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1951 A~A

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Harrison Hall , Miam i Uni versity, Oxford, Ohio, named for the twenty- thi rd president a_f !he Un ited States, Benjamin Harrison, a member of the class of 1852 . One w1ng _ of th1~ buddmg is the oldest structure on the campus; in i t cla sses were held when un1vers1ty 1nstruct1on began in 1824 .

There is a particular joy in the return under happy circumstances to a _dearly loved place; to home , to Alma Mater, to scenes rich in the memories of cher ished assoc iations . We are espec iall y happy because A:SA has returned to Miami University. WILMA WILSON SHARP

December 9th and 1Oth, 1950, will al ways be significant dates to Alpha Sigmas as well as to Alpha Alpha college and alumnae members because it was a time . . .

TO HONOR MIAMI UNIVERSITY On February 17, 1809, the Oh io legislature set aside Oxfo rd township as the site of a state university . Thus was founded Miami University, the second oldest university in Ohio and also second oldest state institution of higher learning to be established west of the Allegheny Mountains . In 1820, construction began on Old Main Building , now Ha rrison Hall . By 1824 the doors were opened and the faculty of two men and President Robert H. Bishop saw M iam i University increase from a class of twelve students to an enrollment of one hundred students .

Enrollment dropped during the C ivil War and during the inadequacies of postwar years . The doors closed in 1873, not to be reopened until twelve years later . Then the people of Oh io demanded a college . The state entered upon its pol icy of appropriating pub Iic funds . In 1887 after years of discussion , women were admitted to Miam i. Shortly after that a graduate of Miami , Benam in Harrison, was nominated for President of United States. Since the time of its reopening, Miami has continued to grow and progress not only in size, but in educational facilities . New buildings sprouted up on a campus that has been greatly enlarged by the comparatively recent additions of the Fisher Hall campus, the Pines

MARCH, 1951 and Oxford College for Women . The latter, nearly one hundred years old was legally merged in 1928 and the buildings are now used as freshman women's residence halls. The entire campus at present has increased from the original one hundred acres to over three hundred acres. . The curriculum has also gradually changed, and more freedom is allowed in the choice of courses . In 1902 a Teachers' College was established as a part of the University and a program 4nstituted for the training of teachers and ~chool administr~tors . In 1926 a School of Business Administration was an outgrowth of the college of Liberal Arts . Now the University includes a School of Fine Arts and a Graduate School with studies leading to a Master's degree. Since' four leading national fraternities were founded at Miami, it has been known for many years as "The Mother of Fraternities." Fraternities have played an integral part in the University's history. At present there are s~venteen chapters of national fraternities on campus, furnishing entertainment, housing and boarding facilities to the students. In 1833 a chapter of Alpha Delta Phi was established at Miami, the first fraternity to expand to the West. Beta Theta Pi was founded as a rivql fraternity in 1839, the first college fraternity founded west of the Alleghany moun"tains . In 1848 Miami University became the founding place of Phi Delta Theta . A chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was chartered in 1852. This group, like the other fraternities at Miami in these early days, had its troubles which resulted , happily, in the founding of Sigma Chi in 1855, the third fra ternity to be founded on our beautiful campus in a comparatively short space of time. Half a century later in 1906 Phi Kappa Tau placed its Alpha chapter at Miami . The campus for many years has been associated nationally with the term "Miami Triad" which sprang from the founding of Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi at Miami . Other fraternal groups have been founded at Miami since the Triad term came into common use prior to 1900 and four now maintain national offices in Oxford. Miami also boasts seventeen sororities, two of which, Delta Zeta and Delta Sigma Epsilon are Alpha chapters. Instead of the usual sorority houses, each group rents from the University a suite consisting of a living room,

3 kitchenette, and storage space in either Hamilton or South Halls. This fine arrangement in the women's dormitories has resulted in the formation of many lasting friendships . "The Mother of Fraternities" is congenial to the establishment of new fraternity groups in tradition, atmosphere, and current pol icy. President Ernest H. Hahne of Miami has often expressed his approval of the American fraternity system. On many occasions he has indicated that Miami welcomes "to the Miami family" chapters of strong, highly-regarded national organizations. In the reinstatement of Alpha Alpha Chapter, Alpha Sigma Alpha is happy to rejoin this "Miami family ." JANET KAY BLACK


It was a real pleasure to welcome back to Miami campus Alpha Alpha Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha . I congratulate you on the loyalty of the Alpha Alpha members during 19141939, on their contribution to their communities as alumnae and former students of Miami University, and on their continued loyalty to the sorority and to the University which led to the reinstatement of the chapter December 9-10, 1950. Miami University is proud to include again Alpha Sigma Alpha in the list of sororities in the University catalogue, and we have every reason to believe that the associations of the national sorority and Miami University will be mutually helpful. ERNEST H . HAHNE President, Miami Uni ve rs ity



At first it was the policy of the School of Education, called the Teachers' College for some years, not to approve sororities but the pressure upon our two year students from the four-year sororities become so insistent that the dean become convinced that he should change the policy . Sometimes parents and principals of the girls' high schools would come down and call upon the dean to see if some adjustment could be mode. The pressure was so strong that some of our students would declare that they were going to toke a four-year course to satisfy the standards of the four-year sororities. I wont to express the happiness and contentment which followed the permission of the two-year students to organize sororities . By 1914 the Teachers' College hod so many available girls for sororities that it seemed cruel to them not to open the doors to a Iittle more extended social opportunities. When the McGuffey Hall was completed, we established two rooms for literary soc'ieties and furnished them with special furniture of mahogany finish and quartered oak. But sorority life was so attractive that these rooms were soon abandoned . I may soy that my relief was great when the girls began to form sororities, and I wont to congratulate the Alpha Sigma Alpha girls on the roll they played in this new phose of life in the School of Education . I don't think anyone could be. happier on this occasion that I om, and I wish for the sorority the largest possible success. It is in itself on honor to be organized at Miami since it has developed in so Iorge a measure. H. C. MINNICH , Dean Emeritus December 9 , 1950

The reactivation of Alpha Alpha Chapter refreshed many happy memories of the years I was adviser for the chapter . Even on airmail special delivery letter from Isabelle Key Reeve (Tulsa, Oklahoma) was one of the cheery messages that thrilled me on that cold, ic.y winter day. The Alpha Alpha members of the earlier era seem like "real sisters" because of their loyalty . There ore scores of them but to memory come a few . Initiated with me in the spring of 1918 were Catherine Prudent Wolf, Pauline Good Bouck, Elizabeth Spivey Bongs, Alice Anderson Wurster, Ruth Crawford Yocum, Floro Duke, Mary Edna Finley Wilson and Ethel Pfeiffer Barnes. From visits in their homes, or calls in mine or returns to campus

for activities it was good to see Marjorie Stier White Martha Rosebrook Tomlinson, Genevieve White, Anne Roberts Roder, Alice Ottman Sauer, Florence King Blond, Mary Helen Ferguson, Helen Stepleton Goodwin, Helen Boggess Swart and ~elen Edwards Shoup . As we were thinking in terms of AA's return to Miami we were soddened by news of the death of Georgeono Robinson Moser on October 24th. All of the Alpha Sigma i\lpho girls were such a big port of my Miami life that the associations means even more that I om away from the campus . Blanche Cook Woods, Ann Randolph Brubaker (Mortar Boord) Jurie Harpster (Mortar Boord) Maude Murphy Borrere, Mary Catherine Landis Weaver ((wen) were leaders in their day . Letha Edgar Spade, Y.W . President and House Chairman of Hepburn Hall, has greeted me annually with a personal message at Christmas . Friendship is wonderful and my Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters in friendship hove meant much to me through the years. To know that Anne Petree did so nobly in organizing the new Alpha Alpha group will always be on exciting memory for we set the "ideo" into motion in my office sometime during 1948-49. Anne, so like her mother, achieved the success of our dream and bless her heart great praise is due her! There ore AA girls in Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati, Columbus and many other cities. It is good to remember that it is the "spirit" that counts! In Delaware I see Mary Jane Folknor Temple who mode the trip with me to Oxford in December. However, the welcome is out for the Alpha Sigma picnic this coming summer in Delaware . My message is too long but those days were enriching ones for me in love and friendship and kept my heart "young and goy ." AMY M . SWISHER

CAN YOU HELP US? The Hui Hoolouleo Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha , located in Hawaii, knows that many service personnel and their families ore now living in their area . They would like to hove them meet with the other A"2:.As there and afford them some fine so rority contacts. From the moiling addresses we aren ' t sure of the transfers to Hawaii . If you know of on A"2:.A in Hawaii won ' t you send her nome and address to : Mrs . Kenneth Pratt, 1552 Thurston Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii?

MARCH, 1951


Left to r ig ht : Miss Amy Swisher, form er adviser, Alpha Alpha Chapter; Mrs . Elizabeth N. Johnston, present adv ise r, Alpha A lp ha Chapter; M rs. John A. Swart, Day ton Alumnae Chapter.

It was my good fortune and great pleasure to attend the reinstatement of our Alpha Alpha Chapter. In spite of Old Man Weather's Antics approximately forty alumnae appeared for the activities of the week-end . The beautiful and impressive ceremonies led me to slip back in memory to the year 1913 . That year as a ·freshman at Miami I joined a local sorority known as Pi Alpha Tau . This group had been organized in 1912 at the suggestion of Dean Minnich, Head of the Teachers' College of Miami University . Dean Minnich even helped to select the seven girls in that original group including Anne McMahon, Harriet Wilson, Ruth Sutton, Roma Fouts, Elizabeth Newhall, Georgianna Turner and Winifred Johnson. By the spring of 1914 arrange ~ ments were completed to affiliate with Alpha Sigma Alpha . · In November, 1914, at Miami University, Alpha Sigma Alpha was reorganized as a Teachers' . Sorority. That convention brought to our campus girls from Farmville, Virginia, Kirksville, Missouri, and Indiana , Pennsylvania. The highlight was the election of one of our own members, Ruth Duffey, as National Treasurer. To those of us who were in college then the week-end in November was as memorable as this December, 1950, week-end will be to the girls who make up· Alpha Alpha chapter. It was a disappointment to many that Ruth Duffey couldn't be with us at Oxford in December, 1950. We thought Anne Petree and Ruth should meet for both had so much in common in their abilities to lead, to organize,

5 and to carry plans to completion . Their names will go down in the history of AA Chapterone as a leader in the reorganization of the national sorority-the other as the leader in the reinstatement of our Alpha Alpha Chapter . There was an old timer present, Elizabeth Newhall Johnston! In spite of her many duties as manager of Ogden Hall, Elizabeth Johnston has given many hours to our present AA members qnd better still will serve as adviser . Is it any wonder that the heart strings of one Elizabeth Johnston and Helen Swart were touched when our National President, Mrs . W,ilma Sharp presented the original Alpha Alpha Charter of 1914 to Mrs. Johnston::> Another happy moment and one which brought back many memories was seeing Mrs . Frances Richards at the tea on Sunday . Although not very wel'l Mrs . Richards, our very first Pi Alpha Tau patroness in 1912, made the effort to attend the reception to greet her many Alpha Sigma friends and it was appreciated. It was such a happy and profitable reunion that those of us who returned to Oxford in December are already planning for another get together! HELEN BOGESS SWART

A wonderful start was given our week-end when alumnae assembled in the drawing ·room of Hamilton Hall. The name cards and the red and white carnation corsages from the Canton Alumnae Chapter which we received as we registered were a colorful reminder of our· own college days at Miami. "It's been so many years" was the accepted phrase that afternoon after we got over that first shock of additional pounds on some of our classmates or hair streaked with silver . After the first few words had been spoken, it was as though the years had been rolled away and we chatted on as our own children do . There was a thrill in seeing Alpha Alpha members from whom we had been separated for so many years . There was a joy in meeting our National Council members and National Chairmen . The National Officers who were always more or less a myth to me when I was an undergraduate at Miami, I discovered were lovely, down-to-earth people. My wish is for every A~A to meet each National Officer in person for I' m sure that the sorority would have even more meaning to each member . Following a lovely luncheon in one of the private rooms of Hamilton Hall , Maud M~rphy



Borrere of Akron was toastmistress for the short program based on the symbols and legendary lore of our sorority. In a poetical setting, done by Helen Snyder, these short verses took the form of greetings from six Ohio Alumnae Chapters . Through all these years we, who proudly wear the shield of A~A, delight in the fellowship that has not changed with time . MARY HELEN FERGUSON

an honor. Just to live up to the aims of :\~ . \ was a challenge to accept! During vocation I shared the events of that memorable day with my parents . They understood how impressive it was to meet and know alumnae from so many different places; to be affiliated with a Iorge notional sorority whose program is universal in scope; to revel in the fellowship peculiar to fraternal organizations . Forget December 9th, 1950? The memory of that day I shall ever cherish! BARBARA RICHARDS

Pledge Chapter

ALPHA ALPHA PRESIDENT, MOTHER AND AUNT Left to right: Ruth Petree (AA); Anne Petree, President ; Mrs. H elen Schomake r (A A) .

TO CONSECRATE As soon as I awoke on the morning of Saturday, December 9, 1950, I knew I would long remember this day-the day on which I become on Alpha Sigma Alpha pledge : In company with Ruth Whiteside , my next door neighbor, I proceeded across campus to the Phi Delta Theta Headquarters where our President, Anne Petree, introduced us to our Notional Officers : Mrs . Wilma Sharp, Miss Virginia Carpenter, Mrs. Genevieve Leib, Miss Evelyn G. Bell , Miss Eloise Proctor, Miss Louise Stewart and Mrs. Shirley Hellrich, who were there to shore in the exciting reinstatement activities . The friendliness and sincere interest that each Notional Councilor and visiting A~ hod in our chapter will never cease to impress me . The quiet, dignified setting of the Phi Delta Theta headquarters was ideal for the pledging ceremony . The glow of the candlelight enhanced the beauty and love Iiness of that ceremony . Certainl y all the Miami undergraduates must hove felt as I did-happy to wear the silver shield of .-\~A; proud to be a port of such a wonderful group, and worthy of such

Row 1, Al ice Row 2 : Row 3 : Row 4 :

left to right : Joan Keel , Ruth Whiteside, Marianne Guy, Bailey. Martha Wolcott, Barbaro Richards, Evelyn Livdur. Margaret So voye . Margaret Huff, Lillie You nt , Doris Dowling .

The dreams of twenty-two Miami undergraduates come true when we pledged ourselves to Alpha Sigma Alpha . For me personally it was the realization of something for which I hod worked for over a year, hoping each day that I would be capable of leading a group with high standards . There is a popular saying that "Things that ore worth while aren ' t always the easiest to accomplish ." Yes, there ore rewords when the task is completed! The reinstatement of Alpha Alpha Chapter was my reward .

MARCH , 1951 Many times during that weekend a lump came to my throat as I recalled the discouraging moments that were replaced by the brighter ones . There were the new pledges added to our colony-pledges whose vision , enthusiasm and determination added to our own gave us confidence that we would ultimately gain success . Now as Alpha Sigma Alphas we are certain that success, happiness and friendships will be everlasting. The Alpha Alpha reinstatement is only the beginning . As individuals and as a chapter we have a lot to accomplish this year and in subsequent years . Reinstatement week-end was for me the fulfillment of a dream! · Through our plans new and lasting friendships have been brought to 1950 AA members . They, too, have the opportunity to share the joys in Alpha Sigma Alpha . It is impossible to thank all of those who helped me achieve my goal . Instead I would like to give them an Alpha Alpha chapter that will proudly carry on its rich heritage and traditions. ANNE PETREE Active Chapte~

Row 1, left t o right: Marilyn Li st on, Tre a su rer; Anne Petree, President; Mar y Ann Hai ght, Regist rar; Ma ry Ja ne Hughey, . . . Editor; Beverl y Scott , Secretar y. Row 2: Irene Co rtel let ti Cha pla1 n ; Joyce Pan sh; Ma nlyn She rnc k . Row 3: J a net Blac k; ' Rita Campbel l, Vice- P resident ; Marjo rie Heyman .


TO CELEBRATE OUR HOMECOMING As members of Alpha Sigma Alpha assembled at Hamilton Hall on the Miami campus on Saturday evening , " Again, the joy and the challenge " was the keynote of the formal banquet to honor the new members of Alph.a Alpha chapter. Joining with the A~A's were guests from the faculty including Dr. and Mrs . Ernest H. Hahne , Miss Melva Lind, Miss Helen E. Page and Miss Grace Burgess . The occasion brought to the hearts and minds of every Alpha Sigma present new inspiration, great pride and a unity of purpose . Through the words of · Anne Petree, toastmistress, it was plain to see that AA Chapter was as proud and happy to come home to our wonderful national family as we were of welcoming them back. " The Precepts of our Motto True" was the theme of the toast program that stressed Aspire - Seek - Attain with Mrs . William Goodwin , Dayton Alumnae Chapter, Miss Berniece Bradley, President of Chi Chi Chapter, and Miss Evelyn G. Bell , National Alumnae Director as speakers . After singing, Hymn to Alpha Sigma Alpha , our National President, Mrs . Fred M . Sharp, presented the original charter to Mrs . Elizabeth Johnston, a member of the 1914 group and one of the present advisers . Her fitting remarks, although intended for A A Chapter, were indeed a challenge to a·ll Alpha Sigmas for the days ahead . Not only did the words of welcome from Dr. Ernest H. Hahne mean much to the Miami undergraduates and graduates present that night but they also served to impress on all the guests the spirit that has made Miami University a leader in higher education . With these challenging words still in our hearts, we shared in the beauty of the present occasion and the approaching Christmas season as our National Music Chairman , Shirley Ainsworth Hellrich sang so beautifully a group of solos based on the Christmas theme. Following Mrs . Hellrich was the inspiring talk "Leadership in Demand" by Mrs . Bert C. McCammon of the Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter. There was a joy and a challenge for Alpha Alpha Chapter and for Alpha Sigma Alpha in that homecoming banquet. BE RN IECE BRADLEY


CHARTER MEMBERS OF ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER, DECEMBER 9, 1950 INITIATES : Anne Petree , Rita Joanne Ca.mpbell , Beverly Scott, Ma,r ilyn Liston, Irene Cortelletti , Mary Ann Haight, Mary Jane Hughey, Marjorie Heyman , Joyce Parish , Marilyn Sherrick, Janet Black.

PLEDGES : Alice Jean Bailey, Doris Dowling , Mar ianne Guy, Margaret Huff, Joan Keel , Evelyn Livdur, Margaret Savoye , Ruth Whiteside, Martha Wolcott, Lillian Yount, Barbara Richards .




The spacious Brant Room of Oxford College , one of the Freshmen Dormitories, was the setting for the tea on Sunday afternoon , December 10, for representatives of sororities and fraternities on the Miami campus, faculty members and friends . In a setting of gift flowers M iss Anne Petree , Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston and membeFs of the National Council greeted the guests. It was the first appearance for the 1950 A lpha Alpha members on campus as Alpha Sigma Alpha members and the grac ious welcome t hat they rece ived from all campus groups wi ll long be remembered . A LI CE OTTM AN SA UE R

As reinstatement week-end came to a close we realized that the future holds a challenge for Alpha Alpha as well as other A~A college chapters. In the complexity of modern life, we need to take time to recall the basic principles of our sorority. By endeavoring to exemplify the teachings of A::i A, we can rededicate ourselves to the tasks which lay before us , making our future and that of our sorority even brighter. I

" You ' re our inspiration, challenges you bring, Constancy will see us thru , guiding us in all we do, Forming fr iendsh ips ever true, hail to ALPHA SIG !"

MARCH , 1951



Row 1, left to right :

Evelyn Gerke, Beverly Clem , June Ann Zimmerlee, Lois Jean Grodeless.

Row 2, Notional Officers: Miss Eloise Procto r, Alumnae Editor; M rs. Arthur L. Hellrich , Music; Miss Evelyn G. Bell , Di rector of Alumnae; Mrs. Fred M. Sha rp, Presi dent; Miss Virgini a Ca rpenter , Vice-President; Mrs. B. F. Leib, Editor; M iss Louise Stewart, Historian. Row 3 : Ba rbaro Stout, Vilette Perry, Pot Billion , Bernice Bradley, June Mougus, Jane Storky, Barbaro Krohler .




T 0




Perfect Ending of Pledge Training By Marjory Pease Sharp, Eta Eta

PLEDGE TRAINING COMMITTEE Left to right : Mary L. Canney, Chairman, Jo Ann Barr , Margaret Ann Tinder, Roberto Evans, Katherine Roe.

Every sorority member should recall "pledge days" with special endearing thoughts-particularly that time just before initiation. Alpha Sigma Alpha's Eta Eta Chapter at State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas, closed a very successful 1950-51 Pledge Training period with its pledges spending happy, unforgettable days at Charm School. This perfect ending for pledge training has been developed largely through the efforts of the 1949-50 chapter president, Joan Hughes Lynn, and this year's chapter president, Roberta Evans . And the efficient planning of Mary Louise Canny, a Junior, supported by her wonderful committee. The final round of activities started on Wednesday and ended Friday-three days priceless in experience and fellowship . Here is Eta Eta 's four point plan for charm : 1. A tea for all faculty members was held in the spacious Conference Room of Russ Hall , Wednesday afternoon , with the pledges doing the planning, preparing and welcoming . Now the faculty will be sure to know our precious ~A girls and the girls will know that they

can be good hostesses . By the way, fifty busy faculty people came . They _were generous in their praise of a pleasa.nt time. And, in the faculty phraseology, the tea was "a fine piece of faculty-student relations." 2 . A "coketail" party Thursday afternoon by our A ~ A pledges for the pledges of the other campus sororities (no actives allowed) let the girls really become acquainted with fellow Greeks. It was a huge success-so we heara party of the pledges, by the pledges, for the pledges! 3 . The two "Etiquette Lectures" proved very helpful to actives, too. The talk of Dr. Helen K. Schuyler, Dean of Women, on Wednesday night about social etiquette-such as proper introductions and table mannersaroused enough interest to create a lively question period afterwards. Dr. Schuyler's " Seven Cardinal Rules for Etiquette" will long be remembered . Thursday evening charming Betty Bennett, Reference Librarian, spoke on "Job Etiquette ." Her interesting talk included tips on meeting the future employer, making and keeping

MARCH, 1951


Mary Louise Conny presents awards Janette Walker and Marty Marsh .




friends on the job, spending money wisely, and, if necessary, resigning gracefully. Valuable suggestions::> We should ~ay so! 4 . For the fitting end to a charm school, what could be more appropriate than a "dress up" dinner to use all those tips about charm and graciousness . At this dinner in the College Cafeteria Annex on .Friday evening, Mrs . Perva Hughes, our chapter sponsor, expressed

her happiness on the success of the pledge training program . "Bert" Evans, proud president, voiced her pleasure at having such cooperation and good times for actives and pledges. Mary Louise Canny t hanked her committee charmingly. Excitement was at high 路pitch when she presented prizes to the two pledges who had been most helpful and who had shown the most poise during the whole pledge period, Marty Marsh, Kansas City, Missouri, and Janette Walker, Carthage, Missouri . And there was a proper gift for each pledge-a very handy plastic clothes brush and "perfumy" hand lotion . Oh yes, the pledges wrote two darling songs to entertain the actives at this final program where all the best values of sorority relationships were so happily evident and so satisfying . To top the evening, the girls' dates came after the lovely .dinner for an hour of informal dancing . The results-very happy, enthusiastic and charming initiates who will be an asset to Alpha Sigma Alpha . Perhaps, Eta Eta 's Charm School will prove to be not so much a perfect ending of Pledge Training but rather a perfect beginning of full membership af!d enriching life experiences in Alpha Sigma Alpha .


Promising Lfelong Energy and Devotion in Gracious Efficient Service

Row 1, left t o right : Bunny Lindsay, Marty Marsh , Maril y n Prather, Marj o rie Pflug , Chorloine Arm strong , Bo nito Stuck ey . Row 2: John ie Polsto n, Martha Lastl y, Norma H o lland , Beth Ph i llips, Janette W al ke r, Do roth y Cresap , Vi rg i nia Ad am s.



Philanthropic Programs

Row 1, left to rig ht : Haro ld A. Cooke and Chaplain Fritze of th e H osp ital , Ev el yn Ev ans, Nad in e Welch . Row 2 : Joan Eve rett, Ruth McCleskey, Betty Murrow, Dorothy Cl i ft o n, Pho n Gi llespie Row 3 : Joh n Gi ll espie , Dorothy Rissler, Larry Larrieu , Ed Cl i fto n .

H~llo Everybody' Region Ill's Philanthropic and Fellowship Division reporting . We hove just completed presenting a "Kodosl ide Projecto r" t o Winter 's Veterans Hospital in T opeka . The h ospi tal tried out various types of projectors and found this one most adoptable for their needs . The Chaplain has been very earnestly making slides of secular and re ligious songs which he flashes on a screen for the "s ing fest " held every Sunday evening f o r the patients . The music is with the words on the sli des, encouraging the men t o sing the various ports of the song . Accom panied by the organist, the boys enter whole-heartedly into the singing and Chaplain Fritze is quite encouraged with their improve d participation . The Spec ial Service Deportment is making speci al travel ogue slides t o use in the various words. The h ospital officials feel confident they shall find many uses f o r the projector .

We also presented the hospital with several volumes of donee records , a special request of the veterans . We hod given them a twospeed phonograph player lost year with a nice collection of semi -clossico I records . They mounted the player on a cart and send it from one building to another as the need arises . The veterans requested some donee records to use o n special donee programs held approx imately twice a month . Th e following letter fro m Dr. J . F. Cosey, Manager of the h ospital , ve ry aptly expresses the hospital's appreciati on : Mi ss Eve lyn Eva ns Cha irman Region Ill Alpha Sigma Alpha 300 Tracy, Kan sa s City, Mi sso uri

January 23, 1951

Dear Mi ss Evans: A discussion with th e Special Se rvi ces personnel and obse rvation of the attached photograph s witnesses the fact that the Alpha Sigma Alpha so ro rity has again visited our hospital and presen ted us with another o ut -

MARCH, 1951 standing donation. It is with pleasure that I, as Manager, acknowledge this donation on behalf of the patients and personnel of this hospital. It is always a concern of mine that groups donating such a gift as you hove might get the impression that this is just another "fri ll" or "gadget" that they could get al ong without. True, we have gotten along without it for some time now, but, I should li ke for you to know that ,this makes it poss ible for us to offe r just one more type of activity that can be used in the treatment of patients. It offers anoth e r avenue for a ss isting sick people on the road to recovery, which we would not have had without organizations such as yours . The Assistant Chief of Special Services, who accepted this donation for the hospital, tells me that in addition to this fine Eastman Kodaslide Projector and case, that you also donated seve ral albums of record s, for which there is on endless demand, and five bulbs for the projector. I have heard many interesting comments abo ut the use of this projecto r and the enthusiastic respon se of the patients. I should like to ask that you as Chairman of your organization convey our deepest appreciation to the membe rs of your sorority for your continued interest in our hospital and patients. Sincerely yours, J . F. CASEY, M.D. Manager

WICHITA AND LOS ANGELES SET THE PACE Two years ago, Wichita Alumnae discovered a very worthy lady, who was a former speech instructor, at Emporia State College, Emporia, Kansas, on county r路el ief here in Wichita, Kansas, She is Mrs . Dan (Irene) Wilhelm. She is an invalid in The Mrs. Durall Home, 412 N. Clifton . Mrs. Wilhelm lost her husband in 1940. She decided to go to Northwestern at Evanston, Illinois, to further her education, and while there in 1942, had a stroke, which left her with a very limited vocabulary and bedfast most of the time . She enjoys receiving letters from [ler former students and friends, also enjoys magazines and radio. She doesn't have full use of her hands, so its hard for her to write. Last year Emporia Alumnae bought her a wheel chair and made arrangements for her to be fitted with glasses, so she might enjoy Iife a Iittle more and not spend all of her time in bed . Some of our alumnae were A~A' s at Empor ia and either went to school to her or remember what wonderfully generous people she and her husband have always been. Mr. and Mrs . Wilhelm have always given to others and through their gifts have helped many a less fortunate person along "Life's Highway"; and now that she is entirely without funds; on relief and an invalid, the girls here want


to make her their philanthropic project and give her all through the year the things she can't buy and the county doesn't furnish. The last two years the girls have made up a box of gifts to give her instead of a Christmas exchange for themselves . This year the girls are making her bed-jackets to go along with the smaller gifts . She cannot accept money gifts while on relief, but needs, gowns, bed jackets, bed sox, toiletries, etc., so if any of her friends would like to send her gifts or letters, she is most appreciative . Her ~ize is extra large . Ollie Mae Alexander We Los Angeles Alumnae are getting our philanthropic program well under way and have the enthusiasm and support of the active . alum members . We wanted to bring you up to date on our activities as everyone who has participated has a real feeling of accomplishment and gratification . The week before Christmas we drove to Wadsworth General Hospital and delivered eighty attractive Christmas packages that Eleanor Fenor's Jr. high girls had made . They made Christmas cookies and candy; packaged them and wrapped them in red cellophane to supply two of the wards . The children had seen Eleanor wrap her comfort gifts in November and wondered what they could do for the veterans. They offered to give the cookies they made in class before the hoi idays and even brought pennies to buy the wrappings. One day during vacation they all went to school and made the boxes and assembled them . Children have such big hearts! We are grateful to Eleanor too for working this into her class plans. The hospital staff was so pleased with the packages, especially when they learned that children had prepared them. We also had thirty popular records for the music Iibrary, purchased from money everyone donated at our A~A Christl)1as party. The sixteen comfort gifts we had collected at our Founders' Day Banquet may have been used for Christmas gifts. In January we met with Mr. Angus Tarker and told him we were desirous of working each week with the men and wanted-his suggestions . After hearing about our sorority and our national philanthropic project he felt we should adopt a ward and we could workout the program we wanted as the weeks went on. Five of us were there on Wednesday, our first evening; two husbands were included and each of



us thoroughly enjoyed meeting and visiting with the men . Nell McMahan acted as our leader the first evening and with her fine nurses training seemed to know just the right thing to say. She is also acting as our secretary as she can phone the hospital easily and acts as our liaison . We reported to the head of recreation, a Mr. Pierson, and signed in and were in the ward promptly at seven o'clock . At first we walked from one bed to another as a group and Nell introduced each of us . The men are from World War I and II and some indicated they had been in and out of the hospital many many times . Our ward happens to be "internal medicine" and the cases were varied . The men greeted us with interest and were glad to be "adopted" and one kidded-"our one good relative is Uncle Sam ." As the evening progressed we separated into smaller groups and everyone was busy "just visiting." Mr. Pierson had told us to report back to his office by 8 :30 o'clock, so we did. Tonight shall be our third evening and again there shall be five of us. We are really looking forward to seeing the men again and are including new girls each week so that soon all of the eighteen girls who have signed up shall be actively participating. The group going next Wednesday plan to take cups of ice cream and sauce with home-made heart shaped cookies with the men's names. Visitors are needed as both evenings we never saw more than two visitors in the whole ward of thirty-five men . We hope that the other chapters in Region V, and the other regions throughout the country have their programs underway in their local veterans' hospital. The Recreation staff shall greet them with open arms and each of them shall feel they have done something worthwhile . Lois Brockhaus and Marion Chabot

MARY KAY REIFF APPOINTED ASSISTANT TREASURER Mary Kay Reiff is a graduate of Kansas State Teachers College at Pittsburg , where she became an Alpha Sig . In her college chapter she served as editor for three years. During her sophomore year in college she edited " The Collegia," the college newspaper, and in her junior year " The Kanza," the college yearbook. Her senior year she served as assistant supervisor of " The Collegia." AI-

though a social science major and very interested in history, many of her college hours were spent in the printing department (she has a minor in printing) where the printer's ink got into her system.


After graduating from college Mary Kay taught printing and journalism for two years and then she decided that she wasn't cut out to be a teacher so she decided to go into the printing game from the front office side . Since then she has been doing production costs and scheduling in commercial printing plants in Kansas City, and Fort Worth . At the present time her title is bookkeeper of Central Printing Company in Kansas City-but she is a Jack of all trades- not only does she keep the books, but she does production costs and helps with the production scheduling . She is a member of the Ktlnsas City Alumnae chapter and has held the following offices : Ways and Means Chairman, Editor, Publicity Chairman and at the present time she is Philanthropic Chairman as well as being Alumnae Secretary for Eta Eta chapter. She is also a member of The Women's Chamber of Commerce . She is serving on the Civic Woman Committee (the official publication of the Kansas City Women's Chamber of Commerce) which is edited by our own Esther Bucher. As a pledge in sorority we were told-" You get out of sorority just what you put in it."Mary Kay says : that phrase I've found not only applies to sorority but also everything you do.

MARCH, 1951




Perhaps it is true that everyone has a handicap of some sort-it doesn't much matter what it is you have, but it matters mightily how you take it! A group of twenty-two boys and girls, ranging in age from 14 to 21 years spent an eight weeks Summer Session in a resident program at the Lancaster Cleft Palate Speech Cl in ic during the Summer of 1950 . All of them were severely handicapped in speech, and many in aesthetic appearance and others were warped in personality adjustments. Still others were delayed in school progress because of lack of proper speech communication, others had job-holding problems or family and social problems . During this brief period of time, these students received plastic surgery, orthodontia , speech training , mental hygiene, vocational educat ion and personal counseling along with a wide rar:ge of recreational activities . In addition, to the daily program scheduled, the Community of Lancaster adopted these vi sitors an·d gave them status often granted only to visiting " diplomats" and " Brass Hats ." They were given free weekly passes at a local Summer Play House to see and hear the art of communication at its best. They were " wined and dined " by the Soropti'1list Club at a picn ic as well as being guests at the summer homes of two other lead ing citizens for picnics . The owner of our best local Dress Shop inv ited the girls to her home and demonstrated and talked to them on " Grooming ." They had we ek ly sw imm ing and roller-skating and

square dance part ies, a s guests of various staff and board members. Thus these people who had Iived on the periphery of society, shy and ant i-social , became the center of a legit imate soc ial group. The boys lived in dormito ry quarters over the Clinic and the fourteen girls lived in my home . These folks had been sent by various agencies, clinics or Rehabilitat ion Services and their financial limitations were such that they had to live carefully within a budget. Functional committees, for Iiving-to-gether needs, were set up. Weekly, the girls in committee groups, planned their own meals, others cleaned their rooms, helped buy their own food and prepare the meals . Others did the la,undry and scheduled their own showers and hair shampoos for timed bathroom usage . Some girls for the first time learned to set a table properly, others learned to make a bed without wrinkles, still others for the first time in their life had the ful') of turn ing an icecream freezer or picking cherries or peas from the garden . This was a real venture in living for better human relations under cond iti ons which were loaded with problems to interest the Sociolog ist, the Psychologist, the Medical and Dental profess ion as well as the educator and Speech Therapist. As letters come to us and these students return for visits, there · is real evidence that they not only speak better, but they are better people in their own right for having had th is experience . • Those of us who worked with them learned the most, perh_aps gave the most, and gained the most and with th~m we prayGi ve me the se re nity t o a cce pt th e th ing s I cannot change;· th e cou rag e t o change th e thing s I con A nd t he wisdo m to know t he di ffe re nce .

S. June Smith, (KK) Clinic Psycho logist and Coun c ilo r

Girl s o f Summ e r Speech Grou p



ALPHAS ADOPT A FAMILY Through the Red Cross at Christmas we adopted a family including a mother, father and three small girls. We were responsible for f ixi ng a Christmas basket for them. The Chapter was divided into three groups; one for food, one for clothes, and the other for ~oys. After collecting these arttcles

we were able to g ive a very large basket to the Red Cross wh ich was delivered by them to this needy family . Each year at Christmas the Y.W.C.A. sponsors a White Christmas Fund for needy families in this community. We contributed five dollars ($5.00) to this worthy cause.

ROANOKE VETERANS SHOWERED WITH GIFTS BY BETA IOTA'S Instead of having a Christmas party just for ourselves and exchanging our own gifts, we tried to make this past Christmas a happy one for the veterans at Roanoke . We wrapped up gifts of handkerchiefs,





and other small arttc~es that we felt they would enjoy having. They were put under our small tree and later taken to the hospital by one of the ladies here in town . They were

filled with greetings for the New Year . One of the local so rorities on campus sponsored the March of Dimes Drive, and we gave generously to that . Now we are making plans to get the Red Cross Drive underway in March. We want to go to the theaters each night .and collect there and of course get contributions from the girls and faculty on campus.

BETA THETA'S DONATE TO BLOOD BANK AND MARCH OF DIMES This past semester our chapter decided to send a dtrect contribution to the March of Dimes fund. With the amount of research they are doing we realize the necessity of finances. If they are as close to a

cure as is stated-perhaps we had a small part in maki ng it possible. Also those of us who could donated a pint of blood to the Red Cross for our boys in Korea.

Beta Kappas Help War Orphan

Pi Pi Afghans For New V. A. Hospital In Buffalo

Through the panhellenic council, the fine sororities on campus went together and, through the council, adopted a war orphan . Each sorority pays the same amount of money each quarter, which is sent to a notional society. The money is used for the child' s clothing , food, etc. We have all found this to be very sat isfactory even though a little expensive.

Here in Buffalo, we have chosen a project which will provide our veterans at the new Veterans' Hospital at Buffalo, with afghans. These afghan•s are to be knit of red and white y arns, into alternating six- i nch squares. In the middle of the blankets our more adept knitters will place three squares including an A'i:.A .

ALPHA GAMMA'S PLAN FOR BLOOD DONOR'S DAY Blood Donor 's Day is scheduled for February 20th and Indiana State Teachers College is expected to fill a quota of one hundred sixty-five ( 165) pints. Each fraternal organization has received ten forms . Tomorrow evening we shall d iscuss the matter at our weekly meeting and a sk for volu nteers. We were informed that over half of the donations would be sent directly to Korea . That in itsel f should

arouse a genuine desire to give. Duri ng the past holiday season we sent greetings to a great number of service men . Thei r response was gratifying, hence we have continued w ith correspondence . Our Christmas project was perhaps the most outstanding factor in service and contact with the community. We presented two needy fami I ies with food, clothing and toys for the children.

TAU TAU'S EXTEND HAND OF FRIENDSHIP TO FOREIGN STUDENTS ON CAMPUS We gave a donation to the Unesco Council here on our campus. And we're extending

the hand of fr iendship to the foreign students who are making our town their home.

••• CHAPTERS KAPPA KAPPA DATES SAY IT WITH CANNED FOOD This year in Kappa Kappa Chapter the philanthropic project has been one in which all the acti ves could take part. Our chapter worked with the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter and together we collected canned food to be given at differ-

ent times during the year to families who are in need. For the Kappa Kappa 's Annual Christmas Dance our dates were requested to bring us canned food instead of flowers.

Beta Xi's, Hostesses At City Hospital

Beta Epsilons Play Santa To Children's Home 3-13 Year Olds

Since the beginning of the school year we have acted as hostesses at the City Hospital and whenever possible, we gave flowers to those who have been connected with us either in the commun ity or at school. Before Chri stmas, in a body, we sang carols at the Homer Folk Tubercul osis Hospital and also during the pre-Christmas weeks we sold Christmas and greeting cards to the community. On numerous occasions we have served dinners, held at the Presbyteria n Church, for the community.

Just before Christmas we gave a party for the children from the Children ' s Home in Harrisonburg, serving them l ight refreshments and giving gifts they needed as well as playthings. Thei r ages varied from th ree to thirteen , and they were all darlings. We planned the games and songs and had such fun entertatnmg them here at the House. We , also, collect clothing for the poor and need y, throughout the year.

RHO CHI CHAPTERS ASSIST IN RUTH ALDEN DRESS DRIVE This year as our local Social Service Project the Rho Chi college chapters in collaboration with the alumnae, donated to the Ruth Alden Dress Drive . The Detroit Free Press sponsored this campaign to a id underprivileged girls age 3-12, who needed clothes for Christmas . A total of $43.00 was col lected and three of the alum-

nae made dresses themselves as part of their donation. Sorority Projects are "news" to our Wayne University paper the " Collegian " so their column last November was headed by the title : " Alpha Sigma Alpha Aids Dress Drive." This recognition made us very proud that our efforts were being recognized.

BETA NU ENTERTAIN AT VETERANS' HOSPITAL, OUTWOOD, KENTUCKY Beta Nu is very proud to have completed its second yea r as the sponsor of all the American Red Cross act ivities of Murray State College. We are very fortunate to have as one of our patronesses Mrs. Harlan Hodges, who is chairman of Red Cross activities on the campus. An active organization has been formed through which we are able to carry out our plans on a larger scale. Our president, La Vora Holland, is Student Chairman and the vice-president is secretary. The following committees are funct io n ing: Publicity, Transportation, Program and Funds . One Sunday afternoon each month Beta Nu sponsors entertainment for the Veterans' Hospital at Outwood, Kentucky. The Program Comm ittee plans the entertainment each month. The music and dramatic fraternities are cooper-

ating with us. The Transportation Committee has charge of all transportation and the secretary makes the necessary arrangements with the hospital. Beta Nu 's Thanksgiving Basket, which was a chicken dinner with all the trimm i ngs, was sent to a very deserving needy family. The father has been unable to work because of a serious hand injury. He and his wife have a darling three year old son, of whom Beta Nu immediately became very fond. Our biggest Christmas present was giving htm his Christmas. "Santa " brought him toys, candy and clothes. M iss Evelyn Linn, our advisor, prepared a Thanksgiving dinner, which she gave to a family of six . Beta Nu is working to still further increase her philanthropic program so that she mav be of more service to her community.

MARCH , 195 1


ALERTED • • • Foster-Parent Fund Benefits By Beta Pi's Generosity We have contributed to the National Philanthropic Fund and have contributed to the Foster-Parent Fund that is sponsored on our campus by the Blue Key organization. Our local project was in connection with the annual Christmas Party given by the school for all the needy children of the town. Our chapter contributed generously to this project a nd helped with the plans a nd execution of this project. We hope to do more next year a long this l ine.

Beta Gammas Join In A Gift To A Yank Drive

Student From Swe~en Finds Friends Among Alpha Beta's Our biggest project this yea r has been helping the Pa n hel lenic Counci l sponsor the student from Sweden. The girl is getting along fine . She is a very attractive gir l, does well in her studies, and is very popular socially . We are sponso ring a show this month to raise more money for her education. I wish we h ad a picture of her to send to you, but at p resent we don 't have one. Anot her project of t h e Beta chapter was to make kits fi li ed with li t t le necessities and luxuries which were sent to t h e soldiers in Korea . The Bloodmobile comes to Kirksville every six weeks and the Alphas are always the re to contribute their blood to this worthwhile organization.

Our philanthropic project was one that we al l feel served a good purpose and w as indeed a service and help to a few of the many needy families today. At Christmas time , each member and p ledge of Our Phila nthropic projects Beta Ga mma Ch a pter co ntribstarted off with a g reat sucuted a tov , w h ich , in the end, ena bled us to fi II th ree boxes 1 cess. We gave a dance at the to give to children who would end of the Campus Chest appreciate them most. In addiweek. We worked hard a nd tion, we filled two baskets full we re quite proud of our eighty of food and turned them over dollar contribution. One of the to the Department of Public bands here on campus donated Welfare to distribute them their services which made the wisely. dance complete. Ever yone payed twenty-five cents admission. We had da nce contests and musica l chair ga m es. All of the prizes were donated by the Greeley Mercha nts. We felt our work was wel l rewarded by our contribu tio n . At Christmas time we sent a donatio n to the We l fare DeWhat can we do to help Partment to helD ~av for a others? I n our endeavor to find little boy's Dentist Bill. T his a worthy cause in which to project was new to us but direct our soci a l service proafter receiving a lovely letter ject, we have come a cross a about the b:>y and how· much very needy ' and deserving Negro family. Zeta Zeta members hove been collecting old clothes for the family of ten . The members plan to donate a large basket of food to ou r needy Negro family at Easter time. The members a re busy se l ling magazine subscriptions As you know we we re re into earn extra mo ney for Ph istated on Decem ber 10, 1950. la nthropic projects . We have been busy adjusting Zeta Zeta has aided the to new responsibilities and campus d r ives by donating orientating ourselves gradually money to the Ch ristmas Seals, to our new duties. T he way March of Dimes, and World seems clearer now for serious Student Service Fund . The thoughts toward our Phila n chapter is planning to cooperthropic services. ate with the Red Cross Unit On this campus most of the by contributing blood to the sororities center their services Blood Bank in April. a round helping under-privileg"Think how lucky someone ed children . This service is will be to get A'i:.A good red we l l taken care of, a nd so ou r blood. "

EPSILON EPSILON GIVES BOOKS AND MAGAZINES TO HOSPITAL READING ROOMS Our project for this yea r is to make those in our hospitals as happy as possible. We have gotten magazines and books for the hospitals' reading rooms. During T han ksgiving , Christm a s and for Va lentine Day we sent ca rds to let them know we are thinking of t h em. Our Christmas tree was sent to one hospita l afte r we had left fo r vacation. You are probably wondering whe re the money comes from 1 for these projects. Each week at the chapter meeting we ha ve a raffle of some small gift, the girls buy ch a nces and

the money is put into our Philanthropic Fund. From this fund money is taken for the National Phi lanthropic Project, the Thanksgivi ng and Ch ristmas baskets a nd help to repair toys for the children at Christmas time and the College Chest Drive which is a drive to raise money for the Community Chest, Heart, Cancer, T .B., and the schoo ls' War Orphan. Our chapter has two girls who work in the Volunteer Service but this service isn 't large and there is not a great need for val unteers as ye t.

Cancer Drive Stressed By Sigma Sig ma

Psi Psi Fills Christmas Basket






have whole heartedly backed the Cancer Drive and are planning an even better dri v e this year.


Magazine Subscriptions Earn Money For Zeta Zeta's Many Projects

h e appreciated our h elp, we have decided to make a qu arterly contributio n . · Our Christmas party was a fUn 11 time for everyone . We exchanged small toys among the sorority and then gav e the toys to some needy chi 1dren . We had a delightful t ime with the toys, but everyone was very careful to keep them in perfect shape for the children . 11

Another Philanthropic p roject for this year is our col lection of stomas . Every girl is g athering together her o ld stamps. These are being sent' to a Children 's home where they can seDarate the stamps and sell them. A pound of stamps will keep a child for one year .

ALPHA ALPHA'S GATHERING FORCES FOR PHILANTHROPIC SERVICES cha oter wi II have to look further for work. The Panhel lenic cou n ci l on Miami 's campus takes care of a Greek girl. To this project al l seventeen sororities contribute . We have considered the prospect of helping the Veterans' Hospital in Dayton, Ohio . Before deciding on a project, I have plans to see our Dean of Women and several people who might be able to offer suggestions.

Our local , more or less traditional project, was our Christmas basket . This was 0 iven to a needy fami ly in Natchitoches. The y seem to appreciate it so much and it made us feel as if we were carrying on the · Christmas spirit in our small way. Another p roject is being planned at present . We intend to send a small contribution to the Baptist Orphanage in Monroe , Louisiana .

Eta Eta Aids In Community Drives The Eta Eta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha has participated in various Community Projects thus far this year. We contributed to the World Student Service Fund and Red Cross Campaign. We gave toys to the needy children throughout Pittsburg at Christmas . We gave $ 10.00 to the Salvation Army to provide meat in the food baskets for the needy families at Christ-


Holiday Cards Sent By Phi Phi's To Orphanage As far as projects are concerned we sent the traditional Christmas basket to a needy person here i n Maryville , and this week we . are sending a group of Valentines to an Orphanage in a near-by city . This is being done with the approval and aid of the local Ch i ld Wel fare worker. In the near future, a large number of o ld Christmas card s wil l be sent to the agency in charge of distributi ng such to disabled children . The project previously mentioned invo lves all three sororities on the campus , and consists of collecting discarded clothing to b e g1ven to girls in our coll ege laboratory sc hool. I have talked with one of the high school instructors who has consented to take care of the distribution for us, and make the selections.


M RS. J. W. HEI SEY (Marg aret Hoove r) President o f the El izabet h Hug h es Societ y of El izabethtow n, Pennsy lv an ia , w hich manages and suppo rt s t h e library. Sponso rs t h e Gi rl Scou t s. Org an ist of t h e Old Do neg al Pres byt er ian Chu rch .

MR S. IVAN D . CREAGER (M i ldred Nall y) Superv1so r o f Fie ld Se rvi ce s, Division o f Socia l A dm in istrat ion , Ohio Department o f Public Wel far e.

MRS. W . A . MARTIN (Marg a re t Ki nca id ) Oh io Ch ild Con ser v ation League. N o rth Broa d wa y M ethodist Church . Beta T heta Pi M others Club. Beta Theta Pi Wives Club, a s A dviso ry Cha irman. President o f Yo r k Club (a h ig h sch oo l frat ern ity m others' club).

MI SS NAOMI R. PEHR SON Facu lt y, Jam es W hitcomb Ril ey H ig h Schoo l, So uth Ben d , Indiana . So u th Ben d , Lecturer in sh o rthand M ishawaka Center o f Indi ana U ni versi t y . Cha i rman of Supe rvisory Co mm i ttee, T ea ch er's Credi t Un io n o f St . Joseph County, Ind iana .

GERDA W ILLIAM S D isp lay art ist f or leadi ng Buffal o depart ment st ores and f o r the Buffal o Pu bl ic Library. Establ is h ed the Kat he ri n e Pi n ch M em o rial A w ard f o r Creat ive Ex pression give n i n t h e Ke nmo re, N . Y ., H igh Schoo l t o the ch i ld with the soul. Writ es poetr y and sh ort st o ries .

MRS. C . HOWARD VAN ATTA (Grace Gro ff ) Daug hters o f t h e Am eri can Revo lut ion ( Nat ional , State and Ci ty) . Ch i ld ren o f t h e Am erican Revolut io n . Oh io State Un iversi t y A lumnae. Frankl in County C it i zen sh ip Prog ram . Cl inton vi ll e Wom en 's Club. Church Act ivi t ies.

Alpha Sigma Alpha Collegiates MEMORABLE MOMENTS

PEGGY LOU CULLEN Beta Iota Miss Kirksv ille, 1950. Outstanding Red Head, American Ro yal , Kansas City .



JANE JACKSON Beta Iota A'£A Sweetheart

• MP,.RY ALICE STARK, Pi Pi, Junior Prom Queen








HERE WE ARE! First Row (left to right ): Shirley Ziegler, Beta Kappa , p resident, Ruth Word Moon, Ano lu Poi nter Jones. Second Row : Jea nette Terri l l, Beta Ka ppa advisor, Carol Joh nson Cromer, June Posey T h rush, Jane Power Si m pson , Norma Godsil Mummert , Elno Scott, Betta Ka ppa advise r . Third Row : He len Sowders Hickm o n , Ma r jorie Mu lhotten, June Sandell Gamage, Shirley Po r ker Bell , M a rjor ie H eck Ly nn .

gether and drew up plans to form a new alum chapter-the Macomb Alumnae Chapter! All this happened on November 11 , in the home of Mrs . Verne Thrush , Roseville . Besides catching up on the whereabouts of other alums and making the necessary arrange ments to become a real chapter, we discussed several possible projects that we might sponsor during the year, and ways in which we might become closely united with our active Beta Kappa chapter . We decided to hold our meetings the second Saturday of each month, and a tentative "round robin " schedule was drawn up for the next few months. The December meeting, on December 9, will be in the home of Mrs. Moon, 718 North Charles Street, in Macomb. Here 's hoping that some more alums will be able to join us then . 路 Already one of our small group has joined the ranks of army wives-Jean Morgan left with her husband November 28, and at the present we still don ' t know where they are to be stationed. N 1.kk 1. M ummert

Chapter Members

Shirley Parker (Mrs . R. H. Bell, Jr .) . . ... BK Betty Pogue (Mrs . John Ekelof) .. . ..... . BK Jean Mireley (Mrs. Kenneth Morgan) ... . BK Ruth Ward (Mrs. Victor Moon) . . . . . .. . . BK Carol Johnson (Mrs . Ed . Cramer) .. ..... BK Phyllis Young (Mrs . Dale Holcomb) . . . . . BK Nor ma Gods ie (Mrs . H. L. Mummert) .. . . BK Ire ne Power (Mrs . Jack Simpson) .... . .. BK June Posey (Mrs. L. L. Thrush) ......... BK Officers

Presi den t .. . .. .. ... . .. Mrs . L. L. Thrush V ice- Presi dent ... . ... Mrs . Edward Cramer Secre tary-Trea surer .... Mrs. Jack Simpson Ed itor . . . . . . . . . . . Mrs. Harvey Mummert Hello Eve rybody! W e are happy to re po rt that si nce the last iss ue of the Phoen ix, n ine e nthus iast ic a lumna e me mbe rs of A lpha Sigma Alpha got to-


President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mickey Clement Vice-President . . . . . . . . . . . Dorothy Strader Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . Virgin ia Fanning Treasurer .. .... . .. .. Pauline Lester Corn Editor ............. Ruth Gall oway Jewell On March 7, 1950, ten alumna e of Beta Iota Chapter of Radford Co llege met at the home of Isabelle Motteshead to make plans for re -organizing an Alpha Alumnae Chapter at Radford , V irgin ia . After an unanimous vote that an Alumnae Chapter be re -o rgan ized at Radfo rd , our off icers were elected . In add it ion t o the above, J oella Ak in Brad ley is Alumnae Secretary, Lill ian Scott is Devotion Cha irman, and Esthe r Bobb itt Graham is Ways and Means Cha irman .

MARCH, 1951


Our members are all Alumnae of Beta Iota Chapter, and they are : Rebecca Lowman Thompson, who is both a stenographer and the mother of a six year old daughter. Mary Jo Galloway Collins, who has a son six years old and one eight months. Pauline Lester Corn, who is both a housewife and a teacher. Dorothy Strader, teaches in Shawsville, Vi~ginia. Esther Bobbitt Graham, housekeeper who has her hands full with two children. Frances Currin, teaches second grade in Bristol, Virginia . Joella Akin Bradley, Principal of Belle Heth School in Radford . Virginia Fanning, stenographer for Sutton Company. Mickey Clement, teaches physical education at Radford High. Betty Martin Henry, mother of a seven month old son . Isabelle Mottesheard Bell, who was recently married . Ruth Galloway Jewell, stenographer and housewife . Gilda Beamer, stenographer at Hercules Powder Company. Darlene Fanning, teaches third grade in Pulaski, Virginia. Lillian Sco,t t, bookkeeper for "The House of Flowers ." The Beta Iota Alumnae Chapter is young, but with the caliber of girls in it, it can only go forward . That's all for now but we' ll be back to tell you Alpha Sigs more ab out our chapter at Rad1


Ruth (Galloway) Jewell


Chapter Members Virginia Hays (Mrs. James Black) . ... .. XX Wanda Farson (Mrs. Geo. Gamble) . . . .. XX Geraldine Hutton (Mrs. Ralph Holton) . .. XX Joyce Murphy (Mrs. D. N . Kleinstiver) ... XX Flora Lee Cochian _{Mrs. W . S. Lukenhill) .. XX Carolyn Bareford (Mrs . Russell Montgomery) . . ...... . . XX Officers President ... .. ... ... . . . . Wanda Gamble Vice-President .. . ... . ... Geraldine Holton Secretary . .. .. . . . .. . . .. Joyce Kleinstiver Treasurer .. .. .. . .. .. Carolyn Montgomery Editor .. ... . .... . ....... Virginia 路 Black The following is the news story of the first meeting of the Kentuckiana Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha . On November 15, five Alpha Sigs met at the home of Mrs. Ralph Holton in New AI-

bony, Indiana, to organize an alumnae chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha . After much debating we chose Kentuckiana as the name of our new chapter. Four of our members are from New Albany, Indiana, and one is from Louisville, Kentucky, so that is the reason for the coined name . There is a strong possibility of having two more members from Louisville so they will help back up the "Kentucky'' part of our name . It was interesting to find that we were all old members of Chi Chi chapter even tho' we had attended diff.e rent schools. Wanda Gamble, Gerry ,H olton and Carrie Montgomery were Ch i Chi's at Butler University in Indianapolis and Joyce Kleinstiver and Virginia Black were Chi Chi's at Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana. This of course was due to the fact that Alpha Sigma Alpha transferred Chi Chi Chapter to Ball State after the Teachers College of Indianapolis was dissolved. There was much to compare and discuss about this and it helped to dra_w us closer together. An election of officers was held and Mrs . Wanda Gamble was elected president. As she was instrumental in getting us together we all -felt that she would be the one to hold our chapter together during its infancy. She has an infectious personality and is ideal presidential material . Mrs. Gerry Holton was chosen as Vice-President. We are confident that she and Mrs. Gamble will be able to work well together. Mrs . Holton seems always "on her toes" and has that alert look that comes from teaching school and enjoying it. Mrs . Carrie Montgomery was elected Treasurer. We all know that she will do her job well for she has had a lot of experience with keeping all the various funds and collections in order while teaching school. Joyce Kleinstiver was chosen as Secretary and Virginia Black as Phoeni x Correspondent. We decided to hold meetings bi-monthly at the members homes. Our program has not been planned as yet so we'll be gleaning ideas from the Phoenix. Our first "get acquainted" meeting was a real success and we are looking forward to our January meeting at Mrs. Gamble's. Virginia Black


22 SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Chapter Members

Ruth Bradley (Mrs . R. J . Alexander) Clara Marie Bolls (Mrs . F. R. Allen) Dorothy Wright (Mrs. R. F. Anderson) Margaret L. Self (Mrs. J. S. Basinger) Mrs . Gertrude S. Bell Helen La Zelia (Mrs . H. E. Brown) Mary Couvrette (Mrs. Cassady) Ellen Christenson (Mrs. Drebert) Bessie Amundson (Mrs. E. R. Elliott) Zelda Swanson (Mrs . E. L. Harper) Bernice St. Clair (Mrs . C. Kelley) Lorene Laubmayer Virginia Hughes (Mrs. J. H. Mason) Jessie Walker (Mrs . McKillop) Marion Belford (Mrs . Marion Milner) Marion Hammond (Mrs. D. G. Parker) Mary L. Waid (Mrs . Parker) Audrey Peterson Ann Powell lone Wright (Mrs. Richards) Rosemary Zinkand (Mrs . J . E. Rotsart) Pearl Steele (Mrs . Steele Stark) Julia Green (Mrs. J . E. Stephenson) Ruth Walker (Mrs . R. T . Sweeney) Jeanette Warmer (Mrs . K. F. Vaughn) Helen Stevens (Mrs . B. Williams Foote) Ca rina McCall (Mrs. M. F. Wright) Officers

President ....... . . . . . Mrs . J . S. Basinger Vice-President . . . . . . . . Mrs . D. G. Parker Secretary-Treasurer .. . .. Mrs . Steele Stark At a delightful patio party in June at the Point La ma home of Mrs. Ruth Walker Sweeney it was not only the occasion for saying bon voyage to Zelda Swanson Harper who was to sa il for Germany with Capt. Harper, but also the occasion for the election of officers for the newly formed San Diego Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha . Mrs . Margaret Basinger, who incidentally had been the sorority's first president in 1931, was again chosen as the first president of the alumnae group. Margaret not only finds time for her A ~ A work, but also holds responsible off ices with the AAUW as publicity chairman , program cha irman of the book rev iew section, tea chairman of the internati onal relations sect ion, plus be ing a member of the special topics sect ion and hostess comm ittee . Margaret is a lso a former execut ive vice president of the

AAUW and past president of the San Diego Delphian Club . Marion Parker and Pearl Stark will serve as Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer re spectively. The alumnae group has begun its first organized year with twenty-seven members, and we are looking forward to having A ~A's from other States now residing here contact us . In September, Mrs . Dorothy Wright was hostess for the sorority . At this meeting we were all most fortunate to have with us Mrs . Gertrude Bell, well -known San Diego consulting psychologist. Mrs. Bell was the sorority's first sponsor and we are looking forward to seeing her next year when she returns from her winter home in San Joaquin Valley . Ann Powell, who has been an exchange teacher in London for the past year, promised to give us a detailed account of living in England at our March meeting . A great deal of the conversation after our September meeting was about the AAUW Dinner Dance held the previous week at the San Diego Hotel. Several A ~ A' s attended the dance to admire the beautiful decorat ions, particular ly as Marion Belford Milner was the chairman of the decoration committee . We are all looking forward to our Christmas party at Marion's which will bring to a close our ac tivities for our first year. _ Pearl E. Sta rk

Can we , Alpha Sig alumnae, publish an A ~ A Cookbook:> Discuss this at your chapter alumnae meetings and then write your ideas and thoughts to Evelyn G. Bell , National Alumnae Director, 767 Lafayette, Buffalo 22, New York. Here is the tentative plan : 1. Each alumna send in her favor ite recipe . (Then all recipes will be compiled by the Home Economics Committee .) 2 . There must be at least 200 advance orders for the cookbook. Find out how many orders you will have in your chapter. Do you think we can successfully puban Alpha Sig Cookbook ?


MARCH, 1951


NEWS LETTERSAlumnae Chapters

ALVA, OKLAHOMA Greetings to Sisters in A-:i.'A: It is time once ogoin to look oround and see what our sisters ore doing or hove been doing. The alumnae group met in the home of Zelma Bronson , February 1, with Margy Ewalt as co-hostess . They carried out the Volentine motif in their decorations . There were ten prese nt. Five dollars was given from our alumnae chapter to the Morch o f Dimes . Several of our members acted as hostesses to the different high schools that were in Alva February 7, 8, 9 and 1 0 for a band workshop and for on invitational basketball tournament. The Rumpus Room in the girls' dormitory was set aside for a place for the students to come to dance and various things were sold. Mildred Guin Hall is now employed at Howord Roepke Insurance here in Alva. Her husband is teaching school at Dacoma . . . Marguerite El liott, a teacher at Alva High, sponsors the Bugettes. It is the cheering section mode up of 125 girls with adopted uniforms. The Bugettes have won wide recognition and have made a nome for themselves. They have added a lot to Alva and everyone speakes so highly of their conduct and they are really proud of the Bugettes . . . - Marjorie Mahoney Ewalt is helping sponsor the publication of the high school annual. This is a great undertaking and she is doing a splendid job in getting it ready to go to press by February 15 . The annual is regarded a s a prize possession of the students of Alva High School. She needs to be commended on the fine work they are doing a s it couldn't be done without being under the guidance of a good sponsor .. . Eula Colli son, who has been teaching in Kiowa, is now at her home in Alva. Yours in A-:i.A, Marguerite Elli ott

CANTON-MASSILLON, OHIO Dear Alpha Sigs : It has been a long time since I talked to you via the newsletter and there is a bit of catching up to be done. In November our group celebrated Found.e rs' Day at the Mass illon Woman's Club with a luncheon and program. We were pleased to hove so many of the Akron Alums with us and there was talk of having another joint meeting . June Do Hinden was chairman of the affair. Martha Young and Kay Giltz se rved as her committee . Year books were drstributed at that time . These were compiled by June and typed by Mortho. Our December meeting was cancelled because of snow and too, Betty Harner, our president, was in the hospital for a shoulder operation. Glad to soy she is up and about but cannot drive a car. But who can in this weather? Late in November Betty called a special meeting at her house to select a delegate to the installation

of the Miami Chapter . Marjie Crawford was unanimously selected. We al so mode Than ksgiv ing troy favors for Shadyside Hos pital. The Massi ll on gals braved the snow that very bad night but I'm sor ry to soy in January we failed to arrive at Janice Marsh's t o count tax stamps. We ore keeping our fingers crossed about that white stuff that has been descending on us in truck-loads for too long. Well gals, this finishes this month' s weather report and I promise to say no more about it . Sincerely, Kay Giltz

COLUMBUS, OHIO Deor Alpha Sigs : Founder's Day was celebrated on November 18th with a delicious luncheon at Balcony Hall. Claro Oden and Helen Miller did a wonderful job of managing this outstanding affair . Our Christmas meeting was held at the beautiful home of Doris Little, with Margaret Johnston and Ma xi ne J ones a s assistant hoste sses. We brought gifts of toys to be distributed at the Juven ile Center of Franklin County, our philanthropic project for thi s Chri stma s. Other gifts were exchanged by the members present, and everyone had a very enjoyable evening, a s usual. , On January 18th we held o ur first gathering of the yeor as guests of Grace Lutz, with Margaret Martin and Grace Von Atto a s a ssistant hostesses. After our business meet ing we were privileged to have as speaker our own Milly Creager . She is Supervi sor of Field Services, Division of Social Administration, Ohio Deportment of Public Welfare. Her talk gave us all an insight into the workings of the Public Welfare Department that we could not poss ibly get any other way. Our hats ore off to Milly -never have we heard a more earnest and moving plea for understanding of the very difficult tasks a welfare deportment faces every day. The many Christmas cords that hod been sent to our chapter were passed around and enjoyed by all. Thanks to the chapters for remembering us . We ore happy to report that Thelma Glick is now out of the hospital and able to return to work, but she will be forced to toke things easy at the Fraternity Manager's Office at Ohio State Univers ity where she is路 the "Boss" ... Emily Stogdill is slowly recovering from a hip fracture suffered in December . . . We ore sorry to lose Harriet Sutton as an active member of our chapter. Hope she'll be happy in her new home, and come to v isit us often. Our next meeting will be on February 15th at the home of Lois Bethard with Helen Buchanan and Louise Kromer as assistant hostesses. Wish you all could attend . Yours in A-:i.A, Corolyne Southard

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA Our December meeting was held in the form of a luncheon at the home of Kay Lowry Pratt. Everyone enjoyed her lovely home, the newly decorated kitchen and the delicious luncheon . Eight Alpha Sigs were present, Virginia Hoffman, Jerry Smith, Kay Pratt, Morion


24 LeFevre, June Smith, Teb Lottomus, Eleanor Brown and Frank ie Shirley Peters. We were delighted to see Frankie and hope she will join us often . Mary Aungst hod her two boys home from college for the holiday voc;otion so could not be present. Teb Lottomus and her husband ore enjoying a winter vocation trip through the South and Mexico. Helen Witmyer is reported os very busy two evenings a week at the Navy Reserve Headquarters. June Smith spent New Year's week-end in Washington, D. C., and attended a party with Myrna Loy who is currently participating on the Voice of America Broadcasts. June also visited with Ann Willouer who is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the WAVES end stationed in Washington doing o training job. The next meeting will be held in March and we hope to see everyone there. Evelyn Lottomus

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Deer Alpha Sigs: Although our president, Myrna Jo Gorges, has left us to go with her husband to a Naval bose in Son Diego, the Charleston Alums ore getting along nicely since vicepresident Evelyn Elliott took over. Since we lost wrote, we ' ve all been quite busy-as usual! In October, Jane Fitzsimmons, Myrna Jo Garges, and Annette Gruber went to Huntington to meet with the Alums there at Skippy Cavendish's home . It was a grand meeting and we enjoyed getting re-acquainted . Mrs. Sharp paid us a flying visit as she traveled thru West Virginia in October. We just had time to get everyone together for an informal meeting at Alice Howorth's and a quick breakfast at the Daniel Boone Hotel, when she was on her way to the airport again! It was a great pleasure to see her here and we are hoping she'l l fly thru more often . After all this-we still had our regular October meeting. That was a luncheon held at the restaurant in our new Airport Terminal Building. Nineteen of us (including six visitors from Huntington) had a delicious meal and much chatter while we watched the planes taking off and landing . For favors, there were white lapel flowers and tiny jars of hand cream for each guest. Our Founders' Day meeting was held at Jane Fitzs immon 's apartment. We were all impressed by the lovely Founders' Day program and Mrs. Louise Carper was with us to enjoy it also. She added other highlights and anecdotes about the first A"J:.A girls and their meetings. At that November meeting we decided to help a local rural school with their Christmas party. Eloise Keller was appointed to buy ornaments for their tree and 15 pounds of candy for the children . Since then we have received a most carefully written letter thanking us and asking us to visit them . We are planning to help out further at a later time. During Christmas week, Evelyn and Rusty Elliott had a holiday party at their home for all members and their husbands or boy friends . There were about 20 people crowd ing the ir lit.tle house--all having a wonderful time eating, talking , and loo king at colored slides. Our January meeting was held at Jo Straight's home in Dunbar. W e we re glad to have Betty Claar of Huntington as our guest that evening . Lots of business was transacted- and since we have been depleting our treas ury quite well , it was dec ided to sell greeting cards to the members to give it a boost once more . We ore also helping Rho Rho with the flat silver they are starting . Best wishes to all of you . Annette Gruber

'CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Dear Alpha Sigmas: Our November meeting was very interesting and unusual for our group. Since many of us belong to several clubs, we have kept our monthly meetings as social as possible. This meeting held at my home with Martha Curry assisting, was in honor of Founders' Day. Alice Carson was in charge of arrangements. Flowers, lighted candles reflecting in the mirror and six members taking the parts of the Founders was quite an inspiration and a feeling that Alpha Sigma Alpha is quite a wonderful organization. We missed Nelle Raney; she had left that morning with her husband on a vacation to Florida and Cuba . We also m'issed Frances Weegar, who was suffering from a Sulfa poisoning and had to stay off her feet for severa l weeks. We gladly accepted her offer to address the 1 00 Christmas cards, that we sent you folks . Our two representatives who attended the Chicago Panhellenic monthly luncheon told of the plans outlined for the year. Two months have gone by and th.e January meeting 路 was a reunion, learning what happened to each during the holidays. Since we live so far aport there are not many chance meetings. Nelle Raney, the hostess, has a convenient home for most of us to reach, and it was an icy and cold day. Her co-hostess, Gladys Cshobinger, had recently returned home from several '~eeks in the Southern states. We greeted a new mother, Bess Peterson . Mary Hohe expects to move to Cape Girardeau, Missouri , in the spring where her husband will attend Teachers College. We expect some new members at the next meeting . There ore many Alpha Sigs in Chicago who are not attending, and we would be very happy if they would . Dorothy Masters was absent as she was visiting an eldely aunt who was ill. Doroth y has been honored in the past year with a trip to New York for many volunteer hours of serv ice at the railway stations with the Travelers Aid Organization. I hod forgotten that the October meeting was held a few days after the last article was mailed to the Phoenix. Anyway, this luncheon held at the beautiful home of Helen Roess in Skokie, Illinois, with Marjorie Mills assisting , was written about in the Evanston paper. That was a beautiful day, fall flowers, leaves burning in the alleys, and much talk of football. We have made plans to again prepare a box of toilet articles for the Veterans H os pi to I, to be distributed through the Indianapolis Chapter. Best Wishes to You All, Betty Hall

CLEVELAND, OHIO Hi . .. .. . and BRrrrr all in one breath! This has been the longest, coldest winter in ages ... and February 3rd was no exception . Despite a -6 degree cold wind off the frozen Lake Erie, nine rosy-cheeked Alpha Sigs trudged downtown for lunch . The purpose of the excursion was to represent Alpha Sigma Alpha at the Annual Panhellenic Luncheon . . . and what a wonderful luncheon it was ! Wasn't it Ruth Duffy, Bernie DeTchon, Georgia Kurtz, Katherine Landolph, Leota Merion, Gladys Steeb, Leta Crawford , Gina Carpenter, and Marion Powell? Our Cleveland activities this year have been at the mercy of the weatherman .. . seems we just can' t seem to get together on our dates. Our nex t A"拢. function is planned as a pot luck dinner at the home of Georgia Kurtz . The men ore invited too so we hope that will frighten old man weather prophet into a balmy Spring Sunday.

MARCH, 1951 All of us here in Cleveland were shocked by the sudden and unex pected death of our chapter president, Mrs. Floyd A. Rowe. Tani was one of the t ies that held the chapter together and kept it going . . . she knew " just everybody" and loved them all. Mrs. Leota Merion has taken over a s President af the Cleveland Alums and has things well under control. That pat luck supper sounds like a grand time together . .. think I'll go! And I'll tell you all about it next newsletter . Till then . . . Happy Easter! Marion S. Powell


So our regular January meeting found us selecting materials to make ourselves plast ic purses and collecting our thoughts for a March card party. By means of this party, we hope to raise fund s for a farewell party for the 1 951 seniors at Cortland State. At th is same meeting , we were pleased to hear from our philanthropic chairman , Eudene Steinfeldt, that our food basket seemed to have been given to just the right family and was truly appreciated . We had planned to give it at Chri stmas time but, hearing of this family's immediate need, gave it instead at Thanksgiving . In February, we met at Eudene Steinfeldt's home and COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO began our plastic purses under Kay Miller's leadership . It was a very enjoyable evening during which we had Dear Alpha Sigma Alphas : the pleasure of each other's company while accompli shThis morning the sun is brilliant and the white blanket . ing something too. covering our brown lawns and bare shrubs is beginning We imagine that the Triple Cities chapter has gained to melt. Perhaps tomorrow will bring another bright warm day with a temperature of 73 °, such as we enjoyed last our loss, Beverly Navada, who moved to Endicott before Sunday following a week of cold . Thursday, February 1st, our '51 meetings. So long for now, the thermometer stood at 26 ° below zero. Brrr! That's Shirley Reif a part of living in Colorado and we all love it in spite of sudden changes. One day we can p lay 1 8 holes of CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND golf and the next go skiing in the high Rockies . " Little but mighty" could well appl y to the A '£As in The Colorado Springs• Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alphas has quietly noted the passing of time with Cumberland . With just eight members in our group we each individual member extremely busy with her own are already recognized for our plolilanthropic services in home and work, but enjoying the first Wednesday in Cumberland . Having just six charter members at our organizational each month . In Noven;"~ber Helen Shoup was again hostess meeting in September, we were very happy to welcome for a pleasant evening of bridge . She served the traditional pumpkin pie with clever cheese sticks molded to Mrs. Beulah Montesant of Frostburg , Maryland, into our group in October. Beulah is an A'L A alumna from Drexel look like carrots. Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In November, Mrs. The annual Christmas dinner party which includes our husbands, was a gala affair at the beautifully decorated James McClure of Salisbury, Pennsylvania , an alumna of home of Gertrude Glock. You should have seen the Temple's A'LA group, joined our ranks, so now we are Christmas tree. It had taken\ hours of decoration but it a happy family of eight. Mrs. Bruce Fable entertained our chapter in November, was well worth it, for without! question it was the 'perfect answer to all lovely trees syll')bolizing the Chri stmas Spirit and members wrapped food for a Thanksg iving basket af good cheer and fellowship throughout America . The which was given to a needy family of Cumberland. December found us tacking and sewing for we donated dinner was truly delicious and we ended by congratulating our services to the Associated Charities and at,our Christeach other on our culinary art. mas meeting, held at the home of Miss Margaret Reid, January found us at Mildred Harmon's, a little weary from Holiday Festivities and glad to spend a quiet eve- we covered Hollywood beds and dressed doll s which were ning . Mildred's good lemon pie and coffee sent us home given to needy children for Christmas. Miss Lois Stine entertained us in January and we feeling well fed and content. Virginia Maloney is happy to announce that her lovely planned our activities for the remainder of the year. If daughter, Patricia, who is a Freshman at Colorado State everything succeeds as planned the A'£As will be even busier during the second half of their fir st year. College of Education at Greeley, is now an Alpha Sigma February found us all stuffing animals for the children Alpha. We are indeed pleased to add a new member to our of the pediatric ward of Memorial Hospital. We met at the lovely home of Mrs . Montesant in Frostburg , and algroup. Ma x ine Harvey, a Sigma Sigma from Western State at Gunnison, is a welcome addition. Her young son, though ice and , snow kept three of our group at home, Harry, who, is a Sophomore at Gunnison, has recently we had a grand time making lions, bunnies, horses and puppies. Certainly hope the children have a s much fun enl isted in the Air Corps and is stationed at Lockland playing with them as we had making them . Air Base in Texas . · Needless to say, we all enjoy our meetings .very much, Helen and Lloyd Cummings, who have learned the art for who can have more fun than a group of A'£As planof happy, gracious living , are enjoying a three month ning and working together? vacation in Brownsville, Texas. No doubt they will come Margaret Reid home brown and healthy, making us all a wee bit envious, but anx ious to hear all about their activities. DAYTON, OHIO May all of you everywhere enjoy a happy, busy 1951 . Dear Alpha Sigs: Loyally yours, We're gradually settling back to normal , although Vera B. Crowder when any of us meet, the conversation invariabl y turns CORTLAND, NEW YORK to happenings at Oxford, Ohio, on December 9th and 1Oth. Eight of our members attended the reinstatement Dear Alpha Sigs : Early in January, the mailman brought each of the ceremonies for Alpha Alpha Chapter at Miami UniverCortland Alpha Sigma Alpha Alums an attractive pro- sity. I'm sure each Alpha Sig there was taken back in memory to the day of her own initiation . It was especialgram, designed by our vice-president Helen Thames, ly. a happy occasion for our Helen Boggess Swart, as she which outlined the events for the remainder of the year.


26 was one of the charter members of Alpha Alpha Chapter in 1914 when the original charter was issued . Mrs. Swart is now the Alumnae Adviser to the chapter in Oxfo rd . It was wonderful seeing the Notional Officers and so many sisters from all ove r the nation. Shirley Ainsworth Hellrich of Buffalo, New York, and I had a great time talking over days we each spe nt in Pittsburg , Kansas, as memb ers of Eta Eta Chapte r there. Best we climb off our little pink cloud of memories long enough to relate some of the happenings here in Da yton since the last editio n of the " Phoeni x." Our November meeting was held in the home of Ruby Carey Ball , and ope ned with a short Fou nders' Da y program arranged by o ur presi dent , Mary Helen Clark Ferguson, and climaxed with the beautiful " Our Love to Thee Al pha Sigma Alpha ," sung by Helen Stepleton Goodwin. We had seve ral visitors at this meeting from the Middletown, Ohio, group, including Millicent Bender, Nellie Lash, Neva Unglesby Crist, and Zelma Sargent Kah (Zip). " Zip" gave a short re sume of her recent trip to Europe, which wa s enjoyed by all. Florence King Bland was again in charge of our Ch ristma s donation to the Dayto n State Hospital . Our January mee ting was a luncheon at the " Seville." It was decided at this meeting that the Dayton Alumnae would give an award each Ma y to the outstanding " all around girl" Alpha Alpha at Miami University. Thi s girl is to be a Jun ior, and is to be chosen by the members of the chapter for her charm, perso nality, sc holarship, and campus and sorority activities. Our plans for spring activities are indefinite a s yet, exce pt that we are all looki ng forward to a picnic at the cabin of Al ice Ottman Sauer whenever the weather man will permit. We were most happy to welcome Alma Molito r Snider (Mally) a s a new member of our Da yto n Alumnae chapter. If anyone knows of Alpha Sigs in this v icinity who are not affiliated with an alumnae chapter, please ha ve them contact: Mary Landi s Weaver (Mrs. Max), 40 Marie Avenue in 1 Da yton, Ohio. Hope to see you all again in Ma y. Love in A"J:.A, Do ttie B. Gillette

DES MOINES, IOWA Dear Alpha Sig Sisters: My si ncere apo log ies for being the year 's worst Phoeni x cor responde nt. Flo rence Harley says I was elected last spring and said I would do the lette r wr it ing . I have no recollection of such so tossed aside the letters she passed on to me until the last one. I called he r and imagine my surprise. She also told me that June (Dougla s) Owen and her family are in Philadelphia for a year where Dr. Owen is teaching in the schoo l of Osteopathy. June was elected president. All in all we haven't been together yet thi s year. All fall I was excitedly getting ready for a preChristmas trip to Hollywood, Florida . Now that that is sett led and I hope I am forgiven , I will pass on what news I have been gathering today over the phone . First of al l Mrs. Barr, who was ou r Dra ke adviser for sa long , fell last week, chipping the top of her hip bone. She ha sn't been getting out except to the doctor's for some time but will have to be in bed now for a month . If you could visit her she would love it, but next best are cards and letters . How about a lot of them for her all month? . . . Dorothy (Haley) Whitten's son who was badly hurt in a sled mishap over a year ago is fine now but Ruth Ann wa s in bed with mumps today. Dorothy does supply teach ing in Urbandale and Johnston . . .

Florence Harl ey spent some time in the hospital in October but is fit as a fiddle now and kee p ing very busy at Blue Cross .. . Edith Burr seems happy in her new work as Dental Hygeinist . . . Leona Wilcox says the life of a school principal is a busy one . . . Myrna (Treime r) Hutchison says her two children keep her busy ... Dorot hy (Battershel l) Pryor saw Pauline (Wome ldarf) Black and her husband and son at Christma s time . Daughter Jane had a job so did not make the trip to California . . . Rita (Walters) Selvey and family have moved to West Des Mo ines. Son Larry is in W est Des Moi nes H ig h School . . . Albertine (Ri ngrose ) Gei st has both sons in se rvice again. Don is a regular Navy Pilot stationed in Washington, Kenneth in the Army Air Force, and barely home from two years in Japan, is stationed in Omaha, Nebraska . Albertine recently visited her daughter in Chicago and found time to attend a meet ing of the Chicago Alumnae which was meeting at Nelle (Gabrielson ) Raney 's. Attending this meeting reminds me, while we were on our way down to Ho llywood on the train , all the time we were sightseeing and a ll the way back by car, I wore my A lpha Sig pin hoping someone would come up and sa y " Hello Sister," but no o ne did . . . I met Loi s (Nic k le ) Sweeney downtown one doy. She was shopping with her daughter Margaret and I with my Ann . Margaret plays basketball , is active in 4-H, as is Loi s tao, and plays the clarinet in the high school band at Carli s le. She will graduate in June and will enter Dra ke this fall. Ann graduated January 25 and will probabl y enter Dra ke thi s fall tao. As far a s I know Leona Welch Meye rs' daughter Jerry is at Dra ke aga in this year . . . Bernice (Sa muelso n ) Stevens' daughter Pau la wil l graduate from high school in June and pla ns to enter Grand View College in Des Moines thi s foil . . . Eula (Fisher) Arn o ld and her family are making their home in Berke ley, California . Daughter Donna is in he r first year at Iowa State Coll ege. Foe Shawhan is still a s busy as ever. Her son Bob will graduate from Tech High in June and her daughter is e nro lled at North High where she will have an opportunity to develop into one of those graceful synchronized swi mmers. Foe says Velma Redmon is working for same doctors in Winner, South Dakota ... Of course you can 't thin k of Foe and not Clare (Loc khart) Weissi nger. Clare lives in Scarsdale, New York, and believe it or not has a son in college, Co lgate to be exact. We hear he plays a lot of football . . . I had a note fr o m Hildegarde Ni ss ley saying that Ida Groce is fini shing her seco nd year at Cottey Co llege but she didn 't ' k now about future plans a s ldo is wearing a diamond ... Fern Johnso n keeps herself busy he lping her husband now that her son is married and living in Indiana . Thi s see ms to be all the news I can gather . We have been having cold weather si nce the first of Decembe r the real o ld-fas hioned kind. The view from my windo.,; across the park is very bleak today. Snow covers the ground and the trees are very black. The thermometer says it is ten degrees below zero. It is hard to believe that in six weeks, according to the groundhog, it will be spr ing. Lillian Jacobson

DETROIT, MICHIGAN-RHO CHI Hello : W~ ' re having sloppy weather in Detroit these days, the kmd that makes you look out the window and groan --snows and thaws and freezes and thaws, ad infinitum. But I mu st tell you b riefly about some of the things that we' ve been doing in ou r chapter. To begin at the be-

MARCH, 1951 beginning, our December Christmas party at Betty Sowell's boasted a good crowd and with an exchange gift for everyone. We al so reached our goal in the citysponso red Ruth Alden Dress Drive (for needy children) in which we had participated. We had " red and green" all over the place and a "singing" Christmas tree as a centerpiece. We were guests on a local TV show right after Christmas; our friends and family walked off with all the prizes. The January meeting (after holiday fatigue ) found us at the home of Kay Diegel; we learned that Phyllis Inwood is tying that blessed knot early in March-which knot will be well tied as you read this-and we began s titching on mult i-colored apron s; they will be used as table prizes for our annual Bridge-Tea. February is "Travel Talk" time; we met at Shirley Ho rnke 's and Margaret Dunford, Jacqueline Joly, and Betty Sowell came complete with photographic contraptions to show us scenes of far places. Wonderful colored s lides and movies made a long and interesting evening. Also in February we held a Formal Initiation Dinner and Ceremony (we're still catching up on our statusl. Thoughts of March help us to remember our meeting at the home of "yours truly" (it was Pat Barnes' birthday, tao) and by the same token, more about our BridgeTea. Held at a Detroit YWCA, we had friends and relations, and prizes, and flowers , and entertainment, and a St. Patrick's day motif. Some of us attended Wayne University's annual bridge spo nsored by the "Women of Wayne Alumni" group, also in March . Sounds like we've done a bit of card playing, doesn't it? We like to catch you up on the news and that about does it for the moment, except-we're plugging for Marion Houts (our own) for the Wilma Wilso n Shqrp Award. So long , Bobs Dickieson

27 Spring isn't too far off and under Deanie's able supervision our second annual State Da y at Ball State, Muncie, can't help but be fun a s well as inspirational. The date has been set as April 21. All you Ind iana A"'J:.As-set that date aside right now as filled, so you won't miss it. We're looking forward to it already. Be seeing you, Eva Kiewitt

GUNNISON, COLORADO Hi Alpha Sigs: Our alumnae bunch got together for a big time again at the home of Mrs. Harriet Lake on January 17th of our new year. This get-together had a special significance as we were bidding three of our alums adieu. Mrs. Shirley' Goal is leaving with her husband who is being transferred with the state highway crew and Mary Jane Leonard and Ann McKee left the following week for Kansas City, Missouri, where they are enrolled in the Midwestern Airlines Training School. After a short business meeting we all had an exciting game of bridge and a table of canasta. Of course later refreshments were served, and with all the gossip exchanged a good time was had by all. Appropriate going awa y gifts were given to each of the girls. The Gunnison Alumnae chapter has charge of the American Cancer Society drive for Gunnison County, and has been gathering up all old discarded white shirts, nylon hose, scraps of yarn and sheets. The white shirts can be converted into hospital bed gowns and scraps of yarn will make varied and brightly colored bed socks. The best always in A"'J:.A. Sincerely, Carol Lee Frasier


Dear Alpha Sigs : Once again it is the new year and time to turn over FT. WAYNE, INDIANA the proverbial new leaf. Tau Tau alumnae are beginning Dea r Alums: their official new year February 12 with a business and I presume this is from one snowbound A"'J:.A group to social meeting at the country home of Verna Jane Caranother. The weather hasn ' t stopped us from having a michael , president. This is our first meeting since Nomeeting yet, but we have had some pretty slushy times vember when we met with Mary Rupp. It was at this so far. meeting that rush week was planned and numerous alums We added another alum to our fold the last meeting , offered homes and help to the active chapter. It all reShe's our last year's graduate, Mary Ann Hartman. We're sulted in twelve new, bright, shiny pledges-we' re so always glad to have new members . The more the merrier! proud of the active chapter for their earnestness in workIf any of you know of any Alpha Sigs near the Fort ing for a better Alpha Sig chapter. Wayne area that we may not have contacted, please let The editorial board (sounds real exclusive, doesn 't it?) us know. has issued one newsletter thus far. It's a dandy one, too, Our former presi dent, Martha Stuckey, is now cofull of 路news for the far-flung alums who have lost touch spo nsor of the Alpha Sig chapter at Colorado State Col- 路 with Fort Hays and immediate vicinity. We work on a lege in Greel~y, Colorado. You can tell she's interested, cooperative basis, with several alums gathering the items, can't you? Beth Harkness who is our national coordinating secretary Gifts for the veterans at the lndiarJapolis Veteran's for this vicinity, and who does the finding and keeping Hospital were collected at a recent meeting and sent to up to date the names and addresses, and anyone who our regional (also national) philanthropic chairman to be wants to fold, address, and stamp the letters for mailing . distributed. So far, it has worked out beautifully. Because most of our members live outside Fort Wayne, Novaline Hickman Thurlow received her degree in the we're finding it too difficult to meet to do any city service spring of 1 950 at Fort Hays. She is now teaching fifth projects for our local philanthropic work. Perhaps we can grade in the Washington grade school in Hays where she find some hospital, Red Cross, or Community Center makes her home with her young son . . . Our sympathy to Cornelia Dale Page Fortune on the death of her father work or handicraft to do at our monthly meetings. At in Ellis, Kansas. C. D. has a new daughter, Susan Jean, least that's what we're planning . born July 24, 1950, in San Clemente, California, where We have been so sorry to hear of the prolonged illness they live . . . Eleanor Winters Wickizer is also a new of our state president, Marie Kingdon of Indianapolis. mather with Sara Jane born June 4, 1950, in Stockton, Due to this illness NaDean LeClere (Deanie, to those of us who know her) has been asked to take Marie's place. California ... Kathie Ann Carmichael came to live with We do hope Marie will improve rapidly and be able to Shirley Clarke Carmichael and Orlan (the proud dad) October 30, 1 950, in Hays . . . Roberta Brown Griffing meet with us this spring.


28 lives in Johnson City, Tennessee, where husband Warren has been appointed assistant professor of physics at East Tennessee State College .. . Mary Moe Paul is bock on the job as assistant professor of education after on abse nce of three years, serving with the State Deportment of Education at Topeka . We've lost two of our alums! May we publish on appeal for aid in recovering them? Perhaps someone reading this will know their addresses and let Tau Tau know. They ore Margaret Kimple and Betty McKelvey-thot's all we know about them at this time . . . Anita Miller is now Mrs. Henry R. Doily, Jr ., and she has a son James Lee who is one year old. Anita is making her home with her parents in Ransom, Kansas, while her husband, who is a captain in the hospital division, is in Korea . Sincerely in A}:.A, Mary Pearson

INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA Members of the Indiana Alumnae Chapter, along with Alpha Gamma Chapter members, were guests of Miss Belden at a goy Christmas party which was held at the Activities Cottage of I.S.T .C. the afternoon of December 1 6. As the girls arrived the gifts piled high under the brightly decorated tree . Luscious refreshments were served, including tempting cranberry teo . After refreshments the girls joined in carol singing-then come Santo Claus! Santo distributed the gifts and popcorn bolls. For several moments confusion reigned, with r'-!stling paper, thank yous, and laughter . 路Certainly a most enjoyable party. Thank you, Miss Belden! Tuesday evening, January 23rd, found several of our alumnae busily at work in the Home Ec Deportment at I.S.T.C. fashioning new ceremonial robes for the use of Alpha Gamma Chapter. We hope to hove them completed in time for the chapter's forthcoming initiation, which is to be held about mid-February. Miss Ethel Belden was operated on for on eye difficulty on December 30 at the Boston Ear and Eye Infirmary. Since her discharge from the hospital she has been convalescing at 29 Hidden Rood, Weston 93, Massachusetts. We were pleased to learn this post week that she will return to Indiana and resume her teaching duties on February 13 . Vivian Cartwright Lovell of Commodore, Pennsylvania, has been convalescing from tuberculosis. It has been reported that she is progressing nicely. We all wish her a speedy recovery. We ore counting on her to be another loyal member in our Indiana Alumnae Chapter. FLASH!!- Our newest arrival : Janet Louise Kline, born January 30, 1951. Weight, 7 pounds, 13 ounces; length, 21 inches; parents, Billie McGrain Kline and Robert Kline. Congratulations Billie and Bob ! Bertha Catterall

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA It is a little late to be sending you greetings for the NEW YEAR, but all of us here in Indianapolis extend to all of you there, wherever you ore, our sincere wishes for a good and prosperous 1 951 ! We hod our annual Christmas party early in December at the home of Dorothy Kormonn and what fun we hod! One of the highlights of the evening was for each person to make a hot for herself, choosing the material from a huge basket overflowing with ribbons, bright colored papers, feathers, etc. Some of the creations that were mode from this collection would hove put Lilly Doche or John Fredericks to shame! Two prizes were given for the most unique chapeau and then Genevieve Leib gathered

them together and took them out to Marie Kingdon to "Oh" ond "Ah" over (we hope ) at their leisure . I om sure Marie hod o good Iough when Genevieve modeled each of them as I om sure she did ! We hod a 25c gift exchange and if some of the gifts were purchased for 25c, I om going "there" to do my future shopping! All in all , we hod a wonderful time and the program committee did themselves proud in their presentations. We hod our first meeting of the year on Tuesday, February 6th, in the lovely home of Julio Gerlach . By the way, Julio, we hove missed you at our meetings and hope from now on you will be able to be with us. This night was typical of the winter weather we hove been having, but in spite of the snow and ice we hod a good turn-out and all of us did justice to the delicious meal which the committee prepared and which was so nicely served. Fran Show, our president, read a telegram from Marie Kingdon and it was so nice to hear from her. Marie has not been to any of our recent meetings due to the fact she has been taking a rest, but we ore very happy to report that we may be seeing her at our next meeting, to be held at Letha Goskin 's-our well-known artist, you know. Plans were discussed for our second STATE DAY, which is to be held late in April at Boll State Teachers College, and we ore all looking forward to this event, remembering our day in Indianapolis lost year, and the inspiration we received at our first State Day gathering . The girls who went to Oxford, Ohio, in December for the installation ceremonies of the reinstatement of the Miami University Chapter gave a most interesting report of this event. It was unfortunate that the weather at that time was running true to form, namely, snow and ice, which kept many of us away, but our thoughts were there with the girls at Miami and we ore very happy to hove this chapter carrying the Alpha Sigma Alpha bonner once again! As I write this today, it seems like Spring is just around the corner, but knowing full well how accurate our Indiana weather prophet (Mark Purcell) is, having predicted a long and "hard" winter, and which has been just that, we're not going to get out our spring "bonnets" just yet-but ' twon ' t be long! And then we'll get dressed up in April for our trek to Muncie for the big "State Day" event. We hope to see all of the Alpha Sigs in Indiana there, and until then, I om Sincerely yours, Zelma Piner

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Dear A}:.As: K. C. is once more coming your way with news and views concerning our chapter and its members. Our meeting for October was one for the records! It was a Gadget Bazaar-all kinds of gadgets, all kinds of bids. Mildred Henthorn T renchord mode on outstanding auctioneer, and we gleaned $31.65. The hostesses were Rubye Worley Waterbury, Frances Brown Bowen and Sereno Engelbart. In November we celebrated Founders' Day by attending a luncheon held at the Woman's City Club. Our guests were A'"i,A teachers who were in K. C. for the Missouri State Teachers Convention. We hod a short business meeting , followed by the Founders' Day program written by our beloved Wilma Wilson Sharp. The hostesses were Margaret Flottmon Bryant, Dophene Copenhover, Elizabeth Marsh Magers, Ursula Laidler Pecinovsky, and Ruth Sanford Grube .

MARCH, 1951


Christmas was naturally the theme of our December party which was held at the home of our president, Dorothy Propst Clifton . It wos st rictl y o party, consisting of visiting, charades, gift exchange, and refreshments . We all had a wonderful time and shall long remember it. Two pictures are being enclosed with thi s letter. The group picture is evidence of o good time; the other one displays the attractive table from which we all were served. The hostesses were Evolyn Evans, Esther Bucher, and Mory K. Reiff. The dessert meeting in January was held ot the home of Dorothy Kreek, a very clever member of our chapter os evidenced in the games she composed and the prizes she gave. The hostesses were Marian Fischer, Virginia Myers Callison, Mildred Henthorn Trenchard. We have had good attendance so far and anticipate it for February when we have our Valentine Tea . Our philanthropic project, that of instructing and entertaining the patients at the Children's Convalescent Home, is. growing steadily. A boy and girl from Southwest High School, upon the request of Ethel Phillips (A~A teacher ot the school), presented their puppet show in December to the children. The show was well liked by the children and executed almost professionally by the entertainers. Just as a sidelight, but one we cannot help but mention, our chapter has four members who are national officers of A~A. These ore Wilma Wilson Sharp, President; Em Frost, Alumnae Organizer; Esther Bucher, Treasurer; and Mary K. Reiff, Assistant Treasurer, recently appointed. We close with this bit of news-in October Esther Bucher was elected secretary of the Women's Chamber of Commerce . Yours in A~A, Serena Engelbert



Dear A~As: It seems that the weather is against Kentuckiana Chapter but despite a dismal rain the six members of Kentuckiana 路 Chapter held their second meeting January 1Oth at the home of Lee Lukenbill. The weather was so terrible that we decided to brave it in one car rather than try it individually so we piled into Coraline Montgomery's cor and drove thru fog and rain with our eyes glued to the road trying to find the turn off to Lee's home . It was an exciting ride but not one that we would want again and it was quite a relief when we finally pulled up in front of Lee's house. The business meeting was held and there were many letters to discuss and articles to read concerning the whys and wherefores of alum chapters . The secretary's report of our ' first meeting was read in solemn tones but the big Iough came when the treasurer's report was called for. We had completely overlooked that little matter of dues at the first meeting so Corrie called upon us to add our bit to the treasury. Now we ore really on our way to becoming a chapter. We enjoy our meetings so much that it seemed a shame to break up early so when 路the business meeting was concluded we played a rousing game of Canasta until 12:30 a. m .! Our husbands find it hard to understand what six comparative strangers find to talk about into the "wee sma' hours." But once an Alpha Sigalways an Alpha Sig I guess for we thoroughly enjoy each other's company. We're hoping that our next meeting will receive a warmer welcome by old man weather for in these days of new homes on country lanes the going is a bit rough when it rains or snows. W~ ' re going to try to solve our

problems by meeting right in the middl e of New Albany at Carrie Montgomery's in March . You'll hear about it in my next letter. Yours in A~A, Virginia Haga Black

LICKING-MUSKINGUM VALLEY, OHIO The weather has been making the headlines here in Ohio. We have really been having a good old-fashioned winter, plenty of extreme cold weather, 26 掳 below zero, ice and snow, 10 to 14 inches . All of this ma y have its good points, but it has made it difficult for our scattered group to get together. None of our girls, regretfully, managed to join the Columbus Chapter for Founders' Day. The re-instatement of Alpha Alpha Chapter at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, has given all Ohio Alums a new interest. When we met at the home of Margaret House in January, Louise Stewart told us of the installation service. It would have been grand to have shored this experience, but Louise gave us such a inspiring account it was almost as good as attending . With so much snow and ice still around it is hard to believe that Sprin_g is just around the corner. However, that is what the calendar says, so we ore loo k ing forward to going to Zanesville for our Spring Luncheon . Lovingly in A~A, Jane Jac kso n

MACOMB, ILLINOIS Hello Alpha Sigs! Lots of things have been going on that you may not know about, but I'm going to try to change that! The second Saturday of each month sees the Macomb chapter together, and always in a new setting . (We are taking turns playing hostess.l Even though some of our members drive thirty or forty miles, we always have a good turnout; in January, we numbered eleven besides our sponsors. Speaking of sponsors, Miss Elna Scott and Mi ss Jeanette Terrill , who have guided the Beta Kappas through so much, are both Alpha Sigs themselves. Besides enjoying them in that respect, it just feels good to have them with us, too! They ore the co-hostesses for our meeting on February 1 0 . The Macomb chapter has decided that it is going to try its hand at being a versatile group, and conduct a variety of types of meetings-social , educational, and philanthropic. Thus far we have been primarily concerned with getting acquainted with the large pledge group that has been taken into Beta Kappa. On Mqrch 3, we plan to give a big tea for all the actives and pledges; so that we can get to know one another. With this in mind, we asked Shirley Ziegler, BK president, to be our guest in January; we were able to discuss ways in which our two groups can be closer and ~ark together in a useful way. For future meetings, our tentative plans include informal discussion groups and "work meetings" to produce articles for veterans' hospita Is. Until next time, then, Love in A~A, Nikki Mummert

MARYVILLE, MISSOURI Hello again : Here it is January and it seems like spring here in northwest Missouri-no snow and the temperature is up to 65 掳 . The Phi Phi Alumnae Chapter had a dessert bridge at

30 the home of Mrs. Albert Kuchs for our December meeting. Miss Doris Polk, on alumnae teaching in Waterloo, Iowa, and Miss Patricio Smith were guests. Pot is one of two girls on the Missouri University rifle team competing against Kansas Universi ty soon. Mrs . Kenneth W . Descheneoux of Maryville has received word that o training camp in Jopon has been named Descheneoux in honor of her husband, Captain Kenneth W . Descheneoux, who was killed in action in Korea September 3 , 1950. She has received o picture of the sign ot the entrance of the camp, and will be sent the Purple Heart medal awarded posthumously to her husband. Mrs. Descheneoux, the former Miss Virginia Watt of Maryville, was o Red Cross Worker overseas during the lost war. She was also our candidate for the Wilma Wilson Sharp Award five years ago os the outstanding alumna of the year. We ore looking forward to the annual A"i:.A Sweetheart Donee February 17th, and ore making pions to attend. 'Nuff 'til next time. Love in A"i:.A, Beverly Johnson

MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA Dear Alpha Sigs: A couple of months ago the Muskogee group decided to get our husbands more interested in our sorority by having o social once o month. We hod o Christmas party ot the Four-H Club building. Over the hom and tri m mings everyone agreed the social was o success. The lost time we hod dinner and played Conosto ot Mildred and Howard Davis' home. More of the girls and their husbands were there this time and we really hod o wonderful time . Martha Byron, from Pittsburg, Kansas, has joined our group. We ore quite thrilled to hove her with us. Peggy Perdue Crone has joined the ronks of the army wives. Wolter is stationed ot Ft. Sill, Oklahoma . Evolyn Wasson and Copt. W . M . "Skipper" McClendon were married the third of December. Skipper has recently retired from the Air Force and is engaged in cattle business ot the Lazy W Ranch near Tah lequah. The Meadow Lake Margarine Company is giving o nickle for each pound of butter bought by non-profitable organizations. The girls ore now using Meadow Lake Margarine so that we con build up our bonk account. We received o lovely thank you letter from the Solva tion Army in regard s to the dolls we dressed for their Christmas baskets. Love in A"i:.A, Millie Logoni

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Dear Alpha Sigs: We hove hod two very successful meetings since my lost letter to you . The first was our November meeting which was held ot the Southern Marigold Restaurant on Founders' Day. Thirteen g irl s were present and you con imagine oil the chatter that went on that night. Some of us hadn't been together since we left sc hool several years ago so there was o lot of catching up to do. Our preside nt, Ruth Eddy, hod some very good ideas for the future. We hope to continue meeting monthly- on the third Wednesday of every month . We also hope to increase our membership. There were quite o few conversations go ing on around the table. For instance, we heard about Hilda Hebert's two children, Suzanne and Andre; Lorraine Beninoto's husband's call to the service; Lois Owen's third grade

THE PHOENIX students; Gwendolyn Folk's wedding plans; Jean Nebel and Lily B. Staebling's coming ballet, to be held in February. Olive Bougeois and Sally Ann Doscky were busy with Christmas shopping and plans for the coming season. Louise Gaudet is working for the New Orleans Public Service and her sister Ruth is working for an oil company here . Jessica Cozine is working for G.M .A.C. Ruth Eddy will be celebrating Christmas a little late this year as Kyle will be away until early in January. Oh, and I must mention the excitement around my house . Amy Beth and Randy ore anxiously waiting for Santa Claus- with an extremely long list of toys . Our Christmas meeting was held at the home of Jean Nebel. We sat around a lovely decorated Christmas tree, sang songs, exchanged gifts and enjoyed delicious refreshments . We were sorry Lorraine Morel Beninato was unab le to be with us, but we were glad she will be able to spend Christmas on the West Coast with her husband . Lily B. Staehling had been to Lafayette the week-end before our last meeting so she brought us all the news from the Beta Zetas. Our next meeting will be held in January at the home of Lily B. Staehling, so until then, I'll be seeing you, Janice Hinrichs Haydel

NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Dear AIAs: Our Niagara Falls chapter has lost several of its former members . At prese nt there are only eight active members and thus it has been very difficult getting together for meetings. Mary Wozniak has been active in Little Theatre work . She played Olympe in "Camille in Roaring Camp" and was assistant director and prompter for "Silver Whistle" . .. Olga Parenti DiCamillo has a fine baby boy, Gary Thomas, as of December 1Oth. She finally has her own apartment and you can be sure it is very charming and shows off Ollie's Home Ec talents -.. . I am now a critic teacher for student teachers from the Teachers College at Buffalo. Charlotte Miller expects to have student teachers from the University of Buffalo in the near future. Charlotte Marcie and I are still at Niagara Street School here in the Falls ... Norma Tatomer, Jerry Keating, and Rose Abate are busy as usual with their homes and families . They are active in their respective Mothers Clubs and parent groups . . . Eleanor Loewer is still teaching and has been busy this winter taking classes at the University of Buffalo. This seems to be the only news I can send on at this time. We have planned an interesting program for the year and hope we can carry on more successfully in the months to come . Yours in A"i:.A, Ann M. Hodge

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Many interesting events have taken place here with Alpha Sigma Alpha si nce our last report. First of all , we have added two more names to our active membership : Betty Sponaugle Hos ler (Alpha Gamma ), and Ella Tallis Bardwell (Pi Pi , Clinonianl. Back in the early part of October we undertoo k our first money ma ki ng venture by holding a Rummage Sale. We d id pretty well , and we are planning to make it an annual money ma ki ng sche me .

MARCH, 1951


Later in October we held a luncheon for the Tulsa Alumnae Chapter at the Oklahoma Golf and Country Club . Ten of their group attended and we had a perfectly wonderful time being with them again. It peps up both our chapters to be able to be with each other and discuss plans and ideas. Louise Ewalt Buchanan was hostess for us and had everything wonderfully planned. November 8 , Panhellenic entertained with a Benefit Bridge-Canasta . Our chapter filled two tables . Our two representatives, Freda James Burtner and Frances Reiff Patterson have been attending all the meetings of Panhellenic and Alpha Sigma Alpha is beginning to have its place in Panhellenic here . We were happy to learn that we 路have only two more years of being an associate member here . At the end of that time we wil l be full fledged members of Panhellenic . November 14 we held a breakfast for the teachers during their Convention here. Miss Gladys Reed was in charge of the arrangements for the breakfast, and everything was lovely. The flowers and decorations we re beautiful , and sma ll red and white corsages were placed at each plate. We were somewhat disappointed in our out of town attendance, and hope that in the future more can attend. Some of the teachers were only given one day to attend the Convention and that was the attributing factor to the poor attendance at our breakfast. Our President, Freda Burtner, and your reporter entertained the group with a Christmas party in December, serving them a turkey-buffet. Even though it was during the holiday rush nearly all of the group were able to attend and we all had a wonderful time. In January we really did the unu sual. We held an init iation. Ella Tallis Bardwell was a Clinonian back in 1905 at what is now known as Western State College, Buffalo, New York. Several years after she left college the Clinonians became A~~s ] and all members were given the opportunity to become initiated into A~A . Ella had never had time to do this until January. She made herself known to us about a year ago and we have been more or less rushing her ever since . We 路held her init iation in the 路 home of Mrs. Reba Anderson Ruster, with Mrs. Dorothy Rowe Gilger acting as co-hostess with her. The initiation was lovely and quite a treat for some of us who hadn't seen an initiation in years. Ella is quite a love ly person and is certainly going to make an active addition to our Chapter. We we re all happy to have had the opportunity of initiating her into A~A . Lovely and delicious refreshments were served us following the init iati on by our two hostesses. Love in A~A, J onnie Lane ~entry Oklahoma City's Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma P:lpha has been privileged in welcoming and initiating Ella Tallis Bardwell into membership with Alpha Sigma Alpha. Back in 1905 Ella Tallis was a member of Clinonian at New York State College, which is now known as Western State College of Buffalo, New York. She left Buffalo with her husbaod in 1906 and spent several years traveling with him. In the ensuing years five children were born to her, two in Pennsylvania, one in Ohio, one in Missouri, and one in Oklahoma. Another event also took place during these years and that was the event of the Clinonians at New York State College becoming Alpha Sigma Alphas. All their past members were extended the right to become initiated into Alpha Sigma Alpha-and many of them did this very thing. Ella, however, was quite busy with her family and then, upon becoming a widow when her youngest child was

only thirteen months of age, she was doubly busy caring for her family . Although she had a life certificate for teaching in New York, she preferred to stay in Oklahoma , and in order to teach here she would have had to attend more 路school, and because she needed immediate employ- . ment she began work with the Bell Telephone Company . She certainly deserves credit for pe rserve rance because


after work ing for the Tel ephone Company for a time she then took on two more years of night schoo ling , adding Advanced Psychology and T yping to her knowledge . Her children are all grown and married now and she has two granddaughters in California, one teaching foreign languages in the Los Angeles School System. She no longer works for the T e lephone Company as she was retired from their services December 1, 1 948. Other than being active in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Ella is a member of Easte rn Star, White Shrine, Christian Church and the Hobby Club of the Telephone Company. She loves to do Needlepoint and Crocheting . Her interests are also absorbed in music, as her actual major in college was music, and she ha s been a subscriber to the Oklahoma Symphony for years, and one of her daughters- inlaw is a member of the Symphony. W ithout saying another word, you can see how proud we are to have Ella as one of our new s isters in Alpha Sigma Alpha. She made herself known to us about a ye ar ago and we have been rushing her and hoping for her ultimate initiation , which took place in January 1951 . Jonnie Lane Gentry

OLEAN, NEW YORK Dear Alpha Sigs: A baby shower was held for our pres ident, Ruth Riley, at the home of Ma xi ne Ry lander in October. This wa s soo n followed by the birth of little William Riley, in whom we all take special pride . In December we held a Ch~ i stmas party at the home of f-.1arge Bernreuther. Gifts were exchanged. At this meet ing we welcomed Marcie Seiger, Pi Pi , '49, to our group. Rhea Krumpff was hostess at the January meeting at which time instruction was given a s to the making of copper foil plaques and a baby shower was held for

32 Marge Bernreuther whose boby is due in February before this goes to press. A successful white elephant sole was held at the February meeting at the home of Mary Keller. Our sole of plastics is progressing under the chairmanshi p of Romoyne Williams. We ore collecting Christmas cords as port of our philanthropic activities under the chairmanship of Gertrude Rogan. These ore to be sent to a children's Home in Buffalo. Each month one member sends a gift to the two people that we adopted lost year. Here's wishing 1 951 as your best Alpha Sig year yet. Marge Bernreuther

T HE PHOENIX and the school. Is there anyone else who would like to bask in this wonderful sun? Also we ore happy to hove our Lu Sparks become Corresponding Secretory for the Phoenix Ponhellenic Group, which places her on the executive council; she is also chairman of the Service Committee which makes the decision as to what philanthropic project shall be carried out for this year. In addition to these activities, plans ore being mode for the annual luncheon in March and the big benefit dance in April. Love in A'£A, Betty Stokes


Dea r Al pha Sigs : T he main topic of conversation here in Pittsburgh these lost couple of weeks has been the unusually Iorge amount Dear Alpha Sigs : Hello again from the Philadelphia Alums. It's mighty of cold, icy weather. Several Sundays ago over five hun cold here, but we wont you to know that it tokes more dred people in Pittsburgh were hospitalized because of falling on slippery ice. than a little cold weather to down us. Everyone was thrilled at our lost meeting when on an The days and weeks hove flown by s ince our first nou nce ment was mode of the coming marriage of one of meeting in October. The covered dish supper proved to be our most loya l members-Anne Schade . Anne plans to a wonderful way for old friends to get together. be married sometime in February. She has resigned her Our Christmas Party was held on December the ninth teaching position and is looking forward to her new life at the Kappa Kappa House. Such fun we hod exchanging of marriage and travel. We're certainly going to miss Christmas gifts with one another. her but wish her lots of happiness. Another news item T he Philadelphia Alums hove certainly hod to crowd their calenders with social events this winter. Leading - of importance was the arrival of a baby girl to Helen the parade of social events this season was the ma rriage Theophilus on January 24th . Helen and her husband now hove a lovely family of two girls and a boy. qf Miriam Hippie to Bruce Fitzgerald on October seventh. We all hod a grand time at our lost meeting which Miriam is our Corresponding Secretory. On December was held in Mono Powers' home . There were nineteen eighteenth, Claire Fritz become the bride of John O'Neill a Sigma Phi Epsilon from Temple . John is now in th~ of us there and all enjoyed the delicious lunch and the chance to be together again. Navy. Gladys Ditchfield, Carolyn Cook and Hope PoliIn J u ne we ore hoping to hove the Indiana, Pennsylshuk, all Alpha Sigs, mode up Claire's wedding party. Another Alum, Dottie McCool, took the big step on De- vania, and Cumberland, Maryland, Alumnae Chapters cember twenty-third, when she become Mrs. T homas with us for our meeting . Both Chapters ore newly organized. T his meeting will probably include a tour of the Koury. We received a very nice letter from one of our University of Pittsburgh . Temple Alums, Frances Steeley Lowe . Seems that she is Also planned in the near future is a meeting at Hazel busy teaching school in Conshohocken, while her husband puts the finishing touches on his low studies. Frances is Craig's at the School for the Deaf, and a Teo at Ado Meyer's which wil l include a display of antiques. Both a busy girl who, besides teaching and homemaking, finds meetings promise to be quite interesting. All for now. t ime to coach a junior varsity basketball team and participate in numerous other activities. Isabel Scott AnderLove in A'£A, son and her husband John ore the proud parents of a Margery Beck little girl , Christina, born on December nineteenth . What RICHMOND, VIRGINIA a wonderful Christmas present ! Dear A'£As: Our lost meeting , held on January fifteenth, proved to The Richmond Alumnae Chapter opened the new year be one of the most interesting and informative we hove eve r hod . Mr. James Ronson, special agent of the FBI , with installation of new officers. Plans were discussed to hove the Charlottesville Alumnae Chapter as guests at spoke to us on the nature of the work of the FBI. Glad a joint \lolentine party to be held at the Franklin Terrace to see so many of our more recent Alums from Drexel Teo Room on February 15. present at this meeting . Love in A'£A, Barbaro Friend, chairman of Virginia State Day, has begun planning for State Day which will be held at Eugenio Griffith Longwood College at Farmville . PHOEN IX, ARIZONA The social calendar for the year was presented and many interesting events ore planned for the year. Dear Alpha Sigs : Love in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Well, here we ore in another new year and if this is as good to us as the lost we will all be very happy. To Katherine Mathews help us welcome in the new year we were pleased to odd SOUTH BEND, INDIANA a new alum- Mrs. Hershel Thomas who was Claro Mudra, on Alpha Beta . We hope she will like Phoenix as Dear Alpha Sigs : much as we do--and I'm certain if she looks at the Our November meeting was held at the home of Mil temperature bock in Missouri and then feels our worm dred Worner Zoss . There was so much business to be sunshine here she will. Another very welcome visitor to token core of. Our money making project for the year the Volley of the Sun is Jeanne Whitney of Beta Beta . was discussed and plans mode for our chosen needy She is continuing her studies at Arizona State College at family's Christmas. Mildred Boss Bender come from Tempe and from all reports she loves both the climate Centerville, Michigan, to be with us for the meeting and



MARCH, 1951 over dessert and coffee we were happy to hear news af her two little girls. Our Christmas party was held in the lounge of our Y.W.C.A. residence. Betty Mathews was our hostess and as always our Christmas party was one af the nicest of the year. All who attended brought good used clothing, gifts and food for our chosen needy family . This year's chosen family consists of a widowed mother and five children whose ages range from 15 months to 15 years. Mildred Warner Zoss is our Philanthropic Chairman this year and her class at Jefferson School contributed their Chri stmas tree for the family's Christmas. Betty Mathews helped Mildred deliver the clothing a week before Christmas and on the evening of December 23 the tree, gifts and the food were taken. Our February meeting, a Valentine Tea, is to be held February 1 0, in Naomi Pehrson's apartment. We had hoped to have Mrs . William Kingdon State President and Mrs . B. F. Leib, National Editor,' with us for thi~ meeting but we regret that illness will prevent them from attending. "V. M ." Pearce Roberts

hop is from New York to Chicago. Jo Ann Keener and Marge McCool are flashing sparklers on the left hand . The bell will ring for Marge and Fran Denham on March 30, while JoAnn is busy planning for August 11th . Irene Milewski, one of our new gals, is employed as a home economist for United Fru it Company in Philadelphiashe's our " Chichita." Our meeting ended by turning social in February and gave our menfolks a chance to enjoy some Alpha Sig chatter and refreshments. It's good to see our Southern New Jersey Chapter grow at each meeting . We are planning to entertain the June graduates of Kappa Kappa and Nu Nu chapters who live in southern New Jersey, someti me in the spring. Our list of alumnae living in this area has been revised and personal notes are sent to each Alpha notifying her about each meeting . By next year we hope to triple our original membership so that we may grow as our other alum chapters become greater. 'Til the next newsletter rolls around-we ' ll say goodbye for now. Elaine Schneider



The Tucson chapter met December seventh for o chili supper at Mary Kindergan's. Husbands and families came along and we charged them for dinner. A rather painless method of money making, and we plan to do it again. ) Joe Kindergan made the chili , and what a cook is he ! Our November get-together was a patio supper in Jo and Bi II Ambacher's wonderful patio. Jo, Bi II and their son, Terry, created this charming spot with the labor of their hands and the sweat of their brows. The fireplace , barbecue area and walk are of bric k; the wall enclosing the patio is made of redwood; the terrace adjoining the house is flagstone ; of course there is green grass and flowers . We watched a colorful Arizona sunset while Bill grilled the hamburgers. It was at this meeting that new officers were elected : Jo Ambacher, president; Mary Kindergan, . secreta ry and treasurer; Margaret Sparks, Phoenix correspondent; Kate Young, project chairman . Last year our project was for the county hospital for crippled children. From scraps of materials donated by the group we made fifteen stuffed toys for the children. This year we are making small toys for the children at the Tucson MRS . EDNA HUTCHINSON , President Cerebral Palsy Foundation . Now o bit of news about Tucson. Alpha Sigma Alphas . Dear Alpha Sigs : Our first year as an Alpha Sig Alumnae Chapter has Kate Young, who is Chairman of the Tucson Classroom passed a s we celebrated our birthday at the February• · Teachers, attended the National Educa't ion Association meeting in Saint Louis last summer . Thi s foil she worked meeting. We keep growing each meeting . Our faithful five have increased to double our membership since last many hours in a campaign to pass a constitutional year. Jo Ann' Keener and Elaine Schneider joined us last amendment pertaining to public schools in Arizona . October; Dottie Jones was our newcomer in November, Lyda Wade is very active in many community activities, and we started the new year with ten members attending especially Girl Scouts and Y.W.C.A. The Ambachers had ·our January meeting , including Irene Milewsk i and Marge time for a vacation in the east last summer besides all the McCool as our newest additions. Our new members are planting and bricklaying they did in their patio. Every all Nu Nus who graduated from Drexe l within the past Friday night now you can find them at the Y.W.C.A. learning to polka, sc hotti sche and square dance. The two years . Jean Reimet, one of our organizers, gave our treasury former Helen Wells, now Mrs. Eugene Petrakis, is li ving in Tucson and we welcome her to our group . Her husband a boost by donating the proceeds of her Christmas card is studying law at the University of Arizona and Helen sales. It has been fun having a white elephant at each is teaching in the city school system. meeting to build up our finances . Eleanor Testa was the Mary and Joe Kindergan have just returned from a winner of the black rose donated as the white elephant by our gracious hostE!ss Shirley Thompson at the January six weeks holiday in Kansas City where they visited Mary's sister, Virginia Callison. Mary is a member of the meeting . · Jo Ann Keener was our hostess at the February meet- Tucson Woman's CI~Jb Chorus. As for me, well I keep ing. Another one of our Alphas is flying high . Pat Floyd busy too. In September George added to his teaching duties the job of head resident in a university men's ~s now a stewardess for American Airlines. Her local


34 dormitory. Life with seventy football players is certainly interesting. I am an active member of Tucson Branch of A.A. U. W . and do many hours of volunteer work at the Planned Parenthood Clinic . Morgart A. Sparks



Dear Alpha Sigs: In October we met at Mrs. Paul (Beverly) Knoeppel' s home in Glen Oaks Drive . Back of her home is the most wonderful spot for a wiener roast, with a large rock outdoor fireplace , a ru stic table and benches. The table was full of all the wonderful food that goes with wieners cooked on sticks and about twenty of us had a most wonderful time . Mrs. E. L. (Ann ) Mariani, one of our new girl s, assisted Beverly with the party. The girls introduced a new money making idea at thi s meeting .


One girl brings a gift; we each pay a dime for a number and then the lucky number is drawn . The winner brings a gift to the next meeting. We celebrated Founders' Day November 14th in the lovely home of Mrs. E. A. (Edith) Johnston in Eastborough with Mime Jennings assisting. A lovely consecration service was read by Mrs. Charles H. (Nelle) Bergerhouse and Mrs. John (Clarice) Beamer at a candle-lighted table . Refreshments were served at beautifully decorated tables in the Thanksgiving theme. The ices were in the form of little turkeys and served with decorated cakes . Our Christmas party was an old-fashioned box s upper held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claire W . Alexander, with our husbands as guests. The beautifully decorated fireplace and gaily lighted tree gave the party a true Christmas air. The packages piled under the tree were all for Mrs. Dan (Irene) Wilhelm, our invalid friend, and were delivered to her on Christmas eve. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Charles H. (Nelle) Bergerhouse and Mrs. Derwood (Dorothy) Bethel. Following the box supper a social hour was enjoyed by both husbands and wives. We started the New Year off by meeting with Mrs. Ma x (Eleanor) Smith, with Sue Thornberg assi sting her. During the business meeting a new constitution was approved and plans were made for our Valentine tea. Love ly refreshments were served, and then the evening was de voted to bridge . Gladis Sitton, EE (Mrs. W. W . Carr) who was an Alpha Sig at Emporia State College, Emporia, Kan sas, and now a member of Wichita, Kansas , alumnae, has made five hundred doll garments, all sizes, and given them to the Crippled Children's Ward ot Wichita Hospital . She has dressed sixteen small dolls for Child 's Guidance Center bazaar; also a number of dolls for her church circle project. One of our girls, Mrs. G. E. (Margaret) Perdue, has moved to Norton, Kansas; address, General Deli very. We have a new member, Mrs. Cassidy Riggs (Dorothy Shartl. Love in A'X.A, Ollie Mae Alexander



Bessie George Smith Whitcraft (Mrs. Wende ll ......... St. Louis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hattiesburg Rosemary Northam Johnson (Mrs. Edwin ) . ......... . . Chicago .. .. .. . ...... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Muncie Grace Williams Leedy (Mrs. James) ...... . . . . . . . . . . . Wilmington

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Baltimore Marjorie Mason Twing (Mrs. Alvin ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Wilmington ... . ....... . ....... . . . ....... Buffalo Dorothy Weer Mor row (Mrs. Ralph ) ......... .. .. . ... Columbus ... .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Indianapolis

Alma Sheely Schantz (Mrs. Joseph) .... . ....... . .... Buffalo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Philadelphia

Mar y Clar k Rupp (Mrs. James) ... . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. Hays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T opeka Dorothy Gathman Dudley (Mrs. C. A.l .... . . . . . . . . . . . Wichita . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . ...... .... . . Ann Harrison ... . ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....... Wichita . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . ........ ...... . Martha Steiner Young (Mrs . Don) . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .... Canton . ......... . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . .. Akron Nadine Teter Bertini (Mrs. Euclid) ....... . .....•.... Detroit SPX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cartland

MARCH, 1951


NEWS LETTERSCollege Chapters

ALPHA longwood College,



Dear Alpha Sigs : Right now we're trying to ward off that well known, depressing "let-down-itis" that seems to appear after mid-terms . But it's not maintaining a very firm hold on us because we're too excited and enthusiastic over ou r .new "prospects"! Hope "you-all" ore doing as well a s "we-all" ore, but we'll . let you know the outcome soon! We just got a brand new "ultra-moderne" radiophonograph combination-sleek, shiny and snoz-z-z-zy! Intermission parties for several dances coming soon ore being planned-a cabin party too, and of course, rush teas ore being given a lot of attention! Now we ore still discovering more celebrities among us! Romine Mahood is maid-of-honor to the May Queen . Fran Minter and Ann Kemp, our president, ore the senior class on the court too! Academically speaking, we hove a great many "Dean's Listers" too! Well , this is all just on introduction to the activities for the 路rest of the school year but we'll be overflowing with " newsy bits" the next tim ed Good luck to you all! And love in A"2.A, Roberto Browning

ALPHA ALPHA Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Dear Alpha Sigs : Hi , everybody! We want to thank all of our sisters for thinking of us during installation week-end, December 9th and 1Oth. Telegrams come in from A"2.As until we thought we would just move down to the telegraph office, 路and make it easier on the~. It .was wonderful hearing from all of you! After that week-end of installation activities, we thought we would hove time to catch our breath, but since then we've been just as busy as before. Anne Petree, our p'resident, called our first chapter meeting together on December 13th with her brand new gavel from Notional Council. All twenty-two of us were proudly wearing our new active and pledge pins, and a happy A"2.A smile. We got down to the business of on active sorority, and mode all sorts of rules, regulations, and plans for the future. We organized a bowling team to ploy in the winter inter-sorority tournament-we may not be professional s, but we try ! We finally found a home for next year-right now we're using the Ponhellenic office for active meetings, and a classroom for pledge meetings. Since Miami sororities hove no houses, and there aren't enough suites in Hamilton and South Halls for all of the sixteen sororities, the university is converting six of them into suites for the homeless ones. We've received gifts of money from .alumnae chapters, and ashtrays and trays from a few

sororities on campus to help furnish the new suite. It looks as if we'll be very busy next fall getting the suite decorated-we con hardly wait. December 20th we hod a "grab bog" party before Christmas vocation, with each girls bringing a small gift for the "bog ." Santo Claus was pretty nice to everybody -especially Secretory Mori lyn Liston . He brought her a beautiful engagement ri ng ! Since Christmas we've been busy making plans for second semester rushing, and initiation services for those going active this semester. There hove been several big and little sister coke dotes, on.d one .suppe r so for . We now hove a semester full of new activities ahead of us. Ponhellenic is organizing a chorus, so we ore planning to contribute some of our soprano and alto voices. The annual ODK Carnival is coming up soon, and we're thinking hard for ideas for the A"2.A booth . Our Junior Prom queen candidate is cute and dark Moril y Sherrick. Let's hope we hove on Alpha Sig queen! February 13th we plan to hove a rush party, the theme being none other than St. Volentine's Day. February 14th is the day for the active-pledge party, and sometime soon is the initiation ceremony. We're keeping the pledges in the dotk, so we ' ll tell you more about it next time . Our group of twenty-two has decreased to nineteenthree charter members ore no longer with us. Secretory Marilyn Liston, Marianne Guy, and Joyce Parish hove all transferred. Joyce is entering nurse's training. We hope to enlarge the group durin.g rushing, but we ' ll really miss those three. Don't forget to read all about our installation in this issue! Love in A"2.A, Mary Jane Hughey

ALPHA GAMMA State Teachers College, Indiana, Pennsylvania Dear Alpha Sigs: Looking at the calendar we ore aware that Easter is approaching. Alpha Sigs con better understand and appreciate the resurrection because of our story of that remarkable bird, the Phoenix. For us Easter has a double meaning. The friends of ou r sponsor, Miss Ethel Belden , will be sorry to learn that she recently underwent on eye operation. We ore all hoping to hove her bock with us soon. Each year the various organizations on the campus present humorous skits in competition for two gold cups -one for the women's division and one for the men's. The program is called "It's Laughter We ' re After" and ~as presented the nights of January 31 and February 1. This year our theme was "Louisiana Hayride ." A chorus of Alpha Sigs dressed as pickoninnies song and danced to "Amen" in front of a Iorge hoy wagon. After the wagon driver and the mule arrived, port of the merrymakers climbed upon the wagon and song "Louisiana Ha yr ide" wh ile Jackie Gornic and a chorus danced. We were all very proud to learn that our skit hod token second place. The yearly Ponhellenic donee will be held in Woll er


36 Gymnasium an March 10. We have charge of the decorations. Since our pre-donee dinner ot the Country Club last year was such a big success we are planning another one for this year. It will be attended by Alpha Sigs, their dates, patronesses, sponsors, alumnae and some of the faculty. In addition to the twa sorority representatives now sent to the Panhellenic Council there will be an alumnae adviser representing all the sororities. She will serve for twa years. Since we were the first sorority on the campus we will send the first adviser. She is Mrs. Ralph Heiges af Indiana, Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, February 13, we will initiate three new sisters. After the initiat ion there will be a Valentine party at the Activities Cottage. We have received so many grateful notes from the ex-I.S.T.C. men, who are now in the armed forces, to whom we sent Christmas cords that we are planning to send them a newsletter informing them of the latest campus news. We hove entered two teams in the college intramural basketball program. They are Alphie's Kids and the A lpha Sigs. Each has played twice and both have a very promising future . Happy Easter, Jan Schne ll

BETA BETA Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado

Dear Alpha Sigs : A wonderful surprise awaited our members when we came back from winter vacation. T he front room of the sorority house was freshly papered and redecorated. Weren't we pleased! What a busy and successfu l fal l quarter we had; first of all lovely Margaret Kuichoff was crow ned Homecom ing Queen of C.S.C.E. There never was a more grac ious queen than our Maggie. Then our president, Louise Shoine, and several other of our girls attended the Denver City Panhellenic Luncheon in Denver where Lou received the scholarship cup for our sorority. This should help prove that our girls have brains as well as beauty. Bea Fry, who is our Associated Women Student president, was given special recognition by .being listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. The rest of the quarter seemed to fly by with the annual alum tea, and our A'J:.A sponsored dance. We had a round of musical choirs and dance contests for everyone. It was very successful and we had a lot of fun giving it. A hayride, o tea for other Greek letter organizations, a tea for prospective rushees, and a Christmas party, at which the gifts were toys to be distributed to needy children, completed our quarter's activities. And now we have started Winter Quarter with a bong by getting 13 wonderful new pledges. Joan Francone and Jodie Morgan are sure that it was their "East Side West Side" tap dance at the Hobo Jamboree our firs; party, that won the rushee's hearts. Our next 'party wos An Evening in Paris, a dress up party. The chief attraction was a style show which featured everything from a long flannel nightie to a wedding gown . Becky Sobin's singing was a high point in our entertainment. Incidentally Becky won't be with us this Spring ; she has had an offer to sing with the Central City Opera Association in their spring production.

Our dinner dance this year will be March 2nd . We have obtained the Aviation Club in Denver for the gala affair. Our pledges are in charge of our college dance for the quarter which they have dubbed the Wrestler's Romp. No telling what could develop ot an affair with that title. Forensic Follies are coming soon, and since we have placed first and second two consecutive years we're trying hard to plan something wonderful. The theme we've chosen will evolve around an Uncle Remus Story. We ore also planning a rummage sale for February as our money making project for this quarter. Love in


Anne Grant

GAMMA GAMMA Northweste rn State College, Alva, Okl ahoma

Dear Alphas: Back again with another semester behind us. It was a most enjoyable semester but I'm sure we are all glad to start anew. The month of December found us in a gay mood ; to start things off we entertained our Alumnae at a Chri stmas party in our sorority room. A lovely tree with all the "trimm ings" and colored rope and icicles were our decorations. The following week we sponsored a Christmas dance for our best beaux. The cente1 of the room proved to be the most popular spot. (The prominent ly di splayed mistletoe seemed to be the attraction .) Afte r the holidays everyone quieted down and exam week passed without d rastic incident. T h~ campus will be a gathering place for hundreds of high school basketbal l players and band members for the next few days and we have made it a special project to welcome these students and to make them feel that this wo uld be a wonderful place to come to school. Yours in A'J:.A, Maxie Hager

EPSILON EPSILON Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas

Dear Alpha Sigs: Epsilon Epsilon chapter is caught in a whirl of social activities this week-end . February ninth is the Intersorority Formal. Some of us ore also planning to go to Warrensburg Saturday to visit the Zeta Zetas. It will be grand to meet everybody. We are proud of Doris Wells and Dene Ballentine who are listed in Who's Who this year. Here's a sample of our social calendar. On November eighteenth our pledges gave a Policeman's Ball. They carried out the theme with big drawings of various actives behind bars. The next afternoon we went to the Alpha Sigma Tau house for a bridge party. It was nice to get better acquainted with another sorority on the campus. Then on December eighth we danced again at our annual " Snowball" formal. There was a huge snowman and his wife in the middle af the floor to add to the wintry effect. Our mothers were invited to our Christ mas party. Dene Ballentine played Santo and passed out the gifts and many laughs . We won't know what to do far a Santa when our witty Dene graduates. We used " Gypsy Caravan" as our rush week theme. When it was over we had added three new gypsies wham we think are tops. Love in Al: , ~

Betty Jo Leonard

MARCH, 1951


ZETA ZETA Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg, Missouri

Dear Alpha Sigs: Since the last time we corresponded, our group has acquired twelve new pledges. They are a fine group of girls and we are very proud of them . They are going active February 13, 1951. There is going to be o reverse pledge day and each pledge is certainly looking forward to it. Poor actives! We have been in a whirl for the past few weeks. We have been planning and decorating for our Formal Dance, February 10. It is going to be a regional dance with three Missouri chapters and two Kansas chapters represented. The theme of the dance in going to be our Golden Anniversary. We are holding a workship in the afternoon with Mrs. Sharp in charge. 'Mrs. Sharp is also staying for our dance and will cut the cake . Campaigning for Popular Girl elect ion has also been a lot of work. We chose Jan Austin for our candidate. All of us here have been busy campaigning and hoping for the best results. One of our pledges, Ensley (Sugar) Smith, wrote the words to two new songs and both of them were used in ou r campaign. We have also been working on our Philanthropic project for this year. Through the welfare association, we have been assigned a needy Negro family in the Warrensburg community. Loads of clothes have been taken to them already and the family certainly appreciated them . We hope this year has been as happy for all of you as it has been for us. Love in A~A, Nancy Sue Elder

ETA ETA Kansas 路State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas 1'--Dear Sisters in A~A: Though we are just settling into our second semester routine, we want to give you an insight into what we've been doing the past semester. Virginia Sullivan was elected "Miss Pittsburg" to represent our city in the American Royal festivities held in Kansas City last Fall . We observed our annual Courtesy Week in January. Mary Loui se Canny was chairman of this committee . During the week the pledges held a reception for all faculty members, who were enthusiastic about it and continually complimented us on it. The next day the pledges held a "coke-tail" party at the house for all pledges of the other sororities. The actives were not present but were told it was a great success. Dean of Wome.n Helen K. Schuyler talked to our group on etiquette.' Another evening, Miss Betty Bennett, librarian, spoke on personality. Both were very interesting and entertaining speakers and I know we all learned many things of value from them. The week was climaxed with a dinner held in the cafeteria annex for all actives and pledges. Gifts were presented to Marty Marsh and Janet Walker for being outstanding pledges during the week. The part of Courtesy Week that the actives liked most was the fact that the pledges had to carry candy, gum, and cigarettes to satisfy actives' "whims." They also "voluntarily" offered to carry our books across the campus. We are very proud of our pledges and are happy to have them as our new active members. Janice Rice is our candidate for the Kanza Queen this year. We know she'll "go places" in the contest, and uphold the Alpha's reputation.

On February 6, we held our formal initiation service in the social rooms at the college. After the initiation we were invited to the home of Mrs. Clay De Ford. Mrs. Ernest Mahon and Mrs. De Ford served a delicious buffet supper, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I must get back to my lessons, so good-bye for now_ Marianne Smardo

KAPPA KAPPA Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hi Alpha Sigs! Greetings to all of you from the Kappa Kappas at Temple . We've just weathered the storm of finals and are all ready to take up our social life again. Incidentally, we're very proud to report that the yearbook, thanks to Alpha Sig Norma De Goeteno, the Executive Editor of the Templer, is going to feature our annual Christmas Donee. We worked especially hard on the decorations and refreshments and everyone agreed that it was a great success. We particularly enjoyed exchanging Christmas stockings and writing limericks to go with the "presents" we gave each male guest. Christmas brought its usual flurry of engagement announcements by Betty Archer, Bea Capuzzi , Barbie Cook, "Andy" Evans, and president Mid Holz. Dottie Carter, Alice Cavannagh, Mary Fetter, Lois McCartney, and Loi s Oliver distinguished the Kappa Kappa s by making the list of outstanding seniors. Now that finals are over we're looking forward to a new and brighter list of activities. We're planning a pajama party February 1 2 and another Valentine Dance on February 1 7 . Of course, we plan to have o bigger and better rush season than ever before. I guess that's about oil the news from KK. We're looking forward to hearing. from all the other chapters. Love in' A~A, Barbie Cook

NU NU Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hi Alphas : We of Nu Nu chapter have been very busy, with rushing season in full swing . Our first party had a pirate theme and was a great success. Yo! ho! ho! It was complete with skulls, cross-bones and an old sea chest which contained copies of our semi-annual chapter paper, the Alpha Nus. Our second rush party found us an a showboat. All the actives were in evening dresses; Southern belles you know . We had dinner followed by a trip down the river on the showboat. The Temple Kappa Kappas asked us to a tea and we're looking forward to see ing all our sisters again. Love in A~A, Betty Grouch

PI PI New York State College for Teachers, Buffalo, New York

Dear Alpha Sig Si sters : Pi Pi Chapter is especially enthusiastic this se meste r. The main reason for thi s is our absol utely terrific new members, now fully initiat~d into Alpha Sig . Our rush party, with its "Show Boat" theme, was very successful, and the Formal Tea was equally so. We found this rushing season loads of fun. After initiation ceremonies on January 28th, a banquet was held with the


38 main interest centered upon a delicious turkey dinner. Buffalo Chapter really started out the new year right, don't you agree? Excitement is at a high pitch now with the prospect of our Sweetheart Donee to be held February 17th. Traditionally, we will choose our Sweetheart couple and serenode them with the beautiful Sweetheart Song . Joan Mullenhoff and Mary Alice Stork ore co-chairmen of the donee. Assisting them ore Joanne Dow ling and Finko Bridgeford, who ore managing publicity. The other committees include: Arrangements, Dionne Librenz and Ruth Buell; selection of Sweetheart couple, Mary Lou Murty and Mary Harrington; Decorations, Joan Oinley and Anita Howard; Flowers, Joy Fay and Joan Kinzly; Entertainment, Shirley Bell and Rosemary Murtha; and Tickets, Joan Mullenhoff and Mary Alice Stork. From all reports by these Committee heads, plans ore progressing smoothly and everyone feels that the donee will be quite on extravaganza- and a good time will be hod by all . With forty six active Alpha Sigs on campus now, we intend to hove a wonderful year. Each one of us is trying her best to participate actively in all of the super plans and activities of Pi Pi Chapter. Love in A"J:.A, Ginny Burke

SIGMA SIGMA Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado

Dear Alpha Sigs: Two more weeks and Winter Quater will be over. We feel proud of ourselves this quarter. February 3 was the Co-ed Prom and " Tessie," our president, was el~cted Miss Leadership. Anne . Flick hit the jackpot-she walked away with both Miss Western State and Miss Scholarship. The Alpha Sigs hove charge of the banquet for the Ski Carnival, so at our lost meeting we busily mode skiers out of pipe cleaners. The Alums come up to help us. We enjoyed having them very much. Tessie is leaving us next week to go with the debate team . Two of our pledges, Salty Price and Jean Ecklund , hove the leading ports in two different plo ys. Salty leads in " Brigodoon" and Jean in "Young Buffalo Bill." Barbaro Bell and Rosie Woods also ore participating. Dorothy Fowler directed "Young Buffalo Bill" and did on outstanding job with it. Nice going, girls . More news next time . Love in A'J:.A, RosaBelle Lorig


second place in the sorority section of vollyboll in December. We do toke time out for study now and then as five of our members mode the Dean's Honor Roll for the first semester. Other chapter honors were won by Patsy Earl and Shirley North who ore candidates for Reveille Yearbook Queen. Patsy Earl also is pledging Kappa Pi, Notional Honorary Art Fraternity. Cupid has been busy, too, with Alice Worley marrying John Jones in January and Ruby Snavely wearing a new diamond . That's all for this time. We'll be eagerly reading about all of you in the March Phoenix. Love in A'J:.A, Ruby Snavely, Acting Editor

PHI PHI Northwest Missouri State College, Maryville, Missouri

It hardly seems possible that the time has rolled around again for the beginning of the Spring qaorter. When you ore busy, time seems to fly; and busy is just what all your A'i:.A sisters hove been, here at Phi Phi Chapter. To begin with, we were all very thrilled to receive the 1950 Homecoming Supremacy Trophy, which is awarded annually to the organization which has contributed most to the homecoming success. This is the first year the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority has been able to secure the coveted trophy, and we were all very proud. It was through the combined, inspired effort of all Phi Phi members that we were able to win this honor. We joined forces with our brother fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma , when we held our annual pledge donee in the Maryville Country Club on November 4th. The accent was definitely on the Wild and Woolly West as all "cowpokes" were fittingly attired in work jeans and goy colored plaid shirts-"Podner, we hod fun ." Anyone who happened to be in or around Jimmy Vonn's Cafe in Maryville on December 6th near the wee hour of 6:30 a . m., would hove been surprised to see a disheveled group of pajama-clod A"J:.A actives enter, to be feted at a surprise "Come as Yol.l Are" breakfast given by our pledge class. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the outing, and all were wide awoke when the breakfast and song fest was over. On the more serious side of our activity has been the very worthy practice of Alpha Accent Time, which all here agree is very beneficial and should become a port of Alpha Sigma Alpha life. Our first session was held Wednesday, December 8th, when Jean Short led the discussion, "Toke Time To Think; It is the Source of Power." We ore planning and looking forward to the approaching Sweetheart Donee dote, so 'til next issueLove in A"J:.A, Katie Espey

Fort Hays Kansas State Teachers College, Hays, Kansas


Dear A~ s : 路Con school possibly be half over? Time flies by so fast and we 've all been so busy, but our efforts hove certainly been worthwhile. With only seven members returning this year we hod a wonderful rush week and pledged twelve new girls. They're all fine Alphas already and we're planning on making them real members of A~ soon . Our first social affair was a huge success and attended by every member. We held our annual Mistletoe DinnerDonee at the Lamer Hotel. It lived up to all our expectations with Maxwell's Dixie-Land Bond furni shing our mus ic. Right now basketball intromurols ore underway and we ' re hoping to hove a winning team. We took

Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana

Dear Alpha Sigs : Many interesting events hove token place since Chi Chi chapter's lost letter to the Phoenix. After rush was over we settled down with our wonderful pledge class for good times and closer friendships. In order to raise money for the events we ore planning in the Spring we sold Christmas wrappings to all our friends . We hope to make this on annual practice as it always helps our treasury and our morale . One of the biggest thrills that come to Chi Chi chapter this year was the trip to Miami University and the opportunity to toke port in the reinstatement of the Alpha

MARCH, 1951 Alpha chapter in Oxford, Ohio. Several girls journeyed to Miami as the installing team . The services and rededication of loyalties to our wonderful Alpha Sig family was truly inspiring. It would be hard to describe our feelings as we helped the Alpha Alphas to come back home. Actives and pledges have been giving some of their time to the Veterans at the Marion Veterans Hospital in Marion, Indiana. Groups of the girls have been going to the hospital to entertain the patients there with songs, conversation, and friendliness . Before all the usual Wi11ter snow came, the Ball State campus had to be cleared of leaves, so we Chi Chis joined in the annual leaf rake and had a gay time raking the leaves and joining in the merrymaking . Alpha Sig talent was displayed December 20 when actives Marilyn McClaren and Peg Kernodle entered a Variety Show given by a fraternity here on campus. The act consisted of an original dance complete with tux and formal. Max ine Randell sang "Jelousie" accompanied by Barbara Brandt while the dancers performed. Our annual Thanksgiving Basket was purchased by our chapter for a needy Muncie family. Each year we find joy in proving again that it is more fun to give than to receive . As another money making project each active was assigned the task of earning two dollars in some way over the Thanksgiving vacation . A party was held and we wish you could have heard some of the hilarious methods by which some of the money was earned. Try it sometime ... it really provides an evening's entertainment! We are looking forward to the series of "Alpha Accent Time" discussions . It is always lots of fun and always proves invaluable to have a good old fashioned gabfest to air and share views. The topics are very interesting, and the. panels should be some of the highlights of the year. Preparations are being rf.Jade to begin practice for the annal Inter-sorority-fraternity Sing here on Ball State campus. Songs best suited for the event are being selected and it is hoped that the Alpha Sigs will come through the winners. Our formal dance is to be held April 21 . A theme has not yet been selected , but judging from other years, it is going to be another event to add to our college . memory book. Hooray! The Alpha Sigs have come through again! For the third straight year Chi Chis have played hard and won for keeps the coveted Inter-sorority volleyball trophy. Nothing but the best sportsmanship was shown, and the enthusiasm of the pledges, actives, and team is to be commended . We hope to have a picture of the winning team soon to show to you . Our pledges have planned a party for the actives. The theme is Alpha Sig Chain and Guard. We actives are anxious to know just what is in store for us. Future plans for a card party, rummage sale, and other interesting activities are being laid so Chi Chi chapter knows that days to come will be just as busy and full of Alpha Sig activities as the past few months have been. Love in A"2.A, Betty J. Sill

PSI" PSI Northwestern State College, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Dear Alpha Sigs: After our Christmas and New Year holidays, semester holidays, and days of playing in the snow (something unusual for us southerners) we have finally settled down to a new semester-full of big hopes and plans.

39 Things were gay in the A"2.A house around Christmas. time when the pledges honored the members with a party. They presented an original Christmas pageant depicting various scenes complete with costumes and spotlights . After the entertainment we all gathered around our glittering blue and silver Christmas tree and sang carols while Santa presented gifts. All the member.s, too, gave gifts to the house-things that would add to the beauty and comfort of our A"2.A home . As a philanthropic project, we bought food, clothing, and toys for a needy family in town . Another honor for another Alpha Sig! At the college Christmas dance, the Potpourri Ball , Dollie Smith was. presented as "Miss Potpourri ." In her court was another A"2.A, Peggy Sandifer. We were very thrilled and even though we are prejudiced we know these girls really deserved the honor! Our annual hayride proved to be more fun than we had even hoped. We all loaded into a moving van filled with hay and rode to a camp miles from town. We played. games, took pictures, and harmonized around a camp fire. The best part, some say, was eating, but others think if was the cozy ride home in that big ole' truck. The best thing that has happened to us this semester is getting a permanent sponsor. Rosemary Easley, wife of one of the professors here and an Alpha Sig alum, has always had an active part in all our sorority functions and those of the alumnae chapter. She is a pretty mother ofthree young daughters and we are very happy to welcome her as our new sponsor. Happy Easter to you all! Love in A}:.A, Marilyn Barnett

BETA GAMMA Northeastern State College, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Dear Alpha Sigs: Beta <Sammas have been wearing extraordinarily large smiles the past few weeks .because we made the highest scholastic rating on the campus. Thi s is not only the highest rating for this semester, but the highest rating ever· to. be made by a sorority in the history of this college . We can attribute this fact to people like Joan Bass and Ida Keefer who made straight As . It appears as though Dan Cupid has been busy. Joan Keefer came back Christmas with a diamond. Willa Dean Place changed her name to Mrs. C. E. Campbell , January· 26, in Coweta, Oklahoma. Not allowing Willa Dean to· get ahead of her, Marie Laster was united in marriage with Wayne Ballew, Saturday, February 3. Alphas and their brother fraternity Phi Lambda Chi are joining forces for a "Cinderella and Prince. Charming Ball" February 24 . A pumpkin coach and glass s lipper punch bowl will carry out the theme of the dance. Jo Vancil, Sara Brandon, Glenda Hand and Martha Poynor are candidates for yearbook queen . · Beta Gamma wishes every Alpha everywhere loads ofluck and heaps of happiness. Love in A"2. A, Martha Poynor

BETA DELTA Mississippi Southern College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Dear A}:.As : Our fraternity and sorority dances have begun on. campus. Our dance is to be held the 19th of May, and we are busy making plans for it. Fall quarter and Winter quarter the Alpha Sigs had the highest scholastic average of a II the sororit ies on the·


40 campus. If we can hold this average another quarter, and we hope that we can, we will win an award which the school offers to the group which has the highest average three consecutive quarters. Our president, Mary Tom Williams has been named in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." This is quite an honor on our campus, and we are all proud of her. Aimee Tindall , our editor, has been appointed society editor on the "Student Printz," our newspaper. We initiated one new member during this last quarter and pledged five new girls. We honored these new pledges with a breakfast uptown on Sunday morning and all of us went to church . We also welcomed a new sponsor into our group, Mrs. Lloyd Milam . We know already that she is going to mean much to us, and we hope that we can make her efforts worthwhile. The annual Panhellenic Workshop was held on our campus recently. Mary Tom, our president, lead a group discussion and everyone enjoyed the whole w.eek-end. February 12-26 marks the two weeks when we are spo nsor ing the drive for the American Heart Association on the campus. We hope, with all of the stude'nts cooperati ng , to make the drive even a greater success than the one last year. It surely is for a worthy cause. That's about all there is for now; we are waiting to hear from you. Love in Alpha Sig, Aimee Tindall

BETA EPSILON Madi son College, Harrisonburg, Virgin ia

Dear Alpha Sigma Sisters: Busy with first semester exams and major elections, BEs still found time for fun and work in their beloved A'ÂŁA. On January 15, initiation was held and seventeen pledges became active members, making them true sisters at last. Then Carter House dressed up in its green and white bridal attire for the trousseau shower given in honor of Patsy Black who was married on February 3, to Pfc. William Spilman, United States Marine Corps. Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary society in education, tapped members on our campus during an assembly, and the following Beta Epsilons received bids: Mancha Holland, Marilyn Miller, Dorothy Wainwright, and Hiwane Cupp. Another honor to come to Alpha Sigma Alpha was having three members chosen for Who's Who-Bess Bryant, Gill Temple, and Dorothy Wainwright. We were indeed sorry to have Wendy Mulder return to her home in London, England, but were very pleased to learn that she has accepted the position as assistant illustrator at Guy's Hospital. Until next month , love to all sisters in A'2:.A. Hiwana Cupp

BETA ZETA Southwestern Louisia na Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana

Dear Alpha Sigs : " Hello and greetings to everyone" again from the Beta Zetas. Here we are beginning a new semester and expect it to be a very busy one . The BZs ended ' 50 with a Christmas party given by the pledges at the Alumni Hall. We had skits showing different personalities of the pledges and the typical rushee. Everyone hod such fun ! We were represented in the Delta Sigma Pi 's annual boll by Gladys Holmes who was one of the maids. On January 12, we held our annual March of Dimes

Drive on the campus. On that day, Alpha Sigs were posted in strogetic positions throughout the campus soliciting dimes. S. L.l. ' s annual sorority Stunt Night, to be held on March 7, is our next big activity and we ore all hard at work trying to make this our biggest and best stunt ever. We have won far the most beautiful stunt for the post five years, and if we win this year we get permanent possessio n of the beautiful circulating trophy that was given for the first time twa years ago. So keep your fingers crossed-we've got to win! Love in A~A, Audrey Marceaux

BETA ETA State Teach e rs Colleg e, Dickinson, North Dakota

Dear Sisters: February has rolled around at last. It has brought to us, here in North Dakota, plenty of snow, new members and the promise of a Valentine Formal Dance . First of all, I shall tell you about our pledging of new members . On Monday, February 5, we pledged eleven new members to our dear sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha . I always feel that it is such a wonderful occasion when we receive new s isters. After the ceremony, our adviser, Miss Woods, and our registrar, Darly; Christianson, served a delicious lunch at which time we also had a socia l hour. Oh! I must tell you about the Valentine Formal we are sponsoring on February 17. We have chosen the Blue Flames Orchestra to play for the dancing . The ball room will be decorated in Valentine fashion . The stage for the orchestra will be the most beautiful feature of the decoration because the orchestra will be seen through a big heart. T here wi ll also be a musical floor show. All of the college students are invited to attend our annual Alpha Sigma Alpha dance . That's about all that has happened in our chapter here at DSTC so I will close with a friendly greeting to all our sisters in Alpha Sigma Alpha,. wherever you are . Love in \~A, Arllys Freude

BETA THETA Central Michigan College of Education, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Dear Alpha Sigs: Here we are-right in the middle of spring rushing . Our first rush party is tonight and denim clad Alpha Sigs can be seen scurrying around campus with hammer, nails and the usual equipment for decorating . We are having the traditional "Tillie's Blind Pig" and we're really working to make it as successful as last year's. Our brother fraternity, the Taus, are coming over to see our prospective pledges and to do a little se renading . We lost a few of our gals between semesters and the Panhellenic Council has raised our quota to forty now, instead of thirty-five, so we have a big jab on our hands. As soan as rushing is over we will begin to make plans for our spring formal dance with the T.A.U .s. We have the date set for May 1 8 , but as yet we haven ' t worked out a theme . Another big event coming soon is our annual houseparty for Memorial Day week-end . We have tentative plans for spending it at Clare Zelinka's and Shirley Hansen's cottage in Ga ylord . Clara and Shirley are two of our wonderful new members from fall pledging . We have just begun to get our activities for this new semester under woy. We plan to have cokers, theater

MARCH, 1951


parties and get-togethers with some of the other sororities a little later on. All in all this looks like a good year for oil of us in Beta Theta. Greetings and best wishes to all our A"2:.A sisters from Beta Theta and Louise McAnollen

BETA IOTA Radford College, Radford, Virginia

Dear Alpha Sigs: My, here the quarter is half over and there ore still so many things to do. Rush season started January 31 . The theme of our party was "Country Cousin and City Slicker." The invitations carried out our theme; they were in the form of a country fellow meeting the city slicker. The rushees, city slickers, who were dressed in the latest Parisian fashions, were met ot the o ld country gate by Mo (Betty Jewel Furrow, Po (Aimodene Mills) and Grandmas (Mrs . Je路a n Einstienl. After finding their relationships to their country cousins on the family tree, the City Slickers were met in country style. With the traditional hillbilly songs the City Slickers joined their cousins in good old fashion square dancing, but upon the arrival of the sheriff (Frances Cantrell) they were told to rest their feet, while cousins Nancy Rose, Mary Anne St. Clair, Barbaro and Betty Schwab and Jane Jackson song "Old Mountain Dew" accompanied by Mo Furrow and her "uke." It was proven to the City Slickers by cousin Ponky that a country girl's life is not always dull in her song "Mountain Gal. " As the City Slickers w~ guzzling down that Alpha juice, Cousins Ha rriet Rudman and Mickey Jones topped out the "country jig." The country life was wonderfully expressed when cousin Betty Cook song her song "Uncle Fudd." With the background of corn stalks and hoy, the group heard Grandma Einstien tune up her fiddle to ploy "Ten nessee Woltz." The City Slickers were invited to the wedding of Cousin Lill (Shirley Oakes) and Cousin Ozzie (Betty Schwab) who were united in hold matrimony by Parson Jones (Alpha Phares). The wedding feast, which included chicken salad, baked beans, sandwiches, potato chips, olives, coffee and strawberry shortcake, was served to all the guests at a long country table. After singing Alpha songs the country cousins bode the city slickers farewell. Pledging will be held Wednesday night, February 14. A social will follow the se rvices in honor of the pledges. Beta Iota is very proud of Shirley Oakes who will represent the Junior Closs on the May Court. We ore also proud of "Mickey" Jones, who will serve as co-chairman on the May Da y Commission. This is one of the highest honors on the Radford Campus. The May Day Commission is selected on the basis of leadership and ability. Next month we ore sponsoring one of our social service projects, the Red Cross. Everyone is planning to work very hard so we know it will be a big success. Guess that is all the news for now, so until next time, Love in A"2:.A, Peggy Giesler

BETA RHO Northern Illinois State Teachers College, DeKalb, Illinois

Dear A"2:.As: Beta Rho's answer to Madam Curie con be found in this week's senior-Elise Singer. With 路 a chemistry major and a mathematics minor, Elise truly has a scientific mind. It is through this curriculum that Elise exercises her fondness for " exacting things."


Living off-campus proves to be no hindrance for this ambitious loss. For although she is on active member in many college organ izations, she also manages a job as a clerk and substitute bookkeeper in her home town of Sycamore. She has held this position for the lost four years. Elise has a particular liking for science teachers. She confesses that this preference played on important port in choosing a career. It even influenced associations in her social life. (One of her closest associates, a former Nl chemistry major, is attending graduate school at the University of Illinois.) Honors in her scholos'tic undertakings run parallel to her extra curricular endeavors. She is a member of Pleiades, Kappa Delta Pi, and Treble Clef. El ise is currently secreto ry-treasurer of Tau Beta Rho, treasurer of Sigma Zeta, and president of Alpha Sig'mo Alpha. In June, Eli se will be leaving Nl with the correct formula for success . The formula is a combination of high intelligence, attractive personality, and unlimited initiative! Another sen ior of whom we ore proud is Joan Wolters. A transfer from Lawrence college, Joan become active in many organizations at the beginning of her Sophomore year. At present she is serving as President of Pleiades, Corresponding Secretory of Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Treasurer of Pi Kappa Delta. Aside from her roles as on officer, Joan holds active membership in Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Delta, and is a member of the Nl debate squad. Lost but not least, Joan has the important job of editing this year's Homecoming Program which will be appearing in a few weeks. How con one girl do so much? That doesn't seem to bother Joan-what does bother her is, how she con do



good because we were sharing a bit of happiness with Jean Kerr and Ruby Marcott who have received diamonds. Happiness comes in abundant measure only when bits of sorrow are intertwined. Joyce Brazel has tran sfer red to the University, Jean Niemeier transferred to Sou th wester n M issouri State College, and Peggy Browning, you r former editor, is working " for money" ot a bank in Paragould. Until we meet again, we hope you, too, seek, aspire, and attain. Love in A '5:.A , Mimiva Hal brook

BETA MU Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, Arkansas


all this, plus student teaching in Mr. Berger's fa mous experimenta l group! Joan's rep ly to the age-old question of "How do you like stude nt teaching?" was, "No comment- a s yet!" (Yo ur reporter detected a faint note of despair, however.) Joan hails from the fa miliar town of Belvidere, and has the distinction of recently beco ming old e nough to vote . Her plans for the future include teaching he r maj or, speech, or her minor, English, with the possi bility of later continuing her education.

Dear Alpha Sigs : We just completed our semeste r tests and now we're ready to start ro ll in' again . lntramurals, parties, initiati on banquet and lots of other thing s. Recently we had a big cowboy party. Boots, spurs, saddles and just everything t hat goes a long. We even had a cowboy quartet to s ing for us. Far "chow" we had beans, hot dog s with all trimmings, and lots of other good " grub ." We all had a real good time . As I me nt io ned above, we are plnnning our initiation banquet. Of course we alwa ys look forward to this ba nquet more than any othe r. Rushing tim e is al so coming up so we'll be planning some more parties. You' ll be hearing from us soon . Love in A2.A, Clara Templ eton

BETA NU Murray State College, Murray, Kentucky

BETA LAMBDA Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, Arkansas

Dear Alpha Sigmas : We are through thinking of semester examinations, but we aren ' t through think ing. Our prese nt thoughts are ma inly centered around rushing, with " Caught in the Draft" for ou r theme, Greetings from the Preside nt for invitations, "dog tag" favors, with a trip to take our recruits to Hawaii by plane . We also like to think about the recognition t he Alpha Sigs are getting on our campus. Patsy M inton was elected president of the F.T .A. and LaQuita Long, treasurer; Ruby Marcott holds vice-presidency of the Art Club, and Dorothy Riley, reporter. Incidentally, our pictures for the " Scroll ," our annual yearbook, are among the best of the Greek organizations. Not on ly do we think so, but members of the staff and teachers have commented likewise. Maybe t hey were

Hello to You All: Have you been doing gobs of thrilling things' Our life of late has been all wrapped up in couches, drapes, and tables. We ' re decorating our c lub room! We 've bee n giving sc ientific, domestic, and personal research to this project. And, oh yes, economic; you're apt to see a Beta Nu se ll ing dill pickles at 12 midnight. It's perfectly natural, and the resu lts go in the room fund. We're so pleased with our active Alphas including Jane Shelby and Billi e J ean " T ony" Thompso n have been our Mi ss Wells Hall , for our girl 's dorm . As Campus Favorites we had attractive Norma Da vidson, La Vera Holland, and " Tony" Thompson. " Alpha Sig was there" in Who's Who with Clara Jane Mi lle r and Mabel Cisse ll . Our M ist letoe Ball was a big success. Blue and silve r eve rywhere-the snow man , the band stand, the Christmas tree, the lighting, and the main attraction- the mistletoe ring-all were misty colors. We prese nted each girl with a gay Chr istmas wrist corsage . A traditional honor, being our sweetheart couple, was bestowed at the dance on La Vera Holland and J erry Williams. Now we're back to new business, that which will be Saturday night, February l 0 , after all the reports have hit the mail bag and the girls are ready to hit the sack. Just for fun and just far us, we're ganna have a Pajama Party in our girl 's dorm . The town girls are spending the night . We ' re gonna eat and sing and be merry. Then ea rl y the next morning we'l l rise and shine to go to Sunday School and church together. Rushees are on the way and we're all quite busy planning for them. I' m sure you are, too. Luck and stuff and Love in A'5:.A, Mabel Cissell

MARCH, 1951




Oneonta State Teachers College, Oneonta, New York

Wayne University, Detroit, Michigan Dear Sisters in A"i:.A:


Dear Alpha Sigs : We were all very proud to hove our sister, Mary Quinn, receive the honor of being Queen at the recent Sigma Tau Gamma "White Rose Boll ." She was chosen from a group of five girls repre~enting the sororities on campus . Our former president, Dr. Charles Hunt, led the processional and also crowned the queen with a wreath of white roses. The next college event was the Junior Prom week-end, on January 13th. We all enjoyed entertaining our dotes at on informal banquet at the house. The usual merriment of singing prevailed and fun was hod by all. Speaking of fun, I believe all our members agree that this year's "Formal Ruth Party" was a tremendous success! The banquet was held at the "Cooper Inn" in Cooperstown . The setting was just beautiful for such on affair. The freshmen will not soon forget the Alpha $igs' famous donee routine . This annual donee routine may not be what you would call "a masterpiece" but it certainly did bring laughter and enjoyment to all. Conflict Night is really close; February 19th. We ore all hoping and even hove our fingers crossed thot those new freshmen that we hove been rushing will moke the choice in our, favor, and join our sorority. We ore oil looking forward to welcoming Miss Bell, our Notional Alumnae Director, this week-end. She has come at on appropriate time for it's our ""Winter Carnival Week-end." She will join us in the sports, dinner, and dancing . It will be nice to entertain a notional officer in our new home and hear the news that she will undoubtedly bring about you oil . In the near future, March 3rd in fact, the "All Greek Donee" will be held. It's quite on event, and we ore all looking forward to making the plans and looking forward to attending. This pretty well covers the news, so ti II next time, Love in A"i:.A, Lois Flint

Since my lost letter to you mony interesting events hove been keeping our girls busy. During the Christmas vocation ou r active group gove o Christmas Party for our alumnae group at the home of Mr. and Mrs . George Bogdonovich. The hostess for the evening was Helen Bogdoriovich, one of our new members. As a perfect finale to our Christmas vocation we were all on the television show, "Meet the Ladies." Interesting games were played by our members to win prizes including fruit cokes, jewelry and gift certificates. Mrs. Houts (Marion Tote) was elected "Lody of the Day" and was presented with on orchid for her outstanding work in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Rho Chi Alumnae Chapter. During the mid-term vocation in February the girls hod a hilarious pajama party. On the following 路 Sunday the ex-pledges or members-to-be served a delicious diriner for the actives . What a good time was hod by all! The pledges planned and cooked the meal. Jane Highsmith mode red roses that could be worn as lapel pieces as place cards. The formal initiation dinner and ceremony will be held soon. Our campus activities include a nomination of a fraternity man for "The Ugly Man Contest" which will indirectly benefit a camping fund for under-privileged boys. Love in A"i:.A, Marilyn Mock

BETA PI Concord College, Athens, West Virginia Dear Sisters : This is really on exciting time on Concord's Campus; rush season has begun! We hove hod our first rush party, and we think it wcis quite a success. The rushees did too, because everyone hod a big time and it is still the talk of the campus. Mrs. Harry Finklemon, our adviser, entertained us at our lost meeting in her new home . "Fun was hod by all." The rushee list was discussed for bids to the second rush party, meeting finished , and then we hod a big gob session while delicious refreshments were served. Beta Pi feels a little superior to the other chapters. Why? Because our adviser is married to just a "wonderful guy ." He is always there to help us out, toke us places, offer advice when needed by our officers, and just wonderful in every way. At this time we would like to soy, "Thank you , Mr. Finklemon, you're swell." We'll let you in on more news that comes along in our next letter, but right now we hove to get busy on our lost rush party. Love in A"i:.A, Joyce Stover

BETA SIGMA Southwest Missouri State College, Springfield, Missouri Dear Alpha Sigs: In our lost letter to you we were an xiously looking forward to the new year with hopes that it would prove as eventful as the previous one. Well , our dreams ore materializing for since that time we hove managed to keep "things buzzing." On January 14th in the chope! of First and Calvary Presbyterian church , formal initiation services were held


44 for sixteen pledges, who hove proved on asset to our chapter. Following the services open house was held at the sorority home in honor of the new members and their mothers. Of all the lovely maidens at Southwest Missouri State College we claim the fairest of them all. Mary Jean Shoffner, Homecoming Queen, represented the college in the Cotton Queen Contest; Lou Knight reigned as "Miss Snowflake" over the Pi Kappa sorority donee; Jolene Evans was crowned "Rose of Sig Tau Fraternity" lost Friday night with Donnye Potts as one of her attendants; while Bernie Barber, who comes to us from Tulsa, was one of the finalists in the recent "Miss Fort Leonard Wood" contest. Congratulations to a group of deserving campus queens ! Aport from beauty and fun, we hove also been engaged in a number of worthwhile projects. This year as in the post we offered our services to the March of Dimes Drive ohd took up contributions at a local theater after each performance. We hod one rummage sole this term and a script donee following the SMS-Mo. Volley basketboll game . The theme of the donee was "The Thing." Nuff said. Tonight we ore all so excited that we con hardly collect our thoughts. That's right, once again we're busy making decorations for our annual dinner-donee to be held this very next Saturday night at Riverside Inn . This occasion will be in celebration of one of the Alpha Sigma Alphas

exemplars, St. Volentine, and decorations will be the traditional sorority colors of crimson and white. Oldfashioned lace and hearts will frame the arch through which the couples will enter and where they will be greeted by a bond of silvery cupids adorning the walls and ceiling. Dotes will be presented red carnations and special guests will be given corsages. The dining table will feature a heart-shaped arrangement of red and white carnations and candles will be entwined with flowers . Favors will be miniature cupid dolls on which the nome of each guest will be printed . The bond stand will be set off by silver-dusted hearts and a crimson satin-tufted Volentine with "Alpha Sigma Sweethearts" inscribed in silver will serve as the background . Following the dinner Marilyn Boles and Les Friedmann will be announced as "Sweethearts of 1951" and will be presented gifts . The following couples will serve as attendants : Betty StoneCharles Broithwoit, Janet Newton-Jerry Stiefvater, and Jean Reilly-John Dobyns. Each of the girls will receive a bouquet of Ameri~on Beauty roses, the sorority flower . During the ceremony a trio composed of Suzi Richardson Marty Roy, and Hope Frink will sing "Alpha Sigm~ Sweetheart." So, you see, we hove just oodles of things to do tonight. We must close now-for hundreds of little hearts ore just waiting to be pierced . Love in Al:.A,


August, 1952 Roanoke, Virginia

Betty Poeppel

MARCH, 1951


ANNOUNCEMENTS Shirley Spencer to William Spickard on May 5, 1950. At home, 3009 A-3rd St., Ocean Park, Calif. Nancy Wilson Kester to Conrad Krening, Jr., on Nov. 23 , 1 950. At home, Estes Park, Colo. GAMMA GAMMA

MARRIAGES ALPHA Louise Brooks to John Howard on July 15, 1950. At home, 1209 N. Pitt St., Alexandria , Va . Mercedes Davidson to David Robert Stant~n on June 15, 1 950. At home, Richmond, Yo. ALPHA BETA Lora Patrick Murrell to Glenn Williams in June 1950 . At home, 4910 Mill Creek Pkwy., Kansas City, Mo. Martha Bates to John Goeke on Aug. 29, 1950 . At home, 90 1 E. McPherson, Ki rksvi lie, Mo. Norma Shearer to William Cody on Dec. 27, 1950. At home, Lewistown, Mo. Pat Parsons to David Lintner on Dec. 21, 1950. At home, 516 E. Pierce St., Kirksville, Mo. Anna Ruth Bailey to Stephen Shinn on Aug . 5, 1950. At home, . Marceline, Mo. Lois Beger to Kenneth Mennemeir on Aug . 26, 1 950 . At home, Kirksville, Mo. '--' Azalea Belt to Wendell Walker on June 4 , 1950. At home, 304 Westmont, Columbia, Mo. Beverly Nan Cragg to Lloyd Hart Riley on June 18, 1950. At home, Kirksville, Mo. Carol Ann Turk to Jack Wells on Aug . 1 1, 1950. At home, 1053 Cumberland Ave., Dayton , Ohio. Mary Carolyn Martin to Raymond Glidewell on Aug. 6, 1950. At home, Kirksville, Mo. Agnes Mueller to John R. Pierce on Jan. 21 , 1950. At home, 1935 East Shady Grove Rd ., Irving , Texas. ALPHA GAMMA Marilyn Chelgren to Kenneth Woodhall on Dec. 26, 1 950 . Kathleen Peiffer to Joseph Roach on Nov . 4, 1 950 . At home, 125 Fifth Ave ., Corry, Po. Rose Seboly to Edward Pecak on Nov . 18, 1950. At home, 400 N. Holland, Rankin, Po.

Loressa Sample to Don Guild on Oct. 28, 1950. At home, Alva , Okla . Patricia Granger to Powell Baty in January 1951. At home, Alva, Okla . Doris Jo Kragh to Jock Curtis on Jan. 1 9, 1951 . At home, Norman, Okla. EPSILON EPSILON Marilyn Hornbaker to John Fields on Dec. 23, 1950. At home, 2900 S. Roosevelt, Wichita , Kansa s. Roberta Steffe to Harry Robson on Dec . 26, 1 950. At home, 1 002 Union , Emporia, Kansa s. Nola Jean Grass to Jim Carroll in December 1950 . At home, Herington , Kansas. Lois Garvie to Bill Shafer on Dec. 21, 1950. At home, Deerfield, Kansas . Joan Canaday to Bruce Hoover on Dec. 24 , 1 950 . At home, 602 Cottonwood, Emporia , Kansas. June Adam to Larry Collins on Nov. 24 , 1950 . At hom e, 1305 Highland, Emporia, Kansas. Jacqueline Cripps to Bernie Eugene Cusic on Oct. 13, 1 950 . At home, Lebo, Kansas . Jean Teichgraeber to Vernon Duncan on Aug . 2 , 1950. At home, Chapman, Kansas. ZETA ZETA Jean Kennedy to Robert Atkinson on Dec. 30, 1950. At home, Kansas City, Kansas. Doris Jean Snodgrass to Oran Kline on Dec. 31 , 1 950 . At home, 6405 Main, Kansas City, Mo. Marilyn Mereness to Robert McDonald on Nov. 4, 1950: At home, Lawrence, Kansas. Diana Liciata to Rollie Baldwin on Dec. 17, 1950 . At home, Kansas City, Mo. Marilyn Thee to Charles Farmer on Dec. 27, 1950. At home, Higginsville, Mo. Virginia Stuart Edwards to Adelbert James Hiller on Sept. 23, 1 950. At home, 263 Reed Road , Little Village, R. R. 488, N. Kansas City, Mo.



Fern Fender to Marvel B. Donahue on Aug. 27 , 1949. At home, 3214 Baldwin St., Los Angeles 31 , Calif. Rose .Ann Alexander to John T ros ie on Dec. 31, 1 950 . Sammy Jacobson to Ray Carelli on Nov. 15, 1 950 . Louise Sittler to Frank Fischbach on April 6, 1950. At home, 1942 Eighth Ave., Greeley, Colo. lla Mae Mawson to Leo Skands on July 3, 1950. At home, Hdgts. 5039th Air Depot Wing, APO 942 , care of Postmaster, Seattle, Wash .

Carol Lee Cushman to Ray McDaniels on Aug . 20, .1950. Shirley Jean Ellis to Jack Brumbaugh on July 8, 1950. At home, 421 Fieldcrest, Pittsburg , Kansa s. Barbara Anne Lawson to Jack Williams on Aug . 26, 1 950 . At home, 204 E. Monroe, Pittsburg, Kansa s. Bette Robertson to George S ~ nders on Dec. 2, 1 950 . Helen M . Bailey to Jim Kerchner on Dec. 25 , 1950. Betty Marie Leach to Robert Panpher Nifong on Aug .. 27 , 1 950 . At home, 922 Kentucky, Lawrence, Kansa s.


46 Jane El len Margan to Robert Leven Richardson on Oct . 28 , 1950. At home, 605 N. College, Neosho, Mo. Frances Eleanor Heslop to Louis Roye Martin on June 24, 1 950 . At home, 306 Jl2 S. Catalpa, Pittsburg, Kansas. Velma Hagood to Ralph L. Harper on July 16, 1950. At home, 323 S. Crawford, Ft. Scott, Kansas. Lillian Chorion Mobley to Ted Caskey on Dec. 18, 1950. At home, 4309 Tujunga , N. Hollywood, Calif. Ruth Ann Williamson to Milford Stanley Stuckey on June 5 , 1 949. At home, 207 W . Jefferson, Pittsburg, Kans. Kathleen Hager to Lt. Aaron E. Dickerson on Dec. 29 , 1950. At home, 603 N. Main St ., Erie, Kansas . Elizabeth Manci to Jason J . Robinson on Dec. 27 , 1950. At home, 329 N. Estelle, Wichita , Kansas.

Patricio Canavan to Thomas F. McGuire on Nov. 23 , 1950. At home, 53 Sage Ave ., Buffalo 10, N . Y. Esther Dorothea McPherson to William Henry Whitford on Dec. 29, 1950. At home, 804 Auburn Ave. , Buffalo 22 , N. Y. Marion B. Mondley to John A. LaVigne on Dec. 30, 1950. At home, 54 Pork St., Buffalo, N. Y. RHO RHO Geneva Rose Springer to Leo Waybright on Nov. 25 , 1950 . SIGMA SIGMA Vickie Kuhn to Dick Anderson on Jon. 6 , 1 951 . At home, Milwaukee, Wis.

THETA THETA Natalie Shedd to Nathan H. Sanderson Ill on Dec. 26, 1 950 . At home, 4 Chesterbrook Rd ., Waltham, Mass. KAPPA KAPPA Claire Fritz to John O' Neill on Dec . 18, 1950. At home, 125 Osborne St., Roxborough , Philadelphia, Po . Doris Rogers to Edmund H. Steel , Jr., on Sept. 16, 1 950 . At home, 300 Chandler St., Philadelphia 11 , Po. Miriam Hippie to Bruce Fitzgerald on Oct. 7, 1 950 . At home, 21 S. Sproul Rd ., Broomall , Po . Beulah Arbogast to John W . Segraves on July 1, 1950. At home, 101 York Ave ., West Pittston, Po . Elaine Burkett to Jacob Sweltz on Oct. 28 , 1 950 . At home, Lloydell , Po . NU NU

TAU TAU Alice Worley to John Johins on Jon. 28 , 1 951 . At home, Lewis Field, Apt. 38, Hays, Kansas . PHI PHI Joanne Masters to Donald Hansen on Dec. 23 , 1950. At home, Fairfax, Mo. Joanne Wright to Robert F. Hogans on Dec . 26, 1950. At home, Maryville, Mo. Martha Clymens to John Sheil on Feb. 1, 1951 . At home, Maloy, Iowa . Mary Bruce to Charles D. Hoffman on July 5 , 1950. At home, 101 S. Main St ., Trenton, Mo. Irene Heideman to Drexel Cloos on Nov. 27, 1950 . CHI CHI

Dorothy Holland to H. L. Stork on Sept. 10, 1950. At home, 1 305 E. 43rd St., Seattle 5 , Wash . Sylvia Egge to B. T . Ahlport in November 1 950 . At home, 6927 Bon ito Terrace, Holl ywood 28 , Calif.

Juanita Collins to George Ropp on Aug . 11 , 1950 . At home, La Fontaine, Ind . Virginia Roney to Don Reber in March 1 950 . At home, Anderson, Ind . Gene Ann Zimmerman to James E. Choplin in the summer of 1950. At home, 116 W . Jefferson, Columbia City, Ind . Glynn Genevieve Lee to John Raymond Stenger on Sept. 24, 1949 . . At home, Greentown, Ind . Mary Dawn Thees to Russell W . P. White on Oct. 21 , 1950 . At home, R. R. 4, Washington, Ind . Ruth Ann Brown to Howard Graham Shake on June 25 , 1950. At home, 5076 W . 15th, Speedway, Ind . Margaret Kingston to Robert Lewis Warren on Nov. 18, 1950. At home, Claypool , Ind . Margaret Mountjoy to Harold Hoffer on Nov . 18, 1950. At home, 652 N. Hartman, Naponee, Ind .



Marcia Urban to Henry Jasz ka on Feb . 5 , 1 951 . At home, 90 Cla rk St ., Buffalo, N. Y. Phy ll is Moore to C. Jac kson Kin kead on Aug . 29 , 1950. At home, 16584 M iddlebe lt Rd ., Detroi t 19, Mich . Doroth ea Ell iott to Richard W . l. Schwe itzer on Oct. 29, 1 950 . At home, 1 93 De laware Rd ., Kenmore, N. Y. Be rn ita Mary Adams to Do na ld Lyons Glennon on Sept. 30, 1 950 . At home, 1222 W es t 26th, Erie , Po . Jessie Ma rie Shupe to Dan iel Na than ie l W ill kens on Nov. 25, 1950 . At home , 48 Cresce nt Ave., Buffalo 14 , N. Y.

Dot Olivier to Robert DeKeyzer on Dec. 23, 1950 . At home, Natchitoches, La .

Rowena Neuse to Irwin D. Reichley on Jan . 6, 1951. At home, 237 West Spruce St ., Shomskin, Po . Elsie Selby to Richard Beers on Dec. 2, 1 950 . Lois Loughery to Harry Winond on Oct. 7, 1 950 . Barbaro Sterling to Herbert Selman on Oct. 21, 1950. Louise Johnston to Robert E. Biggs on June 17, 1950. At home, 1413 N. Decker, Baltimore, Md . Marian Fischer to John Joseph Myers on Sept. 10, 1949. At home, Wynnewood Pork, Apt. 26, M . Wynnewood, Po . XI XI

BETA GAMMA Jewel Weatherbee to Bob Matthews o n Sept . 3 , 1950. Peggy Perdue to Wolter Crane on Sept. 3 , 1950 . At home , 631 E. Okmulgee, Okla . Evely n Wasson to W . M. McClendon o n Dec 3 1950. At home, Cookson Route, Por k Hill , Ok lo . . ' W iflo Dean Place to Gene Campbell on Jon. 27 , 1951 . At home, Bartlesville, Okla.

MARCH, 1951




Maureen home, Maurice home,

Bonnie Finney to Earl Eanes on Feb . 3, 1951 . Fieldale, Va. Frances Sinker to Bernard Berger on June 25, home, 131 1 Moron Ave ., Norfolk, Va . Nancy Repass to C. R. James on July 29, 1950. 1831 lodaha, Dallas, Texas. Mary Jim Ramsey to George M . Davis, Jr., on 1 950. At home, Boykins, Va .

Robertson to Bill McCarty on Dec. 23 , 1950. At Hattiesburg, Miss. Bonner to Bob Robbins in. August 1 950. At Meridian, Miss .

BETA EPSILON Patricio Block to William Spilman on Feb. 3, 1951. At home, 1 017 W . 12th, Waynesboro, Vo . Berniece Betty Boybutt to George Frederick Frey, Jr., on Dec . 2, 1950. At home, 39 Bennington Dr., Rochester, N.Y. Betty Kobler to Lt. (j.g.) Bernard Brown Forbes, Jr. on Nov. 25, 1950. At home, Simmons Drive, Norfolk, Vo. Leah Hagar to George Hum'e Shields, Jr., on March 11, 1950 . At home, 247 Randolph St., Danville, Vo. Mary Rudasill to Fronk Lawson Pankey on Aug. 19, 1950. At home, Louisville, Ky. Anne Howard Hunter to James Brulotour in July 1950. At home, Chicago, Ill. Ruth Harshbarger to Edward Graybeal on Aug. 19, 1950. At home, Hopewell, Vo . Betty Gray Scott to Lynn Faber in June 1 950. At home, Richmond, Vo . Ethelene Smith to John Wil son Thornton on Sept. 15, 1 950 . At home, Crewe, Vo . Hazel Smith to Richard Blosse r on Jul y 22, 1950 . At home, South Boston, Vo . BETA ZETA

At home, 1950. At At home, June 24 ,

BETA KAPPA Norma J . Godsil to Harvey L. Mummert on June 16, 1950. At home, 426 N. McArthur, Macomb, Ill. Jane Power to Jack Simpson on Aug . 9 , 1950. At home, 140 Chandler Blvd ., Macomb, Ill. Jean Mireley to Kenneth P. Morgan on Sept. 16, 1 950. At home, 81 8 Spruce St., Aurora, Ill. Phyllis Marie Young to Dale Kenneth Holcomb on Dec. 23, 1949. At home, Avon, Ill. June Posey to LaVerne L. Thrush on June 17, 1950. At home, Roseville, Ill. Elizabeth Marlow to Sam Shields on July 7, 1950. At home, 300 W. Washington , Macomb, Ill. BETA RHO Beverly Collin to Elvin Carlson on Feb . 2 , 1951 . At home, DeKalb, Ill.


Janet Madge Armstrong to Harold J . Delhommer, Jr., on Nov. 路25, 1 950 . At home, Box 504, Lafayette, La. Delores Barrilleaux to Williar\,_cornay on Oct. 28, 1950 . At home, Lafa yette, La. Mildred Lahm to Don Sinescrope on March 7 , 1950. At home, 284 Castle Road, Pittsburgh 34 , Po. Lorraine Morel to Peter Bernard Beninato, Jr. , on April 23, 1 949 . At home, 1513 N. Tonti St., New Orleans 19, La.

Mr. and Mrs . J . G. Adams (Ella Marsh) a daughter, Sallie Porker, on Sept. 29, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Kent (Gloria Allen ) a daughter, Claudia Sue, on Aug. 29, 1950. Mrs . and Mrs . W . Y. Roper (Grace Wallace) a daughter, Janet Louise, on Oct. 27, 1950 .



Ann Aberson to Rex Cook on Aug. 27, 1950. Hettinger, N. D. Gwendolyn Bell to George Gudyka on July 3 , . home, Montesano, Wash. lnga Kluksdal to Harold Kelner on Nov. 24, home, Scranton, N. D. ' Norma Deutscher to~ Donald Hagemeister on 1950. At home, Bucyrus, N. D. Jean Sylvester to Lloyd James Grow on Aug. At home, Medora , N. D.

At home , 1950 . At 1950. At Aug. 21 , 15, 1949.

BETA THETA Helen Richardson to Jim Rutledge on Dec. 27, 1950. At home, Roscommon, Mich . Verna VanZyl to Andrew Post on Feb ." 3 , 1951 . At home, Mt. Pl easant, Mich . Jackie Pety to James Campbell on Feb . 3 , 1951 . At ho me, Mt. Pleasant, Mich . Verna Gilbert to Walter Werd in summer of 1950 . At home, Grand Rapids, Mich . Betty Brooks to George Henry on Aug . 19, 1950. At home, 39 Frelinghuysen, Battle Creek, Mich .


Mr. and Mrs. Loran Blaine (Hope Green ) a daughter on June 27 , 1950. Mr . and Mrs. Ralph Jones (Martha Rinehart) a daughter, Wende, on Aug. 10, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. August Sunnen (Mari on Porter) a son on March 19, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Floren Thompson, Jr. (Mary Tittle) a daughter, Susan Kay, on Oct. 15, 1950. New address, 1115 W . Union , Portallis, New Mex ico. Mr. and Mrs . John Hedgers {Dorothy Hutchinso n) a daughter, Diona Irene, on July 29, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bohon . (Doris Pickens) a so n, Richard Stanley, on Jan . 13, 1951 . ALPHA GAMMA Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gray (Betty Jean McCollum) a son on Jan. 26, 1 951 . Mr . and Mrs. Joseph Tezza (Lois Maize) a so n, Terry Lynn, on October 14, 1 949. Mr. and Mrs . J. Daniel Slip a son, Richie Allen , on Feb . 16, 1950. New address, 1017 Howard Ave. , Altoona , P<;J.


48 Mr. and Mrs . Richard Hawkins a san, Richard Ernest, an January 29, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kline (Billie McGuire) a daughter, Billie, on Jan. 30, 1951 . BETA BETA Mr. and Mrs. David Royer (Gloria Scrogin) a son, Stephen David, on May 12, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Kelley (Loudean Haworth ) a daugh ter, Dana Lee, on June 22 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Saltzman Uane Caldwell ) a san on July 17, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. James Whitney (Cioyce Vaughn) a son an Sept. 6 , 1 950 . GAMMA GAMMA Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Mclain (Katherine Quinton) a so n, Thomas, Jr., an Aug . 25, 1950. EPSILON EPSILON Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sm ith (Elizabeth Price) a son, Jeffery Norman, on Dec . 21 , 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lemons (Ardis Jean Riegel ) a son, Robert Mark, on Nov. 22 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs . L. E. Wright (Carol Drum) a daughter on Sept. 1 I , 1 950. Mr . and Mrs . C. L. Hogg (Mary Jean Gladfelter) a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, an Sept. 17, 1950. Mr . and Mrs. Jim Stolfus (Beverly Merwin ) a daughter on Jan . 25, 1951 . ZETA ZETA Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Reynolds Uean D. Strother) a daughter, Virginia Lee, an Sept. 8, 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Kroenemann (Bonnie Payne) a son on Sept. 21 , 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grube (Ruth Sanford) a son, Robert Keith, on Sept. 23 , l-950 . Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Turner (Patsy Magee) a daughter, Susan Deane, an Jan. 2 , 1 951 . Mr. and Mrs. Willis Pettigrew (Patricia Foster) a son, Donald Keith , on Feb . 2 , 1951 . Mr. and Mrs. James Courtney (Helen Jennings) a son, James Lee, on Jan . 20, 1 951 . ETA ETA Mr. and Mrs. Allan Burt (Frances Hunt) a son, Michael Allan, on March 6 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welch (Ma xi ne Humbard) a daugh ter, Jud ith Ann, on Dec. 25 , 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. Denn is Garrison (Anita Fulton) a son Rich ard Lynn, on Ma y 30, 1949. ' THETA THE.TA Mr. and Mrs. Ross Calhoun <Dulcie Ba ird ) a daughter, Jacqueline Ann, on Sept. 30, 1 950 . KAPPA KAPPA Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wolf (Anne Lofman) a daughter an Oct. 31 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hallberg Uean Oiler) a daughter on June 16, 1 950.

NU NU Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bolton, Jr . Uean Keller) a son, Robert Kenley, on Oct. 25 , 1 950 . 路 Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Myers (Marian Fischer) a son on Sept. 1 0, 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Eiselman (Sara Lee) a daughter, Eugenia Lee, on Jan. 6, 1 951. XI XI

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erb (Elaine Cole) a daughter, Caroline Elaine, on Oct. 3 , 1950 . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dickson (Elizabeth Brogg i) a daugh ter, Elaine Elizabeth , in August 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs . Carl Kreuter (Anne Woehler ) a son, Ken neth Vernon, on April 4 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Irvine Styer (Juanita Hemperly) a daughter, Christy June, on July 21, 1950. PI PI Mr . and Mrs. Donald Munson (Marion Mollnow ) a son, Glenn, on Oct. 2 , 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs . John C. Hausle (Phyllis Totu) a son, Paul William , on Sept. 1, 1950. New address, 394 Washington Ave., Kenmore, N. Y. Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Widger (Lois Jane Terry) a son, Stanley Wells, Jr., on Nov. 2 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Trabka (Helen Rados) a daugh ter, Susan Carol , on Nov. 7 , 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. William Riley (Ruth Smith ) a son, William, on Nov. 15, 1 950 . Mr . and Mrs. Ellsworth Baldwin (Lucille Fenton) a son, Mark Edwin, on Dec. 2, 1 950. Mr. and Mrs. Walter J . Downey, Jr . (Ruth Benzinger) a son, Kevin James, on Oct. 13 , 1 950 . New address, Box 476, Cherry Creek, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Swayne (Carol Frazee) a son, Richard Walton, on Dec. IS, 1.950 . Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ryan (Joan Albert) a daughter, Joan Marie, on Dec. 22, 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. James Jacobi (Patricia O'Shea) a daughter on Dec . 27, 1950. Mr. and Mrs . Hubert Sturtevant, Jr. (Ellen Fane) a son, Timothy, on Nov . 28, 1950 . New address, 1204 W . Keefe, Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs . Robert E. Cowley (Anne Stark) a son, Robert Emmet Ill , on Dec. 5, 1950. Mr. and Mrs . George Kuhn (Corrine Palmerton) a daugh ter, Suzanne, on Nov. 29, 1950.路 RHO RHO Mr . and Mrs. E. M . Woolum (Doris Hart) a daughter on Nov . 15, 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. Corbett K. Black (Janice Cook) a daughter, Patricia Lynn, on May 28 , 1949. Mr . and Mrs. Jack Holler (Lucille Li ster ) a daughter, Chery l Elizabeth, on July 17, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel DeSole( Mary Margaret Thomas) a son, Dan iel Bruce, on May 31 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claar (Betty Jane Graves) a daughter, Deborah Monica , on Apr il 24 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Kingery Uean Hippert ) a son, Scott DeWitt, on April 30, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Odell Cremeans (Rowena Mayse) a daughter, Pamela Mayse, on Dec. 12, 1950.

MARCH, 1951 SIGMA SIGMA Mr. and Mrs. Richard Talley Uustine Kelleher) twin daughters, Nancy and Susan, on Sept. 21 , 1 950. TAU TAU Mr. and Mrs. James Toxacher (Hazel Oshant) a daughter, Karen Arleen, on Aug . 15, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Orlan Carmichael (Sh irley Clarke) a daughter, Kathie Ann , on Oct. 30, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Burtscher (Doris Swanson) a son, Neal Arthur, on Oct. 12, 1950. Mr. 路and Mrs. James Wickizer (Eleano re Winters) a daughter, Sora Jane, on June 4, 1950. Mr . and Mrs. Dean Urquhart (Betty Barnes) a son, Lee Roy, on Oct. 1 6 , 1 950. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. FoJtue (Corne lia Dale Page) a daughter, Susan Jane, on July 24 , 1950. Mr . and Mrs . Robert Stanger (Joyce Patter) a daughter, Robyn Dione, on Feb . 7 , 1950. New address, 1 150 N. Topeka , Wichita , Konsa s.

49 Mr . and Mrs. Harald Lynn (Marge Heck ) a san, Steven L., on Sept. 3, 1948, and a daughter, Carolyn , on July 23 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Moan (Ruth Ward ) a san Denni s on Aug . 17, 1947, and a daughter, Vicki , o~ Nov . 4 : 1949. BETA MU Mr. and Mrs. William McKinley Thompson (Carol Crawley) a daughter, Mona Kather ine, an Nov . 1 8, 1 950. BETA X I Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rorick (Dorothy Rooney) a daughter, Diane Rita , an Oct. 2 , 1 950 . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crandall (Mary Jane ) a daughter, Rhonda Susan , on June 25 , 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whiteside (Ma xi ne Fieg) a daughter an Aug . 25 , 1 950. Mr. and Mrs. James Williams (Catherine Mae Blair) a daughter, Mary Phy llis, on Oct. 5 , 1949.



Mr . and Mrs. Eugene Appleby (Mary Ruth Brown) a daughter, Paula Danien, on July 12, 1 950.

Mr. and Mrs. James Casey (Joan Comallo) a daughter, Maureen , on Jan. 6, 1 951 . Mr. and Mrs. Leo Meyer (Helen Gould ) a so n, Thomas Edward an December 13, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Miller (Marian Cummings) a daughter, Carol Sue, on Dec . 20 , 1950.

CHI CHI Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Brechtel (Vesta Prafl) a son, Steven Henry, an Nov. 15, 1950 . BETA GAMMA


Mr. and Mrs. George Rackleff (Mary Nell Jamison ) a son, Jimmy Wayne, on Oct. 26,-J 950. Mr . and Mrs. Joseph Stark (Wil ma Herriman) a son, Michael Joseph , in August 1950. New address, 31 00 S.W. 21st St., Ok lahoma City, Okla . Mr. and Mrs . Warren Crane (Judith Stolper) a daughter, Judith Gayle , an Sept. 4, 1950. Mr. and Mrs. William Lagoni (Mildred Wasson ) a so n, Carl William, an June 21, 1950.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beauchamp (Doris Inwood ) a so n, Alan Paul , on Nov. 25 , 1950. BETA PI Mr . and Mrs. John Belcher (Eloise Clay) a so n, John Russell , on Oct. 16, 1950. LAMBDA LAMBDA Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ell is Simpson (Edith Miller) a san, Jay Richard , an Nov. 1 8, 1 950.


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Olenshah (Patricia Ingram) a son, Fran k Ill, an Sept. 3, 1950 . Mr. and Mrs. William Brothers (Judith Smith ) a son, William, Jr. , in January 1951 . . BETA ZETA '

Mr. and Mrs . John William Keating (Marguerite Agnes Talbot) a dqughter, Kathleen Ann , o n May 18, 1948. BETA KAPPA

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bell (Shirley Parker) a son, Ralph Ill , on Jan. 31, 1 950 .

IN MEMORIAM The Cleveland Alumnae Chapter has suffered a great lass in the sudden death of its President, Mrs. Floyd A Rowe , on December 14, 1950. Toni was well known and loved by all Alpha Sigs in the Cleveland area路 and made many, many friends in our sorority at the past National Convention at Grati ot Inn . A member of Lambda Lambda Chapter from Kent State Universi ty at Kent, Ohi o, T oni Link Rowe stayed on at Kent and taught phys ical education there far about 1 5 years before coming to Cleveland . Alpha Sigma Alpha has last a s ister who continually "Gave Full Measure" and we have lost a dear friend!



Directory 1950-1951 EDITORIAL STA FF

NATIONAL EDITOR Mrs. B. F. Leib, 3515 N. Pennsylvania St., Apt . 8, Indianapol is 5, Indiana. COLLEGE EDITOR-Miss Joan Steinmiller, 89 Keswick Road, Eggertsville 21 , N.Y.


Mrs. W. B. Carper (Louise Cax) 505 Montrose Drive, South Charleston, W. Va. Mrs . H. E. Gilliam (Juliette Hundley) 2608 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. Miss Mary Williamson Hundley, 2604 Grove Ave., Richmond 20, Va. Mrs. John Walton Noell (Vi rgin ia Boyd) 617 Allison Ave., Roanoke, Va. Mrs. P. W. Wootton (Cal va Hamlet Watso n) 2020 Matrax Ave ., Petersburg, Va. NATIONAL COUNCIL

President Mrs . Fred M. Sharp, 1405 Hardy Ave., Independence, Mo. Vice-President-Miss Virginia Carpenter, 13605 Shaker Blvd. , Clevel and 20, Ohio. Secretary Miss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd., Overbrook, Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvan ia. Treasurer-Miss Esthe r Bucher, Suite 226, 1025 Grand Ave., Kansas City 6 , Mo. Registrar - Mrs. Robert C. Grady, 2400 Swartwout Ave. , Richmond 28, Va. Editor-Mrs . B. F. Leib, 3515 N. Pennsylvania St. , Apt. 8, Ind ianapol is 5, Ind . Director of Alumnae Miss Evelyn G. Bell, 767 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo 22, New York. NATIONAL CHAIRMEN

Alumnae Editor Miss Eloise Proctor, 3 110 N. Delaware, Indianapolis 5 , Ind. Alumnae Organizer Mrs . Donald L. Frost, 4007 Holmes St., Apt . 2, Kansas City 4, Mo . Art-Mrs . Robert Wolf, RD No . 1, Rexford , New York. College Editor-Miss Joan Steinmiller, 89 Keswick Road, Eggertsville 21, N. Y. Constitution-Mrs. Wayne W. Byers, 1696 Skyline Dr. , Apt . 5, Pittsburgh 27, Pa . Convention-M iss Helen L. Corey, 6310 Sherwood Rd., Overbrook, Ph iladelphia 31, Pa. Fellowship-Mrs. Harvey E. Bumgardner, 20 I 0 Roseland, Royal Oak, M ich. Founders' Day Mrs. Robert T. Naylor, 230 N. Main St., Suffolk, Va. Historian Miss Louise Stewart, 1330 Blue Ave., Zanesville, Ohio . Music Mrs . Arthur L. Hellrich, Apt. 502B, Allenhurst Rd., Buffalo 14 , N.Y. Philanthropic Mrs. R. A. Rice, 4651 Kenwood Ave ., Indianapolis, Ind. Assistant Treasurer-M iss Mary K. Re iff , 3000 Tracey Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Scholarship-Mrs. Reinard Schlosser, 2800 Dexter St., Denver 7, Colo. NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE

Chairman-Mrs. E. Granville Crabtree, 85 Dean Rd. , Brookline, Mass. ~A Representative--Mrs. Fred M. Sharp, 1405 Hardy Ave., Independence, Mo.

Alpha Roberta Browning , Box 195, Longwood College, Farm ville, Va . Alpha Alpha-Mary J . Hughey, 37 Wells Hall , Miami University, Oxford, Oh10. Alpha Beta-Mary Isabel Griffith, Blanto n Hall , Kirksville, Mo. Alpha Gamma-J an Sch nell, 1026 Church St., Indiana, Pa. Beta Beta-Ann Grant , 1731 11th Ave ., Greeley, Col o. Gamma Gamma-Ma xine Haege r, 1006 6th St., Alva, Okla . Epsilon Epsilon-Betty Jo Leonard , 627 Lawrence, Emporia Kansas .

Zeta Zeta Nancy Sue Elder, Yeater Hall , Warrensburg, Mo . Eta n o-Mari anne Sonardo, 716 W. 2nd St., Pittsburg , Kansa s. Theta Theta-Ann M. Kinsella , 117 Park St., Dorcheste r 22, Mass. Kappa Kappa Barbara Cook, 2076 Wharton Rd. , Glenside , Pa . Nu Nu-Ei izabeth Grouch, 2520 Hillcrest Rd ., Drexel Hill , Pa. Pi Pi-Virain ia Burke, 89 Harding Road , Buffalo ·20, New York. Rho Rho Betty Purdue , College Hall , Huntington , West Virginia. Sig ma Sigma Rosa Belle Larig , 21 5 Chipeta Hall , Gunnison, Colo . Tau Tau Ruby Snavely, Custer Hall, Hays, Kansas . Katie Espey, Residence Hall , Phi Phi Maryville , Mo . Chi Chi-Betty J. Sill, Lucina Hall , Muncie, Ind . Psi Psi-Marilyn Barnett, Northwestern State College, Natchitoches , La . Beta Gamma Martha Poynor, Wilson Hall , Northwestern State College , Tahlequah , Okla. Beta Delta-Aimee Tindall , Box 422 , Sta . A, Hattiesburg , Miss. Beta Epsilon-Hiawana Cupp, Box 241, Madison College, Harriso nburg , Va . Beta Zeta-Audtey Marceaux, 21 0 East St. Mary, Lafayette, La . Beta Eta-Arll ys Treude, Dickinson, N. Dakota . Beta Theta-Louise McAnallen, Central Michigan College of Education, Mt . Pleasant , Mich. Beta Iota Peqgy Geisler, Ingles Hall , 304 Radford College, Radford , Va . Beta Kappa Lerita Pence, 721 W. Adams, Macomb, Ill . Beta Lambda-Mimiva Halbrook , 1315 College, Conway , Ark. Beta Mu Clare Templeton , Box 469, Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, Ark. Gamma Clio Joan W ilkinson, 22 W. Court St., Cortland , N. Y. Beta Nu-Mable Cissell , Box 145, College Station, Murray, Ky. Beta Xi-Lois Flint , 50 Maple St ., Oneonta, N. Y. Rho Chi -Mar ilyn Mock, 16730 Braile, Detro it , Mich . Beta Pi-Joyce Stoner, Box 312, Athens, W.Va. Beta Rho-Elizabeth Gall, Adams Hall North, DeKalb, Ill. Beta Sigma-Betty Poeppel , 927 E. Belmont , Springfield, Mo .

ALUMNAE EDITOR-Miss Eloise Proctor, 3110 N. Delaware St., Indianapol is 5, Indiana. Akron Ohio Mrs. Walter Spiers, 332 Sha;.,nee Path, Akron, Ohio . Allentown-Bethlehem, Pennsylvan ia-Mrs. Edmund White, Parkhurst Apts. F-1 , Bethlehem, Pa . Alva, Oklahoma-M iss Marguerite Ell1ott, 916 8th St ., Alva, Okla . Baltimore Maryland-M iss Minerva Messenger,' 2713 St. Paul St ., Baltimore 18, Maryland. Boston , Massachusetts Miss Marie Ravesi , 856 Main St., Malden , Mass. Buffalo, New York-Mrs. J. Joseph Fl ynn, 138 Deumont • Terrace , Kenmore , N. Y. Canton-Massillon , Ohio-Mrs . Bryon Giltz, 868 Phillips Rd. , N. E., Massillon , Oh io. Central Pennsyl vania Mrs . Lawrence Lattomus, 207 E. Orange St ., Lancaster, Po. Charleston , West Virgini a -Mrs. Alfred Gruber, 1 629 Woodbine Ave., Charleston, West Va. Charlottesville, Virginia-Mrs. Betty N. Moorefield, 140 Goodman St ., Charlottesville, Va. Chicago, Illinois-Mrs. A. Howard Hall , 6710 N. Sheridan Rd. , Ch icago 26, Ill. Cleveland, Ohio Miss Marion Powell, 13715 Terrace Rd., East Cleveland, 0 . Colorado Springs, Colorado-Mrs. Robert Crowder, 2132 N. Nevada , Colorado, Springs, Colo. Columbus, Ohio-Mrs. Earl Southard, 537 S. Terrace Ave ., Columbus, Ohio . Co rtland . New York-Mrs. Richard Rei f, 64 V2 Floral Ave. , Cortland , N. Y. Cum berland , Maryland - Miss Margaret Reid , 123 Cumberland St ., Cumberland, Md. Dallas, Texa s-Miss Pauline Ph illips, 4203 Wycliff, Dallas, Texas . Dayton, Ohio-Mrs. Dorothy Gillette, 359 Castlewood Ave ., Dayton, Ohio. Denver, Colorado-M iss Marilee Stumpfs, 1119 S. Steele, Denver , Colo . Des Moines , Iowa-Mrs. E. N. Jacobson , 740 Cherokee, Des Moines, Iowa. Detroit, Michigan-Mrs . Gail Sprague, 853 Henrietta , Birmingham, Mich . Detroit, Michigan (Rho Chi)-Miss Babs Dickieson, 9660 Burnette, Detro it 4 , Mich . Fort Wayne, Ind iana-Miss Eva K1ewitt, 706 W. Water St ., Berne, Ind . Ft . Worth, Texas Mrs. Judson Dixon, 2709 Hemphill , Apt . C, Ft . Worth, Texas. Greeley, Colorado Mrs . David Royer, 1731 Mountview Rd ., Greeley, Colo. Hampton, Virginia-Mrs . Henry Elksn in , Hidden Acres, Seaford, Va . Harrisonburg , Virginia-Mrs . J. K. McGrath, 210 New York Ave ., Harr isonburg, Va. Hattiesburg, Miss issi ppi Miss Sarah Dever, Station A, Hattiesburg , M1ss . Hays, Kansas-Mrs. Rex Pearson, 129 W. 1Oth St ., Ellis, Kansas . Honolulu , Hawaii-Mrs . H. T. Wil son, Jr., P.O. Box 128, A.P .O. 953, c / o Postmaster , San Francisco , Calif. Houma, Louisiana-Mrs. Russell Hebert , 511 Will iams Ave. , Houma, La . Huntington, West V~rginia-Mrs. Harry H. Nolan, 2022 Enslow Blvd., Huntmgton, W.Va. lnd:ana , Pennsylvania Mrs . Karl Catterall , Box 82, Indiana, Pa . Indianapolis, Indiana-Miss Zelma P1ner, 41 Bankers Lane, Apt. D, Indianapolis, Ind .

MARCH, 1951 Joplin , Missouri-Mrs. C. 0 . Smith, Jr. , 7 10 N. Jackson, Joplin, Mo. Kansa s City, Missouri Miss Serena ' Englehart , 4132 Virginia , Kansas City 4, Mo. Kentuckiana Mrs. James Black, 138 Southland Bl vd. No. 3 , Louisvi lle, Ky. Kirksville, Mi sso uri-Mrs . Jaci el Pearson, 408 S. El son , Kirksville , Mo. Lafayette , Indiana Miss H elen Wehr, Chalmers, Ind . Lafayette, Loui si ana-Mrs .路 Merry Geram i, 127 S. Orange St. , Lafayette, La . Licking-Muskingum V alley , Ohio M iss Jane Jackson, 105 N . 12th St ., New. ark, Ohio . Little Rock, Arkansas-Miss Betty Barnett, Rose Inn, Crossett, Ark. Los Angeles, Californ ia-Mis'i Edna Bergman , 680 S. Catalina , Apt. 9, Los Angeles 5, Calif. Ly nchburg , Virginia-Mrs. Richard Clark, Mayflower Apts ., Ly nchburg , Va. Macomb, Illinois-Mrs. H . L. Nummert, 426 N. McArthur, Macomb, Ill . Maryville, Missouri-Miss Beverl y Johnson, 401 W. 4th, Maryville, Mo. 路 Muncie, Indiana-Mrs. John Bagl ey, 309 W . Centennial, Muncie, Ind. Murray, Kentucky Mrs. Gene 'Allen , Spring Street, Apt . 6, Anna , Ill . Muskogee, Oklahoma Mrs. William Lagoni, 2204 Lampton , Muskogee, Okla . Natchitoches, Lou is iana-Mrs. Arlin Bice , 1115 Williams A ve. , Natchitoches, La .

51 New Orleans , Louisiana Mrs. W a yne Hayde l, 8225 Sycamore St ., New Orleans, La.

New York , New York-Mrs. Mary Sm ythe Grady, 192 Dogwood A ve., V all ey Stream , L. L., N . Y. Niagara Fall s, New York-Mrs. Nassea Hodg e, 2938 Grand Ave ., Niagara Fall s, N. Y. Oklahoma City , Oklahoma-Mrs. Byron Gentry, 2825 N . W . 41st, Oklahoma City, Okla : Oleans, New York Mrs. Glenn Bernr'euther , Box ll , Limestone, N . Y . Peori a , Illinois-Mrs. Vi rginia Huson, 225 Groveland, Peoria, Ill. Philadelphia, Pennsylvan ia-Mi ss Eugenia Griffith, 127 Schoo l Lane, Springfield , Pa . Miss Betty Sto kes , Phoeni x , Arizona 7002 Merriwood Courts, East, Phoeni x , Arizona.

Pittsburg , Kansas Miss Camilla Bumgardner, 409 W. 6th St ., Pittsburg , Kansas . Pittsburgh , Pennsy lvania-Miss Marjorie Bec k , 45 N. Balph A ve., Pittsburgh 2, Pa. Queen City, No rth Da kota-Mi ss Janice McBride, Glen Ullin, N . . D. Radford, Virginia Mrs. Ruth Jewell , l 019 Fairfa x St ., Radford , Va . Richmond, Virgi nia-Kat herine Mathews, 2021 Monument Ave ., Richmond , V a. Roanoke, Vi rg inia-Mrs. W m . L. Ross, 2049 W indsor A v e., S. W ., Roanoke 15, Va.

Rochester, New York-Miss Bett y Clancy, l 045 Arnett Blvd. , Rochester, N . Y . St . Louis, Missouri-Mrs. W . G. Ferguson, 1335 McCutcheon, Apt. F, Manhasset V i II age, St. Louis Cou nt y, Mo. San Diego , Cal iforni a M rs. Pearl E. Star k , 4544 Ham i lton St., San Diego 16, Calif. South Bend, Indiana-M rs. H . A. Roberts, 25 17 Erskine Blvd. , South Bend , Ind. Southern New Jersey Miss Ela ine Sch ni eder, 12 W. Browning Rd ., Collingswood, N. J. Springfie ld, Missouri-Mi ss Joan Hughes , 717 Hovey, Springfield, Mo. Suffolk, Vi rg inia Mrs. Robert H ewi tt, l 00 E. Pinner St ., Suffolk, Va . Tahl equah, Oklahoma-Miss Fern Pascoe, Tahl eq uah, Okla. Topeka, Kansas Miss Jo An n Eve rett, l 60 l Colleg e, Tope ka, Kansas. Triple Citi es, New York Mrs. Robert Spencer, 2707 North St ., End icott, N .Y . Tucson , Arizona-Mrs . Margaret Sparks , East Stadium Dorm itory, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.

Tul sa, Aklahoma Miss M a xi ne Line , 1311 S. Loui sv ille, Tul sa 4, Okl a. W arrensburg, Missouri Wi lma Wi lson Sharp Chapter, Mrs. J . W . Ell er, 11 7 W . Russel l, W arrensburg, Mo. Washi ngton, D. C.-Mrs. R. C. Johnson, 11713 Lytle St.., Silver Springs, Md. Wichi ta , Kansas-Mrs . Cla ire A lex ander, 731 S. Hill side, Wichi t a, Kan . Wi lmington , Delaware--M rs. Harry Gorman, 700 T y rone A ve. , Woodcrest , Wi lm i ngton, Dela .



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Asa phoenix vol 36 no 3 mar 1951