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ALUMNAE, ALERT!! BE ALERT to all of the opportunities open to you to strengthen the growth and further the interest of our fine Alpha Sigma Alpha organization. Your effort will pay off in greater personal satisfaction than you can imagine. Better still, you will be keeping alive the means for another generation of young women to receive from Alpha Sigma Alpha the fruits of active, wholesome sorority life, and the joy of participating in it. College women-the active members-cannot alone do the whole job of building the sorority. They need alumnae to provide guidance and backing. Interested, forward looking, understanding alumnae! One group without the other cannot grow. Each is dependent upon the other. As an interested alumna you can take part by being a member of an alumnae chapter that meets periodically and by helping your local alumnae chapter become aware of the work of the sorority. There is also the less frequent but very real opportunity that is present for referral of likely candidates to the proper college Alpha Sigma Alpha membership committee. Some tangible good that you can do right now is to order a copy of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Cookbook for your own use, and one as a gift for a

friend. Why not? Included are recipes that have been time-tested with satisfaction guaranteed in the kitchens of many Alpha Sigma Alpha sister members. Important, too, is our magazine subscription program. Through it you are not only sure of immediate results by getting value received for your money (You can't buy magazines for less!), but also, at the same time, part of what you pay provides funds that make possible a scholarship for some talented student for advanced study in the field of mental retardation. First, though, you must be aware, and alert to an opportunity. Then there is the motivation to act, for, you see, only as something is done with any opportunity can an effect for good be realized. That is the reason for this discussion-to help keep us alert to our opportunities. We know that an organization which has a worthwhile purpose and a membership actively striving to attain it, assures itself of a bright future. We've got what it takes in Alpha Sigma Alpha to build solidly and well. Let's use it! MARY E. BLACKSTONE National President

It was with deep regret that the resignation of Jean C. Richard (Mrs. Clayton A. ) was received and accepted, effective March 1, 1963. Mrs. Richard felt it was advisable to retire from both the offices of National Treasurer and Central Office Executive. For many years Jean has devoted great physical and mental energy in the work of Alpha Sigma Alpha, both as an active alumna and as a national officer. She did much in developing the Central Office into an efficient operation, with accurate records of many thousands of college and alumnae members. We extend to her our best wishes in the years ahead. The duties of the Central Office Executive and the responsibilities of the position of Treasurer have been delegated to and assumed by Margaret Nelson (Mrs. Harry P.), who, for a number of years, was a member of the Central Office staff. 1


WHAT IS A SOBOB/ff? College social soront1es are voluntary organizations, formed by the mutual decision of the prospective member and the members, intended to provide an enrichment of the college experience beyond the classroom. They are not "student body" organizations, for they receive no financial nor operational assistance from the associated students. Neither are they college or university organizations, for they are neither a laboratory of social experimentation or organizations of social reform. The sorority is a group of individuals, both undergraduates and alumnae, who by reason of common social interests have joined together in order to obtain a pleasant, enriching experience in democratic living. National Panh ellenic Conference

Magazine subscriptions, new and renewal, are wanted by the Alpha Sigma Alpha Magazine Agency. All profits from the Agency will be used for the sorority's Nat~onal Philanthropic Project, the providing of Scholarships and/or Fellowships at the graduate level for training teachers and personnel for work with the mentally retarded child. Every Alpha Sigma Alpha can help in this much needed program if full support is given by each member to the Magazine Agency. All Special offers will be accepted if the special offer card accompanies the order. Send your order accompanied by a check or money order made payable to: ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA MAGAZINE AGENCY, cj o Mary K. Reiff, 219 E. 46th St., Apt. 2-W, Kansas City 12, Missouri.



Please send .... .... .... copies of the A2:A C ookbook. Gourmet's Guide. I am enclosing my payment of $ ..... .... ... .... .... ... .. ..... .. ( $3 per copy). Kindl y credit th e ................. ....... .. .... ... .. ...... .... .... chapter or ... ... ... .. .. .. ... ..... ... .... . .. .... . ..... ... ...... .. ... .. .......... .... .... .. ... alumnae chapter with the commission. Chapters should withhold $.40 commission on each paid order. Make ch eck or mon ey order payable to A2:A Cookbook, and send your order to MRs. HAROLD C . BROWN, 3 105 REx FORD DRIVE, SouTH BE ND 15, I NDIANA. The receipt for your order should be mailed to : Name ··· ·· ·· ·· ··· ··· ···· ·· ···· ····· ····· ··· ················· ····· ······· ·············· ··· ···· ·· ···· ··· ··· Stree t and Number ··· ···· ··· ····· ··· ·· ··· ··· ···· ····· ······· ·· ··· ····· ······ ····· ····· ·· ···· ·· ·· City .... .. ... ........ .. ... ... ..... ..... ..... .... .. .. Zone ... ... .. State Do not fill in below this line.

Date received .... ....... .. ........ ..... ... ... R eceip t sent .. ... ... ... ... .... .. .... .... ... .


ALUMNAE CHAPTER NEWS Bv SHIRLEY P. BoNE National Alumnae Editor ALUMNAE in Akron, Ohio, are actively participating in the Panhellenic project of raising money for the Summit County Orphan's Home while the Anderson, Indiana, Alumnae held two successful rummage sales. The Appalachian Area Alumnae chapter was organized this year primarily through the efforts of Eliza1beth McClung Grigg A, and Alumnae in Boston pledged $500 to the Boston University's School of Education Building Fund. Thirty-six retarded children were entertained by the Buffalo Alumnae at a Valentine's Day party, and the Calumet Region, Indiana, chapter has contributed toys to a school for the mentally retarded. Alumnae in Central Pennsylvania spent a busy spring planning the Pennsylvania State Day, while the Charleston, West Virginia, Alumnae entertained the Rho Rho and Beta Pi seniors and officers at a dinner. Chicago Alum, Dottie Kreig Bauer rE is serving as chairman of the Chicago City Panhellenic's Scholarship Committee, and Sue Henderson King BK has consented to serve another term as president of the Chicago-West Suburban Alumnae chapter. The Chicago-North Suburban chapter served more than 500 ladies at their "Make a Retarded Child Happy" card party, the proceeds of which were donated to the Julian Levinson Research and Treatment Center for Mentally Retarded Children. Cincinnati Alumnae recently enjoyed a smorgasbord dinner party, while members of the Dayton chapter held a workshop at which they made articles to be donated to the Council for Retarded Children. Denver Alumnae are proud of Barbara Ware BB who modeled at the Denver City Panhellenic Tea. The three Detroit Alumnae chapters were hostesses at 路the Michigan State Day held in Farmington; the Dickinson, North Dakota, Alumnae entertained the Beta Eta college m embers, the mother patronesses, and the adviser at a coffee party; and Elkhart, Indiana, Alumnae enjoyed a Sweetheart Dinner recently. Plans for the new threestory Epsilon Epsilon chapter house were shown at a recent Emporia, Kansas, Alumnae meeting, while the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Alums have spent time in their meetings making picture books for the Lincoln School for the Retarded. Greeley,

Colorado, Alumnae are proud of their Ruth Hoskins Van Tine ~~' who was the recipient of the 1962 Wilma Wilson Sharp Award. Alumnae in Harrisonburg, Virginia, fixed 60 bags of candy and donated toys for the children in the mountain school, and the Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Alumnae are assisting the Beta Delta chapter with arrangements for their spring formal at the Hattiesburg Country Club. Indiana, Pennsylvania, Alumnae have donated funds this year to the local Special Education Center for work with the mentally retarded. Indianapolis Alumnae attended the Panhellenic Card party in March, and Jackson, Mississippi, Alum, Marge Pugh B~ was elected corresponding secretary of the Jackson Panhellenic. Kalamazoo, Michigan, Alums will be entertaining the Beta Psi chapter at the home of Patricia Friedly Hogarth Bw this spring, and a child will be attending the camp for Mentally Retarded this summer through the generosity of the Kansas City Alumnae. The newly organized Alumnae chapters in Lafayette, Louisiana, and LafayetteWest Lafayette, Indiana, have both experienced a successful first year. The Licking-Muskingum, Ohio, Alumnae are looking forward to their annual trip to Ohio State Day in Columbus, while Long Isand, New York, Alums are planning their summer family picnic. Several Los Angeles Alums will attend the City Panhellenic Fashion Show this spring. Rita L. Youmans ZZ, a Madison, Wisconsin, Alumna, has received the Distinguished Service Award from Kansas State University. She is a nationally recognized consultant in Home Economics Education. Miami, Florida, Alums have aga~n planned a spring Tea, and the MilwaukeeAlpha Alumnae are planning a mixer for husbands and friends . The Chi Chi chapter's pledges were entertained in the sorority suite by the Muncie, Indiana, Alumnae; while the New Orleans alums have had a busy spring planning their Mardi Gras and Ala-Miss-Lou Day. Norfolk, Virginia, Alumnae are looking forward to their spring luncheon and dinner dance. Both the Northern New Jersey and Northern Virginia chapters have continued their philanthropic projects of working for the R etarded


Children's schools in their localities. Alumnae in Oklahoma City are planning their annual rummage sale. Omaha members en joyed a tour through the Douglas County Youth Bureau, while Philadelphia-Bux-Mont members are to be congratulated for furnishing a room for the Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia. A tour of the Drexel Institute Picture Gallery highlighted a recent meeting of the Philadelphia-Delaware Valley Alums. Phoenix, Arizona, members have been collecting stuffed toys for mentally retarded children's centers in their area. The Pittsburg, Kansas, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, chapters are looking forward to their annual parties with the Eta Eta and Alpha Gamma college chapters respectively. Portland, Oregon, alums held a profitable Bake Sale recently, and members of the Queens, New York, Alumnae chapter have spent several meetings constructing puppets and dolls for the mentally retarded children. Both the Richmond, Virginia, and Rochester, New York, chapters have been exceptionally active in their local Panhellenic Associations this year, while the Rockford, Illinois, chapter, with only five active members, has earned over $200 to be donated to the School for M entally Retarded Children.

St. Louis Alums sponsored three Panhellenic card parties during the past year. The most recent meeting of the San Bernardino chapter was a Bon Voyage party for Geraldine Rudell Doyle BB who is leaving on an extended European tour. San Diego members are making plans for the Mentally Retarded Girl Scout Troop they sponsor, and Janice Hays Schrader XX will be installed as president of the South Bend chapter at their April meeting. Southern New Jersey alums have continued work on the do-it-yourself booklets for the Zane North school, while Springfield, Missouri, Alumnae have enjoyed another year of activities with the Beta Sigma chapter. Members of the Terre Haute chapter treated the Beta Upsilon chapter to a Pot Luck supper at a recent meeting, and Toledo alums are anticipating Ohio State Day which is being planned by the Alpha Alpha chapter. Tulsa members contributed clothing to Bacone College students for sale in their Thrift Shop, while Washington, D. C. Alpha Sigs donated scrapbooks and training objects to a school for retarded children. Wichita members are proud of Catherine Green Colberg EE who was installed as president of the Wichita City Panhellenic for the coming year .

.----HAVE YOU MARRIED OR MOVED?--Cut tMs out and mail to the Officer in Charge of Central Office:

MRS. HARRY P. NELSON Suite 206, 2852 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore 17, New York Please change my address or name and address on the AlA files as follows: COLLEGE CHAPTER ............... ......... DATE OF LEAVING COLLEGE ............. .. ......... DEGREE .... .. ........... .. .... . FROM MAIDEN NAME MARRIED NAME


··· ·· ········ · · · '(';,i~;~~ - -~i;~;;;~··;-;,;~·~~~;;,·;·""M·;;: ·;~i,~ A': · ;~~·~~j··· · ·

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ADDRESS .. .. .... .. ......... .. ....... .. ................. .. .............. .... ..... ... ............ .. ... .. .. ... ..... ...... .. ... ......... ...... ...... ..... .... .. .... ... ... ... .. TO NAME ................... ..




(If .·~~~· . ~~·~·. ;~·~~~~i~~ ~~~;·. ;;;~~·;;~~~: ~ i~~· . ~~~;· . j,~~·b~~i ~· "i~'i ·~·~;;,·~

j'............................. .

ADDRESS DATE OF MARRIAGE .. .................. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... .. ....... PLACE OF MARRIAGE ............... .. ............ .. .. .. (Month Day Year) ACTIVE IN .. ...... .......................... .. .... .. .... .. ALUMNAE CHAPTER, ARE YOU AN OFFICER .................. .. WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN AN ALUMNAE CHAPTER IF ONE WERE FORMED NEAR YOU YES ..... . .............................. .. . No .............................. ......... . REMARKS



RETURNED .. .............. ............ .. .... ..

.----ALUMNA RECOMMENDATION---FOR MEMBERSHIP IN ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA MAIL TO ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA CENTRAL OFFICE, SUITE 206, 2852 DELAWARE AVENUE, KENMORE 23, NEW YORK Full name of gir..___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Adm~-------------------------------

Candidate plans to atten.u __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ College Father's n~~---------------------------------------Addr~-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Relatives in Alpha Sigma Alpha (state relationship and chapter) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ ____

Previous Education: High or preparatory schoob attend~---------------------------A d d r ' " " " - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - -Graduation Date _ _ _ _ ___ Junior or other colleges attended'---------- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Scholastic Rating: What was the approximate size of high school graduation class? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ What was the candidate's scholastic rank in the high school graduating class? _ _ _ _ _ __ _ ___ List special scholastic honors received by candidate in high schoo路'------ - - - - - - - - - ---

Activities During High School Course: Underscore the ones in which the candidate participated. In space below list special recognition. Student Council; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Class Officer; Orchestra; YWCA; School Band; Art Groups; Athletic Te~s; Literary Clubs; Honor Societies; Service Clubs; 4-H Group; School Publications._ _ _ _ _ _ __

Special Interests or Talents:

(Please be specific)

Personal Qualities: Underscore the qualities that you believe the candidate has to a moderate degree. In case of unusual qualities, put two lines. Personally attractive; dresses appropriately; friendly manner; shy; well-mannered; outspoken; thoughtful of others; selfish; loyal; aggressive; enthusiastic; ~bitious; tolerant. Does she work well in a group? (Yes - No) Is she likely to place her personal ~bitions ahead of tho5e for the weHare of the group? (Yes- No) Financial Responsibilities: Is the candidate attending college on a scholarship? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ Is she working to augment her college money? Could she financially afford to join a sorority? Recommended by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-=_____________ College Chapter路_ _ _ _ __ Signature Addr~ -----------------------------------------------------------------------




National College Editor

Alpha chapter members are especially proud of two of their sisters: Bobbi Loth, who was elected a member of the 1963 May Court, and Evelyn Gray, who had the honor of portraying the Ringmaster of "Circus", a traditional Longwood event. Alpha Alpha chapter takes pride in claiming three Phi Beta Kappas, two Alpha Lambda Deltas, one Cwen, and the first Vice President of Panhellenic in charge of campus rush. Alpha Betas, as one of their philanthropic projects, have been sending books to one of their members who is now with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. A mixer with Theta Chi fraternity was one of Alpha Gamma's most successful activities this year. A new idea to their campus, the girls hope to make it an annual event. Sandy Scott of Beta Beta brought home honors when she placed in the top five finalists in the University of Nebraska [nvitational Speech Meet. The Epsilon Epsilon chapter received the plaque for selling more magazine subscriptions than any other chapter. Zeta Zetas are again sponsoring an all -school "Sock Hop," the proceeds of which will go to Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Eta Etas are proud of their new sweepstake-s trophy. In the Homecoming contest they placed first in house and float competition, and second in Queen car competition to gain possession of the trophy. Theta Theta's ambition this year was to grow in number and strength. This they did by tripling their membership and by winning the Scholarship trophy in the process. Again this year the Kappa Kappas hold the major offices in the Women's Athletic Association with Ellen Messing as president and Loretta Schabera as v1ce president. Their pledges are Nu Nu chapter's source of pride. They are constructing a hand-manipulated classroom stop light for the Delaware County school for the mentally retarded, as well as making service kits for the children at the Philadelphia School for mentally retarded. Rho Rhos are pleased with their house remodelin<T which turned 0 the third floor into a study and chapter room. Mary Ellen Reynolds brought glory to Sigma Sigmas when she reigned as a lovely Queen at the College Homecoming.


Phi Phi chapter won the Scholarship trophy for the third straight year, making it a permanent trophy. Seven of the members received a 3.5 or above average on the 4.0 system. A revision of their by-laws was the big item on the agenda of the Chi Chis this year, but the improvements they have already wrought in chapter efficiency have caused the members to agree that they are well worth the time and effort expended. Twentythree Psi Psis traveled to Ala-Miss-Lou day in New Orleans and came away with many ideas for future chapter activities. Beta Gamma members celebrated the chapter's twenty-fifth anniversary by achieving four listings in <<Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" and by attaining eight positions on the Dean's Honor Roll and two positions on the President's Honor Roll. Beta Deltas were honored when the newest dormitory on campus was named in honor of their first adviser, Miss Mary Pulley. Mrs. R. C. Poindexter is Beta Epsilon's new adviser, and the girls feel very fortunate to have her with them. Beta Zetas were the first recipients of a new trophy awarded by the Panhellenic Council to the sorority that contributed the most to Greek spirit on their campus. An Indian theme was tried at a recent Beta Eta rush party and the girls found it very successful. Introductions were made as the rushees ran a relay. Beta Thetas are proud of their song leader, Diana Martin, who was chosen for the female lead in the campus spring musical, Finian's Rainbow. The Beta Iotas sponsored a party at the Wytheville Country Club and were entertained by the Megatones, a local combo. One of the special accomplishments of the Beta Kappa chapter was the redecoration of their chapter house made possible by many fun-filled money-making projects. The Beta Lambdas are continuing their volunteer work at the Children's Colony in Conway as their philanthropic project. Beta Mus are proud of four of their sisters who brought honor to the chapter by being selected for inclusion in ÂŤWho's Who in American Colleges and Univ ersities"; and of the chapter itself for winning the campus sorority scholarship trophy. Wilma Hook, Beta Nu, has brought an honor to her chapter by having a poem

she wrote 路published in the National College Anthology. Three members of Beta Pi chapter have been elected presidents of other campus organizations, and three Beta Pis have been elected officers for the Upperclass Dorm. Beta Rhos have received the Panhellenic Scholarship Tray for the third consecutive semester. A pleasant occurrence for the Beta Sigma chapter was the remodeling of their sorority house basement. Beta Upsilon chapter not only moved into a new suite this year, but also better than doubled its membership. Beta Phis moved into a new house-English half timber in style, with a big open fireplace! Beta Chi members worked with the Phoenix Alumnae on projects for the schools for mentally retarded.

books to sell can contact prospective buyers. Gamma Alphas have again this year spent Saturday mornings working with the orphans at St. James' Children's Home in Omaha. Over one hundred stuffed and wool yarn animals have been made by the Gamma Betas for the two state colonies for mentally retarded children. Joan Breglio, Gamma Delta president, has one of the leads in the school's production of Carousel, and chapter members will be turning out en masse to see her. Gamma Epsilon members are busy with the Campus Carnival, Parents-Alumnae Tea, and the Panhellenic Formal this spring. Gamma Zetas were well-represented in the all-college beauty pageant. The winner and three finalists were Alpha Sigma Alphas. In their first rush season as Alpha Sigma Alphas, the Gamma Etas, in competition with 27 established sororities, took 28 enthusiastic pledges, and one, Ellen McLaughlin, was in the final competition in the Greek Week contest for outstanding pledge of the year.

Beta Psis are justifiably proud of their scholarship program which enabled them to win the scholarship cup with a 2.92 average on a 4.0 system. Beta Omegas initiated a non-profit service on their campus through which students with used





National Scholarship Chairman

Grade Point

Chapter Size below 25

3.0 to 4.0



Beta Eta ( 1-1)

2.5 to 2.99

Theta Theta (1-13) Beta Mu ( 1-4 ) Beta Omega ( 3-9) Phi Phi ( 1-4) Sigma Sigma ( 2-4) Beta Chi ( 1-11) BetaNu (2-3) Beta Iota

2.0 to 2.49

Rho Rho ( 6-6)


Above 55

Beta Beta ( 1-8)

Alpha ( 1-9) Beta Theta ( 4-11) Beta Phi ( 3-4) Gamma Alpha

Beta Gamma ( 1-3) Alpha Beta (1-4) Beta Psi (1-11) Beta Rho ( 1-9) Gamma Beta ( 1-4) Chi Chi (4-11) .... Beta Epsilon ( 3-7) Alpha Gamma (5-10) Beta Pi ( 3-4) Epsilon Epsilon

., ,.,.

Beta D elta (5-8) Eta Eta (3-6) Gamma Epsilon ( 8-8) Beta Sigma ( 4-6) Gamma Delta (9-12) Alpha Alpha ( 18-18) Beta Kappa (5-5) Zeta Zeta Beta Zeta

Legend: All grade points have been adjusted to or based on a 4.0 system since there are few chapters using 3.0 or 5.0 syste~s. The numbers behind the chapter name giv'e the Alpha S1gma Alpha rank and number of sororities on the campus if said information has been report~d. . Insufficient information prevents including Kappa Kappa, Nu ~u, Psi Psi, Beta Lambda, Beta Upsilon and Gamma Zeta chapters. Gamma Eta IS a new chapter.


• • • • • •


DIRECTORY FOUNDERS Mrs. W. B. Carper (Louise Cox ), 505 Montrose Dr., South Charleston, W. Va. Mrs. H. E. Gilliam (Juliette Hundley), Gresham Court Apts., Richmond, Va. Miss Mary Williamson Hundley, Gresham Court Apts., Richmond, Va. Mrs. John Walton Noell (Virginia Boyd ) , (deceased) Mrs. P. W. Wootton (Calva Hamlet Watson), (deceased)


President Emeritus-Mrs. Fred M . Sharp (Wilma Wilson ) , 1405 Hardy, Independence, Mo. President-Mrs. W. Lawson Blackstone (Mary Emerson), 1740 Central Ave., Wilmette, Til. Vice President-Mrs. Harold C. Brown {Marie Scanlan), 3105 Rexford Dr., South Bend 15, Ind. Secretary--Mi ss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd., Philadelphia 51, Penna. Tr easurer- Mrs. Harry P. Nelson (Margaret ) , Suite 206, 2852 Delaware Ave., Kenmore 17, N . Y. Membership Director-Mrs. George J. Malone, Jr. (Helen Hooper), 2614 S. Vandalia, Tulsa 14, Okla. Editor-Miss Mary C. Goeke, 1473 Oak Knoll Dr., Cincinnati 24, 0.

Alumnae Director-Mrs. Alex 0. Mathisen (Nancy Gibson ) , 2453 W. Theresa, Anaheim, Calif. Officer in Charge of Central Office-Mrs. riar ry P . elson (Margaret ) , Suite 206 , 2852 Delaware Ave., Kenmore 17, N. Y.


Alumnae Editor-Mrs. Kendall F. Bone (Shirley Pallatto), 3263 Vittmer Ave., Cincinnati 38, 0 . Alumnae Organizer-Mrs. Leonard B. Hebert, Jr. (Hilda Giraud), 5519 Charlotte Dr., New Orleans 22 , La. Art-Mrs. Robert J. Wolf (Edith Gaupp), R .R. No. 1, Rexford, N. Y. Awards-Mrs. Louis E. Fletcher (Ruth Newcomb ) , 141 Marked Tree Rd., Needham 92, Mass. Chapter Alumnae Secretary--Mrs. John .J. Dimond (Martha Green), 4028 20th St. N.E., Washington 18, D. C. College Editor-Mrs. Donald D. Olson {Pauline Smith). 8632 Pringle Dr .• Cincinnati 31, 0. Constitution- Mi ss Patricia Talla, 4531 E. Quartz Mt. Rd. , Phoenix, Ariz. Convention-Miss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd., Philadelphia 51, Penna. Fellowship-Mrs. Stewart W. Koenemann (Bonnie Payne), 1230 Hoyt Dr., St. Louis 37 , Mo.

Founders' Day--Mrs. William B. Barre (Betty Barber), 395 Hopkins Rd., Williamsville 21, N. Y . 1/istorian- Miss Charlotte L. Adams, 29 Carver Road, Watertown 72, Mass. 1/ousing-Mrs. W. Lawson Blackstone (Mary Emerson). 1740 Central Ave., Wilmette, III. Magazine-Miss Mary K. Reiff, 219 East 46th St., Apt. 2-W, Kansas City 12, Mo. Music-Mrs. Arthur L. HeUrich (Shirley Ainsworth), 27 Abbington Terrace, Glen Rock, N. J. Philanthropic~Miss L. Geraldine Smith, 207 N. Lime St., Lancaster, Penna. Ritual-Mrs. Joe H. Brewer (Viola Cara· way), 6214 E. Murdock, Wichita 8, Kan. Rush-Mrs. Phillip D. Barn es (Jo Ann Warring), 829 N. Independence, Tipton, Indiana. Scholarship-Mrs . William B. Niemeyer (Anne Petree), 19 Country Lane, Milford, 0. Stat e Day--Miss Sharon K. Chapman , 3837 Sierra Way, San Bernardino, Calif.


Alpha .Sigma Alpha Delegate-Mrs. A. Howard Hall (Betty Phillips), 342-D Higgins Rd., Park Ridge, Ill.

THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ADPHA is published in the fall , winter, spring, and summ-er of each year at 2642 University Avenue, St. Paul 14, Minnesota, by Leland Publishers, Inc. (The Fraternity Press) , official publishers for the sorority. The subscription price is $1 a year. Send change of address and business correspondence to Alpha Sigma Alpha Central Office, Suite No. 206, 2852 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore 17, New York. Address all correspondence of an editorial na ture to the editor , M iss Mary C. Goeke, 1473 Oak Knoll Drive, Cincinnati 24, Ohio. Second-class postage paid at St. Paul , Minnesota . Postmaster : Send Form 3579 to Alpha Sigma Alpha, Suite No. 206, 2852 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore 17, New York.

tlnrw~ 196/f. rn.mional eoJWJlJtliLJJL '9JIIJoL PfllllL gnn,, thJuw&, rn. 9uhJ 6-11, 196/f.


If you are not a Phoenix subscriber and would like to receive convention information in and send the form below to: MISS HELEN L. COREY 6310 SHERWOOD ROAD PHILADELPHIA 51, PA. Name


Address Street I was initiated



College chapter 8


1963-64, fill

Asa phoenix vol 48 no 4 summer 1963  
Asa phoenix vol 48 no 4 summer 1963