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From the Publisher..


Most people consider the New Year a time for new beginnings. Whether it is a new body, a job, or friends, it can be a time for changes in each person’s life. New Year’s resolutions abound, most lasting only for a short time.

Over the past years, I decided there was no point in making resolutions. I never kept them anyway, so what was the point? I believe that you are who you are. Why resolve to do something that is not the real you? I will tell you what I plan on concentrating on in the upcoming year.

First, I plan to be a good wife and mother. My husband might say that is not possible, but we all know who the good one is! (Actually, it is him. He treats me like his queen, and I love him for being the man he has been since we married.) My children, Jaclyn and Michael, talk to me regularly. Neither lives here, so I am glad we all have cell phones and computers to keep up with each other. My grandkids are all in the Dallas area, so I keep up with them regularly through social media, phone calls, and visits. I am fortunate to have the family I have.

Next, I plan to be a good friend. My “tribe” is small but mighty. The past few weeks have taught me those good friends are some of the most important people in your life. I do not know what I would have done without them. When stress appears, the “tribe” is there. For example, my washing machine broke three weeks ago. The company ordered the wrong part, so instead of having a quick fix, it took three weeks to repair. That would not have been as bad if I did not have many dogs and a foster puppy, making my house, blankets, rugs, and dog beds a disaster. It has not helped that it has been raining every day! Two friends offered to wash my clothes – and one actually did! I just took it to her, and she did it all for me! My clothes have never been folded so well. I know the other friend who offered would have done the same. One offered her business washer/dryer that I took advantage of one night. She just handed me the key to her business and showed me where everything was. I would do the same for each of these women.

One evening, we invited another woman to join us at our holiday dinner celebration, and each and every one of the original tribe accepted her with open arms. We had so much fun sharing stories and laughter. I love these women so much. They are the perfect example of what friendship is. Why can’t we all be so accepting and loving?

Last, I want to be the best boss ever. My staff is small but mighty. I am unsure how I ended up with such a great group of people, but I did. They have my back, and I have theirs. I feel sure I drive them crazy at times, but they give back as much as they take! We have fun, and it shows. I am not a micro-manager, so I expect them to know their jobs and do them with very little said, either good or bad, to them. Alyssa, Calvin, and Keith are all the best! They keep me straight. If you want to call the above resolutions, they could be considered as such. It is trying to be the best I can be to everyone close to me. What have you chosen to do this year? Whether you call it a resolution or a life, think about it and put it into action!

(And maybe I will lose some weight as my real “resolution” as well! Haha!)

God bless you and yours,

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President and Founder of 4 States Youth Flyers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

For over 50 years, Carl A. Bandy Sr. has been using aviation for business and personal pleasure. Then, in August 2021, he felt this strong impression that he was supposed to start a non-profit organization to provide free discovery flights for youth 8-18 to expose them to the joy of flying and career opportunities. Five weeks later, 4 States Flyers was incorporated. They received their IRS 501(c) (3) approval in five weeks. “In the future, I would love for 4 States Youth Flyers to obtain sustainability and acquire another airplane or two for flight training,” Carl says. “I would also love to obtain my Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor ratings and teach youth and adults how to fly. I hope to obtain the money and accomplish both certificates during the summer of 2023. I am a teacher at heart and want to introduce/expose youth to the joys and opportunities in aviation.”

Flying is not Carl’s full-time job. Actually, his desire to inspire and support youth comes from his years in education. Carl is currently a sixth-grade science teacher at Texas Middle School. “I had a successful career in medical equipment sales, management and ownership, but my wife always encouraged me to become a teacher. My father was a high school teacher, but I had no desire to follow in his footsteps, though I admired him and what he was doing,” Carl says. “I was asked to substitute for a teacher at a parochial high school that needed to take a trip. I had a chemistry, physics, and biology background. I ran my own medical sales/service business, so I could take the time to substitute. The students and staff were a joy to work with. I was asked to take the high school teaching position during the summer. Turns out the science teacher had gone to interview for a similar job in Oregon, which was his home state, and that created the open science position; the rest is history.”

ALT Magazine | January 2023


Though he has a lot to be proud of, Carl counts his marriage of 51 years to his wife, Linda, as his top accomplishment. “Linda and I also have three adult children: Carl II, an account manager for Microsoft; Michelle, a physician; and her twin, Miguel, a funeral director/mortician,” Carl says.

Carl is also proud to have a commercial pilot’s license with multi-engine and instrument ratings and that he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees while working full-time and being a husband and a father. “In addition, I have served on a hospital board for eleven years and two years on a health system board. I ran for school board and served for four years. I am an ordained elder in my church and have been since 1980. I served 11 years as a Volunteer Chaplain at Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training Command,” Carl says. “Also, 4 States Youth Flyers has flown over 200 youth since we started in October 2021. In

Fun Facts:

● I am passionate about becoming the best Christian I can be and passionate about flying.

● I am involved in the Texarkana community as President of the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), President and Founder of 4 States Youth Flyers, a science teacher at TMS, and an active member of my local church.

● My comfort food is blue corn chips, peanuts, a soft drink, and M&Ms with peanuts.

● Most people don’t know that I sing and play the piano.

● My hype song is “Sweet Home Alabama” by Alabama. I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. If you gave me two choices of favorite songs, “What a Fool Believes” by the Doobie Brothers would have been my second. They parked their airplane at Chino Airport in California, where I had my airplane.

● One thing on my bucket list is to fly turbines and jet aircraft.

addition to myself flying as a volunteer pilot, we have two additional volunteer pilots.”

Carl says that his faith is what drives and inspires him daily. “I am a Bible believer. My wife and I have morning worship and prayer before we get out of bed each morning and prior to going to sleep at night,” Carl says. “Also, my motto is, ‘Learning is fun!’ I make it a point to learn something new each and every day, be it Biblical, aviation, news, science, or technology.”

Carl always sets new goals for himself, regardless of the future. “As a teacher, I get excited when I assist a student in achieving a difficult task and when I see the light bulb go on in their eyes,” Carl says. “I want to be remembered as someone who cared about my students and wanted to see them be the best they could be.”

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Beth Peterson, MD FACS
certified General Surgeon
Marney Sorenson, MD
Heidi Smith, FNP-C


Chase Brewster loves having a job that allows him to help others every day. Through his work as Owner of Sticks Baseball, Head Coach of Sticks Baseball 17U Brewster, and a White Sox Scout Team member, Chase gets the opportunity to help players grow through their high school careers and recruit journey. “Whenever a group of players graduates, another group of freshmen sign up to replace the seniors who are leaving. This allows us to help over 400 players a year from over 20 states, and often our relationships with players continue as they go off to college and even after. For example, when my wife and I married, all five ushers were former Sticks players,” Chase says. “Most importantly, I get to influence and help improve baseball in Texarkana, a place that means so much to me as a Texas High alumni. Our relationships with Texarkana Gameday, the Texarkana Gazette, ALT Magazine, and other media outlets have helped highlight our local players as well. Also, I get to give jobs to a great group of coaches.”

Chase’s professional accomplishments include being a part of a coaching staff at Genoa Central that won two State Championships, five Regional Championships, and four Conference Championships in seven years. “Getting to work with Jonathan Gosdin, Kevin Huff, and TJ Cox has made me who I am today,” Chase says.

Other accomplishments include being the first person in his family to graduate college and having the courage to start his own business. Since starting Sticks Baseball eight years ago, over 500 players have committed to playing college baseball, and 42 players have been drafted. They also had their first Sticks player, Logan O’Hoppe, play in the big leagues with the LAA Angels. In addition, the Sticks have been nationally ranked seven years in a row. Chase has also had the honor of being the Head Coach of the Chicago White Sox Scout Team. “This has been such a surreal experience. Anytime you can represent an MLB organization that is as respected as them, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Chase says. “Then growing the business into other states, such as Sticks Southwest in Phoenix, Arizona, and Sticks Northeast in New York, New York, has been cool. Kameron Forte was the best man in my wedding, so starting Sticks Softball with him running it has been an unforgettable experience.”

Chase believes that anything you can be proud of is a success. They have lost games and tournaments, but Chase has been incredibly proud of how the players played and carried themselves. To him, that is a success. “On the other hand, we have won games that I was not necessarily proud of how we played. I was happy to win but would not consider that a success,” Chase says. “I want to be a part of something that every day we cannot wait to tell everyone how proud we are of what we did that day. Success is the little things in life that make each day worth it. So, I measure success by the proud moments I have and all the things I get to tell people that we have done that day, week, month, and year.”

ALT Magazine | January 2023


Chase’s personal accomplishments have also been just as rewarding, and he is consistently inspired by his family. Chase, and his best friend, Alisha Morales, have been together for 14 years and married for three years. “I am married to my beautiful wife, Alisha, and we have the two best dogs you could ask for, Cooper and Drake,” Chase says. “My father, Dave Brewster, is the best man I know. He allowed me to live out my dreams and always encouraged me to do what other people thought was impossible. He never once told me something was unattainable, even when I knew he secretly thought it was. My brother, Dylan Brewster, has been a huge influence on me as well. He always lets me know I am not as famous as I think I am.”

Looking to the future, Chase is excited for some of the new business ventures he is involved in outside of baseball. “The thing I love about getting older is growing and evolving as a person. For so long, baseball was 100% of my life; I could have never imagined being a part of business meetings in other subjects,” Chase says. “I have had the greatest mentor I could ever ask for in Steve Landers Jr., who has taught me so much, both on and off the field. He helped me see past what I thought was possible in the business world and set new goals for myself and my family. Hopefully, we can pass these goals and make new ones in 2023. Professionally, I hope we have more college commitments and MLB Drafts in the future than ever before. I hope for success and good health for everyone involved with the Sticks in 2023.”

As Chase gets older, he wants to be a part of the change and help motivate and inspire others. “I am so blessed to have a job that allows me to stay involved in the Texarkana community through athletics with our local players. Texarkana has many people and coaches that set the example before me; I want to continue their example and help make Texarkana a better place, especially the baseball community,” Chase says. “Shane Halter, a former MLB player who graduated from Hooks High School, runs the Sticks youth program, so we get to touch many lives in Texarkana daily.”

Part of Chase’s desire to help others comes from the influence of his high school coaches: Barry Norton, Scott Mennie, and Glenn Welch. “They all believed in me in high school before I ever believed in myself. I want to have that same belief in someone daily, and hopefully, they will take their opportunities and run with it as I did,” Chase says. “Believing in someone is a

powerful thing. Hopefully, we can help hundreds of players get degrees by playing baseball in college, which will help them become more successful in life to be better husbands and fathers. Hopefully, they will return and invest in their communities and help promote change as well.”

Chase hopes his legacy is remembered as someone who helped inspire a younger generation to go after their goals and dreams. “Texarkana has had people run for President, act on Broadway, produce Grammy-winning songs, play in the NFL and MLB, participate in the Olympics, and so on,” Chase says. “Hopefully, one day someone will say, ‘If Chase Brewster could start Sticks Baseball from nothing, then why can’t I do ‘ABC’?”

Fun Facts:

● I am passionate about anything baseball-related, especially Sticks and the Yankees.

● I am involved in the Texarkana community through amateur athletics and being a member of Oasis Church.

● My comfort food is golden Oreos.

● Most people don’t know I have a podcast called The Chase Brewster Show.

● My wedding song was “Speechless” by Dan + Shay.

● One thing on my bucket list is to meet John Calipari.

015 ALT Magazine | January 2023
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Junior Associate at Stringer Wealth Management

While Stacey Martin was looking for a permanent position, a mutual friend told her to apply for an assistant position with Stringer Wealth Management. “I applied, and the rest is history,” Stacey says. “Since day one, my boss, Dustin, has been a great mentor and has helped me pursue more in this field. Now, I have just celebrated my 11th year with the company.”

In preparation for her future, Stacey is pursuing her goal of becoming a financial advisor with Stringer Wealth Management. She is currently taking and passing her upcoming FINRA Exams. “This will allow me to have my own book of business and to eventually be my own boss,” Stacey says.

Stacey says that client relations is the best part of her job, and she is always trying to find new ways to be more proactive. “When it comes to our client accounts, details matter,” Stacey says. “The fine details make things run smoothly for our clients and our office. I learn something new daily, and getting to know your client should always be a give and take.”

For Stacey, one of the keys to success is keeping the lines of communication open between herself and her clients. “Always listen and ask for feedback. I guess you could say I am a good listener,” Stacey says. “I want to be remembered as someone who always kept their word. This day and time, a handshake and your word doesn’t go very far.”

One of the accomplishments that Stacey is most proud of is the fact that she pursued her four-year degree while working full-time. “I kept a positive attitude, and I am most proud professionally and personally for obtaining it throughout my hardships,” Stacey says. “Your attitude has a great power because it determines most of what you experience each and every day of your life.”

ALT Magazine | January 2023

Stacey is also proud of her family. She and her wife, Sandra Martin, just celebrated their 18th anniversary. “We also have a beautiful son, Keaton Martin, who turned seven years old in December,” Stacey says. “We love the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.”

As Stacey works on her upcoming goals, she stays motivated through several means. First, she looks to people who never gave up on their dreams. She also seeks spiritual guidance through prayers and daily devotionals. “Sometimes, a simple, positive, daily quote helps me stay motivated even when I want to give up,” Stacey says. “I also continually compare my past self to my present self. When I think about it this way, I don’t become stuck for too long, and I can keep striving to improve and do better.”

Fun Facts:

● I am passionate about fishing. It helps me to get rid of my stress.

● I am involved in the Texarkana community by coaching a U-8 soccer team.

● My comfort food is any pasta or Italian food.

● Most people don’t know that I am one-quarter Hispanic.

● My hype song is “Higher Love” by Kygo and Whitney Houston.

● One thing on my bucket list is to visit Spain.

019 ALT Magazine | January 2023
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Sixth-grade Student at St. James Middle School and Miss Texarkana Cinderella

Alexis Mayo believes that success is a good thing; however, she does not think you have to be successful to be happy. “I think true success is being happy with your life, treating people nicely, and being together with your family,” Alexis says.

This eleven-year-old sixth-grade student loves school at St. James Middle School, and while her short-term goal is to get good grades, she also dreams of becoming an actress. “I love theater, singing, dancing, and acting. I love the stage and entertaining people,” Alexis says. “I am involved in musicals at my school every year. Last year, I was JoJo in Seussical, and this year I am Nala in the Lion King. I’m also on our varsity tennis team that I love.”

Alexis is also involved in her church, Silvermoon Children’s Theatre, dance, and pageant activities. “I am proud that I was in the Miss Texas Cinderella pageant for the first time in June and got first runner-up (2nd place),” Alexis says. “Also, I am proud of my family band that I sing in with my mom and my brother. We recently made a live Facebook video singing Christmas music.”

Alexis is inspired by her friends and teachers. She is also inspired by her faith in Jesus because He makes her want to be a good person. But her family is her foundation, and each of her family members’ talents motivates and influences her daily. Her fourteen-year-old brother, David, can play any instrument and sing harmony on any song. “He is also very athletic and is awesome at golf, tennis, and ping pong. My mom, Stacy, is a great singer and actress, and she was Miss Texas in 2001. She is my inspiration, and I love doing chores with her,” Alexis says. “My dad, Ben, works at Mayo Manufacturing. His family owns it. I also have two dogs, Macy and Lucy, a rabbit named Rubin, and 16 chickens! I love my mom,

ALT Magazine | January 2023

dad, brother, grandparents, and cousins!”

Even though she is young, Alexis wants to be remembered for being a helpful person, a good friend, and a good family member. “I love helping others. I have received many ‘Caught Being Kind’ awards, which are given at chapel by teachers who caught me doing something nice or being helpful to others without being asked,” Alexis says. “I also hope people think of me as someone who made them smile.”

Fun Facts:

● I am passionate about theater and musicals. I am listening to Matilda right now.

● My comfort food is either the grilled cheese my mom makes for me, the broccoli dad makes in the oven, or anything sweet. I also love anything my grandmother makes me.

● Most people don’t know I love to bathe my dogs and give them haircuts. I would like to maybe be a veterinarian someday.

● My hype song is “Roar” by Katy Perry. I like almost all of her songs.

● My bucket list includes bungee jumping and surfing in the ocean. I surfed once in Hawaii, but I was young and would like to do it again, even bigger and better!

023 ALT Magazine | January 2023
IN '23


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Certified Personal Trainer and Head Trainer at Wacha Resolution Sports Training Facility

After completing her enlistment in the United States Marine Corps, Kodi Morriss started working as a physical trainer. The job allowed her to pursue her health and fitness passion and to be a present mother to her boys. Kodi is happily married to her husband of ten years, Michael Morriss, whom she met while they were both active-duty Marines. They have four boys: Landon (10), Lucas (9), Liam (7), and Lane Brady (3). “If we are not at the gym, you can find us at the batting cages or on a baseball field. The accomplishment I will always be most proud of is wearing the title of ‘Mom.’ My four boys mean the world to me, and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them,” Kodi says. “Next to this, earning the title of a United States Marine is something I hold close to my heart, and it’s something that can never be taken away from me.”

As a personal trainer, Kodi can watch her clients transform physically and mentally; sometimes, mental transformation is the most rewarding. “Some of my clients walk through the door of the gym for the first time, and the fear and insecurity shown through their body language are evident, but after a few sessions with me, they are walking in with smiles on their faces, ready to tackle anything I throw at them,” Kodi says. “My goal is to ensure that my clients can walk into any gym independently and be confident that they know what they are doing.”

Kodi is constantly setting new goals. She says that she is never satisfied or content with her current status, both personally and professionally. “I am determined to grow my personal training clientele and leave a lasting impact on Texarkana’s health and fitness community,” Kodi says. “I am always inspired by the fear of being average and driven by the fear of never reaching my full potential.” On the days that Kodi feels less than

ALT Magazine | January 2023

motivated, she reminds herself and her clients of just how lucky they are to have fully capable bodies to carry them through these workouts. “I am inspired by the drive and determination that my clients show up with, and if they don’t show up with it, it is my goal to instill it in them,” Kodi says.

To Kodi, success is not measured by what a person has but by who they are and the legacy they leave behind. “My success is solely dependent on myself and my choices. If you want to be successful, be consistent,” Kodi says. “In the end, I want to be remembered for my drive and determination, not just for myself but my desire for everyone around me to want the same for themselves.”

Fun Facts:

• I am passionate about health and fitness.

• I am involved in the Texarkana community by educating and assisting youth/adult athletes on the importance of physical fitness. I also provide workouts to people of all age groups to reduce disease and increase their quality of life.

• My comfort food is ice cream.

• Most people don’t know that I am afraid of the ocean, even after living in Hawaii for four years.

• My hype song is “Sail” by Awolnation.

• One thing on my bucket list is to watch a game at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

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Austin & Jaycee Combs

29, 2022

Austin and Jaycee met almost six years ago through mutual friends, disconnected for a few months, and about six months later, met again through the same mutual friends. They then started using Snapchat, which led to exchanging phone numbers, texting and calling every day, hanging out, going to each other’s games, and then dating. They knew they were meant for each other early on, and so did their families. They have been inseparable ever since they started dating. After dating for three years, Austin proposed at the beach, which included a professional photographer and a beautiful sand sculpture.

One thing that made this wedding special was Austin and Jaycee having a “first look” before walking down the aisle. This both calmed their nerves, and it was something that made time slow down. They both felt that if they were to blink, their wedding day would be over, but the one thing they both remember was being able to share that intimate time with each other with no one else around, being able to laugh and share their vows in private. It was a memory they will cherish for the rest of their lives and will forever play in the back of their minds.

Parents of the Bride: John Runnels & Zella Runnels

Parents of the Groom: Rodney & Kathy Combs

Matron/Maid of Honor: Hannah Davis

Bridesmaids: John Patrick Cothern, Josie Galloway, Gracie McMillian, Robey Reid, Alleigh Tucker

Best Man: Garrett Dixon

Groomsmen: George Thomas, Brock McMillian, Ryan Reid, Grant Strasner

Flower Girl: Peyton Green

Flower Guy: Alan Laxton

Pastor / Officiant: Jaron Tipton

Flowers: Amelia’s Picalily Flowers

Hair & Make-Up: Zella Runnels

Venue: Garrison Gardens, Texarkana, AR

Wedding Coordinator: Karen Guilbert

Cake: Julie Wakley

Caterer: Amelia’s Picalily and Brand Clay

DJ: Chuck Guilbert

Photographer: Breanne Bradshaw

Wedding Invitations: Prints of Love

Wedding Dress: Low’s Bridal Wedding

Jewelry: Zales Jewelry

Tuxedos: Sharpe’s Department Store


Carl & Alyssa Jensen

October 29, 2022

Carl and Alyssa knew about each other for a while before physically meeting on the Texas A&M University-Texarkana campus. Soon becoming classmates, Carl was a very outspoken and outgoing person, while Alyssa tended to sit in the back of the class and remain quiet. They saw each other in the elevator from time to time, where Alyssa was her awkward self. In March 2016, Alyssa found herself in a full leg brace after dislocating her knee and breaking her ankle. The very outspoken Carl decided to poke fun at her “robot leg,” and from that moment, they started a friendship that would lead to dating in December 2016. Their love for each other grew as they spent weekends at the ball fields and taking adventures. On December 11, 2021, at Carl’s company Christmas party, he dropped down on one knee and asked Alyssa to marry him.

Carl and Alyssa planned an excellent day for an October wedding. The ceremony had to be moved inside due to rain, but it did not stop the fun and happiness around the room. Being surrounded by love and support from their family and friends made this day special. Their swift actions to move all the wedding setup and decor indoors made it possible for these two to experience a perfect wedding ceremony. Alyssa’s brother walked her down the aisle in place of her father, who had departed to Heaven seven years prior. Alyssa says, “It is a day we will never forget, as it was magical for both of us!” The couple is enjoying life together and looking forward to many anniversaries to come!

Parents of the Bride: Betty and the late Robert Bertrand

Parents of the Groom: Robert and Ladona Adams

Matron of Honor: Erica Estrada

Bridesmaids: Laila Miller, Katelyn Park, Victoria Childs

Best Man: Jake Weiss

Groomsmen: Andrew Miller, Marcus Pullen

Pastor: Steve Reeves

Bridal Hair & Make-up: Erica Estrada

Venue: Dee’s Barn & Venue

Cake: Julie’s Deli & Market

Caterer: Mary Colorigh

Photographer: Debbie Brower

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Wedding Jewelry: Bride’s Mother and Grandmother’s

Tuxedos: Squires

033 ALT Magazine | January 2023

David & Yuri Schubert

September 24, 2022

David and Yuri met and began their love story in 2019.

David lived in Ruston, Louisiana, and Yuri lived in Tenaha, Texas. The couple met in Shreveport, Lousiana, to make things easier and claimed that city as their “dating spot.” They always found fun things to do in the city. After two years of dating, David proposed to Yuri during a family trip to Sapphire Point Overview in Dillion, Colorado. After the proposal, their creative adventure began as their goal was to add special touches with their own time and talents to the upcoming wedding.

David and Yuri wanted their family and friends to have a good time at their wedding and to carry home a treasure they had created. They chose a natural bohemian style wedding and handmade all the details. David, alongside his recently deceased father, made the arbor out of an oak beam. Knowing it had been made by David and his father made this an extremely special part of their wedding day. He also made the aisle signs, unity cross, and coasters with each of the guests’ names. Yuri made all the centerpieces, floral decorations, favors, boutonnieres, and bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. Their families helped bring all this together for their wedding day.

As David and Yuri were looking for a natural setting for the wedding, their first wedding venue tour landed them at Garrison Gardens. They instantly loved the beautiful setting, accommodations, and natural surroundings. They knew this would be a place for their families and friends to meet and celebrate their wedding day. “We are so thankful to Karen and Chuck Gilbert for their help and collaboration; they made the most important day of our lives go as planned and dreamed,” Yuri says.

Parents of the Bride: Hector Pineda & Leticia Pineda

Parents of the Groom: Katherine Schubert Matron/Maid of Honor: Yesenia Piña

Bridesmaids: Diana Escañuelas, Patricia Ballin, Sara Jaime

Best Man: Andrew Schubert

Groomsmen: Daniel Schubert, Eric Harrison, Alexander Christian

Flower Girls: Abigail Mosqueda, Sofia Montoya

Ring Bearer: Jack Biggs

Pastor / Officiant: Lilia Gonzalez

Flowers: Etsy & Amazon

Hair & Make-Up: Jessica Pineda, Esmeralda Mosqueda

Venue: Garrison Gardens, Texarkana, AR

Wedding Coordinator: Karen Guilbert

Cake: Manuela Gamas

Caterer: Joshua Campbell

DJ: Chuck Guilbert

Photographer: Kevin Beasley Photography

Videographer: Fanny Montero Photography

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia from Happy Ever After Bridal Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

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financial focus

Why do the wealthy borrow? Sometimes debt makes sense.


Strategic borrowing can keep your financial plan intact and at work.

Truths that seem universal often fray at the edges, particularly when talking about money.

Take for example the popular and often helpful advice from writers of bestselling personal finance books. One common tenet is to aggressively pay down debt and then live without it. This is great advice for many, but not everyone, highlighting how our unique situations make a major difference. To that point:

• For spenders, people who have difficulty delaying gratification, this advice can be a useful and rewarding core discipline. Extreme spenders easily fall into credit card debt traps that drag on their financial situations.

• For those on the extreme saver side of the spectrum, this advice can instead cost potential opportunities. Not all debt is made of the same stuff, and risk should be thoughtfully explored before committing to major financial strategies.

• For those with stratospheric net worth, paying down debt immediately could prevent them from using strategies that keep their assets intact and able to grow while providing liquidity –simple income or the flexibility to react to potential investment opportunities. For them, debt is often an inexpensive way to manage access to cash.

And even for people who may not be able to leverage a Dali painting hanging in their foyers, debt can be a useful tool to keep their wealth engines running if it comes cheaply enough relative to other opportunities, keeps their assets working for them and, above all, if the risks are understood and tolerable. And that’s the key. Truly understanding if debt can help you take a balanced approach to liquidity without disrupting

your investment or retirement plans or your lifestyle.

This is where your financial plan – one tailored to your unique circumstances, including assets and liabilities – can open up a world of opportunity.

Examining the details

A simple quiz illustrates what we mean: You are a responsible, financially comfortable investor who has just inherited $100,000. Your goal is to maximize the benefit. For instructive purposes, let’s ignore the uncertainties of the market and the complexities of taxes. What should you do with it?

A) You pay off the $100,000 balance on your mortgage, which has a 3% fixed interest rate.

B) You invest it into your portfolio, which hypothetically averages 6% gains each year.*

C) You create a rainy-day fund in a savings account earning negligible interest.

In a world without risk, the clear answer is B: Your portfolio has an open-ended invitation to compound onto itself. As for the other options, the mortgage has a known, fixed cost that isn’t particularly egregious. Paying it off early may be an emotionally fulfilling accomplishment, but it potentially comes at a major opportunity cost. And a savings account would currently erode in the headwinds of inflation.

038 ALT Magazine | January 2023

There can be a strong case to make for Option A for many investors, particularly ahead of retirement. For established investors, Option C might not be an ideal answer except to manage specific risks – and there are other options for maintaining cash on hand that we’re about to explore.

*This hypothetical example is not indicative of any security’s performance. Expenses have not been included in the example and will affect performance.

Investment income without capital gains

A topical question these days is how the nation’s wealthiest individuals pay relatively little in tax in comparison to their fortunes. The short answer is that they don’t take a traditional income and most of their wealth is in highly appreciated assets – like shares in the company they founded. They don’t need to sell stocks, which would trigger capital gains taxes. Instead, they can take loans against their shares.

Securities based lending, securities based lines of credit, home equity lines of credit and structured lending are options for leveraging assets without selling them. These loans tend to have relatively low interest rates because they are collateralized. There is a major caveat, however: If the value of the underlying stocks, bonds or other assets no longer

meet the value of the outstanding loan, the bank will request additional securities as collateral – or start selling. That means a market downturn can create some additional challenges.

At the intersection of taxes, investments, family budgets, surprises and everything else, figuring out when it’s best to strategically borrow or when to just pay cash can be a complicated question. Luckily, this isn’t a unique question, and your financial advisor may have tools to help.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal; forbes.com; advisorhub.com; fool.com; marketwatch.com

These lending products may not be suitable for all clients. They may involve a high degree of risk, including unintended tax consequences and the possible need to sell your holdings, which may lead to a significant impact on long-term investment goals. Market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. If the market turns against the client, he or she may be required to quickly deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account(s) or pay down the loan to avoid liquidation. Further information is available from your financial advisor.

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Suzie TK SnippeTS

New Year’s Resolutions

In the glow of the ball drop in the Big Apple, people lift their wine glasses to toast a new year and resolve to adopt better habits in the area of health, wealth and discipline.

Surprisingly, statistics show that most people really do change their behavior. It’s a chance to clear the slate with a new beginning.

How difficult is it to keep those resolutions? It has been said that if you repeat something for 30 days, it becomes a habit. Not sure how true to form that statement is but most health clubs will attest to that not being true. The first 30 days of January, you cannot find a machine that is idle but by February 15th, gyms are empty.

So how do you keep your resolutions for the whole year?

I’m not the one to answer that query! I think I am the most undisciplined human on the planet. My husband on the other hand was the most disciplined person on earth! If a doctor told him to take a pill at 10, 2, and 4, he did it! He was a great advertisement for Dr Pepper! Sometimes I think you are born with discipline.

When we re-connected in 1973, I left a message for him to call me at 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. At precisely 2:00 pm, not a minute before nor a minute after but straight up 2 o’clock, he called. It’s a miracle he stayed with me because I am always late. I think it’s called L O V E!

My prayer is that I will use every opportunity to make a difference this year. I have written down my list of resolutions and checked it twice. I hope you have compiled your personal list. I’m planning to begin early and practice them to the letter, so I’ll be ready for the new year.

I’ll check back with you on December 31st, 2023, and I hope we both get an A plus!

Have a great New Year and stay focused!

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Fish Tales with Mike Brower

When The Going Gets Tough

As we enter the winter, fewer people will be on the water, which means less of a chance for help if you get in trouble. As we all know the water temperature will be in the cold to really cold range and won’t get any better until around mid-May. Several issues could crop up that could jeopardize your life, but I want to address hypothermia. I won’t bore you with what it is except to say you will die from it if you fall into the water and don’t have a plan.

First, if you fall in, remember that everything and each movement you make will be very slow since your body is shutting down. So make each movement count to getting out of the water or getting warm once you get out. I have always carried a few items with me in the winter as a “just in case” and have actually used them a couple of times as I can be somewhat clumsy.

1. Bath
2. Hand towel
3. XXL sweat
easy to
4. Wool socks. 5. Long-sleeved shirt. 6. Fleece jacket. 7. Sandals. 8. Chemical
Tasty Donuts NOW OPEN IN TWO LOCATIONS!! 1443 N. Kings Hwy. 903. 838. 0422 K-Mart Shopping Center 903. 223. 0149 Donut • Croissant • Kolache • Fruit Sticks • Burrito Biscuit • Muffin • Coffee Donuts are ALWAYS the Answer!
towel to dry off with.
to dry with.
put on.
hand warmers. Put your rain suit on over all this and get warm. These items will go a long way to getting you warm and back safely to the truck.



Start 2023 with a peaceful First-Day Hike and enjoy the natural beauty of Atlanta State Park’s Hickory Hollow Nature Trail from 1-3pm. The hike is self-guided and at your own pace! Once you finish, stop by the trailhead to grab your first day hike sticker, while supplies last! Bring appropriate clothing for the weather, closed-toed shoes, water and good energy! The program is included in park entry fees: $3 per person ages 13 and older, 12 and under are free. No need to register, just show up! Programs are subject to cancellation in the event of inclement weather. Cancellations will be announced on Atlanta State Park Facebook page or you can call park headquarters.



If you’re in need of some adult conversation and some good laughs, let’s meet for a coffee date at Local Habit Coffee Company in Nash, Texas. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and make some new Mama Friends. The event is hosted by Four States Doulas and Doula Jaimee Moore Hunter.



The Texarkana Museums System invites you to attend a Living History Training presented by Josh Williams, Certification Committee Chair of the Arkansas Living History Association. This workshop is for novice and experienced living history volunteers and anyone interested in participating in TMS living history programs. It will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Admission is $10 per person and covers all supplies and materials. The admission fee will be refunded when participants perform in a 2023 living history program for the Texarkana Museums System. Registration is online at TexarkanaMuseums.org/Events. For more information, please contact Jamie Simmons at 903-793-4831 or email Ahern@TexarkanaMuseums.org.

Clint Black - Mostly Hits & The Mrs. Tour 26

Grammy-winning Country superstar Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman Black are hitting the road again for year two of the “Mostly Hits & the Mrs” Tour with special guest Lily Pearl Black. They will be making a stop at the Perot Theatre on January 26, 2023. Find your tickets at: https://www.perottheatre.org/tickets


The Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to our 2023 Annual Celebration, “A Night of Jazz,” presented by Farmers Bank & Trust. We’ll be celebrating the past year, and looking forward to the next with awards and celebration. We hope you can join us!


Purchase tickets at: https://texarkanachamberofcommerce.growthzoneapp. com/ap/Events/Register/mP7nV4Mp?mode=Attendee

happy new year!

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