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WINTER, 1960




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SuPPORT YouR TEAM .. . . . . ..... .. ... ... ... . .... .... .... .... .

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THE PARADISE OF THE PACIFIC . .. . . . .... . . .... .. ....... .. ... . ............ .. . ... ........ .. ... . ........ ... ... ..... . . . . 10 SouTH BEND ALUMNAE Am LoGAN ScHOOL.. ......... .... ....... .. . .. .... .. .. .......... ..... ........... .


Music CoMPOSITION CoNTEST .. ..... .. .... . . .. ......... . ... . . .. ..... . ..... .. .... .. ...... .. . . ..................... 1 3 EsPECIALLY FOR You ..... .. .. .. .. .. ... .... .. ... . ......... .. ........... .. .... .. . .. ...... .. ...................... . ........ HoMECOMING-


1959 .... . . . ... . .. .. .. ... . .. . .. . ... ... .. ..... . .. ... . ... . .. . .. ...... .. .. . . . . . ..... .. ........................ 16

WHY AFFILIATE WITH NPC? ......... . .. . . ... .. . . .... . .. . ... . .. ... . .... . ...... . ...... . ... . .. . ......... . ... .. ........ 18 IN MEMORIAM . . .. . .. ...... . .. . ... ......... ....... . .................. .. .. .. ..... . ........... . ................ .. ... . ........... 19 CoLLEGE NEws LETTERS . . ......... .... .. . ..... ... .. ... .. ...... .. ........ ... ......... . ................................ 20 ALUMNAE NEWS LETTERS . .. ..... . . ... .. . .. . . .. . .................. . ..... ... ...... ... ..... .. .. .. . .. ......... . ......... 2 9 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA OFFICERS' CALENDAR .. .. . .. ....... .. ... ...... ...... ... .. .. .......................... 3 6 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA DIRECTORY ........ .. ........ .. ....... ...... .... .. .. .. ................... . ..... .. ... .... ... 3 8 RECOMMENDATION BLANK . . .. .... . ....... .. . . ... ... ..... .. .. .. ...... .. .. ... .......................................... 3 9








THE PHOE ' IX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA is published in the fall , winter, spring a nd summer o f each year a t 2642 niversitv Avenue, St. Paul 14, Minn esota, by Lela nd Publishers , Inc. (Th e Fra ternity Press) , official publishers for the sorority. The subscri t>· tion price is $1 a year. Send cha nge of address and businc s correspondence to Alpha Sigm a Alpha Central Office, 372 Argo nne Drive, Kenmore 23. New York. Address all correspondence of an editorial nature t o the edi1or, M rs. Eugene H. Cromp ton, Jr., 7001 pri ng Road #3 , Richmond 28, Virginia . Second class 'Postage paid a t St. .Paul , Minnesota. Postm ast er : Send J'onn 3579 to Alpha Sigma Alpha , 372 Argonne Drive, K enmore 23 ,

ew York.


Members of the Executive Committee for the next biennium are , left to right, l\'Iiss E lizabeth Dyer, Chi Omega., Treasurer; Mrs. William Nash, Alpha Xi Delta, Secretary; and Mrs. Joseph D. Grigsby, Delta. Delta Delta, Chairman. Mrs. Darrell R. Nordwall is the r etiring Chairman .

NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE CONVENES AT BOCA RATON, FLORIDA Bv GENEVIEVE F. MoRSE, Kappa D elta THE THIRTY-SIXTH SESSION of the National Panbellenic Conference was opened on November 9, 1959, at the Boca R aton Hotel, Boca R aton, Florida. Hostesses for this session were Nation al Officers of Alpha Chi Omega, D elta D elta D elta, and Alpha Xi Delta.

Mrs. D arrell R. Nordwall, Alpha Chi Omega, Chairman of the Executive Committee, extended a gracious welcome to the representatJives of the twenty-nine NPC groups, and introduced the other two members of the Executive Committee-M·rs. Joseph D . G rigsby, D elta D elta. Delta, Secretary; and Mrs. William Nash, Alpha Xi D elta, Treasurer. Included in Mrs. Nordwal l's repor-t of her many responsibilities a nd activities as Chairman was •reference to her experience as a Judge a t th e 1958 Miss America Contest. Mrs. Gribsby reported 64 new chapters- or an average of one chapter e very two weeks- for the biennium, with a total of 74,9 16 new members. Mrs. Nash's report indicated that expenses of the biennium had been m et, and tha t a balanced budget had been achieved. Alpha Xi D elta was responsible for R egistration a nd Credentials; group meetings were arranged ~~

l'lctured le ft are Mrs . Da.rrell R. Sordwall, Alpha Chi Omega, Chairman of the Executive Committee for the past b iennium, and Dr. George F. Baugham, Vice-Preside nt and Treasurer of New York University. Dt·. Bang·ham addressed the Confet·ence at ·a banquet.


'l'o J'l' pl·esent. Alpha Sigma Alpha for the next. biennium of NPC a•·e, le ft to ri g h t, i\lar·tha G1-een J)imond, d elegate ; J ean Raup Grady, first alte•·nate; Ma1·y Emer on Black ston e, second alternate; and Hiwall'a Cupp •·ompton, delegate to t h e EditOJ'S ' Conference.

by DC'Ita D elta D elta· and hotel a rra ngemen ts a nd social events were planned by Alpha Chi Omega. Splendid reportJs of the work accomplished during the past biennium were pre ented by the various Standing Committees. Panels included tho e conducted by the Coll ege Panhell enics Committee, of which Mrs. Crecene A. Fari , D elta Zeta, was Chairman; the City Panh ellenics Committee, Mrs. H. E. Staehle, Alpha Sigma Tau Chairman ; and one entitled "Time and Ohance H appen th to Th em All ," condu ted by D ea.n Katherine Warren and D ean Etter M. Turner. Five projects have been handled by the Survey and Projects Committee, Mrs. Julia Fuqua Ob r, Kappa D elta, Chairman, reported; and inquiri es r garding expansion have come from thirty-one states, according to Mrs. Sidney R. Stanard, Alpha D Ita Pi, Chairma n of the Extension Committee. Progress made in a program for citizenship education was pre ented by Mrs. C. M . J ansky Alpha Gamma D elta, Chairman of the Citizenship Committee. M'rs. Mary Love Collins, Chi Omega,, gave an excellent report on the work done by the Committee on R esearch and Public R elations. H er conclu ion was tJhat ~he issue of the present day is "preservation of civi lized freedom as as ured to th people and the states by the Constitution or dictatorship by whatever n ame it is caJ led soc ialism, coll ectivism, or communism." The NPC Editors' Conference, und er the Chair-

man hip of Mr . Donald Pi rce Phi Mu, hrld con tructive workshops, including one conductrd by Mr. R andolph L. Fort ditor of Th e Emol')' Alumnu s. Mr. F rt al o poke to a e ion of thr PC Delegate concerning the admis ion of NPC groups to Emory nive1 ity. The editors' traditional Bras Tack Dinner wa held on \A,I dn day evening. The A ociation of Central Offi Executive. , of ' hich Yfr . H. Winton J nkin , Z ta Tau Alpha, was pr id nt al o held it biennial m ling. The program includ d s v ral work hop and a banquet. Mrs . E. Gran illc rabtree , Se r ta1 of th Interfraternity Re carch and d,·i ory ouncil. pre en ted a,n intere ting report on th · work of

M1·s. \V. ('. Uob rts, Zeta •ran Alpha, (le ft) presents the XPC Awanl to Sa mh·a Ross ftll' A ln ba ma Po lytec hnic Institu te and the .l<'H.A TERNITY ~fONTH Awat·d to Janict' Hahn t'ot· til(' t nin' t'sity of Oklahoma . Both and1·a and Janice are pre ident of th e ir r espectiYe Panhellt'nics.

this Council. Her report was followed by an Indiana University film, entitled "The Fraternity Idea." An Administrative Workshop, covering severa l topics of interest to all officers, was conducted by Mrs. Robert W. Preston, Delta Gamma. "Belonging" was the title of the address given by Dr. George F. Baugham, Vice-President and Treasurer of New York University, at the banquet on Tuesday night. In this address, Dr. Baugham emphasized the value of fraternity membership. Miss Lenora Slaug~hter, Executive Director of The Miss America Pageant, was the guest speaker for the Formal Banquet, Thursday evening, and reviewed the history of this organization. At the conclusion of her talk, she showed slides of contestants in the 1959 Miss America Pageant. As Chairman of the Committee on Awards, Mrs. W. C. Roberts, Zeta Tau Alpha, presented two awards. The Fraternity Month Award, made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Leland F. Leland, was presented to 路the University of Oklahoma College Panhellenic, and t!he . NPC Award, gift of the NPC Executive Committee of 1955-1957, and presented for the first time, went to the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Both Janice Hahn and Sandra Ross, presidents of thei'r respective Panhellenics, were at the Banquet, as were Miss Dorothy Truex, Counselor for Women at the University of Oklahoma, and Miss Katherine Cater, Dean of Women at Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Several other D eans of Women, including Miss Mary Clay Williams, University of Tulsa; Miss Hattie

Eicholz, Flo路r ida Southern College; Miss Evelyn Sellers, Florida State University; Miss De Long, Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Miss Etter M. Turner, Stetson University; and Dean Emeritus Mary B. Merritt, were guests at the Banquet. Iowa State University and Oklahoma State Univ.ersity received Honorable Mention for the Fraternity Month Award; and North Dakota State and the University of Cincinnati, for the NPC Award. Chairman of the Executive Committee for the next biennium is Mrs. Joseph D . Grigsby, Delta Delta Delta. Mrs. William Nash, Alpha Xi Delta, will serv.e as Secretary; and Miss Elizabeth Dyer, Chi Omega, as Treasurer. The "Statement of Rights," adopted in 1957, was unanimously reaffirmed. Other resolutions passed at this session of the National Panhellenic Conference cla,r.ified and re-emphasized form er resolutions regarding high standards and scholarship. It was an inspiring experience to all those privileged to attend the thirty-sixth session, and this inspiration will be reflected in th eir accomplishments during the next biennium. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA was represented at this session of the National Panhellenic Conference by Esther Bucher, delegate ; Jean R. Grady, first alternate; Martha G . Dimond, second alternate and incoming delegate; Mary E . Blackstone, third alterna,te ; and Hiwana C. Crompton, delegate to the Editors' Conference.



Due to the need of another alumnae chapter in the Chicago area, alumnae met at the home of Ruth Neff Petree AA in Calumet City on Octobe r 25 for the purpose of organizing a new chapter, th e Chicago South Suburban. Doris Dowling Adams AA, from the Chicago Alumnae Chapter, organized the meeting. Officers were elected.

Credit for the reorganization of the Houston Alumnae Chapter goes to Helen Hooper Malone Br, former national magazine chairman, from Tulsa, who was in Houston for four months. The first meeting was held at the home of Marvel Putnam K ethoe BZ on September 26. It was de 路 cided that nine meetings would be set yearly.




President- Carol Drogula BP Vice-President- Roberta Bakke BP Secretary- Mary Beth O'Connor Cooley BK Treasurer-Jo Ann J ones Thompson BN Editor- Elizabeth Soyring XX Magazine Chairman- Sue Ann Baer XX

President- Ga:therine Anne Bianca B6. Vice-President- Ena Claire Landry BZ Secretary- Nadine Peterson Tenison EE Treasurer-M a.Jrvel Putnam K ehoe BZ Editor- Patricia French B6. Magazine Ghairman-Aimee Tindall Knight B6.


Magazine ubscription a national mon y-mak ing project, will as ist our National Philanthr pi Proj ct, the Mentally R etarded Child. Alpha Alpha Ep ilon Ep ilon and Beta K appa have ent in the most magazine ub criptions in the last convention and the alumnae chapt rs with the high st core are Dayton, kron and Lo Angeles.





Modern Bride ..... ................................... $3 per year The Brides Magazine .......... .. .... ............ $2 per year Better Homes and Garden .... .. ............ $3 per year "For your


i ters being married"

School Arts ... ..... ... .... ..... .. ... ............ ... .... $6 per year Children' Activitie .............................. $6 per year The Instructor ... ... .. .. ....................... ..... $6 per year ' For girls having igned teachin

ontra ts"

Horizon ...... ...... .................................... $18 p r y ar Mental H ygiene .................................. $ 6 per year Life Time Livi ng ................................ $ 3 per y ar 'For that omeone special in your life"



ational Ma gazin e Sub cription Chairma11








MANY, MANY HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to Beta Beta and Zeta Zeta Chapters. Bovh of these chapter have permanently captured the Scholalfship Trophy on ~heir campus. Beta Beta, at Colorado State CoUege, and Zeta Zeta, at Central Missouri State College, have had the highest sorority scholastic average on campus for three consecutive years.

Juanita Hock receives from Richard Harms the Panhellenic Scholarship Award for Beta Beta Chapter·.



Beta Delta, at Mississippi Southern CoHege, and Beta Omega, at Bucknell University, are to be congratulated, also, aJS they won the campus Plaque and Cup for the higihest sorority scholastic averages last year. Many of our girls have achieved excellent scholastic and leadership records and have received numerous honor this year. We can well be proud of them , for their star has risen high. T:hey are giving full measure and following their star to attain the highest- true Alpha Sigma Alphas. The following information was obtained from the chapter scholarship chairmen's reports and letters. ALPHA- Cherry Gorham has a cumulative average of 2.92 out of a possible 3. She has been selected to edit The Rotunda, the college newspaper. Claudia Whipple has been elected president of the Athletic Association. She has served A~A as scholarship chairman. ALPHA ALPHA-Pamela Pearson and Luretta McVey achieved straight A averages. Pam is now president and was formerly scholarship chairman. Luretta ·is uhe present scholarship chairman. ALPHA BETA- Carolyn Mulford, scholarship chairman, has the highest scholarship standing in the chapter with a cumulative average of 2.75 out of a possible 3. She is secretary of Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity, and won the Regent's

Debate Award during the winter qua rter last year. She is also a m ember of the Oral Interpreter' Club and won the original poetry conte t both in 1957-58 and in 1958-59. ALPHA GAMMA- Nancy Rid er achieved a straight A average 'last pring. BETA BETA- Mary Camblin served A::SA as ocial chairman and song leader. She was also a member of Gold Key, D elta Omicron, Pi Lambda Tiheta, Ka.ppa Delta Pi, Tau Beta Sigma, Spurs, the Concert Band, Student Council, Associated Student secretary, Choralettes, the Little 'Dheater of the Rockies, and the Greel ey Philharmonic Orchestra. he received the Boettcher Foundation Scholarhip, the A.W.A. Outstanding Junior Awa rd, and th e Outstanding Marching Band Award. She was elected as Blue Key Sweetheart, Acacia Fraternity Sweetheart, an Orientation Leader and to Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. She was Ohoral-Aires Choreographer, Miss Colorado State College Finalist, and Military Ball Queen Finalist. In addition, she achieved a 4.5 cumulative average based on a p erfect 5 and gave an honor recital on the flute . Karen Hadley erved A::SA as vice-president and chaplain. She was a member of Gold K ey (president ), Pi Lambda Theta, Pi Kappa flelta (president) , Student ounci'l, Spurn; (treasurer) , the Greeley P'hilh armonic Orchestra, Debate Team, Concert Band, and the Roger Williams Founda tion (secretary). She received the Women's R esidence Hall Counci l Scholarship Trophy and a A.W.S. Ou tstanding Junior Award. She was selected Outstanding Pi Lambda Theta Freshm an and Sophomore, as an Orientation L eader, and to the Pre ident' Li t.

howing the Pruthellenic

cholarship Cup which

Beta Omega r eceived -are, left to right, P egg,, Schafer·; Joan Pie r· ol, preside nt; and J,ynda \Vea\·t-r·, scholm·ship chail·man.

Fr·om l e ft to right, Jane Lucas, pre i<le n t ; i\ 'lynta Male , firs t vice-pr· ide nt; and 1\:ay Allen, cond vice-pr·esident; of Bett1 Pi hapte r·, dis play the scholru·s hjp and s por·t · mans hip tro phi .

She achieved a 4. 73 cumulative average. Dorothy Haug was elected Mi Sorority and was a Mi s Homecoming Queen candidate. She i a member of Spurs, A sociated tudent Acti itie Commitlpha Sigma tee, and Pi L ambda Theta, and i Alpha secretary. She i a Wilson Hall officer, secretary of the junior class, and an Orientation Leader. She received the Joint H onor cholarship and has a cum ul ative a erag of 4.5. Sally Kappel, Darlene Conover, Karen Hadley Juanita H ock ( cholarship chairman ) and Sandra Ma on achieved straigh t A averages Ia t pring. ZETA ZETA- Virginia Bell, Karen H enry and Pat trider earned straiaht A a erages for the pring se meste r. K aren is cholar hip chainn an.

Doris R ecords , presid nt of Z ta Zeta hapter at Central Mi som·i tate College, \Varrensb urg, i\11 so nl'i, di play the Panhellenic Scho lar hip tp which the c hapter ha won fot· th Ia t till' e years.


KAPPA KAPPA- Linda Schneeman and Judy Schultz received perfect 4 averages during the spring semester. PHI PI-n- Karen Graham, a senior, ha~ been on the Dean's Honor Roll for five semes-ters and ranked in the top four of ohe 1959 junior class. She is historian for Pi Omega Pi, a member ot Kappa Delta Pi, and holds the office of secretary for the Union Board. Slhe serves A~A as membership director and is past corresponding secretary. CHI CHI- Sue Woods was selected the Outstan ding Senior in Chi Chi Chapter. Judy Kanke and Carol Edgars attended a breakfast given by Clavia for scholastically outstanding freshman women. BETA D ELTA- Sylvia Clayton received the United Business Education Association Smead Award. She is a member of Phi Delta Rho, Kappa D elta, Pi, and is president of Pi Omega Pi. Sylvia also received a $800 teaching fellowship in Busin ess Education. Anne Coker, who made straight A's for the spring semester, received the D epartment of English and Literature Award. Anne is president of Pi K appa Pi and a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Lambda Iota Tau. She is ~he recipient of a $1600 fellowship in English. Jimmie Lu Albritton, a straight A student last spring, is a m ember of Pi Kappa Pi, Lambda Iota T au, an d Kappa Mu Epsilon . Ann Patrick and Gwendolyn Fortinberry were elected to Who's Who in AmeTican Univ ersities and Colleges. Ann, a straight A stu dent last spr.i ng, received the Minnie Frances Chipley M emorial Award. Gwen is a member of Phi Delta Rho, senior women's scholastic leadership fraternity. Ruby Ann Howell, who achieved a straight A average during tJhe summer term. was elected as president of Sigma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Eta. Last year Ann represented her chapter at the nationa,J convention in N ew York .City, and thi~ past November she represented her chapter at the convention in Columbus Ohio and fulfilled her duties as national booth ~hairm~n. BETA ZETA- Renee Magainnis, Joan Roche!, and Ja~et Pitt achieved straight A a.verages for the spnng semester. Renee is chapter president and also an officer in tJhe Lambda Omega Honor Society.

ma.tics and minored in physics and chemistry. BETA IoTA-Hester Hagy and Margaret Joann Young earned straight A averages for the winter quarter. Joann has one of the highest scholastic averages, 2. 78 based on 3, on campus. She was vice-president of Student Government and a member of the Athletic Association, Pemm Club, Aquatics Club, Monogram Club, Kappa Delta Pi, and t'he German Club. BETA Nu- Peal Terry received the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, and Carolyn Roberts received a fellowship . BETA Px- Ma.rie Hall achieved a straight A average fo路r the spring semester. Kay Allen is the national vice-president of Cardinal Key. She has been a member of the Women's Hall Council for the past three years and is president for this year. Kay is second vice-president for Beta Pi Chapter. Kay Barnett is president of Ca:rdina,l Key and a member of Kappa Delta Pi. She was president of her freshman class and serves as treasurer for Beta Pi Chapter. Dana Hodges was the recipient of tlhe Kappa Delta. Pi Scholarship Award. BETA UPSILON~Ca路rol Payne received a feUowship to U.C.L.A. Patti Manning, scholarship chairman, was elected to Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges and has served the chapter as treasure r, vice-president, social chairman, Panhellenic delegate for two years, philanthropic chairman, membership director, and pledge trainer. She was tJhe junior class secretary, co-chairman of Greek Week, chairman of the PanheHenic Tea, representa.tive to the National Home Economics Convention, and ;is a charter member and on the executive board of the newly-formed Home Economics Honorary. BETA PHI- Gloria Walstad achieved a straight A average for the spring semester, was elected to Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, and received the chapter's scholastic trophy. Dorothy Grundmann was elected to Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges and is a m em ber of Phi U psi ion Omicron.

BETA ETA- Bernice Mayer, Shirlee Smith, and Judy Ulfers received 1Jhe grade of A in student teaching du11ing the winter quarter.

BETA OMEGA-Margaret Schaffer was selected for membership in the freshman women's honorary, Alpha Lambda Delta, and she ha.s maintained a Dean's List average every semester-two of which were straight A averages. She was selected to Psi Chi and to Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year. She is serving Beta Omega as membership director this year.

BETA THETA- Marilyn Burkhardt Barry was valedictorian of the 1959 graduating class at Central Michigan University. Marilyn achieved a 3.87 cumulative point average. She majored in mathe-

GAMMA DELTA- Barbara Miller, a past president, secretary, and rush Clhairman, had an index of 3.3 based on a perfect 4 for last semester.-GAIL DIXON DICKSON, National Scholarship Chairman.



SPOTLIGHT PEGGY HUMPHREYS • Peggy Humphreys <1><1>, a junior majoring in elementary education, has been announced as first runner-up in the international Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Sweetheart Contest. She is being featured as Miss September on the fraternity's calendar. Peggy has served her chapter as pledge president, membership director, and editor. She was attendant to the 1959 Homecoming Queen. At present she is president of A WS, vice-president of the junior class, and treasurer of the Student Government Association. Peggy is a past president of Gamma Delta, Lutheran Youth Organization.

YVONNE BOEHRSEN • Yvonne Boehrsen BH, a senior majoring in composite commerce and minoring in English and chemistry, is president of Beta Eta Chapter, Student Council representative, co-ordinator of Public Information, and Homecoming Decorations committee-woman, and was a candidate for Homecoming Princess. During her junior year she was president of AWS and chairman of their Homecoming float committee and chairman of Beta Eta's Awards and Finance Committee. Last May, Yvonne was chosen Air Reserve Queen, first attendant to Miss North Dakota Air Reserve, and Miss Dickinson.

KAY ALLEN • Kay Allen BIT, a senior in elementary education, has recently been elected national vice-president of Cardinal Key. She is treasurer of her chapter of Cardinal Key. Kay is second vice-president of Beta Pi and was editor last year. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and is listed in "Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges." A member of the Dean's List, Kay is president of Women's Hall Council. She was a representative of the Student Government Association and was a recipient of the Cardinal Key Award to the junior girl in the organization having the highest scholastic average.



THE USS Barrett arrived about 9:30 A.M. Saturda.y, O etober 12, 1957, at Pearl Harbor on the is:land of Oahu. From aboa:rd ship I had my first real glimpse of Hawaii, Paradise of the Pacific. The picture was · a vivid one. Against the background of a colorful crowd of smiling and waving people were a Navy band in white and brown skinned girls adorned in grass skirts and leis, dancing the hula. We got off the ~hip loaded down with cameras, small bags, baby gear, and

View along Kailua Beach.

R ay, our 6-months-old little boy. I was quite excited until I •realized that we did not know one person in rhat smiling crowd . It was 10: 45 A.M., and I could picture myself, my !husband, and R ay as we camped on the dock . The Marin es finally landed with leis in hand. I breathed a sigh of relief and a groan from the weight of my load and piled into a Na,vy stationwa,gon truck for our ride to Kaneohe Marine Air Sta tion on the windward side of the island. At firrst Hawaii looked like most any city in the U. S. There were houses, stores, and lo ts of traffic. I saw banana and bamboo trees for the first ,t ime. The people were of all nation a,lities. We learned vh;:~.t t he population was made up mostly of Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Philippinos, caucasians (spoken of as haoles ), and H awa iia ns. There are few true H awaiians still h ere a.s there have been


so many inter-marriages between nationalities. Added to these permanent residents are thousands of military families . I was trying not .to miss any sights and listen to our driver when I "realized ·w e wer.e going uphill most of the time. Then there were no houses, no people~just bamboo, banana, and palm trees all around on hills. The road was quite narrow, and as it twisted up and around, I thought I was in a jU11Jgle. I was told that this was rthe Pali drive. Pali is rthe Hawad:ian word for pass, and tlhis was the pass through the mountains. Suddenly a heavy gust of wind hit us; we made a sharp turn, and we started clown. My eyes widened; I grabbed my husband's arm; I pulled Ray closer rt o me and quit breathing. On my right it went straight up. On my left :it went straight down. There was a wall, but it didn't look very high to me from that truck. I looked out to see three communities and the Marine base on a peninsula by Kaneohe Bay. Beyond tlhis wer.e the shore and the navy-blue Paoific which met the pale blue sky spaced with fluffy white clouds. It was a lovely sight, but on that day I was almost too frightened to look. I was told that rthis two-lane road was once used for traffic going bot'h ways. Now there is a new tunnel road for those leaving the windward side of the island. Since that first time I have driven the narrow twisting Pali drive many times, and I always think of that first ride. AI vhough the living here is similar to ours in the states, I noticed many things different. There are lots of Hawaiian and oriental fashions. One of the most popular is the Hawaiian "muu muu" (pronounced moo-oo moo-oo or moo moo). It is most often seen in gay Hawaiian prints, with or without sleeves, and from a yoke .the garment is loose fitting to knee or ankle length. They are worn on any and all occasions and are very n~ce maternity dresses. I said, as so many others have said, that I would never wear one. Well, just as so many others have done, I now wear muu muus. Sportswear i·s, of course, ·the most popular type of dress here in the islands as it is summer all year. I enjoy the many days we spend at tlhe beach . The sunny days with the gentle trade winds and coo·! nights are quite nice and comfortabl e. However, there is a rainy season from O ctober to March. During this season we usually have at least one good shower each day. I think the fall , winter, and spring seasons are one of the

\'it>w from Marine Co1·ps Ai•· Station, 1\:aneohe Day.

thing I miss most here. It took me awhile to get u ed to the strange names of places a.nd things, not to mention people's names. 'Dhe towns and streets have Hawaiian name , and I had quite a time learning to pronounce them. There are still lots of them that stump me. In most cases evety vowel is pronounced. For instance, lu au .is pronounced !o6-ou. This word means an old Hawaiian custom . lightl y similar to a picnic, but instead of broiling hamburger on a grill, the Hawaiian bury a pig in hot coals. Usually they wrap sweet potatoe in the tea leaves and bury them with the pig and let it team cook for about six hours. I attended a luau where they erved along with the deliciou s pork barbecued tuna, which i very rich· coconut pudding, which is like jell ed coconut; chicken with long noodle rice; octopus, very small in ize served in a spinach similar to tra.ined spinach for babie · and, of course, poi and fresh pineappl . Included in this luau were roll and cak , and silverware was available if you so desired. It wa r ally an experience a.nd a treat to attend a real Hawaiian luau. The Hawaiian chain consi ts of even principal i land : O ahu Lanai, Maui, Kauai Molokai , Niiha.u , and Hawaii. The latter i t'he larae t and i aHed the orchid isle or the big island. Moana loa and Moana kea, the volcanoes, are lo atecl there. I have not visited any of the neighboring i land , but the military ha maneuvet on evera l of them. When Bill, my hu band, wa on the big i land, he ent me a box of as orted tropical flo, er . They were gorgeou ! Some of them looked artificial-a if they were made of wax. H ere

orchid are quite plentiful. Ther shape , iz , and olor. On of th mor popula• leis i made of vanda or hid . Th miniature orchid . L i a.r · u ed ' hen people who arrive in the i land the i land in plac of co ag or parand at Ea t r. M y tropi I ortment ' a. ti quit colorful. Th r wcr pink d ep red Ia nder, white, and oranae blo oms. om of th flm er had terns th ize of a child's arm. tree have flow r and ve• few leave . have very f w flow 1 . Th re are trc and bu he that bloom the year round and tho e that have Oov r caso n . t a ny rate, th r ar adorning the p oplc, yard , hou and countryside. Sight eers arc in paradi c here a th r 1 a of intere t. v aikiki variou assortm nt of pia attra t people fir t as it i. publi ized mor and the night spot ar lo ated there. There ar J apanc e Chine c, Korean, and Hawaiian night lub re taUI·ants, and hop at Waikiki. From the famou · beach hotel there, the well known Diamond H ad is often photographed. I enjoy waJkin among the many departme nt tore and hop and watching all th different typ of peopl that congr gate. Honolulu is near and i like mo t a ny city ' ith tall building , traffic and people ru hin her and there. I visited the Bishop Mu cum wh r the tory of Hawaii's Kings and Queen their dre and royal cu tom was told with pictur manikins, and some authentic furniture, clothing, and uch . I a' urf canoe , old fishing equipment, how poi wa made from taro root , and many other inter-

View from the Pali Lookout.


esting things. The Buddhist temples attract visitors as do the many lookouts such as the one a top the Pali drive. At Punch Bowl Cemetery there is a lookout with a view from Diamond Head, along Waikiki, Honolulu, !!he pineapple factories, and the international airport to Pearl Harbor where th e USS Arizona can be partially seen in the harbor and has been made into a shrine. This shrine honors the many men killed during the a ttack at Pearl Harbor that unforgettable D ecember 7, 1941. There are many lovely and colorful drives through the pineapple a.nd sugar ca ne fields, along the ma ny beach es, and by areas covered with the large and lovely flowers. A dream that the people of Hawaii h ave had for a long, long time has at last come true-statehood. From the time I arrived, there were high hopes of H awaii's becoming a state, and n ewspapers were full of articl es concerning the prob-

!ems behind it. When the biH was passed and statehood offered to the people, there was muoh celebration. The offices and stores closed at noon. That night I saw the fireworks from the ships off tlhe beach at W aikiki. There was a huge flaming bon fire, and crowds were everywhere. Streets were closed to cars in Waikiki, and people walked up and down singing and dancing. Everyone was celebrating the dream come true. The people of Hawlllii voted to accept the offer of statehood and proud to be the fiftieth state in the Union. There is much of Hawaii and this island of Oahu that I have not seen nor shall I get to see before I leave, but what sights I have been able to visit I have tremendously enjoyed. My feet go bare; I dress in muu muus, and I say a few Hawaiian words. I shall have many wonderful memories that I won't soon forget when I say "Aloha" to Hawaii, the Paradise of 路t he Pacific.

SOUTH BEND ALUMNAE AID LOGAN SCHOOL LoGAN ScHOOL is located in Mis'hawa.ka, Indiana, a nd is a special school for mentally retarded .children. It was created in 1950 by parents and friends of children who were excluded from, or not accepted by, public or private schools in St. Joseph County. The purpose of the school is to train tlhe children so that they may develop to their greatest potentia.!. This is carried ou t by a program of activi ties determined in part by the needs and

abilities of the children enrolled and by the current theory a nd knowledge of teaching retarded children. Both last year and this year, as their philanthropic proj ect, the members of tJhe South Bend Alumnae Chapter have helped the school by donating a check to help the school purchase needed supplies. The philosophy of the school is "Happiness first- all else follows."

Carolyn Fyfe X .\., p1路eside nt, and ~liiUe Warner Zoss XX, philanthi'Opic chairman of the South Bend Alumnae Chapter m路e s h own discussing th e wo1路k of J,ogan School with Mr. Oharl~s Gesslein, director.






Four Categories 1. Mother-Daughter Song

2. Alpha Sigma Alpha Good Night 3. Sweetheart Song- For A!A Wedding 4. Song-Any General Theme

The winning songs will be published in the new revised ed ition of Th e A!.A Sonabook.

Final date of acceptance will be March 1 1960.

Send all manuscripts and any reque t for additional information to the national music chairman. MRS. ARTHUR







ttJe ~peak 0( Ou/'JellleJ A RECENT VISIT to a fine high school building afforded a long .look at an exhibit of paintings by the students. The paintings were most pleasant to behold, revealing tnuch talent and s~i11. They were also beautifully displayed on an attractive, proper background. It was the legend thereon that set me thinking. In effect, it said: "In painting we speak of ourselves, what we are, what we feel, what we see. What we are we communicate to ourselves and to others. Through these efforts we grow." These wise expressions can be applied to many areas of human effort. They seem peculiarly applicable to fraternity. It is assumed that every fraternity member has some talent for or at least a deep interest in fraternity. Perhaps we need to work harder to develop our sblls in gaining fraternity values and in giving them out in services. In the conduct of the individual fraternity member and of the chapter, we speak of ourselves. How else do we exhibit what we are, what we feel, what we see? And what do we envision through the eyes of fraternity for ourselves and for others? Unless we have a clear concept of the real meaning of fraternity and effectively practice its precepts, we cannot communicate it to each other or the campus and the larger community. To be sure, fraternity membership points up for us basic truths. Within us, it gives a warm glow of belonging which we hug to our hearts. This is not enough. We need to become more knowledgea:ble in communicating the great benefits of fraternity life. If we exert our efforts to this end, we will grow as persons. Moreover, fraternity will! be not an idea but an impression- lasting and good.WILMA WrLSON SHARP, President Emeritus.

FoR years every Alpha Sigma Alpha has taken a pledge examination that she mu~St pass before permission is granted for her initiation. The past eight years a member's examination has been given within three weeks after .i nitiation, but this year the procedure has ohanged slightly; each initiated member in the college chapter must take the te路st. The purpose of these examinations is primarily 14

the same a;s for any test. Why do I feel they are necessary? MainJy, we are combating the forces in our world that are tryin-g to destroy the fraternity sy; tern. How can we convince these people that we really stand for good scholarship, service to others, physical and spiritual development unless we know what we represent? Secondly, we know ~he basic facts about our personal heritage and environment, about our state and country, our church, and we should include the organizations in _which we have membership. The pledge period is devoted to studying our ideals, but we all need an occasional reminder. The exam serves this purpose to our college members. Now how about the alumnae? Below are a few questions. How many can you answer correctly?

1. The Alpha Chapter is located in where three other Illational sororities, Kappa Delta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Zeta Tau Alpha were also founded. 2. Alpha Sigma Alpha is a member of an organiza,tion that makes policies for and recommendations to the sorority world. This organization is - - --路 3. The National Philanthropic Project is _ _ 4. We finance our National Phi,Janthropic Project through the fund. 5. The government of the sorority is vested in 路the and National Council. 6. The Wilma Wilson Sharp Award is given annually to an outstanding alumna for 7. As an alumnae member, there are several people you should notify when changing your address. One person is _____ _ 8. AlA has a Fund that makes possible loans to college members. The Amy M. Swisher Award is a fellowship for _ __ study. I hope that you answered them all without looking on page 19. Each alumnae chapter has a copy of the new pledge manual and Constitution if you wish to find more inforrn.a:tion a little reviewing.-ANNE PETREE NIEMEYER, National Membership Director.

A CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, based upon a positive and constructive approach toward encouraging and developing the potentialities of the individual members and at the same time emphasizing academic excellence, reflects and upholds the intellectual ambition of our fraternity. A chapter with such a scholarship program will ha e high tandards in, not only scholarship, but in all participation of th e group in college leadership and constructive activities. Our streamlined, jet-propelled age today calls for leadership and certainly the essentials of good scholarship are those very qualities of persistence, integrity, efficiency, and diligence which are needed in leaders. The term "scholarship," in its usually accepted form , refers to grades. Grades are tangibl e and important for we aLl lean on tangible data, but rather than emphasizing grade-getting it would seem that motivating creative scholarliness in all things wou ld serve our purpose better. Grades arc the end, but consider for a moment, the means toward this end. Your awareness of things, your sense of curiosity and your attitude toward life determines your scholarship. Good scholarship will be that of an inquiring mind which finds the whole wide world filled with fascinating and stimulating ideas which in turn motivates a desire for the attainment of real knowledge and achievement- MARTHA B. WHITE, Th e Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine.


National P1路esident of Alp,ha Omicron Pi How MANY TIMES do we use the word "responsibility" daily? Its use is inevitable as we con tribute our correlated work to the college curriculum in our mutual attempt to help teenagers grow up. How many of us are examples? Do we answer mail promptly? Are we thoughtful of students' time budgets? Do we back up their revolt a<Ya.inst pressures to sponsor every activity which comes along? Do we consolidate their reports so that the international operations of a fraternity are unhampered and yet being an officer does not require as many hour as a three-hour course for credit? Do we set the standards of conduct, grooming, fair dealing, and courtesy which we expect of them? Are we the scholars we ask them to be? Is our enthusiasm for change in keeping with the flexibil ity we ask them to 1earn? Do we confuse a '~house" with a chapter? As a matter of fact, have we forgotten that fraternities were frater-

nitie long before hou ing was a consideration? Can we counteract the pre ur of mat rialism in our chapter -"the mot chapter,' 'the bigge t hou e " "the newe t hou e " 'the bigg t membership"? Have we for<Yotten in the rae for bi<Yne that quality was the original connotation of the word 'di crimination' ? Have we done anything on local campu to build up chapter which are small because their hou ar not mod rn castles and for one reason or another, membership is the size it was in the '30' ? Not a build-up in size, but a build-up in reputation make <Yirl and men want to join a group which i not a " house" nor a club. We talk about congeniality about spirit, about unity of purpo e. Do we ha e it in chapters of 100 and 150? What hav ' done, except to provide devastating competition, for new chapters on campu e whe-re our chapter is the oldest? Have w in isted that very fraternity has a contribution to make and that expansion of mall er group will in urc their future? Have we made it clear to admini tJ路ation and to rushees that the smaller group often offer the best opportunitie for training in leader hip? Do our members understand that most fraternities extend m embership for life and that they are choosing members for alumni relation hips as well as for campus chapter life? Do they realize. in their idealistic approach to member hip selection that rejection later or limited membership may be a cruel thing for the member locally acceptable? Do they rea:lize that personal fri endships may mean more to the individual than halfhearted group acceptance and limited membership? Do administrators understand this and are they willing to share the responsibility which pre sures may bring? These are the responsibilities of today' fraternity officers. They are heavy o heavy that the volunteer is almost overwhelmed by them. But the stakes of the understanding and a ceptance of them are the highest in ociety today: the pi ritual and intellectua l growth of thousand of college tudent .-The Fratnnit路y Month.

THERE i not a ingle word in our revered Constitution. nor a word in our immortal Declaration of Ind ependence that guarantee any man or any ()'roup any results. These instruments of government peak entirely in term of opportunity. Th job of organized government i to keep the road open and the ladder up and teady. It i our job, as individuals and citizen . to take that road and to climb that ladder. . . . - GREY LEsLIE, NPC Citizenship Committee .


HOMECOMING 1959 Ann Queen State .

Na.than B~ . H om eooming At Sou t hwest 1\fissond

Gaye Lau gh er y IT, H om ecoming Qu een At NOJâ&#x20AC;˘thwest l\'li ssoul'i State.

Syl via Stout A,B, H om eooming Queen At Nort h east Missouri State T ea ch e r s .

Beta Pi's stat ionary float r eceived firs t place in t he wom en's competi t ion .

Be ta The ta's float r eceive d second place in the "most beautiful" category.


Alpha Gamma's float had as its theme, "Adventtn·es in Dr·eamland .'' Joyce l\fostik BK, a m e mbe r· of the Homecoming Queen' Court at West e •·n Illinois Univer ity.

Eta Eta' house decorations receiYed fir t place , and their float received second pla{'e, The~· al l"o •·eceived the permanent posses ion of the weepstakes' Trophy.


WHY AFFILIATE WITH NPC? BY LEOLA E. LowRY, Theta Upsilon The following speech, which outlines eight reasons why City Panhellenics should affiliate with the National Panhellenic Conference, was written by the late L eola E. Lowry, Theta Upsilon . The publishing of this article is in memory of Mrs. Lowry and is a tribute to her years of unselfish sorority service.

.. . ·•

CITY PANHELLENrcs represent the greatest potential power of women's fraternities today. We need to capitalize upon this force and use its resources for the "Cause of Fra.ternity." At the Williamsburg Conference in 1951 , it was estimated that around 150,000 fraternity women have contact, directly or indirectly, with an affiliated City Panhellenic. Since 1951 that number has greatly increased and so the field for service to these women is great. It is a challenge to NPC to utilize this force to carry to the local communities what our NPC representatives have been trying to do on the national level. NPC is that intangible collection of •l etters that fraternity members look to for ·g uidance and advice on fraternity matters. Many times, no doubt, a City Pan:hellenic in some far-off spot from "NPC" asks, "Why should we affiliate with NPC?" Perhaps they have a point and so in a few minutes' time I shall try .to .b ring out a few reasons for ·affiliating witJh NPC. I. NPC can give assistance to a City Panhellenic by helping with the organizational procedures-the constitution and by-laws; make suggestions for various types of programs and then follow through by supervision of the activities of the City Panhellenic throughout the years. II. NPC can stimulate the City Panhellenic organization to be more than just a social group meeting for luncheon and bridge. The time for tJhis is past. An affiliated City Panhellenic must be a contributing force in its local community. III. Affiliated City Panhellenics can provide a continued fraternity experience for some fraternity women ·w ho might live in a city where there are not enough members of their respective sororities to :have alumnae chapters-"stray Greeks" as they are sometimes called. One such member might be the one to spark the establishment of a City Panhellenic in a new community. IV. NPC can provide and disseminate authentic and pertinent information through the v:arious bulletins to the City Panhellenics. These bulletins will enable the affiliated City Panhel-


lenic to do a better job of counseling with the col·lege Panhellenic by getting the correct informa tion to it. The need for well-informed alumnae is growing as our colleges grow. V. NPC can provide information on "Fraternity Education," stressing the broader aspects of fraternity affiliation instead of having only the local viewpoint. All City Panhellenics need to broaden their horizons by taking a greater interest in all phases of fraternity matters. This can be accomplished by membership in an affiliated City Panhellenic. VI. An affiliated City Panhellenic will benefit by the exchange of ideas, program, philanthropies as set forth in the bulletins sent out by National Panhellenic's City Parrhellenic Committee. VII. NPC is in a position .t o provide statistics and information not available to unaffiliated City Panhellenics through the work of our various committees, NPC-NA WDC Joint Committee, Citizenship, Education, College Panhellenic, Housing, Research and Public Relations. VIII. NPC representatives are fraternity members witJh long and continued service in their own sororities. They can be the direct contact with current affairs in the fraternity world by the exchange of ideas of common interest to all. NPC is looked to for inspiration and guidance, and this combined pooling of knowledge of fraternity affairs can be given to affiliated City Panhellenics. There is strength in unity and therefore strong, unified affiliated City Panhellenics can further the "Cause of Fraternity" by being a real force in educational fields, in civic and in national affairs. Membership in an affiliated City Panhellenic should convince its members that all fraternity women, working together, can do mudh to interpret fraternities to the communities in which they live. When I reached this spot in the preparation of this topic, I read it over to see if I had used my allotted five minutes. I have about a half minute to go. May I take this time by recalling to you memories? Those of you who attended the last conference at White Sulphur Springs remember Dr. McFarland's closing remarks. I believe we can find a lesson in the following paragraph from his speech: "The late Sir Harry Lauder liked to tell of the

old lamplighter in his home town in Scotland. H arry used to observe him every day at dusk. The old man wou ld put u p a ladder against a light pole and climb up to light the lamp. When he had lighted that one, he climbed down !the ladder and carried it to the next lamppost. Finally H arry said, The old man would be ou t of sight, but I could always tell which way he went by the lamps he had lighted.' " o, I close right where I started. If you want to be- not only successful, but personally, happily and permanently successful- then do you r job in such a way that even wh en you are out of sight, folk always know which way you went by the lamps you Left lighted." As NPC we are out of sight, but have we lighted th e lamps for our fraterni,ty members who a re in affili ated City Panhellenics?

IN MEMORIAM M a bel Denzel ethloff ( M rs. Edward .) n II, E ~hel L . Hook AB, Nan y K ne M ill r (Mrs . E . C. III ) NN. ( An wers to Q uiz on Pag


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Farmville, Virginia National Pa nhellenic C onferen aid for mentally reta rded Magazine N ational Convention community and prof iona l achie ments, orori ty loyalty 7. Executi ve Offi r in cha ru of the Central Office or college chapter ecretary 8. Fellowship a nd Phil anthropic, grad uate

·---HAVE YOU MARRIED OR MOVED?--__, Cut this out anc/ mail to the Officer in Charge of Central Office: MRS. CLAYTON A. RICHARD 372 Argonne Drive, Kenmore 23, New Yorlr. Please change my address or name and address on the AlA files as follows : COLLEGE CHAPTER .. ..... .... ............. DATE OF LEAVING COLLEGE ........................ DEGREE ....................... . FROM MAIDEN NAME .. ........ ...... ... .... ........... .. ....... ...... ........... ... ........................................ .. ... ....... .......................... ...... . MARRIED NAME ................. ............. .... .................................................. ................................................................ (Please obserYe this form: Mrs. John A. Jones) ADDRESS .. .... ..... .. ............... ........... ... .... .. ..................................... ... ..... ... ............................................... ................ .. TO NAME ..... ... .... ... ... .. .... .. .. .............. .... .... ........... .......... ............ ........................ ..... .... .... ............................................... . (If you are reporting your marriage, give your hus band's full name) ADDRESS .. ....................... ... ...... .. ... ............................................................ .. ......... ... ................................................. DATE OF MARRIAGE .. ........... ... .. .... ..... .. .............. ..... PLACE OF MARRIAGE ..................... .. ........................... .. (Month Day Year) ACTIVE IN ... ... ..... .. ........... ... ...... ...... ........ ... .. ALUMNAE CHAPTER, ARE YOU AN O FFICER................... . WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN AN ALUMNAE CHAPTER IF ONE WERE FORMED N EA R YO U7 YES ...... .............. .. .. ........ ... ..... NO........ .. ..... ... ......... ............. REMARKS

... .. .. .. .. .................. ... .. ................. ... ...... .. ... ..................... ........... ................. ... ............................ .... ......... .

.. ...... .. ................... .. .... .............. ..... ..... ... ........ ... ............................. .. ... DATE RETURNED ........................................

WHETHER mankind will evolve through education into a more perf ct being i un ertai n, nor i the availability of education any guarantee that it will be accepted · but there can be no doubt that VA DYKE PC Committo proffer education to each ueneration is the way of hope.- DR. T ERTI tee on Education . 19

• • • •


COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Longwood College ALPHA CHAPTER places high concentration on a feeling of togetherness among its members. This fa ll we have a ttend ed lyceums, plays, and musi cals en masse. We have held Sunday night dinn ers a nd pizza parties in the A~A room , and we are now planning a skating party. At a recent meeting the planned program was a lec ture by two of our memb ers on symbolism in th e pledging ceremonies. Our Founders' D ay B<!!n.quet was held a t Longwood College T ea Room. It was a gay occas·ion and was enlhanced by ma ny toasts and gay flow ers . Also, in observance of Founders' D ay, we attend ed church as a group. Alpha girls took major ro les in Circus, a tradition al Longwood display of original talent. Pat Hickey was chosen for a leading role in this yea r's sophomore production, "Vaudeville." Others t akin g part were Glenna Snead , Ann Howell, Archer C assada, Charlotte H a ile, Ginny Whipple, and Dottie Nelson . Cla udi a Whipple has been elected to Who 's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Page D avis and T ae Whamsley have rece ived invita tions to join Lynchos Society. Ann Howell was recently elec ted treasurer of House Council. It is the first time a sophomore has bee n elected to that position . Other Alpha members of House Council a re Bobbie Koons, Tae Whamsley, an d Page D avis. Ann Gorh am, our busy editor of th e school paper, was chosen chairman of ·t he Christmas Water Pageant. Besides working behind th e sce nes, she is a lso a member of th e pagea nt cast. -DOTTIE NELSON.

Alpha Alpha Miami University THE final remnants of rush are passing away, a nd we are very ha ppy with our new, vivacious pledges.

Alpha's pledge party, "Sophisticated Sisters."


Homecomi ng at 'Miami University was October 24. We a ll had fun making our float with D elta D elta Delta . The theme of th e float was " 'The 0. U . Tears' by M. U .'s H aving Burst." The float carried a large white nebbish holding a black umbrella representing Miami and a small green tearful nebbish represen ting Ohio University. It was a wond erful week end with many celebrations as this was our school's !50th Anniversary. Joyce Nevins has become a member of Sigma D elta Pi, Spa nish honorary. P a tti Bruner has joined Beta Alpha Psi, accounting honorary. Donna Mounts is a new m ember of Pi D elta Phi, French honorary. Alpha Alpha Chapter has received a beautiful oil painting, "Le Ghat," by Mary Ellen Backus. The excellent oil is a !beautiful addition to the decor of our suite. The annual Panhellenic dan ce was November 14. Judy Paetow and Joa n Steiner were co-chairmen of th e decorations committee.-MARY AN N MEREDICH.

Alpha Beta Northeast Missouri State Teachers College HoMECOMING was very successful for Alpha Beta. Our queen ca nd-idate, Sylvia Stout, was chosen by the student body to reign as 1959 Homecoming Queen. Our floa:t, "Belles for Victory," wa s decora ted in colors of red and white. We used 20,000 napkins on this float. During homecoming week we sold cowbells with a purple ribbon on the handle and with M .S.T.C. '50 in white letters down the center of the ribbon. The proceeds from this sale will go towards a scholarship fU'Ild in honor of Miss Alma K. Zoller, who before h er d eath last year was Alpha Beta's a dviser for twenty years. After th e hom ecoming game Alpha Betas and their a lumnae enjoyed the a nnu a l "Coketail" party at the hom e of Mr. a nd Mrs. Morris 11hompson. M embers of Alpha Beta a re assisting the teachers at

Alpha Alpha members and pledges enjoy party.

the State School for Mentally R etard ed in Kirksvill e. Teams of six girls visit the school three d ays a week. The girls help with rhythm bands. story-book reading, art work, and physical edu cation . In addition to indiidual assistance, the girls are m a king curta ins pictu re dictionari es, and puppets. Fall rush was ovemb er 7-1 4. Our first p art y wa entitled " An Evenin g in Alpha-Traz.' F a vors of black a nd white striped jail-birds wer e g iven each r ushee. Emcee Karen Biggs was d ressed a s th e warden . A chor us line danced to " Chain Gang." Other numb ers were a pantomime to " Feet," a baton twirling act to " Ball and Chain " a nd a j azz combo provided bac kground mu sic. Mrs. Sarah Grim Wimp, Alpha Beta adviser, gave an interestin g talk on " The M ea ning o f Sorority." 11he them e of the second party was " Lunch at the Bay with A2:A. " D ecorations a nd entertainment centered a round th e sea th em e. Construction p a per m erm a ids were used as name ta gs, and a gold fish in a ti ny A~A bowl was g iven as a favor to each rush ee. Th is has been a very successful rush season . a nd we receive d our quota of top-notch pledges. D a na Wri ght b ecam e a member of Ca rdjn al K ey a nd rece ntly won a poetry r eading contest. K a rC' n Biggs an d D a n a Wright a ppeared in the play, " Ita li a n Straw H a t. " Sha ron M cCullough is a n ew m ember of Alpha Phi Sigma. C a rolyn Mulford has b ee n elec ted edjtor of Th e Ind ex, school n ewspaper. All offices in K-Dettes arC' held by m embers of Alph a Beta .- MARI LYN M AYE. .

Alpha Gamma Indiana (Penna.) State Teachers College STRAI N of pia no musi c ca n be h eard in th e v iCIDl'ty of Alph a Gamma' s suite. The pia no w as a gift whi ch th e pledge class is busy r e-finishing. Our homecoming flo a t . "Adventures in Drea ml an d ," rrsem bled a bed with a sleep ing boy. A t the foo t of th e bed were three boys sitting on clouds, a nd th ey r presented th e childhood dreams of a baseball playe r, a pira te, an d a boy fishin g. Greek Sing found us singin g " The Alph a Si gma Alph a Swee th ea rt Song" a nd " The Ch erry T ree" with a p antomime interpret a tion by H elen M a ri e H erbert a nd Ju dy Bel l. J a ne Affa lter was our direc to r. " R eno Night" with a uthentic d eco ra ti ons from Nevada was th e them e of our fall pledge p a rty whi ch was held a t the College Lod ge. W e d a n ced to th e m usic of th e India na J azz Q ua rt et. The p ledges too k over at

Afpha Gamma's Fall Pledge Class.

in termission and presented the entenainrn nt. A tea comme morating the foundi ng of our orority was held ovember 15 in the sorority swte. The m mbers of the I nruana Alumnae hapter were our gue ts fo r th e a ft ernoon . J udy Packo wa chairman of th e t a. Our Big-Li ttle Siste r party was on D cember 2. T he pledges presented t heir big sisters with padd le at the p arty. Judy Packo an d J oy D overspike are re cnt pledge' of D elta Omic ron, m usi p rofes ional. J ane Affa lter, J oan L amison, Nancy R ider, and J oan W itherow ar n w in it ia tes of K ap pa D elta Pi. educa tion honorary.- j OAN WITH EROW.

Beta Beta Colorado State College FALL RU H was formal thi year instead of informa l as in years p ast. Both o ur second and th ird pa rt ies h ad new them es th is yea r, and we were qw te happy w ith the them es. Our se ond p arty h ad a Scotti h t h eme. W e d eco rated our house as an Old Scotti h astle a nd also wore Sco t tish pl a id skirts a nd kneesocks. Entert ai nment consjsted of a Scottish dan e, a readi ng w ith a Scottish brogue, and some S ottish songs. O ur th ird igh t p a rty was " d ress up ," a nd t h e th eme was "A Girl' Out on th e Town ." N ext on our agend a was the annual G reek W eek fes ti vities. Alpha Sjgma Grace Wh ite was co-ch airman of th e event. D ottie H a ug was selected as tlhe fi rst " M iss So rority" a t th e Gree k D a nce wh ich climaxed th e week's fes tivities. The last d ay was Fu n D ay in wh ich al l Gree k orga nizatio ns pa rtic ipa ted in st unts, races, and va riou contests. Sharon Mull iken won the pie-eating o nt est. Homecoming kep t us busy ma ki ng both house decorations and a fl oat. " Wi tc hes a nd W arloc ks" was the th em e of o ur fl oat since H omecoming fell on H a lloween. Dot tie H a ug was one o f the fi ve ca ndida tes fo r queen. Our floa t wo n th ird pia e in t h judging. G a il M oody and M a rilyn Giem were candidates fo r qu een of th e Sophomor e Ba ll . ovem be r 7 was tlhe date of th e an n ual IK Carniva l a t whi ch a ll campus orga n izations u ua ll y enter a boo th, an d all joi n in to have a good time. Each so rority pu ts u p a candid ate for Ugly M an. O ur candida te was R on ew ton , TKE , and we were happy when h was elected IK gly Man. A t o u r m eeti ng on ovember 9 we were honored to have Miss K a M cElroy of Greeley as our g uest spea ker. She spoke on p a rl iamentary pro edure. It was a most in teres ting meeting and we fee l we benefited very much from Miss M cElroy's ta lk. ovem be r 14 was the a.die Hawkjns D ance spon ort'd an n ua lly by th e Alpha Sigmas. Pro eeds from the d ance wen t to th e amp u Chest Fund. Much time and effort we re spent in making this year's dance an extra special uccess. P rizes were awarded for th e best Dogpatch costumes, and th ere was a Marryin' am who ga vr marriage certificates with chicken rings for wedding rings. We al o h ad a. pecial Wi hin' Rock . Thi danc e gi cs the girls the chance to do th e ask in'. II in all, it was a chance for everyone just to let down and have a lot of fun. pecial honor this quarter go to Mary amblin . K aren H ad ley, Kar n Hein, Marilyn Kunkle. and Glenda M cKnight who were s lected to Who's II ho in American niversities and Colleges. election is made by a student-faculty committee. and consideration 1 give n to students who have made outstanding achie C路 m en ts and contributions on campus.


Gail Moody was selected as Spur of •the Month in November. To obtain this honor, one must attend activities outlined by Spur, girls' sophomore honorary, a nd is judged by her actions "above and beyond" the call of Spur duty.-JANE RoTHS.

Epsilon Epsilon Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia HoMECOMING was the only thought on each member's mind on O ctober 31. Each girl showed the cooperation necessa ry to make the house decorations, the mum sale, and th e welcoming of returning alumnae a success. The over-a ll theme for house decorations was advertising slogans. The Alpha Sigma decorations were " Corky Clean Cleans Everything." Rhonda Sutton was selected as an attenda nt to the homecoming queen. November 14 found all members and th eir dates looking like "beatniks." The pledges were giving an informal party to the theme of "Piwackets Party." Many of our girls continue to branch out into other organizations on campus. Janis Vair has been initiated into Omega, literary honorary, and was named a member of the Students Publications Board . J a nis Vair and M arge Bulkley have been listed in Who' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Connie Ring is secretary of the Newman Club. Kaye Johnson is secretary of the Panhellenic Council. M arilyn Blowey was elected to an office 1n the Youn g R epubli ca n Club. Founders' Day was celebrated by the Emporia Alumnae Chapter's entertaining Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at a banquet. This is an a nnua l event to which eve ry member looks forward.- JA NE MILLER.

Zeta Zeta Central Missouri State College THE fall h as been buzzin g with activities and so have the Zeta Zetas. Sandy T emple was first princess to the Homecoming Quee n. Our flo a t was a large roundfaced clock with the gold works falling out, a nd th e theme, " Give 'Em the Works," was on the side. After the Homecoming Parade, our annual alumnae brunch was held a t the home of our adviser, Miss J essie Jutten. Among the festivities of t he Homecoming D ance, Janice Gudde was awarded the titl e of "Miss School Spirit. " Th·is is the second consec utive year an Alpha Sigma Alpha has been bestowed with this honor. November 15 was our Founders' Day Banquet in Todd H a ll Dining Room. After the banquet we had our Founders' Day program. The Alpha-Bets, our musi cal group, sang at the Greater K ansas City Alumnae Chapter's Founders' D ay Luncheon on November 21. Work in the form of washing and ironing clothes, washing cars, typing term p apers and reports, cleaning a partments and houses, a nd helping move was the project of the Zeta Zeta girls over th e w eek of November 9-15. The proceeds of this work week went to our philanthropic fund. On D ecember 13 we honored our parents at a tea. Mrs. H arry Harkness gave a Christmas party for the chapter.-SANDY TEMPLE .

Eta Eta Kansas State College of Pittsburg THE big news from Eta Eta Chapter is Homecoming. For the t hird consecutive year the chapter has won


Eta Eta's "lsla.n d Rush Party." th e traveling sweepstakes' trophy fo homecoming decorations. As a res ult of the victory, the trophy ha s been placed perma nently on the mantle of the fireplace in our chapter house. Three years ago, when the award was first offered on campus, it was stipulated that any organization th at could win the trophy for three consecutive yea rs would gain perma nent possession of the trophy. We won by taking first place in house decorations a nd second place on our float. Two Eta Etas have won outstanding recognition rece ntly. Pat L edbetter was elected president of th e Associated Women Students. Pat is also president of the PEMM Club and is sorority rush chairman. Sharon Chapman presided as student chairman at ·t he Kansas Sta te Phys ical Education Convention, which was held in Kans as City on November 6. Sharon is president of the Pitt Peppers, p ep club, is membership director of the cha pter, and is co-chairman for the 1960 KansasMissouri-Nebraska State Day. One of our parties for late rush was a n "old fashion ed taffy pull ." It was very successful. Our program carried out a hillbilly theme.-DoNNA McCuLLOUGH.

Kappa Kappa Temple University KAPPA KAPPA opened formal rushing with a repeat performance of last year's popular Academy of Awards party a t which rushees, as well as members, provided t!he entertainment . Boots and spurs were the order for th e closing party on October 25-A~A's Western Style D inn er. First place in the float competition of the homecoming festivities was once again captured by Kappa Kappa. Our entry, entitled "Lick Lafayette," was lavishly bedecked with lollipops, flowers, and lovely Alpha Sigmas. Inducted into Magnet Senior Women's Honor Society in ihe spring and this fall , respectively, were Fran Chauncey and Carol Fraps. A limited number of senior women is elected to this society on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service exemplified during college years. Once again, bringing honors on the athletic field, are

eight Alp?a Sigm~s , members of Temple's varsity hockey team, wh1ch has JUSt concluded its season with an 8-1 record. Players named to the All-College First Team were ·Ma~ Ann ~eight, Mim Stevenson, and Joan McConaghie. Dons Martin and Gerry Fitch were elected for the All-College Second Team honors A~ informal dinner preceded our Founders' Da~ celebratiOn on November 16. We have had a hayride for all members, pledges, and our guests. With the visions of sugarplums came th e gay Greek activities of th e holiday season.-HELEN HESSELBACHER.

Nu Nu Drexel Institute of Technology

0 ovembe r 2 we opened formal rush with a fre shman coffee hour. We were pleased with the turnout of f rcshmen girls. During- school hours we have a ystem of coke dates set up. Sorority girls register rush ees and then trea t them to a coke in the cafeteria. Their "dates" are limited to a half hour. but this length of tim e enablrs both girls to get to know each other bette r.- JoA N STAMPEE. .

M embers and our new pledges at dinner togethrr at the cafeteria after our formal pledging.-Jov r.. fOUNTAIN.

Tau Tau Fort Hays Kansas State College THE members of Tau Tau are recove rin g from the busy weeks preparing for Homecoming. Our float theme was "Rise M y Champion" and featur d a qu en thr pages, and a footba ll player. After the parade and football game, we held a tea in honor of our alumnae. Marilyn Chastain was our candidate for Homecoming Queen. Informal rush has been completed and on o cmbt•r 15 form al rush began. The e rush parties wcr held in the home of our alumnae. As a preview to formal ru h , "The Greek Pe k" party ~ as held on ovember 9. Paula chumacher, our presrden~, was elected by Panhellenic to p ak to the pro pectrve rushees on 'What orority Means to M a a M ember." To th e party our member wore red kirts and black sweaters with our white blazer whicl1 have the sorority ere t on th pocket.- MARY ~AFFER .

Rho Rho

Phi Phi

Marshall College

Northweat Missouri State College

RHo RHo members entertained their pledg s-to-be with a pizza party at the sorority house on October 30. This was followed by a slumber pa rty. On October 31 we entertained our dates with a h ayrack ride. After winding to a spot in the wood s, we ha d a wiener roast. On returning to th e barn we danced to records. Homecoming was November 7. Our th eme for th e house decorations was "Marco Slides to Victory. " Our ski slope extended from the roof of the house to th e ground. At th e top was Marco wea ring a football uniform. complete with skis. as he made ready to slide to vi ctory. At the foot of the sk i slo pe were two figures ?ressed in footb all uniforms and bent over as thou gh m fea r of Marco. The theme was written on the slope. Ginny Wise was one of the eight fin alists for .Junior Queen. Found ers' Dav was observed with a dinner at Ston e Lodge Motel.-VrRGJNIA WrsE.

Sigma Sigma

THE Alpha Sigmas of Phi Phi Chapter are now recovered from all the events of Homecoming and are pla nning for the remaining sorority activiti s of th e yea r. It was an especially "gay" Homecoming, for our queen candidate, Gaye L au hery, was crown d 1959 Homecoming Queen. Our bea uty flo at, being in rough competition, received third pia e . but the Alpha igma couldn't have been more proud of their H awaiian float with a pproxima tely 50 ,000 tis ue flowers on it. Our humor float received honorab le men tion ; hou c dccOI·ations, fourth ; and variety show. third. Loreen Gould a nd K ay Ril ey are new initiates of K~pp a Omicron Phi , home economi honorary. Peggy Ri~ ey ~as elected pre ident of th e igma Fhi Dolphins, swrmmmg club. Peggy Humphreys has bee n notified th at he pia d second in the Interna tion al Teke weethca rt ontest. Her picture will appea r as Mi ep tembe r on the Tau Kappa Epsilon calendar.- PEGGY H u fPHR EY .

Western Colorado State College

Chi Chi

SIGMA SrcMA has recently completed a successful rush and has a nice gro uo of pledges . Our informal rush party at the Elks Lodge started thin gs off. The th eme wa "A~A in Mother Goose Land." Sigma Sigmas came dressed as characters from the Mother Goose book, and the rushees were dressed as little girls and bo s. The entertainment consisted of a skit. games, a nd songs, a ft er which refreshments were enjoyed by all. "Dreamland" was th e theme of our formal ru h party. T·he dessert was served by members of Kappa D Ita Nu Fraternity. E•ntertainment consisted of th e welcome, ta·lks on "The Life of a Pledge," "The Life of an Active," and "How Alumnae Help our Chapter." At the height of the party we had our "Dreamla nd Crowning." To close the party, we sang sorority songs for our rushees. Later in the evening members of K appa Delta u joined us, and we serenaded th e rush ees. A party w as given at Sweitzers for the members of Sigma Si rna and Kappa D elta u after the serenading.

Ball State Teachers College Ho tECOMING was succe sful for us thi year. " ictory Is Not Safa ri ' was th e theme of our float which placed second in the sorority division . During rush we received approximate ly 600 girl at our informal rush teas. To the tea we wore our na y skirts and our navy orority blazer with white w atcrs. "Under th e Sea" was th e th eme of our co tumc party, whi ch was held ovember 14. Our formal party was on Decemb er 12, and for it we carried out the Chri tmas theme. M a ny member of Chi Chi worked on the various committee for the a nnual Greek ight D ance, which is sponsored by the Greek organization on the campu . new program ha been set up thi year for the women of residence halls and sororities. It includes the partr 1pation in vario us sports, and a trophy will be given for the best participation of a ny one team . The


Alpha Sigmas have entered two teams, the Alpha Sig Spartons and the Alpha Sig Squirts. This program is being guided by the Women' s Intra-mural Board, which is directed by Sue Miller. Janet Petrey is a new initiate of Delta Phi Delta, a rt bonorary. Several of our m embers have been elected to serve as resident hall officers. They are Virginia Brady, Crosley H all president; Susa n Wa ltz, Rodge r Hall president ; Pa tricia Studebaker, Rodger H all secretary ; a nd Judith H ellinga, South H all presiden t. On our calendar in th e near future are trade parti es with the Sig Eps a nd Phi Sigs. -]EAN BEN CIE.

Howell, a nd Linda L ee were named to Who's Who in American Universities a.nd Colleges. Linda L ee was selected the Mississippi winner in 4-H leadership. She attended the National 4-H Convention, which was held in Chicago during t>he Thanksgiving holiday. Linda is president of our Panh ellenic Council. The Al:A room was th e scene of our a nnual Little Girl Party on O ctober 21 . Everyone came dressed as a little girl, a nd the pledges who won awa rds for best costumes we·re given m erits toward initiation. W e celebrated Founders' D ay by having a spend-theni ght party in the room on November 13. On Sunday, November 15, Mrs. John Allen, our a dviser, had a Founders' D ay tea a t her home for the chapter and our alumnae.-Ru BY BROW N.

Psi Psi Northwestern State College

Beta Epsilon

Nov EMBER 7 was Homecoming. Our float won fourth p lace in ·the pa ra de. After the football game we enter· tai ned our alumnae wi~h a coffee at the sorority house. T o end the day's festivities, members a nd pledges ga thered at the house for a "slumber" party. L avette W ard , Kitty Dis tefano, and Lois LaCour will represe nt our chapter in the College Beauty Contest. During the Christmas festival we h a d a cake sale a nd .also a rummage sale.-L01s LACouR .

Madison College

Beta Gamma Northeastern State College AT CHRISTMAS time Beta Gamma gave a basket of foo d to a needy family. E ach member of th e chap ter gave either cann ed goods or staples for th e basket, and from th e cha pter treas ury we bought a turkey. For money-mak ing proj ects we ha d a rummage sale in October and D ecember. For November the group wan ted to raise mon ey a different way so w e a uctioned the services of our members an d pledges to the members o f our bro ther fra tern ity, Phi Lambda Chi. This turn ed out very successfully, a nd. we had a lot of fun and a lso made some new fri ends, too. Peggy Hoyt was elected Wilson Hall Queen. Pa ula Tarkington reigned as Footba ll Queen . Judy Kni gh t was Pa ula's first a ttendant. Lindalee Martin is our ca ndid a te for Freshman Queen. On November 17, in observance of Founders' D ay, we gave a tea in the Student Center Banqu et R oom. Our guests were our a lumnae, mother p atron esses, a nd .advisers.- joA j uLIAN RAM SEY .

OuR "T eaho use of Al:.A" rush party was enjoyed by a H, a nd on O ctober 24 we saw our new pledges walk to Carter House to their sisters. The fun -packed week end was mad e even more enjoyable by the presence of seventeen of our alumnae who cam e back to visit us. One of the alumnae was Mrs. Robert Grady, our national president. Our happiness w:1s complete when Al:A was awarded th e coveted Schol arship Trophy a t the Pa nh ellenic Sing on O ctober 26 . Taking advan tage of new "open bidding" on our campus, we welcomed tlhree more outstanding gi rls into our cha pter. The p ledging ceremony was held on November 10 so that they could join the pledge class already under way. Our Founders' D ay Banquet was held on November 16 at Shenandale. The short commemorative program gave all of us a n opportunity to apprecia te t he serious side of our sisterhood. T en Beta Epsilons w ere named to the D ea n's List last semester. The requirement for this honor is a 3.25 scholas tic average or higher. In assembly on November 11 Loretta M orris was tapped fo r membership in K appa D elta Pi, education honora ry. At our Christmas party w e played "Santa" to a needy family. Giving food, clothes, a nd toys to them macl r ou r C h ristmas a h appier one.- LoR ETTA MoRRI S.

Beta Delta Mississippi Southern College "SINK ' EM SouTHERN" was the titl e of our homecom ing flo a t, which we bu il t with Sigma Phi Epsilon F~ay:rnity. Although we didn't win or place in a ny division , we ha d a wond erful tim e working with the Sig Eps. In memory of th e even t we gave th em a plaque, and the Sig Eps gave us a party. On O ctober 15 class elections were held . The following m embers of Beta D elta were elec ted to office: Gra~uate School- Ji mmie Lu Albritton, vice-preside·nt; Sylvia C l ~yton, se nator; Anne Coker, secretary; Senior Class-L01s Pravata secretary; Sopthomore Class-Kitty Carter, secretary. Lois Pravata, Sylvia Clayton, Billie Ruth P atri ck, Ann


Beta Eps ilon's "Teahouse of Al:A" rush par·ty at Carter House.

Beta Eta Dickinson State Teachers College BETA ETA members are stressing phila nthropic proj ects this year. On Monday, November 9, we repaired old to)s-painting, gluing, washing, and re-stuffing a nimals. These toys were sent to th e Crippled Children's H ome in Grafton. Miss Lorra ine Schum ache r a nd Mrs. H arold Murph y ha ve been initiated as new moth er-pa tron esses. On October 26 we held our pledging se rvi ce for ou r new p)ed ges.- MARI E BLICKE NS DERI'E R.

Beta Theta Central Michigan University PRIOR to hom ecoming week end , O ctober 25, we were workin g vigorously on our flo a t whi ch wa s a la rge igloo with a n Eskimo a nd huski e to complete th e setting. The slogan of the flo a t wa s " Musk Those Huskies." Ou r work was not in vain because we a re h appy to say we placed second for th e " most beautiful." Our excitement and happiness w ere increased when we lea rn ed J oa n Amburn was a m ember of th e Homecoming Quee n's Court. Tâ&#x20AC;˘he ibig week end aJso incl ud ed our a nnu al A~ A alumnae breakfast. During the breakfast Sa ndy W alsh '58 showed slides of her trip to Europe. H alloween wa s celebra ted with Alpha Ga mm a D elta a nd Sigma Phi Epsilon a t a pa rty a t the Sig Ep h ouse . We a ll wore costumes, a nd J o Dietz won th e prize for th e bes t ostume am ong the girls. On November 15 we celebra ted Founders' D ay a t the Embe rs. Our progra m included th e na tiona l a nd local h istory of A ~ A, the prese nta tion of sc hol a r hi p awa rds. and a dance perform ed b y a H a wa ii a n coed . Ou r phila nthropi c proj ec ts for th e yea r consist of workin g a t th e Mt. Pleasa nt Sta te Home an d Tra in ing chool a nd foldin g ba nd ages for the Ca ncer Society. We enjoyed a wes tern party with ~i gm a T a u G amma and our a nnu a l Christm as p a rty at th e home of o ur adviser, M rs. J ea n M ayhew. Carolyn Mo ore is a pledge of D elta Omicron, music honorary. Ba rb ara Gra h am a nd M aass L eBa rre h ave been named to Who's Wh o in American Un iversitie.r and Colleges.- CARO L P LAUMAN.

Beta Iota Radford College T HE Panh elleni c Council s ponsored a refreshm ent boot h serving doughnuts, peanuts, a nd cider at R adford' annu a l YWCA C ampus Carnival on ove mber 7. J oan Phill ip po was the junior class's candidate for C amp us arn iva l Queen . The entire proceed s from this gala eve nt went to v arious cha riti es. A gay tim e was h ad a t our "A ~A Big Top" r ush pa rty. Th e success of th e p ar ty was p rove n by ou r woncl f' rf ul pled ge cla ss. The Pled g Service was held in our so rority room on N ovember II . After th e services th ere was a p a rty in honor of our new members-to-be. Joa n L eeson showed th e movi es of ou r r ush p arty. Founders' D ay was observed by a ttending church as a group . Our Founders' D ay Ba nquet w as held o n ovember 18. a lley Pa rker, Dia nne Young, a nd J oa nn Young were selec ted for Wh o's Wh o in A merican niversities and Colleges. ew initia tes of Pi Ga mm a Mu , social science honorary, are H ester Hagy and Di a nne Youn g. Betsy Sanders wa s a princess of the Virg inia Polytechni c Intitute Homecoming Court. Joan Phillippo is junior class

treasurer, a nd M arjorie Ball i a tud nt government representa tive. M a rt ha Buchanan i th as i tant ditor of Th e Beehive, R ad ford's yearbook. Our C hris tmas party was hdd on D c mbr r 2 in the sorority room.-SARA FURR.

Beta Kappa Western Illinois University O u R form al rush party, with the theme "Man ha ttan Serenad e," p rovided an a tmosphere of a nigh t tub wh ile M ary Fischer, J ane H arden, an d Sal! Terwi llige r ew York. took th e r ushee on a mu ical trip around The p a rty was a succe , and we have a nic p i dge class. H omecomi ng was celebrated on 0 tob r I 0, an d the Beta K a ppas agai n held their an nual homecoming tea. We were honored wh en o ur quee n andida tc, J oyce ourt. We M osti k, was elected to the Homecoming cheer d our team on to victory aid d by andra H aring, who is a m mber of th e varsity cheerleading squad. Open rush w as next on our a lendar, and again we were successful. Halloween was celebrated in an "apple-d unking" manner. Th e Beta K appas' "adopted" son, R ickey, enjoy d a ll the cos tu mes and games. T he week end of ovember 6 was a bu y one for us. A money-making p roj ect of orn picking comm need the activities w ith a " R oma n Holiday" party ho nori n th e me n of Ph i Sigma Epsi lon ending th e activities.DJ ANE STISKA.

Beta Lambda Arkansas State Teachers College BETA LAMB DA has been named re ipient of the Pan hell en ic Scholarship Award . T he chapter ha d a grade poi n t average of 3.3 or B. The award, a large si lver tray, is to remai n in permanent po cssion of th e sorority which receives th e award for th ree consecutive times. nt il th is year th e award ha bee n a gold up. T ha lia Ann e Cloud a nd Georgia Wall is have been initiated into Alph a C hi, scholarsh ip honorary. Georgia Wall is has been named to Who 's Who in American Un iver.rities artd Colleges. Pat Lee has bee n tap ped by tt took Alp ha Psi O mega dramatic honorary. Lela seco nd place an d Patty Cahanin r ceived honorable men tion in the camp us con test for the bcs t-dres ed CO('d . Ann e R eeves h as bee n awa rded a $75 scholarship by the Arka nsas A so iation of Women's Civic C l ub~. R us h season opened with the Panhellenic Tl'a on ove mber I 0. Beta Lambda 's informal party had a beatnik th eme. The formal party had a indcrella th eme. ovcmber Beta La mb da observed Found rs' D ay on 10 by weari ng red an d white a nd with the prest>ntation of a spe ial program. For our p h ilant h ropic project four gi rL from th chapter h lp each week at th e Arka n as tate olony for th e M entall y R etarded a playground sup rvi o rs a nd offi e worker . -SANDRA . JCHOL .

Beta Mu Henderson State T eachers College I T was "Aloha' for the Beta Mu formal ru sh party at the Country wore sa ro ngs and ti ue lei . The with palm trees. hanging garde n , favo r were orch id leis flown frcm

wllC'n we gave our lub. Th e members club was decorated and fish net . The H awaii . ur skits,


which consisted of sailor dancers, hula dancers, and a Hawaiian song, were done to the sound tract of South Pacific. 路 kl h d After the main program was over, we qwc Y c ange into our formals and sang sorority songs to our rushees. Next on our agenda was Homecoming. ~fter many tedious hours of work our float final:ly ~arne m~o shape. The float was a large skunk with a. hmged trul. Each time the tail moved, flour was squirted on a football player. The slogan on the sides read "Sku?~ '.the Warriors." We won second place in the fl~a.t diviSIOn. Anna Lou Allen and Carolyn Damels were elected as beauty finalists. Ginger Cruise, Cathy Crews, Anna Lo Allen and Carolyn Daniels were named class fav~rites. Phillis Cerato was elected Princess .of Homecoming, and Ginger Cruise was freshman ma1d .. Cathy Crews, Linda Burnett, and Margaret B~sche.t~l were named to Who's Who in American Unwersttt~s and Colleges. Cathy Crews and Margaret Boschettl were also voted into Alpha Chi. . . We have recently bought white sweat shirts w1th our crest and Alpha Sigma Alpha written across th~ back. We are also sporting new white wool blazers With our crest on the upper pocket.-SARAH SHUGART.

Beta Nu Murray State College OuR homecoming activities included building a float for the parade and giving a brunch for our alumnae. For our fall rush party we used the theme, "Black Magic." Our pledge class held an informal coffee hour for the other sorority and fraternity pledges. Jane Burke and Carol Van Wingen have been chosen to serve on the Thoroughbred Hour. Nancy Lewis, Sandy Baughman, and Jane Burke have been elected class officers. Saundra Evans and Frances Pinson are pledges of Kappa Pi, art honorary. Ann Dobson was crowned Dairy Princess for the First District and will compete in the state contest. Shannon Beasley is secretary-treasurer of the Girls' Bowling League and is also a candidate for Basketball Queen. Pearl Terry is a nominee for The 1960 Shield Queen. Nancy Sykes, Brenda Crockett, and Saundra Evans were members of the cast of "The Last Resort" presented by Sigma Chi Fraternity. Pearl Terry and Shannon Beasley were elected campus favorites. Pearl and Shannon were also attendants to the Queen of Pi Kappa Alpha's Royalty B<rll. The main highlight for this semester, the Mistletoe Ball, was held on December 12. The decorations included lighted trees, the traditional mistletoe, and other Christmas decorations.-JULIA GRIFFITH.

Beta Pi Concord College HoMECOMING was a success for the Alpha Sigma Alphas at Concord this year. Nancy Jo Varalli was first attendant 路to .the queen, and our stationary float won first place in the women's competition . The display featured a seven-foot mountain lion putting a falcon in a big bottle. The mountain lion had a large cork in his hand. The title of the display was "Bottle the Falcons ; We're the Corkers." Preceding the game, we welcomed our visiting alumnae at a tea. In the traditional parade Libby Lively, who was Miss Sigma Tau Gamma. and her attendants, Myrna Moles and Kay


Jones, rode on a beautiful mobile float built by the Sig Taus. . On October 18 pledging service was held m the social room. The pledges were honored at a spaghetti dinner given by the members on October 21 at the home of one of our advisers, Mrs. Harry Finkleman. Kay Allen, Kay Barnette, Sue Campbell !McClun?, and Libby Olver have been selected for membership in Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Libby Lively is secretary of the senior class. Founders' Day was celebrated on November 15 with a dinner at the Town and Country Restaurant.-TERESA HALSEY.

Beta Sigma Southwest Missouri State College RusH, Founders' Day Banquet, Homecoming, and Barnwarming have kept the Alpha Sigmas of Beta Sigma very busy. Fall rush opened with a Panhellenic tea. Beta Sigma's informal party theme was "Gypsy Caravan." All the rushees met at the house and were placed in convertibles. The convertibles making the caravan circled by all thr Greek houses on campus, and then the rushees were taken to an alumna's house where the party was held. The formal rush party's theme was "Las Vegas." The party started at the sorority house, which was the "Flamingo Club." After being served mock cocktails, they moved to the "Las Vegas Club" which was at the Colonial Hotel. Here the group was greeted by a cigarette girl, who gave the rushees sample cigarettes. Tables were set up for horse racing and black-jack. After the floorshow the party moved on to the "French Riviera" which was in the Student Center. Here the girls were served French doughnuts and coffee. To end tihe party the members sang a few sorority songs for the rushees. As a result of formal rush , the Beta Sigmas are proud of their new pledges. Then came all the homecoming activities. Homecoming was really a big -success for Beta Sigma. We. are proud and happy for Ann Nathan who was elected 1959 Homecoming Queen and reigned over all the homecoming festivities. Our first-place float, "Steaming to Victory," was a steamboat made of white and blue napkins. Four girls rode on each corner dressed as Southern Belles. Before the homecoming game all members and pledges attended the alumnae luncheon at Kentwood Arms Hotel, where we also celebrated Foun路 ders' Day. Kay Alford was presented the Lucy Mac Smith Award by the Springfield Alumnae. After the game our alumnae were welcomed at an open house. Our patronesses, Mrs. Pauline DeFriese, Mrs. Ida Gurley, Mrs. C. B. Hoover, and Mrs. J. N. Newton, poured. Alumnae were greeted at the door by our president, Ann Nathan, and our housemother, Mrs. Pearl Finkbiner. The "Hilltoppers," along with Jimmy Featherstone and !his orchestra, provided the entertainment for the Homecoming Dance to end a wonderful day at Southwest Missouri State College. Another honor was bestowed upon us when Marilyn Ramsey, previously named R.O.T.C. Queen, was selected to reign as Aggie Barnwarming Queen on Novem路 ber 6.-SONDRA DENNISON.

Beta Upsilon Indiana (Terre Haute) State Teachers College BETA UPSILON has a new sorority room in the Student

nion Building. Small, but cozy, this room serves the Alpha Sigmas as an office and meeting room. Anna Justice was our candida te for Homecomi ng •Queen . Our float was a large pink telephone carryi ng three pretty girls in gay colored cost umes. The theme .of the float was "Hold Th a t Line. " Fredina Crowe is our rush chairma n. H er co-cha irmen are Patti Manning Sparks and Anna Justice. Donna Riggs is a new pled ge of Dolphin, the swimming club.- Ju NE STRATTON GRAY.

Beta Phi Stout State College FLAPPER DRESSEs , rouged knees, and th e Charleston -cha racterized Beta Phi's fall rush party. The guests received dolls dressed in red fl a pper dresses and hats. Coffee and gooey Clown Sundaes, typi cal of " The Roaring Twenties," were served as refreshments. With homecoming festivities over, we, at last, have ·a cha nce to catch our brea ths. Carol Bishop was our ca ndidate for qu ee n, and our campaign was centered -a round ·t he slogan, " Check-her for Queen ," medieval jesters and the games of chess and checkers. Our float theme was "Fascination" followin g the allchool theme of "Fall Fasci nation." W e decorated it with three large leaves on three levels in fall colorsgold, brown, red, green, a nd orange. Three of our pledges rode on the float dressed as typi cal campus c oeds. Once again the Beta Phis sold large mums as a moneymaking project during Homecoming. W e h ad a deEcious breakfast at the Methodist Church for our visitin g alumnae. Rita Anderson, Katch en Kubitz, a nd Avis Dutton were recently initiated into Phi Upsilon Omicro n, home eco nomics honorary. A new contest has been introdu ced on ca mpus thi year to elect the Most Beautiful Wom an on Campus. This is run in conjunction with th e Ugly M a n on Campus contest. Gloris Zitlow is th e Alpha Sigma ca ndida te for BWOC. Beta Phis had a dinner on Novem ber 12 to celebrate Founders' Day. Panhellenic Council sponsored the second annual Greek Dance on November 7. This dance is to promote better inter-Greek relations, and all sororities a nd fraternltles on campus w ere invited. A Greek Sing wa s held during intermission, and each organization sang several songs. The Panhellenic Ba ll, " Christmas Kaliedescope," was h eld on December 5.-KARLA RAE HA KE.

Beta Chi Arizona State University PARENTS' DAY was held on ASU ca mpus on O ctober 3 and all the dorms were open for inspection. Beta Chis held open house in their suite for their parents. Mrs. A. K. Cafarelli sent the chapter a lovely bouquet of flowers wishing us a successful year. The dorm served punch and cookies to the parents in the cafeteria which eliminated serving in the chapter r')om. D~ing rush week and prior to it, Dr. Willian: A. ielander and Dr. George Summers of the Busmess School helped us with making things, repairing furniture and moving it to our sorority room as well as hel~ing M-rs .. Nielander make cookies a nd sandwiche for rush week. They were always asking when they were going to be pledges, so we thought we would have

some fun and worked out a ceremony. W purcha d a hu ge horse pin and made a ribbon of the chapter colors. Mrs. Nielander gave a buffet upper on her pa tio for the chapter. After th e buffet we urprised the men by telling them they were finally getting th ir wish and we proceeded to "pledge" th em. Members of Beta Chi parti ipating m other cam pus activi ties are M eri-le Fitzhugh, aiad gi rls' swimming g roup ; Judy J agoda, AS debate team; and ay Walters Tri Beta biology honorary. On O ctober 23 we had initiation service . ft er the ceremony we had a dinner a t Stein and irloin in Phoenix. Mrs. Span ~~ spoke to us of h r college days a t Gunnison. The goblins howled an d the witches tirred their ca:ldron at our Halloween party held at Barbara Haley's home. Janice Doss was in charge of th party. D anci ng and entertain ment fill ed the eveni ng. After open rush, pledge service were h eld for the new pledges. Following the services, the pledg s wen t to a pajama party for all sorority pledges. Beta Chi set up a program committee, which m et last yea r and planned prog rams which would be interesting a nd informative to the chapter member . t one of our meetings Mrs. Ellsworth of the home economics d epa rtment spoke to us about teas a nd their hi tory. At a nother a model from Flair M odeling School in Phoenix told us m a ny importa nt facts on all p hases of eti quette. Alpha Sigmas are champs. We won both th e Women's olleyball Volleyball Champion h ip an d the Coed Championship. " Pled ge Prese nts" is give n by the Panhellenic Cou ncil. It is a tim e wh en all sororities present th ir pledges to the fr aterniti es. After the g irl a re presented, a dan ce is held for pledges only. The pledge president of each sorority is presented with a floral a rran geme nt in the colors of her sorority. Loretta Padill a, pledge pre ident, accepted the floral arran gement for Alpha Sigma Alpha. On November 14 Beta Chi gave a tea for the alumnae a nd th eir moth ers. Lynne L awton was chairman of the tea committee.- MARYLY N NIELA NDER.

Beta Psi Western Michigan University OuR pledges are the present feat ure item of our ch apter. W e have a very active pledge class a nd we arc a ll proud of them. Novem ber 16 marked Beta Psi's celebra tion of Found ers' D ay in K a nley Cha pel. fter the traditional Founders' D ay program we held pledge servi es for the pledges gained during informal rush. Beta Psi has not bee n without campus leaders a nd honors this year. JoAnn Warring was elected out of a ll the femini ne campus leaders as the Ca mpus Wide Girl of th e Month . Elizabeth Terry has been named president of th e newl y organized Omega Tau Alph a, a local occupational th erapy honorary. K ay Cosbey h as been asked to join the honorary. On th e Student Council are four of our members, Barbara an d erlinde, Elizabeth T erry, Darlene Hill, and Di ane Thye r. The pledges ga e a party on Dece mber 7 for al l the members. On J a nu ary 16 will be our big Panhellenic Ball . We plan to have a banquet a t the Hotel Harris before the ba ll.- VJRGINIA SouLES.

Beta Omega Buclmell University W E, sisters of Beta Omega

started October with a


bang at our Study-Buddy Dinner, which celebrated our receiving the Panhetlenic Scholarship Cup. On October 12 our bake sale met with great success and swell ed the funds for our phi·lanthropic project. Homecoming was a wonderful week end, for we welcomed back many of our alumna e. Beta Omega work ed with Swartz Hall, the f.reshman men's dormitory, in building our float which took third prize in th e Homecoming Parade. The fl.oat was a huge roast chicken on a platter, illustrating our theme, "Roast Rutgers." After the footba·ll game we had a party in the suite for our alumnae. Beta Omega was well-represented at the Panhelleni c Tea for our freshmen women on O ctober 25. That week we held our annual Halloween Costume Party, at which aU prizes for the most unusual and imaginative costumes were won by sophomores: Louise Benfield , Duanne Formigli, Dale Burkholder, Jill Barlow, and Chickie Conger. Our annual Pa troness Tea was .held on November 3. Our first cultural m eeting for the year was on November 10, at whi ch time Mr. Snyder, a local jeweler, spoke to the group about diamonds. Beta Omega has started this year well in the field of sports. Our tennis doubles team, Peggy Schafer and Duanne Formigli, won the inter-sorority tennis tournament .. We are now practicing hard for · the inter-group volleyball tournament. Lynda Weaver has been very busy as production manager for Bucknell's production of "A Streetcar Named D esire." Lynda is president of Theta Alpha · Phi , dramatics honorary. Two Beta Omegas have been recognized for th eir scholastic achievements already this fall. Jean Piersol was initiated into Kappa Delta Epsilon , women' s educational honorary. Peggy Schafer was award ed th e Samuel Lewis Ziegler prize for being the member of the junior class to show the greatest profi·ciency in English composition and literature. We have just completed fall rush teas and are looking forward to formal rush in February.-Lou joHNSON.

Gamma Alpha Creighton University OuR rushees were acce pted into Gamma Alph a Chapter on October 9 at an acceptance party, whi ch was held in th e Student Center. Rushees and actives were served cak e and coffee, and a song fest followed in which th e memb ers sang and taught sorority and s·c hool songs to our soon-to-be pledges. On O ctober 21 pledge servi ces were held at th e hom e of Sandy Walenz, our membership director. The pled ges chose th eir big sisters ; th e pledge point system was ina ugurated tha t evening. J ea nn e R edetzke and Juli a Navakas served as coch airmen of the hom ecoming flo at committee . Cest' R ed etzk e was overseer of th e endeavors . "Broa dw ay," the hom ecoming th eme wa s ca rri ed out in th e flo a t, " Th e Grea t White Way," built by Alph a Sigm as a nd Ph alanxes. The float d epicted a vi ew of a N ew York stree t sce ne. M auree n Upin gton serve d as a princess in th e Grecian H elen of Troy Court on November 6. Sh e was Ph a·la nx 's candi·date vyin g for the qu ee nship of th e I~ter-F ra ­ terni ty Ball on November 6. Pat Amdor was elected secreta ry of th e senior class from th e College of Arts and Sciences. Fra n K emm er was selected as one of th e ch eerlead e-rs for . th e "coming · baske tball · season . · Pat Baxter. ··was i·niti a ted into Gam-


rna Pi Epsilon, J esuit women's honorary. Pat was selected as an all-university nominee into Gamma Pi Epsilon. Judy Niederriter and Maureen Upington were candidates for the ""Miss Cutie" contest in October. The contest was held, in collaboration with the Red FeatherRed Cross campaign fund. Jeanne Redetzke, Cese Redetzke, Maureen Upington, and Sandy Walenz attended tJhe November meeting of the Omaha A-lumnae Chapter at the home of Dr. Betty Galaska. The alumnae and college members made tentative plans for th e presentation of the Margaret McGuire Award, which is to be presented to the outstJanding pledge before initiation in February. They a:lso made plans for Kansas-Missouri-Nebraska State Day, which will be in Omaha in April. Gamma Alphas helped the Crei-Vets in a fund-raising campaign to rebuild the grotto behind the Administration Building, which was destroyed by vandals. We collected about $115 for the fund. Members, pledges, and guests met at the Pirate's D en for the annual Founders' Day-Pledge Dinner on November 15. The Rev. James Quinn, S.]., Gamma Alpha's spiritual adviser, and the Rev. ]. Clement Ryan , S.]., attended. Mrs. John Steffes, moderator, and her husband were also guests of honor. Judy Niederriter read the Founders' Day ceremony oefore dinner. After dinner speeches were given by Vicki Kuzelka, our president, and Mary Larson, pbdge president. Pledges have been busy making Blue Jays, which they sold to th e student body at Christmas time. Gamma Alpha is now helping out at the Omaha Youth Center as part 0f its philanthropy. Each month the Gamma Alphas deliver a box of candy, which is distributed among the mentally retarded children.CEsE REDETZKE.

Gamma Beta Wisconsin State College GAMMA BETA had two queen candidates for the 1959 homecoming festivities. The candidates were Carol Chrudimsky and Geraldine Huebner. Even though n either of the girls became queen, the sorority was very proud of them. The theme of our float, "SSC Spirit of Victory," depicted heaven and the devil's paradise. Our homecoming banquet was h eld at the Fiesta. October 23 found Alpha Sigmas running around in Bermuda shorts, b erets, and sunglasses. Following them , we came to the Student Union Lounge for the beatnik rush party. The mood was tv.pical with a !'Oom full of beatniks. On Nov ember 3 th e pledging party was held at the Student Union. After the pledge service Mi~s Miaj a J eka:bsons of the music department w?.s initiated as our new chapter adviser, a nci Miss Elvira Thomson of the hom e economics depar.:ment was initiated as a pa tron ess. · Founders' D ay was observed bv presenting <>ur program hon oring the founding of the sorority. The progra m was preced ed by a potlu:-k ~upper at th f! home of Elaine Searl. Roselyn Barbia n and Floren ce M arzolf recently were initia ted as memb ers of Alpha Kapp a Rho, music honorary. Carol Chrudimsky is a m ember of the cheerleading sq"uad for Point. Ga:rnma Beta is sponsoring a canrlida te for an Ugly M an Contest. It is ·a popularity p'">ll · vote by pennies, and the proceeds· are given to the United Giver's Fund. - ROSELYN BARBIAN.

Gamma Delta Queens College THE annual vaudeville rush was again a successful and enjoyable occasion. Rush ees and members were entertained with skits and singing. We wore the traditional costume of black bermudas and sweaters with white gloves. An original and hilarious version of "Greensleeves" was presented on clarinet and guitar by Aline Euler and Frances O cha rt. We are proud of our members who entered the a nnu a l sports jamboree and won top honors for Al:A by winning at volleyball and rhe hurdles. Our Freudian Fling 'Party was a great success with those atte nding dressed in a costume of their suppressed desire. Gamma Delta was a co-sponsor of the Coronation Ba ll which was h eld on November 25. To highlight our Founders' D ay celebration, a ll of us wore our crimson sorority blaze rs and corsages of red and white carnations.-KATHLEEN BUTL ER.

Gamma Epsilon

"Disneyland" was the theme of Gamma Epsilon's formal rush party. Com·t Jester Marge Leininger present " now White" (Rushee Pat Kurtz) as other Alpha Sigma court jester pay homage.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee HuBBARD LoDGE was transformed on October 2 into a make-believe land of jeweled trees a nd glittering Disneyland characters as the Gamma Epsilons held their formal rush party. Scattered throughout the "courtyard" were rushees disguised as Pin.nochio, Minni e Mouse, B'rer Rabbit, Cinderella, and other familiar characters. Apple Day, an old tra diti on in our chapte r, is back. Making (and selling ) taffy apples a t school was the charity proj ect of our pre-Alpha Sig d ays. This year it was turned over to our pledges as th eir own project. November 12 was th e date.

• • • •

D ecember 5 was th e date of our square dance. This is also becoming an Al:A tradition, and the proceed go to cha rity. Our square dance is usually held out in the cou ntry for the atmosphere, and the caller explai ns th e d a nce steps before each number so everyone can join the fun . Gamma Epsilons lured their dates to their at Barb Goniu's home for a Beatnik Ball on night. Bea tnik philosophies written on the ultra-casual dress d epicted a m ake-believe Village.- MARY ANN KoEsTLER.

hide-away H a lloween walls a nd Greenwich




THE Panhelleni c Tea D ance was held on November 2 1. Louise George Holt ae is our delega te this year. We oserved Founders' Day in the hom e of M aude Murphy Barrere AA in Barberton. Helen Frame Snyder ae was chai rman of a ca rd party held in the Akron Armory for the benefit of retard ed children. It was a g rel!Jt success in every way ns o,·er one thousand people attended. At the invitation of Governor Di Salle, Beth KolgC'r W ashko AB attended the All-Ohio Conference on Childrt> n and Youth held on Thursday. November 19, at Ohio State University, Columbus. The purpose of tht> Confnence was to discuss the Ohio R epo rt. whi ch will br submitted to the 1960 White Housr Conference on Children and Youth. Gwen O ' Hara Spiers :\ A. a third grad e science teachrr. will give a demonstra tion in teaching science to third graders in a store window in downtown Akron -during American Educa tion W eek. We wish Elmore Miller Dunois ae a speedy recovery from hrr recent opera tion .- RHEA F ETZER YoDER.

EvEN thou gh our speaker and alternate speaker were un able to come to our October mee ting, our hostess, M a rth a Stuckey Glentzer XX, planned some very entertaining games which we all enjo ed playing. We were delighted to have Mary Wilhoit Graves XX , of India napolis, and Jud y Bastian B"T, a recent graduate from Indiana State Teachers College. Terre Haute . Also, our first person to attend other than a Beta psilon or Chi Chi was Ellen Buck Harmse n ZZ, an a lumna of Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg. Mis ouri . In order to push the magazine sal s even mor this year. we have decided to give the winn er and her husband a dinner with the compliments of our alumna chapter. Our one big project of sugar Easter eggs i under way to lessen the rush at the last minute. In O ctober we received a nice letter from Chi Chi Chapter about their homec oming activities and new furn iture. We enjoyed it , and those of us who saw their suite thought they used good taste and th a t th eir tea was very nice.- BARB RA MuLLE . DIETRICH.


BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA THE Beckley Alwnnae Chapter has taken on a new type of philanthropic project for the remainder of the year. Needless to say, the steel strike. affected all of us but it has really hit our coal rmnmg area hard! Due 'to ·t' condition, there are many families unable to provide school :l unches for their children. Since the County School Board cannot prov:ide free lunches for all of them, we have ~earned through the board o.f deserving cases where we can help. Naturally, we cannot provide lunches for all those unfortunate to be left out, but we are making a start and hope that, through our example, ot'her civic organizations will join .t he campaign. Another of our chapter's projects is a carry-over from last ye ar. We have joined Beta Pi Chapter of Concord College, Athens, West Vjrginia, in saving S & H Green Sta.rnps for a tea server. We still .Jack several books, but the tea server is, at last, in sight for our sisters!NuALA FouRNEY.

o.f the decorating committee. A large cake was pre- · sented to our president, Jayne Weible Urban TT, in . honor of h er birthday. After the business meeting the Founders' Day message was presented to us very effectively by our president. Mary Jane Hughey AA, a former member of our chapter, is now living in Ann AI'bor, Michigan. She is : associated with the dietetics department of the umversity there. Panhellenic sponsored a program, "Christmas Magic,"· at the East Ohio Gas Company on November 19. Emmy · Schlott Calhoun 00 is our delegate to Panhellenic, and ' Mary Donze Miller 00 is the alternate.-BETTY LITTLE . HARNER.



THE Chicago Alumnae Chapter held its October · meeting at .t'he home of Betty Phillips Hall in Park : Ridge. Agatha Bauer, the first Milwaukee alumna to • join our group, attended this meeting. Mary Blackstone,. national vice-president, led a stimulating discussion about the smaller sororiti·es and the decision of some of them • to join ·l arger national ones. Doris Dowling Adams and Dorothy Masters are exten- · sion chairmen, who are h elping other Alpha Sigma· Alpha alumnae ·i n the Chicago area form new alumnae · chapters. On October 25 a tea was held in the hom e· of Ruth Petree to start a south-side alumnae chapter, whose official name is the Chicago South Suburban Alumnae Chapter. If there are other Alpha Sigmas in the Chicago or neighboring suburbs who are interested' in organizing a new chapter, please write to Doris Adams, .3626 North Linder, Chicago, or Dorothy Mast-· ers, 7031 Sheridan Road, Chicago. We are very proud that Betty Phi1Iips Hall has been · appointed national magazine chairman and Frieda Phillips has been made national state day chairman.MARY WEI NBERG HoHE.

THE supper meeting and first function of our year was a very h appy reun~on of over seventy members. Louise Allen Coe was chairman o.f the wonderful LaSagna supper. Marni Groh and Ruth Swenson were chairmen of the program, which included movies o.f the 1955 and 1958 National Conventions. M a rni , who has attend ed both conventions, gave th e commentary. President Dorrie Sh errie introduced th e boa rd and new members. We were very sorry to acce pt Betty Klute' s resignation as philanthropic chairman but are happy that Cathy Ryan volunteered to serve along with Pauline Wiegand, who majored in mental retardation at Buffalo StaJte Teachers College. Fra n W edekindt, P a nheJ.lenic delegate, gave out 8700 envelopes to be addressed by our handwriting "experts" for th e Easter seal drive. An exciting ;project has bee n initiated this yea r. W e are sponsoring a philharmonic pops concert on Friday evening, December 4. Betsy Kend all is chairma n. We know such a delightful evenin g will be most enthus·ia stically at tended and what a pleasa nt way to mak e money, too! Our Founders' D ay Luncheon was held this year at th e Buffa lo Athletic Club, and Louise Abbott served as c:hairman.-BARBARA BRAUN.

The officers of the new Chicago South Subm·ban Alumnae Chaptet• are, seated, left to right: Sue· Baer XX, magazine subscription chairman; Robet·ta Bakke ·B P, vice-president, Mary Beth Cooley BK, corresponding seCl'etary. Standing, left to right: Jo Ann Thompson BN, treasurer·; Betty Soyring · XX, editor; Carol Drogula ·B P, president.



FouNDERs' DAY was observed by our chapter on November 7 at the Town and Country Restaurant. Mary Carmello Carfagna 00 was in charge of arrangements, and June Riggle DaHinden .1.1 was chairman

ANNE PETREE NIEMEYER AA, national membership• director, was hostess a:t the annual family dinner of theCincinnati alumnae wh.ich was held on Saturday,. October 23. J.'s our group is increasing in size, we ·

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS OuR O ctober meeting was a work session at the home o.f Hazel Vaux with Berni ce Galloway as co-hostess. Hazel's pine-panelled rumpus room was the scene of varied activities for our local philan1thropy, the V etera n' s Naval Hospital in Chelsea. One group sewed hea rtshaped Valentine candy bags in red and white to be fill ed with candy paid for from our treasury. Another group made a large number of Christmas tags, complete with string, to be used by th e veterans in sending th eir Christmas presents. W e receive a .Jetter every year expressing their appreciation for our handiwork. Caro.J Davis, Eleanor Bright, and 'M aurine Finelli of Theta Theta Chapter, Booton University, were present and gave reports on rushing and told us of other pertinent facts.- CHARLOTTE ADAMS .


found we could no longer h ave the d inner in a private hom e, so we rented th e m ee tin g room of a bu ild ing a nd loan company and h a d a cateri n g service. Due to the ge nerosity of M ary Goeke AA and P eggy Wh itley H awley PP, who furni shed r ecords a nd player, we enjoyed some dancing. At our Sep tember m eeting we w elcom ed D elores Brown Vinson, Barba ra Walker, and P a t Es tes, a ll from Beta Nu Cha pter, as n ew m embers . W e decided to continue our work with t he United C erebra l Palsy C enter. - LY NN PETERS Fou NTAI E.

DELAWARE VALLEY O u R October m eetin g, a smo rgasbord lunch eon a t th e Wild Goose Inn, w as highl y su ccessful. There was a n array of food tha t would tempt even th e most ardent of di eters. W e welcomed A nn R ecci Corso NN , M ay 路sweelon Buckwalter KK, Fra ncelle Benning Biddle NN , and Lois M edowcroft Baker NN, who is presentl y teach ing a t th e D rexel I n stitute of T echnology, as n ew members. Helen Corey, n a ti o na l sec re tary, gave a n in teres tin g, informative talk on Pa nh elleni c a nd sorority a ffa irs. One of th e things we were so pleased to hea r was th e progress ma d e by t he alumn ae in Montgomery a nd Bucks counties. They h ave m et a nd are working on th e.i r constitution and by-laws so th a t th ey, too, m ay b e proud possessors of a ch a rter. W e are very p roud to h ave H elen C o rey as a me m o er of our group . She wi ll h ave h er na m e in th e new edit ion of Who's Who in A merican W omen. Our next m ee tin g was h eld on Tuesd ay evening. Novemb er 17, in M ary Ann H a ight Prince's h o me in Broomall. T h e program commemo ra tin g Founders' D ay was g ive n a ft er which we m a de plans fo r Sta te D ay in the spri ng . A ll Pennsylva ni ans a nd m embers fro m neighboring sta tes, be on th e looko ut for mo re n ews on Sta te D ay in th n ext news letter.- FRIEDA BoRNEMANN LENTHE.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN-DELTA RHO 1N ovember we h eld o u r regul a r busi ness mee ting at th P hom e of Dolo res Z am p~ro. After the m eeting- we saw th e movie whi ch D anny K aye h as m a d e fo r U IC EF called " Assig nment C h ildren ." W e we re esp eciall y iruterested si nce we have contributed to U I C EF each Christmas instead of exch a ng in g g ifts. W e were h a ppy to welcome three n ew members , J u d y D avis, Ann e Clem ents, a nd Ba rba ra Black, who have gra d uated from C ent ral Mi chi gan C ollege of E d ucatio n a nd a rr now teach ing in th e D etro it area. Th e first m e tin g of th e yea r fo r th e D et ro it A sot.:iatio n of Alp ha Sigm a Alpha was o n N ovemb er 14 wh en th e three g roups joined to observe F o unders' D ay at a de er t lunch eon a t th e home of Mrs. W allace H all . L a ura H ardy's basem ent w as th e setting fo r cards, ch a t te r, food, a nd coffee on ove m be r 20 wh en m em ber h eld a ca rd p arty. Our a nnual C hri tmas p a rty is al ways a h igh poin t of th e year, an.d. thi s one was no exception. The me m be rs a nd their husba nds a nd dates m et a t J oa n H amil ton ' h om e on D ece mber 18 to celebra te t he h oliday. s in previous yea rs, we w rap ped d oll ars as C hri stmas gi fts. Prizes were g ive n for th e b est wra pping, a nd th e dolla rs were sent to U I CEF- ] EAN F ANS ON.

'FOX VALLEY-AURORA-ELGIN, 'I LLINOIS BETTY WoRTHI NG TO ' C EH Bcf> wa our h ostess for th e September m ee tin g. M a rilyn V on H off Z ickert Bcf> served as co-h ostess. This m ee ting w as for th e purpose of m aking up th e cal end a r for th e followin g year.

O ur next meeting was held on tober 7 at the home of our pre iden.t, Charleen Marcley Lyons Bcf>. Everyon e present enJoyed a n evening of making Hallow en placemats for 1:he ch1ldren' ward in t. Chari Ho pita!. Charleen was credited with the desi n of the placemats. O n O ctober 27 we met at the home f J eanne tmon W ill brandt BK. It was decided that all member would save ~ ross - word puzzles for the enjoyment of the patients a t l-Imes Vete ran's H ospital. After a d elicious supper se rved by o ur hostess ord ers were taken for Chri tma cards. Ou r ovember meeting was he ld in the hom of J ean Mulder D oty BK, in 0 wego, Illinois, where w made placemats and nut cups for the Ga lena Boult>vard Hospi taL- J AN ICE K uRTZ R o E.

HAMI L TON-M I D DLETOWN-O XFO RD O H IO ' O u R Founders' D ay Banquet for Alpha lpha ollege girls of M iami Unive rsity, O xford, and alumnae wa~ held o n ovember 16 at the M iami niversity Center BaH room . C a rol Slamar Stocker AA was hostes in h r hom for o ur ovember meeti ng held on Satu rday, ovemb r 21. Toys brough t to this meeti ng will be di tribu ted in the area hosp itals a t C h ristmas time, carry1ng out a pha e of ou r phil anthropic project. T hey were wrapp d wi th a tag on the outside designat ing wh ether the gift was for a boy or girL- ELI ZABETH EWHALL j OHN TON.

INDI ANA, P E NNSYLVAN I A O N the occasion of H omecoming on October I 0 at Sta te T each ers Colleg , Indiana , Pennsyh-ania, Alpha Gamma, entertai ned w ith a tea for vi iting alumnae, th eir families, a nd fr iends. Observa nce of Fou nders' D ay was he ld on Sunday, J ove mber 15. The college and alumnae chapt rs enjoyed a n afternoon of fe llowsh ip i n the A ~A room on cam pus. G uests fo r this tea were th Alpha Gamma pa tro nesses, members of our mot her-patroness roup , and t hose facul ty m em bers w ho are more closely associated w ith th e o ro ri ties. lumnae member on the tea com路 rnittee were Bet ty C lawson Luke, C laire Cressman McV itty a nd Rut h Ri nk. - ANNA SHAFFER MAURER.

I ND I ANAPOLIS, INDI ANA So FT stra ins of Hawaiian m usic and a gai ly decorate d table g reeted us as we entered th e home of F ra nces Shaw XX to hold our O ctober meeting. fter th e busi ness was ta ken care of, we se t tled ba k in our chai rs for a rea l t reat. K atherine hoentrup Wertz B'r showed us colored movies of her recent trip to H awaii, and he told us orne of th intere ting facts a bout H awaii. It was a mo t p leasant way to get acquai nted w it h o u r fiftieth state. M ona Woodward BT, Esther Burge XX, an d H elen Emick XX as i ted Frances in erving deliciou re fre hment , among which , of cou r e, was pi neap ple. We celebrat d Founders' Day on rovemb r 3 with a di nn er meeti ng at th e home of Jane Foltz M Dav1tt XX . H elen Selvage oblit t X..'-', Catherine lien Castor BT, a nd Sue A n n Engle M essing XX as istcd Jane in p reparing and serv1ng a lovely dinner. I n connection w ith Fou nders' D ay, Bereniece Lamb Martin XX read a letter from our national president, J an Grady about Foun ders' D ay. A dra ft of t he Constitution of the Indiana Alpha S igm a Alph a was read and d i ussed. The committee wh ich drew u p t his dra ft at Sta te D ay last year w~


headed by one of our members, Helen Campbell Shibler AA. Various revisions will be made on the draft by all Indiana a lumnae and college chapters, and the final draft will be voted on at State Day on April 30, 1960. H elen Emick XX, who is in cha rge of Al:A m agaz.ine subscriptions, passed out The Official Magazine Guide for 1959-60 and urged everyone to do her part in promoting this worth-while, money-making project. Helen Selvage Ndblitt XX, chairman of philanthropic and ways and means committee, announ ced that the sale of Christmas ribbon was a great success. Bereni ece Martin appointed the following members to prepare a draft of by-laws for our chapter to be a pproved by th e membership: L etha Hackm a n Gaskins XX, Jun e Wilkinson Widmeyer XX, Marie R allh K •ingdon XX, and E•l izabeth Pres nall Bliss XX . W e were pleased and happy to welcome three new members to our grou.p at this mee tin g. They were Sue Ferguson, Carol Edgar, and Sa lly Crooks-all members of Chi Chi Chapter.-NANCY MARTIN WILLIAMS .

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE Jackson Alumnae Chapter has resumed its volu nteer service to the Mississippi Association for M ental Health. Last year over 250 1hours were devot ed to ·t his association , mainly to the project of foldin g a nd stuffing thcir monthly bulletin. Rummage sales were profitable durin g th e spring a nd ear·ly summer, a nd anoth er rummage sale was h eld in D ecember. Money from these sales has not been definit ely ear-marked, but a potential a im is a foldin g machin e for the "Mississippi Association for M ental H ealth. A new member, Carolyn Enloe Dra ke 136., w as welcomed to the chapter in O ctobe r. Our ch a pte r is active in the City Panhellenic Associa tion and is serving on th e telep hone committee this year.- MARY ToM BRADLEY.

about winter sport fashions. We were happy to welcome the following new members: Gertrude Naccarato Slutter HH, Coleen Michie Tolle HH, Helen Reeder Waggener HH, Mildred CossaJirt Hamrick AB, Patricia Strider ZZ, Mary Margaret Rising HH, Jen Grigeon ZZ, Jeannie Roelta Redmond Bl:, Mary Rowan eM>, and Patricia McClanahan HH. Our Founde rs' Day Luncheon was held on November 21 at Twin Oaks. The chairman hostess was Mary K. R eiff HH, national college editor, and assisting her were Johannah Sisson EE, Jo McKinley Wady AB, and Peggy Irwin Scheloski HH. The impressive program was given by P eggy, a new member. Esther Bucher, national NPC delegate, gave an inrteresting report on· th e NPC meeting she attended in Boca R aton, Florida, November 9-1 3. W e were delighted to have as our special guests, the Alpha-Bets. This very popular mus-ical group consisted of several girls from the Zeta Zeta Chapter a-t Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg, "M issouri. As one of our ways and mea.n\5 projects this year, we have d ecid ed to have benefit parties, such as toy and card parties, given by individual members who will donate the p110ceeds to our cha pter treasury. Aga in, we shall have rotating baskets. The contents will be purchased by a member, who will put in a noth er item fot· the next person on the list receiving the basket. The mon ey from this will be used for our philanthropic project, the mentally retarded child.- MARILY N GRIDER.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Lo s ANGELES alumnae participated m their annual Founders' D ay Luncheon on November 14 at the Sierra Room, Statler Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Edith CaJlahan Titley zg was chairman of the affair, a nd her original gold and green table decorat·ions were lovely. Toastmistress was E•leanor Bohn Kowalewsky ZZ, wi·th Viola Gill ZZ , N a ncy Gibson M a thisen 2:~, and Kay Faust D avey XX, from the San Di ego Alumnae Chapter as speakers. After the luncheon, door prizes were given to those members holding the lucky numbers. The annual Christmas party took place on Wednesday, D ecember 16, at th e home of Martha Corrigan Scott ZZ in No11thridge. Some new faces a nd many familia r ones were th ere to enjoy our holid•a y event. J anua ry brings -t o mind the White Elephant Bingo Auction, which wi!J b e held a t the home of Celia O 'Connor Forrer EE in Los Angeles. This meeting is a surprise package affair, and everyone brings a white elephant wrapped ·i n various disguises. A "white elepha nt to end all" is slowly making its rounds of the gro up, a nd everyone is wai•ting to see who is th e chosen wi-n ner of "IT."-}OYCE YINGLING COLLINS .

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Stuffiing e nvelopes for the Mississippi Association for Mental Health are membe rs of the Jackson Alumnae Chapter. Seated, left to right: Betty Franklin, Mary Tom Bradley, Marge Pugh. Standing, left to right: Carolyn Lindsey, Ann Morgan.

GREATER KANSAS CITY THE alumnae of Grea ter K ansas City enjoyed a very interesting October meeting held at the home of Genevieve Richardson Blakey ZZ . H elen Toel Nally eM> Thelma Shively Myers eM>, an d Betty Kullman Gregor~ ZZ served as co-hostesses. Mr. 0 . C . Pra nger, the sportswear buyer for Rothschild's, gave us the lates t news


LY NCHB URG alumnae m et at the home of N elle Quinn Rich·a rds A on October 1, at whi ch time we made finaT decisions on ·the program for the year and enjoye d bridge and d essert. Founders' Day was observed with an annual banquet a t the Town and Country on November 12. R ece ntly welcomed to our chapter was Eleanor Farm-· er Gray A. Eleanor came to us from Roanoke, Virginia. Two of our members give us reason to be proud. Nelle Quinn Richards A :is the newly-elected secretary for the Auxiliary of the Lynchburg Academy of Me dicine. Virginia Foltz Mauney BE has been reelected for a second term as secretary for the United Lutheran Church Women of Virginia . -MARY DILLO N D. CuRE.

GREATER MIAMI, FLORIDA OuR October meeting was held on October 24 at the new home of our president, Mary Gallagher, in Miami . Evelyn Livdur and Genevieve Foltz were the only two who were able to attend from Ft. Lauderdale, but it was good to get together with th e Miami members after our summer vacations. On Thursday, ovember 12, Mary Gallagher and Genevieve Foltz were Alpha Sigma Alpha's guests at the National Panhellenic Banquet held at Boca Raton. H ere we had the pleasure of visiting and dining with our national officers, Jean Grady, Esther Bucher, M ary Blackstone, Martha Dimond, and Hiwana Crompton.GENEVIEVE FOLTZ.

MUNCIE, INDIANA . OuR toy party proved very success£ ul, both money w1se and for entertainment. We have found this and selling Chdstmas cards, something everyone need s, an easy way of making money. Founders' Day was observed on November 16 at the Chi Chi suite, and the alumnae furnish ed the refreshments whi le th e college girls were in charge of the program . Final pla ns for our annual Christmas party wen: discussed at th e short business mee ting whi ch followed th e progra m. Marlene Lipma n Colvin, who is the Muncie Panhellenic President this year, went to Terre Haute on ~aturday, November 14, for an all d ay workshop. Durmg November our group was in charge of delivering flow ers at the hospital for our Panhelleni c project.PAT AULD WILLIAMS.

NE W YORK STATE CAPITAL D I STRICT OuR first fal l affair took place at the new home of our president, .M afi,lyn Pattengill Lent. Husbands were our guests at this covered dish dinner. Many of our members have joined the P an hellcnic Association of Schenectady and have been busy working on various cominittees. Patty Pardi Mead has offered to be leader of two Interest Groups, Bridge for Gals a nd Crafts. We saw many of our members at P anhellenic's "Coffee Party," "Fall Supper," and the "Football Fantasy Ba ll" •h eld on Saturday, ovember 14. This affair is one of the three formals held to raise money for a scholarship a ward ed to a high school student planning to attend college.-MARY ANN SMULLE . s LA Rocco.

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY NoRTHER New Jersey alumnae held their O ctober meeting at the home of Kathy Dunca n Higgi ns Bo/. Our program was a review of the summer activities of all our members, and certainly th ey were rich a nd varied. We welco med again M a rion Irvine Stevenson N and were especially happy to have three new members, Dorothy Fuetterer R ey nolds Bfl, Kitty Habel Ormsby Bn, and acltalie Wick Hanson B<l>. At our ovember meeti ng held at the home of Carolyn Wasgatt 00, we cleaned and repaired children's books as part of our p hilanthropic project. W e are going to help the Nancy Luzon School a t R oselle ew Jersey, this year.-LouisE QuiCK.

OMAHA, NEBRASKA HAPPY HoLLOW CLUB was the scene for the June luncheon of the Omaha alumnae. The highHght of the meeting was the presentation of the Margaret M cGuire Award sponsored by the Omaha alumnae to th e out·

standing pledge of Gamma Alpha Chapter. Mrs. L. D . McGuire made the pre entation to Mi s Sharon James. A mother patroness of Gamma Alpha Chapter, Mrs. M cGuire has been associat d with lpha Sigma Alpha since the early 1940's. Her late hu band. Dr. L . D . McGuire was on the fa ult of the rei hton University school of medicine from I 918 to 1955. The Margaret McGuire Award is based on a four-fold aim-social, spiritual intellectual, and phy ical d elopment. Judy found us guests of Olive Odorisio Cir o for a "sun and swim" get-together. Lois Leibel Le hner, our treasurer, was voted first prize for the mo t original back stroke. Our fall season was spiced with a luncheon in September by Loui e Mona o Cimino. Plans .and sug e tions for Gamma Alpha's rush tea were discus ed. The rush tea, attended by all alumnae, was a lso given at the Cimino home. Founders' Day was observed in Novemb r with a formal program at the home of our president, Dr. Betty Garvey Galaska. Taking part in th program were Yvonne H eenan and Elly Peter. Mrs. Donald Bo k. our Panhellenic delegate, brought us up-to-date on all future plans of our City Panhellenic Association. Joann Franco Vacanti conclud ed the program with an original monologue. Our philathropic project, under the direction of Janis Amundson Knolla, philanthropi hairman, will continue as it has for the past three years. It is the over-all interest of a teenage girl living m a foster hom e. Newcomers welcomed into our group hav been Mmcs. Daniel Quine, Robert E. Cowley Jr. , and Felixa PabiHonis. -JA NICE AMu DSON K NOLLA.

PITTSBURGH, P E NNSYL VAN I A WHE ' the Pittsburgh alumnae ga thered together for th ei r luncheon meeting on Saturday, September 26 in the Carriage House at Beck's Charter Oaks, our presiden t and hostess for the day, Gracie Div vens Hill A r read a letter from Maryellen Hollander L brian, who is working with mentally retarded children in Beaver, Pennsy lvania. just outside of Pittsburgh. In line with our national project, we are especially proud to have one of our members in this parti ular teaching endeavor, and we arc happy to have a part, though small . in this worth-while effort by helping Maryellen . Quoting in part from her letter: "I have received my order from las t year and th e ell'ctric jig saw (with fin ger an d han d guard} whi ch was pur hased with your money is included . We are having a 'cutting good time' with it an d haven' t had an accident yet. We have bread boards and lawn decoration in process now and hope to have orne completed for our P.T.A. bazaar in October. The children are really getting a lot of enjoyment from being able to use the aw. We can make much more interesting projects. I have eightc n cherubs ri ght now, and I am sligh tly bus with them. ' Another of our faithful members has gone back into the teach ing field, so that a long with Maryellen L hrian we also miss seeing M arion Ball Wilson N , who is tea hing hom e economic at Penn Hall Juni or College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania . We understand she being well taken ar of by the a lumnae in the Lan· caster-Reading area, so our temporary loss is their gain . Vve've just learned through her sister, Blanche Ball that M arion has recently completed an L andau a rticle on Greiner dolls which is being published by the Carl Schurz M emorial Foundation. Inc., and will app ar


in The American-German Review. A group of her Greiner dolls was an di~play at the pll!blishing company's building, 420 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from November 25 to December 30, a nd Marion was the guest of honor at a reception there during the Thanksgiving w eek end. W e met for luncheon, meeting, and bridge in the red vdvet, red damask decorated Lillian Russ ell R oom of the Pittsburgh Playhouse on Saturday, November 7. There was no lack of chatter an d enthusiasm, espe·c ially when our president asked for suggestions for the Christmas party. Thelma Trusal Gober Ar was hostess for t>he day, and 'Monna Elms Power A·B assisted. For our Christmas party we entertained ·t he college girls in the Pittsburgh area with a luncheon held at th e Woman's City Club in the Penn-Sheraton Hotel on W ednesday, D ecember 30. H elen Ball served as hostess. - HELEN E. BALL.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA AFTER a summer that included a picnic for m embers and th eir families, the Richmond Alumnae Chapter is back in the swing of sorority activities and ~ooking forward to a successful year. In August the Richmond Panhellenic Association held a. tea at Thalhirner's Tea Room for prospective college girls and their mothers. Caroline Savage Finch AA , our Pa n-h ellenic delegate, represented our group a t th e tea. A1 our September m eeting held at the horne of our presiden,t, Frances Jobson Fra ncis RE , plans were mad e for the winter activities. The Pa nhellenic Bazaar was held at the Coca-Cola Hospitality Room on November 4. The Alpha Sigmas' ·ca ndy boo th featured attractive Christmas candy d eco·r ations whi ch included ·a candy-filled Christmas tree and a candy house to make. Profits a re to be us ed for our phila nthropic project, th e mentally retard ed child. We commemorated Founders' Day witlh a dinner hon'()ring one of the A~A Founders, Mrs. H. E . Gil.liarn, who lives in Ri chmond .and often attends our special ·events.-PHYLLIS THOMAS MA NN ING.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI THE St. Louis Alumnae Chapter enjoyed a luncheo n o n O ctober 17 a t the horn e of Carol J ean Trunnell Conkin A·B, who was assisted by M artha R eynolds Miles AB , Doris Boley ZZ, and M a rge Moreland Worth. We w ere all h a·ppy to see one other again and es pecially happy to see some new fa ces. Some new a dditions were Jane Ba rnett AB, Judy Strom Brornbolich A·B , Mary Lou Ferrell Brumley BN, Peggy Brumd age Dwyer A·B, Mary Ann Vogel Fitchett ZZ , J ean Findlay Fleisch zz Lois Verity Lake ·B•e, Ruth Black M ack AB, Barbar~ Moles AB, Mary Wilson N ettl e AB , a nd Jea n Niemeyer Tyler ·B~ . Our November m eeting was th e annual auction and money-making project. Each member brought sornetlhing hom~-rnad e. or hand-mad e, a rra nged i t for display, th en a uctiOned It off to •t he highest bidder. We used the pro cee d~ to sen? ~ ch eck to our favorite charity, the St. Lows Association for R etarded Children. W e are extremely proud to h elp this most worthy institution .MARTHA RAY SWEE NEY.

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA WE celebrat ed our third birthday in 'M ay with a luncheon a t the Dinnerhorn Resta urant. Vwlet R anallo Neuman BP add ed a tou ch of se ntiment

-s~o rg asbord


to the occasion by bringing a cake with three glowing candles. Mary Ludu Simon XX, our president, is also vice-president of the local Panhellenic Association, so this will be a busy year for her. Mary Simon entertained us in October with a delightful luncheon at her horne in Fontana. Babies were the topic of the afternoon with the comparing of notes on their new little boys by Violet Neuman and Patricia Tral~e McDowell ;;;;;;. Geraldine Rundell Doyle HB outlined the future meetiongs of San Bernardino Panhellenic for us. We discussed assisting Santa Claus, Inc., our philanthropic project, and made plans ·to join the Los Angeles alumnae in celebrating Founders' Day.GLADYS ANDERSON.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA OuR "Men's Night Party" held in the 1hornes of Bonnie Brown Brough ZZ and Buddy John McCright BK was such a great success that another party of the same type is planned for our February m eeting. Florence Klinger Hallinan HB was hostess for our October meeting, at which time we mapped out our plans for the corning year. Several from our chapter attended the Founders' Day Dinner in ·tlhe Statler Hotel, Los Angeles, on November 14. The members who traveled to join the Los Angeles Alumnae Ohapter were Bonnie Brown Brough ZZ, Ann WiUs PX, Kay Foust D avey, XX, Serena Engelhart Lannue ZZ , Louise Peterson Hindes XX, and Buddy John McCright •B K. The following week Los Angeles sent a delegation to attend our Founders' Day Luncheon, which was held in San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park. Our Christmas meeting was held in the home of Ruth Walker Sweeney nn. We each brought an article of clothing or food for a local needy family. A gift exchange was the highlight of the evening.-BuDDY JoHN McCRIGHT.

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA IN October we met at the new home of Barbara Mechling Beehler XX. Her co-hostess, President Carolyn Fyfe, helped serve delicious refreshments from a beautifully fa11-decorated table. Founders' D ay was observed in the horn e of Florence Roberts Taylor A•B. Carolyn Fyfe was in charge of the program, assisted by Mary Ruth Birk XX. Millie Warner Zoss X.."C reported on our philanthropic project, the Logan School in Mishawaka. We are giving financial aid to this school for mentally retarded children. Marie S canlan Brown •B il and Sue Woods Snyder XX were co~hostesses a·t our Christmas party held in 'M arie's home.-BARBARA PEARCE.

SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY WE were most delighted to see several new faces as we entered hostess Ginny Sea ton 's lovely horne for our C?ctober .m ee ting. Our arms were loaded with rnagazmes, bemg prepared to begin work on one of the eve ning's projects. Our chapter has "adopted" the retarded children at ~h e Z ane-North School in Collingswood, so we are workmg on proj ects to h elp enlighten the lives of these youngsters. M aking scrapbooks is one of our long-range ~ve nts, . a nd we spent pal't of the evening cutting out mteres tmg and appealing pictures. We also made attractive Halloween placemats, and a:long with these Wanda Curry Fitzpatrick delivered bags of " treats" ' for the children's Halloween party. Noel Curry Wirth, our secretary, and her famil y have

moved into their beautiful new home in Levittown. New J ersey. Good luck and best wishes to them!-NANCY GINGRICH R ITI.

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI THE Springfield alwnnae had a luncheon for out-oftown alumnae and the Beta Sigma college girls at the Kentwood Arms Hotel on October 24. The luncheon was in celebration of Founders' Day and Homecoming at Southwest Missouri State College. A nice program and menu were planned by Charlene Boyd, assisted by Barbara Chapman Wright, Suzanne Hogan Cupp, and Connie Gesslein Kennemer. Kay Alford was presented the Lucy Mae Smith award. We are now busy selling Ohristmas cards. Our candy sale was a big success. November brought us together with a potluck dinner at the home of Irene Coonrod French. A delicious assortment of food was served by Mary Ann D aley Buchanan , Jean J ones Jdhnston , Helen Gregory Rawlings, and Nancy Hargis Miles.-BETTY TuRNER BLUME.

at Bowling Green tat niv r it did not take plac • because Dorothy to kton. who arrange it for u was ho pitalized. Instead, the group enjoy d luncheon .' t the home of H elen Osmun. \ elc ted hristmas card and gifts from an a ortm nt brought by Gra e Haworth . items i our chief mean of Sin e th e ale of th making money, w are rateful to Grace for th and effort she takes in handlin ~ th m. !though ue Gagnon, our active m mber from Miami niver ity, co uld not be present, she ent the group an invitation to visit her family s cottage at and Lak . On September 2 we travel d down the Maumc River to a m eting in Harriett Harper's hom in apoleon. Harriett took us to sc her new wimrning pool , but none of us tri ed it out. \ e viewed H arriett s prize-winning paintings and then worked on the rapbook whi ch ' e planned to finish a t th 0 tober and ovemb r meeting . Our 0 tober meeting wa h ld at the hom of Gra e Haworth . he report d th a t th e Toledo Pa nh ellcni c Association would gi c a dan e in tead of a bridge party this year to raise money for the rho larship give n each year to a Toledo niversity tudent.LAR Ku:-;F.v.


J{ay Alfor·d receives t h e L u cy Mae Smi th Award from t h e president of t h e Sprin g field Alumnae Chapter, Charlene Boyd.

TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA OuR hapter entertained Beta Upsilon Chapter of Indiana State T eachers College at a dessert party at th e home of Mary Minor Foltz. Plan5 for rush were disussed, and it was decid ed th a t the alumnae would help with the Sunday night party. Also in October, the college girls and alumnae enjoyed a lun heon at the Hotel D eming during Homecoming. In th e afternoon, open house was held at the hom e of Dona Graham with Helen Bourke Egly and H elen Pf iffer as assisting hostesses. Our Founders' Day meeting was held at the hom of Margare t Conrad on November 24. Mary Reilly Pennington was hostess at our Christmas party held at her home. Seer t pals were reveal d , and a orial evenin~ fo llowed th e business meeting.- MARY FR MooRE WILEY.

T OL EDO, OHIO Tu E Toledo Alumnae Chapter ha d evera l enjoyable summer mee tings although we did not escape our u ual bad torm. This time it happened at th e J un c I I m ee ting in Perrysburg at the home of Clara Kuney. After a delicious potluck luncheon brought by the members. we spent our time closing windows and dodging li htning. 'I'he chief business of this mee ting concerned the planning of a project to mak e crapbooks for th e children at Lott Day School, a school for handicapped children in Toledo. Our annual summer luncheon at the Student Union

"LIVING WITH FLOWER " was th e theme for our O ctober meeting when we met in the hop of Mickey's Flowers. Mickey B rti . th e own r, gave a demon !ration of floral arrangements for evl'nts throu ghout life, some of whi ch wer give n for door prize after the meeting. Mildred George Betti nr won the white daisy head pi ece. Sue Jon es LaBorde Br received the pink carnation orsage. Another prize was a bras wat ring can with a. yellow carnation arrangement, which J ennie Vinson Fisk rr took home. Doris Johnson Hill nr was the envy of all by getting th floral arrangement kit, and Gaytha Crossw ll nr r ce ived yellow chrysant hemums. The Tulsa Panhellenic annual fall fashion how was held in O ctober with M artha Poynor Wiseman nr as our lovely model. The ovember Founders' D ay T a was held in the hom of Gertrude But:ler Gre n rr in Sand pring . Virgini a Provost Arnot rr. Billi e Roberts Commer nr, and Su e Nolan Robard. Br a si ted. -DORI JoH ' ON HILL .

WAS H INGTON, D . C. TH E W'ashingto n, D . C .. Alumna hapter met on October I 7 for a. luncheon part y at th K ennedy W arren , an att racti,·e a partment hot el in Washin l{to n. W e w r delighted to h ave as our honored g ue t. Mr . yre , moth er of our chapter secretary-treasurer, Martha Ayres A13. Mrs. Ayres makes her hom e in Atlanta . Missouri. Our most ex itin news was that our pres ident, Mart'h a Green Dimond A.\. has been appointed . lph a Sigma Alpha. d elegate to th e ationa l Pa nh elleni c Conference. Martha replaces Esther Bucher. We a re very proud of this honor to our hapter. and we arc equ all y proud to have M artha reprc ent Alpha igma Alpha nationally. On November 2 1 Washington alumnae were t h r c:ue ts of the orthern Virginia Cha pter at the home of Pat Walochek in ienna. \ irginia . Martha. Dimond . who attended the PC meeting in Bo a Raton. Florida. from . ovember 8-15 , gave a full report on the conf!"rence activities and the forward plan of . ational Pa.nhellenie. Our D ecember meeting was a Christmas party, as usual , and we invited hu bands and guests.-GEoRGE· AN A PAGE .


• • • •






The following reports and letters are to be sent to the National President, Mrs. Robert C. Grady, Box 686, Orange, Virginia , unless otherwise stated. September 15 October 10 November 10

December January February

10 10 10

April May

10 10

June July August

10 10 10

Personal L etter (news about you) Homecoming Activities Fall Rushing R esults Final date for acceptance of Alumna Status re· quests to the Central Office, c/o Mrs. Clayton A. Richard, 372 Argonne Drive, Kenmore 23, New York Contribution to National Fellowship Chairman: Mrs. Harold Brown , 3105 Rexford Dr., South Bend 15, Indiana Copy of Chapter Constitu tion and By-Laws to National Constitution Chairman: Mrs. Wallace L. C handler. 8367 Charles Rd. , Richmond, Virginia Etiquette Training Philanthropic Activities Chapter Check-Up Report Form Material on Elizabeth Bird Small Award and Frost Fidelity Award to National Awards Chairman Scholarship Progress Annual Report Form Personal Introductory L etter from NEW Chapter President Directory of NEW Chapter Officers to National President and to Central Office Persona l Summer Pla ns Report of Cha pter 's Summer Activities Plan for Fall Activities

The foll owing President's reports are due in the C entral Office. Immedia tely September 10

O c tober November Det'ember January February March

10 10 10 10 10 10





Jun e


Return of card to acknowledge packet of President's materials Report on College and Chapter Directory and Returning Membership-Fall of 1959 Directory of Graduates and Undergraduates leaving college, May-September. 1959 Green M embership Report Green M embership Report Green M embership Report Green M embership Report Green M embership Report List of 1960 Graduates and U ndergradua tcs Gree n M embership Report Elec tion Report Form on NEW President Green M embersh ip Report Directory R eport Form of NEW Chapter Officers Green M embers hip Report Green M e mbers hip Report

VICE-PRESIDENT October November December January February

10 10 10 10 10

M arc h April May

10 10 10




Letter to ational Vice-President Letter to National Vice-President Letter to National Vice-President Letter to National Vice-President Report on Philanthropic Work to : Mrs. R. C . Carson , 224 E. 33rd Pl. , Tulsa, Okla. Letter to National Vice-President Annual Report to National Vice-President Introductory Letter from NEW Chapter VicePresident Letter to National Vice-President





December January February

10 10 10

March April

10 10


Return enclosed postal card acknowledging packet of Secretary's su pplies Form I- l nlormation concerning Chapter R ecording Secretary Condensed Monthly Report of Chapter Meetings Condensed Monthly Report Personal Letter Condensed Monthly Report Personal Letter Condensed Monthly R eport lor meetings since December 10 Condensed Monthly Report Condensed Monthl y Report Form 11-Special Report introducing NEW R ecording Secretary FoLLOWING ELECTIONS- Personal Letter from the NEW Secretary Condensed Monthl y R eport to b~ se nt following YOUR last chapter meeting

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Return postal card in packe t Form with personal and college personnel in -



October 10 :-lovember 10 January 10 February 10 April or May o r at time o f yo u r elections

Personal Letter Report Form I Report F orm 2 Personal L etter Personal Letter introducing NEW Corresponding Secretary Report F orm 3 Accuracy and Neatness

TREASURER Immediately O ctober




December January February

10 10 10

Ma rch


Retu rn card to acknowledge packet of Treasurer's materials Financial R eport lor Summer and September Personal Letter from Treasurer Fi nancial R eport lor October Chapter Budget R eport {Green Form) Contribution to F ellowship Chairman: Mrs . Harold C. Brown Financial R eport lor November Fina ncial R eport lor December Financial R eport lor January Personal Letter from Treasure r Fi nancial Report lor February File of Supplies Report

The OuTGOING TREASURER is responsible lor the APRIL reports





June July

10 10

Financia l Report lor Marc h Annual Aud it R e port Election Report Form on NEW Treasurer Financial Report lor April Personal L e tter from NEW Treasurer Financial Report lor May Chapter Budget Report (Gree n Form )

ALL initiates must purchase a badge unless special permission has bee n granted by t he Central Office .



Office .





are in the National Treasurer's



Rep<Ht' marked * a rc to be se nt to: Mrs. W. B. Niemeyer 19 Country Lane, Rt. I, Milford, Ohio. ' II othc.- to : Mrs. Clayton A. Richard , 372 Argonne Dri,e , Kenmore 23 , cw York. Immediately Octoher


Janua1 y

10 10 10

,\ larch )Jril ~1ay


*Return card to acknowledge receipt ol materials Return card to ack nowledge receipt of materials * Per onal Letter (emphasis on pledge activities ) Personal Report Form to Central Office * Personal Letter (emphasis on pledge act ivities ) * Personal Letter (emphasis on pledge activities ) *Election R eport Form on NEW Membership Director to Central Office *Introductory L cller from NEW M embership

O ctober :\"ovember


J a nuary










Membership Summary Report Form to Cen tra l Office ew Rush Chajrman Report Form to Central Office *After Chapter Elections-Elec tion Report ***After pledging largest cl ass-Pl edge Orga nizatio n Report *** Aftr r com 11letion of pledge training- Evaluation of Reports marked *** may take the place of a letter . MP.MD EK ' UIP CARDS ARE oue IN TH E CENTRAL. OFFICE imm ediate/)' APTP.R J'LEDGrNo. The cards are to be wrillcn by the girl herself in ink- last name fi rst, middle name, as well as first name, and COMr'U!TE J·IOM E ADDRESS (stree t and number, city a nd state) .


Some tin'le during the year a

immediately i\ PTER INITIATION . Send in o n form provided for your usc· Ji st by ~nitiation number in order giving name as it is to appc;r on cr rl1firatc .

Ma y

to the



a lional


10 days after opening of ;chool O ctober 10


Personal letter

C\ aluating

rush seaso n if over or

di c ussi ng rushing seaso n with em phasis on an curre nt problem ovcmbcr

Februa ry


Form lett er describing briefly most succe ful -...rush party 10 Per onal letter dj ussing spring rush, if any, or cha pter






February March April


nae is to be published a nd mailed to a ll alumnae and Officers.




To the N TIONAL HI TOR I · -M rs. harlcs II . Hami lton, 4524 Taney, pt. 304, lc andria, Va.- repoot of the chapter's acthitics for the



October "o'embcr

Copy lor· FALL PHOENI to the National J. lege Editor Opy for the 'A INTER PIIOENI>. to the ational Colltge Editor hort anicle about ouL>tanding chapter acti\ iries and personalitie for the Al11rnna• 8111/ttin ollege Editor to the National Cop lor the l' \IMPR PIIOENIX to the National ollege Editor To the NATION L COLLEOE POITOR- Letter from



adminis tration

Coll ege Panhellcni Election rrport form \\ith nam of NEW Rush C hairma n


and address

Personal le u er c aluati ng year's activities

10 10 10 10 10 10


Report: Ritual a nd Paraphernalia Letter about your college and A:!:A activities Report: R eligious Activities of Alpha Sigmas Description of a favorite devo tional Report about Ritua listic Ceremonies Annual R eport with R ecord of Services from April 10, 1959, to April 10, 1960. Immediately after any Ritualistic Service, make a record of it giving date and names of candida tes. Keep this report in your Chaplain 's Handbook. Introductory letter from NEW Chaplain (be sure to include you r address for the fall semester of 1960)

Persona l letter from NEW Rush rushing plans for fall

hairman with


The 1a tional Scholars hip Chairman should be sent rhe scholarship report at the close of eaclt grading period . Th e final report must be in by AUG ST 10. O ctober



10 10


Letter outlining chapter's Scholarship Program lor th e year Letter introducing the NEW cholars hip Chairman Letter eval uating the cha pter's Scholarship Program

NIXIE CARDS COST MONEY NIXIE CARDS are the notices sent by the po t offi.ce giving change of address and removals since second-class matter is not forwardabl e. A postage du e charge is made for each card returned.

If you will send address changes to the Central Office 372 Argonne Drive K enmore 23, New York, immediately whether you are on the regu lar PHoE IX mailing list or only on the alumnae i sue Ji t, you will save A~A's treasury the cost of the nixie card as well as the cost of remailing THE PHOENIX to your new address. The "Have You Moved or Married" blank i included in each issue of the magazine for your convemence. Please use it so that Central Office will have no "Lost Lambs."



DIRECTORY FOUNDERS Mrs. W. B. Carper (Louise Cox) 505 Montrose Dr., South Charleston, W. Va. Mrs. H. E. Gilliam (Juliette Hundley), Gresham Courts Apts. , Richmond , Va. Miss Mary Williamson Hundley, Gresham Courts Apts ., Richmond, Va. Mrs. John Walton Noell (Virginia Boyd), deceased. Mrs. P. W. Wootton (Calva Hamlet Watson) , 2020 Matrax Ave., Petersburg, Va. NATIONAL COUNCIL President Emeritus-Mrs. Fred M. Sharp (Wilma Wilson) , 1405 Hardy, Independence, Mo.

/'r esident- Mrs. Robert C. Grady (Jean Raup), Box 686, Orange, Va. Vice -President-Mrs. W. Lawson Blackstone (Mary Emerson), 1122 Dartmouth, Wilmette, Ill. Secretary-Miss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd., Philadelphia 31, Penna. Treasurer-Mrs. C layton A. Richard (Jean Carmichae l Vedder), 372 Argonne Dr., Kenmore 23 New York. Membership birector-Mrs. William B. Niemeyer (A nne Petree) , 19 Country Lane , Rt. No. I, Milford, Ohio.

Editor-Mrs. Eu~ne H. Crompton~. Jr., (Hiwana Cupp 7001 Spring Rd . .No. 3, Richmond 28, a. Alumnae Director-Mrs. Alex 0. Mathisen (Nancy Gibson), 2453 W. Theresa , Anaheim, Calif. 0/ftcer in Charge of Central Office-Mrs. Clayton A. Richard (Jean Carmichael Vedder ), 372 Argonne Dr., Kenmore 23 , New York. NATIONAL CHAIRMEN

Alumnae Editor- Mrs . Oran A. Klein (Doris Jean Snodgrass) , 205 W. !14th, Kansas City 14, Mo. Alumnae Organizer-Mrs. Leonard B. Hebert, Jr. (Hilda Giraud) , 5519 Charlotte Dr., New Orleans 22, La. Art-Mrs. Robert Wolf (Edith Gaupp), Rt. No. I, Rexford, N. Y. Awards-Mrs. Louis E. Fletcher (Ruth Newcomb), 141 Marked Tree Rd. , Needham, Mass.

Chapter Alumnae Secretary-Mrs. Walter R. Foltz (Genevieve Steele Leib ). 59 Isle of Venice, Apt . 1, Ft. Lauderdale , Fla . College Editor-Miss Mary K. Reiff, 228 Brush Creek Blvd., Apt. 2E, Kansas City 12, Mo. Constitution-Mrs. Wallace L. Chandler (Juanita Hodnett), 8367 Charlise Rd., Richmond, Va. Convention-Miss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd. , Philadelphia 31, Pa.



Albha Sigma AlPha D elegate-Mrs. John J. Dimond (Martha Green), 4028 20th St. N.E., Washington 18, D. C.


enter subscriptions for the following magazines to be mailed

as 1ssued by the Publishers to the subscribers indicated below:

Your Name




Post-office and State

Local Addre55







- -- -


ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA MAGAZINE AGENCY MRs. A. HowARD HALL Chairman 342-D Higgins Road Park Ridge, Illinois



Fellowship-Mrs. Harold C . B10wn (Marie Scanlon), 3105 Rexford Dr. , South Bend 15, Ind. Found ers' Day-Mrs. William B. Barre (Betty Barber), 395 Hopkins Rd., Williamsville 21, N. Y. Historian-Mrs. Charles H. Hamilton (Anne Rhodes), 4524 Taney Ave., Apt. 304. Alexandria, Va. Housing-Mrs. Robert C. Grady (Jean Raup ), Box 686, Orange, Va. Magazine-Mrs. A. Howard Hall (Betty Phillips), 342-D Higgins Rd. , Park Ridge Ill. Music-Mrs . Arthur L. HeUrich (Shirley Ainsworth), 30 Caroline Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Philanthropic-Mrs. Richard C. Carson, 224 E. 33rd Pl. Tulsa, Okla. Ritual-Mrs. Joe H. Brewer (Viola Caraway), 6214 E. Murdock , Wichita 6, Kans. Rush-Mrs. Madalene Marshall Groh, 108 Fleetwood Terrace, Williamsville 21 , N. Y. S cholarshi(J-Mrs. Albert M. Dickson. Jr. (Gail D ixon), 721 Graydon Ave., Norfolk 7, Va. Stat e Day-Miss Freida Phillips, 1522 Cornelia Ave., Waukegan, Ill.



- -- - - --

= - --

- - --

- - - - - - --





r-------ALUMNA RECOMMENDATION----. FOR MEMBERSHIP IN ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA MAIL TO CENTRAL OFFICE, 372 ARGONNE DRIVE, KENMORE 23, NEW YORK Full name of girl.___ __ _ _____ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Addr-~~-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Candidate plans to atten...I(J__ __ __ _ __ _ _ _____________________


Father's name'- - -- - -- - -- - - - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Addr~~~-----------------------------------------

Relatives in Alpha Sigma Alpha (state relationship and chapter) _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Previous Education: High or preparatory schools attended__ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ Address_ __ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ __ _______ _ __ _____ Graduation Date ________ Junior or other colleges attende....lu__ _ _ _ __

__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Scholastic Rating: What was the approximate size of high school graduation class? __________________ What was the candidate's scholastic rank in the high school graduating class? _ ___________ List special scholastic honors received by candidate in high schoolL -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - -

Activities During High School Course: Underscore the ones in which the candidate participated. In space below list special recognition. Student Council; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Class Officer; Orchestra; YWCA; School Band; Art Groups; Athletic Teams; Literary Clubs; Honor Societies; Service Clubs; 4-H Group; School Publications_ _ _ _ _ _ __

------------------pecial Interests or Talents: (Please be specific) __________________

Personal Qualities: Underscore the qualities that you believe the candidate has to a moderate degree. In case of unusual qualities, put two lines. Personally attractive; dresses appropriately; friendly manner; shy; well-mannered ; outspoken ; thoughtful of others; selfish; loyal; aggressive; enthusiastic; ambitious; tolerant. Does she work well in a group? (Yes - No). Is she apt to place her personal ambitions ahead of those for the welfare of the group? (Yes -No) . Financial Responsibilities: Is the candidate attending college on a scholarship? _ _ _ _ _ Is she working to augment her college money? _ __ __________________________ Could she financially afford to join a sorority? ______________ Reconunended by:: _ _ _ __ _ __ _ __

-:7"_ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

College Chapter路__________

Signature Address: ________________________________________






On campus and off, fraternity insignia today has a powerful new appeal . . . always smart, always in good taste, worn by discriminating college men and women who respect their heritage of rich traditions.

10% Federal Tax and any state tax in addition


The famous catalog of gifts and personal accessoriessent free on request.

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Asa phoenix vol 45 no 2 winter 1960  

Asa phoenix vol 45 no 2 winter 1960