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QUALITY POLICY Amat. since its foundation has offered its services to the market, always offering a priority argument of its offer, the seriousness and its quality of product and service. The main goals of Amat’s quality policy are both the Customer and other stakeholders’ satisfaction through the continuous improvement of the offered services and forecasting its needs, studying and offering the best solutions. Amat. customers, when choosing use, can be sure of finding a reliability of response from the first contact until the end of the process. In order to achieve this reliability, the company defines the following key points:  Consolidate our presence in the international market as a "different" real estate consulting, management and intermediation company, recognized in the market for its transparency, honesty, coherence and credibility.  Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in order to improve the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

 Introduce the appropriate technical means to increase our response capacity.  Maintain the continuous training of the staff as an indispensable way to maintain and increase our services and, consequently, the benefits for the clients.  Optimize the costs from each of our processes to increase our profitability and effectiveness.

 Minimize occupational risks and improve the work environment to achieve a good working environment and a better family reconciliation.  Analyze processes and the management system regarding indicators, applying concepts, defining objectives and tools based on continuous improvement.

The quality system has been developed by our Management team and it has our complete support. Although coordination and execution of the needed actions for the quality management are delegated to the person in charge, the ultimate responsibility is vested in the Management, so we guarantee the human, technical and economic means necessary to achieve them. W hat a r e w e ?

W hat do w e w ant to b e ?

We offer a professional and competent service Having a high level professional team forming part of the company is one of our objectives.

Vision We want to be a reference in the business and social world, a leader in the sector and a pioneer in the digital world.

We are excited about our work We convey this passion to the people who work with us, clients and suppliers. We innovate We are always up to date with both technological and procedural innovations and, in particular, we have focused on digital transformation and the use of Big Data to make our service more efficient. We are looking for personalization We have a team formed by lawyers, economists, real estate consultants,... Prepared to know and advance the needs of customers. Committed to quality That’s why we were the first company in the sector to achieve the ISO, which we renew every year. We are integrated in our time We are part of the associations of professionals related to areas of our activity and we work in collaboration with the best professionals. We participate in many of the centers of debate and associations of the civil society.

We want to be a company committed to the human team that forms it, as well as to its customers, suppliers and society in general. Mission Our mission is to advise and manage the patrimonial assets of our clients, within a framework of absolute professionalism and honesty, Using innovation and technology to offer the best possible service with a high personalization. Values . Business ethics. . Coherence, transparency and confidentiality. . Long-term vision. . Consistency, quality and perseverance. . Knowledge, training and innovation . Conciliation policies and commitment to society. APROVADO POR DIRECCIÓN GENERAL 2018.10.09

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