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VOLUME XLI. Number 3

MARCH. 1956


Can You Recommend A Prospective ASA? • THE 1955 national convention held in Biloxi, Mississippi, in July, elected the following national council for the 1955-58 triennium: Miss Evelyn G. Bell, president; Miss Virginia Carpenter, vice president; Miss Helen L. Corey, secretary; Mrs. Clayton A. Richard, treasurer; Mrs. William Niemeyer, membership director ; Miss Esther Bucher, editor; Mrs. Helen B. Swart, alumnae director. The office of registrar was deleted inasmuch as more of the record-keeping is now handled by the Central Office in charge of Mrs. Richard. A new council post was established to coordinate rushing and membership selection, to be called membership director. Dr. Ethel J. Alpenfels, professor on anthropology in the school of education, New York University, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, was the principal convention speaker.

CHARTER GRANTS 1955-56 COLLEGE Gamma Alpha, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. Gamma Betft, Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. ALUMNAE Lake Charles, Louisiana Paducah, Kentucky Fox Valley (Aurora-Elgin, Illinois) Dallas, Texas Omaha, Nebraska Houston, Texas

• PERSONNEL OFFICES in the business world today are spending large sums of money in research to perfect a tool which they consider vital to the success of their work. There are various forms but in the main a statement is included that " commends, offers, or suggests as meriting consideration of a person for employment." Research shows much is gained by receiving completed recommendation letters or forms from school executives, community leaders, and lay people who are acquainted with the candidate and his work. For years Alpha Sigma Alpha has had a tool comparable to the one used in the business world -REcoMMENDATION FOR MEMBERSHIP IN AL'PHA SIGMA ALPHA. Too few A~As are completing this one page form and sending it to one of our thirty-nine college chapters. Many ask, "Shall I take time to complete this form when the girl may never become an A~A ?" THIS rs A PLEAplease do! On many campuses freshmen women are housed in separate units with few opportunities for knowing sorority women. Recommendations provide chapters with names of girls whom they may make a special effort to meet. There is a trend for Panhellenic Associations to sponsor an " Open House" for all freshmen women to meet sorority members in a few hours. To get to know many of the several hundred freshmen women is difficult unless a chapter knows the answers to some of these questions about some of the rushees. Is she interested in joining a sorority? Can she afford it? Do her high school grades indicate she can make a C average necessary · for initiation? Has she been a contributing member to the better activities of her school? R ecommendation blanks are available from the Central Office for individual members as well as college and alumnae chapters. By completing a


few pertinent details, you will inform an A~A college chapter about a student from your community. BE A PERSONNEL OFFICER FOR ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA!-EVELYN G . BELL, National President .

~a~ /lu ~tetje

e~afde't4 ~(J.!Ut ? • AT one time or another, every member of Alpha Sigma Alpha must have remarked that it would be nice if A~A had a chapter in a nearby college or university. Since national officers do not have eyes and ears to see and hear every conversation on every campus in the United States, they rely on the eyes and ears of members. If you have said you wished we were represented on the campus near you, perhaps you can be instrumental in helping us make this wish come true. Here's an example: One of our members, a former adviser to a college chapter now teaching on another campus, overhead some girls in her class (before class started) discussing national sororities. She became curious about their interest and asked them their intentions about joining a national group. All sororities happened to be locals on this campus. Said A~A professor immediately wrote a national committee member whom she knew personally, asking for information about how a local becomes a national. End result-that local sorority is now a chapter of A~A! In fact, our best leads for new chapters come from you. Clip this name and address and mail any facts or rumors you have heard recently to: Miss VIRGINIA CARPENTER National Vice President 14325 Drexmore Road Cleveland 20, Ohio Who knows? Maybe you will be the loyal A~A who is responsible for our next college chapter!

Our NPC Delegate Notes Progress • IN my many years of serving A~A, there are certain dates of special significance to me because they mark the attainment of long established fra. ternity goals. November, 1955, is such a date. Last November 14-18, as National Panhellenic Conference NPC Editors Conference, and NPC Association' of Central Office Executives met con. currently at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Alpha Sigma Alpha had official representation at each conference for all of its sessions. A~A's Central Office is now well established at 372 Argonne Drive, Kenmore, New York. Its efficiency increases each month- so also do the demands upon its staff. It was a great personal satisfaction to me when our officer in charge of A~A Central Office, Jean Richard, was elected vice president of the Central Office Executive upon her first attendance at its biennial meeting. ·F or some years A~A has held membership in the NPC Editors Conference (as it has in the Association of Central Office Executives). Our for. mer editor, Genevieve Leib, has attended the biennial meetings, but our present editor, Esther Bucher, made her initial appearance at The Greenbrier meeting. She carried her share of work and was elected a member of the Advisory Council for 1955-5 7. For the past four biennial meetings, Evelyn G. Bell has served as alternate delegate to NPC. It was, as always, a pleasure to be with our National President during the thirty-fourth National Panhellenic Conference, and to divide responsibilities of the various group meetings and

Are YOU A Life Member? • IF you are not a life member, how long has it been since you paid anything on your life membership? Some of you lack but a few dollars of having a paid-up life membership which includes a life subscription to THE PHOENIX. Should you be in doubt as to your balance, drop us a line and we shall be glad to send you the information.-MRs . CLAYTON A. RICHARD) National Treasurer.


Pictured left to right are the officers representing Al:A at the NPC meetings: Mrs. Clayton A. Richard, Na· tional Treasurer and Officer in Charge of Central Office; Miss Esther Bucher, National Editor; Miss Evelyn G. Bell, National President and Alternate Delegate; and Mrs. Fred M. Sharp, Al:A's delegate to NPC.


workshops. The J anuary issue of THE PHOENIX printed the official report of the NPC meeting by Julia Fuqua Obcr K~, who wrote: "The Panhellenic light was re-fueled at The Greenbrier. Members departed at the end of five days in session with a feeling of plan, of promise, and an eagerness to get on with the job." I am certain your three A~A national councilors and your NPC d elegate departed with a renewed awareness of the importance of an active, we'il organized and fraternity-educated membership within Alpha Sigma Alpha. The strength of each alumnae and college chapter, the loyalty of our individual members 'to our basic purposes, will make it possible for A~A "to get on with the job" in its own organization and in its interfraternity relationships. I think back, gratefully, upon certain goals A~A has attained but they are only markers on our road of progress.-WILMA WILSON SHARP (MRs. FRED M.)

• ON bended knee I make this plea to all alumnae, "PLEASE HELP ME ORGANIZE"! We all know, A~A must grow, So-o-o-o "PLEASE HELP ME ORGANIZE"! Now don't be lax, But study these facts, Along with your income tax, AND PLEASE HELP ME ORGANIZE. Why, sakes alive, It only takes five, So put on a drive, AND PLEASE HELP ME ORGANIZE! Meetings? They're no chore, All that's required are four, And you'll have fun galore. "PLEASE HELP ME ORGANIZE"! My address, I hope you'll recall is 2911 St. Paul, Baltimore Maryland that's all. ' "PLEASE HELP' ME ORGANIZE"! - DOROTHY WHITMORE KREEK (MRS. E. A.)

National Alumnae Organizer.

AWARD WINNERS • }ESSIE KEEP GIMBEL (Mrs. Fred J. ) BZ, recipient of the 1955 Wilma Wilson Sharp alumnae award, was presented a silver tray by Eve.lyn Bell, national president, at the conventiOn m Biloxi. Other award winners announced at the 1955 convention are: Clara B. White BIT was selected to receive the Elizabeth Bird Small award; and, Lou Ann Schepers B>lt received the Frost Fidelity award. Beta Epsilon, Madison College, Harrisonb~rg, Virainia won the national council trophy, havmg 0 ' • • had a 100 % officers' effic1ency ratmg each year for the three-year period between conventions.

Alpha Sigma Alpha Magazine Service • OuR GOAL for 1956- at least one subscription for each A~ A! ALL Magazines are available! ALL Publisher's SPECIAL OFFERs accepted! ALL NEw and RENEWAL subscriptions welcomed! (CONTINUED ON PAGE


Cut this out and mail to the Officer m Charge of Central Office: MRS. CLAYTON RICHARD

372 Argonne Drive Kenmore 23, N. Y. Please change my address or name and address on the files as follows: MARRIED NAME .......... . ......... .. .......... . .. . ...... ... .. . ..... . ... .

(Please observe this form: Mrs. John A. ]cnes} MAIDEN NAME ........ . .. ... .......... . .. ... . .. ..... .. ... ..... .. .

FORMER ADDRESS STREET . ..... . . ·· · · · ····· ·· · · ·· · · · ·· · · · · · ··· · ·· · ··· ·· ·· · ·· ·· · ·········· ··· · ·

Fellowship 6 rant • A 'FELLOWSHIP for graduate students was established by Miss Amy M. Swisher, Professor of Art Education Emeritus, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. This Fellowship is an outright gift to an A"<! A colleae or alumna member, who is interested ~ ' 0 in continuing work on a master's or doctorate degree. Application forms are available at the Central Office, Mrs. Clayton A. Richard, 372 Argonne Drive, Kenmore 23, New York. Do you know an Alpha Sigma who ~ould be interested?-HELEN SwART, Alumnae Dzrector.



CITY AND STATE .... . ... . .. . .. .. . .. ..... .... .. .. .. . ........... . .. .... ... ..


.. . .... ..... . ... ... . ... .. . . . . . . .. ... . .... ..... . . . .. .... .... .. ....... .. .

CITY AND STATE ..... . ... .... .. . ....... ...... .... .... ........ ... . .... . ... .

(Please give postal number) CoLLEGIATE oR CHAPTER .. ........... .... .. . .. ALUMNA MEMBER .. .. . .... ..... . ..

If recently married, give date and place of marr1age

....... ......... ... ... ... .............. .............. .. ... ..... ........ ... ...... ...




• ALPHA members gave an intermission party during the junior class dance on February 18. For their philanthropic project, ALPHA ALPHAs made belts for handicapped children to assist them in learning to button their clothes. At Christmas, ALPHA BET A presented th e Community Nursing home with a lounge chair anc;l food. Members of ALPHA GAMMA are O'oing once a week to Willard Home to entertain the children. BET A BET A is teaching a Blue Bird troop, and i planning to send several Blue Birds to summer camp. EPSILON EPSILON's Mary Jo Ormsby was crowned 1955-56 Homecoming Queen, and Pat Swiercinsky received the Alumnae Scholarship award. ZETA ZETA's goal for their philanthropic project has been set for $250.00 as in the past four years. This is given to Children's Mercy hospital in Kansas City. Work days, a benefit dance, magazine subscriptions, and selling date books will help to make UJY the amount. Food and gifts were presented to a needy family for Christmas by ETA ETA. Plans are being formulated by THETA THETA for their skit to be presented at the School of Education's Stunt Night. KAPPA KAPPA supported the Redevelopment Prcgram at Temple. By selling punch during intermissions of the Theater Play in October, the girls raised $100.00 towards a new building. Each NU NU agrees that the energy expended in rush season was more than reimbursed by the number of new pledges. RHO RHO is entertaining crippled children at the Huntington Orthopedic hospital. Santa was their special assistant in December. SIGMA SIGMA helped the Greeley alumnae chapter with the community cancer drive, and the members are also giving service to the community hospital. TAU TAU's Delores Bircher is a member of the first graduating class of student nurses at Fort Hay College. PHI PHI presented a Christmas basket to a needy family . CHI CHI is busy planning to celebrate its twenty years on Ball State campus. PSI PSI gave a needy family a basket filled with clothes, toys and food for Christmas. BET A GAMMA won first place in Stunt Night and the Freshmen Queen competitions, each for the third consecuti e year, and also won the Wilson Hall Queen contest. BET A DELTAs invited the student body of Mississippi Southern to their


"Many Splendoured Ball" on February 17. BETA EPSILON awarded its new silver scholarship cup to Anne Townes, an outstanding junior, for the fall semester. During the week of February 6-10, BETA ZETAs conducted the official March of Dime Drive on Southern Louisiana Institute's campus, with one day set aside for their "Big March" when collections were made in all classes. BET A ETA contributed toward the local Kris Kringle city proj ect to aid needy families at Christmas time. BETA THETA's Myrna Wentworth was the first recipient of the Jean Mayhew award given annually by the chapter to the girl with the highest scholastic standing. BETA l O T A's Shirley Harcum, Peggy Spradlin, and Jeanne Andrews have been selected as Outstanding Seniors of Radford College. BETA KAPPAs held a facu lty tea on ·February 12, in honor of Miss Elna Scott, chapter adviser, who is celebrating her twenty-fifth year of teaching on Western's campus. BET A LAMBDA is redecorating their chapter room. BET A MUs are working with the Welfare Department to buy birthday gifts for underprivileged children of Arkadelphia. BET A NUs make ·regular trips to Fort Campbell army hospital to entertain patients. RHO CHI sponsored the Cancer pad drive on Wayne University campus. BETA PI members contributed toys for a needy children's Christmas party given by the men's dormitory. BETA RHOs contributed to a W estern Indian orphanage and also made dolls to be distributed to needy children by "Miss L ee" of Chicago TV fame . BETA SIGMAs collected money for the American War Dads and the March of Dimes. The fall pledge class spent an evening helping serve dinner and entertaining patients at Burge Polio Cottage. BET A PHis once again captured the Homecoming honors with Ginny Ehlers as Queen and taking first prizes in both the float and house decoration contests. BET A PSis entertain regularly the patients at Fort Custer hospital and also made scuffs for them. BET A OMEGA, working jointly with Phi Lambda Delta fraternity, gave a Christmas party for underprivileged children. GAMMA ALPHA's trea urer, Lois Leibe l, is the second girl to become a member of Beta Alpha Psi, accounting honorary.


• AKRON had a fall Rummage Sale to earn money for their philanthropic project to help Summit County Council for the Retarded Child, and the convention fund. They also sold tickets for the Panhellenic dance, the proceeds going to various charities. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, alumnae combined their efforts with Panhellenic in giving a scholarship to an upperclassman. BOSTON contributed to the book fund for convalescents at the Naval Veteran's hospital at Chelsea, Massachusetts. Each book will be inscribed "gift from the Boston alumnae chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha." BUFFALO's philanthropic project this year is directed toward the Buffalo Protestant Home for Unprotected Children and the German Catholic Orphan's home. The latter had a very devastating fire this winter and although no children were injured, some of the buildings and many of their possessions were completely destroyed. Each member of CANTON-MASSILLON chose one month to send a box of treats and gifts to elderly people at the Molly Stark Tuberculosis sanitarium. At Christmas they sent a large collection of clothes and gifts. Valley Forge hospital patients will soon receive an afghan made by the members of the CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA alumnae chapter. The philanthropic project of COLORADO SPRINGS is helping the school for retarded children and presenting gifts to Beta Beta and Sigma Sigma. Members of the COLUMBUS chapter donated clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and . games for the patients confined to the Columbus State Hospital. Helping the School for Retarded Children is the philanthropic project of the DAYTON chapter. DENVER continues to support the city Panhellenic project by contributing garments to the Needle Work Guild which distributes to welfare agencies. This chapter will assist with the Easter Seal work at Sewell House for Crippled Children. DETROIT-DELTA PHI joined with the other two Detroit chapters to aid the Grace Bentley Camp for Crippled Children. DETROIT-DELTA RHO and the Rho Chi college chapter went Christmas caroling at Dea!born Veterans' Hospital on December 21. During the Mental Health Drive in December, FORT WAYNE donated a number of gaily wrapped packages for the Christmas party held



at the Fort Wayne State School. February being the month of hearts, GREATER KANSAS CITY took part in the H eart auction and luncheon to raise money for the Children's Convalescent Center. The HOUSTON alumnae met recently at the Houston Rehabilitation Center to select a service project. Dr. Jack B. Mohney, chairman of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Baylor University College of Medicine, addressed the meeting. · From the proceeds of their annual White Elephant Sale, INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA, contributed to the National Philanthropic project and also gave a Christmas gift to Alpha Gamma for their new chapter room. •F or their philanthropic project this year, INDIANAPOLIS alumnae brought Christmas gifts for the patients at the Central State Hospital. Marie Winn Rice is giving her time and efforts to the Veterans' Hospital. ' KIRKSVILLE'S biggest event of the year ~as their Founders' Day Banquet. Mrs. Una Lee Cornwell presented "River of Life" which depicted the lives of Alpha Betas. Mrs. Eugena' Moorman was honored as the oldest member there and Mrs. Campbell as the oldest patroness. LOS ANGELES generously donated to the Adams School for Mentally Retarded Children and presented a gift to Beta Chi. The annual White Elephant Sale at the home of Mrs. Clun Price, patroness, increased the treasury at MARYVILLE. A year's subscrip~ion to THE PHOENIX was presented by the MUNCIE alumnae to each of the seniors at Ball State at their annual Senior Banquet. The NEW ORLEANS chapter is working on a membership drive banquet to help increase their membership. Leawood Lodge, a convalescent home for the elderly, has been NORTHERN VIRGINIA'S philanthropic project for the year, and they enjoyed making tray favors and giving a small Christmas party for the patients there. OKLAHOMA CITY alumnae made sixteen layettes composed of a blanket, gown and diapers which they gave to needy mothers. The new chapter at PADUCAH has spent a busy year planning and working on the development of their activities. As their local philanthropic project, PHOENIX contributed monthly to St. John's Mission which has 500 homeless children. PITTSBURG, KANSAS, presents annually the Eulalia . Roseberry award to the outstanding senior of Eta Eta chap-


the Frontier Nursing Service with headquarters in Wendover, Kentucky. This afghan was knitted individually by the members. They also sent a check for goodies or toys for the children. WILMINGTON has contributed scrapbooks, yarn pom-pom balls used in cerebral palsy therapy, bean bags, stuffed animals, bedroom slippers and flannel jackets to the Governor Beacon Health Center.

ter and a sixty dollar scholarship to an underclassman. PORTLAND, OREGON, gave Christmas packages to the State Mental Hospital as their philanthropic project. SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY alumnae heard recently from Patty Floyd Nagel and her Air Force husband who are living in Bangkok, Thailand. SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI'S, principal project of the year is helping to furnish Beta Sigma's chapter house. In February they gave a chili supper for the college chapter. Katie Thurston Masterson ZZ, who spent five years in France and Germany with her army husband, showed slides to the ST. LOUIS alumnae at their January meeting. TULSA alumnae will be host for Oklahoma State Day at the Harvard Club on Saturday, April 14, with Helen Swart, National Alumnae Director, as the honored guest. The philanthropic projects of TRIPLE CITIES, NEW YORK, included giving a food basket to a needy family at Thanksgiving, giving new and old toys to needy children at Christmas and having a benefit card party, the proceed of which buy a CARE package to be ent to the Philippines. WASHINGTON, D. C. presented an afghan for a child's bed as. their philanthropic project, to

Magazine Service (CoNTINUED FROM PAGE

EACH A~A can help this project succeedwhether you belong to a college or alumnae chapter-or are not affiliated with an alumnae chapter. Send orders or requests for price information to your chapter magazine chairman or to : National Magazine Chairman MRS. A. J. SIEGENTHALER 17303 St. Marys Detroit 35, Michigan Payment must accompany all orders. Please make checks payable to A~A Magazine Service. For your convenience on page 6 is an order blank. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.





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Chairman 17303 St. Marys Detroit 35, Michigan CHECK OR MONEY ORDER MAKE PAYABLE TO


Post-office and State



•MRS . A.

Please enter subscri~ions for the following magazines to be mailed as issued by the Pu lis hers to the subscribers indicated below:

Local Addres•






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WHERE, OH WHERE, CAN SHE BE? • ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA's growth during the past few years combined with the fact our members change addresses more often, has made the task of keeping a correct living directory of membership most difficult. The following list of names by chapters is published with the hope we may assist the Central ALPHA Kathryn Kennedy Carpen ter (Mrs. Maurice) Virginia Dougherty Connors (Mrs. J. E.) Cecelia Arthur Gordon (Mrs. Earl B. Jr.) Cornelia Hamilton Martha Hatcher Dorothy Tunley James (Mrs. W. L. Jr.) Betty Barnes Lampert (Mrs . Ralph) Jacqueline Johnson Reid (Mrs. E. King) Nelle Quinn Richards (Mrs. Lewis G. Jr. ) Bunnie Ricks Margaret Bellus Sands ( Mrs . George) Catherine Stonner Betty Brame Trotter (Mrs . Edward) Martha Ann Upshur Mary Walker Watts Margaret Wilson

ALPHA ALPHA Thelma Anderson Kathryn Ford Bancroft (Mrs. C. D.) Marguerite Tobie Bowyer (Mrs . 0. R . ) Margaret D oekele Edmonds (Mrs. Robert) Katherine Bowlus Glatz (Mrs. J. M.) Eleanor Schorrenberg Hammond (Mrs . Robert) Loca E. Heckathorne Perl iva Albright Huber (Mrs. Elmer J. ) Miriam O swalt King (Mrs. Carleton) Dorothy W ente Kirchner (Mrs. Peter) Della Mathews Loveless (Mrs. S. A.) Mary Hover McMahon (Mrs.) Eloise Everett Martin (Mrs.) Della lryne Mullan Evelyn Stanforth Musaman (Mrs . ) Ruth Parrott Ferne L. Powell Alice Haffman R ei ner (Mrs. ·P aul) Pauline Davis Sawash (Mrs. Paul E. ) Iva Starr Mary Alma Stevens Marjorie Stranahan Helen Summers Catherine Prudent Wolf (Mrs. Albert) Serelda 'Wood

ALPHA BETA Marion Christy Aile (Mrs. Herbert ) Eleanor Evans Aquilar (·Mrs. Frank ) Elizabeth Farrington Bennett (Mrs. john R . ) Gertrude Doyle Benson (Mrs. Frank F.) Beverly Black Lucy Carpenter Bly (Mrs. Charles L.) Inez Pierce Bone (Mrs. Sydney) Sue Parr Bonner (Mrs. J. LaFayette Jr. ) Cary Butler Boone (Mrs. William M . J r.) Ruth Bousman Vivian Walther Bowdlear (Mrs. Charles L .)

Ann Brewington Nelle Eubank Brooks (Mrs. Robert H .) Eula Hull Buffard (Mrs. Virgil) Julia Briggs Caldwell (Mrs. George R.) Mrs. Charles Campbell Gladys Carman Mrs. Harold Case



Office in its campaign to locate each and every initiated member of A~A. Since the members whose names appear do not receive THE PHOENIX, an appeal is made to anyone knowing present address of any of the members listed, to send information at once to the Central Office, 372 Argonne Drive, Kenmore 23, New York.

Florence Blakemore Chambliss (Mrs. H. Darden) Margaret Pegues Chapman (Mrs. Noland) Edith Christy Mary Emison Coe (Mrs. Vaughan E.) Elizabeth Ryle Cornwell (Mrs·. Oliver) Olivia Hill Co.tolow (Mrs. Thomas A.) Willa Willcoxon Cunningham (Mrs. Dale) Helen Cypher Mildred Ward Davidson (Mrs. Joseph M.) Laura Porter D avis (Mrs. Irvin) Christine Chapman D enby (Mrs. John H . ) Louise Sublette Perry D uBois (Mrs. Arthur) Mary Ruth Early Betty Ellenberger Helen Elliott Daisy Evans Isabelle Farrington :\>fary Feeley Mary Glascock Fenner (Mrs. Edward) Virginia Courtney F icke (Mrs. Frank) Ruth Way Figge (Mrs . ) Zelma Foster Jean Freeman Esther Garnett Josephine Gilliland Edna Medlar G illiland (Mrs . O liver S . ) Olive Walker Gilstrap (Mrs. Thomas C. ) Frankie Gentry Grace (•M rs. Roy) Mary Roberts Green (Mrs . Chester P.) Jen Fray Gudakurst (Mrs . Don W.) Mildred Guiles Marjorie Rouner Harrington (Mrs. DeVere ) Roberta Clare Harris (Mrs. Donald C.) Wanda Murdock Hayes (Mrs. C. M . ) Nellie Mudd Heck (Mrs. Herman) Emma Huckstep Ruth Hufty Esther Madison Hunter (Mrs. Melville G.) Anne Evans lves (Mrs. Hoyt) Eunice Schofield Kelley (Mrs. Edwin T .) Myrtle Perry Kellogg (Mrs. Howard G . ) Esther Harrison Ki ng (Mrs. Robert I.) Helene Mcintyre Kirby (Mrs. Joh n R . ) Charlotte Kerr Lasley (Mrs. P. H.) Zilpha Bowling Lawson (Mrs. Harry T.) Caroline Krembs Leavitt (Mrs. R . K.) Gayle Showen Liggett (Mrs. William H . ) Cornelia Lloyd Margaret Lloyd Hattie Lockwood Leta Yowell Loren (Mrs. Elbert C.) Virginia McDonald Love (Mrs. Jeff ) Mary Murphy Love (Mrs. Paul C.) Helen Soule Lowell (Mrs. Harry F.) Joan McGregor McCollum (Mrs. Warner ) Anna Mae Major Jo Finks Martin Margaret Mary Morris Susie Ruth Motley O live Mudra Lelah Vivian Murphy Rosemae Murphy Mary Lucile Nickell Mary Johnson Novinger (·Mrs. Gail H.) Louise Estill Patterson (Mrs. Donald L .) Mary Paxton Joan Morgan Payne (Mrs. R. I. ) Anna Eliza Pearson Ruby Petty Evelyn Pbillipo

Ora Davis Poole (M rs. Grover) Dorcas ·P axton Printy (Mrs. John M.) Mary Mulford Renn er (Mrs. Bruce ) Erma Monor Rieger (Mrs.) Billie J ean Rixey Dorothy Holcomb Sharp (Mrs. Virgil ) Hazel Whitelock Sherwood (Mrs. F. Carl ) Jeanne Jones Shinn (Mrs. William) Gladys Johnson Shumway (Mrs. Ray C. Jr.) Lenore Waggoner Simmons Doris McCullough Slaughter (Mrs. Oren) Betty Louise Smith J ewel Whitelock Smith (Mrs.) Florence York Stahl (M rs. Carmine) Constance Stubblefield Lucille Wilson Sudekum (Mrs. Harry) Anna McCampbell Swann (Mrs. William R.) Ruth Triplett Marjorie Cross Vallentine (Mrs . Christy E.) Georgia Vaughn Martha Jeanette Vaughn Anita Begole Wade (Mrs . R eese) Mae Middleton Walker (Mrs . ) Jessica Stephens Walker (Mrs. William J. ) Mrs. Overton Wetzel Mabel Vaughn Wilson (Mrs . Joe B.) Katherine Wood Donna Thomas Zurcher (Mrs . Robert J.)

ALPHA GAMMA Madelyn Conrath Austin (Mrs . Dean) Dorothy j . Howe Beemer (Mrs. R. W.) Virginia Clarke Juanita Dean Angie Holm an Ellis (Mrs. John H .) E. Corinne Bish Fiellerton (Mrs . James P.) Katherine Hiteshue Jean Bryson Ingham (Mrs . Albert) Jewell Pallos Jon don (Mrs. John C.) Arline Wiedwald Keelan (Mrs. Paul J.) Helen Seigh Kirby Kemeny (Mrs . George) Mary Louise Knepper Myrtle E. Fox Lafferty (Mrs. John M.) Roberta Walt McArgargee (Mrs. Robert) Natalie Keller Mai er (·Mrs . Ted) Lois Meyers Miller (Mrs. Robert) Mary Jane Russell Mitchell (Mrs. Harry) Mrs. William Morgan Anna Line Nichol (.Mrs. Monroe) Amy Alvord Olsen (Mrs. Robert ) Jane Shaffer Peters (Mrs. Ralph ) Edna Jane Nissley R eath (Mrs. Nonl'lan ) Iva Elaine Ringler Dorothy Birch Schmidt (Mrs.) Jane Ann Sorber Janet Waring Stevens (Mrs. Clayton) Janet Gayle Walker Anne V. Walthour Bette Shaw Wineman (Mrs . Walter)

BETA BETA Majel Strough Anderson (Mrs . Richard ) Laurel J can Caldwell Betty Peters Campbell (Mrs. Kent) Claudia Capps Donna Morrison Cinnamon (Mrs. Marvin) Mary Margaret Corbett Maizie Heavy Davis (Mrs. Albert J .)


Marian Travis Davis (M rs. Frank) Marcia Fischer Grace M. Bradford J enkins (Mrs. R lllph D .) Mary Lamb Haze l Drowne Lee (Mrs. Prescoe) Florence Oakes Morgan (Mrs. Will is) Marian Wierman Nielson Smith Thornton Olson (Mrs.) Gertrude Snow mith (Mrs. Stephen) Georgiaona Breckenridge Walker (Mrs. H . E.)

GAMMA GAMMA J adce na L eeper Brown (Mrs. Du rward) Elberta Patterson Brummett (Mrs. Glenn) .Tody Caldwell Ruth Rud y Cinnamon (Mrs . ) Betty Miller Clifford (Mrs. R . A.) Dorothy Scripsick Congs (Mrs. A. R .) Ella Loui' e Hyde Cook (Mrs. cal ) ~!argery Mote Dardin (Mrs. P aul ) May Isbell Davis (Mrs. Warren) Adah Galbraith Doolittle (Mrs . Floyd ) Maxine Hager Edith Mayfield H oehn (Mrs. Rudy) Ebic Converse Huffman (Mrs. L yle) Mary Grace Newlin Jones (Mrs . Hiram) Barbara Chandler Jo nes (Mrs . W . C.) Velma Nickelson Kenny (Mrs. Donald ) Lydia R ank Kerr (Mrs. A. W .) Wilma Hudso n Knight (Mrs. Bud ) Lo Eva Kragh Lena W arner Lawson (Mrs. Ralph ) Faye Cook Lynes (Mrs. Marvin) Imogene Mitchell I va Mayfield Myers (Mrs. Warren ) Mona Schwar tz N ewman (Mrs. Clyde) Sadie Chew Parriott (Mrs. J . A.) Opal Trever Pennington (Mrs . J . A.) J oseph ine H ook Porter (Mrs. D ale) Ka therine Rader Rita Roesseler Carol Smith Vera Neal V asek (Mrs. Joe )

DELTA DELTA H elen Goodall Glenna D avis R am, ey (Mrs. A. E. )

EPSILON EPSILON Margery C heney And rews (Mrs. H . C.) Helen Corey Black (Mrs . ) Barbara Shafer Browning ( Mrs. R obert) .J anet Lee Cline Emmajean Corring ton Murre! Crans Virginia Tieman Dixon (Mrs. Judson ) Alma R. Eih·nnann Addie D ell enbach H oneyman (Mrs. John ) Margaret Bailey Kempson (Mrs. F. H .) Ru th Cheney McPherson (Mrs. Theodore) Marjorie Crill Machemer (Mrs. . C . ) Donna Lea Mahon D ene Ballentine Mires (Mrs. Charles) Phyllis C urtis Mischler (J\ f,·s. Don ) J ean Olson K . Marie Pierson Paulin e Minick Steele ( Mrs. I van) Shirley l\lcCasland Stevens (Mrs. Ned) H elen H ammond Swenson ( Mr . Durwood) Thelma Myer T aylor (Mrs.) Grace Johnson Turner ( Mrs. C . K .) Geraldine Webb \Viand ( Irs. Burton ) Julia Ann Bu ell<• Wormser (Mrs. V. j . )

ZETA ZETA Doroth y Anderson Billie Ruth Frey Bennette (Mrs. Donald ) Ruth Berry Zelma I ren e Bi hop ue Anderso n Boehmer (Mrs. Calvin ) Frances Brad y Erne tine Bennett Briggs ( l\frs . Howard ) Bonita Brown Brough (;\Irs. William ) Jewell Lee Hutchens Brown (l\ l r . Benjamin ) ancy Elder Bruens ( Mrs . Walter )


Margery Bryram Susan Gregory Burri s (Mrs. Wallace ) [arie Moore Campbell (Mrs. J esse) Mary Ella T aylor Chambers (Mrs. George) Rose H. Colborn Catherine Joan Collins Cora May Cook Colmie Gibson Crosswhite (Mrs. Charles) Gladys K at herine DeMo s Flora Mildred Duffendack Ruth Engel Ma.-y Elizabeth Freund Eunice Brown Fulton Mary Kathleen Magee Glick (Mrs. Arthur) H azel Gray Virg inia W elch Greer (Mrs. R ed ) Edythe Barnes Gmn (Mrs. Roy ) Ellen Louise Buck H armsen (Mrs. Wm .) E11da Betts H eberling (Mrs. Otto ) Ida Peithman Holden (Mrs. H . C.) Myrtle Grotjan Hoover (Mrs . Carl) Marlene Brumfield Hudson (Mrs. Charles) Louellen Husman C larice Ruth J oh ns Anne Nealy Kennedy (Mrs. John) Dolt Edith Nelson Knight (Mrs . Grover ) R eba Boa n Mar tin (Mrs. Marion) Sophie L . Husman Maxwell (Mrs. Ril ey) Letha Marie Stone May (Mrs. J . T. L.) Mary Virginia R ector Minger (Mrs. Frederick) Mary Pat Moody Phoebe W inifred Brooks Nicholson ( Mrs. Sidney) M ary M arga ret Wag ner Park (Mrs. Gl enn ) M argaret Stanley Prunty Mary L . Will iams Ressler (Mrs. J. W. ) Anna Ruth Roberts Rissler (Mrs. W . B.) . Elizabeth Dozier Robinson (Mrs. Paul ) Mattie Ross Mary Lou Dudley Rudd (Mrs. P . R .) K at herin e Bridget Ruddy Erma Lee Burris Rusk (Mrs. P. M.) Mary Sartain Mary Margaret Woods Shuck (Mr,. John ) Letha Berry Scotten (Mrs. Ward ) Flossie Arnold Sessions (Mrs. R . F. ) Alma Irene Sherman Loutitia J ane Yankee Springer (Mrs. M . R .) H elen Butcher St. John (Mrs. Charles) H azel Strahan Edythe Lucille Stone Ruth L ee Surgert Helen Taylor Carrie L ee Beck Tudder (Mrs . R . A.) Mary Eleanor W isner Walker (Mrs. W . A. ) J ane Cole Warren (Mrs. Lawrence) Margaret Elizabeth Willis Weaver (Mr, . R. W.) ~l ary Fran Wells . Patsy M arti nson West (Mrs. Lloyd ) Mildred Wilso n

ETA ETA • ao mi Arlene Bass Ackerman (Mrs. S. W.) Ti ll ie M artin Adams (Mrs. H . C .) Annette P. Vehlow Barnes (Mrs. A. D .) Rub y Ful to n Beiser (M rs. J. J .) Frances Bailey Bisho p (Mrs . Chester) Mary Ann Meyers Brunner (Mrs . Gerald ) Dorothy Brunswick Carolyn Buck ley Lois Englehart Cerne ( Mrs. Albert \ Lucille Mallard C lements (Mrs. J ohn ) Margaret Lann Colburn (Mrs. D . F. ) irg in ia Fra1ier Duzan (Mrs. William ) Doroth ymae Wise Edds (Mrs. C harlc>) .Jocelyn Ehrmann V irginia Ferrell Fl orence Brunk Frederickson (Mrs. Frank ) :-I ina Loudenslager Gaines (Mrs. .John ) Glad ys A. Graham Garvin (Mrs. C . W.) ,\l a•·y T aber G old ton ( ~Irs . W. L .) Audrey Guldner Doris H amlet Dorothy Fa nger Hansom Margaret Hart Harman (Mrs. W . D . )

ellie A. Montgomery Hill (Mrs. William ) Eva Mae Hyde Eleanor Anne Johnson Muriel Johnson Gladys Craig Kothe (Mrs. H. H.) Bessie Steele Kroll (Mrs. Larry) Mildred L enora Large Sadie M ae Harpole Lombe (Mrs. Arthur ) Frances McFarland Mary Kern Martin (Mrs. R. W.) Marilyn King Miller (Mrs. E . F.) Marilyn Miller Ethel Montgomery Patricia Evans Nafis (Mrs . Maurice) Marguerite Pohek Myra Pruett Eleanor Ann Quirk Mary Jea n Reagen Zoe Wilma Baade Reid (Mrs. Jerry) Mayme Hill Richards (Mrs. Truman) Anna Laura Montgomery Robbins (Mrs . Harbin) Charlene Card Roberts (Mrs. Thomas) Virgi nia Sanden Bette Robertson Saunders (Mrs. George) Margaret Claudine Shewmake May Ell en Shinn Nadine Virg inia Morris Smith (Mrs. C . H.) Lorraine Holloway Tuke (Mrs . William) Helen Athene Reeder Waggener (Mrs. Wm.) Harriett Gene Parsley Washburn (Mrs. Arthur) Lois Scott Weeks (Mrs. Ralph)

T HETA T HET A Doris Anglin Doris Bartonne Dorothy M. Booth Louise Robinson Calkins (Mrs. Robert) Olga Carlson (Mrs. Hugo E . T .) Etta Christiansen Grace G owen Cogswell (Mrs. Norman) Cynthia Wesco tt Coughlin (Mrs. John) Alma Bowles Denm an (Mrs. Albert L . ) Laura Holl a nd Dixon (Mrs. Stanl ey) Ruth A. F eley Gladys Follansbee D oris B. Foster J anice Furber Marga ret Geora n Elva Gerrish Eleanor Govoni Govone ( Mrs. Wm . L. ) Alica H . Hoyt Blanche Emma Jones Eleanor Kancevitch Ann M. Kinsella Marion Gertrude Lantz Virginia M. Li chtour Elizabeth Tucker McGaw (Mrs. David E .) Ruth M acK enzie McGee (Mrs. Joseph) Charlotte Glenfield McGi ll (Mrs. Wi ll iam ) Carmelina M arino Opal E . Marley Florence A. Mullins H elen Newhall H elen A. O ' Rourke Evelyn D . Pollard Rowena Pollina Ida Mellen Prescott (Mrs. J ohn Jr.) .Jea n Sanger ~fargarct Frances Silvestri Gladys Ellen Smith Grace H arris Staunton (Mrs. Leo ) Elizabeth H . Sylvester Loretta Walsh Lucille Washburn Alice Maud W ebb Florence Wheldon Penelope Zermas

IOTA IOTA Eul a F isher Arnold (Mrs. Lloyd ) Bernadi ne Posten Bender (Mrs. Albert ) Cleo Brown julia D ouglas Butler (Mrs . James) Wilma D avis


Marian Hamlin Catherine Corbett Leake (Mrs. Allen) Edith L eike Dorothy Mathis Mildred Nighswonger Doris Pace Letha Russell Cora Blackhu rst Schwandt ( M rs . A. L. ) Lois Sweeney Bernice Samuelson Stevens (Mrs. Paul W. ) Edna Parso ns Wallace (Mrs. Glenn F .) Catherine Corbett W est!eld (Mrs.)

KAPPA KAPPA Barbara Owen Barber (Mrs. R ober t A. ) Gladys M . Beauvais Dorothy Dodd Breitling (Mrs. George) Doroth y Gwyn Britt (Mrs. Edmond ) Helen Stiles Campma n (Mrs. R . D. ) Ba rbara Gish Carney (Mrs. Edward A.) Jane Carter Mildred Sh erwood Chal!a nt (Mrs. M. S.) Shirley Helen Clair Ruth MacMenanin Enssler ( Mrs . Harry T .) Virginia Evans Lt. Marilynne Faust Charlotte Kreibal Fischer (Mrs. F . C.) Frances Fryer Naomi Hartman Doris Clauser H ershey (Mrs. Robert M .) Evelyn Wolf Hidy (Mrs. Ross) Dorothy O sler Klug (Mrs. Paul ) Mary Sell Kuhn (Mrs . H enry J.) Mary Detwiler Laquer (Mrs. G eorge ) Mary Sponseller L aw rence (Mrs. Gayle K .) H elen Edwards MacColl (Mrs. Rene W.) Elizabeth Barry M cCullough (Mrs . John ) Barba ra Pogue Mack (Mrs. William) Eleanor Peitsch Duane Link R edl es (Mrs. Richard ) Dorothy Wolf R eynolds (Mrs . J. W.) Margaret Savage Emily Jane Sherwood Janet Merrill Van Leer (Mrs. Robert) Dorothy Colville Welsh (Mrs . .J. Edward Jr.) Maria n Bowers Williamson (Mrs. James E . ) Helen M. Witmeye r Virginia Bond Worley (Mrs. C . Robert)

LAMBDA LAMBDA Edna Fuller Carr (Mrs. Edwin B.) Clara E . F enn Mary Helen Lewis H enrietta Haas W oodruff (Mrs. E. G .)

MU MU Florence Gee Boysen (Mrs. Raymond ) Jeanette Ga rrett Bussing (Mrs. H. B.) Anne Granger Douglas (Mrs. Donald) Ruth Stanley Graham (Mrs. Harold) Anna Hoglund Hemphill (Mrs. Lawrence F.) Winifred Welch Hobart (Mrs. Alanson C.) Dorothea Lyons Riggs (Mrs. Harold) Margaret Spicer (Mrs. Frank) Maxine Brown Warden (Mrs. Burns)

NU NU Adaline Hoffman Allen (Mrs. Richard) Dorothy Bates Bernice Buck Boddorff (Mrs. Harold ) Virginia Bounds Virginia Cheney Bowman (Mrs. Robert ) Martha Virginia Boye r Vivian Albright Brobyn (Mrs. Charles) Eleanor Testerman Brown (Mrs . .Thomas ) Geraldine Eaton Burkhardt (Mrs. William) Ardis Ackerman Chintund (Mrs. Edwin) Ruth Christ Patricia Crane Eleanor Coffman Cram er (Mrs. Russell) .Jeanette Sperr Curri er (Mrs. Lawrence ) Dana D avis Hope M orrison D avis (Mrs. Homer ) Gladys Detweiler Evelyn Snyder Dill (Mrs. Andrew) Helen Buck Donaldson (Mrs. Matthew)



Nancy Smith Edwards (Mrs. Homer) Norma Elivert Anna L efferts Enell (M rs. John ) Bettean ne MacAlister Fitzwater (Mrs. J . S.) Alma D oderer Fornlo! (Mrs. H erbert ) Virg inia F rost Patricia Gardner Helen Burton Goodyear (M r<. Robert ) Genevieve Gorman ,Betty Grauch Sara Elizabeth Hall J ean Hardy Ellen Johnston H errin g (Mrs. Elmer ) J ea nn ette H eckman Holmes (Mrs. Norman) Mary Rishel Huttingor (Mrs. William ) Emily Plumley J ensen (Mrs. Gordon ) Marion Jones .Jeanne Kennedy Hel en Ki ng Ruth R easer Kinney (Mrs. A. G. ) Ca therin e Brackin Kitchel (Mrs. H . S. ) Pauline Rogers Kitchen (Mrs. Robert) Mary Schwab K ourg (Mrs. J. T.) K ay Kraekel Alice Virginia Thompson Ledya (Mrs. W . B.) Ruth Rile Lee ( Mrs . Clarence) Joyce Altenburg Lingenfelter (M rs.) Joan Loughry Florence Luce Jud y M a inwar ing MacNair (M rs. D av id ) Mary Ann Hardy M cCloskey (Mrs. J. ) Margaret McCormick Marion B. Marsh Eleanor Kingma n Mill er (Mrs. Neil) Dorothy Turner Moore (Mrs. Harry) Carolyn Bright Mueller (Mrs. William ) Lillian Oda Roberta Wilson Poole (Mrs. William l Constance Lepley Poulterer (Mrs. Duane) Mary Reardon M argaret R eed Rae Schaeffe r Reid (Mrs. C . J .) Ma rie Kruecker Ritter (Mrs. Howard ) Rosemary Salveson :11artha Sasse Nan Scott Norma Schaeffer Sheldon (Mrs. Howard ) Marian H autz Smith (M rs. Charles) Mary E . Fisher Smith (Mrs. R obert) Sara Thompson Soeffin g (Mrs. Paul) Vi vienn e Gramling Stouppe (Mrs. J ames) Sybil W eller Suddards (M rs . Frank ) Winnie Lou Hawley Thewlis (Mrs. Alan) Sara h Johnson Watmo ugh (Mrs. Arthur) Ethel Weaver Esther Wells Dorothy O akes W esselma n (Mrs. Roy ) Ethel Anderson Whitta ker (Mrs. E. W .) Joann e Williams Jane Wittman Mary Eli zabeth Wing Yetter (Mrs. Edward )

XI XI Sarah Howard Arronstein (Mrs . Ernest ) Zelma Cl1amberlin Ball (M rs . Robert ) J a ne Baylor Cornelia Bosman Mildred Baker Elam (Mrs. William) LaTrelle Fredrickson Bonnie R eed Gonzalez (M rs. R alph ) Nancy Murray Margaret Echols Myers (M rs. L ouis)

OMICRON OMICRON Ardis Reichard Farr ell (Mrs.) Ruth Winter Kirchner (Mrs . Norman) Fidelia Farnum Risley (Mrs . N. S.)

PI PI Irene Carpenter Ascb (Mrs. Edward L .) Mary Hussey Beal (M rs. Harold ) J a nice Patterson Bracken (Mrs. J ames P. J r.) M arion Burnes Jean Fitzhenry Coughlin (Mrs. J. Desmond ) Esther Hoag Dobbins (Mrs. Donald B. ) LaCiaire Stephan Edwards (Mrs . Rodney)

Jean Walsh Felber (Mrs. Julius J . Jr.) Gloria Howland Gibson (Mrs. Murray ) ~ata l ie Williams Hazlett (Mrs. Hugh) Fl orence Peffer Hogle (M r. R alph Jr.) Virginia Weiffenbach Lebo (Mrs . Richard) .Margery Bennett Leith liter (Mrs. J. E.) Eleanor Greenwood McMu ll en (Mrs. J ack) Betty Scott Mapes (Mrs. J ames) Marjorie Needham Mear (Mrs. Francis ) Doro thy Fedigan Merkle (Mrs. Elm er) · Margaret K abel Sa ltwick (Mrs. J. Bernard ) J ean Mitchell Smith (Mrs. Malcolm D. ) M ary Marion Walker (Mrs. H arold) Sue Wag ner Wensley (Mrs. C harles) Barbara Weyand Ei leen Collins White (Mrs. William ) Alice Wincenc Patricia Belly Zubko (Mrs. H~rry)

RHO RHO Lenore Mossor Abel (Mrs. Walter L. ) Helen Vi ckers Beyer (Mrs. W. E.) Esther M cQueen Blair {Mrs.) Alice McCullough Buck (Mrs. Mortimer) Ruth Carter Mrs. D . E . C laypool An n Conl ey N ina McQuinn Day (Mrs. 0. ) Jo yce Keyser Hackworth (Mrs. Clyde) Margaret Trimble Halstead (Mrs . War ren ) Paulin e J ames Harman (Mrs. William D .) Cecelia M. Hobuck Hibner (Mrs. R aymond ) Frances Hickman Phyllis J oan Hood J ean nette Kelly J ea n Hippert Kingery (Mrs.) Ruth M eyers McElhinn ey (Mrs. V . N . ) Lucill e M ayes Elizabeth Beres Moore (Mrs. J . Paul ) J erry Morton Dorot hy Patton F reda Noble Paul (Mrs. Bosher ) Betty Aim Pethlel (Mrs. W .) Emma Rittinger (Mrs.) Ruth Fisher R oberts (Mrs . L. E. Jr .) Dola Thornsberry Schick (Mrs. J ames W. ) Mary Summers · M arjorie O sborne Waid (Mrs. R . E .) Jua nita Johnson W essel (Mrs. Fred J r.) Peggy Whitley Will iams (M rs . Clyde E.)

SIGMA SIGMA Lida Milikin Boatiste (M rs. Edwin ) Ruth Fauber Carkhuff (Mrs. G . H. ) Betty Creel Cooper (Mrs. H . J .) J ea n Fairbrother R osalie Gordon H elen Gratton Hoga n (Mrs . Michael ) Margene R oss Hoot (Mrs. Vernon ) Iva J ean ne J o nes Mary Newell J ones (Mrs.) Barbara Fagerness Larsh (Mrs. Edward) Rosabel Lorig H arriette Peake McAllister (Mrs.) Virginia Osborn Ell en Walker Rose (Mrs. J ack) H elen Rossi L ois K ern Schneider (Mrs . J oh n ) Mary Sulliva n Priscilla Snyder Walsh (Mrs. F ra ncis R .) J anet Stegall Wuske (Mrs. J ames)

TAU TAU Fra nces Locker Butler (Mrs. R oy) Ethl yn Bain ter Chittenden (Mrs. J . Q . ) Marjorie Mullen Christensen (Mrs. Paul ) Belva Molz Clark (Mrs. R ay) Doro th y Morrison Cox (Mrs. Joh n) Sue Chittenden Ekstrand (Mrs. R aymond ) Gwendolyn Stewart Engel (Mrs. H erma n ) Eleanor H arves Erway (Mrs. D ea n ) Louie Platts Freeman (Mrs. Wesley) Betty Faubian Gibson (Mrs. Wilbur ) ~orma Giess Helen I rvin Goering (Mrs. Milford) Luella Mollenkamp Griffith (Mrs. Robert ) Gwendola Johnso n Herron (Mrs. Raymond )


, -.

Geraldine Hopley Hoff (Mrs. Roy) Marjorie Harkness Hope (Mrs.) Ruth McReynolds Jepsen ( Mrs. ictor ) Pearl Ottley Long (Mrs. Charles) Bertha Washichek Longa ine (Mrs. Cecil) Flora Cochran Lukcnbille ( Mrs . Wilbur ) Lucile Parso n Miller ( M rs. J . H. ) Enid Baldwin :>lel,on (Mrs. Allred ) Joan Newman

Lois Sutton Scherer ( Mr . Karl ) Carmelita Singe! Hollis Taylor Betty Barnes Urquhart (M rs. Dean ) Ethel Miller West (M rs. John ) Mary W ilson

UPSILON UPSILO Mary Smock Henson (Mrs. Henry ) Lillian Dallman Hurlburt (M rs. Herbert ) Gerald ine Stone Lawrence (Mrs. Victor A. )

PHI PHI Karol Oliphant Greeson (Mrs. Kenneth H .) Irene Hunter Barbara Mann Sharlyne Miles

CHI CHI Martha J ane Ritchey Bickl ey (Mrs. Charles) June Mangas Beehler (Mrs . Elwood) Betty J ane Boone Dorothy Mae Murray Braun (Mrs. Richard ) Louise Murphy Brown (Mrs. Laverne) Myrtle Maurine Brown Andree Daugherty Carnegie (Mrs. J . S.) Beverly Montz Butler (Mrs. Jay ) Jean Barlow Carson (Mrs. Robert) Maribel Marshall Coates (Mrs. Woodson) Carol Jean Boehl Cooper (Mrs. Floyd) Mary Etta Arnold Cripe (Mrs. J. G.) Maud Evelyn Scherer Davis (Mrs . James) Lynne Downhour Betty Jo Thornburg Evers (Mrs. Lloyd ) Joan Loudenback Gardner (Mrs. J ames) Betty Gemmill Vera Phillips Gordon (Mrs. Miles R .) Pauline J ordan Doroth y Kalmeyer Angelin e Yovich K arsnak (M rs. G . D .) Miriam J eanne Partridge Keels (Mrs . J . H. ) Frances Eugenia Bone Kimble (M rs. J ohn ) Phyllis Kuchuck Shirley Lessler Mary Elizabeth J ames Long ( Mrs. Eugene) Marga ret Ann McClellan Helen Brown McCreary (Mrs . Robert ) Mary Braman McDonald H elen Ensminger Me utt (Mrs . J. W. ) Mildred Tea ney Monroe ( Mrs . J esse ) Louise Murphy Elizabeth Ann Wolle Phend (Mrs. H arold ) Frances Ann Davis Prccup (Mrs. David ) Wilma Jean Pyle Marga ret E. Britt Reeves (M rs. John ) Jean Katherine Smith Rosselot (Mrs. Richard ) Kathleen Darrow Salzer ( Mrs. Donald ) Mary Ruth Sammis Lois Schultz Marion Mundy Shockley (M rs. John ) R eba Jean Spence r Mary Isabelle Starkey Gwendolyn Sheering Strahl (M rs; L . H .) Thelma Blasdell Thomas ( M rs. Charles ) J ea nne Friar Thomas (M rs. James ) Edith Morgan Wakeland (Mrs . Eugene ) Bercniece Bradley Warner (M rs. Leslie) Della Benn elt Wa tson (Mrs. Glen ) Doris ?? Weaver (Mrs.) H elen Wehr Carolyn D eich Whiteside (M rs. J . R .) Kathleen Wibl e J essie Edgerton Ycazel ( Mr . G. E.)

PSI PSI Elizabeth Abraham Geraldine Lyons Austin (M rs. J ames) Kathryn Loy Dowty Brighthaput (M rs.


Holmes) , ' Juanita Cardozies Dorothy Dale Evelyn Deavers Dot Olivier De Kyzer Marilyn Finley Earline Arsbury Fuller (Mrs. Jerry) Ruth Bonn ett Gaines (Mrs. Paul) Barbara Evelyn Graves 'Harvell (Mrs. E. W. ) Rosemary G. Robin on Hill (Mrs. A. E .) Katherine Elliott Hoglan (Mrs. Curtis ) Wilda Jones Peggy Kerr Bobbie Meyers Maggie Rogers Montgomery (Mrs.) Fannie L. Foulk Muoholland (Mrs. H. E. ) Gloria June Owen Wanna Beth Sanders Leona Alexander Shrewsbury (Mrs. Robert ) Audrey Smith Barbara Smith Alice Crawford Smith (Mrs. Bruce) Susan Jones Taylor (Mrs . James) Roberta Fluitt White (Mrs. Eugene)

OMEGA OMEGA Ruth Bradley Alexander (Mrs. R . J .) Dorothy Wright Anderson (Mrs. R. F.) Mrs. Ray Atchley Gertrude ??? Bell (Mrs. ) Helen LaZelle Brown (Mrs. H . E.) Bessie Amundson Elliott (Mrs. Earl ) Fl eta Jones Gerwig (Mrs. L . H.) Zelda Swanson Harper (Mrs. E. L. ) R egi na Offerman Virginia Hughes Maso n (Mrs. Henry ) Rosemary Zinkand Rotsart (Mrs . J. E. ) Bernita Offerman Sipa n (Mrs. Frank ) Cori na McCall Wright (Mrs. Mamice)

BETA GAMMA Helen Brown Wanda Chronister Juliette Stolper Crane (Mrs. W. H.) LaVelle Short Dugger (Mrs. Douglas) Colcenc Ferris Eubank (Mrs. William ) Robbie F arris Betty Furr Grah am (Mrs. J ack ) Lois Gillis Hall (Mrs. Tom Aldis ) Catherine Vance Holland (Mrs.) 1 orma Juergens Hughes (Mrs. Jack ) Barbara Johnson Mildred Wasson Lagoni (Mrs. William ) Marguerite Williams La ngley (Mrs. Woodrow ) Mary Steve ns McDonald (Mrs. Dan A.) ara Hail McKinley (Mrs. Dee C. ) Jean Bol e Magoon (Mrs. F . L. Jr.) Betty Williams Phillips (Mrs. J. D .) Wanda Daney Romine (Mrs. J ack) Zuma Smith Carlene Glover Stone (Mrs. Burl E.) Jo Ellen Vancil Ada Van Whitley Gladys Sharp Weaver (Mrs . Joe )

BETA DELTA Evelyn Me 'eese Allen (Mrs. Francis) Jan e Scale Anderson (M rs. William R.) Peggy Goree Avera (Mrs. Robert L.) Carolyn Riley Brent (Mrs. Charles) Ja yn Britt Billi e tee! Brown (Mrs. Frank W .) Mary McCormack Brown (Mrs. Roy) Ma rgaret McCann Carroll (Mrs. Herbert ) M atty Smith Evans (Mrs. Russell J .) Emmie Nickles Ferguson (Mrs. Paul ) Elizabeth H elmer Dolores Crane Hollingsworth (Mrs . R . L .) Virgi nia Leake Jackson (Mrs . Howard ) Virginia Pickel Jarrell (M rs. Robert ) ara Draughn Key (M rs.) ' abel Howard Ketler (M rs. W. R .) Wanda Mitchell Lambuth (M rs. Robert ) Olga H elen L ogan M iriam Jordan O ' Brien (Mrs . Charles A.) Hilda Cox Olsen (M rs . Emery W. ) Mary Pickeri ng

Marjorie Williamson Pugh (Mrs. Edward) Lucie Monk Pulliam (Mrs. J . J.) Mary Wallace Romine (Mrs .) Frances Felder Simanaro (Mrs. Johnny ) Christine Ladner Skinner (Mrs . Roland ) Mary Co lone Sphangos (Mrs. John C.) Emma Helen Stewart Camilla Lenoir Storm (Mrs . Harold E . ) Jimmy Wiltshire Susbin ki (Mrs . Steve) Anna Broome Ward (Mrs. Robert C.) Mildred Brame Whitt (Mrs. Wayne )

BET A EPSILON Mary Crumpler Appleton (Mrs. Maurice L .) Muriel Beasley Rives James Brown (Mrs. Ray ) Davilee Bryant Nancy Rose Bryant Joy A . Corkan Gwendolyn Truebart Cox (Mrs. Stuart T. ) Fannie Warden DeShield (Mrs. Danford ) Doroth y Dickenso n Barbara Fallett Courtney Fauve Ruth Grigg Gordon (Mrs. John ) Marion Husely June Payson Kinne (Mrs. Alan) Betty Lilly (Mrs. W . H. Jr . ) J essie Love Bette Clougherty Miller (Mrs. R. A. ) Grraldine Neathery Catherine Clodfelter Patrick (Mrs. John W. ) Emily Baird Pierce 1\etty Carter Retterer Eugenia Savage June Sterling Scale (Mrs. Willis S.) Winifred Rew Shiel<t (Mrs. Raymond) Anne Stoneburner Shore (Mrs. Harold R.) Frances Barnard Spencer (Mrs. Nye) Barbara Styron Barbara Wensel Lois Wiley Melba Frost Wisman (Mrs. Everett L. ) Audrey Young

BETA ZETA Vivian Talbot Bartlett (Mrs. Thomas ) Rose Brand Fruze (Mrs.) Mary Lambousy

BETA ETA Jeanne Partridge Bacon (Mrs. Alvin A.) Dorothy Be iss Elizabeth Nolan Bekken (Mrs. Ralph ) Gwendolyn Bell Jane Berge Delores Lubke Chays (Mrs. Daniel Jr. ) Norma Deutcher Myrtl e Erickson Dynes (Mrs. George) Dona Ellefson Marjori e Kronschnabel Audrey Lund R egina Miller Delphine 'eas Elaine ordstrom Lorraine Johnson Petch (Mrs. Richard H .) Alke Peterson Marjorie Berdahl Scenna (Mrs. Leonard) Helen Schroeder Helene Schroeder Alma Schweigert Desa Ruth Smith Emily Swanson Patricia Conway Thompson (Mrs. Sammy) Mavis Thompson Tronstad (Mrs. Alvin) Ester W erre Gayle Chappell W estbrook (Mrs. Rucker) Verene Will Hilda E . Wilson Margaret Kusie W ybel (Mrs. Elwood)

BETA THETA M ary Coon Blazo (M rs. William Jr .) J oyce Van Petten Blich (Mrs. William ) Yvonne Bates Bogus (Mrs . J oe) Mary Catcher Boston (Mrs. ) Jane Bradshaw Eleanore A. Brietzke


Jrssie Milne Casey (Mn. Glenn) Mary Hileman Conn (Mn. W. C .) Agnl" Burgett Daringer (Mn. Walter ) Ann Wyman Dell (Mrs. Howard) Jeanne Loyster Donhaiser (Mrs. John N.) Shirley Draper Margaret A. Gaffield Barbara Gelow Donna Martineau Gingrich (Mrs. Stewart) Lorraine Mosher Griffiths (Mrs. Robert A.) Pat Bates Harrington (Mrs. Don) Natalie Peterson Hendershott (Mrs. T.) Ruby Hodges Kathleen Sullivan Huizenga (Mn. Bob) Mary Kenney Bett e Baldwin Lackie (Mrs. Hugh P .) Jane Foust Legante (Mn. Robert E.) Louise McAIIellen or McAnnellen Nan McNamara McCard (Mrs . L . C.) Lois Montgomery lone Mussal Leonora Starr Nelson (Mrs. Kenneth) .Jo Parker Mary Curto Pety (Mrs. Charles) Jacqueline Pety .Jeanne Pew Ilene Leslie Phelps (Mrs.) Betty Hawkins Rambo (Mrs. William) C:arol Remainder . Frances Newman Rose (Mrs. J . D. , Jr .) Audrey Scott Audrey Thayer Scott (Mrs. Arthur) Delores Seeley Evelyn Evans Smith (Mrs. Donald C .) .Joan Soucie Mona Lou Stowell Verona Mayville Sutton (Mrs. R . V.) Frances Stewart Tyner (Mrs. John J ., Jr.) Marilyn Ward Lee Wilberding Jeanne Winkler

BETA IOTA Margaret Turpin Ayers (Mrs. Gerald) Isabelle Motteshead Bell (Mn . Francis) Gaye Nell Ellis Burdette (Mrs. Carlyle) Doris Christley Elizabeth Covey Collins (Mrs. Arthur) Mary Jane Cunningham Lois Ann Currin Mary Evelyn Cardwell Dawson (Mrs. W. J. ) Billie Sue Smalley Farmer (Mrs. Glenn) Geraldine Higgins Groseclose (Mrs. Edward) Doris Holt Huffman (Mrs. S. A.) Barbara Sink Jones (Mrs. Robert ) Mary Sam Keel Geraldine Leffel Amy Oakes Martin (Mrs. Richard ) Penny Mellott Mary Frances Rice Miller (Mrs . ) Helen Moss Marianne Wright Paris (Mrs. W . P.) Betty Roberts Sylvia Sublette Ross (Mrs. Howard) Miriam Blanton Scott (Mrs. George ) Frances Sinker .Jenoese Spradlin i\hrilyn Tayman Marie Williams Nancy Wood

Betty Burks Ruth Carmichael Ella Mae H arrison Carroll (Mrs. J. H .) Virginia Chaney Jean Cowne Margaret Heerwagon Cromwell (Mrs. Bill ) Doris Powell Dorsey (Mrs. Charles) Joyce Lively Farnham (Mrs. H. L.) Mary Ellen Hartje Foreman (Mrs . William ) G ladia Garrison Rose Mary Smith Gay (Mrs. Bryan) Martha Goode Bess Mills Graves (Mrs. William) Ruby Fair Griner (Mrs.) Betty Dixon Halbrook (Mrs. D.) Faydene Carroll Hanna (Mrs . Dale) Betty Hardin Norma Henderson Vivienne Clifton Henson (Mrs. Carl ) Sarah Minton Hindsman (Mrs . Edwin) Alexa Williams Hopper (Mrs. B. J.) Frances McGinnis Marjorie Brown Makepeace Peggy Hime Nolan (Mrs . Paul) Hazel Everett Parker (Mrs. Richard ) .Jean Frazier Pate (Mrs. Raymond) Joanna Douglas Pa tillo (Mrs. William) Ernestine Peters Betty Sanders Bobb ie Hurl ey Sibley (Mrs . David) Donnie Faye Brown Steeley (Mrs. J. E. ) Wanda Green Strickland (Mrs. A. W. ) Sybil Simmons Sullards (Mrs. Fletcher)

BETA MU Dannie Alspa ugh Billie Bleidt Louise Sca ntland Burns (Mrs. Glendon) Elizabeth Anne D ay D eBell (Mrs. Herb) Mary Jo Dildy Saralou Ross Felts (Mrs. Harold) Edna Lou Brad nax Green (Mrs. Kelly) Catherine Crum Harvill (Mrs. J. T .) Mrs . Billy J. Heeghen Carley Dickey Oli ver (Mrs. Kelly) Kay LeVay Jewell Lupica Katherine Parker Joann Rachees Mary Joyce Richardson Betty Lou Huddleston Rollins (Mrs. Leonard) Wanda R oss Marjorie Houser Rowell (Mrs. Joseph) Della Sue Simonson Mrs. Pat Van


Mary Lou Johnson Cain (Mrs . Thomas) Lucille Shrader Duncan (M rs . ) Betty Lee Lyon Elliott (Mrs. H erbert) Miriam Branz Hopper (M rs . Merlan ) Gloria Tracy Larocca (Mrs. Frank) Joyce Luttrell Roberta Maher Margie Mason Melchers (Mrs. Ern ie) Gladys Norstrom Smith (Mrs. Leslie ) Dorothy Tipton Jeanne Newland Whee ler (Mrs. Stanley)

Jackie Robertson Allen (Mrs . Eugene) Mrs. Dale Barker Mary Ann Herndon Bedwell (Mrs . William) Kitty Bolles Evelyn Cone Ann Crisp Demaree (Mrs. Neil) Evangeline D enning Faye Edwards Peggy Joyce Cox Gardiner (M rs . Bill ) Betty Jane Jones Gardner (Mrs . James) Julia Ann Lowry Graves (Mrs. R . H. ) Be tty Harrison Phyllis Herrold Phyllis Farmer H erold (Mrs. Zadia ) Linda Long Margaret Fairless McRee (Mrs. Kenny) Mary Julia Moore Dean Melton Musselman (Mrs. Bruce) Mildred Ann Turk Simons (Mrs. Gene) Betty Smith Carolyn Vaughn Bess Wallwork Juanita Wilford Edna Alexander Williams (Mrs. C'arl) Evelyn Ahart Wilso n (Mrs. H . E.) Jane Wood



Bessie Ross Braswell (Mrs. George) Betty Ayen Eva Mae Brown

Patricia Ann Powers Betz (Mrs. Joseph) Jean Marie Cross Cleone Barnrs D avis (Mn. R. D.)



MARCH • 1956 t"'~ )!,

Margaret Kathryn Ferree Christine Whittaker Greenman (Mrs. j ohn ) Miriam Herbst Virginia Dobbins Hess (Mrs . Mihan ) Alma Houghton Helen I af Esther Palumbo Inn es (Mrs. James) Joan Duff Ki e (Mrs. Leonard ) Mary Ellen Lane Margaret J ea nne Laver Helen Huntemann Leonard (Mrs. ) Francine Cooney McLeod (Mrs. Daniel) Antoinette Michaud Lois Price Winifred Fyller Rippe (Mrs. Jack) Joan Robinson Ann Marie Roesch Dorothy Todd

BETA XI !!Iaine Ackel Barbara Shaffer Balaban (Mrs. A.) Carol Banner Shirley Armstrong Banner (Mrs . William ) Marilyn Barnes Alice Sweigart Burns (Mrs. Harry) Charlotte Burroughs Regina Carpenter J ay ne Marie Crowley Marjorie Culver Alice D erthick Evelyn Dox Virginia Doyle .Ja net Faulkner Marilyn Goldy Val ickel Henry (Mrs. Richard W. ) Deloris Frisbie Higgins (Mrs. George) Geraldine Westphal Johnson (Mrs. Stanley) Phyllis Kerrigan Mary Jane ?? Kroder (Mrs . ) Gloria Lloyd Li;y (Mrs. Paul) Mildred Mahoney Mary Manelski . Constance • Cooper Mann (Mrs . Lester) Patricia Pardi Mead (Mrs. Da ni el) Jean Spies Mitchell (Mrs.) Eileen Murphy Mary Quinn Marylyn Rippenger Clare Ross Eleanor Ryan Katherine Smith .Jean Edith Stratto n Catherine Mac Blair Williams (Mrs. James )

BETA PI Barbara Guy Bostick (Mrs. Thomas D .) Mary Dolinger Barbara Cole Kelley (Mrs. John G.) Carmel Auciello Lawlor (Mrs. J ack) Wa nda Mulkey Helen Owens Nancy Joan Smith Joyce Stoner Loretta Stover Patricia Thompso n

BETA RHO Adele Auringcr Virgini a Brown

Virginia Burns Barbara Carlson D on na Carlson Lois Smith Coppernoll (Mrs.) Geraldine Crabbs Giles (Mrs. D ave K .) N eda Greathous Edna Mae Johnson Janis Lindholm Elinor Lutz Martha Self Pearso n (Mrs. Richard) Lupe P once Darlene Ray Mylrae Lane Rundle (Mrs . Wallace) Henrie! ta Sagslow Elsie Singer Joyce Street Jackie Mueller Ullrich (Mn.) Charlene Volkers


Geraldine Pettus Trueman (Mrs. ]01eph) Pauline Wilner

Joan Gesele Marie St. Phillips Guterman (Mn. Donald) Mary Condon Hendricks (Mrs. William) Mary Thomson Joehelka (Mn. Kenneth) Joyce Sanden Sieben (Mn. Barton) Marilyn Youcheff Smith (Mn. Harold B.)

Kay Willianu Marion Woll Georgetta Y~

RHO CHI Dorothy Belvage Martha Bickle Maurice Hancock Elayne Stillwell Peters (Mn .) Ann Rozick

BETA PHI Nancy Ceaglske Ruth Lanon Craft {Mrs. John) Jean Sommervold Russ (Mn. Neil) Louise Zirbel


BETA SIGMA Betty Jean Hooker Williams (Mrs. Lane )

BETA TAU Margaret French

Rachel Ann Jennings Barbara Kirkham Lou.ise Devereaux Lewis (Mn.) Dolores Elaine Long Mildred McGrew Bernice McNaught Frances Kehres Marshall (M•·s. Robert N . ) Lucy Lowder Schultz (Mn . Ivan)

• NIXIE CARDS are the notices sent by the Post Office giving changes of address and removals since Second Class matter is not forwardable. A postage due charge is made for each card returned. If you will send address changes to the Central Office, 372 Argonne Drive, Kenmore 23, New York, immediately, whether you are on the regu-


BETA CHI Nancy McGill

BETA PSI Charlene Neilson Payne (Mrs. Fred) Janet Soper Sullivan (Mrs. Roger)

Jar PHOENIX mailing list or only on the alumnae issue list, you will save ASA's treasury the cost of the nixie cards, as well as the cost of re-mailing THE PHOENIX to your new address. The "Have You Moved or Married" blank is included in each issue of the magazine for your convenience. Please use it so that Central Office will have no "Lost Lambs."



Paraphernalia-Miss Louise McArthur, 11535 Bryon Ave., Detroit, Mich.


Alumnae Organizt-r-Mrs. E. A Kreek, 2911 St. Paul, Baltimore 18, Md.

Art- Mrs. Robert Wolf, R.R. 1, Rexford ,

Philanthropic-Mrs. Richard C. 224 E. 33rd Pl., Tulsa, Okla.

NATIONAL COUNCIL President-Miss Evelyn G. Bell, 767 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y. Vice Prnid e,lt- Mi ss Virginia Carpenter, 14325 Drexmore Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio.

Chapter Alumnae Secretaries-Mrs. B. F. Leib, 3515 N. Pennsylvania, Apt. 8, Indianapolis, Ind.

Ritual-Mrs. Jimmy I<ey, 25 Guadalcanal, Brunswick, Me.

College Editor-Miss Mary K. Reiff, 228 Brush Creek Blvd., Apt. 2-E, Kansas City 12, Mo.

Scholarship-Mrs. Eugene H . Crompton , Jr., 7001 Spring Rd. #3, Richmond 28, Va.

Constitution-Mrs. Robert C. Grady, Box 686, Orange, Va.


Trea.rurer-Mrs. Clayton A. Richard, 372 Argonne Dr ., Kenmore 23 , N . Y.

Con ve ntion-Miss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd ., Overbrook, Philadelphia 31, Penna.

Chairman- Mrs. Cicero F. Hogan (Gamma Phi Beta) , 921·9 Mintwood St., Silver Springs, Md.

Membership Director- Mrs. Willia m Niemeyer, 4937 Ralph Ave., Cincinnati 38, Ohio.

Fellowship-Mrs . Harvey E. Bumgardner, East Long Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich .

S ecretary-Mrs. Darrell R. Nordwall (Alpha Chi Omega ) , 5607 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, California.

editor- Miss Esther Bucher, Suite 226, 102j Gra nd Ave nue, Kansas City 6, Mo .

Found ers' Day--Mrs. E . Albert Kreek, 7141 Pasco, Kansas City, Mo.

Alumnae Director-Mrs. Helen B. Swart, 130 Stockton Ave., Apt . 3, Dayton 9, Ohio.

Historian- Miss Loui se Stewart, 1330 Blue Ave., Zanesville, Ohio

Tr ea.rurer-Mrs. Joseph D. Gri~sby (Delta Delta Delta), Grigsby's Stat1on, Landover, Md.

Secretary- Miss Hel en L. Corey, 6310 Sh erwood Ave., Overbrook, Philadelphia 31, Penna.

O[Ji cer in Ch arge of Central 0/fi ce-Mrs. Clayton A. Richard, 372 Argonne Dr., Kenmore 23, N. Y. NATIONAL CHAIRMEN

Alumnae Editor-Mrs . Oran Klein, 7609 Wyandotte, Ka nsas City, Mo.


Housing-Mrs. Clayton A. Richa rd, 372 Argonne Dr., K enmore 23, N. Y. MaJ!a zin e- Mrs. Armin J. Si~egenth a ler , 17303 St. Marys, Detroit 35, Mich. Music-Mrs. Arthur L. Hellrich, 35 Norwood St., McKnownvill e, Albany 5, N.Y.

Publi, hed in 1'\overuber, Ja nua ry, Ma rch. a nd May of each year at 2642 University Avenue, St. Paul 14, Minnesota, by Leland Publi•hers, Inc. {The Fra tern ity Press) , official sorority publishers to Alpha Sigma Al pha, for t he Alpha Sigma Alpha So ro ri t~· . bad ng hudquarters at Kansas City, Missouri. Business correspondence may be addressed to either office, but matter for publication and cor-





Chairman of College Panh ellwics-Mrs. Crecene A. Fariss (Delta Zeta), 2997 S.W. Fairview Blvd., ~ortland I, Ore. Chairman of Cit y Panh elLeuics-Mrs. Haswell E. Staehle {Alpha S\gma Tau), 481 Torrence Rd., Columbus 14, Ohio . Alpha Sigma Alpha Delegate-Mrs. Fred M. Sharp, 1405 H ardy Ave., Independence, Mo.

respondence concerning the same should be addressed to Miss Esther Bucher, Suite 226, 1025 Grand Avenue, Kansas City 6, Missouri. PosTMASTER: Send Form 3579 to Kansa.r City address. Entered as second-cla~s ma tter, September 4, 1923 at the post office. at. St. Paul, .Mmneso~a, u!'?er the Act of March 3, 1879. Apphcabon for spec.taf perm1t ma1hng has also been made.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 41 no 3 mar 1956  

Asa phoenix vol 41 no 3 mar 1956