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In Memoriam Deceased members from June 1, 1989, to May 31, 1990 EARLY ALPHA Charlotte Jones Beck Grace Bonney Marie Wyatt Collins Lucy Elcan Gilliam Donna Gray Griffith Ann Elizabeth Lewis Jones Mary Kellam Georgiana Irwin Lewin Selma Batten Miller Marie Price Helen Ruth Robinson Reese Frances Robertson Marie Mapp Rippetoe Martha Molitor Snider Elizabeth Walkup

EARLY ALPHA ALPHA Marie Brandstetter Corene Wilt Ungethuem

ALPHA ALPHA Billie Bidwell Henricks

ALPHA BETA Marion Christie Allen Ruth Bailey Beale Janet Seals Bennet Gladys Elizabeth Carman Orene Fagg Cox Marie Bramblett Cramer Mary Ruth Early Elizabeth Fair Erwin Lenore Linsey Fagerstrom Edna Foster Geisen Helen Deverman Hunsaker Eula Hull Jacobs Mabie Williams Kincaid Paulyne Taylor Kramer

Kathryn Brown Kynock Virginia McDonald Love Natalie Murrell Lucus Virginia Romans Maloney Esther Burnett Mahagen Lela Dawson McCurdy Frances Taylor Mitchell Martha Dickerson Neagle Gladys Harvey Neville Margaret Ruth Stone Owens Della Ruth Phillips Harriet Rose Woods

Beverly Dunton Hunsaker Lorene Laney Irving Daphene Copenhaver Stephens Julia Allen Tanner



Jacqueline Dole Anna Louise Brown Elliott Christine Wing

Yvonne Petty Knisely Lorraine Reibeling Lewellen Judith Emens Snyder


Julia Elizabeth Lancaster Esther Manson Landrine Dorothy Herne Pyle lngebord Norling Swenson

ALPHA GAMMA Emma Beers Bowen Elizabeth Russell Deitchman Irene Henrietta Mertz



Gertrude Coggins Holland Kathleen Pearson

Charlene Hine Deopp Hazel Winkler Matthews

BETA IOTA Phyllis Bunch Gill



Carlotta M. Corpron Louise McArthur


Mildred Bickham Baxter



Helen Wisbombe Draper Margaret Phelps Langhorn Lena C. Mayer Ollie Belle Smelser Schlosser Mariam Smith VanSickle

Janet Marie Barnes Delma Sue Standley Evans Sarah Dunlap Gehring

Marion Goss Clark Ruth Lies Cripps Joan Flynn Miller Jean Carmichael Richard Ida Dorothy Roth Ruth Virginia Vawter

GAMMA GAMMA Selma Harzman Cox Hildagarde Rank Wilson

BETA UPSILON Gladys Hughes Dillen Edith Jones Patricia Roland Snook

SIGMA SIGMA Zelia Gibbs Black Viola Ballington Books Martha Baker Byrum Evelyn Slane Dickerson Elizabeth Johnston Frantz Cynthia Buck Geiser Rosellen Tomkins Goad Helen Gratton Hogan Ora Lillian Southwell Pratt Andre Peck Miller Lucy Elizabeth Spicer

EPSILON EPSILON Norva Bray Gladys Pratt Lamb Murrell Peter Lawson Margaret Peter Ptacek Marjorie Adam Raymond

ETA ETA Esther Bucher Perva Margaret Goodwin Hughes

BETA PSI Judith Harris Lloyd

GAMMA EPSILON Fern Schaffer Lueders

GAMMA IOTA Regina Frances Crowe Helen Short Hickman

DELTA THETA Karen Troutman Sawtell ITATI.-01'--, =~~AHO~TION

Esther Bucher

Polly Schlosser

Esther Buch er, HH, who served Alpha Sigma Alpha on the national level for over 25 years, died June 17, 1990. Esther held six national offices, including secretary, 1936-38 and 194 1- 43; vice president, 1938-41 ; treasurer, 1943-52; editor, 195258; and National Panhellenic Conference delegate, 1958-59 . A longtime employee of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansa City, Esther was a member of th Kansas City Alumnae Chapter. She won the Wilma W ilson Sharp Award in 1964. T:r T:r

O lli e Be ll e (P o ll y) Sm e lse r Schlosser, BB, a former national officer, died Oct. 14, 1989. Polly, a longtime member of the D e nve r Alumnae Chap te r , was nati onal treas urer , 1934-4 1, and nati onal vice president, 1941-46 . She won the Wilma W ilson Sharp Award in 1956.



Jean C. Richard


2 WI TER 1991



:::""..:.::"..": ::::::::::- "' -~.::.==-~~:.::.::::--路- " ""-

* **

Jean Carmichael Richard, Pi Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha's first national headquarters executive, died in December 1989 . Jean served as both nat ional treasurer and headquarters executi ve from 1952-63, when the national headquarters was located in Kenmore, NY. T:r r:r

__ _

___. ...._.. _..._ '_.. __ ... __ .__ ___. ______ ... -... .


liJ ::. ... ~-

路=-...,..;.-- ...


,., _.,

--- =---:-


.,.~ -



"'::"': 路-=-

--路 -



Winter 1991

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Vol. 76, No. 2

of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Features Jan. Apr. July Oct.

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Editor Nancy I.Z. Reese 828 S. Golf Cui de Sac Des Plaines, IL 60016

Staff Feature Editor Cretia Rowlette 3861 N. Cherry Ln . Kansas City, MO 64116 Alumnae Editor Lori Muehlbauer Rob inson Rt. 1 Box 176-C Falkville, AL 35622 Collegiate Editor Terri Higgs Murphy 4922 Epworth Rd . Newburgh , IN 47630


Planning for the future . ........... . Vice President of Progrant Kim. Meyer explains the sorority's strategic plan

Crystal ball gazing ....... . . . . . . . . .


Epsilon Tau installation . . . . . . . . . . . .


Al:A Foundation . ...... . . . . . . . . . . . .


1990 Awards ........... . . . . . . . . . . .


A chapter can plan for its future too

A.EA 's first chapter in Maryland

Foundation chairman Bonnie Ko enemann writes about new scholarship, donation

16 women and numerous chapters win sorority awards and scholarships

Historian Sue Zorichak Hagen 6890 Athena Way Inver Grove Heights, MN 55075


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On the Cover

Postmaster: Send address changes to THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA, 1201 East Walnut St., Springfield, MO 65802.

Don 't just gaze into a crystal ball , plan your chapter's future now!


In the 1990 fall convention issue of The Phoenix, Nancy Gibson Mathisen, I I, was incorrectly identified as an Arizona alumna. As Nancy and others informed us, she is a longtime resident of Anaheim , CA. The Phoenix regrets the error!

'W INTER 1991


Strategic Plan Sorority develops long-range plan to ensure its future and will take immediate action in six areas

by Kim R. Meyer Vice President of Program

Membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha is an investment in the future. For individual members there are opportunities for personal growth and development, encouragement for scholastic ach ievement and leadership training all within the strong bonds of sisterhood. As a national sorority, the commitment is a more general one, invest ing in the future of college women everywhere, offering them the challenge to " seek, aspire, attain." The continued existence of our sorority and its values, is an optimistic statement about the future and the ability, as individuals and as a group, to have a positive impact on the world. " A Strategic Plan for Alpha Sigma Alpha," the culmination of two years of work by the long-range planning committee, was presented to the 1990 national convention by Linda Rogers, committee chairman . The national council has carefully considered the report and is actively planning for the future of Alpha Sigma Alpha. The council is taking action in six specific areas:

Membership services Alpha Sigma Alpha will provide services that improve members' personal and business skills and stimulate interest in the sorority. The Phoenix will continue to be the most important public relations and communication tool , informing m mbers of activities and directions for th e sorority, as well as achievements of indi idual members and chapter . Chapter newsletters and officer mailings are also essential 4 WI TER 1991

parts of intrasorority communication. The quality and quantity of these publications will be financially supported to the greatest extent possible. In order to capitalize on the cooperative knowledge and expertise of sorority members and national officers through networking, "AEA Stars" is nearing its premier publication, compiled and edited by Sue Hagen, BB. It contains career information on alumnae members and will be distributed to graduating seniors. The national scholarship program is being evaluated, with the goal of increasing the number of scholarships awarded and the monetary value of each scholarship. The national philanthropic chairman will chair a committee to determine the needs and available funding. Increased awareness of the foundation , with its purposes and benefits to th e national sorority, will continue to be an important part of the foundation board's task. The needs of the membership should be assessed regularly, with continued attention to planning for the future. The long-range planning committee will continue to function , carrying out a four-year planning, research and review process. They will also oversee the completion of current objectives.

Expansion Alpha Sigma Alpha will promote membership to prospective members, stressing alumnae participation and active, lifetime involvement. National Vice President of Development Rosemary Goss has developed a professional quality presentation for prospective col-

lege campuses. Collegiate expansion continues to be actively pursued nationwide, wherever campus and alumnae support warrants it. Although more opportunities for expansion exist in the Midwest and Northeast, the South and West will receive special consideration . Alumnae expansion will be enhanced by more frequent contact with recent graduates, encouraging them to keep national headquarters informed with their current address and informing them how to contact alumnae chapters in their area. Alumnae chapter presidents will also receive a list of recent graduates moving into her chapter's area. Lifetime membership in ALA will continue to be stressed , from pledgeship through graduation.

Finances The leadership of Alpha Sigma Alpha will continue to strive to maximize the sorority's financial security by raising, investing and spending money wisely. Institution of national alumnae dues will be a priority for the national council in the next biennium; constitution changes and careful consideration for beginning the process equitably is vital. Connie Hoffman, national vice president of finance , is overseeing this process. Summaries of national sorority income and expenditures will be distributed to coll egiate chapter presidents and alumnae chapter members and members-at-large through The Palm. The role of the national vice president of finance will be expanded and defined. She will also work more closely with the national Continued on page 6 THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

Long-range planning It may take some work, but a strategic plan for your chapter is better than a crystal ball

by Kim R. Meyer Vice President of Program

Imagine gazing into a crystal ball, trying to look into the future of your chapter. In today's world, can you project what the future will bring for your chapter and on your campus? Can you really prepare for the changes and challenges of the future, even after your graduation? What if you had to do this , not only to e nsure the success of your chapter, but its very survival? Could you do it? The answer is "yes!" Long-range or strategic planning is a step-bystep process that can be used and adapted to any business or organization. It is a continual process that is never really finish ed. Your chapter can plan for the future with confidence, and you might even have some fun along the way! You can accomplish this during a special re treat for your chapter leadership or through the creation of a special committee to do the research and make recommendations to the e ntire chapter. Although there are many different ways to approach long range planning, they all include the following ele ments: Begin by writing a mission statement, the fundam en tal reason for your chapter's ex ist e nce. Th e


Creed would be a good place to start. Look at the four aims. Ask yourself, "Who are we, why do we exist, where are we going?" This requires some brainstorming and perseverance but will be worth it. This mission statement will give your committee a common focus for the rest of its information gathering and goal setting. Nex t , id e ntify and evaluat e changes in society that will affect your chapter from within and without. This requires using facts, estimates and guesses and is called the environmental scan. This sounds harder than it is, depending on the depth of your research. Have your chapter fill out questionnaires concerning all areas of sorority life. Ask about their needs, so you can provide for them with future programming. What do individual me mbe rs expect from their sorority membership? Are th ey getting it? Do the b enefits of membersh ip outweigh the "cost" in tim e commitment and mon ey? Learn about your chapter's strengths and weaknesses. Whe re do you fit in with other sororities on your campus? What is your " image"; would you like to change it? Also look at tre nds and issu es happ e ning outside your chapter. There may be someone on your campus involv e d in long-range

planning for your college or university; talk to them . How is enrollment on your campus, increasing or decreasing? Are the numbers of traditional (18- to 22-year-old, fulltime) students declining? Is yours a commuter campus or a " suitcase college"? What special needs do students have? Are there campus administration and government regulations that affect you? Ask especially about those concerning alcohol and hazing, you need to know what they are. What you will probably find fi路om doing all this , is that your chapter is already somewhere along the " right track. " But now, instead of just reacting, plan ahead with confidence. Don't try to "guess" 20 years into the future. That is like using a crystal ball. 路 Plan for th e next two to three years at a time . Re member, longrange planning is essentially setting short-term goals and objectives, but doing it on a continual or regular basis. Now, select the areas you want to improve or e mphasize by writing down six to te n general objectives. These goals will give your chapter direction for the future and help you establish priorities. There can

Continued on page 6



Strategic plan Continued from page 4 chairman of housing to enable the national sorority to better support collegiate housing interests.

Organizational structure Assessment and development of an efficient and effective organizational structure is vital to Alpha Sigma Alpha. A new organizational structure flow chart has been developed to enable national chairman to work more closely with their corresponding national council member , distributing the work load more evenly. Improved training, transition and continuity is essential for the support and success of volunteer national officers. A committee is studying the possibility of making all appointments prior to convention so the convention itself could be ~ training opportunity for new officers. Biannual training seminars for all collegiate province directors are already in place. The chapter consultant program continues to be an integral part of the liaison between the national sorority and collegiate chapters. Financial support is being given for additional chapter consultants to enable more fl exibility in scheduling their visits and enhanced effectiv e ness of the entire program . Salaries and benefits for chapter consultants will be maintained at a level to continue to attract the high caliber of women necessary for the job. Chapter advisory boards will be strengthened through more active recruitment and training of members and non-members interested in working directly with collegians. The national council is looking at ways to enable advisors to network and share ideas with one another.

Public relations Alpha Sigma Alpha will strengthen public and member awareness of a positive sorority image. Th e na tional council is appointing a public relations committee consisting of me mb e rs with stron g marke ting and ad ertising backgrounds. This committee will

6 Wl TER 1991

analyze the potential for expa~d~ng and promoting a merchand1smg program; creating and distributing professional, camera-ready A1:A artwork such as logos, crests, Greek letters; and distribution of press release forms to collegiate and alumnae chapters for use in public recognition of excellence in chapters and individual members. All national publications will be evaluated and updated when necessary, with the intent of producing quality manuals and publications, emphasizing " eye appeal" and promoting and representing the standards of the sorority. A cycle for regular revie':" of all publi~ations will be established. Immediate attention is being given to the advisor's handbook , the chapter officers' handbook, and the ritual books.

National headquarters Daily operations of the national headquarters will continue to be improved to meet the needs for services to membership and to insure the facility reflects the quality image of AI:A. The national council is working closely with the long-range planning committee to hire an independent consulting firm to provide a comprehensive evaluation of office operations and equipment at headquarters. Areas of concern already being addressed are the purchases of a high-quality, efficient copier and a laser printer. The redecoration of the interior of the national headquartes building is ongoing, creating a functional showplace for Alpha Sigma Alpha. Funds continue to be designated for this project. A member of the national council is responsible for each of these objectives, though she may delegate the work to a committee or another national officer. A member of the long-range planning committee is also assigned to each overall goal, to assist the national council in its ultimate achievement. " Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success. " By working together, the future of Alpha Sigma Alpha is not only insured, but sure to be the best it can be. * * *

Crystal ball Continued from page 5 also be brainstorming at this stage, a time to dream for your chapter and create realistic ideals. These should all be in agreement with your mission statement. If they are not, ask yourself why a major goal for your chapter doesn't fit into "who you are. " You may need to go back and change your mission statement. You may discover you need to do more research. Long-range planning is a dynamic process; move back and forth between the different elements if necessary. You want to end up with a workable plan, not just something that looks good on paper but has nothing to do with reality . Once you have written and prioritized your ge neral objectives or goals, the last step is creating a list of strategic directions, specific plans with short term, measurable results. This is your "to do" list. Be sure to include what each task is, who will do it, what the deadline is, what it will cost (if any) and who will follow-up to see that it is done. This is the point to involve as many different p eople as possible, give them part of your "vision" for the future of your chapter. This is also the exciting part, when you can actually see your dreams and your realistic future all come together! You may have to "sell" some of your new ideas to your chapter , but if they are meeting your members' needs and in line with trends on your campus and in society, it won't be difficult. There is a great phrase going around these days , " Just Do It," and it applies to long-range planning too. Don 't worry about doing it right. Although the task may seem formidable at first , once you have begun it will flow together and generate a momentum of its own. The very process of looking at the reasons for your chapter's very existence, what membership really means and creating realistic, wellthought-out plans for the future will strengthen your sisterhood and your chapter. Seek , Aspire, Attain-that's what Alpha Sigma Alpha is all about. -<:r




Epsilon Tau installed at University of Maryland Baltimore County by Suzanne Ki lgannon

Alpha Sigma Alpha added its first Maryland chapter to the roll call on May 12 when Epsilon Tau chapter was installed at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Fortynine women and 11 pledges celebrated the attainment of a goal that was set only three years earlier. The women were members of D elta Alpha Delta local sorority, which was founded with the purpose of affiliating with a national. Afte r research and inte rvi ew ing several groups, Alpha Sigma Alpha colonized the group in November. Th e chapter immediately assumed a leadership role on th e UMBC campus and in the surrounding community. Many student leaders are part of the group including resident assistants, peer educators and student council members. Epsilon Tau has the highes t sorority grade point average on the UMBC campus, only a fraction under 3 .0. They have also become very involved with the Baltimore County and Maryland Special Ol ym pics , having already assisted at several events. The University of Maryland Balitmore County is located 15 minutes south of downtown Baltimore. The school is only 25 years old, but already has an enrollment of 10,000 students. A large portion of that is


commuter and the Greeks play a vital role in adding to the collegiate experience. AI:A joins D elta Phi Epsilon , Phi Mu and Phi Sigma Sigma sororities. Th e celebration b egan Friday night with a get-acquainted party in Patapsco Recreation Room on the UMBC campus. Th e women of Epsilon Tau were joined by collegians from Delta Iota, University of D e laware; Epsilon Nu , SUNYBrockport; Epsilon Mu, Tren ton State College, and Epsilon Rho , William Patterson College . Saturday morning, initiation and installation was held at St. John Church of Christ in Catonsville, MD. Members of the Washington, D.C ., Wilmington , DE, and D.C. Metro alumnae chapters attended. National Preside nt Diane Jam es presided over the initiation and Installing Officer Suzanne Kilgannon installe d th e chapter . Ros emary Goss , vice president of development; Cindy Christfield, province director; Karen Parsons, province director, and Nancy Clohisy, chapter consultant, made up the installation team. The White Luncheon was held on campus at th e faculty/staff dining hall. Mary Beth Schoch , UMBC Greek Coordinator, spoke. Epsilon Tau rece iv ed gifts from National Council, the installation team, the alumnae chapters and the collegiate chapters.

The celebration was topped off with a banquet and dance at the Stouffer Harborplace at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Dr. Geraldine Cox, Nu Nu , was the guest speaker. Charter initiates of Epsilon Tau Chapte r are: Rachel Elizabeth Sochol , Amy Margaret Anderson , Rachel L. Bryant, Michelle Diane Dashiell, Kimberly D. Dean, Stephanie Ann Fl amino, Lynette C. Fre idhoff, Cynthia Ann Frosch , Cynthia Lyn Goehring, Lori Louise Hildebrandt, Shannon L. Hoag, Susan E. Horner, Melinda Lee Klug, Sandra F. Linz, Rhonda Suzanne Martin , Page Kinloch McCarthy, Susan M. Mills, Lara J. Mordenti , Darle ne Maria Mosko , Anoopa Veera Munavalli, Patricia Lynn Nugent, Kimberly A. O'Haro, Sharon Lynn Patacca, Wendy Lee Pe trousky , Je nnifer Lynn Randall , Lauri Ann Rhinehart, Cristina Ferrari Rouiller, Andrea Louise Schumacher, Stacy Robyn Segal , Amy Be th Staab , Nicol e Stacey Stallknecht, Glenda Kay Stewart, Susan Patricia Tidier, Kimberly C. Utyro, Patricia Dawn Wiles , Tanya Michelle Winc e, Donna Christin e Wood, Chris H . Yu, Susan Renee Zaczynski, Barbara B. Be rnhardt, Deborah E. Bonnell, Kelly E. Dean, Roxann Koch , Erin Elizabeth Mahoney, Kathleen Rose Mulroe, Amy E. Pulliam , Lisa Ann Schl egal, Camela Read Weathersbee, Deborah L. Wetzel.

* **




Scholarship, major donation announced

by Bonnie Koenemann Foundation Chairman

The trustees of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation were very visible at th e convention last summer in Scottsdal e , AZ. Th e foundation will soon celebrate its fourth anniversary and wanted everyone to be aware of the be ne fits that can be gained b y having a strong foundation. The found a tion will b e able to give to educationally related programs and leadership training that will assure th e future and progress of Alpha Sigma Alpha's collegiate chapters . Foundation board me mbers were available at all times during the convention to accept donations , and they presented a gold star pin to eve r yone who contributed $20 or more during convention. Another proj ect was the selling of

chances on an Alpha Sigma Alpha watch, which created a lot of inte rest for collegians and alumnae as well.

Beta Sigma Scholarship At the Foundation Breakfast, during convention, a scholarship was presente d to Laura Hale, treasurer of th e Be ta Sigma Chapt e r in Springfie ld , MO. This scholarship was established b y the Be ta Sigmas on their 40th anniversary, soon afte r the foundation was establishe d. Dr. Rosemary Goss , vice presid e nt of developme nt and past national presid e nt , challenged everyon e to support the Foundation and to encourage othe rs to do the same in her address, " Reaching for the Stars. " Sixteen top contributors were introduce d and prese nte d with a small corsage as a token of appreciation for their support. Alumnae and

collegiate chapters also were recogniz e d for th e ir support of th e foundation .

S. June Smith Center The foundation has sent a donation of $500 to the S. June Smith C e nte r in Lancaste r, PA, in honor of Dr. S. Jun e Smith , r e tiring vice chairman of the board of trustees of th e foundation. Th e conve ntion bod y vote d to adopt the S. Jun e Smith Center ::\S an additional philanthropic proj ect. Since 1965, th e S. June Smith Ce nter has provide d programs of earl y int e r ve ntion to m ee t th e needs of infants and preschool ch ildre n with d evelopmental/mental delays. An individual program of intensive, p erso nalize d care is provided to help each child obtain his or her fullest pot~ ntial in life. Dr. Smith was an outstanding contributor to sp ec ial e ducation programs in Pe nnsylvania, es tablishing progr ams for exce ptional children in Lancaster County. The fact that the center is name d in he r honor attests to th e high esteem the p e opl e in P e nn sylvania have for her .

Betty Wallick new trustee Help the Foundation . . .

* Support ALA leadership schools *

Fund educational programming

* Give more scholarships * Develop educational materials

Enclosed is$ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

for the ALA Foundation Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Chapter _ _ _ __

Address - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ State _ _ _ Zip _ __ This is in honor/in memory o f - -- - - - - -- - - -- - - - - Please notify - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - Mail to Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, 1201 E. Walnut, Springfield, MO 65802 Thank you for your support. Contributions are tax-deductible, Section 501(c)(3).


\\'1 :-./TER 199 1

Dr. Smith was re placed on th e foundation bo ard of trustees b y Be tty Urban Wallick , who has he ld many offices for Alpha Sigma Alpha. She served as e ditor of The Phoe nix and two te rms as national preside nt. She has b een alternate d e l e~ate to National Panh e ll e nic Conference for the past 10 years, serving as NPC area advisor in easte rn P nnsylvania. Be tty is re tire d after teaching English and public speaking for 30 years and now resides in Arizona. She has two children an d two grandchildre n. H e r p as t exp e ri e nce in th e frat e rnit y world w ill be an asset to the foundation board. l:l l:l



Foundation and Development Fund Cumulative Totals, June 30, 1990

Beta Gamma

Lois V. Beers

Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Beta Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Delta Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Zeta Nu Nu Pi Pi

Beta Beta Zeta Zeta Eta Eta Kappa Kappa Xi Xi Pi Pi Beta Sigma

Beta Beta Epsilon Epsilon Iota Iota Kappa Kappa Sigma Sigma Phi Phi Psi Psi Beta Gamma

Polly Smelser Schlosser, deceased Bonnie Payne Koenemann Betty Urban Wallick Diane Yencic James Helen B. Lortz Helen L. Corey S. June Smith Edith Callahan Titley Jacqueline Vito LoRusso Rose Marie Fellin Karen Adams Hussey

Gretchen Mathews Otness Sue Zorichak Hagen Lori White Scott Judith Carpenter West Elizabeth Dodson Carpenter Nancy Eby Frey Nancy Gingrich Riti Nancy G. Mathisen Marion Tollaksen Fischer Helen Selvage Noblitt Viola Caraway Brewer Helen Hooper Malone


Phi Phi Psi Psi Beta Lambda Beta Pi Beta Sigma Beta Upsilon Alumnae Chapters


Amy Ayres Rosebery Kathleen Geib Boykin Marilyn Manion Stratton Lora P. Sipes , deceased Evelyn McKinley Schneider Phon Johnson Gillespie Connie Peyton Hoffman Judy DeMasters Winter M. Jean Reimet Shull Evelyn G. Bell Emma Coleman Frost Karen Varde Stacy Sidney Gremillion Allen Elizabeth Brock Allison Cecily Coffelt Bullard Rosemary Carucci Goss Marilyn Ramsey Garbee Nancy I.Z. Reese Buffalo Lafayette, LA Tampa Bay Clearwater Beach Convention

Beta Delta Beta Epsilon

Elaine Rahaim Fuerst Jean Raup Grady Lorraine Warren Strickler Collegiate Chapters Beta Sigma Alpha Beta Beta Lambda Delta Iota Alumnae Chapters Buffalo Denver Houston Group Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach Surfside Tulsa Alumnae Panhellenic




Foundation Contributions between Aug. 1, 1989, and May 31, 1990 Palm donors $1 ,000 to $4,999 Beta Gamma Lois Beers

Crown donors $500 to $999 Eta Eta Helen B. Lortz Phi Phi Karen Varde Stacy

Ruby donors $250 to $499 Beta Beta Marilyn Manion Stratton Eta Eta Diane Yencic James Xi Xi Edith Callahan Titley

Pearl donors $100 to $249 Alpha Alpha Kathleen Geib Boykin Jane Blain Gilbertson Delta Delta Evelyn McKinley Schneider Epsilon Epsilon Phon Johnson Gillespie Lori White Scott Zeta Zeta Connie Peyton Hoffman Bonnie Payne Koenemann Betty Urban Wallick Iota Iota Elizabeth Carpenter Kappa Kappa Nancy E. Frey Nu Nu M. Jean Reimet Shull Phi Phi Marion Follaksen Fischer Chi Chi Helen Selvage Noblitt Psi Psi Sidney Gremillion Allen Elizabeth Brook Allison Beta Lambda Cecily Coffelt Bullard Beta Pi Rosemary Carucci Goss Beta Sigma Rose Marie Fellin Marilyn Ramsey Garbee Beta Upsilon Nancy I.Z. Reese Gamma Eta Leslie Maxwell Ziringer


Wl TER 1991

Gamma Omicron Patricia Semonich Marinich Delta Nu Barbara Pennington Struble Collegiate Chapters Alpha Beta Beta Sigma Delta Iota Alumnae Chapters Buffalo Denver Tampa Bay Others Barry and Deborah Koenemann Equitable Foundation (matching gift)

Star donors $1 to $99 Early Alpha Alpha Catherine Landoff Rauch Alpha Alpha Linda Crumb Bresnan Sharon Wagner Bucher Christina Merriman Elise Rice Payne Ingrid Schreck Sevigny Susan Walk Wright Alpha Beta Kathryn Stephenson Buchinger June Western Cowan Jean E.A. Fisher Sonia Hawes Sheri McComas Hendren Melissa Jennings Phyllis Pollitt Urberger Ruth S. Vorhees Alpha Gamma Kathryn Meiser Barclay Myrle Fox Lafferty MaryBelle McGowan Pellegrene Jane Shaffer Peters Bernice Martin Riegel Lillian Porter Sutton Beta Beta Jane Lewinson Bonacquista Beth Ann Colwell Sue Zorichak Hagen Dorothy Hughes Johnson Kim Ramsey Meyer Catherine Switzer Moore Gretchen Mathews Otness Leslie Tweed Delta Delta Lil Greer Epsilon Epsilon Joni Smith Creamean Sheryl Picking Linn Livonia Warren McCallum

Jolene Wentz Judith Carpenter West Eta Eta Brenda Rue Chappell Vicki Vaughn Dennett Kathryn Lamb Keirns Sara Easley McKibben Theta Theta Harriet L. Clark Elizabeth Hagar Katharine Hammond Beth Osborn Ridley Lucy Eskridge Rockstram Amelia Taxter Kappa Kappa Helyn Brookhart Bishop Laura Wolf Carson Lois Oliver Dunham Alice T. Garretson Dorothy McNaul Ruth Nailor Elizabeth Wilson Rost Jean Rost Schenck Lambda Lambda Ethel Straw Guthrie Mu Mu Sarah Brewster Larsen Nu Nu Marlene J. Adams Katharine Wilson Burke Barbara Mack Gorman Julianne Janowski Rachel Garber Lovett Xi Xi Barbara Held Omicron Omicron Helen Frame Snyder Pi Pi Linda Hils Barat Clara Harper Bassett Emma Frost Margaret Hammond Nelson Ethel Schutt Peterson Joan Rundleisch Runckel Norma Munger Sutter Marion Thomas Swenson Ruth Christman Swenson Rho Rho Paula Cyrus Foreman Patricia Moore Morris

Chi Chi Merilyn Lindley Bass Elizabeth Headley Linda Wyrick Lineback Carmine Cree McConnell Alice Theurer Miley Mary Moran Laura Hutchinson Noel Susan Smale Velma Haines Thresher Darla Zanini Beta Gamma Rebecca Hockett Hamby K. Regina Brooks Sharp Carol Bennett Sloan Beta Delta Elaine Rahaim Fuerst Ann Hanson Ruth Bridges Harper Mary Alice Pickel Lovern Dolly Purvis Loyd Beta Epsilon Ellen Mitchell Britton Frances Jobson Francis Barbara Sheafer Ohmsen Ann Younkins Shockey Lorraine Warren Strickler Beta Zeta Suzanne Hebert Beta Eta Betty Lou Petska Gerholz Beta Theta Marianne Busch Bullock Madeleine Ballard Carey Lauralee Pearson Kesteloot Beta Iota Virginia Pruner Johnston Suzanne M. Kilgannon Beta Kappa Elizabeth DeMovic Beta Nu Anne Buente Debbie Champion Tena Schultz Harjoe Shelia Emmert Loden Rho Chi Mary Ellen Busch Beta Rho Marilyn Anzelone Mitchell Gretchen Werner Oster Cheri Herman Schlottman Deborah Ames Smith

Sigma Sigma Nancy G. Mathisen Tau Tau Mildred Agnew Wiesner Phi Phi Malinda Higginbotham Owens LaVona Stalcup Reid Robin Thomas Zellhoefer

Beta Sigma Mary Cavender Boyer Marge Zentner Cummings Shannon Walsh Derbin Sharron Eddlemon Faunlee Harle



Foundation Pat Lumpe Hawkins Kathy Carpino Loomer Janet Staley Moore Libby Elliott Moore Lahna Mueller Debbie Simon Penn Carol Akers Rauch Juanita Roberts Rowe Tina Chasteen Stillwell Elizabeth Hoover Sweet Karen Walker Beta Upsilon Catherine Allen Castor Barbara Martin Kassing Jo Ann Laugel C. Jeanne Van Winkle McQueen Lorene Kendall Nadzeika Ruth Graddy Strickland Diana Schmuck Weinzapfel Beta Psi Judy Johnson Pratt Beta Omega Judith Whipp Parkison Gamma Alpha Joanne Schindler Kolenda Gamma Epsilon Sandra Phillips Brzezinski Florence Devlin Ludwig Gamma Iota Denise Wynne Kunkle Gamma Kappa Karen Frame Karpinski Gamma Lambda Silvan Fillippello Richardson Gamma Xi Deborah Kron Gamma Omicron Lea Ward Banner Nancy L. Lewis Pamela Myers Strathmeyer Robyn Ziegler Strickler Gamma Rho Marilyn Bailey Bashore Susan Miazga Delta Epsilon Patricia Vandiver Delta Iota Harriet S. Berkowitz Sally Chardavoyne Coonin Helene Clark Hadley Linda Bonine Rogers Beth Yvonne Singer Beth Venti Delta Kappa Tamara Wheaton Allison Lisa Sandefur Bennett Christine Bohnert Debra Deutsch Bosley Lana Gee Bunner Paula Byasse Lisa Sailer Calvert Beth Martin Cook Karla Kamp Cook Angie Couch Malayna Hudson Deig

Terri Eli Cherry Mayo Endress Cindy Harty Cathy Helfert Rhonda Payne Jenkins Tracy Jewell Debra Julian Kim Caton Kasenow Delli Kuhn Kight Lisa Koberstein Terri Higgs Murphy Mary Schapker Musick Beth Niehaus Nancy Kuykendall Oskins Kymberly Pruden Peters Kim Phillips Ann-Marie Kane Putty Tracy Rough Tammy Johnson Slemp Sherry Money Smith Julie Specht Malissa Wahl Debra Brawner Whitfield Amy Whitten

Ft. Wayne Hattiesburg Houston Huntington , WV Kansas City Pittsburg , KS St. Louis Tulsa Others Irene Holland Integrity Life Insurance Co. (matching gift) Joan Haar Kuhlman Louise Robinson and neighbors

Beta Sigma scholarship Rose Marie Fellin , BI Elizabeth Hoover Sweet, BI Marilyn Ramsey Garbee, BI Karen S. Walker, BI Beta Sigma Springfield Alumnae

Wilma Wilson Sharp scholarship Marion Tollaksen Fischer, <1><1> Kansas City Alumnae

Beta Gamma scholarship Lois V. Beers, Br

Honorary donations

Delta Upsilon Volusia Finney Boyd

Angela Dantzler Bauldree, BZ, birthday, by Suzanne Hebert, BZ Millie Fellin , mother of Rose Marie Fellin, BI, by National Council Delta Nu A & B, by Florence Devlin Ludwig, f E Amanda McWhorter, daughter of Luane Fron McWhorter, BT, by Marianne Busch Bullock, BT Mary E. Killian , B<l>, by Joanne Schindler Kolenda, fA 1989 Epsilon Eta Seniors, by Nancy Clohisy, EH Maria Malayter, XX , by Nancy Clohisy, EH Lori Scott, EE, new baby, by Diane James, HH Trudy Crow Silkwood, BI , by Karen Walker, BI Bonnie Payne Koenemann , Z Z , by Barry & Deborah Koenemann

Delta Chi Charlene Spack Kanaskie Donna Polak Zimmerman

Memorial donations

Delta Omicron Nataline Grayson Nichols

Epsilon Alpha Mari Hunter Epsilon Beta Margaret Pollowy Domek Epsilon Eta Nancy Clohisy Collegiate Chapters Beta Beta Epsilon Epsilon Eta Eta Chi Chi Beta Iota Beta Lambda Beta Nu Beta Upsilon Gamma Iota Gamma Pi Delta Epsilon Delta Kappa Delta Nu-A Delta Chi Epsilon Beta Epsilon Iota Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Lambda Epsilon Mu Epsilon Nu Epsilon Omicron Alumnae Chapters Chicago Cincinnati


Lora Sipes, Br, by Maxine A. Line, Br Barbara Holland Piland , BE, by Barbara Sheafer Ohmsen, BE Harriet Rose Woods, AB, by Livonia Warren McCallum, EE Ollie S. Schlosser, BB, by Dorothy Hughes Johnson, BB Ollie S. Schlosser, BB, by Gretchen Mathews Otness, BB Ollie S. Schlosser, BB, by Louise Robinson and neighbors in building 17 Ollie S. Schlosser, BB, by Ruth S. Vorhees, AB Ollie S. Schlosser, BB, by Irene Holland Wilma Wilson Sharp, ZZ, by Marion Tollaksen Fischer, <1><1> Lillian Whipp, by Judith Whipp Parkinson , Bn Orene Fagg Cox, AB, by Joan Haar Kuhlman Sarah Dunlap Gehring, BI, by Elizabeth Hoover Sweet, BI Betty Mae Womack Underwood , BE, by Ellen Mitchell Britton, BE Jean C. Richard, nn, by Peg Hammond Nelson , nn Ollie S. Schlosser, BB , by Denver Alumnae Lewis White, husband of Doris Morgan White, XX Katherine A. Lewis, by Nancy L. Lewis, fO Josephine Dixon McMillan, ZZ , by Kansas City Alumnae Lora Patrick Williams, AB, by Kansas City Alumnae Daphine Stevens, by Kansas City Alumnae Janet Barnes, BI, by Elizabeth Elliott Moore, BI Garnet Gooley, M , by Lille M. Greer, 66 Delma Sue Standley Evans, BI, by Rose Marie Fellin, BI Helen Boggess Swart, AA, by Nancy G. Mathisen, II Jean C. Richard, nn, by Nancy G. Mathisen, II Mr. W. D. Bridges , by Ruth Bridges Harper, B6 Mary Blackstone, Af , by Chicago Alumnae Dorothy Masters, BB , by Chicago Alumnae Betty Foyer, AB, by Chicago Alumnae Nelle Raney, II, by Chicago Alumnae Charles A. Allen Jr. , husband of Alice C. Allen , '짜'짜, by Sidney G. Allen, '짜'짜

WI NTER 199 1 11

1990 Awards Crown of Excellence Alpha Beta, Northeast Missouri State University, has won the Crown of Excellence Award for the second year in a row. The award is presented to Alpha Sigma Alpha's most outstanding chapter each year. The award includes an engraved plaque for permanent display and a traveling Crown of Excellence bowl. To win the award , a chapter has to demonstrate that it has a functioning advisory board , an effective officer training and transition program , participates in campus panhellenic leadership roles, keeps current with all fees due to National Headquarters, takes quota and initiates at least 90 percent of pledges. Other chapters considered for the award were named four star chapters.

Four star chapters

Diane James (left) congratulates Jiffany Morton, AB, whose chapter won the Crown of Excellence Award for the second year.

Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia State University, KS Eta Eta, Pittsburg State University, KS Phi Phi, Northwest Missouri State University Zeta Zeta, Central Missouri State University Beta Rho, Northern Illinois University Beta Sigma, Southwest Missouri State Gamma Eta, Penn State University Delta Epsilon, Mansfield University, PA

Chapter Awards Philanthropic Epsilon Kappa, Millersville University, PA Akron, OH , Alumnae Chapter Membership Examination Epsilon Lambda, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Panhellenic Phi Phi , Northwest Missouri State University Officer Efficiency Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia State University, KS Scholastic Achievement Gamma Eta, Penn State University Scholastic Improvement Beta Beta, University of Northern Colorado

Scholarship winners Catherine Chenzoff, TH, and Kendy Clark, BB, are congratulated by Marianne Bullock.

Phoenix Awards Best Feature Linda Rogers and Cindy Christfield Best Collegiate Gamma Omega, Eastern Illinois University Best Alumnae Dallas Alumnae Chapter

50-year members Honored for 50 years of membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha are (from left) Viola 'Sis' Caraway Brewer, 'P'P, Sidney Gremillion Allen, 'P'P, Nancy Gibson Mathisen, - I:, and Lois Beers, Br.


WINTEH 199 1


Collegiate Awards

Three outstanding collegians recognized Elizabeth Bird Small Award

Frost Fidelity Award

Ideal Pledge Award

The Elizabeth Bird Small Award is given to one who displays leadership in campus and community activities, outstanding personality and character attributes and excels in scholarship, both with grades and worthy attitudes. Karen Powell, Delta Nu-A, displayed such characteristics and is the recipient of the 1990 award. Karen is a graduate of GMI Engineering and Management Institute and received a degree in manufacturing systems engineering. Karen held several sorority offices, including president , Greek representative and ple dge class president. Also active in other organizations, she was vice president and president of the Inter-Sorority Council, parliamentarian for th e Greek Assembly, vice president of the Order of Omega, and charter member and president of Gamma Mu Iota, an honor society. In addition , she was vice president and secretary of the Capital Area Student Association. As chairman for th e first annual Quad-4 Power Run for Special Ol ymp ics , a 5-kil ome te r walk/ run sponsore d b y CASA , Karen coordinated the manpower, advertising, donations and registration for the event. Karen 's fellow chapter members say, " Eve n though Kare n is e xtremely busy with Alpha Sig, school activities and her studies, she still can find tim e for th e small, and sometim es eve n more important things. * * *

Fideli ty impli es devotion and " unswerving loyalty and all e giance." The Frost Fidelity Award is given to a collegiate who does things " beyond the call of duty," offers loyal friendship and lends her abilities to all projects. Amanda Blecha, Phi Phi, has received thi s recognition for 1990. Amanda participated in several organ izations including the stude nt member section of th e American Hom e Economics Association , holding the offices of parliamentarian and treasurer; member of Kappa Omicron Ph i, a home economics honor society; peer advisor; and a member of the fraternities and sororities committee for the NWMSU Campus Life Master Plan Project. A Northwest Missouri State University graduate student , Amanda received her undergraduate degree in me rchandising of tex tiles, apparel and furnishings , and intends t o pursu e a car ee r in fashion merchandising. Alpha Sigma Alpha involvement was always at the top of Amanda's prior ity list. Chapte r me mb e rs e lecte d he r to two conse cu tive terms as president. Since her days as pledge class secretary, she also served as vice president, was selected as ideal active for two semeste rs , was chose n as outstanding Alpha Sigma Alpha of Greek Week and served as the chairman of the Phi Phi Chapter 60-year anniversary celebration. * * *

Li nda Heinlein, Beta Sigma, rece iv e d th e 1990 I deal Pl e dge Award, which is based on the ability to work within the pledge group, leadership qualities and spirit and attitude during the pledge period. A junior at Sou t hw est Missouri State University , Li nda served as secretary of her pledge class. Linda's strong spirit and positive attitud e prompt e d her fe ll ow pledge class members to nominate her for this award, indicating she motivated other pledges to learn the history and operations of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Her enthusiasm was consiste nt ly strong during th e pledge period, and she was instrumental in organizing various fundrais e rs and p lanning a Special Olympics philanthropic event. Her e ffor ts didn ' t go unnotic e d by th e chapte r ; she was chose n as Be ta Sigma's 1989 outstanding freshman . Me mb e rs 路 we re impre sse d b y Linda's determination. "Her spirit was incredible as she made her pledge sisters realize how much you can get out of Alpha Sigma Alpha when willing to put much into it. Linda has not changed. She remains an extremely strong member whose love for the sorority continues to grow. She has shown her ability to be a leader that will work with her sisters. " Linda was elected to th e standards board after in itiation and was recently elected as membership director. * * *




Alumnae Awards

Three alumnae honored for contributions Evelyn G. Bell Award

Wilma Wilson Sharp Award The personal aspects of involvement in sorority activities, professional and community services are among the criteria used to select the recipient of the Wilma Wilson Sharp Award. The 1990 award was given to Kathryn Barclay, who has generously helped others throughout her life. Sorority contributions b ega n when Kay pl e dg e d th e Alpha Gamma Chapter at Indiana State Teachers College (now Indiana University ofPennsylvania). Initiated in 1931 , she served as chapter editor. A member of the Boston Alumnae Chapter since 1949, Kay has held the office of editor, ph ilanthropic chairman , president and was the delegate to several national conventions. Her most notable service to the chapter was preventing its disbanding. Due to a lack of officers, chapter members voted to disband; however, Kay and other members held an emergency meeting to reconsider th e chapter's position. Jean Barbarick was voted as president, and with the collective effort of man y women, the chapter survived and was reinstated at the following national convention . A vocational home economic instructor for several years, Kay's primary profession included a wider range of teaching experiences. As a minister's wife for 50 years , she taught various Sunday schools for 32 years and served the community in this capacity as well . More recentl y, she started a Bible class at the elderl y housing complex where she now lives, not merely to study the Bibl , but to help meet th e need of, and deal with, problems faced by th elderl y. As found r and president of the N wark , NJ, chapter of Church Women United, an interdenominational women's group , she establi heel a Church World Se r ice project to collect clothing for overeas distribution during World War II; 14 tons of clothing were collected. Ka has been a member of thi s wo rldwide organization for 1-t

Wl TER 199 1

Kathryn Barclay

over 50 years and involved in nume rous disaster and world reli e f projects, including housing for battered women , unmarri ed teenage mothers and the homeless. She organized a group of women to join the Re d Cross Cantee n Corp. to serve soldiers from Fort Dix during the war. Kay has also been a member of United Methodist Women for over 50 years and has held various local and district offices . For well over 20 years , one of Kay's primary efforts was to put together hundreds of health, school, sewing and layette kits for Church World Service. Kay was assisted by several other women in this project, which helped children and babies all over the world. Still doing what she can to satisfy the needs of others , Kay he lps with " Saturday's Bread " and " Sunday's Bread ," a pro g r a m sponsored b y a local church to feed the homeless in Boston on the weekends wh en other feeding programs in the city are inactive; the group has served over 70 ,000 meals. Kay has been a memb e r of th e Boston Uni ve rsit y Women's Council for 38 years. Wilma Sharp's message 'to love life and joyo usly live each day to its ultimate good' portrays Kay's life. " I ga e myself to the Lord at the age of 11 , an d throu gh Church Wome n United, I can e rve God and my fellow man . I am intrigued by what great things can be accomplished by ... a comm unity working together." * * *

The Evelyn G. Bell Award was established by the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter at the 1980 Convention in honor of Evelyn G. Bell, past national president. This award is given on convention years to a member who has shown outstanding leadership and loyalty to Alpha Sigma Alpha by having served as a coll egiate officer, an alumnae officer and anational officer. The 1990 award was presented to Sidney G. Allen by the 19 88 awar d r ec ipi e nt , Be t.t y Wallick. A Psi Psi Chapter me mber, Sidney served two terms as collegiate chapte r president, treasure r and panhell enic cou ncil president and vice president. Following graduation from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA, with a degree in education , she began a teaching career in the fi eld of elementary edu cation with a major emphasis on training students to become elementary teachers. Sidney received a masters degree in education and child psychology. After 16 years of teaching, she retired upon the birth in 1960 of the first of two childre n, turning her talents and education toward co mmunity and sorority work. Sidney was a member of the Hatti esburg, MS, Alumnae Chapter from 1954-69 and served as vice presiden t and president. She also served as chapte r advisor to th e Beta D elta Chapter for 12 years. From 198 2-8 7 , she served th e Shreveport-Bossier Alumn ae Panhelleni c Association in an advisory capacity. Sidney has devoted man y years to various positions on th e national level. She served as philanthropic chairman for even years , served two terms as vice president of alumnae and was th e chairman of advisors. Sidney was appointed National Pan hell e ni c Confe rence delegate for Alpha Sigma Alpha in 1978 and still serve in that capacity. She began the rotation through the NPC exec utive chairs in 198 1, serving two-year term s as treasurer, secre-


Alumnae Awards Helen L. Corey Award

Sidney Allen (right) receives her award from Betty Wallick.

tary, before becoming chairman for 1985-87. She is now a member of th e NPC Advisor y Committee , composed of past NPC chairmen who are still representing their sororities on the delegation . In 1989, Sidney was appointed as the NPC college area advisor to panhellenics in the state of Louisiana. Also that year at the NPC meeting, she was the recipient of the Order of the Diamond of Kappa Delta sorority, an honor b estowe d for outstanding services as a sorority woman. Sidney still finds time for participation in other organizations. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Interfraternity Foundation since 1979 and is currently serving as the chairman of the Balfour Distinguished Lecture Series. She is also a member of the Association of Fraternity Advisors, the Order of Omega and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Sidney said she always hoped she would qualify for this award , because it was the most relevant to her life. " It is an honor for me to join th e dedicat ed, deserving women who have received this award since 1980 . All of us have worked together in some capacity for almost 30 years. My personal relationship with Miss Bell dates back to 193842, when she was national president and I was Psi Psi Chapter president. She was a great leader and , certainly, one of my mentors." Now living in New Orleans, Sidney likes to play bridge, read , do needlework, attend the symphony and opera and is an avid television fan.* * * THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA

Th e Hele n L . Corey Award is given to an alumna in recognition of outstanding contributions to national conventions . Paula Foreman b ecam e th e fifth r e cipi e nt to r eceive this award , which was presented at th e 1990 national convention by Marlys White, the 1986 recipient. " Paula has made a significant impact to the national conventions such that the quality has improved through her loyal, dedicated and creative contributions," Marlys said. " She always works hard behind the scenes, never looking for recognition. " Paula was the creator of the convention boutique and was the chairman for the first one in 1972 and for one other. Popular with all convention goers, the boutique has been a part of convention since then. The boutique not only is a money making project for collegiate and alumnae chapters, but allows convention attendees to tak e hom e Alpha Sigma Alpha souvenirs. As N ation al Rush Chairman , Pa ula ex pe nd e d many hours to present a rush day at the 1976 conve ntion . Sh e organized a rush breakfast, in which each table was decorated-complete with a centerpiece, place setting, name tag, invitation and favor-by a different collegiate chapter r e fl ec ting a theme from one of their rush parti es. This was fo llowed b y rush workshops and three rush parties . The rush parties were presented by national officers, who portrayed active members , while alumnae and collegiate delegates were rushees. As vice preside nt of programs , Paula was an integral part of scheduling and coordinating workshops, special events and activities for the Denver and Clearwater Beach conventions in 1986 and 1988 . Paula believes th e highlight of her convention programs was the white dinner at the 1984 convention in Kansas City . As National Philanthropic Chairman , Paula invited two Special Olympians to speak, the first time such an invitation was extended. This since has become a tradition at subsequent conventions. The room was flooded with white balloons, each attached

Paula Foreman (left) receives her award from Maryann IM3nzel.

with the Special Olympics creed. The women went outside the hotel, read th e Special Olympics creed and released the balloons. After graduating from Marshall Uni versity, where sh e was rush chairman and membership director for the Rho Rho Chapter, Paula spent a year as a chapter consultant and has continued to contribute talents and efforts to Alpha Sigma Alpha on a regional and national level. Since 1971 , she has served as a province director, feature editor , rush chairman, NPC second delegate, vice pres ide nt of developm e nt , scholarship chairman, chairman of philanthropies and vice president of programs. Paula served as editor of the Central Pennsylvania Alumnae Chapter and as a representative to the Lancaster Alumnae Panhelle nic. She has been the advisor to the Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Millersville University since 1986. Holding two mast er degrees , Paula has been an elementary education teacher since 1971 and prese ntly t eac h es kind e rgart e n in Lancaster, PA. She is a member of the National Education Association. Paula was pleased to receive the award. " Some of the most rewarding and memorable times of my life were at conventions. I had the opportunity to work with a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and simply put, it was fun. It was a chance to be creative and take a hands on approach to programming. I wanted to bring a different perspective across to the membership." * * * WI TER 1991



Nine awarded 1990 Al:A scholarships Martha Dimond Graduate Scholarship

Wilma Wilson Sharp Scholarship

Gretchen Erb, Gamma Eta, maintains a perfect grade point average at Penn State University where she is working toward a doctor of ed ucation degree with emphasis on counselor education. After graduation , scheduled for August 1992, Gretchen plans to be a director of a university counseling center. She completed a bachelor of science degree in psychology and master of education degree in cow1selor education , both fi路om Pe nn State, in 1985 and 1986 , respectively. A past recipient of the Frost Fidelity Award, Gretchen has been devoted to Alpha Sigma Alpha and has made significant contributions on a chapter, regional and national scale. Since pledging in 1982, she served as secretary and editor for th e Gamma Eta Chapte r and currently serves as advisor to this chapter. A national province director for 1986-90, Gretchen assumed the responsibility of national philanthropic chairman for the current biennium. She was an instrumental part of ensuring the success of the first Emma Frost Leadership Development Institute held at Penn State and served as on-site coordinator of the pilot program . -tr -tr

A senior at Rochester Institut e of Technology, Gamma Iota member Vicki Bennett is preparing for a career in computer science. Vicki is participating in a five-year computer science program at RIT in which one year is required for student internships. As part of comple ting th e program requirements, she worked at Digital Equipment Corporation in Marlboro, MA, and subsequently received a twoyear scholarship from the company. After working for several years, she intends to return to school and work toward a masters degree in business. Since pledging in fall 1987 and serving as pledge class president, Vicki has also served as chapter parliamentarian, assistant membership director, vice president and president. She was the student services director of the student directorate, RIT's student body government, for two years and is also a me mber of the Order of Omega, a Greek honors organization. To enhance her field of study, Vicki worked as a lab assistant for various universi ty computer laboratories. -tr -tr



Mary Turner Gallagher Scholarship Amy M. Swisher Scholarship Gamma Zeta member Kim Thomas was a spring 1990 graduate of political science and history at the University of Arkansas at Monticello with a degree in political science and history. She plans to attend law school in fall 1990, practice in th e Washington D.C. area and eventually run for a public office . Interest in the political arena prompted Kim 's involvemen t in politically related university organizations. She was president of the student government association , vice president and president of college Republicans and a member of the university judicial board. Not limiting her involvement to only university organizations, she was the student representative to the Monticello, AR, Chamber of Commerce . Kim was vice president of the Alpha Chi honor society, panhellenic secretary, a member of the campus alcohol awareness group and received the Greek woman of the year award for 1989 . As philanthropic chairman, vice president and president, Kim contributed much of her time to the sorority as an undergraduate and plans to do so as a graduate. She was very involved with organizing chapter philanthropic activities, scheduling at least two activities a month and was instrumental in motivating members to raise nearly $1,000 for Special Ol ympics. -tr -t.




Robin Fade1-, Epsilon Mu , plans to graduate in May 1991 from Tre nton State Coll ege with a bachelor of science in statistics and a minor in business. She plans to continue her education and work toward a mast e rs degre e in business admin istration. Robin has been involved with sorority activities since pledging in fall1988 , serving as a member of both the sophomore and junior standards boards. A form er Wilma Wilson Sharp Scholarship recipient, Robin has appeared on the dean's list five semesters, is the secretary of the Blue Key honor fraternity , a member of the Pi Mu Epsilon honor math ematics fraternity, the Society of Honor Students and has been recognized as a Garden State Distinguished Scholar. As a freshman, Robin was elected as class vice president and at the end of the year was elected as the student trustee of the Trenton State College Board of Trustees. This is the highest honor students can give to a peer. She was an executive officer of th e student government association , a me mber of th e all-college disciplinary board, th e academic policies, admissions and student awards committees and participates in intramural voll eyball. -t. -t.



Scholarships Special Education Scholarship (nonmember)

Special Education Scholarship (member)

Rhoda Wilbur, sponsored by Delta Epsilon Chapter of Mansfield University, is majoring in special education and is scheduled to graduate in May 1993. Volunteering to help with the special education class at her school when Rhoda was only in fifth grade introduced her to her interest in pursuing a career in special education. Since August 1989, Rhoda has been a resident trainer in a local group care facility for the mentally retarded, which gives her the practical experience for her profession , as well as being personally rewarding. Since beginning college in the fall of 1989, Rhoda has been recognized on the dean 's list and has become involved in university and community activities. She is a member of the Mansfield Chapter of the Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC), is chairman of the SCEC bulletin board committee and a member of the Special Olympics committee. Rhoda is also a member of the Circle K, a member of her residence hall council and a volunteer researcher for an educational publication, SENGA. * * *

Eileen Knox, a Gamma Psi Chapter member at Edinboro University, is working toward a degree in speech and hearing disorders. After graduation in fall 1991 , she plans to pursue a graduate degree and focus studies on stroke and head injured patients. Active in campus activities, Eileen is a member of the student speech and hearing club, the student government concert committee, the Kappa Delta Pi national education honors society, and is a tutor to those with learning disabilities. She has also appeared on the dean's list several times. Since pledging Alpha Sigma Alpha in fall1988, Eileen has served on the standards committee and scholarship committee and was the recipient of the Most Valuable Philanthropist Award for spring 1989. As of January 1990, she held the highest scholastic average of the Gamma Psi Chapter. * * *

Philanthropic Scholarship Epsilon Mu member Caroline Klepper is enrolled in the JD/MBA graduate program at Columbia University and plans to enter the field of international corporate finance law. Caroline's ultimate goal is to become a Supreme Court justice. She received a B.S. degree in finance with honors in May 1990 from Trenton State College. Caroline contributed to college organizations by serving as president and founder of the Russian club, president of the Blue Key honor fraternity , community advisor for a coed residence hall and vice president of the student government association for legal services. Caroline was selected as the outstanding student leader of Trenton State College for 1988-89 and has appeared on the dean's list several times. * * *

Graduate Resident Scholarship

Mary Emerson Blackstone Scholarship A senior at Northwest Missouri State University, Lenna Storck will graduate in December and is preparing for a teachin g career in elementary education/early childhood. She wants to return to school for graduate courses and aspires to someday open a day care center. Lenna served as membership director for the Phi Phi Chapter. As a university cheerleader, a member of Kappa Delta Pi (education honor society) , and a member of the Student Missouri State Teachers' Association, Lenna was conscious of balancing activities with academic responsibilities. She once took a 22-hour semester and maintained a high average . Scheduling an above average load, along with summer school courses will enable Lenna to complete her degree in 3 1/2 years. * * *

Chi Chi member Maria Malayter is a 1989 graduate of Ball State University and holds a degree in journalism. She will be working toward a graduate degree in communications/health education. Maria is an immediate past chapter consultant and was actively involved with the functions of Alpha Sigma Alpha. As an undergraduate, she held a range of positions including president, membership director, homecoming chairman, publicity chairman and alumnae directory chairman, among others. She was also the recipient of chapter Elizabeth Bird Small and Frost Fidelity awards. Maria also was a member of the student leadership development board, staff photographer for magazine and new publications, a member of Order of Omega and an Outstanding Young Woman of America. * * * THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA




ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA NATIONAL OFFICERS 1990-91 FOUNDED Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, November 15, 1901

FOUNDERS Louise Cox Carper (Mrs. W. B.) Juliette Hundley Gilliam (Mrs. H. E.) Mary Williamson Hundley Virginia Boyd Noell (Mrs. J. W.) Calva Watson Wootton (Mrs. P. W.)



President-Diane Yencic James, HH (Mrs. Don L.), Rt. 5, Box 736, Pittsburg, KS 66762 Vice President of Development-Or. Rosemary Carucci Goss, BIT (Mrs. Robert E.), 2355 Mt. Tabor Rd ., Blacksburg , VA 24060 Vice President of Collegians-Suzanne Kilgannon , 81, 291 Newman Ave ., Apt. 1, Harrisonburg , VA 22801 Vice President of Alumnae-Marianne Busch Bullock, BT, 13715 Blazey, Houston, TX 77041 Vice President of Program-Kim Ramsey Meyer, 88 (Mrs. Mark), 7736 S. Centaur Dr., Evergreen, CO 80439 Vice President of Finance-Connie Peyton Hoffman, ZZ (Mrs. Phillip), 171 S. Main, Trenton , MO 64683 Secretary-Marilyn Manion Stratton, BB (Mrs. Robert), 6106 Spring Time Dr., San Antonio , TX 78249

Chairman of Chapter Advisors-Julia R. Hofer, ~I (Mrs. David) , 3 Coach Hill Court, Newark, DE 19711 Chairman of Colonies-Cindy Fundis, EE, 10253 W. 81 Terrace #202 , Overland Park, KS 66204 Constitution Chairman-Sandra Phillips Brzezinski, rE (Mrs. Wayne), 7041 W. Tripoli Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53220 Chairman of Housing-Lori White Scott, EE (Mrs. Jack), 4513 W. 54th St. , Roeland Park, KS 66205 Chairman of Membership Education-Lisa Ann Tait, rH, 425 Student Services, Bowling Green, OH 43404 Chairman of Philanthropies-Gretchen Erb, rH , 528 E. McCormick Ave ., State College , PA 16801 Chairman of Ritual-Susanne C. Withsosky , NN, 403 Mews Dr., Sellersville, PA 18960 Chairman of Rush-Karen A. Fulmer, BT, 1022 Monterey Ave., Apt D, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 Chairman of Scholarship-Ellen Funk Morris, BA (Mrs. C. Robert), 10905 Omaha Lane, Parker, CO 80134 Chairman of Standards-Linda Bonine Rogers , ~I (Mrs. Steven E.), 377 Mayberry Lane, Dover, DE 19901

SPECIAL OFFICERS NPC Delegate-Sidney Gremillion Allen, '1''1' , 1750 St. Charles , Apt. 320, New Orleans, LA 70130 NPC First Alternate Delegate-Linda Bonine Rogers, ~I (Mrs. Steven E.), 377 Mayberry Lane, Dover, DE 19901 Editor-Nancy I. Z. Reese, BY , 828 S. Golf Cui de Sac, Des Plaines, IL 60016 Headquarters Executive-Rose Marie Fellin, B:E, National Headquarters, 1201 E. Walnut, Springfield, MO 65802

CHAPTER CONSULTANTS Christine Leakey, rQ Tracy Neff, BT Andrea Tunia, EI c/o National Headquarters

THE PHOENIX STAFF Alumnae Editor-Lori Muehlbauer Robinson , ~K (Mrs. Jeff), Rt. 1, Box 176-C, Falkville, AL 35622 Collegiate Editor-Terri Higgs Murphy, ~ K , 4922 Epworth Rd ., Newburgh, IN 47630 Feature Editor-Cretia Rowlette , <1><1> , 3861 N. Cherry Lane , Kansas City, MO 64116 Historian-Sue Zorichak Hagen, BB (Mrs. Jeff), 6890 Athena Way, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55075

NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE Delegate ......... First Alternate . . . . . Second Alternate . . Third Alternate ... .


WI TER 199 1

. . . ... . ... . Sidney Gremillion Allen . . . . . . . . . . . . Linda Bonine Rogers . . . ... . Dr. Rosemary Carucci Goss ............. Diane Yencic James

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 1201 E. Walnut, Springfield, MO 65802 Phone: 417-869-0980 Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday

FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman-Bonnie Payne Koenemann , ZZ (Mrs. Stewart W.), 323 Branchport, Chesterfield, MO 63017 Vice Chairman-Betty Urban Wallick , ZZ, P.O. Box 4727, Yuma, AZ 85364 Secretary-Judy DeMasters Winter, ZZ (Mrs. Weldon), 501 Wedgewood Dr. , Blue Springs, MO 64014 Treasurer-Lois Beers, Br, 909 Pecan, Huntsville, AR 72740



NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PROVINCE DIRECTORS PROVINCE I DIRECTOR Sharon Sterner, AI, 412 Fisher Rd. , Rochester, NY 14624 SUNY College at Buffalo, Pi Pi-Buffalo, NY 14222 Rochester Institute of Technology, Gamma Iota-Rochester, NY 14623 Mansfield University, Delta Epsilon-Mansfield , PA 16933 State University of New York at Brockport, Epsilon Nu-Brockport, NY 14220



Holly Vick, BI , 9908 Oakdale Woods Court, Vienna, VA 22181 University of Delaware, Delta Iota-Newark, DE 19711 Trenton State College, Epsilon Mu-Trenton, NJ 08650 William Paterson College, Epsilon RhoWayne, NJ 07470 University of Maryland Baltimore County, Epsilon Tau-Baltimore, MD 21228

Pamela Bernard , XX, 1148 Shari Lane, Libertyville, IL 60048 Western Illinois University, Beta Kappa-Macomb, IL 61455 Northern Illinois University, Beta Rho-DeKalb, IL 60115 Loyola University, Gamma Lambda-Chicago, IL 60626 DePaul University, Delta Eta-Chicago, IL 60614 St. Mary 's College, Epsilon Delta-Winona, MN 55987



Lisa Marie Watkins, 181 Knowlton Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217 Slippery Rock University, Gamma Xi-Slippery Rock, PA 16057 Clarion University, Gamma Omicron-Clarion, PA 16214 Edinboro University, Gamma Psi-Edinboro, PA 16423 Pennsylvania State University-Behrend Cotlege, Epsilon Theta-Erie, PA 16563

Karen Parsons, Er, 8512 Julian Rd., Richmond , VA 23229 James Madison University, Beta EpsilonHarrisonburg, VA 22801 Radford University, Beta Iota-Richmond, VA24141 Concord College, Beta Pi-Athens, WV 24712 Elan College, Delta Rho-Elan, NC 27244


Eleanor Williams, A (Mrs. Tyler), P.O. Box 59, Drakes Branch, VA 23937 Longwood College, Alpha-Farmville, VA 23901 Virginia Commonwealth University, Epsilon Gamma-Richmond , VA 23229 Virginia Wesleyan College, Epsilon Eta-Norfolk ,VA 23502 University of Virginia, Epsilon Sigma-Charlottesville, VA 22903


PROVINCE VIII DIRECTOR Leslie Maxwell Ziringer, rH (Mrs. Fred P.), 4082 Hilty Rd. , Export, PA 15632 Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Alpha Gamma-Indiana, PA 15701 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Epsilon Lambda-Johnstown, PA 15907 University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Epsilon Omicron-Greensburg, PA 15601 California University of Pennsylvania, Epsilon Upsilon-California, PA 15419

PROVINCE IX DIRECTOR PROVINCE IV DIRECTOR Maryanne Murphy, NN, 212 N. 34th St. , Philadelphia, PA 19104 East Stroudsburg University, Gamma RhoEast Stroudsburg , PA 18301 Penn State University, Gamma Eta-University Park, PA 16802 Bloomsburg University, Delta Chi-Bloomsburg , PA 17815 Kutztown University, Epsilon Xi-Kutztown , PA 19530

Barbara J. Struble, t.N (Mrs. Robert), 12180 Towline Rd., Grand Blanc, Ml 48439 Central Michigan University, Beta ThetaMI. Pleasant, Ml 48858 Adrian College, Gamma Mu-Adrian , Ml 49221 GMI-Engineering and Management Institute, Delta Nu-A-Fiint, Ml 48504 GMI-Engineering and Management Institute, Delta Nu-B-Flint, Ml 48504

PROVINCE X DIRECTOR PROVINCE V DIRECTOR Jan Verfurth, BE, 7715 Lafayette Forest Dr. #13, Annandale, VA 22003 Temple University, Kappa Kappa-Philadelphia, PA 19122 Drexel University, Nu Nu-Philadelphia, PA 19104 York College of Pennsylvania, Delta Omicron -York, PA 17403 Millersville University, Epsilon KappaMillersville, PA 17551


Barbara Holder Lecher, XX (Mrs . Mike), RR #1 , Box 62, Greensburg , IN 47240 Miami University, Alpha Alpha-Oxford, OH 45056 Ball State University, Chi Chi-Muncie, IN 47301

PROVINCE XI DIRECTOR Ruth Sanders, BN , 59A Reilly Rd., Frankfort, KY 40601 Murray State University, Beta Nu-Murray, KY 42071 Indiana State University, Beta Upsilon-Terre Haute, IN 47807 Eastern Illinois University, Gamma OmegaCharleston , IL 61920 University of Southern Indiana, Delta Kappa -Evansville, IN 47711

PROVINCE XIII DIRECTOR Deborah Fields Dietrich , BN, 12908 124th Ave. N., Largo, FL 34644 University of Southern Mississippi, Beta Delta -Hattiesburg, MS 39401 University of Texas at San Antonio, Delta Upsilon-San Antonio, TX 78285 Christian Brothers College, Epsilon IotaMemphis, TN 38104 Tarleton State University, Epsilon Pi-Stephenville, TX 76402

PROVINCE XIV DIRECTOR Lisa Stanley, HH, 7575 W. 106th Terrace, Apt. 35, Overland Park , KS 66212 Northeast Missouri State University, Alpha Beta-Kirksville, MO 63501 Central Missouri State University, Zeta Zeta -Warrensburg, MO 64093 Northwest Missouri State University, Phi Phi -Maryville , MO 64468 Missouri Valley College, Gamma Pi-Marshall , MO 65340

PROVINCE XV DIRECTOR Barbara Lombrano, 2436 SW 25th Dr., Topeka, KS 66611 Emporia State University, Epsilon EpsilonEmporia, KS 66801 Pittsburg State University, Eta Eta-Pittsburg, KS 66762 Northeastern State University, Beta Gamma - Tahlequah , OK 74105 Southwest Missouri State University, Beta Sigma-Springfield , MO 65802

PROVINCE XVI DIRECTOR Stacy George, HH, 2852 E. 51 , Apt. G, Tulsa, OK 74105 University of Central Arkansas, Beta Lambda -Conway, AR 72032 Henderson State University, Beta Mu-Arkadelphia, AR 71923 University of Arkansas at Monticello, Gamma Zeta-Monticello, AR 71655 Southern Arkansas University, Epsilon Alpha -Magnolia, AR 71753

PROVINCE XVII DIRECTOR Lynda Johnson Hempstead, BB (Mrs. Dale), 2990 Dover Dr. , Boulder, CO 80303 University of Northern Colorado, Beta BetaGreeley, CO 80631






Kathleen Thompson Pilecki, ~ T (Mrs. Larry J.), 16 Eastwood Dr. , West Seneca, NY 14224 Boston, Massachusetts-Julia Oberweis, 48 Brookdale Rd., Newton, MA 02160 Buffalo, New York- Mary Wright Orsolits, 73 Lafayette Blvd ., Williamsburg , NY 14221 Central New Jersey-Lisa Trumbulla, 18 Village Rd., Scotch Plain , NJ 07076 Central Pennsylvania-Pamela Strathmeyer, 8 Manor Rd., York , PA 17404 Charleston, West Virginia-Mrs . James Gunter, 2992 Ruth St. , Charleston , WV 25302 Delaware Valley-Mrs. William Schwarze, 3 Longpoint Lane, Media, PA 19063 Huntington, West Virginia-Charla Grass , 6003 Baker Rd., Huntington, WV 25705 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Sue Weigand , P.O. Box 557, Quarry Lane, Valley Forge, PA 19481 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-Bonnie Oswald, 1504 Evergreen Rd. , Pittsburgh, PA 15209 Rochester, New York-Mrs . R. J. Baker, 126 Meadow Dr., Rochester, NY 14618 Wilmington, Delaware-Helen S. Hadley, 1907 W. Zabenko, Wilmington, DE 19808 York, Pennsylvania-Christine L. Knaub, 2330 Pleasant View Dr., York, PA 17404

Lana Gee Bunner, ~ K (Mrs. David), 2827 N. Red Bank Rd., Evansville, IN 47712 Akron , Ohio-Susan Walk Wright , 7895 Chatham Ave. NW, North Canton , OH 44720 Anderson, Indiana-Lola Sparks, RR 1, Box 196, Markleville, IN 46056 Cincinnati, Ohio-Anne Petree Niemeyer, 1212 Creekwood, Batavia, OH 45103 Columbus, Indiana-Catherine S. Wertz, 11 0 Johnson, Seymour, IN 47274 Columbus, Ohio-Mrs . W. Andrew Martin , 338 Dunedin , Columbus, OH 43214 Dayton, Ohio-Laura Laclede, 265 Foliage Lane, Springboro, OH 45066 Elkhart-Goshen, Indiana-Helen Risley Erne, 1728 Grant St. , Elkhart, IN 46514 Fort Wayne, Indiana-Mary Sagstetter, 9222 Starland Ct. , Fort Wayne, IN 46804 Indianapolis , Indiana-Barbara Jacobi Smith , 18114 S. Jacobi , Greenfield , IN 46140 Muncie, Indiana-Alice Simison Purkiser, 5400 N. Vista View Dr., Muncie, IN 47304 Murray, Kentucky-Stephanie Siegmund , 309 N. 14th St. , Murray, KY 42071 Newark-Zanesville, Ohio-Mrs . Norman Cogswell , 1070 W. Church St. , Newark, OH 43055 Northwestern Ohio-Barb Christensen , 1764 Cambridge Park East, Maumee, OH 43537 Southwestern Indiana-Cherry Endress , 6946 Tonia Court, Evansville, IN 47710 Terre Haute, Indiana-Vicki G. Kindervater, RR 2, Box 535 , Clinton, IN 47843

REGION II DIRECTOR Dolly Purvis Loyd, B~ . 225 Sherwood Dr., Hattiesburg, MS 39402 DC Metro-Gay Taylor, 3503 Kings Cross Rd., Alexandria, VA 22303 Fort Lauderdale, Florida-Debbie Bukas , 3100 N. Pine Island Rd. #204 , Sunrise, FL 33313 Hattiesburg, Mississippi-Ursu la Ruth Jones, 808 Duane St. , Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Metro Atlanta-Martha Shershin , 860 Oakhaven Dr., Roswell , GA 30075 Northern Virginia-Susan Denise Donnell , 3105 Battersea Lane , Alexandria , VA 22309 Richmond, Virginia-Frances Francis , 602 Devon , Richmond, VA 23229 River City, Tennessee-Leslie C. Huey, 425 Stonewall , Memphis, TN 38112 Tampa Bay, Florida-Patricia K. Huffman , 1565 Elmwood St. , Clearwater, FL 34615 Virginia Beach-Angela Knight, 4400 Holly Rd. , Virginia Beach , VA 23451 Washington, D.C.-Judith Whipp Parkison , 16560 Emory Lane, Rockville, MD 20853




Elizabeth Zubinski Heidel , rn (Mrs. James P.), 1410 71st St ., Downers Grove, IL 60516 Chicago, Illinois-Mrs . Betty Hall, 342-D Higgins Rd. , Park Ridge, IL 60068 Chicago Metro-Barbara Camino, 1560 Marmion Place, Crete, IL 60417 Chicago North Suburban-Mrs . Richard Williams, 1976 Fairway Court, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 Chicago West Suburban-Susan James Legg , 116 Barley, Naperville, IL 60540 Detroit, Michigan-Margaret Sautter, 20469 Balfour, Apt. 1, Harper Woods, Ml 48225 Dickinson, North Dakota-Adaline Gibson, 40 5th Ave. W. , Dickinson , ND 58601 Flint, Michigan-Marian McCormick , 2452 Common Rd., Warren, Ml 48092 Grand Rapids , Michigan-Mrs . Jerry VanDusen , 6887 Vista Grande Dr. NE , Rockford , Ml 49341 Kalamazoo, Michigan-Mrs. Robert Klesert, 337 Glendale Blvd ., Parchment, Ml 49004 Madison, Wisconsin-Judy Weibel, 9 Glenside Circle, Madison, WI 53717 Milwaukee, Wiscons in-Ann Borowski , 14440 W. Sunrise Ave ., Brookfield , WI 53005 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan-Mrs . Michael Martin , 205 W. Orchard , Shepherd, Ml 48884

REGION V DIRECTOR Beth Ann Colwell, BB, 41 06-E S. Mobile Circle, Aurora, CO 80013 Bartles ville , Oklahoma-Mrs. Barbara Helmer, 636 SE Elmhurst, Bartlesville, OK 74006 Dallas, Texas - Tanya Trumble Field, 833 C Dublin , Richardson, TX 75080 Denver, Colorado-Lynda Hempstead, 2990 Dover Circle, Boulder, CO 80303 Houston, Texas-Marilyn N. Mitchell , 2111 Purple Plum Lane , Houston, TX 77062 Phoenix, Arizona-Mary Lou Moseke, 3620 W. Royal Palm , Phoenix, AZ 85021 Pikes Peak, Colorado-Heather Huber, 11445 Buckskin Lane, Colorado Springs, co 80908 San Antonio, Texas-Michelle DeWitt, 829 Bitters #203, San Antonio, TX 78216 San Diego, California-Bernita Sipan , 335 Kimball Terrace, Chula Vista, CA 9201 0 Sun City, Arizona-Lynne Luke, 3620 W. Mercer Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85029 Tulsa , Oklahoma-Paula Halfast Brown , 6904 E. 78 St. , Tulsa, OK 74133

REGION VI DIRECTOR Pat Lumpe Hawkins, Br (Mrs. Bruce), 3 Lucie, Peerless Park, MO 63088 Baton Rouge, Louisiana-Janet B. Sauls , 12572 E. Sheraton , Baton Rouge, LA 70815 Emporia, Kansas-J. Paige Brickell , 727 Sunrise Dr. , Emporia, KS 66801 Greater Kansas City-Robin Zellhoefer, 325 Winnebago Dr. , Lake Winnebago, MO 64034 Maryville, Missouri-Millie Loch, 1208 Parkdale Rd. , Maryville, MO 64468 Monticello, Arkansas-Kathy Henderson , 103 Sherwood , McGehee, AR 71654 New Orleans, Louisiana-Mrs. Allen Bourgeois , 4724 Park Dr. S., Metairie, LA 70001 Omaha , Nebraska-Jean Maginn Ullrich , 5023 Webster, Omaha, NE 68124 Pittsburg, Kansas-Diane James, Rt. #5, Box 736, Pittsburg, KS 66762 Reunion, Arkansas-Gina Huss, 106 Oaklawn, Conway, AR 72032 St. Louis, Missouri- Tena Shults Harjoe, 1127 Olive Lake Dr., Apt. G, St. Louis, MO 63132 Southwest Arkansas-Glenda Kirkpatrick, 1015 Felix, Magnolia, AR 71753 Springfield, Missouri- Tina Stillwell , 3578 E. Linwood, Springfield, MO 65809


Alumnae Action Chicago West Suburban

Alpha Sigs at the races The Chicago West Suburban Alumnae Chapter enjoyed an ethnic dinner at Chef Paul in Naperville. A program about wardrobe accessories was another highlight of the spring. Susan Legg, XX, hosted the program. For those who like to cook, "The Pampered Chef" prepare d foods using interesting gadgets which could be purchased. Clare Campbell Hagan, XX, had a lot of clean up to do after that meeting. To finish up before summer break, members enjoyed a day at the races at Arlington International Race Course. Nancy L. Reagan Columbus, Indiana

Chapter hosts Indiana State Day

The Columbus, Indiana Alumnae Chapter was the hostess chapter for the 1990 Indiana State Day in Indianapolis on Saturday, March 24, 1990. Under the leadership of co-chairmen, Katie Wertz, Jean Hoffman and Barb Lecher, the chapter members planned the day held at the Holiday ' Inn South. The theme was " Saddle Up and Head West. " Decorations incorporated the flavor of the Southwest and Arizona, site of the 1990 National Convention. The speaker for the luncheon was Wayne Grote, who discussed selfdefense tactics for women. National officers attending the State Day were Nancy I.Z. Reese, national editor ; Barb Lecher, Province IX Director; Ruth Sanders, Province VIII Director; Lana Bunner, Region III Director; and Terri Murphy, collegiate editor. Nancy spoke to the group in the morning session . The Columbus chapter met in June at the home of Katie Wertz, president , to plan th e coming year's activities. Jean M. Hoffman


Columbus, IN, Alumnae Chapter members attend the 1990 Indiana State Day. They are, from left, Katie Wertz, Laurie Carmen, Soni Mullen and Jean Hoffman .

Washington, D.C.

Alumnae assisting new collegiate chapter The Washington, D.C., Alumnae Chapter ended its 1989-90 program year on an enthusiastic note with several members attending the initiation and installation of Epsilon Tau Chap路 ter at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Catonsville on May 12. Chapter members were involved with the establishment of the chapter in the Baltimore/Washington, D .C., area at the beginning last December when President Judy Parkison, BQ, Maureen Herring Harvey, AA, and Liz Benson Scheuble, AA, attended an open house on campus at the invitation of National Council. An extra di vidend for members who attended the May 12 event was visiting with National President Di路 ane James; Rosemary Goss, vice president of D eve lopm en t ; Cind y Christfield, province director and a form er member of the Washington , D .C ., Alumn ae Chapter; and Dr. Gerry Cox, guest speaker for the installation banqu et and a member of the Washington, D .C ., Ch apte r. Washington D .C. , alumnae are also proud that ~ former member, Chris Strapac Thomas, is the advisor to Epsilon Tau. The alumnae look forward to developing a close and supportive relationship with the new chapter. The mid-winter meeting in February at the home of Helen Lortz, HH, included a bri ef business meeting and

sharing of holiday experiences and gree tin gs from former me mb e rs. Claudia Exler Kubis, NN, and Anne Graham we re welcomed as new members in the chapter. Plans for the 1990 National Convention in Scottsdale, AZ, were on th e age nda of th e April meeting, hosted by Liz Scheuble at her home in Brookville, MD. Officers for the 1990-91 year were elected and annual contributions by the chapter to its two projects, the Frontier Nursing Service in Ke ntucky and Special Olympi cs in the area, were reported by treasurer Maureen Harvey. Helen B. Lortz

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Chapter works on reorganization The Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter has been working on the reorganization of the Beta Delta Chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi. Th e coll egiate chapter held an alumnae tea for the members of the Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter in April in the chapter room at the university . Thi s gave both groups a chance to exchange thou ghts and ideas wi th each other. Three members of th e Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter are serving on the advisory board for the collegiate chapter as chapter, financial and rush advisors. Dolly D. Loyd



Alumnae Stars Teacher giving lessons in ecology

Dolly D. Loyd

Alumna is American Marketing Association officer Dolly Diane Purvis Lo yd, 8~ , Alumnae Region II director, has been elected vi ce president of the Coll egiate Activities Division of the American Marketing Association. She will serve in this capacity for one year and also serve on the board of directors of the association for two years. Doll y has been acti ve with this professional organi zation for the past 10 years. She has served on the Coll egi ate Activities Council for four years, as advisor of the collegiate chapter at th e University of Southern Mi ssissippi for 10 years and was th e 1989 Coll eg iate Confe re nc e Pro g ra m Chair for the 11th Annual AMA International Collegiate Conference. Acti ve in the Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter, Doll y serves as chapter advisor for the Beta Delta Chapter at th e Uni versity of Southe rn Mi ssi ssippi. She also serves as faculty advisor of Kappa Alpha fi路aternity and Phi Chi Theta business fraternity. Doll y is a me mber of 12 professional associati ons and has served on 15 uni versity committees. Sh e has publi shed several articl es and given several paper presentations in marketing. She has been an instructor at th e Uni ve rsity of Southe rn Mississippi fo r 11 years.


WINTE R 199 1

As a member of the University of Southern Mi ssissippi student government association, Ursula Ruth Jones, B~, helped hand out hundreds of the first Earth Day stickers in 1970. Today , she still has some of the stickers and uses them to educate her students about the importance of environmental awareness. Ursula is the health educator for the Hatti esburg Public School District. She coordinated the school system's observance of Earth Day. " These kids are growing up in a world where they have to conserve and recycle ," Ursula said. "We have emphasized in all our discussions that our country and our state consider young peopl e our greatest natural resource."

Angela Louise Richardson

Research may benefit work on AIDS Angela L. Richardson, EI, received a national grant from Sigma Xi to research candida albicans as an intern . Her research was published and is anticipated to help AIDS research . Angela graduated cum laude from Christian Brothers University with a degree in bi ology and is attending Merce r Uni versity School of Medicine. Angela was selected for Who's Who Among Students in Ame rican Colleges and Universiti es, was on the dean's list and national dean's list and has worked as a medi cal assistant at Georgia D ermatology and Skin Cancer Cente r.

A star shines in Texas Mary Jo Van Handel

Jaycee named outstanding state program manager Mary Jo Van Handel , XX , was named Outstanding State Jaycee Program Manager in the International Area for 1990. Mary was the first female president of the Plymouth , IN , Jaycees and was name d Outstanding Local Jaycee President during her term . She was named an Outstandin g Young Woman of America in 1988 and received the Ameri can Heart Association's Gold Heart Award in 198 1 and 1982. Mary has also bee n involved with the Knox Jayceettes and Media Maniacs, a local librarians support group . Mary is a media specialist for the Plymouth Community School Corporation. She earned a masters in art educati o n in 198 5 and a maste rs in library science in 1984.

The Greater D allas Alumnae Chapter is being brought back to life by a leader named Tanya. At the University of Texas, San Antoni a, Tanya serve d D elta Upsilon Chapter as president, treasurer and scholarship chairman. She attended National Con ve ntion in D enver in 1986 and was selected as the sorority ' s d e legate to " L ead e rsh ap e," sponsored b y Alpha Tau Omega the summer preceding her senior year at U.T.S .A. The Greater Dallas Alumnae Chapter had b ecom e inactive whe n the previous leader, LaQuita Lehmann Carruthers, b ecame a mother and was no longer abl e to p arti cipate . Tanya and another newcomer, Angela Baldree, BZ with the help of Mary Mil es in Pl ano , TX, we re abl e to gather Alpha Sigs in an organizational luncheon . A second meeting was held ove r lun c h wh e r e offi ce r s w e r e elected for two-year terms of office .


Alumnae Stars Tanya has put all of her talents into hunting ALAs in the Dallas area. Using National 's list of members and her home computer, she mailed 200 letters to announce the reforming of a Dallas Alumnae Chapter. The past two years under her leadership have been a time of combining the previously active members of the "old guard" with new arrivals in the area. Tanya was unanimously re-elected to serve as president, with Angela Baldree as vice president. The chapter's latest activity was a garage sale held on May 5, Cinco de Mayo D ay in Texas, to earn funds to send a represe ntative to the 1990 National Convention .



Helen Frame Snyder

Ohio alum receives 'special' award Helen Frame Snyder, 00, was an honored guest at the 40th anniversary celebration of th e Summit

County Association for the Retarded. Helen organized and opened the first school class for the retarded, in Akron, OH, on Nov . 8, 1949. Now, more than 1,500 retarded people are in school classes or sheltered workshop classes. The plaque Helen received states, " Summit County Association for Retarded has enshrined H elen Snyder in their tJall of Honor for contributing to the lives of people with mental retardation. Helen graduated from Kent State University and has been an active member of the Akron Alumnae Chapter for more than 50 years. She taught school for eight years and marri ed a teach er , Leonard . They had a son who was confirmed to have Downesyndrome. When Leonard Jr. " Lenni e" was six, there wasn't a class for the retarded in Akron. Helen read about a class set to open 15 mil es away and another already operating in Cleveland. Helen visited both classes along with two other parents and two prospective teachers. A year later, Helen obtained approval to use some empty classrooms in Akron , and one month later, the first class was held. Lennie turned 48 in July, 1990. Curr e ntl y, H e le n co -chairs a Wedn esday night dance for the retarded, held every week. Helen also has served as president of the high school band parent's club, president of the hi gh school ITA, president and secretary of th e Akron Alumn ae

Chapter, secretary of the 55ers Club, president of two other senior citizen's clubs and has served as deaconess for her church.

Pledge class celebrates a special 40th In 1979, Irene Pecoraro Mellon was fightin g terminal cancer. She was a member of the 1949 pledge class of Zeta Zeta Chapter at Central Missouri State Unive rsity in Warrensburg, MO. One of the things she had always wanted was to have a reunion of the Alphas that were active when she was at CMSU. Th e reunion was organized and held at the Leawood, KS , home of Vivian Nelson Fuchs on Oct. 13, 1979. Irene passed away a few weeks later, but those that had the opportunity of sharing that day, with her and other members are grateful to this day that she gave them the " reason " for getting toge th er . Th ey vowed then that the reunion would become an annual affair. To make the 40th reunion something really special , they arranged to return to the CMSU campus. Twentyfour me mbers attend ed , many of them returnin g to the campus for the first tim e sin ce graduation. Th ey were housed in the Alpha Sigma Alpha wing of the Panhell enic reside nce hall and at e meals in th e student union. A highlight of the weekend was a walki ng tour of the campus that kindled many memori es ranging from freshman orientation to graduation.

The Zeta Zeta 1949 pledge class celebrated 40 years at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO.




Have We Missed You? All Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae were recently notifi ed of the upcoming alumnae directory and asked for their inpu t. If you have not already done so, please return your qu estionnaire today. This will ensure that your personal information will be accurately included in this new reference book. W ithin two to three months the verification phase of this project will begin . Alumnae will be receiving a telephone call from Harris Publishing Company, the official publisher of the directory. Please give the representative who calls you a few moments of your time to verify your listing. To place a reservation fo r a copy of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Directory, please advise the H arris representative during th e conversation , since this will be the only opportuni ty alumnae will have to order the book. Scheduled for release in Jun e/July 199 1, the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Directory promises to be the defi nitive reference of over 28,995 alu mnae. Don 't miss the opport unity to be part of it!

You can help Alpha Sigma Alpha save a considerable amount of money each year by sending to National Headquarters any change of address or name. The U.S . Postal Service charges 25 cents for each returned magazine or change of address. You are responsible for changing your address promptly if you wish to continue receiving your Phoenix. Mail completed form with mailing label attached to AEA National Headquarters, 1201 East Walnut, Springfield , MO 65802. College c h a p t e r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Year of initiation _ __ Married N a m e - - - - - - : - : - - : - - - : : - : : - - - - - : - - - - - - · - - - - - - Husband's first name • Last name Maidenname _ _ _ _ _ _~~-----~~:-------:-----First Middle Last Address _ _ _ _~:---;---------------------Street City Active in -



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Alumnae Chapter.

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I am enclosing $8 for my annual alumnae dues. Please add my name to the Member·at·Large Alumnae Chapter.

Asa phoenix vol 76 no 2 winter 1991  
Asa phoenix vol 76 no 2 winter 1991