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Alpha Girls-1951

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Alpha Girls of 1951 MARY JANE BELL,

• • • • •• • • • HELEN AGNEW, A Helen Agnew, a Senior from Burkevi lle, Virginia , was selected by Alpha Chapter to be a candidate for the Elizabeth Bird Small award because of her outstanding personality and contributions in Alpha Sigma Alpha and many college activities. She is responsible for helping to put A~A in front as a leading sorority on campus and she has proven herself a " magnet " for new girls in the sorority . Helen is a member of several honorary scholastic, journalistic, leadership, and social organizations . She was listed .in Who' s Who in American Colleges and Un1vers1t1es. Her participation in college life and athletic events all go together to make her the " best fit " for Alpha Girl. Alpha chapter is proud to hove Helen as our nominee .

• JUNE MARTIN , AB She's pretty, she 's capable, she 's full of Alpha pep, and she 's June Mortm, the girl Alpha Beta Chapter proudly presents as 1ts cand idate for the Elizabeth Bird Small Award . June, who is a senior w1th o Business Education mo1or at Kirksville State Teachers College, demonstrates her obi1 1ty as a leader by bei ng a first-rote soronty president, as well as the sharp looking drum mo1orette who has lead our college bond for the lost four years. June's personality and charm hove won for her many honors on our campus. She 1s now president of the Ponhellen1c Council , and was elected secretory of p, Omega p, , ( Not1onol Business Educot1on FraternIty) during her sophomore year; secretory of the Student Council dunng her jumor year; and secretory of Women 's Athlet iC AssoC10t1on dunng her freshman year . She was also selected for membershiP 1n Cordmol Key, (Honorary Serv1ce Orgonizot1on), and Alpha Ph1 Sigma, (Honorary ScholastiC Organization).


Alpha Gamma chapter is pr_oud to present Janie Bell as our Alpha Girl for 1951 . She is a secondary junior majoring 1n geography and social studies. Janie was chOirman for our homecoming float, is treasurer of our Ponhellenic Association, and 1s .our storehouse of ideas . Many other organizations on campus ore proud to claim Jon1e as a member. She is secretory of Alpha Omega Gamma, honorary geography fraternity, and is a delegate of the International Relations Club to the M1d Atlont1c United Notions Model Assembly. In scholorsh io , character, and personality, J onie rates highly. To Alpha Gamma chapter she typifies on ideal Alpha S1gmo .

BEATRICE FRY, BB Beta Beta Chapter proudly presents Beatrice Fry, our Elizabeth Bird Small Award candidate. Beo exemplifies outstanding qualities for which everyone strives . Her friendl iness and cooperative manner has been recognized by everyone

onB~~~~~~IIed in leadership as Assoc1oted Womens Student's Pres1dent. While Freshman RepresentDtive to A .W.S. and Presi dent of her Dormitory, she helped adjust new girls to campus life. This yeo~ she was included i n the 1951 Who' s Who 1n Amer ican Colleges and Universities. Even though she has given time and energy to such activities as Spurs, Jeans and Jones, Womens Athletic Association and the Annual , she has maintained a high scholastic rotmg. Yet she has not slighted the soronty. She w~s selected as Outstanding Pledge her freshman year and has been Registrar and Chapla in . In Beo , Beta Beta Chapter feels they hove chosen a girl of the h1ghest quality .

MAY, 1951




Gamma Gamma selected Miss Jo Ann Coldwell as our candidate for the Elizabeth Bird Small Award. Jody as all her friends know her, transferred from the Uni v ersity of Oklohomo the second semester of 1947-48 . Since that time Jody has been active in Gamma Gamma Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha , Little Theatre, Ponhellenic , Home Economics Club, and Kapp a Delta Pi. She is also president of the girl 's dormitory, Shockley Hall. Jody has a wonderful personality and is very sincere in her work. She t y pifies a true Alpha and enJoys all leadership responsibilities 'that come to her. Jody . is striking in appearance . She is toll , has brown hair, and laugh ing brown e yes. Her smil e 1s also . v er y becoming . Jody has a high scholastic record and we know that she will make good 1n any future undertakings. She possesses the qualities that will enable her t o meet the future with courage and determination.



DORIS WELLS, EE Doris Wells holds on unusual amount of responsibility but she budgets her time to toke core of all of them . She holds a job as secretory in the office of the Hotel Broadv iew to earn her college expenses. Doris also maintains the highest grade o v erage in our chapter yet she is one of the most active . girls on the campus. She has been head cheerleader for three years and holds offices in many organizations . She has been elected student council representati v e twice and served as secretory in her second year. She is president of Pi Omega Pi, honorary commerce fraternity , and secretory of Xi Phi , honorary leadership fraternity. She is listed in Who 's Who in American Co~leges and Universities. Doris is a leader in our chapter too. She is president and has held the offices of treasurer and co-rush captain . She was our delegate to the notional convention. Doris is always thoughtful of others and seeks to make the people around her at


JACKIE LE VESKE, ZZ Jackie LeVeske, Zeta Zeta 's candidate for the Elizabeth Bird Small Award , exemplifies the h ighest ideals of Alpha Sigma Alpha . Though small in stature, she is gigantic in her other qualities . She is v i v acious and charm i ng; and she stands out in the many acti v ities in which she partic ipates. J ockie is a born leader, and her intriguing personality and understanding , added to her natural leadership abilities ho v e caused many high offices and positions of authority to fall her way. Some of the important offices she has held ore : President of Al:A , Editor of the school paper , Business Manager of the Annual , and Secretory-treasurer of the Junior Closs. Jackie ' s social position on the campus con be said to be unsurpassed ; but her popularity has left her untouched. She is and alway s shall be the some J ockie LeVeske who entered Central Missouri State College, unaffected and charming .

Margaret Ann Tinder, a smiling , willing Alpha with personality " plus " and poise , is Eta Eta chapter 's candidate for the Elizabeth Bird Smal l Award. Ma rgar et Ann has been treasurer of the chapter and co-editor i n charge of the scrapbook . She is president of Pi Omega Pi , on honorary fraternity for business teachers (her major), and has held offices, also, in the Home Ec. Club (her minor ). Margaret Ann works in her father 's stationery shop and sev eral hours each day in some of the offices on the campus , as well as doing student teaching. She tokes the initiati v e in all acti v it ies and goes out of her way to help anyone and ev eryone . Margaret Ann , full of ideas 路 and fun, is will ing to do ex tra, overtime work to " get the job done ." She has a grade point o v erage of 2 .22 , easil y in the upper tenth of the cho at er. Margaret Ann , a favorite of all , is friend ly, sincere, and , to sum it up, can be called just " everything good ."



Alpha Girls JANET NUTT, ::'\::'\



June Roberts, Pres1dent of Theta Theta Chapter wos chosen as our candidate for the El i zabeth Bird Small Award because she fits all the qualificat ions perfectly. She has been an act ive member in both sorority and campus organ :zations.

Lois's achievements scholastically and in se rvice to the University and sorori ty are outstanding. H er scholastic h ono rs include constant place on the Deans ' List and membership in Phi Alpha Theta , the National History Honor Society, member o f the junior h ono r society, Ch imes; elected into the senior honor society, Magnet, and a m ember of Pi Gamma Mu , National Honorary Social Studies Society . Her social and service activities at Temple have been as outstanding as her scholast ic record . She was president of the jun-

She has a pleasing personality and is always taking t ime to l isten to the problem s of her sisters and her fr iends . June possesses much charm and poise which makes all her sisters proud to call her ou r President . When she was elected to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities we were so ver y proud of this honor which came to her. Yes, June is trul y an all-round Alpha Sig and that is why Theta Theta Cha pter has chosen her a s our " Alpha Girl. "

io r and senior class council ; vi ce-president of Student Senate; chairman of its May Day committee; chairman of its philanthropic committee; and chairman of the Student Senate N ati onal Student Association ' s Relationship Committee . As a sorority member she has been very popul ar for her steady reliability in all committee work and her sweet personality that radiates an inner serenity. She has carried the prestige of th e so ror ity to every p art of the campus.

CAROLYN TU RNER, 11 11 W hat are Alpha oirls made of? Ta ke a tall Pi Pi'er with personal i ntegri t y, h igh ideals, sympathetic understanding , and the name o f Carol y n Turner . To the se you add high schol a stic ability and the atta inm ent is membership in Kapp a Delta Pi and appoi ntment a s Jun1or Cou nci lor to a group of Freshmen. Conti nue by addi ng arigmality and she becom e a member in Art Kraft Klub, Cost i n() Hall Dramatic Club, and on Class Committees . Now add r esponsibili t y, and you have a Preside nt of her Dormitory, Vice President of Art Kraft Klub, and a Registrar and Pres ident of Alpha S1gma Alpha Sorority. In completion, a dd spintual v alues and loyal friendships . The result is the outstanding Alpha G1rl of Pi Pi Chapter, Carolyn Turner .

Janet Nutt, energetic and talented, IS prominent soc :ally and scholastically at college . As a leader she was tw1ce elected to Student Government, once to Panhellenic Council, and clima x ed her serv1ce as vi cepresident and president of Nu Nu Chapter of A:EA . Jan, a Home Ec. who makes her awn clothes and works at the dorm1tory to earn her board , also p art icipates 1n the YWCA, the swimming team , and a religious organization . Yet with all these activities she holds the highest average in the chapter and m embership in three h ono rar y soci eties and was listed in Who 's W ho in American Colleges and Universities. With great pride Nu Nu presents Jan as i t s Alpha Girl for 1951.

MAY, 1951


for 1951 PATSY EARL, TT Tau Tau Chapter has chosen Patsy Earl as the i r Alpha Girl. Pat is a junior, majoring in Art. Pat has been president of Tigerettes, Campus Booster Council , and is the new prexy of Kappa Pi, nonorary art fraternity . She has given a great deal of her time to sorority work, serving us as Editor and Vice-president. She supplies us with many clever ideas for parties, stunts, and floats. Alwa ys cheerful, she is fun to know. Being sincere and dependable, Pat is popular with everyone . She has been Revei lie Queen and The Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma. Talented , reliable , friendly, Patsy Earl is the ideals of Alpha Sigma Alpha personified.



As president of Phi Phi Chapter this past yea r, Nerine Norris has proved to her sisters that .she is a loyal Alpha Sig through and through. And Nerine pos-

Berniece Bradley, our beloved president is Chi Chi chapter 's Alpha Girl for 1951. Her genuine love for her fellow man and her winning personality have given her a very special place in the hearts of not only Chi Chi Alpha Sigs, but also in the hearts of all who know her .

sesses the self assurance, poise, and personality which other girls respect. That is why we choose her to be our leader. We have had a glo riou s year in Alph a Sigma Alpha under her leadership . Nerine is a living example of the highest inspirations of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She has a true spirit of unselfishness, loyalty, and generosity. But , what we feel is most important, Nerine inspires her sisters to Seek, Aspire , Attain .

Her ambition and wonderful attitude hove been an inspiration to all of us of Chi Chi chapter. In scholarship Berniece surpasses many, ranks with others, and fa II s beneath few. Her determination to do a good job of everything she endeavors can best be described in our own motto , "Seek, Aspire,

Attain. " She is ve~y acti ve in campus activities and has become o vi tal part in our student legislature, has been secretary of the student executive council and secretary treasurer of the inter-sorority council. A true sister, Berniece has lived up to and added to the glory of our high standards . We are truly proud to say that Berniece Bradley is an Alpha Girl in mind and spirit .

DOLLIE SMITH, '짜'짜 Doll ie Smith, a junior English major, is a very acti ve and v ersatile Alpha Sig. At the annual Christmas Dance which is known as the " Potpourri Ball " (the Potpourri is our yearbook) Dollie was presented as " Miss Potpourri ." She also served on the Name Band Committee. Dollie is o member of Ka;>pa Delta Pi , National Educational Fraternity, and wrote the skit for the Kappa Delta Pi initiation for this ye ar . She also served on The Leadership Conference Committee, a conference given annuall y for the benefit of women students on the Northwestern Campus. It was none other than Dollie who wrote the skit put on by members of the Associated Women Students as a portion of the program for Conference Night. Doll ie was mistre~s of ceremonies at the "Annual Backwards Dance " gi ven by the AWS. Progressing from reporter last year she now writes o column " One Coed ' s Concept " for the " Current Sauce," our weekly newspaper at NSC. Besides maintaining a B a ve rage which entitles her to hold a legisl at ive scholarship, Dollie has a half time working scholarship by which she is helping put h erself through school. Besides being loved by the Alpha Sigs , Dollie is a well-liked and friendly girl and is well known on her college campus . Possessi ng leadership, scholarship , and character, she is a true Alpha Sigma Alpha girl with definite A~A ideal s" Live each day to its ultimate good " describes Dolli e Smith .



Alpha Girls of '51 SALLY ANN HURST, BI' A t rue A lpha Sig ma Sweet heart ts blueeyed, blo nde So lly H u rst, Beta Gamma 's Alph a Gi rl f or 1951. Ch a p t er m em bers o re p roud o f thei r pet tt e presi d ent whose sweet manner and quiet wa ys hove mode h er a fr iend of ever yon e o n th e cam p u s a t N o rth ea st ern St ate Co ll ege. Duri ng her f o ur-year sta y at N o rtheast ern , Soll y has motnto in ed a g rade o verage o f B, and has worked every y ear i n t he o ff ice of the Bustness Education deportment . Other act ivi t ies in which our Soll y h as porttc ipoted include senior student counc il representat ive, historian and choplo in o f Pi Om ega Pi, hon orar y bus in ess fra t ernit y; m ember o f the W omen 's Student Govern i ng Boord, and presi dent of the Panh ell en ic counci l. Th is ye ar sh e was selected fo r m embership in Who's Who i n Amertcon Co lleg es and Un iversi t ies. Lost fall , Soll y introduced a stud y prog ram for pledg es and m embers which b rought Al p ha Sig s the top grade o v erage o n the cam pu s f o r t h e f i rst sem est er .



Mary Tom , better kno wn as " Little M .T ." is the presi dent of Beta Delta chapter, w e all think that she is a very special person. Mary Tom has spent her time as on Alpha Sig i n devo t ing her energy and efforts to the advancement of her chapter. Along w ith her pleasi ng personality and grac ious att itudes, she is noted for her reliabi lity, perserveronce and initiat ive . She is ed i tor of the 1951 So utherner, college y earbook, member of Alpha Psi Omega , honorary dramat ic fratern it y, listed in ~~ who 's Who in Amer ican Univerisities and Co lleges," B.S.U. and Christian Federat io n Reporter, and also serv ed on th e staff of the Student Pri ntz, coll ege n ew spa per f o r thre e y ears, and was featured i n t h e beauty section of the or.nuol . Becau se o f h er endl ess q u al it ies o f leadersh ip and sch o larsh ip, Beta Delta is sure that it 's "Li ttle M . T ." wi ll be a su cce ss tn h er eve ry en dea vo r.

Dot has been a co nstant insptrot to n and g ui d i ng force to Beta Epsilon wi th h er understanding fr i.,ndltness, stn k tng pot se, and impressive si nceretty , thus mok tng her trul y worthy of the n ommotton a s Beta Eps i lon ' s Alpha Girl. Reg istrar of BE Chapter dunng her jun tor y ear, Dot has also been on ardent part icipant in the YWCA , serv i ng a s vi ce-president in 1950-51 . In the summ er of 1950, Dot attended the Notional Leodershtp Tra i ning School for " Y " campu s leaders at the University of Chicago . She wa s chosen f o r membersh ip in Ko;:>po De lta Pt, Who 's Who, i n Amer ican Co lleges and U nt v ersi t ies, German Club, and the co llege's Com m tttee o n Curr iculum Planni ng . Throug h her ex troordtnory musical obi ltt y sh e has fa i thfull y serv ed the Glee Club, bet n g vi cepresident lost y ear , and for four ye ars has been on active member of t he A eo lian Club. We feel that our Alpha girl t y p tf tes the htghest physical , i ntellectual , soc to l, and sp i ri tual standards in a most effec t tve and genui ne manner.

JAN ET DELHOMMER, B Z Janet Armstrong Delhommer has dtstingutshed herself tn all ftelds o f ca mpus ltfe. She ts among the very best women deba ters and college s-:Jeoke rs tn the U n ti ed States. Lost year she won ftrst place tn the LouiStono Peace Orotton and f ourth pl a ce tn Nottonol com-:Jettlton . Her rec:>rd of debates 15 equally ftne, hovin2 won all but ten of forty-four tnter-collegtote debotes-wtth colleges such as U n tve rSi t y of Flondo; Texas , MISsourt , Alabama and Louistono State UniverSity. Thus tor thiS year she has won ftrst place in the two tournaments entered. Amon:~ several other honorary and servtce orgontzottons she IS a member of the Vermilion Honor Soctety, a soctety whose membershtp requtre outstondtng ochtevement both tn sch:>losttc and e trocurrtculo work. She has a tremendous amount of dnve and ts completely reltoble. We of Beta Zeta con only odd that tt has been both a prtvtlege and a JOY to hove her as our Prest dent .




Sparkling personality, unsurpassed sweetness , and capable leadership ha ve led us to choose Jeanette Tryznka as our Alpha Girl. Her high ideals and sincere interest i n others make her one of our most popular students. Jeanette is a sophomore at DSTC and in her two years here has contributed outstandingl y to both sorority and campus activi t ies. While a Freshman sh e was secretary of her class. This y ear we find her President of Womens' League and our Beta Eta Chapter . While - a senior at Dickinson Central High she was chosen Homecom ing Queen, and just recentl y Jeanette w a s ch osen from the Order of Rainbow to represent North Dakota at th e convention in New Mexi co . To Beta Eta Jeanette is an All-American girl who excels i n everything she endeavors.

Eve ry year our chapter has chosen a sen ior to bear the honor of candidate for the Small Award. This year it occurred aga in, and rightl y so. Mary has been an honor st udent her four y ears here . She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi , the national education fraternity and Sigma Tau Delta , the national English fraternity. Her interests ha ve been spread thin ', but wi.del y and whole-heartedly. The y include her church , mus ic, her vocation , teaching , sports, and most of all, just people. Her ye ar as our president has been enjoyed b y all of u s and we know she gave us her best. We wish her our best in her career and future. Andrew Johnso n. Yes , she has a love ly gem on th e appropriate finger .

BETTY JEWELL FURROW, BI Betty Jewell has served a s President of Beta Iota Chapter of Alpha Si gma Alpha for the school session o f 1950-51 . We feel that she has done an excell ent job of leading us through a successful ye ar. In h er ow n field , Business, she has made excellent progress and has been o ffered the position of t eacher of Business Educat ion at Radford High School , which automaticall y makes h er supervisor of st udent teachers unti l the end of this schoo l session . She has al ways shown a ge nu ine interest in the tasks and feelings of ot h er people. On all

occa sions,



Christ mas , Val enti ne

Da y, Rush , etc. , she has planned the functions so that all could take part and all enjoyed it to the fullest. Sh e has many duties besides th ose she has in so rorit y and is constantl y doing things for others. She is fr iendl y, cooperative , understanding , and every part an A'5:.A. She is si ncere in her thi nking and act io ns.

SHIRLEY ZIEGLER, BK With out stand ing per sonality and ver y capable qualities of leadership, Shirl ey Ziegler sets a very good example for Alp ha Sigma A lpha. H er quality of leadership was probably one of th e many rea sons sh e w a s elected to se rve as Beta Kappa Chapter President during 1950, 1951. H er power in understa nding and listening to ot h er peopl e's p rob lem s help to make h er such a good lea der . Although Shi rl ey is qui et and reserved-her friendliness and eterna l smi le make her a friend of everyone. T o see the freckles on her nose one would im agine she is an out-of-doo r girl-and sh e is! Not o nl y does. she do ve r y well in the tennis field but she is an all around sport in game and life . With her abil i ti es she has wise ly chosen Phys ical Education a s h er majo r, and Art as her minor for her col lege ca reer . We wish you cou ld m eet Shi rl , we know you would l ike her . Beta Kappa is proud to have a gi rl w h o is so mature in mind and sensib le i n duty for thei r Alpha Girl.


8 PATSY MINTON , B.\ PreSident of Beto Lombdo chapter, President of the local chapter of Future Teachers of America , and Secretory of the Student Council ore some of the offices held by Patsy Minton, our Alpha G~rl. Beside these she is organist of the First Baptist Church, pianist for the K1wonis club and served on the Kiwanis committee on their camp for underprivileged children . Patsy is also outstanding 1n scholarship and was chosen by the faculty for Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges on the basis of her contribution to campus life and her potential worth as a citizen after graduation. Patsy is also a member of Alpha Chi, the honorary scholastic fraternity on the Arkansas State Teachers College compus. To be a member you must maintain on overage of B-plus or above in all work. Patsy 1s o true friend and a wonderful person , so Beta Lambda is proud to present her as the If Alpha Girl.



Emily Hobbs , our Alpha Girl , has the qualities loyal Alpha Sigs should possess. She has been pres1dent of three of the most important organizations on our compus, a leader in her profession, Home Econom ics, o leader in her school, Heart and Key president , and o leader in religion , Student Christian Association. Her leadership qualit ies ore well distributed , ond she is certainly o versatile leader . She is o member of Kappa Delta Pi , on honor society in education. This and her high grades show Emily is scholastically on Alpha Sig. She participates in our intramurals both as spectator and player. Emily is always there and always working as a leader and also as a follower . It is the little things that count and during Em ily's years of service to Alpha Sig these little things hove built up to make Emil y on Alpha Girl.

Lois Piehler, is indeed a shining example of one who has attained the h ig h ideals of Alpha Sigma Alpha . During her four years of membersh ip Lois has unselfishly devoted her talents and interests for the betterment of those around her . She has continually strived to achieve recognition for our chapter through her membership in college and community activities. Lois has always placed the welfare of the chapter above any personal benefits that she might hove gained from her extra-curricular accomplishments . Her personality characteristics ore of the highest calibre. She is friendly, sincere, loyal, intelligent, and her op1nions ore regarded highly by faculty, students and fr iends. Lois has gained a special place in the hearts of all of us and we ore happy and proud to nome her_as our Alpha Girl.

LA VORA HOLLAND, Bl'i Besides being so conscientious and hardworking for Alpha Sig, our La Voro has worked with the Chemistry Club and Beta Beta Beta, Notional Honora ry Biolog ical Fraternity . La IS well-liked by all the students. She has proven her popularity by bemg elected by the whole campus, as a Campus Favorite. At our M istletoe Donee which she worked for so hard, she (and her dote) were elected the Sweetheart Couple. La has really given of her t ime and effort to see that Alpha Sig does and has the best . She mode plans in the summer for our Chnstmos cord soles to make money for our new club room . She arranged for our selling food 1n the g~rls ' dorm1tory. These hove been very profitable and enior,oble projects because of the encouragement and effort of our president, " La.'

JEANNE MURPHY, B'!' Beta Xi Chapter of :!:A proudly nominates Jeanne Murphy as thelf Alpha Girl. Jeanne 1s a pet1te, dark h01red Junior from Long Island. She may be small, but she is pocked full of v1m, v1gor and v1tolity. She is now V1ce Pres1dent of A:!: and lost year held the office of Reg1stror . Th1s year Jeanne 1s on our slate of off1cers for PreSident. She 1s always willing and eager to toke on added respons1billt1es for her soronty, college and commun1ty and she IS a defmite leader 1n all three . Dunng her Freshman year she was chosen by all of her classmates as one of the class off1cers and thiS year was oppo1nted Assoc1ote Ed1tor of the Yearbook. Jeanne 1s also on active member of Modern Donee, Glee Club and the Women's Athlet1c AssOCiation . Jeanne also volun teers her help on prOJeCts such os the venous Prom comm1ttees and class assembly programs. Best of luck " Little Murph," Beta X1 ' s pet nome for Jeanne.

MAY, 1951





Wayne University's Rho Chi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha proudly presents as " Rho Chi 's Alpha Girl for 1951 ," Miss Jean Carter. She is a graduating Senior who is an Art Education major . After graduation this June, she intends to work for her Master 's Degree the following year. Our " Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair" and laughing eyes is a talented artist. She tackles Rho Chi 's artistic problems from large display boards (used during sorority week) to eye catching Fortune Telling signs (used for our charity carni v al) without complaint . As a hobby Jeanie has been practicing her photography at many of ou r rush parties . This enables us to have a more v ivid Al:A Scrapbook of memories . Jeanie has been a popular and very acti ve figure in the student government at Wayne throughout her four ye; being elected · in the campus wide election to represent her class during her Freshman , Sophomore, and Junior years. In her Senior year Jeanie received a high honor for herself and for our Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority when she was elected President of Wayne University's I ntersorority Council. Also Jeanie is an Assistant Teacher in the Wayne Art Department, a member of the University Programs Planning Committee by appointment of the President of Wayne University, Dr . Henry; and Social Editor of the Senior Yearbook .

Norma Jean Ellis, our Al:A Treasurer, is not only loyal to our sorority but also gives her talents to the Chamber of Commerce; directs the social activities of the Girls ' Hall, in her office as Social Chairman; represents Beta Pi in the Panhellenic Council , and keeps busy in her spare time working as a library assistant in the college library . She will represent Alpha Sigma Alpha this Spring by serving as a Princess in our May Day Court . Norma Jean is now a senior in Concord College, working on a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education . She is working in two major fields , Library Science and Business Education . Norma i• well liked by both her Alpha Sisters and fel low students, and a wonderful asset to Beta Pi Chapter.

Known to almost everyone on the Northern Illinois campus by her winning smile and friendly personality as well as for her contributions to the organizations in which she is active , Elizabeth Gall was not only the logical but the unanimous choice of Beta Rho for its "A lpha Girl." Besides serving her sorority as chaplain and editor, Elizabeth presided over Alpha Delta , the national honorary journalism fraternity and was active in three other honorary fraternities. Demonstrating outstanding literary ability, Elizabeth had numerous short stories and poetry published in the college literary magazine and one poem was selected for publication in the Anthology of College Poetry which represents only the best work of college students throughout the countr y. As their member who best t y pifies the ideals of Al:A, Beta Rho presents Elizabeth Gall, their nominee for Miss Alpha Sigma Alpha .

Alpha Girls of '51

JEAN REILLY, B:S Beta Sigma 's Alpha Girl is Jean Reilly, past treasurer and incoming president of our chapter. Jean is also president of the Home Economics Club, Treasurer of the Newman Club and a member of the Honorary Home Economics Fraternity . Besides the se acti vi ties Jean teachers dancing, entertained the vete ran s at O' Reilly Hospital , performed in Kiwanis and Shrine Shows. She also is acti ve in v arious church organizations and worked on the Red Cross Drive. For the past t wo years she has been choreographer for our school production Folio Follies. Beside this she has worked on floats, script, dances and rummage sales, and holds th i rd ranking place i n scholarship in our chapter.



After a delicious luncheon, Mrs. Robert C. Grady, Notional Registrar, gave a brief talk on "Our First Fifty Years." The group of approximately thirty-five members sang many V I RGINIA-November, 1950 •.\:S.-\ songs, after which Mrs. Norman Leek, Fifty-six Alpha Sigmas from Washington, President of the Richmond Alumnae Chapter, D. C. , Suffolk, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Ports- led a panel discussion on the cooperation of mouth , Hampton , Radford, Harrisonburg, college and alumnae chapters regarding rushFarmville and Richmond met at the Hotel ing, proposed philanthropic projects, recomJohn Marshall on November 4th to observe mendation blanks, Panhellenic affiliation , and the first State Day in Virginia . the 1952 National Convention to be held at We were fortunate to have with us two of the Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia . the original founders of our sorority, Mrs . We attribute the success of the day to Miss Henry E. Gilliam and Miss Mary Williamson Virginia Wall, Adviser of Alpha Chapter, Mrs. Hundley . Also as our special guests we had L. D. Frined, Jr. , Chairman of State Day, and Miss Virginia Carpenter, National Vice Pres- · Miss Ann Ireland of Norfolk, Secretary-Treaident, of Cleveland, Ohio, Miss Virginia Wall, surer of State Day. It was determined to have Adviser of Alpha Chapter, of Longwood Col- the next State Day one year hence at Charlege, Farmville, Virginia, and Miss Marie lottesville, Virginia . Louise Boje, Advisor of Beta Epsilon Chapter, of Madison College , Harrisonburg, Virginia . Mrs. Robert C. Grady, National Registrar OKLAHOMA and State Day Chairman, commented on the Oklahoma's first Alpha Sigma Alpha State offices and duties of the National organizaDay, April 21 , 1951, will be a Red Letter Day tion at the morning session . long remembered by each and every .-\_ .\ who Miss Virginia Carpenter, National Vice registered at the Biltmore Hotel here in OklaPresident, was the luncheon speaker . She homa City. talked on the phases of Extension and . :S 's How proud we were of Virginia Carpenter, place in the fraternity world. Following Miss our charming National Vice President and Carpenter's speech , entertainment was prospecial guest of honor! The morning busivided by Mrs. C. R. Hollowell of Portsmouth ness session, which she conducted (wearing a singing "Always" and "Begin the Beguine," accompanied by Mi.s s Emily Leitner, also of white carnation corsage presented her by the Portsmouth . The Alpha Chapter girls pre- Tahlequah Alumnae), made · us all feel so sented a skit. Group singing was enjoyed by much closer to our sorority, with her report on our national organization and the status all. The afternoon session was a panel discus- of our college chapters. Miss Carpenter's vivid sion led by Mrs . M . A. Palmer of Richmond descriptions of each of our National Officers and Miss Ann Ireland of Norfolk who discussed and Committee Chairmen gave us living perquestions about Panhellenic, Rushing, Exten- sonalities for the names we have so often seen Iisted on the directory pages of the Phoenix. sion and Philanthropic Work . Our luncheon program, spiced with musiIt was a grand feeling to renew old friendcal numbers from both the Beta Gamma and sh ips again! Gamma Gamma undergraduates gave us even more information from Miss Carpenter on VIRGINIA-April, 1951 the goals and contributions of national sororTh is being our 50th Anniversary year, we ities, plus a thoroughly enjoyable talk by Miss journeyed back to Farmville, the site of the Edna Donley (GG) of Alva who chose " ·'founding of our sorority. Historic " Longwood in 1951" as her topic . Jonnie Gentry (GG), House " was the scene of our 2nd Annual State our own Oklahoma City Alumnae President, Day celebration on April 7th . Dr. Dabney presided at the luncheon . Lancaster, Pres ident of Longwood College, The afternoon panel discussion, during and Mrs. Lancaster were among the distin - which we were especially pleased to hear digu ished guests at the luncheon . We were rectly from our college girls, concluded our hono red too, to have Mrs . Joseph L. Jones, day's business sessions in time for the Panour First National Pres ident, of Sheppards, hellenic Tea honoring our National Vice Virg in ia , with us. President.

State Days

MAY, 1951


SPEAKERS' TABLE AT THE LUNCHEON Reading left to right: Helen Malone, BG, Tulsa Alumnae Pres ident and Co-Chairman for State Day; Zelma Branso n, GG, Al va Alumnae President; Jonnie Gentry, BG, O k lahoma City Alumnae President; Virginia Carpe nter, Gu es t of Honor; Freda Burtner, BG, State Day Chairman; Edna Do nley, GG, Alva Alumnae, Luncheon Speaker.

Our theme for this first State Day was strictly "Oklahoma ." 1 The Day's programs were enclosed in co~ers (designed and furnished by the Muskogee Alumnae) bearing an Indian Warrior in all his bright-hued war paint. The luncheon table decorations, originated and furnished by the Tulsa Alumnae, furthered the "Oklahoma" theme with place mats in the form of our state map, Indian teepee menu cards, and tiny tom-toms for favors. Oklahoma's oil industry wasn't omitted either: the Speakers' table boasted two oil derricks supporting a streamer saying "WELCOME A ~ A. "

Time passed so very quickly from registration time at 10:00 a . m . (with identification tags furnished by our Alva Alumnae for each of the 50 A~ A 's who attended, and pinned on each Alpha by Edith Smith, GG, and Billye Hogue, BG, acting as our official "Greeters" and registrars), through our morning business meeting, our luncheon, and the afternoon panel discussion, that .we could hardly believe it was "all over" when-as our last business action-we elected Helen Malone, BG, Tulsa Alumnae President, to be our Chairman for the 1952 Alpha Sig State Day to be held in Tulsa next Spring.

Some of our Alpha Sigs and some of our guests at the Panhellenic Tea in th e Mirror Roo m of the Biltmore Hote l.



Hoosier Alpha Sigma Alpha's assembled at Ball State Teachers College for their second State Day observance on April 2 I . From South Bend and Fort Wayne in the northern part of the state, New Albany down on the Ohio River and from Indianapolis and other nearby cities thirty-four alumnae converged on the Ball State Campus . Forty-five Chi Chi undergraduates were on hand to greet us.

their welcome. Frances Shaw responded for the out-of-town guests. The luncheon speaker was Mrs. Bert McCammon of Indianapolis whose subject was "Building Fraternity Foundations" and appropriately the place cards were small A~A houses on which was printed the slogan "Let's add another brick." Telegrams of greetings were read from Wilma Wilson Sharp, our National President and from Marie R. Kingdon of Indianapolis . Following this Helen Selvage Nob Iitt presented her original record of Alpha Sigma Alpha Songs to Chi Chi chapter. The luncheon program was closed with a radio skit, "Call Ball State if You Need a Teacher." In the afternoon session Genevieve S. Leib, National Editor, conducted a panel discussion . Those participating were: Shirley Trent of Chi Chi; Mildred Zoss, South Bend; Geraldine Holton, Kentuckiana; Eva Kiewett, Ft. Wayne; June Widmyer, Muncie; and Florence Lull of the Indianapolis chapter. The skies over Muncie wept copiousl y as we regretfully parted to meet again next April in lndianapol is. PENNSYLVANIA


Registration took place in the second floor corridor of the Arts Building . Here we received our name tags and programs for the day, and then proceeded into the east lounge where members of the Muncie Alumnae Chapter with Kathleen Mabess as chairman, were serving hot coffee . Nadine Le Clare, State Chairman , opened the meeting and called for reports on their chapters from Mrs. George Gamble, president of the newly organized Kentuckiana chapter; Miss Frances Shaw, president of the Indianapolis chapter; Mrs. Joseph Lewellan, Muncie chapter; Mrs. A loss from South Bend and Miss Eva Kiewett of Fort Wayne . Mrs. George Kuhn of Lafayette sent a telegram expressing her regret at be ing unable to attend . Following this Mrs. Richard Rice, Philanthropic chairman , gave a report on the Philanthropic work being done in Ind iana and Mrs. Howard McDav itt told of her activities in the interest of extension . At twelve -thirty we had a delicious luncheon in the college recreation room . Berniece Brad ley, President of Chi Chi Chapter was toastmistress and presented J . Farry and M . Randall , Chi Ch i undergraduates who sang

Spring weather and the Alpha Sigs came out together on Saturday, April 21, 1951. The Burgundy Room of the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia was the scene of our States Day . Eight girls from Theta Theta Chapter at Boston University took advantage of " Patriots Day" (Paul Revere, remember?) a Massachusetts hoi iday on Thursday, and by cutting a few classes on Friday, were able to be with us. They were guests of the Kappa Kappa's at Temple. Jean Grady, National Registrar, drove up from Richmond, Virginia, bringing with her Jean Drinkwater and Rebecca Settle. They spent Saturday night in the Panhellenic House at Drexel Institute with some of the Nu Nu girls . We were happy to have these visitors ~t our States Day and to hove them contribute to it . Patricia Detrow Byers, National Constitution Chairman , came from Pittsburgh, Po . Pat, a Temple graduate , had a real homecoming after an absence of four years. Eighty-six Alumnae and College girls had a delicious luncheon . One of the high spots was the singing of Alpha Sig songs to the melodious? accompaniment of "Ukes" which are now running rampant at the Kappa Kappa House. Helen Corey, National Secretary presided . After the introductions she read the

MAY, 1951


Leaders in Co llege Discussion Theta Thetas who attended Pennsy lvania State Day

lovely telegram from our National President Wilma Sharp. A program followed. Mario~ Phillips a KK Pledge played "Claire de Lune" followed by "Night and Day." Wilma Hughes, NN, sang "Old Man River." A group of NN girls did a soft shoe routine to "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy." A surprise number was Joanne Miller and Louise Hettler of KK and their Ukes. Dressed in old fashioned costumes they sang "Somebody Stole My Gal," "Ain't She Sweet," "Mississippi Mud" and "The Sheik of Araby." The program closed with the K_K undergraduateT singing the original Alpha S1g song that they sang for Greek sing . (Incidentally they won first place). I

After a short recess we assembled for a meeting which provided inspiration for each of us . After hearing "Take Time to Think" written by our National President, Wilma Sharp and read to us by Clair Fritz O'Neill , six college girls presented their ideas on "Take Time to Work, " Jan Nutt, NN; " Take Time to Read ," Libby Boido, NN; "Take Time to Dream ," Beverly Brooks, NN ; "Take Time to Love," Nancy Munyan, NN; " Take Time to be Loyal ," Joan Holden , KK; " Take Time to be / Friendly/ ' Joanne Miller, KK. In a few words these girls provided mature and inspiring ideas to guide, not only our discussion groups which followed but also our work after we had returned to our every day lives . The Alums met in a stimulating round table discussion . Their main concern was how to increase participation in Alumnae activities . It was recommended that more interest in the college girl 's , activities would encourage the latter's interest in continuing association with Alpha Sigma Alpha after graduation . Alumnae should be more willing to help with such

things as Rushing preparations, making party favors, etc . Representation at the ir rush parties, it was felt, would greatly aid in rushing . The possibilities of a news exchange between Alumnae chapters which would stimulate ideas and projects was discussed. Life Membership and ways and means of aiding with Extension work, were Iisted as important projects for Alumnae . At the same time, the college group was meeting . The th.eme for this discussion was "Accent on Rushing Techniques ." The discussion was led by the National Registrar, Jean Grady. The topics of interest were the quota system, Panhellenic rules, budgets for parties, types of parties and number of parties permitted . Although there were three college chapters represented, it was interesting to note the widely divergent campus situations. Theta Theta is one of fourteen NPC groups, Nu Nu is one of four and Kappa Kappa is one of si x. The girls were pleased with the idea of the new recommendation blank which has been found successful on many campuses. This can be a strong link between Alumnae and College groups. The two groups reconvened fo r a summarization of their separate meetings . Our final accents by Helen Corey were on Life Membership and the 1952 Conventi on. The States Day was closed in true Alpha Sig style-by group singing. The enthusiasm was vocal-"we can hardl y wait to tell the others," " We 've learned so much " and final 路ly see you at Convent ion ." The " Goodbye eagerness and interest of a ll who attended made us feel that we should get togethe r more often. 路we say " thanks" t o all who were part of our States Day.





Brood Sm iles a nd loud exclamat ions of joy were in evide nce at the Naval Hos pital , Be th esda , Maryla nd, whe n Ell en Britton and I appea red there on a sunny wi nte r da y ca rryi ng with us two beaut ifu l M oto ro la television se ts. They wel l dese rve th e top rat ing for design accorded to th e m by the a rt ists who did the judgi ng . As Ellen and I wen t up in the elevato r, accompanied by Elsie Cabell, Head Re c reat io n Worke r at the hospi tal (who wa s on .\~ . \ at Farmville) several patients on the elevato r expressed their joy at the sigh t of the gifts. Where were we placing them? W ere we really giving them to the hospital? We went from the elevator to the word where all was in readiness for the presenta t ion ceremony . Stoff doctors, nurses, and many patients were waiting for us . In presenting them I expressed hope that the bed patients, who, because of the nature of their injuries were unable to go to the recreation room , would find television of obsorbmg interest. My thanks go ou t to each Alpha Sigma

Alpha wh o contributed to the Philanthropic Pro ject of Reg ion I. You ho ve done a tremendous service fo r your country. Bess ie Fe rgu so n Cory, Cha irman Region I UN ITED ST ATES NAVA L HOSPITAL NATIONAL NAVAL M EDICAL CENTER BET HESDA, MARYLAND Dear M rs. Cary : We should like to thank you and Alpha Sigma Alpha far the twa television sets which you donated to patien ts here at the Naval Hasp1tal. Each of these sets is now in wards where there are many Korean casualties. We believe that these sets give mare pleasure rhan anything else that you and your group could have donated. The patients turn the sets an in the morning , and are watching constantly until bed t1me . When there IS an extremely goad program an, the ward Medical Officer gives permission far the sets to be kept an a l1ttle later than the usual hour. Please thank the members of Alpha Sigma Alpha for their generos1ty. We wish that we could thank each one personally. We trust that you and some members of yo ur group wtll be able to v1s1t the hosp1tal agatn soon, so that you can see for yourselves how much pleasure the two televiSIOn se ts are g1ving these patients. Sincerely yours, Miss) D. Elizabeth Dav1s Field Director IM1ssl Els1e Cabell Head Recreation Worker

MAY, 1951


COMMUNITY DRIVES STRENGTHENED BY A :IE A FORCES -Again thi s yea r Beta Delta chapter is sponso ring a drive for the American H eart As sociation. Our drive here on the campus began Febru ary 12, and wil l run until the 23rd of this m onth. We sent in to the American Heart Association a pproximately eighty-five (85) dollars and hope to do a s we) I thi s year . We have given a great deal of publicity to the drive by

me ans of posters, rad io anno uncements, chapel announcement . A letter has been w r itten to every organization on the campus a ski ng for donations. Beta Rhos are looking forw ard to h elping wit h the annual Cancer dri v e i n the community and on campus. As in past ye ars, they wil l ta ke charge of that wo rth y cause. Beta Zetas participated again th is year in th e March of Dimes Campaign . We wore red skirts, . white blouses with

Gamma Clios Plan Parties At Cortland Children's Home For our community project this ye ar we have selected the Cortland Children 's H ome. We have had a series of parties for them on specific holidays and enjoyed doing it very much. We have al so planned other p rojects such as dr ives for to ys, games and clothing . Our soro rity has al so voluntee red its servi ces to several teas given in the community.

the red i n i t i a I s A'5:.A embroidered on the center front neck, and red caps with white A'5:.A initials on the b il l. Thi s time we carr ied ''i ron lungs" instead of milk bottle . The girls looked very attracti ve and typical of Alpha Sigs in red and w h ite. In spite of the ra iny we ather we cleared $ 1 17.4 7 that day on the Sout hweste rn campus. The money wa s added to the amount collected in the city and by now is being used t o h elp some unfortunate vi cti m of infantile p aral ysis. We take great pride in this project and enjoy the work it involves as we ll a s the service it stands for. This year New York Alums decided to find opportunities in ou r own communities for vo lunteer se rvice. Many of us serve civil defense through ou r schools. Others work in Red Cross. It seems I ittle enough but eve ry bit helps .

Army-Navy Veterans At Hot Springs Entertained By Beta Mu Talent The wo rk of Beta Mu Vo lunteers a t the Army-N a vy Hospital in H ot Springs is progressing n icely. We are scheduled to ente rtain the first Sunday of every month in w hat we call our ward. One does n 't realize how lucky sh e is until she v isi ts any wa r d in any V.A. hospital.

NU NUS PARTY HOSTESSES AT PHILADELPHIA NAVAL HOSPITAL I n December, t h e actives broug hf in can n ed and packaged foods w hi ch we packed in an attracti ve ly deco rat ed basket and delivered to the Reed St reet Community Center in Philadelphia. T he staff of the Center distributed it t o the most needy fomi lies for Christmas. We received a letter rece ntly asking the chapter to partiall y or entirely suppo rt a w ar orphan. Since we felt financially unable to comp lete l y suppo rt qne person, we and

other soro r ities brought the matter to the Ponhellenic Counci l and th e problem is now under discussion there . The Counci l will probably decide to support on e child with contributions from all of the five Drexe l soro rities . At the lost chapte r meeting the members decided to make another trio to Naval H ospital in Ph ii odelphio to oct as hostesses for d o nees and parties. Thi s, we feel , is a wo rthw h i le project, and is also interesting for the gir ls themselves.

COSMETIC SALES PROVIDE CAPITAL FOR THETA THETA PROJECTS Theta Theta chapter's philanthropic work this ye ar has hod to do mostl y with elementary schoo l children and has been very successf ul. First se mester we mode stuffed dol ls for the School of Ed .'s annual Christmas Part y for unde rprivi leged children. We al so helped as a group and individu all y t o run the pa rty. Some of us mode posters, were on the refreshment committee, helped repair toys, make popcorn ba ll s, etc . The day of the party we all worked as a group from 12 noon ti II after 6:00 wi th other students to help

make the party a success. Second sem este r we ore making chi ldren 's scrapbooks for th e children 's hospital in Boston. Also, many of us ore on the committee which is sponsori n g the Campus Chest Dri ve th is month. Thi s is one Iorge drive that collects money for

5 or 6 various causes at o nce . Another thing we did w hich we ore all proud of w a s to give ou r treasury a boost of a lmost $60 by se lling cosmetics before Chri stmas. Thi s was a new project that we thought was very successful.

CHAPTERS ''MARCH ON'' BETA SIGMAS P~ESENT VARIETY SHOW AT SPRINGFIELD'S V. A. HOSPITAL Although Beta Sigmas collected money in the theat res for the March of Dimes Campaign and sponsored the Cancer Dri ve on the campus, t hi s d idn 't seem enough. Since we do hove a Veterans Hospita l for tuber cular patients h ere in Springf ield , Mo., the Speci al Service Di r ect or w a s contacted. H e seemed very appreci a tive, so next month we wi II present a 11 V ari et y Show ." There is a lot of talent in the soror ity . H e also mentioned other vel unteer ser vice b u t we are rather

lim1ted in doing daytim e work a s the g~rls are 1n school. Next week there wi II be a school h eld for , one day for anyone interested in vo lunteer work. Several of us wi ll try to attend. One p hose particularl y interesting is Occupational Therapy. Th e Director said that there is n eed for Art Majors too. We hope we ore finall y getting into something that is wo rt h w hil e. The m en ore very grateful and need all the he lp they con get.

Chi Chis Known By Their Good Deeds

Fashion Show Bridge Boosts Funds For Buffalo Alums' Philanthropies

At Thanksgi v ing time we gave a needy family of Muncie a Iorge basket of food. The address w a s obtained fr om the we lfare departm ent of the Community Chest. It did our hearts good to see that the two children of the family would be abl e to eat al l the y w onted for Thanksgiving. A t present we ore collecting comfort art i c I es, stom ps, pocket-sized books, etc., to send to th e patients at Indianapolis Veteran s H osp ital. That box wil l go out soon. The girls of the chapter donated one Sat u rday afternoon to wroppi ng bandages at Boll Memorial H ospita l here in Muncie. We spent about two hours ea ch, and wrapped 1500 bandages. We ore plann ing to do more of that same work

as soon as we are needed , for other groups in Muncie do the some work as we did. Several of the girls have donated their Friday nights to entertai n ing the veterans at Ma rion Veteran's Ho spit al , Mario n , I nd . A total of 34 hours has been spent in this capacity by 19 A'5:.As . I ncidentolly, the girl chos en from the campus to be in charge of th~se evenings is on A'5:.A herself . A lso our Sorority has contributed to WSS F, World Student Service Fund , and to the Fellowship Loon Fund of sororit y.

On April 11 we ore pl anning ou r annua l Fashion ShowBridge Party -to be held in the new College Union . Our publicity chairman has contacted the local newspapersand we hope to hove a splurge of a w rite-up with pictures, etc. As the enti re proceeds of this endeavor go into our chapter's philanthropic fund we ore an xious that it be a big success. From this fund a scholarship is given at June commencement to any outstandi ng col lege senior. In Buffalo this schol arship replaces the time-hono red Jesse Kitchum schola rship me d a I . We hope this yea r to hove enough money to make on additional award to on outstanding Alpha Sig senior. Joan Steinmiller, Notional College Editor, got together a few of the talented Alpha Sigs lost Fall and presented on "Amateur Prog ram' ' entertainment at our local veterans hospital.

Rochester Alumnae Visit Co&,~nty Hospital Ladies The Rochester, N. Y., Alumnae ho ve been busy throughout the yea r visi ting our ladies we adopted at the county hospital. We hope to be of som e aid to Conondoiquo Veterans Hospital too. It 's n ot close enough for visiting, but we con collect magaz ines, etc., to help.

RICHMOND ALUMNAE WRAP BANDAGES FOR CANCER PATIENTS The Richmond A lumnae chapter has decided that the project for the year wou ld be helping the cancer v ictims in our community. Once a month our members go to th e Cancer Center and wrap bandages to

be used for the cancer patients being cored fo r at home . We feel that this project路 has filled a need in th e com- . munity, and we hove enjoyed doing this work.

i;nunr inll Contributors to

Alpha Sigma Alpha National Philanthropic Proiect COLLEGE




September, 1950-April 12, 1951

MAY, 1951



MAJOR OFFICERS OF MADISON COLLEGE Left to right : Maril yn Miller, President of the Y.W .C.A. ; Hiwana Cupp, Chairman of t he Honor Council ; Kathryn Chauncey, Editor of " The Breeze"; and Betty Hiner, President of the Stude nt Gove rnme nt Associati on.

As a result of the election for the six major offices on Madison College campus, Betty Hiner, Hiwona Cupp, Marilyn Miller, and Kathryn Chauncey were elected to serve as President of the Student Government Association , Honor Council Chairman, President of the Y.W.C.A., and Editor of "The Breeze," respectively . Betty 路 Hiner, who will head the student body, is a native of Waynesboro, Virginia . Majoring in elementary education, Betty served as sophomore and junior representative to the Student Council and acted as assistant recorder of points this year. Secretary of her sophomore class, vice-president of the Granddaughters' Club, the new Student Government President is a member of the Y.W.C.A. and German Dance Club . To assume the duties of Honor Council Chairman is Hiwana Cupp. Now residing in Bridgewater, Virginia, Hiwana, a modern language major, is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Scribblers, Curriculum Planning Commit-

tee, German Dance Club, and Alpha 路Rho Delta . She is editor of Beta Epsilon Chapter, editor of "Le Cercle Francais," and assistant copy editor of "The Schoolma 'am ." This yea r she also acted as junior representative and secretary of the Honor Council. From Clifton Forge, Virginia , is Marilyn Miller, new Y.W .C.A. President . Marilyn, a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Curriculum Planning Committee, Student Council, the "Y" Cabinet, Stratford Players, and German Dance Club. Kathryn Chauncey is to be Editor of the college's weekly pub Iication , " The Breeze ." Coming from Alexandria, Virginia , Kathryn is a library science major. In addition to being on the advertising staff of "The Breeze, " she has also acted as circulation manager, reporter, and news editor . A member of the Y.W .C.A., German Dance Club, Ex Libris Club, and Curriculum Planning Committee, Kathryn has served for two years as student government representative .




Delegate and Officers from Zeta Zeta, Warrensb urg, Mo.; delegate and visitors from Alpha Beta , Kirksville, Mo. ; Phi Phi , Maryville, Mo.; Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia , Kansas; Beta Sigma, Springfield, Mo.; Eta Eta, Pittsburg, Kansa s.

An Alpha Sigma Alpha College Chapter Workshop with work glamorized by carefully planned weekend activities was held on Central Missouri State College campus, Warrensburg, February 10-11 . Zeta Zeta chapter was hostess to representatives from the other Missouri chapters : Alpha Beta, Kirksville; Phi Phi , Maryville; Beta Sigma, Springfield; and two Kansas chapters, Epsilon Epsilon, Emporia, and Eta Eta, Pittsburg . Many factors combined to make the weekend successful including the weather which was perfect for motoring. As the guests arrived, beautiful Yeater Hall , Warrensburg, reminded one of an ~A Convention hotel. There were the joyous reunions, introductions, room assignmentsand the luggage-in large sizes to accommodate proper attire for the formal dance . The quick and warm friendliness that characterizes A~A gatherings was matched by the cordial atmosphere of Yeater Hall and the graciousness of the hostess chapter. Each guest was presented a printed schedule of the weekend events, informative for the occasion and attractive to tuck away among mementos.

Left to roght : Jackie LeVeske, Zeta Zeta Chapter, Warrensburg , Mo.; Donna Bunch, Alpha Beta Chapter, Korksvtlle, Mo.; Marone Noms, Pht Pht Chapter, Maryville, Mo.; Mrs. Sharp; Vorgtnto Brox, Epstlon Epstlon Chapter, Emporoo , Kans.; Ermodeen Mers, Beta Stgmo Chapter, Springfteld, Mo.; Roberto Evans, Eta Eta Chapter, Ptllsburg , Kans.

Following luncheon at Yeater Hall there was a tour of CMSC's campus which ended at the Library Assembly Room where the .\~A Workshop was held . Mrs. Fred M . Sharp, Notional President, conducted the Workshop. Each official chapter representative was provided a work packet. Present for a portion of the discuss ion sessions and contributing helpfully to them were the College Panhellenic Advisers; Mrs. J . P. Morris, Theta Sigma Upsilon, 1950-51 adviser and the 1951-52 adviser Mrs. Stella Chrisopher, Sigma Sigma Sigma. The Workshop was divided into four parts . Analyses of chapter strengths and weaknesses proved helpful in discussions of particular problems . The lively exchanges of chapter techniques and practical means of carrying out successful chapter procedures were balanced by a serious consideration of individual and group responsibil ities in the present campus, national and world situation . It was the concensus of opinion that A~ ,\'s social, spiritual and citizenship standards are held at higher and more effective levels by constant emphasis on chapter devotional periods, Ritualistic ceremonies and Alpha Accent Time . Participants in the Workshop were : Alpha Beta- Donna Bunch, Peggy Cullen ; Epsilon Epsilon-Virginia Br ix, Doris Wells, Betty Jo Leonard; Eta Eta-Roberto Evans; Phi Ph i-Nori ne Norris, Sergio Freis; Beta Sigma-Ermadeen Mers, Ruth Moore, Judith Bohrer; Zeta Zeta- Mrs. Loyd Grimes and Miss Reto Youmans, Advisers, Jackie LeVeske and other ZZ chapter officers . After a festive dinner at Yeater Hall most of the Alpha Sigmas attended on exciting bas-

MAY, 1951

19 12 :30. Too soon Zeta Zeta 's Golden Anni versary Dance and the regional Workshop had become another golden A~A me mory.

Ki ng aliJd Queen af the Al:A Dance Joe Newland and Barbara Ludlum .

ketball game. On its home court, the Warrensburg team met the Maryville team. For a short time A~A 's from Zeta Zeta and Phi Phi chapters were rivals as they vigourously supported their respedive teams! The climax of the day came at 9 :30 when Zeta Zeta Chapter was hostess to all A ~ A visi tors and many other guests at a Golden Anniversary Dance held in the spacious Student Lounge . A special feature of the decorations which accented A~A' s Golden Anniversary was a large mural depicting in silhouette the five Founders of Alpha Sigma Alpha. The theme of the enjoyable program presented by Zeta Zeta college chapter members was " Through the Years ." The different song and dance acts represented the five decades in A~A 's history. As a grand finale the entire chapter joined in singing the always beloved Alpha Sigma Sweetheart Song . Following the program, Mrs . Sharp cut the three tiered anniversary cake . Then appropriate ceremonies attended the crowning of the King and Queen who reigned over the dance until its close at

Mrs. W i lma W i lson Sharp cu t t ing t he An nive rsary Cake

" Gos h, I miss getting The Phoe ni x" wa s a re mar k mad e by a rece nt Alpha Sig grad uate. Kn ow ing t hat th e re are many A lpha Sigs t ha t fee l the same wa y, here's the so lution-"Reme mber with every $5 payme nt on your life me mbe rsh ip you rece ive a year 's s ubscription to The Phoe ni x and upon the complet io n of your $25 life membe rship you become a life sub'sc ribe r. Rece ntl y th e Na t ional Trea surer's offic e rece ived a $ 1b payme nt on life me mbe rship from Blanche Shock ley Fertz , BB, wh o li ves in Bagu is City, Ph ilipp ine Islands. Blanche we nt to a great amoun t of t rouble to get he r pa yme nt to th e offi ce a s it is ha rd to get Ame rica n money out of t he is lands. In he r lette r with t he payme nt she wrote that she was so fa r a wa y fro m soro rity and so rority life that she wanted to keep up wi th th e news and gett ing The Phoe n ix was the onl y wa y to do it . Many Alpha Sigs living right he re in th e Un ited States are a s far away (not in miles but in knowing ) a s Blanche Fe rtz who li ves in th e Philippines, s ince t hey do n' t re ceive The Phoeni x. Why not send your $ 5 payme nt to Est he r Bucher, Nat io nal Trea surer, Suite 2 26-102 5 Grand , Ka nsas City 6 , Misso uri , so that you can kee p up-to-date a n happenings in A':iA .



KANSAS CITY RECOMMENDS IT .. . For a better than best alumnae chapter meeting the Alpha Sigma Alpha Kansas City alumnae recommend a teo with guests from neighbor ing .\~ .\ alumnae chapters . On Saturday, April 21st, the Kansas City chapter entertained with a teo at the Woman's City Club in honor of the Warrensburg , M issour i, and Topeka, Kansas, Chapters. As each Alpha Sigma arr ived she was given as a nome tog a replica of the A::S A badge . Phon Johnson Gillesp ie (Mrs . J . E.), post notional constitution chairman and a special hostess for the teo extended a gracious welcome to the guests. She presented Mrs. Loyd Grimes, who is the Zeta Zeta Chapter Adviser, Lilliom Ford McMeekin (Mrs. L. A.) , President Warrensburg Alumnae Chapter, and Miss Nodine Welch , President Topeka Alumnae Chapter . The presidents in turn introduced the members from their respective chapters; from the Warrensburg Chapter : Elizabeth Former Hull (Mrs. Fronk), Sue Raker Epright (Mrs . John) , Annabel Stephenson Sproul (Mrs . John ); from Topeka : Janice Broome Rue (Mrs . Robert), Louise Thomas (Mrs . Leo E.), Dorothy Atherton Rissler, (Mrs. K. L.), J o Ann Everett. There was a short, delightful musical program followed by on i\ ~ A social hour. A beautifully appointed teo table held a centerpiece of red carnati ons and white stock . Four notional officers, all members of the Kansas City Alumnae Chapter, presided at the teo table : Wilma Wilson Sharp, President, Esther Bucher, Treasurer, Emma C. Frost, Alumnae Organizer, Mary K. Re iff , • Ass istant Treasurer. Group singing of A::S A Songs was led by Do ris Jean Snodgra ss Kline (Mrs . Orin) , with Dorothy Whitmore Kreek (Mrs . E. A. ), a s he r accompan ist. Th e president of the Kansas City Alumnae Chapter is Dorothy Propst Clifton (Mrs . E. R.). Serving with Mrs . Gillesp ie a s special hostesses fo r th e teo were : Mary Jean Lewis Willyard (Mrs. C. K.), Jerry W e bb W iant (Mrs. Burton), Jane Osburn J o litz (Mrs. Gordon).

TO ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA * By Betty Barber Barre (Pi Pi)

Down on the fou r co rne rs of my heart Rests t he poi nts Pricking my memory Of laugh te r And a han d tha t mi ng les my own . These faces that smi le When I smile Mean Here to be see n for myself alone T hese I aspire And Attain . • Edotor 's note Thos poem os repronted on The Phaenox upon request from our readers.


Send historical material

including anecdotes,

human interest stories and pictures to: MISS LOUISE STEWART 1330 Blue Avenue Zanesvi lle, Ohio

by June 5, 1951

MAY, 1951


"Take Time to Read, it is the Foundation of Wisdom" 100 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT COMMUNISM AND EDUCATION A pamphlet having the above title is the third of a series on the Communist conspiracy and its influence in this country as a whole on religion, on education, on labor, and on our government, prepared and released by the Committee on Un-Americon Activities, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. It con be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C. , for 10 cents per copy . Here is the introduction and the first ten of 100 questions and answers which the informative pamphlet contains : Thi s is to tell you whot th 2 ma ster mi nds of Communi sm have planned for your child in the name of They mean to take him from the nursery, put him i~ uniform with the hammer and s ickl e flag and a gun in the other , and send him out to conquer the world . If they have their way, he will be gu ided from the kindergarten straight through to co llege so that .a nything except a m ind of hi s own . He will be trained but not educated . He will be taught to solve problems that are handed him s ider it a crime to think for him self. He will be the child-man of Communi sm . 1 Here are the facts in thi s, the third of a series on Communism:

" Educati on." in one hand he will ha ve and t o con-


WHAT IS COMMUNISM? A conspiracy to conquer and rule the world by means, legal o r illegal , in peace o r in war . 2 . IS IT AIMED AT ME? Right between your eyes. 3 . WHAT DO THE COMMUNISTS WANT? To rule your mind and your body fr om the cradle t :> t he grave . 4. ARE YOU JOKING? Loo k at the world t oday and see if the people of Europe and Asia have anything t o laugh abo ut , now th a t Communism ha s captured so many of them . 5 . IF COMMUNISM SHOULD CONQUER AMERICA, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THE SCHOOLS? Real education would stop. Only training wo uld be allowed . 6 . WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? All the difference there is between freed o m and jCJil. 7. WHAT IS " EDUCATION " ? People are "educated" when they learn to go afte : fact s and t o think fo r them se lves. 8 . WHAT IS " TRAINING" ? People are "trained " when they learn how to do a particular thing well and can be depe nd ed on t o do it. 9 . WHICH IS BETTER? A monkey can be "trained" but only a human being can be "educated." A man can very well improve himself by training in some specialty but o nly if he add s that training t o independent thinking power, the hall-mark of education. 10 . ARE COMMUNISTS REALLY AGAINST EDUCATION? Yes, but don't take our word for it . Ta ke theirs. The detail s here fo ll owing are all fr om their own stuff.

There follow ninety other pertinent questions with direct, enlightening answers. The 1OOth question is on inescapable one : "WHAT CAN I DO!" The answer is divided into three ports-"FIRST, KNOW THE FACTS." Let's stop with that one . If you do know the facts to your complete satisfaction you still may like the following titles to recommend to others. If you do not know the facts TAKE TIME TO READ! The following ten title's ore recommended by the Research Stoff, Notional Americanism Division of the American Legion "as elementary of basic reading for those who know little or nothing about the whole complex problem of World Communism in all its aspects and the threat it presents to America today . These titles should be in every library ." COMING DEFEAT OF COMMUNISM, Burnham <John Day, N. Y.l . . . . . . ... . . . ... THE CHOICE, Shub' (Duell , Sloan & Pearce) . .. .. .. ... .. . .. . .. .. . . . . ... . ... . . THE FRONT IS EVERYWHERE, Col. Kintner (Univers ity of Oklaho ma Press ) . . . . . . . I BELIEVED, Hyde (Putnams, N. Y.l . .... . . . . .. . .. .. . ........ ... ... .. ..... I CHOSE FREEDOM, Kravchenko (Scribners). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MEN WITHOUT FACES, Budenz (Harper Bros.) .... . . .. .. .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. OUT OF THE NIGHT, Valtin (Alliance, N. Y.l . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . .. . . . .... . . . . . . RED MASQUERADE , Calo miri s (Lippincotts, N . Y. l. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COMMUNISM, Carew Hunt (MacMillan , N . Y. l ...... THE WHOLE OF THEIR LIVES, Gitlow (Scribners, N . Y.l .. .... .. . . . . . ... . . . . ...

. $3 .50 . 2 .7 5 . 3 .00 . 3 .5 0 . 1 .49 . 3 .50 . 3 .50 . 3 .00 . 3 .00 . 3 .50






We've tried to put the Empire State out in front even more prominently with a new alumnae chapter of ~ A. The New York State Capitol District Alumnae Chapter was organized October 24, 1950, with eight charter members . We hove been in search of any and all within a convenient radius who may join our fold to raise our membership from its present number which is thirteen . Most of our meetings hove been social and orga n izational. We ore looking forward to a family meeting, however, when " picnic" time is fashionable . We hove found it fun to meet and exchange ideas an any interesting topicso true of Alpha Sigs- j ust fun to be together . FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA

PEG NELSON , president

Chapte r Me mbe rs

Alberta Ottenst (Mrs. P. E. Badgley) .... nn Margaret Hammond (Mrs . H. P. Nelson) . . n II Edith Gaupp (Mrs. Robert Wolf ) ........ I!II Ruth Albright (Mrs . John Leslie) . ..... . . nn Carol V. Banner ..... ......... ... ... BX Jean M . Hunt ..... . ..... . ........ . . BX Betty Lark in (Mrs . D. R. Rorick) ....... .. B Mary Helen McBr ide (Mrs . C. E. Van Dercook . ............ BX Betty J ean Omstead ....... . ...... . .. HX M ild red Mahoney ........ . .......... BX Mary Ellen Downs (Mrs. R. W . Finhol t) ... XX Jerry Hatten (M rs . Victor To ber) ..... . .. 11 rr Jean Stratton ........ . ......... . ... nx ELSIE THOMPSON BURGER, presodent

Offi ce rs

President ... ........... Mrs. H. P. Nelson Vice-President . ... Mrs. Charl es E. Dercook Secretory ......... Mrs. Robert W . Finholt Treasurer .............. Ca rol V. Bonne r Editor .............. Betty J ean Olmstead Publicity Chairman ........ . .. Jean Hunt

Chapte r Me mbers Martha Wells (Mrs. Robert W . Catl in) Kathe rine Watk ins Matt ie Rogers Sm ith (Mrs. W . J . Sydnor) Antoinette Eastham (Mrs. Arthur Jolly) Luc ie Dunn ington (Mrs. Shields) Elsie Thompson (Mrs. Robert W . Burger)

MAY, 1951




President .. .. .. .. ...... . Mrs R. W. Burger Vice-President . . .. .. ..... Mrs. Arthur Jolly Treasurer . . .. .. ... Miss Katherine Watkins Secretary ... . .... . . . . . . Mrs. W . J . Sydnor Editor .... . . . . .. ...... . Mrs . R. W . Catlin

President .. . ...... . ... .. . Mrs. Ralph Kah Vice-President . ...... Mrs. Thane Doell mann Secretary .. . . ....... . Mrs . Margaret Klopp Treasurer ... .... Mrs . Robert McConnaughy Editor ... .. . .. . . .. ... ... Miss Nellie Lash

The Longwood Chapter of A~A was organized in the home of Mrs . Martha Wells Catlin of Farmville, Va . Five members were present . This was in Jan . 1951 . On Feb. 1Oth, we had a luncheon at Longwood House, which belongs to the College, and is the old home of General Johnstone . Eight members were present at this meeting . Early in March Mrs. Sharpe was here and we entertained at dinner for her. We are enjoying getting together and feel confident that our chapter wi II continue to grow .

After several years of inactivity during the busy war years/ the Middletown Alumnae of Alpha Sigma Alpha decided to organize again . With the Dayton Alums on the side Iine to offer suport we gathered at the home of Neva Unglesby Crist and made the final plans. There are just eight of us here but this is an ideal number as we can get together around two bridge tables and then catch up on all the news . (We do have a meeting and play some bridge/ too) . All of us except Alice are from the Alpha Alpha chapter; Alice is a graduate of Ohio State. We have had two meetings and are looking forward to another the last of April. It does seem good to be together again and makes one wonder why we haven /t organized sooner .


CINCINNATI, OHIO Chapter Members I Wilma Hutchison .. ..... .. ... . . ...... AA Virginia Updegrove (Mrs . Geo . T . Morrison) ............. AA Dorothy Clason .... .. ...... ... . . . . . . . AA Bernadine Sutkamp (Mrs . W . Routledge) .. AA Corene Wilt (Mrs . A. Ungethuem) . . . . ... AA Ruth Musser (Mrs. Frank Johnston) . . .. .. AA Ruth Hershey (Mrs. Warren Willits) .. .... AA Ruth Snedaker (Mrs. John L. Kohl ) . . .. . . AA Blanche Cook (Mrs . Ralph E. Woods) . . .. . AA Miriam Hershey (Mrs . L. N . Harbin) . . . ... AA Evelyn Fetter (Mrs . L. M . Long) .. . ....... AA Margie Via (Mrs . C. A. Miller) ... .. .. ... AA Z ELMA SARGEAN T KA H, p resident

Chapter Members Mary, Elizabeth Ruth (Mrs . Thane Doell mann) . . . ... . . . ... AA Neva E. Unglesly (Mrs . Royal V. Crist) . . . . AA Miss Millicent Bender ... .. .... . ... . . . . AA Miss Nellie Lash .. ... . . .. ... .. .. .. ... AA Margaret Deford (Mrs . Margaret Klopp) ... AA Ruth Mclain (Mrs. Robert McConnaughy) . . . ... .. . AA Zelma Sargeant (Mrs . Ralph E. Kah) ...... AA Alice Selby (Mrs . Alice James) .. . .. .... . AA

Officers President ........ . .. . Mrs . Ralph E. Woods Vice-President ... . ...... Mrs . L. N . Harbin Secretary .. .... . ... . .. Mrs . G. T . Morrison Treasurer .. .. . . ... .. . Miss Dorothy Clason Ed itor . .. . ......... Miss Wilma Hutchison On the evening of March 2, a group of Alpha Sigma Alphas of the Cincinnat i area met at the home of Blanche Cook Woods for the happy purpose of forming the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha . Twelve girls met to discuss plans for the future and to become charter members of th is group .


24 The g irls are enthusiastic about this reunion in A~ and look forward to pleasant associations in the future . We do feel grateful for all Blanche's work in getting us together in ,\~ A aga in . TWIN CITY (St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minn.) Chapter Members

Carol Milsten . .......... ........ . . .. BJT Leota Swanson ... . .. ... .... ... ... . .. BTl Ardyce Zempel (Mrs . E. W . Winchester) . .. BH Virginia Harrington (Mrs. J . E. Taylor) .... Br Marguerite Rowland (Mrs . C. McCue) .... EE Catherine Wilbener (Mrs. E. V. Bergland) .. rr

Chapter . The meeting was held at the home of Mrs . Clarence McCue . Four meetings a year are planned . 路 PORTLAND, OREGON Chapter Members

Ruth Day (Mrs . Edward H . Davis) ........ BH Glenn Eva Markley . .. ... .... .. .... ... HH Marie Dolgan ... .. .......... .... .... HB Enid E. Ehrman . . . ........... .... . .. HB Mildred M . Lorson (Mrs. Chester Truman) . BB Gretchen Mathews (Mrs. Geo. Otness) . . . . Bn Frances Hill (Frances Hill Baxter) ........ BB Officers


President . ... .. .. . ..... Mrs. J . E. Taylor Vice-President .... ... .. Mrs . E. V. Bergland Secretary ...... .. . .. Mrs . E. W. Winchester Treasurer ....... . ...... Miss Carol Milsten Editor ..... ...... ........ Mrs. C. McCue On Monday, April 9, an alumnae chapter was organized here in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, known as the Twin City

President . . ..... . ... Miss Gleneva Markley Vice-President . ...... .. Mrs . George Otness Secretary ..... ... . .. Mrs . Edward H. Davis Treasurer ... . . . ... ... . Miss Marie Dolgan Editor ... ... . . .... . . .. . Miss Enid Ehrman Marie Dolgan was instrumental in organizing our chapter . We plan to have nine meetings a year . We will give you more information on our chapter next fall.


Forst who was Moesser. Vorg1n.o ; Wnght.

row : Frances H1ckmon , out-go ing president ; Betty Hall , ln1!1oted; pledges, Barbaro Cole ; Dons Syckes; and Joyce Second row : Mrs. A. M. Foose , new faculty odv1ser; pledges, Joyce Ke yser; Carol Von Osdol; and Barbaro

M iss V irgin ia Carpenter was a special guest of Rho Rh o chapter ove r the weekend

of March 22nd . She attended pledging and initiation services wh ich were held at the First Methodist Church . Miss Carol Van Osdol, one of the pledges, is the daughter of Mrs . L. D. Van Osdol , a charter member and past president of Rho Rho chapter and is the first representative' of the second generat ion to become affiliated with the chapter since its installation on the Marshall campus in 1927 . Preceding the ceremonies at the church a din ner was held at the Hotel Frederick for alumnae members of the group . Following the church services, a social hour was held at the home of Mrs. John Lawson . During the even ing the college members met for a discussion period with M iss Carpenter.

MAY, 1951


NEWS LETTERSAlumnae Chapters

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Dear Alpha Sigs: Since last writing to you, we have had two socia l meetings, one at the home of our charming Mrs. Susie Cromwell (who keeps us supplied with slips of "Wandering Jew") ond one at the home of Miriam Raynes (who hos recently added a nursery school job to that of house. keepe r and mother of three). At each meeting we've chatted while the crochet needles have flown-working on an afghan for a near-by Veterans' Hospital. Then we had a business meeting in February at the home of our president, Mabe l Mathias. Mabel, by the way, is currently president of the Uptown Lioness Club, and was telling us of a project which they have begun to operate this year- a kindergarten at the Maryland School for th e Blind. It certainly so und s most interesting. Natalie Russell came over from Hyattsville for that meeting and Eleanor Myers was welcomed at Mrs. Cromwell's. We hope they will be with us often. Betty Atkins and husband William have announced th~ birth of a baby daughter Peggy Jane, born on February 12, 1951. Congratulations to the Atkins! Jean Shelley was busy this winter coaching a winning county basketball team and getting her picture, with team, in The Evening Sun . Mrs. Robert Biggs, Mrs. Clarence Gra ybeal, and Mrs. Claude Mann are new Alpha Sig Alums in our city. We hope that they will be able to be with us at our April meeting at Hazel Taxacher's and will jo in our group. While none of us was able to attend, we thought the "States Day" in Philadelphia was a grand idea and hope it was successfu I. ' How time flies! With our April and Ma y meetings in the offing, summer is around the corner and it is time to wish everyone pleasant vacations. Cordially, Zil Messenge r

BUFFALO, NEW YORK Dear A'2:.As Everywhere : In sitting down to tell you the news from Pi Pi, it seems we have to start back at the New Year in order . to keep you posted on all our doings. Our first meeting in January was a dinner party and book review at Mary Blackstone's . Our guest speaker was our Patroness, Mi ss Frances Hepinsta ll. Fran reviewed "this year's best" in books in all fields . You may be sure that we all left this meeting with a firm resolution to do so me reading in the near future. In February, yours truly was hostess at a Poetry Recital given by our own talented Betty Barber Barre . Betty read many of her own poems, and told us so me very interesting incidents and experiences associated with her career. Betty attended a "poetry clinic" at Middlebury College where she was able to study - under such famou s

men as William Rose Benet, Louis Untermeyer, and Robert Frost. Several of Betty's works have been publi shed in both books and magazines. After this meeting , a gentleman from the Civilian Defense Board came to speak to us about vo lunteer work for defense. Our March meeting was very different and very enjoyable. Chairman Suzanne Sato Taylor arranged an escorted tour through Albright Art Gallery where we had a review of "Paintings of Local Arti sts." Outstanding paintings qf the Western New York Art Exhibit were on display. After our tour, refres hments were served in the member's room . April was a busy month for Pi Pi . On April 11 we held our Fashi on Show and Bridge at the new Student Union at State . The proceeds went toward our Scholarship Fund which is awarded annually to the student in the graduating class at State who attains the highest sc holastic record. Our ambition is to be able to rai se enough money to give a similar award to a deserving Alpha Sig. Our Fashion Show and Bridge was a huge success with our own girls modeling fashions supplied by a local dress shop. Evelyn Bell got quite an acclaim when she appeared in a daring black strapless number . It will be our pleasure thi s month to entertain Miss Virginia Carpente r, who will be in Buffalo for a few days. We are tentatively planning a tea at the Student Union at State, at which we will present Virginia to our active chapter. It is our custom to entertain the college girl s one year and the next year they reciprocate. Our final meeting for the yea r will be the luncheon on May 19th for Brides and Graduates. Jean Whiting will be chairman of this affair: Our nominating committee is busy, at present, lining up a s late to replace board members going out of office. This will be my last correspondence to Alpha Sigs everywhe re, so-- l will say it has been a pleasure keeping you posted. In closing I would li ke to say "good luck from Pi Pi " to all the Alpha Sig graduates. May you find your happiness in Alpha Sigma Alpha is just beginning as you move on into your alumnae groups. Yours in A--:iA , Sue Marvin Flynn

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA Dear Alpha Sigs : On March tenth, June Smith entertained our alumna e chapter in her charming home on the outsk irts of Lancaster. A delicious dinner was first on the program . It began with June's delicious homemade tomato juice cocktail , followed by roast turkey with all the trimmings and ending with the most scrumptious butterscotch pecan pie. What a repast! Our June is a most accomplished pe rso n. Twel ve girls were prese nt including Betty Rost and Betty Wallick of York, Mary Aungst of Harri sb urg , Mary Jane Wentzel of Carlisle, Kay Pratt of Siousca and from Lan caster Susan Baker, Doby Brown, Marion Lefever, Jerry Smith, June Smith, Helen Witmyer and your truly. A goodly number considering the wid e territory our group covers.


26 A short business meeting was conducted by Betty Wallick our president. Doby Brown and Helen Witmyer were appointed as a Nominating Committee for next year's officers to be elected at the May meeting . Please make a special effort to attend this meeting which will be held at the home of Mary Aungst in Harrisburg. Mary Jane Wentzel will be co-hostess. By the way, it wos a real treat to see Mary Jane after quite a long time . The date of this meeting will be on your invitations. Hostesses for next Fall were selected. So make a resolution now to come and renew your ties with Alpha Sigma Alpha . The "Stork" will be very busy in this section soon and we will have some news to report on this subject next time. We missed Anne Yale and Johnny Nicols Ewing this time and also Hester Null. Hope to see you all at Mary's in May. Yours in A~A, Teb Lattomus

CHARLESTON , WEST VIRGINIA Dear Alpha Sigs : Have you heard of the two excellent cooks (at least they think they are the best) in the Charleston Chapter? Well , they are Lillian Maynard and Eloise Keller. Therefore , they were hostesses for our Valentine Dinner at Lillian's house . Oh boy ! Chicken salad supreme, cranberry sauce, nuts, hot rolls, strawberry preserves, coffee, ice cream and cake. A memorial service was held at the close in honor of Mrs. Lottie Smallridge, one of our members, who died February 1 6th . I guess we love to eat because our March meeting started with a covered dish dinner and ended by Jean Wilson cooking a delicious meal. It was an equal to the Valentine Dinner. At this time our new officers were elected . Installation will be held at the home of Mrs. Alice Haworth in April. We hove recently heard the good news that Mrs. Myrna Jo Gorges, our president, will be back with us in the Fall . Maybe someone didn't know that she has been stationed with her husband in San Diego, California. We have mi ssed her very much . Love, Mrs. Lillian Maynard

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Dear Alpha Sigma Alphas : Our February luncheon was in the new apartment of Alice Carson in the Park Forrest project; Mary Hohe was her co-hostess. Ruth Petree and her sister Helen Schomaker had attended a week-e nd at Miami University when the Alpha Alpha Chapter was reinstated and told us of the activities. We are very happy to have these two ladies in our group . March 29 and 30 the National Panhellenic Council met in Chicago. Some of our members had the pleasure to be with Wilma Sharp, president, and Evelyn Bell , director of Alumnae, at luncheon. Louise Stewart, Historian of Alpha Sigma Alpha while in Chicago attending a Deans meeting, visited at the home of her college roommate, Ethel Wilson, our president for the past two years. M iss Stewart, who is now Dean of Girls, at Zanesville, Ohio, also had dinner with Jeanne Ramsey. The March meeting held at the home of Erva Montgomery was a Iorge and jolly group. Joyce Payne the cohostess told us interesting stories of her few years as a stewardess with the American A1r Lines. Just eight days after this luncheon, her baby daughter, Cynthia, was

born . All members brought magazines to be taken to Hines Veteran Hospital. Eleanor Thomas, who spent a week's vacation in Pennsylvania, is investigating a Charity Project, which we may assist in the next few months. Dorothy Masters appeared on television one noon, and os president of the Toastmistress Club, told of the club activities. Sally Jo Cleuver had returned from a trip to the desert of California, and told us of getting up at 5 :00 a . m. to see the atomic bomb trial blasts. We will go to Lombard for the April meeting . This suburb has a Lilac Festival yearly and we hope the flowers will be in bloom . The new officers will be announced ot this time. Yours in ~A, Betty Phillips Hall

COLUMBUS, OHIO Dear Alpha Sigs: Our Annual Easter Luncheon wos held at the Athletic Club on March 25th. We were very happy to welcome several of our "Sisters" from out of town- only wish they could be with us more often. Ethel DeVore, Ruth Siples, and yours truly were hostesses. Our speaker was the very personable Miss Claro Nuber, a fellow-teacher and good friend of Ruth's at South High School in Columbus. Miss Nuber spent considerable tine in the Orient, and has brought back a wealth of memories and many interesting "collector's items"-which she shared with us in a most fascinating manner. The oriental clothes brought out many oh's and ah's, and quite o few chuckles, too. Our thanks to Ruth for suggesting Miss Nuber-everyone was delighted with her. We are all avidly reading the articles in the Ohio State Journal these mornings, written by Charles Cummings (you see, he is Dorothy's husband, and a good friend of oursl. Charles, the Managing Editor, o veteran newspaper man and Army colonel of World War 11 has flown to the For East to give Journal readers an inti;,ote glimpse of the situation in war-torn Korea, Wake Island, Japan and Formosa . He left Columb~s on March 14th and will be gone about two months. ' The Annual Spring Party of the Columbus City Panhellenic Association was held on March 5th at the Delta Zeta Sorority House with Mrs . Carr E. Dix, president of the organization, presiding . Our representatives, Doris Little, Helen Miller, and Lois Beathard, were very impressed by the speaker, Mr. Norman Nadel, who gave a resume of the current Broadway productions. Anne Rader and her husband left Columbus on Easter Sunday for an indefinite stay in the Hawaiian Islands. We'll all miss her very much . Her address is Box 269, Lihue, Jouai, Territory of Hawaii . A letter from her friends will certainly be welcome, I'm sure. Our April meeting will be on the 19th at the home of Peg Durstine, and Loren Windom will tell us some of his experiences during World War II . (He is Dorothea's ~usband.l Our husbands are oil invited to this party, so 1t should be quite a large affair. May will bring the election and insta llation of officers for next year, and on June 21 st we will have our last get-together, a Family Picnic. If any of our friends from out of town are interested in the picnic, please contact any one of us-you are oil welcome, and bring your families . Which means that this is the last news letter from me. It seems such a short time ago that I was approached about this office, and what a task I thought it would be! But I should have known that everyone could be counted

MAY, 1951


on to help, and I've really enjoyed every minute of it. And so, a thank you ta all the gals who helped, and let's give the same cooperation to next year's Phoenix Representative. Yours in A~A, Carolyne Southard


chatting that most of us took the articles home to complete . This month we are having a buffet dinner. Vivian Remley will be our charm ing hostess. Oh yes, we have had an eventful year and hope all our s isters can report the same . A pleasant summer to you all.


Love in

Dears A~As: It seems "there's never a dull moment" with the Cumberland Alums. We are all anxiously waiting to welcome one of our members, Kay Richards MacMillan, back from Europe. Kay flew to London and was married March 26 to Mr. John Henry MacM illan of New York state. The ceremony was held at the Church of the Holy Trin ity, South Kensington, London, England, and the couple visited France and Switzerland on their honeymoon. Needless to say, we all wish we could have been there for the wedding! In March, our group met at the home of Mary Cornelius and packed food for an Easter basket to be given to a needy family in Cumberland; our April meeting was a social get-together at the home of our president, Helen Grosh, and our May meeting was held at Becky McClure 's home in Salisbury, Penna. We are all looking forward to our June meeting with the Pittsburgh Alumnae at the University of Pittsburgh. Our first year as an Alumnae Chapter draws to a close and the A~As of Cumberland look back upon a year of new friendships, new achievements and new interests . Margaret Reid



"Dear Alpha Sigs: " An enjoyable time was had by all" could aptly describe ou r luncheon meeting on Safurday afternoon, April 7th, held in the dining room of Rike's. Even the weatherman cooperated and gave us a beautiful spring day for the occasion. Imagine all of these Alpha Sigs chatting simultaneously, and you'll know what fun we had: Mary Helen Clark Ferguson, AA; Helen Boggess Swart, AA; Florence King Bland, AA; Alice Ottman Sauer, Delta Delta; Mary C. Weaver, AA; Rugy Carey Ball, Delta Delta ; Mildred Cockrell McClure, AA; Lena Ehrhard LeRoy, AA; Milicent Bender, AA; Nellie Losh, AA; Thelma Butterfield Brown; Lucille Wolfe West, AA; Mildred Solt Ryburn, LL; Erma Schmidt North, AA; Dottie B. Gillette, Eta Eta; Joy Pope Marshall , AA; and Mary Mae Mikesell Mapp, AA. We were so pleased to be joined for the luncheon by two present members of Alpha Alpha Chapter at Miami University, Rita Campbell (Active), and Joanne Maginnis (Pledget. Love those girls! On behalf of all the Da yton Alur;ns, I want to wish everyone a pleasant summer and a happy vacation- if you are one of those lucky people planning a vacation. Bye 'til next time. Love in A~A, Dotti e B. Gillette

DENVER, COLORADO Dear A~As: It doesn't seem possible another spr ing is here. Even colorful Colorado has had some cloudy weather recently, but we are planning for those sunny days ahead. Last month we had a meeting at the lovely home of Betty McEwen's . We were supposed to work on needle work guild articles; however, we spent so much time


Marilee Stumpff

DETROIT, MICHIGAN Dear Alpha Sigs: I hear that the prodigious amount of pay-dirt stockpiled at Florence Boening's March meeting was due to the foresight of 路Norma Aliber who, prior to the meeting, engineered a production schedule of her own. Rounding up all Alpha Sigs in her neighborhood and herding them into her recreati on room, she time-clocked them on a cancer-pad piece work to the point where only the finishing touches remained to be done. To lend an aurora to the sweat-shop atmosphere and as a conciliatory gesture to the labor unrest, workers were permitted to ascend from subterranean depths and partake of a delicious dessert luncheon served in the dining room as a supplement to the dinner-pail sandwiches. Among the absentees was that globe-trotting gal , Hazel Hall, who has had the good fortune to be a part of the Washington scene for the past three months. On January 27th the Halls were hosts at an honorary tea at the National Headquarters of S.A.R . (Sone of American Revolution) for Mrs. James B. Patton, President General of D.A.R. On April 16th Hazel wil l again accompany her lawyer-husband, Wallace, to Washington where he will speak before the National Congress of D.A.R . adding to the 17,000 mile cross-co untry trek she has made with him since September 1st in the interest of S.A.R. of which he is National President. But back again to the Detroit scene. As your reporter I was very proud to see the parade of spring bonnets on Alpha Sig heads-1 dare to say they were some of the grandest-at the annual Greek Letter Day and Fashion Show staged by the Detroit Panhellenic Association on Wednesday, April 4th, when 350 guests assembled at Plum Hollow Golf Club. The Alpha Sig table was well represented on the executive side of the fence by National Fell owship Chairman, Sarah Jane Bumgardner, and Vice President and Panhellenic Representative, Marie Lutz, who served on the committee for seating arrangements. Marie's name has been sprinkled frequently in the Press of late in connection with Panhellenic activities. Under intriguing head-gear, I also saw the faces of Louise Stirton, Marion Parker, Reba Fries, Flossie Boening , Helen Robinson, and Jean Siegenthaler, Rh o Chi alumnae. Two get-togethers in one week! On Saturday, April 7th, we motored to Genevieve Hopkins' Plymouth home, transporting our books and magazines for the veterans' hospitals. In fact, April is our star-studded month, for on the 28th we make merry with ou r husbands at Isabelle Butterfield's charming home on Ohio Avenue . Just try ond keep a husband home from this event, even though he must dig deep into his jeans to pay the tax for food and drink, especially husband, Albert Boening, who has been officially crowned " Life of the Party. " Back, " again and again," we go to Isabelle's for this major event of the year, each time agreeing that she is our hostess with the "mostest."


28 In May, we exceed suburban lines to drive to the home of Alice Woods in Ypsilanti . June will close our year of social and philanthropic achievements with the meeting at the Birmingham home of Marjorie Chapel , where on her living-room porch we will drink deep of the garden's fragrance and relax in the atmosphere of good fellowship, knowing the satisfaction of work well done . Until we meet again, Esther Sprague

DETROIT, MICHIGAN-RHO CHI Dear Alpha Sigs: Hove a strange feeling that with the exception of the news of our April meeting all my chatter tbis time will be strictly o forecast, and a bit of a guess. I'm anxious, though, to spread our tidings, so that all will know our doings. Our April monthly meeting was held at the home of Esta Finney and commenced (well, almost) preci se ly on the stroke of 7 . We had planned a Pot Luck supper featuring foods of several nationalitiesmost of them prepared by our members. It was great fun, and extremely educational; we gorged everything from Italian Spomoni to Pumpernickel Bread . In the midst of those hazy hours after a huge meal, we set about the business of the evening, that of our nominations for the forthcoming year. You'll hear much of it in the fall and " the best men will win," that's certain . On April 4th, our prexy, Jean Siegenthaler, attended the Greek Letter Day luncheon held at the Plum Hollow Golf Club not far from Detroit. Three hundred and fifty members and guests celebrated with a fashion show and beautiful surroundings. In April, too, we received a long, long letter from our Sister, Ellen Imboden, who was visiting in Switzerland with friends and relatives. Ellen has a foblous way of making you feel as if you were there with her for her descriptions of continental places is fascinating-and her trip gave us all the wanderlust's urge . Our activities in May piled high, the Wayne University Alumnae Reunion Dinner (first of its kind) was held on the 5th, and of course, it was something in which many of us were inerested. Our Mother's Day dinner, our own annual affair, was held on the 6th (perhaps I should admit at this point that I was not among those present for I yos basking in the sunny sands of Florida the greater port of the month ). On May 16th our meeting was held at the home of our new Mrs. Don Templin, heretofore know n a s Phyllis Inwood, and at this time our election of officers was completed-1 also missed this. We're planning a Greyhound Mystery Trip on the second of June (this, I understand, is a Detroit venture; do the "hounds" in other cities se t up such a cry? ). For a nominal fee the Greyhound organization transports a load of unsuspecting eager people through on evening that may include a donee, a dinner, a show, a tour, or most anything . We'll tell you all about it at another time, you see we know nary about it yet, ourselves. Our monthly meeting in June will install our officers and Marion Houts will be our hostess. July will bring our. family picnic and in August we'll grease our thumbs for a challenging bowling party. I hear news that Dor is Beauchamp has a young son that's new, and that Margaret Thomson is moving to the west somewhere, so you may as well know of it, too. So long, for a while, Bobs Oickieson

FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA Dear Alpha Sigma Alphas: Since our organization dote we hove expanded to ten members, among whom is a charter member, Mrs. J . L. Jones, and hove held o luncheon meeting at Longwood House to discuss our plans and to become officially "launched." On March 8 we entertained at dinner Mrs. F. M . Sharp, our notional president, who was paying her annual visit to Alpha Chapter at Longwood College. Miss Virginia Wall and Miss Sprunt Hall, active and post chapter advisers, were guests on this occasion. Another important event followed on April 7 when our State Day fiftieth anniversary celebration was held at Longwood House. Twenty-five representatives were present from our Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth , Rich mond, and Farmville chapters. Dr. Dabney S. Lancaster, president of Longwood College, and Mrs. Lancaster were our guests. After a delightful luncheon Mrs. R. C. Grady, of Richmond, spoke on "Our First Fifty Years." Mrs. N. G. Leek, also of Richmond, conducted a panel on our national convention to be held in Roanoke, Virginia, August 1 9-22 , 1 952 . This closed with a discussion of our local and notional philanthropic work. Mrs . L. D. Friend, of Richmond, our general chairman for the day, Miss Virginia Wall and Aljjho Chapter, the Charlottesville Chapter, who furnished favors, and Miss Groce Moran, hostess at Longwood House, ore to be congratulated on their hospitality and success in giving us all a most pleasant day. For a small group we hove hod a lot of goings and doings : Mrs. Lucie Dunnington Shields attended the Spring Flower Show in New York. Miss Kitty Watkins went to South Carolina to the Azalia Gardens at Easter and Mrs. Martha Wells Catlin took her two daughters t~ Washington for the holidays. Tony Eastman Jolly, who graduated at Madison, now lives in Farmville with her husband and eighteen months old daughter. Mrs. Elsie Thompson Burger lives here and is the proud mother of a son. Mrs. Mattie Rogers Smith Sydor's daughter, Martha Dillard, will graduate from Randolph -Macon Woman's College in June . Emily Clark is Assistant Professor of Music at Longwood College. Norma Soyars Watson is secretory to Dr. Finch here. Miss Lucile Peake, another graduate, is doing a wonderful job in college and church work at the Baptist Student Center. We feel that we hove mode a good start with our new chapter and ore looking forward to many happy experiences together. Yours in Alpha Sigma Alpha , Emily Clark

FT. WAYNE, INDIANA Dear A::i:As: It hardly seems possible that this is the lost issue until fall. Even if we did have on extremely cold and 路 snowy winter, it s lipped by quickly. We enjoyed our lost meeting at Marty Wooster Quinn's so much. It was a socia l meeting so we decided to try our hand at making things. We did get a lot of crepe paper entwined in Marty's mixer when we tried to twist it electrically, but we must hove learned something from the way some of our place mots look. If it isn't against the regulations of the Home, each of us hope to adopt on older person at the Fort Wayne Old Folks Home to remember on special occasions during the year. Perhaps we con get it straightened out at our next meefing.

MAY, 1951 State Day at Muncie is to be held an the sa me day as our usual monthly meeting , so we're dispensing with our meeting in hopes that several of us can attend State Day. It's always fun and an inspiration to be able to meet a large group interested in the same goals. So-all you Indiana gals-see you the 21st. I don't know when you usually elect your new officers, but we've decided it would be best to wait until fall thi s year. It seems that we lose or so metimes gain members during the summer months, so we'll wait until teachers and housewives make definite plans to be here all winter before choosing officers. I hope you all have an enjoyable summer and we'll be looking forward to hearing from and about you again this fall. Be see ing you, Eva Kiewitt

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Dear Alpha Sigs : The Huntington Alumnae Chapter has really been busy 1 We had a rummage sa le the week before Easte r, which wos a great success. Now we are planning o bake sale for May 5. We are trying to raise all the money we can to go into a house fund for Rho Rho Chapter here at Marshall College . Our President Lois Long is to be married in June . We all wish her oil the happiness in the world. Miss Virgin ia Carpenter, our National Vice-President, was here for pledging and initiation in March . The Alumnae had a luncheon in her honor Sunday, March 1 8. She certainly was on inspiratior to us. We are oil looking forward to a busy, happy summer. Helen Clovis Nolan

INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA The Indiana Alumnae Chapter held its Spring meeting on March 5th ot the home of Mrs. Robert Kline . At this time our officers were elected for the coming year, and pions were made for entertaining the graduating seniors of Alpha Gamma Chapter. This party, featuring bridge and canasta , wos held at the home of Dr. Joy Mahacheck on the evening of April (Friday) the 13th. The theme of the party centered around the superst itio ns 路and good luck charms characteristic of Friday the thirteenth, with decorations ond prizes being appropriate to thot date. Be rtha Catterall

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Dear Alpha Sigs: We had our "spring" meeting on April 1Oth in the home of Letha Gaskins. Letha , a s you probably know, is our talented arti st, and it is always a joy to go to her home for all of the walls corry the "fruits" of her labor, ond one never tires of looking at these lovely, and outstanding , paintings. The attendance at this meeting was a little on the "s lim" si de due to sickness, etc., but in spite of thi s a lot was accompli shed. Fran Shaw was ill and our secretary, Bereniece Martin , ably presided in Fran's placeon account our Vice-President was among the missing, too! State Doy, Extension and the Mother's Party were discussed. Our Mother's Party this year is scheduled for May 21st at Meridian Hills Country Club, and we are all looking forward to this event and to the opportunity of once again "chinning" with the mothers of the girls. We were all saddened about ten days ago to hear of

29 the death of Eve lyn Hall 's sister, Geneva, and our sincere sympathy and our thoughts are extended to Evelyn and her Mother . All who knew Geneva will reme mb er her as a most charming and gracious person, and particularly will we remember the lovely party which the Mothe rs of Alpha Sigma Alpha had last yea r at Geneva 's home near Brownsburg, and how "a t home " Geneva, Evelyn and her Mother made us feel. A happy vacation to you all! Sincerely yours, Zelma Piner

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Dear A"2:.As: We in K. C. are wondering what happened to Spring. She hasn't made her definite appearance here. Yet, ou r calendar shows us that Summer is not too far away. Considering this, we are finding it hard to believe that we are about to tie the final strings on another year's works and activities. Thi s is the last news fr om us that you will be reading until Fall comes around once more. So this is what we K. C. alumnae have been doing. March 1 7 fou nd us at the home of Kathryn Lamb Keirns, who se rv ed a delicious dessert luncheon . A book reviews of "Fox Fire" by Anna Seton followed the meeting . Each of us were delighted by ou r March meeting and thank our hostesses Virginia Lamb Carder, Ruth Bryant Pennell, and Hildred Fitz . April finds us looking forward to a tea to be held at the Woman's City Club on the 21st. Our guests will be the Tope ka and Warrensburg Alumnae. In May we have the nice ceremony of installation of officers. Wedding bells rang for Evalyn Eva ns on March 28th. She is now Mrs. Larry Larri eu and is residing at 3037 Flora, K. C., Mo. Phon Johnson Gillesp ie was her matron of honor . Many of our girls' husband s ha ve been called back into service in recent months. We wish all of them the best of everything, and we extend these same wishes to all our chapters. We pray, too, for our nation, our beloved America , with hope for brighter days and years to come. Let us all unite in one praye r that God will show America the right steps to toke. It see ms that the Alphas have experienced a successf ul year. We in K. C. have enjoyed reading about our s ister chapters and have enjoyed sharing our thoughts and activities with you. We look forward to a pleasant summer and hope that yours will also be so. Until we read againLoya lly yours in A"2:.A, Serena Eng e lbart

MACOMB, ILLINOIS Hello you Alpha Sigs! Can it be that the end of another Alpha Sig year has arrived? How can we hope to accomplish all we plan when years are so short! Since I last " talked" to you, all the Macomb alums busied themselves in carrying out their plans for a tea to honor the Beta Kappa chapter. March 10 was finally agreed upon by both groups, and the soc ial roo m of the college training sc hool chosen a s the setting. Being optimistic souls, we decided to use a color sche me of palm green and gold, the sorority's secondary colors and also fine spring colors. The day arrived and our table decorated with jonquils and greenery-then the weatherman dealt us a low blow! Such volumes of wet, sticky snow you. have never seen ! Of course, our crowd was

30 smaller than anticipated, but I think everyone who attended hod o good time. Our April meeting wos held at the home of Mrs. Jock Simpson, where we discussed the post teo and some things which might be done in the future . Here and there, yours truly put in a few (?) words about her new baby girl! We understand that the alums ore going to be well supplied with "wee ones" before long! With the hope that your year has been as successful as you would like it to be and a wish that next year will be even better, I shall leave you with Love in ~A, Nikki Mummert

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Dear Alpha Sigs : We hove hod several very successful meetings in New Orleans since my lost letter to you. We met at the homes of Lily B. Steohling, Lois Owen, and Solly Ann Doskey. Almost hod to swi m to Solly's lost week as it rained continually the entire day and night. However, that didn't stop most of us-Hilda Hebert, Ruth Eddy, Olive Bourgevis, Solly Doskey, and "yours truly" met and rolled bandages for the Red Cross. We decided it was just as easy to discuss our problems over a stock of bandages and probably more worthwhile. We hod a very pleasant surprise Wednesday when Evelyn Sorge (correction, Mrs. Jock Scott) stopped in on her way to Memphis, Tennessee, where her four precious children ore anxiously waiting her return. Evelyn and Jock hove three boys and one girl; Jock is in the service, this time stationed in Colorado. We surely did enjoy Evelyn's visit and hope she'll come bock again soon. The possibility of forming additional Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters in Louisiana has been discussed. No definite plans hove been carried out yet, but we hope to do someth ing along those lines soon. Another ad was placed in the local newspaper to try ~As in and around New Orleans. to contact other Through the ad we learned of three other girls that we hope will join our group soon. We ore quite anxious to increase the size of our alumnae chapter. If you ore in or near New Orleans or know anyone who is, drop a cord to our president, Mrs. S. K. Eddy, Jr., at 7534 Jeanette Street, New Orleans, or to me at 8225 Sycamore Street, New Orleans. See you next month at my house. Yours in A~A, Janice Hinricks Haydel

N EW YO RK STATE CAPITO L DISTRICT Dear Alpha Sigs : Let me introduce our members to you-let me give you their pedigree-they're blue blood champions. Edi Goupp Wolf : art major, class of ' 43 , Buffalo State. She's our Notional Art Director, of course-we should illustrate our meetings and events, huh? Audio visual aids, you know. Edi taught at Buffalo State . Her husband, nicknamed Red, is on F. H.A. construction examiner. They ore proud parents of a nine months old daughter, Rolein. Alberto Attenot Badgley: Alberto chose Home Ec. os her maJOr and graduated in class of 1932 from Buffalo. She taught in Schoharie for two years; married P. Edgar Badgley, o Schoharie business man and has o son, P. Edgar, 15, and o daughter, Ruey Ann, 8 . At present they hove just returned from Florida.

THE PHOENIX Betty Larkin Rorick : Betty went to Oneonta where she graduated in 1948 with a Bachelor in Elementary Education. She married Donald Rorick who at present is in the Quartermaster Corps, stationed in Wisconsin. They hove on adorable little boy, Donald, aged two years. Ruth Albright Leslie: Ruth taught Home Ec. one year at Aneiell Pork, N. Y., after graduating from Buffalo State in 1 941 . Her husband Jock is a supervisor of private trade schools under Division of Industrial and Technical Education in Albany. They hove a son Craig who is four years old, and I'll bet he would like a little sister in May. Jerry Hatten Tober: Jerry holds a General Elementary Diploma from Buffalo in 1 937 . She is teaching first grade in Clarksville, N. Y. It must keep her busy, too, for she has a husband Victor who works for State Education Deportment, Bureau of Testing, and a son Arthur Roy, 8 , and a daughter Gerry Ann, 5, to keep her spore time filled with home work . Carol Bonner : Our treasurer graduated lost June from Oneonta with her Bachelor in Elementary Education. The Bachelor has nothing to do with Carol's future-her ring is beautiful. She is teaching in the Mohawk School in Scotia at present. Mildred Mahoney : Millie was another Oneonta graduate, class of '48, and o major in Elementary Education . She taught one year in Mempsteod, L. 1., and is in her second year at Von Antwerp here in Schenectady. Mary Helen McBride Von Deercook : "Moe," another Oneonta 's pride ond joy, left here dear old Alma Mater in 1 94 7 . She taught one year in Rochester and two years in Craig School, Schenectady. We hope her Bachelor's in Elementary Education is being renewed, however, since retiring as o full time teacher to substitute with full application to her daughter Christine Ellen's behavior pattern. Incidently, Christine is eight months old-plenty of time to apply it, huh? Chuck, her hubby, is o clerk in the Turbine Dept. ot General Electric in Schenectady. Jean Kunt: Jean is in Schenectady now-a graduate of Oneonta, class of 1950-but som~thing bock there in them thor hills keeps calling-you con guess now, can't you? Me thinks Jean's thoughts go wondering . Jean has her Major in General Elementary Education and is making full use of it at Lincoln School in Schenectady. Jean Stratton : Jeanie, or "Strot," seems to wend her woy bock to her old Alma Mater's town, too-Oneonta must hove something to keep calling these 1950 graduates bock there. A ring on the left hand helps, doesn't it gal? Jeanie is kept pretty busy now though teaching second and third grade in Edison School in our fair city. Peg Hammond Nelson: Peg, our president, is a "Buffalo Gal ," Jon., '43, Home Ec. major. She taught three years at Huntington, L. 1., and at present is kept very busy coring for the needs and wonts of her husband Harry, who formerly taught at Oneida School in Schenectady but is now doing construction work ,and her children, Candace, four years, John, 21 months, and Alice, six months. Mary Ellen Downes Winholt : Mary Ellen attended Boll State, Muncie, Indiana . Graduated in 1946 from Purdue with a degree in Chemistry and Bacteriology. Her hubby Bob is Research Associate ot General Electric in Schenectady. She worked in Research Lob in Schenectady, now at Med1col Tech. at Phy. Lob . in Schenectady. Incidently, they expect to be in Erie, Penna ., in October where Bob will be with Research Lob, Div. of Locomotive and Cor Equipment. Betty Jean Olmstead : A graduate of Oneonta State Teachers College, class of 1950. Bachelor's Degree in

MAY, 1951


Elementary Educati on; employing her k now ledge and skill right now in a first grade at Riverside School in Schenectady. Incidently, I am planning to travel West this summer and would• like to stop and see some of the great Alpha Sigs I met at our last National Convention in Michigan . Until thenLoya lly in A"2.A, Betty Jean Olmstead

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Dear Alpha Sigs: As each month goes by, we ore st ill adding new members to our chapter . During the last two months we have added three new names to our active membership : Eva Venable Pennington , Gamma Gamma ; Marjorie Ray Morgan, Beta Gamma ; Jimmie Short Wiggins, Beta Gamma. During the month of February we were entertained with a lovely Valentine T-ea in the home of June Lorenson Londeen with Betty Jane Sponaugle Hasler ass isting her. The table was beautiful with its red and white flowers and refreshments. Assisting the hostesses by serving at the table were Mrs. Freda James Burtner and Mrs. Ella Tallis Bardwell. Our two represen tatives to Ponhellenic have been attending the monthly meetings, they being Freda James Burtner and Frances Reiff Patterson. They are bringing our chapter into close contact with the other sororities of the city. A Spring tea is planned by Panhellenic for rushees from the high school se nior classes. Five of our chapter are invited to attend. Alice Allen Mouk held our\ March meeting in her home . This was strictly a business meeting a s we had many plans to make and complete . April 21 the Alpha Sigs of Oklahoma will hold their first State Day in the Biltmore Hotel here in Oklahoma City . Our National VicePresident, Mi ss Virginia Carpenter, will be with us to conduct the meeting . Activities for the day will begin with regi stration at 10:00 a . m., and will include a luncheon, with Mi ss Edna Donley, of Alva, as guest speaker, and an afternoon tea in addition to th e morning and afternoon bus iness sessions, which will be conducted by Mi ss Carpenter. Mrs. Helen Malone, President of the Tulsa chapter and Mrs. Freda Burtner, our Preside nt, are Co-Chairmen of the State Day and have certainly worked and planned everything beautifully. Invitations have gone out to over 200 Actives and Alumnae, and we are hoping mahy will attend . Following our business session, Alice served lovely refreshments in green and white. Our next meet ing will be held in the home of Freda Burtner, , the Monday befo re our State Day, at which new officers will be elected. Therefore, you will very likely have a new Reporter with our next letter . It certainly has been a pleasure reporting to you. Yours in A"2.A, Jonni e Lane Gentry

PHOENIX, ARIZONA Dear Alpha Sigs: Once again our wonderful Spring greets us with all the beauty only an Arizona Spring can bring. Try and picture a warm night with a gentle breeze, beautiful moon, a sky full of stars (that, believe me, you can only find out here in the wide open spaces of the West) and the heavenly scent of millions of orange and grapefruit blossoms . With all this as a setting, it is little wonder that Betty Stokes of Kappa Kappa chapter ha s announced her

-engagement to Dani el Chadwick, who has just received his Moster's Degree from Arizona State College at T em pe. Lots of other nice things have been happening to our Alum group too. First of all we were happy to welcome Mrs. John Zimboro (who was Eleanor Mitchell from Chi Chi of Muncie, Indiana ). She has been a big help to us already and we are looking forward to working with her. Another bright spot in our recent past was Em Frost's visit at which time we had a nice luncheon in her honor. It was so wonderful to meet o ld friends again-especially when they a~e a s swe ll as Em . On March 31st the Panhe llenic Associatio n had a terrific formal called the "Top Hat" Ball. There was a wonderful crowd and ~eryone see med to en joy themselves. Not all the news from thi s Alum group is cheerful. We had a dark cloud pass over ou r bright and carefree lives when Mrs. M ildred Helmec ke (mothe r of our very active and beloved member, Roberta Janney ) passed away. Mrs. Helmec ke was mother for the Sigma Sigma Chapter at Gunnison, Col orado, and mem or ial services were held in her memory by the active chapter and al so the Alum group. Roberto has a sked me to · extend her deepest appreciation to both of these groups. On March 30th a group of Alpha. Sigma Alpha alums met at the home of Gert rude Helmecke Reed in Montrose, Colorado, and with the assistance of Roberta Janney from Phoeni x, Ar izo na , (her sister) formed a new alum chapter. The charter membe rs are Gertrude Helmecke Reed, Belle Creel of East Oura y, Evelyn Roger Cheeney, . Margaret Glendening Price and Laverne Hopper, all of Montrose, Colorado. The best of luck to all of you and may your group have a s much pleasure and success as we have had . So long until next yea r and the best of luck to you all. Have a wonderful vacation. Love in A"2.A, Betty Stokes

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Dear Alpha Sigs: T oday is a beautiful day here in Pittsb urgh. We've been having so man y April showers latel y that it' s really news when the sun shines all day! Everyone 's busy doing spring house cleaning this time of year, so for that reason we don't have too much news thi s time. I'm happy to announce that s ince writing to you last, I've changed my name from Bec k to Berriman. Jim and I were married on St. Patrick's Da y in Indiana , Po., and we're now very happy in our pretty apartment in Johnstown . We were all pleased to see one of ou r girls, Ma bel Byers, has been selected Parliamentarian of the Pittsburgh Panhellenic Association. Mabel has been doing a wonderful job as our Representative in the Association for the last several years . Mary Lou Marshall will no doubt have many interesting things to tell about her trip west when we see he r at the next meeting . She's bee n in Arizona this last month. Thi s year has certainly passed quickly. We have just three more meetings before summe r. The nex t meeting is to be a luncheon at Blanche Landau 's next Saturday and we're all to bring · a white e lephant package for auction. A tea and tour of antiques is being planned for our May meeting , and in June we're all looking forward to a joint meeting with two other alumnae chapters. Our chapter has invited the Indiono , Po. , and Cumberland, Maryland, chapters to meet with us. Thi s promises to be a very special event and we're all anx ious to meet and visit with our near-by friends.


22 Several of us ore planning to attend a teo in Indiana, Po ., nex t month being planned in honor of Miss Belden, who is retiring from the State Teachers College this year. Miss Belden has been sponsor of the Alpha Sigs at the college for many years and will be greatly missed. We send many good wishes to her for her future years. Hove fun this summer! Margery Bcrrimon

We ore all looking forward to the spring donee on April 27 given by the active chapter and the TEKE fraternity. Wishing you all a wonderful summer until we meet again next fall. Your A~ Friend, Joan Hughes


RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Dear Alpha Sigs : The Richmond Alumnae Chapter has selected the Cancer 'project for this year. Once a month the chapter meets at the Cancer Center and the members wrap bandages for cancer patients which ore being cored for at home . The members hove derived a great deal of pleasure from this work and we feel we hove selected a fine worthwhile project. Saturday, April 7, Virginians ore celebrating Alpha Sigma Alpha State Day at Longwood College at Formville, Vo ., and we ore looking forward to seeing many members at this event. Love in "::. A, Katherine Mathews

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Dear Alpha Sigs : South Bend Alumnae hove hod a busy late winter and early spring . Our annual St. Volentine's Day teo was one of the very pleasant gatherings which helped us over a long winter. The teo was held at Naomi Pehrson's apartment. Mildred Worner Zoss was invited to pour at the teo table which was lovely with sweetheart roses in on antique bisque vase as the centerpiece . Mary Houghton presided at the short business meeting before the teo. We were sorry though to learn that Velva Sere Goy was leaving New Corisle. Her husband is now stationed in Utah and she and her two boys were to leave the lost of March to be with him . On April 26 we will hove our lost meeting of the year, a co-operative dinner. At this meeting , which will be held at my home, we will elect officers and make our plans for the year 1 951-1 952 . This then is Good Bye from South Bend's 1950- 1951 Editor . "V .M ." Pearce Roberts

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI Dear ~A s: Springfield Alums hove been busy s ince the lost writ ing . Our latest project for making money is a gypsy ba sket. Each member bakes a pie, coke or some other pastry and posses it on to another member. This member places in the kitty what she thinks it is worth and in turn bakes something and posses it on to the next membe r. We hope in this way to raise some funds . The March meeting was held at the home of Rosie Fe llm. The evening was spent playing bridge and canasta . A luncheon at Heer's Ozark Gorden Room was he ld in Apr il. A Iorge crowd turned out for this. In May we ore planning a p ic nic for the active chapter at Phelps Grove Por k. Th is is especially to honor the graduating se nio rs. Our latest philanthropic project is to do something for the Po lio Word at Burge Hospita l. There ore 24 little ch ild re n in th is word. Each month we use the current holiday as our theme and ma ke tro y fav ors or some special trea t fo r them .

Dear Alpha Sigs: For one reason or another, we, the Suffolk Alumnae Chapter, decided that this year we would be just plain lazy, except, of course, for our annual spring luncheon . We even contemplated buying '' lounging pajamas. You see, it's this way-our overage attendance is four and we hove been trying to keep up with our larger sister alum chapters and we ore so-o-o tired. Our meetings ore monthly, from September through June-'ceptin this year and then we only agreed to skip October and December; even though we can't do but so much we like to see each other and talk sorority. One thing we know, for sure, and that is the next time we wont to be lazy we will not nominate Paulo Butler Bollard for president. Seriously, thanks to Paulo for keeping the A~ spirit olive in our Suffolk chapter for this year. First Paulo compiled, typed and mode attractive year books for our chapter. Then all of you who attended State Day in Richmond received one of the clever nut baskets with a mop of Virginia attached; Paulo designed and mode all of these baskets. In January we were invited by our friends, Dr. and Mrs. John J . Reid, to attend a lecture at the Hotel Elliott by Dr . A. M. Skeffington, director of the graduate clinic foundation of optometry; 'twos good but deep. Then on to Lois Phelps Cooley's home, where we played Easter Bunny to a Veteran's Hospital in Virginia by making eighty-five Easter baskets and filling them with jelly beans. Harriett Naylor, Paulo , Lois and yours truly did this at one sitting . You guessed it-Paulo was the girl who organized it and even purchased the supplies; she designed the baskets with a cute bunny stapled to one side. Just give Paulo staples and scotch tope and she con make "anything ." With spring comes our annual luncheon; Mary Bugg Holland has been named general chairman, and reported that sixty invitations ore being moiled to Alpha Sigs in the Tidewater area . The time- May 19th; the placeHotel Elliott, Suffolk, Virginia . The "Welcome" sign is hanging high for any A~A -neor or for- who 路can come . Harriett Naylor is in charge of reservations; just drop a note, if possible, to : Mrs. Robert T . Naylor, 230 N. Main Street, Suffolk, Virginia . Paulo Bollard as publicity choirman is planning to contact ten newspapers for advance notice as well as giving each of these papers a write-up of our luncheon with the girls attending from their vicinity. Then at least eight radio stations will feature spot an nouncements on their community news program . Lois Cooley and Judy Smith Brothers ore keeping their plans for the favors and decorations as a surprise; Lois mode adorable nosegays for all of us lost year. So now we ore really busy trying to make up for lost time. Just a few tid -bits of news 路 Viola Surring Roher moved way out to Kansas City and attended one of the alum meetings there; but ZIP she was bock 1n Suffolk for our September meeting; she is now settled in Norfolk . Sorry g irl s, you almos t hod a good A::拢 . At the very moment of th is writ ing Annette Rogers Corter is on her merry way to Son Diego to meet husband Tom-Just in from Japan. But the way she moves around, she will probably

MAY, 1951


be in Europe at the next writing. Just in case all of you -do not see the Virginia Clubwoman (magazine for the . Virginia Federation of Woman 's Clubs), there were pictures of three A~As-ond all in one issue, too; Harriett Naylor and Frances Hewitt were in a group picture of the Suffolk Junior Club; and Ubby Deter Appleton in a picture of the Harrisonburg Club . That is all I know. Come to our Luncheon, Frances Beaton Hewitt

beautiful lace cloth and hod a lovely centerpiece of red roses. The teo cakes were decorated with little sugar roses. Mrs. Charles H. (Nel le ) Bergerhouse and Mrs. Derwood (Dorothy) Bethel poured the teo and served the coke. We had a nice attendance arid the girls hod a good visit and a chance to see some more of the lovely little doll s dressed by Gladi s Carr for her church guild. Mrs. W . G. (Evelyn) Holderman, Mrs. Claude W . (Fern ) Jackson and Virginia Ford were co-hostesses. Our March meeting was held in the home of Mrs. Lorence F. (Margaret) Weaver, with Mrs. Don J . (Erma ) Coffee and Mrs. Kelley Manning assisting. During our business meeting a plea was mode for blood donors to the Red Cross. I don't know yet how many of our g irl s con give blood, but I'm sure all those who can will cooperate in thi s very worthy cause . I hove been giving blood since l 943 to the Red Cross, and also to the Veterans Hospital, at Wadsworth, Kansas, before they were on the Red Cross receiving list. Since coming to Wichita I hove given blood regularly. Mrs. Robert (Ardis Jean ) Lemons is bock with us after seeing her husband off for overseas duty. She went to California with him and while she was away, her little son, Mark, was born. The Lemons hove a little girl also. We hope Bob will soon be bock with hi s little family. We ore happy to welcome a new member to our growing alumnae group, Mrs. J . J. (Elizabeth Nancy) Robinson from Eta Eta chapter at Pittsburg, Kansas. We hove received the names of several other girls, but due to incorrect addresses, hove not been able to contact them . We ore losing another of our girls, Mrs. Fred (Sue) Thornberg, who is moving to Hill City, Kansa s. And so, we ore coming to the close of another year and until you hear from us again in the fall, we ore wishing all the chapters a most wonderful su mmer.

TUCSON, ARIZONA Dear A~As: In March the Tucson Alumnae Chapter welcomed bock to Tucson as visitors Virginia Callison and Em Frost, both from Mi sso uri. They were charter members of this chapter and we hove missed them. The March meeting was purel y soci al with good food and lots . of talk in honor of the Ladies from Missouri. While Virginia was here she and" Abbie attended a state A.A.U .W. 路convention and heard Mayor Dorothy Lee of Portland, Oregon, speak. We ore planning a patio supper in May as our lost meeting before summer descends upon us, and we hope by then to hove contacted two more A~As reported to be living in Tucson-Mrs. King and Miss Olive Mudra . Tucson is getting bock to normal after the Festival of Arts, March 25- April 8. It was on exciting time with many good lectures, ore ex hibits and concerts . Perhaps next yea r's festival will bring some Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters to Tucson to enjoy the arts of the Southwest. We ore a small group here in Tucson, and we ore proud and happy that we hove been able to meet chapter requirements this year. Next year '1ith the prospect of two new members we hope to do even\ better. Margaret A. Sparks

WI CHITA, KANSAS Dear Alpha Sigs: Our Volentine teo was gi ve n in the home of Mrs . W. W. (Gladis;) Carr. The teo table was covered with a

Yours in


Ollie Moe Alexander

Carry Me BaGk WHERE.?

To 01' Virginny WHEN.?

路August 19-22, 1952 WHY? ~'tilt-



Hotel Roanoke

Roanoke, Virginia



NEWS LETTERSCollege Cha'pters

ALPHA Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia Dear A _ As: So much has happened since the lost letter that has meant a great deal to us that I hardly know where to begin. We now hove o group of brand new ~ As, ond needless to soy, we ore proud as punch of them! For another successive year on A"'1.A is president of Student Government here. Our own " B.B." Wilson will se rve, succeeding Helen Agnew. Not only here, but at Westhampton College in Richmond, one of our ~As will serve in the some capacity. She is Jackie Jardine , of whom we ore so very proud. Our best wishes go to both gals! Betty Scott Barkey will edit our annual , the " Virginian," and Betty Barnes wil l serve as F.T .A. President this coming year. Several of us will also hold minor offices. At our next meeting next year's officers will be elected but until then we hove been busy planning our trip to' Virginia Beach th is summer. The 7th of April will find us hostesses for the State Day he re ot Long wood-and we're hop ing to see mony A~As. A wonderful program will be presented. Another great highlight of the yeor wos our visit from our Notional President, Mrs. Sharp. She wos present ot our pledging ceremony, and we enjoyed hav ing her with us so much for her friendliness ond inspiring talk. We felt so fortunate . Until next time, ond o new editor! Love in A ~A . Roberto Browning

ALPHA ALPHA Miam i Uni ve rsity, Oxford , Oh io Deor Alpha Sigs: We just hod our much earned spring vocation, and ore all ready to start in again . April 10 to 14 is Greek Week here, and a very busy week it is going to be. Sorority workshops to plan next year's activities, o banquet for oil the sorority and fraternity presidents, dessert for the whole chapter at Acacia House, and o chariot race with sorority sponsored chariots pulled by fraternities ore among the activities planned. Red-headed Mary Anne H01ght is to be the goddess of the Phi Kappa Tau chariot, dressed in jeans and work gloves! (She is a Phi Kop pinplont, by the way.) The week will be climaxed by the Inter-Fraternity Boll and a fraternity tug-o-wor. As for past events, we held two more rush parties and pledged si girls. One was a rootin tootin Western party, and the other was o Flapper party, complete with the Charleston . The onnuol Tribe Miom1 sponsor candidate was Mary Jane Hughey, and Peg Sa oye o f the pledge class was up for No y Ball queen. The ODK Corm ol was a huge success, and lots of fun

and hard work for everyone. We worked with another so rority and a fraternity on our booth, which was a side show. Contortionists, Frankenstein faced women, Siamese twins, and other "freaks" were port of the show, "so amazing, it's hair-raising!" We hod a grand pledge-active party, follow ing which initiation ceremonies were held for Evelyn Livdur, Martha Wolcott, Joan Keel, and Doris Dowling . The some day, March 3, formal pledging was held for the new pledges, and we all celebrated with the new actives one;! pledges by going out to dinner. The chapter installed its new officers March 28: President, Mary Jane Hughey; Vice-President, Rita Campbell; Secretory, Beverly Scott; Treasurer, Doris Dowling ; Editor, Martha Wolcott; Registrar, Marge Heyman , and Choploin and Song Leader, Evelyn Livdur. They will toke ove r after spring vocation . For Mother's Day week-e nd, we ore having on informa l tea on Saturday, and Sunday a few of the girls will toke port in the PonHell Chorus Mother's Day si ng . The .\~A Sweetheart Song is to be included in the medley of sorority songs. We're very proud of our Dean's list girls. Marge Huff and Barbaro Richards received high honors in Arts and Science, Joanne Edwards received high honors in Fine Arts, and Peg Sovoye walked off with highest honors in the School of Education. Peg is also the new pledge class president, and has been named sopho more counselor for one of the freshmen dorms next yea r. She's a good A::!:\ girl! May 19, Alpha Alpha chapter is p)onning on alumnae luncheon for the alumnae in the surrounding area . We're all looking forward to seeing so me of the faces we sow during our installation. AA hopes everyone has a wonderful finale to their school year. We'll see you here again next fall! Love in.\::!: , Mary Jane Hughey

ALPHA BETA Northeast Missouri State College, Kirksville, M issouri Dear Alpha Sigs: Hearts 'n flowers and crepe paper streamers graced the walls of the Ophelia Parrish gym for our annual Sweetheart's Donee, and as always it was one of the highlights of the year. Gorn ito Morrey, chosen from the graduating seniors, reigned os Sweetheart Queen-and a pretty one she wos! One of our alumnae passed a Volentine box of small cords to every girl in the circle around the throne and the two who chose the marked Volentmes become the Queen's attendants. Denno Bunch ond Willie Chester were the lucky girls. June Corel Martin and Jeonn1e Jones were almost speechless the evening our sorority sponsor presented them with red carnations and announced that they hod been chosen for the Elizabeth Bird Small Award and Frost Fidelity Award, respectively. We all enthusiastically agreed that the laurels just couldn't hove gone to two more deserving g1rls.

MAY, 1951

3S. fast will be two highlights. Of course, we're all looking forward to our Strawberry Festival. After a long winter those red berries seem to stand for everything new about Spring. Best wishes for a wonderful Summer from oil of us to路 all of you. Love in A'2:.A, Jon Schnell

EPSILON EPSILON Kansas State Teachers Col!ege, Emporia, Kansas


Right now, oil the girls ore scurrying around the house looking for things to toke to our sorority auction sole at the next meeting. It's loads of fun to bid on the thing s we all bring to the sole, and it's one really quick way to make money for our spring political campaign. This Friday we're all invited to a mi xer given by our brother Phi Sigs . We ' re beginning to make plans for our an nual Breakfast Donee . . . it's the only morning in the year that no one minds rollrrg out of bed at 6:00 . It's really been a wonderful year together, and a s it draws to a close we're thinking of all the other A'2:.A's across the notion and wishing you lots of Love ' n Luck, Mary Isabel Griffiths

ALPHA GAMMA State Teachers College, Indiana, Pennsylvania Dear Alpha Sigs: We at Indiono view the end of the year with regret because it means losing one of o ur sponsors, Miss Ethel Belden. Miss Belden ha s been with us for 23 years and is much more than on advisor to us. The future won't be the some without her. There will be a farewell party fo r her on the 28th of April at the home of Dr . J oy Mohochek. 路 On April the 5th we installed our newly elected ofThey ore : Shirley Englehart, President; Jo Ann ficers. Wehler; Vice Pres ident; Chorlotte' Woite, Secretory; Gerry Neikom, Treasurer; Helen Hamill, Chaplain ; Betty Thomas, Editor, ond Carole Kellerman, Registrar. With leaders like these we're headed for a bong-up 1952. Our alumnae ore giving a party for the seniors on April the 13th. They ore also cooperating with us on our plans for su mmer rushing. The Ponhellenic Donee on March the 31st, was a beautiful affair. Thi s year's theme was "Apr il Showers." Before the donee we hod a banquet at the local V.F.W. c lub. Twenty-five couples plus sponsors, alumnae and faculty were present. Mary Sutherland has been chosen to represent us as ou r candidate for "Sweetheart of Delta Sigma Chi .'1 The winner will be crowned on April the 20th at a formal boll. The end of May is going to be very busy for all Alpha Sigs. Our Mother's Day luncheon and Senior break-

Dear Alpha Sigs: Just call us the singers, we won second in the onnua r Singing Bee . Every year our chapter presents three award s to its. members. Thi s yeor the award for the most perfect pledge went to Jane Pierson . Betty Jo Leonard received the award for the highest grade overage and Louise Lister the award for the most improvement in grades. The Sigma Tau Rose Donee is April 14 and Betty Jo路 Leonard is our candidate for Rose Queen. Cupid visited the Alpha Sigs when Rita Kemmerer and Jerry Deitrickson anno unced their engagement lost Wednesday. Everyone is looking forward to April 28, the night of our spring formal. We're in the swing of rushing for next fall. Every Wednesday night we hove invited three rushees to the, sorority house for dinner and next Sunday we ore having a big picnic . Love in A'2:.A, Betty Jo Leonard

ZETA ZETA Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg, Missouri Dear Alpha Sigs: Springtime issues forth once more, after those busy winter months we talked about the lost time we got totogether. Just memories remain of our Golden Anniversary路 Formal Donee . Than ks again Mrs. Sharp for your presence, we were delighted. Party ! Party! " Dress as a song," sa id our twelve pledges as the)( invited the actives t o on evening's entertainment. Then their day come, our twelve little pledges become actives. Joanne Murray surprised all by passing out chocolates announcing her engagement. She gives the credit to our anniversary donee, which further proves that it was a success. Avoiding all political machines, we elected new ofJeannie Findla y, President; Pot Brown, Vice ficers. President; Bonnie Brown, Secretory; Margaret Kelly, Treasurer; Beverly White, Chaplain ; Mary Ann Vogel, Editor, and Marilyn Jones, Sports Manager. One of our Alpha Sig sisters, Patsy Martinso n, ha s been chosen house pres ident of Yeater Hall , the house of the ,lovelies, or more commonly known as the girl's dormitory. This editor has been elected president of ACE I. At the colleges annual Rhetor Boll , Jean Hutcheson, was ou r Rhetor Queen candidate. Spring training is taking place and whether you ore a vol leyba ll , basketball o r softba ll rooter, look our direction. In Intermural sports, we hove token first place in volleyball and basketball and here we go o ut to the o ld boll pork. Our Philanthropic project come to a climax with the delivery of on Easter basket to ou r needy negro family .


36 It's Song Fete time on our campus May 2 . We'll be si nging that patriotic number, "This Is My Country," directed by Jeanne Sheperd. Soy it's getting late, and this editor is supposed to be in spring training, too. But first, we would like to wish the best of luck to our graduating sisters in each chapter. Hove a grand vocation you Alpha Sig gals and see you next Fall. Love in A~A. Mary Ann Vogel

ETA ETA Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas

Dear Alpha Sigs : Everyone of us in Eta Eta Chapter really enjoyed the wonderful write-up in the lost Phoenix about our chapter's Courtesy Week. Recently the Pep Club held a contest at the lost basketboll game of the season. The winner was to be the campus organization which hod the most pep, enthusiasm, and largest amount of members present. Naturally, we Alphas went all out for the contest. We all mode it a point to be present in white blouses with red ties and ski rts, and to cheer enthusiastically. Yes, we won a beautiful first prize trophy and we ' re very proud of it. A grand time was hod by all at our " Poverty Party" held at the Green Top Born . We carried out our theme o f " poverty" by covering our refreshment table with newspaper. The punch bowl containing pop was set in on aluminum tub, flanked by candles. The guests drank from Iorge tin cups with ~A pointed on them in red letters. We held the formal installation of officers lost week. It was a very impressive ceremony and we wont to congratulate our new officers-we know they'll do o grand job for ~A . I've enjoyed keeping in touch with you through our letters and I hope we ' ll hear from all of you next year. So long for now and love in A~ Marianne Smordo

THETA THETA Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Alpha Sigs: Hi , everybody! Well, spring has arrived in New England and it certainly has pepped up activities at B. U. As many of you probably know, B. U. is situated beside the Charles River, and these "spring" days after classes you con see groups of students walking or si tting along its bonks. The re is a lot of activity on the Charles these days because M. I. T. , Harvard, and B. U.'s crews ore practicing so as to get in shape for their future crew meets. Well I suppose you ore wondering why I om writing you obout this, but after the greyness of winter its really something to see signs of spring again, and I JUSt can't help writing you about it. Now for news of Theta Theta Chapter. Lost week we hod installation of officers and the following girls were installed . We ore very proud to let you know that Louise Peck, holder of the Scarlet Key and Student Council Secretory for School of Education is the new President of Theta Theta Chapter. Lucille Anderson, from the College of Music, and who is also a member of the all B. U. Bond, is now V1ce President. Anne Merrill was re-elected to the off1ce of T reosurer and a good one she is. Betty Gollont, o member of the all B. U. Dramatic Club was installed as Registrar. Norma Vortikeon

is our new Secretory, and our new Editor is Judy Block. You will be hearing from her soon . Also at our installation we initiated our new adviser, Mrs. Crotly. She is o charming woman with a lot of enthusiastic ideas for Theta Theta . Mrs. Crotly is a nurse at the B. U. Infirmary and she gets along famous ly with everyone that knows her. We ore going to miss not seeing Mrs. Goy's friendly face at our meetings, but she has promised to come and see us from time to time. Oh yes, just a few more items, most of our Chapter is journeying to Philadelphia to help their sisters observe Alpho Sigmo Alpha's State Doy. On the 28th of this month we ore going to hove a hoy ride. We hove been planning it for two years and now at long lost we ore going to hove it. This certainly has been a busy month for all us. That's all the news for this month . Until next time, then . Love in ~A. Anne M . Kinsella

NU NU Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia, Po.

Dear Alphas : We've been very busy getting acquainted with our new pledges. We hod a grand time aâ&#x20AC;˘ a dinner meeting with the Koppe Kappa Chapter. Our alums brought the dinner to the Pan Hel house and is was enjoyed by actives, pledges, mother patronesses, and guests. M iss Corey was with us, too. Lots of luck to you all, and happy vocations. Love, Betty Grouch

PI PI New Y ark State College for Teachers, Buffalo, New York

Dear ~A Sisters: Here we ore with another college - year almost completed. We' ve hod more than enough to keep us busy, and I imagine you feel the some. To begin with, I' ll go bock to our Sweetheart Donee held on February 17th, in our College Union . The donee proved to be one of the nicest we've ever hod . All of us A~A hod stars in our eyes a s Pot Allen and her fiance were crowned Sweetheart couple at the height of the evening's enjoyment. This se mester has been a whirl of fun. After final ly se ttling down after Easter vocation, we treated Sigma Tau Gamma Fratern ity to a party in payment for the se nsat ional one they gave us lost fall. Now we ore s lated for another party with Ps i Phi Fraternity, Apr il 1Oth. Howeve r goy a time we see m to be experiencing , though we manage to find t ime to conduct business, too. Buffalo Chapter is being honored with the visit of Notional Vice Presiden t, Virginia Carpenter, Aprd 27th through 29th We ore all very enthusiastic about her com ing visit and hope to prove our worth for dear old A~ . Sis Stork, who was chosen Junior Prom Queen of Buffalo Stote th is year, has been selected as a cond1dote for Queen of th e Young Men's and Young Women's Republican Club's annual Spring Donee. We're all keepmg our fingers and toes crossed that Sis will reign We couldn't hove a lovelier representative from Alpha S1g . Plonmng another wmning floot in the Moving-UpDay Activities has kept us busy, too. Alpha S1g has

MAY, 1951



almost established a pr:ced~ nt for winning a prize for the most beautiful float. Plans for House Party this June ore almost completed. We already ore sure of having our cottage at Point Breeze, N . Y., and previous summers there ore a good indication of the wonderfully hectic times we will hove at this lost big affair of the year. It's been wonderful shoring all of our activities this year with the rest of our sisters. I hope you hove enjoyed hearing from us as thoroughly as we hove appreciated all of your terrific letters. Love in A"2.A, Ginny Burke

TAU TAU Fort Hays Kansas State Teachers College, Hays, Kansas Dear Alpha Sigs: Another year nearly finished and it's been a grand one to cemember. Best wishes to all for on even better one next year. The new crew of Tau Tau has token over and ore already doing top work. They ore as follows: Patsy Earl, President; Alice Hogan, Vice-President; Marilyn Albrecht, Treasurer; Phyllis Jeffus, Secretory; Norma Arnhold, Registrar; Shirley North , Chaplain; Phyllis Aley, Editor. In February initiation was held for eight new actives, great assets to our group-Doris Albrecht, Marilyn Albrecht, Phyllis Aley, Alice 路 Hogan, Phyllis Jeffus, Pot Lytol, Ardella Nelson, and Shirley North . After the services they were the old actives' guests at a chicken dinner. In the sports field we won the sorority half of the basketball intromurols and won second in the school group. Softball, shuffleboard, and tennis start this week and we're hoping for winners in those sports, too.

To close our social season we ore having on informot donee April 7th. Our. lost affair was on all-school varsity sponsored after our lost basketball game of the season. Patsy Earl, our new President has also been elected President of Kappa Pi, Notional Honorary Art Fraternity. We're proud of Patsy, who was also art editor of The Revellie, college year book. So long until next year, and love in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Ruby Snavely, Acting Editor

CHI CHI Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Dear A"2.A Sisters: In the post three months, Chi Chi chapter has been a bee hive of activity. We hod a fine time at our cord party, and boosted our treasury. To prove we con do charitable work, we helped wrap Red Cross bandages at our local hospital. We ore still going to Marion a s often as possible to help entertain the veterans at the hospitar there. Most important to us now is our new group of actives. Our theme for our pledge party was " Devil's Den," in which the pledges went through many funny experiences . One of the actives dressed as a feminine devil and acted as M . C. during the proceedings . After all the "devilishment," the pledges joined in with the actives in singing and playing cords. Our formal initiation was held March 18th, Sunday evening. The alums were kind enough to serve teo for us they always do. As you might guess, we ore all very proud of our new girls and know they will be on asset to our chapter a s well as all of Alpha Sigma Alpha . We also hod installation of new officers, who ore now taking over the activities for the


38 rest of this term. They will then hove vocation to get ready for next year's big JOb. At our school's Sweetheart Ball, two of our girls were selected to reign in the Sweetheart's court. They are Lois Gradeless and Morita Hooton, o new active. These 路~wls were elected by different fraternities here on compus. We have just completed our spring rummage sale. It wos plenty of work, but we all enjoyed putting in our time. Spring also brought us three new pledges, who will be initiated next fall. Never let it be said Chi Chi chapter is letting anyone get ahead of them. Now, after our volley ball team proved it con win the cup for three stra1ght years, we are starting o bowling club. We have two teams, which are headed by Char Kaysen, and Jan Schurr. We fell Jan will be an outstanding leader, since she is Indiana 's co-champion woman bowler. She was also in the court for the Freshman Dance . Every year our school has on Inter-Sorority, InterFraternity Sing in which oil so rorities and frats compete to see who con sing the very best. This is held on Parent's Day so as to show off our talents for tlie folks we strive to please. This takes plenty of time and work, and Chi Chi chapter is doing just that. We have chosen to si ng , " Without A Song," for the contest, April 29th. Barb Troxler has been kind enough to donate her t ime to directing us. "Silver Fl utes" has been chosen os the theme for our closed donee. We hove been flying around to line up programs, favors , band, and a date for the donee. It's one of the big events we all look forword to the last of April. Not only that, but our State Day is coming up April 21st. Things ore well in hand to make the day an outstanding success. Our final record dance will be given May 5th . On May 20th, we plan to entertain our mothers as we do each year. We try to give our best for the gals we think are the best. Soon after we will be saying goodbye to our se niors, giving them our good wishes as they go into the teaching profession. So until next fall, we all hope you have a very nice summer, and we look forward to a new and better Alpha Sig year to come . Love in


Joyce Hunt

PSI PSI Northwestern State College, Natchitoches, Louisiana Hi, Alpha Sigs: All signs now point toward a grand spring Formal for the Alpha Sigs here. The theme of the dance is " Harbor Lights." We have divided up into committees ond everyone is busy as a bee on her own particular project. We'll probably all be cutting stars in our sleep before the dance is over! Here on the college campus Pan-Hellenic Council has set up new rush rules for the spring semester. Under th1s new system we may give bids to girls without ever having actually rushed . All the sororities like this new system and it has proved very successful . We have received many wonderful new pledges just recently. Dollie Smith will lead the Psi Psi's next year os president . Ne t in line is Betty Choate. To record the mmutes is Jeannie Claxton's duty and Nan Short will ta ke care of the bill collectors. These officers and several others were mstolled in o beautiful ceremony lost month . They ore grand gals and I know they will be grand offleers . Chaos in the Alpha Sig House! Lost Saturday night the Alpha Sigs had o slumber en >party. Our sponsor,

Rosemary Easley, and some alums brought us food galore. Alice Crawford owed the sorority some candy for sporting o new shiny frat pin, so she whipped up botches of fudge . As usual, everyone stayed awoke til the wee hours and hod much fun. As o means of making money for our donee, we got busy and operated o concession stand when there were 7 ,000 visitors on the com pus for a weekend. The stand was open from 8 a .m. to 6 p .m. for two days. We sold cold drinks, candles, and ice cream. The stand was very successful and we plan to do it again sometime. Jeanne Hoskin and Harry Brannon will represent Alpha Sigma Alpha in the forthcoming water festival , The Aquozonza of 1951 . Jeanne and Harry will be candidates for King and Queen. Marilyn Barnette, one of us, too, will represent a campus frotermty in the some show. Good luck to both of you! We must soy o fond farewell to the Phoenix until next fall. Best wishes to all you Alpha Sigs for a happy and profitable summer! Love in ~A . Marilyn Barnette

BETA GAMMA Northeastern State College, Tahlequah, Oklahoma Dear \~ Sisters: Our "Cinderella-Prince Charming" dance was quite a goy affair. Lovely Joyce Payne captured everybody's heart as she ruled as Cinderella for the evening. She's a sparkling brunette with dashing brown eyes and we all were very proud of her. Second se mester found us with eight brand new pledges, ready and eage r to learn "founders and chapters and alphabet." They are Helen Abies, Maur ine Camblin, Nelda Hibbard, Mae Mefford, Gladys Sharp, Barbaro Sloan , and Doris Walker. They are all full of deviltry, but then that's the way we like them- spirited . Willa Dole McCully took the step into wedded bliss March 4 , when she became the bride of Jock Thompson. Pot Bedgood followed the pattern and become Mrs. Leon Jarvis, March 22 . April 21 there is to be a meeting of all Alpha Sigs in Oklahoma . The meeting is to be called "Oklahoma Day" and will serve the purpose of a regional meeting . With Jean Vaughan and Betty Campbell as delegates I om sure Beta Gamma will gain a great deal from the meeting . We' ll tell you more about the meeting later. About this time every year the chapter takes on shiny new officers and the old officers bow out. Our newly elected president is Betty Campbell. Betty is a member of Rho Theta Sigma , and secretary of Alpha Chi Omega . A popular and extremely friendly girl, we are sure she will make a grand officer. Lyta Jean Davidson will assist Betty as Vice-President. Secretory is Helen Ann Biswell , Ann Mercer will keep the money with the all too willing help of Ida Keefer. Doris Johnson will keep the pledges in line . Joyce Payne is rush chairman. Doing a very good job writing for the Phoenix will be Virginia Burleson. Sara Brandon will make on excellent Chaplain. Thanks to our out-going president, Solly Hurst. She's a member of Who's Who and has held a position on the Student Councd for the post two years. She is also secretory of Pi Omega P1. She has held all these off1ces and still done a grand job as president We think she deserves recognition . 'Bout all for now. Love 1n A~ .\ , Martha Poynor

MAY, 1951 BETA EPSILON Madison College, Harrisonburg, Virginia

39 Chauncey, Editor of "The Breeze;" and Hiwono Cupp, Chairman of the Honor Council. Then, as a result of minor elections, Mar ie Snowden was elected Treasurer of Y.W.C.A. We'll be looking forward to hearing from all of you in November. Alpha Sigs at Mad ison wish for everyone a grand and wonderful summer vocation. Love in A-:i.A, Huvono Cupp

BETA ZETA Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana

BETA EPSILON CABINET MEMBERS DISPLAY CHAPTER BOOKS TO A'LA NATIONAL PRESIDENT Back row: Martha Armistead, Vice-president; Jean Young, President; Mrs. Sharp, National President; Mancha Holland, the President Elect; Ann Pinney, Vice-president El ect. ' Front row: Marie Snowden, Treasurer Elect; Hi wano Cupp, Editor; Martha Jane Bradley, Registrar; Doris Davis, Secretary; Jo Almarode, Chaplain; and Emily Woodford, Assistant Chaplain Elect. The other officers were not present when the picture was made.

Dear Sisters: A fun-filled season I'T)ingled with many enlightening experiences and much hard work has been the spring of fifty-one. To be long remembered is the year's most cherished high light-a three day inspection tour by 路our beloved Notional President. Words cannot express the trul y heartfelt inspiration and sustaining encouragement imported thrQugh such intimate fellowship with Mrs. Sharp. Her wise words of counsel will reveal themselves always as a powerful and guiding force and ever recall to us the deep love and binding loyalty of our sisterhood in Alpha Sigma Alpha . Our chapte r is happy to announce one hundred per cent rushing for its spring open bidding which was held on March 3. Following the big event, everyone enjoyed supper at Corter House honoring our one and only rushee. After the Easte r holidays, Margaret Elliott, another of our brides-to-be, was given a trousseau shower at the house. Margaret hod to toke on extended trip to every nook and corner before she finally succeeded in finding -all her gifts . Mrs. Jean R. Grady, Notiono,l Registrar, and two members of the alumnae chapter in Richmond, visited Corter House the third week end in April. On Saturday afternoo n, B.E. entertained at a teo honoring Mrs. Grady . Guests of A"i:.A included alumnae, the Ponhellenic Council, other soro rity officers, and members of the administration and faculty. Of course, with spring come May Day and a goy and festive occas ion it was. This year, A"i:.A chosen for the Quenn' s Court included two pr incesses, Martha Jane Bradley and Gill Temple, and four attendants, Jean Manuel, Jayne Pierce, Dorothy Wainwright, and Jean Young . Major elections were held on our campus in February after ten days of eventful campaigning. A-:i.A winners were Betty Hiner, President of Student Government Association; Marilyn Mille r, Y.W.C.A. Pres ident; Kathryn

Dtor Alpha Sigs: Since I lost wrote we hove added ten new members to the roll of Alpha Sigma Alpha of Beta Zeta Chapter. You cannot possibly realize just how much they mean to us . We know that they will be grand members and will mean much to A-:i.A future. Our dinner donee was March 31st and a big success. We he ld it at Poor Boy's Country Club with our fraternity brothers. It was a beautiful night and I've never seen so many pretty formals. We carried out a Springtime theme and it was very attractively decorated. Co ming up on the agenda is ou r lost social activity for this sc hool year, th e Sunrise Breakfast. Thi s is the day when all of the girls trudge sleepi ly out to the pork and cook breakfast at 5:30 a.m. As soo n as everyone wakes up , which usually tokes only about ten minutes, the se niors ore presented with going-away presents and everybody goes about having a grand, goy ole' time until time for us to go to class. Gi ve n in honor of the sen iors, this breakfast is really a grand send-off. The sc hool year is drawing to a close so rapidly. I'm really sorry to see this se mester come to on end. I hove e njoyed this year in A-:i.A so very much and hate to see good things come to on end. We members of Beta Zeta chapter wish the best of luck to all of those of ou who ore being graduated eit her in June or August, and goodbye to the rest of you until next November at which time you will be hearing from our new editor, Vera Smith. Love in A-:i.A, Audrey Marceaux

BETA ETA State Teachers College, Dickinson, North Dakota Spring is sprung, The gross is riz ' I wonder where the birdies is:l Yes, it is spring here at Di ckinson. We hove big plans for Senior Day, Founder's Da y Banquet, our operetta , " Trial by Jury," and many other activities that rush in with the end of school. First of all, I would like to tell you that we initiated eleven new girls on March 19. I'm sure they will help to bless our so rority with success, honor and happiness . One of our new initiates, Leslie Werner, has already given Alpha Sigma Alpha a boost. She ploys the girl lead in our o peretta , "Trial by Jury." Plans for our Founder's Day Banquet ore underway. The dote is set for Ma y 19. Because our committees hove not yet reported, I cannot tel l you anything definite about it. At one of our regular meetings we chose Arlys Birdsall, Secretory of BH , a s our candidate for the Frost Fide lity Award. At that so me meeting we chose Jeannette Tryznko, Preside nt of BH for the Elizabeth Bird Small Award . At the lost meeting we e lected new of-


40 ficers for next year. They ore : Joan Reilly, President; Catharine Kuylen, Vice-President; Catherine Westlake, Secretary; Darlys Christenson, Treasurer, Isabel Lapp, Editor; Jeannette Tryznka, Registrar, and Irene Werner, Chaplain. Good luck and success to all of you new officers! And with that I close for this time . Happiness and success to oil of you, dear sisters! Love in Alpha Sigma Alpha , Arllys Treude

BETA THETA Ce ntral Mich igan College of Education,

BETA IOTA Radford College, Radford , Virginia Hi, Alpha Sigs! Spring term again-another wonderful year IS drawing to a close. It doesn't seem like a year since we last were thinking about graduation and vacation . We now have our new officers to guide us through the new year. They are : Jean Pedigo, President 路 Peggy Covington, Vice-President; Betty Jean Cook, Secretory; Alpha Phares, Treasurer; Betty Jo Thierry, Assistant Treasurer; Almadene Mills, Registrar; Connie Pendleton, Assistant Registrar; Rosemarie Campagna, Editor, and Shirley Oaks, Chaplain . With such a fine group to lead us, the future is indeed bright for our sorority. The Beta lotos selected Betty Jewel Furrow for the Elizabeth Bird Small Award, and Nancy G. Rose for the Frost Fidelity Award. Plans ore now being mode for our annual Mother Patroness program and tea which will take place the first week in June. The third weekend in May has been set aside for our annual cabin party. Everyone is looking forward to getting that sun tan, playing cards and eating to their hearts' content. So ends another school year and my term of office. Rosemarie Campagna will take my place and I know you wil l find she is tops for this position. Beta Iota wishes good luck to all of the graduating seniors and good-bye to the rest of you until next September. Love in A~ , Peggy Giesler

BETA KAPPA Western State Teachers College, Macomb, Illinois BARBARA IRELAND

Hi Everyone : Beta Theta has really token o turn toward oil out enthusiasm. With our new pledges, Phyl Beckett, Nanette Bondy, Betty Cooper, Pat Dillenbeck, Betty Moore, Jmx Newton, Jan Smith , Thelma Swanson, Joan Zimmerman and a brand new spirit we are ready for an exuberant year. To lead us for the coming year we hove Barbara Ireland as President; ond Pat Chic, Shirley Hansen, Bonnie Anderso n, Elaine Ireland , Clara "Zee" Zelenka, Joan Hollister as Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Editor, and Chaplain, respectively. Marilyn Garthe has also been appointed to Pan-Hellenic Council. With a sla te like this, we can't miss! Barb Ireland has also recently been nominated Vice-President of Women's Recreation Association. She's Phy Ed Major, and hails from o little town called Fenton. Thursday evening is initiation. Here we take ou r pledges to be our sisters. Some events coming up are : ( 1) Our traditional house party to be held at Valhalla Farms which is a very exclusive resort owned by our sponsor, M iss Jane Mc Namara . We've planned three days of spor ts, fun and rest. (2 ) On our slate, we also have our Spring formal comtng up in May. Bib time for all when we get together woth our brother fraternity , the TAU's. (3 ) Our rummage sale is to be held this week end. We are happy to announce that our adviser, Miss Smoth, os now Mrs. Oppenheimer-and is enjoying the state of matrimony. Well, best we sogn off till next tome. Lots of Love to you all in .\~A , Clara Zelen ka

Dear Alpha Sigs: We're just about to close another glorious school year. Up to date we are now 50 in number . It is reall y wonderful to have so many new sisters (and old ones, too!) Since the first of year we have been busy but happy. The 27th of January we had our dinner dance . It is now known as the Red Slipper Ball. It was one of the largest turnouts we hove ever had . I'm sure a goad time was had by all. In February we had several of our members chosen for Western's campus leaders and personalities. These were June Miller, Pat Dolan, Norma Lierly and Shirley Ziegler. It is people like these that help to make us o little more proud of our wonderful group. March 3rd was set aside for o tea which was given for the undergraduate chapter by the Alumnae Chapter of Macomb. This gave the chance for the "old" and "new" to get together. We now hove our new officers installed. Donna Hoy was elected President; Barbaro Spillers, Vice-Presodent; Joan Sullivan, Secreaary; Dorothy Arnold , Treasurer; Rita Runkle , Chaplain; Lerito Pence, Registrar, and Erma Gullet, Editor. With leaders such as these we are sure to go far in the coming year. The members of Beta Kappa Chapter have recently been guests of honor at the homes of our gracious patronesses, Mrs. Kerman and Mrs. Wolfe . We certoonly appreciate the chance thi s gives us to hove our socia l gatherings. Oh, yes, spring is here again and time to try out our cotton clothes. This provided the opportunity for o gala time at our Eighth Annual Cotton Boll. This pro ed to be a very successful event and we hope to be able to continue it for many years to come. The time is slipping away fast and it will soon be

MAY, 1951


vacation time again. We hope to hove the opportunity to have o ur "get together" again this summer. We certainly hope that next year will be a prosperous one for everyo ne. , Lave in A'2:.A, Lerita Pence

BETA MU Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, Arkansas Dear Alp ha Sigs : We are real proud to have a celebrity in our midst. Margaret Day, our past president, was elected ROTC Sponsor for 1 951 which is the top honor of the campus for any girl. Margaret is the daughter of Mrs. Joseph A. Da y ond the late Col. Joseph A. Doy, former president of Henderson State Teacher's College, Arkadelphia , Ark. She is retiring president of the Beta Mu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Mrs. Jo an Casey being crowned a s proxy for her baby daughter Maureen Case y. Barbara Guelfi is doing the h onors.


Our sp ring Panhellenic Dance will be held April 21 and plans have already been made and carried out. A " Spring Garden" wi II be the theme and it usually is real pretty and nice . We are all looking forward to that. Love in A'2:.A, Clara Templeton


State Teac'"'ers College, Cortland, New York Dear Alpha Sigs: Hi , everybody! Since our last letter to you we have had our rush parties and the outcome-thirty wondeful -girls. We just had our formal initiation and banquet. It certainly was wonderful. Gamma Clio Chapter of A'2:.A had its first "Sweetheart Dance" this year. We held it here at the hou se. The band was super as were the decorations and entertainment. It was a tremendous success and we are planning to make it an annual affair . Our Queen was an -adorable baby girl, Maureen Casey (at that time one month o ld ). Her mother, Joan Casey, one of our sisters was crowned as proxy. We just had our elections and here are the results : President, Anice Dumbleton; Vice-Presid!!nt, Arloweene Shoemaker; Secretary, -Joan Wilkinson; Corresponding

Secretary, Joanne Contino; Treasurer, Shirley Kantor; Assistant Treasurer, Vivian Manniago; Historian, Joan Bossi; Chaplain and Assistant, Jean Zoechler and Shirly Chase; Registrar, Marge McDowell ; Editor, Frances Marion; Guard, Corrine Bittorf; Social Chairman, Joan Brumber, and Rush Chairmen, Dorothy Kull and Marge Coren . They sound like a fine group and I' m sure we'll do as well next year as we are doing now. Now that Spring is here, our fancy has turned to paint and paint folders. At long last we are to have our hou se painted and there is much picking and choosing of colors. We are all looki ng forward to Moving Up Day and let' s hope that we get the cup for our singing of " Deep Purple." Fran will be your next editor and I just want to say that I hope she enjoys her job as much as I have . Love in A'2:.A, Joan Wilkinson

BETA NU Murray State College, Murray, Kentucky Hi , Sisters: All the Beta Nu 's are tired but happy today. We've just returned from our Panhellenic Workshop. We spent the weekend at Kentucky Lake talking over sorority problems and having a scru mpti ous tim e. We lost a few hours of sleep; but gained gobs of new friends, cooperation, and extra pounds. We had our new group of pledges with us. Rushing season is now past history. We had two ru sh parties this spring. Our first was an Alpha Sig South Sea


42 Island

with our actives bedecked in clever personal The rushees wore jeans and our monkey pinned a shipwrecked sailor's hot on them. They left their shoes in a bog block pot before they crawled through the door of our shock. The room was decorated in South Sea Island style; straw on the floor, toy freak animals peering from the corners, and the Kmg's throne over-looking it all. We welcomed them with a war donee. To make them true islanders, we taught them a war rhythm and tested their "brave" ability by a race (conveying a nut by their nose). A native polygamy wedding was performed and celebrated by dancing and food . The guests were presented with luck charms by the bride. We sent them away singing on a Treasure Hunt (for their shoes). Our second rush party was on informal get together with dessert and punch . Greek Week is coming up on our campus. All the greek organizations work together putting out a booklet telling about each of the organizations. Each person wears a tog bearing the sy mbol of each of her Greek Organizations. Alpha Sig is doing a fashion show of 200 A.D. Greek styles for the Talent Night. The finale is the donee the lost night. We hove elected a wonderful group of new officers. They ore : "Tony" Thompson, Prexy; Jean Bernett, VicePrexy; Mary Eva Johnson, Secretory; Betty King, Registrar; Virginia Jordon, Chaplain; Jane Shelby, Treasurer, and Betty Robison , Editor. We certainly ore proud of them. Since this is my lost time to soy this, I wont to wish you a super special gob of Love in A ~ , Mabel Ci sse ll

creoti~ns, sarongs, gross skirts and other drapes.

the plans for a surprise shower. Everything worked out beautifully. School resumed after a grand ten days vocation lor all. Everyone's bock in full swing including the new pledges. We certainly hove gained a grand group of girls. Initiation will be held the end of April or the beginning of May. Besides the plans for the pledgEs we ore planning for our big A'i:.A weekend . This year it falls around the Senior Prom weekend. The usual hayride, formal banquet and donee will probably work in and we're all hoping for a picnic at the lake along with a swim . This year has been active and full of fun , we're only sorry that it's quickly coming to a close . Wishing you a happy summer I' ll close for the year. Love in A...::A , Lois E. Flint

RHO CHI Wayne University, Detro it, Michigan

BETA XI Oneonta State Teachers College, Oneonta, New York

RHO CHI INITIATES AND SPONSOR Left to right, row l : Helen Bogdono'(och, Lot toe Letke. Row 2: Lolloon DeMetrol, Jane Hoahsmoth, on alum nae, and Mrs. Houts, sponsor.

Mary Qumn, Queen of Sogmo Tau Gamma's Whole Rose Boll Dear Alpha Sigs : Spring has really come to this city of ours and nature has set a beautiful scene for our college life. I'm afraid ot isn't too conducive to studying but we do manage to get some done . Speaking of spring ot certainly has hit one of our members Sister Joan Raffo was morned over the Easter vocotoon. For weeks before the vocotoon you could find the whole house assembled in her room while the nightly lottmgs were going on. One of the sisters mode her gown and one mode her headdress When the fmol littong was completed we truly hod a beoutoful bride. All hese weeks we hod suggestoons flymg as to how the veil should be arranged and JUSt where the pearls should be placed and so on Many tomes it was a little difficult to get all twenty-one girls to agree Of course there were also

Hi Everybody, In February our chapter held the Formal initiation and dinner at the home of our President Shirley Cloud. Shirley prepared and planned a delicious meal. The theme of hearts for Volentine's Day was carried out by a Iorge heart centerpiece with sorority letters in the center and small hearts as place cords. Our initiates who re ceived membership at that dinner were : Helen Bogdonovich, Jane Highsmith, Lottie Letke and on alumnae Lillian Denetrol, who hod been a member of Sigma Rho Chi before they become notional. After the initiation we were busy planning our rush party. Our formal party hod a Saint Potrock's Day touch with shamrock ice cream and venous domty sa ndwiches mode by Lottie Letke. The favor s were desig ned by Jane Highsmith and the other girls helped her to make red roses. The entertainment, a Theater shadow show given by Jean Corter was very well done . As a result of this rushing season we pledged eight gorls. Joan Baxter, Zero Bogdonovich, Natalie Heol, Betty Jones, Barbaro Kugel, Betty McRoberts, Maroon Storesetter, and Nancy Thorington. In honor of the pledges the octoves gave a dinner, after the pledge ceremony, at a Chinese Restaurant . Everybody was stuffed! But no one knew the mgredients of the voroous doshes we were eotong! We mode plans for the Mother's Day Dmner to be held on Moy 13th. Other social events woll be planned later this term .

MAY, 1951 Rho Chi is proud of its sponsors who have made several appearances an television programs. Both Dr. Koehl and Mrs. Houts did very well on T-V. Two of our members are on the Committee of Wayne Women which is designated to plan for community service during the emergency. Planned activities include acting as USO hostesses, and aiding Veterans' hospitals. As always Alpha Sigmas are anx ious to help! Marilyn Mack

BETA PI Concord College, Athens, West Virginia Dear Sisters, March 18 will always be a day of remembrance to four of our members. On this day Shirley Flynn, Nancy Brown, Evangeline Hedrick, and Arlene Miller became active members of A'£.A . The solemn and dignified ceremony took place in the college social room , followed by breakfast at the home of Mrs. C. J. Gerald, one of our beloved patronesses. Afterwards the girls went in a group to the Athens Baptist Church . Our four new members are really wonderful girls of whom we are proud. On April 4 we installed our new officers for the coming year. The installation service took place at the home of Mrs. Harry Winkleman, our adviser. After the service delicious refreshments were served to the members and to Miss Nellie Ellison, our co-adviser. New officers are: Norma Jean Ellis, president; Pansy Howell, vice-president; Peggy Hambrick, secretary; Evangeline Hedrick, treasurer; Nancy Brown, registrar; Arlene Miller, chaplain; Louise Magyar, editor; and Shirley Flynn, sergeantat-arms. I know that these girls will carry out their duties to their best ability and will strive to uphold the aims of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Yours in A'£.A, Louise Magyar

43 BETA RHO Northern Illinois State Teachers College, DeKalb, Illinois Under the leadership of our new officers, we of Beta Rho are busily ma k ing plans for our last activities of the year.. New officers of the chapte r are : Maureen Sullivan, president; Harriet Eadie, vice -president; Rita Burke, secretary; ·Donna Frankfother, treasurer; Pat Parker, registrar; Shirley Anderson, social secretary; Nyema Lindblbde, chaplain ; and Carolyn Werner, editor. Some of our members have recently been elected to campus offices. Maureen Sullivan is vice-president of the Panhellenic Council and treasurer of Women 's. League. Jane Heidorn is the new president of the Women ' s Athletic Association . Jane also wan third place honors in the national Alpha Delta cartooning contest held last month. Congratulations for outstanding scho larship are in order for Elise Singer, our former president, who attained the rank of si xth in this year's graduating class. An important event on our calendar is the Mother's. Day Tea scheduled for the latter part of May. At thi s. time we plan to have our mothers became a part of Alpha Sigma when we present them with Mother Patroness pins. Our enthusiasm and a spirations for our chapter soared' even higher last month when we received a visit from Wilma Wilson Sharp. Mrs. Sharp's interest in the chapter's achievements and her inspiring attitude was felt -by each and every girl a s you will see by the smiling faces. in the picture. As the days before vacation grow fewer and fewer , our thoughts are beginning to turn toward vacation plans, and of course we ' re including an Alpha Sig summer re union to be held here at N I. Carolyn Werner

MEMBERS OF BETA RHO CHAPTER WITH MRS. SHARP , NATIONAL PRESIDEN T Seated , left to right : Mrs. Sharp , Maureen Sull ivan , chapt er president, M r.. Jerom e W inn , chapter a dvise r . Standing , left to right: Mary Ann Maeck, Bernadette Gucwa , El sie Hauf, Harri et Ead ie, Jacki e Ell is , Donna Fran kfot he r, Ann. Sauerman, N yema Lindblade, Caro lyn We rn er , Liz Gall , Shirl ey Anderson , Charl otte Arnqu1 st , V1rg 1n1a Brow n, Pat Parker, Jan ice Koch , Donna Powers, Groce Matteso n, Rita Burke. Seated on fl oo r left t o right : Geo rg ette Young , Faith Ril ey, Jacki e Mu ell er, Nancy W on ish , V irgi n ia Bu rn s, Kay Wi ll iam s, Ela i ne Ba ke r, Barba(a Boyd , Vi o let Ranallo , Pat Chadw ic k, Marna Schu st er, El sie Singer .



ANNOUNCEMENTS PHI PHI Evolyn Evans to L. V. Larrieu on March 28 , 1951 . At home 3037 Flora , Kanscis City, Mo. Kather ine Espey to Kenneth Jones on October 27 , 1950. Patricia Russell to W . R. Moody on January 6, 1951 .

MARRIAGES ALPHA BETA Joan McKee to Clifford Ha yes on March 22 , 1951 . At home 31 6 S. Main, Kir ksvi lle, Mo. ALPHA GAMMA Anne Schade to Walter L. Murphy on February 10 , 1 951 . At home 235 Ward Parkway, Kansa s City 2, Kansa s. BETA BETA Beatrice Fry to Don Hungunburg on March 1 8, 1 951 . At home Greeley, Colorado. Mary Beth Curti s to Edgar Williams on March 24 , 1951 . At home Denver, Colorado. Mitz Vohsholtz to Dean Franus on March 1 5, 1951 . At home Gorden City, Kansas. Anna Lee Holmes to Keith Charles McPherson on May 6 , 1950. At home 180 North Sonta Ana, Modesto, Calif. ZETA ZETA Marlene Markham to Bill Cox on February 28, 1951. At home 11755 East 44th Street, Kansa s City, Mo. ETA ETA Normo Jeon Volentine to Floyd A. Dawson on August 26 , 1950. At home 1 18 Y2 E. First, Pittsburg , Kansa s. Ruth Kruckenberg Walker to Fred R. Ochse nbein, Jr., on January 23 , 1949. At home 515 Gray, Joplin, Mo. Rosemary McCluskey to Loui s Postai on March 29, 1 951 . At home Pittsb urg, Kansas. Hele n Pos tai to Bill McCullough on March 31 , 1951 . At home Kansas City, Kansas. KAPPA KAPPA Barbara Cook to Harold Byer on March 24, 1951 . At home 2076 Whorton Rd., Glenside, Po . MU MU Robena Hooks to John Donald Vogwill on December 1, 1 950. At home 317 S. W . First Ave ., Delray Beach, Florida . NU NU Constance Pennypacker to W . J . Pilkington on May 12, 1950. At home No. 4 Apt . 6, Drexelhook, Po. Margaret McCool to Francis Denham on March 31, 1951 . At home 123 Manheim Ave., Oaklyn, New Jersey. Elizabeth Graugh to Frederick Kompass on March 26, 1951 . At home 2520 Hillcrest Rd ., Drexel Hill , Po . I XI Loll is Nerling to William H. Horns on August 5 , 1950. Jeanne Beswetherick to John Lloyd Balderston, Jr., an June 21 , 1950.

CHI CHI Patricia Aker to John Rasor on April 1, 1 951 . Wilda Mary Harper to John Joseph Robison on October 15, 1950. At home RFD 4 , Tipton, Indiana . PSI PSI Margie Beth Barnett to Max Allen Sandlin on February 10, 1951 . At home New Boston, Texas. Dorothy Dale to Paul Adams on March 14, 1951. At home Minden , Louisiana . BETA GAMMA Willia Dale McCully to Jack H. Thompson on March 4, 1951 . At home Muskogee, Oklahoma . Patricia Bedgood to Leon Jarv is on March 22, 1951 . At home Tulsa , Oklahoma . BETA EPSILON Ruth Harshbarger to Clarence Edward Graybeal on Aug . 26, 1 950 . At home 3217 White Avenue, Baltimore 14, Maryland . Nancy Rogers to Ralph 0 . Smith on August 13, 1949. At home 432 Sylvan Ave., Waterbury, Conn . Betty Jane Wilkins to David Henry Lowe, Ill , on June 24 , 1 950 . At home Menchville, Virginig . Angeline Matthews to Charles Frederick Whitcomb on June 18, 1949. At home 104 Lexington St., Hampton, Virginia . Sue Deaton to William Larry Ross on October 5 , 1950. At home 2049 Windsor Ave ., S. W . Roanoke IS, Va . BETA LAMBDA Marian Shuster to Tom Cochran on March 11, 1951 . At home Jonesboro, Arkansas. Helen Ruth Wat ki ns to Dale Chr is ty on March 25 , 1951 . At home Fayetteville, Arkansas. BETA MU Patricia M idkiff to Bill J . Hughen on February 23, 1951 . At home Hot Springs, Arkansas. Noncy Hunter to Wm. Rettig an February 1 1, 195 I . At home little Rock, Arkansas. GAMMA CLIO Harriet Baylis to Jack Tut hill on February 10, 1951 . At home Little York, New York, Box 31 . BETA NU Betty Thompson to Charles Eichorn on March 2 , 1 951 . At home Golconda, Illinois. BETA XI Joan Raffer to Edward Langdon on March 24 , 1951 . At home Oneonta, New York.

MAY, 1951 BETA RHO Elaine Anderson to William Baker an March 1 0, 1951. At home Adams Hall , DeKalb, Illinois. Adele Auringer to Bernard Grover on March 24, 1 951. At home RFD 3-2, Harvard , Illinois. Donna Hasher to Robert Beil on March 24, 1951 . At home 516 N. Maple Ave., Oa k Park, Illinois.

BIRTHS ALPHA BETA Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Forbach (Betty Asbury) a so n, Thomas Edward on December 21, 1950. ALPHA GAMMA Mr . and Mrs. Ralph Theopleus (Helen Wirth) a daughter, Helen Kay on January 24, 1 951. GAMMA GAMMA Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mc Fadden, Jr ., (Gloria Hutchinson ) a son, on February 1 7, 1 951 . New address: 3622 N. 12th Street, Albuquerque , New Mex ico . EPSILON EPSILON Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sharp (Celeste Conklin ) a son, Jack Gregory on March 8 , 1 951. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kaarbo (Evel yn Cooper) a so n, Ronald Neal II , on January, 6, 1951. Mr. and Mrs . Clifford Foster <Jeanette Gardner ) a daughter, Susan Jean on July 14, 1950. ZETA ZETA Mr. and Mrs. W illis Pettigrew (Patricia Foster) a son . Ronald Keith, on February 9, 1 951 . Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Winter <Judy DeMasters ) a son, on February 8 , 1 951 . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steffan (V irginia Noffty) a daughter, Mary Anne, in February, 1 951. ETA ETA Mr. and Mrs. John Bertoncino {Jackie Brawn ) a son, Jeffery, in March, 1951. Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Ochsenbein (R uth Kruckenberg) a daughter, Nancy Ruth on March 14, 1950 . Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kreutzer (Ina White) a so n, Curtis Scott, on March 26, 1 951 . NU NU Mr. and Mrs. T . Goff Miller (R uth Sutherland) a daughter, R~th Pri sc illa on March 1 8 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Landau (B lanche Ball) a san, Robert Alan an Octobe 12, 1 950 . X I XI

Mr. and Mrs . Monte Meyers (Marian Lee Jones) a daughter, Marsha Lee on January 25, 1951 . PI PI Mr.. and Mrs. Glenn Bernreuther (Marjorie Platt) a daughter, Beth Elaine an February 22, 1951 . Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Snyder (Gertrude Hemst reet ) a so n, David Leslie an March 15, 1951. Mr . and Mrs. Richard H. Pendleton (Margaret Brawn) a daughter, Patrice Elizabeth on March 27, 1951 .

45 Mr . and Mrs. John M . Dal y (Deborah O'Hagan) a daugh ter, Maureen Ann on February 2, 1 951. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiCamill o (Olga Parenti) a so n, Gary Thu mas on December 1 0 , 1950. SIGMA SIGMA Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mi on (Lou Anna Banks) a daughter, Martha Jane on September 2 4, 1950. Mr . and Mrs . Jac k Ritter (A nne Fordham ) a so n, John Fordham on June 14, 1950. TAU TAU Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Mor ri ssey (Marilyn Slayton) a son, Michael Lee on March 4, 1951. CHI CHI r Mr. and Mrs. John R. Zimbaro (Eleanor Mitchel l) a daughter, Rosalie Marie on September 14, 1950. BETA GAMMA Mr . and Mrs. Anthony Isaacs (Nerine Garrett) a so n, Garrett Andrew 路 on January 4, 1 945 ; a daughter, Jeanne Marie an August 22, 1946; a daughter, Nerine Anthony on January 29, 1 948; a son, Anthony Joseph II , on September 24, 1949; a son, David Denni s on January 23 , 1951 . Mr. and Mrs . Paul 0 . Neal (Dorothy Bartl ett) a daughter, Deborah Paula on January 19, 1 951 . Mr. and Mrs . Franci s Taff (Edith Joyner) a daughter, Sheila Marie on March 2, 1951. BETA EPSILON Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Long (Frances Mullen) a sa n on December 30, 1 950. Mr. and Mrs. Stoneburner (Anna Bow man ) a daughter in November, 1 950 . BETA ZETA Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bartlett (Viv ian Talbott) a son, Thomas William on January 14, 1951. BETA KAPPA Mr. and Mrs . Harvey Mummert (" Nik k i" Godsill a daughter, Darlas Kay, in March , 1 951 . BETA NU Mr. and Mrs. Peterson (Bess Wallwork ) a so n, Ray Les lie on November 27, 1950. BETA PI Mr. and Mrs. William Adkins (Betty Van Reenen ) a daughter, Peggy Sue , on February 12, 1951.

IN MEMORIAM ALPHA BETA Louise Barnes (Mrs. Charles Moore), died Aug. 24, 1950 Gladys Fowler, d ied November 26, 1947. ALPHA ALPHA Georgeanna Robinson (Mrs. William Moser), died Octobe r 24, 1950 . Ruth M . Sloneker Hye r. BETA BETA Leora Rausler Jackso n, died January 20, 1942. Constance Morford , died March 1 8 , 1 951 .



MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENT Send to Alpha Sigma Alpha Central Office 1405 Hardy Avenue Independence, Mis-souri Maiden Nome - - - - - - - -Former Address - - - - - - - -Married Nome - - - - - - - - New Addres s - - - - - - - - --

Dote of Marriage - - - - - - - Chapter - - - - - - - - -- - -

MAY, 1951


Directory 1950-1951 EDITORIAL STAFF

NATIONAL EDITOR Mrs. B. F. Leib, 3515 N. Pennsylvania St., Apt. 8, lndi ana;>o lis 5, Indiana . COLLEGE EDITO R-Miss Joan Steinmiller, 89 Keswick Road, Egg ertsville 21, N. Y.


Mrs. W. B. Carper (Lou ise Cox) 505 Montrose Drive, South Charl eston , W. Va. Mrs. H. E. Gilliam (Juliette Hundley) 2608 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. .Miss Mary Williamson Hundley, 506 N. Boulevard , Richmond 20, Va. Mrs. John Walton Noell (Virgini a Boyd) 617 Allison Ave., Roanoke, Va. ·Mrs. P. W . Wootton (Cal va Haml et Watson) 2020 Matrax Ave., Petersburg , Va. 'NATIONAL COUNCIL

!President Mrs. Fred M. Sha rp, 1405 Hardy Ave ., Independence, Mo. Vice-Preside nt-M iss Vi rg inia Carpenter, 13605 Shaker Bl vd., Cl eve land 20, Ohio. :Secretary Miss Helen L. Corey, 631 0 Sherwood Rd., Overbrook, Philadelp hia 31 , Pennsylva nia. Treasurer-Miss Esther Bucher, Suite 226, 1025 Grand Ave ., Kansas City 6, Mo. .Registrar - Mrs. Robert C. Grady, 2400 . Swartwout Ave., Richmond 28, Va. Editor-Mrs. B. F. Leib, 3515 N. Pennsylvania St., Apt. 8 , Indianapolis 5, Ind. Miss Evelyn G. !Director of Alumnae Bell , 767 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo 22, New York. :NATIONAL CHAIRMEN

Alumnae Editor Miss Eloise Proctor, 3110 N. Delaware, Ind ianapolis 5, Ind . Mrs. Donald L. .Alumnae Organizer Frost, 4007 Holmes St., Apt. 2, Kansas City 4 , Mo. .Art-Mrs. Robert Wolf, RD No. 1, Re xford , New York. ·College Editor-Miss Joan Steinmiller, 89 Keswick Road, Eggertsvi lie 21, N. Y. <Constitution-Mrs. Wayne W . Byers, 1696 Skyline Dr., Apt. 5, Pittsburgh 27, pa . ·Convention-Miss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd., Overbrook, Philade lphia 31, Pa. •Fellowsh'i p-Mrs. Harvey E. Bumgardner, 2010 Roseland, Royal Oak, Mich . .Founders' Day - Mrs . Robert T. Naylor, 230 N. Main St., Suffolk, Va. Historian Miss Lou ise Stewart, 1330 Blue Ave. , Zanesville, Ohio. Mrs. Arthur L. He llr ich , Apt. Music 502B , Allenhurst Rd., Buffalo 14, N.Y. •Philanthropic Mrs. R. A. Rice, 4651 Kenwood Ave., Indianapolis, Ind . Assistant Treasurer-Miss Mary K. Reiff, 3000 Tracey Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 'Scholarsh ip-Mrs. Reinard Schlosser, 2800 Dexte r St., Denver 7, Colo. 'NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE

•Chairman-Mrs. E. Granville Crabtr ee, 85 Dean Rd., Brookline, Mass . Al:A Representat ive-Mrs. Fred M. Sharp, 1405 Hardy Ave ., Independence, Mo.

Alpha Roberta Browning , Box 195, Longwood College, Farm vi ll e, Va. Alpha Alpha-Mary J . Hughey, 37 Wells Hall , Miami University, Oxfo rd, Ohio . Alpha Beta-Mary Isabe l Griffith , Blanton Hall , Kirksville, Mo. Alpha Gamma-Jan Schnell, 1026 Church St., Indiana , Pa. Beta Beta-Ann Grant, 1731 11 th Ave., Greeley, Colo. Gamma Gamma-Maxine · Haeger , 1006 6th St., Alva , Okla . Epsi lon Eps ilon-Betty Jo Leonard, 627 La wrence, Emporia Kansas.

Zeta Zeta Nancy Sue Elder, Yeater Hall , Warrensburg, Mo. Eta E1·a-Marianne Sonardo, 716 W. 2nd St., Pittsburg , Kansas. Theta Theta-Ann M. Kinsella , 117 Park St., Dorchester 22 , Mass. Kappa Kappa Barbara Cook, 2076 Wha rton Rd. , Glenside , Pa . Nu Nu-Eiizabeth Grouch , 2520 Hillcrest Rd. , Drexe l Hill , Pa . Pi Pi-Virginia Burke, 89 Harding Road , Buffalo 20, New Yo rk. Rho Rho Betty Purdue , College Ha ll, Hunt ington, West Vi rgin ia . Sigma Sigma Rosa Belle Larig, 215 Chipeta Hall , Gunnison, Co lo . Tau Tau Ruby Snavely, Custer Hall , Hays, Kansas. Phi Ph i Katie Espey, Residence Hall , Maryville, Mo. Ch i Chi-Betty J . Sill, Lucina Ha ll , Muncie, Ind . Psi Psi-M a rilyn Barnett, Northwestern State College, Natchitoches, La . Beta Gamma Martha Poynor, Wilson Hall , Northwestern State College, Tahlequah, Oklo . Beta Delta-Aimee T indall , Box 422, Sta. A, Hatt iesburg, Miss . Beta Epsi lon-Hiowona Cupp, Box 241, Ma dison Co ll ege, Harrisonburg , Va. Beta Zeta-Audrey Marceau x, 210 East St . Mary, Lafayette, La . Beta Eta-Arllys Treude, Dickinson , N. Dakota. Beta Theta-Louise McAnallen , Cent ral Michigan College of Education, Mt . Pleasant , Mich. Peggy Geisler, Ingl es Hall , Beta Iota 304 Radford College, Radford , Va. Beta Kappa Le rita Pence, 72 1 W. Adams, Macomb, Ill. Beta Lambda-Mimiva Halbrook, 1315 College , Conway, Ark. Beta Mu Clore Templeton, Box 469 , He nderson State Teachers College , Arkade lphia , Ark . Gamma Cl io Joan Wilkinson, 22 W. Court St ., Cort land, N. Y. Beta Nu-Mable Cissell , Box 145, College Stat ion, Murray, Ky. Beta Xi-Lois Flint, 50 Maple St ., Oneonta, N . Y. Rho Chi-Marilyn Mock, 16730 Braile, Detroit, Mich. Beta Pi-Joyce Stoner, Box 312, Athens, W.Va. Beta Rho-Elizabeth Gall, Adams Hall North, DeKalb, Il l. Beta Sigm a - Betty Poeppel, 927 E. Belmont, Sp ringfield, Mo.

ALUMNAE EDITOR-Miss Eloise Proctor , 3110 N. Delaware St. , Indianapoli s 5, Indiana . Akron , Ohio Mrs. Walter Spiers, 332 Shawnee Path , Akron, Oh io. Allentown-Bethlehem , Pennsylvania-Mrs. Edmund White, Parkhurst Apts. F-1 , Bethlehem , Pa. Alva , Oklahoma-Miss Marguerite Elliott, 916 8th St. , Alva, Okla . Baltimore, Maryland-Miss Minerva Messinge r, 4416 Marble Hall Road, Baltimore 18, Maryland. Boston , Massachusetts Miss Marie Rovesi, 856 Main St ., Molden, Mass. Buffalo, New York-Mrs. J. Joseph Flynn , 138 Deumont Terrace, Kenmore, N. Y. Canton-Massillon , Ohio-Mrs. Bryon Giltz, 868 Ph illips Rd., N. E., Massillon, Ohio . Central Pennsylvania Mrs. Lawrence Lattomus, 207 E. Orange St., Lancaster, Po . Charleston , West Virginia- Mrs. Lillian Maynard, 5509 Virgin ia Avenue, S.E. , Charleston 4, W. Va . Charl ottesvi ll e, Vi rgin ia-M rs. Betty N. Moorefield, 140 Goodman St. , Charlottesville, Va . Ch icago, Illinois-Mrs . A. Howard Hall , 6710 N. Sheridan Rd. , Ch icago 26, Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio-Miss Wilm a Hutchison, 3420 Midd leton Ave, Cincinnati 20, 0 . Cl eveland, Ohio Miss Marion Powell , 13715 Terrace Rd. , East Clevel and, 0. Colorado Springs, Colorado-Mrs. Robert Crowder, 2132 N. Nevada, Colorado , Springs, Co lo. Co lumbus, Ohio-Mrs. Earl Southard, 537 S. Terrace Ave., Columbus, Ohio . Cortl~nd , New York-Mrs. Richard Reif, 64 Y2 Floral Ave. , Cortland , N. Y. Cumberland, Ma ryland - Miss Margaret Reid , 123 Cumberland St ., Cumberland , Md . Dallas, Texas-Miss Pauline Phill'ips, 4203 Wycliff, Dallas, Texas. Dayto n , Ohio-Mrs. Dorothy Gillette, 359 Castlewood Ave., Dayton , Ohio . Denver, Colorado-M iss Marilee Stumpfs, 1119 S. Stee le , Denver, Colo. Des Moines, Iowa-Mrs. E. N. J acobson , 740 Cherokee, Des Moines , Iowa . • Detroit, Michigan-Mrs . Gail Sprague, 853 Henrietta, Birmingham, Mich. Detroit, Michigan (Rho Chi)-Miss Bobs Dickieson , 9660 Burnette, Detroit 4, Mich. Farmvi ll e, Virginia- Mrs. Robert W. Cotlin , 11 0 1 High St ., Farmville, Vo. Fort Wa yne, Indiana-Miss Eva Kiewitt, 706 W . Wa ter St., Berne, Ind. Ft . Worth, Texas - · Mrs. Judson Di xon, 2709 Hemphill , Apt. C, Ft . Worth, Tex as . Greeley, Colorado Mrs. David Royer, 1731 Mountview Rd. , Greeley, Colo. Hampton, Virginia- Mrs . Henry Elksnin, Hidden Acres , Seafo rd , Vo . Harrisonburg , Virginia-M rs. J . K. McGrath, 21 0 New York Ave ., Harrisonburg , Va. Hattiesburg , Mississippi Miss Sarah Dever, Station A, Hattiesburg , Miss•. Hays , Kansas-Mrs. Re x Pearson, 129 W . 1Oth St. , Ellis, Kansas. Honolulu , Hawaii-Mrs . H. T. Wilson, Jr., P.O . Box 128, A.P.O. 953, c / o Postmaster, San Francisco , Calif. Houma , Louisiana-Mrs . Russell Hebert, 511 Williams Ave. , Houma , La . Huntington , West Virginia-Mrs. Ha rry H. No lan , 2022 Enslow Bl vd. , Huntington, W. Vo.


48 lndoono, Pennsylvonoo-Mrs. Robert Kline, 1122 Woshongton St., lndoono Po. lndoonopolos, Indiana-Moss Zelma Poner 4 I Bonkers Lone, Apt. D lndoonopolts' Ind. ' ' Joplin, Mtssouro-Mrs. C. 0. Smtih, Jr., 710 N. Jackson, Joplin, Mo. Kansas Coty, Mossourt Miss Sereno Englehart, 4132 Virginoo, Kansas Coty 4 , Mo. Kentuckiono Mrs. James Block, 138 Southland Blvd. No . 3, Louosvtlle, Ky. Kirksville, Missouri-Mrs. Joctel Pearson, 408 S. Elson, Kirksvtlle, Mo . Lafayette, Indiana Miss Helen Wehr Chalmers, Ind . ' Lafayette, Louisi ana-Mrs. Merry Geromt 127 S. Orange St., Lafayette, Lo. ' Licking-Muskingum Volley, Ohto - Miss Jane Jackson, 105 N. 12th St., Newark, Ohio. Lit t le Rock, Arkansas-Miss Betty Barnett, Rose Inn, Crossett, Ark. Los Angeles, Cal ifornia-M iss Edna Bergman, 680 S. Catalina, Apt. 9 , Los Angeles 5 , Calif. Lynchburg , Virginia-Mrs. Rtehord Clark, Mayflower Apts ., Lynchburg , Vo . Macomb, lllinots-Mrs . H. L. Nummert, 426 N. McArthur, Macomb, Ill. Maryville , Missouri-Miss Beverly Johnson, 401 W . 4th, Maryville, Mo. Middletown , Ohio-Miss Nellie Losh 801 W . 4th Ave, Middletown, Ohio. ' Muncie, Indiana-Mrs . John Bagley 309 W. Centennial , Muncie, Ind . ' Murray, Kentucky Mrs. Gene Allen, Spring Street, Apt. 6, Anno, Ill. Muskogee, Oklahoma Mrs . William Logoni , 2204 Lampton, Muskogee, Oklo . Natch itoches, Lou isi ana- Mrs . Arl in Bice, 1115 Will iams Ave., Natchitoches, Lo .

New Orleans. Louosoono Mrs . Wayne Haydel, 8225 Sycamore St., New Orleans, Lo. New York, New York-Mrs. Mary Sm)othe Grady, 192 Doowood A-.e., Valle Stream, L. 1., N. Y. New York Stole Copotol Dostroct - Mt s Betty Jean Omsteod, 409 Furman St , Schenectady, N. Y. Niagara Foils, New York-Mrs. Nosseo Hodge, 2938 Grand Ave ., Ntogoro Foils, N. Y Oklahoma Ctty, Oklahoma-Mrs. Byron Gentry, 2825 N. W. 41st, Oklahoma Coty, Oklo. Oleons, New York Mrs. Glenn Bernreuther, Box II, Limestone, N. Y. Peorto, Illinois-Mrs. Vorgonio Huson, 225 Groveland, Peoria, Ill. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-MISs Eugenio Grtffith, 127 School Lone, Sprongfoeld. Po. Phoenix, Anzono Miss Betty Stokes, 7002 Merriwood Courts, East, Phoenox, An zona. Pit tsburg , Kansas - Miss Camillo Bumgardner, 409 W. 6th St., Pottsburg, Kansas. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvonto-Miss Morjoroe Beck, 45 N. Bolph Ave ., Ptltsburgh 2, Po . Portland, Oregon Miss Enid Ehrman, 9016 N. Ido, Portland, Oregon . Queen City, North Dakota-Moss Jonoce McBrtde, Glen Ullin, N. D. Radford, Virginia Mrs. Ruth Jewell , 1019 Fairfax St., Radford, Vo. Richmond , Vorgonio-Kotherine Mathews, 2021 Monument Ave ., Richmond, Yo . Roanoke, Vorginto-Mrs. Wm . L. Ross, 2049 Windsor A-.e., S. W., Roanoke 15, Vo .

Rochester, Ne., Yor -Miss Beth Clancy, 1045 Arnett Bl-.d, Rochester N. Y. St. Louos Mossouro-Mrs W G Ferguson, 1335 McCut h n. Apt F Manhasset Vtlloge, St. LouiS County Mo. Son Otego Colttornto Mrs, Pearl E. Stork 4544 Homolton St Son Otego 16, Coltf. South Bend lndoono-Mrs. H. A Roberts, 2517 Erskone Bl-.d. South Bend. Ind. Southern New Jersey Moss Eloone Schnieder, 12 W Browning Rd., Colltngswood, N. J Springfoeld, Mt souro-Moss Joan Hughes, 717 Ho"'Y, Sprongfteld, Mo. Suffolk, Vorgonoo Mrs. Robert Hewitt, 100 E Ptnner St Suffolk, Vo Tahlequah, Oklahoma-Moss Fern Pascoe, Tahlequah, Oklo Topeka. Kansas - Moss Jo Ann Everett, 1601 College, Topeka, Kansas . Trtple Cittes . New York Mrs . Robert Spencer, 2707 North St, Endocolt, N.Y. Tucson, Arizona- Mrs . Wtlltom Ambocher, 2709 E. Hednck Drove, Tucson , Artzono. Tul>o, Oklahoma MISs Mo one Line, 1311 S. L11uosvill , Tulsa 4 , Oklo. Twtn Coty, Monnesoto-Mrs C McCue, 5729 Oliver Ave., South, Mtnneopolis, M.nn. Warrensburg, Mt sourt Wtlmo Wolson Sharp Chapter, Mrs. J. W . Eller 117 W. Russell, Warrensburg, Mo . Washington, D. C. -Mrs. R. C. Johnson, 11713 Lytle St , Solver Sprongs. Md. Wichita, Kansas-Mrs. Clotre Ale onder, 731 S Htllside, Wochoto, Kon Wtlmongton, Delaware-Mrs. Harry Gorman, 700 Tyrone Ave ., Woodcrest, Wtlmongton, Delo.




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Asa phoenix vol 36 no 4 may 1951  
Asa phoenix vol 36 no 4 may 1951