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MARCH -: 191(3 •


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NOS . 21-24.


It seemc as tho Ohio u · . the Red Cros s ~air Tt ~! ve r o 1 ty u ould neve r c e t t h r o tal k inc at $000 Has r e aliz e d · . - ·•a. S a . ;:;r eat success f inan ci o.l l y 1 fo r 1n one e ven1 nrr but it · ·as e th h t 1 t /j J.Ve a Honde rful chance for f c.· r . .. mc.c . . an a 1 v10rking on it f or ·:re el ... un az;d fr?l1c · Com.r:u t t ee3 had cculd not but be { S under ~h e d1re c t1 on of nean Voi ~ht~ so "'ht out and v:ror1cea dsuctc ebs sf, for e v e r y t ini es t de t a il h a d b een . m • ' • ou e or eh o.n d . · · t 8d . L ho in FD.l.r the was ... . .h. e ld in 't h e Gymn as1urJ , ',7h 1ch ~·.ra s appr opr i a t e l y . naul. on o. l c o l ors a nd r e d c r o s~cs Th e a dni s s i on \l&a · 1,.,.e t s f or t he afu t e rnoon • v a. nl. ,.. ck me 1 ' wi th blue t l.C and • y e l... l- ov1 fo r 8 t e~n~. lhere vrere so many attraction s off er e d th a t ·i t \·ra s dif o make a. choice, so on e e nde d u p f i nall y by t; oi n r, to ~ve ry. t . The booths mana[;ed by t h e ASI;.s natural l y h e l d th8 grC' a te 's t ~on for ~?emb e rs of De l to. De l ta , but all r;e r o s o [;OO d t :r.3. t on e had to Vl s i t a ll the; sh . The ~ aby Sho-rr at trcct o d t h r on Gs . Tt e ' babi o s' Y:-'J r e c 'l J. J o :·; ~ · e ach dc~orated vli th a s pe cial c ol or of ri bb on . The v o t t.. ... f or prettiest one c o st on e cent . :Ho names -;mre u .Je d , t h . vo t.i n'; be done by the color of th e ribbon . Of C')Ur :;e 1 s or:1o cf t h f ' f'"\ C tl , r e d dreadfully, f o r a ll colors l ool..:o d a li lw t o th 8rn . ."ll1othe r Has the Vaude vill e 1 Ythi ch ch ang eri ,ev e ry t ..-:enty minu tes . I t he r e that our s a r a Lon g \ Ias on e of t h E' rri nci _al pc rfo r r.1e r o . The bo o ths ~·r o ve d v e ry at tra ct i ve. The r e -;1as one .c;i v ~ n OVPr uni ~ersity s ouvenirs , - r:enn e.nt s, pic t u r es of t he a thle t i c teA.l!tS , r_.f Unlversity Preside nt, of t h e De an of' Uomen , of t h e co llec;e builtJ.o. One could find ah'.r amou nt of mat Gr i a l fo r orm' s s tunt Bo ok at o tab l e . Blo se b e si de thi s b oo t h ~;a o on e ~~iv cn ov e r t o tho .t'\.rt s Cr a.fts De partment. The t abl e s n e r e c ov e r ed with bar gc.i ns , r Pal f or there -,.-;ere h and ma de thinc s , c o l l ars , h a ndkerchi efs, hand e d toilet article s and othe r china . . Three of t h e s ne ci a l f e atur e s a r e v; ~ r thy of menti on 0:10 the Fish Pond . Tho- ' i-ond' v;as hi dden b ehind a clum:J of t a~ l f e rn s and. lines ner o furnish e d f o r th e sun of t Y:'J c e nts, an d o.1c dr G 1 thinc; s as f'la,3 s, a ll - da y suclcers, and nUI:l6r ous o t he r sur : 1 .ci s s resulted in nuch merriment. Anoth e r f eu ture was t he Cou nt r y rc. He re our di c;nifiod Naomi in bu nt;a.lo apron an d sunbon net, in charg e with Huth Dalcer Gol di e Adar.I s and F l or enc e Ma r t in a s 'Every thin::; r·oncoi v ab l e vras fo r sale at t hn 'st or e ' fr om ata.nts. tick of candy to a boudoir cap . i~ l, ot of mone y ,-;a s t ake n ove r t he t a r. Tho Post Office , in charg e of our I_Je l~n Hud oon, dr e-r <: r e at . The nic e thing ab out this ' po sto~f1cc ~as that one , o~ l 1 ct mail from any box, p r ovide d on e pa1 d the .ost ace du e . uom: s rrore ten c e nt s , some fift eee, and oth e rs fiv e. The r~ vra ~ qu1 t e? J

106 . ~errir:lenj?. •.7 hen

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a Girl dre'.v a. e;e~~~~m~ ?f the, P~ckat;es , of course , es -

Some folks had the ,...e t ~ 8 nec.{tle or something s i mi l ar l appropriate articlesg. a. esL- luck, neve r dra\7ing any t~1ing ".Ju~ 0,ui te naturally ther~ ,. . circus, -the fortune teller ; s.r~re ..} ·he usua l a-c. t racti ons of t he fair 1 of' chance, such as tossin ~;> vn' _th e ph o tograph gallery , -:he f'uru-~est thing of all v;as t~e ~e r1.ngs ove r a post 1 bu t pe r he.p s to with a ~ ood de~l or . t and , The Con c ert had been l ooked things in the musi~al liln e~est,_ for OE~f can do qui te r.onappro~ched a motley ~rowdn~ ~ -.. Ima31.~~ 1 t 1er. 1 tJ.1e su rprise nhen a were combs u,7ele 1 ,.... lL rantas t. lC garments ~ The i n str u 1 was headed by ~ur 0 ;,;;' Han~ a R~aste pape r bu sk e.L f or a drum ~ '.rhe brought do~m the hous~~rle chter a s drum ma j or . Ee r c antorEverything sold a,t th p i .... .. was clear ga"' n Th e ·a ~~ ,.,as dona t e d, s o a ll the mone y r e you can ima - ine hm;, ,. . ~ su:n of ~~645 . was t ake n in at the door a l one , student bo~y and togt~c.,t an attractl.on the occasion prove d both to in helping out th~ Bigec!~~~peop le, un d h ow intereste d everybody Off. ne Fo~ eel bNational " t. .leer~ sent le t ters with su gge st i ons f or a _ . e ra l.on, so we we re f or a vihile nuzzled us to o··r ,-·e spend the Day · .uO.J. ":) -"' ore \Te had r e ally decide ··· · d hov;over our sses came forr,rard v7ith an invitation t o atten d a re cit ~l r;i von th; note~ tenor, Arthur Hacke tt. It n as thro the eff or t s of the s Musl.? Club tha~ the pe op l e o~ Athens h a d th0 oppor t unity of so an art1st. 110 went J.n a body a r:~ole se .: ti on be i n r-sorved f'or us. ' ,, . l£ter this Del to. Dol ta deci de d t m t i t nou l d s til l h c..v e a t~ne Furty, in honor of it s ru sh ees. Mrs . :i?ete rs, :me of our ~ses, very .s raciously put h e r h ou Go a t ou r disposal. It Y:as ~~ely decora ted in h earts, cupi d s an d a rro ·rs. The di nning r oon s all J.n red and looke d brilli ant 17h en t h e c andl es u ero li ght e d . hn.d plnnned f'or sm~r;iche s, fru it salad, ol ive : > anc1 ''unch , out s had tho jolli est surpr ise for us in tho shape of ho t r olls and 11cious jelly. The re wa s ~u sitt and s i ngi nt; to the a cc om.panincn~ of piano and the ~~rl s ' ul~e l a l e s . The ani mat -- d fa ce s a:'ld t h e ;->r e t ty ases of the t:;irls n.s t hey groupe d t homse l veo a r ound the f i r e'j_J l a cc, r;hich great log s no rc bu r ning , a nc ver- to - be-f or c ott en pictur e. hope Hrs. Peters re a lize d hor; much it meant to us to get t o n-e the r i n real home . That is v1ho.t our hou se is t o b e ·, nh en wo s et into it . I n last letter \70 told you of our p l an s and h oT; '.7e expected to r.:ove t in and set U l) our houshold 80 ds . J a ck Frost , however, seePe d to o. .c:;rudc e against us for some r eason or other, fo r h o f r oz e our s and did a lot of othe r danes e , s o tha t our h bu oei-:o.r::Ji n t:; 1-:r>. d t o postp oned. Next YJinter YJe intend to j)r opi ti ate h im in adv ance , bu·~ one has to learn vd sdom thro experience. It is just as r;ell pe rhap s that vre di::1 n ot [, C just r.rhen ·r •'-"".LI.JLud, for qui t o (). f'Qrf of t he c irl s haVQ b 00ll il l rfi th the I tl r oo ' l~Gasles . ~.-,'b.y it. should b e thre e in s t e a d of four 1~ t he c ase o:' I do not l{nc w, but t h r e e day s of i t zwe r e quite bad enou gh . 'I'he r e a ludicrous side to it, of course , f or e v eryb ody h a d ~oen expooe d , the first thouch t in the morning wa s n ot prc;tye r ~ , but ~'Tl I br oken ?' I 8 uppo 3 e vrc should a ll h o.v o h a d t ho AS.<:i. ro1 so and o.ssur e t c.ll vms well. Then no thine viould hav e h appen e d to. any ?f us. Pcob~ Car ey , H ~ 3to r1 an . .


107 , G.~."'OJA


OUr ~orority room, of whi ch forever. We have nold ll we wrote in our last letter , is our are 1 coking prett""" nicea _ old :rurniture and bought ne\7 , so unless you have one" rour · One of the neu t! s is a victrola , adds to our meetings ~d t~elve~, you have little idea of how much ~~ were so pleased th t sue so?ial hours as we hold in the o.noma Educational Associ a. we had 1 t ready in time for the rorth , and when a great :!;;~n, when the School welcomed over 700 sa.ntest kind of re d :'> of our Alumnae were back. It gave us background for Jhn ~zvous, and it also served as a most atting A£umriae. c.e uncheon that we ~ave Friday Nmon to our

program furni . D.. ·•TheClark of the U ?-hed b y the Assoc1ation >7as exceptionally ss An th f ~versity of Tennessee gavo a moot inspiring • o er orcef'ul speaker nas Dr. G.W.stevons, formerly of fa~:t~o~d al~nys a most uelcomo guost. The Motropolitru1 0uarw~ ncvor ~~~;~ ~lw~~s t good. There was some one olsc here; sorno t wou ouch A.S.A. v~ry vitally. It was the To:Uperin endent of SChools. Now wnat do you sunpose happened? ' e mo: our Annab~llo Harris, liked her immensely, told her to for a po~ition ~n Tupoka, and. she has GONEt ~e are not yet over sho ale of 1 t. • Of course, vm are rejoicing over the good' luck of elle, and ue arc conscious of what an honor it is for Alva to its students called to such a big city a.s Topeka vri th its wonder, edUcational record, but such a hole as there is left in the Chap• Before Annabelle left-- everything in Gamma Gamma is BEFORE AFTE~ iJUlabelle left - -there was the jolliest kind of Valentine g1von to our boy friends at the beautiful home of l~s . E.A. s, one _<;>:f our patronesses. There ~-m re proGrCsB;Ve ~ame s, music all the 1:t1terosting thint;s that mo.ko a party of ·.his l~ ind succoosThe rooms were briGht with rod and white carnati ons , as wel l an hearts. T.he refreShments also carried out thes s~n~ collors --~ 8 ~ effectively. There was just ono shadow over our j oy, and thnt dUe to the absence of Mrs . Munson, who had been c allod to IndoP•·~~·u~e, Mo. by the very serious illne ss of her mother . Our Miss Shockley has been doing thins a . Tihile she vm s servns one of the jud~es in a debate between the Woodrrard and supply gh schools, she found an opportunity t o org~~zo tho locc l Alumnae the Woodward Association. Ruth Kendall, at uhose homo tho moet~as held , is servin3 as temporary chairman ttntil tho or canization a :i,)cr:foctcd. · Then, Mise Shockley has broucht ~ roat honor to us thro appointment as m1airman of the ~oo ds County Drive for tho rext orty Loan. Her vmrk t"Ji 11 be to or e ani ze tho v.or.l<..m in tho s chool atricts and in the to-vms othe r than Alva, Yvhi ch is tho County seat. At their December no eting the sta t e Board of Educcti on auzed the Presidents of tho Normal schools t0 e stabli'"'h Depart-~.... s of QO!lll"ue roe , so some ve ry practical c ournCB are to oe offer ed in the Sprinc; Term . Tie are ·;ronderinG hon this is goinr; t o affe ct the matriculation. It is quite in line \Uth tho b e st oduc~tional thouGht at present f'or the finoot universities in the country arc stressinG adequate p~eparation f or the busi~e ss ~orld, and are even_GrantinG do cs whe re the subjects arc studied thoroly enouGh to ra1se the so to the nlane of a professi on.May , Sylvia ~nd 1bry Edith. -

1 "'8

EPSILON EPSILOr The neu semester j_ s novr so far under wav th t we are al cad'· of sucrmer S?hoo~. It is our expectatio~ t h:t we shall have fil~ed dur~ng ~he S~~er Session, because so many of our group end so mai.'l~. of. our . ~lumnae a re p to r eturn f or fbis is a very gra v ~fy~ng state of affairs fo r i t set t les t11e r-t 1 running o:. the ~?use most. satisf a ctoril~ . A new soro~~ty, Pl. Kap pa S~gma ,ha s enters d Empo ri a . I t ina chapter :m. \Iashin!S~on' s Yirthday. The out-of - tov.rn p eople t or the occas1.on were .1\~1. ss Martha Zie g le r, Vice Presiden t of t e tion, who carne from Cincinna ti, and nhs s Wi U;:e of the ~\lva V!e gave a Tea in their honor , to whi ch -were i nvite d a ll the Gammas, as well as the officers and s ponsors of the t wo :l~at i onal ties and the one local society. The Sigma Gammas we re deeply tive of our kindly interest, and ·.;re we r e mu ch pl ease d to me e installing officers, whom we found to be very p l ea s a n t l adies . e Pedagogical Nationals are now represent ed on our campu s . TI'lat bad considering the long-time indifference t o the Nli.TI OHAL i de a part of the local societies here. On the evening of that same day, the Physica l Tr a i n ing Club its Stunt Night. Epsilon Epsilon, being, a s Mi s s Jewe tt calls 'ainging and dancing bunch', put on t wo l i tt l e s t unt s that ~adc ble to use chapter talent in these two ways . As some of you interested in pa~ticUhrs, we will go into some detail. The act was "I don't Wfuit to get. well" . Mary For de , as an i nval i d , was pushed on the stage by her Re d Cro s s nurse , Madge Brown . two sang the verse and were joined in the choru s by seve ~ a l oth er IS and legless soldie rs wi th their nurse s . Then the ,/ ~ ':'e 1 gave a simple little dance . The s e c?nd_ stun: wa s ~n: t , a.~l 1- • ". Three girls were se-ated a t a t ab le s J. ng tne open1ng v ~ r i.:) e · the chorus was reached, all the othe r ASAs ent e r e d from the \7l.I?f? t Yoning dress, vdth ~ttractive knitti ng b ag s on the ir a rms, to JOl n the sino-ing. Doth numb e rs made a g r oat hit· . . t . ·~ h. rusn1n~ ~ · ,... 1n ~t o r ~ '"' ln ' Tho comins of the n ou s eme st e r br ou[~~ we explained in a ;Jrevi ous lett e r . Tno of our pa!'tl e o h <:w e a lroud off as we traded one · da te v:i th t he SSSs nh o ·•7 er? qu abrant e e d f ' r smu.. . ll.,..,ox 'T''" ~"' f'-i r'""t IJ['..rty rms a m usicn.l Gl. v on Y sor.c o O 1-' • _J.:.~ ·--'- .... • ..... h!"lt patrone 8so s talented girls. It was tho fir s~ o ccaoJ. on t.. ..... ouruch as a nyall together. T'.ney s e eme d to enJ OYf~h~ms~~v~st~: ~art i s t s' ~<o ro , indeed so pleasing wa s t he wh o l e a a~~.., d:ys late r at a musito repeat half of the performance a- ' .- n one of Em ori a ' 3 given by a music club at the home_ of 1 ~~tvN!~~agiven on the- 16th prominent club~oBen . Our Val~~; 1 ~~ Pd~ c~rated wi t h he ar ts an d the month. The rooms rmre b e au~l. uB . Y1 1. c e cream with re d h e arts . n 1 yod .'H e a~ts { lcc at - qu a rt e tt e t ab 1 os, ca.rna t 1.ons. ~~ e P a ... : . rlC .., ca the center was served w1 th dollCl OU"' . ~ . which tho rooms rrorc clear e d ~ or d~~~~·s ·to it s l ist of paEpsilon Epsilon has ~~dod frrou~ ~tat e sen a t or, a nd Ur s A. J. 0 0 arms, Hrs. James Plu1n~, 111 ~ 0 ;anch o s ncar Er.r~.- r ia and arc . .!Joth of those lo..d1 o s J.J.Vo _onh m~ s .,., r o quite uniquc , - mado _:I'ho~rni ~he d b l a ck nalnut fro~ t he i r f or their hoGpitality. th o f v r n i t u rc i g made fr oo s t one quarried on the rancn, . ~ t70o ds. In Mrs HUn ~t.- er ' S h eme ' fev en t hece J.D. di e s hav e car s, so ar'"' cro·~m on the p lace · Do th ~ " "'h ave in t mm . s ome of our attend any functi on t~at. ~~ m~be f orm of all -d~y picn ics on affa~rs, hov;e v e r , a!'O " 0 l'::. c.... . e Tr


110 . JOHNJTOV7N ALill.mAE

Joh:1s~ov.n ASJ:.s\. a splendid ~eet ing on January 19t. .1 c:.t the ot Mary. Ml.ller · ... ~early all the girls were there aad we finishe the ll.ttle pevtlc?ats that had been cut and partly made b efo ~e lidays · We .aad expe ct e d !o distr~bute them among a couple of fami lies, bu~ the MD..t ron a ~- the Cl:nldren' s Home told us the li ttlE were badly l.n.Lneed of' wa:imJ. clothing and especially petticoats , sc tJ:lem all ouv. there. We were not any too soon in getting then chl.ldren, as l t beg an to sn o'N and blow, vrhile t he thennomete:r d below zero. It was the worst spe ll of cold ~eather that this of the state - ~as ever kno~m by official recorda , so we were glad that our l1ttle ef'fort counte d for so much of comfort Johnstown ASA is a PHOENIX subscriber, so there is much of · com -T£·~~st to talk over at the meetings . Zola Grumbling, secretary . THE MAIL POUCH ,I

The dearest little lady, by name Betty Jean, has taken up h er at the home of' Ethel HcKinney Brown (Mrs. Clarence J.), AlL arrived on October 28th . The Brov7ns are very happy in their nerr a.t West Union, 0., where l,1r . Brovm is editor of the to\m paper . Lissamae Sidebottom, Jill, is stenographer vrith the AdvanceThreSher Co. of Kansas City . She is living at 1032 Penn st., wi tea that she likes office rrorl: better than school teaching. The new addre ss of B l ~nch o stevenson ) GG and EE , is 722 Norttle st., Okmulge e, 01:la. Sb,e has already mo t an Al pha Delta Pi trom Randolph-Macon-Uoman' s College , the ASl~. pin s erving as an tion. Blanche i s finding life in a parsona13e pre tty s trenuou s. Marion G-ardner Blaclc.-rell spent Chri s t ma s with her parents in lle, but stopped ove r on her rmy baclt to h er . h?me in B:yan, ~exro viet a few days with Ca r ey Butler, vfno is sp.p e rv1 c ~ ng Phy::a cal .t!idUin the high sChool o of Fort Uorth. Carc y's .add~cs c i~ 923 West St. Her sist e r, Cecil , is a t home this r;in-.:. e : 1.n Lex~ng t?n, Mo., abe had the pleasure of beir..g in Ka..Ylsas City dur~n[; t he meet1n~ s the State Teachers' Association . Ylhile t:!:lere she met all the Aufi.O • h r.;reut honor has come to Nell Grnnt, EE~. nho has beon ap first assistnnt .supervisor mnder Prof. Harris, h e ad of the De of Primary Education. . . t "I d" ana" Katrine Smith, who ho pes soon to be 1g 1. tJ.ated a ant ~ ~ . ,, '" Reunion wr; tes of a ter:perature of 40 b elm-T ze ro a S · 1 a r . . '-' Later th~re ~arne a flood that a ll but -.:lash ed them off the motun. d to one nart o ... the coun ry . Weather YJoe s have not been conf 1ne · . , ., e bers of Ruth DuffAy has been havinG her troubles too. ~~t. o ~ mth ~ , - · upon ~1."th' e month~ ~ and ~o o er s family had to be operated ~1~ on very seriously ill but she is t a l lunc conven vJ.on.d vl.· !011.. t to h e r J • . ! t rninrr0 fro:'l c rre el<:-en ~ Helen L1ncoln aonard; re u t . ,.,te in t ,10 t rc:1in y:as a and o.t Fort &.'-l.erman , found that he r scad t m'-' c· '~h-l"lc t he rrou·, . .., o 1•.:>..,, ,, o .1. 1. ,., p l edr· o 0.:.1 DOD, Hho a s a f ~ eshman ,ra':" ..} C!tall ation CCL"'J C soon aft er~etit ioninG the Con~re so s oror1.ty . ~n~t· at ed i nt o ~Sll. but she · .) J.- e d ~e P S.O never ' . , eo the ,!VI t . • U::1 1.0n ...h S01.111. rori1 t v j u ., t the same - He 1 e11 a tender s pot in he~ heart ~Dr v he ~ ... hree~ boys in the ser •ice,ty )!rouc:1. of t he fa ct .a "" t.. 1~ a t t,..e t ·;ro l atte r are in . Sl e .sh~t ..,.J. e"' · r~ brother ancl c ou:::an · . ~ 1 ~- - F . o lb 5-co sh e is expe ctinr he r· • camp \7infi elo. 3cott 1.n san rm.ns to ca:tl f o!" Fro.nce in Murch J'

1 -'


11 .

ALPHA BETA , The Ki:ksvi!l~ Normal Sch oo l i s clo sed for the usual 'be t ween s vaca ~on or wo week s , The clo se of the Uinter Term brou~ t

Qbanges to Al~ha Be~a ,

If our letter thi s month should ~appen to Chee~l, plea s~ lli1derstru1d t hat we have had lots of sorrow, but 2'Jst try1ng to gr1n and bear it . First , you knorr, Mi s s Jewet t l eft Now, Edith Gamble, Ruth Early and Ruth Bryan h ave told us t hat will not be back next qu arte r . I t i s not at a ll clear t o u s hovr to carry on the chapter busines s as u sual wi thout otT capab l e ~•nPa~, Ruth_ ~ arl y , h o: we a re t o manage our social gatheri ngs withour sweet s~ng e:i."' ? I\u tn Bryan, or h ow ·,m can 11a.nage any t hii'lg v:i th faithful counselor, Edith Gamb l~ gone. Fortunately none of the~ yery far away, and all th~ee have promised to come ba ck t o u a fre • Yet there is a bright side t o our cloud, f or we h ave the wonderful Faculty Adviser eve r in Mi ss Lyle . ~e have knovm and her for quite a fe w ye ars, for she was a close friend of lliss ~d deeply interested in Al pha Beta for a long time . Under Miss Lyle's t ute l age , Al pha Beta ought to become e, nowall dressed bunch , f:) r Mis s Lyl e has made a special study of oolor theory in costum~ desi gning. She knows just by looki ng at what colors will be beconing, an d what one s can be, used in comto good effect , Re cently Mi ss Lyle gave a most interesting at the Sojourners Club on this very sub j e ct , u sing si x l i vi ng s to illustrate her se:veral points . r::.wo of the mode ls we r e ASAro.. Harrison and :Tada Reddish , The colors in t h e costume s r1ere sewith a view t o shovring h ow certain color s chemes could be ~ n ­ ed and made most b ecoming to certain types and ve r y unbe com1ng othersOur Valentine Party this yea!' was h e ld at !:lelen Gard~er ' s . Rita Husted to l c;t. the Valentine Legend , l,i i "'S L!le :;:-ead ~he poem Pearl !{olen and F.t!!.th Brya.11 s ang t o the a ccompan1menu of c. sther and Virginia Howell on the piano and ul<;:elele. All of us had a t o show our poet i c abi lity , or inability, :!:'or we were a sked ~· o a verse about - on e of the girls . Mtter the ze ~ad bee:r;- read; ta~:re ·-1· s s J ewett to b"'v opened • In 1 t were VELffl a aurpr1· se package f rom M _._ ... · g1 t dorrn and wro ve 1 ' , t . one appropriate t o each one of u s . Vie sa ~.o r 1 .-'for he r We had gone prepared f or a party WlLhout any ~a 8 ' the Tri. si g s h8,Ve been so.ying t hat we had b:olcen p~nl1.e llen1. c r~les spending more t h an we should on s ocial affal~s durJng one ~ar e ~ . tho · that mat ter had. be en satisfa ctorily se-c,tled, '"!e h~~e d~~~ell best not to h a ve on e si~gle thing: Lat~ i~ ~~eo~;e~~~~r~se i t conand a hu ge ~a ckage was brought 1n . JllUC Th · · '" f d d whi te pepperment candy . J. ere d oranges and litick s o r e an'- · ' t now for sure uho sent the also f'lo wers f or 11i ss Lyl~ · . We d~n t strong ly suspect that i t , as there was ~? n ame 1ns 1 de' u lor.. lilce d our bunch . l!e a fa culty membe r , l/11ss Root, who h~s o.t ~r rat e , arid t he r e is no wrot e little Va l entine verse~ tod ~~r c,hey:r1ust have agree d vrith at aJ.l that, ·when s..he re ce1 ve em, i:J~ that po?t s are b orn not made . d ASA bef ore 11iss Jer. e tt .left ,_ but M1. ss L;le had b e en.P~~~~~- on which was finally gJ.ven . Just a th:Ln g s delay ed her 1.n1"t-J.a. 1 ~t e r . The service was mov1ng time before t he end of __.t 11e Q;ra- enl i n 0 ;.1 e of the qui e t. pauses ryt hmically as usual, ,,hen slldcl i east expe c ting a.ny th1ng of an are so impressive a~d _when rre ~e r~f holies. the 6 reat er amfathers nature to en ter 1n~o our ~~i~~ I ~ s trttck EIGHT, that nt~ber on the s t airs star t ed t o bo u •


113 .

names to the Panr~elleni c _ ses to be a f! Ood da'"' CG He~ti . nt; t Dat co:ne s early J.·n the mon t ·n. t anc_ ne "' t" -- ~ OUt • he p~rams :for an~' AlLu-'nae ... c.c -:; ve o-:-rls stand ready to tend1ng. ... '·'11 0 t!J. ll sl[;nify their intention The basl:e t ball 0 s this 'vi .... bOYS have a sple':!.c~j d t eH!:: and 1:; . · -n:.e~ h;:ve been unusually fine scores. The r;irl s ' tea~· .. ~ 1 e:er:r [;"'.;ne bu t the first team is a good one neverthel~s~as 11 ~ qu1.t~ so fine a record , but a promise of more to come . ' an has glven us many a thrill . Saturcht~, February ~)3d wa ,_ 1 the Nossoltm:f-Maggio, 8 0 ..., of ··0 s t..1.e Jtu1.1.or Prom. The orchestra & wonderful time. It is ' expe ~t~~s~h ~eop le could report nothing for the All-Sorority Dance · d ~t t he same orchestra will be 1 to the Alumnae to dome. 1 : : 1 should ~e an add.i tiona l inProm, and reported an even ~eti:~t t l?c:my t~enlors we:e at t he 1 er :i1 the School Year . me am at the1r own Prom Our Valentine 1Ieeting vras most intere t · -" CUrrent Events program, some of t . s ~ng. I~stead o~ the s of the "PFOE::JI VII b t st he. Glrls 1 ead pal.·ts of pre~&iou s .. • .t:.. a ou • Valent1ne . Each of us made origiverses on A.s.A. for the v alentines and these Yre re depostted in ver ses. s ome were very lyEaCh done.drew one and had to re ad he~ '-J


. ...


TI1e C?nservatory students gave an open recital in chapel one even1ng. There '\Yere ei ght numb e r s on the program a ll excelrendered· 11 Indi ana" ha s quite a rronderful· 1 a able to do much :'Ln the m.usi ca l line . ·· Katherine Froe lich, Hist.


BETA BETA De to. lJc ta g a.v o a. fine rush party that proved to be hoa.po of aa wo l~ as a g ood bpportuni ty to bo acquo.i ntec1 \7i th t he ones were be~ng rushed. It vras a pr o ~;ressive Bunco Party • . f,fter the sa.ndwa~ches and coffee 1.'ere served . Everybody thought it the successful party ever given by Beta Beta. The Chap ter tal:es pleasure in announcing a nen pledr;c , Naoma Erick s on of Denver . It is a C.T. c . cu st om to hav e a spocia.l pro.c;rn.El once a. re el-:: Chapel. The stunt is usually c iven by the otudent body , often by student organi zation. The Chairman of these m1ap~B spe ci als ho. o . a prize of ~~1 0 f or the best one r.;i v on durint; the 1 eo.r , no 1s considerab l e rivalry. Thu s far the Dro.matic Club h olds the but the EdUcation Club, which has a. very la.rge memb ershi!), is to put on its program . A great many AS!ls are members of this or13o..: zation, so vre a re at pre sent r.'orlcing hard to carry of the honor. When the time a rr:'Lved for the Valentine celebration, Beta decided to turn its efforts torrard charity. In the county Hospiare many unfortunates who n e ed to have cheer brought into their s, oo a commit tee r.ras appointed to loo~c into this Ymrlc anc1 to aug what was best to do. This committee has been ·;;o r:~ing with ~.1ic s , .a trc:~ining teach er, v.;ho has been doing -rmnderfu l t~1ing s a t hospital 8,nd ,,1h om the patients have learned to love W1 th her the committee has come to l{nOi7 of speci al needs, and uhe cr:apter able to do quit e a bit. Reading matter was sent t o the pat1ents, Whe~·e they nere unable, for anjr re~son, to read t~e~se lves, Beta, girls have re a d t o them and sung :t or thetl. ~lo .1er? t oo 1;-ave thE)ir way thi U:or. Being brought into con·c act ·,nth thl s ]hase e has ma c1e us all ·chou.;:1tfuJ..

:!.14 .

On the morning of Lincoln's Birthday a large service flag forty stars was presented to the College by one of the men 8 in the name of the whole school. After the presentation and aooeptance by our President, Dr. Crabbe, there was a patriotic sonr , as well as an address by a former graduate, Mr.wXhf.t£ Keyes, Jade a rousing speech, just the kind that makes one uo 0 as much as bOJs in the trenches . In the afternoon of that sam~ day there was day, which Beta Beta took advantage of for a hike and a 'bacon • The weather was ideal, and altho it happened to be a meatless and our appetit~s were whetted by the exe:tion and the keen, clear there seemed to be plenty of nourishment in our picnic lunch . OUr and ruShees went along too, so had a share in the good times snapshots that were taJ~en at various times. One Friday evening we decided to surprise our Faculty Adviser, clothing that disguised our identity, we proceeded to the • Miss Payne had a number of new records and the j olliest kind a blaze in the fireplace, so we spent a glorious evaing . The folFriday, the girls were the guests of Miss Payne at a Red Cross t, a little play called 11 Charlie' s Aunt 11 • It v1as full of hamar caused a great deal of merriment. C.T~c. held its annual Colonial Party on Washington's Birth. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the scene was a brilliant one everybody · came in costume, and considerable thought had been ~ut the costuming. Dancing toom up most of the time . I am afra1d our store were not such sprightly dancers as their desc e ndant~ ~f tofor they would have had the stately minue ts and the Virg1n1a reel htatoric fame, but life moves a bit more suiftly in these days than did ~ ?1 colonial times. Our Red Cross Rooms have been enlarged, so as to make more for the workers. The ·Alpha Sigs are all taking a deep i~terest ~s work and are giving largely of their time. Beta Beta.1s also lled for Bible study. Doubtless you h~ve all h?ard of th1s gr?at •••~t to familiarize college students w1th the B1ble , both as 11terand as the most ·inspirational book ever '1ritten . It is w~mderbow very mudh . one can get out of a systematic study of reli g1ous ---&~~ as set forth in the Bible.~ois s. Tuttle, Hi storian. ALPHA ALPHA

Our Valentine Party had to be held on t he sa~~~~~sf~;;o~~~~ great Day itself, as the Universiti ha~l~~~~~~dSpivey ?nd Ethel 14-th :and tRinl5th: THo of 0 1!~ g :!shop Hall . The admission fee 1 er, ente~ea us 1n their su1 e a t and comics . The se a valentiue. The decorations were redeh~ ar a~ cording to sui t ability. were later distributed among t~~tgu ~ san allotted time receiv we wrote verses, the best o~e wr t~~ ~~liciou s r efre shments, a prize. As we were partak 1ng of d ·nts the admi ssion valenlate ice cream, calte and heart-shape m1 s were distributed. · way recently . Dorothy Yel t~~ Quite a few honors have come 0~~rribly proud of her, for everelected Y.W.C.A. secretary . ~e.~~~ed a big feather in one's cap nominated for cons1 angles before her name is ' nhere a girl is stud1ed.from ma~~mmittee. Then, 6ur beloved on the list by the no~:l1nating umber of fre shmen next week , t:.F • Dr. Hughes,is enterta1ning an




te ones be ing those uh h .... _u , ...... this f'i Z'3:; semester oV!- ad t h e hi ghe s t average s i n the T possibly mora , will rep~ese~t a~e proud t o state that at leas~a~i!~s Pla~s for our Dance, which·~· A · at the pa~ty . ' 9th, a~e well under way .- W l.s t ? ? e h e l d l.n Bi shop Hall on expend~tures, but are ende : a~e l t ed as to de cor ati ons and still keep within our , a'{ , to make it as pretty as possibl the Budge t Commit~ee of the - 1 oUnive wance' · . Th l.· s , allowa~ce' is regulated c, good one, and w1.11 h ave la t· r s1. ty . The plan 1.s , we beli eve a strated that one car. h ave ~ l.~g re sul ts , for, when it i s once' of mo:m3y' people vrill ,.,. et {~s has. goo~ a time with a small expendi -· are hoping that many of ~ur Af e ab 1. t_o~ restri cting the out l~y. that some of' the member~ of 1.1ID.nae "71 11 be back for the affai r , and on that occasion The .tDelt a Delta Chapter can get over to ee Everett in Urb~ha hadw~~ er, on a r e cent visi t in the home of was home on · a visti for f e good f ortune to meet Naomi Cal d~e ll Delta is like, Alpha A~phew ~ aY 3 • If Haomi i s a sampl e of v1hat' h ave to look to ita ASA l aur els Ohio·. · a \Vl.


Miami is to have a rn t. t . •7IIIJDIP1ltort:Y Orchestra is to . ".re re a thl.s week, fo r the Ci n cinnati , we are all very bugyl.v; ba ~once rt . But while wai t ing for thi s ar on our e v· .s . a ou our Red cross work. Ther e i s a gold wounds in Fr!nr e l.Ce flag {10\7 ? - f or Kent Ri tchle, who di ed of shrapnel tor the many -t~i;g:o t~:t r~~lJ.~edmore th~n eve~ hon great i's the nee d e e Cross ls aslang us to furnish quick l y . Catherine Prudent, Hist orian . ALPHA February has been a busy mont h for Al pha girls. our new Term the last of January, and since then we have b een getting a ccusaaed to our Change in work and s che dule. This month has, h owever, brought not only new and mor e di f ficult studies, but it has a l so i ntro GUced us to some new girls . seve r al h ave matriculat ed, and t wo of these have found favor in the eyes of Al ph a . Tr i Sigma is compe ting wi t h u s or one of them, and the local Gamma Theta for the other. Maybe we're t going to do some hard rushing in the next two month s bef ore Pl edge D&J ! Wish us luck in the game 1• Alpha is very proud of the way in which her initi at es h ave entered into the life of the sorority , and we are just patting omr se lve s on the back because we ·have got the -s trongest bunch ever. We fee l that the welfare of the Chapter will b e ib safe hands another year with such a representative bunch of girls to s t art things off in the Fal l . • About our Va lentine Party . I t rras the success of t h e soci a l 1eason,-ahem! The affair wa s i n the fonm of a Cabare t Dance. s trings ot hearts were attra ctively fes t ooned, and thre e corn ers of the hall were shut off by crimson st re amers. Behind t hese t he table s were concealed. On each table wa s a crimson shaded candle shedding a warm glow over all . Partners for supper we re found by piecing t ogether Yerses appropriate to t he occasi on and print ed on cut hearts . Ther e were flower bearers to tell each guest where her par ticular cor ne r was , a little cupid postmen i ndicated the exa ct :place at . t ab ~e. A de l icious lAd course was follo wed by ice cream on v1a s 1.mpr1.nted a crimson heart. There was an interesting game of pinning the h e art on a l addie 1n olive drab. su sie snead hit the s pot exactly and_ so dr ew a s a Prize a very attract i ve Dor in8 box , on the top of ~as ?ngr aved the A.s. A. badge . Kitty Ch e ster man, Tiho drew t~e b?oby pr1ze~had all in hysterics _nearly when she opened an OJer Per fume bottle ~gan


to find it empty! Kitty can us see a J O~ce when tt.ero reall:j 8 table. The whirl of socin.l life has not made us forget or neglect o '" ~ork. We go regularly to the Red Cross rooms on the second satur of every month, that being our special assignment, but most of u s additional time to de vote to it individually, for we have all zed the importance not only of doing our'bit' but of doing our BEST for the brave lads who have crossed the seas to bear the of battle, that peace may at l a st come to a sad and sorrowing t one on the horizon, hut nhen there is a 'sure enuf'' joke , she

The bes~ of news has be en saved to the last,-the we lcoming to Alpha of a former member. we open our hea.rts to Mary Ranclol:;>h t. Huldah DmJiel, Hi storian .

ST. VALENTINE'S MIRROR In n.ll the re port s of the Ohaptor colobrn.tions, there has oee r • mention of the pretty custom of learning the future from st.Valen's Mirror. How many of' you know the little verse that must be r oas one gazes into the shrouded future? Here it is f.or use some st.Valentine's Day, when the boys are back from over seas. "Under the Yrintry slcy I stand , St. Valentine's mirror in my hand , Moon shining full in the. heave;1s so slear, Pray let :ne see in the m~~ror 11ere The f' o.ce of the one nho ·w:t.ll oome da~ be The dearest in all the world to ~e.


The little mention of t ,. .1e pl a ce cor d~"' -in tho Cha~ d- terrt.letter nas ono tt t·veness of the design u se . give no idea of_ tne a. rae ~ t th Central Office has yet seen. the moat attract~vo th~~~s tha e ~ o tman rr rey and a pouch rosy Cheeked cupid ~ith a visored ~ap of s Acr~ss the cap ~e t~e 111ng over vri th letters sec:-l ed -rri ~.h hear s · --~~ty letters raised and g1lded.




Al ternate - Grace stevens . Martha Fi t ·zgere.ld . Alternate-PJllle Rob erts . ALPHA. Isis Uilliams. ?anor M:tchell. Alternate-El GM.1MA. Margaret Rose· Alternate-Ed~th Rrum...,ay . BETA. Grace Paden. GAMMA. Miss Shockley· · _ na ... e-Marie Ri cht er . DELTA . Naoni Cald·:~ell . Al te~l t~rn~te -Mar garet Ro.mseyer. toN EPSILON. Maude Barrit;ar . BE'rA. f'arthest abroad 1. 8 the light "The li ght that_ s~:~~~ ~t ho:.n.e.n that shi~es br~g- "' ...,

117 .




of delegates


Business sess-ion.


Model Initiation.

Discuseion of Constitution .


Busineas session. Discucsion of Chapter By- La7s . and Pegulations Afternoon. Bus1ness Session . Convention Rulings and nesolu tions. Evening , Theatre Party f or those not Jceepinr; Lent . Easter service.


Jonquil Dinner.



of delegates .

FRIDAY AFTERNOON - THE CONSTITUTION Structurally the Con~tution should r emain about as it is at present time. In other rrords, there should not be added ne11 .Arti s, and those alre ady in use should not be made complicated . No irt matter should b e introduced. All matters. t hat do not PROcome under the present ei ght heads should be handl e d tmder Reguons, or under . convention Rulings . The February 11 Phoenixa pread various matters for consideration, but, in order that the a cti ~ r and the ~lumnae Associ a ti ons may have these thing s in convenishape for discussion at their business meetings, it ha s seerJe d good idea to put the variou s matters in the :follovrj_ng form:"IT IS MOVED AND SECONDED"

That Articles I , II and III re~ain Ul1chansed . • 1'hat Article IV shall be cha.."lged to r ead FOUR years betueen ConvenThat the Vice President shall be relieved of the oversight of the Bft)~ty Examinations. Xbat the section rela ti ng to the duties of the Nationa l Historian be chanr;ed to read as follows:It ahall be the duty of the National Historian S ec • 6 • o . " , a nd . ~o to serve as Editor-in-chief of tho "Ph oen1x v g~ther material and data for~ History,to ~e publ1shed whenever the National convent1on shal-l de c1de . • That Ai'ti.cle VI on DUES shall read as follows:N ti


1 DU '"" sh 11 be of four ldnds,

, (2 ) g~derG~;dua~e nues 1 (3)

(1 ) Undort;raduate Init~ a~io:"l

Graduate nueo, and (4) Installat1on

. t• Fee shall be ~7 , Sec.l. The UnderGraduate Ini t 1a.~on -.rtd must be pe,id lJrior to Pledg~ng.


cp;; ~~r~~a~~:;e Dues shall be levied at the rate of w initiates, this !u~d~~gr:~~ate.member . In the case of the case of returning member~ wi thiP~1or to Pletdging, an~ in tion. n one mon h of matr1culasec.3.

Graduate Dues Shall be levied accordinu t

ot Alumnae membership.




he type

Honor Roll Members shall, upon the payment of "$100 , be for~ver excused from any dues or t ax, but shal l be ent1tled to a copy of EVERY puulication · i ssued by the sorority. Life Members shall, upon the payment of $50, be f orever excused from "Phoenix" or Annual dues but shall be entitled to a copy of the "Syrinx" . ' Life-Annual Members shall, upon the payment of $$.5 , be forever excused from the uPhoenix" tax but shall be required to pay Annual Dues of $1 . ' AnnUal Members shall pay a per capita tax of $3. ' se~.4. Installation Fees shall be levied at the r a te of $15 upon every member of the petitioning group, whe ther undergraduate or _ex-schola. In tho case of the under gr aduate s , t he I nstallation Fee shall be interpreted a s cove ring ALL National DUes for the School Year in which the Inst allat i on talte s place. In the case of ex•schola members, the Installation Fee shall be -interpreted as covering a subscription t o FIVE YOlumes of the "Phoenix" and DUes for Five years from t he time of Initiation.

SATURDAY MORNING - CHAPTER BY-LATIS AND REGULATIONS 1bat Article I on "N~'\HE ~urn AIM" remain as a t present . h t Article II on uORG!i.NIZATION" shall r ead as fo llon s:IDYitations to membership in this Chapter shall not be extended except in the case of unanimous e l ection , and unl ess the person elected is the holder of a di pl oma from a four rears high sChool, or has, in the judgment of the Chapt er Adviser, had an equivalent education .

t sec.3. under .Article IV on"GOVERNMENT" shall read a s foll ows : The secretary shall carry on al_l t he cor r e spondence of the Chapter, shall keep a file of all important l e t ters,_shal l teep true, clear and intelligent minutes of a l l me~t1 ng s ·~d t t· hall report the passage of all 1mportant au ransac 10ns, s . t d t h N tional rul .ings to bott the National Pres1den_ an ~ a Vice President, and shall perform any other dut1es that may ve upon such a position.

119 .

That sec .5 · under this same Article shall read as follorrs:The Registrar shall have charge r£ the Chapter Registration, and shall r.lalre every effort to keep the ex-schla members in touch r;i tll the -C hapter, the School and the Sorori ty in general . she s.."'lall also serve as Chairmru1 of the Couvtesy committee . That sec.6 shall read as follows : The Historian shall v1ri te all letters for tho " Phoenixa, and s· a l l at the close of the school year Yll"'i t e an ac count of the Chapter~s activities. She shall have charce of the Ch~pLcr scrap Boolr, into nhich shall be j)asted souvenirs, snapshots, nerro paper clippings, and other Daterial deemed worthy of · preservation. She shall also serve as Chairman of the Publicity Commit t ee . • That the following sentence shall be added to tho Librarian's duti She s..'i-Iall also serve as Chairman of the Program Commi ttoo .

• That sec"o shall read as follorls:The Chaplain shall h~e a general supervi sion of the morals of the Chapter shall superintend tho dov6tmonal exercises, and shall be responsible for the care of the parapherna lia and the proper setting fo:b the Initiation Hall . • That Article VI shall read as follows:There shall be four J~ind !: of Chapter !)U c s, - (J.) . N?-ti?nal pue o, (2) Chapter Dues , (3) Special Duos, and (4 ) In~t~atJ.on I•ees. th the correspondine vmrd chan&es in the different Sections· • That the word 'Chapter' shal 1 b e •~nser ~ed ~

~n ~

Article VI I to read ,-

There Shall be four required Chapt er Colebrgtions,-et c. and seconded under REGULATIONS . That the Article on" BADGES" shall read as follows:. The distincetive badge There shall be four author~zed badges:de jewelled with si Aehall be a shield with four concave s~ ls, and fou r rubies, and teen whole pearls, or t~c lve w~o le a~~a~ ~ro'7n in gold on a f~eld bearing the letters A S A, a 8 ar hal be simi lar in sha~e ru1~ bf black enamel. The Pled~e Pin ~mitfod ). The Recognit~on P1n, •. . .. (one of the three des~ gns s~ f or the distinctive badbe, Which may also be use~ as( a g~~rthe two de sicns submi tted). The shall be a gold phoemx of members th one( na, t rone s s es) and ,,..others ! '·· • pin 110m by Chapter Ho ers ~. four nhole pearls and bear~ng shall be a gold crovm suppor ~ng the letters A S A in bla clt ename l . · That the last three articles sha ll rea d as follo~s .


1 20 , • The password shall be MIZPAH.

The 11hi stlD shall be . .







The Call shall be Rah Rah Ro.h Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah , A- S- A, A-S-A, A-S-~1, FOREVER! SATURDAY AFTERNOON - CONVENTION RULINGS

The folloTiing rulings arc sumbitted for

~on side rati on.

No Chapter shall have more than one Advi sor at any one time. Alumnae who fail to pay their DUes for t wo suc cessive years shall be dropped from the r oll, and Shall not be reinstated unless • , , , . ... . . . ..... . ... . . . ..... .. ... . No Normal Scbhol or Teruli1ers Collebe shall be considered as a field for a neu Chapter, unless it has an annual income of ........•. and a f a culty of a t least . ....... .

ROLL MEMBERSHIP. Each Ch~pter shall be t axe d $10 ~nnual ly until the Chapter c:nd the .1\dvisership ~ro placed on :the B ono~ Roll. Honor Roll Chapters shall receive free copi es of all publications for the Chapt er Library, and bound copies of the "Phoenix 11 and the "svrinx" . Honor Roll· Adviser ships shall entitle the Chapter to free copies of al l publications for its Adviser. SUBSCRIPTIONS. L:lfe sub scri ption to t he "PHOENIX" shal l be $25 caSh, or $80 in four annua l i nst a l ment s of $7. '"~''~ssEs.

No Chapter sha ll have more at any one time.


.. . . . ... Pnt r oneuocs

~~,M~·nv. The official sta tionery sh all b e of a palm 0reen shade~of

the nen leaf), enbosood wi th t h o coat-of-~rms and the iet tering ALPHA siGMA ALPHA i n palm green ink(Shade of t he full grown leaf). The design how in u sc sh a ll b e continued.

Tho design sub~itte d by t h o E . A. UBIGHT Comp~ny oft~~~~ ­ delphia shall be acce pt e d and shall be furn~sh~d h~, 1 present Chapt e rs wmthout cost, but future 0 ap ers 0 ~ pay a Charter Fee of $ .. . . . "f te of keepinr re corda SYSTEM OF BOOIGIEEPING· A orm sys m the Chapters. and accounts shall be ~nst alle d among . d for use in ini t iat i ng Chapt er RITUALS are hereby author~ze , Mothers:(>Patronesse s} and Mot h ers of Hembers. . · ~· b b ostablishcd ,and the publi···~W'I.u OFFICE. A central Off~ c~ ~ "' J.or~ ~ t o bo called the " syrin:~" cation of an eoot e r~c maga~~n ' hall be distributed fre e is hereby author~ze dil ~~l~~~a~ worker s , but any other~ to Chapters ~nd uhO all pay a SUb scription of $1. ng cop~es s a ....._



121 . CO:MllE!!T

The ~orm ir- which the mot· necessarily the fo~ in wh ·~~ns are ~ton the pre ceding na~es on. Somebody may ~ut ··the ,. . ~c . ~hey. all be presented at the u co :1Even tho a mo tion- iss:~~ .e~ ~n bette: words and better may not neces arily be ~ ~~ vhe form s~ ven on the preceding 3 f or bri ng~ng . . mere 1y a vea matter beror carr~ e d . A 'motio . n ' ~s motion may be defec:..ted and e, ~h as sembly . fo~ di~cu~sion . Any ons, however, as set fort aJo e: sub~t~tuved ~n ~ts place The the most important matt~r onh the p.~. e ce dn1g pa~e a ';lil l serve to Associations Th .s · efore the attent~on of the Chap+ers ese organ~zati ons can and .sh ould dlscuss . the motions as• given f o~. e ve~y one understanding of sor~ri t - ::n n? ?ther way Ya 11 the re be so col'!lplete _L,....... d INSTRUCT its dele'-- at; h~~d: t~ons . No organization, hov:rever' adv&~ced at the conve~tion~ v? votte . . A grea~ many reasons may alation f t . . 0 ~~ow he ~mperat~veness of certain ! or he Oonve~1t 1. on vr:.. ihl be repre,..entat ive of the V1HOLE st j~~~:~~ !~ ~~: ~~~:ga;et~ho~ld ~e free t~ote a?cording to her ~~·~H~ons that w· . . m. o_ e ~ess~ons . In the com~se of the dislegate will b ~11 ~nvarJ..ably ~ol~ow the putting of every motion, each er . ~a!e ample oppo r~un~ty to express the 'sense' of the Meet~ng ~n vvh~ch the motion had come up for consideration. v

_ ,..,...........


THE FINANCIAL BUDGF.T No matter to correnJ?of orG the Conventi on ~-rill be of more par a~mport~ce th~ ~he" providing for an adequate bud[';ot in the case each Soro~~ty nct~v~ty. Tho budge ts provi ded by the 1914 convention 1 ~c_proved 1nadequatc. Every member who has st~died her sorority s a~rs care~ully h s.s knm-;n tha.t the income for the running of the soety has come from the /xmua l Undergradu a te nues of $4 per c~pita, 'Rhich amount h[..s boon o..ppor tionod as follow·o: t .

$1 Convention Fund $1 General Expenses

$1 Chapter Development ~~1 "PHOENIX" subscription

us consider the Convention Fund. Eve ry one vrill aclcnowJredge that s Fund Should be large enough to pay the entire expenses of one der· •~'~Gte from each Chapter on the roll, as wel l as those of the members the National council . The o.mount now in -the Na tional Treasury \7ill only.NOT provide the entire expenses of one delesate from each of eight Chapters, but it will not provide for more than two of the ional Officers. To have a really adequate fund at tho presebt time, Fund should be T\H CE as large as it is non. The Chapter Development Funcyis the one t hat should properly ide the uniform Chapter Books and other nece ssary things for the ter development of the individual group s, but it should also take are of the expense of the inspection trips made by one of the Nationcl Officers. The income from FOUR years·--1914 to 1910--ha s been so i nadequate that only one-half of the Chapters could b e i nspected- Fort unately the Inspector was Chapter Adviser of ano~her group , a s was ther National Officer of still another Chapter, and fortunately one the Chapters was i nstalle d this year , so did not need an inspection. f'iU..w..&.lar conditions , hm·mver, may nev·er agai n ex.i st in the sorority, so full inspection is vitally necessary. If the income for Inspection ps during FOUR years--1914 to 1910-- was insufficient to provide

122 .

more than OnE partial . mu s t a t 1 east be doub 1nspe l e d t ction ' it s t an d s t o reason that the ins . The addition of Chapt ero ~~ke_ one WHOLE inspecti on once in Fc·out somewh at , but · a ' far f~ lthln the pr esent boundaries would cations. The extension prob l e:g battl e lin~ ' w<:mld mere l y add com extent dependen t u pon th of t h e Soror1ty 1s, therefore to a matter how good a group the~ a~~unt of ~· his mid the precedin~ budge t. th~ Sorority cou ld not saf~ ght be_1n s?me state on the Pacific ~EH 1 ~•c W2th Conven t ion and I n ~~ conslder 1t from a standpoint of The Council a lo·1.e kn spec 10 ~ budgets as they are at present . General Expen se s . ho~ ma 0 8 how lnade~uate is the present budget the Sorority, have had t~Yb drean~ o:f ~roi7th, both ,-d thin and ni th ee in the co .-.t of · no t e shelved for ·.1 ant of funds . The 501> onery and oth; r supnl~cage and the l OO% increase in the cost of all been contributi~,.,. s , as v,rel l as ~he. tar taxes on telegrans , Finance has been f a cil;) ~~uscs.t o the d1ff1culties_ that the Board -~~..~."'d U.."'lder 'General E g e,past year. 'Io do the -r;ork that is in income . - xpense s ' there should be twice the pre sent an-

A ~ explained ·i n the February 11 PHOEJ:TIX" - · h as b een ly f1nance d. and h . · , the ma6az1no 1 Central Off'' '- t as n c1dcntally taken care of tho expenses o:f ~mow t recei lCe 0 a l ar ge exte1~ but this has not been because the h ~~d from the Undergraduates ·was adequate, but be cause tho e ave e?n so de p end~blo about their s· bscriptions to the magaIVE The ACTI~ subscript1 ono to date-- and this includes the total t membersh1 p- -n~ber _ l43 . 326 @lumnae have helped ~-rith their dolr 0 ~~k~ ~he publ1cat1on possibilifu , and to r.J.a1te possib!l:e also the ac ~v1t 1e s of the Cent ral Office. It is expected, unless prices •"''""""d. be cl?ubled between nov; and the rext school year, that the sub t1o!l L1st of t h e "PHOENI X" vri ll pay for the public ation of the n~ t~e cont empl a t ed bound and printed form, but the subscriplist rr1ll scarce l y do more than that. . This •:rill leave the central Office entire ly unprovided :for , 1.t has 1;een e xplained that the income from t h e Undergraduates is apport1oned t o special budgets, - Convention Fund, Chap ter Developt , General Expen ses. The best interests of the sorority call for the ei?ployment of a typi st four half do.ys every v.feelc Typists are get -~~1. 25 for four hours 11orlc . $5 must then be provi de d fmr tho mere ......."'-" of l e tt e r s, for it is a rare day nhen ten l e tt ers are not ~~·~o ved that n e ed answers of considerable length . If inspirational 1 s to be done, wi th the undergraduates, v!i th the alumnae, if the .T>"'"" sses are t o be brous ht into close cor::m1union ni th the chapters, the sorority is t o do uhat it should and mean rrhat it should to membership , ther e should be a little private publica tion, like _ .. T,., the "PHOENI X" i n its present form. This Y. ill require the serces of a mime ographer and adequate supplies of pare r~ in~, env~lop G s postage . The mimeogr apher that vfe have al\lays had costs us $5 for hal:f days . It i s a simple sum in arithmetic t o figure hon much is lly needed to do t h e vrork as it should be done The little dr e am' magazine ha s been ca lled the "$¥Rlllrt" . You ~ill recall that s was the n ame of t h e mu sical instrument that n as 1nvented by Herme 2, which was comno s ed of seven grauuated reeds ti ed tore ther, comy called ' p an.!; pi pe s 1 , the first instrument on -,,hich the musical ..,~~~e was pl ayed, an d the f orerunner of the church ors an. should su?h publication be is sued, i t uould be sent free to C_haptem and Assoc1~. as we ll as t o all nho vmre do i l'lb National T; orlc for the soror1'ty. Roll and Life Members noul d a l so be supplied with ?opi~s. If tely :financed, the "SYRINX 11 wou l d be a rreelcly publ1cat1on. 0

. . , ..... & ...

The Initiation Fee in vo ~e • is $4, apportions~ u s } follo~ . ~ince the lfiami Conventi on or nPHOENIXr: Endomnent 1 $1 fo s G- i.?l f or Shingle , #1 f or "Handbook" Fee is raised to $7, t here wflle~er:; Endo,vment . If t he Jnitiasuggested that this E~..mow.~t sh e 'IP'- more. availab le . I t has a Contingency Fund and $l ~ ~~1 be ~pport1oned a s fo llows: - $2 ~~tnd would probabl · b~o~ e Act 1ve Chapter ' s use The Gonce for the publication ~f theu~~~~I~~~r t~ the u se or_the Central source would not be ove ~axw · · rhe sum re ce1ved from the little 'dream ' rna~ ~·r ~P~ 1 t h ou r pr e sent rate or initiation 1 oaz1ne would have to be · as t he sum can be ~~pplemented . a very s1mple affair , d thro the addition of l n~ some wa~, or the initiation inFee at $7 and the Nationa~e~Chap tL e~s . U1th the National rniti~: would be $15 Th. . es a *n , the amount aslced from each • • 1 s 1 s a very small 1 · n1· t 1a · t · sort go in Hell ~ t 1on fee as fees of u the initial co ~sd ~ ort h~~purchase of a badge at $10 would still . s o.m o ~p.::..5. One member of t he counci l ha a sentJ.mental thought to the ~~15 amoun t by pointing out t~at are but ~iftee~ notes in a double odave. This may be i nter estbut the real po1nt at issue i s $D /mnu a l Dues. I t is f or the N l~n~ U~dergraduate members to decide wh e t her we sh all go in fo r an cylJ.nder car for the long drive ahead of four year s. An EI GHT r car would carry us quickly over t h e rough, hard pl a ce s ahead into ~he pleasant lands beyond. Sha ll we put up the price fo r the cylJ.nder c~r and get there promp tly ? , THE CONVENTI ON


The Ccntr~l D£fico h nd hope d t hut it would be possible td nne the hotel in tho present issu e of' t he "PHOENIX11 but a de cision not been reached us yet, f or n ot a l l the hotel estimates ar e in hands of'_the Registrar, uho i s attenang to the correspondence i n to t~J.s matter . The pl a ce and dates are settled,-Chicaso durGood FrJ.d~y, s a turday and East e r sund~y. The sorority expe cts that Will have to pay $5 per day h ote l char ses for each off'ici~l dele' soutJ-umnae contempl ati ng a t tendobc e, or other . .·lctive sirls counton he A present for po.rt or n.ll of the t i me must moJ{e allowance for much outlay at lea s t . The t heatre ti cket nill not be loss than Full uill be sent out to the Chapters and t o the Of'f'icers just the momen t that f inal decision is reached, so wny ex-scholu memb e r i s maki ns pl n.ns t o ~ttcnd, she shoul d send her __ ,... o.t once to tho n ear e st Nat i ona l Off icer, ~il order thr'..t i nf'or:na mny be mailed to he r ~t t he earli est possible moment. Tho ~cago er' s Aid society 1.vill b e a dvised of the place and time of the tion, as nell a s of the a rrival of all trains carrying delet;utes the ~ctive Chapters . Thi s s oci e ty has representatives at every . on in Chicago , and these off i cials vd l l be on the loolwut for the cial an~Bf'fici al de l egte s All t hat any ASl has to do i ~ to urim to "The Travele r 's Socie t y'! 1 3 1 9 \lest Adams st., Ch~ cago} a.ting the train on rrhich she will r;>. r r i vc , or is expecting to o.r rivo, rihc uill find a T. A. l a dy a~aiting h e r ar rival at tho station and to direct or escort h er to t he A.s. A. hotel ·1:ITHOUT CHARGE . . .\.ccording to train s che dules r e ceived from the Chc.ptors, it be necessary f or some of t he de l egat es to change trains at Cinti columbus and Kansa s Ci ty . AnY such should advise the fo l lowTra~eler's Ai d agencies of t he ~ime of their ~xpecte~ arrival, ask to be met an d directe d . Th1s i s em espec1ally \nse plan, for


may be late and connections yoor, und it is most pleasant to one at hand to di;:ect one . , The T .A . La!illiles are almost aluays col -women,. and very o:r ten they. a re sorority ~·romen, so they would be conge~al people to meet, 1f one missed conne ctions and had a wait ahead. The T.A. Ladies all wear big triangular shaped badge:the words TRAVELER's rU D SOCIETY in large letters, so one can not a miatru~e . I~ ?ne does not happen to see the badge, one Should a railroad off1c1al to be directed to the representaive of the sp. The folloWing addresses may be found convenient . - Travelerl's Aid, c/o Elizabeth Gamble Deaconess I ome,l027 Wesley .i... ddress Hi ss Tennie Severtson. Tro.veler's f.d.d, c/o Y.n.c . .A.rp 25 south Fourth st.


Travelor*s lud, Union station.

There is one other v;ord of co.ution that it mn.y be uell to Eo.ster brings thoughts oi nov; spring attire. Chit the "Uindy City", is very apt to be cold and raw at Easter, so Who are expecting to attend the Convention should be sure to take coat, or at a ~arm gqeater for wear under the jaeket. A nith a ~old is a source of anxiety to those responsible for tho -boing of tho delegates, so do your part in mal~ing such an aec·nholly impossible. :l.t this time.


The Sixth Ed.tion of "Tho sorority Handbook it has just come the press. It is the very first issue.that giv?s space to t~ec ~.-u. -Co.l sorority, und the first to shou 1llustrat1ons of the p1n~ se orders. The five previous issues had but one pl~te of sorebadges. The sixth Edition has t~o, one devot~d ent1rely to the a of the congress sororities, and the other g1ven over to the . a of the Profo::;sional sorori ti cs. _ . . The prosont Edition is bound in tho A.S.JJ.~ cr1ms~m . Tho pr1m tho book is $1.50 to everybody but ASAs. J:- spec~al prJ.ce -o f ~1 uas for them in 1914, and that coutesy is st1ll be1ng ~~~ende~ ~~b~~~ ~~~n•~....... ,.,, p. The book may be ordered :from the Central 1 ce' • , Roxbury, Mass.


THE M.hiL POUCH .An eight po'W"ld boy uas born to Mr · and Mrs . w.T . Reeves(Vir-

Sparling,.c'll.) on February l?th . . ' nay in May, and expects Epsilon Epsilon is plamnng a hothers to be present. ;n Flori da al l uinter at safety Edith Christy, Jill , has been . . . . -· . ~1~ u member of the University of Edna Brockm:t.¥", GG' ''h? J.s .... h~d the distinction of being eCh.o.pter of P1 Beta P~u ' ha 8 hit Phi ne 1 t a Kappa. to the Honorary E~c~t~~n~~l~~~t~~o n;~son ' tr~ining courz~ ~t Lo.nore SiiDI!lonn, d3, . 1 "' ..... n.1 ~r.ton University, in st. Lou1 s · th 'Ja~ Tipton, Mo., uhere she and her a Hospital, connected Marie Simmoms, AD' 1S no\7t1~e and uhore uaric hopes to lool~ing over country e s n. o' a in J..rt 1/lorlt ·


Asa phoenix vol 4 no 21 24 march 1918  
Asa phoenix vol 4 no 21 24 march 1918