Cleveland Volume 2, Issue 2

Page 1 AMPS MAGAZINE American Minority People Succeeding Volume 2, Issue 2 The Stitcher Jahadd Shakur BLACK BUSINESS MONTH Children at Play Latina Bombshell 2 Fly Mobile Truck OHIO EDITION SCAN WITH PHONE
Page 2 BRING YOUR CONCEPT TO TOWER CITY Cleveland’s downtown activity hub anchored by five-star hotels, two world-class sports and entertainment venues and Ohio’s grandest casino. For leasing inquiries email
Page 3 contents Publisher Romeo Barnes Editor Mia Barnes Writers Kalinda Meadows Contributing Photographer Kelly Barnes Lenny White Graphic Designer Gerald Wright VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 the AMPS Ohio Team AMPS Ohio is a franchise of AMPS Magazine, a national entity, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. This magazine is published bi-monthly. AMPS MAGAZINE CORPORATE Orlando, Florida 33837 317-426-7790 What’s Inside... Children at Play Costumes ........ 6 2Fly Mobile Truck ...................... 8 Latina Bombshell ...................... 10 Guy Hughes Pit Master and Sauce Guru ................................ 13 Sharlyn, The Stitcher ............... 14 Dream Detroit Skate Academy 15 Styles of Imagination................ 16 Black Business Month .............. 18 Taking Women’s Hockey to Another Level............................ 20 Women of Hidden Figures ...... 22 Legendary Greats ...................... 23 Making NBA History ............... 25 Jimmo Neal................................ 25 Our Missing Children .............. 35 p. 6 Latina Bombshell P. 10


This is the eighth issue of AMPS Magazine, Ohio Edition. I wanted to take this time to congraulate A.M.P.S. (American-Minority People Succeeding) Cleveland franchise on a great job they are doing in the community in providing good stories and educating the community.

This is where Substance and Style meets Supreme Standards. Our mission is “superior application development through dedicated professionalism while maintaining a customer-centered focus to lead the industry in ideas and creative solutions”. Our events marketing and promotions department is designed to present positive entertainment and events that the Louisiana communities deserve.

We specialize in helping brands create a unique connection with consumers at our events as well as create an opportunity for you to meet other business owners, executives, present and future customers, and other socialites. Simply put, “We’re Accomplished By Making You Successful.”

about the publisher

I am so very humbled and still very excited to be a part of the AMPS Magazine family showcasing our Melanated businesses, events and people in Ohio and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and the magazine, thank you to each person who has picked up a copy, subscribed, downloaded the AMPS app and taken the time to read the content of this wonderful magazine. Every issue we bring new businesses to the spotlight. In this issue I want to thank everyone we were able to share their business… Children at Play Thank you for allowing us to showcase you and your business! Thank you to 2 Fly Mobile for sharing your story and what you have to offer in the community! Read all of the articles from Hidden Figures to the Stitcher. They are all great.

Every issue we spotlight our missing children across the state, let’s continue to bring them home. Out of the 45 plus children we have shared 95% have been found, please look at our current 6 children and let’s get them safely back to their families.

Please support the many businesses that are in this magazine . I want to thank every business that placed their ads with us from Kings Gas Station to Crystal and Cream Boutique. I’m very happy to announce the release of the Barnes Family Honey this month! What a great experience. Continue to support our youth and my youth Organization Youth & Unity Stop the Violence we have been serving our youth in the community since 2012 and we are still going strong.

Here at AMPS Ohio Magazine we are humbled and proud to serve you.

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Children at Play Costumes

“Edutainment” Children at Play Costume Characters

Edutainment series develops targeted skills through guided play in dance, music, art, literacy, math, science, activities with technology and games to teach targeted objectives. Learning through play Jean Piaget (1962) psychologist views children to develop and mature during play. Research have proven a link between children and their development directly to learning and play. Children at Play Costume Characters developed a series of unique experiences

“Edutainment’ to teach and develop targeted skills. The pyramids are standing with individuals whose minds worked together to develop structures and foundations which still stands today, Edutainment will work in a series to provide a foundation of experiences that are guided towards youth and adults in learning experiences through play. Children at Play will use guided play in dance, music, art, literacy, math, science, activities with technology and games to teach targeted objectives to strengthen areas in:

• Academic Standards (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies)

• Physical Health and Nutrition

• Social-Emotional

• Self-Awareness and Leadership

• Arts and Creativity

• Technology in Science

• Community, Giving Back and Outdoors

Children at Play Costume Characters Edutainment have serviced people in homes, in public and private schools, hospitals, community events, childcare centers, nursing homes and many more places in person and on-line. The need for targeted areas to be taught through entertainment for over 25 years of services have been an increasingly success. Children at Play Costume Characters Edutainment have been featured on Good Morning America, news stations, performed with award winning artist and featured in magazines all across the regions. Children at Play Costume Characters has over 100K followers via social media and travels to programs across the states to promote targeted objectives to increase the knowledge of skills through visual entertainment. Children at Play

Costume Characters have given back to the communities of children and adults, offered scholarships and awarded children and adults with personal and financial needs to strengthen others in the targeted areas. As Children at Play Costume Characters Edutainment continues to grow and develop over the years we will continue our goal to inspire, interact and teach families across the world through entertainment. Contact, email and links below for your program inquiry.

Jahaad Shakur


Children At Play Costume The Originator of Celebrity Mascots

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2Fly Mobile Truck

The brain child of Lakeisha Eldemire and her son. This family business has taken Cleveland by storm, and has become the premiere gaming entertainment company in the area and beyond. Lakeisha faced what many of us have endured…being laid off a job she had been at for 10 years. She had savings, her 401k and was armed with an idea her son came up with, she gambled on herself and her family…and came up a winner. This entrepreneur has put in the time and work to make their business a shining success.

With her children by her side the business has grown in epic proportions. Starting with a state of the art gaming trailer that includes stadium seating, six TV screens and every gaming system you could think of they hit the road. The company is an all around entertainment company that can bring the entire party.

Not only is there the gaming trailer but there is a Mobile Spa bus that is ran by her daughter. This spa bus gives your little princess the real royal treatment including a real life Princess, robes, tiaras, manicures, pedicures, facials and more. Other services that 2 Fly offers is Gelly Ball, inflatables, Life-sized Games, Movie Night, a petting zoo and pony rides.

Lakeisha has proven that when one door closes another will open, even if you have to create your own door. Growing up in East Cleveland, Ohio she is a success story that we don’t always get the chance to read about. AMPS Ohio Magazine is proud and excited for this successful family that shows that building your empire and leaving your legacy can be obtained. Not only is Lakeisha Eldemire and her family doing this they are continuing this journey with no end in sight.

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Guy Hughes Pit Master and Sauce Guru

Ira Guy Hughes is famous for his sauces and for being the ultimate “Pit Master”. Raised in Braceville, Ohio this pit master gained his love of grilling from his mother who he use to watch master the grill and sauces for the family and family gatherings. Guy took the family secret sauce and added his own secret ingredients and came up with an award winning BBQ Sauce. Soon he was winning competition after competiton with his grilling skills and different BBQ sauces and in 2002 Guy was acknowledged as one the best BBQ Chefs in Ohio.

Aside from grilling he had such a demand for his sauces over the years he soon bottled his sauces to sell to the public. Now known as one of the most famous American BBQ sauces, his sauces has been loved by his college friend Steve Harvey, Michael Stanley and Nelly to name a few.

Guy has found that the need for sugar free sauces were in demand. Soon he developed a line of sauces that are sugar free but doesn’t lack the great bbq sauce flavor. The line includes BBQ sauce, ketchup, dipping sauce, marinade, wing sauce, dressing, steak sauce and more. Because of the low sodium in Guy’s sauces it is being used for military meals through Valley Foods in Youngstown, Ohio. Guy has something for everyone and his line of sauces also includes 8 “vegan” sauces, his sauces are gluten free as well as Weight Watchers and Keto friendly. According to his website his sauces can be found in many stores across the country, Amazon and can also be ordered through his company’s website.

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“I want our retirement
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savings to be as strong as our partnership.”

Sharlyn, The Stitcher

Navigating the journey of self-discovery is a hallmark of youth. The early years of my life were characterized by a constant quest for direction and understanding. As I matured, this search led me on a series of diverse paths and locales, a pattern emblematic of my evolution. Transitioning through various phases of life, I found myself constantly oscillating, at times gravitating towards my mother’s influence, and at others, exploring my own avenues. This dynamic interplay of experiences gradually helped me discern my true calling.

In the exploration of my aspirations, I found solace and purpose in the realm of fashion. My journey began with crafting clothes for my Barbie dolls, a simple yet significant introduction to my creative inclinations. As I matured, my experimentation expanded to include stitching personal garments and adding artistic flourishes to T-shirts and jeans. This pursuit, however, wasn’t without its challenges. My creative endeavors often clashed with norms, occasionally resulting in reprimands and conflicts. Nevertheless, the turning point came when I acquired a sewing machine at the age of 12. This pivotal moment marked a juncture where my passion intersected with practicality, gradually garnering the recognition and support I needed to embark on a transformative trajectory.

Upon embarking on my path as a fashion designer, I anchored myself in the rich tapestry of artistry. Drawing from my background in 2D and 3D art, I harnessed my natural talents to craft custom clothing for a myriad of occasions. Beyond wearable art, I embraced textiles and fashion as my chosen mediums of expression. This creative evolution was nurtured within the context of a family steeped in design, shaping my perspective and fostering an innate ability to envision and manifest unique creations.

Nonetheless, my journey was also one of defiance. Amidst expectations of conforming to a prim and proper demeanor, I stood out as the ‘rebel kid.’ The conventional path failed to

constrain my desire for self-expression, leading me to explore avenues that celebrated the fusion of art and clothing. Yet, formal education in pattern-making eluded me until later in life. Enrolling in fashion school became a pivotal moment, one that honed my technical skills and solidified my understanding of pattern-making—an essential foundation for my work. Dropping out of fashion school eventually became a bold affirmation of my self-belief and the realization that formal education is but a single facet of nurturing creative acumen.

The crescendo of my journey finds its climax in prom season—a period of heightened demand, creativity, and, at times, chaos. The confluence of client desires, budget constraints, and the quest for individuality underscores this pivotal period. Catering to the aspirations of a new generation seeking to outshine the world, prom season demands a fusion of artistic vision and practical execution. Navigating the intricacies of working with teenagers and their parents, balancing aesthetics with feasibility, and managing personal and professional commitments embodies the multifaceted challenge of this endeavor.

Despite the tumultuous undertones, I derive immense satisfaction from realizing the visions of these young individuals. Each dress I create symbolizes a collaborative journey, an exploration of the wearer’s essence and aspirations, and a medium through which they embody their identities. My journey, rooted in defiance, fueled by passion, and forged through challenges, finds its purpose in the transformative power of fashion to shape lives, enhance experiences, and foster self-expression.

IG: @1990by_sclaxton


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Dream Detroit Skate Academy

Doors continue to open for our youth today. So many of our talented melanated young people have the opportunity to now see themselves in roles that perhaps as adults we didn’t always see…this includes in business, entertainment and yes sports.

Meet the Dream Detroit Skate Academy founders Candice Tamakloe and Angela Blocker-Loyd the first black female owned skating academy in Michigan. Both are trained figure skaters, friends and now business owners. They grew up skating in Detroit Michigan. One of the things they did not see coming up was a lot of youth that looked like them. Today as adults they want to give the youth of Detroit that chance to thrive and excel in an environment where they will be comfortable and confident. Dream Detroit Skate Academy.

According to the Dream website the skating club accepts children as young as 4 years old as well as adults who wish to learn or haven’t been on the ice in a while. There are individual lessons as well as group lessons.

The Academy has a team of the best African American Coaches in the City. These 7 coaches all come with different levels of experience and a great love of skating.

According to an interview with Good Morning America, Angela and Candace would like for youth to know that there are careers in skating outside of competitive skating or the Olympics as the end goal; “…there is coaching and professional shows”, says Candace. They themselves have aspirations to put together professional shows on ice.

Angela also stated “We want the kids to go home excited to tell their parents about what they learn... We want them to leave with smiles on their faces while at the same time boosting their confidence so that they know their self-worth.”

These founders are doing a phenomenal job of giving the youth of Detroit a platform to explore an activity or sport that is not always readily available to them.

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Black Business Month

In 2004 John William Templeton president and executive editor of eAccess Corp, which is a scholarly publishing company and Fredrick E. Jordan Sr. an engineer and owner of F. E. Jordan Associates Inc. created National Black Business Month. Celebrated during the month of August, they created this annual month long celebration to drive policy agenda effecting melanated businesses and empower the business owners, according to an interview with Black Enterprise. Black businesses face many challenges and obstacles including patronage and funding. Creating the National Business Month was also a way to help bring to light and push for equality in entrepreneurship. In spite of the odds and obstacles both men have endured, their vast knowledge of the injustices to minority-owned businesses gives them great expertise in this area. Black owned businesses make up approximately 10% of the businesses in the United States and about 30% of all minority-owned businesses. According to the most recent census data it shows that there are 3.12 million Black-owned businesses in the U. S., generating $206 billion in annual revenue and supporting 3.56 million U.S. jobs.

Melanated owned businesses have been a stable in the community since Emancipation. In order to service ourselves when no one else would, businesses were created to meet the needs. However it has been hard to grown and create generational wealth. It has been very difficult to level the playing field to support black businesses around the U.S. and the tools and capital

are not always available to the Black Business owner. Continue to support your local and national melanated business owners as they continue to give back to their communities and create jobs. AMPS Ohio Magazine salutes all of the many Black owned businesses both locally and nationally.

Page 18

Taking Women’s Hockey to Another Level...

Not many people know Blake Bolden as a household name but this Cleveland, Ohio born athlete has accomplished many historical firsts. As a youth Blake played for the Cleveland Barons and the Ohio Flames. She went on to play hockey in college to critical acclaim and became captain in her senior year at Boston College. She also has under her belt 2 gold metals playing for the US Team in the U18 World championship. Little did Blake know this was only the beginning of many awards, championships and firsts.

Only 32 years old Blake is a national Women Hockey Player who has played for the Canadian Women’s Hockey League the was the first black female ever drafted during the 1st round for the CWHL she then went on to play for the Boston Pride becoming the first black female player for the National Women’s Hockey League.

There were many obstacles as the first melanated female in the NWHL…but she over came every one with grace and style. Today she is only the second NHL female scout. She works for the Los Angeles Kings as their Pro Scout and Growth and Inclusion Specialist. Blake mentors young girls with her mentoring program EMBOLDEN (BE True, Be You , Be Bold) along with Play It Again Sports. Her goal is to guide them as they set goals to achieve greatness in sports as stated on the Play It Again Sports website. Not seeing anyone that looked like her as a youth playing hockey…she wants young up and coming players to know they are welcome. Blake is also working as a sports commentator and analyst in hockey and has a spot called “Breaking the ice with Blake Bolden.”

Blake was named #1 on the list of 40 under 40 most influential people in Hockey by

The Athletic. She was also name on the list of 100 most influential women in Sports by Sports Illustrated and Empower Onyx along with Serena Williams and Simone Biles. Blake was recently featured in the documentary Black Ice that was executive produced by Ohio Native and fellow Athlete LeBron James Maverick Carter, Drake and Adel “Future” Nur. The film premiered at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival where it was the People’s Choice documentary winner, according to Variety. This documentary exposes a history of racism in hockey through the untold stories of Black hockey players, both past and present, in a predominantly white sport, according to the Movie insider. The documentary was released on July 14th 2023

AMPS Ohio Magazine can’t wait to see what’s next for this Cleveland native.

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Women of Hidden Figures

In 2016 the block buster movie Hidden Figures hit the big screen. Adapted from the book Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race by author Margot Lee Shetterly, this movie starring Taraj P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae tells the stories of 3 women who worked for NASA in the segregated area as human melanated computers. Their stories are amazing both collectively and as individuals. While the movie showcase 3 women the book spoke of 4 women, however the 3 who were instrumental in getting man in spaceand orbit the earth were: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson.

The book and movie helped to show women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Predominantly a non- melanated field STEM is an area where there is endless possibilities for women and minorities. Who were these pioneers of astrophysics who made history and continued to make history…

Mary Jackson

Mary was born April 9th 1921, this amazing innovator graduated from high school in Hampton Virginia with high honors. She then went on to college at Hampton University and graduated with a BA in Mathematics and physical science. After college she went on to teach math and in 1951 she was recruited by the NACA/NASA where she would work as a human computer under the leadership of Dorothy Vaughn. She was instrumental in the launch of getting mankind into space of John Glenn’s trip to orbit the earth with Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn.

Mary was encouraged to take classes to be promoted to an engineer. The only classes were at an all white school at night. So she petitioned the city of Hampton to attend and was granted permission. She took classes at night and became NASA’s first female melanated engineer. Her expertise was analyzing data from wind tunnel experiments. After reaching the highest level in the engineering department she later took a demotion to serve in another capacity, She became the administrator in the Equal Opportunity Specialist Field to help other women and minorities to advance in the areas of STEM. Her love of math propelled her into a position to help others achieve their dreams. Through the years Mary tutored youth and even helped a group of youth build a wind tunnel. She was also a Girl Scout leader for 30 years. Mary married and had 2 children. She received various awards during her career and beyond including the Congressional Gold Medal and the Daniel’s Alumni Award for Outstanding Service to Disadvantaged Youth. Mary Jackson passed away February 11th 2005 she was 83.

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Legendary Greats

NASA has acknowledged Katherine as the first African American woman to work as a NASA Scientist. Born in August 26th 1918 Katherine had a great love for math and this is where her most of her studies through out school focused. She graduated high school at the age of 14 and graduated from WVSC at the age of 18 with a degree in Mathematics and French. She later went on to graduate school and was the first African American woman to attend graduate school at West Virgina University.

Her career as a Mathematician lead her to NASA where she was in a pool of other human computers checking equations. Her knowledge of analytical geometry got her out of the pool and temporary assigned to an all male research team that somehow forgot to send her back to the pool…and thus her role as a Scientist began. She was the first African American Female to have her name on any report at NASA. She had to be very assertive to prove herself over and over again but gained the respect of her colleagues. Her career as an aerospace technologist at NASA was 33 year. She was instrumental in calculating the trajectory for the first American in space Allan Shepard as well as the calculations for John Glenn’s first orbit around the earth… Glenn asked for her personally to check the calculations or he would not fly. Katherine also later worked on the Space Shuttle Program and continued to encourage youth to enter the STEM Programs. Katherine was a true pioneer in the world of science and received many awards including the Presidential Award of Honor and the Congressional Gold Medal. Her legacy is astounding and filled with firsts. In her life she married twice her second married lasted 60 years, she had 3 children and passed away February 24th 2020 at 101 years old.

Dorothy was born September 20th 1910 and who knew the historical legacy she would go on to leave behind. She had a great love for math and went to to Wilberforce University in Ohio on a full Scholarship from West Virginia AME Sunday School Convention. She graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics. Dorothy began her career as teacher she taught for 14 years. She than began a career at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics as a human computer being hired after President Rosevelt signed a law banning racial discrimination in public defense. While at the Langley Research Laboratory Dorthy found that even with the law all the “melanated computers” were in a separate wing than the white computers.

Her skills were exemplary and she soon found herself helping the white computers write handbooks and train other computers. She was promoted to Supervisor over the melanated computers and became the first African American supervisor for NASA. Dorothy found that inspiteof the discrimination at NASA at that time she found herself in demand because of her skills at problem solving and later her expertise of coding the program FORTRAN, made her one of the first female coders. Her work with Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson and working with the Space Program is a large part of her legacy. Dorothy was very involved with her Church as well as her family. She married and had 6 children. Over the years she received numerous awards and honors including the Congressional Gold Metal, there is lunar crater named after her as well as a Satellite launched by NASA. There is also the Dorothy J. Vaughn Academy of Technology in Charlotte NC named after her. Dorothy passed away November 8th, 2008 at the age of 98.

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Dorothy Vaughn Katherine Johnson
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Making NBA History

If you don’t know her you soon will. Going down in the history of the NBA Shetellia Riley-Irving is the only melanted female in the NBA representing an active player. She is making history as the first black woman to complete an NBA deal. Shetellia who is agent for her stepson NBA player Kyrie Irving negotiated the Dallas Mavericks player a 3 year contract for $126 million dollars to return to the Dallas Mavericks.

Free agent Kyrie hired Stellellia in 2022 after not coming to a contract agreement with the Brooklyn Nets so he let go of his agent at Roc Nation and the rest is history. Always close to his stepmother he knew she would have his best interest as a player in the forefront. She proved him right.

Before becoming an agent she was the Vice President of Ad Sales for 13 years at BET. She was quoted in Sports Illustrated as stating, “BET really gave me a compass for understanding the art of negotiation and really being prideful. We also learned to be a voice for those who don’t have a voice.”

Shetellia understood what being in the position that she was in was…she was really under the microscope concerning her ability to deliver. She told Sports Illustrated that, “I think the only or the biggest weight on my shoulders was the fact that there were so many other people watching to see how well I did this. Because if I do this, right, it opens the door for so many other Black women. And we get a chance to have more than a seat at the table.”

The weight has been lifted and AMPS Ohio Magazine congratulates Shetellia Riley-Irving on this historic journey.

Jimmo Neal

Don’t give up. Pause, rest, reset, and restart but never quit!

Always pick yourself up and keep going!

Shetellia Riley-Irving
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We specialize in all phases of hair and nails. Located at 12814 Buckeye Rd Cleveland, Oh 44120 (216) 991-1904

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Let’s continue to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to finding our missing children Children across the nation continues to disappear. It takes all of us to bring them home safely. Let’s do our part.

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Let’s continue to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to finding our missing children Children across the nation continues to disappear. It takes all of us to bring them home safely. Let’s do our part.

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