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Spring 2007

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Women's health series

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The movie, We Are Marshall, has special meaning for .._ -\ members

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We Are Marshall screenwriter interview

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Alpha Sigma Alpha launches new online community I ·.tm .tbntll



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Sprilg 2007

Volume 93, Number 2

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EDITOR Former Editor/ Director of Communications Teresa Boyer Fishback, ilK tfishbock@olphosigmoolpho .org


STAFF Senior Contributing Editor



Foundation news

News to note

The new Foundation reporter tells us about endowed scholarships and how yo u or your chapter can start one through the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation .

Read the latest news fro m th e natio nal organi zati on.


Alumnae profile 101-year-old Alpha Sigma Alpha member Edith Miller Simpson tells us what life was like in the early 20th Century.


NPC News A report on the National Panhellenic Conference's interim session.

Nancy I.Z. Reese , BY

Alumnae Editor Nancy Inwood, EE

Collegiate Editor


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District news


Read reports from th e district leader hip, collegiate and alumnae chap te rs in Disu-icts 6-9.

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taying healthy in your JQ B\11 \Hl ·c, IIFR! \lfilw Uu Ou11 '"

donor nught 1 l om me rulu t,.l ·h nc .11 .tn e·.u he 1 .1g •

(,Ill •


Know your numbers

me urn hc: t , · ·n th .t • ·

I 'l .uul 10, Mlllltn lumlcl h.l\ .tl


for mo 1 " >llH 11 , 11 1 rc c nnunc mil II th.ll H >U h,t\ ' rt !\11,11 111.\lllllll •T ,\111 1'\ ' I t,ll !Ill ~ .11 ,t e 10 \ l ol\ n l 1he hr ·. ~ 1


Get a base&ne mammogram

.11111 •

three years until age 40, then yearly with your mammogram. • Pap test-Get one every year from age 20 to 30; at age 30 and beyond, get screened every one to three years depending on the type of test and pas t results. Talk to your doctor for your personal schedule. • Cholesterol check- Starting at age 20, get tested every fi ve years. Cholestero l is a waxy, fat-l ike substance found in your body and is needed fo r th e body to function normally. Your body makes eno ugh cholesterol for its needs. Wh en there is too much cholesterol in your body- because of diet and the rate at which the cholesterol is processed- it is deposited in arteties, including th ose of th e heart, wh ich can lead to narrowing of the arteries and heart disease. A li poprotein profile can be done to measu re several different kinds of cholesterol as well as tri glyce tides (another kind of fat found in th e blood ). Desirable or optimal levels are: total cholesterol, less than 200; Low Density Lipopro tein (LDL) cholesterol ("bad " cholesterol), less than 100; High Density Lipopro tein (HDL) cholesterol ("good" cholesterol), 40 o r higher; Triglycerides: Less than 150. Depending on your family h istory an d personal medical history, oth er tests may be needed , or you may need to start screen ing at a younge r age. Talk to your doctor to find out which screening tests ar e right for you.

I Update your immunizations Theresa Keck Turski, MPH, B0, spends her time urging women to be vaccinated. She is a health specialist in the Influenza Division at the CDC and has worked in th e immunization area as well. Many women believe that o nce th ey finish their childhood immuniza tion schedu le th at th ey are set fo r life. ot u·ue, Turski says. "There's a big scope of vaccinatio ns out there for adults," she explains. "Talk to your doctor. " Vaccine recommendations for adu lts are based on a variety of fac tors including age, overal l h ealth status and medical hi tory. To help you understand what vac-


On the web To learn more, visit these web sites: American Cancer Society: American Heart .Association: Body Mass Index: http://www.cdc.grru/ nccdphp/dnpa/frmi/index.htm Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.grru Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005:•guidRlines/ National Institutes of Health: nih.grru

cines you might need, yo u can complete the Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz online at th e web site fo r th e CD ' ati onal Immuniza ti on Program (www2.cdc.grru/nip/ adultb nmSched). Print yo ur resu lts and di cu s th em wi th your doctor o r healthcare profes io nal at your next visit. Immunizations wh ich might be needed by adult women include: Human papillomavirus (HPV); measles-mumps-rubella (MMR); and chickenpox (va.Ii cella) vaccine. Also, adults should receive th e tetanus booster eve!)' 10 years. T urski recommends wo men consider th e influenza vaccination each fall, especially if th ey are ar ound children. "That's a big one," sh e says. "Little kids are th e reservo ir for influenza."

Maintain oral health Regular vi its to th e dentist can have larger benefits thanju t shiny, wh ite teeth . Taking car e of your teeth can give a significant boost to your overall health , yet only 70 percen t of adul ts report visiting th e dentist in tl1e past year. Ch eck-ups can detect early signs of oral health problems and can lead to treatments tl1at wi ll prevent further damage and, in some cases, reverse the problem. In betwee n visits, there is much you can do to protect the h ealth of your teeth: • Drink flu oridated water and use a flu oride too thpaste. Fluoride's protection against too th decay works at all ages. • Take care of you r teeth an d gums. Thorough tooth brushing and fl ossing to reduce den tal plaque can prevent gingivi tis-the mildest form of gum disease.

Avoid tobacco. In addition to the general health ri ks po ed by tobacco, smokers have four ti me the risk of deve loping gum disease compared to non-smokers. Tobacco use in any fo rm--cigare tte, pipes and smokele tobacco-increases the ri k for gu m disease, oral and th roat cancers and oral fungal infection. • Limit alcohol. Heavy u e of alco hol is also a risk factor for oral and th roa t can cers. Wh en used alo ne, alco hol and tobacco are risk fac tor for oral cancers, but when used in combination the effects of alco hol an d tobacco are even grea ter. • Eat wisely. Adul ts should avoid snacks fu ll of sugars and starches. Limit tl1e number of snacks eaten th roughout the day. T he recommended five-a-day helping of fib er-rich frui ts and vegetables timulates salivary flow to aid re mineralizati on of too th surfaces with early stages of too tl1 decay. •

Continue good habits A number of topics highligh ted in th e fi r t part of th is wo men 's healtl1 seriesspotligh ting heal thy habits fo r women in their 20s- should continue as women age. Don 't forge t to: • Conduct mo nth ly breast self exams. • Take a multi-vitamin . • Wear un creen wi th an SPF factor of at least 15. An SPF of 30 to 45 i even better. • Don 't moke. • Maintai n a healthy weigh t. • Get regu lar exercise.

For more infonnation on these topics, see the Winter 2007 issue of the Phoenix.


o e ps ease the pain as Rho Rho Chapter al m ae rei- efateful dav ol1910 plane crash B) ll Rl- \ B n.R f l Ill \ Ck. ..H. hmn 1 I lltt/tJr tif .tmlmummllt/11 /ltiltor

I IIH.t t•r, P \J,u h.tW I .the Ill ,1 19i0 pl.tlll'l r, h th,ll tnol.. th · ltH· of me t of th · \ l,u h.tll l ni11·r it\ rootiHII t ',Ill\ .mel ''\ 'I .11 prum1· n ·nt m ·ml ·1 of tht• lommllnll\ I'.IUI.t, .1 Rhn Rho m ·rnlwr .mel an .tlurnn.t >I \l.u h.tll L ni\ •f'oit,, ''-L' p.~ 'rmr.llt' ,1bortt •t·tn• th · rnmll'. In ht'l 'll' ·n \f ,t h.11l " ·.1t hn t .mel 11 >I, P.1ul.1 ( .u rit·cl gr ·t•n .md "hilt' pompom .. 1 ,\l,t IMII .mel ,, 1 n p1nt l.um111 • ·w~ \RJ' \ I \It! I \LLlw \\,til.. ·d .1 10 ., th' p.u l..mK lm 1\llh h 'I hll.,f llld ,11\tf tf,lllgh I 'I , h ' l ht 'I •d • \\ t· .11 • \ l,u h.tll .. for .LillO h ·.u . I kr ~· •t \\ ·r e· pl.mtt·d nlr lh 111 P ·nn 1 1\,tlll.l but ht'l h ·.trt \\ ,1 no mrlt• ,\\\o\1 Ill lluntin ton,\\ .

umna r nUs fat fu.J da · \ f\ml.1 tool.. llH b.t 1.. to th · l.tll of IIJ7 I. I nulcln 't top thml..m • .tl >Ill h ·r


,jon lor ht·r .tlrn.l llh\1 ·r .mel fur her >wri" .' JOUrn ., .,t.ut •d m the !.til of 1970\,h·n lu ,,,c u,t\ lin I 1 \.Jph.1 I •Ill,\ \fph.t .~ ,\ fi •Jclr •prt 'l'llt;IUH' ( tod,l\ IH' .ttl th ·m le.ICI · I up 011 ult.lll~ ). P.llrl.t JIL.,t ra hr.llt' I !rom \l,u,h.ltl Ill\ ·r 111 II\ tlw pnn of 19 )t. h · h.tcl ma flo thl' ck ·i i m to" >rl.. for thl' ornrm I >1 .1 1 ·,u n tlw nr ht of tht •.- h nr1 •c h th.u' 1\hl'lc l " •nt hoot.- Bill thi' \\,1 1970 and th ·r ,,t•ren't tell phom·, ,mel ·mail, > P.wla w c,tll home · .11 night .mel t.tll.. t > lwr foil..: .thcllrl '' h.lltht•l l..nt'\\, "ht ·h lhl\n't 11111 h. It '"''n ' t untiltht: n · t moming 1\hl'n P.tula oulcl ·t pt· ifi d •t,til from th • PlulfllltiJIIunlnqwrrr. \\hi h .lll"ll'd th ' ton ol\ till;' \101 Ill th • • und,J\ 111011llll P·'l •t .

an imp lif


m I ' t'111t: tc:r ,1\ .1 Jll lll !> l .md old ,\l th • unw of tlw p l.uw bt'l'll hnt•d to l\IU I .11J fr .,hm.m fi HI Ill p l.11 'I . R ' '.!1 · )frH·t 1\,' Ulll' of the 'pi .IH'I :-,J,\1'\ liiiOI ·cl Rc •gic' life ,,,b ' P·u ·d I' tlw l.tnth.n lw ''• .1 IH· hm,m ,1nd clicl not tr.11 ·lw mu 1 1\,l\ 111

ht·r '


''~ ~0 H',l I ,L,h \( ,tn


he n · ·d •cl to do. I " ·n t tu ' mw of h" tt·.tdw t > •t him .wghtul R · • rit· .th"" ucl, 'I' 111 tlw bl.u 1.. J• · '.un,uh of tht· <>uth. hert IU do \\ h.ll I dn I)(' t th row tll.H It I! I ,riE' I ''·l' o ll> · · him on th · 11 '\\ · ·m lit... lw 1111 n ·cl lllll .dl ri •ht... I h • ll rill 1\,t h.11 Ill , ,1 d.llltl .11 (.unp 'J.u· ''lun I\· •ut th 11 ·" th,u tlw pJ.uu· 01\l' lnl\ II f h II lht llll al! It ,,,c .t old ni •ht .mel In !'I . I h


stude nts pro te ting th e Vie tn a m War were ki lled by Na ti o nal Guardsme n , and inte rest in Greek o rgani zatio ns was dro pp ing. In ovember 1970 a n airplane crash too k the lives of 75 peo ple , including me mbe rs of th e Thuncle1ing He rd football team, coaches, suppo rters and crew. SLUcle n ts pro tested th e wa r in Vie tn am and ri oted in th e su路eets of Huntingto n over drug ra ids [and racial issues] ." Paula believes the closing of th e Rh o Rh o Chapte r came abo ut because morale was clown fro m the above me ntio ned eve nts and "now people didn ' t feel like foc using o n rush because th ere we re 70 plus fun erals going o n aro und town."

"From ashes to glory"

The mo tto of Marshall Unive rsity, since this tragic accide nt in 1970, i "From Ash es to Glory." This has special meanin g to Paula since thi is much li ke the Alph a igma Al pha symbol th e phoenix. T he phoe ni x is a mythi cal bird th at di es in a fire and a1路ises fro m th e ashes o nly to become mo re bea utiful and stronge r. Warn e r Bro ther ', We A1路e Marshall stars Ma tthew McConaughey and Ma tth ew Fox. T he DVD release ela te is Sept. 18, 2007. crcen-write rj a mie Linde n took time o ut of his busy schedule to do a questi o n and , answer sessio n abo ut the movie. See page 8 and 9 fo r J a mie's inte rview.





should make a movie out of that story." So I really only heard about the other crashes (Wichita State, Evansville, San Luis Obispo) after I'd already started researching this one.

Q: Alpha Sigma Alpha had a chapter on the Marshall campus (Rho Rho) and the chapter closed in 1971. When I interviewed an alumna about the timing she said between the Kent State issues in 1969 and the 1970 plane crash that morale was just very low and there was a deep sadness on campus. Did you interview alumnae on campus? Can you talk a little about your research for this project? A: I interviewed coaches, football players, cheerleaders and townspeople-by the end of the shoot, I'd interviewed over 50 different people. I wrote the first draft for Warners doing research from home (internet articles, documentades, etc) and then revised the draft after they sent me to Huntington for three weeks to meet everybody and get their personal frame of reference. Q: How true did you stay to the real story? A: One of the things I'm most proud of is

that this is the first Warners movie in over 20 years to be released with the words "This Is A True Story" in front of it. ot "Based On A True Story." Not "Inspired By A True Story." But "This Is A True Story. " We took a few liberties, of course, and we created a few composite characters, but only because it was impossible to cram so many people and so many stories in to a two-hour movie. The cheerleader in the movie, for instance, who's played by Kate Mara, is based on three different women I interviewed and spent quite a lot of time with (all of whom were in a sormity, I believe). I couldn't imagine writing only PIIO拢Hil OF lLPIIA SIGMA ALPHA

one of the three women into the movie and cutting the other two out, so Iju t used elements of each of their tories to form a character that hopefully 1路epresents them all. At !.he end of the day I think this is definitely one of the mo t hi torically accurate ports movies that Hollywood has ever put out. The final game, especially, i almost completely factual , 1ight down to the end play, which is so perfect that people think we must have made it up. But we didn 't. Unfortunately, no footage remains of that game, so we weren't able to show actual footage over the closing credits to prove I'm not a hack Hollywood screenwriter. But there are still pictures, which make up the closing credits and are my favorite part of the movie.

Q: In many interviews that the cast did, they would say this isn't a movie about sports or football. In your words what is this movie really about? A: Yeah, actual football scenes take up less than l / 6th of the nmning time, so tell all the women reading this article that they only have to sit through about 20 minutes of boring football to get an hour and 45 minutes full of Matthew Fox brooding and crying, or Matthew McConaughey wearing bad 70s clothes and playing with his kids. But this movie is al l about dealing with adversity, plain and simple. Football just happens to be the playing field on which that theme is dealt with . The plane crash in 1970 didn'tjust wipe out Marshall's football team-it wiped out all their mo t important boosters and many of the pillars of their small commw1ity as well. Doctors, lawyers, city councilmen; husbands and wives and sons. Twenty-seven children lost both parents, instantly orphaned. The crash was that town's 9/ ll-75 people in a town of 75,000 is directly analoguous to 2,000 people in a city of 20 million-and just like in NYC, everybody who lived there was directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy; everybody knew SOMEBODY who was on tl1at plane. So in the same way that New Yorkers had to find a way to rebuild and to move on after the towers fell , the people of Hw1tington had to do the same after tllis plane crash. And they did it through football.

Q: Was it difficult to "sell" this concept/ script to studio execs? A: It wasn 't difficult at all. I think all of us involved with making this movie were reallyju t shocked that nobody had done it before. I had a deal at Warners, as did the producers, so they were the only place we pitched it. And we were greenlit two months after I turned in my draft, which is a blink of an eye in studio-time. So the entire process was relatively quick and pain free. Q: How did you get your big break? A: I graduated FSU back in 2001 and had

no idea what I wanted to do witl1 my life. My friend Dave had four tickets to The Price Is Right out in LA o he and I and two of our friends decided to take a postgraduation road trip to LA. By the time we got here (actually by the time we left Las Vegas) I was completely broke. In L.A. we went to tl1e taping of the show, somehow they called my nan1e to come on down, and I ended up winning a Tuscan Wine Server Cart and 5K. So I figured I might as well tay until I blew through Bob Barker's money. I got a couple entry-level jobs working for movie producers, where I read a whole bunch of screenplays, which was not something I knew very much about. After I got fired from a couple of those entry level jobs, I decided to try writing a screenplay with a friend of mine, Cory Helms. We got very lucky, and Warner Brothers bought the script and uddenly I was a working screenwriter.

Q: What other projects are you working on? A. I wrote an adaptation of a novel called

Dogs Of Babel for Mandate Pictures and David Heyman, who produces the Harry Potter fums. That one nlight be especially interesting to you if you're a dog lover, although I promi e you the script and movie, do not and will not, take the slightly macabre, grotesque tum that the book takes. 1 ext up is another true story for Warners about the gold medalist skier Bill Johnson, which I just finished re earching and will start writing next week, hopefully. SPRING 2007

PHYSICAL: Charily events oHer better health, inspiration and community

Walk and run for a good cause EHRJ

. \

, \Jumna

rd imrn ·d•Jt ·h bnn '

on. ht "·~ , •pt •mbt· r 21


IOJl.ltt· .1bolll1t.- In 7th .1nnuo.~l "-.ut•n F. Bo1' ·• .\kmmi.t.l 1\a/Jcjor tl" 111111prr rai ·d nH·t 7:,000 tn 'liPJ101 t •du Jtit>n, <1\\<ll'l'n • '· o.~nrl ·nit • lor .tmilit· imp.t lt·d bl th . It ·.~ •. 'i th

8 inspir d \l,un >I tlw h.u m 'H'Ilt mt·numwcl ht>H' and dnJt·n of nth~·• (liiPt .1111 lil · tht•m '' ·r • 111 pnl·cl b1 t 11ibll' ch


11 (11m t,UU l'




, .. •


pin ic .11, mt·nt,tl .tnclt•m >l1nn.1l p.un ; H'l. on· or ch · rnu t c nunnn 1 ht .11 ut h 1 ·nL'" nul • . I hm 1 ic ,,h,lt•


tin ha l-or .1 l.1r




Thinking of starting your own event?

An annual survey by bowed that the most common New Year's resolu tions of2006 were health and fitn ess goals, and the survey projected that the trend would continue in 2007. Why not combine the resolve to improve physical well being with the rewards of contributing to an important cause that inspi res and motivates you? Participate in memory of or in honor of a f•·iend or loved one. Combine efforts with Alpha Sigma Alpha collegians and alumnae to start a orority trad ition with both physical and philanthropic gains. J am ie Brando n carries on tl1e memory of her mother while giving hope to oth er women su·icken by ovarian cancer. Who \viii you honor? How wi ll ou inspire hope?


Con id r tl1e e tep : 1. Choose your cause. Why no t ra i e money for tl1e p cia! O lympics or tl1e S.June Smitl1 e nter? 2. Find a location. A park or even a city block makes a grea t impromptu route for walking or biking. 3. Seek permission from th e prop . Especially if you would like to block su·eets for afety or re-route traffic, peak wi tl1 communi ty official first. 4. Adverti e! pread the word tl1rough newspapers, lo al new station , tl1e internet and gro up affi liated \vitl1 your cause. 5. Print and distribute forms fo r th e ga tl1ering of donations. These can be made simply on a personal computer o r p•imed professionally as envelope . 6. Obtain refreshments for parti cipants uch as bottled water and oranges. Local businesses and organization might be willing to donate drinks and snacks. 7. Thank everyone invo lved and pass along tl1 e fruits of your labor to tl1e organization or grou p of your choice.

Notional Ovarian Cancer Coalition Relay for Ufe

www, www.cancer .org WolkAmerico Notional Multiple Sclerosis Society Susan G. Komen for the Cure



Do you have a SANE ~ emergency room?

Summer jobs for college students


gr .11 unum r j ,h.. umm r i .1 hu ~ um · fnr tuclenl.! · ·lm -11m · ·mplu\m ·an. hut m,u\\ tucl ·nc do not put a lot of thou ht irau th · l\ 1 · of p lrt-um • JOb th<.'\ houlcl · ·k. \\ h\ nm .tpph h>r .1 ummt·r antt·m ~NUUJl \\lth ,\pro pt· U\ • •mplm 'ft Tiu gJH ) m .1 gn·.u opportunit\ l<l hm' ofl \()ur lall • nd h,,, • .t c mpeuthe nl• · uptlll g .1du.uaon \It ·r \\ Jl!...lll an HJUI rt'l,\l •cl fi ·lei. IOU m.l\ tk ad · th.u it i n·.tlh nut tht• gr ·.u job HHI thou ht it" . It'' uld ,\11<" \oil tim · tot h.m ' •' ur m.y< r l:x· m<.· im · ling mm • llln( .llld mor • mont·\ in Jmt~ than • th.ll "111 not bt· ath \in . Fur llHJI • mfoa n.1uon ua Jib pt Ilion li'lt: H,l\

Hl 1 luunrlth.u

\ numbc:r c f 1


l.~t •

ll7t'lt'.lllllll lnJoll\,((1111



anlx· .t or pt>Len-

Vaccine could prevent most cervical cancers

\lnn}m•r H•llmrl. B I

Establish your network

Join Sister Circle today! BY ERIKA BUTTS, EK

Volunteer Support Seroices Coordinator and Affinity Circles Ever wonder what one of your chapter sisters i doing now? Where she's Living, what her job is like and if sh e still remembers the good times you shared in your ollegiate chapter when she hears a particular song on the radio? Have you been trying to catch up with a sister you met at district day you have lost touch with? Maybe you just graduated and are trying to use yo ur college or university connections to get your first job? Alpha Sigma Alpha has recently launched Sister Circle, a secure onli ne networking community to help you re-connect, stay connected and meet new Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters through the sisters you already know. Si te1· Circle is a free service provided by Alpha Sigma Alpha exclusively for Alpha Sigma Alpha collegians and alumnae. We are proud to be the third NPC sorority to offer this program to our members. Sharing pictures, thoughts,job opportunities and news with your fellow sisters has never been easier. Through Sister Circle you can tap into one of tl1e greate t resources available to you- your network of Alpha Sigma Alpha fl;ends and friends of friends.

How do you get started? 1) Visit https:/I alphasigmaalpha. affinity

ci1· and register. 2) Fill out your profile. 3) Search for and find, your friends and add them to your network. 4) Send messages, join groups and post in forums. Mo t people are fami liar with tl1e concept of si.x degree of separation. You

know Sarah , Sarah knows john, and John knows Kevin Bacon right? Well, now you can employ tl1e same concept 1vitl1in your own sister community. You know one of the women from your group of new members, and she know the vice president of a company you would like to do business "~tl1. Sister Circle actually shows you tl1ese con nections and lets you visualize your existing extended network. By building your network and inviting your friends to do the same, your reach throughout the community and tl1e A:i.,A sisterhood, grows exponentially. Is this just for finding business contacts? o, not at all. Sister Circle is whatever each individual member wants to make of it. You fill out your profile with whatever information yo u want to share, invite and accept invitations from only tl1ose people you know and tru t and join groups based on your location, interests, hobbies or school club . Anytl1ing from new motl1ers comparing notes, to mountain bikers recommending uo.ils, to a local chapter sha1;ng event photos and organizing their next gathering; it' up to you. You can even create your own groups based on your favOJ;te televi ion how, author or sports teams. Another benefit of Sister Circle is tl1at it directly meets the need of many areas of the Alpha Sigma Alpha uo.tegic Plan for 2006-09. It 1vill meet benchmarks for everything from member hip recruiunent, where alumnae can connect based on tl1eir geographical location , and collegiate chapters can share ideas for recruiunent practice , to volunteer development,

where volunteers and advisors can create tl1eir own groups and postings to hare ideas and resources. Overall Sister Circle wi ll cover ix goal areas of the uo.tegic plan . Plu you can connect anywhere, anytime you have an internet connectionat home or on the road, at noon or 2 a.m. Enjoy this great opportunity to network 1vith other Alpha Sigma Alphas in your area, aero me country or around the globe. Visit https:// alphasigmaalpha. affinil)'cil·cles. com/ and start gr01ving your Alpha Sig network today!

www. a I ph a 5 i gma a I ph a .a ffin ityci rcl e 5. com PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA



NEWS_ _ _



B' P \

L \ II


. .H,

f-tmmlnl11m lr/Ntrl 1

Rt·t mh th · Paur 1\•.ull "•' ntde>" ·d thrnu h tht• \Jph.t I 'llt.l \Jph.t f !lUil(IJlJUil P.llli

tlw It·<~ I ropt· nl t\\tJ 1 tt .md .1 h · ·f>-lwr

dtl\11'\ . Till' pr.l liCt' pw pn d 111m ·dit·,,d l'11111 lklht¥111:.. ll~ f 111 'r>t' .md 1\<1' tomm HI throughuut th · .Ult it nt 11orld \!thou •h fnrd ·, thr pr.rt u · h.1d .1 fXl ill\ · hrrrnron \ ' 'llll • I 11 I · "·L' p t · ·nt •d I•Hh •1lt In h ·tJIIt'lll , \,Jlllhdt•\ ·I ·cl hnn h ·r dm•n . fhr chmn oht·n hdJ I th · 1 lUll • 1\Urn.m .mel lll·r Ill'" hu,b.rrrd ,. 1.1hh h 1lwir llt'\1 hurm .rnd 1 ·.1111 tlwu '" tl in Iii ·• I h1 du"n o hdp tlw 1 •rn.m u 1.1i11 h · ·II .llld h ·r l.unih if lwr lllt,h..uvl h · I

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nwmhtr. the Bull.tlu, :'a. \lmnn.u ( l1.1pt r. ( ( tim· 1 ·.11 plt-<lg .tmp.u n to uppm I Ullrt Ill It'd hill I f< '' th · ounclo~unn. -'It mht· hip bt· in .11 -,on .1 ' ·.tr .mel .111 ht- !in .11 .un 111m. •

\lph.t lkt.l t ndtmnll ound 'I ' -'1 rnc11 ~o~l hnl.u lup • lla Jlhrl.ttllhr ,, hul.11 lup-

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c mmun111 .111d I · ,111 <.·n1n .r ch.tptt•r .ICIIl'>or In till' /t•t.J I t.t ( h.1p1 r. In _I ):\, .dt •r ,1 n ur.tgc:ou b<Jttlt-, ht· dtt· I .u hom · illllon frit·nd .111d f.tnuh •u th · .l't' of~ . P.mi' brothn 0.11id. h 11.1 lup nnttnlll.' tnumtnbut · L thi funcl , nuun •. "I · th<' <" ntribmion~ in •tppr · I.Hinn of th · tmtinul·d l'fTn~ of .111 Ill \Jph.l 1 llhl , \Jph,l \\ hn, b~ th II \\01 J... 'uppon till' cl 'ldopmt•nt oil ·.tel • hip rn lotlll \1Clll1 n thwu huut tht• nitt•d •t.:

• • •

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' ·cl F. unci · ·tl F1 11nrlt

• • • • • • • • • • •

nd r •1.1 lu.nt· llw

• hip

Lifetime memher shares love far Alpha Sigma Alpha BY CHRISTINE STRAPAC THOMAS, AT National Vice President of Membership

How long have you been a lifetime member of Alpha Sigma Alpha; 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, or 75 year? How about 82 years? That's right, 82 years! In District 2 Edith Miller Sim pson, Lambda Lambda, is a petite, modest, chipper woman of 101 years young.

Edith Miller Simpson, M

Edith M iller Simpson is a glowing example of lifetime membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha and a woman of poise and purpose.


Growing up on he r parenL' dairy fann in Ohio, Edith followed in her bro ther's footsteps and enrolled at Ohio State University maj oling in commerce and j ourn alism. In November 1925, Edith p ledged Alpha Sigma Alpha. That year was th e begi nnin g of a lifetime of sorority fri endships and loving relati onship with Alpha igma Alpha. Edi th fond ly recalls living in the chapter house where she met her longtime friend, th e late Martha BeLl who was initiated in 1927. In 2004 Edith attended her 80th high sch ool reunion; a class th at graduated just eight members. During that u路ip, she had a memo rable reun ion with Marth a. Th ey talked fo r hour from the memories in th eir collegiate scrapbooks. Edith ' toties of chapter life during th e early 20th Cenn 1ry we re fasc inating to hear and compare to sorori ty life today. Social even ts included bridge card parties, picnics near a lake, Sunday aftern oon tea parties and many dances. Her am azing suede coLlegiate crapbook, complete ''~th th e Ohio Sta te University emblem on the front, contains many bea utifully engraved orori ty dance cards, pho tos and songs. One of the dance cards was fro m a ui p to the Alpha Al pha Chapter at Miami of Ohio. Edith also had the opportuni ty to know Am y S1visher, AA, who was the Lambda Lambda fac ul ty advisor at the time. Edith fond ly recalls th e chapter house mother, Bertha Meyers. When t.he members would return fro m dances and date (there was a curfew), th ey shared the evening's stolies 1\~th tl1 eir beloved h ouse moth er. After graduation , Editl1 and her sor01i ty sister, Gertrude Dun Calvert,

ational llice President of Membership Cl11isline Strapnc Thomas, AF, visits with Edith Miller imjJson, AA. set out on a great adventure an d moved to Boston. One of Edith 'sjobs was at the Ch tistian Science Monitor Publi hing House. he became a member of th e Bosto n Alumnae Chapter an d attended tl1e 1930 ational Conven Lion in Boston and the 1938 atio nal Convention in Yellowstone ational Park. After marrying Haro ld Simpson , one of the many ci tie the lived in was Pi ttsburgh , PA. Edith buil t many Alpha igma Alpha fli endships wherever she moved, but has lasting mem01ies of the 01路ority friendships fos tet路ed in Pittsburgh. H a1wg th opportuni ty to visit Edith and her daughter-in-law, Carol, to share in the advemures of her personal, professional and orority life was a definin g moment for me as an Al pha Sigma Alpha member. It was a day of shaling tl1 history, he1itage, and fu n 1re of Alpha igma Alp ha and reconnecting 1\~th the soro ri ty that Editl1 has always loved. Edith Miller Sim pson i a glmving example of lifetime membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha and a woman of poise and purpose. SPRING 2007



B\ < \R l I I "I • "--:I L\ \lplw 1 '""' I till flurrl \111'111111 /) l







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\\ tlh.un . \ , ott.

.111onal Pr · tclt'11l l on Wlutt• •t uuH· Dtrt·unr M

u: .mel l



Ill'"'· rr.

Strotegi( plan I ht


!ll't'llWlll \ I. . •runn L\ udt ,,,1 Pr K • \ ) '"~ ,unt.•mkd. I lw tt.' 1lulion ''• 'dt tnl utt:d lo \Jumn.t .mel .oil 'Kt I .mh ·llt"ntt m ~ H·mlx-r n.mtmtlll

•un' '"

New Ponhelleniu



'\ '1'\ I

· nm,. ',\r.






Call for nominations Marianne Busch Bullock, B0, has been named chairman of the 2008 Alpha igma Alpha nominating committee. Work wi ll begin soon on selecting th e slate of officers for the 2008-10 biennium. Potential candidates hould have a broad perspective of the sorority. Experience or skills in mentOI;ng would be helpful. It is recommended that a candidate for national council have prior experience serving as a collegiate chapter advisor, officer of an alumnae chapter or other volunteer leadership position. The nominating committee needs your assistance in identifying qualified members to serve. In order to complete deliberatio ns in time to notifY all members of the slate of officers, all nominations and related information must be submitted to th e chairman of the committee by Oct. 15, 2007.

The call for nom inations is for th e following positions: president, vice president of operations, vice president of fin ance, vice president of communications, vice presidents of membership (three) . Look for a more detailed story in th e summer issue of the Phoenix.

Alpha Sigma Alpha headquarters staff change Director of Communications T eresa Boye r Fishback, ~K . resigned from Alpha Sigma Alpha on June 4, 2007. Teresa was the editor of the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha and worked on th e publication of 32 magazines over eight

TO NOTE-------------------------

Alpha igma Alpha also announce Event Planner & Education Coordinator, Erica S. Whitfield, ZY, left staff in pril to pursue oth er opportun ities. Erica over aw th e 2006 national convention and th e 2006--07 district day events. She was also re pon ible for overeeing th e chartering of five new alumnae chapters.

Three new alumnae chapters join Alpha Sigma Alpha family The national co un cil of Alpha igma Alpha is pleased to anno un ce three new installati ons of alumnae chapters in 2007. The North Star Alumnae Chapter, MN, was installed on J an. 20, 2007. If you are interested in joining this chapter or want to end a congra tulatory note email orth Star Alumnae Chapter President Stacy Post at Installed on J an. 28, 2007, the Greater Los Angeles Area Alumnae Chapte r joins th e Alpha Sigma Alpha family. Congratulatory notes or membership inform ation can be obtained by writing Chapter President Alyssa Guers at footbal/sunshine@ yahoo. com. The latest alumnae chapter to be installed is the Central Ohio Alumnae Chapter. The chapter was installed Feb. 10, 2007. lfyou would like more information on this chapter, or want to send th em a congratulatory note, emai l Heather Southe,;ngton, chapte r presidem at

S. June Smith Center updatesummer salads for kids During the month ofjul , the .June mith enter conducts the ummer alads for Kids campaign. Local re tau rants are asked to donate a portion of the pro ed fro m each salad old to th e .June Smith Center. Donations range from 0.25 cents to 2.00 per alad. T he S. June mith enter Staff <S. )v.\\e <SVo\iH" wi ll hang a poster Ce\\tev about the center at the re ta u ra nt or offer table tent cards with more information about thi promotion. At the end of the month, the center collects and abulates the funds and provide a certificate of th anks and participation. Perhaps you will consider conducting your own summer alad evemto benefit the S. June Smith enter. hann on Zimmerman, S.June Smith Center Advancement Coordinator, will provide resources, uch as am ple letters, posters and tent cards that yo u can use for yo ur area-no matter what city or state you target. It' a grea t way to link your efforts to current happen ings at th e center. Please con tact her at (717)299-4829 or szimmennan@ for more infom1ation.



nju1 .111clc•l cvut .1 111 t hutt hc n to l..tcl.. c II prin • .!IICli. (



lt.RRI lilt 11 /\ , II I \1 U/\1'111

.mclthtu f.muhc· 1hwu •h l..:.u.1nl..t, t.uni1.1l r;tnu· .1.1 l p..tinlin •. h.l\ nck .tnd m.1m lith 'I .1 thiti · . (.,1/,

DISTRICT 6 I 1 ui 1 h i • leu .111 •1lumn.1 111 ·n 111 th · pu 11ic n nl fli,u it 1 111 t·un •t xuchn.11ur. £lu tit trict i .11 u lnnl..m • f111

di uic t cdu .Htnn, lin.111 •uul11·c nllllllt'lll 1 ·.un PI ·m.ul \1111 Pnt . B"-.•11 n. pn., 111 rr/11 (nr mur · mfoml.lll 111 . \l.ttl.. 1 111r cal ·ncl.t : 1 1 tn d.ll II Ill I hdd I \ I I I. :?nni. m ( h.ut tm.ll .

ch.1p1n ,p tha ~Ill •I.Hui.HIIln :



lnf•lw •. 11}

.n . tunna

,, '""'' m..

I )111m lit I walltnlt"

I \Ill\


Ill \I\ V. (J 111'/lR

'lwJIIn \ 111(111) nr/nrr/1 mak fur a IIIII) IJnin rnltrulnr In 1- •bn1.1n ••, l.llnwm1 •r. r;uh 1 ·d .\1 tht· hnm • I l.incl.t \\ mcl.. L an ·b.t 1... \ • tu 11 .11 • h.tndm.ldc• \ .tit nun · oil d lU be: loll.. 'II (() I al


II, \



senior/ alumnae banquet. They had a lunch where members recognized their graduating seniors, passed out awards for the year and had a ilent auction to help the chapter raise money. This was the fourth year they held the banquet and many alumnae attend from the area. This gives local alumnae a chance to socialize with the active chapter as well as hopefully recruit some of the yo ung women graduating and possibly staying in the area. Alyson White Hanson, BY SOif/HWESTERN INDIANA ALUMNAE CHAPTER

Alumnae chapter very involved with local collegiate chapter The Southwestern Indiana Alumnae Chapter had a busy fall. It started in September 2006 with lending a hand at th e Delta Kappa Chapter, University of Southern Indiana, recruitment. Chapter Advisor Judy Deig, BY, spent many hours at recruinnent giving them support. Several members of the alumnae chapter served refreshments at th e formal party. Next was supporting Delta Kappa's fall festival booth ; a really big money maker for the chapter. Audrey Reising Julian, ~K, anoth er advisor for Delta Kappa, along with her husband fixed th e booth for ~K. The Sunday evening before th e festival started the alumnae dipped chocolate covered n-awberries for the next day and as a demonsnation for new members. Nov. 6, 2006, the chapter co-hosted Disnict 6 District Day at the University of Southern Indiana. Lana Gee Bunner, ~K, gave a session on resumes and intervi e"~ng to a packed house. It was a great day to meet other alumnae and collegians from other school \vith approximately 100 attendi ng. Founders' Day was celebrated with cake and PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

d1inks in th e afternoon with Delta Kappa Chapter at a local church. Finally in December 2006, th e chapter had a Ch1istmas luncheon at Logan ' Roadhouse. Karla Kamp Cook, ~K , and Lana Gee Bunner, ~K, had a fun game planned for th e gift exchan ge. This spring members were just as busy with a love shower for a local women' shelter, Delta Kappa 's banquet and th e an nual shopping u·ip. Cindy Hwt)' Braker, ilK

DISTRICT 7 Merci. Cam on. Gracias. Maasee.' Kuunda. Uk.hani . Malo . Veps. "Thank you" in man y languages including "Thank ya" (Texan ) for supporting 2006-07 disu-ict day. Boundless energy from national volunteers went into planning and execution. J ennie Holmes-Lage r, BM, Sheila Gleghorn Smith, BA,J enna Linington , BA , Rachel Sloan, BA, Meghan Antoine, BA, Leigh Ann Greathouse, '1'\fl, J oAl1J1 Bordner, fl, and Kari n Payton , EH, are among those who were insnumental in its success along with all members in District 7 who parti cipated and national headquarters talf. The University of Cennal AJ·kan as wa th e site of th e Disu·ict 7 Day, which took place Feb. 2-4, 2007. Opening session included a welcome from Disu-ict Meeting Coordinato r Mellisa Zakrzewski Bryan, BA. Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation Tru tee J ohanna Gardner, ZZ, provided an overview of the Foundation, held a "Paying It Forward" workshop and coordinated fundraising activities, resulting in donations for the Foundation and a local food-pantry. Cennal A.J·kaJ1sas Alumnae and Beta Lan1bda Chapters were ho ts for more than 250 participants. Friday night even ts were an informal meet and greet at

local restauJ-ants wi tl1 a top b tl1e Beta Lambda Chap t r ro m. Regi n-ation and mo t events made for a full atmda . Disuict Facilitator Deborah Fields Dieuich, B , ino·oduced chapter presidents and other VIP befo re proceeding to educational e sion for th day. "Around th e World \\~th Al " th eme included a presidents' forum-Around the D7 World. There were n tworking and t-shirt exchange opportunitie wh ile chap ters clispla eel posters rep re enting tl1eir respective areas. The newly chartered Greater Birmingham, AL, Alumnae Chapter was represented. Charter papers for the Greater Los Al1gele , Alum nae Chapter were hand delivered b newly elected Chapter President Alyssa Klementisz Guers, ~E. National Vice Pre idem of Operations Cindy Kelley, Bn, along '~th ational Vice President of Communications Dolly Purvis Loyd, B~ . delivered a nati onal co uncil address at the awa rds luncheon. Three very good educati onal blocks were included at this disuict day as well. The Sanctuary D gree was held in th e Beta Lambda Chapter room on Sunday for Dr. Margaret Betsy Coch1-an, P i P i' Chapter dvisor. Special tl1anks LO our host chapters and the district meeting team for all of th eir hard work. Debm·ah "Deb" Fields Dietrich, B District 7 Facilitator ddiettic@lampabay.


Toys for Tots benefits from chapter's annual tournament The Beta u Chapter, Murray State niversity, KY, held th e ammal dodgeball tournament in ovember 2006 to rai e money for its annual To For Tots dinner. Beta u

was able to ge t th pani ipalion f near! • eve• • fraternit , orori and re idential colle e on campu as well as the upport of everal ind p ndent team . Each of th e e groups conuibuted to the at b ' making a donation and entering a team to pia in the toUJ·namenL 1vVhile there wer onl three categOJi of "~nners, a h team enjo ed the tournament and was abl to walk awa happy to have supported th e au e. Donna Phillips, B EPSILON ALPHA, 0 J'HERN A TJVERSITY


I'W philanlhmpic roenl created to benefit Special Ol)'mpi.cs This year th Ep ilon Alpha hapter, Southern Arkansas nive1 ity, bui lt, paimed and sponsored a "see-saw" fundra iser. The event was created to promote an Alpha igma Alpha fundraiser to ra ise money for th e local Special O l )~n pi cs . Epsilon Alpha got pledge from people in th e community, college and fam ily for every hour a member was see-sawing. Some facu lty members, th e dean of students, vice presidem of tuclent affairs and th e pre ident of th e university joined in the see-sawing. Members see- awed a total of 36 hours and made a generous donation to th e pedal Olympic. Jamie Smith, EA


Greek Telations important part of chapter's life This ear th e P i Psi hapter, orthwestem State nive rsity, LA, has been working diligently to improve Greek relation "~th the fratern itie as well as ororities on campus. This semester the chapter had an exchange called "Graffiti Party" \~th Pi Kappa Phi where members signed each other' t-shirts 1~th marke1 and also had an exhange called "The SPRING 2007




unpu 1/mlhn \d11

• 1/nl'

IJ I I 1(,\1 I. l: 1\1 k rn Of /Iff \R. I 11 U J/UJ. 1\ (,Rf.\ 11.R I.Q

I \f,fJJ-. Ill \L \F ( Jl \Pn.R

•mlh, /I'

\lphn. 'Kmtl, \ lplm u¥·irom \ fllum11a rhaptrr Til · .r .11<'r ' \ n · I~


umn 111.11 tAA.l\ 1\ Ill \I\' lf (JI V'Tt.R


llwrwn' dwptn- h trong '"' mlb>glalt dmfJII'T' F.til be: ,ln \\lth m mho: f


IJ I \IU 10. I 1\ f R.\ffl 01' llf I 11.\11 \Ill

I lo11 rmmi11 •talc rlwptn 011 dt7{r•ll 1111'1110 fall )n tnbt· r i. ~ lfi. thtln n \\ · t \J.1b.1m.1



Cmtral Arkansas Alumnae members Melissa 8-l)'an, BA; Patsy Minton Newton, BA; Susan Bell Hickey, BA; Rachel Nonis Sloan, TJI; Mandy MafJks Pool£, BA; and Kacee Crumby Sims, BA; smled are Pam Massey, BA and Kristen Cooper Schwulsl, BA, at the November meeting at a local fJizza place. district day eve nts. We are also very proud of the women of Theta Delta, University of Alaska-An chorage, who sent an entire d elegatio n to Disu·ict Day. Amybeth Maurer has stepped down as disu·ict meeting coordinator after a fantastic run in th e position. We want to thank Amybe th fo r her work- she is a me mber who has tru ly mad e a difference for District 8. Amybeth is continuing he r voluntee r wo rk with Alpha Sigma Alph a as Gamma Lambda's scholarship advisor. Kristin Huben , '¥'1', has agreed to serve as the new district meeting coordina tor for Disuict 8. Kristin has a wealth of experience in meeting planning; she is an eve nt and meeting manager at Maty O'Connor and Co. in Illinoi . Ch1isty Adwns, t.H District 8 Facilitator

October (Leukem ia Awareness Month) the wo men of Zeta Phi , Illino is Institute of Technology, raised money for tJ1e Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The women raised $317 by selling gree n ribbons to promote leukem ia awareness. Elizabeth, ZJI





Members support the leukemia and lymphoma society

Social rroents are key to chapter's succes

To show support for leukemia awareness, this pa t


a lad upper. Plans wer preen ted for the new year. The eptem ber 2006 meeting was a Tastefull imple fundraiser at the Glen Ellyn home of a ndyJ arzombek artore, BTl Variou products for purchase were sam pled. Invi tations to join tJ1 e chapte r fo r pizza at Co nni e' Pizza in aperville, were em to m e many area Alpha Sigma Alpha members. There was a nice turnout and we hope some of m e atte nde swill joi n u for membership. The Founders' Day meeting was held a t Rest H ave n in Downers Grove. Sue Henderson King, BK, one of the chapter's founding members, is a resident there and she acted as hostess for tJ1 e occasion . A special cake commemorating Founders' Day was served. Delicio us appetizers were the main focus for the Chrisunas party whi ch was held at tJ1 e home of j oan Kolar Grabarek, BP, in Nape nrille. Grab bag gifts were also exchanged. ancy Cepuder Reagan, BP


Members pair with special Olympics for successful spring rroent Coe College hosts an annual Special Olympics event every Apri l. Thi year, m e Theta Alpha Chap ter, was assigned to the Cedar Rapids Recreatio n Team. Each sorority membe r was paired with a Special O lympian . Members helped the am lete by making sure they made it to all of tJ1eir eve n ts o n time and stayed with them tJ1ro ughout the day. Heather Mann, @A

j oyce Kroeger Shelton, <P<Il, wa the hostess for me annual

DISTRICT 9 Di u·ict 9 Disuict Day was held Feb. 24-26, 2007, at the Clario n Hotel in Kansa City, MO. Over 250 collegians and alumnae from the district gathered and celebrated the "Around th e World" theme in a big way. Friday night included different sta tions wh re you could trave l th e world participating in ac tivities such as oragami and learning me ltishjig. Santrday was filled wim exciting educa tio nal workshops as well as the annual disuict mee tin g. Awards were pre ented to Tiffany Zimmerman, ZM, for Ou tsta nding Collegiate Officer, Marty Pointer ( 1at)'\~ ll e Alumnae Chapter) for Alumnae tar Award, usa n Ki ce, ZH, for Ad,~sor tar Award, and arah York

(Edu ation Tean1) for o lunteer tar Award. Di uict 9 rai ed 3,276.50 over me course of tJ1 Di u·ict Da weekend for me Foundation mrough a ilent auctio n and bake ale ponsored b tJ1e Kan as it Alumnae hapter as well as tJ1e Sk of Inspi ratio n pon ored b tJ1 Foundation. ludby Coxon, Z I Dis11icl 9 Facililalor


Chapter women involved in many jJhilanthrojJic endeavors on campus The women of tJ1e Beta Beta Chapter have been bUS)' in the niversity of orm rn Colorado community. In October members partic ipated in tJ1e local philantJ1ropy highwa cleanup and helped out with peciaJ Olympic at a local bowling alley. T he chapter also participated in "Take Back tJ1 ight," a march against sexual assa ult a nd violence on ca mpus. Alexa Susman, BB EPSI LO EPSI LON, EMPOIUA STATE UN/ IfERSITY, KS

Members nwke Ch-ristmas special for area children in need Outing tJ1i past ho liday ea on, m e women of Eps ilon Epsilon Chapter, Emporia tate Un iversity, KS, in cot1iun ction ''~th tJ1 e men of igma Tau Gamma fraternity, spo nsored a Chri tmas party for a handfu l of children in m e Emporia commu ni ty whose famili es were unable to provide hristmas gifts. Members of m e two chapters provided me children wim gifts and an evening full of food , games and fun. Ashley Balm, EE





\PRJ 'J>lJJJ), 110. tl ( If It UL\PTI-.R

m. Vw

n f:ddlmum 1\al/m

• ORTII1-.R.\' ( ()( OR. V>O UflUUl

111 11 •v- u1 wn.R

11nptrr rrrm


rrrogn111 n fi lhml ror



Northern ColorruhJ Alumnae Chapter 17ll!11lbm in the back row from left are: Susan Henson Furney, EE; Marge Muir Ptmi.ue, TT; Heather Beckman Hancock, ZII; Kathy Bagnall, BB; NanC)â&#x20AC;˘ Guyse, BB; Va?WSa Lucero Meyer, ZII and Renee Krvhne, 8A. In the front row from left are: Lynne Fountaine, BE; Ruth Bollingp; A; Shirley Hickman, BB; and Sue Eckler Wilcox, Ar.


Several alumnae members attended a collegiate chapter meeting at Northeastern State University. The alumnae members were excited to start a partnership with the area Beta Gamma collegiate chapter. The alumnae chapter had a busy fall. The chapter began the fall by helping the Beta Gamma's with recruitment activities. In October, the Tahlequah women hosted a homecoming cookout before the Northeastern State University football game. The ladies finished out the fall by celebrating Founders' Day with a dinner and ceremony at the historical Thompson house. In addition to the activities, the Tahlequah chapter supported the community in many ways. The members brought food for the area food pantry, donated supplies for Special Olympians, and collected gifts for the nearby Cookson Hills school's Christmas store. In january 2007, the Tahlequah chapter celebrated their one year anniversary. Jennifer Black Hinkle, Br


Chapter celellrates Founders' Day with two area collegiate chapters The Denver Alumnae Chapter has been quite busy. Beginning in August 2006, the chapter started a monthly gathering held at various locations in the Denver metro area, which has been a great success allowing members from differ-

ent parts of the region to spend time together. In October 2006, a few members volunteered at a local Special Olympics bowling event, which was a fun opportunity to celebrate physical and social development with the Olympians. The alumnae chapter also hosted a Founders' Day ceremony in November with the

two local collegiate chapters, Beta Beta, University of Northern Colorado and Zeta Pi, Colorado State UniversityPueblo. The same day, all three chapters participated in the Sanctuary Degree to initiate several new members to Zeta Pi Chapter. Kim Catlau, Zll

Tahlequah Alumnae members, from left, Shelly Dennis, Br; Jennifer Black Hinkle, Br; Cassie SIJWcrs, Br; and Krista Baird Peterson, Br, volunteer at the local Special Olympics event.




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oil •i ns I " u·k •d \ 'ith all



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h r )1 th


Asa phoenix vol 92 no 2 spring 2007  
Asa phoenix vol 92 no 2 spring 2007