bee Farm will be offering special promotions, tastings, and giveaways throughout the day. In particular, the first 50 customers will have an opportunity to receive some fantastic gift items including Linda’s Bee Farm mugs, tumblers, caps, shirts, pens and their famous Gourmet Honey Butter Popcorn! Join us in welcoming this exciting addition to Crocker Park and experience the sweet world of Linda’s Bee Farm. For more information, please visit our website at or contact: Adrienne Steward: 330-406-7281 or Follow us on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Crocker Park- It’s All Happening Here! @CrockerPark ABOUT LINDAS BEE FARM: Linda’s Bee Farm: Honey Gift Shop is a family-owned business dedicated to sharing the beauty and benefits of honeybees with the community. Located at Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio, the shop offers a wide range of honey products and bee-themed gifts, along with educational opportunities to raise awareness about bee conservation. ABOUT CROCKER PARK Crocker Park is settled on 4,500,000 square feet in Westlake, Ohio and features a mix of over 130 local and nationally known retailers and premier dining options as well as office buildings, luxury apartments, and an event venue. Known for its distinct vertically integrated design of ground-level retail and restaurants with second story apartments and office space, the lifestyle center creates a bustling, urban downtown atmosphere of a city within a suburb. Developed with inspiration from European influence and architecture, Crocker Park’s 3 phases, spanned over 12 city blocks, allow visitors to feel completely immersed in the dynamic shop, dine, live, work, and play environment. Crocker Park is a part of the Stark Enterprises full-service real estate development portfolio spanning eight states. For more information and to view a complete center directory and a calendar of events, visit

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Keys to Flight


edric Riley is a Resiliency Expert dedicated to community leadership and success for himself and others. He is the creator of “America’s Next Motivator!” Tv show and the founder of Riley is a marathoner, scholar and family man whose motto is “Success is a Choice!” Determined to provide a source of motivation to the youth and a breath of fresh air to their leaders, Cedric believes that his work will uplift the community domestically and nationally. Today we will discuss how to fly an airplane. I am not talking about the grand 747 or a private jet, let’s make believe that you are the flying apparatus we are speaking about. On the plane field of life there are too many people who never take flight toward their dreams. Some remain on the ground where they become defeated by the elements but, there are also counterparts to them who get air under their wings only to crash because they lose communication with bases on the ground. We aim to address this problem today. Let’s taxi… Shortly after my life started, I began to experience dis-function in my family. Living on the East side of Cleveland, Ohio right next to the I-90 freeway, railroad tracks and not too far from the airport we were located in the belly of the city. This is a

rumble strips were deposited. In retrospect, I understand that most adults lived in a state of anxiety in that environment, especially with the bar selling liquor day and night at the end of the street. It brought an infestation of alcoholics and drug abusers. The late 80’s is the time frame in which this was taking place. The first decade of your life provides the context for your takeoff. Everything that contributes to your experience plays a role in the path of your taxi. The way a plane maneuvers the curve and straight-away during that taxi effects its trajectory as it takes flight. This brings clarity to two things: why some people never take flight and why some people crash after a period of time. It is important to go to flight school to avoid both of these outcomes. I was at a family cookout in the summer of 2012 under a sweltering sun and clear skies. The ice coolers were dripping with condensation and the children played gallantly across the lawn. My Aunt was bringing freshly prepared pasta salad to an outdoor table and my Uncle was smoking a rack of ribs. I was inspired by the whole scene and it compelled me to walk over to the smoker and start a conversation with my Uncle. I told him, I was proud of the way his family hosted the event and then I asked him “How do you do become a provider for your family and a reliable partner for your wife?” His reply inspired this article. “Don’t become stuck around people who are not grounded spiritually. They have to stay where they are but, you are different-you can fly!” It was at that moment I realized my responsibility to fly. Up until that time I had been on a traumatic ride in life including abuse and neglect by my family as well as going into foster care. I had never known my father and yet, I realized the need to spread my wings if I was ever going to move my life to a better space. Fasten your seatbelt because you are also preparing for take-off. Just like the technician inspects the plane for breaks and deficiencies, you have to look at yourself honestly and locate places that need healing. This might include forgiving people who have hurt you or forgiving yourself for not gearing up to fly earlier in life.

place where the exhaust of the airplanes, the thick smoke of the train’s pipes and the noise of cars constantly driving over

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Now is the time for your lift-off! I know some people are afraid of heights because they don’t want to fall. I understand that. When

you rise miles above your circumstances it is normal to get a little nervous but, what’s more important is understanding how to fly so that you can prevent peril. Let’s prepare you to be a great plane. First, calibrate your mentality by defining flight. Elevating from your starting place by developing your gifts and working hard at honing them (spreading your wings), sustaining your path despite competition, overcoming adversity to achieve a maximum altitude (air traffic control) and communicating with others who are waiting to take off (satellite communications)- are all keys to flight. Warning: reading this article does not mean you can find a cliff and jump off expecting to fly! You must prime yourself by envisioning your journey so you can first fly mentally. Next, believe that you are meant to be in the skies with the other pilots, so that you can fly spiritually. This culmination prepares you to fly literally and enjoy an excellent adult life. You may now turn on your electronic devices and join me on social media! Cedric Riley on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. Also, my daily TV show America’s Next Motivator is available for your enjoyment and subscription.



PANTONE 357C C=88 M=45 Y=98 K=16


Thank you for flying with me today!


U N D E D 192


Butcher’s Deluxe Package

AMERICA’S DEADLIEST SHOOTINGS ARE ONES WE DON’T TALK ABOUT On any given day in America, an average of 65 of our mothers, brothers, partners, and friends are taken from us by gun suicide. And in Missouri, the majority of gun deaths are suicides. But tomorrow’s deaths could be prevented. Give your loved ones a second chance at life. Store your guns safely: locked, unloaded, and away from ammo.

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Letha Moore - Richards (Owner) Uniek Kreations Uniek Kreations has been in business since 1998, I started my salon at the age of 23 without a lot of knowledge on running a business but with a lot of determination on being successful.

We specialize in all phases of hair and nails. Located at

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C O N N EC T S ACP program details can be found at

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MISSING CHILDREN Let’s continue to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to finding our missing children Children across the nation continues to disappear. It takes all of us to bring them home safely. Let’s do our part.


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MISSING CHILDREN Let’s continue to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to finding our missing children Children across the nation continues to disappear. It takes all of us to bring them home safely. Let’s do our part.


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The Family Tree Many roots of generations have been passed down in its own way of tradition. Changed, added to, or redefined, a family’s DNA is the foundation. In my sense of DNA this is the way I personally view my family tree. With a history of strong dominant women ancestors, I started my lineage with my Great Grandma Rachael: Stern, yet a calm problem solver, she was a firm believer of self care and was Buddhist who pressured non about her options and thoughts and respected others stance on any topic. She birthed a dominant, but far from aggressive, caring, relentless daughter who I called nana. (Carol) A sharp shooter who didn’t care about the consequencesif it meant taking care of her family. She believed in Christ and had faith that with his love and her hustle nothing was impossible. My nana passed her tradional way of life attached her mother’s teaching and brought forth my mother. Monet Devine Curry, a solid soul who carried the heart of knowing responsibility, but felt living life with as many colors, and sprinkles was much more important. Bills will come and go but memories last forever. Laugh, dance, smile and give as much as you can was the tradition my mother passed down to us with the set boundaries of what family meant and the role each one takes on to make sure our boat forever sail smoothly.

Here is my family tree system that was taught to me. Oldest Brother Cedric - meant my protector, and basic teacher for the remainder of your life, nothing comes in between that. Older Sister Chasity – is my first friend, my go to for advice and laughs. Nothing comes in between that. First Younger Brother Cordell – is my responsibility to guide and nurture. Teach him to be himself while maintaining the fabric of the foundation laid before him. Nothing comes in between that. The Baby Brother Lamar - is also my responsibility to guide and nurture. Making sure he authentically be true to himself while maintaining the fabric of the foundation passed on for over 80 years. Nothing comes in between that. Some may agree with my writings and some may not. The importance of this article is for you to know & define your family tree and what it means to you. This is not just an article it is a challenge. Good day folks

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Get Your AMPS Gear!! GET YOUR COPY Go to Scan this Code

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AMPS MAGAZINE American Minority People Succeeding

Imani Capri

A Name to Remember

Big Heff Living Legend

Living Rich



Volume 1, Issue 2

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American Minority People Succeeding

American Minority People Succeeding

American Minority People Succeeding

Creative Artistry


Volume 1, Issue 3

d’s lan eve NBA ClAll-Star Weekend


Houston Unapologetic Unapolo getic


Lee Volume 1, Issue 4

Volume 1, Issue 5 Page 1



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Page 1


AMPS MAGAZINE of OHIO Romeo Barnes, Publisher Youth and Unity Page Email: 48

(216) 414-0155

American Minority People Succeeding

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.