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Speakers to address issues of concern The 1996 national convention program will cover many issues women face today in our rapidly changing world. The three general session speakers will deal with topics from women's leadership to personal empowerment to the many faces of AIDS and it's affect on a friendship.

Leadership and today's woman Dr. Sharon Elaine Whittaker will be the opening speaker at the national convention. She will speak to the convention body about the importance of leadership development for women. Dr. Whittaker has had 21 years of experience in higher education administration and 16 years of experience in human resource training in the areas of effective communication, multicultural differences, conflict resolution, decision-making, motivation, team-building and leadership effectiveness. Dr. Whittaker has made presentations at over 150 campuses and conferences across the country to audiences including community leaders, university administrators and student organizations. Dr. Whittaker is currently the vice president for student affairs at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, AL.

provoking presentation. T.J. Sullivan is a member of Pi Kappa Phi and currently works for the BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Education Network in Denver. Joel Goldman served on Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity's staff for more than six years before leaving to become vice president of administration for a real estate firm in Columbus, OH.

Friendship in the age of AIDS

An energetic send-off

Among the tentatively scheduled

One highlight of the 1996 national convention will be a pre entation on "Friendship In The Age of AIDS." T.J. Sullivan and Joel Goldman share their story of how HIV has touched their friendhip and how you can protect your elf. your friends and our famiJ Since 1992. more than 80.000 tudents ha e been moved by the dynamic. touchin and thou ht-

Entertaining, fun and inspiring are three words that describe our final general session speaker, Leddy Hammock. Leddy is an inspirational speaker who will bring her message of positivism and personal power to each participant. Leddy Hammock i the senior minister at a church in the Tampa area. 1\vo of her most popular presentation are called, "If you

workshop topics are:


2 WINTER 1996

T.J. Sullivan and Joel Goldman will present a workshop on AIDS and friendship at the 1996 national convention.

want to run with the big dogs, you've got to get off the porch" and "The future's so bright you've got to wear shades." As the closing educational session to our convention, Leddy will bridge the way to making a "vision of excellence" a reality for each of us.

Workshop topics

• AlphaNet • Advisor training • Ethical decision making • Risk Management • Ritual • Leadership development • Due process


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Winter 1996 • Vol. 81, No. 2


National Convention: Speakers to address issues of concern



Cancer can strike close to campus or home

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Seven women receive financial assistance

Feature Editor Lori Muehlbauer Robinson, ilK 300 Nature Trail Falkville, AL 35622


Foundation approaches 10 years of service to A'iA

Alumnae Editor Karen Miller Walker, FH 657 Berkshire Dr. State College, PA 16803


Alpha Beta wins Crown of Excellence

Collegiate Editor Nora Ten Broeck, BK PD. Box6067 Macomb, IL 61455


Three win individual recognition

Historian Sue lorichak, BB 6890 Athena Way Inver Grove Heights, MN 55075


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Awinning chapter.


Alumnae in action

COVER Ann I. Pink, EW, died in 1994 while still a student. How her

sisters and others have dealt with this disease is the subject of an article by Feature Editor Lori Muehlbauer Robinson. THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

WINTER 1996 3

rffiur lf!OJJif.Jl ~e~t~~ ho1u this jJOteJlfinfG fonfrfireare huJ toucherftkir /ii;~ BY LORI MUEHLBAUER ROBINSON , ~K

with the help of a dean, for her degree to be awarded posthumou ly. Cancer affected the life of Kelli McCormick, Z , Missouri Southern Sisters, friends, mothers, daughState College, when her mother, ters: women on college campuses, Linda underwent a double mastectoincluding women of Alpha Sigma Alpha, are affected by cancer. Breast my seven years ago. Later another tumor was found in the base of her cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, spine. Initially given just six month all of these have a common factor to live, she is participating in a CANCER. study by an immunologist. Her Debbie Rottinghaus, Beta Sigma, involvement in this special treatment Southwestern Missourt State program was featured in Life University, battled with a bone magazine in May 1994. cancer called Ewing's Carcinoma in Sandra Phillips Brzezinski, fE , her left scapula. She was diagnosed of Milwaukee battled breast cancer. in January 1992, following an automobile accident. After three Sandy, currently Alpha Sigma Alpha's bylaws chairman, underwent months of chemotherapy, she had her scapula removed. She then a modified radical mastectomy. She underwent more chemotherapy every wrote about her experience in the three weeks for a year. She has been Summer 1991 issue of The Phoenix. Alpha Sigma Alphas and friends cancer free for almost three years and was married last summer. of these women helped out in special Ann I. Pink, a charter member ways. and first standards chairman of Beta Sigma Chapter held a prayer Epsilon Psi Chapter, Plymouth State service, video taped it and sent it to College, NH , was diagnosed with Debbie. The service included poems, colon cancer in May 1993. Ann songs and prayers. During her illbattled her cancer for a year. ness, she wanted to know what was She died at home in Cooperstown, going on at school and with the NY, on May 6, 1994. chapter. Debbie visited when she Ann was to have graduated in could and came to big events at May 1994. Her parents were present school. at graduation to accept Ann's degree Debbie said she appreciated the in psychology. The chapter arranged, letters, cards, flowers, teddy bears and phone calls from sisters. The chapter sent her sisterhood notes, and some sisters visited her in her hometown three hours away. Debbie said she found it very helpful to talk with someone who also had her disease. She remem bers one man she met, 28 years old, who had been cancer-free for a year. Debbie said she would like to be able to help others who are goin through a similar ituation. Debbie said cancer patients should not be treated in a special way, and friends shouldn't shy away. Christine Cappello, E'l'. describe her friend Ann as a friendly. open, Feature Editor


Debbie Rottinghaus and other Beta Sigmas at her wedding.

chapter as best displaying Ann's four qualities. Kelli said her •. mother has the spirit 1~i and will to live and has "learned tocherish each day" with her loved ones. Kelli as those who love her. recommends that The patient may be tearful, bewJiderectand ·• other people facing a· ... .angry. She may withdraw from social aetivi;_ -;.• terminal illness do tie~faml tsolate herselt - even ~~o~_.imme~iate their own research so , V1 family. Sh~Jnay have.·overwhelmJ~!'l feelings that they may • :·~ ~~ - · .. -~-- ~ of loneliA~S:;,behyper-irrltabJe,alid have become involved in cartng, compassionate person. She studies into new treatments for canhostility toward G.!11d~~elf o-t~th~r~: · - - •' ,. ~i:: .· . ' ; ·- -: said Ann started to appreciate the cer, such as the one in which her Both the patieij'tan'd her friends~nd family .,.,..,,y; . . , w little things after she was diagnosed mother participates. Kelli and her may go throul\h,:§.tages of denial _, ~~$he looks with cancer. mother worked to set up a research _·, / :¥' healthy: it must l;ie·a mistake." Andall will "Ann wasn't religious, but library for patients at their local hoshave feelings of depression, guilt and fear of about one month prior to her death, pital to facilitate this type of research this potentially fatal disease. she was baptized and confirmed as and have been campaigning to get a Catholic," Christine said. "Ann other hospitals to do the same. How can you help? · was so positive and always had a Kelli has found it especially helpful -Be an active listener. Listen with your heart good outlook. She put things in to talk with others. She remembers without judging. y(;ur physical presen.C.eran perspective. " getting a phone call asking her to talk desire to listen are critical neiJling tools~ Don't Christine remembers how others with a girl whose father was diagworry so much ab-out.~hat you will say. Just supported Ann. When Ann was first nosed with cancer. "I not only helped concentrate on listeningJo the IJYOrds thatare her, but she helped me," Kelli said. diagnosed, the chapter passed out "Friends can help by just listening. pink ribbons, in honor of her last being shared with you ahd-irY to -u~derstana. name. People were asked to rememThey don't have to say anything." . · 8~ coinpa$~ionate. Gj0e_ ~~r;'p~t~J~§:io~_to ber and pray for Ann. While Ann was Kelli has found a support group express he(fee~gs\~ithout f~ar· of~criticism . called "Why me?" where she is able away from school, the chapter sent Learn from her; _c;lon't instruct ur set expectaher the weekly newsletter to keep her to talk to others with similar tions ab·o.ut how s~e j>~gqy!~ r~s~orid. Never -':- _..,;; up on what was happening. Some experiences. She suggested that say, "I know_just how yot1_tee!.:' You don't · others contact their local hospitals chapter members visited and would bring cards with notes from everyone, to find out about such support Allow her to experience the ·hurt, sorrow or -- ' groups. "Meet others going through Christine recalled. Others would call pain that she is feeling . Enter in_to, it," Kelli said. or send flowers . but never try tQ. take them ~.v~ay. Be'c;o§nikeSandra said she had to learn to "Ann was getting stronger through tears are a naturaf"and apprormat~~p~~s$io~..-' 1 ask people for help. She learned to let each hurdle she crossed," Christine of Pa-in. -=>~;- ~-~ -~~-i·= ~/ ;P..~,.~.'. d others help by doing laundry, going said. "Ann was concerned about her ,,; ~ ~void -cliches. w~:;~~;~P be ext,r_ew~ly _ stomach being cut. She accepted that to the grocery, cleaning her house and cooking some meals for the and became stronger. The cancer painful. Cliches are off · ~-~ ~en iptentions family. She remembers that people began to spread throughout her to diminish the pain b .&~~ · '- pie solu- ··; 1 were especially helpful right after her body, and she became stronger . . ~~ tions to difficult reatit' ~: .. surgery by just sitting at her house to through each obstacle." Offer practical help. Pr.eQafif.Jg food ; washhelp answer the phone or door while The chapter vowed she would . .... . ing clothes, cleaning the hoo_s.e aod:groe~ry;.._"· . never be forgotten. A scholarship was she took a nap. ,;,.._ ·.. . . ,_ -..... . shopping are a few of the pr!etica)-w;Iys of, . - ~..,· ~: Sandra suggests that friends established in her name and is 'just listen . . . let them tell their '• awarded annually. The applications -showing you Gare.' This suppo'~~i{~e.e~ed ,',_~'- ;: story." She said that friends are reviewed by Ann's parents, who throughout the time of the canoohr.eaiment. .. . -If' shouldn't offer suggestions or criticize select the woman who best displays ·--Don't just visit initially, thenhi~affp~;r. A."J.~ ~:,;...~ -~i:. -~ like suggesting another doctor, the four qualities - courage, brief visit, telephone call or written 11\'0tds"are·:, "- · hospital or treatment. "Ask them how strength, generosity and dedication appreciated. A touch of your ruaki~g-~ye · · ·they are feeling," she said. "And ask that Ann had. contact or a hug 'often comm~nlca~;~~r~ ' . ' ~. them, 'What can I do to help you?' " A chapter award also is given in than words could ever say, . ;,.~:"'·;~:;~~--~:~· -- her name to the woman voted by the .' ~:·




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Seven women receive AIA financial assistance The Philanthropic Fund, which had funded Alpha Sigma Alpha scholarships, was olficiaUy transferred in 1995 to the foundation and renamed the National Scholarship Fund. Beginning in 1996, the foundation wiU award all sorority scholarships. Special Education For a member or nonmember pursuing graduate or undergraduate work in the .field of Special Education. Established in 1967 by the national organization.

Lisa Bruner of Zeta Zeta Chapter at Central Missouri State Lisa Bruner University was awarded the Special Education scholarship for a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Lisa will graduate in December with a degree in special education. Lisa has been involved in Zeta Zeta Chapter as membership director, intramurals chair, Greek week chair and fundraising chair. Lisa's honors include Order of Omega, Mace and Torch honor society. Lambda Sigma (sophomore honorary) and the Don Rice special education scholarship. Lisa also has been active in tudent government. the council for exceptional children. Mi so uri State Teachers As ociation and Greek Advocatin Mature Mana ement of Alcohol. She wa pre !dent of the 6 WIIIITER 1996

student academic advising association, an official for Special Olympics basketball, a volunteer at the autistic collaborative training center, a tutor for children with learning disabilities and a big sister for children with special needs.

National Philanthropic For graduate or undergraduate work in any .field. Established in 1967 in honor of the national organization.

Undergraduate Christina Vidacak of Beta Gamma Chapter at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK. was selected as the recipient of the National Philanthropic undergraduate scholarship. Christina has held the offices of parliamentartan and membership director for Beta Gamma Chapter. Christina also is involved in activities on the Greek council, BACCHUS and student activity board. She is treasurer ofpanhellenic and of the pre-med club. Christine Christina is Vidacak

a member of Rho Theta Sigma, Wesley Foundation board and serves as a volunteer at Rookie Bridge Camp and Tahlequah City Hospital. She completed a summer internship at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa and is planning to practice reconstructive surgery. Christina, who is majoring in chemistry with a minor in mathematics, plans to graduate in 1997.

Graduate Robyn Michelle Stengel, AB, has been awarded the National Philanthropic graduate scholarship. Robyn attended Northeast Missouri State Robyn Michelle University Stengel where she majored in chemistry. She received her bachelor's degree in May and is now attending medical school at the University of Missouri at Columbia. She is considering the specialized area of neonatology. Robyn held the offices of president. rush counselor, corresponding and recording secretary

and internal relations officer for the Alpha Beta Chapter. She was secretary of Alpha Chi Sigma (chemistry), vice president of internal affairs of the Order of Omega, member of Phi Kappa Phi (honorary). volunteer student ambassador and on the Bullets women's rugby team. She was consistently on the dean's list and was an all-American collegiate scholar. She received the national collegiate natural sciences award, president's honorary scholarship, president's combined ability scholarship and the higher order of excellence award , which is given to three students for furthering campus and community


Amy M. Swisher For graduate or undergraduate work in any .field. Established in 1952 by Miss Swisher, professor emerii.a, Miami University, OH, and long-time advisor to Alpha Alpha Chapter.

Kelly Diann Newberg of Beta Lambda Chapter at the University of Central Arkansas received the Amy M. Swisher graduate


SCHOLARSHIPS scholarship. Kelly received her bachelor's degree in Kelly Diann speech Newberg communication and is working on a master's in vocational education specializing in human resource development at Colorado State University. Kelly served her chapter as president and membership director. She was selected as her chapter's recipient of the Frost Fidelity award, Elizabeth Bird Small award and member of the year. She was panhellenic scholarship chair, on the residence hall council, on the women's varsity tennis team and a campus ambassador. She was selected as Greek woman of the year. Kelly also was a presidential scholar, in Who's Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities and a member of Order of Omega, Pi Kappa Delta (forensics) and the outstanding student for the department of speech, theatre and journalism.

Mary Turner Gallagher For tmdergraduate work in any field. Established in 1967 by Mrs. Gallagher, first initiate and former advisor to Chi Chi Chapter.


Arnie Marie Howard of Gamma Iota Chapter at Rochester Institute of Technology was awarded the Mary ~路 Turner Gallagher " p ( J ,,j underr "' '1 路~ graduate . I scholar'~ ship. Arnie is Arnie Marie planning Howard to graduate in 1996 with a bachelor's degree in graphic design/illustration and a minor in printing/language communication. Arnie was a recipient of a presidential scholarship, and she is on the dean's list consistently. She is active in the Order of Omega and Adopt-ASchool, and she served as panhellenic president and house manager. She was selected as her chapter's recipient of the outstanding new member award and Elizabeth Bird Small award.

1996 with a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising and minor in general business. Heidi has been active in her chapter as Greek weekend representative, membership director, scholarship chairman and campus homecoming parade co-chair. She also has been active in Alpha Chi (general scholarship honorary), Kappa Omicron Nu and Delta Mu Delta (business administration honorary). Heidi has made the dean's honor roll, is in u__--'----' the Order Heidi Paden of Omega and was her chapter's recipient of the outstanding new member award and named ideal ruby member.

Wilma Wilson Sharp

any field. Established in

For tmdergraduate work in any field. Established in 1970 by the Greater Kansas City Alurrmae Chapter in honor of Mrs. Sharp, ZZ, president emerita of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

1977 by Martha Green Dimond, AA, long-time




Martha K. Dimond For graduate work in

Phi Phi Chapter member Heidi Paden was awarded the Wilma Wilson Sharp undergraduate scholarship. Heidi is attending Northwest Missouri State University where she plans to graduate in

Washington, DC, alurrma.

Nora M.Ten Broeck, BK, was selected as the recipient of the Martha Nora M. Dimond Ten Broeck graduate scholarship. Nora received her bachelor's degree in mass communication with a minor in journal-

ism and speech at Western Illinois University, where she is now working toward a master's degree in college student personnel. She expects to graduate in May 1996. Nora has worked as a graduate assistant, advising student groups and working in a residence hall. Nora served her chapter as money making co-chairman, house manager, president and panhellenic delegate. Nora graduated cum laude, was selected outstanding sorority president of the year and received her chapter's Frost fidelity award. Nora now serves as Beta Kappa alumnae relations advisor and is on the Alpha Sigma Alpha lifetime membership program committee, as well as serving as collegiate editor of The Phoenix. She is past national chairman of membership education, national headquarters special projects . coordinator and chapter consultant. For more information about scholarships, please contact the Alpha Sigma Alpha Fotmdation, 1201 E. Walnut, Springfield, MO 65802.

WINTER 1996 7


Ten years of service to AIA maintain the sorority in the 21st Century. • The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation has established many Just as the sorority has different recognition categories for developed a mission statement, the donors: foundation board of trustees took Proud 100: Those contributors the time at a recent meeting to who have given a cumulative or develop a mission statement and lifetime total of$1,000 or more to purpose. the foundation by the Centennial This seemed particularly Convention. This number has appropriate as the foundation grown to 32 with the addition prepares to celebrate its 1Oth of six new members from June 1, anniversary in 1996. 1994, to May 31, 1995. Here are some other facts about Centennial Circle: Those the foundation: donors who contribute $500 in any • Beginning in 1996, the given year before the Centennial foundation will award all Alpha Convention. There were 21 Sigma Alpha scholarships. Charter Centennial donors in • You do not have to be a 1993-94 and 10 Centennial Circle member of the board of trustees donors in 1994-95. to serve on a foundation Gold-Star Chapters: Collegiate committee. or alumnae chapters who give • The foundation receives $100 a year. There were 11 both restricted and unrestricted contributions. Unrestricted collegian and eight alumnae contributions are the most Gold Star Chapters in 1994-95. New Alumnae Fivedesirable because they allow the board of trustees Star Circle: Seniors and to allocate the monies as new alumnae are invited The mission of the Alpha Sigma Alpha needed for programming to support the foundation Foundation is to promote intellectual priorities. Restricted by pledging $250 over the contribution help build up first nve years after and leadership development and to the various scholarships graduation. The donaadvance philanthropic endeavors and programs of the tions will be $25 for the foundation. first year, $35 for the through the enhancement of human and • If a cholar hip or second year, $50 for the financial resources. program is endowed, third, $65 for the forth only the interest from the and $75 for the fifth year. The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation endowed account can This giving program exists to obtain contributions for be u ed to fund the began with 1995 graduorre ponding cholar hip ates. Alpha Sigma Alpha and to provide the or proje t. Wilma Wilson Sharp means for funding and supporting • Both ororities and Society: Details on the fraternitie believe their foundation's newest the educational, philanthropic and future depend on the donor recognition u e of their foundacharitable purposes of the sorority. category will be featured tion . Income from due in the spring issue of alone will not provide the The Phoenix. finan ial upport needed to

BY ROSEMARY CARUCCI GOSS , Bll Foundation Chairman

Wlf\ITER 1


1 9 9 5


Alpha Beta wins Crown of Excellence Established in 1985, this award recognizes the most outstanding collegiate chapter each year. It includes an framed certificate for permanent display and a traveling Crown of Excellence bowl. Alpha Beta Chapter at Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, MO, has won the 1995 Crown of Excellence Award. The chapter excelled in a number of areas and has met all of the requirements for Four-Star Chapter status for several years. The chapter holds rush workshops at the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester. There are four rush assistants to help coordinate the work for rush. One member served as panhellenic president, and seven members were rush counselors. The chapter has a program to adopt a rush counselor, and members bake cookies and send notes of encouragement to the adoptee, who disafilliates from her sorority during rush. Scholarship is important to the chapter, and all members who do not meet the all-women's average are required to do five hours of study hall. Members placed on academic probation are required to do eight hours of study hall. Chapter members also are allowed three study excuses per semester to miss a meeting in order to make time for school projects. The chapter purchased a computer to be shared by the members for schoolwork as well as for chapter reports. Alpha Betas uphold the drinking policy that no one under 21, male or female, may drink at a sorority function. Armbands are


hunt for the child development center on campus and provides free babysitting for the campus lecture series. Members bring puppies to campus and the local Walmart to raise funds for the humane society and to encourage adoption of the puppies. They participate in the Adopt -A-School program and tutor children after school. Members of Alpha Beta accept the Crown of Excellence Award at the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute.

worn by those who are 21 or over. Those without an armband receive a warning for a first offense and are asked to leave a function for a second offense. A key check-in system also is used. Keys are checked in at the door and are checked back out at the close of the party to those who are sober. The chapter started a program, NADD (No Alphas Driving Drunk), which runs Wednesday through Saturday from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. to assist anyone who may have had too much to drink. The chapter has several advisors, and although there is no alumnae chapter in Kirksville, the chapter hosts numerous alumnae activities, including an alumnae brunch, "Coketails" during homecoming, an alumnae dinner for Founders' Day and the "Alpha Bits" newsletter. All members participate as "buddies" for Special Olympics athletes, and the S. June Smith Center is supported through donations to the center and the center's "wish list." The chapter sponsors an annual Easter egg

Four-Star Chapters These chapters must meet or exceed expectations for collegiate chapters. Alpha, Longwood, VA Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia State, KS Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State Beta Gamma, Northeastern State, OK Beta Kappa, Western Illinois Beta Lambda, University of Central Arkansas Beta Sigma, Southwest Missouri State Epsilon Gamma, Virginia Commonwealth Epsilon Kappa, Millersville, PA Epsilon Lambda, University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, PA Epsilon Xi, Kutztown, PA Zeta Gamma, Gannon, PA Zeta Eta, Rockhurst, MD

Other chapter awards Officer Efficiency- Alpha Beta, Northeast Missouri State Rose Marie Fellin Financial Excellence - Beta Gamma, Northeastern State, OK Sidney G. Allen PanhellenicAlpha Beta, Northeast Missouri State Scholastic Achievement - Epsilon Mu, Trenton State, NJ Scholastic Improvement- Epsilon Lambda, University of PittsburghJohnstown, PA Membership Examination - Alpha, Longwood, VA

WINTER 1996 9

1 9 9 5


Three win individual recognition Elizabeth Bird Small

Fidelity award. Karey has served as panhellenic president and as chapter president and vice president as well as serving on numerous committees. She served as Music and Miracles convention hostess and vice president, residence hall floor representative, Omega rock chairman and on interhall council, the university choir and the university marching band. Her honors include Order of Omega, Who's Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities and Beta Kappa's scholastic award. "Karey is a tremendous asset to the Beta Kappa Chapter. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does," says Tracey Kiefer of Beta Kappa Chapter. "Karey openly represents the motto of the Phoenix Degree 'give full measure.' "

Established in 1943 to honor

the former national councilor and advisor of Pi Pi Chapter, this award recognizes outstanding leadership and scholarship. I t is the highest honor the sorority can bestow on an undergraduate member.

Lori Ann Brooks of Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at Emporia State University, KS, was selected to receive the 1995 Elizabeth Bird Small Award. Lori has served Epsilon Epsilon Chapter as membership director and social chairman. She has been union activities council talks and topics chair and panhellenic public relations chair and served as a rush counselor. Lori also has been active in Order of Omega, college Republicans, biology club, teachers of tomorrow and intramurals. She has been member of the month and has been named to Who's Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities, the national dean's list. president's honor roll, Phi Kappa Phi (honorary), Beta Beta Beta (biology) and Kappa Delta Pi (education honorary). "I cannot say enough good things about her. She is looked up to by all member of this chapter," ays Kelly McCurnin of Epsilon Epsilon Chapter. "Lori is very involved and put 110% into everything he doe ."

Outstanding New Member Established in 1963, this award recognizes outstanding contributions during the .first year of membership.

Frost Fidelity Established in 1950 by Emma Coleman Frost. this award recognizes intangible .fraternity value . including exceptional loyalty w1d ervice.


Karey i ole Pieczkow ki of Beta Kappa Chapter at We tern Illinoi Uni er ity wa lected a the 1995 recipient of the Fro t I0 WI !'ITER I

Karey N' tcole Pieczkowski, BK

Lori Anne Prenger of Beta Lambda Chapter at University of Central Arkansas was selected as the 1995 outstanding new member. Lori served on the new member panhellenic council. She had a crash course in time management as a transfer student attending a new college, working at the university, working at a local fitness center and working in her home town on weekends. Lori has received a scholar hip to play varsity tennis and is hoping to continue to serve panhellenic. "Her schedule alone repre ents the full amount of maturity and growth that she has shown." say Sissy Anderson of Beta Lambda Chapter.


When you dream a dream alone, it's only a dream. When you dream a dream together, it's a reality. BY KIM RAMSEY MEYER, BB National President

magine having an opportunity to dream and provide for the future of our sorority ... an opportunity to examine our strengths and weaknesses ... an opportunity to brainstorm and reach consensus on our objectives for the months and years ahead. Exciting? Yes. Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Definitely! This is just what the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Council has been doing over the past year. We discussed the needs of all our members, from becoming a rushee through being a new member and a collegian and through the span of years as an alumna. We scrutinized all our programs and looked for ways to improve them. We talked about the structure, purpose and function of the national organization and how we can become more effective leaders, be more responsive to the needs of all our members and ensure a rewarding experience for the women who serve as national officers. We began by defining and writing a mission statement. This is harder than it sounds, because each one of us has a different definition of "sorority" and "Alpha Sigma Alpha."


Objectives will help dream become reality After we wrote the mission statement, we examined weaknesses and areas that need improvement within the national sorority. We went through an extensive process to identify these weaknesses, to categorize them within general objectives and then to prioritize the objectives. The next step was vital to our success - to solicit feedback, suggestions and more ideas from all our current national officers. This was done during the first -ever national officer retreat last fall in Kansas City. We discussed the mission statement and all the objectives in detail, THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

adding new ideas and identifying steps necessary to complete the goals. The objectives set by the national council and affirmed by national officers include the following: • Establish goals and priorities: As the governing body of Alpha Sigma Alpha, it is the responsibility of the national council to set strategic objectives and priorities for the sorority. The objective of this goal is to continue to establish long-term goals, with action plans for each goal and to provide the follow-through to accomplish them. •Improve communication: Communication is an area where there is always room for improvement. To accomplish this, the position of national secretary will become the vice president of communications, more adequately defming her role and the needs of the sorority. She will oversee all newsletters and publications, The Phoenix and the work of the newly created public relations committee. Last April, a publications discussion group met for a "Phoenix summit." You will see significant changes and improvements in our magazine as a direct result of this meeting. As our primary communication tool with our members, The Phoenix is well worth the expense and effort to make it the best it can be. An important link in our internal communication is providing avenues for members to provide feedback to the national council. The national council also is looking for ways to

Mission statement: Alpha Sigma Alpha is a women's organization that exists to promote high ideals and standards for its members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among the four aims of intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. Alpha Sigma Alpha provides structure and guidance through: • Sisterhood, which is a strong bond of unconditional friendship based on common values and experiences; •

Heritage, which is expressed through creed, ritual and history; and

• Opportunities for leadership and involvement in chapter, campus and community.

WIN1ER 1996 II

involve more collegians on national committees and boards. •Define responsibilities: We are in the process of defining clear expectations and guidelines for every national officer, every chapter officer and every member of the sorority. Job descriptions for the national council, national officers and national headquarters staff have been written. Minimum expectations for alumnae and collegiate members and alumnae and collegiate chapters have been established. A committee will work on the leadership procedure notebooks (LPNs) and the chapter officers' handbook to simplify and clarify the expectations and guidelines for collegiate chapter officers.

•Improve financial planning: A procedure has been established to enable the development of a realistic budget and ensure that it is followed. Also, we are recruiting members to serve on an investment committee to oversee current investments and plan for future investments. Part of the planning for the future financial well-being of the sorority includes ensuring that our revenue meets or exceeds the cost of ope rating the sorority. We also must be sure that our collection of fees is up-to-date and that there are consequences for late payments.

for alumnae chapters and individual alumnae also will be developed.

•Establish, enforce and review policies and procedures: A policy review committee will be created to periodically review existing policies and procedures and make recommendations to the national council. Creation of a new chairman of risk management also is being studied by a committee and the national council. This chairman would address alcohol abuse, hazing and substance abuse issues of our members. •Enhance recruitment: Promoting Greek life and Alpha Sigma Alpha is an essential function for all our members, collectively and individually. We are planning strategies to enable an increasing number of collegiate chapters to achieve quota and total and have chapter memberships reflect the diverse and changing campus demographics. We will continue to establish new alumnae chapters wherever possible. Alumnae will be encouraged to find ways to remain an active part of Alpha Sigma Alpha, such as serving on a chapter advisory board or housing corporation. •Boost retention: Lifetime membership means saying as an alumna, "I am an AJ.A" not "I was an AJ.A." All graduating seniors will receive a senior packet and participate in the alumnae membership ceremony.

Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae with background, education and or expefi in accounting or ~nancial management to serve on a committee !general Rna budgeting or investments).



No pay, but the rewords of serving Ai.A as a volunteer are too numero to mention. Interested in more information? Con Pat Hcwkins, national vice president of finance or national headquarters, 1 1 E. W.olnut, Springfield, MO

65802; phone 417-869.()980; fax 417-869-34 •Improve programming: Our goals include having handbooks or guides on rush, scholarship, philanthropy, social issues and general programming for collegiate chapters. Our membership education, The Encounter: A Lifetime Membership

Program, will be fully developed, including programs on life skills in the Ruby (initiate) and Crown (alumnae) sections. Programming 12 WINTER 1996

Recent graduates will be surveyed about their interests and needs as alumnae. One goal of these surveys will be to examine how to eliminate burnout of collegiate chapter seniors, so they will be eager to continue their active involvement after graduation. Plans are being developed so that alumnae chapters will become more dynamic and attract a variety of

women as members. Alumnae will have increased visibility and support from the national organization. Members, especially alumnae, will be recognized for their accomplishments within the sorority and in their personal and professional lives. •Develop training: We have come a long way, with advisor training and plans for more national officer training, but continued improvement in this area will greatly benefit all operations of our sorority. Formal training and transition programs are needed for new members on national council and for collegiate and alumnae chapter officers.

•Assure fulfillment of responsibilities: We are starting a system for providing two-way communication between national officers, including goal setting and feedback on their fulfillment of their n~sponsibilities. We also have begun an annual evaluation of national headquarters operations. A natural extension of this will be for chapters to have a way to evaluate their province directors, region directors and chapter advisors. A focus group met to brainstorm ways to encourage collegiate chapter officers to have higher efficiency ratings. •Formalize national officer transition: The election and appointment process, including the nominating process, has been reviewed and is undergoing changes this year. This creates an opportunity for succession planning, especially for the national council and the national president. It also will ensure that continuing, outgoing and incoming national officers attend national convention for training and transition. We also will encourage collegiate and alumnae chapters to create a plan for officer succession within their chapters. It's been marvelous to be part of the "Dream Team" for Alpha Sigma Alpha - planning for the strength and success of our sorority for many years to come. Every member can contribute toward achievement of our objectives and help turn our dreams into reality. 1liE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA



Zeta Theta installed at Wagner College BY CINDY L. KELLEY, Bll

for the get-acquainted party, which was held in the chapter's lounge on its newly decorated sorority floor. The installation team consisted of Kim Ramsey Meyer, BB, national president; Lori White Scott, EE, chairman of colonies; Susanne Withsosky Alfonso, NN, chairman of ritual; Mary McGuire, NN, installing officer and Province I director; Rachel Sochol, ET, Province VII director; and Cindy L. Kelley, BIT, chapter consultant. During the initiation and installation services, members of Epsilon Psi Chapter, Plymouth State College, NH; Janet Crook Conroy, BIT; and Karen Goldman, fl, chapter financial advisor,

served as sponsors. After the services, the white luncheon was held at Club Morocco. Lori Scott ?eta Theta Chapter of Alpha served as toastmistress. Carey Uigma Alpha was installed Taylor, chapter president, opened May 7, 1994, at Wagner College on gifts from guests and the national Staten Island, NY. Thirty-eight organization. women were initiated as charter That afternoon, a reception was members. held in the Gate House at Wagner Before becoming a colony of College. Refreshments were served to college representatives, visiting Alpha Sigma Alpha, this group was collegians, other student organizaknown as SIG (Sorority Special tions, family and friends. Interest Group), which formed The Victorian Edgewater Hall when members of two locals, was the scene for the installation Epsilon Delta Omicron and Alpha banquet. Cindy Kelley served as Sigma Omega, broke away from toastmistress. Deidre Shaffer, their respective organizations. dean of students, served as guest The women of Zeta Theta speaker. Rebecca Phelan, president Chapter were pledged on Dec. 11 , 1993, by .---------~----------------------------~----~---. of Stony Brook Mary McGuire, NN, Charter initiates of Zeta Theta Chapter are: Colony, gave the aspire toast; Karen colony development Collegians: Carey Taylor, Tonya Addy, Danielle Apicello, Goldman, financial director and Gina Battista, Terry Chang, Michele Chicola, Michele Crinigan, advisor, gave the Province I director. Nancy DePinto, Michele DiSalvo, Jenna Esposito, Donna Fontano, seek toast; and They joined Alpha Cheryl Fromberg, Veronica Haven, Dawn Hugo, Debra Kessler, Rachel Sochol, Kerri Killea, Gila Lipetz, Deena Maimone, Vicki Neuls, Jennifer Omicron Pi and Province VII Alpha Delta Pi Palladino, Lisa Pallotta, Michele Pasqualetto, Anne Marie Petrizzo, as part of Wagner's Leslie Posten, Stephanie Prendergast, Teresa Ruscitti, Stephanie director gave the attain toast. panhellenic Sellers, Francine Spinowitz, Natalie Stanton, Jennifer Strype, National President council. Katerina Theodoracopoulos, Jessica Thompson, Mary Ellen Warchol, Kim Meyer then On Friday Jennifer Wilton and Laura Graham. presented the Alumnae: Debra Azzarello, Jennifer Cody, Mary Fitzpatrick and evening, the chapter charter to installation team Evelyn Vazquez. Carey Taylor. Charter new member: Irene Tournas. arrived just in time Chapter Consultant, 1993-94


WINfER 1996 13

FOUNDED- Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, November 15, 1901 FOUNDERSLouise Cox Carper, Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Mary Williamson Hundley, Virginia Boyd Noell, Calva Watson Wootton

Alpha Sigma Alpha National Officers 1995-96 NATIONAL COUNCIL


President- Kim Ramsey Meyer, BB, (Mrs. Mark), 482 Cedar St. , Maxwell AFB , AL 36113 Vice President of Extension- Lori White Scott, EE, (Mrs. Jack), 4513 West 54th St. , Roeland Park, KS 66205 Vice President of Collegians- Suzanne Kilgannon Preston, BI, (Mrs. Alan) , 205 Hampton Circle, Gilbertsville, PA 19525 Vice President of Alumnae- Marianne Busch Bullock, B0, 13715 Blazey, Houston, TX 77041 Vice Presient of Programs- Cindy Fund is Smith , EE, (Mrs. Craig) , 29 E. 113th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64114 Vice President of Finance- Pat Lumpe Hawkins, BI., (Mrs. Bruce) , 780 Krueger Lane, Fenton , MO 63026 Secretary - Ellen Funk Morris, BA, (Mrs. C. Robert), 10905 Omaha Lane, Parker, co 80134

Bylaws Chairman -Sandra Phillips Brzezinski, fE (Mrs. Wayne) , 7041 W. Tripoli Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53220 Chairman of Chapter Advisors- Brenda Rua Chappell, HH (Mrs. Paul), 506 E. Pearl, Pittsburg, KS 66762 Chairman of Colonies- Eleanor Borbas Williams, , (Mrs. Tyler) , PO Box 59, Drakes Branch, VA 23937 Chairman of Housing- Barbara Lombrano Williamson, HH , (Mrs. John) , 312 Timber Ridge Lane, Coppell, TX 75019 Chairman of Membership EducationBarbara Pennington Struble, il (Mrs. Robert) , 12180 Townline Rd ., Grand Blanc, Ml 48439 Chairman of New Chapters- Mary McGuire, , 10 Conant Rd , Framingham, MA 01701 Chairman of Philanthropies- Dolly Purvis Loyd, B , 225 Sherwood Dr., Hattiesburg , MS 39402 Chairman of Ritual- Marilyn Manion Stratton, BB (Mrs. Robert), 6106 Spring Time Dr., San Antonio , TX 78249 Chairman of Rush - Ruth Sanders Murta, B , 7236 Benson Pike, Shelbyville, KY 40065 Chairman of Scholarship- Elizabeth Zubinski Heidel, rn (Mrs. James), 1410 71st St. , Downers Grove, IL 60516 Chairman of Standards- Silvana Filippello Richardson , r (Mrs. Robert) , 3374 East Ave ., LaCrosse, WI 54601

NATIONAL PANHEUENIC CONFERENCE NPC Deletage- Diane Yencic James, HH, (Mrs. Don L.), 966 260th St. , Pittsburg, KS 66762 NPC First Alternate Delegate- Sidney Gremillion Allen , '}!'}!, 1355 Sheppard St. Apt. 205, Minden, LA 71055 Second Alternate- Lori White Scott, EE Third Alternate- Kim Ramsey Meyer, BB

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Executive DirectorLisa A. Tait, fH Director of Chapter Services Andrea J. Tunia, EI

LEADERSHIP CONSULTANTS Christine Cappello, E\fl Jennifer N. Griggs, EE Sharon Mesarick, E 1 Christina S. Muse, BI Gina M. Nagy, E::: 1201 E. Walnut, Springfield, MO 65802 Phone: 41 7-869-0980; FAX: 41 7-869-3429 Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday-Friday

14 WINTER 1996

THE PHOENIX STAFF Editor- Nancy I.Z. Reese, BY, 1312 E. Kensington Rd ., Mount Prospect, IL 60056 Alumnae Editor- Karen Miller Walker, fH (Mrs. Larry), 657 Berkshire Dr., State College, PA 16803 Collegiate Editor- Nora Ten Broeck, BK, P.O. Box 6067, Macomb, IL 61455 Feature Editor- Lori Muehlbauer Robinson , ilK, 300 Nature Trail, Falkville, AL 35622 Historian- Sue Zorichak, BB, 6890 Athena Way, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman - Rosemary Carucci Goss, Bn (Mrs. Robert), 2355 Mt. Tabor Rd ., Blacksburg , VA 24060 Vice Chairman - Betty Urban Wallick, ZZ , P.O. Box 4727, Yuma, Al. 85366 Secretary- Marilyn Ramsey Garbee, B (Mrs. Everett), 49 St. Andrews Circle, Broken Arrow, OK 74011 Treasurer- Deborah Fields Dietrich, B , 12908 124th Ave. N., Largo, FL 34644 Trustee- Suzanne L. Hebert, BZ, 138 Richland Dr. South, Mandeville, LA 70448


National Collegiate Provinces PROVINCE I Director- Janet Crook Conroy, Bn (Mrs. Bill), 30 Sidney St. , Dorchester, MA 02125 Plymouth State College, Epsilon Psi- Plymouth, NH 03264 Bentley College, Epsilon Omega- Waltham, MA 02254 North Adams State College, Zeta Delta- North Adams, MA 01247 Wagner College, Zeta Theta- Staten Island, NY 10301

PROVINCE II Director- Susan Osborn, ri, 4 Green Moor Way, Henrietta, NY 14467 Rochester Institute of Technology, Gamma IotaRochester, NY 14623 Mansfield University, Delta Epsilon- Mansfield, PA 16933 State University of New York at Brockport, Epsilon Nu - Brockport, NY 14220

PROVINCE Ill Director- Jaye Richard, E<l>, 55 Wausutta Lane, Portsmouth, Rl 02871 Edinboro University, Gamma Psi - Edinboro, PA 16412 Pennsylvania State University - Behrend College Epsilon Theta, Erie, PA 16563 Gannon University, Zeta Gamma- Erie, PA 16501

PROVINCE IV Director- Michelle Dohey Wile, EA (Mrs. Robert), 526 Foster St. , Greensburg , PA 15601 Pennsylvania State University, Gamma EtaUniversity Park, PA 16802 Clarion University, Gamma Omicron -Clarion, PA 16214 Slippery Rock University, Gamma Xi- Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Millersville University, Epsilon Kappa- Millersville, PA 17551 Goldey-Beacom College, Epsilon Chi -Wilmington, DE 19808 Rowan College, Rowan Colony- Glassboro, NJ 08028

PROVINCE VIII Director - Rebecca Bright, BI, 10570 Main St. , Apt. B213, Fairiax, VA 22030 University of Delaware, Delta Iota - Newark, DE 19711 Kutztown University, Epsilon Xi - Kutztown, PA 19530 Trenton State College, Epsilon Mu- Trenton, NJ 08650 University of Maryland- Baltimore County, Epsilon Tau- Baltimore, MD 21228

PROVINCE IX Director - Nancy Clohisy, EH , 7316 Bryn Athyn Way #269, Raleigh, NC 27615 James Madison University, Beta Epsilon Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Radford University, Beta Iota- Radford, VA 24141 Concord College, Beta Pi- Athens, WV 24712 Elon College, Delta Rho - Elon, NC 27244

PROVINCE X Director - Tracey Lowery Rafferty, A (Mrs. John), 5825 Hampton Ct. Apt. A-4, Columbus, GA 31907 Longwood College, Alpha - Farmville, VA 23901 Virginia Commonwealth University, Epsilon Gamma -Richmond , VA 23229 Virginia Wesleyan College, Epsilon Eta- Noriolk, VA 23502 Averett College, Zeta Epsilon- Danville, VA 24541 Coastal Carolina University, Coastal Carolina Colony - Conway, SC 29526


Director- Cindy Kelley, Bn , St. Andrews College Box 5730, Laurinburg, NC 28352 Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Alpha Gamma Indiana, PA 15701 Univeristy of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Epsilon Lambda- Johnstown, PA 15907 California University of Pennsylvania, Epsilon Upsilon -California, PA 15419

Director - Tricia C. Sanok, t. , 113 Fieldcrest Apt. 301 , Ann Arbor, Ml48103 Central Michigan University, Beta ThetaMt. Pleasant, MI 48858 Adrian College, Gamma Mu- Adrian, Ml 4922 1 GMI Engineering and Management Institute, Delta Nu-A- Flint, Ml 48504 GMI Engineering and Management Institute, Delta Nu-B- Flint, Ml 48504




Director - Kim Benson, t.N , 85 Leeward Court, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 East Stroudsburg University, Gamma RhoEast Stroudsburg, PA 18301 Bloomsburg University, Delta Chi- Bloomsburg, PA 17815 William Paterson College, Epsilon Rho - Wayne, NJ 07470 State University of New York at Stony Brook, Zeta Iota -Stony Brook, NY 11790 St. John's University, St. John's Colony - Staten Island, NY 10301


Director- Rachel Sochol Solomon, ET, (Mrs. Eric) 9733 Clocktower Lane, Apt. 202, Columbia, MD 21046 Drexel University, Nu Nu- Philadelphia, PA 19014


PROVINCE XIV Director- Maria Malayter, BK, 209 W. Court of Shorewood #2A, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Western Illinois University, Beta Kappa- Macomb, IL 61455 Northern Illinois University, Beta Rho- DeKalb, IL 60115 Loyola University, Gamma Lambda- Chicago, IL 60626

PROVINCE XV Director- Kim George Carlos, BL ( Mrs. Scott), 8013 N. Hickory #738, Kansas City, MO 64118 Northeast Missouri State University, Alpha BetaKirksville, MO 63501 Northwest Missouri State University, Phi Phi Maryville, MO 64468 University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, Gamma Beta - Stevens Point, WI 54481 University of Wisconsin at River Falls, Zeta Beta River Falls, WI 54022 Mankato State University, Zeta Kappa- Mankato, MN 56001

PROVINCE XVI Director - Dana Glover, Bf, 4804 Haverwood Lane #412, Dallas, TX 75287 Emporia State University, Epsilon Epsilon - Emporia, KS 66801 Pittsburg State University, Eta Eta- Pittsburg, KS 66762 Northeastern State University, Beta GammaTahlequah, OK 74105 Rockhurst College, Zeta Eta- Kansas City, MO 64110

PROVINCE XVII Director - Amy Sutton, EE, Boyd Hall, Directo rs Apt. - KSU , Manhattan , KS 66506 Central Missouri State University, Zeta ZetaWarrensburg, MO 64093 Southeast Missouri State University, Beta SigmaSpringfield, MO 65804 Missouri Valley College, Gamma Pi- Marshall , MO 65340 Missouri Southern State College, Zeta Alpha Joplin, MO 64801 Missouri Western State College, Missouri Western Colony- St. Joseph, MO 64506


Director- Christina Schmidt, BL, 2353 Romaine Creek, Fenton, MO 63026 Miami University, Alpha Alpha- Oxford , OH 45056 Murray State University, Beta Nu- Murray, KY 42071 University of Southern Indiana, Delta KappaEvansville, IN 47711 Lindenwood College, Lindenwood Colony, St. Charles, MO 63301

Director - Tanya Trumbla, t. Y, 3112 Bonnie brook, Plano, TX 75075 University of Central Arkansas, Beta LambdaConway, AR 72032 Henderson State University, Beta Mu -Arkadelphia, AR 71923 University of Arkansas at Monticello, Gamma ZetaMonticello, AR 71655 Southern Arkansas University, Epsilon AlphaMagnolia, AR 71753



Director - Mary Sidhu Pittman, EB, 609 S. Main St. , Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 Indiana State University, Beta Upsilon- Terre Haute, IN 47809 Eastern Illinois University, Gamma OmegaCharleston, IL 61920 DePaul University, Delta Eta- Chicago, IL 60614

Director - Kendy Clark, BB, 6864 S. Ivy Way #9-204, Englewood, CO 80112 University of Northern Colorado, Beta Beta Greeley, CO 80631 University of Texas at San Antonio, Delta Upsilon San Antonio, TX 78285

WINTER 1996 15

National Alumnae Regions REGION I


Director- Kathleen Thompson Pilecki, 6 T, (Mrs. Larry J.), 16 Eastwood Dr., West Seneca, NY 14224 Boston, Massachusetts- Mary McGuire, 10 Conant Rd., Framingham, MA 01701 Buffalo, New York- Marcia Kinbar Goldstein, 331 New Rd., East Amherst, NY 14051 Central New Jersey- Lisa Turnbull, 18 Village Park Court, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 Central Pennsylvania- Marilyn Bashore, 814 Scott Lane, Lititz, PA 17543 Delaware Valley- lise Graenz Schwarze, 3 Longpoint Lane, Media, PA 19063 Kutztown, Pennsylvania- Elisabeth Yoder, 837 N. 12th St., Reading, PA 19604 New York Metro- Jennifer Comforto, 145 Bergen Ave., West Babylon, NY 11704 Philadelphia Metro- Kathleen T. Gaughan, 1812 N. Hills Ave., Upper Dublin PA 19090 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- Bonnie Oswald, 1504 Evergreen Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15209

The alumnae regions were redrawn following the 1994 national convention in Milwaukee. They are:



Director- Deborah Fields Dietrich, B , 12908 124th Ave. N., Largo, FL 34644 Atlanta, Georgia- Martha Shershin, 860 Dakhaven Dr., Roswell, GA 30075 Baltimore, Maryland- Rachel Soc hoi Solomon 9733 Clocktower Lane, Apt. 202, Columbia, ' MD 21046 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida- Kitty Gooch Milum, 717 N.W. 30 St., Wilton Manors, FL 33311 Hattiesburg, Mississippi- Dolly Loyd, 225 Sherwood Dr., Hattiesburg, MS 39402 Mississippi Gulf Coast- Davona Mitchell 6192 Kimbrough, Biloxi MS 39532 ' Richmond, Virginia- Frances Francis, 602 Devon Rd ., Richmond, VA 23229 Tampa Bay, Florida- Lisa Reiss Glonek, 4~99 14th St. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33703 Washmgton, DC- Judith Whipp Parkison, 16560 Emory Lane, Rockville, MD 20853 Wilmington, Oeleware- Emily K. De Wese, 122 Walnut Ave ., Ardmore, PA 19003

REGION Ill Director - Joanne Burroughs Zabaldo, 88, (Mrs. Dennis), 3609 W. Cleveland St., Tampa, FL 33609 Akron, Ohio - Mrs. Lawrence Banner, 3430 Montrose Ave., Akron, DH 44314 Cincinnati, Ohio- Karen Bader, 92 Thompson Ave. #2, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41 017 Columbus, Ohio- Pam Free, 565 Laurel Ridge Dr., Gahanna, DH 43230 Dayton, Ohio-Anita Reichling, 1135 Dexter Ave., Kettering, DH 45419 Detroit, Michigan- Mary Ellen Busch 1~09 Gardenia #3, Royal Oak, Ml 48067 Detrott Suburban, Michigarrlisa Manning, 6647 Cross Creek Dr., Washington Ml 48094 ' Aint, Michigan- Barbara Struble 12180 Townline Rd., Grand Blanc, Mi 48439 Grand Rapids, Michigan- Cheryl Schaub, 0-86 B.rook Meadow Dr. #11, Grandville, Ml 49418 Huntmgton, West Virginia- Charla Grass, 6003 Baker Rd., Huntington, WV 25705 MI. Pleasant, Michigan- Gerri Kimmel, 300 Western Ave. A-44, Lansing, Ml 48917 Newark-Zanesville, Ohio- Mrs. Norman Cogswell, 1070 W. Church St. Newark OH 43055 ' '

16 WJNrER 1996




Director - Connie Peyton Hoffman, ZZ, (Mrs. Phil), 171 S. Main, Trenton, MO 64683 Anderson, Indiana -Deloris Reinhart, 313 Vasbinder Dr. , Chesterfield, IN 46012 Chicago, Illinois- Mary Hohe, 429 Kensington, LaGrange, IL 60525 Chicago Metro- Lynnette Brent, 139 w. Windsor, Lombard, IL 60148 Chicago North- Christine J. Martinicky, . 429 S. Abbey Hill Lane, Palatine, IL 60067 Chtcago West- Joyce Kroeger Shelton 1805 Arabian Ave., Naperville, IL 60S65 Elkhart-Goshen, Indiana- Jill H. Szyarto, 1627 Evergreen Place, Elkhart, IN 46514 Indianapolis, Indiana- Barbara Martin Kassing, 700 Harlen St. , Plainfield, IN 46168 Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Nancy Andrus Cerwin 5311 S. Cambridge, Greenfield, WI 53221 ' Muncie, Indiana- Doris White, 1200 N. Buckeye, Muncie, IN 47305 Southwestern Indiana- Karla Kamp Cook, 3319 E. Mulberry, Evansville, IN 47714 Terre Haute, Indiana- Patricia Read Hammett 1820 N. 6th 112 St. #25C, Terre Haute IN ' 47804 ' Wiscota Area, WisconsirrRae McNeely Hawn, 315 County Rd. B2W, Roseville, MN 55113

REGION V Director - Angela Dantzler Bauldree, BZ (Mrs. Phillip), 2104 Whitehurst Lane,' Carrollton, TX 75007 Central Arkansas - Lauri Stroud, 3436 Highway 4E, Hope, AR 71801 Dickinson, North Dakota- Deb Conlon 970 Alder Ave ., Dickinson, NO 58601 ' Emporia, Kansas- Leslie Hess, 1102 Parier, Emporia, KS 66881 Kansas City, Missouri- Collen Haag, 5704 W. 97th, Overland Park, KS 66207

Maryville, Missouri- Millie Cockrill Loch, 1280 Parkdale Rd., Maryville, MO 64468 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- Shannon Lee, 3140 W. Rock Creek Rd. #717, Norman, OK 73072 Omaha, Nebraska-Sharon Lawler, 12961 Harney St., Omaha, NE 68154 Pittsburg, Kansas- Teresa Eskina 902 Village Dr., Pittsburg, KS 66762 ' Reunion, Arkansas- Cheryl McKim, 4901 Gum St., North Little Rock, AR 72118 St. Louis, Missouri- Christina Breeding 12336 E. lnletridge Dr., Maryland Heights, MO 63043 Springfield, Missouri- Krysta Myers, 205 N. Ellen, Nixa, MO 65714-9070 Tulsa, Oklahoma - Theresa Laws, 12510 E. 33rd, Tulsa, OK 74146

REGION VI Director - Debbie Sharp Craig, ZZ, (Mrs. Randy), 2300 Norwalk, Colleyville TX 76034 ' Austin, Texas- Cathy Moss, 1900 Georgia Landing, Austin, TX 78746 Dallas, Texas- Angela Dantzler Bauldree 2t04 Whitehurst Lane, Carrollton, TX l5007 Denver, Colorado- Linda Clark, 6687 Vivian St., Arvada, CO 80004 Houston, Texas- Trudy Lewis Higgins, 2550 Joel Wheaton #4701 , Houston TX 77082 Phoenix, Arizona - Meri Helaine Berger, 1301 N. 29th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85032 San Antonio, Texas - Mindy Mann, 12012 Maple Rock, San Antonio, TX 78230 San Diego, ~alifomia- Anne Rumney Will, 3620 Third Ave. Apt. 104, San Diego CA 92103 â&#x20AC;˘


COLLEGIATE STARS This section replaces the Collegiate Honors that previously appeared in the winter issue. Chapters submit brief articles on their most outstanding member; the editors select only the best of these for publication.

Stacy Born

Nichole Evans

Phi Ph~ Northwest Missouri State University

member of the Wesleyan Scholars program for students who maintain a 3.5 grade point average after achieving junior status. She has been recognized by Phi Eta Sigma (freshman honorary) and Psi Chi (psychology honorary).

Stacy Born Elementary education major Stacy Born is involved with the Council for Exceptional Children, International Reading Association, Cardinal Key honor society and the Order of Omega. An academic achiever, Stacy has been on the dean's list for two consecutive years and has received both the Northwest Academic and Oceans of Fun scholarships. She served her chapter as corresponding secretary, rush chairman, rush counselor and currently is vice president. Epsilon Eta, Virginia Wesleyan College

Nicole Evans Psychology major Nicole Evans is an outstanding member and academic achiever from Epsilon Eta Chapter. Nicole has served the chapter as editor, treasurer, membership director and scholarship chairman. She is a


Amy Kent Gamma Pi, Missouri Valley College

Amy Kent Amy Kent is involved with the Gamma Pi Chapter and many student organizations at Missouri Valley College. She has served the chapter as membership director, panhellenic delegate, assistant standards chairman and scholarship chairman. She has been a student senate representative for three years and served

as the senate's sergeant at arms. A member of the international club, Amy is bilingual with fluency in Spanish and English. Academically, Amy has been a top performer included on the dean's list for three years and the president's list for two. Amy also coaches and dances with the Missouri Valley dance team.

residential advisor for two years, a member of Students Taking Alcohol Seriously (STARS) and the individual enrichment program. Beth has been honored with the enduring student award and won first place in the college's photography contest. Within the chapter, Beth has served as chaplain and on several committees.

Zeta Delta, North Adams State College, MA

Beth Bajor Biology major Beth Bajor serves as the president of the campus Inter-Greek Council. In this position, Beth is working toward greater Greek unity at North Adams. Other campus involvements for Beth include serving as a biology tutor, biology club president, photographer for the college newspaper and a member of the women's rugby team. Beth previously served as a student ambassador for the admissions office,

Kelly Toombs Zeta Epsilon, Averett College, VA

Kelly Toombs Education major Kelly Toombs has been involved since the chapter's founding, serving as membership director for two years and now as chapter president. Kelly is involved with the Averett Singers and Averett Ambassadors. She has been recognized for her academic achievements by Alpha Chi (general scholarship) and was awarded the Averett Trustees' Scholarship.

Beth Bajor

WINTER 1996 17

COLLEGIATE ed the 1994 national convention in Milwaukee. Gretta is the vice president of Order of Omega, involved in the early childhood associalion, Pennsylvania State Educators Association and the council for exceptional children.


Bethany received her level I cheerleading certification from the National Cheerleading Association.

Karey Pieczkowski

Gamma PsL Edinboro University, PA

Michele Diaz Psychology major Michele Diaz has served the Gamma Psi Chapter as membership director. historian, junior and senior panhellenic representative and rush chairman. She served as panhellenic council second vice president, has been recognized by the chapter as "sister of the semester" and has been on the dean's list.

GreHa Haag Epsilon Kappa. Millersville University, PA

Gretta Haag Elementary and pecial education major Gretta Haag was awarded the Helen Whitmer Award by the Ep ilon Kappa Chapter for her dedication to the sorority. She ha erved a membership director and ru h director and attend-



Heather Scully Zeta Zeta, Central Missouri State University

Heather Scully Bethany O'Hagan Epsilon Upsilon, California University of Pennsylvania

Bethany O'Hagan Elementary and special education major Bethany O'Hagan was recently elected to her second term as president of the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter. Her involvement with the chapter includes serving as treasurer and standards board representative. She has attended the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) and the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute (LDI). Bethany works in the Greek affairs office. volunteers al the California intermediate unil. is involved with the council for exceptional children and has erved as the univerity wre tling team mana er for two years. Thi pa t summer,

Heather Scully currently serves as the president of Zeta Zeta Chapter. Her academic achievements include six semesters on the dean's list, receiving the Mary-Anne Kennedy math scholarship, the BrownHemphill math scholarship and the university scholar scholarship. A former Miss Pettis County, Heather is president of Kappa Mu Epsilon (math), secretary I treasurer of Mace and Torch (campus honors) and secretary I treasurer of the Order of Omega. Beta Kappa. Western illinois University

Karey Pieczkowski Psychology major Karey Pieczkowski has served the Beta Kappa Chapter as president, vice president, parliamentarian, standing rules and as istant philanthropic chairman. She

is a member of Blue Key honor fraternity, Order of Omega. Music and Miracles and has been a member of the university marching band. She has been recognized by Who's Who Among College Students in America and won the 1994 national Frost Fidelity Award.

Tonya Salazar Beta Rho, Northern illinois University

Tonya Salazar Tonya Salazar has served Beta Rho as scholarship chairman, assistant membership director and membership director. A senior psychology major, Tonya is interning at Hope Haven, a homeless shelter in DeKalb. Beta Lambda, University of Central Arkansas

Christie West Christie West has served as Greek week chairperson and panhellenic president.



Christi West

Amy Jo Elliot

On campus, Christie works with the student orientation staff and volunteers with special education children. Academically, Christie is on the dean's list.

standards chairman, editor, house manager and currently is chapter president. Within the campus panhellenic, she served as both junior and senior representative, rush counselor and as vice president of programming and fundraising. Amy is employed by Firehouse Inc. , a marketing and advertising company in addition to her school and sorority involvements. She also does academic skills tutoring and volunteers as a guide for campus orientation sessions.

Tracey Cicero Beta Mu, Henderson State University, AR

Tracey Cicero Tracey Cicero has served Beta Mu Chapter as rush and social chairmen and junior and senior panhellenic delegate. Recently Tracey was accepted into Henderson's prestigious nursing program, which only accepts 35 students per year. Tracey is a member of the student nursing association and is a certified mental health paraprofessional.

Alpha Gamma, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Koons Jennifer Koons recently won the national "Cosmo Woman" contest sponsored by Cosmopolitan magazine. Her essay, focusing on the strengths of woman's

Delta Kappa, University of Southern Indiana

Amy Jo Elliot Amy Jo Elliot has served Delta Kappa as


Jennifer Koons


body, soul, voice and mind, was featured in the August issue of the magazine. Jennifer has served her chapter as parliamentarian, homecoming chairman, Greek week chairman, treasurer, rush counselor, rush chairman and chapter president. Jennifer will graduate with a degree in journalism/public relations with minors in political science and communications media.

Jennifer Dean Gamma Zeta, University of Arkansas-Monitcello

Jennifer Dean Chapter president Jennifer Dean has served Gamma Zeta Chapter as vice president and panhellenic representative. Jennifer served as Greek week chairperson, was a nominee for homecoming court, is a member of Lambda Pi Eta (speech honorary) and the debate society. Academically, Jennifer is on the dean's list. After obtaining her speech education degree, Jennifer plans to pursue a master's degree in speech pathology.

Shannon Steele Epsilon Gamma, Virginia Comnwnwealth University

Shannon Steele Shannon Steele received the outstanding senior award during the VCU Greek Awards Ceremony. Shannon has served her chapter as vice president of alumnae, membership education chairman, standards chairman and rush chairman. She is involved with Order of Omega, holding the positions of secretary and treasurer. Shannon, a psychology major, plans to pursue a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling. Epsilon Ps~ Plyrrwuth State College, NH

Julie Thurston Julie Thurston recently returned from a year abroad in Seville, Spain. While in Seville, she lived with a Spanish family and experienced

Julie Thurston

WINTER 1996 19

COLLEGIATE STARS Spanish culture. She had the opportunity to travel throughout Spain and Portugal, visiting the Rock of Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. Julie currently serves as chaplain and is involved with numerous campus activities such as the foreign language society, PunericanMarketing Association, campus judicial board, orientation staff. She also is an admissions representative for Plymouth State College.

freshman chemistry student, the Glaxo Women in Science Scholar, is on the dean's list and has received grants to do summer research at both Wake Forest and Clemson universities. Robin has served the Delta Rho Chapter as scholarship and fundraising chairmen.

Jamie Jordan Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia State University, KS

Jamie Jordon Robin Draughn Delta Rho, Elon College NC '

Robin Draughn Robin Draughn is a chemistry major with double minors in math and women's studies. She is a senator for the tudent government a ociation. teaching a i tantfor"Elon 101" and chemistry classes and i involved with Omi ron Delta Kappa Oeader hip honorary) and Alpha Chi ( cholarhip honorary). She i al o a tudent affiliate of the Punerican Chemi try Society and a member of colle e Democrat and "One in Three" rape awarene pro ram. She ha been recogniz d a the out tandin 20 WI NTER 1996

Chapter Chaplain Jamie Jordon is involved in numerous campus activities and has been recognized for her academic achievements. She participates in the union activities council, Psi Chi (psychology honorary) and lchthus, a Christian student organization. Jamie was recently awarded the Herschel and Augusta Shepherd Honors Scholar award , which is one of the most distinguished scholar hip awards at Emporia State Univer ity. Beta u. Murray State University. KY

Tricia Lee Richerson Tricia Lee Richerson. a political cience major,

Tricia Lee Richerson

Claudia Briggs

has been selected as Beta Nu's most outstanding member. Currently Tricia is the chapter vice president and is planning the chapter's 50th anniversary celebration. Previously she served as rush chairman, as a member of the special events committee and participated as a member of the intramural swim team. In 1994 she was awarded the Evelyn Lynn Service Award by the chapter. Tricia belongs to Gamma Beta Pi and Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman scholarship), Pi Sigma Alpha (political science), Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership) and the Order of Omega. She is a university scholar who has been on the dean's list for six consecutive semesters and recently won the 1995 Distinguished Professor Scholarship. Tricia is the frrst Murray State University student to win the outstanding student orientation leader award for the southeast region and won the counselor of the year award from the university.

Beta Gamma, Northeastern State University, OK

Claudia Briggs Elementary education major Claudia Briggs has been honored as the most outstanding member of Beta Gamma Chapter. She has been very involved with the panhellenic council, serving as rush counselor, parliamentarian, social chairman, community service chairman and is currently the panhellenic president. She has been selected as one of the top five Greek women on campus for the past two years and recently was recognized as "Miss Greek." Her involvements with the chapter include serving as panhellenic representative and philanthropic chairman. The chapter recognized her as the outstanding senior for 1995. Claudia is a member of the president's and dean's honor rolls, received a foundation cholarship and has been a four-year recipient of the Paul Dougla teaching scholar hip. Her campu activities include Bacchus. tudent alumni THE PHOE IX Of ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

COLLEGIATE council and the campus activities board.


during her academic career. A member of the Society of Plastic Engineers, Pam's latest paper was presented at the International Technical Conference in Boston, MA.

. rj_

Beta Iota, Radford University, VA

Heather Carter Heather Carter has served the Beta Iota Chapter as scholarship chahTnan, housing development chahTnan, vice president's assistant and treasurer. Heather's campus involvements have focused around the student government association where she has served as student awards committee treasurer, house council member and treasurer. She is also a member of the Order of Omega. Epsilon Theta, Pennsylvania State University, Behrend College

Pam Bogardus Senior plastic engineering and technology major Pam Bogardus has been published twice

Julie Drouillard Gamma Mu, Adrian College, MI

Julie Drouillard Julie Drouillard, a double sociology and psychology major, is involved in many campus activities. She serves as a student government association representative, is a member of LINCS (Leaders in College Service). the swim team and the French club. She has served the chapter as president, rush counselor and membership director. Julie is a member of several campus honorary societies, including Phi Eta Sigma (freshman scholarship). Psi Chi (psychology) and Alpha Kappa Delta (sociology).

Chapter such as alumnae relations director. editor, assistant scholarship chahTnan, historian, scholarship chahTnan and chapter vice president. Within the Greek community, Amy has been part of the Greek week steering committee, a staff member for the "Greek column" and women's empowerment chairperson. Within student government, Amy has been a student senator, the internal affairs director, university elections chairperson, budget review committee secretary and the communications coordinator. Amy has been recognized as a member of Eastern's Top Ten Greek Women and has received several scholarships including the Parent's Club Scholarship and the South Suburban Panhellenic Association Scholarship. Zeta Theta, Wagner

College, NY

Jennifer Palladino Gamma Omega, Eastern ntinois University

Amy Levine Pam Bogardus


Amy Levine has held numerous positions within Gamma Omega


...... . wa

Amy Levine

Heather Carter

路 ._.. - ,..

Jennifer Palladino currently serves as chapter secretary and is involved with both the finance and standards committees.

Jennifer Palladino

Recently she earned a seat on the campus Greek senate as the treasurer. Jennifer is a presidential scholarship recipient and a member of the college band for which she plays alto saxophone.

Amy Barile Beta Upsilon, Indiana State University

Amy Barile Amy Barile recently was elected president of Beta Upsilon. Amy's involvement with the chapter includes serving as vice president, membership director, assistant rush chahTnan, panhellenic delegate, housing chahTnan and song leader. Her involvements with panhellenic include serving as vice president for rush and getting the new "Adopt-ASchool" program off the ground at ISU.

WINTER I 996 21



This marks a retum of Alumnae Action to the winter issue ojThe Phoenix. Here chapters report on 1995 activities.

Betty Urban Wallick, ZZ, accepts a contribution to the AIA Foundation from Natalie Grayson Nickols, AO, on behalf of the Central Pennsylvania Alumnae Chapter in honor of its 60th anniversary.

The chapter's biggest event of the year is the annual holiday auction. Members prepare craft and food items to be auctioned at the December meeting. Many food items come from recipes in the Narcissus cookbook. This fund-raising supports contributions to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. Denise C. Ferree, DE

Central Pennsylvania

Chicago West Suburban

Chapter celebrates 60 years

35th anniversary celebration

The Central Pennsylvania Alumnae Chapter celebrated its 60th anniversary on April29, 1995, with a luncheon at the Yorktowne Hotel. Members were taken on a historical journey from charter members through the decades of the chapter by guest speaker. Betty Urban Wallick, ZZ, past national president, former president of Central Pennsylvania Alumnae Chapter and vice chairman of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. Philanthropic activities focus on the S. June Smith Center, which i located in the Central Penn ylvania area. At a ummer meetin . member made items to donate to the center for its annual bazaar in the local mall. Member al o volunteered to work at the bazaar.

Chicago West Suburban Alumnae Chapter celebrated their 35th anniversary in May 1995 with a party at the home of Sharon Nickals Garney, BP. Honored guests included the

22 WliiiTER 1996

chapter's first president, Sue Henderson King, BK, and National Chairman of Scholarship, Beth Zubinski Heidel, ffl. The chapter also welcomed many former members and alumnae from nearby chapters. Other recent activities included a baby shower for needy mothers, a Super Bowl party with husbands, dinner out and a hands-on craft meeting, doing stamp embossing. Joan Kolar Grabarek, BP

San Diego

Founders' Day celebration planned San Diego Alumnae enjoyed lunch at the Black Angus, a famous beef restaurant, in September 1995. A meeting at the home of Serena Engelhart Lannue, ZZ, followed. Founders' Day was celebrated on Nov. 18, 1995, with a lunch at the San Diego bayside Hyatt Regency Hotel, followed by a ceremony and meeting at the home of president Anne Will, PX. Bernita Offerman Sipan, nn

Chicago West Suburban alumnae celebrate their 35th anniversary with their first president, Sue Henderson King , BK, current president, Nancy Cepuder Reagan, BP, and president-elect, Joyce Kroeger Shelton , <1><1>.



ACTION Anderson, IN

Chapter develops traditions

Gina Talley, Regina Brooks Sharp, Becky Hockett Hamby, Rhonda Smith Reed and Sandy Letherman of Tulsa Alumnae Chapter at the chapter's "Let's fall back together" meeting. Fort Lauderdale

Delaware Valley, PA

Chapter rebuilds

Chapter seeks new members

The Fort Lauderdale chapter recently elected Kitty Gooch Milum, ZZ, as its new president. The chapter is undergoing an effort to rebuild their membership and become as strong and active as they once were. A Founders' Day celebration was plarmed, where they had hoped to welcome some new members.

Delaware Valley Alumnae celebrated Founders' Day with a luncheon at the Radnor Hotel in St. David's, PA. Helen L. Corey, KK, retired longtime national convention chairman and national officer for many years, was honored. She is the chapter's senior member at 91 years. December featured a Christmas workshop hosted by Frances Sommers Dougherty, IIII, as well as a cookie exchange. A lunch was held at the home of Lois Meadowcroft Baker, NN. A dinner and variety show was plarmed for just after the first of the year. Any alumnae in the western suburbs of Philadelphia who are interested in joining an alumnae chapter should contact the president, Ilse Graenz Schwarze, NN, or the treasurer, Ruth Pike Fooskas, KK.

Jean Wright Grason, PP

This a

Chapter plans busy year Gathering at Diamond Jack's, a local Tulsa restaurant, members reunited this past fall for dinner to catch up on summer break activities. A local florist and teacher presented a program in October on creative gift baskets. Founders' Day is always special for Tulsa alumnae, when they celebrate with Beta Gamma members as they renew their commitment to Alpha Sigma Alpha. Future plans include a session on massage therapy and volunteering at the local Designer Showcase home. Paula Haljast Brown, Bf


Miriam Hipple Fitzgerald, KK

The Anderson, IN, alumnae chapter is enjoying its 39th year during 1995-96. Several Chi Chi charter members from 1957 are still active in the alumnae chapter. They are Rose Kaiser Baden, Barbara Mullen Dietrich, Nora Fuller Hanson and Delores Barnes Rinehart. Other early members from Chi Chi are Jean Anne Ketner Huffman and Lola Erne Sparks. Several of the group's projects and activities have become a tradition - members spend a portion of each monthly meeting sewing and stuffmg "Love Bears" to be used by groups who work with youngsters in troubled situations who can take comfort from a cuddly, friendly bear. The chapter also regularly donates new items of clothing and personal items to the local mental health association, which distributes the items to patients at holidays and birthdays. Another tradition is the armual dinner during the holiday season, which includes husbands as guests. After a pitch-in dinner (chicken and noodles has become another tradition!) , guests play games and talk. The chapter invites all Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae in the Anderson area to become a part of its activities and traditions. Jean Ketner Hu.ffman, XX For more information on joining any alumnae chapter or starting a new one, please contact Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters, 1201 E. Walnut, Springfield, MO 65802; 417-8690980.

WINTER 1996 23

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Asa phoenix vol 81 no 2 winter 1996  
Asa phoenix vol 81 no 2 winter 1996