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Fall 2009

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2008–09 collegiate and alumnae chapter awards

ON THE COVER: Alpha Sigma Alpha’s 2009–10 leadership consultants

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Founders’ Day Message: Honor our Founders and celebrate Founders’ Day


MAKE PLANS NOW TO TAKE THE “ROAD TO VICTORY” 2010 National Convention & Leadership Conference


Alpha Sigma Alpha ANNOUNCES academic honor society, the Hermes Society


2008–09 Collegiate and Alumnae Chapter Awards


Five women travelING for Alpha Sigma Alpha


Alpha Sigma Alpha unveils new online reporting program for collegiate chapters


Alpha Sigma Alpha welcomes newest collegiate chapter


Alumnae and collegians share their “What’s Your Why?”

22 BETA NU alumna releases cookbook

FALL 2009

of Alpha Sigma Alpha Volume 95, Number 4

Fall 2009



Alumna Highlight: Cindy Frosch and The Ready Method


Collegiate Chapter Highlight: Zeta Nu Chapter


Collegian Highlight: Reflections of a collegian on sisterhood

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This is my last issue as the editor of the Phoenix. It has been a true joy serving in this position and I will miss it very much. Serving as editor was a wish come true. My wish for you is to always enjoy reading the Phoenix and learning about Alpha Sigma Alpha members and what  has to offer to our membership. As always there are great stories about  members in this issue. Be sure to check out the What’s Your Why article and Cindy Kelley’s Founders’ Day message. Enjoy reading!

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FALL 2009

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Honor our Founders and celebrate Founders’ Day B Y C I N D Y K E L L E Y ,  National President

To Alpha Sigma Alpha and her members, Nov. 15 marks a day of celebration and reflection. It was on this significant day in 1901 that five young, courageous and visionary women chartered the path for the future of our beloved sorority. Our Founders fervently believed in the need for women to have the opportunity to belong to something bigger than themselves — something that was based on values, ritual, sisterhood and friendship and that also provided opportunities for personal growth and the betterment of society. Now, 108 years later, our Founders’ vision is very much alive

individuals who have inspired us and strengthened our own

and thriving. The foundations they laid so many years ago in our

experiences in Alpha Sigma Alpha. This Founders’ Day, I

ritual have served to develop women of poise and purpose and to

encourage you to reach out to the sisters who you hold close to

cultivate values and ideals in our members. Alpha Sigma Alphas

your heart. Reconnect with a chapter sister who shares in so

celebrate lifelong friendships, lead by example and invest their

many of your memories from your college days. Thank an advisor

time and talent to make a difference in their communities.

or mentor who has inspired you and provided guidance and

Just as vital to our existence as our Founders’ vision is our role in continuing this legacy. Today’s Alpha Sigma Alphas are the

encouragement to you. Say hello to a sister who is on your mind. In today’s ever evolving technology world, the ability to

visionaries for tomorrow’s sisters. It is our unique privilege and

reach out to a sister is literally at our fingertips. Through online

responsibility to honor the continuation of the traditions, values

networking tools, you can locate and reconnect with a sister in

and vision set forth by our Founders to ensure that Alpha Sigma

no time. You can plan to get together to reconnect at your

Alpha is as relevant tomorrow as it was in 1901 and is today.

alma mater’s homecoming or you can participate in a sorority

Founders’ Day provides each of us with an amazing

District Day event or plan to attend our national convention

opportunity for personal reflection. Let us honor our Founders

and leadership conference in July 2010 in Indianapolis. However

by reflecting on the legacy they have provided us and the

you choose to reconnect, it is up to you. You’ll be glad you did

experiences we have had in Alpha Sigma Alpha. Whether you

and you will also be honoring our Founders’ legacy in doing so.

are a collegian or alumna, we each have many experiences to reflect upon and these experiences are bound together through

Happy Founders’ Day!

our bonds of sisterhood. Upon reading the Phoenix article on “What’s Your Why?,” perhaps you too will be inspired to think about your why and how it has helped mold you into who you are. As we celebrate our founding and honor those who have come before us, let us also celebrate and recognize those



Cindy Kelley National President

FALL 2009

Start your engines and take the Road to Victory B Y K R I S T I N H E A T H ,  Convention Committee Chairman

Indianapolis has more to offer than you ever imagined. Go ahead, make plans now to take the Road to Victory and race for your own checkered flags. See you in 2010! FALL 2009



Ladies, start your engines! Get ready for the 2010 National Convention and Leadership Conference in the city that is home to both the Indianapolis 500 and Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters. The festivities will kick-off on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis and will run through Sunday, July 4, 2010. The theme for 2010 will be the “Road to Victory,” only fitting for a city that is often referred to as the Crossroads of America. This convention will once again kick-off with fantastic opportunities for all members to learn and become empowered through personal development workshops, networking and inspiring keynote speakers. From there, we will move on to other exciting activities including a luncheon to honor our generous volunteers, tours of the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters and a birthday party for our mascot, Dot. There will also be plenty of free time to experience all that Indianapolis has to offer. Not only is it a great place to spend time with your sisters, it is also a great place to bring the family for a long holiday weekend. Still not convinced? Here are 10 more reasons to come to Indianapolis for convention: 1. Reconnect with long lost sisters and make new memories. 2. The Circle Centre Mall, with more than 100 stores, is connected to the Hyatt Regency by skywalk — you don’t even have to go outside to shop! 3. Freedom Blast, the city’s largest Independence Day fireworks display, is held downtown along with a day of food, music and fun for the whole family. 4. Experience Hoosier hospitality! 5. You won’t want to miss what National President Cindy Kelley, , is wearing at the convention welcome! 6. Indianapolis is home to the largest children’s museum in the world. 7. It’s a sports fan’s paradise – Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, and Victory Field, voted the “Best Minor League Ball Park in America,” are both within walking distance of the Hyatt Regency. Of course, no sports fan could pass up a trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500. 8. Monuments! Only Washington, D.C., has more of them. See the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument on Monument Circle or the Indiana War Memorial, both within walking distance from the Hyatt Regency. Want more history? Indianapolis has museums to fit every taste – from the NCAA Hall of Champions to the Indiana Transportation Museum. 9. Eat birthday cake with Dot. 10. Crave the outdoors? Visit Holliday Park, a 95-acre expanse of woodland and trails along the White River. The park offers an arboretum, playground, picnic area and nature center.


B Y C O U R T N E Y D A V I S ,  Phoenix Contributor

Alpha Sigma Alpha alumna puts into action our open motto

“aspire, seek, attain”



Baltimore native Cynthia Frosch,  , is enjoying a life filled with numerous accomplishments and successes, in which Alpha Sigma Alpha has played a significant role. She has countless fond memories of her time as a collegiate member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, which she talks about with great excitement. Her membership began in a local sorority, which later evolved into the Epsilon Tau Chapter of . She especially remembers the formal events, installation banquet and the chapter’s retreats in Ocean City, MD. Cindy attributes much of her success to Alpha Sigma Alpha, from both a financial and leadership perspective. As a founding member of the Epsilon Tau Chapter at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC), Cindy served as chapter president and membership education chairman and was actively involved in recruitment. During her term as president, Cindy developed decision-making skills and became well versed in working with people of different backgrounds. Of the leadership component Cindy states, “You are responsible for what happens, just like when you own your own business.” She says that leaders must step up to the plate and be committed to the group. Cindy was awarded the Elizabeth Bird Small Award in 1991 for leadership in . After graduation from UMBC, she attended graduate school and later obtained her doctorate in developmental psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Cindy says that the inspiration in her life comes from her family, both the one she came from and the one she created. “My family shaped the kinds of work I did,” Cindy says. Her husband and son challenge her and help her to grow by rising above challenges every day. Through her son, she has seen the importance of modeling kindness and gentleness in children. Cindy says, “If each generation becomes more kind and loving, we will have a better planet.”

Cindy has numerous accomplishments, including founding YellowHouse, LLC, and co-writing and creating The READY Method. “The READY Method Birth to Three is a research-based method that provides parents and all caregivers of children with a real life approach to interacting and communicating with young children,” according to its web site. During her time as a graduate student, Cindy extensively studied the security of attachment and the relationship between a mother and her child as the second child enters the family. She also studied in great detail marital conflict and parent/child development. Cindy watched hundreds of videos with parent and child interaction and had to score them based on the relationship and behaviors that she observed. She quickly realized that she wanted to take the things she had learned and monitored and translate them so that parents could both use and benefit from them. She wanted to create something that would truly make a difference in the lives of families and children every day.

FALL 2009

Cindy defines The READY Method as “a visual guide, a road map.” She says, “The DVDs help caregivers of children look at themselves.” She went on to say that these caregivers can then take what they have learned about themselves and bring it to their relationships. The READY Method was introduced only a few months ago, but Cindy is pleased with the “wonderful coverage” so far. She has done numerous interviews and conferences where people have been able to see the value of the DVDs. The READY Method was recently featured on the CBS news in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In the story, a couple with three children, each under five years of age, agreed to try The READY Method for one week. As for other recommendations similar to The READY Method that could help women, Cindy suggests yoga, meditation, church, art and exercise. Cindy asks, “What fills your cup? Fill your cup with the things that bring happiness, joy and peace to your life.” Cindy is an inspiration to other young women who are trying to make their mark in the world. To them she says, “Know thyself well! Really know yourself well!” She stresses that a person should know their strengths, blind spots and challenges. Cindy feels that much of her success was achieved because she really knows herself. “You must know your limits and be able to move beyond them,” she says. Concerning obstacles, Cindy says, “It’s all in how you see it. Some get stuck but some see them as opportunities for growth.” She says a person should ask “How can I rise to meet this?” and “What did I learn?” Cindy says that for her, “obstacles are only a little detour.” In her quest to make a difference, Cindy wants to give back to Alpha Sigma Alpha. For each member who purchases The READY Method, she will make a monetary donation to the organization. Go to and enter Alphasig when prompted for a code. Cindy is now a resident of Texas, where she lives with her husband and young son.

FALL 2009

Alpha Sigma Alpha announces academic honor society, the Hermes Society B Y N A Y D I A S P E A R S ,  Leadership Development & Event Coordinator and C A R L E E N W O O D , According to the ancient Greeks, Hermes is known as the educator and guardian of teachers and an exemplar of education. Hermes was credited for making the wisdom of the gods known to humankind. As messenger of the gods, Hermes served as a role model, encouraging mortals to struggle upward towards the heights of the gods. It is for this reason that Hermes is Alpha Sigma Alpha’s guardian. He treasured education—true learning. With this in mind, Alpha Sigma Alpha is pleased to introduce the creation of the Hermes Society, an academic excellence honor society exclusively for members of Alpha Sigma Alpha. The society was created in an effort to continue to advance Alpha Sigma Alpha’s commitment to fulfilling the intellectual aim of the sorority. Applicants to the Hermes Society must meet the following criteria: ■ Applicants must be an active member of Alpha Sigma Alpha for at least one year. ■ Applicants must be in good standing with the collegiate chapter. ■ Applicants must be in their junior or senior year. ■ Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants will be required to include an official university transcript, a 500-word essay on academic excellence and a recommendation letter from an academic reference or faculty member. Applicants will be notified by mail regarding their acceptance. Hermes Society pins, dangles and charms are available for purchase through Herff Jones. All accepted applicants will receive an official Hermes Society membership certificate, recognition at national and district events and publication in the Phoenix bi-annual recognition article. Applications for admittance will be accepted twice a year on Dec. 1 and June 1. Questions regarding the Hermes Society or application process should be directed to Naydia Spears, leadership development & event coordinator, at



CollegiateChapter Awards 2008–09 The Four-Star Chapter Award was established along with the Crown of Excellence award in 1985 in order to recognize annually Alpha Sigma Alpha’s collegiate chapters that uphold the high ideals of the sorority in the areas of membership, academic excellence, finances, membership education, chapter operations, philanthropy, national meetings, ritual, organization image, national bylaws, policies and procedures, advisory board and alumnae involvement. There are three additional levels to recognize chapters who are on their way to being four-star chapters. Aspire chapters are chapters that have shown a commitment to each other, their chapter and the national organization by upholding the high ideals of the sorority. Seek chapters are chapters that have built on that commitment and have embraced the responsibility of membership to ensure that the sorority remains strong. Attain chapters are chapters that have vowed fully to uphold their role, responsibility and commitment to being an energizing influence in the future of their chapter and Alpha Sigma Alpha.



Mari Yaginuma, collegiate chapter president of the Delta Eta Chapter, accepts the Crown of Excellence Award from Cindy Kelley, , national president, at District 8 District Day.

2008–09 Crown of Excellence Chapter Delta Eta, DePaul University, Chicago This year’s Crown of Excellence Award goes to the Delta Eta Chapter at DePaul University in Chicago. During the 2008–09 academic year, Delta Eta met campus Total and exceeded both its fall and spring recruitment targets. The chapter has excelled academically, attaining a chapter GPA above the all-women’s, all-Panhellenic and all-university GPA at DePaul. This chapter is also known for its membership development and campus involvement. Women of this chapter are highly involved on campus, with most chapter members participating in other student organizations aside from Alpha Sigma Alpha. They have a very involved advisory board and maintain great relations with their alumnae by sending out a quarterly newsletter and hosting a variety of alumnae gatherings. They have a long list of service projects they are involved in and give back to their community regularly.

FALL 2009

aspire. seek. attain.

2008–09 Aspire chapters Eta Eta, Pittsburg State University, KS Gamma Eta, The Pennsylvania State University Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA Theta Gamma, Christopher Newport University, VA

2008–09 Seek chapters

Rose Marie Fellin Financial Excellence The Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, Emporia State University, KS, is this year’s recipient of the Rose Marie Fellin Financial Excellence Award. The Rose Marie Fellin Financial Excellence award was established in 1992 in honor of the 27 years of service and dedication by Rosie Marie Fellin. Rosie first served as national treasurer and then as headquarters executive for many years. Her commitment and influence provided our sorority with a strong financial foundation thus enabling us to grow substantially at both the national and collegiate levels. This award is given to a collegiate chapter practicing the principles of sound financial management through record keeping, accurate and timely financial reports, communication with national headquarters and staying current with all fees and dues, along with striving toward healthy financial stability.

Sidney Gremillion Allen Panhellenic Award The recipients of the Sidney Gremillion Allen Panhellenic Award are the Eta Eta Chapter at Pittsburg State University, KS, and the Delta Nu-B Chapter at Kettering University, MI. The award is given to the collegiate chapter that displays outstanding Panhellenic spirit and participation. The Panhellenic award was named after Sidney Gremillion Allen,

, at the 1994 national convention to honor her 14 years of service as National Panhellenic Conference delegate. During this time, she was the first Alpha Sigma Alpha to rotate through the executive board of NPC, serving as chairman from 1985 to 1987.

Philanthropic Award The Delta Eta Chapter, DePaul University, IL, was selected to receive the Philanthropic Award. The Philanthropic Award is given to a chapter that best exhibits the Alpha Sigma Alpha value of generosity. Service and giving back to the community is an important part of Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters. The amount of time taken to work with others as well as raising money for the national philanthropies is the basis of this award.

Gamma Clio, State University of New York-Cortland Delta Nu-B, Kettering University, MI Zeta Eta, Rockhurst University, MO Theta Beta, Roanoke College, VA

2008–09 Attain chapters Nu Nu, Drexel University, PA Beta Gamma, Northeastern State University, OK Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato Zeta Psi, Loras College, IA

2008–09 Four-Star chapters Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia State University, KS Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University Beta Lambda, University of Central Arkansas Beta Nu, Murray State University, KY Zeta Mu, Missouri Western State University Zeta Tau, Grand Valley State University, MI Zeta Phi, Illinois Institute of Technology

Scholastic Achievement Award The Scholastic Achievement Award is presented to a collegiate chapter with the highest GPA for a school term of the chapters whose grades were reported from the college or university. Scholastic Achievement — Spring 2008 Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University – 3.39 GPA Scholastic Achievement — Fall 2008 Delta Eta, DePaul University, IL – 3.37 GPA

Financial Improvement Recognition Epsilon Eta, Virginia Wesleyan University

FALL 2009



Alumnae Chapter Awards 2008–09 The national council of Alpha Sigma Alpha established the Alumnae Chapter Excellence Awards to recognize alumnae chapters that demonstrate the lifetime dedication to the sorority through chapter management and programming. There are three levels of recognition; Palm, Star and Crown. The Palm Recognition is awarded to all alumnae chapters in good standing that complete two additional alumnae chapter expectations (timely submission of all annual reports and an annual contribution to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation.) To qualify for the Star or Crown Recognition, the chapter must achieve the Palm level, plus complete seven (Star) or eleven (Crown) additional achievements. In addition, there is a Crown of Excellence award which is presented to an outstanding alumnae chapter. The award is selected from Crown level achievement chapters with special emphasis on Arista Alumnae Association membership, ritual activities and alumnae initiations, recruitment and programming based around the four aims of Alpha Sigma Alpha. On behalf of national council and Alpha Sigma Alpha national headquarters staff, congratulations to the following award winning alumnae chapters for 2008–09.



Mid-Michigan Crown alumnae chapter members at District 5 and 6 District Day in Fort Wayne, IN with other volunteers. Left to right Jeanne Peeples, , Marianne Bullock,  , foundation trustee, Anna Slaughter, , Melissa Merriam, , vice president of membership, Beth Heidel, , foundation trustee, Sara Peeples, , Nancy MacKenzie,  and Shawnette Markey, .

Crown of Excellence Chapter Mid-Michigan Crown

Crown Level Recognition Blue Mountain, PA Boston Buffalo, NY Central Florida Central Pennsylvania Chicago Metro North Suburban Chicago Chicago West Cincinnati Dallas Dayton, OH Denver Des Moines, IA Detroit Suburban Greater Valley Forge, PA Hattiesburg, MS Houston Indianapolis Kansas City, MO * Laurel Highlands, PA Maryville, MO Milwaukee Northern Colorado

NOVA Virginia Philadelphia Metro Richmond, VA St.Louis Springfield, MO Southern Colorado Tampa Bay, FL * Tahlequah, OK Tulsa, OK Triangle, NC Twin Cities All Stars, MN Washington, DC Windy City, IL *

Palm Level Recognition Natchitoches Fleur De Lis, LA

Star Level Recognition Phoenix Valley of the Sun, AZ * Denotes honorable mention for chapters who received more than 20 points towards the alumnae chapter excellence awards.

FALL 2009

Individual Awards 2008–09

The Outstanding New Member Award was established to honor and recognize a new member who has been an exceptional contributor to her chapter in her first year of membership. The recipient of the annual award has demonstrated an excellent spirit and attitude the first year of membership, including willingness to accept responsibility, the ability to work well with other chapter members and a potential for taking leadership roles in the chapter and in the national organization once she graduates. Ashlie Mixon, EA, this year’s recipient of the Outstanding New Ashlie Mixon, winner of Outstanding New Member Award Member Award, exemplifies these qualifications. During her first year of membership in the Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Southern Arkansas University, Ashlie demonstrated the level of spirit, responsibility, leadership initiative and dedication every member should demonstrate. Her enthusiasm toward the purpose, vision and values of our sisterhood were demonstrated by her consistent attendance at events, willingness to accept responsibility with chapter operations and overall positive attitude toward all chapter endeavors. In her first year of membership, Ashlie took on the roles of ritual chairman in fall 2008 and vice president of membership education in spring 2009. Outside the sorority, Ashlie is active with College Republicans, campus judicial board and the Sigma Tau Delta national English honors society. She enjoys volunteering for Angel Tree, the Columbia County Animal Protection Services and her church as a Sunday school and vacation bible leader. “The Epsilon Alpha Chapter continues to watch Ashlie as she grows throughout every aspect of her life, not only as a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha, but also as a daughter, friend, student and leader,” says her chapter.

FALL 2009

aspire. seek. attain.

Outstanding New Member Award



Individual Awards 2008–09 Frost Fidelity Award

Tiffany Shaffer, winner of Frost Fidelity Award

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Frost Fidelity Award is based on the more intangible sorority values and ideals. “Fidelity” implies devotion and unswerving loyalty and allegiance. This award goes to a woman with commitment and exemplary service, who demonstrates her regard for others by her actions, who tackles problems large or small and who lends her abilities to all projects. This collegiate award was established by Mrs. Emma Coleman Frost of Pi Pi Chapter and her husband, Donald. We present this annual award to the collegiate member who has truly gone beyond the call of duty while offering unconditional support and friendship. This year the Frost Fidelity Award goes to Tiffany Shaffer. Tiffany, a member of Zeta Gamma Chapter, Gannon University, has held numerous offices and committee positions within her chapter, but more importantly is described as a member who truly defines our four aims. She has served her chapter as secretary, standards board member and public relations chairman. On campus, she is involved in the Gannon dance team, Alpha Tau Delta nursing fraternity and the Gannon Honors Program. Tiffany’s past honors include membership in Sigma Theta Tau nursing honors society and participant in the professional nursing assistant program. She graduated magna cum laude from Gannon University in May 2009. “Tiffany has a great attitude all the time. Her bubbly personality brightens the spirits of everyone she meets,” says her chapter.

Elizabeth Bird Small Award The Elizabeth Bird Small Award is given annually in memory of Ms. Elizabeth Bird Small, Pi Pi member and former chapter advisor. It is regarded as the highest honor that our sorority can bestow upon an undergraduate member. For this award Alpha Sigma Alpha recognizes outstanding academic excellence, leadership talents within the chapter and substantial commitments and accomplishments within campus and community environments.

Brittany Burns, winner of Elizabeth Bird Small Award



FALL 2009

Brittany Burns, a member of Delta Sigma Chapter, Saginaw Valley State University, is this year’s recipient of the Elizabeth Bird Small Award. Brittany has maintained a 3.9 GPA throughout her college career. In her chapter she has served as the editor/historian, scholarship chairman and sisterhood chairman. While she has served in a variety of leadership roles within her chapter, her willingness to volunteer for other Greek and non-Greek activities is staggering. On campus, Brittany has participated in the biology club, Ecumenical Campus Ministries, Saginaw Valley State University concert band, allocations chair of the student government association, Roberts Fellows, green cardinal and a wide variety of alternative break trips. Brittany has been the recipient of many scholarships and her past honors have included the Saginaw Valley State University Presidential Scholarship, president’s list, dean’s list, Don C. Law Memorial Scholarship, Gene and Karen Yang Endowed Biology Scholarship and the Wilma Wilson Sharp Scholarship from the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. She has been involved in several philanthropic events on her campus and in the community as well. Brittany has been involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Bay County, East Side Soup Kitchen and BUILD Incorporated. “Tiffany has been a great leader and role model for our chapter. Her dedication to her academics and her involvement in the chapter and on campus is inspirational,” says her chapter.

Advisor of the Year Award The Advisor of the Year Award was established in 2004 as a way to recognize the unswerving loyalty and dedication of Alpha Sigma Alpha’s collegiate chapter advisors. Advisors are recognized by this award for their outstanding service, serving as a role model, living according to our Ritual and perpetuating Alpha Sigma Alpha’s core values. Chapters and volunteers may nominate any advisor of a chapter. This year’s recipient is Kristin Huben,

. The chapter she advises, Beta Rho, Northern Illinois University, nominated her for this award. The chapter had this to say about Kristin: “Kristin has been an amazing mentor and advisor for the chapter. She has helped us see our potential and encouraged us to live our core values. We truly appreciate all the time, energy and love that she shares with us.” Kristin is an alumna of the Psi Psi Chapter at Northwestern State University, LA. After graduating in 2004 from Northwestern State, Kristin moved to the Chicago area to work for Mary O’Connor and Co. After moving, Kristin offered her assistance to the Beta Rho Chapter. Starting first as the financial advisor, Kristin also took on responsibilities with the Beta Rho Housing Corporation and will soon be transitioning into the chapter advisor role at Beta Rho. She will also continue her role as the District 8 meeting coordinator. Kristin is a member of the Chicago West Alumnae Chapter, serving as the chapter webmaster.

FALL 2009

Kristen Huben,

, accepts the Advisor of the Year Award from Cindy Kelley, national president at District 8 District Day.



Five women traveling for Alpha Sigma Alpha

B Y C H R I S T Y A D A M S ,  Member Development Coordinator

The 2009–10 leadership consultants are traveling across the U.S. from August to April providing leadership training and educational programming to Alpha Sigma Alpha collegiate women by fulfilling the vision of the leadership consultant program—Connect. Inspire. Grow.

Developing women of poise and purpose, empowering sisters to make a difference

The five women chosen as the 2009–10 leadership consultants will connect our collegiate women to national resources and opportunities. They will inspire women to live our ritual through chapter, campus and community involvement. They will grow our sisterhood by working with our colonies, guiding them to be successful chapters. Before hitting the road, these women received a month-long intensive training that covered everything from Alpha Sigma Alpha’s recruitment philosophy to how to mentor a member. The leadership consultant job is challenging and requires a person to be adaptable, have the ability to confront difficult situations, have emotional control, take initiative, be organized and be a good listener. Leadership consultants require the ability to communicate and enforce policies while at the same time motivating the chapter. If you are interested in working for Alpha Sigma Alpha as a leadership consultant, please contact Christy Adams at Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters, 9002 Vincennes Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268. You can also reach her by phone at (317) 871-2920 or by e-mail

Bradley Norwood Bradley Norwood, , graduated from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA, with a bachelor of arts in social work. She held the positions of chapter president and treasurer. On campus she was a member of the social work association and was voted Panhellenic Woman of the Month in October 2008. She was involved in her community, serving as a tutor and classroom volunteer for the Newport News Public School System, as well as interning in a variety of foster care units.



Laura Smith Laura Smith, , graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN, with a bachelor of arts in French. Laura served the Zeta Omega Chapter as treasurer for two years, vice president of public relations and recruitment and nominating committee chairman. She was involved on campus as a student government senator and student organization council delegate. She began her travels for Alpha Sigma Alpha in January 2009 and is excited to continue for another year.

FALL 2009

Leadership consultants from left to right, Laura Smith, , Bradley Norwood, , Katie Weitkunat, , Jaime Vilsack, , and Lisa Stephenson, .

Lisa Stephenson

Jaime Vilsack

Katie Weitkunat

Lisa Stephenson, , graduated from Emporia State University in Emporia, KS, with a bachelor of science in biology. Lisa held the positions of social chairman and vice president of membership education. She served her campus Panhellenic association as activities chairman, a recruitment counselor and vice president. On campus she was involved s a founding member and president of Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA).

Jaime Vilsack, , graduated from Edinboro University in Edinboro, PA, with a bachelor of arts in speech communications. Jaime served her chapter as public relations chairman, vice president of alumnae and heritage and chapter president. On campus, she was a congressional representative for the student government association and a member of the Order of Omega.

Katie Weitkunat,

, graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, with a bachelor of arts in sociology. Katie held the positions of Panhellenic delegate and chapter president. She served her campus Panhellenic association as vice president of communications. On campus, she was a member of the Student Activity Fee Board, a team leader for the fraternity/ sorority spring break service trip and a DePaul Ambassador. She was recognized by the DePaul fraternity and sorority community as Outstanding Chapter President in 2008.

FALL 2009



Alpha Sigma Alpha unveils new online reporting program for collegiate chapters

Calendar view within Officer Portal. In this calendar, officers see due dates for reports that they are responsible for submitting.



BY KRYSTAL GEYER S L I V I N S K I ,  Executive Director Alpha Sigma Alpha is making it easier than ever for our collegiate chapters to submit reports to national headquarters. This fall, the sorority unveiled the  Officer Portal — Your Alpha Sig Desktop, an online report submission program that links directly to the national headquarters’ database. Collegiate chapter officers are now able to report their new members, report initiation, make officer changes and submit all chapter reports online. This feature also allows volunteers who work with chapters the ability to view the reports that chapters have submitted. In the past, chapters would print hard copies of the reports, fill them out and either e-mail or mail them to national headquarters. National headquarters staff would then scan the reports and e-mail them to the appropriate volunteers. A hard copy of the report would be stored at national headquarters. With this online module, hardcopies will not be mailed, reducing the paperwork chapters need to fill out, reducing the paperwork stored at headquarters and allowing our volunteers immediate access to all chapter reports. The Officer Portal also houses a document library for important documents such as the national bylaws, the national policies and procedures, ceremonies and online versions of chapter handbooks. The Officer Portal is a private, members-only site to which all collegiate chapter officers and all volunteers have access. Not only has this new program allowed Alpha Sigma Alpha to streamline reporting, making it less cumbersome for our collegiate chapters, it has also assisted the sorority in our going green initiative and decreased the amount of data entry that is completed at national headquarters.

FALL 2009

FALL 2009



Alpha Sigma Alpha welcomes newest chapter—Theta Iota B Y A M Y H A M B R I C K ,  Leadership Consultant The Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) in Klamath Falls was buzzing with excitement during the week of May 17, 2009. The group, previously recognized as Alpha Lambda Nu, was preparing to officially be recognized as the newest chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. The colony was named Oregon Tech’s “Club of the Year� only the week before, and during this week, the colony women prepared for the biggest honor of all, being installed as Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Theta Iota Chapter. The Sanctuary Degree Service and Installation Ceremony were held on Saturday, May 23, 2009 on Oregon Tech’s campus. The installation team consisted of National Vice President of Operations Nora Ten Broeck, , District 8 Facilitator Carol Jensen, , Membership Growth Coordinator Amber Shaverdi Huston, , Extension Project Coordinator Lori White Scott,  and Leadership Consultant Amy Hambrick, .



“Words cannot express how proud I am of the ladies of the Theta Iota Chapter. Their dedication, perseverance and commitment to Alpha Sigma Alpha and each other have been evident throughout the entire installation process, and I have no doubt that this chapter will have a great impact on our sorority. The ladies are truly women of poise and purpose, and I am honored to have worked with each one of them.� — Amy Hambrick, , Leadership Consultant The Theta Iota Chapter received numerous gifts from Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae and collegiate members. The gifts include: ■Alpha Sigma Alpha Installation Scrapbook and Ritual Bible from the Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter ■ Framed Creed from Delta Sigma Chapter, Saginaw Valley State University ■ Robert’s Rules of Order from the Kansas City Alumnae Chapter ■ Stationary from the Windy City, IL Alumnae Chapter ■ Punch bowl and glasses from national council ■ Silver Platter from national council

Initiates of Theta Iota Chapter Kelly Ashcom Rebecca Bodeving Kaitlin Endres Jenny Hall Jenny Hawkes Jessica Huckins Erica McCay Danielle Noble Mariah Seaton Tessa Simpson Kelsie Smale Marisa Tegarden Phi Tran Brittany Winder

New Members of Theta Iota Chapter Anna Masterson Caitlin Remington Elise Ross Ana Torres Dayna Young FALL 2009

What’s your why? Collegiate and alumnae members shared with us why they joined Alpha Sigma Alpha.

I love the diversity in our chapter because you know you will have someone there for you in any different situation. It’s nice to know you have

Initially I joined  because of the women in the Zeta Zeta Chapter. They were down to earth, genuine and respected women on campus. But what I found after bid day was truly amazing. I was part of something big. It’s like fate led me to this organization. Accepting my bid into Alpha Sigma Alpha was the best decision of my life and, I am grateful for all the doors it has opened for me. I am a more confident person and I believe that I can make a difference in the world. I trust that being a woman of poise and purpose will lead me to even more happiness and success. I devote my life to Alpha Sigma Alpha because I owe my life to it. Alyson Campbell Zeta Zeta, University of Central Missouri Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter Initiation year: 2003 Volunteer and Alumnae Coordinator

I wanted the opportunity to help my community and myself while making forever friendships. Alpha Sigma Alpha girls have such diversity to them and I wanted them to instill those characteristics in me. Now that I have been an  for two years, I can say I have gained those characteristics with hopes to pass them onto younger  sisters. The best decision I made in college was to become a lifelong sister of

Alpha Sigma Alpha. Crimson and pearl white will always be at the center of my heart. Brianna Akins Epsilon, Upsilon, California University of Pennsylvania Initiation year: 2007 Zeta Eta Chapter at Rockhurst University in Missouri is an extremely unique Greek organization. There is no “poster child” in  and each member offers something special. Leaders on campus are often leaders in  and that is visible to potential new members on campus. I joined  because of the apparent sisterhood and ability to demonstrate my leadership and service, as well as making lifelong friends in . Melissa Hager Zeta Eta, Rockhurst University Initiation Year: 2008

family at all times.

Megan DeLuccia Theta Gamma, Christopher Newport University, VA Initiation year: 2006

In the beginning, I joined  because of Joanne Kehris Lambert. She was already a member and a hall councilor. She asked me to come to recruitment. As an only child and natural “joiner,” I found young women much like me. It gave me a feeling of belonging and a way to use the skills I had and develop new ones. One of my sisters was a roommate. We student taught together and retired together. Without our sorority, we would not have been friends for 42 years! Thanks to Joanne Kehris Lambert, she gave me the opportunity to have something very special in my life. Christine Strapac Thomas Alpha Gamma, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Washington, DC, Alumnae Chapter Initiation year: 1967 National vice president of communications

What’s Your Why? We want to

hear from you. E-mail your “Why” to Please title the subject line “What’s Your Why submission” and include a picture of yourself to use in the magazine (picture must be at least 500kb), your name, collegiate chapter and alumnae chapter (if applicable), initiation year and volunteer position (if applicable).

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Collegiate chapter takes on domestic violence B Y D I N A L I B E R A T O R E ,  Phoenix Contributor

Despite heavy academic course loads, jobs and extracurricular activities this year, the sisters of Zeta Nu Chapter at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, found time to begin a new endeavor that has changed the lives of women dealing with domestic violence. Molly Russo, Kristina Crescente, Caitlin Adolph and Liz Fesa at the book signing and publishing party.

Free to Be — Stories of Hope and Survival is available at for $15.99 not including tax and shipping charges. All proceeds benefit Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley. 20


In collaboration with Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley, a non-profit domestic abuse resource center and shelter, Zeta Nu Chapter at Moravian College published a book of short stories and poems called Free to Be — Stories of Hope and Survival. These testimonials, written by victims of domestic violence and those that have been affected by domestic abuse, were compiled as a way to not only help the writers begin their own healing processes, but also to educate women who may be in similar situations and raise awareness for both students and the community. The project, initiated by Marcia Felkay, a counselor at Turning Point, began in October 2008. Marcia said that she sometimes uses writing seminars as a way to help women validate their experiences with and ideas about domestic violence. She began inviting women to bi-weekly workshops facilitated by Naomi Gal, professor of literature and languages at Moravian College, to help them compose stories of their experiences with abuse and how they became empowered to leave their abusers. As the number of stories increased, Marcia solicited the help of Zeta Nu Chapter members to add their own stories and poems and eventually edit

and publish the compilation as a book. Elizabeth Felka, , contributed two poems to voice her own feelings that she experienced after reading victims’ works. She added, “Writing for the book gave me an outlet for raising awareness on domestic violence . . . [and] I am confident that I will now serve as an activist for women's rights.” Kristina Crescente, , past chapter president, also shared her story. “I had personally witnessed abuse and know how detrimental it is for all who are involved. It’s important for people to see how it affects the woman, the children, the family and even society at large.” Through Zeta Nu’s leadership in the Moravian College production of the Vagina Monologues, the chapter raised over $1,100 for Turning Point and donated another $300 from chapter funds to publish the book. Members then began the editing and publishing process, from changing author names and content to ensure confidentiality and safety to layout and design of the actual book. Upon completion, Free to Be included over 50 stories and poems by 47 student and community contributors. The entire process was completed in a little over six months and the chapter FALL 2009

Did you know? ■

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.

85% of domestic violence victims are women.

Historically, females have been most often victimized by someone they knew.

Females who are 20–24 years of age are at the greatest risk of nonfatal intimate partner violence.

Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police.

Source: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence —

held a publishing party and book signing at the Moravian Book Shop, a local independent book store, in April 2009. Since then, over 150 books have been sold, with all profits being donated to Turning Point. In addition to learning about the logistics of editing, publishing and marketing a book, the sisters of Zeta Nu Chapter learned how prominent domestic violence is and became activists for the cause. Kristina Crescente explains that “while we’re a sorority of sisters, we’re also a group of women . . . [Domestic violence] does not discriminate by color, class, or occupation” and the chapter felt that domestic violence is an issue that everyone should know about. “It’s a community issue, [but also] a college issue, so it’s important to educate students,” added Caitlin Adolph, , chapter secretary. The contributions of Zeta Nu Chapter have not ended since publishing Free to Be. Through a service learning grant from the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, literature professor Naomi Gal will be teaching a course based on the book called Free to Be — Coping with Domestic Violence in fall 2009. Members of Zeta Nu Chapter will be taking the class FALL 2009

and Kristina Crestente has been invited to present throughout the semester. “Even if only one woman reevaluates her relationship, this book served its purpose,” stated Crescente.

If you or someone you love may be abused, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.

Signs of an abusive relationship

Facts about Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Has your partner ever thrown things at you or hit you? Did your partner ever make you have sex when you didn't want to? Do you find yourself making excuses for injuries caused by your partner? Does your partner accuse you of sleeping around when you are not? Does your partner control your money, where you go, what you do? Has your partner ever threatened to take the children? Does your partner keep you from seeing friends and family? Has your partner's behavior become more violent; has this violent behavior happened more often? Are you always watching what you say or do, afraid you'll do something “wrong”? Does your partner's behavior make you so tired, afraid and/or depressed that you wonder if you're going “crazy”?

From July 2006 to June 2007, Turning Point ■ helped 4,093 adult and child victims of domestic violence, ■ provided 14,055 hours of counseling service to adults and children, ■ answered 4,865 calls to their helpline (an average of over 13 per day), ■ provided 7,818 nights of shelter to 209 adults and 251 children, ■ assisted approximately 3,000 individuals who sought protection through the justice system ■ and connected with almost 10,000 people through community education presentations. Source: Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley —



Beta Nu alumna releases cookbook with favorite recipes from Kentucky celebrities B Y L O U I S E M O R A L E S ,  Phoenix Editor In the spirit of Kentucky neighborliness, you are invited to take a light-hearted peek into the personal recipe files of celebrities from the state of Kentucky as well as those who have strong ties to the Bluegrass State. “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities” is a cookbook that has more than 300 recipes from local and national personalities, highly visible Kentucky businesses, artists, writers, athletes, sportsmen, actors, musicians, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, notable events and places. In addition, there are brief notes with each recipe on the contributor. Alpha Sigma Alpha alumna and Kentucky native Pamela Whinnery, , who put the cookbook together, said she did not think of herself as an author. She felt the real authors were all of the wonderful individuals who took time from

Reflections of a collegian on sisterhood



B Y K E L L Y O K A P A L , - Phoenix Contributor Sisterhood is a word that means many different things to different people. We have all had at least one main reason for accepting our bid when we did, and making that commitment brought forth so many other benefits and aspects. For some, that meant always having a busy social calendar. Others found a group that they could lean on in hard times and carry each other through life. Some wanted to grow as individuals, first being mentored and then passing their knowledge on to others. Others embraced our spiritual aspect and learned to develop their relationships with both God and their sisters. And still others sought physical development through interactions, sports and competition.

their busy schedules to graciously share their favorite recipes. She believes they were willing to do this as they knew the cookbook and each recipe is to be a gift to be shared as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations all across Kentucky. Pamela’s goal is to use the cookbook as a fundraiser for non-profit and charitable organizations. She said, “Fifty percent of any copy that is sold will be given to charities or non-profit organizations that wish to use it as a fundraiser. The other 50 percent is to cover cost. I feel God has blessed me and this is a way I can give back to the community.” Pamela started this project almost six years ago and has been working on it in her free time. “It has been fun and exciting,” said Pamela. “There have been so many interesting people and e-mails.” Paducah native, actress Jeri Lynn Ryan and her husband French chef Christophe Eme sent an incredible recipe for lamb.

With or without realizing it, we found comfort in one aim, and with it were able to develop in all areas through membership. Personally I came for the leadership, the academics and to become involved in something larger than myself. What I found was a sisterhood. A connection bonded through ritual, and like an invisible string always there if you need support or guidance. It’s a unique feeling, something hard to obtain in any other way, and yet will last through the passage of time. As someone who knows and is friends with many people, but was never a best friend, I found a house of them through membership. My sisters and I have more in common than we ever expected, and we will be there for one another past graduation.

FALL 2009

Jeri is best known for her role as the ex-Borg Seven of Nine in “Star Trek: Voyager” and Christophe appeared in the “Iron Chef America” series in 2006. Academy Award Winner Bub Asman of Louisville brought a smile to Pamela’s face with the statement that Bub had included, “I knew that Oscar would finally pay off.” In addition to being a charitable fundraiser, Pamela believes the cookbook is also a great way to publicize and promote Kentucky tourism, business, industry, historic sites and most of all the wonderful people who were born, lived or have ties to Kentucky. If you would like to use the cookbook as a fundraiser contact Pamela Whinnery, 5754 Lovelaceville Rd. Paducah, KY, 42001. You can also e-mail her at or she can be reached at (270) 554-5332. If you are interested in purchasing an individual copy, they are $19.95 each with $2.95 for shipping. If you want three or more copies, the shipping would be $2 each or $1.50 each for orders of 10 or more.

We are almost like a small corporation, with the different positions and responsibilities to make us a thriving chapter. We have the busy work that has to get done, eureka moments of inspiration and a lot of fun times. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so long and hard that my jaw hurt for a whole day later - except with the chapter. My commitment to my chapter and to  has let me learn to put down my guard, pushed me to try harder, taught me a lot about relationships and communication, given me a permanent connection to other members and is an oasis of refuge and support when times get tough. I lean on my sisters, they lean on me; and I do not regret taking that first step of faith by accepting my bid to become a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

FALL 2009

Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Ca ke Ingredients: 1 Yellow cake mix 1 Can Bordens co ndensed milk 1 Small squeeze bottle of Smucke rs or Hersheys ca sauce. ramel 1 16 oz. Cool Whip 2 Large Butterfin ger bars. Crushed. Instructions: Baked cake acco rding to packag e directions in 9" pan. When coole X 13" d, poke numerous ho les in cake with Combine milk and straw. sauce until smoo th and pour over cake. Ice cake cooled with Cool Whip. Sp rinkle crushed Butterfingers over top just before serving. Keep refr igerated.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Flatwood, and his daughter Miley star in the television show “Hannah Montana.” Billy Ray is also the host of “Nashville Star.” This is his family’s favorite recipe. The Cyrus family has had a phenomenal career in film, television and the music world.

Pamela Whinnery, , and her cookbook.

Delta Nu-B collegians during recruitment.



F oundation news

Foundation scholarship, award and grant recipients 2009–10 The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation believes that learning should last a lifetime and our commitment to that belief is carried out through both graduate and undergraduate scholarships. It is the board of trustees’ intent that the scholarships reward merit, as demonstrated by: 1) academic excellence and 2) leadership, volunteerism, meaningful participation in Alpha Sigma Alpha and/or other activities. Congratulations to the following recipients:

The Foundation sells Valentine’s Day cards to support unrestricted funds

Hilda Anna Giraud Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Brittany Burns, 

S. June Smith Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Katherine Hartman, 

This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. The Foundation invites you to purchase a valentine for $25 to honor someone special in your life — a sister, spouse/partner, an  chapter, etc. A Valentine’s Day card will be sent to the person(s) you wish to honor. The $25 gift will be applied to unrestricted funds which will be used in supporting programs which directly benefit  members. To purchase a card, please contact the Foundation office at (317) 713-1924 or Credit cards (MC/Visa only) and checks (made payable to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation) are accepted as payment. Thank you for your support!

Amy M. Swisher Scholarship Kelly Christensen, -

Past Presidents Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Ashley Baldwin, 

Dr. Rosalie Messina Simari Scholarship Keegan David,  Marjorie Anderson Thomson Scholarship EboneÊ Dismukes (non-member) Beta Sigma Treasurer Scholarship Rebecca Vanderweel,  Patti Balwanz Scholarship Brittney Thompson,  Beta Zeta Scholarship Nicole Thiher,  The Special Education Scholarship Graduate Lauren Spittler,  Alpha Beta Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Melissa Sechler,

Beta Sigma President Scholarship Jennifer Winters,  Suzanne L. Hebert Endowed Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Jamie Jones,  Wilma Wilson Sharp Scholarship Rae Kinkaed,  The National Philanthropic Scholarship Chelsea Cooling,  The Special Education Scholarship Undergraduate Kayla Henderson,  Lois V. Beers Scholarship Jessica Bridgmon,  Mary Turner Gallagher Scholarship Natalie Bergstrom, 

Zeta Eta Scholarship Taylor Saalfeld, 

Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation’s Mission To invest in the potential of women by promoting service, leadership and lifelong learning through charitable giving.



The National Philanthropic Scholarship Felicia Mitrovich,  Gerry Cox Leadership Scholarship Laurie Jablonski,

For more information about the 2010–11 scholarship application process and deadlines visit

FALL 2009

The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation announces its 2009–10 Board of Trustees Jessica Bridwell McKenna, Chairman , Colorado State University – Pueblo Brittany Burns, 

Kelly Christensen,


Keegan David, 

EboneĂŠ Dismukes Johanna Haag Gardner, Vice Chairman , Central Missouri State University Lori White Scott, Secretary , Emporia State University

Rebecca Vanderweel, 

Brittney Thompson, 

Nicole Thiher, 

Lauren Spittler, 

Angela Dantzler Bauldree, Treasurer , University of Southwestern Louisiana Susanne Withsosky Alfonso , Drexel University Marianne Busch Bullock  , Central Michigan University

Melissa Sechler,

Taylor Saalfeld, 

Felicia Mitrovich, 

Laurie Jablonski,

Beth Zubinski Heidel , Eastern Illinois University Bonita Marince Maurer  , Indiana University of Pennsylvania Anita L. Reichling

-B, Kettering University

Katherine Hartman, 

Jamie Jones, 

Jessica Bridgmon, 

Cindy Kelley Ex-officio Trustee , Concord University Kim Benson Ex-officio Trustee

-B, Kettering University

FALL 2009



D istrict news






Sisterhood 26


9 FALL 2009

D istrict news



Friendship Enjoyment 8

10 FALL 2009

1. Attending the Maryland’s Annual Centenarians luncheon are Edith Simpson, , Christine Thomas,  , Rowena Cremeans, , and Carol Simpson,  to celebrate Edith’s 104th birthday. 2. Alumnae members of the Alpha Alpha Chapter reunited over Miami University’s homecoming festivities in Oxford, OH. 3. While on vacation in Chicago, Marianne Busch Bullock,  , found the time to hang out in downtown Chicago. Pictured from left to right, Nora Ten Brock, , Marianne, Masha Mitsengendler,  , Kim Bayma,

, and Kristen Huben,

. 4. Gamma Eta alumnae gathered for an alumnae tea during Penn State’s Blue-White football game weekend. Front row: Doreen Delphus Perks, Karen Miller Walker, Sharon Russell, Star Dean Dolier and Jennifer Biss Brucker. Back row: Julie Efthymiou Chimpan, Kerri Reich, Heather Jenkins Frable, Debi Weiner and Diane Slifer. 5. Tulsa Alumnae Chapter members Jill Whittenburg,  , Cassie Woods Sowers,  , Leslie Lazzaro Westemeir,  , Jena White Pulsifer, , Becky Hockett Hamby,  , and Carol Leslie Wright,  , at the installation banquet of the Theta Eta Chapter at Rogers State University, OK. 6. Members of Theta Delta Chapter from the University of Alaska Anchorage celebrated their five year anniversary in April while on retreat in Girdwood, AK. 7. Denise Feree, , and Susan Pietrosweicz Astheimer, , of the Central PA Alumnae Chapter at The Lady Bug Tea Room in East Berlin, PA. 8. The Delta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio celebrated 30 years on campus by bringing collegiate members and alumnae together for Sunday brunch. 9. Beta Epsilon Chapter celebrated the 50th reunion of the 1959 membership class in Harrisonburg, VA. 10. Members of the Tampa Bay Alumnae Chapter took a road trip to a fellow Alpha Sigs’ winemaking business in Lakeland, FL. Brenda Johnson, , owner of Vintner’s Cellar provided delicious samples of her homemade wines; and demonstrated how she and her husband produce wine.



N ews & events

Honoring the founder of Special Olympics

Zeta Zeta receives highest honor from university

Alpha Sigma Alpha mourns the recent passing of Special Olympics founder and honorary chairperson Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Shriver spent more than three decades supporting research to identify and prevent intellectual disabilities and improving the lives of individuals affected by intellectual disabilities. She established national committees and institutes to research health and human development and created “Camp Shriver:” a camp that encouraged interaction between those who were and were not intellectually disabled that developed into the Special Olympics. Shriver played an instrumental role in making the Special Olympics Alpha Sigma Alpha’s first national philanthropy in 1976, supporting the sorority’s desire to support persons with disabilities. For her dedication to those affected by intellectual disabilities, Shriver received many honors, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded by U.S. President Ronald Reagan-the nation’s highest civilian award. Alpha Sigma Alpha hopes all members will display Shriver’s courage and compassion by volunteering or making a gift in her honor to Special Olympics as we continue her dream of better opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. To make a gift in her honor, please contact the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation at For more information about Eunice Kennedy Shriver, please visit

Julie Lorkowski, from the Zeta Zeta Chapter at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, has recently received the Charno Award. The Charno Award is granted by the university to a senior man and a senior woman who is considered to be the outstanding students of the University’s graduating class. To receive the Charno Award, the individual must have qualified for a baccalaureate degree at the end of summer session 2008, fall semester 2008 or spring semester 2009, and meet the following criteria, leadership ability; superior performance in scholastic work; participation in the leadership of social and service organizations; extracurricular activities; outstanding work in academic divisions and/or departments; personality; and character above reproach. Julie was initiated into Alpha Sigma Alpha in 2007 and has been an involved member since that time. Julie said, “It is truly an honor to have been chosen for the Charno Award and I will carry the spirit of this award for the rest of my life. I give thanks to God, my family and my Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters who have helped me throughout my collegiate career. I could not have accomplished this achievement without their support. ”



Buffalo alumnae offer a ladybug treat Members of the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter were in for a real treat following their April board meeting at the home of hostess Susan Shattuck Conklin, . Ladybug appetizers were served to the pleasant surprise of all. Ladybug appetizers recipe Use a flavored cheese spread on each cracker (garlic, parmesan), then cut a cherry tomato into quarters. Place 2 quarters on the cracker with 1/2 of a large black olive, cut horizontally into two. Save the other half for another cracker. Cut chives into “1/2” pieces and place 2 into the hole of the olive. Cream together 2 oz. cream cheese and some mayo. Use black-colored frosting paste to color it. Pipe small dots onto the cherry tomato quarters. Makes about 32. Surrounding Susan, left to right are Daniele Goodlander Priest, , Beth Lawrence Lucia, , Marcia Kinbar Goldstein,

, Joan Grannis, , Patricia Sansone Boreanaz, , Susan Shattuck Cunklin, , Debbie Kron Wingate, , Joan Rindfleisch Runckel, , Susan Shellenbarger Dybas, and Mary Beth Wright Orsolits, .

FALL 2009

We are pleased to announce that Alpha Sigma Alpha has started new colonies at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA, and Frostburg State University in Frostburg, MD.  will also colonize this winter at Lake Erie College in Painesville, OH. Alpha Sigma Alpha gave an extension presentation at Valdosta State University, GA on Oct. 2. Extension proposals have been submitted to McKendree College, IL; Creighton University, NE (home of our closed Gamma Alpha Chapter); Arkansas State University and University of Denver. Our current colonies at Texas A&M University - Kingsville and Clayton State University, GA, have target installation dates for fall 2009.

Statement of Ownership

Colony and extension updates

Delta Epsilon celebrates 40 years in 2010 The sisters of Delta Epsilon will be celebrating 40 years of sisterhood at Mansfield University during Alumni weekend, June 2010, . Alyssa Klementisz Guers, , and Christina Draper, , are looking for founding members of the chapter that could give them details on how the chapter started. If you have any details that you could share with the sisters, please e-mail them at You can also call Alyssa at (267) 644-5255 and Christina at (860) 306-3795. If you have any ideas or would like to help out at the celebration, please contact them at your earliest convenience.

National recruitment t-shirts Alpha Sigma Alpha is offering a national T-shirt for all chapters this year. The T-shirt was designed by GetSomeGreek, which is a company that many of our collegiate chapters work with for recruitment and chapter events. Alpha Sigma Alpha understands the significance and importance of sisterhood. We want our members to show off their sorority pride across the country. All collegiate chapters can order the national T-shirt by using the form on the Officer Portal. Alumnae chapters may order the T-shirt by contacting Member Growth Coordinator Amber Huston at national headquarters. T-shirts must be ordered in orders of 10 or more and mailed to one address. We look forward to seeing all of our members wearing the national T-shirt at District Days, the national convention and leadership conference, recruitment events and chapter activities! Contact Amber Huston for questions at

FALL 2009




Deceased Members

‘Go thou thy way and I go mine Apart yet not afar; Only a thin veil hangs between Thy pathways where we are.

I see sometimes to thy face But since this may not be I’ll leave you to the care of Him Who cares for thee and me.’


Iota Iota

Psi Psi

Beta Pi

Mary Sue Palmer Parvin

Dorothy Sorenson Mathis

Marian Clark Davis

Early Alpha Alpha

Kappa Kappa

Ruth Snedaker Kohl

Mary Grove Eleanor Walsh Jordan Rebecca Philson McClure Bertha Undercofler Pizza Alma Sheely Schantz

Billie Cheves Cappel Marguerite Sutton Matthews Nanette McDonald McFerrin Agnes Smith Russell Mary Caraway Warrick

Alpha Beta Isabelle Baker Race

Alpha Gamma Rhoda Hunter Wynn

Nu Nu

Beta Beta

Elizabeth Green Cerwinka Tina Garozzo

Carrie Diggs Fran Logsdon Greenly Judy Kring Hagan Marie Dolgan Mockford Louise Bennett Reed

Gamma Gamma Hildagarde Rank Wilson

Epsilon Epsilon Bessie Weaver Adam Adda Anderson Berta Archdekin Ferne Enochs Goodell Eddie Turner Miller Frances Tholen Priest

Zeta Zeta

Xi Xi

Beta Delta Florence Wooton Anglin JoAnn Waldrup Courtney

Beta Sigma Mary Walsh Welsh Jean Fuge Whitaker

Beta Epsilon

Pi Pi

Beverly Yates Conroy Betty Wilkins Lowe Nicola Beverage O’Connor

Beta Tau

Beta Zeta

Yvonne Kirkham Bennett

Jeanne Russ Eggleston Jane Gilliat Fry Harriet McMillan Gorlin Mary Kroening Henry Carol Small Karal Helen Schubert Morey Margaret Dopp Rosche Marjorie Frisbee Suggs Jane Moore Tolsma Rosemary Rathman Trautman Rosemary Murtha Waters Esther MacPherson Whitford

Rho Rho

Eta Eta

Sigma Sigma

Jo Huklenbruk Carroll Doris Thomas Casterman Ruth Payne Denison Jimmie May Fawcett Ruth Watson Johnson Kathryn Lamb Keirns Inae White Kreutzer Helen Lortz Jo Singleton Nelson June Lowe Welbaum

Ellen Trevarthen Dillon

Dorothy Warner Talmage

Lois Beers Elois Fry Woods

Marsha Bouley Hermann Penny Lord Hewitt Dawn Otto Kelch Valerie Martin Murdy Judith Richolson Patricia Zelinka Tighe Patricia Biers Truckenbrod

Geraldine Geocke Sandhoff

Diana Burr Ford Roxanne Duplantis

Theta Theta

Beta Gamma

Beta Rho

Josephine Peters Straight

Tau Tau Norma Arnhold Rempe

Phi Phi Elizabeth Planck Chick Mallerd Maune Frye

Chi Chi Junice Martin Dick Mildred Teaney Havens Barbara Etchison Pearce Helen Wehr Woerner Marilyn Martin Yeoman

Carol Reynolds

Beta Chi

Kathryn Owen Giraud Carrie Meiners Judice Cheryl Clostio Roberson

Beta Omega

Beta Eta

Gamma Beta

Marlys Swanson Paulsen

Rosemary Kreidler Hasseler

Beta Iota

Gamma Epsilon

Juanita Clement Martha Sharitz Hamil Alice Young Skinker

Agatha Krieg Bauer

Beta Kappa Mary Reilly Farr Penny Rouse Schachner Jane Power Simpson Margaret McMahon Ten Broeck

Beta Lambda

Marguerite Dallabrida

Gamma Theta Kathy McGeever Davis Judy Chofnas Miller Shirley Stickell Portnoy Mary Young Rosado

Gamma Mu Heidi Hillman Mueller

Linda Presley Aubrey Theresa May Davis

Gamma Omega

Gamma Clio

Delta Epsilon

Roberta Drake Rist Doris Wood Stokbridge

Carolyn Jaquish Bond Teresa Waltz

Beta Nu

Epsilon Upsilon

Margaret Tucker Yuill

Michele Geinzer

Rho Chi

Zeta Alpha

Geraldine Modzel Mrozowski

Holli Spencer Cathey

Beth Hawkins Porter

As reported to national headquarters. June 1, 2008–May 31, 2009



FALL 2009

From the  Archives

1976 READER’S GUIDE The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha, the official quarterly publication of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, has been published continuously since 1914. Its mission is to reflect the character of the organization and its members and to communicate the goals and direction of the sorority and Foundation.

Contact us Post us: The Phoenix, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 9002 Vincennes Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268 E-mail us: Call us: (317) 871-2920; for magazine questions, select ext. 20 Fax us: (317) 871-2924 Visit us:

FALL 2009

From left to right, Linda Bonine Rogers, Linda Mitchell, Cindy Rhoades Ryan, Debbie Sacco, Vicki Ciamaricone Baxter, Kathryn Wieber Youngdale, all Delta Iotas, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, show their 70s style at the 1976 Jubilee Convention celebrating the 75th anniversary of the sorority’s founding. How to receive the Phoenix All collegiate members and alumnae members receive the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Individual copies are mailed to each member’s permanent address and a few are sent to the chapter editor or the chapter house.

Parents and guardians Your daughter’s magazine is being sent to your address while she is in college. We hope you enjoy reading it too. If she is not in college, or is no longer living at home, please send us her new permanent address (see below).

How to change an address You can send address changes to the mailing address listed above or e-mail your old and new addresses to You may also call us at (317) 871-2920, ext. 110.

How to get published

How to send a letter to the editor

Collegiate chapters and alumnae chapters: Each editor is a correspondent for the Phoenix magazine. View deadlines and photo requirements listed below. Chapter updates and photos must be submitted via e-mail to If you have news about an individual alumna, please send information to or send information to the address above.

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“The Arista Alumnae Association is just another good way to help Alpha Sigma Alpha in its many endeavors. As a member, I have the opportunity to stay connected with other alumnae members and also help support programs and chapter growth. I feel it is important to give back as Alpha Sigma Alpha has been a very special part of my life.�

Shawnette Moll Markey,  Delta Sigma Membership Advisor President, Mid-Michigan Crown Alumnae Chapter

To learn more about the Arista Alumnae Association or to register for membership, visit or call (317) 871-2920.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2009  

Volume 95: Number 4

The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2009  

Volume 95: Number 4