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IN RETROSPECT It is a long time since any general nevrs we.s sent out concerning the individual chap~ers and members of Alpha Sigma Alpha , so there is much to report . ~e closing months of the school year ~ere · filled with numerous duties, incidental to graduation and co~encment, but intermingled with the work were many pleasant times. Our Alva and Kirksvil le chapters closed. in June, only to ret;pen in .:ruly for the summer chapter made up partly of ~ctives remaining for further study and partly of returning alu~na~. Vfuen the Unive rsity of Chicago inaugurated in the early '90s the plan of an all-year curriculum, dividing the twelve mont~s into four periods of three months each, it did not dream that it was going to set the fashion for many of the state normal schools. _. There are still many colleges .and normal schools that have a short summer session of only a few weeks, but Alva and Kirksville are two that consider the Summer session the equivalent of any other term in the year. Those who are busy teaching during the regular school year may return then for a summer· quarter's work ahd in three summers secure credit for a year of average work . Kirksville has found that the Summer Session presents far mare of the really desirable sorority type than does .any other quarter in the whole year. Students enrolled by the hundred·s . Alpha Beta carried a chapter of 40, counting its pledges, who ~ere with the girls practically all the time, but who could not be initiated under school ruling until the close of the term. The Alva Chapter had a somevn~at similar experience, so far as wealth of material was concerned; but it returned very few of its alQmnae or undergraguates , and so found 1l difficult to get aequainted quickly with any large number of students. It did not add many members during the summer, but it did have numerous social affairs to wnich invitations were extended rather 8enerously, the chapter's idea being to familiarize the Summer Session student vdth the sorority system. THE VACATION SEASOl! \Jha.t with travelinG, honeymooni~8, visiting, .c ampi ng, rusticating, resting, or just r;e tting baclc to s~e the home folks, everybody seems to have had a glorious time Your Hati onal President vms su2,)posed to have one month in the country , one month at the beach and one at the mountains , but afte r three days' experience in the country sh . was so homesick for her little nest in the treetops that she uas allowed to com~ home, provided a h ousekeeper vras ·installed He~e i n heJ' t.orrer room , wrapped in a rug and s tretched on a. steamer cha1r, rri th n el l-love d bool<:s of travel and ac1ven+,ure a t hand, she s ailed a. Fay to cl.i s tant ~~ arts and ,sa the red the st.1/ength that nade it possibl e to tO.:<e up again the \:ork in Al pha Signa ,'\lpha. Everybo dy nas so - lad to know th~t she ~a s to ~e both in the world and of i t tl _a t t h ey made a speci 2. l ef:forJ( , if they came anywhere near Bos t on, to r un i n a.nr1 f~ e e h er .. Eon rt.1e 'ri Ghe cl t.h<J. t ha lf of ~.hem roi g 1.t h<w e l e en ASA-; · 0


10 . Only two chapters, however, seemed to have had girls in this section of the country . Edwina Daniel of the Virginia Chapter v;ent. tllru Boston f or some rreel>:s o!1 t:i e liaine coast, but there wo..s tir:te · :t.' or onl y a few ninutes chat over the :phone . There nas better luc:~ in the case of the girl ~rom the Kirksville Cha pter, Eunice Sch6field , recently supervisor in the State Normal School at i.J:a comb , I 11 . , for ohe has come to Boston for a year of literary work. 7he re has alre c· been one opportunity for a get-together and it is to be hoped that there will be many more. · The other members of the Cou.ncil had full summers. l rs . Reed covered two thousand miles in her new automobile most of them in tfiss01.1~i, part of the trip including the Ozarlc 11ou~tains. The Reeds camped out along the road and·had many thrilling experienc es. Urs . Reed looked in on the smmner sessions of the state normal schools at Springfield and Warrensht.lrg 1 v;here she hopes there v1ill some clay be chapters of Alpha Sigma Alpha. . The one disappointment ab out the trip was her inability to get to Kir~sville · and see the splendi d chapter in its house. Ruth Duffey went ·a lumber camp in the Adirondacks, where there vra.p an excellent hotel in the midst of almost virgi n forests, where trout abounded in the streams and trails led to ·~as­ cinating glens. Later she went to a resort in Ohio and finally to the summer camp of Alpha Alpha at Russell's Point. Miss Duffey left all her ill health behind her in the Adirondacks, and says that she feels fine and fit for the task of looldng after the finances of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Hiss Batten v.ras wi t.h her pa rents inost of the summer,but found many opportunities to visit her many sisters and to meet ASAf: Niss Batten had hoped to visit Alpha Chapt er at Farmville, v.rhen the · Schoo l · opened, but at the last moment she changed her mind about returning to h er position in North Carolina, and t he new one in Warrenton, Va , began before the active girls ,so t back to Farmville . The Chapter 'a dvisers ancl Cabinet members had bt)_sy summers for the most part. . ·Hiss J'ev.ret t attended summer school at her Alma Hater, the University of Missouri, vrhere she had Elizabeth Uhe , last year 1 s Chapter President 1 as rooL1-ma.. te, and where the ASAs in different courses numbered seven. There were many pleasant get-togethers. Jenny Lind Green got back home to Illinois for a restful summe r with her father. Hiss Shockley , after hor duties at Summer School were finished, got out to Salt Lake City, from whic~ she wrote most enthusiastically of the beauties and natural wonders of that se ction of the country . The· state Secretaries report good times pretty generally· Ha.rion Gardner ·rrent ancl got married to a nice you-ng man studying Osteopathy at Kirl~ sville. }~rs. Rossiter of Sheridan, Hontana ') YJho has been serving as ·Se cretary of the l'J orthvrest ) stay ed at home and playe d t he part of a good angel for tired people, Mabel Anderson spent Hay vii th her and Ida Jev•e t.t August. THE ALPHA ALPI: A C.Al'IP

The J.L iami girls had trm cottages, 11 Lorraine 11 and .Sunsetn Paradise Island , There were eighteen girls who were so fortuna t e a~ to be together, Anne Mc~iahon , Eli;o ab eth Nevvhal l , Geol""giana Turner an:>. Ee:rriet Wi lson f ror.:l ·t.he class of '1 3 , Jes s Chenov·t eth , ~uth D~ff ey, Eelen Li ncoln , I(athl e en EoClenaghan , !:-Ielen Se~cauer aad_ Rut~ Jyatt of 1 14- , Del en Dos0ess, Dorothy C~2-son, Lou Lee, Harri et. Sr,n \h and Ruth stephens-on of 1 1 5, Hel en KinG and Eloise Everett from 16, Ar:landa s teinkemper from '17 . Thin is the firs year _that the youn?~r ~ir ls have attended . It is to be hoped that they in ll .:::,et tl:.e ha ol t

ll ~

in the future, because the camp offers one of the few· opportuniti es for alumnae to meet members of the active chapter . It v.ras lovely weather during the whole of the week, bt~t extremely hot. Each afternoon was spent in the l ak e. In the evenings the girls v1ent over to Rus se ll's Point, where dancing, sld ball and the merry-go-round were the ~ttractions . Everyone had a glorious time and at parting regre tted that the stay was not for t wo weeks instead of one, Arrangements h;~we been made to take the co t-tages again next year, and the present hope is to have twice as many and to stay twice as long . On Friday morning t here v.ras a confer ent:-o on the subject of the Rushing Manual at the request of Mrs . Martin an .·. the ideas used in the Miami rushing season we re formulated and ser~. t ~ : to the Central Office . ilot all of these could be used, ~ecause cer tain arguments were applicable to Hiami alone. Such as were of a Gen eral character, rrere incorporated in the Rushing Manual sent out to the chapters. ALPHA BETA'S SUMMER CHAPTER Alpha Beta started out upon the Summer Session in fine fettle. · The girls who enrolled were, - Nei ta BravTford, Carey Butler, Marie Bramblett, Ean Crews, Nettie Dickerson, Helle Eubanks 1 Gladys Fowler, Sallie Joe Grir;si)y, Mary G-rubbs, Es ther Earrison 1 Emily Hickerson; Gladys Howey, Eula Hull,Anna Lomen 1 ~1abel Luepkes, Cornelia Lloyd, Celeste Noi31, Lucy Reddish, Lanore Simmons, Virginia Sparling, Blanche Stephens, Cecil Thompso:'l, Mabel Vaughn, i\1 ta, Victor, Virgini a Victor, Ruby Wells, Hazel WJifi tel.o ck, Ru:Jey Petty, a former Kappa Theta Psi, beuine eligible ahd nas initiated, thus becoming a member of the «:'lapter. The mheta Psi fraternity hou:Je , owned by one of the groups at the College of Osteopathy, was rented for t h e summer. There wer e sixteen girls rooming in the house and many a jolly did they have together. Hiss Patterson served as chaperone and says she enjoyed it as •much as the gi±!ls, Miss Patterson and Ida Jewett have been great and room mates, so altho Miss Patterson is not an ASA, she has a very good conception of sorori t~r ideals and life, because during her college days at Ohio Uni versity, Athens 1 o., she was a member of the local chapter of Chi Omega , The girls in the house were Tieita Bra.vvford, Carey Butler, Nan Crews , Nettie Dickerson, Helle Eubanks, Sallie Joe Grigsby, o..nd her sister v.rho is not an ASA , Mary Grubbs, Emily Hickerson 1 Anna Lemen, Mabel· Luepkes, Lettie IVierrick, CelestE'l H o~:)., Blanche stephens, Oakley Thomas and Vivien Walther, who was President of the Chapter , Joe V'J alker, a particular friend of some of the girls was also in the house . The above names were sent in early in the summer . Mi~s Jevrett has since sent a charming picture of the group, which shows that the follo v.ring we re also enrolled:Anne i3 rer-rington, Ida Brev1ington, Louise Esti ll , Lulu Hall, Margaret Lloyd, Rita Eusted, and Ruth Stone . The weather was hot even for Missou£i, but the girls did not a llow the temperature interfere with their studies or their good tir1es , There was sor:1 8thint doing every day . Line parties, picnic3 ; hi~es ; breakfas ts and suppers in the wo ods, informal teas, dancing . It wa s exceedAt al l of the3e affairs many rushees were present. inGlY difficult, in vievr of the great v1ealth of material) to reach a conclusioi1 as to just whi ch girls s:i.1ould be bid . The ch oice finally fell on tnelve girls, every one of 1.v·hom accepted, and ever~r one of v,rhom ,-; i 11 be a credit not only to Alpha Beta, but to Alpha Sigma Alphf·.,


Alpha Beta has never initiated a fin e r or stronger g r oup of g irl s. It takes pleasure in pres enti nr; the fo lloNing names, -George r: . Acl.r:... n, Edith Ch risty, Edith Gamb le, Eliz abeth Gri gsb , ··ab el R. Holcom 1 Ruth Huf~y , Jo e F . 11a rt in , Luc~le _ac;_ell, Cl ara I:udra, a da Heddi h , Marguer1te C. Sol a n, Helen Withers , Alpha Be ta always regrets th 3~ it m~y not bid any girl until :.:J.e c l ose o::' the term when they fir matr1culate, but t h is is a fa cu lty regulatio ~ and may not t herefor e be changed. ALPHA GA1.1IMA' S COMNEIWEMENT It is customary at ' i Indiana", as t he g irls c a ll t he ir School, to have an an.nual "Swing Out'' on t h e SatLrday before Deco at..i_ . .,, Da y· The seniors mareh thru the torm in caps and gowns. Upon the ~ , return to the campus, t h ere is a reg ul a r May Day celebra t ion. ,., .is year the May Queen and her t wenty f our attendants gave an ae sthetic dance . Besides this there were t wo other be"'''d.iful dances gi v en by underclass girls , Gula Sechler was an attend~ ! t on the Que en, and four Alpha Gamm a girls were chosen for the Hay-pole and Sco.rf danc es. Alpha Gamma held its sixth annual banquet on June 22nd. It was a great success, for the menu wa s exce p tionally f ine and t he fo':lr t~ast.s by Edna Froyd, Sara Campbell, ~·! argaret Humme l and ? r ederlc a ·.!:' Urman were excellent. The oenu co ver s nere most attractive w~ th their gold lettering a.nd bovr s of gold ribb on. Qui t e in haru ony Wl. th these n ere the favors, littl e yellow{ets filled with nu ts. Ye llov; roses rrere used as deco r ations. The so loi st u as Katherine Froelich . There rvas danci ng l a ter . The alumnae .o a.:ok for the oc casion rre!le Eleanor Lo·Prry, ::.Iary Nee ly, Sara:i.1 Pro ss er, Ruth n i tchey, i!argaret Veil , Anna Young an(l Ruth Young. One of the most d e lightful affairs at the clo se of the The Joh nsto1·m ASAs invit ee' s chool year vras the Johnstown House Pa rty. the chapter to be their guests for one weekend in June . Upon arriva l the girls were taken to the Country Club, which ua s rent ed for the occasion . It vvas built. in th e r.r oo cts amid the most beautiful sur roundings. There is a lon& l iving room and a splendid dunce hall . The Johne t.0'\.7n girls had a bri ght log f i re to welcome the act ives . Saturday evening they gave a pro ~ r am dance for th em, about seventy five people being present . At midni gh t a delicious lunch was served. On Sunday morninr:; the g irls 13 0t up early and went to church . On their return to the Clubhouse , t h ey f ound the dinner was to be served on the p orch over""' .-:>oking a beautiful va lle y. Close beside the cottage r an a pretty stream of r.rater and just beyond it passed over f a ll n . The setting could not have been more ideal. sunday afternoon t he same cro vrd that hu.d been out Saturday n i ght c ame out aga in and stayed for a picnic supper, after wh ich some ':ent for wall{s, vvhil e others ga thered a rou.nd the firepl a c e. · After bre akf a st Monday morning each Johnstovm ASA piloted several of t he ~irls around Johnstown. A~ one o' clocl<: all gathe red at t h e Nelson 1 otel, ·;;here there nas another deligh tPul surprise. At the four course luncheon the favors we re t wo red roses tied with red and nh i t e ribbon, to which were attach ed tY,o c a rds announcing the enga~ement of Marion Broderi ck to Dr. O'Donn~ll . The afternoon wa s spent at the the atre, and the r eturn to "Ind i ana" in the evei'ling. The 1\lpha Gamma a cti ve g ir l s f eel that they can never adequa t e l y expr ess i n me re Hords their appreciat i on of the ente rt a i nment provi ded fo r them b y t he Joh ns tmm a ll: mnae. The occ a Sion vm s one to be long reoembered, one that ha s d one more than any tbing else to cement clo se l y t og ethe r t he a ctive group and its a l umn3. c. 'l'he chap t e r hopes to show its appre ciati on l ate r i n some definit 8 nay

1:1emorable as was the Johns1rown House pa rty, t h e gir l s of tha t city ;:;ere ~ot the only enthusiastic ASAs in Pennsylvania. On J u ly 13th the PJ.ttsburgh Alumnae Association h eld a banquet at t he Fcrt Pitt Hotel. The menu was everythin7 t hat could be desired and th ~ party small enough for ev e ryone ~o me: t a l l pre sent . iargar e t V?ll happened to be visiting her former roommate, Eleanor Lov1r y , at t L~ t1me and so had the good fortun e to be at t e banquet. Winifred Sowe!' nn alumna of thi'J Kirksville Chapter, vvas also t here 1 and was able to tell the girls something about the setting and life of Alpha Beta. BETA

BETA..~ ..1\T


Quite a few Beta Betas attended summer school, so as to take special studies, or to get extra credi ts. They were togethe r a t a number of pleasant affairs, bu4 under local panhellenic ruling s , there eould be no rushing or pledging of summer students. A summer Chapter was therefore entirely out of the question . GAMII/IA G1JIIMA 1 S SU!'.'[MER CHAPTER Gamma Gamma had an exciting time this summer, what with floods that carried away bridges and kept people from matriculating or · 8etting home. The rainy season ·was follovre d by a hot dry spell, and so rushing vras unusually difficult. There were 600 emro--led . Gamma Gamma did a great deal of ent e rtaining, in order that ' it mi ght acqua int the summer student -rvi th the sorority i dea... It v1as necessary to have original affairs, so that the guests migh t be impressed favorably . Th e At one af the rushing parties the progressive idea was used. fruit cocktail \vas served at the home of Grace Mauntel, after whi ch the crowd went to a line party at the theatre, going finally to Mr s. Vincent's for ice cream and e ake. One of the most ori rr inal entertainments nas a Harmon Social. The boy who brought the most girl s [50t the first prize. The boy vrho vvon it certainly des erve_d it, f or he had thirty one in his train. Cha to.uqua Weelr oame during Summer S~:P.ool, s o evel"yone rra s kept busy attending the entertainments. The Student Enterpris e . Ticket admitted to all Ollat. auqua affairs. The prog ram Y/as unusua lly good this year and ~veworre- turned out, townspeople as \Yell as students · Irt a way th~ Chautauqua ehte~tainments simplified the rushing se as on, because they gave opportunity to meet the nevv girls in a pleasant ·. ay and without over empQ&sis being laid on the brushing idea. As a re sult of the bidding, _Gamma Gamma prEJsents Bernice Fitz/?erald, St e l la Hunt, Lucy Reed, Edith JReeg, Elsie Self and Agnes a rr1ner. Trro a lumnae came back for initiation, Mayme Spurrier end Gertrude He tz · ~amma Gamma had expected more alumnae back, but those that had pl annej to come from a distance were unable to get to Alva , oYring to the ' floods Hhich c a rried a-v:ay bridges. Oklahoma rivers h a ve quic ksC'.~rt in them, and to date the railroads have found it i r.1possible to btn ld bridges that v-, ;ill stand the strain of flooded rivers . THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR Host of the cha pters started the neu sch ool year ab ou t th~ middle of se r tember. All report Lhe loss of some ilio h~d e~; pected to be a ble to return, and all are regretting the ab s~~ce o~ _ t hose Hho n ere gradua ted . Th e re i s a gre a t de a l of en t hus H1 Cii:l 1 ho rever, in e c>.ch group , even Hhen it is unusua lly sma ll, The Centra l Cffice , as st ~ t e d i '1 previous i s oues of t he PHOEIU X1 l1e,s sent out


instructions to the Pr~sidents and the Treasurers. In the first roll ~aga~ in8s ~hat went to each chapter vas a large firecrac ker t hat th .. at 1ona~ Pres1dent directed the Chapter President to set off in t h e ;]J CBt of the first meeting. · It contained 11 Pep" -permints. . ~LPHA report.·a only a few gi · ls back, but splendid material 1~ t~e enter1ng cl ass and hopes of a large de legation. ALPHA ALPHA ha:J a fa:cr s~_znd z roup bacl{ and, according to Ruth 8 lon~ker who attended a football game at liami, has a lready pledged e~ght splendid eirls, each lovlier than the other. ALPHA BETA has returned Anne Brewington, Edith Christy , Louise Estill, Eli2a~eth Grigsby, Esther Harris on, Gladys Howey, Eula Hull, Rita Husted, Mabe l Luepl{es, Ruby Tells, Frankie Westfall, Floy VJoJfenberger, and Dale Zeller. It reports good material in the entering class and general s~tisfaction over everything in school . ALPHA G~~A has returned Florence Barclay, Sara Campbell, JUlia C.ruthers, LOmie Ellis, Clara Ferguson, Katherine Froelich, Martha Henn:l,ger, Margaret l~ummel, Marion Kaylor and :n,ovel Rehburn. The rush at "·Indiana" is for two terms under faculty ruling. The chapter finds it a fairly good plan, because the girls work hard to ge t the necessary grades, and so the sorority standard is kept high. There is never any rushing during the first month, ·but afte r that Alpha Gamma has bacon fries and similar entertainments as long as the weather permits such ou+."'"of-door affairs. The chapter tries to have at least one party a ·week, so as to get wel l a cquainted with the girls . No one can be taken at "Indiana" unless she has been · enrolled for two terms .and has had an average c1Urfng that time of ffiB% . BETA BETA has returned Ada Baker, Hester Caldwe ll, Vera Gillett, Eli the l1cMurtry , Elvira Peel{, Edith Ramsay, .Mi ri am Smith, Edith Taylor, Marian Travis, Clara Turner , Florence Tyrill, Blanche Weidman, The chapter is bound very closely by strict loc a l rushi ng rules drawn up by the college panhellenic; and has as yet no pled6es to announce. It is very pleasantly situated at m809 Eleventh Avenue , in a lovely house v·ri th a women of attractive personality in charge as House Mother. -The chapter is deep in its social affairs, but report s unusu~lly friendly relations with Sigmn~ Sigma Sigma. The b-ro s·ororities have given a matinee dance together . GAMMA GAMMA has returned elle Chesnut , Edith Ee2.ton, Ruth Kendall, Louise Miller, Edith Reeg, Ada Smith, ancl Ada Ti tus. The rushing season lasts for t vro ne eks, the rul e s havin.t; iJeen dr a'.n'l u~ by the local panhell eni c . Rushing could not begin until I1onday of the fourth vreek of the term and h a d to end on Friday night of the fifJ~l \7e ek, the rushees h anding in their decisions the follo ·ri ng l:londay , no cornmunica tion being allo·, d betn e en rushees and sorori tie s f rom· Fri · day until Mond~y . The chapter expected to initi a te t rro pledJ3es of last 7ear who had become el i gible, Grace Mauntell and. Edyth Ha rris .


STATE SECRETARI ES Letters from these offici a ls shon that each i s r eedy to start -on the nevr year 1 s work yfi th enthusiasm . Several have a. lready done good service in collectint; t he PROEHL~ sub s cri p tions_ fo r Vo l ume I J: I and several r epo rt the formatio n of ner: a lumnne as soc1. at;1 on s , as i ell as th e incr e".sed interest on t he part of those organized l'l .eretc fore. se cretaries \ilio have not sent i1 the a ddresses of As soci a ti c~3 P:residents are requested to do .so a.t:. onc e, a s the Centra l ·:.:~fic A nc _;__. , t.,1 erJ for tl1~ Directory , 1;.,rhich it h ope s to publ i sh shortl y.

15 .

THE DIRECTORY The Central Office had h op e d to get the membe rshi p roll and the addresses of offici ~ l s r~ady for distri but ion early in the mont~ . It took it for granted that the menbers ·;ould u.nderstand n oV! necess ar : was the prompt returning of t~e y e llow e · ~ ps. As the mate ri a l sent out in the personal letter uas prii l te d 1~1att er, the r eques t could hav o been mailed at half the cost, if unsealed. 0\";ing to the frequent chang es of teaching address, t h e Centra l Office deemed it ~nwise to run the risk of sending out a ny u:n~e a,le d envelopes. It took the pre ~ caution, moreover, to s end the co·nmunic a tion in every c a se to the HOME address, thinking that t l'lere rTOLUd b e l ess del a y in the forwardi 1 Uo envelopes have been returned by Post offi ce aut h oritie s , so the natural inference is that everyo_n e r e c ei ved the le tte r i n tended for her . A gr~at :-.1any have responded, and ·rere particularly promp t ab out doing so, but some have evidently let the ma tte~ slip from their minds. The Central Office reg rets especially not hearing from a fe vmose . five year subscriptions are already on record . It h as not f e t justified in sending out the issues of Volume III publishe d t o da ta to any from whom it hag not heal"d. Being print ed matte r and u nsealed, the PHOENIX '.Jill not be for\·rarded,. or returned t o the sender , without further postage . Let eVEr:---one v,rho sees this issue ask every other ASA nhom she meets, or ni th ·rhom she corresponds 1 uhether she has sent in the yell0\7 slip asking for personal data. The Direetory cannot be published until most of the members h ave responded to the r~quest for information. THE

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Helen Lincoln, AA, ha s a delightful position a t LiQa , 0. She is boarding at Jess Chen o·.-,eth 1 s home a nd te a ches in the s ame building with her. Lenna and Lulu Eall, AB, have l ef t :~issouri and will spend the ·winter in Ca lifornia. The parents of Corneli a and r:arg a ret Lloyd have gone to li V f. in Washington, so the e; i:.."'ls havo acceptod posi tio~1s in Virgini a . They vfill much missed in Kir~sville . Janette Ho·well 1 A::., is stuc1y. ing o usic in Chicar;o. Frances .: Funkhouse r Beamer 1 AB, vrri tes t hat she is ple as ant l ~· situated in Harli-ngen , Texas, t~;r el vc mil es from the Hexican border . She hopes to get back to Kirks ville for ini ti a tion some day . Jeanne Uillett, fJ3 , has been app oi n t ed pri n cipal of t h e High School at Gorin, i'Io . Carmen Fisher, 1\B , is t<'aching Latin o.nd Ent; li sh in t h , high school at Frederick, Okla. Ida Brerving to:1 , AB, has a fine position as supe!'visor of Music and Art in Centralia, llo. Lena Ne v~ er, AB, is enjoying her ne~ schoo l at La Pl ata, V·The re she has an SSS roomm a te, a nd ~·.mere she has had the ple asur e . of meet ing a former Kappa Th e t a Psi, : :rs . Paul Sni th , nefl Burhs. ~= r . S::1i th has long 1-;-anted to b e an ASA, but her lit tle daughter ·:ra s cri~ ti c~'..lly i ll at th e time the o t her a lumnae returned for i n i t i a tion . Vi vi an Parke r, AB, n ri tes th a .... :lhe has fre,med __e r shln[ l 9 in g il t v-rith a g reen mat, so as t o c 2,rry out t h e ASA co lo r scheme Frederica Furman, Kath a ryn Brown and Anna Young , all f .2 , a:1.d. an uninitiated member of the old loc e>.l, Gertrude Dinsno re , rr e r f' to g ethe r in J\.lly o..t a gir ls' c amp a.t i:1aha.ffey , P8 . , Hhe r e t hey l: a d a


10nderful time s Himning and tra pin . . ~LPHA GMil.~A :rri tes of the loss of t...-ro Advis ero, ;:ls 3 o 1 not retur~ung on_ ~ ccount of ill health, I:iss stuchul l anning to pe c ~he -:tear l.n Hawal~ . 1':1e ne··, :t.'acul ty . l}~viaer . i ~ ui ss Orce. einec2re 1 n~o J.s .on the US lC Faculty, and .ho 1~r a p s1t.1 on to understa:1 t :..e v1ewpoJ.nt of the 2.-ctives , as cho w::1 s a at this School for a number of years. ALPHA BETA had three J\me ini tiat es 1 , one na. es 11 ve Lo t e. yet been listed, Marie DrunsGan, Eula Hull , I~~en Williams . The chapt er ~eports , that its patrone sses , ·fro . Ca npbell, I rs. Gardner 1 l'r ~ .McLaughl1n and 11' rs. Stevenson, v1e re Tion erful l y l::ind to th e group at S':lr.:rr::1er School. On one occ .J.s ion t.1ey invi te<l the girls to an evenJ. ng~s entertainment at tho Princess Th~atre, l ater ta .i ne t1em in machJ.nes to Hrs. stevennon' s home, where punch, c alr e , ice cream and mints v"lere served. One of the most original rushing parties gi v n y 11 Alpha Be ta ·~-ras a Ho.rd times 11 entertainment. The refreshments \ ~re ice cream cones and pop. There 1 ~s dancing. The prize for the unique costume was o. bowl of fish cnught in the campu s l ake· WEDDINGS Two n eddings of great interest to Kirk sville ASAs Here thos of i·arion Go..rdner to Dr~ Roy n. Black-iiTell , Anne ~vans t o Dr. Hoyt Ives. Marion Ga rdner stole a n a rch on her friends by be1ng married very quietly on June 21st . There 'TO.s a love ly reception o.ftervmr<ls at the home of h er parents 1 Hr . and !irs. Charles C. Gardner, 301 S. Florence Av:enue. Dr. Blackwe ll c to Kirksville f r om Clayburn, Texas, to study Osteopathy , He is a member of the ~hi Omicron Gamma fraternity of that college and is manage r of the foot ball team . It is his intent ion to spend one mo re year in study be ':'" fore practicing. Anne Evans ~~s m~rried at h i gh noon on Aucust 27th , nt the home of her sister, ~. rs . A. a . Be rry of Hooc1 Ri ver , Ore. After the ceremony, Dr. and Hrs. Ive s left for Portl2,nd \ihere they wi ll m~k their home. Dr. Iveo rr~ s graduat ed from t h e Coll ege of Osteopo.thy last June and is a member of the TI1eta Ps i fr ate r nity , · STATE TE, CHERS ASSOCI ATI Oil The I.;issou.ri State Teachers Associ a tion \7ill meet thi G year in s t. Louis some ti r:1e during n ovember . I:iss Jewe tt is a lr e-ady The exact ti me and pl <'- C·""' p lanning for <:>.n ASA reunion a t th a t time . r:i ll be given in .:1 later PHO E1 I~~. Th er e is a pos s ibility that ;:i s Jeuett nill conduct an ini ti : >. tion f or eli '\i ble alumnae, just a s sh r> did a year ago in Ka.ns~s City . Virtue is a servic o r;;o..n o'..' 0.3 .i mse lf, a nd t h o the r~ ::>!;' nC' HE'aven , nor. any §od to rule tl:G . '..-orl d , it ·.:_ere bo t. ess . . t '1.e . . bL_d-·- -. l Cl.rT of life . It is Dan 's prl. VJ.le ge to :mno .r the Rl. ght '-"-1d vO follo ._r_ it . Betro.y c;.nd persecute me, brother rnen : s:-1i l e or Ho.t.oh T?Y .:>.g ony n t:r. Cold,ye blissful _go ds )Earth,H"lll ~nd I:Jea~ en,c?r.Jb lne y o~r :-:1} c:r ht to crush me;I u ill ;;ti ll hol d f .'">.8t by th1s l.nher~ta co~ .. y ctreng th is nothing, -ti:::1e cmrl dise c. n 3ho.k e and c rl. J?~le 1 t ; ~~~t~ - i s tro..nsient. Anguish m2.y C:i.i.l.Sh my _he:-.llt ;ttter~y~ . . nd lu e r.m~ r.... ~l, o '·ut even so 1 my soul 1 tha t h a s not tr1 ppe .3DCl.ll Lrl.Q~ph, and dylnG c iV ~., ) t .. . . elf ma~ I s . -t ......,~.:>L.... e r~ ll the lie to soulles s nestiny , t hat d ane s c0 o o :-·. s :tLS~ ~ ro~ the S nscr1 t . 11


Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 3 no 3 4 1916  

Asa phoenix vol 3 no 3 4 1916