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'And as the years come swiftly pressing on, the brightest names that earth can boast just glisten and are gone.' Deceased members ofAlpha Sigma Alpha reported to national headquarters Jtme 1, 1997,

to May 31,






Audrey Owen Beale Barbara Myers Collie

Elizabeth Hull Fox

Carla J. Chalmers lllene Carter Miles


Patrtcia Rhoads Bergey Gabrielle Cauvin Mildred Holz Metz Mary Brenholtz Sheffel Doris Hipple Williams

Imogene Beckner Pauline Liggett Betty Smalley Olson Margaret Dysart Williams

Maude Murphy Barrere Helen Neff Schomaker

ALPHA BETA Lily Bergmann Hope Greene Blaine Charlotte Burdette Eggert Betty Phillips Hall Elizabeth Rippey Martin lone Fields McGown Thelma McKee


LAMBDA LAMBDA Mabel Shilling Blanchard Evelyn Whetsel Bryan lla Britton Pulliam Ruth Ludwig Roth

CHI CHI Stephanie Kokos Neff Helen Selvage Noblitt Carla Phillippi Eloise Proctor

PSI PSI Viola "Sis" Caraway Brewer



Mirna Jennings


Klemelia Keho Kelly Robena Hooks Vogwill




Catherine "Kay" Freeman Pittman

Kathleen McCoy Brown Frances Cullen Devalon Margaret Hargrove Eldred Marie Snydal Joyner Thelma Holzmeister Kramer Helen Walling McMurray Dorothy Litch Morrison Mary Holder Morse Cora Sickels Schlater

Jean Weand Cable Elizabeth Rose Conner Hazel Thompson Craig Joan Andress Ernest


GAMMA GAMMA Beatrtc Craig Cissell Lucelle Chew France Marie Weeks Landers Roberta Camp Mann

EPSILON EPSILON Joan Bailey Day Lillian Clough Shumway



Barbara King Cordelia Robbins Betty Womack Underwood Margaret Wilson Watson

Marquerite Clark Jones Orrell Hester Young


OMICRON OMICRON Elizabeth Kist Feeley

PI PI Betty Fitzgibbons Coughlin Louise Yuells Gerbracht Donna McGinnis Gilbert Ruth Brems Holden Mildred Weil Holser Mary Shreder Salway Eleanor Dombrowski Wylegala

Marlene Markham Cox

ETA ETA Viola Lochrie Cowden Mayln King Miller Lucy Clinkenbeard Roberts Rosemary Cowan Wachter

2 SUMMER 1998


RHO RHO Faye Hayes

Tau Tau Lois Bell Billie Wirshing Walker

Frances Kurzweg Boozer Ethel Bergeron Burleigh Anne Mae Ferguson Elizabeth "Betty" Porche Hebert Juanita Rogers Effie Mamoulides Schaffner

BETA ETA June Berge Fettig Marie Hertz Thompson

BETA IOTA Jane Mullen

BETA KAPPA Emily Fischer Vas

RHO CHI Shirley Harback Hornke

BETA RHO Nyema Lindblade

BETA SIGMA Patrtcia Schmiedeke Bosso Susan Byers Chapin Lena Arndt Delp Tracy Greer Kim Knight Willa Vaughan Mackey Diane Morgan Wilks

BETA UPSILON Teresa Higgins Rebecca K. Jewett

BETA CHI Adele Mansour Hammer

BETA PSI Christine Schall Habron

GAMMA DELTA Barbara Banakus Doktor

GAMMA EPSILON llla-Louise Kranstover Dobbs Dorothy Korthals Stock

GAMMA KAPPA Jacqueline Barrett

DELTA BETA Chrissa Wendt

DELTA OMICRON Patrtcia Scarito Hanley

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Lifetime commitmentwhat does it mean?

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New chapter installed at West Alabama


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Lifetime Commitment

COVER Alumnae and collegians enjoy time together and explore their lifetime commitment during the 1997 Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute in Springfield, MO.

SUMMER 1998 3

AlA~ amwer the questionwhat doe~ lifetime commitment mean to you~ BY KIM RAMSEY MEYER, BB Centennial Chairman

Ufetlme commitment - to members of Alpha Sigma Alpha these are not mere words. Ufetime commitment means the acts of love and support and seiVice shared between sisters every day. And not just during the days spent as collegiate members, but throughout the lifetimes of all members - collegiate and alumnae.

Ufetime commitment takes many forms, from keeping in touch with sisters after graduation to serving for many years as a chapter advisor or national officer. Many members' ties to AlA remain strong by becoming part of an alumnae group, where they discover they have a special sisterhood bond with women of all ages from many different collegiate chapters. Some members make their commitment evident through their financial support of the Foundation, making scholarships and special programs available to other women across the nation. For some, returning to their college campus for homecoming renews the ties of sisterhood and commitment. No form of commitment is more important than another. It is the connection that matters, the love that binds us all together into one ststerhood. What better way to celebrate lifetime commitment than

through the words of alumnae and collegians exemplified in these

answers to the question, "What does lifetime commitment mean to you?" 4 SUMMER 1998

From acollegian When she entered the University of Maryland - Baltimore County, Ann Oxenham, ET, wasn't interested in Greek life. "I was prepared to hate it," she told the UMBC Retriever Weekly. But she went to some rush parties as moral support for a friend and discovered that Alpha Sigma Alpha didn't fit the cliches 11 fJrmhrmt @J1f0n 'ftrm about Greeks in popular movies. ' .,"There was no hazing, or anything embarrassing like circling fat spots or cleaning toilets. The emphasis was not on parties, it's about sisters and sisterhood." Ann served as president of her chapter and recently received an award and scholarship from the Baltimore Panhellenic Association. Ann and her mother attended the award ceremony together, and she remembers how the Baltimore alumnae helped her mother understand the benefits of belonging to a sorority. "When I first joined, I think she had a lot of the negative stereotypes that I had," Ann said. "But now she supports it whole-heartedly."



{~can fefj women jncftferMefveJ, gz've them an

opportunz(y to cfevefop to tfezrfitlpotentia(" Jazd rffltoJz'e ~rie @!/!lin, a c!J!eta U!fma afumna ancfrettrecfrยงlj;ringfe{(dยงl{(f), fan{ qfoer, offer 28 yearJ ofJermce to tfe natt'onafmyanz'~att'on.

As an only child, Ann found sisters and a source for selfimprovement in Alpha Sigma Alpha. Although she didn't want to join at first, she now laughs and admits how important the organization is to her. "It's a lifetime membership," Ann said. "I'll be an A'i,A when I'm 80 and still get the magazine."

{(f!lwrM z'nz'tiatedz'n 1940. ~ce a mem!er, a!WrqJ a member, "Jazd~if c!J!eerJ, an afumna fom c!J!eta rffamma ~fapter who now !iveJ z'n c!ff(untsm/k, cffr$( @Jle JtriveJ to five each lay to tfe fi!!Mt. {{~ommz't to gz've a({you can. dlrave fin. cr9fat~ af{tfere if to fij."

From ayoung alumna "Being part of a sorority is not just about having a group of young women to share your college experiences with, but is really a unique bond which lasts a lifetime," wrote Neeru Sharma, a Delta Nu and graduate of Kettering University (formerly GMI-Engineering and Management Institute), in a letter to the editor. "I was impressed with the A'i.A members' enthusiasm and their willingness to get to know me," said Neeru, who joined Alpha Sigma Alpha in 1988. "Like my freshman peers, I was scared and excited about entering college. Unlike my peers, I was the only visibly disabled student on campus.

Neeru Sharma in Paris with Delta Nu sisters, from left, Kristy St. Croix, Pam Storey, Christy Steed, Cecilia Tung and Lisa Zelenak.

{@ndun'n.JfiendJhz'pJ mean a fot" to w;e w;e @bancif, 9/eta @pJzfon afumna andreJz'tlint of rยฃ5/tzcfmonr{ . . w;e w;e contt'nueJ to vofunteer fer tz'me wztf{er focafafumnae youp ancftfe natt'ona( organz'z_att'on to {{encourtfffe otherJ to become z'nvofvecfancf emkace tfe trarfitzon. " {{@!!zt{fnowz'n,j ot{erJ ancffeepz'n.J commitments "



if wfat fijttme memberJ{z'p meanJ to 9/eta WpJzfon afumna ancfcfarter preJzden~ ~ot'!J rflftifo, wfo comeJ af{tfe wrqfom dlrawazi' to attencfnatt'onafconventt'onJ. SUMMER 1998 5

~{e Joron"& fn.r.ffll'PJI me co'!f'r0we in evep{u!Y r:ff10. rffi fff_s rr6{1(r,tf bem liar to »W, " ~t~uf@fen't 6/faf!Or{, ~fia ~a at;;mnae mufa tencferl{frarirm iJt o ~im'a orftfi core C{!ll/er. ~!;{!;fittiNe tOIllIllitmellt? r§o to coJZIJ(!Ilfz'oJZJ. '79q Rll n&mJtne clrrpter. ~rticzjJate. ~fat J ltlhll you .ffel foofer!"

"illtimately, this fact did not make much difference .. -- The sisters who rushed me took me to all of the events, even when accessibility was a challenge. Since becoming a member, their level of friendship and support has been unwavering," said Neeru, who now works as a financial analyst for Saturn in Michigan. In 1994, Neeru and five other Delta Nu sisters went to Europe for 10 days of site-seeing in Paris, Rome, Florence and Munich. "Not only did we see Europe." she said, "we also tackled the challenges of traveling with a wheelchair in an inaccessible environment. True sisterhood came through as I was carried up and down countless stairs, received assistance using the restrooms and was included in all activities no matter how difficult." Neeru, who is working on completing her MBA degree from Oakland University, said she has always tried to give back the friendship and support that was given to her by keeping in touch with many sisters throughout the country and lending a listening ear when needed. "I simply try to love them as much as they love me," she added. "I have learned that sisterhood knows no boundaries," she said. "It does not discriminate against color, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or economic status. It does not matter what you are, it matters who you are that distinguishes you as a lifetime member of Alpha Sigma Alpha."

From a50-year member $&/k, ml a(z;Jm?ae ziu'tiate ofSeta r!3flu {ffiaptrr mtrft!e clrrpter J arfvz:Jor, rfemoJZJtrateJ her


con11m'tmmt fj (it,eanig her pziz mzdfetterJ prou/fj,

not Jrmi!f them fir c-otwndirm. " Uznce her z'nitiatzon ,Jfe hn.s liJeoveJ'fJrftfat Jome of {fl'fimlf ore cfft!ji(cr rfY(!lJtn ~fa alUmnae.

"r!!J!Jotr toml!to Jiay ?imo!Vedn.s m1 afzmma, there nrc ~ts ofOJlj)Odtt/11~/f',;~ ., JmrfcfY(;Jlr~ (fffarf c!J!fafe, n rJJ!etn r!Jlrt, ,ftiiJtllff rmr(fmttr pmlizce /.&'fJctor. ":{jjeitilll! f'OJJliJiitmmt rfOM HOI JteceJJanf/ merm thnt

,you kn· lo fr lin ofVty(,it rr ftrma(r:fljJaci(y . .. it NfJI ,ftiltjJ(f llltfllt hli!J mt iJtlerrJtecfaftwma 1

r·o11lrrl'/ti!j rr

11m1(y mff&irrle efrrpter to rrltellrf /.

rr mcdti!j o;· to jlrJi J'f'.!flll: 6 SUMMER 1998


"I can honestly say that my Marshall years were the happiest years of my life," Helen Herbst Lawson, a Rho Rho and 1945 graduate of Marshall College, Huntington, WV, wrote in a letter. "I received a beautiful gold ring with the AJ.A insignia as the 'Alpha Girl' my senior year," she wrote. "I still wear it every day and proclaim to all what it is! I am very proud ofit." rff}{JW Helen tells a wonderful !f[fe{in !f[fe{et ~waon, story about how, as a young alumna, she wrote then National President Wilma Wilson Sharp about the lack of a chapter house at Marshall. Mrs. Sharp visited Huntington and helped the collegians and alumnae of Rho Rho obtain a house for the chapter in the late 1940s. An alumnae advisor for the chapter unW she moved to Ashland, KY, Helen has stayed in touch with many of the women who were her chapter sisters at Marshall. "I work for Marshall University when we have our annual reunions and try to round up AJ.As," she wrote. "Since Rho Rho is no more, there is an extra feeling of love and nostalgia for our group who still get together and have a special bond."

Editor's rwte: This will be the .first in a series of cuticles looking at Alpha Sigma Alpha lifetime membership.



How to make a difference through giving There's more than one way to contribute to the future of the sorority BY DR. ROSEMARY CARUCCI GOSS, BIT Fotm.dation Chainnan


ach year the achievements of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation surpass the previous year because committed donors make a concerted effort to ensure the future of Alpha Sigma Alpha by making generous contributions to the Foundation. During the past biennium the Foundation has: • Awarded over 20 scholarships. • Provided educational programming to collegiate chapters such as the risk management video, "Taking It Personally." • Provided almost $20,000 to support the S. June Smith Center for developmentally delayed children. • Provided major support for educational programming at the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institutes. • Supported Special Olympics.

The partial list above reflects how far the Foundation has come since its humble beginnings in 1986 and how it is now truly making a difference for Alpha Sigma Alpha. Frequently collegians and alumnae ask how they can contribute to the Foundation. Actually it's very simple, but if you have a unique circumstance and would like to talk to someone about your gift, please call Lisa Tait Longo, fH, the Foundation's director of development, 317-871-2920.

Five easy ways to contribute to the Foundation • Simply write a check in any amount and send to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, 9001 Wesleyan Rd., Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46268. You can


designate this gift in honor of or in memory of someone. • Make a gift of appreciated stock or real estate. After checking with your accountant, you may find that this will have a positive impact on your taxes. • Become a member of the Wilma Wilson Sharp Society. The Wilma Wilson Sharp Society recognizes those people who have made arrangements through their estate plans for the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. Gifts can be specific amounts of cash, securities, life insurance policies or real estate. Or you can leave a share of what's left in your estate after other gifts have been made. To make sure your will accomplishes your intentions, consult an attorney who specializes in estate planning. • You also can become a member of the Wilma Wilson Sharp Society through other giving options such as a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder annuity trust, a unitrust, a charitable lead trust or a life estate arrangement. These methods of giving may reduce estate taxes and benefit the donor in several ways. Have your attorney contact the Foundation at 317-871-2920. • Endow a scholarship in your own name or to honor someone else. A $10,000 contribution over four years or less will endow a scholarship that will be given continuouly. For more information, contact the Foundation office. Just as every member makes a difference, every dollar you give to the Foundation will have an impact. Won't you join other AkAs today and make a difference in the future of the sorority?

Founders Memorial Scholarship endowed in honor of Hilda Anna Giraud "It came as a complete surprise to me," said Hilda Giraud, BZ, about the Alpha Sigma Alpha scholarship endowed in her honor by her daughters, Yvette Laird and former foundation trustee, Suzanne Hebert, BZ, and granddaughter Anna Laird. "Although I never joined a sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha has always been a major part of my life," Yvette said. "Mother and Suzanne were always so active. For our mother's birthday we would like to endow a scholarship to honor our mother and Anna's grandmother." Hilda Anna Giraud is a Beta Zeta from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. She worked closely with Helen Corey, KK, on the 1955 national convention in Biloxi, MS and made movies of several national conventions. "We were constantly mailing them somewhere for a chapter to show at a gathering," Suzanne remembered. She held the office of national alumnae organizer, and in that capacity she helped organize many alumnae chapters, including New Orleans. She also was active in developing the New Orleans Alumnae Panhellenic. "Alpha Sigma Alpha has always been an important part of her (Hilda's) life, and I was glad to be able to honor her with a scholarship in her name during her lifetime," Suzanne said. "I hope she enjoys seeing it awarded each year." The first Hilda Anna Giraud Endowed Founders' Memorial Scholarship was presented at the 1998 national convention.

SUMMER 1998 7

BY MARNA RIDENOUR , AA Former Interim Director of CoUegiate Chapter Services Three women will be traveling for Alpha Sigma Alpha during the 1998-99 academic year. A fourth woman. Nina Barber, will begin her travels in 1999.

Kelly A. McGinnis Kelly McGinnis, EK, is a graduate of Millersville University, PA, with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Kelly has served Epsilon Kappa Chapter as song/sunshine chainnan, treasurer, standards chainnan and lOth anniversary chairman. On campus, Kelly was a student senator, corresponding secretary and public relations chainnan and Order of Omega vice president. She has been on the dean's list and was honored with induction into Phi Eta Sigma (freshman scholarship) honor society.

Vanessa Hubbard Vanessa Hubbard, E0, is a graduate of Penn State-Behrend College with a bachelor's degree in political science and a minor in both communications and international studies. Vanessa has served Epsilon Theta Chapter as vice president, secretary, membership director. chaplain. public relations chainnan, special events chainnan and lOth anniversary/alumnae weekend chairman. Vanessa was nominated by her chapter for the Frost Fidelity Award . She has held other positions on campus. including vice president of ru h councilors and philanthropic chainnan and secretary for the Lion Ambassadors. She was selected for induction into Lambda Sigma (sophomore leadership/ scholarship) and Omicron Delta Kappa Oeadership).

UMM ER 199

This year's leadership consultants are , from left, standing , Jennifer A. Reisner fM Kelly A. McGinnis, EK, seated Vanessa Hubbard , E0, and Nina Barber, AA ' '

Jennifer A. Reisner Jennifer Reisner, fM, is a graduate of Adrian College, MI. with a bachelor's degree in environmental science and minors in biology and theater. Jennifer served Gamma Mu Chapter as secretary and philanthropic chainnan. She was the recipient of the chapter's Ideal New Member Award and the chapter's nominee for the Frost Fidelity Award. On campus Jennifer served as president of Theta Alpha Phi (dramatics). She received the Dean's Academic Scholarship from 1994-98 and was a nominee for the Irene Ryan Competitive Acting Scholarship four years in a row.

Nina Barber Nina Barber. AA, will be a December graduate of Miami University, OH. with a bachelor's degree in education.

Nina served Alpha Alpha Chapter as alumnae relations chainnan as well as on the standards board and philanthropy committee. The chapter honored Nina as their homecoming queen nominee, Panhellenic Greek scholar nominee and Frost Fidelity Award nominee. On campus Nina served Panhellenic as a rush counselor. She is a member of the National Council for Teachers of English, Student Affiliates at Miami and Campus Crusade for Chiist. Nina was also on the dean's list for several semesters. Edi tor's note: If you are interested in

the experience of a lifetime: traveling for Alpha Sigma Alpha, please contact AJ.. National Headquarters, 900 I Wesleyan Rd. Suite 200, Indianapolis, lN 46268, phone: 3I7-871 -2920,




Zeta Rho installed at University at West Alabama BY TARA MAAR, HH

chapter president, opened gifts from guests and the national organization. National President Suzanne ' 7eta Rho was installed as a chapter Kilgannon Preston presented each woman with her membership certifiL..iof Alpha Sigma Alpha on May 9, 1998, at the University of West cate. A reception followed that afterAlabama, in Livingston, AL. noon for family, friends, university The group started in May of 1996 officials and the campus community. with the colonization of 23 women. The weekend ended with the Over the next two years, the group installation banquet held Saturday became active on campus and in the evening. To add to the excitement, community with projects to help them tornado sirens sounded just as the banquet was ready to begin. Everyone complete their contract for chartering. They participated in a variety of spent an hour in hallways talking and snacking on cheese and crackers campus and community beautification projects and took part in until the storm blew over. Tara Marr countless philanthropic projects to aid served as toast mistress for the Special Olympics, the S. June Smith evening, and the guest speaker was Danny Buckalew, assistant vice Center and various local charities. The chapter joins r--_ _ _ _ _....~..,__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _'------ - - - - - - , president for student 1997-98 Leadership Consultant

Alpha Sigma Tau and Phi Muon the West Alabama campus. The weekend kicked off Friday evening with a get-acquainted party with the installation team, which included National President Suzanne Kilgannon Preston, BI. National Chairman of

Colonies Eleanor Borbas Williams, A, Colony Development Director Dolly Purvis Loyd, B~. Province XIII Director Cindy Kelley, Bll, 1996-97 Leadership Consultant Shannon Steele Kirwan, Ef, and 1997-98 Leadership Consultant Tara Marr, HH. Saturday morning initiation and installation were held. Three advisors and three other alumnae were initiated along with the collegiate women. Gamma Zeta Chapter from the University of Arkansas at Monticello and 1997-98 Leadership Consultant Brenda Findley, HH, assisted with the ceremonies. Eleanor Williams served as the toast mistress at the White Luncheon following the ceremonies. Kelli Britt,

Charter initiates Collegians: Kelli Autumn Britt, Dana Renee Blocker, Dinah Hollister Broadhead, Carla Danielle Dial, Shawn Leigh Glassini, Brandi Renee Goodwin, Michelle Antoinette Gothard, Joanna Michele Greene, Sung-Won Han, Sandra Nicole Hansen, Beth Lynn Haydan, Celeste F. Hollister, Amanda Kaye Jaggers, Teresa Angelique Jennings, Lori Ann Jimerson, Faith Jamyle Johnson, Katherine Rose Kirchner, Katrina Kim Kushmer, Christie Delaina Lawrence, Jayme Marie Linebarger, Cheryl Lynn Marson, Bettina Denise McCoy, Carrie Ann McDaniel, Jennifer Lind McDuffie, Karla Renee Miley, Andrea Morgan, Tommie Rachelle Munn, Angela Michelle Norris, Amy Ann Peper, Deborah Renae Scruggs, Lisa Elaine Snow, Tammy Marie Stundon, Amanda Jill Wallace and Allison A. Wood Alumnae: Jessica Leah Jones, Alison Anita Kyser, Jodie J. Shumate, Sarah Taylor, Carole B. Welborn and Tammy White. New members: Angela Edwina McCool and Jamie Elizabeth Sands


-"" dllairs. Brenda Findley gave the aspire toast; Shannon Steele Kirwan, the seek toast; and Cindy Kelley, the attain toast. Suzanne Kilgannon Preston then presented the chapter with their charter. The evening concluded with a dance.

SUMMER 1998 9

irectory ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA NATIONAL OFFICERS 1998-99 FOUNDED - Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, November 15, 1901 FOUNDERS- Louise Cox Carper, Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Mary Williamson Hundley, Virginia Boyd Noell, Calva Watson Wootton

NATIONAL COUNCIL President- Suzanne Kilgannon Preston, Bl, 205 Hampton Circle, Gilbertsville, PA 19525 Vice President of Extension - Lori White Scott, EE, 4513 W. 54th St., Roeland Park, KS 66205 Vice President of Collegians- Barbara Pennington Struble, a , 12180 Townline Rd ., Grand Blanc, Ml48439 Vice President of Alumnae- Debbie Sharp Craig, ZZ, 2300 Norwalk Dr., Colleyville, TX 76034 Vice President of Programs - Marianne Busch Bullock, 80 , 13715 Blazey Dr., Houston, TX 77041 Vice President of Finance - Barbara Lombrano Williamson, HH, 2804 Lake Crest Dr., Flower Mound, TX 75022 Vice President of Communications - Dolly Purvis Loyd, Bt., 225 Sherwood Dr., Hattiesburg, MS 39402

NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE Delegate- Diane Yencic James, HH, 966 S. 260th St., Pittsburg, KS 66762 First Alternate- Lynne Rachal Chambers, , 1211 Santa Anna, Richmond, VA 23229 Second Alternate - Lori White Scott, EE Third Alternate - Suzanne Kilgannon Preston, BI

10 SPRING 199~



9001 Wesleyan Rd., Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46268 Phone: 317-871-2920 FAX: 317-871-2924 Email: Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday (no change for daylight savings time)

Bylaws Chairman- Sharon Sterner, IT, 80-E. Powers Lane, Rochester, NY 14624 Chairman of Chapter Advisors- Brenda Rua Chappell, HH, 506 E. Pearl, Pittsburg, KS 66762 Chairman of Colonies- Cindy L. Kelly, Bll, Box 5730 SAPC, Laurinburg, NC 28352 Chairman of Housing- Tanya D. Trumbla, aY, 3112 Bonniebrook, Plano, TX 75075 Chairman of Membership Education- Maria K. Malayter, XX, 213 Wilton Lane, Mundelein, IL 60060 Chairman of New Chapters- Tricia C. Sanok, a , 37349 Judd, New Boston, Ml48164 Chairman of Philanthropies- Lori Muehlbauer Robinson, aK, 2148 Waggoner Ave., Evansville, IN 47714 Chairman of Ritual- Andrea J. Tunia, EI, 1340 N. Benton Ave., Springfield, MO 65802 Chairman of Recruitment- Jennifer L. Richard, E<l> , 65 Salem St., #4, Boston, MA 02113 Chairman of Scholarship- Linda Bonine Rogers, !!.1, 1017 Quail Run, Wyoming, DE 19934 Chairman of Standards - Sandra Phillips Brzezinski, fE , 7041 W. Tripoli Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53220

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS STAFF Executive Director- Lisa Tait Longo, fH Director of Chapter Services - Kelley Gillespie Miller, EH . Director of Finance and AdministrationGeorge Ann McClain, Bl Director of Programming and Alumnae Services- Jennifer Griggs, EE Director of Communications- Teresa Fishback, t.K Collegiate Development CoordinatorBrenda Findley, HH Financial Records AdministratorSarah Hoover Financial Records AdministratorFloyd Reeves Administrative Assistant- Fran Gibson

LEADERSHIP CONSULTANTS Vanessa Hubbard, EEl Kelly McGinnis, EK Jennifer Reisner, f M Nina Barber, AA (beginning Spring 1999)

THE PHOENIX STAFF Editor- Nancy I.Z. Reese, BY, 1312 E. Kensington Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 Alumnae Editor- Christine Reising Keeley, EB, 917 Ridgefield Lane, Wheeling, IL 60090 Collegiate Editor- Sara Jane Lowe Komer, Bl, 634 S. Sparks, Springfield, MO 65802 Feature Editor- Nora Ten Broeck, BK, 4E Stag Horn Ct. Cockeysville, MD 21030 Historian- Sue Zorichak, BB, 233218th St., Boulder, CO 80304

FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman- Rosemary Carucci Goss, Bll, 2355 Mt. Tabor Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060 Vice Chairman- Leslie Maxwell Ziringer, rH, 4082 Hilty Rd ., Export, PA 15632 Secretary- Cindy Fundis Smith, EE, 29 E. 113th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64114 Treasurer- Sidney Gremillion Allen, \jnll, 1355 Sheppard St. #205, Minden, LA 71055 Trustee- Suzanne Kilgannon Preston, 81, 205 Hampton Circle, Gilbertsville, PA 19525 Trustee- Barbara Lombrano Williamson, HH, 2804 Lake Crest Dr., Rower Mound, TX 75028


National Collegia~ Provinces PROVINCE I DIRECTOR Director- Janet Crook Conroy, BIT, 69 Bolton St., South Boston, MA 02127 Plymouth State College, Epsilon Psi- Plymouth , NH 03264 Bentley College, Epsilon Omega- Waltham, MA 02254 North Adams State College, Zeta Delta- North Adams, MA 01247

PROVINCE II Director- Kim Benson, aN. 66-15 69th St. 1-C, Middle Village, NY 11379 Wagner College, Zeta Theta- Staten Island, NY 10301 State University of New York at Stony Brook, Zeta Iota- Stony Brook, NY 11790

PROVINCE Ill Director- Gina Nagy, E2, 41 Floral Ave. #1, Malden, MA 02148 Rochester Institute of Technology, Gamma IotaRochester. NY 14623 Mansfield University, Delta Epsilon - Mansfield, PA 16933 State University of New York at Brockport, Epsilon Nu - Brockport, NY 14220

PROVINCE IV Director - Lisa Stevens, EN, 736 Spencerport Rd., Rochester, NY 14606 Edinboro University, Gamma Psi - Edinboro, PA 16412 Pennsylvania State University- Behrend College, Epsilon Theta- Erie, PA 16563 Gannon University, Zeta Gamma- Erie, PA 16501

PROVINCE V Director- Michelle Do hey Wile, EA, 526 Foster St., Greensburg, PA 15601 Pennsylvania State University, Gamma EtaUniversity Park, PA 16802 Clarion University, Gamma Omicron- Clarion, PA 16214 Muskingum College, Zeta Omicron -New Concord, OH 43762

PROVINCE VI DirectorIndiana University of Pennsylvania, Alpha Gamma -Indiana, PA 15701 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Epsilon Lambda- Johnstown, PA 15907 California University of Pennsylvania, Epsilon Upsilon- California, PA 15419


Director- Dawn Hugo Cote, ze. 741 Chessie Ct., West Chester, PA 19380

East Stroudsburg University, Gamma Rho- East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 Bloomsburg University, Delta Chi - Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Moravian College, Zeta Nu- Bethlehem, PA 18018

PROVINCE VIII Director- Stacie Sieber, EM, 231 Passaic Ave., Pt. Pleasant, NJ 08642 The College of New Jersey, Epsilon Mu Trenton, NJ 08650 William Paterson College, Epsilon Rho- Wayne, NJ 07470 Rowan University, Zeta Lambda- Glassboro, NJ 08028

PROVINCE IX Director- Chayna L. Wilson, EM, 122 William St., Hightstown, NJ 08520 Drexel University, Nu Nu- Philadelphia, PA 19014 Millersville University, Epsilon KappaMillersville, PA 17551 Kutzto wn University, Epsilon Xi- Kutztown, PA 19530

PROVINCE X Director- Christine Strapac Thomas, Af , 7518 Water Lily Way, Columbia, MD 21046 University of Delaware, Delta Iota- Newark, DE 19711 University of Maryland- Baltimore County, Epsilon Tau- Baltimore, MD 21228 Goldey-Beacom College, Epsilon Chi Wilmington, DE 19808

PROVINCE XI Director- Debbie Harris Early, Ef, 2601 Chatham Woods Dr., Richmond , VA 23233 James Madison University, Beta EpsilonHarrisonburg, VA 22801 Radford University, Beta Iota- Radford, VA 24141 Concord College, Beta Pi- Athens, WV 24712

PROVINCE XII Director- Julie Wiley, A, 3464 Marabou Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Longwood College, Alpha- Farmville, VA 23901 Virginia Commonwealth University, Epsilon Gamma- Richmond, VA 23229 Virginia Wesleyan College, Epsilon Eta- Norfolk, VA 23502

PROVINCE XIII Director- Karen Courtney Hatch, Ee, 801 Burcale Rd. Unit K-8, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 Elan College, Delta Rho- Elon, NC 27244 Averett College, Zeta Epsilon- Danville, VA 24541 University of West Alabama, Zeta Rho Livingston, AL 35470

PROVINCE XIV Director- Marianne Wittmer, aN, 21021 Green Hill Rd. Apt. 256, Farmington Hills, Ml 48335 Central Michigan University, Beta Theta - Mt. Pleasant, Ml 48858 Adrian College, Gamma Mu- Adrian, Ml49221 Kettering University, Delta Nu-A- Flint, Ml 48504 Kettering University, Delta Nu-B- Flint, Ml 48504 Saginaw Valley State University, Delta SigmaSaginaw, Ml48710

PROVINCE XV Director- Angela Schaefer Moskal, B~ . 12032 Greenwalk Dr., St. Louis, MO 63146 Miami University, Alpha Alpha- Oxford , OH 45056 Murray State University, Beta Nu- Murray, KY 42071 Indiana State University, Beta Upsilon - Terre Haute, IN 47809 University of Southern Indiana, Delta KappaEvansville, IN 47711

PROVINCE XVI Director- Sharon Buscetta Moeykens, aH, 1360 N. Lake Shore Dr. , Apt. 917, Chicago, IL 60610 Northern Illinois University, Beta Rho- DeKalb, IL 60115 Loyola University, Gamma Lambda- Chicago, IL 60626 Eastern Illinois University, Gamma Omega Charleston, IL 61920 DePaul University, Delta Eta- Chicago, IL 60614

PROVINCE XVII Director-Anita Reichling , aN, W. 151 N. 11474 Potomac Cir., Germantown. WI 53022 University of Wisconsin at River Falls, Zeta Beta River Falls, WI 54022 Mankato State University, Zeta Kappa- Mankato, MN 56001


Director- Christina Schmidt Reiss, B~ . 350 Hillside, St. Louis, MO 63119 Truman State University, Alpha Beta- Kirksville, MO 63501 Western Illinois University, Beta Kappa Macomb, IL 61455 Lindenwood College, Zeta Xi -St. Charles, MO 63301

PROVINCE XIX Director-Amanda Blecha, <1><1>, 3516 N.W. 71st St., Kansas City, MO 64151 Northwest Missouri State University, Phi Phi Maryville, MO 64468 Rockhurst College, Zeta Eta- Kansas City, MO 64110 Missouri Western State College, Zeta Mu St. Joseph, MO 64506

SPRING 1998 11

irectory PROVINCE XX

Director - Jill D. Whittenburg, 8f, 3621 E. 55th St., Tulsa, OK 74135 Pittsburg State University, Eta Eta- Pittsburg, KS 66762 Northeastern State University, Beta GammaTahlequah, OK 74105 Southwest Missouri State University, Beta Sigma, Springfield, MO 65804 Missouri Southern State College, Zeta AlphaJoplin, MO 64801


Director - Amy Sutton Finkeldei, EE, 9411 Reeder, Overland Park, KS 66214 Emporia State University, Epsilon EpsilonEmporia, KS 66801 Central Missouri State University, Zeta Zeta Warrensburg, MO 64093 Missouri Valley College, Gamma Pi - Marshall, MO 65340


Director- Trudy Higgins, 80, 8015 Marisol Dr., Houston, TX 77083 University of Central Arkansas, Beta LambdaConway, AR 72032 Henderson State University, Beta Mu Arkadelphia, AR 71923 University of Arkansas at Monticello, Gamma Zeta- Monticello, AR 71655 Southern Arkansas University, Epsilon AlphaMagnolia, AR 71753


DirectorUniversity of Northern Colorado, Beta Beta Greeley, CO 80631 University of Southern Colorado, Zeta Pi Pueblo, CO 81001

PROVINCE XXIII Director- Dana J. Glover, 8f, 3617 Madrid Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 76133 University of Texas at San Antonio, Delta Upsilon - San Antonio, TX 78285 University of The Incarnate Word Colony - San Antonio, TX

National AlumnaeRegions REGION I Director- Deb Colvin, AA, 29 N. Margin St. Apt. 2, Boston, MA 02113 Boston, Massachusetts -Mary McGuire, 10 Conant Rd., Framingham, MA 01701 Buffalo, New York- Susan Hohl, 376 Countryside Lane, Williamsville, NV 14221 Central New Jersey- Lisa MacDonald Turnbull, 346 De Mott Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873 Central Pennsylvania- Marilyn Bashore, 306 Regent Dr., lititz, PA 17543

12 SPRING 1998

Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania-lise Graenz Schwarze, 3 Long point Lane, Media, PA 19063 Greater Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania- Laura L. Courtright, 946 S. Armour St., Allentown, PA 18103 New York Metro, New York- Allison Fraser, 3 Maison Ct., Holbrrok, NY 11741 Greater Rochester, New York- Sharon M. Sterner, 80-EPowers Lane, Rochester, NY 14624


Director- Deborah Fields Dietrich, 8 , 12908 124th Ave. North, Largo, FL 33774 Atlanta, Georgia- Shannon Priddy, 310 Maner Terr. SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 Central Florida - Stacy Dettro, 3637 Creeks Bend Ct. East, Caselberry, FL 32707 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida- Kitty Gooch Milum, 717 N.W. 30 St., Wilton Manors, FL 33311 Hattiesburg, Mississippi- Dolly Purvis Loyd, 225 Sherwood Dr., Hattiesburg, MS 39402 Mississippi Gulf Coast- Dee Dougherty Mitchell, 9010 Hillside Rd., Biloxi, MS 39532 Central North Carolina- Jacquelyn S. Gardner, 606-A Tracy Dr., Trails End Apts. , Bu rlington, NC 27215 Richmond, Virginia- Karen Golbek Graham, 426 Roseneath Rd., Richmond, VA 23221 Tampa Bay, Florida- Sheri Hendren First, 10510 97th St. North, Largo, FL 34643 Tidewater Virginia- Wende Davis, 1128 Glengarry Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Washington, DC- Maureen Harvey, 302 Chelsea Ct. , Sykesville, MD 21784

REGION Ill Director- Joanne Burroughs Zabaldo, 80, 3609 W. Cleveland St., Tampa, FL 33609 Cincinnati, Ohio- Luana Roof, 3875 Boomer Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45247 Dayton, Ohio- Pam Chambers Shoffner, 8160 Longcreek Dr., Dayton, OH 45458 Detroit, Michigan- Mary Ellen Busch, 1709 Gardenia #3, Royal Oak, Ml 48067 Detroit Suburban, Michigan- Christine Gage, 13985 Billette, Sterling Heights, Ml 48313 Flint, Michigan - Deneen Stevens Munerance, 6256 Kings Crown, Grand Blanc, Ml 48439 Jackson Purchase, Kentucky- Barbara KeelMcClure, 1305 Farris Ave., Murray, KV 42071 West Michigan- Kris Hanby, 416 Grandview, Springlake, Ml 49456

REGION IV Director- Joan Kolar Grabarek, BP, 1232 Clyde Dr., Naperville, ll60540 Anderson, Indiana -lola Sparl<s, 6646 S. 200 East, Marlevile, IN 46056 Chicago Metro, Illinois - Garol J. Poindexter, 8205 W. Wilson Ave., Norridge, ll60656 Chicago North Subulban, Illinois- Christine J. Martinicky, 429 S. Abbey Hill lane, Palatine, ll60067

Chicago West Suburban, Illinois- Sondra Sartore, 21 W. 660 Marston Ct., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Chicago Windy City, Illinois- Sherri DeVore, 4437 N. Whipple #1, Chicago, IL 60625 Indianapolis, Indiana - Kim Goble Akers, 8299 Frontage Rd., Fairland, IN 46126 Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Nancy Andrus Gerwin, 5311 S. Cambridge Lane, Greenfield, WI 53221 Muncie, Indiana- Patricia Hinshaw, 9100 Lone Beech, Muncie, IN 47304 Southwest Indiana- Lori Robinson, 2148 Waggoner, Evansville, IN 47714 Terre Haute, Indiana- Brenda Scott, 305 N. 15th, Terre Haute, IN 47807 Wiscota Area, Minnesota/Wisconsin- Mary Jo Sylwester, 1810 Taft Ave. Apt C-12, Oshkosh, WI 54901


Director- Christina Merriman, AA, 8668 Delmar Apt. 2W, St. Louis, MO 63124 Dickinson, North Dakota- Bertha R. Geiger, 425 Simms St. Apt. #21 , Dickinson, ND 58601 Emporia, Kansas- Leslie Hess, 1102 Prairie, Emporia, KS 66801 Kansas City, Missouri- Johanna Haag Gardner, 12830 W. 106th St., Overland Park, KS 66215 Maryville, Missouri- Julia Ware, 175 N. Sunset, Maryville, MO 64468 Muskogee, Oklahoma- Sandy Leatherman, 500 N. 64th St. West, Muskogee, OK 74401 Omaha, Nebraska- Vicki Castleman, 4254 N. 163rd Ave., Omaha, NE 68116 Pittsburg, Kansas- Mona Blancett, 6564 N.E. Hwy. 160 #C8, Weir, KS 66781 Springfield, Missouri- Kim Horton, 3646 Sheffield Way, Springfield, MO65804 St. Louis, Missouri- Christina Merriman, 8668 Delmar Apt. 2W, St. Louis, MO 63124 Tulsa, Oklahoma- Leslie Stover, 1100 E. Dover Place, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

REGION VI Director- Angela Dantzler Bauldree, BZ, 4000 FProvidence Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 Dallas, Texas- Betty Yount Gardner, 911 Bluebird Dr., Irving, TX 75061 Denver, Colorado- Nancy McFaddin, 3335 W. 94th Ave., Westminster, CO 80030 Houston, Texas- Suzy Foster, 9615 Judalon Lane, Houston, TX 77063 Phoenix, Arizona- Meri Berger Thomason, 5812 N. 12th #7, Phoenix, AZ. 85014 San Antonio, Texas- Susan campbell, 14603 Hidden Glen Woods, San Antonio, TX 78249 San Diego, California- Bernita Sipan, 335 Kimball Terrace, Chula Vista, CA 91910

QUOTA/TOTAL Chapters taking quota, making total or both for the 1997-98 school year, according to records received at Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters as of April30, 1998


Gamma Omega, Eastern Illinois University

Alpha Beta, Truman State University, MO

Delta Rho, Elon College, NC

Zeta Zeta, Central Missouri State University Beta Kappa, Western Illinois University


Beta Lambda, University of Central Arkansas

Alpha, Longwood College, VA

Beta Pi, Concord College, WV

Alpha Gamma, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Beta Rho, Northern Illinois University

Beta Beta, University of Northern Colorado

Beta Upsilon, Indiana State University

Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia State University, KS

Gamma Iota, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

Eta Eta, Pittsburg State University, KS

Gamma Pi, Missouri Valley College

Nu Nu, Drexel University, PA

Gamma Rho, East Stroudsburg University, PA

Beta Gamma, Northeastern State University, OK

Delta Epsilon, Mansfield University, PA

Beta Epsilon, James Madison University, VA

Delta Iota, University of Delaware

Beta Iota, Radford University, VA

Delta Nu-B, Kettering University, Ml

Gamma Zeta, University of Arkansas at Monticello

Epsilon Eta, Virginia Wesleyan College

Gamma Lambda, Loyola University, IL

Epsilon Theta, Pennsylvania State University- Behrend College

Gamma Mu, Adrian College, Ml

Epsilon Lambda, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Delta Eta, DePaul University, IL

Epsilon Nu, State University of New York at Brockport

Delta Kappa , University of Southern Indiana

Epsilon Rho, William Patterson University, NJ

Delta Nu-A, Kettering University, Ml

Epsilon Tau, University of Maryland- Baltimore County

Delta Sigma, Saginaw Valley State University, Ml

Epsilon Upsilon, California University of Pennsylvania

Delta Upsilon, University of Texas at San Antonio

Epsilon Chi, Goldey-Beacom College, DE

Epsilon Alpha, Southern Arkansas University

Zeta Beta, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Epsilon Gamma, Virginia Commonwealth University

Zeta Theta, Wagner College, NY

Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA

Zeta Iota, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Epsilon Mu, TheCollege of New Jersey

Zeta Nu, Moravian College, PA

Zeta Alpha, Missouri Southern State College

Zeta Xi, Lindenwood University, MO

Zeta Gamma, Gannon University, PA

Zeta Omicron, Muskingum College, OH

Zeta Eta, Rockhurst College, MO

Zeta Rho, University of West Alabama

Zeta Kappa, Mankato State University, MN Zeta Mu, Missouri Western State College


Zeta Pi, University of Southern Colorado

Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University

Incarnate Word Colony, University of the Incarnate Word, TX

Beta Nu, Murray State University, KY Gamma Eta, Pennsylvania State University


SUMMER 1998 13



Kathleen Smith, an Alpha Alpha at Miami University, OH , is awarded the chapter's Outstanding Ruby Member Award by laura laclede , AA, Alpha Alpha advisor, during Ohio 's Founders ' Day celebration. Above: Zeta Alphas are all dressed up for their performance in the Missouri Southern State homecoming talent show. The chapter received third place. left: Epsilon Taus, from left, Sophia Williamson , Sherry Hosseini, Kristen Kachurak, Jen Barb and lisa Silverberg keep score for the Special Olympics Basketball Tournament held at the University of MarylandBaltimore County. Above: Delta Upsilons at the University of Texas at San Antonio celebrate after winning the most creative entry in the homecoming parade . Each campus organization was given a golf cart to decorate , and the chapter transformed its cart into a giant ladybug. Shown with the cart are , left to right, Greta Beardsley, Ileana Jacinto, laura Burgess, Michele Baumann , Johanna Guetzow and Rebecca Holifield. Right: Beta Gammas at Northeastern State University , OK, take a time out with Special Olympians during a Special Olympics swim meet in Muskogee , OK.

14 SUMMER 199


SPIRIT Nu Nus at Drexel University, PA, shown with Special Olympians, participated in the Special Olympics Volleyball Blast in Philadelphia.

Zeta Nus at Moravian College , PA, enjoy caroling at a local nursing home during the holidays. They are , from left, Kim Minnerly, Liz Chamberlain , Jenna Woods, Val Rhoe and Casey llewellyn.

Epsilon Mus at the College of New Jersey serve as lane managers and award presenters at a Special Olympics bowling tournament.

Alpha Betas at Missouri State Day. The chapter hosted the event at Truman State University.


SUMMER 1998 15


SPIRIT Left: Beta Kappas at Western Illinois University participated in Phi Kappa Theta 's Dragon Board Races . These rowers won third place.

Above: Jaime L. Cammarata, 1 N, of Drexel University, PA, was selected as one of 11 outstanding co-operative education seniors for 1998 for her co-op work with the Philadelphia School District food services division . Jaime began a dietetic internship in September at the ARAMARK Corp. Healthcare Support Services , Radnor, PA.

Above : Gamma Etas pose with Dave Lys , Alpha Sigma Phi , during the Penn State Dance Marathon . The Gamma Eta Chapter sponsored Dave , who is battling cancer, during the dance . Below: Erin Fulks , Amanda Harrison and Genie Holland were among the Beta Lambdas who attended the Spirit Night Pep Rally at a University of Central Arkansas basketball game .

Above : Beta Nus at Murray State University, KY , participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life , a 24-hour walk-a-thon for cancer patients. They are , from left, back, Staci Pimberton , Heather Martin , Angie Gibbs, Traci Richardson , Lindsey Monroe , Susan Glore , front, Jodie Cramer, Tara Bird and Kelly Polivick.

ALPHA SPIRIT Epsilon Gammas at Virginia Commonwealth University congratulate alumna Stacey Bellamy, Er, center, as she wins the Miss Northern Virginia Pageant. Stacey went on to compete in the Miss Virginia pageant in July in Roanoke, VA.

Phi Phi Chapter at Northwest Missouri State University has double the fun with laura, left, and Dana Horkey as members. The twins, shown here at their initiation, are involved with campus and community activities. laura is the chapter fund raising chairman, and Dana is the vice president for membership recruitment.

Delta Epsilons of Mansfield University, PA, along with the host of the television show, display their banner that was broadcast on "The Slant," a Fox Sports network program.

Above: Beta Pis of Concord College, WV, distribute candy during Halloween at Princeton Community Hospital. Right: Sonya Thompson, right, and Maria Gironda celebrate after Sonya is crowned homecoming queen at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. This is the second year in a row an Epsilon lambda has won the crown.

ALUMNAE ACTION Chapters report on winter and spring activities Suburban Detroit

Valentine for nursing home The Suburban Detroit alumnae held a Craftpollooza to celebrate the spirit of St. Valentine's Day. The members made decorative roses by wrapping red foil paper around chocolate candies for the bud of the flower and connecting stems and leaves for the final touch. All the roses were placed in a basket and given to a local nursing home to enjoy for the holiday. Wendy Hale, JN Buffalo, NY

Members of the Washington, DC, alumnae at a recent meeting are, from left, back row, Kathy Wilson Burke, , Maureen Herring Harvey, AA, Claudia Exler Kubis, , Judith Whipp Parkison, Bfl, Jennifer Pellett, BB, front row, Elizabeth Benson Scheuble, AA, Helen Lortz, HH, and Carolyn Mulford, AB. Washington, DC

Spring in Washington The Washington, DC , alumnae celebrated the arrival of an early spring at the home of Helen Lortz, HH. After lunch, spring activities were planned and convention attendance was discussed. The group was pleased to welcome a new member, Jennifer Pellett, BB. newly employed as an aide to Colorado Sen. Wayne Allard. Judith Parkison, B!l

Members of the Suburban Detroit Alumnae display their finished gift for a local nursing home. They are, from left, back row, lisa Manning Ashcroft, ~ , Kirtsy St. Croix, ~ , Wendy Hale , 6. , Marianne Wittmer, 6. , Janet Czajkowski Austerman , 6. , front row, Karen Raymond Wainz, 6. , Julie Hinzmann, ur , and Christine Gage,


Quilt raffle benefits philanthropic projects The Buffalo Alumnae Chapter celebrated Founders' Day with a luncheon at the Buffalo Club, the area's most prestigious private club. Mark Goldman, owner of the chic Calumet Arts Cafe, spoke to the group on the topic of "The Changing Face of the Buffalo Neighborhood." The event was chaired by Jacqueline Vito LoRusso, TITI. The chapter's annual March theater event was chaired by Debbie Kron Wingate, f2. The alums had brunch at the Flying Tigers, followed by "Monkey Business" at the Lancaster Opera House. The chapter ended the spring with a mother/daughter luncheon, chaired

by Marcia Kinbar Goldstein, ~T . at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. An Amish quilt was raflled off, with the proceeds benefiting the chapter's philanthropic projects. Donette P. Thurlow, PP Tampa Bay, FL

Happy birthday, Emma Coleman Frost! The Tampa Bay Area alumnae celebrated the 96th birthday of Emma Coleman Frost, Tin, on Jan. 31 at the Horizon House in Clearwater, FL. Emma has been an active member of Alpha Sigma Alpha for 75 years and a member of the Tampa Bay Alumnae Chapter since 1968. Fifteen members attended, celebrating Em's numerous achievements, generosity and leadership contributions to the national organization. Anne Martenstein Gerken, A

Tampa Bay alumnae attending Emma Coleman Frost's birthday party included, front row, Deborah Fields Dietrich, BN, Emma Coleman Frost, rrn, back row, Joanne Zabaldo, BT, Babs McKinley, IITI, and lisa Reiss Glonek, rn.



Delaware Valley, PA

Chapter creates holiday decorations Delaware Valley alumnae were the guests of Frances Sommers Dougherty, fill, for a holiday workshop where members created seasonal decorations. A cookie and gift exchange completed the program. Lois Meadowcroft Baker, NN, invited the chapter to lunch at her retirement home, White Horse Village, in January. The members attended the Philadelphia Panhellenic luncheon in March. Chapter President lise Graenz Schwarz, NN, hosted a potluck dinner in May. The alumnae chapter serves the western suburbs of Philadelphia and welcomes new members. Miriam Hipple FitzGerald, KK

St. Louis, MO

Auction benefits

ALA philanthropies Alumnae in St. Louis celebrated Founders' Day with a ceremony at the home of Bonnie Payne Koenemann, ZZ. In December, the chapter had its annual holiday auction at the home of Suzanne Merriman, AA - on the day before her wedding! Many holiday items were up for auction and they welcomed several new members to the group. The proceeds raised went to A2.A philanthropic projects. In February the chapter celebrated the one-year anniversary of its web site: http:/ / asastlalum/index.html. Other chapter activities for the year included dining out in the city's west end and taking in a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. The chapter continues to aid the colony at Lindenwood University, which became the Zeta Xi Chapter on March 21, 1998. Kay Prange, XX.

and Angela Schaefer Moskal, B!


Delaware Valley alumnae at their Founders' Day luncheon are, from left, seated, Ruth Pike Fooskas, KK; Edith Waugh O'Brien, NN, lois Meadowcroft Baker, NN, Ann Ristine Thomas, NN, Frieda Bornemann lenthe, NN, Miriam Hipple FitzGerald, KK, standing, lise Graenz Schwarze, NN, Frances Sommers Dougherty, IIII, and lvelis Valles Mulhern, NN. Hattiesburg, MS

Mardi Gras celebration The Hattiesburg alumnae held two special events this past year. First, they celebrated Founders' Day with a luncheon at the Hattiesburg Country Club. Ursula Jones, B~. presented a program on The Encounter: A Lifetime Education Program. She read some of the material from the pearl member program, reminding alumnae of many things they had forgotten. The second event was on Feb. 14 to celebrate St. Valentine's Day as well as Mardi Gras. Kim Tillman Busche, B~ . hosted the luncheon, and the Mardi Gras theme was evident throughout her home. Many of the alums dressed for the occasion. Dolly D. Loyd, BLl

other memorabilia from their college days. The alums concluded the spring with a meeting at the Hardware Cafe in Liberty, MO, where they welcomed graduating collegians into alumnae status. Ann Campbell Nielsen, <P<P

Muskogee, OK

Alumnae help collegians rush Muskogee alumnae assisted the Beta Gamma Chapter at Northeastern State University with fall rush activities in 1997. The alums served tropical refreshments to rushees and Beta Gamma members.

Muskogee alumnae Cindy Ullrich, Br, and Karen Maples Johnson, Br, exchange ornaments during the chapter's holiday party.

Kansas City, KS

Gifts help women's shelter The Kansas City alumnae began 1998 with a St. Valentine's tea and a shower for New House, a home for battered women and children. Alumnae brought gifts of household and personal items. "Alpha Memory Day" was held at Rouse's Bar-B-Q. Alumnae shared scrapbooks, pictures, T-shirts and

SUMMER 1998 19

ALUMNAE The alumnae chapter celebrated the holidays with a holiday ornament exchange party at the home of Rebecca Carrnent Scheihing, Bf. Along with their ornaments, members exchanged holiday cooldes and recipes. Rebecca Carrnent Scheihing, BT Chicago West Suburban

Silent auction raises money for philanthropy Chicago West Suburban alumnae held a silent auction in November at the home of Susan James Legg, XX. Members donated various objects and over $100 was raised for philanthropic projects. The chapter's annual holiday party and gift exchange was held at the home of new member Beth Agler Berman, AB. ln January, the chapter held a Super Bowl party at the home of Elllie Bernhard Priebe, BP. In February, Sharon Nickals Gamey, BP, served a Greater Dallas alumnae at their annual holiday party are , from left, back row, Mikelle A. Calhoun, fH, Shannon Kelly, Betty Yount Gardner, BA, Mary Watson , Barbara Lombrano Williamson , HH; front row, Angela Dantzler Bauldree , BZ, Tanya Trumbla , 6. Y, Kelly Augustyniak, 6. Y, and Ginny Lloyd , ro.

20 SUMMER 199


chili dinner in her home, followed by a bunko party. The chapter celebrated spring with a dinner at Stir Crazy in March and with gardening tips in April. Joan Kolar Grabarek, BP

Dallas, TX

Women receive Phoenix degree Dallas alumnae conferred the Phoenix degree on Shannon Kelly, the daughter of Betty Yount Gardner, BJ\, during the Founders' Day luncheon. Marianne Busch Bullock, BEl, was the special guest at the traditional white ceremony. Shannon was initiated at the 1998 national convention in Dallas along with two other women, Mary Watson and Dana Frtsbie, who received the Phoenix degree at the chapter's Easter basket party. The chapter's annual holiday party was held at the home of Kelly Augustyniak, ll Y. Marianne Orlando Pignone, Af, hosted a lasagna dinner. ln January, the Dallas alumnae were invited by the national council to a reception at the Omni Mandalay, site of the national convention in July. Betty Yount Gardner, BA

San Diego, CA

Alumnae hold sweetheart dinner The Greater San Diego alumnae met for a sweetheart potluck dinner on Feb. 14, 1998, at the home of Bernita Offerman Sipan, M . Braving the winds and torrential rains of El Nino, many of the members brought their husbands, making for a great deal of extra blight and lively conversation. The last meeting of the 1997-98 season was a luncheon at the Singing Hills Golf Course, with business and installation of officers for 1998--2000 held at the home of Serena Engle bart Lannue, ZZ. Serena Englebart Lannue, ZZ Dayton, OH

Busy year in Ohio The Dayton Alumnae Chapter began the year in August as guests of the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter for a luncheon at the White Horse Inn in Cincinnati. On Founders' Day the Dayton Alumnae joined Alpha Alpha Chapter, the Muskingum Colony and the Cincinnati alumnae at Miami University, OH, for a buffet. The Dayton alumnae Outstanding Junior Award was presented to Lindsay Gerhart of Alpha Alpha. Dayton alumnae member and Alpha Alpha advisor, Laura Gadbau Laclede, AA, was presented the Crown Degree pin by Alpha Alpha Chapter. The holidays were celebrated at the home of Hillary Small Williams, A, with a brunch and auction. In February the alumnae traveled to Oxford to attend Province XV Day. ln March the chapter had a dinner for members and spouses at the home of Laura Gadbau Laclede. April found the alumnae at the Dayton Alumnae Panhellenic Fashion Show and Luncheon, with proceeds benefiting scholarships for local collegians. The program year concluded in May with a charter


ACTION Maryville, MO

Alums honor ruby members

Richmond alumnae gather for their annual dinner. day celebration of 49 years for the Dayton alumnae. Laura Gadbau Laclede, AA

Richmond, VA

Chapter welcomes new alumnae The Richmond Alumnae Chapter hosted a tea in honor of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter graduates and new alumnae. The graduates and their mothers attended a candlelit gathering at Reveille United Methodist Church. The chapter held its annual dinner at the Bottoms Up Restaurant. Alumnae dressed in red and white and enjoyed Richmond's best pizza. The alumnae held their annual holiday cookie swap on the Sunday after Thanksgiving at the home of Karen Golbek Graham, Er. At the December business meeting, Dee Dee Francis, BE, panhellenic delegate, was recognized for best attendance at Richmond panhellenic meetings. She presented a check to the Richmond Alumnae Chapter. Karen Golbek

College Conservatory of Music for "Babes in Arms," a revival of the 1937 musical. Other events this year included a tour of the art museum, a Founders' Day lunch in Oxford (featuring a talk by Anne Petree Niemeyer, AA, brunch at the home of Mary Goeke Backsman, AA, and "March Madness" at the home of Michele Margraf Foster, Af, where the chapter viewed the new Alpha Sigma Alpha video. The chapter continues to collect items for the One Way Farm, including sheets, canned soups and vegetables and socks. The items are taken to the shelter after each meeting by Luana Long Roof, AA.

The Phi Phi Chapter announced at a morning coffee hosted by Mary Ruth Brown Appleby, <1><1>, that they had won outstanding organization on campus. Mother Patroness Dr. Ann Cowan Rowlette, <1><1>, was honored with a gift from the alumnae and collegians. At the annual Phi Phi senior sendoff/ bingo party in 1997, the alumnae presented the Ruth Jean Price Award to Phi Phi member Jennifer Knotts. Ruth Jean Price was Phi Phi Mother Patroness for 63 years. On Founders' Day, the alumnae chapter initiated an annual award to be given to a ruby member in honor of Bonnie A. Magill, <1><1>, who was on the faculty at NWMSU and a Phi Phi advisor for many years. The first recipient of the new Bonnie Magill Attainment Award was senior Dana Horkey. La.Vona Stalcup Reid, cpcp

Kelly Huss Fries, AA

Graham. Er

Cincinnati, OH

Alumnae enjoy the arts Cincinnati alumnae and guests enjoyed a trip to the theater. Dessert was served at the home of Nancy Coon Anderson, fB, before proceeding to the


SUMMER 1998 21

ALUMNA E S T ARS Featuring the accomplishments of individual Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae Alum answers higher calling Sister Mary Lelia, formerly Debbie McCollough, Beta Lambda, is a Carmelite Sister of the Divine Heart of Jesus in St. Louis, MO. Her journey to the religious life began when she was teaching fifth grade in a small Catholic school at a time when she was not yet Catholic. She found herself touched by the mass and began instruction in the Catholic faith. She entered the convent in 1980. Sister Mary Lelia graduated from the University of

Central Arkansas in 1978. She believes her experiences with Alpha Sigma Alpha were beneficial in preparing her for the religious life because they taught her to get along with all kinds of people, to cooperate, to find the good in others and to work to improve herself. She has been a kindergarten teacher for 12 years and is currently the formation directress for her province. ln this position, she assists young women as they enter the religious life.

Sister Mary l elia, Beta lambda, with students fromthe day care center. 22 SUMMER 199

Nurse wins teaching award, named dean of nursing school

Helen Herbst lawson , Rho Rho

Former teacher active in community Helen Herbst Lawson, Rho Rho, has been contributing to the community of Ashland, KY. for many years. A former teacher at Ashland High School and former chairman of the business department of Blazer High School, Helen worked for Ashland lnc. as a secretary and trainer for 22 years. She continued to teach after retirement by speaking at schools about the history of the early German colony in Ashland. Active with the Marshall University Alumni Association, she is currently on its board of directors. She is a member of the Paramount Women's Association, a committee charged with upgrading a local historic art deco theater. She also helps several elderly women with groceries, calls, cards and personal attention. Helen has been a Sunday school teacher for 30 years and a vacation Bible school teacher for 12 years. She served at one time as the alumnae advisor of Rho Rho Chapter.

Immediate past National Vice President of Programs Silvana Filippello Richardson, Gamma Lambda, received the 1997 Outstanding Teacher Award from Viterbo College in Lacrosse, WI, where she has been associate professor of nursing since 1991. According to the colleagues who nominated her for this prestigious award, she is "a tireless educator who puts the students' needs first." Students stated that she "challenged them to always do their best" and "served as a role model of what a great professional nurse should be." In July 1997, Silvana was appointed dean of the School of Nursing at Viterbo College. This makes her the academic leader of the largest educational program on campus. Silvana also serves as an officer in the Naval Reserves. She was recently promoted to the rank of commander in the Navy Nurse Corps. Her unit is a 500-bed field hospital that

Silvana Filippello Richardson , Gamma lambda

ALUMNAE would serve in a combat zone with the Marines if mobilized. Silvana received her bachelor's degree in nursing from Loyola University, IL. She completed her master's degree in nursing education from Governors State University, IL, and her Ph.D. in community health education from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. She has held several A'i.A national offices, including chairman of ritual, province director, vice president of collegiate program, chairman of philanthropies and chairman of standards.

Training specialist honored by U.S. Navy Maria K. Malayter, Chi Chi, was recently honored as the Guest of Honor at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, IL, Recruit

Review. Maria is a project manager of PREVENT 2000, which provides a three-day life skills and personal empowerment training program to military personnel at Great Lakes. When she began her work with PREVENT 2000 at Great Lakes, the program only served approximately 300 sailors per year. Last year, 1,645 personnel attended the course. This year, Maria was able to include the training course in the engineering technical training division schedule. This will provide PREVENT 2000 life skills training to over 5,000 additional sailors. In addition to her accomplishments with the Navy, Maria teaches at National-Louis University and Webster University. Her classes include group dynamics, philosophy of values and ethics, manag-


ing diversity, human resources training and development and business communication and technology. Maria graduated from Ball State University, IN, and received her master's degree in organizational communication/training and development from Ball State. She currently lives in Mundelein, IL, and is national chairman of membership education for A"i.A. She was a chapter consultant in 1989, was a province director and works with the leadership consultants during summer training.

Maria K. Malayter, Chi Chi, receives her award from Navy Capt. Cory Whitehead, commanding officer of recruit training command, Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

Stacie Sieber, Epsilon Mu

Alum completes marathons Stacie Sieber, Epsilon Mu, completed her first marathon in October 1997 in Dublin, Ireland. She ran 26.2 miles in four hours and 40 minutes. She raised $3,200 for the Arthritis Foundation, which sponsored and trained 60 Jersey Shore residents to complete the run. A graduate of the College of New Jersey, Stacie is Collegiate Province VIII Director. She lives in Keyport, NJ, and ran her second marathon closer to home for the Ronald McDonald House in the April1998 Jersey Shore Marathon.

R 1998 23

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Asa phoenix vol 83 no 4 summer 1998