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Amogh Lux

Service Design

About the Project

My Role


Project 2: Missing Urban Awareness Workshop An initiative to educate and Starting a conversation on sex activate India’s city kids on the trafficking with urban India. issue of sex trafficking

2 MISSING is an anti trafficking

As design lead for project I

campaign that uses art and technology to raise awareness

developed research methodology, Co-developed the service vision,

about trafficking. Working locally

ran the pilots, helped with the

and globally, the campaign is transforming public perceptions,

scaling strategy and created graphic assets for the project.

educating individuals, communities and policy makers, and inspiring action to put an end to modern day slavery.

Process Highlights

Title: Missing Urban Awareness Workshop Type: Service Design + Instruction Design + Strategic Planning
 Date: January 2017 – August 2018 Timeline: 5 months full time





- Definition - Research

- Service Proposition

- Artifacts

- Pilot - Outcome

- Insights - Stakeholder analysis


Amogh Lux


Service Design

Design Challenge Can MISSING create a compelling education experience for urban youth to learn about the issue of sex trafficking.


Amogh Lux

Service Design


Not our first rodeo. Past projects taught us a lot: Pad Yatra Members of the MISSING Team marched from Ranchi to New Delhi on an awareness raising journey. They used skits, our video game and guerrilla information sessions to educate and learn more about the India’s relationship with the issue

3 Weeks 80k People Reached 14 cities Rural Awareness Campaign MISSING joined hands with the Women and Child Development Ministry, NGOS and worked independently on a ground campaign to combat trafficking in 3 districts of West Bengal.


8 Months 7500 Youth Educated 80 Schools

Amogh Lux

Service Design


Did we make a difference? Key learnings:




Knowledge is power

Empowerment is “upliftment”

Technology is an enabler

We found that while many children have heard

75% of students reported that they were

Students across our rural initiatives with

of trafficking and children going missing, they

prepared and able to spread awareness on

access to smartphones felt that our video

don’t know the basics like how trafficking happens, who traffickers could be etc.

trafficking and report something suspicious if they saw it after our awareness session

game helped them understand the issue better.


Amogh Lux

Service Design


Understanding our main stakeholders. Interview insights:

MISSING (client)



“We want to create a scalable initiative that

“We are interested in social impact but we

“We find it tough to track progress and

merges art and technology and builds

don’t find the things we learn relevant to us,

evaluate the student experience without

urgency for the cause. This initiative has to be a systemic intervention for India’s

we also find it difficult to apply our knowledge in practical situations and to be honest,

adding a significant amount of work to our already demanding roles. We are open to

education system.”

lectures can get boring or monotonous.”

new ideas and trying fresh approaches.”


Amogh Lux

Service Design

Definition + Develop

Call to Action - Anti-trafficking club After the workshop the students will also be able to sign

Framing an experience. Workshop Components

up for MISSING’s anti trafficking club, an initiative to bring together youth “artivists” working to fight trafficking.

Workshop Blueprint

Engagement - Video Game

The blueprint is a one stop shop for the educator. It includes instructions, links to resources and all the info

Every workshop features clips from the award winning missing game and gives students a more interactive way

needed to conduct the workshop. It also gives access to various assets to run the workshop like videos, a

to learn about the issue.

presentation deck and an activity blue print.

Presentation + Educator Script


Educators use a presentation deck designed by us to

To ensure the workshop evolves and grows as it reaches

conduct the workshop. This makes it easy for any

more classrooms we developed short evaluation forms

educator to prep and teach and it helps us maintain a standard for all workshops. We also designed a

that both students and educators have to fill out after the workshop.

document to guide instructors through all slides of the deck. This includes a sample script, pointers and


conversation enablers for educators


94 Students experienced our “workshop� concept This gave us valuable insights, real time feedback and a chance to see all the elements of the experience come together.

02 Pilot workshops were conducted in Kolkata and Mumbai The workshops were attended by students enrolled in local colleges and were 18-21 years old.

Amogh Lux

Service Design


Outcome / Next Steps / Scaling. After conducting in-depth stakeholder analysis we agreed on a creative growth strategy that targeted


educational institutes, non profits and private organizations with similar synergy as our campaign. This allowed us to launch in multiple cities at the same time.


Strategic Stakeholder Alliance

A infinitely scalable model Our design exercises allowed us to tackle many systemic issues and create a workshop that provides a hassle free experience for

120,000 students


The workshops current reach through our partnerships. We’re looking to double that in 2019.

educators and an immersive experience for students‌.all from a single download.


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Missing Urban Awareness Workshop  

Educating India's Youth on sex trafficking in India and empowering them to be the change they wish to see.

Missing Urban Awareness Workshop  

Educating India's Youth on sex trafficking in India and empowering them to be the change they wish to see.