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Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

What should a bank branch be in 2019? Group 12 Irene Liao Amogh Lux Agata Juszkiewicz Shanshan Liu Xiaoqian Li

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019






Desk research

User interview

Field research

User Testing

Social trend Lloyds bank bank services

Initial interview Depth interview

Studio B Metro bank Barclays bank Halifax Lloyds bank

Validate what people feel about this service

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User personas User journey Stakeholders map Service blueprint

Brainstorming Crazy 8 Storyboarding Role play

Explore user behaviour pattern understand what is

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


I would like to have a relationship with bank employee, which is really nice someone you can trust and rely on.

It’s okay if they do everything correct and fast, but if banks keep me waiting and then there is a nice cafe, my mood will be different. It’s a great strategy.

I do not always do a lot of research about which one suits me. If my friends recommend one then I will just choose that one or maybe see which one is close to my home. It will be better if banks can have some little benefits like movie tickets.


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

live a busy lifestyle, I need efficient financial services using fragment time. online bank is more accessible when it comes to deal with basic service. But if I want to apply something very important such as mortgages, I would prefer going to a branch to check the offer and experience the service.


The top 5 things consumers will do in branches are changing the address, printing bank statements, money transfer as we have a online have limit for transferring, getting cash out and canceling direct debit.”

“The top 4 things that consumers complain most are that they need to wait, they could send a wrong amount of money and need help, there are some mistakes in the mortgage payment and the problems of canceling the direct debits. ”

“Colleagues are expensive. We want to free people from the simple tasks and help the colleagues to make most of it. For now, we spent lots of time educating the consumers.”


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

“The branches are much quieter than 5 years ago. We have less full time staffs now and we are very agile. And we are changing our incentive models to no sales target.”


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

USER RESEARCH & OBSERVATION Manage money smartly • Don’t know what better options they have for budgeting money. • Don’t understand the rules in the bank. Lack of financial literacy. • The better you can control money, the more you can do.

Mental Health • People seems to be overwhelmed by money management. • Health is an important pillow to support financial fitness. • Temptation for unnecessary shopping such as entertainment, coffee, luxury goods

Spending habits • Every little makes a miracle. • People don’t be aware of small amount of spending everyday could be a large amount of money in a year. • People spend more than they can afford.

Limited knowledge & resources in the market • People get messed by all the channels of payment including direct debit, prepayment, subscription. • Different money in pocket: cash, credit card, debit card, monzo, etc, make them hard to calculate how much they actually spent in one day • They don’t know that actually they can seek for help from various resources

Trust Credit • I look for the bank which I trust and I want them to trust me as well. Because I would like to have services from them. A mutual relationship. • How to build up credit points in order to apply any financial service in the future. • It’s important for young people to plan and build credit history for the future service.

Goal setting • People are more focusing on short-term stress instead of long-term goal, making them save less and spend more. • People lack of knowledge of money management in order to achieve a specific goal.

Awareness of Money • People have little awareness when they over-spent. • People with overdraft history are at higher risk of not dealing with life events • Be charged more money from overdraft but they don’t know they can be charged less if they switch to personal loan. • Schools never teach people how to manage money to avoid risk.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Social behavior change • Rising aspiration could lead to a deflation of real income and also an increase in anxiety. • Premature consumption causes a deficit circle.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


Vanessa 24 years old Fresh graduate Got the first job

Lloyds Bank

Hi, I am Venessa. I am 24 years old. I graduated from university with a master degree this year and I got my first job 4 months ago in London working as designer. Now I have income, I pay for the rent and the bill by myself, and I also have to pay my student loan‌.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

I just got my first job and become financially independent. However I think I have limited financial knowledge which also cause me lack of confidence to manage my money well. I don’t know how to do budget well and my money stress and anxiety have impacted my mental health.

Bryan Branch manager 7 years experience

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

I've been a branch manager for 7 years. I know the future of branches are uncertain but I also know how important face to face interactions are in a branch. I want all colleagues in the branch to be empowered to solve customer problems and I want customers to feel like we are here to support them. We want to help the colleagues in branches to make most of it and free them from repetitive work, but I think we always spent too much time educating the consumers.

Goal & Worries

Personality :

Life goal


I want to have a solid career, a philanthropic lifestyle, a lovely family, dogs and freedom to travel anywhere I want.


I have problems with tracking and budgeting, basically how to manage money and plan for the future.



Spending habit

Attitude to money



“ I am constantly puzzled about where my money goes or why there is none left at the end of each month”


When I was a student, my parents covered all of my spending, and now I got the first job that makes me become financial independently and I have no idea how to manage my money properly. Although I have student loan that need to pay back, I still have a strong desire to buy something I really wanted and reward myself from the hard work. I know I should plan for the future and save for the rainy day, but I don’t know how. Since I started using credit card, I don’t feel I spend money so that I am usually rich in the beginning of month and poor at the end.

– Not making a lot of pricey purchases Pay bill regularly Negative – Impulse spending when going out – Eating out & ood to go a lot

Stone Age

Tech savy

Confident Well-controlled Generous

– With strong desire buying unnecessary stuff – Find the best deal

Service Expectation

Network of financial Support



Efficiency Comfort Low cost Trust & Support

Online tools

Parents Friends

Reliable experts

Forum find who has similar problem

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Single First time being employed London Lloyds bank



Analytical Loyal

Financial worries

Vanessa 24


Goal & Worries

Personality :

Life goal I would like to build my family in the near future and I want to give my partner a great life. This includes having our own house and car and traveling abroad every year.


Alex 27 In relationship 3 years working experience London Lloyds bank

“ I have stable income, but it is still not becuase I have large expenditure every month”

About I have 3 years of working experience and a stable income which offer me a great life with my girlfriend. We really enjoy living in the moment so that we have a large expenditure on traveling, the finest restaurant, and luxury goods. I plan to marry my girlfriend in the near future, but I don’t have too much saving to afford a house and a car. I should find some way to save and generate more money through investment.






Stone Age

Tech savy

Spending habit

Attitude to money



– Check bank account regularly – Pay bill regularly Negative – large expenditure on entertainment & dating – Eating out & ood to go a lot

Confident Well-controlled Generous

– Never check where has the best deal

Service Expectation Convenience

Comfort Low cost Trust & Support

Network of financial Support Bank Website

Friends Financial advisor Google search


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Financial worries I have a plan for the future, but I don’t know how can I start to save money because I satisfy the high quality of life. I worry about if I can have the same life after marriage.




I will reflect myself, check my budget and all my spendings through Apps or bank statements.



The money advise service

I will check some useful tools, such as the Money Advice Service website to ask for some help.

I will read some books and articles trying to educate myself.

I will search if there is any online community ,talking about the same issue.



Strength: - Know you well - Easy to contact - Emational support

Drawbacks - Bias - Limited knowledge - Unprofessional

Those who offer professional consultancy... s io n a l


I will search online trying to find some useful infomation.

I will ask for advices from my parents becasue they are the closest ones to me.

tworthy s ru



I will talk to my lover and consider his suggestions and mental supports.

People I will seek for help because we have close relationship and I trust them...


I will check the governmentĘźs website to see whether they offer relavant services or not.

If itĘźs necessary, the money worries has affected my mental well-being, I might need to see a therapist.

I will talk to my bank to see if they can offer any help. I will go to the branch for this If the problem is compliacted.

I will seek the financial advisor instistutions for help. They may offer some services but the cost might be high.

Strength - Reliable. - Professional- Extra assistance

Drawbacks - No instant help - Need to build connections

Those resources would be helpful and easy to access... Strength - Easy to access - Comprehensive information

Drawbacks - Infomration overload - Take time to read - Need to verify the reliability

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

I will talk to my colleagues if they have the same experience with me, so that we can exchange our ideas.

I will talk to my friends with the same experience and problem like me, so that I can get some inspirations.



k of exsited ch c a b ann w a r d els d n & a re h t so g n ur rt e c


Financial literacy Literacy

Mental Health

When people are making big financial decisions, they prefer to get assistances via face-to-face interaction

People lack of chances to receive financial education during studies and could be unprepared when they face the financial challenges.

Financial worries could be a common cause of mental health problems , and vice versa. Mental health problems could be the trigger for financial worries ver.

And the help should be objective and professional. Also, customers need to accumulate good credit score to gain the trust from the bank.

Branch is a Social Environment

The branch should not be a purely transactional environment. The branch needs to be a place where customers can interact and solve problems.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Mutual Trust & Support Trust


Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

How might we empower the bank branch to improve people’s money management and reduce financial worries?

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019




• • •

Participants X 7 Age 25-47 Students+Professionals

We want to explore people's relationship with money and find out what rules + what sucks with personal finances • 2 MAR 2019 • 4 PM TO 6 PM • ROYAL COLLEGE OF ARTS KENSINGTON Free Pizza and Beer

This workshop divided into 3 activities which allow us to understand the outline of persons and what is their attitude toward money. Then we tried to figure out what are their current financial challenges and if they seek for any help from any channels. Lastly, we provided a framework that enables participants to brainstorm if there are any chance they could have done differently.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

We're conducting a workshop on


Good habits and bad habits for money spending

Identify financial problems

Journey map- Problem solving



Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Personas co-creation



Discussion • Chinese guy Glasses: stressful time - make the decision to study abroad, very high cost. • Lady in blue: specific goal - no • Eng student: Budget problem - save for unpredicted, save is for small amount, for bigger purchase earn for the most important thing • Senior: financial stress - borrow money to somebody, have some loan available • Dutch guy: Biggest challenge - uncertainty of investment, student loan(Dutch government), if I can pay back, till 45 to pay back • Investment guy: specific goal - no, but return on investment can afford my life • Very Talkative: Stress - set up a budget, no debt is good. Using an Excel as I used to do accountancy.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Note of open talking • I don’t trust bank as we have a conflict with our interests, they want me have more loans/put more money in the bank, but I am opposite

• Never been to a bank for advises

• They do not treat your equally but depends on how much money you put in the bank and the how potential of how money you can make(such as a decent job, open a business account)

• AI and an App for consulting because number of accountants, too much cost for bank

• I don’t investment through my bank but finding an private consultant

• I don’t think anyone will trust the bank

• Banks will set up for the rich

• I have a trust issue.

• Even new banking service, they could disappear anytime.

Note about coaching • Financial coach will be great as long as it’s free.

• Compare with peers! You spent more than others

• Tracking, where did you go, but not only numbers

• History, month by month

• I don’t want to talk to someone but keep it myself. Not necessary to be physical. Such as facebook with be good. Feel in a comfort zone, such as at home, RCA. Comfort zone like be where I choose and pay for

• Did need to call, it will be one person and always be the same one. 90% of time I won’t need that.

• Some people want paperwork some people don’t. It depends on the level of support their need.

• Don’t understand the English with accent, better with text

• Will be good to able to join me on the Uber. Quick meet. Walking and meeting.

• Why do I have to come physically if I need to be done by phone

• Trust is the most important thing

• Face-to-face engagement is necessary, morality, trust and comfortable. Personal coach long term financial goal, help me to keep on track

• How transparent the information will be

• Being remote will be great

• Some terms couldn’t understand, you can google, but if in front of people you cant research by yourself

• Social human beings, you need to see the body languages, listen to your tones.

• Comfortable space for coaching: at loo; my kitchen(kitchen environment is making people easy; like a tinder date, like a cafe, but not talking about financial problem, just knowing; on transport, walking to somewhere else

• Magic room: bean bags, coffee, specific password to open the door; SPA, private, no other people; sketch of Mayfair; different corners with different setting ; walking is really important, on the move! Buffet, with food.

• Reminder/Alert: don’t be rude, don’t tell me how to live, soft ways to ask such as when you really sure?

• Reward: free lunch, raise in interest rate by 0.5% for saving, money, massage, better exchange rate


Personal mentorship 1. Improve consumers’ self-awareness

2. Educate to improve financial literacy 
 2. Make future plans 
 1. Set goals in short run and long run
 2. Offer potential supports and opportunities
 3. Supervise progress
 1. Update newest progress
 2. Encouragement 
 3. Risk analysis 
 4. Review and Analysis 
 1. Help consumer to do self-evaluate regularly
 2. Summarized report

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

1. Deep down analysis of current situation

Who is Fincoach? The Fincoach is a personal money management coach who has a knowledge and skills in both counselling and bank services. He engages people in a transparent and judgment free environment for the best results.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Hi! My name is Jim and I am your Fincoach. I will help you to advance your financial knowledge and get financially fit. Starting with small steps, I’ll helps you to improve your financial behaviours and achieve your goals!


4. Financial fitness test & Goal setting

2. Book an appointment

3. Get into branch

5. Progress report tracking

6. Constantly engagement

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

1. Aware of Fincoach ad




Post Service

BRANCH – Fincoach office


Choose a date of the next session

First sesssion with a Fincoach

Come to a branch

Get a confirmation Financial literacy test

Next sesssions with a Fincoach Catch up with the Fincoach regulary

Book a session Find out about a Fincoach


Make a financial fitness test








Well-being and mental health test

Share problems and stress

Big data comparison with average

Discuss and mutually set goals

Develop an action plan

Pick an engagement track




BRANCH – Fincoach office

Get an invitation for a meetup

Practice new behviours and monitor a progress

Receive a recap of the session

Review a coach, give a feedback

Check your Check well-being progress and and support data comparison mentally



Share your experience at the meet up


Adress your action plan and set new gols


Receive a graduation certificate

Goals and happieness achieved







Branch service



Paper template


Paper template

Fincoach Community

HOPEFUL “I understood which financial behaviours I should change and now I know how I can do it.”


“Let’s see if a Fincoach can help me with that.”

CONFIDENT “I’m constantly in a learning, understanding myself and my money better and better.”


RELIEVED “I feel good cause know I know which actions I should take to achieve my goals.”

ANXIOUS “I’m really struggling to manage my money and I don’t have financial knowledge.”

CONFUSED “I’m defining my financial bahaviours first time ever. I was not really aware of them before.”

STRESSED “It’s not as easy for my to talk about my financial worries and problems.”

CHANGING BEHAVIOURS “I feel good cause now I know which actions I should take to achieve my goals.”

UPS AND DOWNS “I’m constantly in a learning, understanding myself and my money better and better.”

PROUD “I’m really glad that finally I can manage my money consiously and it affect my life in a positive way.”

HAPPY “I’t’s a pleasure to share my experience with other people to help them.”





Seeking for infomation

Various medias

In the Branch

Website Phone calls Book in the branch Email the branch

Phone calls


Make an appointment & take literacy test to understand your position

Confirm Appointment

Visit Branch

Develop marketing and adverstinng strategy to reach the target consumers

Answer the questions about service and arrange the slots of appointment.

Coach make a call to consumers to confirm details on the day before the appointment

Greeted by concierge and given a coffee

Website Email APP

Online appointments are logged & Fitness test analysis


Desire for improvement

After Coaching Session


Financial Fitness & Goal setting Template

Share problems and stress tro the coach

Take the Financial Fitness Test & Goal Setting

Understand and analysis problems of consumers and create own profile to the consumers

Coach help to, does analysis and understands the persons hurdles & define goals that are SMART

Solution Template

Discuss planning/ budget / solutions with coach



Website-Lloyds Hub

Next Coach Session(Repeat)

Phone Message Emails

Offline Meeting-up Workshops

Regular catch-up with the coach

Receive invitations from coach and decide whether they want to join

Coach suggests engagement track and make plans

Summarzie data, insights and action plans from the coahing session

keep tracking the performance of the consumers, giving feedback and help if needed

Coach with lead worshops and meet-ups with a sepecific theme & invite people with same problems

Pick an engagement track and ask questions

Receive the email that recap and summary the coaching session



Consumer will need to confirm the slot for next appointment

Complete Service


Graducation Certificate

Conusmer will go back to branch for next apointment for coaching service

Recieve emails to check the progress

Receive a certificate from lloyds and to be shared person in meetup events

Analyze customer’s performance. Supersive the progress & plan further action for next period

Summarize a report to analyze the performance of the consumer, give suggests to improve

Offer certificate of graducation and invite the consumers to share experience in the future.

Online system




online system on Pad

Review various financial routines to reach these goals including budget, peer & price comparsion

online system on Pad

online system on iPad

online system on iPad

Online system and Email


Email Website

A financial test will be designed to understand consumers' financial behaviors and performance

As the goal has been set, the revelvant materials and resources will be generate from the database for coaches to use as references

Based on the problems and goals, the data will be anlysed and the algothrim wil process to give the suitable solutions, tools and resources for coaches to use as references

As the engagement track been set, the system will update the consumer's profile and give notifications

The system will print out the fitness test, goals, actions plans includes budget discussed in the coaching session and sent it to the coach

Allow and remind consumers to share their performance to the coaches via different social platforms includes emails, messages and more

Coach confirm again the appointment via phone one day before




Detect consumers who is suffering from overdraft problems and send an email for invitation

Arrange availbility of coaches and bridge the communication and time between coaches and customers

Customer service can send the information and contact the coach

coffee, materials preparation and office cleaning for the coming consumers

Analyze sign-in visitors Analysis for financial fitness test

Customer’s data system

Internal financial analytical system

Build up an online system for storing personal profiles and files

Reminder and make inspirations for coach to check the conusmer list and hold worshops

The system update the performance of consumers for coach to check the progress

The access the performance of overall performance of the consumer and prepare the certificate



Internal financial analytical system

HUB system

Customer’s data system

Define different level of certificates

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019





How do they perceive service in the first place?

How can make users feel more comfortable?

How can we keep users coming back?

First impression of Service proposition

1 Coach personality 2 Environment 3 Shared information

Interest of Incentives

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


PROTOTYPING – Fincoach Fincoach plays an important role through our service so what kind of personality will make people feel more engaged and comfortable is one of key touch point which we want to deep understand.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

PROTOTYPING – Fincoach office

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

People want to feel comfortable in a Fincoach’s office and have a privacy there. They said it will be nice if there is a sofa, some creative artworks on the wall, a bookshelf. Women also liked the idea about plants and a nice smell in the room. It was common people didn’t like a space which looks like a home because it’s to intimate and they still need a little of professionalism there.

PROTOTYPING – Information sharing

P rogress report

We aim to help bank build long term relationship with customers and how can we keep customers coming back. Interestingly, most of them would like to see how they make progress, also they have really good relationship with fin coach.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


PROTOTYPING – Summary Table 1


Coach Personality


Information to share



M, 28, yes

1.Experienced, 2.witty and social seems fun - more engaged

1.Private Space-privacy 2.Home

Personal Goal, Daily/Month Budget,Investments

1.Progress report, literacy

Trust, no sales

F, 24, yes

1. Reputation 2.Visionary/ proactive 3.Experineced

1.natural environment - good environment natural

1.Familly/relationship situation 2.Investmnets 3.Personal Goal 4.

1.Progress report relationhship is not important, result is 2.Be happier 3.Impact more important and share with friends

M, 30, yes

Friendly Trustful Empathic The private special with good Personal goal, Work, Monthly budget, Analytical, they need to have smell, seems comfortable, investment, financial worries, If from all the psychological view, feelings are good, personality, hobbies

1.Literacy 2. Relationship 3.Progress report the most important has value.

Definitely not the traditional environment, not sure about statements and earnings, not sure how to trust him, how has him have helped with others how the value, provide what information have what value. Personalized to my need. Close to me.

F, 28, yes

Similar race, give trust, can Natural, green make relaxed. only judge from the Smell, bookshelf, like your appearance. Not personality. home, comfy. Live. Smartly, witty, one

If she need, I can share anything.

Make your happier and confident.


M,33, yes

1.Experienced 2.thoughtful and patient

Traditional office, more concentrate

Investment and consumption habit. I want get hero with

Progress report


M, 27 yes

Experience(high level) and Proactive (risky and safe enough) one . Because others not good, no sales, not friend-like.

Modern office and open space(depends on, not Starbuck). Not too stuffy(office) or casual(not serious enough)

Consumption Habits, personal goal, Investments, Earnings, Relationship status, bank statement, shopping records, financial worries, work…. Everything except mental heath and feelings.

Cafe and relationship More accessible, in WhatsApp, might be with coach cancelled. Relationship is important

F, 24, yes

1.Smart, witty (very friendly) Not informal as we are talking Consumption habits, investments, 2. Trustful or experienced. No about money. Private with personal goal, earnings, judgement vibe. bankstatement, financial worries, shopping records, daily life routine, work,, personality

Progress report,, relationship with coach, enhance financial literacy

Could be more digital


Impression of Service proposition

Need to see review to gain the trust Should to be more accessible


1 Coach personality Experienced & trustful Don’t like if they try to promote products 2 Environment Private, Comfortable, Should be formal, but not casual 3 Shared information Knowledge from coach Anything if creates value Not too personal


Interest of Incentives

Progress report is the most favorable outcome to see The value of the relationship with coaches Improve financial literacy Enjoyable experience

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019




Financial Literacy Test

Financial Fitness Test

- The test is beneficial for people

- The test helped them to rise their - Help them analysis their



specially who has limited financial knowledge The test will need to be adapted to different groups

self-awareness about financial problems The test motivated them to solve their financial problems

Break Down Expenditure&Set Goal


spending and give them tips how to cut down spending The test gave them a vision for the future challenges

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019



Lloyds Bank Cost

With more positive interactions with consumers, the wellbeing of employee can be improved to stimulate a rise in productivity

Invest equipment to the physical place, such as nice sofa, iPad, coffee, etc

Infrastructure Cost

Potentially more profits could be generated from a strong relationship with customers.

Increased Profits & Market Share

Potentially attract more new customers to join the bank to increase the market share

Strong Relationship with Customers

Help to build a stronger reputation among the market to attract potential partnerships with other corporations 

Future Development Support

More access to the customer database and enrich the information resource, this could support the bank’s strategic development

Create a financial fitness system, such as an online platform or mobile app.

Train professional coaches including, psychological and financial aspects.

Management Cost

Increase the loyalty of customers with more engagement and interactions
 Higher customer satisfaction rate with improved well-being of customers

Customer’s information system, including arranging the appointment, coach session history, and so on.

Opportunity Cost

Organize offline meet-up.

Physical space in branches will be used for coaching sessions More employees will work as coaches as need a reallocation of human resources

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

With more financially educated customers, employees could be free from repetitive work and the efficiency could be improved 

Higher Productivity & Efficiency


Lloyds Bank


Customer Benefit


Customers’ Satisfaction and Well-being

With easier access and effective communication with coaches, the satisfaction of customers of banking service can be improved

Time Consumption

Access to more transparent data and gain more comprehensive information from bank

Increased Financial Literacy

Enrich Financial knowledge and Improve money management skills

Build mutual/reciprocal trust between the bank and consumers

Lower Financial Risk 

Gain professional advices and knowledge about financial problems 

Potential Disappointment

Going to branches for coaching sessions will take time for meeting and transportation Need to make appointment in advance

As the service is highly personalized and depends on the interactions with coach, the experience could be subjective

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Reduce money worries and anxiety, and improve mental well-being


Financial Fitness Check

Personalized Scheme & Goal Setting

Emotional Support

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Improve Financial Literacy


With more accessible interaction, real-time support, transparent data, we believe that our Fincoach will help to build a mutual trust between the bank and customers.

Financial literacy Literacy

Financial Worries

With our designed financial literacy test, and the financial knowledge and information provided by the Fincoach, we believe that the financial literacy of the

Our coaches will also care about your mental support if you financial worries are impacting your mental health. We will help you to reduce anxiety and rebuild confidence.

Branch is a Social Environment

With the high quality of interactions between customers and coaches, this includes pleasant experience and sharing events. We believe Fincoach will transform the branch into a sociable environment.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Mutual Trust & Support Trust


1 Pilot Program Pilot program in areas with: Young working professionals High student density Low Income




A/B Testing


Service Artifacts Financial Fitness Test Location Trends Business Model KPIs

Evaluating learnings Developing a scalable model to implement in branches.

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019


Thank You! Group 12 Irene Liao Amogh Lux Agata Juszkiewicz Shanshan Liu Xiaoqian Li

Lloyds bank brief - Redesign a bank branch for 2019

Fin coac h

Profile for Amogh Luxizzle

LLOYDs Banking Group - Redesigning the branch experience  

With the 'Fintech' startups disrupting banking services LLOYDS banking group wanted to rethink what a bank branch should be and do in 2020....

LLOYDs Banking Group - Redesigning the branch experience  

With the 'Fintech' startups disrupting banking services LLOYDS banking group wanted to rethink what a bank branch should be and do in 2020....