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Operation Desert Storm

The National Council of Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Theta Chapter members display ribbons on their house to show support for troops in the Persian Gulf.

Collegiate chapter supports U.S. troops

Editor covers war from Washington

Beta Theta Chapter at Central Michigan University joined in citywide support for the troops in Saudi Arabia. The program was organized by a radio station in Mt. Pleasant. Chapter members showed their support for the troops by wearing yellow ribbons, displaying ribbons on the chapter house and having their pictures taken. * *

Phoenix editor Nancy I.Z. Reese, Chicago Tribune associate des ign director/graphics, sp en t thr ee weeks in Washington covering the war in the Persian CuiÂŁ She worked as a reporter for her department, which produces all the maps, charts and diagrams for the newspaper. She attended briefings at the Pe ntagon and interviewed num ero us military officers on weapons , strategy and policy.


Chapter, fraternity join to support troops Delta Epsilon Chapter of Mansfield University tied yellow ribbons to trees on campus and throughout the town of Mansfield, PA. It was a joint project with Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. * *


* ** If you, or someone you know, participated in Operation Desert Storm, please contact Phoenix editor Nancy I.Z. Reese.

How to get the most out of The Phoenix Directory: Appears once a year in the winter issue and lists all national officers, collegiate chapters and alumnae chapter presidents. Foundation: An article on the Foundation appears in every issue. The listing of annual contributors appears in the winter issue. The cumulative foundation and development fund list appears every other year , following convention.

2 SPRI G 1991

Alumnae Action: Appears in winter and summer issues. It consists of reports on alumnae chapter activities. Alumnae Stars: Appears in winter and summer issues. Articles on women who have earned honors or have interesting careers are accepted anytime by Alumnae Editor Lori Robinson.

Announces the colonization of Epsilon Phi Indiana University Bloomington, IN

Jan. 13, 1991

The National Council of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Announces the colonization of Epsilon Chi Goldey Beacom College Wilmington, DE

Feb. 5, 1991

Collegiate Corner: Appears in fall and spring issues. It consists of reports on collegiate chapter activities. Collegiate Stars: Appears in fall and spring issues. The spring collegiate stars is primarily a listing by chapter of women involved in campus activities. The fall collegiate stars features the accomplishments of individuals. In memoriam: Appears once a year, usually in the winter issue. Please submit all death notices to ALA National Headquarters.


Spring 1991


Deadlines Fall. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Winter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Summer .............

Vol. 76, No. 3

of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Apr. July Oct. Jan.

10 10 10 10

Editor Nancy I.Z. Reese 828 S. Golf Cui de Sac Des Plaines, IL 60016

Staff Feature Editor Cretia Rowlette 3861 N. Cherry Ln . Kansas City, MO 64116 Alumnae Editor Lori Mueh lbauer Robinson Rt. 1 Box 176-C Fal kville, AL 35622 Collegiate Editor Terri Higgs Murphy 4922 Epworth Rd . Newburgh, IN 47630 Historian Sue Zorichak Hagen 6890 Athena Way Inver Grove Heights, MN 55075

.. ... . ...... ..


Alumnae can help too ............ .


A rush of excellence

Learn how to becom e top-notch rushers and help Alpha Sigma ·Alpha grow Do you know a young woman w ho would make a great AEA?


New chapter ..................... . Epsilon Upsilon at California University of Pennsylvania joins AEA fami ly

A special look at philanthropic The S. June Smith Center added to sorority philanthropic program

... . 10

Foundation honors Smith Center ..


Center's namesake is past member of Foundation board

New council members ........ . Three wom.en j oined the AEA National Council for the first time in 1990

.. . . 14


THE PHOENI X OF ALPHA SIGM A A LPH A (USPS 430· 640), an educational journal, is pu b lished in the fall , winter, spri ng and summer of each ye ar by the Sorority, 1201 East Walnut Street, Spri ngfield, MO 65802. Subscription price, $1 .50 a year. Prod uced by Maury Boyd & A ssociates, Ind ianapolis, IN 46268. Member, National Panhel lenic Conference and College Frater· nity Editors Association.

6 Alumnae directory ........ . 12 Rush coupon . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Collegiate Corner .........


Collegiate Stars ........... 20 Campus Sights & Sounds ... 23 Narcissus cookbook ....... 24


Send cha nge of address and b usiness correspo ndence to Alpha Sigma Alph a National Headq uarters, 1201 East Wal nut St. , Springfield, MO 65802. Address all correspon dence of an editorial nature to the editor, Nancy 1. z. Reese, 828 S. Golf Cui de Sac, Des Plaines, IL 60016.

It is with regret that the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Council announces the closing of Epsilon Beta Chapter, University of Illinois, and Epsilon Sigma Colony , University of Virginia. Both were closed due to low membership.

Articles are invited fo r publicat ion In this journ al. Manuscri pts shou ld be submitted to th e editorial staff fo r consideration. Accepta nces are on a co nt rib· utlng basis only and subject to editorial review . Arti· cles pu blished are t he personal expression s of the au th ors and do not necessarily represent the policies of AEA.


Second-class postage paid at Springfield , MO, and at additional maili ng offices.

On the Cover

Postma ster: Send address changes to THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA, 1201 East Walnut St., Springfield, MO 65802.

Turn your rush into a top-notch performance.


The Foundation memorial listing in the fall 1990 issue failed to include a contribution in memory of Jean C. Richard , Pi Pi , by Suzanne Hebert, Beta Zeta.

SPRING 1991 3

Aspire, Seek, Attain . This familiar motto encompasses every endeavor we undertake as Alpha Sigma Alphas, and the rush endeavor is no exception . It provides the incen tive, motivation and the desire to do a top notch job. So let's aspire to be, seek and attain the rank of first rate rushers and contribute to the growth of ALA.


To have a great ambition. Rush itself is a great ambition . It is the crucial part of member ship selection and is essen~ial for growth of the organi zation. It is meeting the objective of pledging young women who offer the attributes and talents that contribute to the integrity of each chapter. There are several ways to meet this objective, which include educating your rushees and revealing your accomplishments.

* **



To endeavor to obtain or reach . For each rush season, your chapter should seek to obtain the Alpha Sigma Alpha goal of Q-T, otherwise known as Quota-Total. Here's a memory refresher on the meaning of each . Quota is the total number of rushees accepting the first invitational parties divided by the number of participating sororities. This is the number each sorority is allowed to pledge during a form al rush period. Once established, quota should remain unchanged for that entire formal rush period. Total is the total number of pledges and initi ated members comprising chapters on a particular campus. While seeking to obtain quota-total, a successful rush won't just happe n wi thout diligent planning. i:r


To accomplish, achieve. The most rewarding achievement of rush is introducing a new group of sisters, with a variety of personalities and characteristics, yet all sharing common ideals and goals. Those common ideals and goals make the basis for a lifetime membership in Alpha Sigma.Alpha, comprise? of women willing to give o~ tbem.selv:e~. Asp~re, seek and attam to be first rate rushees wh1le mamtammg the Al:A sptrit of excellence: Have a Rush of Excellence.

* **

, we all like to talk about ourselves, and

oooortunitv.than at each rush party? You know your chapS~l()~astlie excellence and promotes campus involvement,

:~:,~-~~: r-•~~~(;~~~~ta suggestion: Make a giant chart with the .·, followed by a list of significant accom~jfti!~-~'tl-:lll(;f()jLit';;~~viHu.Ql




chapter or Al:A on a national level. Diseach rush party so rushees will have is chance to let them know years in a row, your chapter your chapter received first Continued on page 8 SPRING 1991


Alpha Sigma Alpha rush information If you know of a young woman who is attending, or will attend, college on a campus where there is a chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, please fill out this form and send it to Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters, 1201 East Walnut Street, Springfield, MO 65802. This form is for information only. It does not obligate the woman or chapter in any way. Rushee's name ________________________________________________________________________ College or university rushee is planning to attend ----------------------------------------------Homeaddress _________________________________________________________________________ Name of parent or guardian --------------------------------------------------------------Rushee's high school _______________________________________________ Graduation year _____ Rushee is now a ___ freshman, ___ sophomore, ___ junior, ___ senior If rushee is a transfer, former college: ------------------------------------------------------Relatives in Alpha Sigma Alpha or other Greek organization---------------------------------------Do you know the girl personally? _____ If not, source of information----------------------------Please describe: Academic achievements and honors: -------------------------------------------------------

Other comments: _______________________________________________________________________

Community activities: --------------------------------------------------------------------

Yourname _______________________________________________ Chapter _____________________ Address _________________________________________________ Phone ________________________ City _________________________________State ______________________J. ip _________________

6 SPRING 1991



information from alumnae She would make a wonderful ALA! How many times have you said this about a young woman from your church , a friend of your son or daughter, the neighbor's babysitter or a young worker in your office? You may be able to introduce her to one of Alpha Sigma Alpha 's collegiate chapters by filling out the rush information form (facing page).

Alumnae are urged to fill out and send the form to Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters whenever they learn of a prospective member who will be attending a campus where there is an ALA chapter. The form does not obligate the woman or ALA in any way but is a resource for the chapter. You too can help a young woman rush ALA!

Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters

New Jersey Trenton State College, Epsilon Mu William Patterson College, Epsilon Rho New York Rochester Institute of Technology, Gamma Iota SUNY at Brockport, Epsilon Nu SUNY College at Buffalo, Pi Pi North Carolina Elon College, Delta Rho Ohio Miami University, Alpha Alpha Oklahoma Northeastern State University, Beta Gamma Pennsylvania Bloomsburg University, Delta Chi California University of Pennsylvania, Epsilon Upsilon Clarion University, Gamma Omicron Drexel University, Nu Nu East Stroudsburg University, Gamma Rho Edinboro University, Gamma Psi Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Alpha Gamma Kutztown University, Epsilon Xi Mansfield University, Delta Epsilon Millersville University, Epsilon Kappa Penn State University, Gamma Eta Pennsylvania State University-Behrend College, Epsilon Theta Slippery Rock University, Gamma Xi Temple University, Kappa kappa University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Epsilon Omicron Colony University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Epsilon Lambda York College of Pennsylvania, Delta Omicron Tennessee Christian Brothers College, Epsilon Iota Texas Tarleton State University, Epsilon Pi Colony University of Texas at San Antonio, Delta Upsilon Virginia James Madison University, Beta Epsilon Longwood College, Alpha Radford University, Beta Iota Virginia Commonwealth University, Epsilon Gamma Virginia Wesleyan College, Epsilon Eta West Virginia Concord College, Beta Pi

Arkansas Henderson State University, Beta Mu Southern Arkansas University, Epsilon Alpha University of Arkansas at Monticello, Gamma Zeta University of Central Arkansas, Beta Lambda Colorado University of Northern Colorado, Beta Beta Delaware Goldey Beacom College, Epsilon Chi Colony University of Delaware, Delta Iota Illinois DePaul University, Delta Eta Eastern Illinois University, Gamma Omega Loyola University, Gamma Lambda Northern Illinois University, Beta Rho Western Illinois University, Beta Kappa Indiana Ball State University, Chi Chi Indiana State University, Beta Upsilon Indiana University, Epsilon Phi Colony University of Southern Indiana, Delta Kappa Kansas Emporia State University, Epsilon Epsilon Pittsburg State University, Eta Eta Kentucky Murray State University, Beta Nu Maryland University of Maryland Baltimore County, Epsilon Tau Michigan Adrian College, Gamma Mu Central Michigan University, Beta Theta GMI-Engineering and Management Institute, Delta Nu A&B Minnesota St. Mary's College, Epsilon Delta Mississippi University of Southern Mississippi, Beta Delta Colony Missouri Central Missouri State University, Zeta Zeta Missouri Valley College, Gamma Pi Northeast Missouri State University, Alpha Beta Northwest Missouri State University, Phi Phi Southwest Missouri State University, Beta Sigma




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Explain the sorority

In order for a rushee to want to pledge ALA, she' ll need to know about ALA, what it represents, what the plans, projects and visions are for its future. Offer the rushee information she may not think to ask: Explain the importance of national conventions, review the four aims and what honors th e chapter has received. Perhaps several chapter officers can give brief presentations that support each area. For instance, you may want to describe the pledge program and the emphasis of integrating pledges into the whole organization, philanthropic activities, promoting leadership development and the like.

* **

How well do you know your rushees? How many legacies are participating in rush? Do your homework and take the time to review their membership information sheets-you can be t they'll be checking your credentials. After all, this is a lifetime commitment. Rush is an interactive process, that is, you are trying to discover information about the rushees at the same time they are discovering things about you.

* **

Gen rate new 路das

Each chapter is endowed with an excellent resource pool, your new initiates. They are the group that most recently experie nced rush from the rushee's perspective . Have a brainstorming session and generate some new ideas. Ask them what the chapte r could have done differently, what did they like, what didn't they like. This will help )'OU identifY areas of imp rovement and will verifY you are conveying the 'right message' to rushees. Perhaps establish a survey with a rating scale. Have the m evaluate your songs, skits, slide shows, displays, videos and con路 versation.


. ..

8 SPRING 1991

Order decorations, nametags, favors, refreshments and costu(D6$,W complement your theme? Have practice sessions for all rush rounds? Alumnae can proviqe tive feedback. Practice your rotation system? ME~rn<>ri~te your songs? Harmonizing on

New Chapter

Epsilon Upsilon installed at California University of Pennsylvania by Bonnie Oswald

The Epsilon Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was install ed Nov. 10, 1990, at California University of Pennsylvania. This group of women was originally a little sister group. They decided to form a sorority and became Phi Lambda Delta on March 12, 1989. They were pledged as a colony of Alpha Sigma Alpha on April 29, 1990. Much of the summer and fall was spent working toward fulfilling the requirements of the chartering contract. An informal get-acquainted party was held Friday evening at the CUP student union. Colony members in AI:A shirts and red, white, gold and green ribbons welcomed the installation team , visiting alumnae and collegians. Even rain could not dampen spirits as the women arrived at the student union Saturd ay for th e initiation and installation services. The installation team consisted of Diane James, national president; Dr. Rosemary Goss, vice president of deve lopm e nt ; Cind y Fundis ,


chairman of coloni es; Lesli e Ziringer, province director; Bonnie Oswald, installing officer; and Andrea Tunia, chapter consultant. Gamma Psi chapter members, local area alumnae and Pittsburgh, PA, alumnae (including Kathy Staving, moth e r of one of th e initi at es) served as sponsors. The white luncheon was held in a private dining room in the campus dining hall. Cindy Fundis served as toastmistress . After lun ch , Missi Bondi, charter preside nt, opened gifts from the national organization, th e Gamma Psi chapter and th e Pittsburgh Alumnae Chapter . The reception was held that afternoon in the Dome Room in Old Main. Refreshments were served to university officials, representatives of the other Greek organizations, parents, family and fri ends . The installation banquet was held Saturday evening at th e Hidde n Valley Ski Resort. Mi ssi Bondi, Epsilon Upsilon pres ident , serve d as toastmistress. Guest speaker was Joy Helsel, assistant program director and panhell enic advi sor. The " Aspire" toast was given by

Andrea Tunia; the " Seek" toast by Lesli e Ziringer; and the " Attain" toast by Rosemary Goss. The charter was presented to Missi Bondi by National President Diane James. The charter initiates of the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter are: Melissa Bondi , Ra ndi Adl e r , Mich e ll e Baron , Camill e Bauer, D e bbi e Brown e ll , Patt y Campolongo , Tanya Dancho, Stacy Derr, Theresa DiBasilio , D ebbi e Dodds, Gwen Dubl e r , Brooke Dunn , Shelley Gubanich, Lynn Hill, Billy Jo Holland , Shelly Illig, Heidi Johnson , Joan Kaliszewski , Tara Keller, Kristen Kline , Marci Kubin , Melani e LaWall, Candy Lemley, Kim Mammarell a, Vicki Martin, Lisa Mauro, Ke ll ey McVay, Missy Patte rson , Donielle Perri, Michelle Petrasun, C arri e Pisani , Je nnife r Raynal , Robin Remenyi , Carleen Riggio, Lisa Schuchert, Amy Scuilli, Sandy Sepesky, Leslie Smith, Sandra Stavin g , Nicol e Stoicov y, D e nic e Stonfer , Michelle Szepesi, Tammy Todd, Dana Vannucci , D eborah Vargo, Shelly Wahl , Holly Watroba, Renee West, Amy Wiezen and Lorraine Woods.

* **




Special Olympics becomes truly international by David Phelps Communications Director It started with the rays of the sun breaking through the clouds and warming the Acropolis on an overcast May day in Athens, Greece . It concluded with an emotional welcome by over 35,000 people in a sun-drenched football stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, and the lighting of a flam e. " It" was the lighting and carrying of the Special Olympics torch from Athens to Glasgow over a distance of 3,700 miles and 52 days for the openin g ceremon ies of the third European Summer Special Olymp ics Gam e s- ce r e moni e s that marked the beginning of a weeklong sports competition for 2,200 athletes and 800 coaches from 31 European countries. And the torch and flam e of those games was representative of one of the most significant years in the 22year history of the Special Olympic movement. In February 1990, th e Sovie t Union joined Special Olympics Intern ational, bringing an estimated 100,000 athletes into the world 's largest organization of year-round training and competition for people with mental retardation . And, for the first time, th e Soviet Union participated in the European Summer Special Olympi cs Games with a team of athletes, coaches and volunteers. The past 12 months have seen the total number of nations with Special O lympi cs program s grow to 9 8, with developing programs in an additi onal 15 countries . Currently, Special Olympi cs Int e rn a ti o na l h as a n es tim at e d 750,000 athl etes and 500,000 voluntee rs in vol ved in its programs around the world-a significant increase from 1968 and th e first na-


SPR1 G 199 1

" For thousands of people with mental retardation around the world, Special Olympics brings hope and achievement."

tiona! games when 1,000 athletes from the United States and Canada compe te d at Sold ier ' s Fi e ld in Chicago. Now , throughout the world of Special Olympics, the focus is turning towards Minneapolis-St. Paul, and the VIII Internation al Summer Special Olympics Games which will be held th ere from Jul y 19-2 7, 1991. These games will be the largest sporting event in the world during 1991 , and the largest ever in the history of th e Spec ial O lympi cs move ment. More th an 6,000 athle t es from nearly 90 countri es, 2,000 coaches, 10,000 family and fri ends, .50 ,000 volunteers and an estimated 25,000 to 50,000 spectators each day will be a part of these games.

Competition will take place at 10 world-class venues in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area- including six on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Athletes will compete in a total of 10 official and fi ve d emonstration sports including, for the first time, powerlifting and table tennis . The International Summer Special Olympics Games represent an outstanding opportunity for members of the community to become involved as volunteers, coaches and sponsors. In Minn eapolis and St. Paul , hundreds of people are preparing to open their hearts- and their homes-to th e thousands of athletes who will join them in July. Throughout Minnesota, communities are " adopting" a country and learnin g more about th e cultural and regional characteristics of their adopted country, again in preparation for welcomin g and hosting the visiting athletes. You , too , can become actively involve d in th e VIII International Summer Special Olympics Games -and in the year-round efforts of Special Olympics International . As e ach state chapte r and country prepares to choose its representative team for Minn eapolis, there will be a need for people who can become involved in assisting the athletes and the team in a multitude of ways, through coaching, volunteering, marke ting, financial support and so on . To become an active participant, simply make contact with the Special Olympi cs office in your area or state. If the local Special Olympics contact is not listed in your phone book, the n call Special Olympics International at (202) 628-3630 for volunteer information . Hundreds and thousands of athletes and their fami lies around the world will welcome your involve ment and participation . -tr -tr




AIA adds Smith Center to philanthropic program With the action taken at the 1990 National Convention Alpha Sigma Alpha now has two specific philanthropic ' programs. The S. June Smith Center joins Special Olympics, which was adopted at the National Convention in 1976, as an AI:A philanthropic commitment. These programs compliment the more general aim of aid to special education that is carried out by chapters and the AI:A scholarship fund.


Center aids early development of special children by Gretchen Erb Chairman of Philanthropies

At the 1990 Alpha Sigma Alpha Convention in Scottsdale. AZ , the convention body voted to add the S. June Smith Center to the national philanthropic program. The center is named after Dr. S. June Smith, an ALA alumna from Kappa Kappa Chapter at Temple Uni ve rsity, b ecaus e of he r r espected leadership in the field of special education . Her dream-to provide children with developmental delays with stimulation early in life-has been realized . The S. June Smith Center's slogan illustrates its mission simply, "To find the gift in every child." The center, with four locations in the Lancaster, PA, area, provides services free of charge to help children with developmental delays to grow to their full est potential. The " First Ste p" program provides early ide ntification , evalua-


tion , referral and placement for the children. Infant stimulation classes for children and parents encourage parents to be active partners in the development and growth of their children by teaching therape utic and play techniques . Th e center offers a hom ebound program for infants who are t ec hnologydependent. The toddler program facilitates the transition from infant stimulation to preschool. The preschool program is designed for children ages 3 to 5 and meets each child's language, physical , cognitive and social development needs. Early stimulation program for premature infants and therapy for infants who are HIV-positive or who have AIDS also are provided by the center. The center serves as a source of support for the parents of all these special children. The center and its professional staff have been the recip ie nts of several awards for excell ence.

Services of the center are partially funded by federal , state and community agencies but depend largely on private donations. It is hoped that the adoption of the S. June Smith Center by Alpha Sigma Alpha will make a difference in the li ves of th e childr e n and th e ir families. This year, collegiate and alumnae chapters are asked to do a fund-raising project for the center. Several chapters have already reported successful projects. If you would like to support the S. June Smith Center, you may contact: Alph a Sigma Alpha National H eadqu art ers , 1201 E. Walnut , Springfield, MO 65802, or S. June Smith Center, 25 N. West End Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603.

* **



News to Use


Chapter philanthropic efforts rewarded Ep sil o n Ka pp a Ch a p te r a t Millersville Uni versity, PA, and the Akron, OH, Alumnae Chapter received awards for outstanding philanthropic service at the 1990 Al:A Convention in Scottsdale, AZ. Epsilon Kappa dedicated themselves to serving Special Olympics, the S. June Smith Center, their local community and Alpha Sigma Alpha. Th ey p articipat e d in Sp e cial Olympics roller skating b y volunteering time and showing support, sponsorin g a sp ec ial a thl e t e, designing certificates to give to the athletes and making a banner for the event. They also participated in Special Olympics track and fi eld events and Saturday recreation al activities for mentally handicapped children. The chapter has b een very involved with the S. June Smith Center. They sponsored a dance and a " Build a Mile of Pennies" project on th eir campus to b ene fit th e Smith Center. In addition, the chapter collected can tabs for kidney dialysis and UPC codes from Scott products for the Easter Seals Society. They visited an ALA alumna in an area nursing hom e r eg ularl y, pro vide d law n

work for area alumnae and se nt cards to alumnae for various holidays. They donated money to the four Diamonds Fund for children with cancer and to the ALA National Philanthropic Fund. Th e Akron Alumn ae Chapter parti cipated in weekly round and square d a nces for th e We ave r School for Retarded Adults by organizing the dancing and serving refreshments. They made crafts and sold th e m in four craft marts throughout the area to raise money for picnics and Christmas parties for the school. They also raised money for Hope Homes, a residential facility for the mentally handicapped .

* **

Beta Kappa reunion planned Beta Kappa Chapter of Western Illinois University is planning a reunion in the Chicagoland area. Surveys were mailed Fall 1990. If you have not been contacted , call the Alpha Sigma Alpha house, 309-833-2911 , or write ALA Reunion , c/ o Beth Fluegel, 801 Parkside Circle, Streamwood, IL 60107.

* **

New York Panhellenic offers $2,000 fellowship New York City Panhellenic will award one $2,000 fellowship to a so rorit y w om an doing full-time graduate work at a college/university in the New York City metro area during 1991-92. Those interested should request an application from Sally Shaw, 345 E as t 7 3rd St ., N e w York , N .Y. 10021. All applications must be returned b y June 25 , 1991. In the past three years , these fello ws hip s h ave assisted women working for advanced degrees at numerous NYC area schools.

* **

Philadelphia Panhellenic to award scholarship The Philadelphia Alumnae Panhellenic will award a $500 scholarship to a fraternity woman doing graduate work at a college or university in the five-county (Philadelphi a, D e lawar e , Montgomer y, Ch ester , or Bucks) Phi ladelphia, PA, area during the 1991- 92 school year . Those interested should request an application from Krista L. Killen, 1020 Beaumont Rd. , Berwyn, PA 19312. Applications must b e pos tm ark ed b e for e Au g. 15 , 199 1.

* **

Alumnae directory listings to be verified Since February, representatives of Harris Publishing Co ., Inc. have been telephoning alumnae for the verification phase of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Alumnae Directory project. Much of the information to be verified on each individual's listing will be going into the directory. Specifically, current name, academic data, residence address and phone number (if applicable) will be included. The scope of this information is an indication of the thorough and complete quality of the entire volume. The directory will sort this data b y name in the alphabeti cal division and by class year and geographical location in separate sections of the book. Also included will be photos and information on the sorority. Soon, locating fellow alumnae will be as easy as turning a page with the Alpha Sigma Alpha Alumnae Directory. You may reserve your personal copy when you are contacted by a Harris representative. But don't delay, this will be your only opportunity to order this comprehensive new directory. -14 -14


12 SPRI G 199 1


Al:A Foundation

Honoring Dr. S. June Smith, special children by Bonnie Koenemann Foundation Chairman

"We are not bam equal in this world. Some are strong and some are weak. Our equality lies in the right for each of us to grow to full capacity, whatever it is . " Pearl S. Buck

The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation recently presented a check to the S. June Smith Center in Lancaster, PA, in honor of Dr. Smith, retiring vice chairman of the foundation. Betty Walli ck, vice chairman of the foundation , and Paula Foreman, past national officer of Alph a Sigma Alpha, made the presentation to the Rev. Anderson , development chairman of the center, and Barbara Sullivan, Executive Director. A slide presentation was shown at th e 1990 ALA Convention in Scottsdale showing the many ways that the Smith Center is able to help special children obtain their full est potential in life. The S. June Smith ' Ce nter was the n adopted by the , convention body as another philanthropic proj ect for Alph a Si gma Alpha.

Betty Wallick, center, vice chairman of the foundation, presents a check to Rev. Anderson, Smith Center development chairman, while Barbara Sullivan, executive direc tor, looks on .

Th e S. Jun e Smith C e nter is fund e d throu gh th e L ancas t e r County Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation , the Pennsylvania Department of Education and fe de ral grant s. Th e ce nter also maintains an active developm ent

department, which raises additional funds each year to maintain the programs and services of the Center. All classes, programs, therapy services and transportation are provided free of charge to residents of Lancaster County. 1:r 1:r


Foundation board member recommendation The A:LA Foundation Board of Trustees will elect a new board member in each of the next three years in order to stagger the terms of office. With this in mind, you are encouraged to submit a recommendation for the board by April 30, 1991. Name--- -- - -- - -- - - -- - - -- - - -- - - - - - - Chapter/Year initiated _ __ _ __ AddffiSS _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ ___ Has she consented to the recommendation?--- - - -- -- - - -- - -- - - - - - - --




In what capacity have you known the person and for how long? - - -- -- - - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - - In what capacity has she served Alpha Sigma Alpha as a national officer in the past? - -Recommended by (chapter or individual) - - -- --

- --


- -- - --

- - - - - - - --

- - - - - - - - -- - --

- - - - - - --

AddffiSS _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ ~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~------Piease retum recommendation to Mrs. Bonnie Koenemann, 323 Branchport, Chesterfield, MO 63017




New Officer Profiles

Introducing three new council members Vice President of collegians lnb路oducing: Suzanne Kilgannon Collegiate chapter: Beta Iota School: Radford Universi ty, VA Degree: B.A. in speech Alumnae chapter: Past member of the Chicago Metro Alumnae Chapter Alumnae/national activities: Chapter consultant; national province director (4 years); Epsilon Beta supervising officer (3 years); rush team member Award: Nam e d an Outstanding Young Woman of America, 1988 Innovative contributions: Conducted a workshop on sisterhood and team building at the first Leadership Development Institution at Penn State in 1989; co-author of national rush skit, "Late Night with ALA" Civic activities: Member of National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Occupation: Full-time graduate student and graduate assistant for Greek Life at James Madison University Previous occupation: Software sales representative for a software and consulting firm Best aspect of career position: "I enjoy being able to provide guidance based on the experiences I have had in Alpha Sigma Alpha." Best aspect of sorority job: "I like being able to contribute to the long term goals of the sorority. I have the opportunity to look not only at collegiate development, but alumnae development, expansion and finances and how those areas affect th e overall position of th e sorority." Pm路sonal information: Suzanne and her cat, Emerson, live in Harrisonburg, VA; she likes to play tennis, watch football , sightsee and spend time with friends and family.

Vice President of Alumnae Introducing: Marianne Busch Bullock Collegiate chapter: Beta Theta School: Central Michigan Universi ty, Mt. Pleasant Degrees: B.S. in business administration; MBA in marketing, University of Houston Alumnae chapter: Houston Alumnae Chapter, served as secretary and treasurer Alumnae/national activities: National scholarship chairman (4 years) Award: Named an Outstanding Young Women of Am erica, 1987 Pmfessional/civic activities: Member of Houston Proud (organization to promote the city) ; member of Energy Rubber Group (affiliated with American Chemical Society Rubber division); associate member ofTAPPI (Asso14 SPRI G 1991

ciatioh of Pulp and Paper Industry) Occupation: South west district sales manage r for EniChe m Elastomers Americas, Inc. , a plastic resin producer Previous occupation: Consultant for a management consulting firm , sold tim e management training programs Best aspect of career position: " Having the opportunity to build something from the ground floor . When I began working at this company, there was no established business in the United States, so it has been rewarding to see tangible results from the work I have done." Best aspect of sorority job: " Having the opportunity to meet people from all over the country. Though they all come from different chapters and have different backgrounds, we all have something in common, that is, we are all members of Alpha Sigma Alpha." Personal information: Marianne and her son, Brian, reside in Houston; she likes to read, golf, travel, gourmet cook and practice batting with Brian.

Vice President of Program Introducing: Kim Ramsey Meyer Collegiate chapter: Beta Beta School: University of Northern Colorado, Greeley Degree: B.A. in elementary education/ music Alumnae chapter: D enver Alumnae Chapter, served as secretary, vice president and president Alumnae/national activities: Chairman of the 1986 national convention; national province director (3 years); Phoenix staff member (6 years); chairman of membership education (4 years); member of the Long Range Planning Committee Award: Eli zabeth Bird Small Award Innovative contributions: Organizer and lecturer at the first Em Frost Leadership Developmen t Institute at Penn State in 1989 Civic activities: Treasurer of local PTA, chairman of elementary school accountability committee, Cub Scout den mother, Sunday school teacher, church choir member, volunteer for Mt. Evans Hos.Pice Occupation: Full-time volunteer/mother/wife Best aspect of career position: " Flexibility and opportunities to have a positive impact on children." Best aspect of sorority job: "The chance to get to know the high caliber of women involved at the national level. In addition , it provides the opportunity to assist collegiate chapters develop programs th at will help their membership and enable them to develop the relationships and skills they need to be an effective part of today's world. " Personal information: Kim , her husband and three sons live in Evergreen, CO; she likes to read, write, bicycle, garden and do all types of sewing and handwork. THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

Collegiate Corner Longwood College

Pledges plan activities Th e fall pl e dge class of Alpha Chapter participated in a lock-in with chapte r members and a " make your own sundae party." They hosted a pi cnic with other sororities to promote sorority unity and attended a junior pan helle nic lip-sine contest. To raise money for the chapter , pledges baked cookies and sold them on campus. Hot dogs and drinks were also sold at Longwood soccer games to earn extra money.

Zeta Zeta members give top 10 reasons to join AI"A.

Shelley Smith Emporia State University Miami University of Ohio

Floating through homecoming Lights! Camera! Action! Homecoming 199 0 was celebrated at Miami University by the Alpha Alpha Chapter with th e th e me " H oll ywoo d Homecoming ." Frate rniti es a nd sororit ies were paired together to build floats for the homecomin g p arade . Alpha Alpha, Si gma Nu fraternity and Pi Beta Phi sorority teamed up to win second pl ace in the fl oat building contest. The float re presented the Hollywood th e me " National Lamp oon's Vacation" and was a huge paper station wago n. Me mbe rs of the cast from the film were portrayed by chapte r me mbe r s fr om th e so roriti es and frate rnity. Colleen Curry

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Around the world for homecoming "A r ound th e Wo rl d " was th e theme fo r homecom in g at Indi ana University of Penn sylvani a thi s p ast fall. Alpha Gamma Chapter membe rs Sha nnon Smith and Leslie Shaffer were hom ecoming chairme n. Chapter membe rs worked with the me mbers of Tau Kappa Epsi lon frate rnit)' on buil ding a fl oat of France. The Eiftel Towe r and othe r famous sights of the country were b uilt to carry out the theme . Members also participated in a sorority/fr ate rnity ch ant b efo re th e homecoming game. Michelle Russell


A homecoming week for everyone Epsilon Epsilon Chapter participated in Emporia State 's 1990 homecoming week entitled " Something for Everyone ." Kicking the week off was a steak and shrimp dinn e r in the stude nt union building where EE homecoming qu een candidate Jody True was recogni zed . An all campus clean-up, bonfire and spirit yell were also held. Throughout the week, many hours were spent decorating the homecoming fl oat for the Saturday parade. On Saturday, alumnae were honored at the alumnae tea before the afte rnoon football game . Danna Nilsen Northeast Missouri State University

Coming together at homecoming Alpha Beta Chapter cele brate d homecoming 1990 with two queen candidates. Anne Blanke represented the chapte r and Sarah Hartman represented Cardinal Key . The pledge cl ass planned a skit for the pep rally, and th e chapte r made a flo at with th e me n of Si gma Tau Gamma fraternity bearing the the me " Coming Together. " The fl oat had a seven-foot globe with the theme and the names of the greek organizations inscribed on it. Inte rl ocked hands around the globe symboli zed peace and unity. Annette Rayfield Pittsburg State University

A 'Monster Mash' March Eta Eta Chapte r parti cipated in many homecoming acti viti es during Octobe r.

The theme was " Monster Mash," and pledges marched in the parade before the football game. All members took part in the banner competiti on, yell-like-hell contest and the gorilla games. Queen candidate, Rachelle Schmitz was honored. Stephanie Nelson Central Missouri State University

New bid day activities Zeta Zeta Chapter membe rs used a new style of bid day this past fall. After meeting new pledges, taking pictures and having the bid day yell , the me mbe rs went back to the chapter house for a lock-in. The evening began with introductions and pi zzas. Games such as " Late Ni ght with ALA," complete with the top 10 list, and "Win , Lose or Draw" were pl ayed, songs were sung and movies were watched . Cristy Parisien Drexel University

A preferential success Nu Nu Chapter's prefe rence party was an elegant displ ay of sorority traditi on. Th e party was held at th e newly re novated Panhelle ni c house with its charm of old oak fireplaces and tall archways, whi ch gave a feeling of warmth and antiquity. The evening began with the reading to each rushee of the things memb e rs h ad di scove red ab out th e m. Each rushee was prese nted with a star in the shape of the initiation pin and bearing the words that had been read. Later, the chapter chaplain spoke about the spirit of the chapter, and rushees were given a pearl to drop into a large bowl. Kathleen Burrows



Collegiate Corner Buffalo State University

Chapter aids homeless Th e members of Pi Pi Chapter worked with the members of Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity to help a local organization known as " The People of the Night." An organization dedicated to helping the hom eless, " Peopl e of the Night" supplies food and clothing for those with no home and provide a soup kitch e n for thos e who are hungry. In October, chapter members voluntee red in th e soup kitch e n and sponsored a dance with the fraternity to raise money for this organization. Chapte r member Vicki Taylor designed T-shirts that both organ izations wore and then sold to the public with all proceeds going to the "People of the Night. " Caren Grotke Northwest Missouri State University

Wonderful world of Alpha rush This past fall , Phi Phi Chapter held a "Wonderful World of Alpha" rush party. Membe rs sported T-shirts with Raggedy Ann and Mickey Mouse and wore mouse ears with ALA written on them. Decorations of yellow, blue and green balloons and ~ treamers , Walt Disn ey characters on posters and stuffed animals carried out the theme. Other party themes were a " Mexican" theme centerin g around national convention in Scottsdale, AZ, and the traditional " Red and White" party in which everyone wore red Alpha shirts. Amanda Blecha Ball State University

A rush of favorite things Chi Chi Chapter worked hard on rush thi s fall , under the direction of chairman Jodie Kean. The first round of parties included a slide presentation and an ALA song parody of " My Favorite Things. " " Alpha Island" was the theme for the second round of parti es. The suite was decorated with palm trees and flowers , and members wore brightly colored jumpers and leis.

16 SPRING 1991

Phi Phi Chapter members use the " Mickey Mouse " theme at their "Wonderful World of Alpha" party.

The third round of parties had a New Year's th eme. Members sang their version of " Auld Lang Syne" and " Friends Forever. " At the preference party, members wore white formals. Chi Chi alumnae and former chapter consultant Maria Malayter gave speeches about their sorority experiences. The pearl ceremony concluded the party. Mary Ann Nelson Northeastern State University (Oklahoma)

Chapter completes first formal rush Beta Gamma complete d its first formal rush this past fall with the th e me "U B U in Alpha Sigma Alpha." The week began on Tuesday with a gazebo night where the chapter me mbe rs got acquainted with the rushees. On Wednesday was an information night. " Club ALA" was th e Thursday night theme, and on Friday, ALA's sacredness was shared. Stephanie Cain University of Southern Mississippi

Colony attends teleconference On Sept. 30 , me mb ers of Beta Delta Colony attended the Will Keirn Teleconference on hazing, sexual harrassment, drug and alcohol abuse and educational enrichment. The seminar, wh ich lasted three hours, won the colony a pizza party

for having the highest percentage of members in attendance for all sororities on campus. Karen Kight Radford University

A fall tradition Beta Iota Chapter members spent a day in the country surrounding campus on an outing that has become a fall tradition for the chapter. The day's agenda was planned by the new initiates to fulfill their physical aim. Activities included eating by the river bank, hiking in the wilderness and climbing a large hill to see the exceptional view of a cascading waterfall . Ann Vail Western Illinois University

Homecoming winners Members of Beta Kappa Chapter participated in a variety of homecoming activities. The chapter earned a third place in the homecoming dance, " Mardi GrasWestern Goes Berserk, " competition. During the talent show competition, members participated in two entries, a " Pillow Talk " commercial and " Singing th e Blues " act. The six women in th e act earned a second place award. Th e week e nded with the "yelllike-hell " competition in which the chapter won third place. Kris Thebault


Collegiate Corner Henderson State University

"Wizard of Alpha" entices rushees Beta Mu Chapter used a rush skit entitled " The Wizard of Alpha, " written by chapter member Heidi Scheutz, that helped entice rushees to join ALA. Rushees were treated to a meal after the skit was performed and were asked to join members in a circle to sing songs. Kristi Herring Murray State University

Members teeter for tots Beta Nu Chapter raised money this past fall by teete ring for tots. An annual event, members teeter-tottered for 24 hours. Each member teeter-totte red for three hours for pledges. The money went to help underprivileged children in Murray and Calloway counties. Cheryl Gentry Northern Illinois University

Alumnae day hosted Beta Rho Chapter hosted an alumnae day during homecoming week this past fall. Alumnae were contacted through the new alumnae newsletter the chapter has begun . On homecoming day , chapter membe rs and alumnae met at the sorority house and got to know each other. Everyone then proceeded to a tailgating party with the members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Aft e r the game, members and alumnae went back to the house for a slide presentation and a raffl e. The rest of the evening was filled with renewing old friendships and making new ones. Patty Fugiel Indiana State University

peted in the "yell-like-hell " contest and the trike team raced in the big race at the e nd of the week. Chapter members participated in other homecoming events throughout the week, which included the torchlight parade, Sycamore sillies and the blue and white parade. Michelle Earle

Jerri Kost

Rochester Institute of Technology

Fun night for rush

Edinboro University

Gamma Iota Chapter members rushed to the theme "Late Night with ALA" for "fun" night. Rushees worked on their top 10 list and participated in a skit based on the David Le tterman Show.

Homecoming celebrated

Cindy Greenspun Clarion University

Informal rush held Gamma Omicron Chapter recently completed informal rush . Three parti es, set to the themes of " Come Meet the Gang," "Late Night with AI:A " and " El ectric Beach," were hosted. Katherine Colna Missouri Valley College

Christmas in September Gamma Pi Chapter rushed to the theme " Christmas in September. " Rushees were greeted at the front door of the sorority house by chapter me mbers singing Christmas carols. Once inside, rushees were take n to the chapter room where a decorated Christmas tree, Christmas orname nts and a banner with a fireplace printed on it held stockings with all the rushees names on them. Chapte r me mbers performed several skits and Lucila Cheong dressed up as Santa and told the rushees a bedtime story. Each rushee then had their picture take n with Santa. Lucila Cheong

A Hollywood homecoming

East Stroudsburg University

Hom ecoming 1990 teame d th e Beta Upsilon Chapter with the men of Alpha Tau Omega and the women of Mills Hall. The theme was " Hooray for Hollywood" and the team chose the movie "Jaws" and " Just Whe n You Thought It Was Safe" as their own pe rsonal slogan. A chant to th e song " Twist and Shout" was used as the chapter com-

Clowning around for rush


the best sorority to join. The clowns spoke about big and little sisters, latchkey children, Special Olympics, Alpha angels, Greek week and sisterhood. Decorations consisted of balloons, streamers and clown hats for nametags. Fruit punch, pretzels, popcorn and animal crackers were served as snacks.

Gamma Rho Chapter clown ed around during fall rush 1990. Rush Chairman Laura Horchak and assistant Jill Bivona planned the theme " AI:A Circus. " The theme was carried out as members dressed as clowns. Their job was to convince the rushees why AI:A was

The Gamma Psi Chapter recently participated in homecoming 1990. Dena Berger, a senior majoring in elementary education, served as the chapter's homecoming qu ee n candidate. Activiti es during the week included a bonfire and pep rally behind th e student union building, an nounce me nt of the new queen and king, the homecoming parade, football game and alumnae tea. Lesley Coon Eastern Illinois University

Friend for a day Members of Gamma Omega Chapter participated in " Friend for a Day" this past fall in Mattoon. Chapter members enjoyed the company of a disabled fri e nd for a day. Me mbe rs ate lunch with their fri e nd and e njoyed fun and games throughout the e ntire day. Kristin Hummel Mansfield University

Activities welcome students Members of Delta Epsilon Chapter started Fall 1990 by making signs to hang around 路campus and in dormitories to welcome incoming freshman, transfer students and returning stu den ts. Chapter members combined the ir efforts of welcoming students with pre-rush activities. A bonfire theme was most successful , as rush activities began. Members me t rushees and hiked to the top of the unive rsity hill. Once at the top of the hill , a group picture was take n, poems were read , songs sung and apple-cinnamon donuts and apple cider served. Melissa Maio



Collegiate Corner University of Delaware

'Out of this world' chapter Delta Iota Chapter blaste d off 1990 rush with the the me " Alpha Sigma Alpha-Out of this World." The chapter room was decorated with black streamers, gold stars and lots of space posters illuminated by black lights. Members wore T-shirts with the rush slogan written around a picture of the Earth wi th an arrow pointing to the state of Delaware. Headbands sporting gold and silver glitter-ball s also were worn . Entertainment included 16 members who performed a dance and song act. Shelley Corliss University of Southern Indiana

Fall festival fund-raiser One week each fall , members of Delta Kappa Chapter participate in the annual Westside Fall Festival held in Evansville, IN. As the chapte r 's prim ary fund raiser, chapter members sell carmel apples, corndogs and jumbo tenderloins at their booth set up at the festival. Carnival games and rides also fill the street. Kim Crump GMI Engineering and Management Institute

Rushees enjoy chicken dinner During ru sh 1990, D e lta Nu-A Chapter hosted a chicken roast with the members of Phi Delta Theta. Snacks were served as members and rushees mingled. Chicken was served along with salad, potato salad and drinks. After dinner, there were volleyball games, fri sbee and swimming in the pool. Lisa Walworth GMI Engineering and Management Institute

Fifteen-year reunion held Durin g sprin g se mes te r 1990, me mb ers of Delta Nu -B Chapter gathered for a 15-year reunion with a dinner-dance. Alumnae fi·om all over th e country arri ved to dance, eat and have fun with oth e r chapte r members. After dinner, a slide show was presented showing many of the activities ~he chapter had parti cipated in durmg the past 15 years. A famil y tree

18 SPRI NG 199 1

Delta Chi Chapter members at their " Disney" theme party.

pasted on the wall traced girls all the way back to D elta Nu's charter members. Dancing followed. Mollie Baker Bloomsburg University

A Disney rush Delta Chi Chapter rush chairman Chris Kaupp chose a Disney theme for fall rush . Members performed a skit in which Minnie Mouse tried to decide whether or not to go Greek. Minnie first di scussed her dil emma with her fi·iend Daisy and then she was left to weigh the pros and cons of being part of a sorority. As she mulled over the idea, she was visited by her fairy godmother and evil stepmother. They helped her make the decision to go Greek. Lisa Cuvo Elan College

Chapter raises money Delta Rho Chapter pl ann ed two phil anthropi c projects with Kappa Alph a fr ate rnity durin g th e pas t school year. A lock-up was held to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc iati on in November. Members of the business and academic community were arrested, put in jail and had an hour to raise $500 bail by phone. A pig-picki n' picnic, complete with voll eyball games and a band, was the other project. The proceeds from the picnic went to support both MDA and Special Ol ympics. Scarlett Orenstein

Southern Arkansas University

Chapter holds red and white rush The rush party that was most successfu I fo r the Epsilon Alpha Chapter this past fall was the " Red, White and You" party. Members wore reel and white and matchi ng sh irts as they entertained rushees with several different games. Th e chapter also put togethe r a cookbook full of great ALA recipes and held a roadblock for abused children in October. Robin Stephens Virginia Commonwealth University

Sail away with Al;A The Epsilon Gamma Chapte•· participated in fall rush with the the me " Sail Away with AI:A." Dressed in sailor-inspired attire , including a sail or hat sporting the lette rs ALA , me mbers lined up along the gang plank placed at the door to greet the rushees. The room , decorated with a large ship with lights, balloo ns, sail or fi gures and streame rs awaited the m once inside. A slide show was presented to the rushees depicting some of the most treasured experie nces in the life of the chapter. Activities such as the formal dance, sorority walk, retreats, initi ati on, Gree k olympi cs and ru sh were shown to illustrate what membership in AI:A is all about. Lori Hehl


Collegiate Corner St. Mary's College

Playing card rush Epsilon Delta Chapter rush chairman Mary Pat Spanief planned one fall rush party that stood out. Upon arrival, rushees received name tags and were greeted with tables displaying various ALA mementos such as the creed, sorority paddles, scrapbooks, poems and cups. After mingling for a while, miniature playing cards were passed out, and rushees wrote facts about themselves on the cards. Shannon Krobetz Virginia Wesleyan College

Rushing coast to coast Epsilon Eta Chapter chose the rush theme "From Coast to Coast with ALA" this past fall. Members kicked off rush week with a pre-rush ~ all-Greek picnic where they showed off their new "From Coast to Coast-Alpha Sigs are the Most" T-shirts. Then each night (New York night, Oklahoma night and California night), activities and appropriate regional foods were used. Oklahoma night consisted of fried chicken and a corn-on-the-cob Michele Mazzarulli eating contest. Millersville University

Something fun, something new, something old Epsilon Kappa Chapter entertained rushees at three rush parties this past fall. The first party, entitled "ALA Under the Big Top," had a circus theme. "Late Night with ALA" was the second party and followed the skit performed at national convention this past summer. The preference tea was the final party using the traditional theme. Members dressed in white, and the pearl ceremony was presented. Lisa Worrall

Epsilon Tau Chapter members set up for their "Cafe Alpha" rush party. State University of New York at Brockport

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Chapter voted most spirited

Cafe Alpha used for rush

On a Saturday in October, the homecoming parade was held with the theme, " A Salute to the '50s." Epsilon Nu Chapter used the theme "Happy Days" for their float entry. Members portrayed the television characters as they performed a '50s dance and had rollerskating waitresses. Other chapter members sang songs and cheered the dancers. At the end of the parade, Epsilon Nu received the "Most Spirited" award.

The newly installed Epsilon Tau Chapter recently completed their first formal rush as ALAs. The party theme "Cafe Alpha" proved most successful. The room had the atmosphere of an authentic French cafe complete with red and white checkered tablecloths. Candles lit the room as ALA trifold pamphle ts were used as menus and soft French music played in the background. Members dressed in black pants, white blouses and colorful sashes. Black nametags were worn as bowties. During the evening, four members spoke about the four aims of ALA and the evening concluded with the singing of " Alpha Sig" to the tune of "Edelweiss." Susan Horner

Nora Muldoon Tarleton State University

Sisterhood retreat

Epsilon Lambda Chapter held its open rush party in the " Log Cabin" loc ated on campus. The theme "Camping out with ALA" included sin ging around the fireplace and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. All members dressed in their favorite camping attire as they had an opportunity to talk to the rushees on a more informal basis.

In October, members from Delta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio visited the members of Epsilon Pi Chapter at Tarleton State University. On Thursday evening, Epsilon Pi members met at the Holiday Inn to greet their Texas sisters. A pledge ceremony was held at a local church. Friday afternoon, Epsilon Pi member Tamar Dionne, gave a tour of the Tarleton campus. After dinner, games were played, songs were sung, and then the women from San Antonio gave the Epsilon Pi members pointers on mixers and other activities. Saturday evening, members traveled to Abilene, TX, for a football game.

Kelly Snyder

Michelle McGee

University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Camping out with A.l:A


California University of Pennsylvania

Homecoming celebrated Epsilon Upsilon Chapter was honored to have two members run for hom ecoming queen this past fall, Brooke Dunn and Heidi Johnson. Members supported them by hanging banners in dormitories and making flyers and favors . Other homecoming activi ti es included the buil ding of the homecoming float with the members of Alpha Kappa Lambda li路aternity and participation in the homecoming parade. Brook Dunn and Melanie LaWall



Collegiate Stars Alpha Jayne Adair, highest grade point average, chapter chaplain, Longwood ambassador; Michele Henry, chapter scho larship c hairm an, chap ter standards board committee; Ashley Smith, Sprague writing award , chapter president; Michelle Jackson, panhellenic counci l vice president, judicial board, chapte r panhellenic delegate; Suzanne P e llegrino, dean's li st, Order of Om ega, biology club vice president, Beta Beta Be ta (biology honorary), chemistry tutor; Rashel Hammond, lacrosse team, chapter standards board chairman ; Leslie Stuler, th e rapeu tic reaction order, hall re presen tative , chapte r vice pres ide nt .

Alpha Alpha Kristen Rasper, chapte r secre tary, studi ed Fr e nch in Fr ance; Julie Rehm, chapte r Greek week chairman, studi ed in Luxembo urg, vice president of programming for Be ta Alpha Psi (acco untin g honora ry); Christy Lipson , chapte r vice president, and Maureen McGlone studie d int e rn at ion a l business and managemen t in London ; Liz Cannon, chapte r corresponding secretary , developed an ad campaign for a studen t-run adve rti sin g age ncy in London ; Kim Woodrick, so loi st for three years with choraliers; Dadene Everett, chap te r Panhell en ic represen tati ve , 1990 rush gu ide.

Annette Rayfield, chapter e ditor, Sigma Tau D elta (English honorar y) president, Women's Ce nte r volun teer co-coordinator, sc hol a rship recipi e nt.

Alpha Gamma Mary Funanage was named as an outstanding new member and presen ted an award at the 1990 Greek Awards Banque t held at Indi ana University of Pe nnsylvania last spring. Seve n chapters and 51 individuals were recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Epsilon Epsilon Amy Kumpula, Apple-of-th e-Month recipi e nt for an outstanding job well done as rush chairman ; Melissa Malone, d e ba te team , Woman 's Programmin g Boa rd ; Brynn Adams, Panh ell e nic pres ide nt ; Erin Weir, outstanding Sp ec ia l Olympics volunteer.

Alpha Beta Tiffany Morton, chapte r president, panhellenic re prese nta tive , sta te day chairperson, expansion co mmittee, Orde r of Omega, student activities board; Margaret Allen, ass istant to the advisor of panhellenic co uncil , Young Democrats, political science club, National Organ ization of Women , Pl ann ed Paren thood director, Orde r of Om ega; Sarah Hartman , chap ter membership director, Pershing Society (academ ic honora ry) president, Cardinal Key, Nati ona l Organization of Women ; Diane Kell e r, hom ecom in g queen runner-up , studen t ambassador, International Association of Busin ess Communicato rs, Showgirls, camp us career assistant , Order of Omega; Ann e Bloom , var sit y vo ll eyba ll ; Stacy Roberts, All-American in track; Shen-y Ba nez, varsity tenn is; Kristin Falconer, varsity softball ;

20 SPRI NG 199 1

Jenny Fechtel, Zeta Zeta, was chosen freshman and sophomore-of-the-year.

queen candidate, Alpha sweetheart award , comm unity advisor; Tanya Stark, studen t academi c advisor, speech comm unication societ~ vic~ president, c hapter membe rship di rector; Annette Jackson, student governmen t association, student. academic adviso r, speech commumcation socie ty vice presiden t; Shelly Brungardt, chapte r preside nt , res idential hall association , Am e rican Marketing Association vice presid e nt , chapter summer m ee ting chairpe rson; Shannon Gaines, chapte r secretary, craftsman club, ideal pledge award ; Faye Walterscheid, studen t govern me nt association, academic advisor; Robin Batts, office advisor for panhellenic hall , residence hall orientation team , students o ri en t a tin g students, rush co unselor; Julie Mayer, Kappa D elta Pi (educati on honorary) , dean 's list .

Nu Nu Laura Hawkins, American Socie ty of Inte ri or D esign, inte rior design cou n ci l, studen t life d e p a rtm e nt workshop leader, chapte r preside nt; Betsy Grana, American Socie ty of Int e ri or D es ign , int e rior d es ign cou ncil , varsity softball team, chapter membership director; Steph Drukin, Eye Openers; Jen Unser, vars it y softba ll t eam; Kathy Sol stmann , sa ilin g team, Drexe l Pl ayers, panhellenic council secretary; chapter vice preside nt; Jenine Phillipe, sailin g team , ma rk e ting club; Karen Za kroff, varsity softball; Patty Pildger, pace setting award for sales at Macy's D ep artm e nt Store; Donna Rude n, work/study semester in Belgium ; Kira Sholen, freshman center student orientator.

Zeta Zeta Deana Logan, chapte r inte rnal vice president in charge of alumni relation s, p sychology club , Am e rican Marketing Association; Deana Light, chapter inte rmural director, dean's li st; Jenn y Fechtel, chapter treas urer, c h ap ter freshman and sophomore of-the-year, dean 's list; Traci Miller, chapter senior panhe llenic represen ta ti ve, p an he ll en ic spec ial events c hairp e rson, rush counse lo r , h o using coo rdin ator ; Melissa Mann, studen t government assoc iati on senate se lec tion c hairperson , chapter sta nd a rds board c hairp erso n, studen t newspaper reporter; Angie Martin, homecoming

Laura Hawkins, Nu Nu, interior design council and chapter president.


Collegiate Stars Phi Phi Kari Mosser, Libby McLeran and Susie Beach, stude nt ambassadors; Te resa Slezak, Sha nnon Dowden, Michelle Cooney and Tricia Tinsley, c h ee rl ead e r s; Mind y Lee , Kell y Harrison a nd Kri sti Wolfgt路am , Bearcat Ste ppers; Nicole Rowlette, student senate ; Vicki Chase, panhelle ni c vice preside nt , rush coOJ路dinator; Lisa Robinson , Ama nda Blecha a n d Faith Chapm a n , gra du a t e stude nts.

Chi Chi Jodie Kean , chapte r rush chairman and spirit and unity chairm an, stude nt ori e ntation corp s lead e r , admi ssions volunteer; Ann Ma rando, chapte r vice preside nt, hom eco ming queen candidate , stude nt ori e ntation corps leade r; Dawn Taylor, stude nt center programming board ideas and issues chairman, Spani sh club; Tracy Ring, chapte r scholarship ch air ma n, bik e-a-than q uee n candidate, pl edge class presid e nt, ideal pl edge award ; Elain e Wornbold, Alph a Lambda D elta (freshm an h o n o r a r y) , hi s t o r y c lub , admi ssion s volunteer; Briseida Guzman , Latin-Am er ican assoc ia ti o n preside nt, chapter ru sh and bi ke-atha n committees .

Shannon Lee, Beta Gamma, foundation scholar.

Beta Gamma Shannon Lee, chapte r chapl ain and mu sic ch airman, stude nt associati on preside nt, foundati on scholar, stu den t gove rnmen t associati on statew id e coo rdin a t o r , dea n ' s li s t ; Rebecca Smith, chapte r preside nt , lead e rship cl ass pr es id e nt , Alph a


Chi (honorar y) , Panhell e ni c represe ntative , stud ent association路 Shelley Dillard , c h a pt e r sec r ~ t ary , publi c relations vice chairman, stud e nt se na te, p anh e ll e ni c co un cil publi c relations chairm an.

Beta Epsilon Angela Justis, Sherry Carlton, Kelly Barefoot and Anneliese Hancock, Eme rgin g Leade rs, (organi zati on for freshm an and sophomores who have exce ll e nt lead e r ship pot e nti al); Amanda Lawrence, Kristin Hawley and Bmoke W ynn , Orde r of Omega; Jill Conroy, honors schol ar; Angi e Thomas, Karen Friedman , Am y Santin, Tami Scarola a nd Nora Spielman , pr es id e nt ' s li s t fo r academi cs .

(br oad cas tin g soc ie t y); Michell e Wilkin son, uni ve r s it y sin ge r s , ch ambe r orch es tra; Tricia We bb, Rebecca Belzer, Shari Weintraub and Jul es Loesh, uni ve rsity union board ; Cheryl Thomas, unde rgraduate rec reation socie t y, dean's list, Orde r of Omega.

Beta Mu Heidi Schuetz, Alpha Chi (honor socie ty); Jackie Joyner, Mi ss H e nde rson State Uni ve rsity; Ca thy Etieum and Cathy Stewa rt, Gamma Be ta Phi (honorary).

Beta Iota Rebecca Bright, ru sh coun selor, Rho Lambd a (honorary), ch apte r standards board chairman, Radford ambassadors, tour guide, snow court atte ndant ; Tara Dunaway, chapte r risk chairman, chapte r philanthropi c chairm an, ritu al committee , fundraising committee , Greek wee k representati ve, Bacchu s re presentati ve , hospital volunteer, stude nt educati on association , dean's li st; Penny Gregory, chapte r s~andards committ ee , ae robi cs in stru c t o r , d a nce co rp s, h o n or s fr a t e rnit y; An gie Hughes, judi cial board representati ve , stude nt educati on associati on, intramurals; Cindy Pettinaro, stu d e nt gove rnm en t ass ocia ti o n off campu s re pr ese nt ati ve, Bee-Hi ve photographer , stude nt life committee, intramurals, chapte r standards board; Michelle Pfeiffer, cl ass office rs co un c il , ae robi c club , seni or cl ass preside nt , chapte r secre tary; Lori Weaver, cha.ete r vice pres ide nt, Rh o Lambda (honorary) presid e nt , G ree k sc hol a rship winn e r ; Tricia Duffee, chapte r publi city coc h a irm a n , p a nh e ll e ni c publi c relati ons and publi city coordin ator, p anh e ll e ni c Executi ve b oard , ri sk m o nit o r , YM C A sw immin g s up e r v iso r.

Beta Kappa Laura E ggert, Rh o Chi (ru sh counselor) coo rdinator; Carrie Guenthe r and Laura Dempsey, rush co unselors; Kare n Daley, panhell e ni c council preside nt ; Janine Sacca and Letty Guttierez, Alph a Epsilon Rho

Jackie Joyner, Beta Mu, Miss Henderson State University, 1990.

Beta Nu Becky Balser, p anhelle ni c treasure r, stud e nt alumni ass ociati on; Lisha Brumbaugh, Mi ss Murray State University, stude nt alumni association ; D a phne Culver, chapte r preside nt, dean's li st, uni ve rsity schol ar , Orde r of O mega; Cheryl Gentry, chapte r editor, honors program preside nti al sc holar, Orde r of Om ega, stude nt ambassador, rush coun selor; Gabdelle Gime nez, chapte r social chairma n, d a nce co mp a ny, Mi ss MSU contestant ; Lisa Goewert, chapte r secre tary, dean's li st; Angie Henson , ru sh coun selor; Lesa Jackson, chapte r soc ial c h airm an, stude nt amb assad o r ; Lori Mason , c h a pt e r phil a nthropi c ch airm an, Phi Be ta L a mbd a (h o n o r a r y), Ord e r o f Omega, honors program preside nti al sc holar , stud e nt amb assad or ; Kelly Redman , chapte r me mbership director, ru sh coun se lor; Joeli Staley, chapte r house manage r, MSU con ce rt choir; Te resa Storey, rush counselor.



Collegiate Stars Beta Sigma Jenny Neuner, students in design club, Order of Omega, chapter social chairman , homecoming chairman , assistant editor; Katie Fitzgerald, chapter standards board chairman , Catholic campus ministry , intramurals; Laura Jungkuntz, Orde r of Omega, chapter homecoming queen candidate, Be ta Beta Be ta (biology club) , student alumni association , chapter scholarship chairman ; Linda Heinlein, chapter me mbership director , Catholic campus ministry , pledge class secretary; Laura Hale, chapter tr eas urer, pl edge class fundraiser , Greek week chairman, convention participant, data processing management association, student advisory council , resident assistant; Chris Adams, chapter editor , student in design club , pledge class treasure r.

liam Gasser award, Wilma Wilson Sharp scholarship; Shannon Bintner, rush counselor, chapter province I representative , student orientation services, hospital volunteer; Marlene Aiello, chapter food steward, panhellenic president, Greek council, Order of Omega, nurse's aide, sister of the year award.

Arts and Humanities Scholarship, Golde n Key, dean's list; Adrienne Glennwright, R.O.T.C . field training award, The Retired Officers A~足 sociation Citation and Medal, A1r Force Scholarship, The Veterans of Fore ign Wars Citation, Outstanding Flight Award for A.F .R .O.T.C.

Gamma Psi Kathie Kiernan, chapter philanthropic chairman, organized chapter's participation in the March of Dimes walk-a-thon; Heidi Zimmerman, chapter housing chairman, purchased a computer and software for the house ; Holly Fassinger, Kathy Begg, Kimber Moore, Jill Kruchenski, Eileen Knox, Chandra Margetta, Wendy Metcalf and Debbie Brandis, dean's list.

Gamma Rho Beta Upsilon Michelle Earle, Bea Pryor, Stacey Loehr, Lori Rostenkowski and Patty Allen, trike team.

Nickey Pulley, a theatre major, is a member of Alpha Psi Omega honorary. She has participated in many plays on campus and last summer played a small part in a movie, which was released on videocassette this past fall. Nickey also will play parts in three other movies within the next year, one of which will be released in the theater.

Gamma Omega

Francine Cerneck, Gamma Iota, campus magazine reporter.

Chris Kocof, university scholarship winner, panhellenic scholarship chairman, chapter scholarship chairman; Bonnie Burton, chapter intramurals coach, chapter standards board chairman , panhellenic treasurer, homecoming quee n candidate; Maria Rodriguez, chapter panhelle nic delegate , assault and preventions counselor.

Delta Epsilon Gamma Iota Stacey Zaslow, chapter vice president, executive board member-at-large, student social work organization, Order of Omega; Cindy Greenspun, chapter editor, Greenpeace canvasser, summer program assistant for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, peer counselor for deaf students; Francine Cerneck, campus magazine reporter, American Marketing Association , American Society for Quality Control; Victoria Bennett, chapter president, Digital scholar, Order of Omega, Wil-

22 SPRING 1991

Colleen Quinn, field hockey team; Julia Keeney, athletic train er for the football t ea m ; Jackie Irwin, R.O.T.C.

Delta Iota Jennifer Lewis, Louis J. Capus Memorial Scholarship recipi e nt, Trustees of New Castle Common Annual Scholarship recipient; Jennifer McGrath, Dolan Scholarship for Political Sci e nc e, General Honors Ce rtificate; Brook Turner, chapte r sec re tar y, University of D elaware

Lori Damm, Delta Kappa, student government association president and 1990 homecoming queen .

Delta Kappa Becky Theroff, activities programming board president, chapter chaplain; Jackie Miller, activities programming board vice president, chapter vice pres ident and rush chairman; Tonya Morris, activiti es programming board vice president of operations; Kim Crump, activities programming board, chapter editor; Anne Fletcher, rush counselor, activities programming board; Stephanie Knowles, Feather Shaker, activities programming board; Lori Damm, student government associ ation president , rush Counselor, homecoming queen 1989-90, stu dent education association; Cathy Howard, panhellenic president, chapter panhellenic delegate; Malanie Faucett, Greek goddess; Teresa Branch, Pumpkin Bust queen ; Christine Weinzapfel, Tau Kappa Epsilon sweetheart, chapter secretary; Susan McGregor, Sigma Tau Gamma White Rose queen , chapter panhellenic delegate , chapter assistant membership director.


Collegiate Stars Delta Chi

sorority council president; Jeanine Paradis, AI:A Charity qu een; Mrs. Paula Foreman, Helen Cory Award; Helena Roberts, mother patroness award.

Sandy Saxman, Eve Czeponis, Jen Cope, Elaine Leonard and Naomi Sato , r es id e nt advisors; Kim Pivovarnik and Tracy Cooper, orientation workshop leade rs , Candy Nicholas, R.O.T.C .

Epsilon Lambda Paula Durasa, inter-sorority Council secretary, chapter rush coordinator.

Epsilon Gamma Paulette Chasey and Helen Everett, second year me mbers of dance team and selected to perform at university basketball games.

Epsilon Nu

Epsilon Delta

Stephanie Sexton, Epsilon Iota, Tennessee Volunteer Girl's senior counselor.

Jan Nemec, chapter presi de nt, voluntee r coordinator, Big Brothe rs and Big Sisters programs coordinator , Winona vo lunt ee r services , campus connections; Missy Klimek, panhell e nic preside nt, completed psychology practicum at Hawthorn Childre n's Psyc hi atri c Hospital in St. Louis, MO; Beth Graham, Head Start manage r for Marriott Food Services; Shannon Kroubetz, undergradu at e researc h opportunities program participant.

Epsilon Iota Stephanie Sexton, BACCHUS secretary/treasurer, Te nnessee Volunteer Girls' senior counselor, chapte r vice president.

Epsilon Nu Chapter hosted Province I Day on October 26, 1990. Members who contributed to its success were Lisa Argento, Jackie Rae Shaw, Sally Hendershot, Diana DeMarino, Patty Honan, Amanda Gutierrez, Laurie Cohen, Felicia Brower, Chrissy Bonasera, Beth Andrews, Wendy Betts, Corey Nadel, Keitlin Barner, Caryn Benedetti and Nancy Fisher.

Epsilon Kappa Caryn Allison, Alpha Chi Rho Charity queen; Mary Lesko, Sigma Tau Gamma White Rose qu ee n; Kerin Essig, chee rl eading squad captain; Kelly Sellari , H e le n Whitm ye r Award; Michele Egan, Michele Eaton, Karen Humma, Jennifer Waslin, Heather Preston , Christ y Eppinger and Lisa Worrall, dean's list ; Michelle Bermudez, int e r-

Epsilon Theta Bridget O 'Donnell, chapter membership director, college newspape r staff, pan hellenic council public relation s chairm an, Lambda Sigma honor society.

Campus Sights & Sounds PACKAGE DESIGN stude nts at Rocheste r Institute of Technology kick around the idea of edible packaging of cereal. The departm e nt head advises students to think like little children-and h e plans to consult kids. TEXAS CHRISTIAN received a citation from Fort Worth Clean City, Inc. for recycling efforts . A " pape r hut" on campus collected 384 ton s of newsprint in e ight months , re presen tin g 6,528 trees preserved. NOTRE DAME now has a n alumni club in the Soviet Union . Founding me mbers are three Soviet gradu ates of the school's Institute for International Peace Studies, all of whom can sing the " Notre Dame Victory March " in Russian. SIGMA PHI EPSILON me mbe rs THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

at West Virginia University annually run a football be tween WVU and Pen n State prior to th e annual game. Last year they raised $2,500 for their philanthropy. ARIZONA STATE me n 's and women's golf teams won the national championships-th e first time in NCAA history that teams from the same school won the titl es. THE INTERFRATERNITY council at the University of Miami vo t e d to abolish " littl e sister" organizations. SCHOOL OFFICIALS in White Plains, NY, team up with Westchester Community College to train retirees with college degrees to work as substitute teachers. (Wall Street ]oumal) BOSTON UNIVERSITY School of Law reports that environmental

law is the vogue-class registration has soared 400 perce nt in six years. (WSJ) BRIGHAM YOUNG University's Gerontology Resource Center has e st ablish e d a toll-fr ee Se nior H e lplin e which offe rs messages concerning family, finances, health and housing. Professional help can also be obtained from the center. OHIO STATE coach Woody H ayes' personal papers and memorabilia are now part of the university's archives. NORTHEAST LOUISIANA University is considered a "groundbreaker" with its new master's degree program in substance abuse counseling. The two-year program includ es a on e -year inte rnship .

~路~ SPRING 1991


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Active in ----------------------..,-------------------- Alumnae Chapter. Hold office of ---------------------------------------------------I am enclosing $8 for my annual alumnae dues. Please add my name to the Member-at-Large Alumnae Chapter. â&#x20AC;˘ Used for ease in locating phone listings.

Asa phoenix vol 76 no 3 spring 1991  
Asa phoenix vol 76 no 3 spring 1991