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Dot makes her big debut!

ON THE COVER: Megan Victor, , and Traci Schueller, , with Dot.

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Fall 2008


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Dear Readers, I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I became editor of the Phoenix. Time truly does fly by faster than you can imagine. When I joined headquarters staff, one thing was clear in my mind — exciting changes where happening in  and I wanted the Phoenix to be part of it.


In the 2007 Fall Phoenix, you got to see small changes in the layout here and there. It wasn’t until the 2008 Winter Phoenix that we unveiled the new design for the Phoenix. I’d like to thank everyone who has given compliments on the new design and the content.


I will continue to deliver more stories about Alpha Sig members making a difference in their communities, stories about our heritage and keep you up to date on ’s current news. Don’t forget to write in and let me know what you think or share story ideas. Enjoy your reading! Mizpah,

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FALL 2008




Alpha Sigs celebrate 107 years of sisterhood BY CINDY KELLEY,  National President On Nov. 15, 1901, five young visionary leaders at Farmville State Female Normal School (now Longwood University) in Farmville, VA, began a legacy for women that would expand across the country. Over the past 107 years, our Founders’ vision has flourished as Alpha Sigma Alpha members have continued to honor and build on this legacy by fostering close friendships between members and developing women of poise and purpose. Even though we live in an ever-changing world, much remains the same for Alpha Sigma Alpha. We remain grounded and connected through our values, heritage, ritual and creed. The importance we place on our ritual, values and creed is evident in the way our members live their daily lives and in the way we operate as a national organization. Our members are still committed to service and leadership and are making a difference on their campuses and in their communities. This past year alone, our collegiate chapters reported devoting more than 45,637 hours of service and raised approximately $254,000 in support of the Special Olympics, S. June Smith Center, Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation and many campus and community philanthropies. Alpha Sigma Alpha continues to be an organization that stands the test of time. Just as we know how important it is for us to honor our roots and heritage and for all of our members to know what we stand for, we also know we must continue to be visionaries, pioneers and leaders in today’s world. Alpha Sigma Alpha is an innovative, nimble and member-focused organization. Through the use of technology, sound administrative and fiscal management, and the creativity and knowledge of our talented volunteers and staff, we remain a vital, relevant organization for women by providing leadership and personal development opportunities. Our members stay connected through Sister Circle and sorority communication tools including e-newsletters, the Phoenix and our web site. Members enjoy face to face opportunities such as regional events to connect or reconnect with one another, enhance personal and leadership skills and stay informed and connected with the organization. Our largest attended national event is District Day, which is held in each of our eight districts across the country. This past year, nearly 1,100 collegians and 225 alumnae participated in workshops and discussion groups while also enjoying the opportunity to connect with sisters from other campuses, cities and states at District Day. In July 2008, Alpha Sigma Alpha held its 45th National Convention and Leadership Conference in Albuquerque, NM. The restructured format to our convention program now includes a full day of leadership development training for both collegians and alumnae.



Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae and collegians are enjoying many new member services such as Wi$e Up, a financial education initiative for women in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau. In September, we also dedicated our new 7,500square-foot national headquarters facility in Indianapolis, IN. In the coming year, we look forward to unveiling the much anticipated and sought after officer transition program. We will also continue to focus on membership growth with extension and recruitment being top priority areas as well as membership development. Both our collegiate and alumnae members will get to experience a newly designed leadership focus at District Day featuring professional programming with The Leadership Institute — Women with Purpose. Indeed today, 107 years after our beginning, we have much to celebrate and to be proud of in Alpha Sigma Alpha. As we pause this Founders’ Day to honor the vision, dedication, courage and leadership of our Founders — Mary, Louise, Juliette, Virginia and Calva, may we also reflect on our own personal lifetime commitment to Alpha Sigma Alpha. Whether you accepted the solemn vow of sisterhood five years ago, 40 years ago or even in the past year, take a moment to reflect on the vow you took and the guiding principles of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Also reflect on the friendships you have made, the experiences and lessons that have helped shape who you are, the skills you have developed, the mentors who have guided you and the memories you have created. This Founders’ Day, I encourage you to reconnect with Alpha Sigma Alpha and the sisters you hold close to your heart. As we know in Alpha Sigma Alpha, every member makes a difference. We each have a unique role in defining our sorority experience and are accountable for the direction and future of Alpha Sigma Alpha. I encourage you to fully realize the impact of your membership through your actions, commitment and contributions. Each of us serves as a legacy to our Founders and as a vision to all of our sisters, daughters, granddaughters and future members of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Together, we are Alpha Sigma Alpha! Happy Founders’ Day!

Cindy Kelley National President

FALL 2008

Alpha Sigma Alpha and our Rio Grande Adventure B Y L O U I S E M O R A L E S ,  Communications & Marketing Coordinator

The beautiful city of Albuquerque provided a scenic background for this year’s national convention & leadership conference. The moment you walked out of the airport and began your shuttle ride to the Marriott you could see the famous Sandia Mountains. It was an unexpected and impressive sight to see them so close to the hotel. The buzz and excitement could certainly be felt in the hotel lobby while convention attendees checked into their rooms and mingled around the convention registration desk. There was quite the line an hour before the convention registration desk opened. Everyone was raring to go and start their “Rio Grand Adventure.”

Wednesd ay

Two great ne tworking ev ents took pl night for mem ace on Wed bers to get nesday to know ea connections ch other an . The Mento d make r/ M entee Meetin Lori Ebert’s g took plac presentation e before and provided first-time pa an opportu rticipants to nity for as k qu estions abou were given t convention tips and ad vice by thei and their favorit r mentor. M e conventio entors shared n moments, information. to-dos and This meetin other importa g contributed nt positive expe to first-time rience at th participants’ is year’s conv At the Route ention. 66 Networ king event, were able to convention mingle and attendees network with networking each other. event, there During the w as m uch discussi powerful m on about Lo essage abou ri Ebert’s t sorority m discussed w embership. hat worksho Attendees al ps they wer so day and thei e to be atte r plans for th nding the ne e rest of the xt week.

Convention hospitality members Dina Liberatore,  , and Jenifer Carstensen, .

Convention attendees in Old Town Albuquerque on their ghost tour. FALL 2008




at this year’s ng for everyone ered There was somethi 24 workshops off hops. There were convention works ip conference. during the leadersh roductions were siness meeting int During the first bu White Scott,

, ri nal President Lo tio Na st Pa d an made Address. te of the Sorority n delivered the Sta cheon, conventio d Leadership Lun a ph At the Women an Al in leadership ted 107 years of attendees celebra a slideshow was n eo ch ring the lun rtant Sigma Alpha. Du t played an impo g Alpha Sigs tha pha. Al shown highlightin ma Sig a Alph to the success of l role or contributed na tio na st pa n Kathy Williams, about During the luncheo ked to attendees tal y, nit ter Fra u M i Ph for nt . ide ay pres men leaders tod sororities and wo of ce an ev n rel tio the ps, conven round of worksho After the second re the city of plo ex to e en free tim attendees were giv nned tour options ere were three pla Albuquerque. Th gro Winery tour, day evening: Mila sort available on Thurs to the Sandia Re d Town and a trip Ghost Tour in Ol and Casino. gro Winery re about the Mila Read a little bit mo Hobson on we Da i itz Beta alumna M and owner, Beta

I had a blast!! I agree about the workshops, I wanted to attend so many more than the 3 we had time for!! I loved meeting everyone, and the speakers were great . . . I was so impressed that they'd done their homework and knew so much about . — Whitney Newsome,  Nancy Chen from the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, Maria Malayer, , Nancy Granosky, also from the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, and past National President Lori White Scott,


page 20.

The convention choir performed many  songs.

Convention attendees waiting for the third business meeting to start.

Three women left their mark on Alpha Sigma Alpha convention attendees B Y D I N A L I B E R A T O R E , 

Phoenix writer Alpha Sigma Alpha's national convention took on a new look and feel this year with the addition of a leadership conference. Both collegians and alumnae were treated to speakers and educational sessions that challenged them to evaluate what being a leader within Alpha Sigma Alpha really means. The opening speaker was Dr. Lori Hart Ebert, of Alpha Omicron Pi, who asked “What is thou speakest of?” Her entertaining presentation began when she invited the audience to pretend that they were trying to explain what being in a sorority means to a pilgrim from colonial America who has never heard of a sorority. How could they communicate their story? How could they explain what being in Alpha Sigma Alpha means to them? 6


Lori suggested that the easiest way to describe what being in a sorority is about is through example and leadership. She offered guidance and practical advice on addressing issues that affect Greek life including hazing, alcohol, group-think, apathy, morale issues, public relations and recruitment. She proposed that a leader’s job is not to make her experience within the sorority better, but to help the average chapter member make better choices so that she too will benefit from membership. Being a leader means making a difference among members, such as helping members to find a positive role within the chapter, not being afraid to have serious conversations with members whose negative behaviors are affecting both themselves and the chapter and treating everyone as a leader, capable of solving her own problems.

Lori challenged everyone to both look at the bigger picture and take pride in small wins. She suggested that being a leader is more than making sure that your chapter is doing the right thing, but that your entire Greek community is one to be proud of. In addition recognizing small achievements is also critical. Solving world hunger or improving the Greek image might seem impossible, but if each person did something small, the effect would be powerful. Perhaps her most insightful inspiration had to do with success. Quoting legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, Lori stated that “self-satisfaction comes from knowing that you did your best to become your best.” She challenged the conference attendees to consider their actions and ask “is this [action/behavior] helping our women do their best to become their best?” FALL 2008

What a wonderful and fun convention. Those of you who organized this did such a wonderful job. Everything went so smoothly. It was so nice to see old friends and meet new ones. — Pattie Vollbrecht,  Leadership Development & Event Coordinator Naydia Spears, , Executive Director Krystal Slivinski, , and Membership Growth Coordinator Amber Shaverdi, , hard at work.

Friday Epsilon Beta Chapter, Epsil on Gamma C and Epsilon De hapter lta Chapter w ere honored morning in ce on Friday lebration of th eir 25th year Gamma Epsil anniversary. on Chapter w as also honored th 50 year an for their niversary. There was fie sta fun for ev eryone durin Southwestern g the style lunch. C onvention atte a tasty cuisine nd ees enjoyed from the New Mexican buffe listening to th t while e sounds of th e Los Primos The  Em mariachi band porium was al . so open for bu throughout th siness e day for mem be rs to do a little There was a shopping. little bit of ev erything for ev local fare an eryone, from d  merch andise to S. information an June Smith C d T-shirts for enter sale. One of the hi ghlights of th e day was th Red-Tie Dinner e Foundation . Dressed in their best red members enjo attire, yed a delicio us dinner in ce philanthropy lebration of in Alpha Sigm a Alpha. Davi brother of Pa d Balwanz, tti Balwanz,  , was the spec speaker. Davi ial guest d spoke of Pa tti fondly recalli Alpha Sigma ng how Alpha becam e a support sy during her str ste m for her uggle with br east cancer. at the age of After her pass 29, the Patti ing Balwanz Scho endowed in larship was her memory in 2007.

Alumnae sisters reconnect during the Foundation Red Tie Dinner.

Kathy Williams, former national president and Panhellenic delegate for Phi Mu Fraternity, energized conference attendees at the Women in Leadership Luncheon with her enthusiastic and interactive speech about women in leadership. She described her experiences as both a collegiate and alumna member of Phi Mu and the importance of making a difference within your sorority. She presented inspiring thoughts on the role of sororities in society today and their potential in the future. Kathy has had a wide range of experiences within the National Panhellenic Conference, as a delegate, area advisor and committee member on various task forces. She is involved in her community as a member of the board of directors for the chamber of commerce and serves as a legislative liaison to Mississippi legislators. In addition, she has been honored with numerous awards, including the FALL 2008

Mississippi Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award and Outstanding Business Woman. Her attitude, experience and leadership inspired collegians and alumnae to reflect on their own membership and strive to become more active in their chapter and on a national level as a volunteer. Laurie McDermott, an Alpha Sigma Alpha alumna and comedian, wrapped up the convention and sent everyone home with a smile. Her comedy routine focused on her roles as a woman, sister, wife and mother. Many alumnae can relate to her suggestion that although she does not have a 9–5 job, she still works full-time as the “CEO of the house.� Laurie explained that she doesn’t dress up or even shower every day, but she plays many important roles, including chef, accountant, therapist and “booger-wiper.� And although her husband makes the money, Laurie often gently reminds him that she pays the bills, saves money and gives him his $40 a week allowance.

Recalling a compliment at a construction site, Laurie also instilled the benefits of a positive attitude. As a younger woman, Laurie was appalled by the comments and gestures of construction workers as she walked by their work area. Now, she welcomes those small “compliments� because those men took time out of their day to make her feel special! Her stories about her husband and children reminded convention attendees that “stay-at-home moms� are not “uninteresting, unintelligent and a total bore� despite what she used to think of women in that role at a younger age. The CEO of the house needs to be resourceful, optimistic, critical and most importantly, able to laugh at herself.



(Above) Nancy Geyer, , and Angel Waalkes, , pictured with their sponsors after the Sanctuary Degree.

Saturday Saturday morning during an invitation-only breakfast, alumnae members of the Arista Alumnae Association were honored for their contributions and dedication to Alpha Sigma Alpha. The third business meeting was held, followed by the Memorial Service and Sanctuary Degree. Nancy Geyer, , and Angel Waalkes, , were initiated during the Sanctuary Degree. During the third business meeting national officer elections were held and Lori White Scott passed the gavel to National President Cindy Kelley,  . To learn more about the newly-elected national council, turn to page 10. The  Foundation honored the continued support of ’s most loyal donors, Heritage Society, Loyalty Society, Wilma Wilson Sharp and Circle of Strength members, at the  Foundation Donor White Luncheon. The Foundation also presented the newly-elected Foundation Board of Trustees. To see a complete listing of the Foundation Board of Trustees, check out the Foundation News on page 23. Saturday evening ended with the awards banquet followed by a dessert reception on the outdoor pool patio. Read about all the award-winning recipients on page 11.

(Left) National President Cindy Kelley,  , gets a warm welcome into the national president group from past National Presidents Lori White Scott,

, Marianne Busch Bullock, , and Suzanne Kilgannon, . (Right) Lori White Scott,

, presents Dolly Loyd,  , with a presidential proclamation in honor of her hard work and dedication on national council.

It was a fabulous first convention. Everyone hung out together and I got to meet a lot of great women. Thank you everyone for helping to make this such a wonderful memory! — Sarah Brenneman, 

Lori White Scott,

, presents the Theta Epsilon charter to Theta Epsilon members in attendance.

Lori White Scott,

, presents Jessica McKenna,  , with the Albuquerque Alumnae Chapter charter. (Left) National officer installation ceremony.



FALL 2008

This was the BEST convention — from the workshops to the speakers and the introduction of Dot!!! There was a great balance between workshops, business meetings, special events and free time. The location was so handy to shopping and restaurants — we weren't "stranded" in the middle of a resort with limited options for meals on our own and entertainment during free time. Kat Wolfington and her crew deserves a HUGE thank you for helping make this convention such a success!!!! — Marie Tayrien,  Dot ceramic mugs.

Official mascot unveiled at convention With much fanfare at the Alpha Sigma Alpha 2008 National Convention & Leadership Conference,  welcomed its new official national mascot, Dot the ladybug. According to past National President Lori White Scott,

, Dot will play an important part in helping  develop its own unique brand. Louise Morales, , communications & marketing coordinator, worked closely with graphic designer Lisa Henner-Longo, Beta Rho alumna to design the Dot logo. After making her grand entrance following the convention group photo, Dot mingled and posed for photos with her sisters poolside, “ I am so happy to finally be here,� said Dot.

Julie Levine, , and Joanne Catron, , buying Dot T-shirts in the Unique Impressions booth.

Here is what you had to say: “Awwwwww!� — Masha Mitsengendler,  I “Too cute for words!� — Kristen Eschwie,

I “It’s good to have the same mascot for everyone.� — Beth Heidel,  I “I’m so excited about Dot. I had to call my husband and tell him! Granted, he’s working in Africa so it’s 2 a.m. there and I woke him up, but I had to let him know!� — Mandy Lonsdale,  I “It’s Dot-mania in there!� — Carolyn Visalli,  Dot merchandise is available from Unique Impressions through the end of 2008. In 2009 and after, it will be available from most of ’s Affinity Marketing vendors. Visit the to get your own Dot merchandise. I

All convention attendees in attendance.

Sunday All convention attendees were invited to share in this special recognition breakfast for all  volunteers in attendance. All volunteers in attendance received a special gift in recognition of all their hard work and dedication to the sorority. The farewell and closing speaker comedian Laurie McDermott, , gave everyone a good laugh and left them in good spirits for their trip home.

FALL 2008



An inside look at Alpha Sigma Alpha’s 2008–10 national council B Y A N G E L I N E P I S K O R S K I ,

Phoenix writer The time has come and Alpha Sigma Alpha’s governing body has changed hands. Our newly elected national council began their two-year commitment to oversee the development and growth of our sorority at the 45th Biennial Alpha Sigma Alpha National Convention and Leadership Conference held in Albuquerque, NM. Each newly elected officer hopes to impact Alpha Sigma Alpha with her hopes, ambitions and goals. They are now part of a long line of strong, successful women who previously held these offices. National President Cindy Kelley,  , hopes to “continue to see Alpha Sigma Alpha grow stronger by building on our forward momentum established over the past few years.� Vice President of Finance Kim Benson, -, agrees, “We have made tremendous progress in the last biennium.� Our national council is our future, our today and our history in Alpha Sigma Alpha. Several months ago, I contacted each national council member to find out exactly what she hoped to accomplish while in office. It seemed like a simple question: “What do you hope to accomplish in the next two years?� The members of our national council related to me that this was a powerful question with many possible interpretations. “I'd like to see the sorority's alumnae initiate program. Membership is for a lifetime and those who join us ‘later’ in their own lives add much value to the sorority,� says Vice President of Operations Nora Ten Broeck, . Vice President of Communications Christine Strapac Thomas, , said, “National marketing and public relations campaigns must be developed or revised to promote consistent organizational values, brand, image and identity to members as well as non-members.� Melissa Koch Merriam,

, vice president of membership, charges members of Alpha Sigma Alpha to “share their 10


From left to right, Kelly McGinnis Morello, Kim Benson, Nora Ten Broeck, Cindy Kelley, Christine Strapac Thomas, Jenn Rassett and Melissa Koch Merriam.

enthusiasm about Alpha Sigma Alpha with others and to see the value in recruiting new sisters. I want our members to be proud of our sorority and to take advantage of all the opportunities offered in lifetime membership.� Kelly McGinnis Morello, , vice president of membership, adds, “It is important that our members are proud of our organization and the opportunities membership provides to them throughout their lifetime.� Cindy Kelley,  , believes, “Success in this area helps to open up the doors to allow us to focus on so many other areas that really can have a great impact on the overall development of our members and growth of our organization.� In addition to our members sharing their experiences of Alpha Sigma Alpha, our national council hopes to utilize new technology to enhance membership. Christine hopes to utilize advancements in technology to engage and inform our members in lifetime membership. In addition, the use of Sister Circle and other online connection sites will help in getting sisters connected across the country. Kim would like to see Alpha Sigma Alpha continue to strive to be a leader in utilizing innovative technologies for many areas, including our programming, communications and alternative revenue streams. By doing so Kim believes that we can grow and protect our assets including membership, financial and housing.

Many members of the national council hope to develop a strong focus on personal and professional development. Kelly states, “I would like to focus on the continuing education and development of our members.� Vice President of Member Education Jenn Rassett, , hopes to develop learning through our ritual, which is something she believes “is our cornerstone and something we all have in common, therefore, I would like to focus on ritual-based learning as we develop as individuals and sisters.� She also stresses the importance of scholarship. “As intellectual is one of our four aims, we have always valued the importance of academic programming,� says Jenn. Alpha Sigma Alpha and our governing body hopes to prepare women with the necessary tools to be successful both personally and professionally. The national council wants each member to love and cherish Alpha Sigma Alpha every day. Remember our Creed, “To live each day to its ultimate good —.� Jenn said it best, “ is a fantastic organization with awesome possibilities. It is up to us, as members and as sisters, to reach the organization’s potential and share the organization’s pride. How can we not be proud to be an Alpha Sigma Alpha?�

FALL 2008

2007–08 Awards C O L L E G I AT E I N D I V I D U A L A WA R D S 2 0 0 7 – 0 8 Outstanding New Member Award The Outstanding New Member Award was established to honor and recognize a new member who has been an exceptional contributor to her chapter in her first year of membership. The Rae Kinkead, 

recipient of the annual award has demonstrated an excellent spirit and attitude the first year of membership including willingness to accept responsibility, the ability to work well with other chapter members and a potential for taking leadership roles in the chapter and in the national organization once she graduates. Rae Kinkead,  , Schreiner University, TX, is this year’s recipient of the Outstanding New Member Award. Rae served on the social committee as a new member and continues to do so while also serving as the chapter secretary. She has participated in each of Theta Epsilon’s service projects and sisterhood activities as well as university and community organizations. Outside the sorority, Rae is active with the Methodist Student Ministry, where she serves as discipleship coordinator and the Pre-Law Society, serving as its vice president.

Frost Fidelity Award Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Frost Fidelity Award is based on the more intangible sorority values and ideals. Fidelity implies devotion and unswerving loyalty and allegiance. This award goes to a woman with commitment and exemplary service, who demonstrates her regard for others by her actions, who tackles problems large or small and who lends abilities to all projects. This collegiate award was established by Emma Coleman Frost of Pi Pi Chapter and her husband, Donald. We present this annual award to the collegiate member who has truly gone beyond the call of duty while offering unconditional support and friendship. This year the Frost Fidelity Award goes to Rachael Candee, , from Truman State University, MO. Rachael is a member who has held numerous offices and committee positions within her chapter

FALL 2008

but more importantly is described as a member who truly defines our four aims. She has served her chapter as historian, vice president of alumnae and heritage, recruitment committee member, nominating committee member and standards board member. On campus she is involved in the music ministry at the Newman Center, the Fund for American Studies Internship program, campus Greek Week committee, Order of Omega and Tau Lambda Sigma service organization.

Elizabeth Bird Small Award The Elizabeth Bird Small Award is given annually in memory of Elizabeth Bird Small, Pi Pi member and former chapter advisor. It is regarded as the highest honor that our sorority Janelle Harvey,  can bestow upon an undergraduate member. For this award we recognize outstanding academic excellence, leadership talents within the chapter and substantial commitments and accomplishments within campus and community environments. Janelle Harvey, ZZ, from University of Central Missouri, is this year’s recipient of the Elizabeth Bird Small Award. Janelle has maintained over a 3.4 GPA throughout her college career. In her chapter she has served as the risk management chairman, standards board member and chapter president. On campus, Janelle was involved in orientation week of welcome, student ambassador program, psychology club secretary and homecoming leadership committee. Janelle has been the recipient of campus scholarships and honors, including the Presidential Academic Scholarship and the dean’s list. Janelle has been involved with the Division of Youth Services for Missouri, Special Olympics, Youth Excited about Sports and has served as a nursing home volunteer.

Past National President Lori White Scott,

, presents Kathy Lopez, , with the Advisor of the Year Award.

Advisor of the Year Award The Advisor of the Year Award was established in 2004 as a way to recognize the unswerving loyalty and dedication of Alpha Sigma Alpha’s collegiate chapter advisors. Advisors are recognized by this award for their outstanding service, serving as a role model, living according to our ritual and perpetuating Alpha Sigma Alpha’s core values. Chapters and volunteers may nominate any advisor of a chapter. This year’s recipient is Kathy Lopez, . The chapter she advises, Delta Sigma, Saginaw Valley State University, MI, nominated her for this award. Here is what the chapter had to say about Kathy: “‘Mother’ would be a good word to describe Kathy Lopez, not just because she is one to her son but also to the 40 or so women in the Delta Sigma Chapter. There are different kinds of mothers out there, but our advisor is one that helps our chapter grow for the better without dependency. Kathy watches our chapter make decisions for ourselves, while providing guidance and advice. “From other organizations on campus, we have learned that our chapter advisor is truly balanced in her duties. Kathy participates in all of our events and is available in case we have a question. She does not tell the chapter what to do, or do it for us, but rather guides us to help us make good decisions. Our chapter recently was put on financial probation and instead of getting angry, Kathy had a good attitude and helped our chapter implement plans that put us on good standing again. “In addition to her guidance and her loyalty, Kathy helps remind our chapter to have positive attitudes and act professionally because we are women of poise and purpose. The Delta Sigma Chapter is honestly lucky to have a balanced, positive, strong role model like Kathy Lopez and we do not thank her enough, which is why we believe that she deserves the Outstanding Advisor Award.” PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMa ALPHA


2007–08 Awards C O L L E G I AT E C H A P T E R A WA R D S 2 0 0 7 – 0 8 The mission of the Alpha Sigma Alpha collegiate awards program is to give recognition of outstanding chapter performance and to motivate chapters to strive to maintain and improve chapter performance. The Four-Star Chapter Award was established along with the Crown of Excellence Award in 1985 in order to recognize annually Alpha Sigma Alpha’s collegiate chapters that uphold the high ideals of the sorority in the areas of membership, academic excellence, finances, membership education, chapter operations, philanthropy, national meetings, ritual, organization image, national bylaws, policies and procedures, advisory board and alumnae involvement. Three additional levels recognize chapters that are on their way to being a Four-Star chapter. Aspire chapters are chapters that have shown a commitment to each other, their chapter and the national organization by upholding the high ideals of the sorority. Seek chapters are chapters that have built on that commitment and have embraced the responsibility of membership to ensure that the sorority remains strong. Attain chapters are chapters that have vowed fully to uphold their role, responsibility and commitment to being an energizing influence in the future of their chapter and Alpha Sigma Alpha.

2007–08 Aspire chapters Zeta Zeta, University of Central Missouri Zeta Nu, Moravian College, PA Zeta Omega, Austin Peay State University, TN Theta Gamma, Christopher Newport University, VA Theta Zeta, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

2007–08 Seek chapters Alpha, Longwood University, VA Beta Beta, University of Northern Colorado Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia State University, KS Gamma Omega, Eastern Illinois University Delta Iota, University of Delaware Epsilon Gamma, Virginia Commonwealth University

2007–08 Attain chapters Nu Nu, Drexel University, PA

Zeta Kappa Chapter is known for its outstanding academic performance, great recruitment efforts and membership development.

Beta Sigma, Missouri State University Zeta Tau, Grand Valley State University, MI Zeta Upsilon, Lynchburg College, VA Zeta Psi, Loras College, IA Theta Epsilon, Schreiner University, TX

2007–08 Four-Star chapters Eta Eta, Pittsburg State University, KS 9th consecutive year Phi Phi Northwest Missouri State University 10th consecutive year Beta Lambda, University of Central Arkansas 3rd consecutive year Beta Nu, Murray State University, KY 13th consecutive year Delta Nu-B, Kettering University, MI Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA

2007–08 Crown of Excellence chapter

Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato 2nd consecutive year

Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato

This year’s Crown of Excellence Award goes to the Zeta Kappa Chapter of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Zeta Kappa Chapter is known for consistency and achievement since their installation in 1995. Currently they are over the campus Total and have met both their fall and spring recruitment targets. This chapter is known for its outstanding academic performance, great recruitment efforts and membership development. Women of this chapter are highly involved on campus, with most chapter members participating in other student organizations besides Alpha Sigma Alpha. They have a very involved advisory board and maintain great relations with their alumnae by sending monthly newsletters. They are in involved in a long list of service projects and give back to their community regularly.



Four-Star Chapter Award recipients.

FALL 2008

S C H O L A S T I C , F I N A N C I A L , P H I L A N T H R O P I C , R E C O G N I T I O N A WA R D S 2 0 0 7 – 0 8 Scholastic Achievement Award Spring 2007 Delta Nu-A, Kettering University, MI, 3.51 GPA

Scholastic Achievement Award Fall 2007 Gamma Eta, The Pennsylvania State University, 3.47 GPA The Scholastic Achievement Award is presented to a collegiate chapter with the highest GPA for a school term (of the chapters whose grades were reported from the university).

Scholastic Achievement Recognition Chapters Exceeding the Campus Panhellenic GPA Fall 2007 Alpha Gamma, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University* Beta Sigma, Missouri State University* Gamma Eta, The Pennsylvania State University* Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA* Epsilon Lambda, University of PittsburghJohnstown, PA* Epsilon Tau, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Rose Marie Fellin Financial Excellence Award The Rose Marie Fellin Financial Excellence Award was established in 1992 in honor of the 27 years of service and dedication by Rosie Marie Fellin. Rosie, as she is better known, first served as our national treasurer and then as our headquarters executive for many years. Her commitment and influence has provided our sorority with a strong financial foundation thus enabling us to grow substantially at both the national and collegiate levels. This award is given to a collegiate chapter practicing the principles of sound financial management thorough record keeping, accurate and timely reporting, communication with national headquarters and staying current with all fees and dues. This year’s recipient is the Alpha Chapter from Longwood University, VA.

Philanthropic Award The Philanthropic Award is given to a chapter that best exhibits the Alpha Sigma Alpha value of generosity. Service and giving back to the community is an important part of Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters. The amount of time taken to work with others as well as raising money for the national philanthropies is the basis of this award. This year’s recipient is the Phi Phi Chapter from Northwest Missouri State University. Philanthropic honorable mention

Nu Nu, Drexel University, PA Beta Sigma, Missouri State University Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato Zeta Tau, Grand Valley State University, MN

Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato*

Financial excellence honorable mention

Chapters meeting or exceeding total recruitment target

Zeta Tau, Grand Valley State University, MI*

Delta Nu-B, Kettering University, MI

Alpha Beta, Truman State University, MO

* Denotes a 3.0 GPA or higher

Epsilon Tau, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Nu Nu, Drexel University, PA

Financial improvement recognition

Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University

Gamma Omega, Eastern Illinois University

Beta Epsilon, James Madison University, VA

Theta Delta, University of Alaska-Anchorage

Beta Nu, Murray State University, KY

Chapters Exceeding the Campus All-Women’s GPA Fall 2007 Alpha Gamma, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University Beta Sigma, Missouri State University Gamma Eta, The Pennsylvania State University Gamma Omega, Eastern Illinois University Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA Epsilon Lambda, University of PittsburghJohnstown, PA Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato * Denotes a 3.0 GPA or higher

FALL 2008

Gamma Lambda, Loyola University, IL

Sidney Gremillion Allen Panhellenic Award

Delta Eta, DePaul University, IL

The Panhellenic Award is given to the collegiate chapter that displays outstanding Panhellenic spirit and participation. The Panhellenic award was named after Sidney Gremillion Allen, , at the 1994 National Convention to honor her 14 years of service as National Panhellenic Conference delegate. During this time, she was the first Alpha Sigma Alpha to rotate through the executive board of NPC, serving as chairman from 1985 to 1987. This year’s recipients are Zeta Zeta Chapter, University of Central Missouri, and Beta Sigma Chapter, Missouri State University.

Delta Kappa, University of Southern Indiana

Delta Iota, University of Delaware Epsilon Gamma, Virginia Commonwealth University Zeta Iota, Stony Brook University, NY Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato Zeta Upsilon, Lynchburg College, VA Zeta Phi, Illinois Institute of Technology Theta Gamma, Christopher Newport University, VA Theta Epsilon, Schreiner University, TX



2007–08 Awards Chapters meeting or exceeding fall recruitment target

Chapters meeting or exceeding spring recruitment target

Alpha, Longwood University, VA

Epsilon Gamma, Virginia Commonwealth University

Alpha Beta, Truman State University, MO

Alpha Beta, Truman State University, MO

Epsilon Eta, Virginia Wesleyan College

Alpha Gamma, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Eta Eta, Pittsburg State University, KS

Zeta Iota, Stony Brook University, NY

Beta Beta, University of Northern Colorado

Nu Nu, Drexel University, PA

Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Nu Nu, Drexel University, PA

Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University

Zeta Mu, Missouri Western State University

Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University

Gamma Lambda, Loyola University, IL

Zeta Nu, Moravian College, PA

Beta Gamma, Northeastern State University, OK

Beta Epsilon, James Madison University, VA

Zeta Sigma, University of the Incarnate Word, TX

Beta Epsilon, James Madison University, VA

Beta Lambda, University of Central Arkansas

Zeta Tau, Grand Valley State University, MI

Beta Iota, Radford University, VA

Beta Mu, Henderson State University, AR

Zeta Upsilon, Lynchburg College, VA

Beta Nu, Murray State University, KY

Beta Nu, Murray State University, KY

Zeta Phi, Illinois Institute of Technology

Beta Rho, Northern Illinois University

Beta Upsilon, Indiana State University

Theta Alpha, Coe College, IA

Gamma Eta, The Pennsylvania State University

Delta Eta, DePaul University, IL

Theta Gamma, Christopher Newport University, VA

Gamma Lambda, Loyola University, IL

Delta Iota, University of Delaware

Theta Epsilon, Schreiner University, TX

Delta Eta, DePaul University, IL

Delta Kappa, University of Southern Indiana

Theta Zeta, Indianapolis University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Delta Iota, University of Delaware

Delta Sigma, Saginaw Valley State University, MI

Delta Kappa, University of Southern Indiana

A L U M N A E C H A P T E R A WA R D S 2 0 0 7 – 0 8 The national council of Alpha Sigma Alpha has established the Alumnae Chapter Excellence Awards to recognize alumnae chapters that demonstrate the lifetime dedication to the sorority through chapter management and programming. There are three levels of recognition: Palm, Star and Crown. The Palm Recognition is awarded to all alumnae chapters in good standing that complete two additional alumnae chapter expectations (timely submission of all annual reports and made an annual contribution to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation). To qualify for the Star or Crown Recognition, the chapter must achieve the Palm level, plus complete seven or eleven additional achievements respectively. This year, the national council is pleased to present a Crown of Excellence Award to an outstanding alumnae chapter. This award is selected from Crown level achievement chapters with special emphasis on Arista Alumnae Association membership, ritual activities and alumnae initiations, recruitment and programming based around the four aims of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Star Level Alumnae Chapter Phoenix, AZ, Valley of the Sun

Crown Level Alumnae Chapter Blue Mountain, PA Boston, MA Buffalo, NY* Capitol City, Topeka, KS Chicago Metro Chicago North Suburban Chicago West Cincinnati, OH* Dallas, TX Dayton, OH Denver, CO Des Moines, IA Detroit Suburban Southwest, Evansville, IN Greater Kansas City* Greater Valley Forge, PA* Hattiesburg, MS Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN* Laurel Highlands, PA

Members of the Windy City Alumnae Chapter, Alumnae Crown of Excellence Award winner.



FALL 2008

Recruitment improvement recognition Delta Nu-B, Kettering University, MI Delta Upsilon, University of Texas – San Antonio Epsilon Gamma, Virginia Commonwealth University Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA Zeta Eta, Rockhurst University, MO Zeta Iota, Stony Brook University, NY Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato Zeta Upsilon, Lynchburg College, VA Zeta Phi, Illinois Institute of Technology Zeta Omega, Austin Peay State University, TN Zeta Theta, Wagner College, NY Theta Gamma, Christopher Newport University, VA

Recruitment improvement recognition is given to chapters that took the advice of leadership consultants, advisors and district volunteers and fully implemented changes to formal rush and on-going recruitment. These chapters demonstrated their success by increasing greatly the number of new members recruited this year. Gamma Zeta, University of Arkansas-Monticello Delta Nu-B, Kettering University, MI Delta Upsilon, University of Texas-San Antonio Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA Epsilon Tau, University of Maryland-Baltimore County Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato Zeta Tau, Grand Valley State University, MN Zeta Phi, Illinois Institute of Technology Theta Epsilon, Schreiner University, TX

Theta Epsilon, Schreiner University, TX

Collegiate chapter award applications are due May 10 of each year. All chapters are required to fill out an End of the Year Report which is used to determine the award recipients. To be eligible for these awards, chapters must be in good standing and not have any outstanding debt to the national organization or be on probation.

I N D I V I D U A L A L U M N A E A WA R D S 2 0 0 7 – 0 8 Maryville, MO Mid-Michigan Crown* Milwaukee, WI Fleur De Lis, Natchitoches, LA Northern Colorado Northern Virginia (NOVA) Philadelphia Metro

Agape Awards The Agape Award recognizes volunteers who display a love for Alpha Sigma Alpha and its members. Recipients seek at all times to advance the interests of others and to spread the positive influence of Alpha Sigma Alpha. National council created this award specifically to recognize volunteer leaders who have made a significant difference in the lives of our members and have propelled the mission and strategic plan of the sorority forward.

Pittsburg, KS Springfield, MO St. Louis, MO Tampa Bay, FL* Tulsa, OK Twin Cities All Stars, MN* Virginia Peninsula Washington, DC Wilmington, DE Windy City, IL* *Denotes honorable mention for chapters who received more than 20 points towards the alumnae chapter excellence awards.

Alumnae Crown of Excellence Chapter Award Windy City, IL

FALL 2008

Agape Award recipients Kathryn Wolfington, Sarah Brenier Brenneman, Julie Wiley Levine with Vice President of Operations Nora Ten Broeck. PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMa ALPHA


2007–08 Awards Sarah Bernier Brenneman, , Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Adjectives that may be used to describe Sarah Brenneman are: focused — she strives to succeed, one can depend on Sarah to get the job done; determined — she is relentless in her pursuit to involve sisters as volunteers; passionate — her love for our sorority is contagious. Sarah holds dual membership in Epsilon Psi and Gamma Xi Chapters. She currently serves as a member of the volunteer recruitment and placement team and has specialized in recruiting volunteers for Districts 2 and 3 where she has produced some incredible results and been able to reconnect sisters and promote volunteerism. Sarah loves life and lives each day to its ultimate good. Julie Wiley Levine, , Longwood University Adjectives that may describe Julie Wiley Levine are: enthusiastic — she is up for any challenge and inspires others to do their best; friendly — always with a smile on her face, quick to laugh and even quicker to give a hug and optimistic — the glass is always half full in Julie’s mind. Julie has served our organization as a collegiate chapter president, leadership consultant, province director, formal rush coaching team leader, and currently serves as district facilitator for District 4. She was chapter advisor to Epsilon Eta Chapter for several years. Kathryn Wolfington,

, Emporia State University Adjectives that may describe Kathryn Wolfington are: creative — she uses innovation and imagination to forge new paths, a real dynamo; organized — she is amazingly efficient and can accomplish the work of a multitude of people; unselfish — she is generous with her time and goes out of her way to be a mentor and involve others in her endeavors. Kathryn has served the sorority as a collegiate chapter president, district meeting coordinator for District 9 where she planned and supervised four consecutive District Day events, chapter membership advisor and served as the convention project team leader. She currently serves as the District 9 facilitator. She is an inspiration to all who know her.



Wilma Wilson Sharp Award This award is presented in honor of Wilma Wilson Sharp, , president emerita, and recognizes an alumna member who has distinguished herself through service to her community, her profession and has shown significant leadership qualities, loyalty and continued service to Alpha Sigma Alpha. This year’s recipient is Marianne Busch Bullock, , Central Michigan University. Marianne began her membership with Alpha Sigma Alpha in 1976, when she was initiated as a Beta Theta Chapter member at Central Michigan University. She served her collegiate chapter as editor. Marianne has been a volunteer for Alpha Sigma Alpha at the national level for 22 years. She served our national organization as scholarship chairman before being elected to national council where she served as national vice president of alumnae, communications and programs. Marianne was elected to our highest office in 2000 and implemented the sorority’s first strategic plan. She also presided over the Centennial Celebration in November 2001 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our founding. Always leading by example as a past national president, Marianne has volunteered as a finance coaching team member for District 7, national historian, ritual project team leader, nominating committee chairman and served as the leader of the national headquarters facility project team. She is a regular contributor to the Phoenix magazine and was recently honored with the Phoenix Best Feature Award for her piece on the evolution of the Ritual of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Marianne is an active member of the Houston Alumnae Chapter and has served as secretary, treasurer and president.

Helen Corey Award The Helen L. Corey Award was first established at the 1982 national convention in Chicago in recognition of her many years of service to the sorority and for her contributions to the history of successful conventions. Originally, this award was presented to a member in recognition of their unwavering and tireless efforts for the planning and preparation of national conventions. In 2008, national council voted to honor Helen L. Corey’s dedication to Alpha Sigma Alpha by amending the description of this award to be presented to a member in recognition of her unwavering and tireless efforts in service of the sorority. This year’s recipient is Sue Zorichak, , University of Northern Colorado. Sue began her membership in 1978. Sue graduated from college and immediately began her travels as an Alpha Sigma Alpha field representative (now known as a leadership consultant) and hasn’t stopped volunteering since. A national volunteer since 1982, Sue has served the national organization as collegiate editor, feature editor and alumnae editor of the Phoenix before being elected to national council where she served as national vice president of alumnae. As national historian, Sue researched, wrote, edited and coordinated production and publication of the 536-page book, The Years Behind Us: A History of Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1901 to 2001. Presently, Sue serves as the 2nd alternate delegate to the National Panhellenic Conference. Sue works in several capacities within NPC including Alumnae Panhellenic area advisor to Oklahoma and as the highly sought-after chairman of the publications committee. FALL 2008

P H O E N I X A WA R D S 2 0 0 7 – 0 8 Sue has attended every national convention since 1980 when she was a collegiate delegate. Her most recent accolade occurred this past spring when the award-winning Denver Alumnae Panhellenic named Sue as their Woman of the Year. Sue makes periodic trips to Greeley, CO, to serve as the membership advisor to Beta Beta Chapter. Sue is a founder and member of the Boulder Alumnae Panhellenic Association and longtime member of the Denver Alumnae Chapter.

Evelyn G. Bell Award The Evelyn G. Bell Award was instituted by the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter in 1980 in honor of Evelyn G. Bell, past national president. This award is given to an alumna member who exhibits exceptional leadership, loyalty and commitment to Alpha Sigma Alpha by serving as a collegiate officer, alumnae officer and national officer. This year’s recipient is Jean Raup Grady,  , James Madison University Jean was initiated as an Alpha Sigma Alpha in 1942 and has been an involved member since that time. Jean served on the national level as convention parliamentarian, registrar, constitution chairman and housing chairman before she was elected as national president. She served as national president from 1958–1961. During her term as president, national council bestowed the title “president emerita” on Wilma Wilson Sharp. When living in Richmond, VA, Jean had the privilege to know four of our founders and was closely associated with two of them. She was also greatly inspired by Wilma Wilson Sharp, Evelyn G. Bell and Helen Corey, the three namesakes for our individual alumnae awards. Jean is a past president of the Richmond Alumnae Chapter and also was a member of the Washington, DC, Alumnae Chapter. She is an amazing woman of grace and poise and epitomizes loyalty as a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

These awards honor collegiate and alumnae chapters that have done an outstanding job in writing, editing and submitting items for the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha magazine. Phoenix Collegiate Award Beta Nu, Murray State University, KY Honorable mention Beta Iota, Radford University, VA Zeta Phi, Illinois Institute of Technology Phoenix Alumnae Award Laurel Highlands, PA Alumnae Chapter Honorable Mention Philadelphia Metro Alumnae Chapter

Phoenix Best Feature Award This award honors an outstanding feature published in the Phoenix magazine.This year the national council honors Marianne Busch Bullock, , for her story, “Ritual evolves over time but remains the heart of Alpha Sigma Alpha,” that appeared in the Fall 2007 issue of the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Recognition of Eminence Award Dorcas Bates Reilly,

, has been selected to receive Alpha Sigma Alpha’s most distinguished award, the Recognition of Eminence. Mrs. Reilly is one of only nine members in Alpha Sigma Alpha history to achieve this award. The award honors alumnae members whose professional or community achievements received recognition outside the realm of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Dorcas grew up in Camden, NJ, and in 1944 Dorcas Reilly and her husband Tom at the September 2005 Campbell National Sales Meeting became a member of the Nu Nu Chapter at Drexel University, PA, where she received her in Phoenix, AZ. bachelor of science in home economics. Regarded as the “mother of comfort food,” Dorcas Reilly led the team that created the Green Bean Casserole in 1955, while working as a staff member in the home economics department of the Campbell Soup Co. She began her career at Campbell in 1949, where she was one of two full-time staff members in the department. During her time in the Campbell’s kitchen, she also had a hand in the creation of hundreds of dishes. Some of them include tomato soup meatloaf, tuna noodle casserole and Sloppy Joe-like “souperburgers.” But she is still best known today as the “grandmother” of the Green Bean Casserole. In 2002, Mrs. Reilly appeared at the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, OH, to donate the original copy of the recipe to the museum. The now-yellowed 8 x 11 recipe card takes its place alongside Enrico Fermi’s invention of the first controlled nuclear reactor and Thomas Alva Edison’s two greatest hits: the light bulb and the phonograph.

FALL 2008

Previous Recognition of Eminence Recipients 1955 Dr. Ethel J, Alpenfels,  1961 Getrude S. Nyce,  1967 Helen B. Lortz,  1986 Dr. Geraldine V. Cox,

1988 Dr. S. June Smith,  1998 Joan Bailey Morley,  2002 Cynthia Rhodes Ryan,  2004 Kim George Carlos, 



B Y N A Y D I A S P E A R S ,  Leadership Development & Event Coordinator

Capital Fraternal Caucus — offering Greek organizations a voice

Founded in the summer of 2002, the Capital Fraternal Caucus (CFC) stemmed from the formerly named Greek PAC. The group began as a way to develop and maintain a Greek presence in Washington, DC. The CFC maintains information about legislative initiatives in Congress that affect Greek life and provides tools for expression of the fraternity and sorority agenda in Washington, DC. The CFC has five stated goals that have guided and continue to direct its efforts in Washington. These goals include: I Build permanent Greek presence in Washington, similar to the presence of other national trade organizations; I Show policymakers the positive impact of Greek life; I Preserve the existing rights of fraternities/sororities; I Advocate parity in government regulations and support collegiate quality of life issues; and I Identify opportunities for Greeks and government to work to improve society. Current CFC topics of discussion Currently, the CFC is closely following the progress of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act of 2007 (CHIA) which would allow tax-parity for not-forprofit student housing safety and infrastructure upgrades. The CFC is actively advocating and is continually working to gather more Congressional co-sponsors for the bill. For more information about this legislation, visit What women of Alpha Sigma Alpha can do to help:

Register with the Capital Fraternal Caucus By registering with the CFC, members will receive periodic e-mail updates about CFC efforts and how members can help. By registering, members help the CFC track the success of the fraternal grassroots movement.



Contact your legislators The CFC letter writing tool, available on the CFC web site (www.fraternalcaucus. org), will prompt participants once they enter their address, and it will take less than 5 minutes to contact representatives and senators.

Get a letter of support from your university Several university presidents and chancellors have endorsed CFC legislation, and these endorsements are instrumental in getting congressional support.

Download the Capital Fraternal Caucus Facebook application If you are a frequent visitor to Facebook, then visit to add the CFC Facebook application. Members participating in the Facebook application are able to petition congressmen right from the Facebook page.

Going a step further Every year, Alpha Sigma Alpha sponsors one collegiate woman to attend the annual Greek Hill Visit Day. The date for the 2009 event is April 21. For more information about applying for this special opportunity to represent the national organization, contact Naydia Spears, leadership development & event coordinator, at nspears@ Information about the application will also be available on the Alpha Sigma Alpha web site. If alumnae members are interested in attending the event or assisting in sponsoring another collegiate attendee or attendance to special receptions, please contact Naydia Spears. During the 2008 Greek Hill Visit Day, Sarah Munjas, , Cindy Ryan, , and Naydia Spears, , attended the event as the representatives for Alpha Sigma Alpha. Cindy also serves as the government relations chairman for Alpha Sigma Alpha and is actively involved as a volunteer with the CFC.

FALL 2008

FALL 2008



Beta Beta alumna finds her “milagro” in New Mexico B Y A N G I E P I S K O R S K I ,

Phoenix writer Tucked away in the beautiful town of Corrales, NM, is a quaint little winery with a humbling history. Milagro Vineyards and Winery is owned and operated by Rick and Mitzi Dawe Hobson. An alumna from Beta Beta Chapter at the University of Northern Colorado, Mitzi was excited to share her family’s passion with sisters from all over the country at this year’s national convention and leadership conference. Mitzi and her husband, both natives of New Mexico (although Mitzi grew up in New Jersey), undertook a “great challenge to learn to grow quality grapes and make great wine in the high desert environment.” Hoping for a miracle, Mitzi and Rick chose to name their new winery Milagro, which means miracle in Spanish. The Hobson’s began planting in 1985 and became a commercial winery in 1999. Mitzi’s desire to start the winery came from their “appreciation of good food and wine.” Rick grew up in a farming family in New Mexico and later became a chemical engineer. “With his background, having vineyards and a winery seemed natural,” Mitzi said. Their investment was a success and they currently produce about 1,200 cases of wine each year. Their wine list includes chardonnay, cabernet, merlot and zinfandel. Their wine varieties are handcrafted and aged in French oak to produce wines that showcase New Mexico. Milagro Vineyards is proud of their ability to “make the best wine possible from traditional vinifera wine grapes grown in New Mexico.”



Mitzi presented a wine workshop at this year’s national convention and leadership conference. Her workshop was an overview of the steps that are involved in operating a boutique winery from start to finish. Milagro Vineyards proudly claims their product is handcrafted from vine to wine. She also shared some information about the aging of wine and the proper combinations of wine and food. She welcomed 25 Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters to her winery for a tour and an evening of wine tasting. In addition to making great wine, Milagro Vineyards is dedicated to causes, which support animals and children. Some of their philanthropic commitments include the Alliance for Albuquerque Animals ( and the New Mexico Boston rescue, which is a dog rescue mission for Boston Terriers. Milagro is proud of their animal friendly identification. They are known for their commitment to animals as well as great wine. Their wine label was designed in honor of their late pig, Wilbur. Wilbur lived with the Hobsons from 1986–99. He was there from the beginning, and Mitzi remembers Wilbur as having “such an endearing character.” The Hobsons received an oil painting of Wilbur in a tuxedo wearing a monocle, with a glass of wine. In honor of their beloved Wilbur and their commitment to animals, this oil painting became their label. If you would like more information about Milagro Vineyards or their commitment to animal rescue, please visit their web site at

FALL 2008

F oundation news

Foundation scholarship, award and grant recipients 2008–09 The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation believes that learning should last a lifetime and our commitment to that belief is carried out through both graduate and undergraduate scholarships. It is the board of trustees’ intent that the scholarships reward merit, as demonstrated by: 1) academic excellence and 2) leadership, volunteerism, meaningful participation in Alpha Sigma Alpha and/or other activities. Congratulations to the following recipients: Kelly Okapal, - Hilda Anna Giraud Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Kelly Okapal is attending Kettering University and is majoring in business management. She is in her fourth year of a co-op position with Bendix CVS in Elyria, OH, and is currently working at the parent company’s location in Munich, Germany. She is active on campus in creative and academic organizations as well as working for the university in a variety of positions.

Jennifer Sullivan,  Suzanne L. Hebert Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Jennifer Sullivan is a student at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, AR. Jennifer plans on graduating in May 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, with a future goal of becoming a certified public accountant. She has been a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha since the fall of 2006 and currently serves as the vice president of alumnae and heritage.

Heather Lewis,  S. June Smith Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Heather Lewis is currently a junior a Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. At Coe, Heather is double majoring in sociology and political science and is involved in a variety of campus organizations including the Coe writing center, the Cosmos

student newspaper, concert choir, political science club and the Coe College branch of the V-Day Campaign. Heather has served Theta Alpha Chapter as vice president of programming and ritual, recruitment team leader and as a member of both the ritual and philanthropy committees.

The Foundation sells Valentine’s Day cards to support unrestricted funds

Jennifer Norman, -

with the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation.

This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day Past Presidents Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship

The Foundation invites you to purchase a valentine for $25 to honor someone special in your life — a sister, significant other, an

Jennifer Norman is a junior mechanical engineering student at Kettering University in Flint, MI. She has a biochemical specialty and a co-op position with Borg Warner. She has served Alpha Sigma Alpha as Delta Nu-B Chapter vice president of alumnae and heritage, public relations chairman and president.

 chapter, etc. A Valentine’s Day card will be sent to the person(s) you wish to honor. The $25 gifts are applied to unrestricted funds, which will be used in supporting programs that directly benefit  members. To purchase a card, please contact the Foundation’s office at (317) 713-1924 or

Casey Smith, Credit cards

Alpha Beta Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship

(MC/Visa only) and checks (made payable to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation) are accepted as payment.

Casey Smith is a senior at the University of West Alabama in Livingston, AL, majoring in English language arts teacher certification. She currently holds the offices of vice president of public relations and recruitment and scholarship chairman. Aside from , she is very active on campus where she is involved in student government association, yearbook staff, newspaper staff, ambassadors and other student organizations.

Thank you for your support and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation’s Mission To invest in the potential of women by promoting service, leadership and lifelong learning through charitable giving. FALL 2008



F oundation news

Erica Goehring,  The National Philanthropic Scholarship (graduate) Erica Goehring is a proud 2007 alumna initiate, and enjoys serving District 3 as a member of the education coaching team. She is actively involved in the Laurel Highlands Alumnae chapter where she serves as editor, and she has participated in events with the Three Rivers Alumnae chapter as well. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in English education from the University of Pittsburgh.

Allison Rank,  The National Philanthropic Scholarship (undergraduate) Allison Rank is a senior at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO. She is majoring in business administration and Spanish. During her time at Rockhurst, she has served as the student senate president, as well as the parliamentarian and Panhellenic delegate of the Zeta Eta Chapter. She is currently pursuing her master’s in business administration.

Rachel Seckinger,  The Special Education Scholarship Rachel Seckinger attends Millersville University in Millersville, PA. Her determination has pushed her to pursue a dual major in elementary and special education. After graduating college she hopes to continue her education to become a guidance counselor or a reading specialist. She has held ritual, secretary, and vice president of programming and ritual positions for Epsilon Kappa.

Jeannine Nicol Anderson,  Amy M. Swisher Scholarship Jeannine lives in Las Vegas but still remains a full member of the Mid Michigan Crown Alumnae Chapter. She is in her third year as the literacy specialist at Tanaka Elementary School. Jeannine is working toward earning her doctorate in educational leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

Megan Mozley,  Mary Turner Gallagher Scholarship

Kathryn Wolfington,

Dr. Rosalie Messina Simari Scholarship Kathryn Wolfington is pursuing her master’s in information and learning technologies K-12 at the University of ColoradoDenver. Kat teaches seventh grade language arts at Evergreen Middle School in Evergreen, CO. She volunteered for Alpha Sigma Alpha on the national convention and leadership conference planning team and is a member of the Denver Alumnae Chapter.

Elizabeth Taber,  Beta Sigma President Scholarship

Megan Mozley is a junior with a double major in psychology and sociology at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. She has been involved with Alpha Sigma Alpha since 2005 and is currently Panhellenic president for her campus. She hopes to attend graduate school after she completes her bachelor’s of arts degree.

Alexandra Kassel,  Lois V. Beers Scholarship

Liz Taber is currently a senior at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, where she is majoring in hospitality and restaurant administration with a minor in human resources. In the Beta Sigma Chapter, Liz has served as secretary and currently serves as chapter president. Liz has also served on the Missouri State University's homecoming committee for the past two years.

Shannon Pritchett,  Beta Sigma Treasurer Scholarship

Alexandra Kassel is an advertising and public relations program student at Loyola University, Chicago. She is a proud member of Alpha Sigma Alpha who hopes to study abroad in Rome, Italy, and have the opportunity to attend graduate school before making her mark as a public relations representative in the fast paced advertising world.

Tracy Schmitz, -

Shannon Pritchett, , is a sophomore accounting major at Missouri State University, Springfield, MO. She is involved with the campus accounting club, intramural softball team and mostly Alpha Sigma Alpha. She is looking forward to graduating in a few years to see what she can achieve with her education and experiences she has gained from Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Christine Petcoff,  Patti Balwanz Scholarship

Beta Zeta Scholarship

Meagan Hudson,  Wilma Wilson Sharp Scholarship Megan Hudson attends the University of Central Arkansas. Throughout her time at UCA, she has maintained her academic scholarship and has a cumulative GPA of 3.75. She has been on the dean’s list and is working toward her degree in early childhood special education. Being a part of Alpha Sigma Alpha has allowed her to have many experiences towards completing her goal to become a special educator by volunteering for Special Olympics.



Tracy Schmitz is a mechanical engineering major with a concentration in biomedical engineering at Kettering University, MI. She co-ops in the Warranty group at ArvinMeritor. She currently serves her chapter as the standards chairman and the housing chairman. She is very involved on campus and in her community and recently her efforts were recognized when she was inducted into the Robot Honor Society.

Christine Petcoff is a senior this coming fall and is eager, but sad to be leaving her Alpha Sigma Alpha chapter. She is excited to be graduating in May with a child and family development degree specializing in child life and she cannot wait to get out in her field and make a difference in children’s lives.

FALL 2008

F oundation news

Elizabeth Rand, 

Hannah Rosenthal, 

Zeta Zeta Scholarship

Grace Fultz Haworth Music Scholarship

Elizabeth Rand is a junior at the University of Central Missouri studying criminal justice. While attending UCM she has been actively involved in Alpha Sigma Alpha, serving on the standards board, as scholarship chairman and is currently serving as vice president of programming and ritual. She is also a participant in the Panhellenic Emerging Leadership Society, the judicial review board and the UCM student ambassadors. After earning her undergraduate degree she plans to go to law school.

Emily Goins,  Zeta Eta Scholarship Emily Goins is a junior at Rockhurst University with a major in speech pathology and her minor is in theology. Her personal aspirations are to work in a hospital with patients who have suffered head trauma. Her biggest activity outside of her class schedule is Alpha Sigma Alpha, where she is the current vice president of alumnae and heritage for the Zeta Eta Chapter.

Danielle Strickland,  Beta Gamma Scholarship Danielle Strickland is currently a junior at Northwestern State University in Tahlequah, OK. She is studying speech pathology and was recently admitted into the program at NSU. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is constantly working hard to better her sorority and her life as a whole.

Jessie Benson,  Dr. Ann Rowlette Scholarship Jessie Benson is a sophomore financial management major at Northwest Missouri State University. She is very involved in the chapter as mwell as on campus, including fundraising chairman, intramurals chairman, financial management association and student activities council. As busy as she is, Jessie still finds time to focus on her grades; this is evident with her high GPA.

FALL 2008

Hannah Rosenthal is a sophomore at Illinois Institute of Technology studying architectural design and music. Hannah has demonstrated her appreciation for music through her high school productions in Les Miserables, Tommy and Sweeny Todd. She also sings in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship band and takes private flute lessons. Hannah says that music “has become and always will be an integral part� of who she is. Aside from her music and school work, Hannah has been the philanthropy chairman and finance committee member for her chapter.

Christa Martell Schneider,  Freida Riley Award Christa Martell Schneider is a 1990 graduate of Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN. While there, as a member of the Beta Upsilon Chapter, she served as chaplain and philanthropic chairman. It was while serving as philanthropic chairman that she found her niche with individuals with unique needs. Today, she is in her 17th year of teaching students with special education diagnosis. She prefers to refer to herself as a “learning strategist� rather than a special education teacher. Ten of those 17 years have been within the classroom while the other seven have been as a department chairman. Her current teaching assignment is working within a co-teaching setting and providing direct instruction in social studies and senior communication arts. Eighty percent of her current case load either has an educational or medical diagnosis within the autism spectrum and she is respectfully (and honored to be) referred to as the “Asperger Queen� by parents, and colleagues. This current school year, Christa has served her building and district as a quality instruction leader in the classroom strategies of Dr. Robert Marzano. She is also currently pursuing a graduate certificate in behavioral interventions in autism through the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Christa lives in Marthasville, MO, with her husband Gary and two children, Matthew and Jeremiah.

The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation announces its 2008–09 Board of Trustees Jessica Bridwell McKenna, Chairman  , Colorado State University – Pueblo Johanna Haag Gardner, Vice Chairman , Central Missouri State University Angela Dantzler Bauldree, Treasurer , University of Southwestern Louisiana Anita L. Reichling, Secretary -, Kettering University, MI Kim Benson, National Vice President of Finance (ex-officio) -, Kettering University, MI Marianne Busch Bullock , Central Michigan University Diane Yencic James , Pittsburg State University, KS Cindy Kelley, National President (ex-officio)  , Concord University, WV Jane Oleszewski Martin , The Pennsylvania State University Bonita Marince Maurer , Indiana University of Pennsylvania Bente Fein Weitekamp Alpha Chi Omega



D istrict news

1. Members of the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter and Pi Pi alumnae Joan Rindfleusch Runchell, Donnette Pritting Thurlow, Marcia Kinbar Goldstein, Mary Beth Write Orsolita, Beth Lawrence Lucci, pictured with Dot on the last day of the national convention & leadership conference. 2. Four Gamma Mu Chapter members from Adrian College, MI, went to Beijing, China on a 12-day trip to participate in “Perform in Harmony, With Olympic Spirit� program. This was a series of concerts put together for pre-Olympic entertainment. From left to right, Nicole Abajian, Connie-Lyn Klein, Amanda Mayberry and Liana Dennison in the Tianamen Square. 3. Members of the newly created Central Florida Alumnae Chapter, Rachel Hudson Hanson, , Barbara Santangelo-Townsley, , Gina Lengle McNellis, , Kathryn Allen-Polley, , Claudia Exler Kubis,

, Michelle Haldeman Briar, , Colleen Matthews Parsons, . 4. The Laurel Highlands Alumnae Chapter participated in the May 2008 Pittsburgh Race for the Cure. Sherri Rae, , Kim Benson, -, Shelly Wile, , and her sons Nick and AJ Wile. 5. Theta Zeta Chapter members from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis at their fall fundraising event held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 6. Delta Chi Chapter members from Bloomsburg University, PA, gather around ‘in the city’ during a recruitment event. 7. Northern Colorado Alumnae Chapter hosted the Ft. Collins Area Panhellenic Brunch and Scholarship Awards on May 3, 2008. Pictured front to back are Lynn Fountain,  , Shirley Hickman, , Peggy Grice, , Heather Hancock,  , Marge Purdue, , Theresa McCarthy, , Vanessa Lucero Myers,  , and Sue Wilcox, . 8. Colorado Springs Alumnae Panhellenic Association held its 2008 incoming president “Meet and Greet�. From left to right, Carolyn Visalli,  , Ellen Funk Morris, , Kathleen Miller, , Sue Zorichak, , and Carol Sawyers Olmos, . 9. Zeta Theta Chapter from Wagner College, NY, with New York State council member Michael McMahon and Senator Hillary Clinton at a McMahon for U.S. Congress rally. In this photo: Rachel Dunn, Cassie Bray, Ashley Paskalis, Alexa Marin, Katelynn Nealon, Katie Christian, Eva Boccio and Amanda Virga. 10. Delta Sigma Chapter members at Saginaw Valley State University, MI, participated in Relay for Life. 11. Members of the Greater Kansas City Alumnae Chapter enjoyed a tour of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Seated: Beth Reed, , Sara Deuel, , and Colleen Haag,  (standing) Cindy Smith,

, Susan Kice, , Anna Werner, , Diane Edmiston,

, Pam Engelken,

, Patty Stock, , Chesley Belcher, , Heather Riley, , and Johanna Gardner, .




9 24


FALL 2008

D istrict news




Growth& Sisterhood




11 FALL 2008



N ews & events

National headquarters welcomes new staff member Aly Cambpell, , joined the Alpha Sigma Alpha staff in July 2008. As volunteer & alumnae coordiantor, Aly will assist the volunteer recruitment and placement team in recruiting, placing, recognizing and evaluating volunteers. She will oversee the volunteer training initiatives and work with other staff members to create volunteer educational programming. Aly will also direct the alumnae initiatives including managing the Arista Alumnae Association, being the liaison to the alumnae project team, developing new alumnae chapters and supervising the alumnae initiation process. Aly earned her bachelor’s degree in broadcasting media from the University of Central Missouri in December 2007. She has served Alpha Sigma Alpha on a collegiate level as Zeta Zeta Chapter president, ritual chairman, risk management chairman and standards board member. Zeta Zeta Chapter honored Aly by naming her sophomore of the year, junior of the year and inspirational sister. She was also the recipient of the Jessie Jutton Award. If you have any questions for Aly regarding the Arista Alumnae Association, how to start an alumnae chapter or how to start volunteering, e-mail her at

Alpha Sigma Alpha is proud to have four colonies this year The Rogers State University Colony in Claremore, OK, returns to us for another semester as a colony and will be installed this spring. Watch for more information about this event. Rogers State Colony is located in District 9. District 4 is growing with the addition of the Clayton State University Colony in Morrow, GA. Twelve women have joined Alpha Sigma Alpha at Clayton State and we look forward to welcoming more women to our sisterhood! Don't mess with Texas, because we have added another colony in that state. It is located at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. It was officially colonized on Sept. 28. Currently the colony has 22 new members and is hard at work recruiting. We are very pleased to announce that we will be colonized at SUNY-Cortland, NY, this fall. SUNY-Cortland was once home to our Gamma Clio Chapter, which was closed in 1953 when New York State banned all national fraternal organizations from its campuses. It is just amazing to think that we have returned to a campus where Alpha Sigma Alpha already has tradition. SUNY-Cortland is located in District 2. We are looking for chapters and alumnae to partner with the colonies to help them get more acquainted with Alpha Sigma Alpha or to serve as advisors. If you are interested in assisting with a colony, contact Amber Shaverdi, membership growth coordinator, at

District Day 2008–09 Leading with Purpose District Day 2008–09 is the “can’t miss” event of the season! The day includes fantastic personal development sessions, senior recognitions, lunch and much, much more. Registration is $35 per person. Register now for District Day by visiting the  web site. Alpha Sigma Alpha will be utilizing the professional programming of The Leadership Institute-Women with Purpose created by the Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity and Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. There is a collegiate track and an alumnae track. For more information about the tracks read the District Day article published in the Summer Phoenix. Registration information as well as details on special events and activities are outlined on the web site. For more information, please contact Naydia Spears, leadership development & event coordinator, at or call (317) 871-2920.

Statement of Ownership

Registration deadlines I District 9, Feb. 21, 2009, Kansas City, MO – Registration deadline Feb. 2 I District 2, Feb. 28, 2009, Mt. Laurel, NJ – Registration deadline Feb. 9 I District 4, Feb. 28, 2009, Newport News, VA – Registration deadline Feb. 9



FALL 2008


Past and current national volunteers who attended the national convention and leadership conference this summer.

National Council President Cindy Kelley,  , 2010 Prairie Ridge Ct., Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 Vice President of Operations Nora M. Ten Broeck, , 2456 W. Eastwood Ave. Apt. 1, Chicago, IL 60625 Vice President of Finance Kim Benson, -, 32 Lakeridge Dr., Greensburg, PA 15601 Vice President of Communications Christine Strapac Thomas, , 7518 Water Lily Way, Columbia, MD 21046 Vice President of Membership Melissa Koch Merriam,

, 7606 Lowell Ave., Overland Park, KS 66204 Vice President of Membership Kelly McGinnis Morello, , 1319 Jamestown Dr., Romansville, PA 19320 Vice President of Membership Jenn Rassett, , 1676 Sandhurst Dr., Mapelwood, MN 55109

FALL 2008

National Panhellenic Conference Delegation Delegate: Lynne Rachal Chambers, , 1211 Santa Ana Rd., Richmond, VA 23229 First alternate: Ellen Funk Morris, , 23403 Song Bird Hills Pl., Parker, CO 80138 Second alternate: Sue Zorichak, , 2144 Mapleton Ave., Boulder, CO 80304 Third alternate: Eleanor Borbas Williams, , P.O. Box 428, Drakes Branch, VA 23937

National Headquarters 9002 Vincennes Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268 e-mail: Phone: (317) 871-2920 Fax: (317) 871-2924

National Headquarters Staff Executive Director Krystal Geyer Slivinski, Membership Development Coordinator Christy Adams,

Communications & Marketing Coordinator Louise Morales, Volunteer & Alumnae Coordinator Aly Campbell, Leadership Development & Event Coordinator Naydia Spears, Finance Manager Gino Hill Office Manager Pat Crosby, Office Assistant Linda Lineback, Leadership Consultants Chasity Grome,  , Nicole Millar, ,

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. — Elizabeth Andrew

Membership Growth Coordinator Amber Shaverdi,



National Coahing Team Leaders Risk Management/ Standards Coaching Team Leader Shelby Coxon,  8821 Everett Ave., Kansas City, KS 64138 National Quality Team Leader Barb Pennington Struble, -, 323 Northway Dr., Sun City, FL 33573 Volunteer Recruitment & Placement Team Leader Jen Reisner, , 1151 York St. #603, Denver, CO 80206 Ritual Coaching Team Leader Leah Dooley Eickhoff, , 3629 Nelms Ln., Williamsburg, VA 23185 Extension Project Team Coordinator Lori White Scott,

, 4513 W. 54th St., Roeland Park, KS 66205

Meet your district facilitators for 2008–10. Pictured from the left are District 5 Facilitator Kathy Lopez, District 7 Facilitator Deb Fields Dietrich, District 9 Facilitator Kat Wolfington, District 6 Facilitator Amy Price, District 4 Facilitator Julie Wiley Levine, District 3 Facilitator Erika Butts, District 8 Facilitator Carol Jenson and District 2 Facilitator Marcia Pucci Jacquette.

Government Relations Committee Chairman Cindy Rhoades Ryan, , 5214 Noyes Ct., Fairfax, VA 22032

District 2

Individual Awards Selection Committee Chairman Karen Bader, , 92 Thompson Ave. #2, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017 Alumnae Project Team Coordinator Shelly Dohey Wile, , 117 Brownlee Ln., Greensburg, PA 15601 Housing Oversight Team Leader Lori Hobart,

, 2235 Grays Ferry Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19146 Historian Barb J. Williamson,

, 807 SW. Anderson Terr., Topeka, KS 66606 Bylaws Chairman Stacey Coscino Bogumil, , 116 E. Columbia Ave., Elmhurst, IL 60126 Academic Excellence Team Leader Carleen Wisniewski Wood, , 66 Half Acre Rd., Jamesburg, NJ 08831 Phoenix Senior Contributing Editor Nancy Zander Reese, , 1312 E. Kensignton Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056



District Facilitator Marcia Pucci Jacquette, , 413 Walnut Hill Rd., West Chester, PA 19382 District Meeting Coordinator Krisy Ga-Ling Plourde,

, 1100 Vine St. #P3-15, Philadelphia, PA 19107 Education Coaching Team Leader Gina Nagy MicKinnon, , 73 Garland St., Everett, MA 02149 Finance Coaching Team Leader Masha Mitsengendler, , 56 Bennett Ave. #2A, New York, NY 10033 Chapter Education Coordinator Kelly Lauderman Sprout, , 2060 Deer Run Dr., Hummelstown, PA 17036 Advisory Board District Liaison Lynne Capraro Cona,

, 51 Downing Ln., Voorhees, NJ 08043

District 3 District Facilitator Erika Butts, , 221 Station Square Blvd., Lansdale, PA 19446 District Meeting Coordinator Lindsay Panichi, , 1248 Hammon Ave., Ephrata, PA 17522 Recruitment Coaching Team Leader Suzanne Zbikowski Barone, , 307 Nick Williams Dr., Natrona Heights, PA 15065 Education Coaching Team Leader Sherri Rae,  , UPJ G-04 Student Union, Johnstown, PA 15904 Finance Coaching Team Leader Monica Carpenter Fralick, , 2701 E. Carleton Rd., Adrian, MI 49221



5 6


9 4


District Secretary Alexis Andre Castro, , 18326 Bayberry Dr., Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

District 4 District Facilitator Julie Wiley Levine, , 1712 South Woodhouse Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Colony Development Coordinator Angie Porco Steltzer, , 160 Dennis Dr., Stockbridge, GA 30281 District Meeting Coordinator Joanne Weber Catron, , 465 Mt. Harmony Rd., Keysville, VA 23937 Recruitment Coaching Team Leader Kristi Carden, , 4202 Sterling Dr., Durham, NC 27712 Education Coaching Team Leader Abbey Rowe, , 109 E. Eggleston Hall 0428, Blacksburg, VA 24061

FALL 2008

Finance Coaching Team Leader Marissa Clements, , 1503 Abercorn Ave., Atlanta, GA 30346 District Secretary Mandy Riner Wriston,  , Rte. 1 Box 1112, Fayetteville, WV 25840 Chapter Education Coordinator Mary Neilan Stansfield, , 180 Old Plantation Trail, Milledgeville, GA 31061 Advisory Board District Liaison Sherrie Smith White, , 305 Mattox Dr., Newport News, VA, 23601

District 5 District Facilitator Kathy Lopez, , 1007 13th St., Bad City, MI 48708 District Meeting Coordinator Stephanie Wirtz, , 1478 W. Isabella Dr., Midland, MI 48640 Recruitment Coaching Team Leader Ashley Rasmussen, , 415 N. Clinton St., St. Louis, MI 48880 Education Coaching Team Leader Vanessa Gembarski Bader, , 772 Windhover Dr. Apt. F, Orlando, FL 32819 District Secretary Claudia Place, , 500 W. Lake Lansing Rd. Apt. C47, East Lansing, MI 48823 Advisory Board District Liaison Adrea VanDenBerge Hill, , 10248 Lynwood Ln., Zeeland, MI 49464

District 6 District Facilitator Amy Price, , 907 Varsity Dr., Evansville, IN 47712 Colony Development Coordinator Brenda Mesalam, , 7144 Derstan Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46250 Recruitment Coaching Team Leader Alyson White Hanson, , 10010 S. 200 E., Hillsdale, IN 47854 Finance Coaching Team Leader Michelle Hargrove,  , 601 Union St., Morganfield, KY 42437 Advisory Board District Liaison Michelle Hopper, , P.O. Box 444, Charleston, IL 61920

District 7 District Facilitator Deb Fields Dietrich,  , 12908 124th Ave., Largo, FL 33774 District Meeting Coordinator Laura Villarreal, , 12222 Vance Jackson, San Antonio, TX 78230 Recruitment Coaching Team Leader Candice Detillier Huber, , 3 Bustubeay Ct., Kenner, LA 70065 Education Coaching Team Leader Leigh Ann Greathouse, , 6565 McCallum Blvd. #283, Dallas, TX 75252 Finance Coaching Team Leader JoAnn Sanchez Bordner, , P.O. Box 502, Boutte, LA 70039 District Secretary Nancy Andrus Cerwin,  , 14412 Mooring Dr., Seminole, FL 33776

FALL 2008

Advisory Board District Liaison Traci Quinones, , 24838 Fairway Springs, San Antonio, TX 78258

District 8 District Facilitator Carol Jensen, , 219 E. Skyline Ct., Mankato, MN 56001 District Meeting Coordinator Kristin Huben, , 2102 Rebecca Cir., Montgomery, IL 60538 Recruitment Coaching Team Leader Stacy Post Fuhrman, , 2409 18-1/2 Ave. NW, Rochester, MN 55901 Education Coaching Team Leader Kim Bayma, , 1535 W. Addison St. Apt. 3, Chicago, IL 60613 Finance Coaching Team Leader Anita Reichling, -, 123 S. Locust Ave., New Hampton, IA 50659 District Secretary Chelsea Umbach, , 2510-A Park Lane Ct. N. , Mountain Brook, AL 35223 Advisory Board District Liaison Amybeth Maurer, , 214 S. Main St. Unit C, Algonquin, IL 60102

District 9 District Facilitator Kat Wolfington,

, 12 S. Ogden St. Apt. 122, Denver, CO 80209 Colony Development Coordinator Jill Whittenburg, , 208 S. Jamestown Ave., Tulsa, OK 74112 District Meeting Coordinator Beth Gibson Reed, , 5817 Clark Circ., Kansas City, KS 66106 Recruitment Coaching Team Leader Jenna Polson Linington, , 2138 Bow Side Dr., Ft. Collins, CO 80524 Education Coaching Team Leader Keri Kemmerer, , 8612 NE 98th Ct., Kansas City, MO 64157 Finance Coaching Team Leader Valerie Bergquist Pitts,

, 3609 SW Palmer Ct., Topeka, KS 66610 District Secretary Kim Bogdanovecz, , 1427 Canyon Hills Dr., Alva, OK 73717 Chapter Development Coordinator Brandi DeVore Gripka, , 7714 NW Rhode Ave., Kansas City, MO 64152 Advisory Board District Liaison Tara Marr Horinek, , 4324 S. Wisconsin, Joplin, MO 64804

For e-mail addresses refer to the Alpha Sigma Alpha web site.

Volunteering for  Make a difference for Alpha Sigma Alpha by serving as a national volunteer. We invite all alumnae members to fill out a volunteer interest form no matter what their undergraduate, life or career experience. Volunteer positions begin with less than an hour a week commitment, and the national volunteer recruitment and placement team connects volunteers with positions that fit their skills and talents. Volunteering is a chance to give back, make new friends, help others and ensure the future of Alpha Sigma Alpha. It is best stated in our ritual, “Remember then, to give of yourself freely to the sorority. The returns to you will be much the same as the amount of interest and work that you put into our organization.� The Alpha Sigma Alpha volunteer recruitment and placement team is responsible for coordinating the recruitment, placement, evaluation and recognition of volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the online volunteer interest form located at volunteering. A member of the team will be in contact with you regarding potential placement. If you have any questions regarding volunteering for  e-mail Aly Campbell, , at




Deceased Members

As reported to national headquarters. June 1, 2007–May 31, 2008

‘Go thou thy way and I go mine Apart yet not afar; Only a thin veil hangs between Thy pathways where we are.

I see sometimes to thy face But since this may not be I’ll leave you to the care of Him Who cares for thee and me.’


Lambda Lambda

Beta Epsilon

Rho Chi

Lynda Driver Hewitt Marguerite Bradford Lee

Lois Wuichet Beathard

Early Alpha Alpha

Bette Hethke La Chapelle Marion Monroe Johnson Patricia Sowell Woolever

Regina Buono Ellison Mary Rasmussen Fischer Joan McCarty

Mattie Moulds Howard Myra Aaron Low Loretta Morris Norris Maggie Brett Sharp

Beta Zeta Hilda Pringle Morrison Mildred Bowels Sinicrope Mildred Coco Songy Joanne Sterbenz

Dana Nelson Church Michelle Pullen Gradell Mary Wakefield Kelly Ann Bentley Protzman Jean Batts Sykes

Beta Eta

Beta Phi

Majorie Schwartz Anderson Joyce Wellsandt Baird Elsie Benz-Foster Deloris Lubke Chays Karen Kisse Knudtson Catherine Westlake Lundberg Patricia Manning Tusler Marjorie Kronschnabel Walters Karen Madson Voigt

Mary Paciotti Dam Kay Benseman Gotzion

Beta Iota

Rose Farina Dunn Senator Adeline Geo-Karis Dana Mangi

Lucile Roth Anderson Helen Mowery Forche

Nu Nu

Beta Sigma

Alpha Beta

Xi Xi

Barbara Moles Brumfield Helen Skinner

Louise Peterson Hindes

Alpha Gamma Lillian Porter Sutton

Helen Rich Bragg Freida Beck Walter

Gamma Gamma

Sigma Sigma

Frieda Shirley Baker Vera Leeper Cullison

Ireys Osterman Carnahan

Delta Delta Gwendolyn O’Hara Spiers

Alta Miller Carrie Fuller Rowland

Epsilon Epsilon

Phi Phi

Dorothy Hudson Knopf Ethel Adams Maddern Dorothy Lunsford Milsap

Zeta Zeta

Dorothy Lasell Chapman Mary Laughlin Hanson Dorothy Ray King Sue Mcgraw White Berniece Laughlin Wohlford

Doris Johnson Ogilvie Leatta Ball Russell

Chi Chi

Frances Eason Boisture Nancy Stout Cheek Jean Sewell Covel Margaret Houff Dell Ann Dawson Ingram Christine Miller Robinson

Eta Eta

Mary Brown Dick Lois King Norris

Beta Kappa

Suzanne Louviere

Psi Psi

Jean Wickstrom Grove Dee Janeczek Watson

Delta Upsilon

Kate Flanagan Stewart Frances Thompson Watts

Beta Lambda

Beta Gamma

Nikki Woolever Marino Sybil Simmons Sullards

Sue Jones LaBorde Jewel Weatherbee Matthews Evelyn Wasson McClendon

Gamma Clio

Epsilon Beta

Janet Snyder Fetzer

Holly Jurs Feetterer

Beta Delta

Beta Nu

Epsilon Phi

Virginie Suttee Begando Dorothy Weede Bethel Betty Lance Binkley Frances Hunt Burt Virginia Lamb Carder Eleanor Wilson Heady Sue Swain Kington Doris Smith Kirkpatrick Leota Lance Sage

Kappa Kappa Betty Leuchtner Howat Betty Baker Stewart

Pi Pi

Tau Tau

Beta Chi Lynne Lawton Luke

Beta Psi Sarah Nobles Parsons

Gamma Lambda

Gamma Mu Mary Brenner Skelton

Gamma Sigma

Michelle McConnell

Dorothy McGowan Bruggerman Nancy Webb Wilson Nell Hocutt Colmer Althea Stone

Epsilon Alpha Dianna Willett

Jodi Jefferies

Zeta Mu Lynn Anderson



FALL 2008

From the  Archives

1952 READER’S GUIDE The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha, the official quarterly publication of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, has been published continuously since 1914. Its mission is to reflect the character of the organization and its members and to communicate the goals and direction of the sorority and Foundation.

Contact us Post us: The Phoenix, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 9002 Vincennes Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268 E-mail us: Call us: (317) 871-2920; for magazine questions, select ext. 20 Fax us: (317) 871-2924 Visit us:

FALL 2008

Four of our founders join the 1952 Golden Anniversary celebration. They are, left to right, Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Mary Williamson Hundley, Louise Cox Carper and Virginia Boyd Noell.

How to receive the Phoenix All collegiate members and alumnae members receive the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Individual copies are mailed to each member’s permanent address and a few are sent to the chapter editor or the chapter house.

Parents and guardians Your daughter’s magazine is being sent to your address while she is in college. We hope you enjoy reading it too. If she is not in college, or is no longer living at home, please send us her new permanent address (see below).

How to change an address You can send address changes to the mailing address listed above or e-mail your old and new addresses to You may also call us at (317) 871-2920, ext. 110.

How to get published

How to send a letter to the editor

Collegiate chapters and alumnae chapters: Each editor is a correspondent for the Phoenix magazine. View deadlines and photo requirements listed below. Chapter updates and photos must be submitted via e-mail to If you have news about an individual alumna, please send information to or send information to the address above.

We always welcome your comments— both criticism and praise—about this publication. E-mail lmorales@ or send mail to Editor, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 9002 Vincennes Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268.

Photo requirements

General deadlines for submissions Winter issue: Sept. 10 Spring issue: Dec. 10 Summer issue: March 10 Fall issue: June 10

Please e-mail only high resolution photos at least 500kb in size. Only pictures that are of good quality can be used. Pictures that are blurry or have been scanned do not produce well and therefore cannot be used. Pictures should tell a story of what is happening.



To learn more about the Arista Alumnae Association or to register for membership, visit or call (317) 871-2920.

“Joining this organization was the best decision I ever made and I am truly thankful for all that I have gained as a member. I am an Arista member because I committed 10 years ago to be a lifelong member of this organization and to always be available to help my sisters when needed. What I do today is simply how I live that commitment.� Jenn Niederoest,  District 5 Education coaching team member and Beta Theta Ritual Advisor

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2008  

Volume 94: Number 4

The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2008  

Volume 94: Number 4