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By Carolyn Bach


he theme for our Pukekohe High School 2020 Yearbook ‘The Hill’ is all about ‘sustainability’. It is a bit of a buzz word, however, the students and teachers of PHS have definitely shown tenacity, resilience and future focus to achieve their goals this year to sustain their high expectations. Even though New Zealand, and the world, experienced pandemic lockdowns, students and staff rolled up our sleeves to ‘get the job done’ through tackling online learning and ‘zooming’ our way through the year. Many of us have also learnt to ‘pivot’; what is really important to ensure we can sustain our lifestyle – at home and at school. If we cannot achieve Plan A, then let’s get on with Plan B! As editor, I would like to acknowledge the strength and commitment of staff and students (magazine committee) who have contributed to the success of the yearbook. With shortened timeframes, PHS have put this document together still full of success stories and student achievements. This yearbook illustrates how we sustained our values and ideals to celebrate the success of PHS students in their sport, academic, music, art, technology and cultural ventures. PHS students have demonstrated Manaakitanga (respect) and Kotahitanga (community), and this yearbook reflects that. The theme also embraces the way our school is sustaining its culture over the past 99 years through to the next century! Yes, in 2021 Pukekohe High School will have been open for 100 years and plans are underway to celebrate this milestone. For the 75th Jubilee there were 4000 registrations, so we are looking forward to another large and successful event. Here’s a brief peek at what we are planning.

The Centenary celebrations will be held over Labour Weekend 2021: • Friday evening registration, powhiri and wine and cheese evening • Saturday open school, meeting up, photos over each decade, lunch, activities and entertainment around the school • Saturday evening – meal and dance in the Indian Hall • Sunday – multi-denominational service, cutting of the cake and closing ceremony On February 2nd, 2021, there will be a celebration, re-enacting the opening of the High School in front of Science Block using the original school bell. It is also hoped that there will be a number of Centennial based activities within school over the year which students will be involved in. So put these dates into your calendar… help us to celebrate and sustain the success and values of Pukekohe High School becoming 100 years young! Munro Block In 1937 a wing was added to the near end. In 1959 it was renovated as a science block

The silver fern has been accepted as a symbol of New Zealand’s national identity since the 1880s. To Māori, the elegant shape of the fronds stood for strength, stubborn resistance, and enduring power.

Special thanks to: Sisi and Jaimee-Lee, our awesome (and patient!) designers from Alpine Printers, Pukekohe. Richard Spranger Photography, who was our photographer extraordinaire. The Art Faculty and the Magazine Team for their supply of photos, words and commitment. It has been a great challenge for the team and I to put this magazine together, encapsulating the success of PHS students, teachers and whanau - but we had lots to celebrate! Enjoy our 99th Edition.

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Celeste Nyatsanza, Phoebe Sirett, Sophie Hutchinson, Lilly Fox, Emma-Rose Sears, Emma Robinson, Abbie Reid, Alorah Gillgren, Cayley Fox, Hannah Lidgett. Absent: Charlotte Newman, Mrs Carolyn Bach

“Mai i te Kopae ki te urupa, tatou ako tonu ai.” - From the cradle to the grave we are forever learning CONTENTS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 1

Alorah Gilgreen & Clare Japor.


By Alorah Gilgreen eaving behind the school I have been at for the past eight years, meant leaving behind the faces I recognise, the environment I am comfortable in and giving up being one of the ‘big ones’. I was now faced with trading all of this in for the uncertainty, nerves and excitement that comes with growing up. From the outside, this school looked gigantic and once I got inside I realised it was even bigger. Every door looks the same and reading the timetable feels like being asked to read a foreign language. Being one of the babies of the school felt intimidating but the most reassuring part of the whole transition was being able to look around and see that everyone else looked just as lost and uncertain as I was. For me, one of the biggest challenges was getting used to the bustling of the hallways, stick to the left, head down, don’t stop otherwise you may just feel what the inside of a rugby tackle is like. Next came making friends. Before I started at PHS I can just remember all the grown ups in my life telling me that I was going to make so many new friends and have all these new experiences. But, it turns out making new friends is not as easy as it sounds. In a sea of a thousand it’s hard to figure out who shares your interests and hobbies. But I decided to investigate all the groups and activities that PHS has on offer which gave me a great opportunity to spend some time with my peers. I’ve realised that starting a new school is scary for


Alorah Gilgreen & Jacinda Ardern. anyone. But still, I felt scared and alone. It seemed that all my peers from my old school had already met and made new friends by the first week and I hadn’t met any. All the classes that were new to me were strange. Classes like English and Math were familiar and I thought I already knew my strengths and my weakness. But with subjects like tech and science outside of my comfort zone, I was terrified. I wanted to do well in them, to be the best but even if I tried hard I couldn’t do it. People around me seemed to have already figured out how the system worked and what the teachers wanted from them so I felt far, far behind. I think it really took until about June to really feel like I belonged, I had a handle on my school work, knew what my teachers were expecting, and I had a great group of people to share in my journey. I’ve had a challenging, but great experience from being a year 9 at this school and I can’t wait to continue my years here at Pukekohe High.



came to PHS as an excited kid ready for the five years ahead. I learnt five years of maths, science, English, physical education, technology and other subjects. I worked for many things including, winning two rugby finals, becoming a Head Student, Captain and Vice-Captain of multiple rugby teams and also earned a qualification for my dream job. These things are very important for your life but something I took out of schooling is that it’s also important to enjoy hanging with your mates and friends, because after school you’ll regret it if you don’t. Make sure you surround yourself with people who lift you up and not people who put you down, you’ll thank yourself for it!



n 2015, when little naive Kara walked into the gates of Pukekohe High School, I was blissfully unaware of all that the growing experiences high school would give (let me tell you now, it’s not like High School Musical). Something that I will never forget, is my homeroom teacher telling me on my very first day of Year 9, that in Year 13, I was going to be head girl. And to this day, that desire to lead my school never left me. I am still not entirely sure why I wanted it so badly, but through my adventures of self-identity, plenty of good times, a handful of not so good times, lots of learning, and a whole lot of hard work, my goal came true and I will forever be grateful to be one of the leaders of 2020. I truly believe that your high school experience is what you want it to be, so dive into every opportunity that goes your way, enjoy every moment you can, believe in your ability, and be proud of your achievements. Five years goes quicker than you may think, but high school is the place of lessons, mistakes, experiences, support, happiness, love, and lifelong friends. The biggest thank you to the class of ’20 for an incredible year of school, this year wasn’t how we imagined it, but we made it to the end! What a wild ride it was, best of luck for wherever your future takes you. Lots of love, Kara




n the first day at Puke High, I couldn’t get over how big the school was, and I was constantly getting lost. On this day as a little year 9, I would have never thought I would be where I am today. This shows that anything can happen if you make the most of opportunities and put the work into yourself and have a vision. Starting High School was a huge step up from what I was used to but before I knew it, I was engrossed in everything high school had to offer. Since then I have loved our wide range of sporting, arts and co-curricular activities offered at our school and it has been one heck of a journey! One piece of advice to everyone coming through PHS it to make the most of the time you have here and embrace the laughs and opportunities you get because you’ll never get this experienceRichard again. And to our class of 2020, it’s Petty pix been interesting, but I wish you the absolute best in your next endeavours and I can’t wait to see what this crazy world has to offer for us. All the best! Olivia x


alking into P.H.S for the first time 5 years ago, I was excited, but slightly nervous. I was so eager to finally get to high school, as my older sister had been here for 4 years before me, telling me a lot about what to expect. The first week was a lot to take in, but I found that as time went on, there were less strangers and more friends. Making the gradual changes through each year of school definitely came with its challenges, but with help from all my friends, I have overcome them, and somehow managed to make my way to this section of the magazine! I have found over the years, that you never know what you are fully capable of if you just sit back and watch, so I urge you all, whether you leave or return to high school next year, to push the envelope. If I had not become more involved, I would not have met the wonderful people I got to meet over the years, and been able to experience 2020 in the positive manner I was able to. Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to the teachers and students alike who have made my time here so memorable, knowing this period of my life is something that I will hold onto dearly for a very long time. To everyone reading this, whoever you are, I wish you good luck with your endeavours wherever they may take you.





ēnā koutou katoa In this most challenging of years, our students have proven amazingly resilient. Numerous events and activities have had to be postponed or cancelled altogether. “I’m gutted” was a frequent response to the news that there was no winter tournament or that the Ball had been delayed again or that a favourite subject had been forced to cut the number of NCEA credits on offer. In spite of these challenges, our students have just shrugged, adapted their expectations and got on with it. I recognise that for some there will be a different story, that this year may have heightened anxiety, and that school has just not been a priority at times. For those members of our Pukekohe community who have found 2020 a struggle, I trust that the emphasis that we have tried to place on relationships and manaakitanga have made some difference. In a year when we have had to become accustomed to virtual meetings, we have also been reminded of the fundamental importance of human contact, of the essential value of seeing each other kanohi ki te kanohi, rather than through a screen. Zoom or Teams have become a part of our everday language and yet there is no substitute for the warmth of human interactions. Returning a little nervously from the first lockdown, hoping that a great deal of hand sanitiser and some sage advice about social distancing would keep everyone safe, we were greeted by returning students hugging each other and giving high fives. There’s nothing like teenage enthusiasm to give you a good reality check. The lessons that we have learned repeatedly this year about the importance of relationships and connectedness have helped our students to achieve some wonderful results. To the Epro8 Challenge Winners, who beat 60 other secondary schools to win the grand final; to our kaunihera Maaori for their incredible mahi in organising Matariki celebrations; to our jazz musicians who returned

from the Manawatu festival with a host of awards including Best Young Musician – and to so many other individuals and groups who have achieved well and made your school proud of you this year: congratulations to you all. At the time of writing, the school has just hosted an experienced team from the Education Review Office. (Some things don’t get cancelled it seems). This verification visit completes the review cycle that began with the publication of the ERO report in September 2018. I am pleased to share with you that ERO noted the definite progress that the school has made over the last two years and that the goals of putting in place good systems, of engaging more with our community and of working hard to lift the achievement of all our students, have at least been partially met. Of course, we all recognise the challenges ahead, and that the journey is not complete, but it is affirming to hear and read the positive comments we received. I would like to use this opportunity to publicly thank the staff for working extremely hard to respond to the challenges that ERO gave us in 2018. When Sam Cane was interviewed after the All Blacks won the third Bledisloe test in Sydney, he was asked if it was a relief to win: “Oh, it’s more than a relief, it’s incredibly exciting.” Without wishing to get ahead of ourselves, I am confident that the future for our school is also incredibly exciting. Next year, we turn 100. I am sure that 2021 will also bring its challenges. But Pukekohe High School is in good heart. Next year will see the start of our campus redevelopment plan and an aspirational vision and strategic plan that will help to raise all our expectations still further. To those of you moving on from PHS, and especially to our Year 13 leavers who have coped with so much this year, I wish you all the best for your future, wherever that may take you. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou. Richard Barnett

“I have more badges than braincells” - Kara Irwin 4 | PRINCIPALS PAGE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



his year’s graduating students will soon leave our school after a tough year. One punctuated by the impact of COVID 19. 2020 is a year our leaver’s will remember forever. It was a disrupted academic year, they missed out on some of the highlights of a final year including sporting events, cultural activities, even a School Ball. COVID impacted the School in many negative ways but there has also been a positive impact. The teaching staff responded effectively developing new ways to teach and engage with students, likewise pupils have learnt to work remotely and to use technology to connect with each other. Most importantly our community has met a significant challenge together, one that will make our students stronger, more resilient people and kinder people. The type of people that any school should be proud to graduate. Our teachers and support staff rose to the challenge and through hardship developed new ways of teaching and caring for our students. Reflecting on this tough year we must acknowledge the difficulties but we are a stronger school now and that is important because Pukekohe High School plays a vital role in our community. It is our local secondary school and most local children will attend the school. So, Board of Trustees student this school must be as rep - Celeste Nyatsanza good as we can make it.

Improvement is a focus of the Board and senior management and a considerable amount of work has happened within the School this year to improve equity for Maaori and Pasifika, teaching practice, financial management and to build a strong culture of excellence. The Principal and the Senior Leadership Team have worked very hard and this year the Education Review Office (ERO) returned to the School. This year’s ERO report validates the work that has happened and confirms that we are moving in the right direction. Like our leavers the school is poised to transition, to step into a new future. The school’s academic results are improving, discipline issues are being addressed and most importantly we can now plan for the future. The school and the Ministry of Education are already discussing how the school’s campus will be rebuilt to accommodate the growing roll. The Board is developing a new blueprint for the future and will be discussing it with the community next year. The school is changing and becoming fit for the future. This year’s leavers are the same, prepared and ready but making their first steps into an uncertain future and the Board of Trustees says to them; kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui, be confident, brave and steadfast. The tough experiences of 2020 have been a fire that has helped temper you, surviving COVID’s disruptions with good humour has built resilience and perseverance that will be a feature of your character for ever. In conclusion the new Board of Trustees farewells this year’s leavers and wishes all of them good luck. We thank the school staff and our community for the way that you supported them during 2020 and to next year’s students and their families we say join us in our journey to make Pukekohe High School the best school it can possibly be. Ben Stallworthy

“The more I smile, the less I can see” - Richard Petty CHAIR’S STATEMENT | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 5


Nau Mai, Haere Mai, Our new Staff

ia ora koutou to the group of new teachers to join PHS who bring with them enthusiasm, empathy and education. Running into the PE Faculty we have Michael Anderson and Blair Buckland. Science has a new Head of Faculty, Meghan Ashford, joined also with Jodynne Lafaele, Sneha Srinivasan, Ina Van Der Merwe and Harinder Kaur. Maths multiplied adding Pauline Armstrong, Rebecca Howard, and Cathy Munro. English welcomed Chrismari Dickinson, Shan Dissanayake, Callayne Eru, Elise James, and Taryn Slee. The Art Faculty drew in Morgan Hogg, Cole Majoor and Sharon Kearney. Languages spoke up for Maria Kim and Tuakau Whiu, and Rosanna Walton with Stuart McEwing joined the Social Science Faculty. In the Administration area we have Denis Murphy as Executive Officer, plus Jess Finlay and Shona Wharepapa Hagan. Helping with Learning Support and Teacher Aides we have Jude Webber, Esther Williams, Junior Papalii and Esperance Withers. Lynn Mills is our new resident Kamar expert. Natasha Faulkner and Susan Fryer also welcomed to replace our nurse Natalie Avery.


Staff Leavers

e wish to thank the following people who have moved onto new adventures. Alison Askew, a wonderful Art teacher who brought out the best in our artists. Marama Killen who produced plays and taught drama to our budding actors will also be missed. Julie Brien left the English Department in pursuit of a Doctorate from the University of Auckland. Carlos Briones coded his way from the DIT department. The Tech department, as well as farewelling their Head, Dave Cantley at the end of the year, also had Daniel Pilling and Tricia Zwarts move on to build another future. Julian Austin and Emma Murtagh also left to take up new challenges. They were a strong team who managed the rebuild of Massey Block, Climbing Walls in the gym, new horticulture area plus keeping PHS looking top notch. Sione Niupalau was with us briefly in the Maaori department and as a year 13 Kaitiaki Aakonga – he brought with him tikanga and humour. Sione left to join the Education Review Office, Department of Education – congratulations. Rhiannon Swift is sadly leaving for Tauranga. Her time at Pukekohe High School has been


Joiners & Leavers

nothing short of extraordinary. She has established dance as an NCEA subject and department within the school, and held two amazing annual dance showcases, an extracurricular dance troupe and a program which continues to grow. Grace Love is moving onto new adventures too. While at Pukekohe High she was lucky enough to be involved with the Senior Girls Basketball team and being blown away by the outstanding talent of the female ballers at this school! She was also privileged to work with Maaori Student Council and was really proud of the inaugural Matariki event they put together this year! Rena Hill was at PHS for just over 10 years. Noted for her stylish dress and exotic background, she soon started to learn the Kiwi way and became a very dependable and hardworking member of the science team. Rena took on responsibility for the Junior Science programme in her role as one of the two 2iC’s - which she did with great efficiency and dedication. She moved to Pakuranga High school at the end of term 1 2020 so that she could be closer to family and help with the childcare needs. Cherylize Janse Van Rensburg was at PHS for 18 months. Arrived from S Africa and quickly adapted to life here in NZ with her two little girls & husband. She moved to work at the Pukekohe Christian School, her strong belief was her guide. Bubbly and with an outgoing personality that outstripped her stature. Adam Kemp is moving to Morrinsville. He will be leaving behind maths students who learnt from being inside and outside the classroom. He coached football teams and cricket teams with enthusiasm. He will be missed by many students. Adam also participated in the World Challenge Trip to India 2018 and Spirit of Adventure Trip 2019. Ganga Forbes was ‘PA to the principal’ for 37 years. She definitely has seen many changes over the years and an important part of the school community. Donna Fulton was at PHS for 18 years total. She also did a stint in the Sports Office. She was very much liked and respected by students and was very supportive of their needs and personal situations. She was well liked and respected by her colleagues and all staff. Donna was adaptable with the changes implemented in the Student Centre and keen to learn new systems to ensure the efficient and smooth running of the Student Centre.

s r e v a e L Staff M r Mathias This year marks the end of a long and distinguished career at Pukekohe High School for Associate Principal, Mr Mathias. Most students will know Mr Mathias as a very visible member of the Senior Leadership Team - a person seen around the school every day - on duty around the grounds or on the hall stage running assemblies. Some students will even have been lucky enough to have had him as their mathematics teacher. There is, however, much more to this life-long educator than most students realise. Mr Mathias is a proud South Islander, brought up on the West Coast and educated at Timaru Boys’ High and Canterbury University. There is a rumour, apparently true, that he was in fact a nationally ranked sprinter in his younger days! Mr Mathias’s first position as a teacher was in 1979 at Ashburton College where he taught mathematics and computer studies. In 1986 he moved to the North Island and was appointed Head of Department for Mathematics and Computer Studies at Inglewood High School. This is where Mr Mathias took his first steps into middle management and also where he became a proud “Naki” supporter! In 1990, Mr Mathias moved down the road from Inglewood to New Plymouth Boys’ High where he worked for 11 years as HOD Mathematics. During this time, Mr Mathias had a heavy involvement in national mathematics curriculum development, playing a major role in the implementation of NCEA, the new national secondary school assessment system. He oversaw the production of mathematics standards and was a member of the Ministry of Education panel tasked with ensuring that teachers and the wider public understood the new system. In 2002, Mr Mathias began his 19 year career at Pukekohe High School when he was appointed as associate principal. During his tenure as associate principal, Mr Mathias often stepped in as acting principal when the then principal, Mr McKinnon, was away. Many staff fondly remember those times and, in particular, the full term he was in charge when


utdoor Man - Peter Orton started life at PHS as the Outdoor Ed guru. In this role he was responsible for the building of the first climbing wall. He took many outdoor ed trips and still enjoys the great outdoors, biking, hiking, hunting and travelling. He was also heavily involved in the Duke of Education groups giving students wonderful experiences at important times of their lives. Peter eventually moved away from teaching Outdoor Education and moved more into Physical Education. He also did stints as the coordinator for the Spirit of NZ voyages. He was the instigator for Te Wero which morphed into Te Ara Poutama and has morphed again into the Year 10 camps. He could see the power of students enjoying the

- the ‘Sustainers’ Mr McKinnon was on sabbatical. Mr Mathias slotted into the role seamlessly and did a great job in Mr McKinnon’s absence. Some past (and present) members of the Senior Leadership Team who worked with Mr Mathias included Mr Neate, Miss Cooney, Mr McDonald, Mrs Steer, Mrs Tipene, Mrs Cornu and Mrs Neville. All those people appreciated his calm demeanour - even under trying circumstances. At Pukekohe High School, Mr Mathias’s duties were primarily in senior management but he also continued to teach mathematics. His knowledge, experience, insight and willingness to help were greatly valued by his colleagues. During his time at PHS, Mr Mathias continued his wider service to education by holding important positions in the PPTA, including Senior Positions Advisor and Surplus Staffing Specialist. For many students at Pukekohe High School Mr Mathias has been more than the associate principal. Most years he assisted with sports teams - usually in a managerial role. He was always ready to step in at late notice as a van driver or manager when teams were in need of a staff member’s presence. Another little-known fact about Mr Mathias is that he was once a nationally recognised basketball referee and controlled many top-class matches around the country. In music and drama, Mr Mathias has been a constant supporter of our students. Over the course of his 19 years here, he has attended literally dozens of events (KBB and Matamata festivals to name but two) where PHS musical groups have been competing. Most of these events have been in the evening or on weekends but he has given up his own precious time to support Pukekohe High School students. There have been very few drama productions and events that Mr Mathias has not attended. In his role as associate principal, Mr Mathias was often the face of pastoral care and discipline in the school. He is a man of high standards and was sometimes seen as the “Bad Cop” in those situations. The reality is that he cared deeply for all the students at Pukekohe High School and would bend over backwards to help students who may have overstepped certain boundaries. If it was at all possible, he would give students a second chance and try to help them overcome any issues they may have had. We thank Mr Mathias for his many years of service to Pukekohe High School and wish him well as he develops his musical talents on the saxophone and his motorcycling skills on his Kawasaki! great outdoors who would not normally be able to. Peter also spent time as the Dean of Massey House and was successful in achieving a few winning years of the House Shield. Peter is well known to many past and present students. He is well liked and has a lovely empathy with everyone, from every culture – he happy face will be missed by many.

Staff Leavers - continued P8


Staff Leavers - cont.

David started his career as an Architectural Draftsman for 6 years, so he possesses a wealth of real life experience. He had a teaching career at Thames High School before joining PHS. David was Head of GNT Graphics and Technology depart in 1985, which became Head of Technology Faculty from 1997 – 2020. In 1996 David was Acting Assistant Principal for the year. He also did a stint as National Moderator for Workshop Technology and on the National Panel for Graphics Curriculum. As a leader of the Graphics and Tech Teachers’ Association he organised PL sessions at PHS, and he was also heavily involved in the Franklin Cluster for many ears. He also fought with the PPTA to help sort the G3 qualification issue, several years ago to which many of us are thankful. There were also two major workshop renovations, to cope with the new curriculum, which Dave had to help oversee. Plus two more workshops were added to this busy faculty, that Dave ensured were fit for purpose. David was involved in the sporting side of PHS firstly, being in charge of football teams, then volleyball teams, hockey coach and manager, and cycling around the Coromandel trip.

There was also the highlight of the year for Dave, and the raft of year 10’s, for the annual fishing week at Coromandel for 20+ years. David has enjoyed working with his colleagues at PHS – had lots of fun. “We have had some real characters through the department over the years!” “I am passionate about my classes, love teaching these fantastic students. It is not a job – a joy with really neat kids coming through.” His staff say it has been an honour to work with, David. In those years, he has displayed diligence and professionalism throughout, offering support and advice to his staff whilst fostering a friendly and professional working environment. David takes with him the love and respect of his working colleagues as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience. He will be undoubtedly missed as the tech faculty attempts to move forward without him in 2021 and beyond. We hope he has a great retirement and catches many fish in the years to come.

By Charlotte Newman

This year’s prefects made up each council along with the four head students. These councils are Akoranga (Learning), Haakinakina (Sports), Hapori Whaanui (Community), Hauora (Well-being), Toi Me Ahurea (Arts and Culture), Maaori, and Pasifika. Each council stands for student unity and the celebration of talent, diversity, and success. The prefects have displayed determination against 2020’s odds, by ensuring their goals were not forgotten and that they pave the way for the future senior student councils. Select councils also had one or two Year 10 students within their team also, this was to further cement the council legacies as each year passes.

Akoranga Despite this year’s challenges, the Learning council, led by Head Student Olivia Fausett with her prefect team: Ayla Johnstone, Seth Green, Salome Watson, and Alex Coleman-Chaiman, and Year 10’s Rebecca Yip and Rowan Loveday, managed to host a successful event early in the year. The Learning council ran the sensational 2020 scholars’ dinner. The Learning council also had plans to revolutionize the legacy of the Academic council. For years, the Academic council has focused on tutoring, spelling bees, Kahoot and Mathex, however this was not sustained. If they had had the opportunity this year, the council would have

“is it cause I’m a cancer?” - Victoria Barrar 8 | STAFF LEAVERS & STUDENT COUNCILS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

planned a week dedicated to the pathway options for students after secondary school. They planned to focus on educating seniors specifically on pathways that are available to them other than the expected entry into university or physical trades. 2020 was a crazy year for everyone and this includes the councils and prefects, but they all made an effort and they all had fun.

Haakinakina The past year was not overly eventful for the athletes at Pukekohe High; However, the 2020 Sports council was able to assist the set up and management of the school athletics, cross country, swimming sports, house touch tournament and teacher vs. student challenges. Head Student Christian Grant led prefects: Jenna Lowe, Amber Knight, Aidan Trow, Olivia Roberts, and Year 10’s Armani Toiaha and Rushil Patel, being the Sports council members this year. This student council wants the promotion of the Pukekohe High sports teams and athletes to be improved constantly so the Pukekohe High sports grows and attracts more talented, young sportsmen and sportswomen to join the record books.

Hapori Whaanui The Community council this year was led by Student Rep Ruiha Bhana. Alongside her were prefects: Tayla Spooner, Chelsea James, Kukenga Chiyesu and Ethan Campbell, and Year 10’s Riley Jenkins and Emma Hedley. At the beginning of the year they sold the Valentine’s roses at Pukekohe High in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Later in the year, the Community council helped run an event at the Pukekohe Netball Courts. This involved assisting the transition of 3-4-year old kids from preschool to school. Our role was to help host the event, ensure that everyone was comfortable and that the event was running smoothly. The Community council also led the sports team tug-o-war that is a tradition within Pukekohe High School. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the Community council had to cancel a few events within the local area. The Community council wishes that there continues to be a fair and fun relationship between Pukekohe High students and the local community, and students are able to contribute to the local setting for the greater good.

Hauora Run by Head Student Kara Irwin and prefects: Meg Stevens, Skylar Ryan, Alec Thomas, Cassandra Pitsillides, and Year 10’s Sam Cato and Shayna Eksteen, the Wellbeing council had introduced a handful of sustainable initiatives into Pukekohe High this year. They started the year by sorting and organising the Uniform Cupboard. With the help of Mitre 10’s uniform donations, they could restock and organise second-hand uniform items for students to access for free. The Wellbeing council also initiated the “Breakfast Club” where students were able to obtain a free a nutritious breakfast before school began. In Term 4, they also held the “Pink Shirt Day” which is a social movement for bullying awareness. Finally, this determined team invited Jazz & Gen from “Voices of Hope” to come along and speak to the

senior students about mental health and wellbeing. As a council we aim to continuously promote positive wellbeing across the entire school for a healthy and nurturing environment.

Toi Me Ahurea Head Student Richard Petty was allocated the role of Arts and Culture council leader, with his team of prefects: Amber-lee Kelliher, Charlotte Newman, Javan French, Abby Howard, and Year 10 Samuel Donovan. The Arts and Culture council works to integrate the beauty of arts with school culture, this includes music, dance, song, drama, and art. The disruption this year unfortunately led to the cancellation of the Arts and Culture council’s plans, but they ensured they were present at all prefect events and displayed consistent involvement at school. The Arts and Culture council planned to host “Arts Week” at Puke High, which would involve chalk art and lip sync competitions, a diverse showcase evening, mural painting, and creative homeroom challenges. This council team hopes to see their 2020 plans reinstated next year and repeated annually, as it is important to display such talents that students hold. The Arts and Culture council team also wishes that school culture be consistently embraced in a positive and brilliant light.

Maaori Led by Blaise Nathan, the Maaori council was involved in multiple events, in and out of school this year. Alongside Blaise was prefects Justyce Taewa, Charismah Te Rangi, Lui Seymour, Francis Buskermolen, and Whitiora Purua. They organised the very first annual Matariki event here in Pukekohe which gave the community a chance to come together and celebrate the Maaori New Year. This included cultural performances from local, renowned Kapa Haka groups, cultural performances from schools, business stalls from Pukekohe High’s very own kura and food stalls held by people throughout the community. The Maaori council also ran Maaori Language Week, which our council prepared Maaori-based activities each weekday for students across all years to participate. The Maaori council hopes that important and meaningful events such as the ones organised this year continue to be organised and incite continuous cultural growth and significance within the community.

Pasifika This year the Pasifika Council, led by Amani Stunnenberg and his team Joyce Singh, Loyal Henwood, Tonga Fakava, and Iunisi Pomee, was given the chance to organise some amazing events. There was the fiafia night, which was an incredible night that showed off the Pacific Island talents at Pukekohe High and within the community. Earlier this year, the Pasifika council was involved in the organisation of the “ASB Polyfest”, but sadly this got cancelled due to COVID-19. This wonderful team was also a big part of helping during fono nights, as well as the Pasifika Islands Language Week held in term 4. As a council they aimed to bring more recognition to our Pasifika brothers and sisters within the community and wish that the future councils will further embrace Pasifika culture in the community also.

“Who egged my house?” - Sam McPherson STUDENT COUNCILS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 9

Caitlin van Rijs, Jimmy O’Keefe, Lilly Fox and Sala Deng

Special Awards for Outstanding Performance – Presented by Mr Mathias and Mr Barnett

Year 9

Armani Tohaia - As a member of the Year 9 Netball team, Armani played in the Counties Manukau competition where the team won their grade. Armani has competed in all house competitions achieving Junior Athletics Champion and Junior Cross Country Champion. Armani competed in the NZSS Cross Country where she placed 6th and was selected in the CMSS team, to compete in the regional teams’ event, finishing a commendable 7th for the 3 person team. Armani was part of the swimming team at NZSS championships where she achieved 8x top 10 placings for individual and relay events. Ken Hemopo Shield - Best All Round Sporting Achievement. The following distinction awards acknowledge excellence in four or more subjects and the top 9 over all rankings in the four core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies: Anneliese Hamilton - Excellence in Year 9 Mathematics and Science - Tenth equal overall in Year 9 core subjects.

Jimmy O’Keefe Liam Webster - Excellence in Year 9 French, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education and Science Tenth equal overall in Year 9 core subjects. Jade Wineera - Excellence in Year 9 Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies and Te Reo Maaori Ninth overall in Year 9 core subjects. Davina Cramer - Excellence in Year 9 French, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies - Eighth overall in Year 9 core subjects. Sam van Tiel - Excellence in Year 9 English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Science - Seventh overall in Year 9 core subjects. Lauren Hutchinson - Excellence in Year 9 English, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Te Ao Maaori - Sixth overall in Year 9 core subjects. Armani Tohaia - Excellence in Year 9 Art, English, French, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies and Te Ao Maaori First in Year 9 English - Fourth equal overall in Year 9 core subjects. Rowan Loveday - Excellence in Year 9 Art, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Te Ao Maaori Fourth equal overall in Year 9 core subjects. Rebecca Yip - Excellence in Year 9 French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Te Ao Maaori Third overall in Year 9 core subjects.

“I would sacrifice my own life for Pak n Save” - Dimana Kolarova 10 | JUNIOR PRIZEGIVING 2019 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

Kiana Carter - Excellence in Year 9 English, Japanese, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies and Te Ao Maaori, First equal in Year 9 Japanese - First equal overall in Year 9 core subjects, Principal’s Award. Samuel Donovan - Excellence in Year 9 Art, English, French, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies and Te Ao Maaori - First equal overall in Year 9 core subjects, Principal’s Award.

Year 10

Emily O’Connor - Junior Debater, Winner of Year 10 Speech Competition Leon Duke - Leon has competed in all house competitions achieving Junior Swimming Champion and Junior Cross-Country Champion. Leon was part of the Swimming team at NZSS championships where he achieved 4th 200m Free Relay, 5th 200m Medley Relay, 7th 400m Free Relay. His talents and skills in hockey saw him selected for the Hockey 1st XI which won the CMSS competition and travelled to Christchurch for tournament week in September. Leon has been active as a Sports Council member and participates in Duke of Edinburgh. Ken Hemopo Shield - Best All Round Sporting Achievement. Jimmy O’Keeffe - John Brinsden Cup (shared) Progress on a Brass Instrument. Steadfast Sutrisno - John Brinsden Cup (shared) Progress on a Brass Instrument. Chelsea Mills - Excellence in Year 10 English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies -Tenth overall in Year 10 core subjects. David Flint - Excellence in Year 10 Japanese, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Studies - Ninth overall in Year 10 core subjects. Hope Greenstreet - Excellence in Year 10 English, Science and Social Studies - Eighth overall in Year 10 core subjects. Noah Smith - Excellence in Year 10 French, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies - Seventh overall in Year 10 core subjects. Sam Shaw - Excellence in Year 10 Business Studies, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies - Fifth equal overall in Year 10 core subjects. Pene Travers - Excellence in Year 10 Art, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies - Fifth equal

Samuel Donovan, Rebecca Yip, Kiana Carter, Armani Tohaia & Rowan Loveday

overall in Year 10 core subjects. Sala Deng - Excellence in Year 10 Art, English, Japanese, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Fourth overall in Year 10 core subjects. Lilly Fox - Excellence in Year 10 English, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Studies - Third overall in Year 10 core subjects. Gerard Brady Memorial Award: The Gerard Brady Memorial Award goes to a Year 10 student who shows all-round excellence in achievements in cultural, sporting, service and academic pursuits. Caitlin van Rijs - Caitlin is a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze candidate, was a member of the Spirit Trophy voyage this year. In a sporting field she has competed at the school level in Athletics, coming 3rd in 3000m, 8th in the Cross Country, where she went on to represent the school at Counties Manukau Secondary Schools, coming 5th in the 6-person team, and at Auckland Secondary Schools where she placed 9th in the 3-person team. Caitlin is also a member of a school rowing squad, where she represented the school at Auckland Secondary Schools Head of Harbour where she placed 4th in Division 1 Under 18 Eight and came 3rd in Division 2 Under 15 Coxed Quad. In Rowing, went on to North Island Secondary School, where she placed 3rd in the B Final Under 15 Double Sculls, and New Zealand Secondary Schools competition where she placed 5th in the C final Under 15 Coxed Quad, competing also in the Double Sculls, Under 18 Novice Eight. Not only has Caitlin represented the school at competitive levels in a range of codes, she has maintained her pursuit of excellence in her academic studies. Caitlin is awarded Excellence in Year 10 Business Studies, Design and Visual Communications, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, is second overall in Year 10 core subjects and today receives the Gerard Brady Memorial Award for All-Round Excellence in Year 10. Jimmy O’Keeffe - Jimmy receives excellence in Year 10 Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Studies. He is placed first overall in Year 10 core subjects and receives the Bill Barnaby Memorial Award for Academic Excellence in Year 10.

Armani Tohaia JUNIOR PRIZEGIVING 2019 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 11

Covid-19 Pukekohe High Style 2020







o what if we weren’t at school for weeks/months….most of us used this time to connect with whanau (in close quarters), watch movies, make movies, walk, run, bake, do some school work, have zoom meetings, queue at the supermarket and just enjoy being relaxed. Except for those who were essential workers like many of our students working in supermarkets, petrol stations and fast food outlets – they were very busy! Students in the art department kept on producing amazing work – see the collection on the next page called ‘Isolation’. Musicians kept on making music, recording and sharing it with us on youtube. Business Studies students

kept on creating their businesses and even selling – you know click and collect – talk about pivoting! This page is an eclectic look at what Emma Rose Sears did during lockdown – a bit of comedy (or you would cry). Plus what the prefects did to try and keep the seniors positive. Enjoy!!

Spread joy, not Covid. 12 | COVID-19 PUKE HIGH STYLE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020






uring the period of Covid-19 and the first lockdown, students from year 11 took on the challenge of creating a series of photographs which depicted their lives around them, from family, daily routines, objects

and spaces. This interactive exhibition is their voice, and their visual response to a time of isolation. You can view the exhibition by visiting the website link below.


Stay home, save lives. Be kind. ISOLATION SHADOWS 2020 - THE VIRTUAL EXHIBITION | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 13



he Rising Foundation, an establishment built to help young students lead, inspire and ‘Unlock Their Potential’. This program is developed to help build life-skills and makes the transitions to and from high school a better and easier journey. Our family environment gives everyone the help and support they need to achieve their goals and give you an unforgettable experience! You are offered opportunities like day-long excursions, camps and chances to serve the community as well as creating CV’s, getting your driver’s licence, receiving a Duke Of Edinburgh certificate and being

a part of an uplifting movement that encourages individuals to be the ‘best they can be’. Graduates from TRF (The Rising Foundation) have gone on to become police officers, social workers, construction workers, nurses, and lawyers. This year, we are lucky enough to have the lovely Billie Patterson and Shani Apelu running the embassy and giving us guidance for our journeys. Throughout the year, everyone in the rising has grown together, as a whole and we can’t wait to see some new faces as well as the on-going success from the students at PHS in 2021 and above.



ia ora, My name is Azura, I am Flava’s Day show host and a proud Pukekohe High school student! I left school back in 2015 with no idea I’d be where I am today, and as I sit in the Flava studio writing this it’s incredible to reflect on the past 6 years. It took a little bit of luck and A LOT of preparation. I often found it hard to concentrate in class and struggled during my first couple of years of high school until my year 10 science teacher Dr. Winter kept me behind after class and challenged me to try in the next test. I was the only person in class that got excellence, and for the first time in my life someone who wasn’t a family member believed in me, I was so proud. After that moment, It was like someone hit a switch

in my head; school was no longer this boring barrier, it was an aid to my future and who I wanted to be. During High School, I joined multiple extra-curricular activities such as the council, peer mediator, the Rising Foundation, stage challenge, the school play, and attended most after school tutoring provided by the school. In the beginning, I joined these groups because I knew it would be easier on my family if I got a scholarship but over time I fell in love with the people I’d meet and the rewarding feeling I would get from pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Without a doubt, doing these extra-curricular activities I built character and confidence for what I do today. After 2 ½ years at New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch, I completed my degree in Radio Broadcasting and began an internship at Flava. During my study, I worked part-time for my company, NZME, 5-6 days a week. It was tiring but it ‘got my foot in the door’ to an industry I’d loved since I could remember. Each day is as challenging as it is fun, mostly I talk but I also do a range of things: interviews, giving things away on-air, creating online content for @flavaradio on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook, I keep updated on what’s happening around the world and with artists, as well as work with clients (Pita Pit, JBL, GHD). I get to brainstorm ideas and watch them come to life. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, sometimes the best things don’t make sense and it’s ok to not know where the hell you’ll end up. No matter what you do, be positive, be patient, and be passionate. - Zu

“Education is important, but biceps are importanter.” - Christian Grant 14 | THE RISING FOUNDATION & WHERE ARE THEY NOW? AZURA LANE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

WHEN WE BLOOM, WE GROW An animation in tribute to those affected by the Christchurch attacks in 2019


short film created by approximately 50 senior painting and design students from Pukekohe High School in response to the mosque attacks in Christchurch on the 15th March 2019. The film groups together the senior painting and design students’ creative response, in a variety of media, from paintings, illustrations and animations, to original song writing and performance by Ella Barwick, a year 13 music student. ‘When we bloom, we grow’ intends to express the power of hope, aroha, support and kotahitanga that our students and staff felt in response to the attack last year, and were motivated to create artworks to offer support and wishes to those affected. You

can view the full animation by visiting the school Youtube channel at https://youtu.be/ evZM4jE31MA Ngaa Mihi.

“Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is a salad.” - Jenna Lowe WHEN WE BLOOM , WE GROW | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 15



n this extraordinary year of consequences it has been decided that the House Shield will be shared this year. At the completion of all the

Sporting Competitions Massey and Perkins remained on equal points. Congratulations to the Leaders of Massey and Perkins.

TENNIS Junior Girls Champion Armani Tohaia (Perkins) Runners-up Drew McKenzie (Perkins) Junior Boys ChampionBen Fausett (Perkins) Runners-up Byron O’Flaherty (Jellicoe) 3rd Leif Cornu (Blake) 4th Sam Mercer (Jellicoe) Intermediate Girls Champion Benika Vandermeer (Day) Runner-up Taylor Gillard (Massey) 3rd Hayley Small (Massey) Intermediate Boys Champion Ronnie Woods (Perkins) Runners-up Cooper Jamieson (Massey) 3rd Callum Nielsen (Day) 4th Conor Beloe (Perkins)

Senior Girls Champion Olivia Fausett (Perkins) Runner-up Briar Warren (Jellicoe) 3rd Paige Livingstone (Jellicoe) 4th Olivia van Tiel (Perkins) Senior Boys Champion Keegan McCort (Day) Runners-up Cohen Brady-Leathem (Jellicoe) 3rd Jacob Shaw (Massey) 4th Josh Small (Massey) Junior Boys Plate Cory Platt (Perkins) Intermediate Girls Plate Bronwyn Mitchell (Day) Intermediate Boys Plate Coeghan van Lieshout (Jellicoe) Senior Girls Plate Caitlyn Marx (Massey)

CROSS COUNTRY Junior Girls 1st Armani Tohaia (Perkins) 2nd Drew McKenzie (Perkins) 3rd Toni Glossop (Massey)

Intermediate Boys 1st Caleb Moxon (Jellicoe) 2nd Samuel O’Connor (Massey) 3rd Leon Duke (Massey)

Junior Boys 1st Dylan Wymer (Jellicoe) 2nd Jack Steger-Hood (Blake) 3rd Braith Halliday (Massey)

Senior Girls 1st Caitlyn Marx (Massey) 2nd Jenna Lowe (Massey) 3rd Abbey Swain (Massey)

Intermediate Girls 1st Kate Leader (Jellicoe) 2nd Tyler Chapman (Blake) 3rd Bronwyn Mitchell (Day)

Senior Boys 1st Cole van Gysen (Day) 2nd Callum Farmer (Blake) 3rd Kurt Yates (Day)

“chicken nuggies” - Ella Martin 16 | HOUSE RESULTS & SPORTS EVENT WINNERS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

House results: 1st Perkins 2nd Massey 3rd Day 4th Jellicoe 5th Blake

House results: 1st Massey 2nd Perkins 3rd Jellicoe 4th Blake 5th Day

SWIMMING Junior Girls ChampionKate Wheeler (Perkins) Runners-up Armani Tohaia (Perkins) 3rd Tyler McNaughten (Perkins) Junior Boys Champion Ryan Elliott (Perkins) Runners-up Jordan Reynolds (Jellicoe) 3rd David Wright (Massey) Intermediate Girls Champion Tyler Chapman (Blake) Runner-up Willow Phillips (Jellicoe) 3rd Jorja McKenzie (Perkins) Intermediate Boys Champion Spencer Menzies (Day) Runners-up Anton Schutte (Day) 3rd Leon Duke (Massey)

HOUSE SPORTS Senior Girls Champion Abbey Swain (Massey) Runner-up Jasmine Niederberger (Day) 3rd Tavarnya Howe (Perkins)

House results: 1st Perkins 2nd Massey 3rd Day 4th Jellicoe 5th Blake

Senior Boys 1st Cole van Gysen (Day) 2nd Callum Farmer (Blake) 3rd Kurt Yates (Day) Records Kate Wheeler Junior Girls 100m Freestyle 1.03.90s (2014 Rebecca Cheyne 1.05.50s) 50m Backstroke 33.89s (2001 R Payne 33.93s) 50m Butterfly 32.34s (2018 Mikaela Hawley 32.75s)

ATHLETICS Junior Girls Champion Armani Tohaia (Perkins) 2nd= Caitlin Hickford (Blake) 2nd= Amira Hughes (Massey)

Intermediate Boys Champion Kaelan Paranihi (Perkins) 2nd Jayden Flanagan (Perkins) 3rd Caleb Moxon (Jellicoe)

Junior Boys Champion De la Rey Venter (Perkins) 2nd= Ammon Aupouri (Day) 2nd= Fale Veainu (Perkins)

Senior Girls Champion Caitlyn Marx (Massey) 2nd Briar Warren (Jellicoe) 3rd Jenna Lowe (Massey)

Intermediate Girls Champion Bronwyn Mitchell (Day) 2nd Shaodahn Tonga-Awhikau (Jellicoe) 3rd Ruby Gurnick (Day)

Senior Boys Champion Aidan Trow (Perkins) 2nd= Vaziahn Tonga-Awhikau (Day) 2nd= Cohen Brady-Leathem (Jellicoe) 2nd= Callum Farmer (Blake)

House results: 1st Perkins 2nd Massey 3rd Day 4th Blake 5th Jellicoe

“B-dog.” - Brayden Riggs HOUSE SPORTS EVENT WINNERS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 17


Senior Maori Art Students take part in NZQA exhibition Ringa Toi


he 2020 Ringa Toi Student Exhibition was held at the Asteron Centre in Wellington from Wednesday 23 September to Friday 2 October. It featured excellence work of Year 13 photography students Ruiha Bhana and Zenephi Kwan-Wing, Year 13 printmaking students Lutila Seymour and Whitiora Purua and year 12 art student Jennifer-Rose Heremia and Year 11 art student Nyle Turuwhenua.


Ringa Toi is an annual exhibition that showcases the artwork of secondary school students at NCEA levels 1-3, with a focus on excellence work in Toi Māori. Work displayed showcases a range of Māori art forms including raranga, kākahu (wearable art), tukutuku, tāniko, whakairo, kōwhaiwhai, mahi-tā (paint, print, spray), uku, whakapakoko (sculpture) and mahi-matihiko (digital). In his artist statement, that accompanied his work, PHS student Whitora Purua said “I love everything that has to do with Māori culture and how our people are spreading their talent, like Sons of Zion and how they took their song “Drift away” and translated it into Te Reo for Māori Language week last year. When I was designing the patterns they were honouring Ranginui and Papatuanuku, the past and the future. The layers of the pattern create an illusion and while the Marae is basically saying “This is where our people’s music began”.

“It’s the social anxiety for me -C.S” - Nicky Brooks 18 | RINGA TOI - NZQA EXHIBITION | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

Voice of Hope PHS Diversity Group

Pink Shirt Day


Voice of Hope

he Pukekohe High School Diversity Group was established late this year and we have already begun to achieve great things. The Diversity Group is a group of students that get together to talk about issues that the LGBTQ+ community faces. We’re making an impact by showing our faces, presented with rainbows and positivity. The purpose of the Diversity club in 2020 was to represent those who have not had real representation before, and we hoped to do this by gaining respect and encouragement from our peers. 2020 has been a great year of change for the LGBTQ+ community at Pukekohe High School from representation to educating people on all of our rights. We sincerely hope that PHS continues to embrace our community in years to come.

Plus PHS supported other events like Pink Shirt Day (anti bullying) to show manaakitanga to students and staff, where students and staff wore pink shirts Pink Shirt Day to unite against bullying. We also had voice of hope’s Genevieve Mora and Jazz Thornton speak at a school assembly about Mental Health – very powerful presenters.

“it’s the 70% attendance for me” - Carmen Steyn WELLBEING WEEK - AUGUST | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 19

“Forever repping ‘RIP club penguin’ cause yall raised me when my parents didn’t want to” - Salome Watson 20 | YEAR 13 DRESS UP DAY| PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



Blake House Year 13’s Back Row: Third Row: Second Row: Front Row:

Josh Wilson, Logan Harding. Yuki Smith, Michael Paterson, Javan French, Callum Farmer. Amani Stunnenberg, Ethan Campbell, Cody Tahaka, Jego Amio. Camlyn Allen, Poppy Gibson, Kara Irwin, Meg Grey, Adam Gay.

“Where was the singing? Where was the dancing? Where was Zac Efron?” - Abbie Reid 22 | BLAKE HOUSE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

9BCV Back Row:

Jing Ning Chua, Fraser Tilyard, Cody Brungar, Yong Huang, Paige Neil. Third Row: Daniel Rice, Benjamin Taani, Liam Mould, Oliver Gregor, Kieran Miller. Second Row: Jaidah Puru, Asena Tongotongo, Joey Ebreo, Tumanako Tamihana-Parata, Mekenzy Richards, Mieke Robertson, Mrs Ying Carver (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Dakota Buttery-Moa, Jessica Naicker, Tiroko Retitaake, Emma Manning, Ria Sutrisno, Lily Williams, Mariann Ares. Absent:

Riley Bell-Kainiu, Trey McCall, Brandon Rusk, Tyrese TeAnau.

9BHW Back Row:

Charlie Blackledge, Vison Huang, Brayden Whittaker, Trent Whittingham, Alexander Hawke. Third Row: Jake Sousa, Eknoor Singh, James Ormond, Carlos Martin, Leif Cornu. Second Row: Aldena-May Tukarangatai, Leah Morgan, William Connolly, Marcus Goldsack, Mereana Williams, Mrs Sarah Hainsworth (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Michaela Holley, Summer Epere, Izabella Flinkenberg, Eden Ross, Jessica Jameson, Sevannah Hoeta, Tayla Bergquist.

9BKR Back Row:

Brianna Collins, Clyde del Carmen, Rewiti Parata. Fourth Row: Tylah-Jorja Swatton, Richard Chapman, Liam Galvin, Cooper Puaha, Bailey Hart. Third Row: Molly Wilson, Corban Hewett, Tiaan Strydom, Abinashi Toor, Tyra Rogers-Helps. Second Row: Talia Masi, Maddy Hilliam, Grace Evans-Brown, Lewis Robson, Jack Walters, Caitlin Hickford, Michelle Oostdam, Mrs Sukhjit Kaur (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Maddie Stuart, Taylor Newbury, Riley Manuel, Praise Mave, Saffron Miles, Maddie Inkster, Waimirirangi Morgan. Absent: Raymond Fa’avae, Emma Cronin.

“The marathon continues” - Kukenga Chiyesu BLAKE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 23

10BHQ Back Row: Diesel Grass, Bree Phoenix. Fourth Row: Adam Hodge, Olivia Polglase, Jordyn Corbett, Sam Wharfe. Third Row: Cortez Tetley, Grace Collo, Petrina Schlaepfer, Noah Campbell, Daniel Hawke, Layla Grey, Joshua Wech. Second Row: Ashlee Armstrong, Ruby Bremner, Hopper Burson, Kulbir Toor, Laine Marsh, Finlay Donald, Dassidy Smith, Miss Morgan Hogg (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Maia Moka, Amy Hunter, Ella Shortland, Kaela Bennett, Leah Lawson, Priyanka Khusal, Sachini Kodituwakku.

10BHY Back Row:

Jono Joubi, Benjamin Randall, Jacob Ormsby, Leon Meads, Ben van den Berg. Third Row: Harman Bains, Bodelle Morgan, Taniora Moana, Richie Hong, Isobella Ferguson. Second Row: Aarya Kagathra, Boscawen Tupou, Ashton Harris, Chene Louw, TJ Notman, Mr Greg Hughes (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Jessica Shack, Merie Lacsamana, Molly Butler, Grace Wilkinson, Ruby Allan, Hayleigh Norman, Jasmine Kaur. Absent: Cole Barclay, Venius-Rae Fa’asavale, Afeaki Taulafo, Niuea Bamotoa, Ataahua Astle, Meralisi Toom.

10BPG Back Row:

Nathan Soma, Osian Croft, Glendell de la Cruz, Tyreece Howard. Third Row: Caleb Marshall, Grant Newcombe, Charlie Wilson, Aidan Molineux, Cameron Spackman, Jaxson Wade, Daniel Candy. Second Row: Kyron Kite, Samira Bedingham, Jayden Hewett, Caule Withers, Atila Kolarov, Arno Maree, Lauren Sumner, Mr Mark Perrigo (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Athea Ramos, Vaness De Real, Antonia Whitehead, Zoe Freeman, Arizona Withers, Sofia Svatos, Hannah Davis.

“I’m actually not funny. I’m just really mean and people think I’m joking” - Hannah Nunes 24 | BLAKE HOUSE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

11BLV Back Row:

Christian Jambalos, Katelyn Sharp, Esperance Reeve, Chelsea Grey, Adrian Liu. Second Row: Yiheng Wu, Kian Buffery, Troy Goldsack, Tyler Adams, Xavier McFarlane, Ms Grace Love (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Calais Blackledge, Sam Murphy, Roz Kaur, Hope Psaros, Alice Li.

11BPR Back Row:

Max Brunsden, Steadfast Sutrisno, Kyan Rumbold, Dylan Galvin, Eli Ross. Second Row: William Kirk, Liam Gregor, Simon Gay, Joshua Hodgson, Sione Tupou, Ollie Bergquist, Edward Kirk Mr Jay Pressnell (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Chelsea Mills, Mia Peters, Ashania Ali, Ana Seini Davis, Madison Hodgson, Ella Crosbie, Charlotte Chavez.

11BWA Back Row:

Asahi Smith, Tyler Mercer, Sanjay Singh, Kaelim Jeffries, Drew McGuigan. Second Row: Bryn Dew, Hamish Fowler, Bradley McKibbin, Jack Dickey, Alex Wright, Mrs Athlyn Watt (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Katie Reid, Renesis Parks, Devon Matthews, Molly Gibson, Tanisha Shehnaz.

“177013” - Eli Smith BLAKE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 25

12BNT Back Row: Rick Lacsamana, Mark Gutierrez. Second Row: Mareeshia Van Lieshout, Arman Athwal, Taebin Chung, Aries De Real, Mr Thomas North (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Georgia Carter, Devon Benny, Gracie Dawson, Caroline Bowler, Simarpreet Kaur Singh. Absent:

Jessica Bryant, Lang Coxen, Roxy Deihl, Brylee Smith, Fina Taulafo, Janae Te Rangi, Kayah TeAnau Matene, Thomas Wilde.

12BPC Back Row:

Hayley Thomas, Sarah Munro, Jorja Sharp, Seb Inkster. Third Row: Amish Singh, James Lovell, Caleb Rhodes, Dylan Stabler, Corey Molineux. Second Row: Alitheia Psaros, Te Rua Withers, Billy New, Niklas Meads, Stanley Grace-Dare, Miss Amy PriceWilliams (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Xanthe Wright, Emma Polglase, Chantelle McLaren, Jessica Pressnell, Christelle Botha.

12BRM Back Row:

Alyx de Ponte, Logan McGlade, Antony Lot, Liam Wilson. Third Row: Craig McSkimming, Orlando Wells, Nathan Chaney, Vaughan Heremaia, Jaecob Harris. Second Row: Emily Sheck-Andrews, Kale McFall, Brad Spicer, Jasper Wilson, Tom Christoffersen, Ms Tara Remington (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Abby Crane, Jennifer-Rose Heremaia, Emily Winch, Millie Norman, Brooklyn Winder. Absent:

“Its in the fridge” - Malakai Poa 26 | BLAKE HOUSE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

Raniya Buksh, Ben Harris, Sean Palmer, Katie Wekking.

13BBM Back Row:

Michael Paterson, Abby Verrenkamp, Jack Leonard, Callum Farmer. Second Row: Meg Grey, Liam Dickson, Jego Amio, Logan Harding, Joshua Mills, Mrs Amelia Bodman (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Camlyn Allen, Casey Morgan, Bella Small, Ella Barwick, Kayla Havinga.

13BSQ Back Row:

Adam Gay, Sarah Wekking, Tyler Wade, Christine Adams, Dimana Kolarova. Second Row: Riley Baxter, Amani Stunnenberg, Byron Goldsack, Javan French, Minsung Kwon, Miss Sneha Srinivasan (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Emily Liu, Sophie Harker, Briana Ineson, Chelsea James, Carmen Steyn, Sophie Manning, Taein Jeong. Absent:

Chelsea De Kock.

13BWT Back Row:

Poppy Gibson, Jessica Loader, Ethan Bennett, Kaylia FraserLe’au. Second Row: Josh Wilson, Yuki Smith, Ben Hodson, Cody Tuhaka, Ethan Campbell, Miss Sharon Watson (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Mikayla Younger, Greer Crosbie, Justyce Taewa, Kara Irwin, Victoria Lowe, Lome Watson, Abbie Reid. Absent:

Caleb Seddon.

“‘Posing in a stock image is involuntarily funny” - Connor Williams BLAKE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 27

SMOKEFREE ROCKQUEST 2020 By Celeste Nyatsanza


he two Smokefree Rockquest (SFRQ) is a nationwide annual song writing and performance competition for secondary school students. Submissions are usually performed live as concerts and there are multiple rounds, however due to covid-19 in addition to there being only one round, entries had to be to in the form of a video

(with two songs) uploaded to YouTube. This year Black Roses and Latem entered and Ciaran Hanrahan from Black Roses took out the award for Best Musician in the South Auckland Region. To watch this year’s entries, search up ‘Latem Rockquest’ and ‘Black Roses’ on YouTube and for more information on Rockquest, ask Mr about Monday Rocks.

Izzy Grace – “The Musical”


ver the past 5 years at Pukekohe High School, Izzy Grace has reached unbelievable success. The vocalist for both the Stage Band and the Black Roses has been recognized for her musical talent both locally and nationally. Izzy also plays bass, drums and ukulele, with her guitar often accompanying her solo singing performances. In 2019, Izzy was the overall intermediate winner at the Aotearoa Country Music Festival. Izzy said that this was her proudest achievement as it gave her an opportunity to take place in an important national competition. This win allowed her to take place in the New Zealand Entertainer of the Year Awards for country music. She also has competed in the SmokeFree Rockquest with


Black Roses and made it to the Regional Finals in 2019. Other accomplishments include winning the Edinburgh Bar solo competition, winning the Franklin Youth Advisory Board’s talent quest and taking away Most Outstanding Vocalist and Achievement Outside School awards last year at the PHS music awards. Covid lockdowns have resulted in the cancellation of many music festivals and competitions this year, but Izzy focused on practicing and improving her skills. Izzy aims to study hairdressing next year in order to support her music career and give herself stability for her future. Despite looking forward to her no doubt successful future, she says that she’ll miss the opportunities, friends and teachers at PHS. Izzy Grace will be missed by the music department for many years to come.



his year the Stage band and Combo made the trip down to Manawatu for the Manawatu Jazz festival. This was our only chance to compete this year and the last opportunity for the Year 13s to compete, and what a send-off it was! Everyone in the bands was incredibly upset that the competitions throughout the year were cancelled due to Covid, so when we knew we were going down to Manawatu to compete we were all very excited. Despite the incredibly long bus ride and many, many hours of Mafia, the long trip was definitely worth it. We came away with some amazing results! The results were: Best Bass Player: Eric Nielsen Best drummer in a Big Band: Richard Petty Best young musician: Richard Petty Best Combo: PHS Quartet Best Big Band: PHS Stage Band Best young musician: Richard Petty Richard achieved the supreme honour award of the North Island Competition for best young musician. This is an incredible achievement as drummers do not get much spotlight, so this award recognises Richard’s level of talent. Congratulations – we hope you continue your passion throughout university. Massive shout out to Mr Schofield, Mrs Andrews and Cath for making this happen, putting up with us on an incredibly long bus ride and staying in a youth hostel for us. We are all so incredibly thankful!




n term 1 this year the music department was fortunate enough to have workshops with the band Aro, Charlie Porter with the Mat Fieldes combo and Dr. Rodger Fox. Mat Feildes is a kiwi bassist playing with the Juilliard trained Charlie porter jazz quartet. They have experience playing around the world and worked with the Stage Band on bringing out the jazz in pieces like Dr. Feelgood. Their visit inspired the band to play with more feeling and helped build confidence in the less experienced players. Aro, a husband and wife duo, worked with our singer/songwriters. Aro are a New Zealand group who incorporate their Maori heritage into their music to share around New Zealand. Aro worked with the singer/ songwriters and the Rockquest groups on bringing nature and culture into their pieces. This workshop helped the songwriters explore their history and past experiences to grow their songs and passion for songwriting. Dr. Rodger Fox runs the Rodger Fox Big Band, which attracts international players. He has performed with his big band internationally and is New Zealand’s Leading jazz educator. Rodger worked with the Stage band and combo, improving both groups use of jazz language and showing how to make a performance more enjoyable for performance and audience alike. Dr. Rodger Fox comes in every year and many of the senior players have built up a rapport with him and are eager to show them how much they have improved over the years. This visit has become a regular on the music departments calendar. These workshops gave us an opportunity to hear professional musicians and get advice from them on our shared passions.



By Charlotte Newman


n late July, a group of 19 Earth and Space Science students from Year 13, embarked on a journey from Auckland to Dunedin with Mrs Wild and Mrs Tonoriro. Despite this trip being in-between the COVID-19 high alert levels, the group of young marine scientists boarded on Quarantine Island in the Otago Harbour for the 3-day duration of their trip. Quarantine Island used to serve as a quarantine facility for early settlers and labourers entering New Zealand in the 1860’s. The students were invited by the Quarantine Island Trust to assist in planting trees on island, in-order to promote the environmental work they are succeeding in. The trip accommodation in itself taught the students valuable lessons about the early beginnings and the prolonged sustainability of New Zealand. Prior to be beginning their marine science laboratory work, the students were fortunate enough to experience an Otago Harbour boat tour that allowed them to view marine animals such as albatross, penguins, dolphins, seals, and sea lions. Whilst down south, the Earth and Space Science class were lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to utilise the University of Otago marine laboratory in Portobello, Dunedin. Over three busy and productive days, the

students worked in pairs or small groups to carry out an independent investigation for their final internal. These experiments ranged from testing the oxygen consumption of sea stars to monitoring the feeding patterns of crabs, both in extreme environment situations. Although this work was new and challenging for the determined group, multiple, impressive reports were produced by each team. Combining the unique trip and the laboratory work, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of those involved, and a great opportunity for learning. The most significant piece of information that the students came away with, was how important it is for our generation and the future generations to protect ecosystems such as the oceans from devastating, anthropological change, we have one Earth!



he Epro8 challenge is an inter-school competition involving engineering, math and problem solving. The teams have 3 hours to build structures and circuits to complete challenges This year, 2 junior teams and 2 senior teams competed in the challenge. Cute British Accents came 1st in the heats and Cortez and the Quartets came 3rd. Both junior teams progressed to the finals. This NOT That came 4th in the heats and missed out on making it to the finals by only a few points. All Gas, No Brakes came a close 2nd and progressed to the Auckland grand finals. All finals were postponed due to the second lockdown, but the senior final took place in October. All Gas, No Brakes competed at Pakuranga College and won the competition by 130 points, becoming the 2020 Grand Finals winners. The junior finals took place in early November, just after The Hill went to print. Cute British Accents - Samuel Donovan, Ruby-Aroha Gurnick, Rowan Loveday, Rebecca Yip Cortez and the Quartets - Cortez Tetley, Tayla Bergquist, Anyi Liu, Mahmoud Moussa This NOT That - Heather Smith, Lilly Fox, Theresa Nota, Stanley Yip All Gas, No Brakes - Jasmine Niederberger, Joel Hawkins, Jayden Fox, Samuel Roche.

32 | EPRO8 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



Day House Year 13’s Back Row: Vincent Bunning, Vance Andrews, Eric Nielsen. Second Row: Whitiora Purua, Michael Oosthuizen, Keegan McCort, Ryan Kellas, Lutila Seymour. Front Row: Hazy Taka-Buskermolen, Savvarna Griffin, Gemma O’Connor, Amber-Lee Kelliher.

“School is just the dress rehearsal. Good luck to us” - Olivia Fausett 34 | DAY HOUSE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

9DAN Back Row:

Angel Doughty, Anh Nguyen, Henry Stallworthy, Brown Aloseta. Third Row: Marcus Takaria, Junior Rind Singh, Johan Schnetler, James Craven, Archie Birch. Second Row: Stacy Harkin, Ashley Pryor, Liam Guilford, Oliver Foote, Ethan Steyn, Logan Hooper, Brooke Hansen, Mr Michael Anderson (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Jordyn Naidoo, Mariam Moharam, Minette Minnaar, Dean’e Kok, Azaelia Taiaroa, Keara McCalman, Nazanin Allahyar.

9DDS Back Row:

Kyle Bautista, Brydee Baker, Holly Nazareth, Jayden Ravji. Fourth Row: Thomas Baraniko, Cole Yates, Tuitypou Lataipangai, Yolanda Balle. Third Row: Arnav Sharma, Carnell PutoheBrowne, Wiiri Kaumai, Cervantay Tangikau-Thomas, Baylee Orwin. Second Row: Tara-Lee Klem, Lee-Ann Thorne, Charlize Kelliher, Kade Ellery, Nooroa Tonorio, Mr Shan Dissanayake (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Naomi Mitchell, Paige Skelton, Kaley Portegys, Kiara Paton, Taylah Dixon, Grace Kerr, Hayley Sanders.

9DER Back Row:

Tilly Hughes, Hamish Gallagher, Nathaniel Priestley, Kyle Tunzelmann, Tristan Butler. Third Row: Oakley Hewett, Jadyn Moke, Tyler Devcich-Aicken, Dylan Wilson, Jacob Collier. Second Row: Anau Latu, Jayden Tanenui, Zayne Walding, Vahn Waitai, Ammon Aupouri, Miss Callayne Eru (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Chantal Morgan, Sophie Greenstreet, Madison Rose, Mia Wallabh, Molly Brown, Summer O’Neill, Breanna Jarkiewicz. Absent:

Jed Turnbull, Kristal Taylor, Rhiah-Jade Barker.

“I still can’t believe people’s survival instincts told them to grab toilet paper.” - Abby Verrenkamp DAY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 35

10DDI Back Row:

Sophie Clark, Abbey Van Lieshout, Ronnie Tuakura, Katelyn Harris, Skie Parata.

Third Row:

Chad Hamilton, Brayden Mayne, Callum Nielsen, Jordan McKinleyHolley, Mhitsuwi Mahinay.

Second Row: Pirihira Bartlett-Isaac, Joseph Wilson, Anton Schutte, Aryan Singh, Max Mitchell, Ms Chrismari Dickinson (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Ruby Martin, Pranavi Patel, Alex Twiss, Ruby Gurnick, Amy Damon, Ella Rose, Jaysikaben Patel.

10DKE Back Row:

Kevin Ung, Samuel Donovan, Orlando McLean, Alex Ranger, Gino Taka-Buskermolen, Kai Trautvetter, Caleb Ruka.

Second Row: Jordan Vivian, Nathan Dalpatan, Mackenzie Steenson, Brendan Vincent, Rowan Loveday, Jacob Fry. Front Row:

Isla Greig, Charlotte ReidMcMillan, Jade Wineera, Anastasia Bowler, Nisha Van Dijk, Davina Cramer, Aria Slaney.


Antonio Davis, Aiden Davy, Liberty De Thierry, Chloe Gower, Morgan McMahon.

11DES Back Row:

Inderpreet Singh, Johan Endersby-Bakker, Daniel Miller, Ali Allahyar.

Third Row:

David Vincent, Nathan Carlyle, Logan McCort, Tyran Koch, Kegan Wharfe, Ryan Woolliams.

Second Row: Cody Geck, Hone Moka, Jake Mitchell, Layton Hughey-Leniu, Tadhg Brady, Ms Leanne Evans (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Freya Faulkner, Jasvin Girgla, Faith Crosbie, Tessie Tawhara, Tyler Weir, Grace Perham.


Brier Benioni, Brie Kingi, Ben Reive, Kyla Remkes.

“Friends, S10:EP2 16:40-17:40” - Jessica Coyle 36 | DAY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

11DMQ Back Row:

Jemma Morrison, Shawn Stanley, Tony Pham, Sukhman Athwal.

Third Row:

Connell Hume, Mishka Purkis, Jacob Wrigley, Preva Huriwai, Rory Mulcahy.

Second Row: Azura McKenzie, Kaleb Peden, William Song, Max Stewart, Damien Brown, Harry Hall, Mrs Raewyn McLeod (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Brittany Hepburn, Tara Houia, Sasha Tou, Melissa Bradley, Maryann Akbari, Emily O’Connor, Riley Finlayson.

11DWZ Back Row:

Gianni Lucioni, Bronwyn Mitchell, Ben Avis, Hope Greenstreet, Ashley Wichman.

Third Row:

Ashlee Orwin, Spencer Menzies, Connor Morrison, Kerrod Andrews, Braith Andrews.

Second Row: Mr Blair Buckland (Kaiaawhina), Ava Morgan, Ryan Hill, Daniel Howell, Tui Tamihana-Parata, Ryan Paton, Lara Dreyer, Ms Suz Williams (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Lulu Otia, Arianna Moana, Mone’-Louise Minnaar, Brianna Moffat, Gemini Cossey, Ocean Joseph-Horsfall, Ashley Mugg.

12DMF Back Row:

Nathan Tunzelmann, Cayde Easson, Ben Fry.

Third Row:

Cassidy Porter, David Kawondera, Kieran Dawson, Denny Daly, Morgan Twiss.

Second Row: Benika Vandermeer, Jordan Lafaele, Blayze Jarman, Que McDonald, Pono Pomare-Brown, Mr Jim Matchett (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Imogen Collier, Antonia Wilcox, Hannah Lidgett, Chloe Vivian, Madin Akbari.

“Hannah Montana said no one is perfect, yet here I am” - Ella Martin DAY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 37

12DRY Back Row:

Malia Carter, Kenneth Tischendorf, Kurt Yates, Logan McKinley-Holley, Georgia Wilson.

Second Row: Brae McLeod, Bradley Morrison, Liam Collo, Cody Morrison, Joel Hawkins, Mr Paul Reynolds (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Sileas Cramer, Teretia Baraniko, Megan Stobart, Emma Neary, Serena Ravji.

12DVM Back Row:

Gaia Richards, Tom Baxter, Damien Nicholson, Braden Miller, Jackson Mills, Mrs Ina van der Merwe (Kaiaawhina).

Front Row:

Tanu Mali, Jasmine Niederberger, Abigail Howard, Yasmin Tyson, Gloria Donaldson.

13DHO Back Row:

Eric Nielsen, Vincent Bunning, Lutila Seymour, Whitiora Purua, Luke Rose, Miss Rebecca Howard (Kaiaawhina).

Front Row:

Jena Finlayson, Ella Madden, Olivia Sokimi, Grace Madden, Nicky Brooks.

“I’m the same height as lady gaga #bornthisway” - Hazy Taka-Buskermolen 38 | DAY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

13DJM Back Row:

Carson Loveday, Michael Oosthuizen, Keegan Orwin, Hayley Etherington.

Second Row: Vance Andrews, Keegan McCort, Tino Arcari, Zachary Avis, Miss Elise James (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Ella Martin, Chloe Mugg, Samantha Arvidson, Savvarna Griffin, Ai Iwashita.


Eileen Davis, Vaughn Gower, Lingxi He.

13DLS Back Row:

Kavi Van Dijk, Ben Wellstood, Ryan Kellas, Miss Stephanie Low (Kaiaawhina).

Front Row:

Birinder Singh, Salma Allahyer, Hazy Taka-Buskermolen, Gemma O’Connor, Alex Van Gysen.

“The happier we get the less we see.” - Chloe Ling DAY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 39

Black Lives Matter By Jessica Pressnell

By Amiri Ramsay Year 9

he recent Black Lives Matter movement protests climaxed on June 6 of this year, the largest movement of US history. Cultures from all around the globe came together to fight for a society where Black lives are free from systematic dehumanization. Protests have taken place in over 60 countries including our own home, Aotearoa New Zealand. Although the horrific incident of George Floyd’s death that lead to these protests happened 12,500 kilometres away, it sparked many a flame here in New Zealand, as well as in our own school, Pukekohe High. Nia Cherrington, a previous student leader who attends Marist School in Mount Albert, and a few of her friends, decided to create posters based on the BLM movement and plant them over her school in order to show their support of the protests occurring globally. To her shock the next day, the posters were caught disrespectfully being torn down by teachers. This caused many people to question the motives of the educators at Marist School and soon after, Nia was interviewed for TV. As a fellow student, I was dismayed at the actions of her teachers. It goes without saying that school should be a safe place to come and learn, but when there are students who feel unsupported by their teachers, a big change is most definitely needed. After seeing Nia’s interview on Newshub, I was inspired to take action and respond to her courageous act of support towards her school peers. The next day I reached out to Nia to query whether she would be happy for our school to take the posters her and her friends created and display them in multiple classrooms in the art department. She was more than happy to send them to me and the following day we had 6 different posters displayed in every window in B2 and the printing room. Having these posters up not only showed Pukekohe High School’s support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, but also the support of Nia and her friend’s actions. In times like these, it is so important to show that we stand together and support one another. These protests show that it only takes one person to stand up and challenge the way that others may think. Even though you may think an action of yours is insignificant and small, all it takes is one act to make a difference. The past year has given me a lot to reflect on. As I watch the countries around us make decisions on leaders and high power governments, it puts into perspective the changes our own country needs to make in order for every single person to feel accepted and loved no matter your race.



Lying in bed on a cold winter’s night wrapped up tight In a suburban street I am rudely awoken by a piercing sound of a woman’s voice screeching outside my window. I jump out of bed to look outside I can see people gathering in groups of blue and black colours. Behind them houses, gardens and driveways glistening from the reflection of the Harley’s headlights. The thumping of rap music I can feel through my windows. But the woman’s voice is sharp above the noise. Yelling, screaming, fighting. I now hear the police siren, blue and red lights flashing, beaming through our suburban street. For life on our suburban street is anything but normal! Too much hurting, mentally, emotionally and physically. How can life be so hard for too many people from our suburban street? We need to make a change, be the change. We need to hear more laughter, fun and happiness.

“E felelei manu, ae ma’au i o latou ofaga.” - Birds migrate to environments where they survive and thrive 40 | BLACK LIVES MATTER | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

Black Lives Matter By Ruiha Bhana On June the 1st 2020, I attended the Black Lives Matter protest. While being at the protest I was very fortunate to capture photos of the rally. I felt very empowered not only fighting for black lives but for our own people here in Aotearoa. I experienced all cultures coming together dancing, signing shouting making sure their voices were heard. This is a protest I will cherish forever and tell others in the future I walked in that protest as a proud young Maori all the way from Pukekohe!

“Follow your fear and don’t be afraid of the shadows.....because not far from you is light” - Iunisi Pomee BLACK LIVES MATTER | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 41

E S A C W O H S E C N A D By Ms Rhiannon Swift


he Pukekohe High School dance showcase was a great success this year, despite the disruption by COVID-19, students worked tirelessly from home and in school to design, create, challenge and refine choreography and to rehearse and perfect performances all year long. Each year group were so incredibly supportive of each other and of other year groups in dance, above and below and so immensely committed to their role and its importance in the dance showcase. Each student experienced significant growth this year in dance, and this showcase allowed them to demonstrate this enhanced understanding and confidence in themselves. Parents were not able to physically attend but all were able to view from home on our live stream, we had friends and family tuning in all over the country, all the way from Dunedin, to Keri Keri, to Sydney and even the Isle of Man. Anyone whose strengths lie outside of traditional academics can find being in school a dispiriting experience and can often leave wondering if they have any significant aptitudes at all. Dance offers opportunities for students to explore an aesthetic experience, one in which your senses are operating at their peak, where one can create meaningful learning. Dance is an NCEA subject that offers university entrance and literacy credits. This year alone students have explored ancient civilizations, environmental sustainability, geography, history, social justice, human rights, writing techniques, algebra and

technology; simply by moving. Dance teaches learners to respond to complex ideas, to create original movement and to analyse performance. Dance fosters learning differentiation effortlessly, and awakens students creativity by putting less emphasis on the replication of others ideas and by putting more emphasis on the response of their own. Dance enables students to understand the world around them and the talents within them, so they can become fulfilled individuals, compassionate citizens and lifelong learners. A special thanks to Ms. Abbott, Ms. Berry, Mrs. MooreEllen, our wonderful photographers and of course to all of the students and staff who came out to support.

“Irinaki ite ora o te atua - Trust the timing of God” - Samantha Tamaiva 42 | DANCE SHOWCASE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

“2020 has been an emotional roller coaster as we’ve shared this final year with the Covid-19 pandemic. Being part of the Pasifika Council gave me the opportunity to grow as person and develop connections with other fellow Pasifika students within our school. Holding events like the Fiafia night and Fonos created a sense of unity and acknowledgement for our Pasifika community. My word for the next generation is to always remember - “Faith over Fear”. Have faith in yourself and never let fear hold you back, regardless of what the situation is.” - Joyce Singh

“Being chosen as a leader in the Pasifika Council fulfilled a dream I’ve had since starting high school. I was so proud of myself and made a promise to lead my people to a good destination – helping students to get the help they need and achieve their goals. This role has also broadened my mind and developed my skills as a leader. My message to Pasifika students in Pukekohe High School is to put God first in everything you do and he will be there with you. Always remember to help one another especially those who are going through a hard time. A big thank you to my fellow Pasifika Council members for their friendship, support and all the lessons I’ve learned from working alongside them this year. Ofa lahi atu.” - Iunisi Pomee

“I am really proud of all the work that the Pasifika council has done this year! As a brandnew council in 2020, they have done an incredible job, bringing more representation, recognition and involvement to Pasifika students in our school and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them!” - Kara Irwin

“During my time in the Pasifika Council we organised events such as the Fiafia night and Pasifika Cultures Week where we showcased the talents of our young Pasifica students. Unfortunately, the global pandemic prevented us from being involved in Polyfest in March and modified other plans However, upon reflection, given the circumstances, we did pretty well at going out and doing what we originally planned to do.” - Loyal Henwood

“This year I really loved the events that brought families together - the Fiafia night, Pasifika Fonos and Matariki. My motivaton in investing in the Pasifika Council is the younger generation. I want them to value themselves and their culture so they can be our leaders of the future.” - Amani Stunnenberg




nce again, a group of students undertook the building of a 65 square metre, 2-bedroom house. Every Wednesday the class arrived at school for a 7.30 am start, organized their gear and got to site. The house is constructed under the guidance of Mike Siemelink, a local builder who generously donates his time. The house construction has gone very well and at the time of this article being printed is ready for internal linings and fit-out. Unfortunately, the presence of Covid19 has cost the momentum of the project, however, we are still on track to complete early Term 4. The class have gained valuable in-sight regarding the building process and have experienced, and been made aware of, a range of different trades associated within the building trade. Well done crew, you can be proud of your achievements with this project.



Jarney Proctor - Year 13 Leadership in Tikanga Maaori (Male) This student has participated in and lead various aspects of tikanga such as karakia, waiata haka that we do in our school when welcoming visitors from overseas and when we perform at Polyfest. This trophy presented at Senior PG and the taonga acknowledges their outstanding contribution to ngaa mahi a kui, a koro maa ki roto i teenei kura auraki. Ka mau, ka mau ka mau te wehi! Mikaya Hurunui - Year 13 Leadership in Tikanga Maaori (Female) This student has participated in and lead various aspects of tikanga such as karakia, waiata haka that we do in our school when welcoming visitors from overseas and when we perform at Polyfest. She was also a member of rōpū who travelled as a part of the Tahiti Cultural and Educational Hikoi who built relationships and worked together with adults and students in French Polynesia and performed karakia, waiata haka and mahi raakau with schools and community groups. This trophy presented at Senior PG and the taonga acknowledges their outstanding contribution to ngaa mahi a kui maa, a koro maa ki roto i teenei kura auraki. Kau mau kmau ka mau te wehi! Anahera Haru - Year 13 He Kai Rangatira A new award for Matatau ki te reo Maaori This student has consistently demonstrated a willingness to listen to, to write and to speak Te Reo Maaori whenever the opportunity has arisen. This has been her strength from when she arrived here in Year 9 until now. All staff in Te Wahanga Whakaako o Te Kohekpohe have recognised this taonga in her. Anahera is the first recipient of the MoeauPeterson Whaanau Tohu for Outstanding excellence with Te Reo Maaori. Koia kei a koe Anahera, Te mutunga kee mai o te aroha ki too taatou nei Reo.! “Tamaiti akona i te kaainga tuu ana ki te marae tau ana” Olivia Russek - Year 11 Pumau ki ngaa kaupapa katoa , Top all-round Maaori student Year 11 This student participated in the AKSS and NZSS Waka Ama competitions, and the Pukekohe Rangatahi Kapa Haka Roopuu. She was also a member of rōpū who travelled as a part of the Tahiti Cultural and Educational Hikoi who built

relationships and worked together with adults and students in French Polynesia and performed for schools and community groups. “Ka mau ngaakau, kaha hoki ki ngaa tikanga a kui maa me koro maa i roto, aa, i waho i te kura” Blaise Nathan - Year 12 Pumau ki ngaa kaupapa katoa, Top all-round Maaori student Year 12 This student was a member of Tahiti Cultural and Educational Hikoi who built relationships and worked together with adults and students in French Polynesia 2019; and performed for schools and community groups. She demonstrated leadership while on the Hikoi to French Polynesia 2019 and in her role in the Pukekohe Rangatahi Kapa Haka Roopuu. “Ka mau ngaakau, kaha hoki ki ngaa tikanga a kui maa me koro maa i roto, aa, i waho i te kura” James Martin - Year 13 Pumau ki ngaa kaupapa katoa, Top all-round Maaori student Year 13 James has an innate ability to lead from within a group and inspire others to work with him. He also demonstrates arahitanga in his role in the Pukekohe Rangatahi Kapa Haka Roopuu and provides support and encouragement to students in the wider school community to participate in cultural activities around the school. Ka mau ngaakau, kaha hoki ki ngaa tikanga a kui maa me koro maa i roto, i te kura” Jackson Wilcox - Year 13 Maaori Committee Trophy - Nga Hau e Wha Trophy - Top Academic Maaori Year 13 Student, Te toa o nga pumau ki ngaa kaupapa katoa - Top all-round Maaori student Along with academic excellence this student has demonstrated strength in a wide range of pursuits. He has made a commitment to Music and a And Significant contribution to the stage band this year. He has been the featured soloist (vocalist) at each festival and has given some high quality performances. This student provides outstanding leadership, he is a quiet, humble leader who sets himself high expectations and leads by example. This student provides support and encouragement to students to participate in cultural activities in and out of school. Seeks out opportunities for students and staff to work together to accomplish collective goals. MAAORI SUPREME AWARDS 2019 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 45



6 girls represented Pukekohe High School at the recent Junior Auckland Secondary Schools Waka Ama regatta on Saturday: Keziah Tarapa Aimee Tautari Arianna Moana Oralia Renata Marissa Gallagher Meleane Clarke We were also grateful to take three amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly in the loading bay: Olivia Russek Trinity O’Sullivan Pono Pomare-Brown


he girls had 2 races. The first a 500m race including a turn, where they won their heat by 7 secs and headed into



ur waka ama season was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but not before we competed in the Auckland Secondary School Senior Waka Ama Sprint Regatta in February 2020.

the championship final as the fastest qualifying team. The girls paddled hard to bring home a silver medal in their 500m championship final. The second race was a 250m straight sprint where the team hit a head wind out in lane 4 and finished 4th place in their heat and 4th place in their plate final, missing out on a medal by milliseconds. It was a glorious day for Waka Ama at our school bringing home our first set of Waka Ama medals. Four teams trained for 2 months on the mighty Waikato River in preparation for the competition. Our teams featured paddlers new to waka ama alongside experienced veterans. All teams of six made it to the semi-

finals and three teams made it into the finals. Our Under 19 Mens team achieved our best result for the day, winning the plate final to feature in the prize giving at the end of the day. Although the National Secondary School competition was cancelled, we had great hopes for our teams and look forward to the Junior Secondary School competition at the end of the year. We thank our local Waka Ama Club – Ngā Kaihoe o Te Puaha for the use of their waka, life jackets and paddles. We also thank the many whānau members who helped us with transport, catering and fundraising. Nikki & Bruno Tarapa Waka Ama Coach & Manager

“Matariki te tipua, Matariki te tawhito, tau mai te wairua. Mai i te ira Atua ki te ira tangata.” atariki celebrations come year in, year out. At PHS we have always done something small and simple in class or around the school. This year the PHS Students Maaori Council decided that this year after all that we as a nation had been through it was time to bring our community together and celebrate the success, talent and skill that is locally bred here in Pukekohe. On the 31st of July Pukekohe came together as a community to celebrate the Maaori New Year. The event was held at the Indian Hall in Pukekohe and we had stalls by local business as well as our skilled business groups from PHS. We also had performances by PHS Kapa Haka Pukekohe Rangatahi, PHS Cook Island Group, PHS Samoan Group and PHS school bands.


We also invited along Wesley Collage who brought a group who performed different cultural dancers, as well as our local Primary School Pukekohe North School and their Kapa Haka Group. We had a local dancing company Kohatu join us and finished with Hiwa Ltd a newly launched Maaori business who ended our night on a high. The PHS Student Maaori council would like thank all our performers and stall holders on the evening. It was a successful evening and something that we hope to do annually. We wish you all a great year with the blessings of Matariki. PHS Student Maaori Council.




very year has its accomplishments and challenges, and this year it’s been a year like no other for Pukekohe High School & Districts Rugby Club. This year again we have fielded nearly 180 student athletes both male and female across 7 Rugby Union teams and 2 Rugby 7s team that competed at the Condors National Rugby 7s Tournament in November last year. As we know, this year has been a difficult one with much of the 2020 Rugby season being placed off the cards thanks to Covid-19. A lot of traditional rivalry matches, rugby season activations and events weren’t able to take place this year, but the year has taught us to be innovative and appreciate the game more in our community. Our student athletes, coaches, managers and wider rugby community must be thanked for their ongoing support and persistence throughout the rough rugby season and to #StayInTheGame and #PlayYourPart which have been our season activation themes in 2020. Amongst the difficulty, there have still been plenty of highlights this year for rugby that are worth recognising and have proved to bring excitement to our rugby programme at Pukekohe HS. Memorable moments from 2020: - Continuing from 2019 with consistent numbers in rugby both boys and girls. - A new partnership formed with Sideline App to broadcast LIVE all home matches played on Field 1. - Hosted a group zoom call called “The Zoom Room” while in lockdown with All

Blacks Head Coach Ian Foster as our guest speaker. - Building our Social Media activity during lockdown with initiatives such as Live at Five which featured many past students and staff of Pukekohe HS as our guest speakers, Friday Facts Rugby Quiz, Ultimate Workout Playlist and more. - Enhancing our game day hospitality at all home match days throughout the season. - Being presented a Chiefs ‘Womens In Rugby’ playing jersey from the Chiefs in recognition for Girls Rugby in secondary schools. - Three student athletes selected for the Counties Manukau U16 squad in a unique 2020 representative rugby programme. Koheleti Setefano, Jaecob Harris and Jayden Flanagan. (4 selected in U16 wider squad). - One student athlete selected for the Counties Manukau U18 squad who played a one-off match in their short campaign. Cohen Brady-Leathem. - Continuing to build a strong Rugby 7s programme off the back of a successful Condors National 7s Tournament with our U15 Boys and Senior Boys in 2019. Our U15 Boys Rugby 7s Team winning the shield division at the Condors National Rugby 7s Tournament in late November 2019 with our Senior Boys Rugby 7s competing at the Tournament for the first time ever. - The restoration of belief, balance and unity of our Rugby moving forward. 2020 saw also the introduction of new 1st XV Boys rugby coaches. Pukekohe HS Old Boy Brad McNaughten took the reigns as head coach of the team with a passion to give back to the school through rugby. Familiar face, Former Counties Manukau Rugby, Blues and All Black Joeli Vidiri also joined the coaching ranks with our 1st XV boys providing a

wealth of knowledge and experience at the highest level to share with the team and rugby community. Both are a massive value to our overall rugby programme alongside their team management. A big Thank You goes out to all our team managements from our U55kg boys through to our 1st XV Boys and Girls, Counties Manukau Rugby, the School, Rugby Committee, sponsors and partners. Many of our sponsors and partners have done it tough this year so we’re forever thankful for their commitment to ensure that Pukekohe HS Rugby is sustainable for the future. Pukekohe HS Rugby major sponsors: Mitre 10 Mega Pukekohe, Tem Transport, Traillite and SAS Sport. The potential and talent pool are never ending here at Pukekohe HS and it is vital to continue to provide direction and constant support to see achievements on and off the field for both our boys’ and girls’ teams, school and community in good time. As this season leaves us, there is plenty of rugby ahead of us. The thoughts of what rugby may look like in 2021 is exciting and with Pukekohe HS celebrating 100 years in 2021, this sets up to be a special year ahead to create further opportunity for every boy and girl playing the game and make more rugby memories. To those departing Pukekohe HS, thank you for your immense service to the school and rugby community, we wish you all the very best for the future ahead as you all are capable of great things in life alongside Rugby. To those returning in 2021, we welcome you once again to our rugby scene and may you return to develop your skills, challenge yourselves and continue to make lifelong friendships and memories #PlayYourPart. Yours In Rugby, Shey Eva, Rugby Coordinator

Email: rugby@pukekohehigh.school.nz Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! - Facebook: Pukekohe High School and District Rugby Club - Instagram: @phs.rugby



By Tyler Chapman


ven though our season was cut short, we were still able to have an amazing season. Our girls were determined to learn skills and to make new friends. They went from learning how to cradle the ball to shooting. Even though we didn’t have a full season we still had a blast and we can’t wait for next year!


Jellicoe House Year 13’s Back Row: Bree Grant, Paige Livingstone. Second Row: Shane McCoard, Davan Gardineer, Alex Matthews, Skylar Ryan. Front Row: Kaycee Nelson, Chloe Wilcox, Storm Knightly, Tegan Allen, Kayla Buzeika.

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” - Jego Amio 50 | JELLICOE HOUSE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

9JBQ Back Row:

Emily Van Der Vegte, Ajay Sidhu, Liam Van Zyl, Ayden Schneider. Third Row: Amiri Ramsay, Lucas Vercoe, Sahijbir Singh, Keiran McGuire, Sean Watson. Second Row: Lucy Russek, Rhiannon Toop, Katie Kaio, Dylan Wymer, Bryn Giddens, Deja Wineera, Mrs Andrea Baxter (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Tayla-Leigh McMiken-Wilkinson, Caitlyn Cruickshank, Tegan Chappell, Rose O’Donoghue, Breanna Stuart, Emerson Foote, Anneliese Harris. Absent: Madison Walsh, Tu Bradley, Mercedes McCormick, Saimone Nau, Kimi Perenara.

9JMC Back Row:

Logan Robinson, Giovanni Veronese-Maguire, Henry Tolmie, Taj Worthingon-Campbell. Third Row: Byron O’Flaherty, Damien Seuea, Sam Mercer, Marco Wilson, Tana Greig. Second Row: Brody Donaldson, Chloe Tapp, Kalatiola Tai, Sean Brash, Isaac Baker, Dakota Inu. Front Row: Leah Hamilton, Grace Stanners, Monique Sears, Kaija Wheeler, Zoe Leaning, Azania Marsh, Jemma Windelburn. Absent:

Jahrel Brown, Trent Hadley, Nicola Kindberg, Dylan Morrison, Hayden Tupaea.

10JWO Back Row:

Megan Jamieson, Kyle Allan.

Third Row:

Lily Heath, Jake Lofroth, Xavier Dunn, Jordan Murray, Brylee Watson.

Second Row: Akshay Uka, Baua Nikaro, Riley Slack, Sandra Tiumalu, Gustav Van der Merwe, David O’Leary. Front Row:

Adeela Bi, Jeanene Spies, Nikita Megget, Matariki Raiwhara, Emma Witten, Aleisha Merrett, Cayley Fox.

“I’m not good at cooking but I sure can stir the pot” - Meg Grey JELLICOE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 51

10JSZ Back Row:

Rushil Patel, Lucy Kempton, Alex Watt, Sione Unu, Caspar Wackrow. Third Row: Liam Quinn, Jerome PotiniPoroa, Riley Hendry, Vegas Te Anau, Kaedyn Inu, Kaleb Chee, Cameron Woolliams. Second Row: Elizabeth McKechnie, Callum Heaton, Jordan Reynolds, Gabriel Wade, William Janssen, Miss Taryn Slee (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Nikita Mundy, Danica Dickson, Emma Robinson, Mollie Syme, Maya Chalmers, Paige Rodley, Sienna Hunter. Absent: Sophie Donaldson, Rongotoa Henare, Georgia Tyers, Maia Wareka-Hepi.

10JWB Back Row:

Shylaa-Rae Pomare, Mitchell Darby, Andres Reble, Slade Chitty.

Third Row:

Molly Vincent, Phoenix Ryan, Nathan Douglas, Hayven Edwards, Cameron Warren.

Second Row: Willow Phillips, Caleb Anderson, Sean Keary, Aiden Hall, Payton Hughes, Kate Mercer, Mr Matt Whitby (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Janke Strydom, Alana Leatham, Jorja Paton, Indi McQueen, Shayna Eksteen, Miah-Eve McMurtrie, Sharnya Drake.

11JHN Back Row:

William Tuakura, Sophie O’Flaherty, Zach Oram, Lakiesha Welsh, Tai Lucas. Second Row: Anchita Verma, Toaiti Ramsay, Kiarn Lavea, Cameron Wright, Lewis Sheffield, Caitlin Cottee, Mrs Samantha Hansen (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Kayleigh Da Silva, Chelsey Buzeika, Nicole Clements, Catherine Devcich, Caity Foote, Andree Louw, Anna Leader. Absent: Laine Brown, Kyan Easson, Connor Jones, Manawa Kapetaua, Kate Leader, Cam Ormsby, Lupe Raass.

“Screw you guys, I’m going home” - Jessica Loader 52 | JELLICOE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

11JKI Back Row:

Liam Healey, Yasmin BradyLeathem, Rylee Barrow. Third Row: Noel Langer, Flynn Batters, Shelby Whitley, Clace Hazell, Pavan Prajapati. Second Row: Brodie Drinnan, Ella-Jade Herangi, Ethan Tapp, Sonny Kahui, Robbie Leaning, Ms Maria Kim (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Pene Travers, Kyrah Dunn, Heival Sidhu, Khushi Vaidh, Manaia Seymour, Mikaela Keane, Nikita Maartens. Absent: Kyle Branch, Tanaia Hendry, Jade Isaacs-Singh, Carlin Keegan, Joshua Modise, Bianca Parish, Kahurangi Povey, Troy Tukiri.

11JPT Back Row:

Sky Senining, TJ Hurunui, Liam Siddle, Noah Badger. Third Row: Jacob Siddle, De’zarn RogersBin Farouk, Cody Wilson, Caleb Moxon, Jeffery Tolmie. Second Row: Indi Rota, Lachlan Groos, Liam Amstad, Saheel Chandra, Josh Wightman, Spencer Jaques. Front Row: Jo Enriquez, Kellee Heta, Lily Bourne, Madison Prowse, Briar Thorpe, Jolin Tang, Mikoto Nakasuji. Absent:

Jessy Drader, Te Wai Arani Ngataki, Keegan O’Donoghue, Levi Rota-Leggan, Kitana Walker, Ms Jean Potter (Kaiaawhina).

12JMV Back Row:

Damien Lal, Rory Quinn, Milan Patel, Hitesh Makan.

Second Row: Cohen Brady-Leathem, Marcel Du Toit, Cam Tremain, Cameron Baxter, Dillan Joubert, Jayden Fox. Front Row:

Alicia Watkins, Eva Calley, Saiatua Tai, Sarah Dodd, Sarah Carpenter.

“If one wants to get a girlfriend, one must become loved and lick your brain for fun and profit.” - Cameron Reilly JELLICOE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 53

12JWN Back Row:

Chase Donaldson, Baden Moko, Boston Farr.

Second Row: Ciaran Taylor, Kees Chalmers, Brian Eksteen, Miss Rosanna Walton (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Claire Ebreo, Toni Warrender, Nathanael Perry, Taleisha McGuire, Emma Hanley.


Meadow Appleton, Jamie Cochrane, Michelle De Thierry Andrews, Oceana Edwards, Sione Fonokalafi, Ben Gold, Jemma Gold, Ezekiel Lal, Paulo Pascual, Jorgia Whitfield, Finn Williams.

12JWS Back Row:

Ethan Fassom, Cameron Clark, Blake Jensen, Bridget Rutherford.

Second Row: Briar Warren, Hayden Clements, Alex Van Der Vegte, Jayden Shaw, Aaron Graham, Zara Groos. Front Row:

Nicole Downey, Eunby Hwang, Phoebe Sirett, Duanais Louw, Shyal Chandra.


Navishal Chandra, Tyrone Gilmour, Joel Heineke, Tiara Veronese-Maguire, Mrs Sandy Wild (Kaiaawhina).

13JBH Back Row:

Back Row: Jonathan Westlake, Matthew Gowdy.

Second Row: Amber Lowe, Mudish Nadan, Cameron Reilly, Mrs Carolyn Bach (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Kaycee Nelson, Tegan Allan, Ashleigh Parkes, Storm Knightly, Kayla Buzeika.


Simon Lee, Sean Maxwell-Le Cheminant.

“‘To all the snakes in this high school..Avada Kedavra” - Amrinder Chhatwal 54 | JELLICOE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

13JKA Back Row:

Back Row: Alex ColemanChaiman, Ben Keppel, Joshua Schreuder.

Second Row: Julalux Prachumrat, Tristan Van Zyl, Nick Langer, Mrs Rose Karauria (Kaiaawhina). Front Row:

Bree Travers, Eden Marr, Skyler Ryan, Paige Livingstone, Katy Jellyman.


Kyla Fisher, Colin Floyed-De Thierry, Vishal Kishor, Amberleigh Maartens, Nevin Sehgal, Vanaldo Seuea, Emily Wolfsbauer.

13JYE Back Row:

Devyn Frew, Devan Gardiner, Shane McCoard, Alex Matthews, Mrs Shirley Yeomans (Kaiaawhina).

Back Row:

Hannah Ritchie, Tavarnya Howe, Bree Grant, Chloe Wilcox.


Manu Chand, Gurnoor Kaur, Anton Reble, Emma-Rose Sears, Izzy Grace.

“School is like Turkish Delights. Only psychopaths like it” - Kayla Havinga JELLICOE HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 55



oming into the season this year, we had our first game on June 19th against Pakuranga College, this was a promotion relegation game which we won 34 – 52. This meant we moved up to the Auckland Senior A grade, the second highest grade in our region. This was a big step for girls’ basketball at Pukekohe High School as no boy’s or girls’ basketball teams have ever made the Auckland Senior A grade before. We have been working hard towards building our team up, to not only do well this year, but also in the future as we have a very young team. We had home and away games on Friday nights for the Auckland Senior A grade. This year was our first year having home games at our school. We hope in the future to have many more supporters and spectators from the school as basketball becomes more recognized and popular throughout the

school. We also played in the Franklin Secondary Schools’ competition which was on Thursday nights at the Franklin Pool and Leisure Center. Because of Covid-19 we had a few tournaments cancelled including 3x3 secondary school nationals and tournament week, which was a bit of a disappointment, but we continued to work hard towards our weekly games and hopefully for tournaments next year. I would like to thank Nicola Post our coach, who puts a lot of time and effort into the team, not only this year but also many years in the past which has really paid off. Would also like to thank the parents who travel all across Auckland to support us; we all really appreciate it. We are excited to see the continually increasing support for basketball in our school and we look forward to seeing the success and growth of girls’ basketball at Pukekohe High School in 2021.

“Forti Nihil Difficilius” - Cian McFadden 56 | GIRLS BASKETBALL | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



hursday 25th June, Auckland Metropolitan Clay Target Shooting Club. Luck was on our side with the weather, after a very windy, wet night we managed to make it through the day with only a few spits. This was our first school competition for the year, and it was great to have Richard Barnett pop down to see the teams, thank you for the support! This year we have 7 returning shooters and 8 new shooters. Overall the ‘A’ team finished 7th equal out of 20 squads, and we had Ethan Mudford finish 2nd for 1st year shooters, and Jack Steger-Hood finish 3rd for 1st year shooters (shooting 19/20 in his 1st round!). Thursday 2nd July, Waikato Clay Target Shooting Club. We got off to a cold frosty start - but the sun was shining! This month’s shoot went well seeing James Swift achieving High Over All with an impressive 89 out of 90, James also came 1st in Senior Boys Point Score. Jack Steger-Hood placed 1st for Junior Boys Point Score and Amy Hunter placed 2nd for Junior Girls Single Barrel. We also saw Jacob Fry in the shoot-offs for Junior Boys’ Single Barrel and James Swift shooting off for Senior Boys’ Single Barrel, both coming 5th in their shoot off’s. SI and NZSS Clay Target Shooting – Saturday 26 – Monday 28 September This year the event was to be held in Christchurch but unfortunately due to COVID restrictions the championships were held regionally. Auckland Met hosted for the local schools and results were able to be accessed live from around New Zealand. It was a new way of shooting for the team. Some having to wait for other regions to complete an event before knowing if they were in a shoot-off. The other recipients might have been in the South Island or as far north as Whangarei. If a shoot-off was not decided on the day they had to return the next morning to continue.

South Island Clay Target Championships Results: Jacob Fry

5th Junior Single Rise (after shoot-off)

Logan Teirney

Shoot-off for Single Barrel but was not placed.

New Zealand Clay Target Championships Results: James Swift

4th Points Score (after shoot-off)

James was selected for the Auckland/Waikato 5-man Men’s team to compete against the other Fish & Game Regional Teams finishing 3rd. Amy Hunter was also selected for the Auckland/Waikato 3-man Women’s team, which was not placed.

“School never taught me how to tyoe” - Ryan Kellas CLAY SHOOTING | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 57

Christchurch Mosque

Mt Hutt

Cup Day, Christchurch

TVNZ Awards

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? C By Jordyn Oppert

an you tell us about your journey to become a news reporter? Where you’re at now? and any future ambitions? I had always wanted to be a journalist, that stemmed from a very young age when I’d sit in front of the telly every night to watch the 6pm news and mimic the presenters! It all started slowly becoming a reality in High School when I could choose key subjects – lots of “English rich” subjects. I also spent quite a lot of my spare time (school holidays and weekends) getting work experience in various newsrooms. In year 13, I applied for the New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch – to do a two and a half year degree in Broadcast Journalism. Fortunately I was one of 20 to get in, and I’ve never looked back! My career started off at Sky Sport where I completed my internship, before moving to TVNZ where I’ve been ever since. I started off at TVNZ doing the Assignments Desk (answering newsroom calls, emails and keeping across our stories, reporters, cameras and breaking news), then a few months later moved back to Christchurch to be the Breakfast Reporter. I worked on the show for just over two years (waking up at 330am everyday..), before taking on a secondment to the 6pm news in late February last year. 12 months later I am now on a secondment to the 6pm sports news where I’ll be until the end of the year, and then either stay on or move back to news! (Yes, she’s a fast paced industry – and that’s what I love about it! It keeps you on your toes!). Becoming a correspondent for TVNZ one day is the dream, but for now I am happy and content where I am – I work alongside the best journalists and camera ops in the country (might be a little biased there) and I’ve still got so much to learn and experience to gain. Key events that affected you? Christchurch has had its fair share of disasters/tragedies over the past decade. Whilst I’ve continued to help cover the aftermath of the Canterbury Quakes, the Port Hills fires and Pike River – the one I covered on the day, and ever since, was the March 15 terrorist attack. I had only been on the 6pm news for two weeks when it happened – and it’s a

day I’ll never forget. Parts are a blur, but parts I remember vividly. I was outside Al Noor Mosque within 30 minutes of it happening, and then at Linwood Mosque where the second shooting happened in a similar time-frame doing live crosses well into the night. Since then I’ve done dozens of stories with victims and their families, and also covered the week long sentencing in August. It’s crazy to think, and I hope like anything, it will be the biggest news event I will cover in my career. How PHS helped you to succeed? Staff who helped you? PHS has such a broad range of subjects, there’s something for everyone. The beauty of High School is that you can also try things. I knew I wanted to be a journalist, but I also did Business Studies which I loved and it broke up all those English rich subjects I took. I also strongly believe taking every opportunity, whether that be co-curricular or a prefect role as invaluable – it helped my build connections, confidence and life skills. But it was the belief of my teachers and particularly my form room teacher Mr LeFerve that meant the most. I remember in Year 12, at parent teacher interviews my Mum and Dad were concerned I was putting all my eggs in one basket and set on entering an industry with few jobs – which was a valid point as I’d dropped maths and science and opted for those “English rich” subjects. Mr Leferve turned to them and said “well if Jordy wants it bad enough, why can’t she be a journalist?”. That is something that will stick with me and parents forever. My advice to fellow PHS students? Don’t be afraid to ask for help, try new things and take every opportunity. You only get one shot at High School so don’t leave with any regrets! I’d also just like to point out that while I always knew what I wanted to do, it’s not like that for everyone – nor is university for everyone. My brother Kerwyn, who was a year below my at school, has just about finished his building apprenticeship and he couldn’t be happier, and we couldn’t be prouder. Find something you love, something that’s your passion and then pursue it.

“The more I smile, the less I can see” - Richard Petty 58 | WHERE ARE THEY NOW? - JORDYN OPPERT | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020


YEAR 11 ART | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 59



uke of Edinburgh was a bit tough this year due to Covid-19. During the two lockdowns, getting out and about to help with the participant’s personal choice of voluntary service was near impossible, but they pushed through to reach a high level of achievement. Bronze level students this year got helped out by Bigfoot, who made it optional for student to complete the Practice journey, therefore saving parents money and students time and energy.

By Emma Robinson

The Bronze Participants are: Amy Hunter, Cayley Fox, Emma Robinson, Armani Tohaia, Mollie Syme, Willow Phillips, Sam Donovan, Grace Wilcox, Caitlin Carter, Conor Beloe, Marika Eshius, Ben Fausett, Isla Greig, Tina Hung, Megan Jamieson, Kahlen Johnson, Mikayla Knee, Rowan Loveday, Aidan Molineux, Hayleigh Norman, Maya Wheeler, Antonia Whitehead, and Cameron Woolliams. 2019-2020 Gold participants are: Olivia Faucett, Briana Ineson, Blake Fryer, Brayden Riggs, Meg Stevens, Callum Farmer, Alex Coleman Chaiman, Jenna Lowe, Camlyn Allen, Amber Knight and Abby Verrenkamp. 2020-2021 Gold participants are: Millie Norman, Caitlyn Marx, Joel Hawkins, Jayden Fox, Samuel Roche, Nick Wilson, Heather Smith, Abby Howard, Emma Neary and Chloe Vivian. Thank you so much to Mr Hughes, Mr Whitby and Mrs Remington who helped make this possible.

“You better fold like an omelette before I scramble you like a” - Devyn Frew 60 | DOE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020


“Following your dreams is a no-brainer. If someone says that your dream is not possible, then prove them wrong. Never ever give up!” - Ella Barwick DOE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 61




s is true for so many sports this year the 2020 Rowing season will be remembered as the season that never was with the pinnacle of school rowing – Maadi Cup cancelled due to COVID 19. The first school regatta of the season was Head of Harbour held at Lake Pupuke in mid February. Not all rowers attended this regatta, with those who did representing Pukekohe High exceptionally well. Caitlin Cottee and Caitlin Van Rijs both rowed a single for the first time at a regatta, no mean feat in what is often a windy lake! Caitlin Cottee (C.C.) placed 5th in Division 3 and Caitlin Van Rijs placed an impressive 2nd in Division 2. Devon Benny and Gracie Dawson also raced incredibly well in the girls Under 17 Single Sculls event. Alex van der Vetge had a busy day in his single racing in the Under 16, Under 17 and Under 18 events, coming an impressive 2nd in Division 1 in the Under 16 race. Eli McRobbie also raced valiantly in the boys Under 17 and Under 18 Single sculls. Josh Morrison, Cameron Preston, Nathan Tunzelmann and Drew McGuigan, coxed by Bradley Jenkins placed 4th in Division 1 of the exceptionally competitive Boys Under 16 Coxed 4. The Under 18 Novice crew of Ryan Dodds, Max and Jack Siemelink and Ryan Khun again coxed by Bradley Jenkins came 2nd in Division 1 of the equally competitive boys Under 18 Novice Coxed 4. Racing in the Boys Under 18 Coxed Quad the crew of Ryan Dodds, Max and Jack Siemelink, and Baden Moko had an impressive race to place 2nd in Division 1. A much bigger crew headed to Karapiro to compete in the North Island Secondary Schools Regatta in March, not knowing it would be the final regatta of their season. The Girls Under 18 Novice Coxed 4 of Caity Foote, Megan

van Leeuwen, Kiana Carter and Kyla Van Rijs coxed by Ann Cato placed 7th in their A final. The same crew raced in the Under 18 Novice Coxed Quad event again under the watchful eye of coxswain Ann Cato and placed 6th in the B final – making them 14th in the North Island in this event. The Girls Under 15 Coxed Quad made up of Chelsea Grey, Emma Hedley, Madi Prowse and Andreé Louw coxed by Ann Cato worked incredibly hard to make the A final, placing a reputable 8th. The Boys Under 18 Novice Coxed 4 of Ryan Dodds, Max and Jack Siemelink, Ryan Kuhn, coxed by Bradley Jenkins made the A final, fighting hard and coming 8th. The Boys Under 16 Crew of Josh Morrison, Cameron Preston, Drew McGuigan and Nathan Tunzelmann, cam 4th in the B Final of the coxed 4 with Ann Cato calling the shots, and 7th in the B Final of the Coxed Quad with Bradley Jenkins in the Coxswains seat. Eli McRobbie and Alex van der Vetge teamed up to place 8th in the B Final of the Boys Under 17 Double Sculls. Caitlin Van Rijs had an impressive race in the B Final of the Girls Under 16 Single Sculls to place 6th. Alex van der Vetge made the A final of the Boys Under 16 Single Sculls placing a reputable 6th. For the second year rowing Meg Grey represented Pukekohe High School in the A Final of the Girls Single Scull, this year in the Under 17 event. In what was a tough race, with an exceptionally close finish Meg won a bronze medal, representing Pukekohe High on the podium. Whilst the team never got to go to Maadi they worked incredibly hard all season, showed great team spirit, commitment and enthusiasm to what is a gruelling sport. They were awesome ambassadors of Pukekohe High and deserved every success they achieved.

“Rowing is a sport for dreamers. As long as you put in the work, you can own the dream.” 62 | ROWING 2020 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020


YEAR 13 ART | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 63



attended Pukekohe High from 2015 till 2018 leaving in Year 12 to attend MIT for a 6 months Mechanical Engineering Course. I am now employed as a Fitter and Turner Apprentice at Asahi Beverages and I have use my trade to design and make some of my own bow weights for shooting. At the age of 14 after finding playing cricket was getting harder due to a back condition I was born with called Syrinx, I thought that I would start archery - since I am unable to do any contact sports and walking/running was very hard to do. I could only attend school 4 days a week due to pain level I live with and each day, which is managed by pain medication. Archery was very hard to start with as the pain was very hard to cope with but I found a passion for this sport and pushed through the pain, which has paid off in many ways, I can walk further than ever now. I am a Barebow Recurve shooter and have used my own designs when shooting in World Archery/ Archery NZ shoots and in IFAA/ NZFAA. Since I started competing in Archery in 2016 many of the experienced Archers, have mentored me, in particular Mike Savage who is a National Champion NZFAA Archer and World Archery shooter and has International Standings, he has been a big help with coaching and has be assisting me in preparation towards all my major events to this day. My highest Accomplishment is being in the Black Arrow team in 2019 competing in September in America and winning the Youth World Champion, also World Indoor Youth World Champion in New Zealand. This year has been the hardest due to Covid 19 due to cancelling overseas trips for World Competitions before we were in lock down I achieved 3 World Records for 72 Arrows at 50 Metres. I also competed in Archery NZ Target Nationals in February and won Gold against 10 other competitors of mixed ages and experience, this was my first attempt in this Target Archery.

ACCOMPLISHMENT AND HIGHLIGHTS NZFAA/IFAA – Level 1 Coach Black Arrow team member 2019 • 2019 World Outdoor Bow Hunter Youth World Champion – Gold • 2019 World Indoor Youth World Champion – 1 New World Record • 3x NZFAA Bow Hunters National Champion • 3x NZFAA Field National Champion • 2019 IFAA Pan Pacific Australia Youth Champion – 3 New Records • 2017 IFAA Pan Pacific New Zealand Junior Champion – 2 Records • 2016-19 – NZ National Youth Champion • 2017/2018/2019 Marked NZFAA Tournament Champion Junior Bowhunter Recurve • 2017/2018/2019/2020 Bow Hunter NZFAA Tournament Champion Junior Bowhunter Recurve • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

NZ Records I hold and still hold to this day. 2017 14x2 Field Round, 2017 28xMarked Field Round, 2017 28xMarked Hunter Round, 2017 28xMarked Animal Round, 2017 14x Field Round, 2018 28xHunter Round, 2018 14x Animal Round, 2018 14x Marked Pro Animal Round, 2018 14x Hunter Round National, 2019 28x unmarked animal round paper, 2019 28x Unmarked Animal Round 3D, 2019 28x unmarked Hunter 3D NZFAA Records IBO Nationals 2016 National Champion Youth RU 2020 Archery NZ Outdoor Nationals Men Senior Barebow highest score and gold in 2020 Archery NZ record 50 meter 72 Arrows Junior Men Individual 2020 World archery 50 meter 72 Arrows Junior Men Barebow Individual world record 2020 Double 50 Metres round 2x72 Arrows Junior Men Barebow Individual world record 2020 Archery NZ record 20 meter indoor 60 arrows senior men 2020 Archery NZ Indoor National Champion

“There are too many Simrans at this school” - Simran Singh 64 | WHERE ARE THEY NOW? REGAN WALTERS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



ike the other sporting codes, 2020 was a short season for our Girls Football 1st XI team. The year started off with many new and exciting young faces in the team eager for the season ahead. We only ended up playing five of the seven round-robin games in the Counties Manukau Premier Competition but can be immensely satisfied with winning all five games to be top of the table alongside our perennial rival Howick. With a new squad and barely any preseason prep, we are very proud of the girls for achieving this result. From our year 13’s, we wish the other girls good luck for their seasons ahead! And we would like to give a huge thank you to our Coach Mr Cook and Manager Mrs Williams for their time and effort put into our team, as well as our awesome parents for helping with transport and refereeing. Special mention and well done to co-captain Sarah Carpenter who is now playing in the Women’s Premier Northern Region Football League.

“The Only Mystery in Life is Why the Kamikaze Pilots Wore Helmets” - Kavi Van Dijk GIRLS FOOTBALL | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 65


Another busy year for AgHort students – here are some of the activities we participated in this year Level 1 & 2 Sheep farming – Limestone Downs L1 Ag students vaccinating, ear marking, drenching and docking lambs. L2 Ag students vaccinating and drenching sheep.


Level 2 students planted over 3000 trees this year

L2 Horticulture – planting and upkeep of school gardens

“Where ever you go, go with your heart” - Savvarna Griffin 66 | AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



By Abby Verrenkamp


alking into a science class as a year 9 lead me into a different world. I had no knowledge of science apart from the gibberish my older sisters had told me. I was fascinated instantly with the chemical and biological world around me, and now five years later I still am. My interest in science has led me to a Science based University degree, all thanks to my experiences at Pukekohe High School. As a year 13, I chose to take Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In Biology, we had a practical/ trip planned for each external topic. For plants and animals, we went to a bird breeding ground along the Beachland’s coast, for speciation we went to the Auckland Zoo, Unfortunately, the Zoo trip got cancelled due to Covid 19. Our last topic was about Human evolution, and one of the practical’s we got to do was hit spoons against potatoes in order to make palaeolithic tools – basically tools that our ancestors used. It made a huge mess

but was definitely worth it. In Chemistry, the more knowledge we gained, the more dangerous chemicals we handled. With our latest topic, we mixed organic molecules together to make nylon. We then stretched this nylon between everyone in the class to see how long we could get a single stand; I think my class got it to 10m before breaking! We also go to make esters; esters are chemicals responsible for artificial flavours like banana fruit bursts. We could identify them by their smells, and made flavours like banana, orange, and raspberry. Now leaving as a year 13, and looking back, I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world. All the hard work, stress and tears was worth it. This year has been challenging to say the least, and next year is going to be even more so, but it’s all a part of the adventure. If you’re looking at taking a senior science I would 100% recommend because you never know… it could change your life.

“the roof is not my child but I’ll still raise it’” - Alec Thomas SCIENCE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 67



alofa Lava, O va’aiga ma leo o le Gagana Samoa ma le Aganu’u ua toe fa’asolosolo lava I totonu o le matou Aoga, I lenei tausaga. Na matou fefa’asoaa’i I vaega o le Aganu’u ma le Gagana I le potu fa’apitoa. I le Vaiaso ole Gagana Samoa sa fa’asalalau I luga o le laiga ia Me. Sa matou sisiva foi I le fa’afiafia’aga o le Matariki I le fale tele. Na matou fa’atinoina le tele o siva, sa va’ai foi le matagofie o matou ofu I lea afiafi. Na lipoti mai fa’amatalaga I le au matamata I le aso, sa fai ai le matou fa’afiafiaga. Sa latou va’ai ai le matagofie o le matou siva. Ou te fa’afetai atu foi I matua Samoa, sa lagolago ma fesoasoagi I le tapenaina o matou laei ma teuga ma matou siva. O lo’o iai foi le matou vasega matutua Samoa, o lo’o ao’ao ai le Gagana Samoa mo le NCEA. Sa naunau atu le loto ma finau ma le taumafai ia maua se ai, ma fa’amanuiaga o ao’aoga I lenei tausaga. Matou te fa’amoemoe e fai ma sui o la matou tu ma aga ile tele o auala.

The sights and sounds of Samoan language and culture have reverberated around our school during this past year. We shared aspects of culture and language with whanau roopu in Samoan Language Week through online videos in May. We also proudly performed our dances at the Matariki celebration in the local Indian Hall. We performed a lot of beautiful dances in our stunning dresses. Spectators reported that we gave an outstanding performance. *Thanks to all parents who have helped us – with tutoring our dance group, organising costumes and encouraging us to share our Samoan identity. Some of the senior Samoan students have also attended language workshops to prepare for Samoan language externals for NCEA. It has taken a lot of commitment, courage and strength to achieve what we have this year but it has been worth it. We hope to represent our culture in even more ways in the future.

“E so’o le fau i le fau” “Unity is strength” 68 | SAMOAN LANGUAGE & CULTURE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020




s well as participating in the Ringa Toi exhibition, Year 11 Visual art student Nyle Turuwhenua took out two highly commended awards in two significant art competitions in 2020. She gained a merit award in the New Zealand Youth Art Awards 2020 at the awards ceremony in September. She had two works accepted for the awards, a lino print and a woven cloak. She won a merit award for her Kakahu woven cloak. Her teacher Miss Hogg recognised her skills in traditional weaving in art and entered Nyle into a course through Te Kura online learning. Her tutors at Te Kura have sought advice from university lecturers to access her work, as she is working well beyond a Level 1 student in the weaving course. The merit award confirms that Nyle’s weaving is worthy of notice and recognition. Nyle also entered the Massey University Earth Guardian Character Design Competition. From 300 entries Nyle was selected as one of the 10 prize winners. She was selected by a Weta Workshop panel led by Art Director Paul Tobin and voted by the public, gaining the Weta Workshop Rising Stars Highly Commended Award. In her artist statement Nyle describes her lino cut print of a Kereru wearing a feather cloak. She says “The Kaitiaki is represented in this artwork by a Kereru. He is the guardian of the forest and oversees the whenua (land) from his perch

high up in the trees. He is the elder within his hapu and is responsible for the passing of knowledge. Wearing the Huia headdress as a symbol of his wisdom and a reminder of his tipuna. Kaitiaki understands that the forest provides his iwi with the necessities of life. He also understands the forests mauri (life force) needs to be preserved. The korowai he wears signifies his links to the land and his connection with his whenua. The circle illustrates the spotlight he is under to pass his knowledge and wisdom onto his mokopuna just as it was passed onto him.” Nyle’s prize was to fly to Wellington and spend the day at Weta Workshop with the designers who have worked on films like Avatar and Lord of the Rings. Nyle had lunch with the designers and Sir Richard Taylor who has won Oscars for his work and runs Weta workshop. Nyle was mentored by existing designers and got to see secret current projects for upcoming movies being made. All the winners were encouraged to apply for a job at Weta workshop one day soon, highlighting how concept design is an important career pathway in the Arts. The day was concluded with a visit to Te Papa, the Van Gogh light show and glow in the dark ice cream. Congratulations to Nyle for her tenacity, hard work and for making the most of her gifts and talents.

“Bones & Xavier Wulf got me through these five years” - Liam Dickson NYLE ART | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 69

Massey House Year 13’s Back Row: Olivia Roberts, Charlotte Lambert. Second Row: Cian McFadden, Xavier Burger, Christian Grant, Richard Petty, Jayna Burnett-Brown. Front Row:

Chloe Ling, Jade van Heerden, Iunisi Pomee, Amber Lawson, Jenna Lowe.

“Just Yolo It” - Meg Stevens 70 | MASSEY HOUSE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

9MSG Back Row:

Jack Kaio, Thomas Dillon, Vadim Beaver, Sophie Griffiths, Ethan Bothma. Third Row: Liam Tilyard, Ben Cassidy, Mason Konelio, Alyssa Callander, Arkaylia Kingi, Ashley Gillard, Lucas Kedde. Second Row: Damian Chisnall, Lauren Hitchmough, Mo’unga Talakai, Vadim Smith, Jakob Van de Westerlo, Ms Nalini Singh (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Simran Singh, Marina Vujanic, Nechita Mencarelli-Skilton, Ashna Kumar, Kendall Alexander, Jenna Fletcher, Maija McHugh. Absent: Catherine Burgess, Alisha O’Sullivan.

9MSV Back Row:

Ryan Swain, Matthew Wekking, Jay Soppet, Daniel Potter. Third Row: Alex Mathieson, Sovite Uliefu, Tyreece Porter, Daniel Shaw, Oliver Lynch. Second Row: Hope Maloney, Benjamin Kennedy, Flynn Taylor, Sione Finau, William TaylorKorewha, Miss Rhiannon Swift (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Kiraleigh Comp, Charlee Lake, Georgia Pritchard, Olivia Higgs, Elissa Flowerday, Alorah Gillgren, Clare Japor.

9MVL Back Row:

Matthew Morrison, Thomas Harvey, Mikaere Inu-TeWhata, Jazz Chhatwal. Fourth Row: Nelly-Phae Kaui, Abbygail Thomas, Jade Houben, Tom Kemp-Hill. Third Row: Matthew Ngauamo, Jayden Hickford, Shantel Golchin, Blaine Bouwer, Kaden Harwood. Second Row: Jessica Somervell, Nava Lafaele, David Wright, Timana Mark, Matthew Moffit, Ms Molly Vale (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Hannah Julian, Karley Wallace, Meaghan Brady, Alyssa Marshall, Toni Glossop, Valentina Cantor Bonilla, Ava Campbell.

“I’m losing my mind” - Olivia Sokimi MASSEY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 71

10MBU Back Row:

Sasha Robinson, Leo West, Mahmoud Moussa, Holly GirvanJackson, Samir Patel. Third Row: Srirag Vudutha, Cooper Jamieson, Tisi Vehikite, Sean Dewstow, Sia Taumalea, Yara Smith, Cody Bosson. Second Row: Tyson Te Anau Matene, Madison Thorn, Jack Siemelink, Ryan Dodds, Brayden Grant, Reece Steven, Ms Jessica Bluck (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Jind Kaur, Charlotte Mackinven, Rebekah Brown, Kyla van Rijs, Ashley Anderson, Riley Jenkins, Amira Hughes.

10MMN Back Row:

Tyler Poa, Matiu Pomare, Nathan Dowdall, Luke Davies. Third Row: Phoenix Walker-Williams, Goshen Mave, Jonathan Larsen, Jed Moloney, Josh John, Jack Carter, Charlotte Nemme. Second Row: Kyro Taani, Karl Kolmer, Brody Perry, Cavalera McCarthy, Shaun McNaughten, Samuel O’Connor, Mrs Sonamarie Meyer-Pum (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Rebecca Yip, Bryah Thompson, Megan van Leeuwen, Emma Hedley, Kiana Carter, Tai Pomare, Caitlin Carter.

11MHD Back Row:

Abby Lyford, Miracle Leatupue, Kathrina Mahinay. Second Row: Ashley Blandford, Leon Duke, Amrit Pal, Logan Stichbury, Mrs Martine Harding (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Cassidy Jones, Dayna Bruce, Jessica De Villiers, Sinaosalele Tolovaa, Rhianna Mills. Absent:

Mia Apelu, Kyan Bradley, Zain Brooks, Zac Hewitt, Pooja Pali, Katie Peet, Leti Setefano, Sione Tulikihakau, Kieran Waterson.

“Dreams, fairytales and fantasies- A$AP Ferg” - Caleb Seddon 72 | MASSEY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

11MOB Back Row:

Dion Milliner, Corban Lee, Ben Murray, Matthew Gavin. Second Row: Eli Murray, Sam Moore, Lana Letcher, Aimee Tautari, Toa Konelio, Mr Brendan O’Brien (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Jham Atilla, Ella Roberts, Emma Singleton, Anandpreet Sandhar, Genavive Jenkins.

11MOR Back Row: Front Row:

Aidan Toop, Ashton Callander, Lahrenzo Harris-Parker, Mr Peter Orton (Kaiaawhina). Toni Tuhou, Grace Tilyard, Laura O’Sullivan, Caitlin Van Rijs, Chane Van Wyk.

11MTR Back Row:

Sophie Tautari, Alexus Jackson, Chompisa Sarutannond, Kararaina Marsh. Third Row: Austin Chang, Ariane Bell, Sasha Patel, Jacqueline Coyle, Ethan Langit. Second Row: Lucy Setefano, Dylan Van Leeuwan, Grayson Hardy, Umang Mehta, Mr Murray Trenberth (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Jaice Zeng, I-Ting Hung, Sala Deng, Necia Lawson, Seo Yeon Park.

“gg” - Tino Arcari MASSEY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 73

12MBG Back Row:

Nikhil Prasad, Matthew Potter, Nick Wilson. Second Row: Ashleigh Higgs, Taylor Gillard, Jordan Moke, Samuel Roche, Max Tillick, Paige Van Lieshout. Front Row: Caitlyn Marx, Mele Lafaele, Gloria Situa, Malia Lafaele, Madison Plummer-Fonotoe. Absent:

Cameron Loving, Lucas Hitchmough, Mr Carlos Briones (Kaiaawhina)

12MED Back Row:

Kyle Davies, Arvinder Singh, Jay Buena. Third Row: Harry Pritchard, Damien De Villiers, Matthew Haig, Jack Jamieson, Abbey Swain. Second Row: Samuel Klassen, Jackson Davis, Alex Swindells, Jayden Twiss, Jack Knight, Mr Warren Edwards (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Isabella Coughlan, Leah Robinson, Trenyce Gardiner, Wanita Lidgard, Storm Rangihuna.

12MJC Back Row:

Christine Bogaart, Jayde Picot, Zoe Hartwell, Mia Murphy. Third Row: Ezelle Schutte, Lauren Townley, Nathan Darby, Dallas Running, Stanley Yip. Second Row: Brody Austen, Kevin Kedde, Jack Callander, Chad Taylor, Jacob Shaw, Mrs Colleen Jacobs (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Franz Padilla, Heather Smith, Adorah Graham, Anita Tukiwaho, Shailee Patel.

“‘Boredom, boredom, boredom, boredom’ - Tyler, the Creator” - Eden Marr 74 | MASSEY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

13MHE Back Row:

Xavier Troon, Cian McFadden, Xavier Burger, Danny Fong, Miss Esther Hansen (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Jade Van Heerden, Amber Lawson, Richard Petty, Christian Grant, Annaleise Duke, Iunisi Pomee. Absent: Nino Changiz, Meika Curtis, Nathan Ellis, Mosooi Esau, Alice Farrell, Cheyenne Jacobs.

13MLW Back Row: Front Row:


Zane Bezuidenhout, Cobi De Jong, Johan Van Wyk, Mrs Evvie Lowe (Kaiaawhina). Bradley Grobbelaar, Taylor Rademeyer, Olivia Roberts, Charlotte Lambert, Josh Small. Andre’ Shaun Joubert, Emma Methieson, Mathew Mills, Corey Perry, Michael Spies, Shaun Van Zyl.

13MRU Back Row: Front Row: Absent:

Kane Joseph, Jayna BurnettBrown, Kaleb Tautari, Mr Carl Rushton (Kaiaawhina). Chloe Ling, Mya Pomare, Jenna Lowe, Darshana KC, Jessica Coyle. Anurag Deo, Max Gordon, Tristan Koch, Shamant Kumar, Sione Makaafi.

“mmmmmmm monkey” - Max Gordon MASSEY HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 75


76 | YEAR 13 ART | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



ia ora koutou! Kia ora koutou!

We’veso been so pleased welcome both new and returning students to School this year! In the first term, we We’ve been Kia ora to koutou! pleased to welcome both new and welcomed students from both Japan both that new studied us forstudents their short-term cultural academic We’ve been so Thailand pleased toand welcome and with returning to School this year! and In the first term, we returning students to SchoolStudents thiswelcomed year!lovedstudents experience. being here and embraced all that was on offer and although happy to return home, from both Thailand and Japan that studied with us for their short-term cultural and academic In the first term, we students alsowelcomed wanted to stay! We can’t thank the teachers, support staff andallhomestay families for although their support flexi- home, experience. Students loved being here and embraced that was on offer and happyand to return from both Thailand and Japan that bility for our groups students during time. big teachers, thanks also to the many volunteered to be and flexialsoof wanted to stay! Wethis can’t thankA the support staff andstudents homestaywho families for their support studied with us for their short-term an Ambassador for ourforstudents andofwe hope you’ll available year as well! bility our groups students duringbe this time. A next big thanks also to the many students who volunteered to be cultural and academic experience. Students loved being here and an Ambassador for our students and we hope you’ll be available next year as well! embraced all that was on offer and although happy to return home, also wanted to stay! We can’t thank the teachers, support staff and homestay families for their support and flexibility for our groups of students during this time. A Kia ora koutou! big thanks also to the many We’ve been so pleased to welcome both new and returning students to School this year! In the first term, we students who volunteered welcomed students from both Thailand and Japan that studied with us for their short-term cultural and academic to be an Ambassador for our experience. Students loved being here and embraced all that was on offer and although happy to return home, students and we hope you’ll be available next year as to stay! We can’tlong-term thank the teachers, support and homestay familieshome for theirafter support flexiWe also alsowanted farewelled some students as staff well who returned at and least a year of study Austria, Macau andofFrench well! bility for our groups studentsPolynesia. during this time. A big thanks also to the many students who volunteered to be We also farewelled some an Ambassador for our students and we hope you’ll be available next year as well! long-term students as well who returned home after at We also farewelled some long-term students as well wh least a year of study at PHS, to Austria, Austria, Macau and French Polynesia. Macau and French Polynesia. At the end of 2020, we’ll be saying goodbye to some more students who are heading to tertiary study or to other We also farewelled some long-term students as well who returned home after at least a year of study at PHS, to providers and we wish them all the Austria, Macau and French Polynesia. best on their next education journey. The international student population is special and unique and we are so pleased to offer students an educational experience and also learn from our international students. We thank you for being here with us and we can’t wait to see what the future holds! See you in 2021 which is sure to be an interesting and exciting year as we welcome new students here and celebrate the successes of students who are here now.

“Shoot for the Stars, Aimwe’ll forbethe Moon” - some Tinomore Arcari At the end of 2020, saying goodbye to students who are heading to tertiary stu or to other providers and we wish them all the best on their next education journey. At the end of 2020, we’ll be saying goodbye to some more students who are heading to tertiary study or to other providers and we wish them all the best on their next education journey.

The international student population is special and unique and we are so pleased to offer students international student population is special and unique and we are so pleased to offer students an educational The experience and also learn from our international students. We thank you for being he educational experience and also learn from our international students. We thank you for being here INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT 2020 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 77 with us and with weuscan’t wait what the future and we can’t to waitsee to see what the future holds!holds!

See you in 2021 is which is sure bean an interesting and exciting year as new students Atwe thewelcome end ofas 2020, we’ll be saying goodbye to some See you in 2021 which sure to to be interesting and exciting year we welcome new students here and celebrate the successes of students who are here now. to other providers and we wish them all the best o here and celebrate the successes of students who are hereornow.



his year, the Tongan Polyfest group prepared two dance performances for 2020 Polyfest. Thirty students worked hard, practising for six weeks, five times each week for several hours each time. Unfortunately, less than a week before the performance date, the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic. However, we were excited and proud to perform at the PHS Fiafia night in front of our families and friends. Our first dance was the traditional Tau’olunga which was performed by our senior girls. We closed the night with the Ma’ulu’ulu, performed by the whole group – both

girls and boys, juniors and seniors. Each performance was choreographed to not only portray the story of the song, but also to show the grace and skill of the performers. Both dances were performed at a high standard, thanks to all our hardworking parents and the teachers who helped us along the way. Special thanks go to our tutors, Olinga Lutui and Eseta Veanui. We plan to enter Polyfest in 2021 as competitors and show the skill and passion of the Pukekohe High School Tongan group.

“Oua lau e kafo kae lau e lava” - Stay positive and count your blessings 78 | TONGA FIAFIA NIGHT | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020


YEAR 12 ART | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 79

GATEWAY WORK EXPERIENCE S.T.A.R. – TRADE ACADEMIES By Ms. Shelly Boyes, Faculty Leader – Career Development Services


ave you ever wondered what your possible future in work could look like post-COVID? Have you ever thought about kick starting your trade training while you were still at high school? Well over two hundred students did just that in 2020 despite the challenges brought by COVID-19’s lockdowns and Alert Levels. This year we expanded our practical learning opportunities to include military preparation, police studies, full industry training organisation qualifications, ‘virtual’ online work with employers and off-site delivery of block courses for GATEWAY and Angitu students through active community partnering with RSA Franklin. COVID-19 meant our trades academy students needed to work online for part of their year to supplement their practical studies, as well as mask up, hand sanitise and QR code scan whenever they travelled and/or moved about an MIT campus. Our work experience students’ practical learning was victim to the vagaries of COVID Alert Levels. Students could work at Alert Level 2 with their employer’s permission and business readiness. For some students, this meant an agonising wait until Alert Level 1. 2020 has taught our students not only about the fragility of our world but also to remain optimistic while pragmatic and self-aware about their young futures forward in the new COVID landscape. Overall, our students can be proud of their resilience and perseverance to achieve in trying circumstances and determination to succeed. Here are a few cool work stories from our class of 2020 ... Arianna Moana (1GFPS) worked as a Kaiaho or junior classroom teacher’s aide at Te Hononga o Nga Hae e Wha in Pukekohe. She says that her work experience has confirmed for her that being in early childhood education (ECE) is what she wants to pursue when she is ready to leave high school. She will return to Level 2

Future Pathways in 2020 as a GATEWAY work experience student with hopefully with the same workplace and ECE theory studies with PORSE Education. (Photograph with permission supplied.) Level 3 Automotive Engineering student, Andre’ Joubert (3GFPS), is all masked up, scanned on and ready to go to Tech! He was one of 100 MIT Trades Academy students that had to make a few changes under Alert Level 2.5 following the second lockdown in order to travel and attend his weekly classes at the MIT Otara campus. In 2021, Andre’ is set to continue his development with extended work experience in diesel mechanics and further trades academy study in engineering or other allied skills. David Kawondera (2GFPS) is our first GATEWAY work experience student to work virtually with a remote employer, starting a trend that many are likely to follow from 2021. While his employer, Design by Cheney, is resident in Puhoi, David would work from ‘his office’ in the Student Support building at Pukekohe High School each week for 20 weeks. He worked to digital media design contract briefs supplied by his employer to develop graphics for various social media platforms for real clients. David is looking forward to further developing his information technology skills in 2021 for a future pathway in media design. Eli McRobbie (2GFPS) was a member of a large group of MIT Trades Academy Level 2 Building Construction & Allied Trades (BCATS) students working out of MIT Otara. Eli enjoyed working with industry professionals in a tertiary learning environment. He will return to Level 3 Future Pathways in 2021 continuing his MIT Trades Academy journey as a Level 3 BCATS student, studying two days per week for 32 weeks at MIT Tech Park. Finn Williams (Year 12) was a member of the Start Up Ignition Automotive Level 2 Micro-Credential programme, a GATEWAY and Motor Industry Training Organisation initiative. The programme immerses senior high school students in the world of automotive engineering through work experience and industry-specific studies. This

“I like my coffee like I like my women, I don’t like coffee.” - Daniel Fawthrop 80 | GATEWAY - S.T.A.R. TRADE ACADEMIES | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

opportunity was perfect for Finn; he was able to complete an entire qualification in addition to NCEA Level 2, develop a network of local contacts and acquire an automotive engineering apprenticeship, which he will commence in 2021. Kiriarma Chapman (1GFPS) got first-hand experience of the busy-ness that characterises the hospitality industry through her work experience at Town Mouse Cafe’, Pukekohe. She counts learning how to make the perfect coffee for real paying customers as a highlight. Kiriarma’s new people skills will be perfect for her beauty therapy pathway training that she is set to commence in 2021. Lakiesha Welsh (1GFPS) was keen to give ‘building construction a go’ when she completed her work experience with Triple C Contractors Limited, Tuakau. She worked on a multi-level housing complex in Auckland with professional builders and sub-contractors. She says her work experience has opened her eyes to other possible future trade pathways that she is keen to explore. Lakiesha will return to Level 2 Future Pathways in 2020 as a part of the fast growing MIT Trades Academy group. MIT Trades Academy Level 3 Electrical & Mechanical Engineering students, Kane Joseph, Malakai Poa and Michael Spies (3GFPS), Foundation students of MIT Tech Park – a multi-million dollar trades training initiative based on Manukau City. The students did two trades academies, the first year of the electrical apprenticeship and preapprentice mechanical engineering. Our young men are positively looking to study full-time at MIT Tech Park in 2021 to progress their future pathways in automotive and mechanical engineering.

Moso’oi Eseau, Brogan McColl, Bridget McCrum and Ashleigh Parkes (3GFPS) are our inaugural Level 3 Police Studies students who worked with the Police Pathway Academy Programme based at Wesley College twice per week for 30 weeks. This course is specific to students that are serious about a policing or similar career. To qualify, our students needed to have Level 2 English and mathematics and be fit and strong through their involvement in sports and/or other physical activity. Our young women are positively looking to study or work in initial pathways that are people-orientated with a view to applying for the police force by the end of 2021 (due to COVID-19). Taylor Rademeyer (3GFPS) is pictured at her office in Manukau City where she is effectively a Legal Assistant to her employer at Integrity Law Limited, Manukau City. She has had the opportunity to grow her writing and thinking skills through actual legal work experience on wills, trusts, depositions and disputes. Taylor is positively looking to further develop her business and legal experience before pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Waikato University in 2021 or 2022. MIT Trades Academy Level 3 Electrical and Mechanical Engineering student, Yuki Smith (3GFPS), is Pukekohe High School’s second recipient of The Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award, a $2000 scholarship awarding our top vocational education student at Year 12 or Year 13. Yuki is being awarded for his Top of Schools efforts in two trades academies, as well as consistent above average performances in Level 3 calculus and physics. Yuki starts his electrical engineering apprenticeship with ETCO in 2021.

“I’M NOT A HORSE GIRL!!!!!!” - Charlotte Lambert GATEWAY - S.T.A.R. TRADE ACADEMIES | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 81

LA I BRA RY nother great year here at Pukekohe High School Library! Of course, 2020 has brought with it a few challenges, namely Covid 19, but sensible heads, positivity and enthusiasm have made those challenges easier to manage. The school library was set to go for home learning during lockdowns, our Web App regularly updated with resources and ‘boredom busters’ and the ever-expanding selection of eBooks and audiobooks already available to all students and staff. We also added ‘World Book Online’ to our library offerings, which allows students access to a huge online resource 24/7 and includes some fantastic eBooks - this proved useful during home study this year and is still available now. The library now has 2 Nintendo Switch Lite and a selection of games to offer students at interval and lunchtime which have proved hugely popular. We plan to add more games next year and hope to start a games

lending library – Watch this space. Chess is still very popular, and we have added some sets of dominoes. Connect 4 has made a welcome appearance as it offers the chance of multiple quick games in an interval or lunchtime. We have plans to expand the collection of games into 2021 and beyond. AND, in true library style, we have books - over 12000 of them on the shelves! Our library is a fantastic community within the school and a very popular place to be. This year our librarians have been a strong and awesome team of 14. Briana, Jayden, Sophie, Eunby, Lily, Jimmy, Johan, Mahmoud, Jind and Anneliese and in 2020 we welcome Jacob, Jayden, Andy and Hamish to the team! Mrs Gray and Ms Tilley say a HUGE THANK YOU!

“I swear I saw red vent, vote red, I was doing wires in electrical” - Cobi De Jong 82 | LIBRARY | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

1st XI Boys Hockey


avid Kana continued to coach the team this year as they aimed to win the Counties Manukau Championship again and to also win the Mayhill Cup National Secondary Schools Tournament in order to win promotion back into the top-level Rankin Cup/India Shield tournament. The team began the season well with 2 wins against Rosehill and Strathallan but then faltered with a narrow loss to Waiuku in the first round. They progressed through to the semi-finals to again meet Waiuku in the final. The final was an intense affair with neither team prepared to allow the other to dominate. In the end Pukekohe came away with the win thanks to a goal from Chad Taylor. The final score 1-0. Pukekohe High have now won the NZI Trophy for the Counties Manukau Premier Boys Grade for the 5th year in a row. This is the first time a school has dominated like this. This feat has a special significance for current team captain, Aidan Trow, as he has been a member of the team for all five years.

Girls Hockey


ockey this year was a little interesting with all the lockdown interruptions. We were all disappointed to not have been able to play the final, but we were lucky enough to have a couple of games which we did well in. There were a lot of new girls that joined the team this year which meant lots of team bonding time! Next year promises to be bright and we are looking

Mixed Hockey

Unfortunately, the Intercity Competition which follows the local competition did not happen due to Covid 19 and the Mayhill Cup was cancelled for the same reason. The team will now have to set its sights on defending the NZI Trophy and winning the 2021 Mayhill Cup. Boys hockey would like to thank David Kana for all of the time and energy he has put into developing hockey at Pukekohe High School. He is now taking a well-deserved break after 8 years of service to hockey in the school.

forward to building on our shortened season. Massive thank you to our coach Sarah and our manager Jill for supporting us and for always being there to help us improve as a team. Big thank you to all the girls who were in the team, even though we didn’t have a full season we still put up a fight for the games we did play. With that bring on 2021.


his year, the PHS mixed hockey team were able to play 4 games before the second lockdown. The mixed team is made up of players who play hockey for other teams or who play other sports. Despite playing without a permanent goalie, they won 3 out of 4 games including an impressive 5-0 win over Rosehill. This game helped the team end up topping Manukau mixed tournament scoreboard. Coach Miss Slee said that the team worked well together and had positive attitudes that allowed them to improve each game. Despite having the season cut short, the mixed team had good games and were able to learn from each other. A big thanks goes on behalf of the team to Coach and Manager Miss Slee who kept the team going and lead them to victory.



Senior Open

By Grace Stanners

By Aidan Toop


he Pukekohe High School Junior Debating Team continued debating despite the first lockdown interrupting the competition. This meant that a reshuffle of the teams was required as we lost and gained a few members once the season restarted. We agreed to trial online debating and contacted other teams throughout Auckland using a website designed specifically for debating called Yaatly. The thought-provoking moots, such as taxing fast food and parental control of social media, proved challenging and rewarding. We managed to avoid losing a few of our debates by default due to a few last-minute stand ins – thanks to Nooroa Tonorio, Alyssa and Liam Mould. While we weren’t always successful, our confidence improved, and we developed some great skills. Celeste Nyatsanza (from the Advanced Open Team) also adjudicated for the Junior Open category and will be continuing to do so into next year. The competition was a steep learning curve for all of us as and we’re looking forward to coming back stronger next year!


his year only one Senior Open team competed in the senior open category. The team decided to participate in online debating for a change, due to the covid-19 outbreak. We found this easier as we wouldn’t have to travel from school to school. We debated every second Tuesday after school and would not receive the moot until an hour before we were due to start debating. We debated a series of moots relevant to current events, for example: paid internships, colonising Mars, and banning TikTok. This year’s members were Ellen Smith, Isadora Rueckert Nichio, and Aidan Toop. Thank you to Ms. Sayer for helping everyone with planning for the debate and bringing snacks for the team and Mr. Dissanayake for monitoring us. We’d also like to thank Zackery Wong from Auckland Schools’ Debating for running an excellent training day with us in term one.

Advanced Open By Celeste Nyatsanza


his year’s Advanced Open Team was made of Ashleigh Higgs, Hannah Keppel, Celeste Nyatsanza and Ayla Johnstone, and as previously mentioned we debated against other schools through Yaatly (a platform designed specifically for debating), as opposed to seeing them face-to-face. This came with a whole new set of challenges that we don’t come across when we’re debating in person, such as issues figuring the website out, connection issues and even low battery. While we weren’t successful in the first debate of the season, we soon got into our stride and won our other three debates. A few of the very compelling topics we had to debate were whether ex-convicts should be allowed to pursue careers as professional athletes and whether minorities should have their own separate schools. We very narrowly

missed getting into the knockout rounds – we were the only team to win three out of four debates and not advance – but we came away with some valuable feedback and we’re keen to get back into it next year! Thank you to Ms Abbott and Miss Sayer for the support and coaching!

“I’m falling in and out again” - Josh Soole 84 | DEBATING TEAM | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



ia orana, This year has seen the re-emergence of our Cook Island community representation. A small group of Cook Islanders (and friends) have been working together to showcase the Cook Island culture. The Cook Island culture in its many forms is a passionate interest of mine and I am honoured to be the teacher liaison for the group. I am also supporting students wanting to complete NCEA examinations in Cook Island Maori. My language and dance skills are not exceptional, so the senior leaders, led by Samantha Tamaiwa, have coached the group themselves. This group of young Cook Island cultural ambassadors have proven themselves more than capable. We welcome community assistance and are hoping to build and grow our knowledge, numbers, skills, language and representation over the coming years. The group began dancing together at the beginning of the year and our numbers are steadily increasing. The performances over the year (Fiafia Night, Matariki Festival, the Pasifika Fono), have been memorable and enjoyable. The members of our Cook Island Maaori Team are Ana Seini Davis, Danni West, Eileen Davis, Joyce Singh, Katie Wekking, Kimi Tekotia, Laniah Leiataua, Nooroa Tonorio, Rangimarie Povey, Samantha Tamaiva and Trinity O’Sullivan. Maitaki Maata (Thank-you) to the group members who have supported each other and displayed our culture so beautifully. I look forward to the coming years of celebrating Cook Island Language and Culture with more of the PHS community. Manuia, Sarah Tonorio (BSc Dip Tch) By Trinity


o me being a part of the Cook Island group is an honour, being able to stand with another culture, even though I am not a Cook Islander myself. Before 2020 I knew nothing about the Cook Island culture until one of my friends who was in charge of the group, asked if I wanted to join them. From the start of this school year, I have learned so much about Cook Island culture, from knowing how to sway/shake my hips to gentle hands movements as-well-as learning some of the language.


By Eileen s a person I have grown more confident being on stage. When I have performed with the kapa haka group there are so many of us on stage, I am always surrounded by others and not usually in the spotlight. But being in the Cook Island group has brought me right out of my comfort zone as we have had small numbers, so everyone was visible. I would like to see more people join the Cook Island group in the future; we are very diverse, and we are willing to accept anyone that wants to learn the culture.

“Te maata i taau ka oronga ko te maata rai ia i taau ka rauka.” - The more you give the more you receive. if you give a lot you will receive alot. COOK ISLAND GROUP | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 85

YEAR 10 CAMP BLOG 2019 By Sam Murphy


n experience everyone should remember; year 10 camp of 2019. I remember Blake house being first – the trial and guinea pig group. The two nights consisted of challenges and activities within our designated groups with senior supervisors/leaders. The first night was the best (in my opinion), we had to assign each person in our group a task to do when the challenge came around: eating a raw onion, swallowing a raw egg, finding m&ms covered in a plate of whipped cream with only your mouth, and passing kitchen tools down a line without using your hands. After these were completed with a lot of yelling and cheering, the senior leaders broke off and everyone got ready to play spotlight. Each student was worth a certain amount of points, and the teachers were the jackpot. However, Mr. Cooper was the golden nugget; worth a whooping 150 points, teams went to seek out and search. (We barely had a bed time or alarms!) The days were spent in our groups doing treasure hunts and learning about the area around us – finding statues and monuments. After lunch breaks, mass games were planned out like capture the flag – played in and around hills and bush, cricket was set up which gained wonderful entertainment purposes. We got to explore all the bodies of water that were stocked with fancy rocks and had to trek up massive stairs every time (it was a pain, really). Groups had to go through the practical camping exercises too; putting up tents, cooking meals and washing dishes etc. My favorite part was probably the BIG tramp we did – when I tell you there were so many hills, I mean there were LOADS. It was a lovely reward getting to go for a swim in the lake afterwards – everyone went full relax mode. Blake house got the peak of weather condition; bright, hot sunny days that gave most kids sunburn, the epidemy of Kiwi camps. All around, year 10 camp will be one of my favourite high school memories.

86 | YEAR 10 CAMP | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



eld at Waterworld, Te Rapa Thursday 15 October – Sunday 18 October Over the 4 days, a team of 13 students represented the school at the championships where 123 schools took part. Pukekohe High School was placed 19th in the Top Schools competition and 10th out all Co-Ed schools. This is an awesome achievement for a small and competitive team. Kate Wheeler (Yr 9) received a Gold medal for 200m Butterfly, while Spencer Menzies (Yr 11) received a Silver for 200m Butterfly and Bronze for 50m Butterfly. Drew McKenzie (Year 9), David Wright (Year 9), Willow Phillips (Year 10) and Tyler Adams (Year 11) all attained 100% PBs for all their swims. The team entered 12 relays and 9 of those were placed in the top 10. 4th 4x100m Free Relay 15 & under Kate Wheeler, Tyler McNaughten, Willow Phillips, Armani Tohaia 5th 2x50m Free Relay Mixed Spencer Menzies, Kate Wheeler 6th 4x50m Medley Relay 16 & over Jorja McKenzie, Tyler Chapman, Abbey Swain, Maia Clare 8th 4x50m Medley Relay 15 & under Armani Tohaia, Tyler Chapman, Kate Wheeler, Willow Phillips 8th 4x100m Free Relay 16 & over Abbey Swain, Jorja McKenzie, Tyler Chapman, Maia Clare 9th 4x50m Free Relay Mixed Leon Duke, Kate Wheeler, Abbey Swain, Spencer Menzies 9th 4x50m Free Relay 16 & over Kate Wheeler, Tyler Chapman, Maia Clare, Abbey Swain 9th 4x50m Free Relay 15 & under Armani Tohaia, Willow Phillips, Tyler McNaughten, Kate Wheeler 9th 8x50m Free Relay Open Kate Wheeler, Maia Clare, Jorja McKenzie, Tyler McNaughten, Tyler Chapman, Willow Phillips. Armani Tohaia, Abbey Swain

Top 10 placings: Kate Wheeler (Year 9) Gold 200m Fly (PB) 4th 100m Fly 5th 100m Free (PB) 5th 200m Free (PB) 6th 50m Fly PB 50m Back, 100m IM, 400m Free Tyler McNaughten (Year 9) PB 50m Back, 50m Breast, 50m Free PB 100m Back Armani Tohaia (Year 10) 6th 200m Back (PB) 9th 200m Free PB 50m Back, 100m IM, 100m Free, 200m IM, 400m Free Spencer Menzies (Year 11) Silver 200m Fly (PB) Bronze 50m Fly (PB) 4th 50m Free (PB) 4th 100m Fly (PB) 5th 100m Free Leon Duke (Year 11) 4th 200m Breast (PB) 7th 100m Breast (PB) 10th 50m Breast (PB) 10th 200m IM (PB) PB 100m IM, 100m Free Tyler Chapman (Year 11) 10th 100m Breast, 200m Breast PB 50m Breast, 50m Free Jorja McKenzie (Year 11) PB 50m Back, 50m Fly Abbey Swain (Year 12) 5th 50m Back, 200m Back 7th 100m Back 10th 100m IM Maia Clare (Year 12) 8th 100m Free (PB) PB 50m Back, 50m Fly

NISS ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 Sprint Course (Tuakau College) Matthew Moffitt (Year 9) Bronze Medal Liam Mould (Year 9) 9th Samuel O’Connor (Year 10) 10th Caitlyn Marx (Year 12) 10th Callum Farmer (Year 13) 6th Long Course (Waiuku Forest) Matthew Moffitt (Year 9) 5th Samuel O’Connor (Year 10) 6th Callum Farmer (Year 13) 9th

Junior Boys Junior Boys Intermediate Boys Senior Girls Senior Boys Junior Boys Intermediate Boys Senior Boys


eld at Tuakau College on Saturday 17 October and in the Waiuku Forest on Sunday 18 October. The above event had been postponed from the April school holidays due to COVID and unfortunately coincided with other sporting events so our school team was not as strong in numbers as in the past. This year the relay event was not included in the revised programme due to the timing of the event. Our boys competed highly and were placed 2nd in the Top Schools competition.


Perkins House Year 13’s Back Row: Third Row: Second Row: Front Row:

Jessica Fouche, Tayla Spooner, Tonga Fakava, Cassi Pitsillides, Reanah Brown. Francis Buskermolen, Blake Fryer, Charlotte Newman, Amber Knight, Meg Stevens, Ayla Johnstone. Olivia Fausett, Seth Green, Loyal Henwood, Blake Elliott, Aidan Trow, Ethan Adams, Vincent Bunning. Joyce Singh, Stephanie Reynecke, Sam McPherson, Zoe Brown, Hannah Nunes, Kukenga Chiyesu, Simran Singh.

“Do your work lads. Unless your name is Ila then go back to sleep.” - Ila Fakava 88 | PERKINS HOUSE | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

9PCX Back Row:

Ben Leo Lauite, De La Rey Venter, Matthew Bowes, Sebastian Salanga, Bailey Reay. Second Row: Iraiah Cole, Ryan Elliott, Kody Buchanan, Andy Li, Drew Steadman, Mrs Yana Cox (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Taylor Snijder, Tyler McNaughten, Drew McKenzie, Madison Cochrane, Maddy Hill. Absent: Bree Gardiner, Cherish Hauwaho, Latoya Howard, Genevieve Kauri, Luke Kirasic, Anyi Liu, Mafi Maka, Lance Manukailea-Salisi, Troy Oakes, Eden Walker.

9PHR Back Row:

Jakob Gisel, Aaron Goel, Caiden Berry. Fourth Row: Cashis-Deris Pamatatau, Mackenzie Muggeridge, David Vea, Ryan Webster. Third Row: Eddi Kake, Benjmain Matthews, Haeora Tawhai-Ratahi, Jarred Marshall-Albert, Alexander Sharp, Kyle McKerras. Second Row: Mrs Leeann Hodgson (Teacher Aide) , Ana-Marie Afungia, Ella Temu, Brock Murphy, Callum Marshall, Dallas Morrison, Mr Coburn Hari (Kaiaawhina), Mrs Donna Morgan (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Brooke Moore, Holly Griffiths, Pawanpreet Kaur, Gabrielle Uruamo, Katie Spick, Willow Thomson, Anna Fox.

9PWH Back Row:

Cory Platt, Ryan Holmes, Harlem Buskermolen, Daniel Nota. Third Row: Aidan Nissen, Laurence Aceron, Colby Fuimaono, Matt Chiesa, Abhinav Ahuja. Second Row: Riki-Lee Rogers, Kate Wheeler, Todd Pithie, Duan Meyer, Mackenzie Seymour, William Brambley, Te Tiale Tulafono, Mr Steven White (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Esther Singh, Payton Murphy, Viana Haru, Takaua Taumoefolau, Jenaya Lafaele, Darnika Howe, Jade Bennett.

“0:15 - I Don’t Like by Chief Keef ” - Anton Reble PERKINS HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 89

10PAD Back Row:

Jarred Van Den Heever, Aman Kaur, Marika Eshuis, Ronnie Woods. Third Row: Roshan Daya, Joseph Mudrovcich, Jephthah Manukailea, Nabeel Buksh, Deven Ogle, Bevin Li, Conor Beloe. Second Row: Mele Clarke, Romeo ParsonsTaramoeroa, Fale Veainu, Zachary Hill, Anthony Cha, Lily Harris, Mrs Mikaela Andrews (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Koa Tahau, Clea Pitman, Ella Helms, Tyler Hickmott, Lauren Hutchinson, Kimba-Jo Nathan, Abby Johnson. Absent: Mikayla Turner, Alissa Wyatt, Cameron Preston.

10PLL Back Row:

Mathew van Beerendonk, Halen McKenzie, Cameron Armstrong, Sam Neate, Daniel Littlefair. Third Row: Sam Cato, Jack Davies, Jimmy Taunt, Ben Fausett, Robin Proctor. Second Row: Holly Harris, Carla Pretorius, Brianna Roach, Kayla Strijdom, Kahlen Johnston, Mrs Jody Lafele (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Ella Hunt, Mikayla Knee, Maya Wheeler, Jorja Bryant, Armani Tohaia, Anneliese Hamilton, Ashlyn Riggs.

10PTI Back Row:

Fabio Rodrigues, Glory Seiloa, Iaeli Kaufisi. Third Row: Thomas Gibson, Sean McPherson, Johnny Flint, Hayden Rose, Corey Andrews. Second Row: Sipiloni Raass, Aldrin Rivera, Ryan Kuhn, Jaylin Boshoff, Morne Visagie, Ms Sarah Tonori (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Dylan Nolan, Eve Harris, Jess Jacobs, Chloe Cathcart, Reagan Murray, Draska Lyndon-Tonga, Angel Sanpang.

“2/10 would not recommend” - Danny Fong 90 | PERKINS HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

11PAC Back Row:

Jimmy O’Keefe, Mohammed Khan, Noah McLoving, Jamie Joseph. Third Row: Luke McGregor, Callum Smith, Mason Johnston, Brennan Miller, Jane Stevens. Second Row: Mackenzie Armitage, Luke Platt, Ryan Spick, Grady Neate, Troy Reimer, Jorja McKenzie, Ms Chhaya Acharya (Kaiaawhina) Front Row: Paige Nimmo, Chantel de Beer, Bella Pike, Rocel Katuin, Lilly Fox, Sasha Brooks, Nataliegh Hokai.

11PMY Back Row:

Braedan Mills, Kenanniah Seiloa, Ashley Croft, Amber Cocker, Kate Saunders. Second Row: Jennifer Cowley, Stevie Cochrane, Tapu Veainu, Isaiah Tulafono. Front Row: Tiffany Purua, Ria Chhatwal, Bridget Nissen, Taylah-Rose Walker-De Thierry, Kiah Ruka. Absent: Mrs Mulcahy (Kaiaawhina), Brodie Anderson, Zoe Cherrington, Ben Green, Summer Haines-Roycroft, Heremia Hemopo, Ethan Lim, Luana Paranihi, Britt Rennell, Thomas Smith, Shawn Temu, Ava Thompson, Keannan Van Zyl, Riley Williams.

11PTY Back Row:

David Flint, Noah Smith, Matthew Clooney, Jayden Flanagan, Karlos Ormsby. Second Row: ‘Ofaloto Fakava, Sam McKenzie, James Hooper, Kaelan Paranihi, Ashton Steen, Dylan Tonga, Ms Taylor (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Teah Roberts, Maia Johnson, Teagan Dargaville, Jemma Hogan, Ray Pysarenko, BillieJae Jenkins, Ocean Rangihuna.

“Should’ve dropped out in Year 12” - Nathan Hickmott PERKINS HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 91

12PCH Back Row:

Bryn Van Zyl, Chris Vave, Marcos Lawson, Nazar Ukraychenko. Second Row: Davanny Leo Lauite, Alex Vujanic, Aaron McCrum, James Tong, Sloan Africa, Mr Dony Chennoth (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Juliet Gwangwava, Maia Clare, Lily Jenkins, Tara Doel, Regan Ross. Absent: Te Uru Albert Edwards Kahui, Nathan Hill, Ethan Hargraves, Seth Jourdain, Namolisa Kapili, Olivia Quarrie, Beverly Tytherleigh.

12PSR Back Row:

Aditya Sharma, Bethany Swarbrick. Third Row: Zoe de la Rey, Raymond Lewis, Hendrik Kotze, Aden Goel, Nadia Swartz. Second Row: Holly Cochrane, Ben Walsham, Cody Fisher, Dean Schnetler, Tom Gordon, Miss Laura Sayer (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Olivia Van Tiel, Katrina Aceron, Theresa Nota, Sophie Hutchinson, Harmony Proctor.

12PZW Back Row:

Sunni Nathan, Ayden Lenssen, Joshua Hamilton, Tory JonesBruce, Celeste Nyatsanza. Second Row: Liam Quensell, Trent McNaughten, William Swarbrick, Roddy Lewis, Mr Janni Zwarts (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Allissa Symonds, Ann Cato, Charne Strijdom, Mono Taumoefolau, Cherise Hopkins. Absent: Paris Fong, Genevieve Hemi, Hannah Keppel, Jordan Murdoch, Moana Parata, Pachkorn Payakboot, Holly Steyn, Kyle Waldron, LeneAnnike Wong.

“If you block your nose, you can’t taste it” - Adam Gay 92 | PERKINS HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

13PBB Back Row:

Leighton Kinghan, Keegan Neate, Savannah Hill, Blake Fryer. Second Row: Francis Buskermolen, Ethan Adams, Brayden Riggs, Aidan Trow, Jet Moyle, Mrs Sarah Babu (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Sam McPherson, Cassi Pitsillides, Olivia Fausett, Tonga Fakava, Kukenga Chiyesu. Absent: Daniel Fawthrop, Annie MacKenzie, Brogan McColl, Ned Narzo, Nofoaipe Taumoefolau, Jess Van Der Loos.

13PBR Back Row:

Wacko Fabriga, Victoria Barrar, Jake Brunsdon. Second Row: Zoe Brown, Seth Green, Blake Elliott, Zamon Armstrong. Front Row: Amrinder Chhatwal, Joyce Singh, Blaise Nathan, Mia Fabrello, Simran Singh. Absent: Jacob Croft, Loyal Henwood, Nathan Hickmott, Akineti Leo Lauite, Meg Stevens, Jayden Temu, Malachi Tulafono, Blake Woods.

13PJA Back Row:

Carmen Nolan, Stephanie Reynecke, Hannah Nunes, Simran Singh. Second Row: Ayla Johnstone, Joshua Soole, Connor Williams, Bridget McCrum, Mr Grant Jarvis (Kaiaawhina). Front Row: Jessica Fouche, Amber Knight, Tayla Spooner, Charlotte Newman, Reanah Brown.

“Life is soup, I am fork ” - Javan French PERKINS HOMEROOM PHOTOS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 93



he National 1-5 Pairs, in its second year, has already become an exciting event on the calendar for bowlers and spectators alike. Not only is it encouraging to see the new bowlers taking to the sport and the opportunities on offer, it is great to see their centres get behind them and follow their results keenly. Eight zones are represented to create a round robin format of seven games, so there is a huge focus on winning all games and as many ends as possible. The Poverty Bay brothers, Matthew and Dylan Foster, had a magnificent start to the tournament. Carrying on their form from last weekend at the juniors and secondary school events, they won their first five rounds with comfortable margins. Counties juniors Jordan Newton and Brayden Riggs were another team that stood out early on, stringing together three solid wins. Their winning streak ended in the fourth game when they came across Hutt Valley’s Blair Gowan and Logan Heppell. Jordan gave full credit to his opposition, saying “No matter how well we played, they simply outplayed us.” With the round four loss, both Jordan and Brayden felt their chances of claiming the title were slim; until it came to their attention they were still in second place. “We knew we had to dig deep, play with everything we had, and win all remaining games.” After the dinner break, the refocused Counties teenagers were up against the unbeaten Poverty Bay boys. This was a crucial match and both teams knew it. The standard of the bowls from all players was high, but from the third end, Jordan and Brayden always had their nose in front. It was all on for the final game. Counties to play the Ashburton / Canterbury combination of Alex MacLeod and Keith Hawkins; and Poverty Bay to take on Alan Berrigan and Ewan Tosh from Southland. If both junior teams won or lost, the overall result would be decided on a countback of ends and then points. As it happened though, Jordan and Brayden finished strong with a 15-3 victory, while Matthew and Dylan were toppled 5-9. This was a great result for Zone One, especially considering the uncertainty around whether or not they could be represented. For Jordan and Brayden, it made the 5am start to their day all worth it. How do they feel now? “Absolutely stoked.”

Brayden Riggs and Jordan Newton

Congratulations to the 2020 National 1-5 Year Pairs Champions – Jordan Newton and Brayden Riggs!

“Have a break, have a cry, have a Kit Kat” - Victoria Lowe 94 | NZ INDOOR BOWLS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



By Teretia Baraniko


am na bane ni Mauri - hello to you all. 2020 was a special year for the Kiribati students because we got the school and country to hear us, for us to stand proud of who are, to not forget our culture, identity, manners and to know the feeling of how important it is to be different from everyone else. It was the first ever Kiribati Language Week in New Zealand! The theme for Kiribati language week was ‘Ribanan te Taetae ni Kiribati e Kateimatoa ara Katei ao Kinakira;’ which means ‘Nurturing Kiribati language promotes our Cultural Identity and Heritage’. Although Kiribati Independence Day always falls in July during the school holidays, we got to celebrate it a week later in school. Meralisi, Wiiri, Lizzie and I made videos teaching the school about our Kiribati islands and some language phrases, which were shown in whaanau roopuu time and assemblies. On the Friday, our group gave a lunchtime performance in the hall and we thank all the students and staff who came to watch us. We were going to be performing at Polyfest again this year and we chose three songs that were related to the Polyfest theme, “Healing the body, mind, spirit and soul with the strength of culture”. Unfortunately, Polyfest was cancelled due to Covid19. So, instead we performed it in school during the Fiafia night. I will never forget the moment we entered the stage and I began to introduce my group. The look on the audience’s faces gave me chills. Clearly, they enjoyed our performance. However, the proud looks on our parents’ faces especially brought tears to my proud Kiribati eyes and goosebumps on my skin. During the Pasifika Fono evenings, we Kiribati have been well represented this year. One evening, Lizzie and Akineti danced and, another evening, several visitors from the Kiribati Aotearoa Diaspora Directive joined our staff, parents and students too. To me, this has been the best year. Everyone now knows we are not Samoan, Tongan nor Niuean; we are Kiribati.

“I have crashed twice this week but only driven once” - Amberleigh Maartens KIRIBATI LANGUAGE WEEK 2020 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 95



s part of their business studies endeavours, the ambitious business students attended the Pukekohe High School Business Expo – organised by Mrs Bach – and were also invited to the Matariki Celebration, to practice the physical act of selling and promoting. These young entrepreneurs put time, money, and effort into launching and operating a variety of operations, working against 2020’s storm. The studentled, innovative businesses manufactured products including car air fresheners, boutique earrings, lip scrubs, clothing, upcycled furniture, and homewares. Every business aimed to produce a sustainable product and practice sustainability in the forms of environmental, social, economic, ethical, and cultural. These businesses also committed to donating revenue to many national charities. On the 17th of September, the Business Expo allowed Year 12 and Year 13 business groups to set up a stall and invite staff and students to learn about their company and make a purchase. Although restrictions limited the expo attendees, this was a beneficial opportunity for the students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. In contrast, the Matariki Celebration, on the 30th of July, provided the student businesses to interact with the local community through stalls at the extravagant evening. These two nights helped both classes with their business studies internals and specifically the Year 13 business groups who are involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme. In the face of such unprecedented change, the business studies students persevered, and these two nights were an amazing experience for all of those involved!

“Did I mention that I was from the South Island yet?” - Seth Green 96 | ENTREPRENEURIAL TALENT! | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



By Carolyn Bach


ear 13 Business Studies students were involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme (founded by Lion Foundation), with a series of challenges throughout the year including producing a minimum viable product (MVP), validating their product, evidence of marketing and selling, and a final pitch to an external panel. At the final judging evening for Auckland South Region, we had five teams presenting: Airee (car air fresheners as fundraising tools for SPCA, Lifeline and St John Ambulance), Eco-Platter (upcycling tiles from The Tile Warehouse into food platters), Lulu (handmade jewellery), Tyre-Up (upcycling tyres using stretchy cord, to make very comfortable outdoor furniture) Moroccan Soul (Macramé home décor plant holders for discerning interior decorators). Each of these teams presented brilliantly – they were passionate about their businesses and spoke well. PHS ended up having four teams in the Top 10, Airee, Eco-Platter, Tyre-Up (Javan French, Theresa Nota, Zamon Armstrong, Zane Bezuidenhout, and Chloe Mugg) and

Moroccan Soul (Ella Madden, Hannah Nunes, Nicky Brooks, Carmen Steyn, Stephanie Reynecke and Claire Thomas). Airee won an award for Excellence in Social Enterprise – they had generated $200 per charity – a total of $600 all up – that is amazing for those charities that struggled to raise donations in this difficult year. Airee are: Charlotte Newman, Tayla Spooner, Chloe Ling, Eric Nielsen, Annaliese Duke, and Dimana Kolarova. Lulu won an award for ‘One to Watch’; they sold over $1,000 worth of jewellery all through the lockdowns – releasing new ranges and being super successful. Congratulations to Tavarnya Howe, Grace Madden, Emily Wolfsbauer, and Amber Lawson. Finally, huge congratulations to the Eco-Platter team of Paige Livingstone, Greer Crosbie, Daniel Fawthrop and Eden Marr who came 2nd overall for the Auckland South Region!!! Their presentation was fun and memorable! Overall, it was an exciting and successful evening and year for our talented Business Studies students. Not only did they receive national recognition – but achieved 15 NCEA credits for their efforts!

“I will be the human equivalent of a Twinkie” - Ben Hodson YOUNG ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2020 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 97


“it’s the procrastination for me” - Chelsea James 98 | OUTDOOR ED | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020



nfortunately, the Annual Sports Awards was unable to be held due to the ongoing concerns for large gatherings. The Kaunihera Haakinakina (Sports Council) were looking forward to showcasing their talents in organizing such an event. However, each sporting code was given the opportunity to

Major Sports Awards All Round Sportswoman of the Year – Caitlyn Marx C Pritchard Cup Aidan Trow

All Round Sportsman of the Year – 6A 1959 Cup

Amy Hunter

Most Outstanding Performance by a Girl – Lions Club Trophy

James Swift

Most Outstanding Performance by a Boy – Welander Shield

Jenna Lowe

Leadership in Sport – Ken Hemopo Shield

Armani Tohaia

Best All-Round Sporting Achievement by a Junior Girl - Kotahitanga Shield

Jack Steger-Hood

Best All-Round Sporting Achievement by a Junior Boy - Kotahitanga Shield

Best All-Round Team – National Bank Hockey Boys 1st XI Cup Keegan McCort

Sports Prefects Award – Sports Prefects Trophy

Callum Farmer

Sports Prefects Award – Sports Prefects Trophy

5 Years Consecutive Service to Sports Teams Ethan Campbell


Kara Irwin


Aidan Trow


Callum Farmer


Keegan McCort


Players of the Year Abby Crane Ethan Campbell Mereana Williams Noah Campbell James Swift

Tyler Adams, Tyler Chapman, Maia Clare, Leon Duke, Drew McKenzie, Jorja McKenzie, Tyler McNaughten, NZSS Swimming Spencer Menzies, Willow Phillips, Abbey Swain, Armani Tohaia, Kate Wheeler, David Wright

Junior Girls’ Basketball – PHS Trophy Junior Boys’ Basketball – Grant Donaldson Memorial Trophy Clay Target Shooting – Stan Child Trophy

Brayden Riggs

Boys’ Cricket – Rowan Whyte Cup

Sarah Carpenter

Girls’ Football – PTA Trophy

Jenna Lowe

Girls’ Football – PTA Trophy

Ethan Bennett

Matthew Moffitt Jasmine Niederberger Rushil Patel Logan Harding Mosooi Esau Mackenzie Armitage Teah Roberts

Alyssa Callander

James Craven, Kade Ellery, Ben Fry, Jacob Fry, Thomas Harvey, Amy Hunter, NZSS Clay Target Sean Keary, Caleb Marshall, James Shooting Swift, Logan Teirney, Fraser Tilyard, Saxon Timo-Perry, Troy Wellstood

Boys’ Basketball – PHS Cup

Girls’ Cricket – Butterworth Trophy

Kimi Perenara

Sports Representatives

Girls’ Basketball – PHS Trophy

Raniya Buksh

Mackenzie Steenson


Olivia Fausett

nominate players for awards and some of the teams held their own awards evenings. Other awards were distributed through the Year level assemblies.

Boys’ Football – John Slee Cup

Junior Boys’ Football – Adam Kemp Trophy Girls’ Hockey - PHS Cup Boys’ Hockey – 1982 Tournament Team Trophy Mixed Hockey – Slee Trophy Girls’ Lacrosse – Caudwell Cup Netball – PTA Cup Netball Senior Red – PHS Trophy Netball Year 10 Black – PHS Trophy Netball Year 9 Black – PHS Trophy Netball Year 9 Red – PHS Trophy

Caitlyn Marx

Girls’ Orienteering – John & Val Robinson Trophy

Callum Farmer

Boys’ Orienteering – John & Val Robinson Trophy

Meg Grey Rowing – Twining Cup Lucy Setefano

Girls’ Rugby - Pukekohe High School Trophy

Xavier Troon

Rugby – Pukekohe High School Trophy

Kate Wheeler

Swimming – Singhal Family Cup

Olivia Russek

Waka Ama – Moana Whanau Trophy

Whitiora Purua

Waka Ama – Tarapa Whanau Trophy

“I’m a bad bleep...” - Chloe Mugg SPORTS AWARDS | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 99

Back Row:

Mr Corey Proffitt, Mr Gary Neels, Mr Jay Pressnell, Mrs Jody Lafaele, Ms Sarah Tonorio, Mr Coburn Hari, Mr Matt Whitby, Miss Morgan Hogg, Mr Jim Matchett, Mr Blair Buckland, Mr Shey Eva, Mr Murray Trenberth.

Third Row:

Front Row:

Ms Sita Baker, Ms Laura Abbott, Mrs Hine Smith, Ms Kahiwa Moeau, Mr Stephen Langdon, Mrs Shalini Saxena, Mrs Hester Myburg, Mr Stephen Granshaw, Mrs Sharon Grass (Acting Assistant Principal), Mrs Renee Neville (Deputy Principal), Mr Richard Barnett (Principal), Mr Gerard Tindling (Deputy Principal), Mrs Carolyn Cornu (Deputy Principal), Ms Suzanne Williams (Acting Assistant Principal), Mr Denis Murphy, Mr David Cantley, Mrs Ann-Maree Bremner, Ms Rose Karauria, Mr John Slee, Ms Shelley Boyes, Mrs Sandy Wild.

Second Row: Ms Tara Remington, Mr Greg Hughes, Mr Shan Dissanayake, Mr Warren Edwards, Mr Grant Jarvis, Mr Andrew Hargreaves, Mr Martion Braunton, Mr Alan McClunie, Mr Dave Matthews, Mr Adam Kemp, Mr Janni Zwarts, Mr Stuart McEwing, Mr Dony Chennoth, Mr Brendan O’Brien, Miss Rosanna Walton, Mr Steven White, Mrs Kylie Waitai, Miss Meghan Ashford, Mrs Vicky Moore-Allen, Mrs Amelia Bodman.

Ms Molly Vale, Mr Paul Reynolds, Mrs Kellie Loader, Ms Colleen Jacobs, Mrs Chrismari Dickinson, Ms Esther Hansen, Mrs Ina van Der Merwe, Miss Rebecca Howard, Ms Grace Love, Miss Elise James, Mrs Carolyn Bach, Mrs Lynne Green, Mrs Esther Williams, Miss Maria Kim, Mrs Raewyn McLeod, Mrs Gael Crimmins.

STAFF OF 2020 Sixth Row

Fifth Row:

Ms Sharon Watson, Miss Sneha Srinivasan, Mrs Elly Good, Ms Tuakau Whiu, Mr Rhonda Mehrtens, Mrs Vivienne Kingsbury, Mr Joel McNally, Ms Rawinia Paewai, Miss Laura Sayer, Mrs Cathy Munro, Mr Thomas North, Mr Michael Anderson, Miss Maria Williams, Miss Callayne Eru, Mrs Samantha Hansen, Ms Marisa Mencarelli-Skilton. Mrs Carol Mulcahy, Mrs Ying Carver, Mrs Susan Fryer, Mrs Kaori Smith, Mrs Shaynon Pearson, Ms Matilda Parata, Mrs Natasha Taylor, Ms Maria Ward, Miss Chhaya Acharya, Mrs Harinder Kaur, Mrs Mikaela Andrews, Mrs Jude Webber, Ms Pauline Armstrong, Mrs Andrea Baxter, Ms Nalini Singh, Ms Martine Harding.

Fourth Row: Miss Rhiannon Swift, Mrs Tracey Caskie, Mrs Jessica Finlay, Ms Maree Wallace, Miss Catherine Tamahere, Mrs Sonamaria Meyer-Pum, Mrs Evvie Lowe, Ms Leanne Evans, Mrs Sarah Babu, Mrs Cushla Berry, Mrs Dianne Stringer, Miss Amy Price-Williams, Mrs Athlyn Watt, Miss Esperance Withers, Mrs Renee Nelson, Miss Taryn Slee.

“I’m not angry it’s just my face” - Jade van Heerden

100 | STAFF OF 2020 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020

CLASS OF 2020 | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 101

Amrinder Chhatwal, Olivia Sokimi, Poppy Gibson, Dimana Kolarova, Bella Small, Wacko Fabriga, Ashleigh Parkes, Joshua Schreuder, Jake Brunsdon, Eli Smith, Kaylia Fraser-Le’au, Victoria Lowe, Vaughn Gower, Savannah Hill, Paige Livingstone, Sarah Wekking.

Savvarna Griffin, Tyler Wade, Zane Bezuidenhout, Francis Buskermolen, Whitiora Purua, Lutila Seymour, Blake Fryer, Ben Keppel, Vincent Bunning, Tristan Koch, Josh Soole, Nick Langer, Max Taylor, Josh Small, Keegan Neate, Jessica Vanderloos, Abby Verrenkamp, Reanah Brown.

Fifth Row:

Kukenga Chiyesu, Meg Stevens, Amber Knight, Cassi Pitsillides, Brayden Riggs, Vance Andrews, Logan Harding, Ben Wellstood, Ben Hodson, Cameron Reilly, Bryon Goldsack, Tino Arcari, Ryan Kellas, Keegan McCort, Cody Tuhaka, Jego Amio, Blake Elliott, Connor Williams, Loyal Henwood, Lome Watson, Ruiha Bhana-De Thierry, Justyce Taewa.

Front Row:

Carmen Nolan, Abbie Reid, Lingxi He, Gurnoor Kaur, Annie McKenzie, Amberlee Maartens, Salma Allahyar, Mikayla Younger, Taein Jeong, Camlyn Allen, Sophie Manning, Greer Crosbie, Simran Singh, Chloe Ling, Hazy Taka-Buskermolen, Emily Lieu, Hannah Ritchie.

Second Row: Joyce Singh, Jenna Lowe, Alex Coleman-Chaiman, Olivia Roberts, Charlotte Newman, Amber-Lee Kelliher, Seth Green, Aidan Trow, Richard Petty (Head Student), Kara Irwin (Head Student), Mr Richard Barnett (Principal), Olivia Fausett (Head Student), Christian Grant (Head Student), Ethan Campbell, Javan French, Skylar Ryan, Amani Stunnenberg, Tayla Spooner, Tonga Fakava, Blaise Nathan, Iunisi Pomee.

Third Row:

Fourth Row: Bree Grant, Charlotte Lambert, Caleb Seddon, Minsung Kwon, Nathan Hickmott, Ethan Adams, Callum farmer, Yuki Smith, Cian McFadden, Meg Grey, Liam Dickson, Devyn Frew, Malakai Poa, Zamon Armstrong, Matthew Gowdy, Bradley Grobbelaar, Alex Matthews, Kavi van Dijk, Keegan Orwin, Shaun van Zyl, Slade Coxen.

“My car is low and so are my standards” - Alex Matthews

Kayla Buzeika, Jena Finlayson, Lilee Turnwald, Samantha Arvidson, Julalux Prachumrat, Kyla Fisher, Tylah Galvin, Carson Loveday, Shane McCoard, Devan Gardiner, Michael oosthuizen, Xavier Burger, Jonathan Westlake, Eric Nielsen, Amber Lowe, Charismah Te Rangi, Manu Chand, Kaycee Nelson, Izzy Grace, Jade Van Heerden, Sophie Harker, Bree Travers.

Sixth Row:

Seventh Row: Nicky Brooks, Casey Morgan, Briana Ineson, Hannah Nunes, Chloe Wilcox, Eden Marr, Christine Adams, Ai Iwashita, Sam McPherson, Adam Gay, Lieghton Kinghan, Anton Reble, Annaliese Duke, Katy Jellyman, Tegan Allan, Storm Knightly, Gemma O’Connor, Emma-Rose Sears.

Back Row:





020 marked a significant change for how our school is organised. In 2020 we moved to a horizonal structure where our Vertical Forms became Whaanau Roopuu or “family groups” of one year level only. In Year 9 and 10 these have mainly been the groups students learn English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education and Health in. Each Whaanau Roopuu has a Kaiaawhina – the teacher who cares and supports them. Each year level has two Kaitiaki Aakonga (Year Level Deans), or “caretaker of learners”. As the year has progressed we’ve seen lots of benefits to this change – which is what we expected. Students are more comfortable in groups with people their own age; teachers are able to focus on tasks that relate to the year level in front of them, rather than having to do different tasks for each year level in one group; our Kaitiaki Aakonga are also able to bring expert support to the year level they are focussed on. Take a look at some of the fun we get up to in our Whaanau Roopuu... Carolyn Cornu Tumuaki Tuarua – Deputy Principal

And we look after one another too...

“Whaia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei. ” - Pursue that which is precious, and do not be deterred by anything less than a lofty mountain. 102 | VERTICAL TO HORIZONTAL | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020


By Ayla Johnstone


e all know that High School is about learning and preparing you for your future, whatever that may look like. At Pukekohe High School, I learnt so much more than just differential equations and the difference between a colon and a semicolon. I learnt adaptability and how to seize an opportunity and that is something I will always thank Pukekohe High for. I walked through the Pukekohe High gates as a student for the first time in 2016, standing with my best friends and trembling. A little 13-year-old girl surrounded by daunting and giant teenagers with phones and opinions and adultlike personalities. And now, walking out, I’m one of those daunting and giant adult-like teenagers. And all of those worries that kept me up at night all of those years ago, they’re just life now, they are just how we live. Going to different classes, with different teachers all in different buildings. Carrying around a giant bag for six hours a day, five days a week. I never forgot that bag, never left it anywhere. Not even once. Those worries seem so silly now. Pukekohe High teaches us to adapt to things like that. We change, and we get things done. In 2020, there’s been a LOT of adapting. Because, when a devastating pandemic struck the Earth, there was also a lot of stress. At the beginning of this year, I wanted to study economics and finances for the rest of my life. But just recently I’ve been offered a scholarship in Marketing, which I will be studying alongside Event Management at AUT next year. This extreme change of heart was prompted during lockdown, so I can safely say that, as one of those privileged enough

to not be affected directly by Covid, there was a silver lining. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone younger than me, it would be to really get involved in anything and everything. I am a prefect and have been in a council every year, I have always been involved in house events and cross country, I coordinated a school group to go to the School Strike for Climate, I joined a leadership and peer support group, I am a peer support leader, I’m in a debate team and I’m a school club practicality manager. Those are just my ‘in school’ activities, and on top of all of that I still had fun, did my homework, enjoyed my life AND got 8 hours of sleep EVERY NIGHT. All of this was made possible at Pukekohe High School and my teachers really pushed me into getting out of my own skin, while accommodating my needs. I learnt how to seize every opportunity that fell on my lap. I found a group of girls who were in love with theatre and I decided to get them together to have fun with words, gestures and emotions. I was pushed into cross country and athletics and am now a house leader. Pukekohe High School has its good days and its bad days, like every school, but it is undeniable that Pukekohe High School turns students into the best people that they can be. With realistic and achievable goals and aspirations and provides opportunities to help them get there. I will never forget the amazing things Pukekohe High School, and all of the teachers and the students, have done for me and I hope that I too, may have made an impact on the lives of my friends and peers.

“See you later alligator” - Gemma O’Connor LAST WORD | PHS YEAR BOOK 2020 | 103







14 Harris Street, PO Box 306, Pukekohe | Telephone +64 9 237 0117 | www.pukekohehigh.school.nz

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House Build Project #2

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Rockquest 2020/Izzy Grace - Black Rose

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Pasifika Council

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Year 10 Artwork

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Earth Science - Marine Scientists Down South

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