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PENNSYL VAlU A The nerr yea: opened very pleasantly for both 11 Indiana" and Alpha Gamm~. In sp~te of the glorious vacations at home every member of the chapter was glad to lie bo.clc at school . Every one who was ~ere last term returned, and much to our delight the membership ~ae ~ncreased by the addition of Sara Campbell who was not vdth during the Fall Term o~nng to severe illness. ' · Altho A~pha Gamma has been rushing right along ever since seilool opened ~n September, still · the r:inter Term is the rushing s~ason par.exce~lence, for one has become acquainted with the new gl._rls and l.s qu~ te certain just whom one vrant~. Unfortunately the o her groups on the eampuo happen to like the same girls as ourselves prett~ generally, so we have to be right on the job every minute. Our ~~st at present contains ten rushees, all of them charming. The party, given by Clara Ferguson and Lovell R.ehbun, was a buffet luncheon. Their color scheme of yellow and white was most eff€"'cti vely and artistically carried out. The immense calce was .froste c1 in vrhi te and carried our Sorority letters in yellow. The first big school aff . . . :.Lr on the calendar will be the Junior Prom, which is scheduled for February 17 t h . a lot of our girls are planning to attend. Just about the same time the Chapter will give a Valentine Party, which will be a rathor elaborate affair ac~.ording to present plans. This is only one of many rushing stt:mts that to be given, but it will be eiven by the Chapter, whereas the usual parties for the rushees ar e planned and given by two girls in the Chapter 1 thus dividing the res ponsibility and yet ?lacing it equally on all shoulf.l_ ers. The idea has vmrlced very we ll in Alpha Gamma. . The Basket Ball season is on and ha~ resulted thus far in victoriea for "Indiana" . \ ie always V.J:elcome this vrintor s ~) ort as it helps cons!lerably in our rushing, gi ving us opportunities to be with the new girls without any care for · en ~ ertainment or ~ny special planning. Our dancing teacher has added a nevr feature to our interests here by starting an aesthetic dancing class. This is quit e e. novel idea for 11 Indiana", as heretofore we have been taught only he modern dances. J~ll of u s would hav ~ been glad to enroll in the class but membershi ') vras by selection, s only our best dancers we r e talren: A nuiTiber or"" our pledges -rfere fer ·cunat e enough to be invited· . Alpha Gamma h a s be en particularly fortunate this yeat in having o.' great nurobor of its alumn~e back f or visits. Our most recent vi si ".:.or vm s Ruth Sellers, and it seeme d mighty gooc.1 to see her. All 0\)_r glJaduates say tha t th~~l' vdsh they coul d be actives again, that - ~:hey envy us menbcrshi p in a Nati onal during our s chool days~ ber, a ,_:t s e it i s meaning so r:.1UCh r.1oro to u s than the loc a l Gamma P~ Beta. rl:i.d -:, 0 them . They are all most a::.:Jro ci a ti VE: of their ovm membershl. p ir. /1-l];h a Si Gma Al pha. Florence Barclay , Historian.


COLORADO th Ba'T~r. ~rom the holidays, and oh, how glad vre were to see one ano er aga1n. It took us quite four days to settle down to work in r.oll( 1: fo: there was so much t~ talk over and to plan . our house fared beaut1fully, for the Christm~s box was brtmful of attractive t~ing~. Ther? were salad forks, spoons and other silver engraved w~th H.s.~., l1nen, trays, dainty guest towea~ and a lovely Wallace Nutting p~ctu:e a~1 ~tg ?ther things, the picture bang a gift from the Fort Coll1ns .il.SSOClation . Some of the gifts have not come in yet~ but they are promised, and so we are lo k ng for every day to be Chr~stmas.

Teachers College · h~s been acquiri!lg r e') ently a great deal of class and school spir ~. t, due in large measure to the fact that the first issue of our collego magazine, the CRUCIBLE, has appeare d , It has added a quality to the school that han not been present before, or that we were not aware existed. You can imagine what a difference it has made in student life, if you can imagine what Alpha Sigma. Alpha woUld be without its PHOENIX. All the sororities have been doing some charity work. This is not anything exa~tly new for us, only this year· under the direction of Hiss Green, our very capable Chapter Advi·s er, it has taken on a slightly different form. There is a fund. that is used · to meet the critical needs of the training school and uollege. outBide of the instructors, ours was the first organization to subcribe to the fund. Rushing has taken a good deal of our time lately. Our parties so far have .been rather simple affairs,-line parties, kensingtons and taffy pulls. We have sent out three bids and are now waiting for the girls to get permission from home. In the case of two of the girls, who ar e by the way sisters, our bid was chos en in preference to two others, which was certainly not uncomp limentary to Beta Be ta. On February lOth we shall hold an nfromal dance to which men will be invited . The other groups have been giving formals, but we thought that we should like to see what could be done with an ~nexpensive affair. We believe that we shall have a·very nuch better time than at an elaborate formal affair. Of course, everything is going to be just a s nice as we can make j.t, and it is go ... ing to be large, for we are planning for about seventy-five guests, including alumnae, the patronesses and the ir husbands, the Dean o~ Women, together with the representatives from t·he four other sororlties and their escorts . It is something of a problem for the soreties here to hold dances, for our school is not so f o rtunatoly located as some others, such as IC irksvill e , f or instance 1 where the r A is a college for men in the same tovm . Here t he r e are never enough men to go around, . and it means that most of our e scorts have to bE? imported. J~y chapt er that has had tha t probl em t o face knows what it means . Of course, we have the jolliest kindo of good times together, just wo girls, but there is a limit to a certain ldnd of enterto.:i.nm.ent, so easily pos s ible wher e men c an be invited in for dancing. Beta Beta has had two delightful surprises . Agnes Sandine, one of onr alum1.a e was at the house for a week-end, and r_11r. Towne, a po.troness, presented the Chapter with a. five pound box of candy . •\.d:a A. Baker, Hist orian.

Alpha Beta's social af fairs are never many during tho middlE~ of a Ql:ra:ter, ancl, as um·.a.l , we have been so quiet that we have li ttl 7 0 f _a soc~a l natu r e. to report. The pe:.. · od :)f n.ourning th.:tt we ebP- ?r~.ed for our Nat~onal Secre tary pr t:; clude our hold ng any r shing :lt.l,cJ.t s, even had there been the des ir e or he mate rial to ruch. Hows::el· ~ at our_ reg~lar me otings ever y Tuesday, w~ crowd ou_ elves int o._e ?f the s~rls : rooms and l'l.o a lot of business and planning . Just at P!."'e~ent the ·Ngos J<. thing r;n our social horj_zo_ is t~1e formal ~a.nce -c~at we are pJ annii.'lG for ~ ate s ::;; ring. \t tha·c aff~ir e shall __ ,pe to have as ma.ny .of orcr ou-c~·of - tovm girla as can arr:1ng to b o lu~re · We ar~ usue,l l :J fo rtunat e in hav; ng m;· ~y of our alumnae bac ..: un such l)CCaslons , and thus we hava the plec=.sure of a reunion added to ti:e ple e,sure of the affair its e l f . We . plc:mning a oe.tineA_a~nce for our Valentine celebration SuJh a dance gives oppor- · tu.rn t~r f .'J ir' utilizing the chapter's artistic talent . . We hav~ only one name to present for -membe rshi p into Alpha Sl~a Alp~a th~s Quart er. Sigma giGIDa Sigma ~ent out no invitati n> thJ.s_se~sl?n, but did some ru shing . We di d n rushing, but sf"'nt ouc o~e 1nv~mt1on. This we we re t han usually pleased to have ac eptedl s1nce we had not prece ded it wi th rushing affairs . Out new pl d£ ~ is Oallye Davis . Her home is: in ICirltsville . We had planned to gi ,r Callye the first degr ee at t h e Axis Club on the afternoon of Saturday, January 27th , follo w"d by a dance, but this affair was upset y our sudden receip t of the news of the death of hlrs. Gilpatric ~ . the mother of one of our patroness f3 s . Mrs. C.O.Gardner, and the grc.tndmother of one of our members , Marion Gardner Blackwell, State Sflcre:bllry of Missouri . Our sympathy for Hrs. Gardner and Marion is relieved by the t hought that M:rs. Gilpatriclcis suffering are now endE' . Life about tho campus has been running smoo thly s i n c e the holidays, ~ and the · girls · are studying now, in order to be more free for the numerous 'hikes' and parties that Spring will bring in ita train. February is aJ.ways so full of great day s that ther e is a good deal of social activity both in the t own and the scho ol. 1~ great many teas and rece 1Jti -:ns among the townspeople are being given at the new Sojourners' Club Buildi ~g. This beautiful new h ome is being freely used by it s member~ for their social functions , and many pretty social affair s have a lrcacly boon gi ven ther e. On J anu ... ary 25th, ~e and Tri Sig~ a were fortunate er-ouGh to be invited to a toa given by fottv ladie s of the Club . We ha.d a most enjoyab l e time and felt very proud ' of our group's appe a rance . Cal l ye Davis was a mong the young girls v:ho helped to serve, <=>nd very sweet and attrac .. tive did ·s he look . . TI1e Junior Class of K.S. N.S. alway s publishes our Year Book , which is name the ECHO. Tnis year' s class is announcing that it is worlcing on a bool{ that will be a'banner ' pu'bl~cation in_ recognition of the banner year that the school has had J.n athletJ.cs, drc-.rr:.tics enroiments; etc. Since rve have tw0 champi()n teams in athleti~s, eJ"'.i!:~ in' baseb o. ll and one in football, with , ther recor d~ e-qually ga ur for their respective opportunities, ~e have much to celebra1".e an1 ·· 0 1 echo 1 to the rrorld at large. Our Esther Harrison is Associate I 6i tor, ' Aabel Lueplces /..rt Editor, and Floy Vlolfenburger is Treasurer. on the nigh~ of February 2nd, a bi~ banquet is to be given at the gymnasium in honor of tho tuo cham~J.on teams. The deco r a -

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tiono ~i~ l conoint of goal postc, ono at each end of the hall, and trir!l!Iled. ~n the school colors, pur-pl E? a.nd nGi te , s rung be · ween the p("'l~ta vr~;l. be a~. l the trophies. of the foot ·oall season, 'tl~e footballs pa~nted ,7h~ te YY.L. th the scores J.n pu:;:•ple. 1i.bove our heads will be a J.atti'!Je work ?f the same coJors. since the :.; mestic Science llt?pa:::'tme,lt, 'vm ich WJ.ll cat<:r for the occasion, canno+ accommodate more t:1an 200 o.t a ~anqw;t, there is to be student JOl,ification beforer.~.and, and then ~he more favored and prGperous ones will have reserved seats in the banquet hall. The Y. Vl ~ C .1·~ , is to holc1. a "Ieids" Party for 8.11 the girls of the school on the ~tb of ianuary, after which the Rural soca.olcgy Club will pre sent our rural lifo pl ay , Tnis rras wri tt e:1 by students and has been pres ented many times in ruro..l districts, w!l.e r o iJ.:. has aided materially in promoting the consolidation of rl...'.ral t:ch:>ols , a movement that Hissourians have been slow to adnpt . The School has been most fortunate in bang atlb to hear and meet a numb 8r of quite famous people. On the ~;ar:th of January, the v.rol l ...l<:nown central to, Tillie I~oenen, was heard at a concert in our auditorium. The next prominent per sonage to appear before us is Hiss Ida Tarbell. Our woekly school paper, the INDEX, publishes each Quarter a list of the students making a record of "E"--our highest grade-in four subjects requiring preparation. Out of nineteen students attaining that record last Quarter Alpha Beta is proud to -have had five,-.Apne Brewington, Ruby' Vlells, Franl;ie Vlestfall, F loy Violfenburger and Dale Zeller. Cupid has been casting his darts very successfully at the .AsJ·~s of Alpha Beta. We have lost in consequence from our chapter Frankie Westfall, vmo bee• ne on January 3rd Mrs . Olin ~~. Moore of Pe!"!ry, \[o·. Eula Hull is wearing a new diamond and frankly admits the charge we make ·against her. From all indications there are several others il'1 the group who merely av.rai t our Uay Breakfast to tell us that they too have fallen victims to the littl0 god of love . Mr·, Epper~on of our faculty has become excited at the rapidity with which the aetive girls are join·,ing the ranks of the married ladies, and chuokl~~ t, thiruc that he got his choice to make her promis6 · bef~~e it was too late . One of our problems as a chapter is to se lect an appropriate weddinr; gift that shall repres8 .1 t us on such occasione . Cupid has been busy among our alumnae too . Virginia Sparling has become Mrs. ~ . T.Reev o s, and Ste lla Lemen is now Mrs. J.B. Janson of Excelsior Springs . Stella was married ar.fay in August , but sne was so absorbed in hei.."' doctor husbo.nc1, tho new homo and tho many visitors to the hoalth resort th~t she quito for g ot t o send ue particulars. ~ l ~s Howey 1 Historian .



Hi ami, lilce so many other uni Vorsi ties ha s the semester plan , so !.lpha f~lpha' s attention since returning -~ rom the ho l ~ r1n.y~ has boon concentrated .on preparation for the N~ d Year examJ.natJ.ons. T~l·~·'c 11 .::1-s boon nothing of a social natu~o going on c.nd tho c~oso ?f ,J2..:·:ucry sees the girls scatt~r·ing tc their homos. for tho br~ ~ f Mld Y(1n,·_, V£t.•:;n.tion. Still, in sp1 te of the general. q~J.etness abomt. tl:le C3.mpt:~E, rre have pledged tvro more gir~s, in ;dd~ t1on to Nova Unt;l c sby, who put on tho colors bef ore tho mas . Iol~days, a nd c.bout Hhom


we told you we _believe in a letter. The two new girls are ~uti: Crawf?r<l, who come~ from C~r..Cl.'lnat i 7 and Iva starr, whose home ;s ~n~Au~t~n, ?· Paul~ne Davis, one of our Fall i niti~tes , who was .Lll b . . foJ.e Chr~stm~s, re~urned to _coJ.lege after the h oli day3, but ~as forced by cont~nued ~lJ.ness to withdraw from school for thP ear . .r~ are all yery fond of Pauline and hop s th::l.t nothing wi ll int erfere ~1th her be~ng back next Fa ll. Junior Prom w:.11 come::; right after the opening of the new eemeste~. Mos~. of our girls are going, so thnrr will be cons iderable exc1 t?ment J.. Alph~ Alpha about that _time, as the Pr0m is one of th("' J?Ost. 1mpo~tant soc~al. functions of the ? ear at Hie,mi J:..noth r . a.ffa1.r 'tlbat. w~ll c?ntimw to 00 of absorbing interest to t.he 2h...Lr,t er f0r somq l~ttlo t:1m~ :i.s the dance that i.t is l)e gi ··rC'n in tn0 of Alpha Alpha. on March l 'fth. Committees a re alr~ady at nor~: rla n :.ilg the de?or~t~ons, and we exp 0ct to have a vr: r y nice affair a.n d ye t keQp w~ th~n the sum that .ar? allowin [3 f ·)r thF' purpos e under our budget system. Another matter that has been of' deep interest to Al pha J1lpha js the p0ssibility of a new chapter in Ohio . Our state has three stato universities, a condition of affairs that is very different from that found in otper states. Thes e three institutions 7 in thA order of foundation, are Ohio University at Athens, Miami University at Oxford, and Ohio State University a t C~lumbu s. The firs t two haVA N~rmal 0ollegn~ connected with them, so ooth should have been J.s a matter of fact th~ gond fields for Pedagogical sororities . two fields, tho attrac t ing about the same class of girls, were not EQUALLY good as fields for Alpha . Sigma Alpha . Tri Sigma estab lished its Miami Chapter in 1912, and almost i mmedi ately afterwards its Athens Chapter . A~pha Sigma Alpha, how'?ver; has not been vTilling to enter Athens until recently, because t he Congress Sororities established at Athens, Pi Beta Phi 7 Alpha Gamma Delta 7 Alpha Xi Delta and Chi Omega ha been permitt ed ttt draw from the Normal Co llege . It quite natmnally followed that rushees would much prefer membership in older and larger sororities t l:an in Tri Sigma, which has managed to keep up an existenc e at Athens, but which could not compete with o rganizationG 1-: ng on the c ampus, one of them dati:og as f-ar back as 1009. ...Upha Sigma Alpi1a did not wish t o entor the university under this kind of handicap . 1 ~thin a short time, however ~ conditions have been greatly changed. The Congress Sororities on the ground have been forbidden to draw from. the Normal College, and so there are quite a few particularly fine girls that a r e not as yet in any sorority. Alpha Alpha girls h s,v e a number of friends, mostly from their home tovms, who ~re in Chi Oillega and Alpha Xi Delta, and these Athens girls are urgj_ng us to c.onsidor the field . One of our members, Ruth Donnelly, had hoped to be able to look ove r the situation enrout home for the Holidays, but unfortunat e ly the two vac a tions corresp:· nded exactly, and so there was no opportunity f or -investigation. our semester vacation has r a ther interf e red with our pl ans to keep in touch with Athens, as i~ ha~ with the Athen s gi rls'de s ir 0 to hel. p us, but after the new s~mes ver ~s under . w~y a~ both p~a<j c s, it is to be hoped the,t vre c e.n g;ve y~u.more def1n1te 1nformat7?!1· 1\.t t ~lA pr e sent moment matters SvEmd ~.Jus way,--seve:r'a l attra c-c"Lv e cirl:!l at Athens h :.J:iTe ?ecome interested_ and hav~ t z.,l K;cl the mu. tt o: c·v ,:; ":- v~j th their rean, who fayors the. ~?-ea.. ~Te sh~ . . . ho pe by C>UJ next :.otter to snnd you much more defl.n~te ~nforma t~on .

' ') I


VIJRGI:N IA Alpha is maldng itself' fel t a s a f urc e a t Fa r n vill e , fo :."' its rls are taking a prom:Lne~1.t p art in 2. 11 t~-- ) s ch ool activiti e s . Our '. Club i-s to give a Japanese Operetta in our ;.~,u c1i tor iu"!l in Fe r u rtry . Inza Lea, on~ of our new girls , j s tak ing t h e l eading r ol8, and s0veral others 111. the chapt,.,r are i n t he c a st too . The n:K,:;_ e ~chool, toget~er vv~ th th~ t.~wnspeop+e 1 andli c i p a t e g rea.t p l e asu r e f ron ·t..he event, wh1ch b1ds fc;ur co be one of th e : '_ a rge s t an d mos t e lCJ,bo:cat E of the year· Soon t here wi 11 be anoth e r tre a t f or u s in the Lwli to ~ium, for OscRr Seagle, the great Ame rican b a r it n e i s to stop ove1· for a concert on hiB way from New York City t I llinoi s. The most interesting social event on the Feb r u.ary sch'3dl:J.e , t- ( • so far as Alpha is concerned, is the Cha p t er Banqu e t v.rhich i s ·co b'3 g~_ven at one'"'of the hot~ls. .-'.s we h ave a, €h ap te r of n i nete en , and as we are expecting a number of our alumn a e ba ck for t he o ccas ion , the affair will prob abiy b0 the large st of its k ind ever h e ld by Alpha . Another .February date of great int e r e st to t he chapt e r is the 23rd, when the Senior Class will hpl d a rec 0p t ion f or the Junion . This is an a~al e vent . The decor a tion will , of co urs e , be in ke e p ing with Washingt0n's Birthda y . Alpha has a new pledge to intr~ duc e to t h e So r ri t y , Her name is Martha Sp onc or . She has t we s i sters who a r e a l r:e a f;i~ ASAs, so we expect. great things from he r . We hav e wante d Mar t h a f or a long time, and have beGn rushing h e r ever si n c e h er ~atr i cu l ation i n th ~"~ School, but we were not able to b i d h e r unti 1 she qu a lif i ed a s a Junior. This she did very recently . In one of our me e t ings v! e · o t t o t a lldng abou t h ow. n ice i t 'flrmld be if we could meet p e :,~ so na ll y a ll t h e ASA girls of othe r chap ters, with whose n a mes we a r e g ro wing so fami l iar as the PHO ENI X issues appear . Of course, we k now that thi s is qui te i mposs i b l e, bu t would it not b e delightful , i f we co uld hav e p i ctur es t alcen of ourselves--just simple ko dak s-- and th ~ n exch ange ? El s i e Bagby , g; j

O.i{LAHOMA Gamma Gamma was overwhelm~ d by th ~ annou ncement of Mr s. Reed's death , She has a l ways seem ~ d to u s like a member of our own chapter, for she was pr es en t a t our inst a llat i on and she ha ~ be e n our Sponsor immediat e l y af torwar d e , s o that we heard f~~m h ~ r f r e-quently , Mrs. Reed l ef t a v ery de ep im ~re!'Jsi em on all of ~-s . Evr" er one who met her l o v e d h e r, an d t he ro hav~ be en many oxpr e s s 1ons aorrcw, not only from our 1)wn girl~ , but a l so fr'lm t h o l a di es of t h ·.: city who met her while she was he r e , ' Gamma Gamma ha s b e en a very busy eh apt e r since t h e retur~ to Schnol after the Chr is tma s Eo l idays, for there ha s be e n _ a ~u c c e c; s lo n of events to occupy our a ttention . Alva ha,s ~een _ pa os1ng thr? a r evival season First the Pr e s by t e ri ans and Mevhn dls t h e ld th€n r s, · promptly f ollowe d by th c Ch r1· s .a(.,1an · Ch ur c 11. It ·)rov e ~-1 and they were 1 _ a rath e r strenuous t i mo, f or the s t udcnt s a r e s u ppo sed to h e l p Ol tt ':L ~ these times. , t· · t· t Then the Nor thweste rn Olz l ahoma I<.. duc a 1ona 1_ l\.ssocu: 10n me " here inciclentally b ring L1G 5?0 t cac~ e r s to t :t:e . C1 t y. . M1SS S~oclcle , h d th · b · , · t •r of ee1nrr t ha u t h ese V1S.L tors u ere hou s c 1 an d c: d fe respo~sl 1th~:l. Jr"' stayi..J Th e r e we r e t ' .r o things t h a t llappeDe d L ! ca~e or dtir1ng v • ("0


cop.nection with this big Ueet 7-hc:.t ·;1er e of great intere st to Gamma Ga:nma. One was the grea t _ numbe r o:::' alumn ae brou ght back to the Chap ter o.nd the other wa s t0e .r_onor that t se'!e r a l of our members . Tho~e al~ae who cam e Daclr we re Esth er :JeJ .ell 1 May Grimm, Ruth Lont;. Flsle ~ol~ and Mayme Spl:lrrler . '.I'he mos t i !portant social affair -v.· as ~ del~ghtful rece~t1on gJ.. v en by tJ:·. e ~e c-:era ted Clubs and the Comrr.erclal Club a.t the .!:!;lkG House. · Our Mrs. Munson is Presi dent of the Federated Cl':'_bs and ·to he:- was due much of the suc cess of the E-l'~rent · Alpha S1gma i).lP~<;L was very l:lU Ch in evi dence that day, f or ~::.ldred ~ost,~:' r~pre~ent1nt? the Y. W.C.A . , met the guests at the c.~ or, ~hlle !A:lss ·:ho~h..ley, JUSt elected t o tg El secretarysl;.ip of the raucat10~1al Assoc1at1on, pre seTced o..l l voc c aoe to 1rs , Muns on , ;ho vias at tJ.1e. head of the reG E:i ving l i n e . Mr s. Hat::. .1te1, mother of one of the act1ves, also assist e d . _Alpha Sigma Alpha came into prominence again , when fi ve of the Sen~or Class were sel e cted to speak in Chape l one morning . The three g1rls were all AS As, Bess Davis 1 Jenni e Smi t !1 and Blanche s teA;·' venson . We were wight prou of them, for they reflec ted g~eat credit on the Chapter. Our Lyceum Course has gone right · on, in spite of a ll these other diversions. Hiss li..T.Devault was the attraction at the l entertainment, when she gave us 11 Polly of the Circus" . It was a most enjoyable occasion . Meanwhile our Baslcet Ball Team h as gone right on winning victories, so altogether there has been plenty of excitement to keep the School wide awake. THE MAIL POUCH There is joy in the h ouse of the St ahls at 510 North 15th St., F'ort Smith, Ark. , for little Gre t :&hen Cor a arriv ed the re on the 7th of January; but there is sorrow in :.he Chalmere home in Hadisonville, Va ., f or wee David remained but a day with his parents. TI1ere is sorrow too i n th e h ome of Ne llie Cole , GG, where a much loved brother come s no oore . He len Pfeiffer ha .. - the Ei sfortune to have a hospital experience, ·but she was in Kirl{svi lle, wher e the girl s ge t in t o see her cnce fn a whi l e. She haa returned home, however, be tter than ever we hope , Saloma Smith St ewart has l ef t Mi s s ouri. whe re she has r e t:' '!J sided so long , Her husbc.nd i s now in t he bankbng bu s ine ss, and i s connected with th e First Nationa l Bank in Basin, Wyoming . She is r~joicing over th e fact that tht3 PH OB~N I X can f i nd her there just cl.f~ in the home state. Little Bobbie, our :U.i ttl e Bobbie--l,·!r. Reed says that he is quite willing that ltlpha Sigma Alphn. should have a big sha re ·i n . the Baby--v.,ri 11 soon lea ve Iowa City, where ho ha.s p rovm as all babl GR should, for Washington, whe re his & ther Doyle and his Aunt Ge rtrude vvi 11 have the care of him. Mr. Re ed, who is connected_ with the Burroughs Adding Ma ch~ne Company , has :mcceeded ~n ge tt1ng transferred from the Iowa t e rr1tory t? the Ua~hlngton off1 c e of ~he firr.J., 80 he will have tho joy of see1n? Bobbl e g r ow .' eaci: da y lnto the ftne healthy boy tho..t we a ll ~ant hlm _t o b~. The_tr~p to_ nc:shingtor~ h<..V-> had to be dol o..yed o.. llttlo, ovnng ~o t _ h o lnd1s p os1t7 ~n of Grad."'!le>-!:.her Doyle 1 who was a time i~ tho hos p l t a.l thre~t e ned \7l .. h pnm.:unonio.. no all ·Hish for her o.. qu1ck o..nd a. p ormanonL return to

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healt h. The boy's full name i s 0!- arleB. f o b A· ~t Reed J ·.. out " Eo . h t h.1S m O +h . b1. e " 1S W a v e r ~ a~ l ed hlm ~~ ng ~ orth s before h e wa~ bor n 'lhe futuro looks v e:"'y _brigl:.. t :o v· t :11s J. '.t t le fe llm7 , 80 f e.r a ::; lo t o emd c a re are conc~rned , ar~ d it is to be hoped that no other mi sf o:: tune is to Go~e h1 s ·:ra':f , s o the.. t l1.e me.y al ·ays r..av e the tender su.t e r vision of lov1ng re ~a. t1ve s , but , since he is 11 ours a too, ~·. lpha Sign:' Al pha will alw1:1.ys Bl'::::Lnd r e ady to .look after him, should fate deprive h i :n of t hose who are joined t o h i o by the c l o oes t ties of blood. I r thi s connection ) it may n o t b e ~n iss t o men tion t he f a c t that the Washington State Chap ter of t he Si gma Nu Fraternity has adopted an or phan boy, who li v es in t h e f r at e rnity h ouse with t h e members, and who has changed h eedl e ss you t h s i nt o t.:-.ou~'1.tful men, be c ause of the deep r e sponsibility t hey f ee l f or th e corre ct u pbrir.ging of the c'1.i 1 . whose supp9rt they have vo lunt arily assumed . .i'..lpha Gamma h a s anothe r bric.r tn announce ; nr s. Hark Donl ey La.rldn, nee Julia Cruther s 1 who was marri rd on DE" cembcr 6t-h, and who is very happy in the new hnme a t 1 921 3 o rw~ sv ~ ll e Tioad , Carri ck, Pa . Deta Beta ann ounc es t.h e i ni t iation on J a nual:"y 27th of /.nno. :. · W11eat on a.nd Esther i:... Wheaton . Vivien Walther writ os of the succ ess of her Robin, which she has christened the REED, i n memory of Elva . J






Every subscrib e r will b e g lad to know that the PROEHI X Li t has climbed above the 300 ma r l;:. Uow for the last hard pull u p to ?00 , the number a bsolutely nece s s a :.--y ~ rf we ar e to bring out the r e r;t-:l ar number of issues this ye a r , vi z . t wenty-five copies. The C~ntr a :. Off i c e Hill soon need t o lay i n an addi tional supply of p a pe r, 1.nk and other materials, if the r e a re t o be othG r issue s this s ch oo l ye a r and this it can not do ~ nnles a i t is assured of mor~ sub s cripti ons , fc :: supp lies are most e)'::pen si v e, t h e paper t hat -a:J s t 4 )·· a ~nd i n ~ 9 1~­ now b ring ing 1 6~ . · Ev en a t these prices we c an ge t out t h e 25 1. s suee- , ~f we h~ve th e ~,00 Sl} .bscribers . '\'J il l every ·-ne he l p, p l e ase? :ll'ld wi ll Ch~pter s and i ndi Vi Qu a l memb ers b ear i n mind the Life Subs ~ri p­ t ion plan, which c oul d oo e a .:dl y f t n a nce the magazine f or c:t ll t1me ·

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Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 3 no 17 18 feb 1917  

Asa phoenix vol 3 no 17 18 feb 1917