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NOVEBBER 24 , 1917-




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Alpha Sigma A_~pha. announc~s the establishment of Epsil n at the l~.anaas <Jta t~ Normal sc.hool , ::1n"'1oria Ka.n~a~ or. •ft'l.,.tner 16-17 by Miss Ida A. Jewett, National Vice President~ and Miss IIIJIII18 Shockley, National Ri tuo.list, assisted by two members of Alpha , Mrs. Paul Dys~~t Hi?bee .~d Miss D~~ Zoller, ~d by six members Gamma Gamma, Mrs. Nelll.e Cole, President, Grace Ho.untel, Vice Presi' Louise Miller and Georgia Vicars, alumnae, and t wo recent initiato•, l!linor Abornathy and Lydia Ro.nk. silon


EMPORIA Emporia, the home of the m@st recent addition to the roll of Sigma AlPha, is a city of about 15,000 population, and is located the centre of the sunrlower State. It is beautifully· situated in midst of a riCh agricultural section, but is separated from the ng district by tv;o small~. but lovely, rivers, the Neosho and the to.nwood, which almost encircle the tovm. Emporia· is a residenti~l ~~d college toun. During ~he school ita streets · are thronged with the many students uho h~ve come, in some eBses from distant ppints, to attend one or the other of its juatly famous insti t.utions , The fine grade school and the ne-rr county Hiah School attract many young peop}.e . f'rom outlying districts, but the alnesa College, _. the two Conservatories of' Husic, the College of Emporia a.nd the State Normal School are the ones that bring the greater er or students and add so much of life to the delightfujly situated 11 ttle ei ty. . It would seen as tho so large a student population v:ould need Oll1 places of' amusement ~ Host of' the social life of the students1 ver, is pro-v ided by' the schools themselves, but there are in Emporia three motion picture houses, all on the best circuits. One of h parks is equipped with boating and sHinning facilities, and a pavilion for roller skating and dancing . Among the nttnble buildings re the nerr Y.M.C.A. the Masonic Temple, the court House and the CarneLibrary. There is much wealth ~d much culture in Emporia . The beaut~ tul CountJ'r Club attests to the leisure of the nealthy residents and adde a qua11 ty thn.t 1a laclting sometimes in all save the larger -cities ot tbe eount~y. Emporia. prides :i!Self on being the home of Ualt lv·ason, ~ose jinglea are knmn~ wherevere the English language is read, and of .m All8n Uhite, the ~amous author. Emporia is not yet seventy years old, yet it has miles 0f ll&Yement, fine roads, beautiful parks .:md hn.ndsome ho~:1es . It is often ~ atgncte d · as a city ~f schools nnd churches, for the P-duc~tional and oral atmospher~ predominate, Because of its centr~l location and its cc as1b11ity by reason of being on the main line of the SantP F~ 1 as 11 ao on t11~ 1iissouri, rcansas and TE~.Xas .Railroe.d, it lH1s been chos?.n reatdenc.e by many -r1ho vrish to live far frt>m thP whirring 1-:-':l eP lF omn-rc.ial life. '

46. KANSAS STATE NORMAL SCHOOL _The ICansas State Normal School opened its doors to students in 1065 ·.1~ th one te::u·:~""r ;:::ncl. ~igb. tePn students, graduntins its first Cl8.BS, tuo young 1.7f"men, ii1. lq67. 3E1C-"' that day it has sraduc.t :l r~ than 3500 r-mn;; m~n and \"!Omen. rt~ f.:.culty has l•mg sine"" raa~fl~ tho one hundred mark. The School property is situated at the end or the main business etro~t of the to~m. The campus consist!J cf about forty ccr'3s, and io bo~ng much bcr!utificd of late, Dtn·ing the scho0 l yc:J.r, of the oldest buildings \7D.S torn dorm and in its pla~e is ~- ba"ldne';7 structure, knoY:n c.s the Plumb :.femorin.l and c ontaini..rJb ab'Jut tour hundred '\7ell-eguipiJed roor1s, as uoll as a cha.nol that se.::.ts t·:rC' thousand persons. The g1 ounds about are being grade C., and a s'ta..k.Jn en is being developed o..nd. r. n.ttracti vo by r.alkfl o.r..i lower bds. On tho cam::;us ere the foll oninG build~. n{;S, -KelloGg Librar,, named in honor of tho first Pr'Jfess'Jr, the Training School, the PhJaica.l Training Building, P\llunb ', :.iusi c. Hall, Uorton Scienco Hall, the hospital and the 'J::mer house . The many courses and the quality of the work done in them are the chief' reasons for the splendid reputnt.ion tho.t tho institution ha. in o.ll pa~ts of the United states. courses offered in Agriculture, Art, Biology o.nd Geology, Chemistry, Com.':le rce ·, I:;nglish, Gcograpby, Aoeric~ History,~d Governoent, European History, Hone Economics, Manual Trn.i.ning, M~thematics, Lo.tin, l~odern Lc:me:;unges, General Pedagogy, Music , Physical Tro.ining, Physics, Physiology and Hyt;iene, Public Spea.k:ing and Expressi on, Sociology n.nd Economics, o.s \7C ll as Pr1.ctice Teaching in the Training School. Evsry one is required to do practice teaChing, usually f our hours in a major o.nd two h nurs in some other subject. The Training School has recently c one under the supervisi n Dr. Herbert G. Hull, fron the University of lisconsin, and ~~y new features have been introduced. ,.ioti vn.tion of schoo l subjects, supervision of study, a strong As so~o.tion, student Government, and o. regular student b~ting system are elenonts in its organization that go to !!lalte up a '.7ell rounded development of the ch5. ld. The ~arents of Emporia consider it a privilege to send their children to the Training SChool. Daily exercise under the supervision of the P.hys1oal Training Depo.rtmont offe rs ~ opportunity for physical deve~o~ ~ont in the child ~hi ch nay well be envied by tho8e not so ftrtunatc 1n their youth. . Tho Physical Tro.ining Department is one of tho strongest, 1f not tho otrongest in tho ICn.nsas State Normal Sc-h ool The bui~dinr; t-:sed. for the purpose is but :five years old, and no.s built n ith a v2orr to secure the mnxinum efficiency. The bo.ser.1ent contains marble lvch:e:s: . the swi~ing ta~ o.nd nll kinds of shouers . Tho nes t bnlf of the. bu2ld2r~ is for oen, the east h~lf for 11o~en. Tho first floor is 105 by 6G ft. ~nd is uivided into tno scctio~s by folujng p~rtit~ons. It io e~uippoJ \71th ever-y conceivc..bJe ldnd of appnrc.tus. Tho seconC:. floor ct:mt c.;r!.D :l pc.:r-:::~.tus alsc,, but was designed :ftore espPri'"l.lly fo· . . _g a-wes,, llk~ o':!.&ket ba 11 n.n"l E'Uch others as r1ay be plaVtid i!1dc or:J. On tha ner~ s s:!..d.e 2'"' :1. :"!tr.nia;~ trar~lc, on the I'Ol:!Cn' s side :1. lr>. ge l'alc.on~· that v;il:. c.~comco."..te t-r:o thoucA:nd spectatr·rs.. 0n t~1P. thirG. fl'Jor is tha ~orr ~ ~tive dCJ•l:-'l t -10 r..-t:.. ·,ii th tl: -3 c~ept:...on o:f the Gart;ont School oi.' I-1:-.;nj e n ~ ..... iu~.;atlon, .::~.:f::.'i liu:.ed ni th H..1rvard Oollese, c.nd tho cir.1ilc.r sd.ools c.t :3 unl7tjrsi t.iE-S of Cal.ifor:1ic and ··;isconsin, the Kc..n'"':L3 1ror:-1al 1

Kappa Delta Theta has all1ayc o.rrc.nged for three big '30ci a l ::-..feach year. There has been the Christ~as tinner ~~d r arty, ~t wh1ch there wa~ a tree bearing two gifts fer each girl, scmethiug u sc ful a.nd oometh1ng cOIJic. After the party, the tree and the toys on it nere sent to make unfortunate childre d happy . Then in Februo.r y cane the Formal on or nc~r st. Valentine's Day. This party was u sually given at the "Wigvrn.m", and nnny alumnae have returned for it ye c,r after year. Our third celebra.tion nas always given the last >ree k of school and vras in the nn.ture of a f<:!.rcV7ell party for the seniors and a reunion for the graduates. Kap~a Delta Theta has been most fortunate in having for s ponsors and adv1.sers some of the most attractive and influential \'Croon of tbe fa.eulty a.nd the city. Miso .Mary A. t lhi tney v1as c. Sponsor unti 1 abe was appointed Dea.n of Women. Hrs. -.7. .7 . ? arker, formerly Voice Teacher, served us faithfully until 1915, nhen she resigned to becone a P~troness. Mrs. Edgar M. Forde, National Vice ? resident of the congress Sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, served us three ~are as Sponsor, but is now a Patroness. For a n~~ber of years we have had the head of the Physical Training Department as a Sponsor, - Ili ss Thayer {!,,'-906 -1 2) Miss Smith, now Mrs. Randell of Denver, ( 1912-15), and Miss Johnson (1915-17) , Another Sponsor· is Miss (]eJhherine E. Strotse , e.n Instruc tor in the Department of' ~.'ublic School Music, who has been a ti ve l interested in the society since 1912. When the present school year opened, Kappa Delta Theta r eturned two alumnae to the faculty, Ros~li e u righam 7 Instructor in Pi anc and Nell Grant, an Assistant in Primary Music, as well as ten active girls, -Janet Arkinson, Maude Barrit;ar, Dortha Br ady, Erma Brovm, Ha ze l Brown, Harriett Hover, Ann Nanninga, Robeccn Ott, Marsaret Ramse yer ~d Vaughnie Waynick. The rushing season opened quite soon afterwards and took on a c1if:feront f'oature because until this Fa.ll, there had been no 'national' element in the rushing. The install~tion of' Tri Sigma and Delta Epsilon on the same week end in the Spring had a lte r ed the complexion of things considerably. It was while Kapp~ Deltn Theta was pmdering over the problem that it happened to discover in the entering class a most a.ttractive girl, Graee McGinnis, v1ho, ~s it happened, ws a si ster of Urs. Paul Dysart Higbee of' the Kirksv).lle Chapter of !~. lpha Sigma .AJtpha. Thro he1 ne came to meet a little later another ma triculate, Blanche Stevenson , "' member of thP Chapter at .h.lva. It was possible for these t wo 8irl G to introduce Kappa Del tu Theta very quickly to ""'.~.lpha Si8ma Al ph a an d to enable it to get word in time so that the girls who were being rushed could be offered a HATIONAL . i:.. s a result of the hard work done by Ka~pa Delta Theta and the timely telegr am announc~g t~e. su c ~·ess of the petition, there were nine new girl s secured in a ddl t J_on C.'> HcGinnis,- Holen .llilderson, Madgo Brown, Ai l een Ellis, Avl!s J en kina, Lois Koontz, Mary Lewis, Frances Morrou , Gladys Pratt and :2lizabcth S:r:1i th . . Then cn .1e tho interesting an exciti n g prepartrtions for t Le Hl :Jtr.llation, and the endeavor to reach a s many a l unnae a s possible . I;: nas to be regrettoC!. th~t so mc.ny of t:he a lumnae are so f a r away ::h:-t nor·d could not reach them in time for them to pl an t o attend . I . . 1 s ::~ e ..:-t < -;6., nowever, that the reason for the che,nge f rom the loc a l soci ~ t.y to the national Alpr~a Si gmn. ~\~pha c2n b ~ mad"! cle ar ~o thos e '"l1o wre t.\.0 far Cl,rmv to be reached ~714-h a very .'- ull expl anatl.on of t h e·3 d at t 1 t.ud~ on the part of the a?ministrati on as well as t h e advantages of membership in a profcAsl.onal sorori ty. Hell Grant . · f~rs



U~ST.\LI.U:..T !Ol

The first to arrive on the scene , ·as Lre


f:ron: 0 :>:: 1<:..-

hom:J.. Tho train pulloa in o.t f our o' clocl'.: in tho nornin£ 0.11'.1. t;o.s mo t by .u lc..nch0 Stevenson and l~o.ry Fordo , nn a l unn[!. of' Kal?pa De lta T:le~·

Tho novon visitors '.7t.; r o t al>:on ~t o!lco to the hon e of Dl c...."lcho s· c· c1·.., r., whore four of ther!l ·.-roro o.c com:.:1o c'..[!.t od dt.,_ring th ir atay i!l ~ , po~~::n.. '.L':b.o othor t~1.rcc n ero entertained at t ho ro.ppa Delta Tho t£'. House- 'l 'r.eir early a.r~ival nnde i~ po:::ciblo for ~he Alvc .'..S.~:1 to visit the Sr;_b.ool whilo in session and it po::;sib:o fo:"' !.:iss Shocl{ to at-nond to tho o~y details inci contal to the reception of c ~or. ch~pter. Uias Jo\1ott ~:a s unable to get to E.!:".poric.. until tllc aft c rno0n, but Dale Zollcr-tr::; train arrived earlier , GO sh·:3 -:as on h ::1nc"!. to r.~ s :. s ~ . in tho necessary pro ~"l ar ati or!s . I m!'10 c1.i o. tvly UJ.J On tho arrival of 112. r. c Jeuott, tho visitors and tho mor.Jbero of ~{af p ['. Delta. Theta ·. ·ent to 2. too. given in their honor at tho SSS Houso . This courteous attention was rnuch o.pp reci~tod. Upon tho return .to t:1e Eapr D. Del to. ThotQ. House, p r opar£'.tion~? wero made for tho holding of a Vesper ? l odse Service. Tho spa.c::ous recaption uas ideal for tho occasion, but it 1 o.s further beautified bJ' a profuoion of' ferns, potted p lD.nts ['..nd cut flm·;ors. Shadod lichtr.; go.vo tho rooi.!l. tho effect of a love ly cardon . i':b.on c..ll no.s r eo.cly for tho Sorvico , tho visitin~ LSAs took up their posit ion at one end of tho ronm. Then Dale Zeller, v1ho is to act as the Sponsor of the Ch c:. ...·ter, preaontcd Kc.ppn. Deltn. Theto. in turn, first tho lt~· :~dvisor, then tho o.lunnno ~nd c-. ctivo ~ irls, finally their plodsos. rJhcn tho last one to bo p l oclgod hc..d tclcon her , it u o.s s oon thnt tho eompo:ny fornod n. pc rf oc t The scon e r.a s lovely, for OVCI'!' one \ln. S in whi to, in doforonco to thu prir:mry color of Alrha Signa .t"... l pha.. .'.mid such a. netting tho beautiful ~ l o ::lgo Service too.c on added signifi c on co and i nprcosi vo1"IJ ss. Ouins to the fc..ct that s o on.ny uorc p ledged, tho Sorvico coul d not bo gi v on incli viduo.lly, co.s i s UDU:ll, oo one readin; hnd to GUffico. i.~-t its close the Er::pori <:. girl s burot into sonc:"~['.ppn. DeL ! Ko.ppc.. Do lt! J lo o s your ro nrt! Kappa Dolt tllat "ire have loved so ·r.-ell! !'ve sure been true, my frat to you! Kappa Del t that -rw h~vo l d>ve d! Farewell! u pon :finishing t l~is sons tho nc·.-rly plodr;od sang still t".nothcr to tho tunc of "Drinlc to mo only with your 0yes", and written bv ~ ·[1.udo .!"''."'"' '~"'i f'" c.r :;, I . .J:pna SiQllC. . . do::>..r : ~c

p l edse our love to thee~ Tl: J red and nhite, so rich, so brtght, Spo lls g lorious fre.ternit y . For Friondshi r and Love Will e'er soar above To bless our g irlhood in t hoo . :~l pha Signa. i ... l pha doo.r, · :?orcvor 110 ' 11 drinlc to thee! 11

~ t oi .3ht o 1 cloclc the houso '.7D.:J opcr..c d to ":' ri onC:s , c:.r:cl ::~ cj_ Lr ··li-::lon c:1:.1,tcr uo.s ' .~.'...T HO:~E' f or the first ti.:Jo. Faculty_ J-~r:; ~,J-:: ,~1 ti.ZCUf.t :---urro::wntativcs froTI tr_o othor .::iroek:-I..o tt or orgn.l~ -~e,t..L ?~-.c 7 t . .non~c-tt""oor..:.o. All .w.. porio. socn c1 to 'bo to cho'l .nc a:..[n


eeteom in V1hich the local grou, rra.s held, ~s -roll as to do honor to the repr~sentatives of tho National Alph~ Si~a Alph~ . ·me re~e1vi~g line YTas a long one and included Janet At1-::inson, rre::::iden~ of ~he C:1.a'ftcr, Hiss Catharine E. Strouse, Faculty Adviser, .:liss Ida. ll.. Jorr&tt, N~ti~nal Vice President, Miso Minnie Shoc!~lcy, N~tional 3itualist, Miso Irene Johnson, a Sponoor of" Ka!)pa Delta Theta, _lisa Dale Zeller, A.S.A. SponsiDr of the new Chapter, !1rs. ~aul Dysart Higbee of Alpha Beta Chapter and of' the Art Commi ttoo, and 1rs. Edwin K. Atkinson, House Mother. Sigma Sigma Sigma, desiring to shov; its goodni.ll, sent three corsage bouquets of' violets. Tho ne11 Chapter had provided cDrsage ~ouqucts of red roses, while Mrs. Nellie Cole of the Oklahoma delegation had supplied huge yellow chrystha.ne6ur.o for all, s~ltogether the scene took on a most festi vc appearance. Cherry punch and v;afer~ ~ere served, and there was exquisite victrola musi~ throughout the evening. The visiting ASAs were up betimes on Saturday morning, in order that the reception ·rooms might be prepared for the formal initi ~­ tion. This service required the whole of the afternoon, even tho the initiates were taken in groups of four. The new fittings of the Installation Trunk added much to tho beauty of tho setting. Then Alpha Beta loaned its robes for the occasion and presented the new Chapter with handsome covers for the Altar Books. The D ibl~s had been presented by tho girls of Ga~a Gacrma. Miss Jewett ~a s at the high altar, hhile Miss Shockley served as Chaplain Miss Stevenson as Vice President, and Miss Mauntel as Registrar. Ui th Miss Iviiller as Inner Guard and Mrs. Higbee as Herald, -rrhi le Mrs. Cole and Hiss Vicars assisted in robing the candidates, there ·.vas no lack of experienced helpers. Miss Zeller at the piano rendered most feelingly "Ase's To·d11 fron "Peer Gynt" by Gricg. Owing to the illness of one o~ the Alva girls tho chant hn.d to be onitted, so tho serviceo ended w~th the lovely "No\v as sisters we shall hold you 11 to the tune of " All thro the Night" . At seven o'clock ' the new Chapter gave its Inst a llation Bc..nquet at the Faculty Club . The beautifully appointed dining rooM, t:1.e filoy evening gowns of the Girls, the shaded lishts , the perfume of the flmwrs made a never-to-beeforgotten scene. At the close o~ the banquet, Miss -Jewett was called upon to spen.k on the "Natim1.E1.l Or~~m­ iza.tion", Miso Shockley -on "The Phoonix 11 and. Mi ss Zeller on "'l'he Alumnae'! The new Chapter is a singing Chapter. It sings t;loriouel'r o.nd spontaneously at all tines. It sL ngs while dancing, and ~ t sinz · at table, so it was not sur~rising to have it m~ke a now offer1ng, ~ composed by Maude Barrigar and Harri-ett Hover, and sung to t he tune O"Joan of Arc, They are calling yout" ~lpha

SigmaV Alpha Sigma! no your eyes from tho sldes see the star? Can't you see the colors, red and white? can't you hear the call of fri endship bright? Al~ha Sigma! hlph~ Sig~a! Let your spirit guide us through. come lead your girls to victory! - , 1ng . Alpha' Sigma, they c a~~ ymu.'

Tvo much c~n not b0 Laia ~n ?r~jco of thc_gi rls of Ers~~on lon 1 1nose cmnr~i ttoo vrorl{ una ir.6.l v lc.t .tai plaruung m? P?SSLJ l.. e \'1i1o.t ·117iil go clown in .Al~hc, s:.grr,n. _\.l pha History as C'. perfect ~nctallat!.:11aj

From thP moment of the. i'irst <:Lrri val until ~ho l c st ,...tF:t· . 1 JL' t d1erf' "Has n ot a "'L1gle thinG to ~ar t .e Je~. · ~ · of thP dC''S to s;~t :cr. roun that r. 2.n n.,:~e such a per:.> · ,.,t r~ co ret :... o·10 f~~n,J ,,Jli ch '•(' s.ha ll xpect ~rG at things in the very n car f~ture . In onder tn~t the Soror1 ty ~t:. wra lly may have an introdu tion to ;the3e ne:7 c. j 8t.Cr8 · ,_,_,.., <:!.I' 1 l ·ount for s o much in the i1 l pho. S i gr:~a,,/1 1 . 11~.•, t.o!'!Orro··~ , r!o hero pro ~ on"!". some l1 t tle pen s ke tch e s, drarm b y tho visi ter s and t\:o of th C!D<l.{' t.-.~r "rti sto, a nd blondud into a. co.J!"' ooi t c: i cturc. o1' c n.cl1 Gi rl . . J~ne t Atkinsoh, ~)rosJ..d cnt , on all, p lun . , p r et t y , s pe ci a l izinf, r1.rnary .;ork, a :~1Cnb o r of tho sto:.~y Tolling Club and tho Y . ·. :.G. •._ . Erma Brovm , Vice President, dar£ , Hith lovely big ey o , is rnalung a. speclalty of Physi c al 'l'rai ':'ling, coo.c'1oo the ba.s l\e t bo.'!l::l tc> .'l l Secretary of the Phy oi c a l 'J.'r a i:'1ing Clt.<b. . l.l argaret Rarw oy o r, b o ttvr knonn as ~~ ~~c;~" , ::;ocrctary, r1c.r 'r, brill1ant student, spocio.lizi::tg i n ~'ublic School :~usic,- a MODb or of tLR S~hool Chorus. " Peg ' s " dc:.ncinr; in the pageant , "The Spirit of HI::c ri cc1 1 [pven by the :."':.udents, rro::t mu c"I app l m18e She go..v e a charming li t.t c ~ranch Dan~o fo r the vioi to r c one c 7 uninG . VaUGhni c J o an ;.::tyni c~r, Troo.sur c r, v e r y musica l, p l ays :bn t1,c: clarinet, is a moob or of th0 Ioni 2 Lit e r a r y Society, a nd is spe r. ializin Physical Training . He r vor·.I unuoual ~ i ven comes to her froT"l hP-r mother, vrhose m.:.i d e n nc.r:1e --r:.t s Vauchn. ·' aude Darrt t;o.. r, :t~c_: i s ;:. r o..r , nusical, plays the vi ol in, 2. t h l ot l < ~tnecializing iri P:tysi c £'. 1 Tr ~ ir:i n[; . Her nic -nane is " Stru tt ", and r.:1o io a member of the l:' hysi c .::tl Tr ·1 ininL; Club, ¥ . ~·.-. c.:•. , the ..:s:. (1.u artrtt0 , and .serve s as Yell Loade r fo r tho g i rls. . _ Ha zel Bro,:m, v e ry li l~c her s ist e r, Fr :no.. , ma jorin~ in '2lly :- J.C1.l rainlnt_, eoaches t he B<:..slcc t Ball t car1 of the So~Jhc..n o ~ c, 'J -:.f ~ -.., • of tho L'hys ical ':L'rainint; Club. She i s the Eist,.:> r icm of Epsilon Ep:nlo·~ so her name is goin; to bo Y:c ll l::non n to tho r eJ.dc rs of the ~~T O~ rr~: Rebe~ca Ott, Libr c.ri a n , " .3eclcy 11 , t.c.king s pe ci t;. l .wrl: Pl u n).ic School ; ·usi c o.nd. in the Pri:-:.1o.ry Du:"""~o.rtt.1e nt , ;. !':"Cr1bc r of tho ..:>crool ctnru.c, p l ays the pi:mo o.n d. tho u lco l elo . Harriett Hove r, : Ol1.c.:..p l a i n, "-3:e idi a' 1 , majoring i n F ;.;tb~ i c .Sc..rc':'..'.!.. uoi c, plo.y s the piano and uke 1 8 ~. e, sine s tEn). o r .i.n the I . SA ~. ·tV- . 2 o rtha :L' raj_y , mid:.ll G name sh ould b e ' :::'cp ', nc:. i n ! v 'o!l~ School ~'usic, a :r.J.cnbo r of tho 0oll Gl ee Club and the l.SA Ouo.rtott , is a shark n i th the ::-.nd u 1cGl o l c . 1l11n Nanl!ling.:t, da"...lghto~ of a o il').i s:Oe r, siste r of '"'1uny bl~o L[1c rc, specializinG in scienc e , h a s a 3ni l o fo r o v o ry~oly. The u.bc>.· c. t on. couY'lris o d tho e;r ou~ that rctu:cnod to K . :3 . ~! . in tile Fn.ll . F'ollou ing o..:::-o the t on t;irl s -r-ho:-:1 they r l c:lt;o cl , li sted al ~-11'1. etico.lly . · ile l e n !rene ~n~c rc on, exce llent studont 7 es _o ci a ll y t ~ l cnted in oxprur.:sion J.nd. c.rt, too:.c t h o pc.rt of' " Fa'iinc 11 in tho 1o.~0['.nt, c.r"_')~~ f'CCdinc ly d~ ff j_GUl t 1}1.rt to ::lay. S~o j s c..n cxnc rt n i th hotr t. .,c , m1d the ulw l o l o . ·:u.c"l_t:;o iJ roi-.'!1, b carin[ t~o sane no:1o , out no r o l c.tion to tl:e other l.Jrmmc in t,h o ~ih:-. pt o r . s: e i o very n , r o:n~ J sEDtln[ tl <' ~~ho.ptvr in Treble Cl e:f.' , til8 Sc.1loul c:-:· v:rus J.ncl in G t1..-1dox1t r6 cj~ t al .3 :-J: s 1 s a memo':: r uf Y . ·. .- . G . : • • f 1 .'UE>o:::n El li.J , s·-·:; s :a l~z~. !~6 J.:"l ·:ln' c.rzo.· ten or k , a r.te;"Jbcr sf .an cl s r~a.r toYl r. .1. •.Jb . Si 10 c c.:.n ·,u::; o r·u.:' t ·;_ fu.'.:Ly, rc ad:J 1:c 11 , an d ) l .... y:::. v:.oJin 1r -a -~~ ~."'j,i.. ::.: :.d.lG3.''·;s g r Jc;.: t'1. l cr t . ,v:is J cJcino, tho ;[.,lr: , ·i t:: "!:l".C Ti lllon tJo llar GrJ.i l o 1 ,r1.:..j orin ~-~ in dc rc -:. rt e;~ ,70r1>:, 'Jicc '9rcoi1'-nt 01~ the 17 inclc q;c.rt e n C1 ub , a


Lois Koontz is uoually fla.un.d in thE' gymnasmum, \.rhere she is s:pecializing in dancing. She is also taking o.n active part in the Dramatic Club. She is otherrrisc knonn as "SUnset and Evening Star· Uary Le\7is is another of our girls interested in ?hysical Tro.ining. She is o. member of the Ioriian Club, as y;ell as of the: t>hysi• cal Tro.ining Club. Uary is o. girl ·\lho can aluays be depended upon to carry through anything that she undertakes. Grace Lane :.rcGinni s is majoring in Art, in ubi ch she shows, like her sister, lfrs. Paul Dysart Higbe~ ~f .1~~~ Deta, ability of nn unusual order. · Frc.nces Morrow is specializing in Kindergarten Uorl{, and is a. member of the I~indcrgarten Club. Frances has a brilliant record aa a student. She has many relatives nho are members of the Congress sornrity, ~appa Alpha Theta , and 11ho attended 7ashburn r.ollege in Tppeka, so we aro expecting groat things of Fr~cos. Gladys Prat.t came 'from Topeka with the purpose ef making ':_ rself famous as a Kindergarten teacher. She trutes an active part in all a.f'faira of' the school, being Secretary of the Kindergarten Club and a member of Y.\V.C.A. Gladys is always ready with her ukelele when a serenade is on the tapis. · Elizabeth Smith has had work at Columbia University, but she found she could get a splendid training here in Kindergarten t1ork. She 1s a member of the Kindergarten Club, and sings in th~ Episcopalchoir / THE ALUMNAE

Rosali Brigham was a Gtudent at the College of Enporia betore She entered K.S.N. She has Charge of Piano work in the Normal High School, and has a brilliant future in nusic. She has had worlt at the Ohico.go Husical College, and is a member of the honorary musical sorority, Chi Upsilon. She is our alunnao representative in the Local Po.nhollonic, of whim she is the Treasurer. · Hary- E. Forde received her degree fror.1 K. S .N. in 1916, so is a B.S. in Education. Mary is a ne~ber of the Ionian Literary Society uhere ohe has done splendid v;ork. She is also a member of the Countr~ Club, being a golf onthusiast. · Nell H. Grant uho is to serve as state Secretary of Kansas, is a sapervisor of music in the prinary departnent of the Training SChool. She is a member of Y.TI.C.A., Story Telling Club, Ionian Literary Society, School Chorus, and she sings in tho J.SA ~uartotte and in Episcopal Choir. Lida H. H::lrdy 1 commonly knorm ad "Cystr8 11 1s r: k 1nd~rgar1-~n genius, but she 'is also very gifted in music and art. She plays and einr;s beautifully ,and drn.YTs wonderfUlly. "Cystro" u?-s tho first :i:)residont of tho c roup after its ro~rr;o.nization follo..,nng a yc o.r of inactivity due to antisorority ruling on tho part o~ tho faculty, so sho has al-.,.,rays been intensely interes ted i n the· • . . ,. , Hazel E. Harris teaches Engll sh in the Empor1a H1gh .:;,chool a; sho in one of tho Alur:1m:.o to whon we a lwo.ys turn for o.ssistc:mcc Ethel 1:. Irolo.nd is instrtact or in !>hysica l TraininG in t ho I.:nporic. HiGh School. She has had io_m ny tortptinG offe rs, such c.s r: p ooiti on c.t the University of Chicar;'.) , but she hao e lected t o stay J..n ~r~p·Jria , for wh:»ch we aro r·,(, st{ful. Iruth Jcreny is a very successful teacher, havi~g charGe of tho r.1usic in tho Cho.oe c ou11ty High School . She rms ? roradont of tho Chc.ptor two years, ~~d rocvivod her B.S. decree in Juno, 19 17. No one is :10rc int crost c c th::' n s...~o in the of tho group. 0


53 .

Uo.rgo.ret Pu.(;he is c. ·retired' tec.cher, for oho taught but It is ru:·1o red thc..t she \1111 rotunn t c. the t orm nhe re she ~ado such c. success of her professi1n, only tbis tine it uill be as a bride, and not as the guide of youth . Ruth Scott is a To.~.1 ek~. girl, nh~ t e aches in Entcr~1ris c, Kana . whore dhe h 2.s a very j_1o:;:-;ula.r lcin·1crt;2-rten . r..u th • s hobby is poor children. She ~o.s b con lcnovm to furni sl! enouGh "Dn. t e 1 on" to c;o aDound the whole lunclorc.~-rten c.t tl;.c :Tor:-.1o..l '2:'r~.ini ,... School, rm ohe io continually rcnenber1ng tho ncti v c [:;irls t:i th cucots. Ep silon El)Silon hr~s n 'l..ny other ..' , nhon it hope s to initi:" into Alpha Sigr.:w. L l rho.. oro long. It is h o Jing ~ lao for several stronG .Alumnc..e Associ 2. tionn in t ho stnte, s o thc.t its ex-collegio mom bora ~ay ge t toGether frequ ently.

no yetJ.r.




The i{ansas City I.Ieet at Hotel n uehlebach on Novemb e r 15th was a big success. Those ~1 resont YJ orc CGcil Butler, Louise Estill, lta. o.nd Virt;inia Victor, Jm1ol '.T hit olock , Lonna. Hall, Carmen Fisher, :llioc Vo..ughn, fum Eliza Pearson, Mc.ry Grubbs, .irs. Paul Dyso.rt Hi t;bce ond Miss Ida A. Jonott. Tho dinner >ms good and there uas p l enty of time o.f t c rnards for a. good old-fashioned gab-fest . It vras t;rcatly regretted that several others in c.ttondanc c at th o no cti~s of the Teachers' !... ssociation nero unable to noot ri th the l'..SAs ,- Ruth Phi l li .o ~nd Frances Drown were said to be in the city at the time, and there may have been others. The Alumnae Associations All the Alumnae iSsociations have boon moo ting regularly , bu": every ono is so busy with Red Croso work that there is little time fo r any special celebrations or social affairs, such :.s nould be chroni~, 1 in the"Phoenix't . Tile Springfield Associati on has g one on ',7ith 1. ts monthly house parties, whi le tho No r fo l lc :-..ssci a tion hc.s boon holding wcelcly meetings . It hints that i t has a ::mrp rise in store r'or the Sorority in the n c ar futuro . The Fi ttaburgh and Johnstov;n llssocJ..a tions have already sprung thoir surp ris e ,- the endovnnent of tho Chap te r Oopy of tho mo.gc.zinc for Al:;?ho. . Miss Jenott's Inspe ction

T ri ~ -

Miss Jewett has boon granted l uavo of absence f or the first month of the \Tinter 0,uarter, in order that she mi ght make a t ri r in the ntereat of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Just as the Fall Te rm c lo sed, -the do.y b foro Thabksgi ving-Miss Jewe tt went t o Chica r;o to a tt erii. the sess~ons o tho National Association of English Tc che rs . From ther e she 1 s to £)0 directly to 11io.rJi Univcrsi ty for 0. vi ai t with Al J?ha :~.l~)h<: . n'lhC neYt stop on her pror;rM io Ohio Uni vorsi ty, \7ho rc she 1.:nl l r c'!:lt:nn :;: or sov oral dayo uith Delta Delta . From thoro he r itinerary c a rri es he: over into Pon.'1.syl-aa.nia o.nct then on doTin to th o Hothor Chap t e r a t Farnv1llc, Va. Uiss Jew·ett hopes to lool{ in on the Doylo o <:.nd " O 'r Bobb i e'! \:hi :o in ·.~ashington, and then u:::1 t ~ Doston 1:ro viai t tho N ~ t iona l Presi dent . En route it is oxpcctod tho.t she ·1ill mee t throe othe r nc::1b c rs of tho Oounci 1 , ::iss Duff cy, Mi 3 s Low·ry and 1-ii s s i.J o. t ton . Hany Alumnae ure at preaont p lnnnins for a Homo Goi~ tri p so as t? be n.blo to . ao ct ~Jliss ewett, and rocoi vcr the inspiration of o. i-c rsona l w1 th her .

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 9 10 nov 1917  
Asa phoenix vol 4 no 9 10 nov 1917