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BETA BETA College has been i n oession .l.~or quite a long wi1ile, so s ··-udent life is running smoo thl y by no\/ . Tie h ave a ne 1 Pres i dent, I"r Cra~be} ~ho C?!:!e? to us from the Ea:::;tern I~ entucl:y Hormal School ; 7 _c_ L he Le l d the Pres ~ clency. Many ne ;r s ys teras i1ave been inausuratcd, a 1these a re a ch ant;e to the se cond and t!1irc. : oar students from t e s ... of t he past years . The first party of the nevr year \TD.O the one given by Y. \'l . C. ll an~ which_ at t h is college g oes by the naue of the "Freohman Fris>;: 11 • Tlus affa~r was of particular int a rest t o all Colorado ASAs, because our Clara Turner i s Pr esident of the Association. The social uas in ~he fon;1 of a c afet ."'.ri supper and ua s held 0!1 the c ampus for every or:. e 1n school. The serving was done b y t:1e C a~ inet s of Y. ·. a nd t': e Nevvman Club, the l a t. ter l> ein~ an a ssociation nimilar to Y. \1., but Composed of Catholics . During the supper songs were sung by a chorus specially trained for the occasi on, Lator there we re se v eral after-dinner talks by merebe rs of the faculty. A playlet given by four of th e faculty in t:e open- air the~tre f olloued. Final ly there was a "Lante rn Parade 11 tLat made t h e evenin~ a never- t o-b e - forgottm1 one, Just p icjmre four hundred otL~den tn carry ing le.nterns, \Those lights flashed and danced al OnG windin3 :,?a t~1 s bordered '.7i th shrub ery, While t he air wa s tuneful with the rJusic of the C.T. C Pfar ch. There was just enough darkness to m<".ke the scene lo ok like fairyland , The procession ended at the ath l etic fiel~; 1mere v as an immense boPSi e , and where more toasts ancl sons s wero given. Colorado St ate Teachers College is rev e lling in a new YTO -:man's building. It was the drean of our l ate President, Dr . Snyder , Ye ago when the i nstitutio_ a dream that is at length realized . was compar at ively new, Dr. G n~r de r had a vision of the time w:t1 en t _1 ere woul d be on the campus a hmne for every girl in school, c. p l a ce .tl'ler all t he Homen students yrould nee t on a footin.e of equality anr where many enjoyable times mi ght be had . The building is perfect both i construc t i on and in fur~1ishi:1g, I t vras here tLat the rushing season was foroally opened by a tea fo r every ~ irl i n school, ol c.:.. ne 7, sorori t~r or non-sororit y. Our Vera Gill ett is Presi d ent of :?anhe ll e:-li ' and so .ASl\.s we re o. sood deal int e rested in the su ccess of the affair Ru sh season ·,7as cne ro und of ::JO ci al a ctivity. Englis:1 teas ·, buffet lunches, c ard p0 rti cs c.nd be ef st eal':: fries were all emOne of the mo st enjo~rable aff air s p loyed to entertain ".:he guests. v.-as a truck ride to Eaton, a smal l tovn.1 a bou t ei"ht ni les away , vr:1ere .ve ha d ordered o. three c ourse chi c ~:e n cl.inner. The final party na s a nat inee da F>ich 'v'Te in c onjt.-lnction vrith SSS at Canf i eld . 1 ~·.r-~ i:.h the i nvitations t.ha t 'liere se n ·~. to ou r Dean and to tl1e Pre side:'lt " ··life \.rent l n.r . . . e buncheS. of Din1: [.l ac1i oli. Th.e co l or schene TTa.s a conoino..ti on of: ···=1e colors of t l:e t 'tO soro "'i ti c s, - puriJle fo r SSS , g olr]. I' or l i..':Jt, . L'.-1.<1 vrl1 i t e i or o otl1 o:.. us. The prog:;.."'CJ:Js ':rere small '.7: _i ".: l~o. tl:.e.r : -1 '"'i t '1 tl: e l et. t ers o_ !)ot::.1 sorori tie ~ 2) rin~e ~. i n_ gold, The ne ncil ::' vre re :!url)le . :3'·, .:t.ll card:.; \rere sll p:?ed ~:n.t.o t 1.'?

c ases to carry the dances, a s nell as the names. of' the sorority me bers and those_of the two set s of patronesses. The decorative schm"le wa~ g reen latt1ce v..rork intertw-i ne d with purple nisteria yellow a n d wh1te ch rysanthenums . ' Rush season l a.s ted only one weel< this year and not three , a~ has been the case f'or sme time. Consequently none of' the sororit1es s~nt out so many bids as usual, f' or one Treek' s a cquaintance is too br1~f a one to J?ake onE? sure of' just whi ch g irls amone 600 ought ~o be had. TI:er_e 1s i:1U ?h g?oct. mo:.terial in school . We bid ei ~:;ht and take . ple~su:e . ln present1ng che f'ollwo inz names ib!b the Sorori ty o.t l a rge,r.- .111ar1e ~:y~e, Za E s?n, Rhea Gil le~t, Ielen Harvat , Helen Hay, Jane hcCaleb, _]U rl am Pomenoy .<md Ruth Wlnst lemc:m. These ei ght girl s are al~ busy Jl:'lst _no;v_ n a~c ing some t h ing fo r the house. The old r;: i rls ar e enaro~sed 1n ~as.luon1ng nevr curtai 1s. The Chapter Yas very foi"'tunate th1s year 1n h a.v ing enough u p per cl a ::\ S girls returnin~ to fill ~he h ouse at the very openi ng of col.i.ege. Thi s to ok away o.. great deal bf the usual vrorry, for prior t o this year vre have had to depend. on the pled8es to help fill the house. There eight living r..t t he house,l8 0 <J Eleventh Ave., and many i s the good time that we have ;therein. Ada A. Baker, Histori an . ALPHA BETA

The Kirksville · Normal School has OlJene d wi. th o.. big enrolment this quarter, f'or BE~ students have matriculated. This is an unusual number, as so many students did not retu rn because they secured desirable positions . Alpha Beta has 1 3 girls i n s chool. Miss Jevret t , our fa culty Adviser, is vdth us e.nd ne have no':r the help and advice that we missed so much during t he Su':1mer Session Ylhile she '.-18.8 F.l..t tending the state university . The rushing season was ~nened i'li th a wi ener roast out at the lake, a most p opula r fonu of enter t here as long as t h e The f ollo win[:; Saturday vre go.v e a line :J;E.r ty a t weather stays fine. the Princess Theatre, afte r wh ich ue went to the 11 Palace 11 for refrGshment. The only really f orme. l aff ai:c · the.t ne have g iven t his year so far wa s the recept ion e. t Rita Hun t e d 1 n home . Our guests w0 r e our patronesses, our e, the faculty, Tri Sigmv., Phi Lambu2. Epsilon, the men's frat ernity at our scho o l, and the fraternit i 0s at the l,ocal College of' Osteopa thy . I n th e re ce iving line ner e Mi ss Jewett, Dale - Zellar, Chapter Preside nt~ I'l:rs 4: ~genia Ringo l•'f oorman, a charter member of the ori g in2.l society that afterwards be c ame Alpha Beta Chapter, and our' nine. patronesses The roo!!ls were b e autifu l with Fall flowers . The we st parlor was gorgeous with masses of' sal via and greene ry, and t~e east p ~,;,"'­ lor carried out the g old and g re en idea wi th 3 oldenrod, uh1le the_du:ing ~oom was a bowe r of a sters and s mi l ax. In the dining roan s1x of the e irls assist ed in se rvi ng the ref'res~ments, H~ ile 1Ir s . .Paul Dys art Higb ee and our beloved b ri d e , ~ a rion Ga:rn1ne r .0 l a c kr.rell p r e sided o re r the urns . . One of' the parti es :1t ·1rh icl 1.fe r.o t to ::now one ano t he r bf3-c,te r was the chafing di sb supp er in 1-i ss J e-v•et t ' s ro om. Ev e r ybody , g-:..,_ezts as wel l a s hos tes ses, he l ped ·coolc the ~uppe ~ After t ~ e fen, s '-' -:~_; e li ghts -.'re r e turned out Bi.1d 1'18 s2. t ar? vhe ~lre ::md san g the ... r) .Ld s chool sonr, s , It was one of the honues t affa1r s th;.~. t Al~h o, Be ua he.s ever f'.a.d . o




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.... At .the. first P~:nhellenic u eeti:.1.g i t 1..1as cie c ided to o.. s~~ L1e President .of \he ~ chool, Dr~ . ICi rk, t o all on .t h e sorori t.~s to move u_::J .tl:J._e _da te of b iddihg from the end of the quarte r, v1he re it has been fo:r:- nany years·, an . o..rrang ement that has ·Harked a g re a t harsh i p on 'J.s ; · be.c au s e we l),ave not only .b een ob ligeQ. to al l t erm, but s o often-..' tt ne_s the g irls we bid §.~ n ot f1nd :Lt. possi b le t o re turn the nex t ·. quar t e r, _ thus p o stponii. ._;,. their a ctive memb er shi'p i ndef i n i te l y. Dr h a s novr ·_se t. ·Uid Day a s< tlle f± rst s cho ol ci 2.y if ter the 1:1iddi e of t h e quarter ... .- TI:1 i s· wa s not offici a lly rep orted t o us until October 20th, . :and a s Bid Day would be the 23rd, -you could un.d that t h ere na f\ Sa turday we gave a ma.t i · some flyi rr~ :J..round :-'.nd (;',ome quick pl anning. nee d anCE! .and c a rd ~ rty . On Sun day Yre ·rrent for o. ·c• in the aft er . . noon stopping at the home. of one .of patrones s es, Mr s. Will Bonduro..Dt ; vrh, ere v1e listened to music and 1:1.te CFJ.ndy, g oing l a ter t o the h ome of ·_Hct.yme ~ouc annon, one of our most i ntere ot c; d a lumnae, where t ea rro..s · se rv0d • . 1ie appreciated greatly t hese t wo ions, be c ause a1;L- of the girls of' the o.ctive ch ~pte r _ live . in other · towns ancl so :J.r c not in a position to. ent ert a in t h e girls at the; r homes . · On i:ionday n orning the bids. went out , e·ach ·8.Ccompani 0d ':'Jy n. l a rge. yellow chrycah~hemum. seven of the gi r ls a ccepted our invit o.. We hugge d our' tion a nd u ore our flou ers to school that morning . selves, boczmsc n e got the materi_a l · that Tri Si gra.a wante d and lo s t only ?ne girl to them. VIe a ttri bute a l arge· p;r..rt of our su cce ss to ; ti?-e Rimhing· .Manu:o..l published i n the PHOEN'I X, be c au s e ou r g i r ls l!.nevf just. what to . !=Jay to nak e t he new g i :"l s see vrlly they shouJJ:d be ASAs. Out' pledges.. are _Ruth Bryan, Iona Pields 1 Gl adys Mar.·gan 1 L1aurine Sparl':£sfster. o:f ;Jul.i 0- 1 Lola struv. and ·v innie 1"fri gh t. Lola wa s not abl e t.o b~· . :: P;rese:nt· ~ t ·, the regul a r Servicf3 , s o 1:ri. ll ·be i n itio. t e d ·l a t er. . - .- ., _ ,.,_._. . TlJ.e··· .Alumn a. e As soci a tiom l:Jet ori Oct.obe r 25th a t Mayme Fou·c~nnon 1 s home and elected Alt a Lor enz F a ir to serve a s Alumna Re presentative i L Loeal Panhelleni c . The gatheri ng de cided to me e t t he first -Tue s day' of every month du ri n~ the s chool y ear and dis cus sed .. _ Pl0nn for lc· in clos e tou ch wi th the a cti ve Cha pter . .·.·... ·. .· At .the month l y s t.G r ed con c or· t giv en by the music de part. ment of tli·e School, one bf the :.lo st b e autifu l nv.mbers \YaO a so lo wirth flute· oblig at o pl ayed , y J arie t Howell, H o vve r e r i ght proud of our t~). ented member . Gl o rs Em7ey , His tori an. · ALPHA AL ~ PHA

Alpha Alpha has nine of the best pledges ever '! They AliC0 · 1\nders n of ChiJ licothe 7 Paulino Davi s of . J.fansf ield, Pauline · Goode of Eas-r. Cl evela nd 1'.rie J:iller of :·iulberry, Ind. 1 Lel ah Proxmire. of Lanc as ter Hiriam Oswalt o:f Wabo. sh-, Incl .} Be rtha Runy:m of Norn ood, Elizabeth Sp ivey of Bluffton, Ind. ~ ~nd_ Isi s V!i lli of Greenville . These g irls 'Je r y s oon by- c o,me o.n 1njnne:.te P<?-rt of .. our sorority li f e ~ -· One of ~1 c ir fi rs t ac t s wa s to entert ~ 1n t h e1r S po~ ­ sors at a three course lun cheon a t t he Cho cola t e Shop . This te sti.mony of their affection ·..ras not only v 0ry g r atifying a s s~1o·.ring the r r keen inte1"est in ASA but it ·, ms o.lso deeply app reci a t ecl b~' t h e [·;L~ es·(.; ' for the do r~ itory t a~ l e is not ul~ays so snt isf y ing a s i t ~ i gh t ~e . .... One of t h e mo s t es >=: f ul so cic. l fv.nctions given by t .-:.. e chap.t er c.;s ;:-, Yhole s o f a r t l1is y c o.r nc.:;; o. Te o. h~ld on Octo be r 14th . It 1<ns he l d in one of the h o.ll s of r es 1denco, Bish op Hall. The jX '.r l.or ·ms ,..10St' at tra ct.i-Je ly de c orc,ted by the l"1 l edg es H i th D..Utumn le ;:-.Ve'J-

88 -

The guests included

the :freshman p lo d.:;es of all the so roriti e::; L Te a ch ers Coll eee and a representative f ro~ every sorority in the Lib erD.l Arts Col ler;e. Dt-l rL~ the o,fternoon sev e r e,l_ Uni ver!:ii -'c,y nen played on ztr~n2;ec~ i·1otrunents , thu s adding greatly to the enjoy:1ent of the occas1on . The r efreshmer..ts were ol"'ange ice and cal:e s. our pat ron~ sses ·Here pr e sent and so t~"l e ASA ple dg es had an excellent o:? portunl. ty to meet then and to ge t e.c quain.t ed. The next da y, which was Sunday, one of favorite patrone sses Hrs. Cla rl-c 1 entertained the ASA pledge a at dinner, after which she showed them h er wonderful c olle c~ion of be a d chains . lirs. Cl a r k has collected these fror1 all p n.rts of the ·mrld. They are of al l s iz es, shapes and co l or n , and a re a.hray s a sourc e of g r eat i nte re st , It ~-r P. at this gat he ring that one of our p l edges, Lelah P:roX!J.ire, shoued un usual music a l talent . He r piano solo was m~ s t a rtistic ~ ll y render ed Another social affair enj r.:y ed by t he pledges wa s e. thtlllbl e party at the h ome of Ruth Stephenson , Hho has the goo d fortune t o re s ide in Oxford a nd s o can be a t h ome whi l e attending coller;e . It nas a treat to get avray from dormitory life f or eveh t hat brief s~ace of time. The girl::~, of course, spent mo st of the time sevrine, af ter Wh ich light refreshm ent s w·ere serv e d . Our Initiation is to be held on the Friday of the Thanl-:s giving recess . ·we are pla1~ing a St a te Meet for the same time , and we should be glad to. have a s many a s possible of the AlPha Alpha a lum· nae buck to spend the weelc-end ·tai th the Chapter . We a re trying to reach e a ch girl thru a persona l letter, but for fear tha t any mi eh t be overlo£lk_ed, owing to change of addre s s , vv-e a re ex tending thru the pages of the PHOENIX a ~o st cordial invitation to the ASAs of Oh io to come back to I:J:iami 2nd help us celebrate ~n true ASA fashion . Vle want to make a BIG affair out of our state Mee t and so we a r e aslcing the alumnae to think o.bout the matter se rim.:sly D.nd to make t heir plans to include this ·w eek - end get -toge ther . Please every one of you v1ri te us wheth er you c an or cannot come. Ca t he rine Arbogast,Re g 'r . ALPHA GAMMA The nev.,r school year opened v ery pleaoo.ntly for both 11 Indi We have Helcomed our nev.f Facu1t1 ' .'\dv ioer ana" and for Alph a Gamma. Hi th open arms, for rre are a ll very fond of :Miss Reinecke, nho ente rs into all our · activities r,ri th e~1thusi asm . \Je miss our t·wo Fa cult y Ad visers of l a st year;-Miss Nobl e an d l.'i:is ~ Stuchul 1 l\h ss I ob le Lo.s a sister a ttending the School . non , Another lo ss 'is that of So.ra Camp be ll , -.-•ho became seriously ill the first rrecl< of School o.nd had to r eturn home . VIe a re TTish ing Ler a speedy recovery, fo r ne need. l:.e r pr ·esence ·in the Chapter . 11 Indi a na 11 boasts of o.. very good foot ball t eam this year . So far we not been defeated , The gru~es afford good opportuniti es i'or rushin g p t~rti e s , 11 Indi 11 a lso pl o.ys hockey . 0,ui te a fm-r of our e irls on the team . It is a fine sport o. nd 2..rouses no end of enthusiasm . At the last game t he JLtniors played against the Seniors The l o.tter won, of cou rse, and He we re very much e l ated be c o..use rnost of our ::;irl s a re on the Senior t eo.m . V:Jhen ~he baske t bo.ll se ason opens 11e expe ct to l'lave quite o. fm7 of' our r;1r l s on ~hat team t . 0 0 • One of t h e o.i.ns of Alph::1. Gamma i s t o be ne ll re presen L>e d in ::.11 s c-!1ool sportD, es;?0 Ci 2. 11 ~7 uher e ther e is ::o.ny honor com:ect eu. n i ~~-h tho 2.Ppoint;.1e nt.. sever al of t.1w g i r l::::: thn t - . .-re -':'. re rush u~g '~,.., v e ""'!.J.J..·~ o--! •1 ~ :~ent ch"l'Cn · o-r o"lr in'w· tho l1o..slrf't 1 2.. 1 1 ' t c::-,m , .t\lphr>. G2..1T ·12, J.:. l,. . l l .. .. . . ~-;isl1 en 1·::..:'.-t i t. rU. Cl n o t h ::.w e t.q so 1 o ''1 ~ ·,'or .l ts :1m: ~1 r l ~ . ...l..J.J.

• J






,_ ~

Our 1 ~ 16 gra duates Tiere mos t successful in getti ng posi t i o1. Frederica Furman is te c,ChinD; in Ambridg e, Ca t he rine Brown a t h ome n.nd Guln. Sechler in Butler . Our a l~nnae will be interes t e d i n l ear ning that r:1rs • Clifford Cox, formerl; MabelMcLaughlin, is now a happy mother. . Our first big rushing . pa rty of the ye a r wn.s a bacon and e g~ fry in the "mods. There is a very at tractive Dl e. ce to r.rhich we g o f or these out-of-door affairs. It is a vineya~d on the side of a ILLll. At the top there is an old stone quarry , in the centre of nl1i ' we build ~ur fre~ From t h is hill tpo there is a magnificent view, f or the town 1 tself 1s 1300 feet above sea level. Another big p c>.ty that It was held in one of the g ril s that we had was a Hallowe'en affair. rooms. The decorations were most attr2.cti v e . 'T here were ei ghteen . guests to enjoy the delicious refreshr:'lents ~ Julia Cruthers, Historian . GAL\WA GAMMA The enrolment for the Fall Ouarter is considerably greater than ever befC~~Z· e · in the history of the "school . We were much disappointed, however, that several f...SAs did not g e t back wh om vre expected . It was due in every case to ther receiving very flattering offers to :teach. The se_n iors of l a st year were p articularly fort u nate in securing excellent pos itions . This is the seo,son for Hallowe'en parties . The most i n teresting of these will be those given by the Seniors a nd by the De bating Club on Oct. 30th and 31 s t res pe ctively . Our of our pretti e st soci a l affe..irs was the one h el d a t the home of Goldie Foster, one of our pledge s . This vra s the f i r s t meeting attended by the girls wh o h a d a cce p ted our bids , The n ext day, October 25th, we initiated t he following g irls,- ~! e llie Col e , Hildretl Foster , Grace, Hilda Rank , Jenn ie Smi th a nd Harion Uinters. · There have been s ome interesti1-lg letters fr or.1 our alumn<J,e lately. Jennie Vinson Fislr:: is now living in Lawrence ,Kc:ms o.s, where her husband is taking worlc at the Uni va rsi t y . Vf.nile he is bu s y ni t h his college vJOrlc, Jennie is studying music, gpine; u p to Kansas City for instruction by a p a rticularly fine teacher . Lorinda Mason i s enrolled as a regu lar s tud ent at Kans as Sto..te Un iversi ty , wh e re she Hill be graduated in t wo years . She h as :J eon rD.uch rush ed by the sororities on the campus. The our Mary Bowling surp rise d u s by g etting married to a very fine y oung man . Fine a s h e i s , t h o,- we are not quite reconciled to h is carry ing our Mary so far awa y. Eer n n ov:r is Mrs. Jack Wagner and she is living rtt 9 69 Fif th St. , San Bernardi:1o Ca lif , "Northtvestern .~ ~1 a s a new President , a Dr. Grc;yes ,. C!,ui te a ew innovations have b een introduc e d a nd t h ey a r e a l l 1 ee ting ·Hi t h t lJ.'3 !hearty approv a l of the stud ent body. Ge.mmn. is go ing to celebrat e Founders' D2..y on H ov emb e ::.~ il l t~.1, V!e hrw e tnvi t e d 8.11 our alumn ae b f or t h e occa sion e,nd 110p ing tho. t there vrill t e q any r e turni :;.'1g. In c a s e any one sh ould hc;. ~ ·1os t Ot'.t on th e invit a t ion} owing to a of a ddr e s o , Wf\ s.r e c a l .!. ::.t .e ir ·a ttent ion· t o t he da t e thru t he pa[.e s o:L' t h e PH O EU I :~ . · Pl a!'ls c.r·: '<)'-!!'}:.~ote.d, but ':J e c a n p r o~:1 i se a ~ lori ousl y goo d ti me t o e v e r yboQ.~r n:-_c etu rns . F.di th P. e e g 1 Co r . SP. c r et a r y .


30 .

THE SPRI NGFI ELD HOUSE PARTY Dorothy Cl a son i>7a s our ho ~ess at the first meeting of the ve a r . Her spacious ~1 om e on the to p of Clason Hi ll as an ideal pl a c n :.:'or such a week -end ga t he rine . The hi 11 is at th e out er ed"e of Spri:• ~:i.r:la and overloolcs not only the ci ty itself, but miles of surrounc.lin..,. country . The view ci tyward 5.n the evening looked lilce a veri table ~':'.. iryland, for there thousands of twint:ling li ghts. It was no wonder with such an alluring vi sta that ve we re tempted to go into the cit y a nigh t to see it at clo ser r ang e. One of t he att rac tions was 11 The Fall of a Nationj', ·wh ich h ad be ei1. so mu ch discus sed that we felt ir:1pel l e d to see it. It was so h a r roui ng, tho, t ha t ~e wer e g l ad enough ~o ge' be1 ck to a fireside and dr e::.·ing the d ;,r ta::.ns to sh ut out all thought o' everything save the j o y that we wer e to r;~:.n,hGr once more . ,. ., There w-as a bus i:nes s me eting, at nhi ch Eloise Everett was elected President and Lou Leedom Se c. Treas. 1'or the coming year . One of the most important a c t R of t he me eting wn s the de c ision to hav e a regular cours~? of study unde r a leader. R"--l th Duffey is in cl a rr;e of the next 'study program', and we are all expecting our assiGnment at an early date. · • Perhaps the mos t enjoyable po.rt of our mee tinr; vras when n e read the new issues of the PHOEiHX in the firelight. Of' course 1 ne had all read them before, but we never tire of he aring them read agai n It is such a joy to e;e t a personal word of those whom we c an not neet except on rare occ as ions; ancl t:1.ere i s alway s a s tr an0e litt l e t hrill about hearing of other chapte rs · and othe r personalities, who, li:c e our s elves, are de epl y int erested in the welf are of Alpha Si gma Alpha . The six of us ~I o ~ ere the r e found ours e l ves say ing that each year we a re just a little gladder tha.t H8 a r e l:)Orori ty Girls. There is a str n g e little pain around the heaJ: t, when th e i dea is b rov.ched 1 -"Jus t suppos!bng i·ve VTeren r't ASAs" . . There ~ras just one thing t -:1.o.. t kept the house party fro be ing perfect, and th a t ~.-.,c;.;.; t 1.e serious illne e fJ cf eel e n Boggess ' nother Hrs. Bogg e s s is much l oved :)y a ll of us, for she been deeply interested in the Sorority e..ncl has ne ver l os t an occe,siol'l to clo s omething nice for it a nd the :;i r ls. Iv~rs. Boggeso had been in the h o spi tal for three vreek s, but had just b e en brou t;ht. h ome to be under the care of' . a tre.ined- nur;:;e foJ."' s ome t i me , The day :f '"' llow'ing the house Partj ~as her birthday, so ue a rranged that ~ big bunch 0f ch r ysanthe mums should greet her on that morni n g, Lou L ee ~ nm, Sec r etary .

The Northwestern Teache rs ~ssociation net i n Tol e do o~ F riday Octbdlber 27th . Bo th He l en Lincoln ancl J e ss Chenon eth ~ave ta~J~s at two of the meeti ngs . Ruth Sutton li ve s in th e city1 S" she had a. brilliant i de c.-to invi te the visi ting ASAs t o dinner . NellA Ber:-y , Gene Heckatl1 orn 1 Edi t'1. Smi th and garri c t Smith v1ere tlJ.e luck y on~a 1 1'or· they hacl not r.1ade othe r engar; ement s and tl ~y wou:td 1:ot ha.v e l<O land in their home toi>'ms at :mi dni gh t by attendlng th e dlnne r , THE PITTSBURGH .:-1 Jrin[j



The Pi ttsbur,...h Associ at io:'l rras organize d so l a te in t h e that its acti vi tte;:; ( :1ot cr e t ment i oned in the PHOEFI~: of

3f=. last year, so there is quite a bit to tell you all about it , The Association was formally organized on April Oth in the Gold Room of i~ cCreery' s. If trv.e sorority spirit Has ever shorm i t certainly was on that particular Satruday. The v1eather was the most unfavorable imcginab~e, one of those exceptionally stormy days that make one feel l~ k e a d~sembodied spirit, traveling back over the ·centuries into a .itm forgotten age, but how quickly that v1rai th found itself, vrhen ,,;. thin fifteen minutes of the time set fro the ten of the gi r WGre talking SORORITY! The ten that b·raved the storm' and who felt sr; 1:1.IIJ1)ly repaid after all, were Lois BesvTick, Medora Graff, Beatrice Jeffries, Clara Laing·, Eleanor Lo·wry, Norma Piper, Flo Stone seipher , Mary Alice Watson, Alice Weyman o.ricl Oka Wiley. .. Miss Lowry brou[Sht the to order by telling the girl · the real purpose of the At=-soci a tion. Different sections of the PHO El'L were discussed, after Vfhich officers were elected. Tile presidency went to Miss Lovrry, the ~scretary ship to iiiss .\Ji iley and the treasurer· ship to Hiss Graff. A decision \ras reac-he d to h a ve a 1 Post Lenten 1 luncheon at 1:1cCreery' s at the l1Iay l.ieeting, c~p d the girls sepa.rated ] with the pleasant pros~ct of another meeting at the home of Eleanor Lowry on April - 29th. These various affairs all passed into history in due tiMe , ··· but in spite of the fact that they ·:mre all s o very en8oyable , we do not want to take up the spaee of the PHOENIX with too much refer enc •. to past hi story. · It is rather of the more recent happenings th2. t '.7e rfant to tell you. · The first meeting of the nell school year tool{ place at H e Oreery' s on . October 20th. We .-mre enpecially p~eased to hav e tuo nf'" T members join .our raru{s, Frederica Furman and Gula Sechler . Then there is a I pledged I member in the p e rs on of Baby Cox, Hhose !' is Habe l 1IcL2.ughlin Cox~ a most loyal memb e r of the Association. As this is the Pittsburgh Association 1 s first baby, we have been qui t.e crazy ove ~· its advent. The regular business r:J.e cting vras follov1ed by a Hallov1e ' en . Tea . The centrepiece v-ro..s a hu g e pumpk in filled with app leo, grapes and nuts. Witches, oYrls a n d punpkins of colored paper vrere sca ttered over the table. The pla c e cards Here orname n t ed -rd th r;host.s and our ASA letters. The refre r;hments consi s ted of ch iet:en pate s, orange ice Ca'kes] mints 1 etc. Ther e -.1e re mo.ny v a ca.tion experi enC Gs to t a-l lc o ver and the l'iovernber tea to b e l) l ~.nnecL · It was finally deci d ed to ~1av e on November 11th a celeb r ::~. t i on th a t s:1ould ho nor in par t icul a r our rrell-beloved King ASA . Ok a \Iiley , Secretary . 1



As ei ~ht gi r l s .1a ve their h ome i n Fort Collins , it s eenoc1. i n e very rr 8s to b e a r;o od. t orrn f or a n AS!l Alumnae As s o ci at ion . F o 'v~l~ g irls e1re h~r e f or t h e \li nt er, two array te a ching and tno in sc.hoo l_ 2.t l Greeley, s o our gort.-'-P i s a srnc~~ ~1:e a~ pre sen t, but ~ha t v-r~ l".o~~n~r~}, · r;ven tu a lly r;ror1 s o l a r ce t ho.t l t vnl.l be come o. f or ~~ ... l n the comJ <J - -- -~, '21"'8 Associ at ion wo.s f o rmall y i n stall e d on Oc tober . . . o d 1 a~ the h~~ e. O.!. J e~c;.un ie ~ ~u 1, t 0 ~ \ t Dr eoen t the orGani zClt ion i _s a very s• l mp l e a1 1a1r _ .1:: o·· l.., ')L' J. ··rr. e · r "JA C.J.. -:-o rl O (1C.'..:·_ ·~ e 0.. go ocJ. r1.eal i n t h e Hay O :i S e8lDg 011(: 0.:.1 wl . t'• L• ' -l '-' \J ~ 1 ' C freoue·,t l y , Tho first meet. i Dg rra s :_;: i ven O'.re r a l mo sv en ·cl :;.:"e ~ y l.O n.:.rinrr" -notes c-md ~j- s t.enin[S Jc. o l etter s fr o.11 ·c.:w se o r thP Cl r1l10 2.:: ~ .L



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teo. c~1 ing ,

J ess i e Tirtnton , Pr eside n t .


THE ST. LOUIS MEET , There is to be a St. Louis Hee t at the time of' the State T9achers Association in that city, November 16 1 17and 1n. The ASA Headquarters will be at the Marquette Hotel . Those Yfho wish rooms ~~st write ahead to the hotel making reservation , The hotel is most conveniently located, as well as being modera tely priced . Hiss Jewet ~ has been authorized to hold an initi a tion for any l'llisouri ASAs rrho have found it impossible to date to be present at any bf the Kirks ville i ni · t~ations . Those .who have subscribed to the PHOENI X, sinc e its incep t1on, Volumes I, II , III, are eligible ~ All others must pay a NationG Initiati0n fee of $10, which s ame entitles them to the first five volumes of t h e PHOENIX and to e:;:emtion f rom five years Alumnae Dues. Al'ly v•h o desire such ini t iation should advise · Ui ss Jeu ett, so that she :nay know how many expect to avail themselves of the privilege, and so that sha may look up their records prior t o l eaving Ki rlcsville . ~E


The Central Office regre ts that it can not inc lude in this issue a letter from Alpha Chapter . The Chapt er Histori~n, however , has not sent any communication to date, and this is the l as t moment that the Office can v.rai t before gEn:.ting these i ssues ready for shipment Your National President has heard from the Ehapter President, the communication.__ stating that the chapter has three fine initi at e s 1 Huldah Staples Daniels; Susi e M. Snead and Juli a Holl a day stover . Ida Blakeslee Chambe rlin is h ead of the Depart ment of Ora tory at Southne st .baptis t College in :0ol iva r . The Gre e l ey girls writ e t ha t t heir chapter vras never in such fine sha,p e . The bunch i s t alk inr; about on ing a house and i s vvo rking hard to nard that end . l\lean,il-:ile t.lw extra energy is being Used in malrin~ luncheon sets 1 table :cunners , pil lows~ etc., so that the present 11 0 L~ se 1:1ay see n· as horn ey as po ssible . · Those wl-: o orde r badges of any s or t H'hatsoever must get them thru the National . Socretary, Mrs. Charl es R. R~dd 1 Boz 33 2, Iowa City , In send.inr; money, be sL.tre to have i t in the form of a money Iowa Order or bank draft , a s J.·.ir s. Reed h a s to po,y 1 ex cha'·.ge 1 on pe r s onal checks . Virg ini a Tur11er 1 f ormerly at F~rm v ille , and while there a memb er of Alpha Chapte r 1 has b een attendi ng Rando l ph-Macon Woman' s Colleg e for a yea r . On her r e turn to IDf7C t his Fa ll she was pl edg ed to Phi Mu . Ruth Donne lly , Vice Pres ident of the Miami Chapter, has a regular meeting f or the Pl e d::;e s every l'.: ondo.y af t er no on a t 5 o 'clo ck, so that the rledges may l ear n in det ail just what is expec ted of them . One week there v,ras a talk b y No r a Moser, l ast ye;?.r ' s Pres ident . /':. n ether time they had to wri t e pap e rs on 11 The I deal ASA Girl 11 • At ever:onC3 of these meetings the new girls a re given a chance t o l earn the Sorority songs . . Th.8 Chapter Pr es idents vrri t8 tha t the Sc.hedul e for Busl.ness l1e eting s is s a ving a lot of time, vrh ich c a n be pu t t o [!;OOd u se i::1 o the r lines of' Sorority endeavor . Tho Chapl ai n 1 3 Ca l endar i s a l so pr ovinG s o satisfactory tha t t he Central Offi ce will fro m time to tiDe include sh eets for tho Alumnae, s o they may k e ep abreast o ~ the Chap ter wo r The poems are u ri t t en i 11 paragraphs, in orde r to save paper a,nd so secure compactness.

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Asa phoenix vol 3 no 7 8 nov 1916  

Asa phoenix vol 3 no 7 8 nov 1916