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Mrs . J. J. Wimp- Winne r of th e Wilma Wilson Sharp Award ... .



Laura Virginia Fo ltz- Winner of t he Elizabeth Bird Small Award .


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• Pub lis hed in Nove mber, Janu ary, Ma rch and May of ea ch year at 3 0 N. Ni nth St., Ri chmond, Indiana , by t he Nic ho lson Print ing Company, for t he Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority ha ving headq uarters at Ind ianapo lis, Ind iana. Busi ness co rrespond e nce ma y be addressed to ei th e r offi ce, b ut ma tte r for pu bl ica tio n and corres pond e nce conce rning th e same shoul d be add ressed ta Mrs. B. F. Leib, 354 0 N. Pe nnsylvani a St. , Apartme nt T , Indi anapolis 5 , Ind iana .



Post master : Send Farm 3578 to Indianapolis, Indiana, address. Entered a s second-class matte r, September 4, 1 923 , at the post off ice at Richmond, Ind iana , under t he Act af March 3 , 1 8 7 9 .



Winner of the Wilma Wilson Sharp Award for 1947-Mrs. J. J. Wimp



Alpha Beta is proud and happy to present their Wilma Wilson Sharp Award winner, Sarah Grim Wimp. Through her college days Sarah reflected glory on Alpha Beta Chapter by being queen of her class, a member of the Year Book staff, belonging to the Drama Club, and a member of Kappa Delta Pi . She served as President of Alpha Beta Chapter, and in that capacity attended the Chicago Convention . After college and marriage Sarah took nurses' training at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, while her husband studied medicine there . Following both of their graduations, the family , now including daughter Jan , returned to Kirksville, where Dr . Wimp began his practice . In the years since, Sarah has found time and energy to devote to many outside activities while ma intain ing a lovely home for her husband and four children-Jan, Jett, Jill , Joy . In past years Mrs. Wimp has served as Regent of Ann Hayes Chapter of the D.A.R .,

President of Sojourner's Club for two years, a member of the Salvation Army Board in her husband's absence during the war, a member of the Girl Scout Council, and leader of a Brownie Troop. She also organized the Newcomer's Club and was its first chairman. In the war years, the acute shortage of nurses, prompted Sarah to devote many hours to nursing in a Kirksville hospital. At present Sarah Wimp is President of the Kirksville Board of Education, of which she has been a member for the past six years; President of the Benton School P.T.A.; District President of the Presbyterial; Secretary of the Nor.theast Missouri Civic Music Association; and a member of the Federal Jury Panel for District two at Hannibal. Sarah is as pretty as she is capable, and this, with her poise and graciousness, reflects much credit on Alpha Sigma Alpha in each of her many pursuits. Alpha Beta's are indeed proud for Alpha's everywhere to know her.



Winner of the Elizabeth Bird Small Award for 1947- Laura Virginia Foltz


To achieve the highest development physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially-this is our aim in Alpha Sigma Alpha . Laura Virginia typifies the accomplishment of our sorority's ideals in every way . Laura has been an active member of the YWCA since her Freshman year at Madison . He路r efforts as its President this past year have done much to promote a deeper religious feeling on the campus through outstanding chapel services. She freely donates her talent to The Lutheran Church of Harrisonburg-teaching a Sunday School class, singing in the choir, and also directing the primary childrens' choir. She truly gives full measure . The "School ma'am," the college annual, also claimed her obi Iities. She has been a steadfast worker, and editor of the feature section for three of her college years. All who meet Ginny are sure to remember her gracious manner which immediately puts one at ease . Her enthusiastic welcome .has

helped many a lonely freshman to become oriented to college life, and to feel really a part of it. Yes, our resourceful Laura is always able to meet every situation whether it be getting ready for an Alpha Sigma dance, participating in a class discussion or presiding at an important YWCA meeting . Her cheery smile and friendly manner have made her a campus favorite. Ginny is an accompl ished musician, and an enthusiastic concert mistress of the college orchestra . She also plays the piano for the Rotary Club. Always an enthusiastic Alpha Sig, Laura, has already attended an alumnae meeting in Harrisonburg , and just can't wait to participate in their activities. We are proud to honor her as the girl who has achieved the h ighest honors on her campus and earned a place in t he Alpha Sigma Alpha hall of fame as our all-around girl , the culmination of our idealswinner of coveted Elizabeth Bird Small Award .



EDITORIAL THIS ABOVE ALL The fall of the year when all activities in college ar.~d elsewhere are starting with renewed vigor 路 is just the season to recall the advice of your high school friend, Polonius. Remember those famous lines you learned;:> The "few precepts" which Polonius gave to Laertes are each one ageless and priceless but, as he said, the last is the best-"This above all : to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man ." The basic purpose of national fraternity membership is the development of the individual, through the ideals and teachings of the fraternity and by the enlarging of friendships. Therefore,路 fraternity membership, particularly in college, emphasizes natural and expedient ways whereby its members may make the most of their individual capabilities and opportunities. In final analysis, the choice of ways and means rests with the individual. In a sense, her accomplishments proclaim her ~aithfulness to her own standards of growth. This issue of the Phoenix has a special section which proudly records some achievements of Alpha Sigma Alpha college members . Our congratulations to them are no less sincere than our belief in their future attainments. Our pleasure in them extends to all of you in Alpha Sigma Alpha who at this appropriate time by your self-determination steadfastly follow the course which is consistent with your OWQ self-growth.

THE WORLD IS MY COUNTRY The celebration of Alpha Sigma Alpha's Founders' Day on November fifteenth will reflect the maturity of the forty-six year old fraternity and of its members. An impressive program prepared by Harriett B. Johnson, Founders' Day Chairman路, has for its subject, Worldmanship. The following sentences ore taken from the introduction . "Forty-six years ago at State Normal School for girls in Farm-

PAGE ville, Virginia, there were five girls who were neighbors-but more than that they had the same high ideas and ideals which makes for mutual understanding and love. On thei_r un derstanding and love they founded Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority to further their high concept of womanhood . Today, we honor those five women, our Founders, who had the foresight to share with others the love on which our sorority is based. Our Founders have achieved their goal of seeing Alpha Sigma Alpha grow until its chapters spread from coast to coast . We, the present members of ASA have the challenge of an even greater goal to face in the years ahead-to help in the great task of bringing about understanding and love to the peoples of all the world, that the rJeace for which men have fought and died may be universal and endure through the ages." The Founders' Day Program will furnish the ASA Devotional theme for the 1947-48 college year. Worldmanship will be the central subject around which College Chapter Chaplains will plan brief but effective devotional exercises .

TRIBUTE TO MABEL LEE WALTON A strong personality is to be felt not described . True appreciation however inadequately expressed in words is held fast in the heart of friends . In a brief message telegraphed to the Sigma Sigma Sigma National Convention this past summer, Alpha Sigma Alpha paid tribute to Mabel Lee Walton upon her retirement from the presidency of Tri Sigma. A portion of the telegram in which all Alpha Sigma Alphas will be interested is quoted : "The National Officers of Alpha Sigma Alpha congratulate "you upon Mabel Lee's exceptional leadership and her recognition by entire fraternity world . We confidently wish you great success and happiness knowing the vision and teaching of Mabel Lee will forever be an impelling incentive and an unfailing guide to Sigma Sigma Sigma ."



* Leading Ladies PATSY DALE, A


Who's Who, Alpha Kappa Gamma .

President of Junior and Senior Class, May Queen Court, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Kappa Gamma.




vVho's Who, Editor of Yearbook, President of Panhellenic Coun-cil, Homecoming Queen, Cardinal Key.

Who's Who, Vice-President of Student Council, Kappa Delta 路Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Alpha Theta .

VERA BELL SMITH, BB Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, Delta Omicron, Phi Delta Theta, Vice President of Panhellenic.



President of Junior Chamber of Commerce, Pi Omega Pi .




Campus Beauty, President of Elementary Education Club .






Who' s Who, Treasurer Little Theater, 1\lpha Psi Omega , Kappa Delta Pi .

Who's Who, Pi Lambda Theta, Scarlet Key, Pi Gamma Mu.

BETTY SUE URBAN, ZZ President of Speech Arts Club, President of Panhellenic, Secretary of Dramatic Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Delta .



Who's Who, Business Manager of Yearbook, Kappa Delta Pi, Cardinal Key.

Who's Who, President of Panhellenic.

VIRGINIA WRIGHT, KK Secretary of Magnet, Ten Outstanding Seniors, Pres ident of Women's Athletic Association, Captain Swimming Team, Eastern Collegiate Diving Champion, Treasurer of Crown and Shield .

MARY NELL CLARK, HH Wh o's Wh o, President of Eta Eta Chapter.


MARION WALSH, 00 Secretary of Senior Senate, Scarlet Key.





Homecoming Attendant, Kappa Delta Pi .

Delta Phi Upsilon , Pi Lambda Theta.

JANET DRENNAN, <I><I> Vice-President Student Body, Sweetheart Queen, VicePresident Pi Omega Pi .


JUDY MAINWARING, NN Omicron Nu, Key and Triangle.

President Dramatic Club, Alpha Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi.


ISABELLE SCOTT, KK Magnet, Ten Outstanding Seniors, President of Student Commission, Chairman of Constitutional Convention.

NELL DURST, NN Y.W .C.A. President, Key and Triangle.


BARBARA LA VIGNE, II II President Alpha Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi .





Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi.

Who's Who, President Student Government.



Who's Who, Homecoming Queen , Vice-President Women's Athletic Association, Chapter Pres ident.



Who's Who, Chapter President.

President Junior Closs, Treasurer of Women's Athletic Association, Kappa Delta Pi.

CECIL BROOKS, BH Who's Who, President Women's Athletic Assoc iation, Pres ident Methodist Youth, Editor of Yearbook, Vice-President Women's League, SecretoryT reosurer Future Teachers of America.



Who's Who, President Home Economics Clu b.



BE Who's Who, May Queen Court.





President Beta Xi Chapter, President Inter-Sorority Council.

Who's Who, Scroll Queen.

RUTH ANN GODBEY, BI Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi, President Pi Gamma Nu, Alpha Psi Omega , Vice-President Student Body.



Outstanding Musical Roles, Lead in Senior Play, Chairman Assembly Committee, Chairman Hospitalization Committee.

President Y.W.C.A., Kappa Delta Pi , President of Women's Athletic Association.



BI Who's Who, President Choral Club, Vice-President Chi Beta Phi, Winner State Voice Audition Contest, Winner Regional Voice Contest.

JOY WILSON, BM Who's Who, President Beta Mu Chapter. 路


BEVERLY MARZOLF, B0 Who' s Who, Treasurer of Junior Class, Alpha Psi Omega .

SARA LOU ROSS FELTS May Day Queen Beta Mu Chapter

Homecoming Queen Sigma Si ! Chapte

MARIAN GANT Homecoming Queen Eto Eta Chap ter

WILMA JEAN PROCTOR Miss Maryvill Phi Phi Chapter

CAMPUS QUEENS HELEN PARK Campus Yearbook Beauty Beta Mu Chapter

Ma y Quee n Attendant Be ta Eps il o n Chapter




Alpha · Sigma Alpha Scopes The ASA's are in the news; have you heard? surer of Y.W .C.A. , secretary of Home Ec Club, Way down Virginia way Violet Ritchie will be and to top it all a member of Kappa Delta Pi . top junior class exec at Farmville . Alpha Oklahoma is cheering for its two presidents, Beta 's are bursting with pride ' cause Merrill Joan ~hittenberg , of Rho Theta Sigma and Salisbury, Virginia Gleason, Marg Quinn, May Peggy Perdue, of Alpha Upsilon Psi . Benner, Mary Shoemaker, Nancy Cox and There's music in the air down in HattiesMary Lierly are now members of Kappa Delta burg, Miss. Bet you ' ll f ind Jeane Odam, stuPi . Three cheers for Alpha Gamma members, dent director of the choir, Marie Sealon, acRuth Johnson and Lucille Howard, who have companist, and Mary Granberry adding to the been chosen for membership in Pi Omega Pi , harmony . These belles are all members of honorary fraternity . A.l pha Mu Chi , honorary music fraternity . The Way out where the Rockies rise in Greeley, ·Alpha Sigma Alpha 's at Madison are applaudColorado, wearers of the Alpha Sigma crest ing for Clair Bennett- year book editor, mempoint with pride to Geraldine Hanselmann, ber of Ka.ppa Delta Pi and elected to Who's Edith Joppa and Patsy Whitman-they are Who in American Colleges and Universities . justly proud of these straight A practice teach - Beta Zeta's remember with pride the -achieveers . Kansas State presents Jean Tiechgarcher ments of Jackie Breaux, treasurer of Sigma for our role of honor-Jean was president of Alpha Iota , member of Vermillion Honor SoWomen 's Resident Association . Zeta Zeta's ciety, and Kappa Delta Pi-Jackie is a real send orchids to Ruth Sweigert for her wonder- leader. A's for outstanding service to sorority ful work as editor of their college paper. Ruth and campus go to Ethel Gion of Dickinson who has alsb been initiated into Alpha Phi Delta . was treasurer of Alpha Sigma Alpha and One 'of the bright stars of Eta Eta's chapter is Lambda Delta Lambda, and Irene Theilen , a Janie Anderson, president of Alpha Mu Gam- very active student counci I representative and ma. Janies exceptional ability led to her se- secretary-treasurer of the junior class . lection for Who's Who in American Colleges Mt. Pleasant's headliner is Elenor Brietzke, and Universities. Boston ·offers Barbara Mul- president of Masquers, who was student di cahy, permanent senior class secretary as its rector for one dramatic production and played girl to remember. a lead in another. Penny Mellot has been Kappa Kappa celebrated its silver anniver- chosen by the Radford student body as its pressary with a banner year. The Templites are ident for the coming year. proud to introduce Virginia Wright, Isabelle They excel in everything they endeavorScott, Carol Zohn, Virginia Clark and Eileen a perfect description of this Beta Kappa trio . Anderson new members of Magnet Honor So- Norma Robeson, chapter pres ident, secretaryciety. ou'r Drexel Alpha Sigma 's look to Jean treasurer of the Green Door and recipient of Kellett, Nell Durst, Lois Young and Judy . the yearbook leadership award, Teresa CarlMainwaring, newly elected to Key and Tri- son , pres ident of the Green Door, and lead in angle,, as their ideal of Alpha Sigmality. "Junior Miss" and possessor of an enviable The sunshine state, California, presents a scholastic average, and to complete this terkey board ·celeb, Marguerite Gray . She was rific threesome-Laura Jo Lewis, chairman of selected as one of the ten most promising freshman orientation, a member of Sigma Tau artists in America . Another Alpha Sig star is Delta, and also a scholastic star. To our Iist Sarah Espey who was leader of the junior class of soro_r ity successes we add Mary Jean Larson at Northeast Missouri State . Her selection ·as of Beta Lambda, newly elected to Alpha Chi, vice-president of the Home Ec Club and as honorary fraternity . secretary of Kappa Omicron Phi further show We all wonder how one girl con do so much her leadership ability. -president of Masquers, vice-president of She's one hundred per from head to feet- French club, vice-president of Student Chr isyes, it would be hard to beat Ruth Sm ith of tian Association, and still the holder of a h igh Chi Chi chapter. Just look at her achieve- academic average-Phena Daniel of Beta Mu ments : president of · Theta Sigma, Home Ec is the wonder girl who has accomplished this . honor society, secretary of Lucina Hall , trea(Cont i nued on next page )



Two National Chairmen Appointed EMMA FROST

Emma Coleman Frost

When Alpha Sigmas from all over U. S. started to the New York World's Fair in 1939, they discovered that there was a welcome sign out for them in a home not far from Flushing Meadow. From that time on every ASA who came into New York even for a short time, phoned the owner and op~rator of the Park School of Cookery for a visit, or friendly advice. To people from all chapters, "Em" Frost was their tried and true friend! Her cordial, friendly spirit did much to drive away those "homesick blues" that tended to bother newcomers to the " Big City-" No wonder Em Frost is so well known to Alpha Sigma Alphas of all ages and colleges! Then it is little wonder that Em seems to be 'an ideal choice as one of the Chairmen for our new Alumnae Secretary work . As the plans go forward to inaugurate this program it appears that Em, with the aid of Chapter Alum-

nae Secretaries and Class Representatives, will work to bring our Alumnae records up-todate and keep them that way . We want our alumnae to keep pace with our sorority and its rapidly expanding alumnae program. Our goal is to make every ASA an active and enthusiastic alumna who is doing her share to make our sorority's influence felt in the fraternity world. Em's national spirit and enthusiasm should spur on this work to reach its goal. "Phoenix" readers will recall that our 1945 Wilma Wilson Sharp Alumna Award winner was Em Frost. Em's selection for this top alumnae honor in our sorority could be Gttributed to her service to ASA, her profession and her community. Her service as College Chapter President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and President of the New York Alumna Ch_apter are evidence of her long standing interest in ASA and its welfare. A graduate of the Home Economics Department of the New York College for Teachers at Buffalo and Columbia, University, Em has applied h~r training to teaching, work as a dietitian, supervisor of Home Economic problems, and guest lecturer . Her supper parties for Officers quartered in New York during War years meant much to the Army, Navy and Marine personnel. The cooperation of each and every ASA alumna together with Em's enthusiasm and devotion for her ASA responsibilities, guarantee the success of this new undertaking.

Alpha Sigma Alpha Scopes (Co ntinued from preceding page )

A girl with Alpha pep and go is Gamma Clio's Esther Palumbo, vice-president of Delta Psi Omega and feature writer on the school paper. Beta Xi presents Mildred Mahoney as its all round girl. Her fine service as treasurer of the student league, president of Alpha Sigma Omicron, and her election to Kappa Delta Pi show her versatility .


ETHEL BARRETT Many Alpha Sigma readers may not recognize on~ of our new Chairmen by her nome but if we soy this personality is better known to ASA's as "Billie" then on introduction is not necessary. After all, the regular "Phoenix" correspondent of the New York Alumnae Chapter for several years was Billie Barrett and her interesting stories made everyone feel they were actually in New York-meeting new members and participating in the many programs of that splendid chapter. However, to her new National office Billie brings an enviable service record in ASA, her profession and her community.


A native of Philadelphia "Billie" continued her education at Temple University where she was initiated into Kappa Kappa Chapter. As President of the Pledge Chapter she started up the AS~} ladder serving as Chapter Editor and Panhellenic representative. Her services were not only limited to the sorority for Billie was Vice-President of the Business Education Department and Department Representative to the Secondary Education Board. When she graduated from Temple with a degree in Business Education she started teaching in Jersey: It was then that Philly's loss was New York's gain for Billie joined the New York Alumnae Chapter. Aside from being a loyal member she has served as President, Vice-President, "Phoenix" Correspondent and was returned to the Presidency for this coming' year. No service is too great for Billie where ASA is concerned and to her new office she brings enthusiasm, loyalty and willingness to carry through all tasks assigned to her. Lest anyone should think ASA is Billie's one and only interest, let us tell you a bit about her other activities. After ~eceiving her Master's degree in Student Personnel Adl1'"1inistration from Columbia, a new .avenue of service opened to Billie. Starting off as an Assistant Counselor she so convinced her school of the need for a regular guidance de-

13 partment, that she was permitted to set up and administer a guidance center for the school and community . In addition to the regular guidance program for the school she operates a Junior Placement Service for students, grad-

Ethel E. Barrett

uotes and for any young people of the community. She has made two supplementary organizations of her bureau vital to commu.n ity welfare, namely the Veterans Guidance Bureau and a Baby-Sitters Agency. Is it any wonder that the students have such a high regard for their guidance director? If you should read some of Billie's summer experiences you might think it is a listing in an occupational dictionary. Some of these are: telephone operator, public secretary, adyertising copy writer, radio publicity director for the Philadelphia summer symphony and script writer for ten radio stations. Billie can certainly tell many interesting tales about celebrities she has met in her various positions. We know that Alpha Sigmas will greet the news of Billie's appointment with cheers for she will use her talents to "advance the interests of our Alumnae Department."



Rho Chi Chapter Installed at Wayne University, Detroit, Michigan army barracks and in former residential dwellings, but how many assemble in the choir loft of a neighboring church or in the former studio of a broadcasting station on the fifteenth floor of an office building. Those are only two of the places where the professors call the roll.

Main Entrance, Wayne Univers ity

Although the sidewalk campus of Wayne University may not seem too impressive to outsiders, it has gained the loyalty of many thousands of students puring the past few years . The University is still a baby in age, but it has grown to the proportions of a giant in size . Present enrollment is over fifteen thousand . The University as such has existed since 1933 at which time several existing colleges were joined together under one authority . The Detroit Medical College, founded in 1868, the Detroit Teacher's College, and the City Col lege of Detroit were the original members of the University . The University has been expanded to eleven special colleges . It is the only organization of its type to be under the direct control of a city board of education chosen by a direct vote of the people. The University is supported by both the school district of the City of Detroit and of Wayne County . Expansion shows all over the University. Temporary buildings have sprouted up on every vacant spot, while two new buildings are under construction . These are the first buildings to be erected especially for Univers ity use . Variety is offered in classrooms . Students at other universities may attend classes in ex-

Dr. David B. Henry, Pres ident, Wayne University


Growth is the fashion at Wayne and it is fitting that Sigma Rho Chi Sorority should grow too. That is why the members decided to heed the little birdie which was whispering in their ears about the wonderful national sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha . Last March, an application was filed with Mrs. Sharp in the National Office . Plans were quickly completed for the pledging ceremonies at the Whittier Hotel on Ju r.~e eighth . That pledging service marked the fourth time that the one group has changed its name . The organization began in 1922 as the Rural Club whose main purpose was to sponsor outdoor activities and sportsmanship among rural teachers, both men and women. This club was

NOVEMBER, 1947 one of the most active and the largest at the old Teacher's College . When the Teacher's College was joined to the City College of Detroit, the club admitted members from that college . SiQce the interests of the new members differed from those of the original members, the name was changed to the Rho Chi Club in 1932. While the club was a professional group, it received a small allotment from the College activity fund. When it began to operate after sorority rules, the financial aid was stopped . At the time of the incorporation of the Wayne University the Rho Chi Club was dissolved and a charter was drawn for Sigma Rho Chi Sorority. It was the first sorority to be chartered under Wayne University. The Chapter Alumnae organ rzation was founded in 1935.

15 ler Hotel rooms of Miss Evelyn Bell of Buffalo, National Alumnae Director, Miss Virginia Carpenter of Cleveland, National Vice-President, and Miss Joan Steinmiller of Buffalo, the National College Editor. On Sunday, the girls of the active chapter and two alumnae chapters assembled at Dearborn Inn for the ceremonies. Miss Bell and Miss Carpenter presided . They were assisted by Sue Marvin and Ann Stark of Pi Pi Chapter of Buffalo and Francis Huszarik and Verna Gilbert of Beta Theta Chapter of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan . Mary McKay of Beta Epsilon provided the background music .


Dinner at Dearborn Inn .

Sigma Rho Chi Officers and Installing Team .

The pledging ceremony last spring was combined with the Founders' Day services of Sigma Rho Chi . That affair was traditionally a formal which the undergraduates and alums recalled the past and hoped for the future . It seemed so appropriate and so beautiful to join Alpha Sigma Alpha at that time when the girls were feeling their unity so strongly. Our pledge pins were worn throughout the summer while plans ' were made for formal initiation and chapter installation on September fourteenth . Beautiful Dearborn Inn was the scene for the lovely ceremonies, a perfect background for the girls dressed in white. Since Wayne University is strictly a city college, it was not possible to follow the usual weekend program for installation. Officer's conferences were Saturday evening at the Stat-

Toward evening the AlphQ Sigma Alpha girls sat down to dinner. Jacqueline Joly, president of the Rho Chi Chapter, was toastmistress for the program which followed. Guests were presented by Mary E. Anuskavitz, past president of Rho Chi . Mary McKay played two piano selections before the toasts which were as follows: Aspire by Mrs . Ambrosia Ford of the Detroit Alumnae, Seek by Marion Tate of the Sigma Rho Chi Alumnae, and Attain by Miss Evelyn Bell . Preceeding the closing Hymn to Alpha Sigma Alpha路, Kay Helliar and Lyla Mathiak of Rho Chi sang Alpha Sigma Sweetheart. Perhaps a note of explanation 路would be in order .. There are two alumnae chapters in Detroit now . One is the previously established Detroit Alumnae Chapter and the other is the Rho Chi Alumnae Chapter which includes the graduates of Wayne University路. I don't have to tell you readers what our reactions were to the ceremon ies . Every Alpha Sig must feel that wonderful glow that seems to,grow out of one until it touches the girl next to you, It's marvelous!



Beta Pi Chapter Installed at Concord College, Athens, West Virginia

Seated , left to right : Ne llie Elli son, Betty Lou Lilly, Carmel Auciello, Joan Lus k, Dori s Whitten. Standing : Ann Bl oss, Helen Gallagher, Mary Do linger, Jewell Wright, Barbaro Guy, Mrs. Snead Camden , Mi ss Mari o n S. Powe ll .

CONCORD COLLEGE-PAST AND PRESENT Concord State Normal School located at Concord Church, now called Athens, Mercer County, West Virginia, was estab lished by on oct of the Legislature February 28, 1872. At this time , the village of Concord Church consisted of five families . The building , which was built by the community, was a small wooden structure, located on land donated to the state by a family of Martins. The building wa s erected on the site of the present day Training Schoo l building . The sch oo l was ope ned May 10, 1875, with Captain James Harvey French as principal and Ha n. William Reyn olds, assistant, and

continued for twenty weeks. Seventy students we~e enrolled at this session. The Legislature of 1885 appropriated five thousand dollars for a new building and three years later a further appropriation of three thousand dollars was mode . The school was continued in the building erected with these funds until February 1899 . The Legislature of 1897 mode on appropriation fo r a new building and this was used until it was destroyed by fire in November 1910 . The Legislature of 1911 appropriated funds to erect the building now occupied by the school as the Administration Building . Two years later the auditorium and laborato ry were added .

NOVEMBER, 1947 Concord State Normal School was later made into a standard four -year State Teachers College with full power to confer the Bachelor's Degree with Teaching Fields . The first Bachelor's Degree was conferred by Concord State Teachers College in June 1923 . The Women 's Dormitory, now known as the " old hall, " was built and ready for occupancy April 2, 1922. The "new hall" was completed March 27, 1937 . The Men's Hall , John Baker White Hall, was ready for occupancy in 1939 . During these years the new and modern Swimming Pool was constructed . During the war years 1943-1944 the college served as a training center for Arniy Air Corp Cadets. The last contingent left Concord's campus June 30, 1944 . In 1943 Concord State Teachers College was changed to Concord College with additional power and authority to grant the straight Bachelors degree in Art or Science without Teaching Fields. There are only two state supported schools which are not exclusive Teach~rs Colleges. They ore Marshall College , Huntington, and Concord .


around the open motto of Alpha Sigma Alpha , " Aspire, Seek, Attain ." Carmel Aucellib sang " Sweet Song of Long Ago," by Ernest Charles, accompanied by Nellie Ellison at the piano. Members and guests joined in the singing of " Alpha Sigma Sweetheart" and the Hymn to Alpha Sigma Alpha . In addition to the out-of-town guests, Presi dent and Mrs. Virgil H. Stewart, Dr. and Mrs. J . Frank MGJrsh , Dean and Mrs . David Kirby, Mrs . Louise Lovell , Mr . and Mrs. Julian Williams, Mr. and Mrs . A. A. Hadden, Mrs . C. J . Gerald and Mr. and Mrs . Robert Dwight were present. The members of Panhellenic Council were hostesses at a tea held Sunday, September 28, in the social room from 3 to 5 o'clock honoring the members of the Beta Pi chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, guests, adviser and patronesses . Carmel Aucellio, president of the new chapter and Mrs. Julian Wi II iams, adviser, were presented chrysanthemum corsages by Margaret Mabe, Sigma Sigma Sigma, president of the Panhellenic Council. 路 Those initiated were Carmel Aucellio, ' 49, of Welch; Betty Lou Lilly, '48, vice-president, of Hinton; Doris Witten, '49, secretary, of THE CEREMONIES Gary; Nellie Ellison, '48, treasurer, of Beckley; ~路 Beta Pi chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, a Joan Luck, '49路, registrar, of Williamson; new sorority on the Concord campus, made its . Jewell Wright, '48 , chaplain, of Rock; Bardebut on September 27th. bara Guy, '48, of Waitville; Mary Louise DolCharter members were initiated by national linger, '50, of Bluefield and Catherine Matofficers of the sorority and representatives thews, of Hinton, now a student at Richmond from other chapters in nearby colleges. In- Professional Institute, Richmond, Virginia . The sorority patronesses are : Mrs . A. A. stalling officers were Miss Marion S. Powell, national registrar of Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. Hadden and Mrs. C. J . Gerald, of Athens . Snead Camden, national fellowship chairman of Chatham, Virginia. Other participants in the ceremonies were the Misses Anne Bloss and Helen Gallagher of the Rho Rho chapter, Marshall college, Huntington, and Mrs. Julian Williams, adviser of the Beta Pi chapter. The installation banquet was held at 7 :00 o'clock, September 27, in the club room of the West Virginian Hotel in Bluefield . The banquet hall was appropriately decorated with mixed flowers, effectively carrying out a color scheme of green and gold . 路 Carmel Aucelli presiding as toastmistress, presented the local guests and Mrs. Snead Camden presented the out-of-town guests. ASA NATIONAL OFFICERS Mary Louise Dollinger played "Claire DeSeated, left to right: Helen Carey, Wilma Sharp, Virginia Lune," by DeBussey as a piano solo. Toasts Carpenter, Esther Bucher, Genevieve Leib . were presented by Betty Lou Lilly, Nellie Standing : Evelyn Bell, Marian Powell , Phon Johnso n, Ellison and Marion S. Powell . They centered Eloise Proctor, Polly Schlosse r.


18 .


MISS ALPHA S. ALPHA If anyone knows the whereabouts of the two songs we're· looking for, please sound the alarm . DESCRIPTION : Music and lyrics of one song must be original. The second song may be a parody but send the nome of the tune to which it is sung . . REWARD :

The undying gratitude of your music chairman .

Must be captured and returned by December 1st to Mrs. A . L. Hellrich Box 1021, Colgate University Hamilton, New York or we send out the blo9dhounds!

~!ll GN gyFDR ~PDN~OR[D

ALP~A Kansas

Apr; I



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Scholarship Par Excellence, a Goal for ASA's Goal Achieved in 1946-1947 Patsy Boudreaux, Beta Zeta , graduated first in class of three hundred two at Southwestern Institute at Lafayette, Louisiana. Marvi s Brewington, Eta Eta, won the A A U. W . Scholarship Award at Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas. Iris Wheatley Dolin, Rho Rho, highest grades of all sorority girls at Marshall College, 路 Huntington, West Virginia. .Sara Ross Flets, Beta Mu, only initiate of Kappa Delta Pi at Henderson State Teachers College , Arkadelphia, Arkansas . Marian Mandley, Pi Pi, awarded the Jesse Ketcham Medal for high scholarship at State Teachers College, Buffalo, New York. Straight "A" Averages for the. Entire Year! . Alpha Beta : Annabel Blankenhorn. Alpha Gamma : Madalyn Conrath , Natalie Keller. Kappa Kappa : June Houseknecht, Janet Panton . Eta Eta : Mavis Brewington . Phi Phi : Betty Johnson . Rho Rho : Iris Wheatley Dolin . Beta Eta: Margaret Reid, Carol Thompson , Barbara Wensel. Bet~ Eta : Bernadel Tillquist, Delores Braaten, Ethel Gion . Good Teachers are NeededGrade "A"-The Best! Alpha : Patsy Dale, Bettie Parrish, Lucille Upshur. Alpha Gamma : Mary Elizabeth Carroll , Madalyn Conrath, Natalie Keller, Eleanor Wilson, Betty Jane Sponaugle, Helen Mease, Marjorie Lewellyn, Marjorie Beck, Janice Sharbaugh, F'lorence Schatz . Beta Beta: Geraldine Hanselman, . Edith Joppa, Patsy Wh itman Gamma Gamma : Roberta Taylor Van Pelt. Epsilon Eps ilon : Polly Murry, Beverly Jordan . Zeta Zeta: AI ice Fisher, Mattie Ross, Betty Urban . Eta Eta : Colleen Mickie, Chris Cottrell . Theta Theta : Theresa Farrington, Laura Mallordi, Barbara Mulcahy, Edith Smith, Marion Walsh, Emily Bartley. Kappa Kappa : June Seitz, Virginia Wright, Isabelle Scott, Joanna Tyson, Carol Zahn, Florence Chambers . Nu Nu : Ruth Shellhamer, Lois Young , Judy Mainwaring, Polly Roge rs . Pi Pi : Betty Short, Marian Mandley, Betty Corkery. Rho Rho : Mary Margaret DeSale . Chi Chi : Barbara Dietrich, 路Francis Miller, Marjorie Stafford, Jean Taylor. Psi Psi : Susan Jones, Betty Sue Allison . Beta Gamma : Lavalle Short, lrmalee Stie rwalt. Beta Delta : Louise Carter, Sarah Deve r. Beta Epsilon : Jane Morgan, Martha

Lee, Laura Virginia Foltz. Beta Theta : Jesse Milne . Beta Kappa : Patricia Ball, Betty Jeanne Pogue, Jean Hemphill . Beta Lambda : Beverly Burket, Eva Brown . Beta Mu : Louise Chambers . Beta Zeta : Catherine Arceneaux, Patsy Boudreaux, Rose Marie Breaud, Yves LeBlanc . Gamma Clio : Anna Carro, Betty Clancy, Winifred Fuller, Mary O'Conner, Carol Whitaker. Highest Scholastic Average of Campus Sororities Entire year-Alpha Beta (fifth time in seven years), Betty Gamma. Fall semester-Eta Eta, Beta Nu . Brains Plus Beauty! All Grades in Chapter Above "C" Average Entire year-Kappa Kappa , Beta Eta, Beta Theta, Beta Gamma , Xi Xi . Fall semester-Eta Eta , Theta Theta, Beta Nu, Beta Kappa . Chapter Scholastic Averages for 1946-1947 Mem be rs

Beta Eta Beta Iota .... . ....... . Beta Nu . . . . .... ... . . Beta Gamma ... .. . . . . . Theta Theta . ..... ... . Eta Eta .. ... . . . ... .. . Alpha Beta .. ... ..... . Chi Chi ............. . Alpha ..... . .. .. . . . . . Kappa Kappa . .... . . . . Gamma Gamma . . . ... . Beta Epsi Ion . .. .. . . . . . Beta Zeta ..... 路 . . .. . . . Beta Kappa .... . . .. .. . Alpha Gamma . . ... . . . . Pi Pi ... . . . . . . .. ... . . Beta Beta . . ... .. ... . . Gamma Clio . ....... . . Beta Theta .. . ... . ... . Sigma Sigma . .. . . . ... . Tau Tau . . . . ... .. . .. . X i Xi . . . ... . . . . ... . . Zeta Zeta . ......... . . Nu Nu . . . .. .. . .. . ... . Beta Xi . . ... .. .... . . . Phi Phi ..... . . .. . . .. . Rho Rho .. . . . . . ..... .

2.38 2.07 2.03

1.91 1.7-8 1.77 1.73 1.69 1.69 1.67 1.67 1.66 1.65 1.65 1.65 1.61 1.58 1.57 1.57 1.49 1.47 1.38 1.35 1.33 1.33 1.23 1.18

18 63 44

27 14

55 49 46 47

52 20

65 45 30 30

73 34

42 13 30

19 16 29 59 35 46

Polly Schlosser, National Scholarship Cha irman


ANNUAL ALPHA ALPHA AWARD AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY During the last student assembly in May, 1947, when other student honors were presented, Eileen Magie was recognized as the most outstanding Freshman girl in the School of Education , Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

21 As you can easily see Eileen was a busy person in High School and during her first year in Miami University. Her scholarship average for the year was 3 .63 which is excellent. The old saying that "when you really want a good chairman ask a busy person" is certainly true in Eileen's life. We will follow Eileen through Miami and we can expect her to be a leader in campus activities as well as retaining a high scholarship average . This is the ninth annual fifteen dollar cash award given by Alpha Alpha of Alpha Sigma Alpha and is truly a fine concrete way of keeping the Sorority's name on the student Honor Iist.



Eileen had a most unusual record of high scholarship and ' many participation activities during her high school years. Her high school activities were : Dramatics Club; Triple Trio (2 years); Band (4 years); Junior and Senior Class Plays; Editor of Senior Yearbook; National Honor Society; Student Council; Given war bond at commencement for highest scholastic average in the class. In her Comm~nity she was : 4-H Leader, 1946 and 1947; Assistant 4-H Leader, 1945; 1946 State Fair Style Revue; 4-H Camp D1rector; . Junior Fair Superintendent; Delegate to first Junior Leadership Camp at Camp Ohio, 1946; One of ten outstanding 4-H members in Butler County, 1945; Butler County Rural Youth; Monroe Grange (lecturer and lady assistant steward); American Youth Foundation Company (Shelby, Michigan, 2 weeks); National 4-H Camp, Washington, D. C. ; Editor of Camp newspaper. On Campus Eileen has been : Chairman, Religion In Life Week; Chairman, Red Cross Drive; Choral Union; Home Economics Club; Kappa Phi Cabinet, 1947-48; Cwen Treasurer; Sophomore Counselor; and Y.W .C.A. Membership Committee, 1947-48 .

Alpha ............ ... ...... . . 100. Alpha Beta .............. . ... . 91.43 Alpha Gamma .... . .......... . 100. Beta Beta ............ ... .. .. . 89.28 Gamma Gamma .. . ... .. . ...... 路 77 .57 Epsilon Epsilon . .. .. ........ . . . 93.57 Zeta Zeta ... . . .... .. . . ... .. . . 96.43 Eta Eta .................... . . 82. 14 Thet-a Theta ....... 路 .......... . 94 .3 Kappa Kappa . . .. . . .. ... . .... . 100. Nu Nu .. . . . ....... . ........ . 94 .3 Xi Xi ...... ..... ....... . .... . 80 .7 Pi Pi ....................... . 97 . 1 Rho Rho .......... . . .. . .. ... . 73.57 Sigma Sigma . .. ... ........ .. . . 91.43 Tau Tau .. .. .. ... ...... . . . .. . 81.85 Phi Phi . . .. .. ..... ..... . . . .. . 97 . 1 Chi Chi ...... .. .... ... ..... . . 100. Psi Psi .. . ....... ........ .. : . . 85. Beta Gamma ................. . 100. Beta Delta . . . ...... .. ... . ... . 80. Beta Epsi Ion ........... , ..... . 93.6 87.43 Beta Zeta .. .. .. ..... ..... ... . Beta Eta .. ...... . .. .. ... .... . 97 . 1 91.43 Beta Theta ..... . .. . .. ... . ... . Beta Iota ..........路 ......... . . 100. 93 .57 Beta Kappa ................. . . 91.43 Beta . Lambda .... . . . ... . . .. .. . 84.3 Beta Mu ................... . . 98 .57 Gamma Clio ................. . Beta Nu .. . . .. .. . ........... . 100. 92. Beta Xi ... .. . ... ... ...... .. . .

All for One Once for All Ten Dollars for Fellowship and Philanthropic Projects


Send to :

Mrs. Snead Camden Chatham, Virginia

onfri bution





Welcome Detroit Rho Chi and Houma, louisiana Alumnae Chapters





Marion Tate

Mary Elizabeth Erbaugh

Effie M . Downer

Jean B. Siegenthaler

Shirley J . Hornke

Geraldine M . Gibson



Isabelle E. Smith

Betty Ludwig

Rose K. Smithson

Margaret Thomson

Elizabeth Sowell

Betty Jean Jones

Maiden Name

Married Name

Lucille Toups

Mrs. Riley Rhodes

Lolita Watkins

Mrs. Stanley Anderson

Stella Dreyer

Mrs. Leonce Richard

Frances Allen

Mrs. W . C. McElveen

Velma Rhodes Shirley Rhodes

Patricia S. Woolever Jane Maul

Betty Ponche

Mrs. Russell Hebert

Margaret J . Dunford Ellen Imboden

Merrell Tucker

Mrs . C. D. Chauvin

Jeane T. Turner

Yves LeBlanc

Betty Jane Hathaway

Betty Graham

Mae Daigle

Mrs . Ray Thibodeau ·



President Miss Marion Tate, 1172 Bird Avenue, Detroit, Michigan .

President-Mrs. C. D. Chauvin, 718 Barrow Street, Houma, Louisiana .

Treasurer Miss Margaret Saulter, 2656 Bla)ne, Detroit, Michigan .

Treasurer-Mrs. Riley Rhodes, 189 Gouau x Avenue, Houma, Louisiana . .

Editor ·_ Miss Ellen Imboden, 18637 Cherry Lawn, Detroit 21 , Michigan .

Editor-Mrs . Raymond Thibodeaux, 711 Sutton Avenue, Houma , Louisiana .

The National Council, of Alpha Sigma Alpha announces the following chapter installation dates : Beta Sigma-Southwest M issouri State College, Springfield, Missouri ... November 1, 1947 Beta Rho--Northern Illinois State Teachers College, DeKalb, Illinois ... . . . February 7 , 1948 Springfield, Missouri , Alumnae Chapter .. . ...... . . ........ .. ..... November 1, 1947



NEWS LETTERSAlumnae Chapters

AKRON, OHIO Dear Alpha Sigs: When Akron's Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma AI. pha held its September meeting, the rooms buzzed with greetings and bits of summer news. A corn roa st planned for members and their families in August was cancelled because Akron's polio epidemic was then at its heighth, so most of us had not seen each other si nce the June meeting . Lo ui se Holt and Dorothy Scott took summer work at Akron Univers ity and Ohio State, respectively. Peggy Sands t old of a most interest ing trip t o Yellowstone National Park, and Beth W ashko recounted an enjoyable trip to Canada. Three of our members, Beth Washko, Louise Holt, and Given Spiers recently attended a Junior League Provis ional Course and Loui se made a report on the course. We are continuing o ur project with the Summit Count y Children's Home . Every child receives a birthday card with a dime enclosed . Our members ta ~e turns addressing and mailing these cards. Our prog ram committee gave us beautiful program booklets, on the front page of which was the following poem by one of our members. ODE TO ASA ALUMNAE Girls of Akron ASA we be, Either moth ers or teachers all are we. At our meetings we have such fun, We "air our problems with everyone. It's, " How did you ever get Johnny to eat? Did you threaten or coax or spank hi s little seat? " Or, "I n school , how do you make work see m like play? " "What did you do at you r last P. T. A.?" Yes, we " gab," but that's not all we doWe think of all kinds of ways That so me money we can rai se To give a lift here and give one there, To take on a project and problems we share . We make ou rse lves useful by doing so me good, By helping along others as everyone should . Helen Snyde r Yours since rely, Doroth y H. Scott

ALVA, OKLAHOMA Dear Alumnae: Since this is to be a news lette r, I su ppose that vacation trips and residence changes should come first. The real "trippers" of Gamma Gamma were Edna Do nl ey, Pauline Haworth and Alma Lois Rodgers. These fair ladies t ook an auto trip to and along the " Atlantic Coast Line"-that is they started from Alva , driving in

Edna 's car, and visited in Nebraska , Illinoi s, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia . The most outstanding events were the national conve ntion of Delta Kappa Gamma and "sitting in" on one session of U. N. at Lake Success. As ASA's, th e ir greatest joy was dining with â&#x20AC;˘ Em Frost in New York City. Really their report of Em and her husband thrilled every one at our Alumnae meeting in September. Racine Spicer attended the international convention of A. A. U. W. a s a representative of the Murray, Kentucky Branch , in Ottawa , Canada . She reports a most interesting meeting as well as a pleasant trip. By the way-Racine is now teaching in the Kansa s Wesleyan University in Salina , Kansas. She felt it wise to get nearer to her mother, who is not in perfect health. Both she and Alma Lois Rodgers are members of Wesleyan faculties . Alma lois is in Lincoln , Nebraska. Northwestern State College, Alva , is celebrating its Fiftieth Anniversary this year. October 24 is HomeComing Day. At that time Oklahoma . Northwestern Education Association is meeting in Alva . A special committee is preparing to make the 24th an ideal day. Every alumni of the college¡ is invited to participate in the parade and the ceremonies of this occasion. Locall y, the college chapter has just gone through a hectic rushing season. The girls were very successful and pinned ribbons on nine very fine young ladies. Queer, but true , nine was the number each of the four sororities on the campus pledged. Our enrollment of girls is very much Iess-in proportion, to the boys. - The college is full of G. I.'s . That is much to the delight of the feminine students . Minnie Shockley

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Hear ye! Hear y~! Hear ye! From the land of the bean and the cod! Summer's over and all 's well! Edith Howlett spent the summer getting healthy through swimming, hiking, mountain climbing and boating in Maine and New Hampshire . Gertrude Calvert journeyed to Ohio with her husband and three sons. Mabie B. Peterson was wonderfully lazy all summer with time spent at Kennebunkport, Maine, Cape Cod and Northfield. Ruth Fletcher so journed in Fitzwilliam , N. H., for three weeks with her family consisting of one husband and two daughters. Ruth Scallon achieved her Maste r of Education with Dr. Durrell at Boston University, School of Education . Dorothy Currier, our new alumnae pres ident, was in Maine the gr~ater part of the summer. Ruth Mayo, our past alumnae president, made oodles of money having charge of her camps on Cape Cod. Evelyn Christianse n did nothing amu si ng except enjoy her daughter and young son, Robert. Mary Nevi lle was presented with twins the last of August. All three are doing nicel y, thank you.

NOVEMBER, 1947 Bernice Galloway took a Red Cross course on Textile Painting which she will use later in her teaching at the Chelsea Naval Hospital. Laura McQuide received her Master of Arts degree from Boston University. Betty Hull Fox is the proud mother of a baby girl. Marie Poland lived in a tent by a lake on Cape Cod near a Y.M .C.A. camp with one small son while the rest of the family were real "honest-to-goodness" campers. All is well! All is well! Marie Poland, Town Crier

BUFFALO, NEW YORK Greetings! Looking forward to Alpha Sig activities is certainly a compensation for the end of a summer vacation . Don't you agree? And before we tell our current news, we'd like to take you back to our lovely June luncheon . Our brides of the year were honored with dainty crepe-paper corsages which showed much time and effort on the part of Reva Kahn and her committee . The graduates, too, as special guests found their college years symbolized by clever mortar boards fashioned out of paper. Our future alumnae were welcomed formally by our President, Kay Strickland, as Joan Steinmiller took some lovely pictures of the group. It was a joy to greet the incoming group, and particularly to present the Alumnae award for scholarship to Marion Mandley whose average for the accelerated course of three years was 3. 72. ' Those of us who wander back to the campus during the year, knew that Jean Whiting was well-deserving of the Activity award for outstanding contributions to the college and sorority. The first director's meeting at Reva's sounded like a well-rounded travelogue. We found that Connie Batt, Reva, and路 Marg Rosche had been ' north of the border" relaxing at some of the Canadian lake resorts, while Flossie Hamlin had been "tenting" on the shores of Lake 路 Ontario. With her two young babies along, we agreed that she was most energetic. Melvina Holzman told us about her New York City sojourn, crowded with plays and dinners at lovely places, and President ".Kay" mentioned a trip to Maryland . Her unusual return trip, however, made us most envious. It was a test flight of a C-82 or "Flying-Box-Car," and. they made a special stop in Syracuse just for her! Phyl Tatu's vacation topped all mileage records with a sightseeing trip to California. We heard her comparing notes with past "conventioners" and they seemed to have found many of the same wonderful sights. After a visit on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, a wonderful evening with Ruby Fitch Nelson and family in Westfield, New Jersey, and a few days in New York City, high-lighted by the "Starlight Roof," I settled down in the College Co-op. It was a popular place to be when people like Ev Bell and Jean Vedder were daily visitors. They had their arms loaded down with books and were really "gunning." After "exams," Ev left far a grand visit with her family in Maryland. Marg Braun calmly reported that she and her family spent an evening at Marg Robertson's cottage in Canada . .. but, then added, that it was so pleasant, they stayed all week! None of us could compete with that, so we started to makes plans for the coming year. As the reports were given, Courtesy Chairman Connie drew a deep breath and asked far a secretary . . . One peek at the statistics in the back and you will understand . Our very best wishes and congratulations to all of them!

25 Our "gala first 7 night" with the entire group was spent at Hildegarde Kai ser's lovely home . After a delicious chop suey supper arranged by Clair Crocker Holland, thirty of us gathered in the living room to get acquainted with our 1947 members. After committee reports, our Co-sisters, Barbara LaVigne and Charlotte Miller were busy making notes to carry back to the active chapter. We were especially pleased to find two under-graduates, Ginny Heinold, and Fannier Erdell in our midst. They gave a glowing picture of tfi e off-campus formal dance held recently at Kleinhans Music Hall, and ~xtended invitations to their "Shipwreck" rush party and formal tea at the Park Lane. The rumors about "courtesy shopping" from Marg Braun's committee had us in suspense until we found out at a special meeting that Sears and Roebuck Company has .given us an opportunity to earn $1 00 by our volunteer services as " shoppers." They are quite specific in qualifying the merchandise to be "shopped ." For example, wouldn't you like to be near by when Jeanie Steinmiller starts looking for long-sleeved, high neck, long-legged ladies' woolen underwear? I'll tell you the results when I write again . Until then, Buffalo alums wish you all a most pleasant and successful year. Love in ASA, Marjorie F. Suggs

CANTON, OH 10. Dear Alpha Sigs : Our first meeting of the year turned out to be more of a social gathering than a business meeting. Unfortunately our president, Janice Marsh, could not be with us. The evening was spent reminiscing and enjoying the delightful luncheon prepared by our hostess June Reigle DeHinden, (Delta Delta) of Massillon. Our chapter is small and our combined activities are not too great. However, individually our members are interested in various projects . . Three of the mare important ones are three .new babies, only one of whom will be a future Alpha Sig. Dorothy Stough Roth, 00, had a baby girl , Phyllis Jean, November 30, 1 946 . Betty Little Harner, KK , and Dr. Ron adopted a baby boy, Ronald James in March, 1947. He was a year old August 14. Mary Donze Miller, 00, had a boy, Dennis Leonard, on June 7 , 1947. Margie Schlott Crawford, 00, was president of Plain Center School P.T .A. for the past two years. Their annual carnival was held last month and Margie and Mary Miller were very active IT)embers of the committee that made the carnival a financial success. Margie and Dottie Oeffinger are Program Chairmen for the year, and while they have not divulged the year's program, we know they have something fine in store for us. Dottie Bausher Oeffinger has had a busy summer and foil attending auctions and antique sales. Our president, Janice Rate Marsh, 00, is Brownie leader for Troop 75, Belle Stone School. She is also chairman of the nominating committee for the Town Garden Club. Sue Sanford Campbell , 00, is Vice-President of the P.T.A. at Avondale School. She is making arrangements for us to have a booth at the Christmas Bazaar held in the Avondale School in December. This is sure to be one of the money making projects for ~he year. Sue also has charge of the Readers Digest subscriptions. The money we received from the Digest last year helped our budget considerably. . Kay Faulk Giltz, 00, and her family of Massillon, vacationed in the West this summer. They traveled to


26 Gallup, Phoenix, Albuquerque and Denver. While in Gallup they attended the Indian Ceremonials. Kay and June DeHinden were co-chairmen of the Social Committee for Whittier School in Massillon. They put on a benefit to raise money for playground equipment and went over the top. Kay is also Room Mother for the second grade, in Whittier School. Mary Louise Carmello Carfagno, 00, has had an extremely busy summer. In addi.tion to helping her husband, who is a wholesale distributor, Mary Louise has canned 250 jars of fruits and vegetables. We have lost one member. Betty Andrews La Monica, 00, moved to 500 Woodside Rd., Forest Hills, Pittsburgh. We are going to miss her. Emmy Schlott Calhoun, 00, has added laurels to our group by being elected President of Canton Junior Woman's Club . Emmy also was auctioneer for our White El ep hant Sale last year. That turned out to be one of our most lucrative meetings. Betty Little Harner, KK, is a membe路r of the Governing Board of the Woman 's Auxiliary of the Stark County Medical Society. Jane Weible Urban, Upsilon Upsilon, has given up her position as Music Supervisor of Jackson Townshi p Scho0l, and is devoting her time to directing three choirs, and teaching voice . She is a member of the Board of the Avondale School P. T . A. , and also is De n Mother for a Cub scout troop. Our October meeting is to be held at the home of Sue Campbell. We are having our Founders' Day Dinner at Congress Lake Country Club, but more of that in our next news letter. We hope if any Alpha Sigs move into our -vicinity they will contact us. We are anxious to enlarge our chapter and will make them more than weicome. Betty Little Harner \

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA The first meeting of the year was he ld in the form of a luncheon at the home of Margie Hoover Heisey in Rheems, with Frances Atkins Duffy and Helen Heagy Wenger as assisting hostesses. Eleven Alpha Sigs enjoyed the delicious food, a good visit and made p lans for the year. The next two r;neetings will be held in conjunction with the Temple Home-co ming week-end and the K.K. alumnae dinner with the third get-together at the time of the regional meeting for this section of the country. The spring meeting will be held in York, at the home of Hester Snyder, and will be in honor of graduating college chapter Alpha Sigs who will reside in the Central Pennsy lvania area and be potential members. The Fall meeting for 1948 will be held in the garden of the new home of our president, Eleanor Dobler Brown . Carol E. Williams, of Bethlehem, was a guest ot our luncheon and showed a great deal of interest in trying to revive the Eastern Pennsylvania Alumnae Chapter that di sbanded during the war. We wish her success! Many honors have come to the members of our group-Helen Witmyer received a gold trophy from the State Deportment of the American Legion for the outstanding Child Welfare Report. This trophy was awarded at the State Convention. You will recall the recent article written for the " Phoeni x" by Helen who was a WAVE during the war. Margie Hoover Heisey is vice-president of the Eliza beth Hughes Society which is o small local woman 's club .

Hester Snyder is program chairman for the York College Club for a two year period. June Smith is President of the Lancaster College Club for a two year period and vice-president of the Lancaster Soroptimist Club. Gerald ine Smith is president of the Lancaster Soroptimist Club . Virginia Hoffman was chairman of the Baby Parade for the New Holland Farm Show. In fact this important position kept her away from the luncheon meeting . Mary Wilson Aungst continues her work with the Red Cross in Harrisburg and plans to register in a school of Social Service for exte nsion work this winter. We lost two members of our chapter-Ann Slifer, who has moved路 back home to be with her mother who is in ill health and to teach physical education in Williamsport High School; and Freida Bunting Kasisky, who is teaching in Chesapeake City, Maryland, and feels she路 is too far away to be able to travel to meetings . We shall miss these girls. s. June Smith

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Dear Alpha Sigs: Isn't it fun to meet a sorority sister quite suddenly and unexpectedly years and years after you have both left college? That was my most pleasant experience on September 29th, when I entertained the Charleston Alumnae group. It was my first meeting with the new group formed here in the spring . Somehow, something always prevented my meeting with them . In September, I promised that nothing would interfere so I entertained them in my home. The calling committee had been very much at work1 didn't even know some of the girls who planned to be here, and I was really looking forward to the evening. Imagine my surprise to see Edith Grogan Shafer, who was a sister Rho Rho back in the old days when keeping a sorority house was really work-from 1929 to 1933 . There were times, I'm afra id, when the business of the group was a little side-tracked to allow memories the right-of-way. Among other things I learned that Agnes Snyder, who was with us then, has become Head Physic-' Therapist of the E.T.O. When we were in school, Ag;,es worked port-time in the Orthopedic Hospital in Hunting ton. I truly loved seeing "Ed ie" again. Also--please let me brag a little-we had wit h us Mrs. Louise Carper, '.Yhom you know a s one of the Founders, but whom we know os a member of our group. Isn't that something to brag about? . During the summer the very alert program committee had set up a most interesting schedule for the coming yea r. Attractively typed copies were sent to the members, so that we have no excuse for allowing anything to interfere with meet ings. I thought it was clever of them to alternate meeting dates between Wednesdays and Saturdays. Some of our planned meetings are a Hallowe'en luncheon for October, Founders' Day Program (we hope with Rho Rho's from Marshall ) in November, Christmas luncheon with actives home for the holidays, White Elephant sale in January, Valentine luncheon in February-Who sa id it was difficult to provide a varied program? With girls like Annette Gruher and Evelyn and Pauline Haile and Lillian Maynard nothing is impossible. They ore wonderful officers. Will hove more to tell you next time . Eloise Keller


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS The first fall meeting is always the most exciting one of the whole year- catching up with what everyone else has been doing all summer and hearing about new plans for the fall season . Everyone wonts to talk at once --and does. Not many of us hod seen each other since the June meeting at Eleonore Thomas' home in Glenview, when we almost ron a race with the stork, and at that time Jeanne Ramsey volunteered to be the hostess for the September meeting . As usual , Jeanne served a perfectly delicious luncheon-chicken salad with a heavenly dessert. The main topic of conversation was Eleonore Thomas' new son, who was born about a week after her June luncheon . Although the Thomas' already hove two lively young sons, th!!Y were only too glad to welcome Billy. Eleonore's sister, June Smith, come to toke core of Donald and Chuck, not to mention Tommy, Sr., but was called home because of the serious illness of her mother who, we were sorry to hear, passed away a few day~ later. We were all surprised and disappointed by the news that our president-elect, Mary Weinburg, hod decided to give up her office job here in Chicago and go bock to her home town to teach again. We hate to lose Mary as she was one of , our most enthusiastic younger members, but know that she will be happy teaching in the some school with her mother in Augusto, Illinois. Alice Jones, Mary's former roommate in Oak Pork, was unable to be 'present but promised to see us at the October meeting . , By popular demand Jeanne Ramsey was persuaded to toke over the job of president for the coming year, and in spite of her many activities of teaching and running her house, we know we con always count on Jeanne . We 路 now hove enough afghan squares to make our third afghan. We hove already turned in two, we ore proud to announce. We were all glad to hedr that Frances Weegor' s little four-year-old Dickie is recovering nicely from the rheumatic fever which he contracted lost spring . We ore always anxious to welcome any new Alpha Sigs who move into the Chicago area. Dorothy Masters

CLEVELAND, OHIO Although it is a bit on the ancient. history side, the Cleveland Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha would like to get a word in about its election-of-officers meeting which ' wos held April twenty-sixth at Georgia Kurtz's. Georgia and Leota Merion provided us with p sumptuous lllnch which served as inspiration for the afternoon's labor-knitting afghan blocks. Since the knitting progressed so well, we seized the opportunity to elect officers for the coming year. The result was that, in spite of her protests, Ruth Duffy was elected to the Presidency. Georgia Kwrtz will do the honors as Vice-President and Treasurer, Martha Barch will be the new Secretory, and I shall corry on as the "Phoenix" correspondent for onother year. We decided to send Betsy Besse a bothinette for her impending "guppie", and discussed 路 programs for the coming year. Gino Carpenter suggested that, since we hove three veterans' hospitals in the immediate vicinity, the buying of a book projector for one of them, perhaps Crile, might be a goal for our fall and winter activities. On June 7, Jupiter Pluvious come through in fine style to supply a first class deluge, but since we knew lunch

27 would be waiting , we skipped gaily over the puddles to Ruth Duffy's house. Were we surprised to find our long absent chum, Helen Swart, very much present and lending Ruth a hand with the luncheon preparations ! Leta Crawford's enchanting daughter-in- law, Jean, was a special guest, along with Ado Harvey's small Susan . Along with the afghan assembling, your correspondent prodded all for news items and come up with the following-Ruth Voorhees' daughter, Janice, from Kirksville, Missouri, was recently a guest of Bernie DeTchon . Harry and Georgia Kurtz will be attending the Kiwanis convention in Chicago, June 29 to July 3, and 路then will be trekking on to Wisconsin for a vocation . Helen Swart's "little" Jock will arrive June 10 from Faribault Minnesota, where he is attending Shattuck Militor~ School. "Big" Jock Swart is expected home . from Venezuela some time in August. Esther Coote's son Bill and three chums from Case ore hitch hiking to Ada' Ne~odo where they intend to spend the summer worki~g in th~ copper mines. Sounds like wonderful experience for on engineer! Leta Crawford is vastly pleased that she is going to be the first grandmother in the group. Ruth reminded us to save soles tax stomps to help finance our winter activities, and to save July 26 for our annual big summer get-together at the Barch's in Briar Hill. Although July 26 downed fair and bright, there really is no kindness in the weather man, and he let it gloom up and rain by noon, the meonie . The heavy dew quelled most of the enthusiasm for swimming, but Fred and Martha solved the problem of "what to do while it rained" by serving cocktails until the sun shone again . When it did, all twenty-eight of us rushed pell mell out of doors, with Bob DeTchon and Rolph Besse spearheading the attock for the table tennis, and Dick Fry and Jock Greer making a bee line for the badminton court. Everyone hod a fling at the croquet and horse shoes, too, before the day was over. Although it was a fine turnout, we did miss Gino Carpenter, Ruth Duffy and the Kurtz's, who were vacationing . Betsy Besse reported that her month-old Richard was progressing nicely, and Bernie DeTchon is completely recuperated and once again working determinedly on her golf game. On the guest list were Kay and Ricky Barch's friends, Marcia and Richard Cromer, and Phyllis Greer's mother, Mrs. Leah Johnston, from St. Petersburg, Florida . Our pot-luck dinner provided .such on amplitude of food that we were all content to climax a super day by sitting about leisurely and singing. Our first fall meeting, a downtown one, in on effort to lure both the east and west side 路residents, was a luncheon at Higbee' s Silver Grille, on October fourth. The small number present prevented our deciding any very weighty problems, but Ruth relayed Gino Carpenter' s suggestion that we hold some evening meetings so the girls who work Saturdays might be able to attend . Separate east and west side meetings might also improve the attendance record . In future we plan to reserve the first Saturday of each month for our meeting, which will give us a definite dote to work from. We enjoyed our luncheon and meeting, but all ended up with stiff necks, strained, no dougt while looking for Leta Crawford, who hod promised to be present. See next issue for the answer to the burning question, "What become of Leta?" As for us, we'll find out November 1, when Helen Swart will be entertaining us, with the west siders providing a pot luck luncheon for Founders' Day. Phyllis Greer


28 COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO Dear Alpha Sigma Alphas: The Colorado Springs Alumnae group was active th roughout the summer months with the regular business meetings spiced with bridge, picnics, a stork shower for Ve na Crowde r, and a cabin party for the families in the hills. The short summer has now been replaced by the incomparable beautiful Colorado autumn . With this change from summer to autumn come plans for the winter, set in motioo by the installation of officers for the new year. We enjoyed a deliciously prepared dinner at this time in the home of Mildred Truman . The meeting was opened by our retiring president, Virginia Maloney, who presided during the impressive consecration service. The new officers were then installed and the meeting was in their hands. The following officers for 1947-1948 are : President-Mildred Larson Truman, BB ; Vice-Presi dent-Lois Young Borst, BB; Secretary-Helen Ruth Wilcoxon Hoffman, BB; Treasurer-Virginia Shepherd, BB; Phoeni x Correspondent-Helen Edwards Shoup, AA; and Welfare Chairman-Grace Harris Lloyd, BB . Grace Lloyd ha s again graciously accepted the respon sib ility of Social Service and Welfare Chairman . You know Grace has done a sterling piece of work as Regional Social Service Chairman for the Red Cross. Coupling the Red Cross work with ours gave Grace no idle hours, I am sure. Through her contacts in distributing magazines, clothing and cheer, she has built a high ASA respect. Plans are being made for a reunion of ASA's at the luncheon at the Daniels-Fisher Tea Room in Denver, October 24th, during the Teache rs' Convention. We are hop ing all ASA's will be inspired to help make this a memorable event. In the next bulletin from, Colorado Springs we will tell you of our social as well a s welfare programs for the year . Yours in the Bonds of ASA, Helen E. Shoup

COLUMBUS, OHIO Dear A.lpha Sigs everywhere: It really does not pay to ever mi ss an alumnae meeting. I did . And it was the wrong one to mi ss. It was election night and I got elected to this job. Now you all will have to suffer along with me for the coming year. That happened last May. In June we dispense with business and have the famili es all get together for a big picnic. We had fifty-one present this year , which was a drop of three over last year. Must get after those three mi.s sing persons. We had o grand time though , and certainly enjoyed seeing the gal s en fami lie . We have our picnics out here in Reynoldsburg inasm uch os we have twelve acres where in to roam. The fog crept over the field and broke up the party much too early though. September saw us all together again at the home of Mrs. W. A. Martin. Mrs. F. E. Montgome ry was her most able a ss istant . Rachel Von Hook, our retiring president, duly installed the new office rs and after that we had a right good o ld gab fest. Inasmuch os there were about twenty girls there we really did some gabbing . We were so very happy to welcome our new mem ber, Harriett Keller Sutton from Alpha Alpha's chapter and are quite certain that she is going to be a most welcome addition to our group. Antiques are her hobby and when she saw the lovely cups and saucers that our hostess was

using she really was interested. Must keep her in mind for a future program. Cleveland alumnae are going to get one of our most faithful and loyal members, Mrs. Ralph Tibbals. We certainly did hate to see her move but when our husbands are tran sferred, we must tag along. Life and love make us that way, eh? Yours in A. S. A., Dorothea Windom

DENVER, COLORADO . Dear Alpha Sigs : After six years of absence, we were once more able to have our first Alumnae meeting at the inspiring cabin of Vera Campbell. The crisp air was perfect, the hamburgers fried by two capabl路e husbands couldn't have been better, and the cwffee just "hit the spot." The men so enjoyed themselves that it was hard to tear them away and get started home. We held a short business meeting with our president, Lucy Flanders, in charge. The committee presented the year's program for our approval, and it promises to be lots of fun . Several new Alpha Sigs in Denver were brought up and turned over to the welcome committee to visit and cordially invite to our future gatherings. Meeting was adjourned in favor of taking a hike while the sun was still warm. 路 Polly Schlosser brought two new alums into our midst, whom we were very happy to have with us. They are Lurette Miller and Katherine Prendergast. Both are new Denver teachers, so will be with us all year. We are all looking forward to teachers convention as our next , big get-together when undergraduates and alumnae will meet at the Daniel s- Fisher Tea Room for an exceptional lunch and program. ' Bye now, Martha Eskridge

DES MOINES, IOWA Dear Alpha Sig Sisters: Here we are again starting "'ff the fall activities. How wonderful it is to meet and greet our sisters again after the "awful" of the summer. Ruth Hooks was in [)es Moines for one short weekonly had a short telephone conversation with her the nig'ht before she left for her C~l ifor nia home . She says she likes California and her work out there. Her town and her school are new. Bell Flower was one of the war boom towns which has become permanent. Nelle Gabrielson Raney came home and stayed with her mother while her brother Jack, his wife and three boys, took a trip to Yellowstone, the Black Hills and a week's fishing in M innesota . We had a fine visit one night. Edith Burr spent the summer with her sister in Colorado. Foe Shawhan taught all that hot s ummer long at Drake and then went to Clear Lake in northern Iowa for two short weeks of vacation . Grace Carver and her daughter, Margaret, were there at the same time. They have now moved into their apartment at 2835 Cente~ . Talked with Dorothy Battershell Pryor not so long ago. She saw Pauline and her family when they were here from California for a few days. So sorry about Lyle Black's serious heart attacks and hope he is much improved by this time. Lillian Hethershaw Dunnell is teaching in Central College in Pella this year. She is now making her home with her sister Mae. It's nice to have her back in town and we and she are looking forward to getting together. Met Opal Callison Moore on the street this noon. She says their new house is nearly ready to move into.


NOVEMBER, 1947 The Des Moines Alumnae will hove a foil meeting but the dote was not decided upon at the time this news letter hod to go to press. I spent a delightful week of my vocation with Eulo Fisher Arnold in Hamden, Connecticut, this summer. She has a lovely home and a darling daughter ~ho entered high school this foil . Love to oil of you, Florence Harley

DETROIT, MICHIGAN Hello, once more, Since our lost news letter, the Detroit Alumnae Chapter has really been busy! On June 7th, Evelyn Bell arid Virginia Carpenter paid us a visit. Their well-known, able leadershi p, with the assistance of our group, pledged thirty-five girls into ASA, as Rho Chi members at a very delightful formal dinner at the Whittier Hotel. We were truly sorry that Evelyn , Virginia, and our own Fran hod to miss most of the dinner, but we understand that AI Vredenburg gave them a thrilling ride to the airportthey mode it! Later in June we were very pleased to be guests of the Notional Council, which was meeting at Dearborn Inn. Not to be outdone by the usual June bridal processions in the dining room of the Inn, Wilma Sharp honored our bride of twenty-five yeqrs, Norma Aliber. We wonder how the Council kept minds on work when we know of the interruptions the arrival of each new bridal couple caused . A " little bird" told us! Seriously, we do wish to convey to them how very much we enjoyed the close contact we hod with them. In a small measure we tried to show our appreciation by .having them as guests on a sig htseeing tour of adjoining Canada and the lake shore, followed by luncheon at the Stockholm, Detroit's popular smorgasbord restaurant. On September 14, Dearborn Inn was again the scene of our activities. Initiation services were held for the new Rho Chi Chapter of Wayne University. It was very impressive-everyone in white. Jacqueline Jolly, President of Rho Chi , was the gen ial toastmistress. Toasts were gi ve n by Evelyn Bell, Marion Tote, President of Sigma Rho Chi Alumnae, and Ambrosio Ford, our own President. Mary McKoy furnished the music, and perhops when I tell you that on October 1 1 she gives her on recital at the Detroit Institute of Arts, you will realize what a musical treat we hod . October 4, a glorious foil day, inaugurated our new round of monthly meetings . Our hostess was Juvo Beeman, assisted by Kathleen Schwab. The luncheon table was one to behold with rapture and the scalloped half shell of watermelon piled high with very colorful fruit nestled in a bed of lettuce on a huge troy-accompanied by some "cheese affairs," which only Juvo could make, defies description . This meeting was highlighted by the news that Sora Jane Bumgorc;lner, who is very well known to many of you , is working diligently on plans for the Regional Convention . All of this should be "proofpositive" that we really hove been busy. We ore going forward with high hopes that in collaboration with the new Detroit Alumnae group as well as the newly established undergraduate chapter at Wayne University, we may pool our efforts and talents for even more diversified and enjoyable activities . Here's to Alpha Sigma Alpha, Louise Stirton

DETROIT, MICHIGAN-RHO CHI At the September meeting at Ellen Imboden's we hod our election of officers. They ore : President- Marion Tote; Vice-President- Esto Finney; Corresponding Secretory-Patricio S. Woolever; R~cording Secretory-:Morgoret Thomson ; Treasurer- Margaret Saulter; RegiStrar- Jeanne T . Turner; Phoenix Correspondent- Ellen Imboden . On Sunday, October 5, we ore welcoming into our chapter the new alumnae who graduated in January and June, l 94 7. The teo wi II be held at the home of Esto Finney from four to six. The new alumnae ore: Ruth Mawson, Vivian Johnson, Geraldine Anodzel, Alice G. Bishop, Doris B. Inwood, Shirley H. Hornke, Betty J. Jones, and Doris McDearmon. I hope to hove more news for you next time . Ellen Imboden

EMPORIA, KANSAS Dear Alums : "After oil these years we hove finally got one, and boy, is it a beauty! " This is what oil Epsi lon Epsilon chapter girls ore saying to each other and to anyone else who will listen, and translated it means that the Emporia Alpha Sigs hove a new home that is really something to look at. To purchase the house the alumnae chapter, with the advice of Clarence Beck, our attorney, incorporated under the nome of Alpha Sigma Alpha Alumnae, Inc., and any alumna or active may be a stockholder by paying dues each year. It is a Kansas charter and is a nonprofit organization. Letters were sent to out-of-town alums, asking for donations for the house fund and the response was good. Members of the governing board ore Barbaro Caywood, president; Virginia DeBouge, vicepresident; Elinor Randel, sec retory; Frances Freemon, treasurer; and Gloria Merideth, Gl 0 dys Sughrue oncl Lucille Jones. The house, situated at 929 West Street, is 路a Iorge , spacious, 12-room house with a slee ping porch and three baths. There is lots of swell yard space and the girls held "coke" dotes by the fish pond during rush week. The house is six blocks from the campus, but the girls don't mind the walk since they hove the house to which to return. This year Epsilon Epsi lon chapter is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, and we hope that oil Alpha Sigs will be able to attend our Founders' Day reunion and luncheon, November 1 5. The alumnae ore se nding out a special . letter to oil out-of-town olum~oe so that they will know about it in plenty of time . The undergraduates will be the guests of the alums. In turn, the alums will be the guests of the undergraduates at a luncheon at the chapter house during the Emporia State Homecoming activities. The Alpha Sigs hod a good rush talk for this season: seven girls were graduated in May or July, and by September oil were married . That is oil the news for now. See you soon. Love in ASA, / Joan Litchfield

HAM.PTON ROADS, VIRGINIA With the foiling of leaves, the brisk sting of the wind, and the smell of damp earth, October has invaded the scene and this alumna is .wondering where the sum mer went.


30 We did things of all varieties; trips, new jobs, visits with the folks , romps with the children ond, best of all, just plain loafing . One of the highlights was a visit by Miss Evelyn Bell. The Suffolk girls came over and we hod a grand luncheon meeting comparing notes, planning and just talking. We only wish that it could happen more often. Our fir st official meeting was at the home of Ann Irelond, who k indly offered a sheltering wing to us wondering Alpha Sigs; few though we were. The objective of electing officers was accomplished with the following results : President-Martha Halloway, Vice- PresidentMrs. Ray Shield (Winnie Rew), Secretory-June Sterling, Treasurer-Mary Margaret East, and CorrespondentMabel Brumley. We were mighty glad to welcome a new alumna, June Sterling (BE ) into the fold. She went right to work too, as our new secretary. Oh! yes-Mrs. Harold Sayles (Shirley Rawles) has a brand new baby girl, Tamara. Right now Shirley is in "the book says" stage and quite a busy mama. We will keep you posted on our plans and promise p'lans for the year in the next issue . The warmest greetings to all Alpha Sigs everywhere . Mabel Brumley

HARRISBURG, VIRGINIA Dear Alpha Sigs: Vocation is over and it holds lots of pleasant memories for our new chapter, but we hope to do even more things this winter. The stork has been pretty busy delivering "blessed events" among our charter members . Three, so far, and more on the way. Our only regret is they're not ASA mot~rial-all boys!! In April we had a dinner meeting at the Shanvalke Hotel. Lynn Mitchell of B. E. Chapter delightfully entertained us with her piano renditions. Also, we were es- 路 pecially fortunate to have Mrs . Louise Cox Carper as our guest of honor. Mr~ . Carper was a schoolgirl friend of our Mrs. Martz, which certainly bore out her talk to us on "The Value of Friendship ." We spent a pleasant hour or more talking about the beginning of ASA. We were invited by the ,Beta Epsilon girls to attend their joint ASA-SSS picnic in May. Lots of fun! Our main June meeting was a delicious buffet snpper, with Margery McGrath and Hannah Cox as co-hostesses. We had several girls visiting us who were home on vocation, bringing with them news of other girls. The entertainment was furnished without forethought-the local Firemen 's Parade went right by the front door-we hod ' ring side seats ! In September we had a " Theater-Sundae" party with Jo Vaugh, president of the Beta Epsilon college chapter, as a visitor. Jo invited us all to the annual "Cafe Society" rushing party next month-provided baby sitters con be found, we all hope to go bock to college for a nite' We hod several picnic suppers during the summerbringing the hGbby and children. It was lots of fun getting to know the " Sweethearts" of our Alpha Sigs. This may be early, but we wish you all a "very 路Merry Chri stmas and a Happy New Year!" Yours in ASA, Betty Forhonitch

HAYS, KANSAS Dear Alpha Sigma Alphas: The Greek Conclave was held at Fort Hays, June 28, 1947, giving the Tau Tau alums an excellent chance to begin oyr new year and plan for our future. Twentythree of us, including some active members and patronesses, had lunch together, after which we held our business meetings. New alumnae officers include : president, Mildred King Nelson; secretary-treasurer, Verna Jane Thompson Carmichael ; and editor, Mary Earl Pearson . Several new babies hove been reported, several marriages have already taken place, and several are rumored for the future . Rush week at Fort Hays isn't until the end of October, but we alums plan to help wherever we are needed . Homecoming is October 25, and we know a goodly number will be back for this big event. Founders' Day is in the offing and we will no doubt hove our usual get-together then . Miss Mary Moe Paul, former Tau Tau adviser, has been appointed state supervisor of rural and elementary schools, with her temporary office a路t Hays . We'll be with you next issue with more news about us, our families, and our careers. Mary Earl Pearson

HOUMA, LOUISIANA On October 2, Alpha Sigma Alpha members of Houma, La., and neighboring towns met at the home of Mrs. Leonce Richard (Stella Dryer) for the purpose of organizing on alumnae chapter. The following officers were elected: President-Mrs. C. D. Chauvin (Merrell Tucker) , Secretary-Treasurer-Mrs. Riley Rhodes (Lucile Toups), and Phoenix Correspondent--;'-Mrs . Raymond Thibodeaux (Mae Daigle). All members present were of the Beta Zeta chapter, these being Lucile Toups Rhodes, Lolita Watkins Anderson, Stella Dryer Richard, Frances Allen McElveen, Velma Rhodes, Shirley Rhodes, Betty - Porche Hebert, Merrell Tucker Chauvin, Yves LeBlanc and Mae Daigle Thibodeaux. We will be very glad to welcome members from other chapters. It was decided that the meetings would be held the first Wednesday of each month. After the business of organization was completed, our hostess served cokes and cookies. The meeting then adjourned. An alumnae chapter is something many of us have. been waiting for, for a long time . We shall try to make it a ve'ry active one . Sincerely in A.S .A., Mae D. Thibodeaux

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Hello Everybody: Our last social function was held at the Frederick Hotel, in Huntington. It was a banquet and honored our husbands and friends. Freda Paul, our retiring president, presided as toastmistress, and introduced to us a Rev. Blum, renowned for his ability as a magician and public speaker. The party was a success from every standpoint. In September, our business meeting was held at the home of our new president, Margaret Fulwiler. Plans were made for luncheons throughout the year, and another rummage sale is being planned in the near future - so get busy everyone and dig out those old clothes; you know they ore "too short" for this season!! Our new president, Mrs . Fulwiler, has a lot of plans for



us and I want to urge all Alpha Sigs in the vicinity of Huntington to please contact us and join our alumnae organization. Alpha Sigs visiting in our city are heartily welcome at our Saturday luncheons. Wil sie Malone VanOsdol



Los Angeles alumnae chapter and Xi Xi act ive chapter met together for their annual Hermes Day Breakfast on Sunday, May 25, at the Mayflower Hotel in down town Los Angeles. Xi Xi Chapter had ten graduating seniors, six of whom were able to attend as honored guests. The table was beautifully decorated with flowers, and ~ach place cord was adorned with a Cecil Bruner rose. Hermes Day was celebrated with a short program, and the annual election of alumnae officers was held following the breakfast. On Sunday, July 27, the alumnae members and Xi Xi active chapter again met together for a picnic at Griffith Pork, one of the largest parks in Los Angeles. Approxi mately thirty persons, including husbands, children and friends of the members, were present. It was possible for several members who hove not attended alumnae meetings for some time to attend . There wo.s on abundance of good food that was enjoyed by all. · The Ceiling Projector, purchased by Region Five with the assistance of Region Three, was presented to Wadsworth General Hospital September 29. Photographs of the presentation hove not yet been developed, but we will enclose th~m in our next letter. Los Angeles Alumnae Chapter has other plans for the future, including a visit to the Padua Hil)s Theatre at Claremont, California, thirty miles distant from Los Angeles. This theatre presents ploys depicting life in early California and Mexico, and is a novelty in the theatre world. The date of this party is as yet uncertain . Sincerely, Lois Stegen

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA , Alpha Sigs everywhere: Summer is a thing of the post and the Indianapolis alums ore ready for work. This has been proven, as we have hod two meetings so for this year. The first was a call meeting at Genevieve Leib's. Several changes in our officers hod to be mode. Our president, Bereniece Martin , resigned, due to illness in her family . Edith Boum Miller is the proud mother of a new baby daughter, and with two youngsters she felt it wise to turn her office to onother member. Besides electing new officers we mode the year's program together. We ore having a supper meeting every other time. Christmas will be celebrated by ' hoving the children present. After all, at Christmas we think of the little ones and lost year's children's party was such a success, we all want a repeat performonce. . Our official October meeting was held in the charming new home of Thelma Thomas . It was wonderful to see all the girls and hear of their activities this summer. Wont to hear some of the chit-chat of our doings? We're happy to tell you that Bereniece's husband is much better and is able to enjoy rides these nice Autumn days. Bereniece is teaching this year. Adelaide McCarty took a Lake trip on a Canadian boot to Duluth, Port Arthur and other points in Canada . Thelma Thomas moved into her new home in June and has been happily engaged in making it "A Home

Bea!.:tiful." She still found time to spe nd a few weeks in Michigan and Portsmouth . Besides teaching in Bible School this summ er, Peg Snedeker took a trip East with her husband and two kiddies. But alas, her traveling days are not over. Peg told us that they ore moving to Jacksonville, Florida, soon . How we hate to part with her. She has been with us five years and has been so generous with her time for AS A. Esther Burge takes over Peg 's office of Treasurer, and hopes she can keep the budget balanced a s well a s Peg . I believe you can do it, Esther. Fran Rose spent a month in New York and the rest of her vocation time took her to New Haven where she was Matron of Honor in Lee Bennett's wedding . Weddings were very popular by Alpha Sigs and their families . Jane McDavitt was as busy as two people, getting ready for her s ister's wedding (and a lovely one it was ). The entire McDavitt family of five was in the wedding party. Mary Ann, as flower girl, almost outshone the bride. After the wedding Jane rested by getting the boys off to camp and enjoyed a trip to St. Joe, Michigan , and Chicago, Illinois. We hod· some new arrivals into this world, too. May 31, ·Florence Lull welcomed another boy into her family . He's darling . Florence's husband brought him, as well as Johnny, when he came after her at the meeting the other night. He slept through all our admiration party. And as you might know, you who ore acquainted with Florence, this addition didn't stop Florence from traveling. They spent two weeks in New York this September. Now she tells us she is going home (Arkansas) for a couple of weeks. P.S. Florence, give us your recipe for all that "wim, wigger and witality." Edith Miller and Von are so happy with their new daughter. They have a fine boy. about two, so you con see why they ore pleased with the girl. Betty Rice says she hod a lazy summer with a grand vacation in Michigan . I can't imagine Betty being lazy, and neither can you when you hove the proof of what she has done on the Philanthropic program and also working for Red Cross at the Veterans' Hospital. Frances Shaw is one of our talented ASA's. You never hear it from her though. Not only does she teach school, but this summer she taught Art and Handcraft at Butler Demonstration school. Besides all of this, she is the Reader at the Second Church o( Christ Scientist. This is quite an honor as she ·is the youngest Reader they have had, and ·according to Marie, Frances is doing a beautiful piece of work. Julia Gerlach is busy spending her time between her husband in Little Rock, Arkansas, and her daughter here in Indianapolis. Dorothy Karrmann played nurse maid to her son who had whooping cough. However, after this she made up for lost time by going to French Lick, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois. Helen Noblitt and her husband enjoyed entertaining their year and a half daughter, Quinta Grace, to summertime fun of picnics, play in the parks and all the activities children enjoy. Letha Gaskins, our artist, has been very busy. She and 0 . K., her husband, were at Mayo's. 0 . K. went up for a check-up and I'm happy to say things were not as bad as they had expected. Letha "has been painting, getting ready fo exhibitions. And, by the way, she is showing thirty pictures at the Neville Art Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, b:?ginning September 7 to October 7. For


32 fun and relaxation, Letha and 0 . K. visited in Detroit and then were the guests af Francis and Mary Gallagher, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and enjoyed a cruise an "Sea Legs," Fran's boat. Genevieve and I started the summer by journeying to Dearborn Inn for Council meeting. What a pleasure it was to be with our National officers. We did plenty of work but we had fun along with it. Who could help it with such grand girls? Then Marie Kingdon and Genevieve spent a week at the lake with their husbands. Marie's big interest right now is her darling red-headed grandchild, and she is a darling , never cries and never knows a stranger. Of course, I have a wonderful nephew, who takes care of all my spare moments, 'nuff said. I really think I have rambled an about our girls enough, so that you can know of our interests. With all our fun we are working loyally for ASA, and wish for you a pleasant year. Eloise Proctor

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Reviewing the last two meetings of the year, we 路liad a _picnic at Kensington Park in Kansas City, Kansas, in April. It was a family affair on Sunday afternoon. The hostesses were Margaret Bryant, Vera Salyer, Louise Gillis and Beth Magers. We had a short business meeting and elected the following board members: Dorothy Kreek , vice-president; Rl)th Fleischaker, corresponding secretary; Mildred Hanthorn, treasurer; Lora Murrell, publicity chairman; Frances Raine, philanthropic chairman; Ruth Pennell , directory chairman; Rubye Waterbury, auditing chairman; Marty West, ways and means chairman. A good time was enjoyed by all and it was decided that we would have at least one family affair a year. In May we had a dessert-course at Ann Viola's. It was also installation of the new officers and those who still had a year to serve on their term renewed their pledges. The a ssi sting hostesses were Jerry Aitchison, Rubye Waterbury and Dorothy Clifton . The board met in June at Dorothy Kreek's and made the foundation for the next year's activities. Our opening meeting was a rush tea on September twentieth at Marian Fischer's new home. It was a lovely tea and all of us were happy to see Marian's home which we had all heard so much about. The assi sting hostesses were Dulcie Calhoun, Dorothy Kreek, Lora Murrell, Ruth Grube and Virginia Callison. The next meeting is a luncheon out at the Lake of the Forest club house . Jean Hutchison has a summer home at the Lake and wanted us to come aut before bad weather set in . We are all looking forward to this meet ing. The a ss isting hostesses are Marty West and Ja Wady. We have big plans for the year. The ways and means chairman, Marty West, is busy selling Christmas cards and wrappings. Also she has some other plans to make money which haven't come to light as yet. We hate to lose Dulcie Calhoun, but she and Ross are moving to Pittsburg , Kansa s. So our loss is Pittsburg alumnae chapter's gain . Mary K. Reiff

MUNCIE, INDIANA We are anticipating Ball State Homecoming Saturday, October 1 1, as that means the time to see all our Alpha Sig sisters and catch up on the latest news about them. Chi Chi chapter is planning a dinner at the Hotel Roberts, and we know it will be as well done as usualmaybe even better, if possible, since this year. they aren't . worrying with fall rushing and homecoming at the same time. Yes, our Alma Mater has finally become wise in the ways of rushing and pledging, and we hear they are doing neither until the second quarter is well under way. Our Muncie Alums have really been going strong since Betty Miller took over the presidency. She may be little, but she's mighty peppy, and things have been happening. First 路of all, we now meet every month, summer and winter, on the third Saturday. We have a printed program all set up, and things are happening on schedule. In July there was a fine picnic supper with Mildred Monroe and family in Winchester. In August the meeting was with Betty at her home, and on September twentieth Elinor Keller was hostess at her home in Gaston. Our October meeting is Homecoming with the actives. Joan Whitcraft was ta have taught here and been our treasurer, but she resigned and went to Marion ta teach, and Grace (Richards) Rankin again took over the handling of money. Jean Barlow and Doris Margan are both working in the office af the FOODLINER, a new larger supermarket here. Delano (Southard) Peden is teaching at Portland, and Jean Moulton is working in an office in Denver, Colorado, having given up teaching far the time being. June (Wilkinson) Widmeyer writes me that she is moving to Elwood this month, where Kenny is opening an appliance store. June says she has another son, but did'nt say when he was born or .,.;,hat his name is. With inspiring, enthusiastic letters from Evelyn Bell and Genevieve Leib to spur us on, we are busy getting information about all of our girls, where they are located, etc. After this week-end there should be much more to tell you about what is happening to Chi Chi girls. Now, me for finding a goad baby sitted so I can get out to the campus and see all af those good-looking Alpha Sigs, their boy friends and husbands, the bonfire, the theatre rush, the parade,-1 know there'll be a fine ASA float, the football game, and then the Alpha Sig dinner followed by the dance at the gym to Clyde Trask's orchestra. Is it the same way at all Homecomings? Anyway, with me, Homecoming practically means Alpha Sigma Alpha Reunion. Anna Marie (Yates) Bull

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK Dear Alpha Sigs: Thank goodness the World Series is over! If, for any reason the series had been prolonged, I am afraid this newsletter would never have been written. But it is all aver, my beloved Bums lost, but with a day ta recuperate, I have donned my thinking cap and will attempt to bring you up to date on our activities . Last May, Marie Zavislan was chairman of our first Mother's Day Tea , an event we hope to make annual. We used the Mather-Patroness colors af gold and white in our decorations, and the flower, the daisy in corsages for our guests and far the centerpiece an the tea table. Many mothers of girls who had not had a previous ap-



portunity to receive the Mother-Patroness degree were report on how rapidly twe nty -eight people can dirty honored in a lovely ceremony held that afternoon . di shes than I am to report on the events of the meeting. Later that month the annual election of officers was Martha ' s husband washed, I dri ed, and Martha put away, and we washed and dried and put away to the held . We elected Billie Barrett president, Mar ie Zavislan vice-president, Olive Watkinson record ing secretary, tune of about three hours, and what took place in the Sandy Pevney corresponding secretory and Em Frost othe r room remains a very vague recollection . We had treasurer. Billie and her staff buckled down to business several guests, Jane Reimet of the Philadelphia Alums, and before we knew what had happened the following and Billie Barrett' s mother, a mother-patroness of Kappa committee chairmen were appointed and hard at work. Kappa chapter were two of the guests. The theme of Em Frost took over the program committee, Marie thi s meeting was vacations- what did you do on yoursyou know- the annual fall question . Olive Watkinson Zavislan membership, Martha Morse hospitality, Mary Manelski the birthday committee, Clore Ross and Phyllis showed movies of the camp she operates each summer in New Hampshire. Following this Ruth Zapp gave a Traudt, historians, and Ruby Nelson the philanthropic project. Our fund raising committee is without a chairrunning commentary while Lynn Davis showed s lides of colored pictures that Lynn took on their automobile trip man to date-for onc.e we have a pile of ideas but no one to wor k on them . Usually it is the other way around to the coast. From the tales the two have to tell, and from the pictures that were taken, it definitely appears - people but no ideas. that the two of them had seven weeks and several thou In June we traveled in a torrential rain storm to Montsand miles of a superbly wonderful time . clair, New Jersey, where Ruth Zapp was hostess at a gar<.len party. We spent the afternoon indoors, of course, Em Frost has taken time out from eviction proceedand after a very short business meeting, enjoyed a gay ings to travel to Arizona for her health . She expects to afternoon of gossip with several girls who seldom make spend a month there. In the meantime we can do nothour New York or Long Island meetings. ing but miss her and keep her pestered with mail. You probably all know that Em and Billie have been apIn late June, Buff Sundh was hostess at a beach party held at the fa'mous Jones Beach on the south shore of pointed National Alumnae Secretaries. We are very Long Island. This was a party for husbands, sweethearts, proud that two of our number have been so honored. Of and families . There is no place like Jones Beach for a any in our group, none more deserved the honor for -beach party, and a gay time was had by all . both Billie and Em give time and energy so unselfishly. Summer passed very quickly, and before we realized Gertrude Yorke is another of our group that is housethat it hod come and gone, Barrett was calling an offihunting, while Ester Peterson is watching her house slowly become a reality. Margie Hart was evicted for one cers meeting to get our winter program underway. Our month during the summer, and although she is back in first meeting was held at the home of Clare Ross and her house now she reports that by next summer somePhyl Traudt in Baldwin, Long Island . It was a beautiful thing new must be found . Several girls have announced day, warm, almost too warm, perfect weather for swimthat Sir Stork is on the way. Virginia Bailey, Alice ming . So after a record business meeting, it was so short Forster and Joan Horwitt are busy preparing for the arthat Billie was breathless at the end of the meeting, we rival. Brides over the summer months include Angie walked down to the beach for a dip and to relax on the Serrino who is now Mrs. M. Conrad Agresti, is living in sand . At this meeting we welcomed Dorothy Good of West Babylon, Long Island, and Gloria Lloyd is now Mrs. Eta Eta who is now living in Garden City: Dorothy drove A. P. Lisy of Danielson Avenue, Smith Hill, Providence, down with Kay Scully of Epsilon Epsilon. Kay is a comRhode Island . Madeline Gerbracht has moved with her parative stranger to Long Island, but knows it well when husband and family to Columbus, Ohio, and Mary it comes to driving east or west. But north and south has Schmidt Zachow and Arnie are residing in Troy, New Kay just a wee bit confused. It took Kay one and o York, where Mary is teaching at Emma Willard while half hours to drive the fifteen miles to this meeting; Arnie completes work on his masters degree at RensselMary Ball drives from Peekskill, o far greater distance, aer. Several of the girls did graduate work during the summer, but the prize course of them all was the one in about the some time. Billie Barrett produced a novelty in which Virginia Duffy enrolled . She received six points horse-racing game which some of us played while the of credit while traveling across the country in a bus 路on others swam . Olive Watkinson had a lucky streak with a tour conducted by Oneonta State T ecichers College. those horses-she won every race. Well, my brain has run dry-1 am so afraid that The program committee planned some novelty meetBillie will be disappointed when she takes out her ruler ings to interspace with our regular monthly meetings. and measures the inches consumed in this issue by the The first of these was a boat ride around Manhattan IsNew York City Alums. Billie was so proud of her record land on the lost Saturday in September. We had all been of having more inches than any other alumnae chapter. freezing in abnormally cold weather for the previous I will try to run the inches into feet in the next issue week and those of us with colds in addition to cold feet rene~ed at the lost minute but thirty-three hearty souls and so keep up her record . But for now-best wishes to all of you for a very happy and successful year in Alpha turned out for the event. It is amazing how many of us Sigma Alpha . come New York to live, and never see the sights of the Virginia Whidden town. This excursion was such a success that another sight-seeing tour is being planned for October. This one Mother Patroness Tea On Mother's Day will be a bus tour aronud the city. The Alpha Sigs are wonderful sailors though-not one of the thirty-three Last May, on a lovely Sunday afternoon, the Alumnae became seasick on the three hour trip. 路 of the New York Chapter paid tribute to their mothers by conferring the Mother Patroness degree to eight mothOur last meeting, previous to this writing, was another ers of our Alpha Sigs. Beautiful was the day and the luncheon meeting held at Martha Morse's 路lovely home in thoughts behind this arrangement, and the whole setting Manhasset, Long Island . I would be far more capable to


34 recalled a few verses from the poem of Edgar A. Guest on " Mother's Day" . There shall never be another quite so tender, quite so kind As the pa t ient little mother; nowhere on this earth you'll find Her affection duplicated; none so proud if you are fine . Could her worth be overstated? Not by any words of m.ine. Vain are all our tributes to her if in words alone they dwell. We must live the praises due her; there's no other way to tell Gentle mother that we love her. Would you say, a s you recall All the patient se rvice of her, you've been worthy of it all? And this was one of our tributes to her. A tea , and special services to make her one with us in our sisterhood. The tea itse lf was held from two until six, with the services for the degree at four o'clock . All afternoon girls with their mothers or mothers-in-law poured in and out. At .service time eight girls escorted their own mothers proudly, and the following were inducted: Mrs. Lettie Colyer Hartman, mother of Lillian Ferguson; Mrs. Lucy Putnam Levis, Martha L. Marse's mother; Mrs. Marie Lemke Lloyd, Gloria Lloyd Lisy's mother; Mrs. lzabella Baurnann Mason, Joan Mason Horwitt's mother; Mrs. Florence Baum Pevney, mother of Sandy Pevney; Mrs . Caroline Lupsha Schmidt, mother of Mary Schmidt Zachow; Mrs. Paul ine Dininno Varrichio, mother of Madeline Varrichio; and Mrs. Augusta Rose Zapp, mother of Ruth Zapp. One mother patroness said she felt like an " old grad" s ince she had taken the degree back in 1 935. She was Mrs. Jennie C. Barrett, mother of Billie Barrett, and she had been inducted at Kappa Kappa "long ago". The day's event was well planned by an able chairman and committee . The whole affair was held in Em Frost's lovely studio adjoining her Park School of Cookery. Marie Zavislan headed the committee which was made up of Ginger King, Lillian Ferguson, Joan Horwitt, Jane Livingston and Betty Reimet. Daisy corsages were made by the girls, who arose at 4 :30 a.m . to purchase the flowers at the famous Fulton's Market in downtown New York. Food donations of homemade cookies helped swell the abundant tea table arrayed with "beautiful" and delicious food . Even the "petite fours" were decorated with ASA and they were the ardous handiwork of Em and Marie Zavislan. Name cards cut . out like mother patroness crowns were for our mothers. Ours were cut out like our pins. Dr. Gertrude Yorke, our chapter president at the time, conducted the entire ceremony midst candlelight and soft music. . With such lovely settings, such worthy personages, no tnbute could be more fitting than to have our mothers became "Mother" Alpha Sigma Alphas. Billie Barrett

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Hello again for another year. What marks this year as different from all others is that question of skirt lengths. I think you'll find many of your siste rs here in Philadelphia madly dropping hemlines. But, please don't

let me hear those words, "I refuse to lengthen my skirt" -take some timely advice from some one who has been looking at the new styles in the markets all summerthey are not bad at all! And now for the news,-At our last meeting in the Spring we elected the following officers for the coming year: President-Jean Reimet, N.N.; Vice-PresidentKatherine Karnes, K. K., Secretaries-Eleanor Fad ley, N.N., and Georgia Dintiman, K.K.; Treasurer-Nancy Gundrum, N.N.; Phoenix Correspondents-Canny PennyPacker, N.N., and Annabelle Miller, K.K. The invitation to our first fall luncheon meeting, held Sept. 20th at the St. James Grille, was a clever nine verse rhyme-who was responsible for this girls?-it was wonderful, for it really put us ililto the swing for the coming year which promises to be a very active one. Shall give you the full news on this in the next issue. One of the first events of the summer was the marriage of Jeannette Sperr, N.N. (ex-president), to Larry Currier on June 14. Both Larry and Jeannette worked at a boys camp this past summer and from all reports they had a perfectly grand time . Larry is in his senior year at Temple Universi ty Medical School. . . . On Saturday, Sept. 13, Norma Schaeffer, NN, was married to Howard W. Sheldon. We hear they ha 路e an adorable home at 81 02 New Second Street in Elkins Park. Such lucky people to find a home in this day . . . . Another marriage during the summer was that of Bertie Pearson NN, and also sponsor of the NN chapter at Drexel In~ stitute, to George Jensen . Wonder if George will have Bertie as his teacher at Drexel this fall term? .. : On September 26, Evelyn Brierly, NN, walked down the ai~le to become the bride of Stanley Kitzleman from North Wales, Po . . . . Peg Feaster, NN, was married to Norm Brown a few weeks back. Norm will finish his education this December at Drexel. . . . Isabelle Scott '47 KK is planning to take the fatal step in December'. The lu~ky man is from Temple. In the meantime Isabelle is teaching Math to 7th graders in the Moorestown 路High School. . . . Talking about weddings by the time you read this issue both Marion Barron Burrowes, NN, and Norma Elivert Miller, NN, will have celebrat~d their first anniversary-both on November 2 . Here's best wishes to both of you all over again . . .. On February 24, Eleanor Longacre, NN, and Harrison Cassel became the parents of a baby girl, Ruth Eleanor Cassel. .. , Aug. 12, Scott Russel Hansen arrived at the home of Doris Wilson NN and Robert "Doc" Hansen . The Hansen's hav: als~ moved into their new home at 46 Rodman Ave., Llanerch, Po. . . . Up in Buffalo, Jane Pryse, NN, and Jean Ehlers have a brand new son, Robert William, born May 21 . . . . Baby Ruth was born July 13 , to her proud parents who are none other than Marian Dickerson KK and Ray Cordier . . . . A baby girl found her wa; int~ the Souderton, Po., home of Vivian Albright, NN, and Dr. C. Wilmer Brody on July 15 . The young lady's name is Elaine . . . . Esther Welles Harrison's (NNl little Susan should be almost toddling around by now. Or are we pushing things too much , Esther? . .. Jeanne Kennedy Donohoe, NN, informs us that they have had the same mise;able summer weather down in Houston, Texas. So heres hop1ng we have some beautiful snow by the time she and Eddie visit us this Christmas . . . . From Boston we hear that lnge Reihm Harinch, NN, and family or~ settled in their new apartment . . . . After a refreshing summer vacat1on Leanne Chase, NN, is teaching Home Economics in Marple-Newtown School. ... We hear that little Flossie Luce, NN, is the belle 6f the office where

NOVEMBER, 1947 she works, which is no surpr ise to us .. . . Els ie Crouthame l and Judy Mainwaring, both NN 's a nd ' 47 graduates, are f inding teaching most inte rest ing in north e rn Je rsey . . . . Dorothy Ford , ' 4 7 NN , is staying ri gh t at Drexe l a s Assistant Di et itian at the Drexe l Dormitory. . . . Po lly Rodger, another rece nt ' 47 NN graduate , found herself with an office job at Por ke r and Co. ot 1616 Walnut St., Philadelphia, but s ince Poll y is o teach e r we now find her be ing th e schoo l marm at Haverford High School , teaching none other than English . . .. Spea k ing of Haverford High School- d id you know they lost Virginia Hutton, NN , their Home Economics teacher and tennis coach to Drexel Institute? Yes, Ginny now will supervise the senior Home Economic students who go out p ractice teaching . We' re all qu ite proud of the fine job Ginny has done. . . . Marion Powell, NN, has left Philadelphia, so it's Cleveland's gain . Yes, our National Registrar has taken a ·position in the personnel office of the Halle's Brothers Department store in Cleveland , Ohio . . . . All Alpha Sigs extend their heartfelt sympathy to Helen Corey upon the death of her father in Hollywood, Florida . . . . Philadelphia Alpha Sigs were grieved upon the death of Miss Frances Mcintyre in June. Mommie Mcintyre was for years the sponsor of the Nu Nu girls at Drexel. Each one will miss Mommie for we Nu Nu's were all her children . .. . Jean Reimet our Philadelphia Alumnae President spent her vacation with her sister, mother, and grandmother in Miami Beach, Florida, and Havana, Cuba . . .. Nancy Gundrum, NN, also basked in the warm sunshine of Miami Beach , Florida, end Havana , Cuba, a couple of weeks before Jean Reimet made the trip. . . . Anna Lefferts really took to the water this summer by vacationing on a schooner akmg the coast of Maine . . . . Nancy Keene Miller, NN , recently returned from a fall vacation at Ocean City, only to find herself nursing her husband, Barney, through the grippe-now things are reversedNancy is the patient. Get well quickly, Nancy, because Strawbridge & Clothier need you as their Junior model. Nancy started modeling for us early in the summer. : . . Yours truly had such an early vacation at the shore back in June, that I'm already planning for that cruise to Bermuda next summer. Many of us in Philadelphia had the pleasure of showing off our City of Brotherly Love to the crew of His Majesty's Navy, when the English good will ship, the Sheffield, was here in port at the end of September. It was such fun, and really good tests for our knowledge of American history. There were many embarrassing questions, believe me! Hope those other chapters along the Atlantic•seaboard enjoyed the same experience. We will be looking for all of you at our next meeting . Connie Pennypacker, Nu Nu At our recent alumnae luncheon Jean Reimet asked me to send news of the Kappa Kappa alums. I understand that she is taking care of the Nu Nu news. The Kappa Kappa's vacationed here and there and everywhere . Georgia Dintiman flew to Detroit. Ginny Becker Maslin "roughed it" in the backwoods of Maine . Barb Walsh took a boat trip to Nova Scotia . Doris Becker spent her vacation in the Poconoes. · Ma~y others could be found on the beach in Ocean City. No summer would be complete without weddings. Marilyn De Noyer married Tommy Murphy, and Dottie Green became Mrs. Mortimer Tim Wells. Rosemary Baun married George Young, who is now finishing college in Springfield, Massachusetts. lzzie - Scott and Elaine

35 Sweigart are both planning to be ma rried in Nove mbe r. M r. a nd Mrs. Be rglund (Roseland Munder), and Mr. a nd Mrs. Ray Cordi e r (Marian Dicke rson) both have sons. Looks like no pote ntial Alpha Sigs. I hope thi s news will be sa t isfa ctory . Sincere ly yours, Annabelle Mill e r, Kappa Kappa

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Dear Alpha Sigs: In order to bring the Pittsburgh Alumnae news up -todate I must go back to last June. Our last meeting was a luncheon at Medora Di etzel 's new home in the country, near Seruckley. We all had a delightful time touring the attractive house and the beautiful gardens. It was hard to realize we were so close to a large city. About twelve of the girls made the trip and we certainly had a delicious lunch! Now our fall and winter plans are beginning to materialize . Our first meeting is to be Saturday, October 11th, at the Pittsburgh Field Club, with Mary Lou Marshall and Ada Meyer a s hostesses. It should be beautiful for the foliage is really at its height in Western Pennsylvania. At this meeting further plans will be made for the rest of the year. It's hard to bring much news without a meeting but I know of two additions to the group :--a daughter to Iva Arnold Rochez and a son to Bertha Motz Catterall. Eleanor Conrad was ma'rried in September, and that is all our current events· to date, that I can report. Sincerely in ASA, Ada St. C. Meyer •

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Dear Alpha Sigma Alphas : Quite a lot has happened to our Richmond group since my last letter. Last month we had a benefit bridge for a local hospital and made over $125, which we used to buy tables to be used in the wards. We had forty-five tables of bridge and I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the laurels go. to Barbara Tripp Friend for making such a success of the whole affair. We met at Grace Raper's for our October meeting and caught up on 'a lot of the latest news. Anne Martinstein Gerkin is now in Japan and we plan to keep her well informed with a letter from all of us at Christmas. Myrtle Lee Holt Johnson is leaving for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to be with Dick. Jean Hutton Lugar is back home and she will be our leader for the coming year. Ella Marsh Pilkinton Adams is in Norfol k with Jack. The bachelor girls are getting fewer each year. Sue Harper and Marjorie Pierce were marri ed in June . Lillian Elliott was married September 7th to Thomas Ogburn Bondurant at the First Methodist Church in Farmville, Virginia . Quite a few of the ASA's were there. We saw Elsi e Thompon Burger and that was an occasion! Elsie and her husband are going to Cleveland, Ohio, where he will go to embalming school. The stork has done a little visiting this summer and he brought Virginia Rudd Williams a boy and Mary Ann Chaplin Lohr a girl. Soon he will be visiting more of our girls. Pat Garth and Joscelyn Gillum have come to Richmond . Pat is working in the Federal Reserve Ban k and Joscelyn is teaching . I haven' t done anything rash this summer but join th e


36 National Speolagical Society and now I'm numbered with t he moles, but I've been more elated over this cavecrawling t han most anything I've ever done . I' m crazy, I know, but ' t il next timeMary Lib Harvey

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Our first mee ting of the year was held in October at th e home of Margaret Sutton Hall with Karol Oliphant Greeson as a ss istant hostess. As usual, this fir st meeting was devoted to making plans for the year and meeting new me mbe rs. Mary Bruce and Betty Jo Montgomery have come to St. Loui s from Phi Phi Chapter. Both girls are teaching in Clayton. They are good girls to have a s they have so recentl y been a ssoc iated with an acti ve chapter and we feel they can give us renewed vigo r. It has been difficult for us to start our new year with as much enthusiasm and to get things under way because the person who was alwa ys "on the spot " to see that things were happening has moved away. Elizabeth Rqmans Woody, whom everyone cons idered the "spar k plug" of our organization, is now living in South Orange, New Jersey. Mr. Woody has been transferred to the New York office following hi s appointment as Assi stant to th ~ Vice Preside nt of American Telephone 路and Telegraph in Charge of Magazine Advertising. Elizabeth ha s done more than any other person to keep our organization together and in promoting worthwhile activities for us. She has held all offices, not once 路 but many times. After leaving Alpha Beta Chapter, EJizabeth taught mathematics in high sc hools for about three years. She then married and came td the St. Loui s area where she has made many valuable contributi ons both to her so rority chapter end to he r community. The Woody family which includes two fine boys, Mel vin and Kennerly, lived in the suburb of Webster Groves. Kennerly was valedictorian of his high school class and he is now a fre shman at Dartmouth . It would be impossib le to name all of Elizabeth 's contributions. She was constantl y at work on worthwhile proj,e cts in he r clubs, in the sc hoo ls, and in her church. One of her main . interests was the League of Women Voters in which she was active for ten years and president for two success ive years. She was very active in the MotherCraft Class of The St. J ohn's Methodi st Church and on t he board of the Monday Club, the largest and most act ive federat ed club in W ebste r Groves. We are indeed proud of the outstanding record mad e by Elizabeth and her family i路n St. Loui s and St. Loui s County. Our chapter and th e community have lost one of th e most inte rested and act ive me mbe rs but we are proud t o know tha t Eliza beth will be an a sset to he r new community and alumnae chapte r. Many farewell parties were given for Eliza beth. The chapter had a picnic in he r ho nor and Helen Joh nso n Griffith e nte rtain ed with a love ly tea . Miss Marian Tate of Det roit, who is pres ident of th e a lumnae chapter there , wa s here in Jun e a tte nding a home eco nomi cs convention . A few of our girls e nte rtained Marian at the Uni versity Club and repo rted that they had a grand time with her. We St. Louisa ns are tak ing an unusual amount of pride in the winner of t he Wilma Wilson Sharp award. Sara h was a membe r of ou r chapte r while she Ji ved in St. Louis and was ou r president at o ne time. He le n Johnson Griffith is encourag ing all af us to think about what we can do ta hel p veterans. She sings solos and leads th e singing at some of the Sunday church se rvices at the Veteran 's Hos pital in J effe rso n Barrac ks. Helen sa id she hesitated ta si ng for the bays a s she was

sure they would nat want to hear an "old woman". She was so thrilled after her first experience that she is returning ta help out whenever it is her turn . Helen said she received more from the boys than she gave . These se rvices are well attended by the boys there and they are broadcast ta every room in this large hospital far the benefit of those who are unable to attend . Ow new officers for the year are : Loui se Cosby Quick, President; Gertrude Brandstetter Swartz, Vice-Presi dent; Lola Brandenburg Leedham, Secretary; and Gladys Parks Marsh, Treasurer. Margaret Sutton Hall

SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Retrogress ion in high gear ! 'Tis back in February and on the 14th, too, the Suffolk alums are gathered 'round the fire place at Frances Hewitt's -that's me . I tried to make everything real "valentiny" and just to make me feel goad they ooohed and aaahed . Finally, after they gave me the third degree on the how's 'n wherefore's, I fe ssed up-nothin ' original about m'pahty- just refer to page ??? of " Better Homes and Gardens" and there it was; everything from pink pop corn balls centered in paper dailies on down to the tinted apples pierced with Cupid's arrow. No busi ness at this meeting-played bingo and chatted about this ' n that. For our March meeting we traveled via bus aver to Franklin 'n there was Tee Aaron waitin ' at the station ta lead the way to her home. Here we elected our officers: Harriett Brown Johnson-president; Mary St. Clair Bugg - v ice-pres ident; Viola Surring Raher-setretary; Myra Aaron-treasurer; Frances Beaton Hewitt-Phoenix correspondent and reporter; and Paula Butler Ballardchaplail'l . After eating yummy canapes ' n sipping tea , we were all mystified with what Tee found in the tea leaves far our future. 'Twas so much fun! Here's hoping for some good news in the tea leaves at Tee's an our next visit with her. In the merry month of May, the Norfolk alums were invited over for a bridge luncheon at the Elliott Hotel. Hats off to Paula Ballard for doing all the " behind-thescene" jobs for this; Harriett was in there "pitching", too. During the latter part of the summer we were ever so lucky to, have Evelyn Bell meet with us for lunch whil e she was visiting her sister in Norfolk; the Norfo lk gals met with us for this, too. Mary McKay was vaca ti oning in Suffol k at this time and was able to be with us, too. It's always a pleasure and an inspira tion to ha ve Miss Be ll in our midst. Some of the girls who met her for the first time came back sa y ing, "She's just charming" and she definitely is. Now o ur A.S .A. calendar says Se ptember and a s our usual custom we began our year by meeting with Mull y at the Teache rage. By the way, Mull y, chri ste ned Mary St. Clair Bugg, is preside nt of the Hospital Library Association; our hospital library was one of our chief topics. Mully suggested that we bring magazines as well a s books si nce so many of the patients prefe r them; and she shou ld k now 'cause week after week Mull y ha s been every Tuesday and Thursday to whee l around books on our Iii push c~rt to each pati ent 's roo m. Then we are quite busy gathering o le cl othes, hats, shoes 'n what hav e yo u for a rummage sal e so that we might add to the funds for a pro jected book machine for this region. We ' ll let you know how profitable our rummage sa le is; it could be from "rags to riches"-we hope sa! Frances B. Hew itt



TULSA, OKLAHOMA Dear Alpha Sigs : We Tulsa Alums ore off to o fine start! At our fir st meet ing of the year held at the home of Jockie Corson with Margie Jeonne Miner and Nodine Pork os cohostesses we hod twenty members present. Margie Jeanne, 'our new president, presided ot our business meeting very efficiently in spite of much jabbering and talking of the summer's activities. We mode plans f?r our October rummage sole, which is an onnuol affo1r, and made a tentative schedule for our monthly meetings. We welcome four new members to our chapter, three: Wando Chronister, Jackie Camp, and Louise Maxey from our Beta Gamma chapter at Tahlequah; and Mrs. Elaine Eitel from Alpha Beta chapter, Churchville, Missouri . Elaine and her husband, Dr. John Eitel, and their two adorable daughters, moved to Tulsa from Sapulpa, Oklohomo. We know these girls will prove to be a great asset to our chapter. Mary Darby, a charter member of the Tulsa Alums, is leaving us soon to join her husband in Independence, Kansas where they will make their home. Mary has served 'us well through the years and we shall certainly miss her. During recent years she has taken much active interest in our local Panhellenic and was to serve as our Ponhellenic representative this year. We hope that Mary will not forget us and that she will be able to return to Tulsa often , to 'visit us. And no,w some news of what's been going on in Tulsa this summer: Margie Jeanne spent most of the summer at the beautiful campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison working (and we do mean working) toward a masters degree in Physic;:ol Education. On her return trip to Tulsa she visited with Mary Weinberg, Erv Montgomery, o~d Joyce Harris in Chicago. Margie Jeanne, Mary, E.rv and Joyce were all charter members of our Beta Kappo chapter in. Macomb, Illinois . After returning to Tulsa, Margie Jeanne took a quick trip to Taos, New Mexico, Santo Fe, and Carlsbad. Our prexie really gets around . Oh yes, during the winter months, she settles down to being a most efficient physical education instructor at Roosevelt Junior High School in Tulsa. Jackie Corson, her husband, Dick, and son, Dickie (who is a conscientious kindergarten student this falll, spent the summer at their cabin on Grand Lake near Bernice, Oklahoma. Incidentally, Jackie has invited us to her cabin in May of next year for a week-end. Needless to soy, we accepted her invitation wholeheartedly and hope plans for this outing progress. Jackie is such a gracious hostess--and we ore looking forward to the coming of spring. After spending many months of careful planning and building, Jennie Fisk has recently moved into her new home on East 15th Street. She has invited us there for our December meeting. Jennie become a grandmother on July 3rd, when her daughter presented her with a fine nine pound grandson. Jennie isn't the first grandmother in our chapter, but she is certainly one of the proudest and happiest. We welcome Helen Solomon to our group this year. Helen was out all of last year due to illness. It's so good to hove her back with u~ again and to feel the presence of her dynamic personality.


To prove that we hove talent in our chapter, we offer Reno Moe Long as a living example. She has seventyseven pupils in Kindergarten this fall. How does she do it? Sheer ingenuity, and we're proud of her. Marcette Homm, with her husband and two daughters (the younger only a year old) took a very interesting trip through the Yellowstone Notional Pork and Keystone mountains this summer. They bought a trailer which they thought would be ideal for their trip, but on their return home decided it wasn't satisfactory so sold it. Morcette reports a wonderful trip, but doesn't exactly recommend vocation trips trailer style . On September 30th, yours truly presented a tiny, new Alpha Sig to our chapter; her name, Julie Brewer; weight six pounds, twelve ounces. So girls, be on the lookout for her in about sixteen years for we're already training her to be an Alpha Sig! Furthermore, we're expecting another tiny Alpha Sig for Christmas. Her parents ore Bill and Nodine Pork and we ore all anxiously awaiting her arrival. Nadine and I want to thank the alums for the adorable silver cups which they presented to us at our September meeting . They come as such a surprise to us and we hove fervent hopes of using them to a good advantage . We miss Odessa Alyea this year but hope that she and her husband will eventually return to make Tulsa tkleir home. Bob is attending school in Memphis and of course Odessa gave up her job with Stanolind Oil Co. here and went with him. Lots of luck to you both, Bob and Odessa, and let us hear from you. Incidentally, we'd like to hear from former Tulsa alums Ann Swann, Betty Begun, Harriet Umsted, Edna Chamberlain, and Julio Sligar to mention a few . Our Jane Mills has been selected as a model for the Panhellenic guest day fashion show, October the sixteenth. With all that glamour Jane possesses, we feel more than ably represented! This is more than enough for now. We hope to accomplish much this year and with the enthusiasm shown at our first meeting, we should accomplish much. Lots of luck to all you college chapters in rushing this fall. Love in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sis Brewer

WASHINGTON, D. C. The Washington Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha held its first meeting at the home of Sora Lee Eiselman in Silver Spring, Maryland. We hod a lovely picnic served on the lawn. Later in the evening, we went into a business meeting and elected our officers for this year. They ore listed below: President-Clara Teller; ¡ Vice-President-Bessie Cory; Secretory and Treosurer~Mickey Lahm; Phoenix Correspondent-Harrietta S. Peters. In October we met at Lib Hoffecker's for a delightful spaghetti dinner. Mrs. Hoffecker played the piano ond we song mony favorites. We decided to announce our meetings in one of the leading newspapers so that oil ASA alums might be contacted. Next month we will meet in Alexandria, Virginia, with our president. Love in ASA, Harrietta Peters



NEWS LETTERSCollege Chapters

ALPHA State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia

Dear Alpha Sigs: Everyone is back at schaal now, and has settled into the usual mode of life here at S.T.C. After such a wonderful summer it was hard to adjust ourselves to a routine of getting up early and going to classes, now, but we ore looking forward to what we know will be an eventful and successful year. Soon after school closed last spring, the now junio(s in ASA gave a houseparty on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We really had a grand time despite sunburns and pot luck cooking. Quite a few af our ASA's did not return to school this fall, and our ch.a pter is much smaller. However, we feel that we will accomplish a great deal, and that we will be closer to our Alpha Sigma sisters because of this fact. Many of our ASA's who did not return have married . We miss them, but wish them much happiness. Those who married were Barbara Lee Myers, Eleanor Farmer, Betty Epperson, Norma Howard, and Kitty East. Others of our girls are working or teaching. Among those who did not return was our registrar, Helen Jackson. She was a great loss to us because of her talent and originality. We elected Sara Rawles to take her place. The annual college circus will be held October 25, and we are expecting many of the girls back for a visit. We ore planning to redecorate our chapter room this fall, and hope to have it ready, complete with a new color scheme, for rush season . Fall rushing begins this month, but since we have gone on semester basis this year at school, we won't be able to rush new girls until after first semester. It won't be bad to wait a little longer than usual, though, because we will have a chance to get to know all the girls better, and to discover some really good prospects for ASA thi s year. Here's wishing the best to all of you in your new year's work. . Best ASA love, Martha A. Hatcher

ALPHA BETA Northeast Missouri State College, Kirksville, Missouri

The Alpha Sigs are really setting the pace around here on the K.S.T.C. campus this fall. We're all so happy and glad to be back that we just can't keep our "wi m and witality" under control. We were sorry to lose several officers, but we hurried around and speedily elected new ones to fill the gaps. Pat Feese ste pped into the shoes of our former prexi e, Joy Johnson, who is working in Denver this year. Pat is a very charming and attractive little Alpha and can really handle her job. Jean Pevehouse was elected to assist Pat with her new presidential duties Vice-President that is. Norma Shearer is our new Chap~

lain and yours truly, Jackie Watkins, has taken over the "position" of Editor. Whee-we had fun at our opening social meeting, a wiener roast, no less, and out at Owenby's Lake too, just the best place we know. of around these here parts to have a p icnic. Course, unfortunately we had to hike out (and back) but we donned our blue jeans and took off. Really had a bang-up time, but we missed some of our favorite bright and shining faces . Wedding Bells really rang for the Alphas this summer. We want to wish all the brides and grooms much happiness, even if we do feel mighty sad not having you around anymore. Orchids to Jean Pevehouse, our little beauteous blonde from Malvern, Iowa, who walked away with all kinds of honors the other night when she won the title of "Miss Kirksville" at the contest sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. Jean will represent Kirksville at the American Royal next week, and Who Knows? We have our fingers crossed that she will be chosen QUEEN OF THE ROYAL. That's not all, we Alphas are just taking bows all over the place. The eight class queen candidates for "Homecoming Queen" were chosen last week and we of the sisterhood really outdid ourselves. One half of the beauties are Alphas, to Pat Feese, Beverly Hull, Edith Norton, and Elsa Webbink we wish much luck. May the best gal win . We're really knocking ourselves out ~eking plans for rushing . With so many adorable girls on the campus this fall just watch our smoke! Rush season is sneaking up on us, all of a sudden it begins officially Oct. 13 . Partyparty, we can hardly wait. Sure wish you could all be here for our Alpha-Jama Breakfast and Gypsy Dance. We're planning a great time and sure the kids see it our way. By the way, "Ye Olde Founders' Day" is nearly upon us too. Hurray! the annual banquet is always a lovely event. We want to wish all of you from all of us a very grand and glorious year-a better and bigger one in A SA. Yours in ASA, Jackie Watkins

ALPHA GAMMA State Teachers College, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Dear Alpha Sigs : A cheery whistled strain of "Auld Lang Syne," bobbing red and white dinks, the friendliest smiles on campus, and the Alpha Sigs are back from summer vacation with a burst of enthusiasm . We have great plans for the coming ~ear, we Alpha Gems-plans for autumn picnics, spaghetti suppers, enjoying football games, and all the other gay outings that make for fun and incidentally, make those prospective freshmen pledges sit up and take notice. And speaking of Freshmen pledges-last week several of our girls gave their all for the rushing cause. That is, they washed dishes for hours on end at our local Panhellenic coffee hour. Last year we had the pleasant task of arranging tab~e decorations and emerged smiling

NOVEMBER, 1947 and smelling of those love ly flower centerpieces. This year we emerged with the sa me smiles but with the odor of Fels Noptha and so me wor k redden ed hands. But it was worth the ri sk of dishpan hands to mee t such pretty and pleasant new students. On next week's agenda is Homecoming- we ' ll meet some old acquaintances when our Alpha Sig alumnae <Jrrive at Indiana . Miss Belden, our sponsor, will serve tea in her apartment and we will display all our finery, including those Merit Award candlesticks, th e latter bearing testimony that we actives have kept up the old grads' .high scholastic standards. Then too, we are looking forward to a football game and a Saturday night dance to -entertain the home comers. We will all be plenty busy keeping track of botli former and future Alpha Sigma Alphas. Looks like we Gems won ' t have an idle moment in the ·next few weeks or in the coming year, doesn't it! It's <going to be great keeping you other Alpha Sigs posted •on our progress. We hope to make some of you look ·to your laurels with our glowing reports, we are out to break records in achievement and fun. Love in ASA, Lois Maize

BETA BETA •Colorado State College of Education, •Greeley, Colorado

Last Spring Quarter was gayly brought to a close with •Our annual Mountain Party at Mother Dauth 's. All of the gals hod a grand time with everyone eating too much -and playing too hard . Summer ·vacation found the Alpha Sigs engaged in -many different activities. Prexy Janell and several of the other girls worked at Estes Park. Pat Norton toured through Canada and of course sev~ral of the girls were summer brides. Beta Beta had eight summer brides. This Fall Quarter Beta Beta welcomes back Mrs. Esther Kaufman Goeches and Jo Briggs. With twentynine active members, we are looking forward to an eventful year. Our Homecoming Queen Candidate for 1947, is Beverly Coon . Beta Beta is very proud and happy to have her as our candidate ~ Big ~Jians are under way for the ·decorating of our house and float. The "Alums" are eagerly helping us to make Homeq>ming a huge success. Hallowe 'en is a wonderful time for serenading so the ·girls have planned a· special evening for singing. We plan to sing to the other sororities on campus. Of course Beta Beta hasn ' t forgotten the importance of our Winter and Spring rushing activities. We are al ready planning our rush parties so that we really can show our rushees what wonderful times the Alpha Sigs hove together. As there is to be no rushing this quarter, t he girls ore striving to become acquainted with os many new girls as possible and to know all of our campus fel lows. We are also trying to participate in all camiJUS ·activities as well. Love in ASA, Cathryn Z. Briggs

GAMMA GAMMA Northwestern State College, Alva, Oklahom~

Dear Alpha Sigs: Here we ore bock again with another note letting you all know about your sisters from Oklahoma . We all had ·O wonderful vocation since we lost read Phoenix letters. Wedding bells rang for our vice-president, Phyllis 'Nicolo . She was married to H. W . Wright, Jr., from

39 Cherokee, Oklahoma, August 24, 1947 , at the United Brethren Church he re in Alva . Our two weeks rushing season was climaxed by our traditional Black Diamond formal dinner and party, which we held at the Bell Hotel Ball Room, September 17, 1947 . At " bid house" we were all very happy to welcome nine pledges. The pledge service was held at noon in the home of Mrs. M. L. Provost, one of our patronesses. The patronesses, jointly, gave us a lovel y luncheon that day. Last Tuesday, October 7th, we held initiation for five members at the home of Mrs. W . E. Lane . This swells our ranks to a good working group. We welcome each and every one. We are now making plans for our part in the Golden Jubilee Homecoming here at Northwestern . The Alphas will have a float in the parade and have an openhouse; plenty of coffee and conversation, for our returning alumnae . Love in ASA, Velma Nickelson

EPSILON EPSILON Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas

Dear Alpha Sigs : We hove already had a busy Fall; our great joy is, of course, our lovely new home. It is situated at 929 West Street here in Emporia, o~d is a Iorge white house with a beautiful south lawn, a fish pond, and a lovely little pagoda . One of the things which make this house so dear to the hearts of all Epsilon Epsilon girls is the fact that our Alpha Sig sisters occupied the same house nearly thirty years ago! We are planning a big celebration for our thirtieth anniversary in our new house. Rush week was quite successful in Epsilon Epsilon chapter. We pledged fourteen wonderful girls who will make grand Alpha Sigs. Already they are taking positions of leadership on the campus, and making us very proud of them . Homecoming activities will begin October 17. We ore parti cularly anxious to see this date roll around this year because Patricio Ford, one of our girls in Epsilon Epsilon chapter, has been selected as the candidate for homecoming queen by all the Greek organizations on the campus. We are so proud of Pat. We are putting forth every effort in backing her; and no one could meet a sweeter, more deserving girl for this great honor than Pat. Also at homecom ing, we are presenting a skit in the "Follies," which includes some original songs written by one of our pledges. Last year we won second place in the Follies; and this year we are planning on taking the grand prize! · We had our annual hayrack ride on October 4 . The pledges entertained us with some songs while we ate, and were they cute! Our traditional Snowball Formal Dance is scheduled for November 22 . Our Student Union ballroom has been newly redecorated recently and is reputed to be the loveliest in Kansas. We are holding our dance there, and have a contract with the best band on the campus. It should be a wonderful party. Our regular housemother, Mrs. Rose West , has been unable to be with us so far this year. We have had some wonderful ladies staying with us until Mother West 's ·return . Mrs. Carrie Patterson, an Alpha Sig alum, was with us during September. This month, our president's wonderful mother is our temporary housemother. These women deserve much credit because they hove been so


40 wonderful to help us. We are hoping Mother West can be with us next month. Alpha Sigs are reall y tops on the Emporia State campus as always they will be. We have girls heading such organizations as: Sphinx and Alphathenian, both literary societies, Women's Athletic Association, and Sigma Pi Sigma, Pep organization. Two cheerleaders are Alpha Sigs, and we boast a drum majorette . We also have a pledge who is in the freshman play. We have a new counsellor, Mrs. Betty Johnson (Betty Cramer), who really is popular with the girls, and who helps us so much. She was an Alpha Sig in her college days, and has many ideas which she readily gives to our chapter. Open house for the fraternities starts October tenth. We have heard that all the fellas are anxio us to come to the Alpha Sig house because there's always a good time to be had with an Alpha Sig around . But we already know that's true of every Alpha Sig. Love in ASA, Jane Drum

ZETA ZETA Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg, Missouri

Dea r Sisters: The Zeta Zeta's entertained twenty-five rushees with a party at the Stadium Shelter House on Friday night, September 19. A red and white ceiling hung above the "Stork Club" floor, and the sa me colors were seen in the table decorations. Red and white carnation corsages were given as favors to the rushees. Group s inging , led by Peggy Pierce was enjoyed by all as was the entertainment. The numbers included Peggy Pierce singing "When You Were Sweet Sixteen," and a trio composed of Helen Taylor, Peggy Pierce, and Judy DeMasters harmonizing on " I Wish I didn't Love You So." Shirley Fieth, Ruth Evelyn Clark, and Jean Sontag swung out with the Andrew Sisters' recording of "Jack, Jack, Jack. " Ruthie Clark also did a super job as Mistress of Ceremonies. Finger sa ndwiches, punch, ice cream, and cake were enjoyed by all. Included among our guests were Mrs. Lloyd C. Grimes, our .sponsor, Mrs. Howard Fieth, and several alumnae . Goodnig hts were exchanged after the actives brought the festivities to a close by singing our Sweetheart Song, and it was agreed a grand time was had by all. Love and luck to all Alpha Sigs, Jean Sontag

ETA ETA Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas

Dear Alpha Sigs : BANG! Like a stick of dynamite the Eta Eta's have started the new se mester with 3 1 new beauties. Yes, we have 31 new pledges and each one is a queen in her own respect. Thenty-six ambitious actives have returned with a lot of new ideas that are ready to fire. With originality plus, the rush season was opened with a pirate party in a loca l park. Rushees wore bright colored sashes around their waists, carried small swords with ASA on the handl es and each pirate was given a map with the directions to a treasure chest that contained food. A "Stairway to the Stars" preferential dinner closed the rush activities; over 75 were present. Two new officers were elected-Pat Scalet, to fill the position of vice-president, and Betty Kissee is our new chaplain . Did you know that the Miss Kansas of 1 94 7 is an Eta

Eta? Petite, blond, Ruth Ellen Richmond of Fort Scott, has received the title. When it's a queen contest the majority of beauty candidates are Eta Eta's . Lovel y, dark-haired Shirley King was chosen for our candidate for Homecoming Queen. Other ASA queens represented by various organizations are Marilyn May, Peggy Patten, Marjorie Whitehouse, Marion German, Jackie Brown, and Mary Beth Tanner . When you take a look at ASA's in chapel every Thursday you see many sisters, for we all wear white blouses with red ties at the neck. More originality may be added when our 31 pledges carry red covered notebooks with ASA in white to class. The match that lit our dynamite is Mary Del Esch, a grand president, who has done a fine job of starting us with a BANG ! Love in ASA, Orlanda Manci

THETA THETA Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Alpha Sigma Sisters: We of Theta Theta Chapter have just returned to sc hool for 路 the year. We only have a smc.ll membership this year, but we are sure its quality will compensate for what we lack in number. I'll introduce some of our members . Marilyn Shore is a petite, pretty girl who is majoring in Elementary Education . She wants to teach pre-primary grades. Anna Ravesi, our president, is a Secondary Education major whose interest is Social Studies. Les lie Elterich is the busiest of us all. She is an Elementary Education major. She's at school on a scholarsh ip. How she works and st ill finds time for many extracurricular activities is still a mystery. Frances Di Natali is majoring in Commercial Educa tion. She works part-time, too. Priscilla Congdon is the only junior in the chapter. She is majoring in Secondary Education . I have the distinction of being the only married girl ' in this chapter. I am majoring in Elementary Education . You'll be hearing more from us. Barbara A. Deslau riers

KAPPA KAPPA Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Alpha Sigmas: The Kappa Kappa's sure are a healthy group of gals . The rosy glow of summer is sti ll shin ing forth. But now , with regi st ration past, the ASA's have buckled down . Getting back into the swing of things was fun with the All-University Mi xe r to help. Freshman Ori entat ion was lots of fun too, for more路 than just the freshmen. Quite a few of the Alpha Sigmas played hostesses at the Frosh dance, to an almost entirely male class . Comments from the happy hostesses were that the freshmen get nicer every year. When onxone walks into a certain pretty gray house with an ASA on the door-knocker, she usually thinks she has gotten into a telegraph office by mistake. There's a certain loud clicking noise that sounds just lik'3could it be-yes, it is! Those eager beaver Kappa Kappa's are turning out argyle socks at a production line rate . If anybody would like to have some suggestions . for new and different color schemes, just ask Eileen

NOVEMBER, 1947 Anderson, a ve te ra n of ni ne ori gi nal pairs. They are all beaut ies, too! The re's one kni t te r that has bee n doi ng a lot of left hond ac t io n late ly. And with pl e nty of good reason. Dot t ie Os ie r has a te rrifi c new ring to show off. You know, one of, th e spor k ly k ind tha t mean s oran ge blosso ms soo n. More romanti c news includes wedding pl a ns fo r Is Scott, who graduated in June. W e ce lebrated a happy anni ve rsary at our ve ry fir st mee t ing . Our house moth e r, Mrs. Meta Alf, had bee n with us for just a year. The Mothe r-Patro ness pin that our prexy, Mim Hippie, prese nted to he r is one small wa y that we con let her know how happy we are to ho ve he r bac k with us again . The re ore loads of diverse activities coming up , and ve ry soo n all of the Kappa Kappa 's will be kn ee-deep in preparati ons for Homecoming , dances, and lots more. Te ll you all about it next time. Lots of love, Elaine Sweigart

NU NU Drexel Institute of Technology., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dear Alpha Sigs : Back again after a marvelous summer-everyone is making resolutions to work o little harder this year. We are looking forward with great expectations to the Inte rFraternity Boll and our Alpha Sig Holly Boll later this term . Sorority ,started off with a burst of enthusiasm, all of the girls were so full of sorority spirit. We have a full calendar this year which looks quite promising . All of the girls are humming tunes and concocting words for new sorority songs. At thi s rote, we can't miss having a few good entries in the contest. It almost looked like the 4th of July (sparklers flying) at our first meeting this fall with Jean Kellet and Joyce Altenburg flashing their oh-so-lovely-diamond rings ! Luc ky fellas, too, they got the nicest girls they'll find anywhere! I hope ali of the rest of you Alpha Sigs have a s much success as we of Nu Nu Chapter ore looking forward to thi s year . Until next timeLove in ASA, June Salnew

XI XI University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California Dear Alp~a Sigs : Once again we find that the days of summer hove flown and we are left with but memories of the wonderful times and experiences we have had this post summer. So many things have happened to the Xi Xi gals that I hardly know where to begin . Many of our Alpha Sigs ventured far from thi s city during the past months, but that did not prevent the group a s a whole taking trips. One evening the group assembled and invaded " New Chinatown" in downtown Los Angeles. You've never seen so much chop suey and chow mein devoured in all of your life!! A grand and glorious evening was enjoyed by all those attending, even to such an extent that they decided they must get together with other members of the sorority who were not able to be present. And, that's just what they did!! The next jaunt was to the Magic Isle in the beautiful blue Pacific· . .. the island of Santa Catalina. Two of our members were employed on the isle for the summer

41 in th e town of Aval o n. The sea s we re roug h t hat da y a nd th e group became a littl e sha ke n, but neve r let it be said that ASA girls have n ' t recei ved th e ir "sea - legs." A " Chargi e" tim e was hod by all , ta k ing in th e points of inte rest on th e is land, such a s th e beautiful Casi no ballroom whe re Le ighton Noble and Orchestra we re fur ni sh ing music for danc ing; th e bird form wh e re unu sual b irds from all ove r th e world ma y be see n; th e gloss bottom boot from whi ch th e group sow th e " Submarine Garde ns." But, alas! Te mpus fugit ! and so it d id, for all too soon the whi stle was blowing on the deck of th e steam e r, and all we re scampering up th e gangplan k of th e S. S. Catalina for th e lovely moonlight ride boc k to th e mainland . W e thought Catalina was quite a trip, but wh e n we hea r of the wonderful tim e .Lucy Colovin hod in Howii , it just doesn ' t compare. What does Nebraska ho ve that is locking in California? We ha ven't learned the an swer a s yet, but Lois Murphy should be a b le to te ll us, after her trip to that fair state. Marion Barnes find s Pe nn sy lvania a pleasant state for vacationing . Othe rs of the group decided to look our own state over a bit. Seems a s though Pot Anderson took in all of the s ights including Yosemite, Carmel and even our Capitol , Sacramento. Son Francisco, with her Golden Gate, seemed to present interest for Carolyn Kosswig . Seems soooo good to hove Maggie Jane Echols bock on campus and taking on active port in sorority affairs after having token leave of us for one semester. Not to mention having one of our grads, June Morri s, bock in the fold again. And so, on with the progress . .. The X i X i Chapter presented a ceiling projector and twenty microfilm books to the Wadsworth Hospital of Los Angeles. Now the veterans lying on their bocks in that hospital may look to the ceiling for reading enjoyment. Our Mother-Patroness, Mrs. Hunsicker, served a wonderful steak dinner following our lost business meeting ci t her home·. .We hear that after the majority of the group left, the few stragglers mode a phonograph record to be presented at the next meeting . What WILL it be?? The lost of our "Rush " parties was held at the home of Jamie Lukken. It was to be a barbecue in the backyard, but it ended up as a house party, for (now don't tell the C. of C. I told this ) . . . it rained!! That winds •up the news for thi s time; but now we ore looking forward to coming activities, the first of which will be Pledging. Thanks for allowing me to be with you . . . . Love in ASA, LaTrelle. Fredricksen

PI PI State College for Teachers, Buffalo, New York Dear Alpha Sigs : Greetings from Pi Pi! We ' ve all been buzzin' around campus since the opening of school with a thou sand and one t hings to do. We started off a successful year with a semi-formal dance at Kleinhon' s Music Hall. " September Serenade," a s our bright little Alpha Sigs called it, was a huge success with just everybody -there . Loo k ing at our girls that night, I would certainly soy they lived up to the motto, "the beautiful girls of A.S.A. " Our first supper meet ing of the year was held at Edie Wolf's apartment, we all ate ' n ote-um good ! A spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings was prepared by our own Home Ec. girls. (If it was a sample of all their cooking, it's a wonder they all aren 't wearing frat pins.)


42 The rush season opened here October 3 , with a tea g iven by Panhellenic, so right now we're working on plans tha t sound super for an informal rush party, October 27, and a formal tea, November 9 . Congratulations go to two of our A.S.A. sweethe~rts . -Helen James (secretary) who received her exqu1s1te ring this summer, and Loi s Argy (1946 Junior. Prom Queen ) who is to be married October l 8 . Speakmg of sweethearts, one of the many we were all so happy to hear got married, was our president of last year, Nancy Dunn, who changed her name to Mrs. Don Henderson . Best of luck, Nan . Since Lois Argy is not on campus this year because of her wedding plans, we elected a new president, Winifred (Happy) O' Brian, who is certainly doing a magnificent job. Guess what U.C.L.A. sent us? A swell girl by name of Gwen Barron. Thanks, California, and we hope Gwen will enjoy our chapter as much as we enjoy having her. We saw several of the 1947 grads, now active alums, the other night. The new .teachers are: Joy Sandy, Pat McCormack, Marion Mandley (straight A ·girll , Betty Short (1947 Vice-President), Elie Dombrowski (1947 Secretary), Chuckie Miller (1947 Treasurer and M~ving-Up Day Queen, and Barb LaVigne (1947 Alpha G1rll . We are glad to say they still have that A.S.A. spirit. Love in ASA, Fannie Ertell

RHO RHO Marshall College, Huntington, West Virginia

Dear Sister Alpha Sigs : If in this letter you feel I must be boasting , forgive and believe, for as 'tonishing as it may seem, it is sure ' nuf truth . We are small this year but our spirit of industry and cooperation is one worthy to be studied by all. We have a new adviser, Florence Davis, who has always been a very active member of the alumnae here . New officers elected for this year were Jean Wright-vice-president, Ruth Carter-treasurer, Helen Gallager-registrar, and Frances Hickman-editor. Rushing season started early this year and we were only given three weeks after school began to start our rushing . Panhellenic gave the "go" signal at a tea October 12th. Since then we have been wearing our finger s to the bone and racking our brains to prepare suitable parties for the rushies. We gave our first tea at the Crystal Room in the Frederick Hotel. It wos a success with all the Alpha Sigs dressed to kill and their bestest personalities on parade. We are giving a style show as our second party tomorrow; from the plans it will be different than any ever given heretofore on the Marshall campus. Just keep your fingers crossed that the Master of Cere monies does not lose her tails. The last party will be given for only ones who wish to become Alpha Sigs; we will give them a dinner at the home of our patroness, Mrs. Beckett. We are having a party with our brothers, the Alpha Sig ma Phi's, Saturday night and ' s ince we are so busy with rushing they are making all the plans so it will probably be quite a surprise . May you, all of ou r unseen siste rs, get as much enjoyment from ou r sorority as we. An Alpha Sigma s iste r, Frances M . Hic kman

SIGMA SIGMA Western State College of Colorado,

Dear Alpha Sigmas : Greetings and salutations from the college nearest· heaven . · Campus life at Western is really buzzing, and of course Alpha Sigs are right in the midst of .it. Highlight of the year at WSC is Homecoming and the election of the Homecoming queen. Two Alpha sisters. are candidates for the crown, Jay Gaither and Betty Baily. All the Alphas are rooting for them. Our fall dramatic production will be Joan of Lorraine, and Alpha Sigs are represented on the production staff. Estelle Adams is the Technical Director and Collette Limauro is on the stage crew. Susie Gonzales will certainly be a busy bee this year with her duties as secretary-treasurer of the dorm council and representative from her class to Associated Women Students . Homecoming, with its varied program, is attracting· the attention of ma ny of the past members of Alpha Sigma Alpha, who are making plans to return to WSC on October 24 and 25 . From Durango comes word that Ha riet McAllister hopes to be back to renew friendships, and to remember that ten years ago she was Alpha Sigma president. Planning to come from Denver are Alpha alumnae, Kathryn Pendergrast, Loretta Gallagher, Maehelena Nohavichi, and Marylyn Gray. Camilla Martin from Canon City hopes to see the Mountaineers beat the Greely aears. Alpha Sigma Alpha committees are at work on plans for openhouse and are cooperating every way possible to make this Western's best Homecoming . Love in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Estelle Adams

TAU TAU Fort Hoys State College, Hays, Kansas

Dear Alpha Sigs : The Alpha Sigmas at Fort Hays are already busy with many campus activities. At first meeting officers were elected for positions vacated during the summer. Blanche Pousch was chosen as secretary; Jo Faurot, treasurer; and Bertino Johnson, editor. Our newly elected secretary, Jo Faurot, as a new bride passed chocolates. We are proud of our new faculty adviser, Miss Naomi Garner, who was initiated in September. Alpha stands for activity he re at Hays. Pi Kappa Delta elected Delores Griffing as its pres ident this year and Blanche Bush was elected pres ident of Kappa Pi . The Reveille, our college yearbook, will be edited by Blanche Bush and Bertino ~ohnson. As for pep-we give you Lois Percival , a newly elected cheerleader. Tigerettes, girls' pep club, boasts seven Alpha Sigma Alpha members . Homecoming week-end · was a fitting climax to our plans-we've been working on them s ince September. We had a grand reunion with our alums at the so rority tea he ld at the home of Mrs. Cad~ Swan . Rush week, and plans for our annual Starl ig ht Ball are being discussed. You'll hear about them later-so until December. Love in ASA, Bertino Johnson





Northwest Missouri State College, Maryville, Missouri

Northwestern State College, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Dear Alpha Sigs: Another big year has begun for the Alpha Sigs here at good old M .S.T .C. Our informal Dude Ranch party last week held at the Country Club gave us a good start. Decorations carried out the "Dude Ranch" theme . We hung kerosene lanterns from the ceiling and covered the windows with Indian blankets and serapes. Large logs were drawn in a circle around the open fireplace. The r4shees got acquainted as they were brought to the Club on hayracks . They enjoyed square dancing and a comedy skit presented by a group of actives. little Pat Straight made quite a hit and Barbara Munson was a scream. We all think they should have been on the stage instead of slaving away here at school. After we all stuffed ourselves on barbecued ribs and all the trimmin's, we literally "pulled up a log" around the fire and sang sorority songs. Talented Ginny Ake~s composed a sorority song to the tune of the "Whiffenpoof Song ." We're all very proud of her and it is fast becoming a favorite with our chapter. M .S.T .C. is planning a gala Homecoming, November 1st, and the Alpha Sigs are already making plans for a float for the big parade, a Homecoming dinner, and grooming candidates for Homecoming queen. Formal pledge initiation was held this week at Ann Curnutt's ,lovely. home . Our fourteen charming pledges couldn't be any prouder of their pledge pins than we are of them! Be seein' you in the next Phoenix! Love in ASA, Doris Jean Hamilton

CHI CHI Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Dear Alpha Sigs: We started off right this year by entertaining our new faculty members at a tea . Mrs. Bumb, our adviser, graciously let us use her home for the tea. The faculty members seemed to appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted with other newcomers. We enjoyed it too, no kiddin'. Now we are all working hard on our Homecoming float for this week-end, Oct. 1 0-12. We are striving for first prize with our maypole, its red and white streamers, and the slogan, "Wrap up Valpo" (Valparaiso University) . Our beautiful Alpha Sigs dancing around the maypole will surely "cinch it." After the football game we are entertaining our alums ·with the annual Homecoming banquet at the Hotel Roberts . The decorations will be centered around "The Little Red School House." The program will show dunces and geniuses in their attempt to master Readin', Ritin' , and Rithmetic with Van as the school-marm . Then back to the campus to dance to the music of Clyde Trask's orchestra . At the intermission we hope to see Junice Martin, who is ASA's candidate, crowned Homecoming queen. With the Homecoming rush over, we will really buckle down to work on our "Harvest Moon Festival," an all school mixer, to be held on October 1 8 . The plans thus far are really super and we are all looking forward to it. Love in ASA, Janet Smith

Dear Alpha Sigs: All of you have heard of Spring Cleaning, but the Psi Psis reversed the procedure from the usual month of June to September. Our house needed cleaning badly after summer and all of the girls enjoyed themselves immensely setting it to rights. On initiation ni·g ht, Tuesday, September 30, we added five new members to our ranks. Afterwards, we had a coke party in the Field House. Wednesday, October 8, the Alumnae gave a Bridge dessert at the !ilk' s Club, which several of us attended. Prizes were given for high and low scores and pie-a-la mode and cokes were served to those present. We enjoyed ourselves very much . Now we are all looking forward to "rushing", and a great year which seems to be in store for Psi Psis. Love in ASA, · Mary Lou Hardy

BETA GAMMA Northeastern State College, Tahlequah, Oklahoma Dear Alpha Sigmas: Now that rushing and pledging are over, we can all smile and breathe a sigh of relief. We changed our party plans a little this year. We carried out a "Supper Club" theme, arranging the room as if it were a large public dining room with tables reserved for ASA's and! their guests. The menus read: One serving of Happiness, Large order of Success with a Side order of Campus Popularity, One tall glass of Alpha Sig Friendship, Satisfaction a Ia mode Price : Pledging ASA We used white napkins with ASA printed in red, and' American beauty roses formed our centerpieces. The only light in the room came from our large crest, which· is a replica, of the jewelled pin. Lavelle Short, our rush captain, had charge of our entertainment, which was somewhat on the order of a Tom Brennamen breakfast program. She was interrupted" by George C. Ogle, professor-photographer, and J . W. Patterson, editor of the schpol annual, who came to take our pictures · for the yearbook. Then Elois Fry sang· "Alpha Sigma Sweetheart" as she gave . each rushee a bracelet corsage of red and white carnations. On Friday, September 19, came the pay-off, for we received eleven pledges-the cream of the crop of rushees. On this day, our patronesses gave a lovely dinner party in honor of the new ASA's who were wearing· red-and-white ribbons for the first time . On Tuesday, October 7, our girls were formally · pledged, and then they donned the traditional red-andwhite caps which they must wear each Tuesday, the local" fraternity and sorority pledge-duty day. Alpha Sigs gained two class officers and one all campus officer. Sally Hurst is the freshman class secretary; Mary Dipboye is the sophomore class student· council representative; and Jo Ann Whittenberg is secretary-treasurer of the stu9ent counci I. When Wilson Hall, the home of the majority of Northeastern girls, selected officers, three Alpha Sigs took top honors. Leona Spicer is the secretary; Clara Belle Lennox is vice-president; Lavelle Short is pres ident. (Lavelle is.


44 also president of W.A.A. , the local women's athletic association .) One of our returning members, Elais Fry, who went to Tul sa University last year, has the leading roll in the prese nt all-school production, "Night Must Fall," by Emlyn Williams. We have just heard that Norma Henderson, an Alpha Sig from Conway,, is the new home economics teacher at Tahlequah High School. We remember Norma very definitely from our trip to Conway for Beta Mu installation services seve ral years ago, .and we are look ing forward to knowing her better. Now for the best news we've had this year . . . we ha ve a new sponsor . She is Mrs. John Paul Jones, wife of one of our music professors. She teaches music l<lerself in the College Training Schoo l. She is a very talented and attractive ~oman . We love her, and we know yo u will, too, when you get to know her. All of us are convinced that we have the two very best sponsors in the country!!! This chapter's activities should hit a new high with two such sponsors as Miss Mary Kathryn Steward and Mrs. John Paul Jones. So, it is lights out for me .. Love, Peggy Perdue

BETA DELTA Mississippi Southern College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Dear Alpha Sigs: Fall quarter opened at Mi ss issippi Southern with the largest enrollment in its history. The dormitories are very crowded, but we Alpha Sigs are keeping our chins up greeting everyone with a smile . It is really good to be back on the campus together working in a group and enjoying the friendlines s of ASA. We have several new officers. Helen Nelson is our new president, taking the place of Jean Bryant who became the bride of Mr. Jack Waters on August 26 , 1 94 7 . Althea Stone is our new vice-president, taking the place of Sabel Howerd who will become the bride of Mr. Bill Kettler on October 1 1, 1 94 7. J eon Patch is our new secretary, taking the place of Eddie Mae Norsewarthy who did not return to school thi s year. Ste lla Cloy is our new trea surer, taking the place of Jackie Cox. Miss Evelyn McNeese, who wa s an active Alpha Sig- during her college days here, is our new sponsor. She is now a commerce instructor. Our former sponsor, Miss Mary Tom Co lones heard the wedding bells too, and became the bride of Dr. Sponges. Our president, Helen Nel son is al so president of Panhe ll e nic which means we really have lots of work to do thi s year. Our plans are now being made for rush week which we think will be very successful. Our Mother Patroness, Mrs. Barron is honoring us with a party after our regular meeting next week. We are al so planning a wiener roast to be given soo n. We fe e l that we are going to have a good year and wi sh each of yo u the same . Love in ASA, Jeanette O'Neal

BET A EPSILON Madison College, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Dear Alpha Sig Sisters: It's the session of '47-' 48 and of activity. But fir st, let me tell you about things that happened to our girls last year. Martha Lee, al so Mi ss

Mad iso n is a beehive some of the important in the last quarter of Madi so n and our Ma -

donna of the Christmas Pageant, was maid of lfonor in the May Day celebration . The court also included H ilda Davi s, outgoing president of the Student Government Association, Joy Corkan, secretary of our own chapter, and Lois Wiley, reporter for the orchestra. Among the attendants were June Sterling , Jerry Morris, Ernestine Gillespie, Marjorie Dickie, and Betty Ja Stretchberry . Then class elections were held during those last weeks. Our girls obtained eight out of the twelve class offices available in the Junior and Senior classes. These girls will hold office during ' 47-' 48. Betty Weller was elected pres ident of the Junior Class and Barbara Wensel became the new Senior Class president. You can imagine how proud we are of these girls. Besides that, several are new members of the Honor Council. Other events of those last months were the annual Senior Breakfast and open house. Both were enjoyed by everyone. I mustn't forget to tell you about the reception for Sue Deaton when she gave a voice recital in May. Sue was the lovely talented vocalist who sang with the college orchestra. Everyone came back to school with stories of summer fun and work. Barbara Wense l worked in Texas and Mexi co with the Baptist Home Mission Board far twelve weel<.s. Of course, she gave us some interesting sidelights o n various things such a s teaching in Spanish and the pranks of the children. For Eva Ann Trumbo, YWCA president, the summer held the wonderful time she had at the University of Chicago where she attended the YWCA School for Presidents. Becky Settle, president of the International Relations Club, represented that organization at a convention at the Women's College in Greensboro, North Carolina . Two of our recent alumnae, Martha Lee and Em Leitner, also distinguished themselves this summer. Martha was Miss Madison and represented our school in the Miss Virginia Pageant held in Norfolk. Emily sang in the chorus of "The Common Glory" down at Williamsburg , Virginia . Ever since school started, we've been getting ready for our rush party. Right now , with the party on October 14, we feel that we can hardly wait for rush week to end so we'll know who our new sisters will be. The party centers around the traditional theme of "Cafe Society." With Mitzi Barkey, Dawn Brewer, Nancy Rogers and Barbara Wensel aiding the capable Jo Vaughan, our pres ident, we're sure to have a grand party. Of course, all the members are working together to make things a success. That's about all the news for now. Love in ASA, Etheline Smith


Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana

Dea r Alpha Sigs: Tuesday I collected two huge and intriguing files and a beautifully bound scrapbook; what more inspiration could an editor a sk? Our official rush season opened last night with a most successful fcrmal reception . The organization was terrific, I' m sure you all would have been proud of us. You see, it was only with great persuasion that Vivian Talbot agreed to carry on a s pres ident. In the way of a bribe, the chapter promi sed to ta ke all the detail s off her shoulders and she's keeping us to our word . Beta Zeta is already taking a noticeable lead in campus life . Two of the three girl cheerleaders are Alpha



Alpha Sigma Alpha girl , He len Janes, our chapter chaplain, elected a s Homecoming Princess. She will reign ove r the activities this coming week-end, October 31 st and November 1st. Our campus is buzzing with activity. On November 13th, we are entertaining a representative of the World Student Service Fund, Miss Ruth O'Neil, from Stockton, California . She has recently returned from a tour of European colleges and is helping collect donations to a ssist the European students in their educational program. Another activity we are looking forward to is the Fall Formal to be held on November 22nd . This is an all college formal sponsored by the Men's Union and Women's League. This is our first Fall Formal and it promises to be o great success . Well that is all the news for now. Until next monthLove in ASA, Jean A. Manning

BETA THETA Central Michigan College of Education, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Two Alpha Sig Winners in the Poise Parade. Center, Emilie Baudoin; Right, Jackie Breaux. Sigs; they> are Merrie Joy Munsch and Lila Lewis. Julianne Martin has been chosen by our frat brothers as their candidate for FFA queen. The winner here will go to Kansas City to compete in the national contest. Jocelyn Schoeny is prexy for the Spanish club, Beverly Stafford swings a neat gavel for the PEM (Phys. E.) Club, and I'm presiding at Foster Hall, senior girls dorm . But it's not just the cooler weather that calls for activity; thirteen of our actives were here during the summer session and judging from their notes were busy indeed. June 26 has gone into our annals as the date of their gala swimming and watermelon party. Jackie Breaux and Emilie Baudoin walked off with two of the three victories in the annual Poise Parade. Emilie is also our current candidate for the Veteran's Club Pin-up Girl. One of our advisers, Miss Alpha Mayfield, underwent a serious operation in July. It was grand to see her back in the re.c eiving line last night. The National Student Association has extended an invitation to Southwestern to become a member. Naturally there is a great deal of interest and discussion on the campus for we feel we want to know exactly what we're gammg or m1ssmg . I would certainly welcome opinions from any of you who have seen the N.S.A. in action on your campus. Enough for now. By the time my next letter is- written to you "Good Night, dear little Rushee" will have worked its magic charm and we'll have an impressive list of pledges to give you . Wish us lusck. Yours in ASA, Daphne M. Kerrison

BETA ETA State Teachers College, Dickinson, North Dakota

Dear A.S.A. Members: On October 13th, a rush dinner party was held for five candidates. Three of the girls accepted and will be pledged on the 1Oth of November. We were very honored again this year by having an

Dear Alpha Sigs: Here we are back again after a very enjoyable summer. It was swell seeing all the. kids again and getting together to ' plan our activities for this semester. We're really going 路to have a full sorority schedule, what with bridge parties, cokes, dances, and a splash party, not to mention our Homecoming activities, a hayride, and rushing. Mrs. Thorpe has invited us to her house for our Founders' Day tea on November 15th, and all the Beta Thetas will be on hand November 1st for our Homecoming Breakfast at Elvira Mcintyre's . We're really looking forward to seeing all our alumnae sisters who will be back that day. Vernie Gilbert and Fran Huzarick were the lucky members of our chapter who were able to attend the initiation of Rho Chi Chapter at Wayne University which was held in September at the Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, Michigan. Now that we have such close neighbors, we'd like to have a get-together. We Beta Thetas are all rooting for Rowene Slavik, our candidate for Queen . I'll be back next time with lots more Beta Theta chatter. Love in ASA, Flo McConnell

BETA IOTA Radford College, Radford, Virginia

Dear Alpha Sigs : Here at Radford we have started a new year with a bang. Because of crowded campus conditions, we have moved our sorority room to the basement of Madame Russell dormitory, as have the other sororities, and we now call our new "home" Sorority Hall . It really is much nicer than the old chapter room for it is much larger and we can certainly use the space. Other than dusting, arranging and decorating our new chapter room , we haven't gotten down to business yet, but we hope to have many activities during the fall quarter. Dot Carter has been elected our new president to take on the duties of Freda Simms, who is unable to keep this office. Mary Jane Dudley was elected treasurer to fill the office vacated by Dot Carter, and Lois Reich has taken over the duties of Alma Rector, registrar, who has transferred to R. P. I. in Richmond, Virginia .


46 Many Alpha graduates are teaching this year, among whom are Mozelle Porter, who is teaching in Bristol, Virginia; Mayme McCoy and Frances Currin, who are both teaching in Pulaski. Doris Ann Poland (better known to all of us as "Sweetie") is teaching in Martinsville, and Ruth Ann Godbey (now Mrs. Sam Scr.uggs) is teaching here in the Radford high school. Norma Jean Perry and Marianne Wright attended the installation of the new Alpha Chapter at Concord College, Concord, West Virginia, September 27. We of the Beta Iota Chapter wish to welcome our new sisters of Beta Pi Chapter at Concord College. We wish you luck in the coming year of ASA. We also wish all our other sisters the best of luck and we hope this year may prove fruitful to all. Love in ASA, Isabelle Mattesheard

BETA KAPPA Western State Teachers Colle路g e, Macomb, Illinois

School days, school days, Good old Alpna Sig days, Rushing and pledging and Homecoming, Kick-offs, and floats and who'll be queen We'll work for another year again To collect some knowledge and more frat pins It's a terrible life, but, gee, it's fun To oe back at Western again! We trapped twelve little lovelies for Beta Kappa this year. Here's how. First of all, we asked 'em to a star party with an invitation af blue, bearing a personified star, pulling a wagon. Caption: Hitch Your Wagon to an Alpha Sig Star. The living room-night club ceiling dripped with stars, the lights were low and while the guests sipped Comet Cokes and Venus Vodka, served from a wishing well bar, such stars appeared as the Singing Waitresses, The Bedtimers, dancers, vocalizers, etc. But, of course, it was really our fatal charm that won 'em. Homecoming is just three days hence and Alpha Sigs (especially the pledges) are very busy. The Homecoming Play, "Chicken Every Sunday," has five Alpha Sig stars and an Alpha Sig student director. Talent we haven't even used yet! Norma Robison Wittekeend, is our candidate for Homecoming Queen . Every good ASA has her fingers crossed til after election. Gotto crinkle crepe paper for a float. Se-ya, Jo Lewis

BETA LAMBDA Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, Arkansas

Dear Alpha Sigs: Did we ever enjoy our summer Convention last June 16th and 17th at the Sam Peck Hotel in Little Rock? I should say so. We had seven alumnae with us and twenty members back. We started off with an informal meeting at 4:00 Saturday afternoon, following which the alumnae had a meeting . We had our annual banquet at 7 :00 in the West Room of the Hotel. After that some of us went to the show and some were lucky enough to have dates. Just to let you have an idea of how much sleep we got, we had two rooms with beds stacked in them and we all slept there, that is, when we weren't throwing pillows at the person across the room. We hated to break up the week-end, because it was wonderful seeing the old and new girls all together. But

all good things must end sometime. So our convention came to a halt as everyone started packing and leaving Sunday morning . It was wonderful coming back to school this year. But I'm sorry to say, we lost our president, Almeda Cox . She is teaching Physical Ed. in Paragould, Arkansas. We elected "Winkie" Rountree, from Pine Bluff, to succeed her. I just wish you could meet her and know her as we do. She's tops with us as well as on the campus, being nominated for Scroll Beauty, Business Manager of the Echo, Tapped to Royal Rooters, Member of the Art Club, W .A.A. Writers Club and the A Cappella Choir. So you can see she's quite a gal. Never let it be said that the Alpha Sigs can't yell . Posie Cook and Betty Swain were elected cheer leaders this year to back our team . Now to get a little more serious, Wilma Adams was elected to Student Council as "Women on the Campus Representative." And I might add she is the only woman on the Council. No need to say we're proud of her. We are in full swing with our Rush Party tonight, October 8 . Next time you'll hear all about our new pledges and more buzzin' on our campus from the Alpha Sigs, so bye now. Love in ASA, Betty Freeman

BETA MU Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Dear Alpha Sigs: With a new school year, new sorority year, and new officers, we are really off to a big start. Everyone seems so enthusiastic about everything .we do, you just can't help but love Alpha Sigma Alpha more every day. A big reunion was witnessed on the beautiful Henderson campus September 8, when all the oid gang got back together. Needless to say, it was a wonderful reunio.n and besides seeing old familiar faces, many new and interesting ones appeared from nowhere. Now that we have been deep in the books for fully a month, we can take our noses out of those awful old things and see what's cooking. Because the Alpha Sigs are always on top at this campus and know what's going to happen even before it happens. This was proved by the bang up job of a rush party we gave. Even the members were having so much fun. The Carnival Rush Party was given at Magnolia Manor where we entertained thirty-six rushees. Balloons were given away as favors by the clown, Jo Dean. Dot Rich did her share of work as the barker. The photograph booth was well taken care of by Mag Robertson. Our fortune teller, Lorraine Larson, last year's editor, really had some of the girls wondering . Bingo kept us trying throughout the evening and some darling prizes 路were won. As a result of this super-colossal evening, we cap-' tured the hearts of eight cute freshmen girls, and any one on H.S.T.C. campus will tell you they're tops. Needless to say, we think so too. Initiation service was held in the Home Ec. building, October 8 . Our pledges are our pride and joy and we're tickled to death to get them . So, now, for a serious word . As one of the newest chapters;-' we're trying our best to show others on our

NOVEMBER, 1947 campus what a woonderful thing Alpha Sigma Alpha is. Our officers are doing their share, with such an ambi tious leader as Phena, our own Alpha girl. And what we lock in quantity (several ASA's didn't return) we try to make up in quality. Best of luck to all of you until we meet again in the Phoenix . I'll be just bubbling over with things to tell about-for one thing the hayride we're planning for our pledges. Love in ASA, Elizabeth Day

47 graduation, and others decided to be "career gals" for a while. The biggest changes mode, however, were those in name-from "Miss" to "Mrs." Heading the list is our prexy, Vivian-now Mrs. Dewey Outen. Best of wishes to each of them .

GAMMA CLIO State Teachers College, Cartland, New York

Dear Sisters: Here we are back in the hills of Cortland . First event of the season was a gala Trunk Moving Party, to entertain the men, and to dispose of our trunks. Refreshments, singing and dancing, followed the trek up the .stairs with the trunks. Our next party is planned for October, and will be an old fashioned hayride. ELENORA VANNERSON Most outstanding in Commerce


OPEN HOUSE AT CORTLAND Grace Kleinsang, Mellie Sudman, Peg Lavoe The freshmen girls had their opportunity to see our . house at House Opening . We were just as proud as ever 路to open the doors and conduct tours through our abode. The gals at 22 West Court are eating like queens this 路year. Our cook of last year has her own home now, and has some Alpha Sigs living with her. We hated to see her go, Of\d never expected to find another likE' her, but 路Our Mrs. Buget is turning us all into regular pigs with her meals! The enclosed pictures were taken at our Open House. Yours in ASA, Winnie Fuller

BETA NU .Murray State Teachers College, Murray, Kentucky

Hi there, Alpha Sigs! It's really wonderful to be getting back into the swing -of college life again, and ' specially to see all our "sisters" of A.S.A. once more . Our college has the largest enrollment in history1,543--and we're all excited about things like a new broadcasting station and a new Industrial Arts building . During the summer, there's really been some changes :made. Of course, we lost several of our members through

To prove again that Alpha Sigs hove "beauty plus brains" two of our members, "Mickie" Turk and "Corky" Burkeen (Mrs. Bob Healy) were chosen among the campus favorites at the close of last year; Reba Jo Cathey and Elenore Vannerson were elected to Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary fraternity for high achievement in scholarship. Elenore, besides all this, was selected as the outstanding student in commerce. "Le Cafe Paris" was the gathering place for Alpha Sigs and their guests at the Rush Party for upperclass girls on Thursday night, October 8 . F-rom the booths and tables decorated in French style with the menu in French (our version of French), to the lamp post bearing the sign "Sorority Street"-the atmosphere was definitely "Frenchy." Rose Dantzler, our cigarette girl, who sang "Mademoiselle," really made a hit. As a result of our party, we met loads of girls from whom to pick our pledges . In two weeks comes Homecoming with its traditional parade, which means, of .course, an Alpha Sig float. This year we're going to be in there pitching for first prize . Until next time, when we'll be waiting for all the news, Love in ASA, Aleda Farmer

BETA XI Oneonta State Teachers College, Oneonta, New York

bear Alpha Sigs : . The brilliant golden yellows, reds, and oranges are once again enhancing the Oneonta countryside. And once more we of the Beta Xi Chapter of Alpha Sig pursue our college duties amidst a flurry of rustling leaves and crisp winds! Alpha Sig actj vities, we might say, began the very first day of school when several of our number went out to Freshman Camp for a week. So from路 the very beginning that ASA influence penetrated the campus. Our plans for the school year are being formed, with, of course, "rushing" heading the list. The official rush-


48 ing sea son ope ned on Septe mbe r 2 8 , with an inte rsorority picnic ove r in Wi lber Par k. The rain ha mpe red our act ivities, but, I' m a frai d, not ou r appetites! Our program of " fros h" rushing is runnin g a long ve ry n ice ly. W e a t " 91 " are ce rtainl y gett ing our share of bei ng th e " pe rfect hostesses" to t he fresh me n. Su ppe r and ove rnight are our two fo rmal "dates"- ·and it is am azi ng t he h ilari ous co nve rsa t ions that a rise when a gan g of g irls munch ing on cheese and cra cke rs, gath e r in one room . Octobe r 19 ma rks ou r f irst " ope n house"-wh e n we

a s a so rori ty officiall y open our doors to the who le group a nd cord ial ly loy out th e welcome mat. Si x of our membe rs have n ' t returned to sc hoo l, fo r s ix diffe re nt rea so ns! "Lucky" Mill e r, our Treasure r, transfer red to Quee ns Co ll ege, Quee ns . But she hasn't forgotten us, for last weeke nd she paid us a vi s it. So; a s bac k to readin ' , ' rit in', and ' rithm etic we go, ma y we in Oneo nta wis h to all of you a "supe r" school: year ! Until next time wh e n we 'll reall y be in full swin g . Yours in ASA, Mildred Maho ney

ASA NATIONAL COUNCIL 1st row: Mqri on Powe ll , Wilma Sharp, Virginia Carpenter. Esth e r Bucher, Eve lyn Be ll , He len Corey, Ge nevieve Le ib .

TRANSFERS TO FROM . . ... . ..... Ak ron, Ohi o .... . . .. . .. Farmv ill e, Va _ . . . . . . . . . . . Boston , Mass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H arn·so n b urg , V a . . . Charl eston, W . Va . . . .. . .. . . ... .. . . Littl e Rock, Ar k. . . . .. . .. . .. Ch ica go, Illinois . .. ... ... . . .. .. . . .. Cleve land , Oh io ... . .. . . De nve r, Co lo . . .. . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . . . . .. Rad fo rd , Va. . . . . . . . . . . . De nve r, C o 1o. . .... . .... .. . . ... . .. .. Emporia , Kan s. . . . . . . . . . · · De nve r , Co lo . . . ... .. ... .. .. . . . . . . . Gunni so n, Co lo. . . . . . . . . . . . Detro it M ' h W . . . . . . . .. . . Detroi t , IC . . . . • . • . • . . . . . . . . . . • arreMnsbu~g, Mldo . , M ich . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . unc1 e, n . . .. . . . .... . . Los Ange les, Ca lif . . . ·. . . . . . .. .. .... . . . Hays, Kan sa s .. . . . . . . .. .. Los Ang e les Calif. . . .. .. . . .. . . . Des Mo ines Iowa ... . ... .. . . . New York, N. Y. . . . . . . . ... . .. . ... . . Oneonta ' N y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N ew y or k ' N ·. y . . . . . . . . .. . .... . . .... Boston,' Mass.

Margare t Bellus Sa nds ... . .. . . . . . . . . . J une Pa yson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ann ette Pausewan g Gru be r (Mrs. A. ) . . . Lora J ones Smith (Mrs.) . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . Betty Sma ll ey Farme r (Mrs. Gl e nn ) . . .. . . . . Betty Dryde n McCosh (Mrs. R. B. l . . . . . . . Rut h Ha skins Van T ine (Mrs.) . . . . . . . . . Ch o r Ia tte Re ide nba ch J orge nson (Mrs.) . .. Esth e r Arn ot Si Ide n (Mrs.l .. . . . . . . . .... Loi s Stege n (Mrs.) · · · · · · ... Mrs. Lyle G. Block · · · · · .. . Ba rbara Schaffe r .. . .. . ... . Kath e rine Hallle Hammond . . . Ma rian Powe M

. . . .. .... .. . . .. . . . ... .. ... .

....... .. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·Cl eve land, Oh1 o . .. . .. . ... . . .. . . ... Philadelphia Po ar ie Scanl o n · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · . .. . . .. ... . . . . . . Tulsa , Ok lahoma .. .. . .... . ... . .. . Ha t ti esburg , M iss:



Alpha Sigma Alpha Initiates; ALPHA-sTATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA Edith D. Brooks ... . .... 203 St. Geo rge St., Farmville, Frances E. Collie ....... . 44 0 Avondale Drive, Danville, Elizabeth G. Harris .. ... .. 704 First Avenue, Farmville, Martha B. Hylton .. . ... 282 Carolina Ave., Da nville, Caroline A. Page . . ... . . . ......... . ... N orth Ga rden Eveyln R. Phillips . . . Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, J esse L. Pickett ............. . ........... Round Hill, Patsy Ann Ritter ... 617 S. Braddock St. , Winchester,

Virginia Virginia Virginia Virg inia Virg inia Virginia Virginia Virginia

ALPHA BETA- NORTHEAST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE, KIRKSVILLE, MISSOURI Me rrill Salisbury .. . .... . .. . 241 Edgewood, Memphis, Missouri Joyce E. Johnson ............................ Purdin , Missouri Mary Lou Bomgardner ........... R.R. l, Unionville, Missouri Mary Lu Bullock .. .. .... . ... .... ... . ... .. . La Plata, Missou ri Patti Lou F eese .......... 202 E . J effer son, Kirk sville, Missouri J ean F. Freeman ... . . . 83 Maple St., Rutherford, N ew J er sey Gertrude M. Fleming .. . .... . 315 S . High, Kirksville, Missouri Oreta C. Moye r .. .... 1304 North Main St., Kirksville, Missouri Anna C. Nelson ............ . 124 N. E . St., La P lata, Missouri Clara C. N elson ....... . 124 North East St. , La Pla ta, Missouri Edith M. Norton ... ... ... . .. .. .... .. .. . Jack sonville, Missouri Zelma J. Palm er .. . . .. .. . ......... . ....... . Novelty, Missouri Glenna J . P evehouse ... ..... . . . .. . ......... . .. . Malvern, Iowa D ena W. Picken s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Green City Missouri Lorraine K . Pietsch . .... . ........ . ..... . . .. . Granville, Illinois Jaciel D. Taylor . .... . 610 East McPherson, Kirksville, Missouri Margaret Estes Wige n .... ..... R.R. 5, Box 210, Moscow, Idaho Virginia E . Cole .. . . . ... . 65 P eckman St., Coldwater, Michigan Doris J. McCullough ..................... . . . Atlanta, Missouri Billie J . Rixey ....... . . .. ...... . .. . . ...... Unionville, Missouri ALPHA GAMMA-sTATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA Gloria I. Bleeck er ..... 187 Center St., St. Marys, P ennsylvania Elizabeth A. Donohue ... 432 Miller Park, Franklin, Pennsylvania Patricia L. McDaniel . .. . . ... . Rt. 6, Cochranton, Pennsylvania Betty J ean M.cCullum .. 649 W engle r Ave., Sh aron, Pennsylvania E lizabeth A . 'Moyer ........ Pine St., Coch ranton, PeJinsylvania Shirley A. Frye . .... . 336 N . Seventh St. , Indiana P ennsylvania Sylvia A. Gustafson . . . 419 E. Pine St. , Clearfield, P e nnsylvania Be_tty Lou Shank .. . 442 R eynolds Ave., Kittanning, P ennsylvania BETA BETA- COLORADO STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, GREELEY, COLORADO Jo Ann Duerksen ..... . . ....... . .. . . .. .. ... .. Premont, T exas Betty J . Durh am ... ....... . ..... ....... . .. K endrick, Colorado Bonnie M. Vanlaningham .. . 3349 W . 32 Ave., De nver , Colorado Beverly Ann Coon ...... . ... 520 Walnut St., W indsor, Colorado Enid E. Ehrman . .. .. .... . ................. . Gering, N ebraska Margaret P. Norton ...... W . Robinson St., Carson City, Nevada Ruth Briggs .. .... . .... . .. 1212 Fifteenth St ., Greeley, Colorado Mitzi Vahsholtz ... .. . ..... . ... 1305 Ave. B, Dodge City, Kansas Betty Nicholson .... ..... .. .. ... 863 Emerson, D enver, Colorado Marilyn Hartman .. ... . ... .... 1650 Pearl St., D enver, Colorado GAMMA GAMMA-NRTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE , ALVA, OKLAHOMA Velma L. Nickelson ... . ..... ..... . . . .. .. .. Freedom, Oklahoma Kay H. Canfield .. . . . ...... ... ... , ...... Hawth orne, California Louise Fountain ..... . ... . . , .... .. ... ..... Southard, Okla h oma Naomi J . Hyde ... . . : . ...... ... . . .......... . . Alva, Oklahoma Phyllis Nicola . ........ .. . . . . .... .... ... . . . .. . Alva, Oklahoma Peggy Wiebener ..... . . . .. . . ... . ... . . . ...... .. A lva, Oklahoma EPSILON EPSILON- KAN SAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEpE, EMPORIA, KANSAS Joan H. Chance .. . ........ 1002 Chestnut St., Emporia, Lois Garvie .... .. ....... ........... Rt. 1, Manch est er, Eunice M . Gr ass ..... ...... 420 South C St., Herington , Betty L . Hartenbower .. ... ......... ... . N eosho Rapids, Kathleen R . Miller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Delavan, N eva E . Mulsow .. .. ........ . ............ Yates Center , Mary J. P et ersen .... . .. ..... 302 E . Walnut, H erington, Patricia A. Peter son . .. .. . . .. 700 South Cedar, Abilene, Nancy L. Pierson . ... . ... ... . 1427 Highland, Emporia, Clara M. Prisock ..... ... ...... . 705 Merha nie, Emporia, J ean T eichgraeber .. ..... .. .. ..... . .. . ........ Gypsum, Cecil A. T erry ................... . ..... ....... Canton, Louise D egarimore ...... . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Howard, Betty J. J aen ecke .......... . , . .. ....... L emmon, South Ernestine Karnes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Overbrook,

Kansa s Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas K a n sas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Dakota Kansas

ZETA ZETA-CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE, WARRENSBURG, MISSOURI Shirley A. Fieth .. .. .. 723 W . Broadway, Higginsville, Missouri J ean V. S ontag ....... 1508 Hardy Ave., Independence, Missouri Ma rion •W . Lankford . ..... 315 N. J e ffer son , Lebanon, Missouri Dorothy L. Irwin ...... ... 7730 Summit, Kansas City, Missouri Ruth E. Clark .. ... 4300 Highla nd Ave., Kan sas City 4, Missouri P eggy Bradley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Holt, Missour i Shirley A . Scrivner .. ... . ... ................ . Stover , Missouri Helen L . Taylor ...... . . ... .. 2000 E. 12th St. , Sedalia, Missouri Elizabeth A. K irby .................. . ..... . Windsor, Missouri

Septem be r, 194 6 - September; 1947 E TA ETA-KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEG E, PITTSBURG, KANSAS Ruth Leon ... . ........ ..... 611 W est Euclid, Pittsburg, Kansas Colleen Morrison .. .. . ............... . ........ J oplin , Missouri Ruth Ellen Richmond ·. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ft. Scott, Kansa s Ferra) C. Ba ll ...... ..... . 2308 S. Broadway, Pittsburg, Kansas Betty J. Brentan .......... .. ............ . .. . .. Arma, Kansas Charlene Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Columbus, Kan sas Dorothy Dice ..... . . ..... . ... ............. . . . Fredonia, Kansas Twyla Ewen ... . ...... .. . . , .... .. .............. . Erie, Kansas Jo Anne 0. Gearhart . . ..... . ... . .... . . .. . . . .. .. . Eri e, Kansas Kat hleen Hager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Erie, Kansas Anita Hilbolt . . .... . . . ... . .... . 703 W. 7th, Pittsburg, K a n sas Polly Lashbrook .... ... . ..... 305 W est Rose, Pittsburg, Kansas Mary Harpole . ....... . ... ... . 603 W est 4th, Pittsburg, Kansas Edith L . Milton . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Galena, K a n sas Marjorie P ease .... . . . . . . .. 1208 S. Broadway, Pittsburg, Kansas Virginia Rae ......... . . . .. 415 W est Adams, Pittsburg, K a n sas Shirley S he rma n . . . . .. . .. .. .. 303 W est Park, P ittsburg, Kansas Joy Standford .... . . . ..... 224 W est Forrest, Pittsburg, Kansas Jane Stroup · . . .... .. .... . .... . .. . . .. . . Baxter Springs, K a n sas Betty Wi edner . . ........ . 604 North W a lnut, Pittsburg, Kansas Betty Harden .. . . ...... ... 201 E. W illiams, Pittsburg, Kansas Kay Harris ..... . . . . . . . .. . . 201 E. Williams, Pittsburg, Kansas THETA THETA-BOSTON UNIVERSITY, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Constance Babish .... 9 Ashton Place, Cambridge, Massachusetts Priscilla Maddox ...... 104 Metropolitan Ave ., Roslindale, Mass. Laura Mallardi ......... 274 Rantoul St., Beverly, Massachusetts Catherine Mannoogeaw ... 320 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, Mass. Barbara Nokes .. ... .. ..... 193 Hillsberg Ave., Brockton, Mass. Priscilla Congdon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 192 Exchange St., Millis, Mass. L eslie Elterich .... . . .. . . .. 135 Riverside St., Watertown, Mass. Marilyn Shore .. .. . ......... 378 Chelsea St., E ast Boston, Mass. KAPPA KAPPA-- TEMPL·E UNIVERSITY, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA R eg ina L. Nice ... . .......... 74 Hillside Ave., Souderton , Pa. Patricia H. Rus hy ... . . . . . .. . . . . ..... .. . Andover, N ew J er sey June E. Seitz ......... . ........ White St., Bowmanstown, P a. Eileen M. Anderson . . . . . . . . . 20 E . Park Road, Havertown, Pa. M . Jane Carter .... . . . ... . 10 E. Lynnwood Ave., Glen side, Pa. Patricia A . R h oads .. . . .. . .. . . 133 Rutledge Ave., Rutledge, Pa. Emily J . Sherwood .......... . . 905 Wallis Avenue, Farrell, Pa. Isabelle A. Swan . . . . . . . . . 6366 Algard St. , Philadalphia 36, Pa. I r en e M. W h ite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Second St. , Schwenksville, Pa. Dorothy J . Harris . .... . 5250 Oakland St., Philadelphia 24, Pa . Ruth Landis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rahns, Pa. Dorothy I. M'Cool ... . .. . . 270 H irst Ave., East Lansdowne, Pa. Ruth A. Pike .. ... . ... . . ....... Woodward Road, Moylan , Pa. Ruth E. Smith .... . ....... . ...... 501 Bailey Rd., Yeadon , Pa. NU NU-DREXE_L I N STITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, PHILADELPH IA, PENNSYLVANIA Mary C. Bowman ............... 25 Columbus Ave., Manoa, Pa. Margaret W. DeWitt . ........ . 85 Y eager Ave., Forty Fort, Pa. Lillian K. Oda . ............. . . 1932 Spruce, Philadelphia 3, Pa. Edith M . Ross . ....... 6111 N. Fairhill St., Philadelph ia 20, Pa. Emma M. Schlenzig . ...... 1814 Roset r ee Lane, Havertown, Pa. Evelyn R . H agedorn ...... 719 West Butler St., Philadelphia, Pa. Louise I. Joh nston .... .. 46 Hotchkiss St., N ew H aven 11, Conn. Catharine M. N ewman ... . ...... . . . . 629 Walnut St., Darby, Pa. Betteanne MacAiist er .... . .... 213 South 4th St. , Colwyn, Pa. Shirley R. Arnold . . . . . . 6605 Lynford St., Philadelp h ia 24, Pa. Nancy M. Balderston . . . . ..... . .. Color a Farm, Colora, Missour i H elen J. Beckley ..... . . . ... .... . . 537 Holly Road, Y eadon, Pa. Francelle Benning .. ... 206 Wildwood Ave., E . Landsdowne, Pa. Doris B . Cleaver ... . 105 University Blvd. , Glassboro, N . J er sey Janice C. Delong ....... .... .. North Radcliffe St., Bristol, Pa. Ophelia DeMartino . . ... 226 Brocl<: Rd., Springfield, Del. Co., Pa. Gen evieve M. Ferrari .... .. ...... Main St., Fredericktown, Pa. Virginia M. Frost .... . . 126 Morgantown St., ' Uniontown, Pa. Rach el K. Garber . . ... . .. 1603 Malrose Ave., Lynnewood Park , Upper Darby, Pa. Vivienne C. Gramling .... .. .. 506 Edward St. , Johnstown, Pa. Sarah E. H amilton . . . . ....... 324 W est Ninth St., Chester, Pa. Louise Van V echten H eine . .. .. . .. ... .. 5906 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Jane M. H opkins .. .... . . 1086 W . 73rd Ave ., Philadelphia, Pa. Patricia M. Jorgen sen . .. . . . .. .. , .......... 6413 Clearview St., Philadelphia 19, Pa. Margaret M . McCool . . ... . 123 Manheim Ave., Oa klyn , N . J er sey Margaret L .- Mills . . .... 705 Fifteenth Ave., Prospect Park, Pa. Dorothy A. Mitchell ...... 6241 N . 17th St., Phila delphia 41, Pa. J ean Owen s .. ........ . . . . . 1 E . Ben edict Ave., Havertown, P a . Molly E. P erkin s ......... 203 Park View Ave., H ouston , T exas Catherin e E . Schneider .. .. .... . ..... .... 12 W . Brown ing Rd., Collingswood, N ew Jersey Elsie R. Selby ........... 15 East Ashland Ave., Glenolden , Pa. Barbara L . Sterling . . . . . . ... 15 Rich Ave. , Philadelphia 18, P a . H elen J. Carnes .......... . .... 113 Walnut St., J enkintown , P a. Grace H en ey ... . ..... . 6955 Cedar Park Ave., Philadelp hia, P a. Dorothy L . J on es . . . . . ... . 83 7 N. Sixth St., Camden, N . J ersey Marie C. L och er .. . ... 4929 N . Mer vin e St., Philadelphia 41, Pa. Iren e Milewski .. . ... 1548 Mt. Eph raim Ave., Camden, N. J er sey XI XI-UNIVERSITY OF CALIFOR~IA, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , Marguerite D. Gray ........ 1079 W. 22nd St., San Pedro, Calif. V erna E. High t . . ...... 4685 Falcon Ave., L ong Beach 5, Calif.


so Isabel I. Krohn ...... 2606 Highland Ave., Santa Monica, Calif Roma V. Larson ..... 1368 Holmby Ave., Los Angeles 24, Calif. Margaret J. L ennox . . ..... 132 W. 90th St., Los Angeles, Calif. Elizabeth H . McConnell . .. 1148 Elberon Ave., San Pedro, Calif. Nancy M. Murray ... 1141',~ Tamarind Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Evelyn J. Morris ...... 1236 W. 97th St., Los Angeles 44, Calif. Gwen A. Baron .. ........ . 349 S. Peck Dr., Beverly Hills, Cailf. Theda N. Case . . . . ...... 4825 Mascot St., Los Angeles 6, Calif. Florence A. Casillas ..... 1242 Dewey Ave., Los Angeles 6, Calif. F. LaTrelle Fredricksen . ...... . ... 2233 254th St., Lonita, Calif. Kathleen J. Hammond ... 1046 W. 88th St. , Los Angeles 44, Calif. Greta J. Olson ... 10327 S. Denker Ave., Los Angeles 44, Calif. Barbara J. Manahan .... . 10508 1,~ Stanford Ave., S. Gate, Calif. Jaimee J. Lukken ... . . 2043 W. 78th St., Los Angeles 44, Calif. Bertha C. Kesswig .. . .... 1549 Cassil Place, Los Angeles, Calif. Lucy M. Colavin ... . ..... 2119 Gates St., Los Angeles 31, Calif. Marian L. Barnes ..... 2906 W . 74th St., Los Angeles 43, Cailf. PI PI- STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, BUFFALO, NEW YORK Marion W. Brunea ...... 2230 Clover Rd., Rochester 10, N. Y. Shirley R. Converse . ... .. ............... Deansboro, New York Betty M. Corkery ...... 137 Fairview Ave., Jamestown, N. Y . Elizabeth Hanford . .... . .... 44 Clark St., Orchard Park, N. Y. Gloria I. Howland ......... 21 Prospect Terr., CorJ;land, N. Y. Angela M. Hurley . ....... 166 North Park Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Ann M. La Reau .. . ....... . ..... . . 70 Hoyt St., Buffalo, N. Y. Rita A. Lawler .. . .......... 128 Davidson Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Winifred M. O'Brian ... 225 W ellington Road, Buffalo 16, N . Y. Patricia E. O'Shea . . . . . . .... 738 Humboldt Pky., Buffalo, N. Y. Helen C. Rados .............. 18 Norway Pky., Buffalo 8, N . Y. Marcella M . Wozniak ... ... . 101 St. Mary's Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. Margaret A. Windle ..... . ..... 637 Locust St., Lockport, N . Y. Pearlen e B. Banaszak ....... 1262 Sycamore St., Buffalo, N. Y. Margaret W. Byrd ... . .... . 61 Anderson Place, Buffalo, N. Y. Joan M. Carbery ...... 7 Eastern Parkway, Farmingdale, N. Y. Eileen Barry Collins ...... 72 Northwood Dr., Kenmore, N . Y . Shirley Ellmauer ............. 238 W. Lake St., Liberty, N. Y. Edith F. Ertell ..... . .... 272 Voorhees Ave., Buffalo. 16, N . Y. Patricia J. H anes . . ......... 336 Cornwall Ave., Buffalo, N. Y . Patricia J. Healy ...... 529 McKinley Parkway, Buffalo, N. Y . Mary V. Heinold ........ ..... .. 143 Blaine Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Julia M. Hogan ........ . .... 6 East St. , Sherburne, New York Marjorie J. Hutcheson 45 Fenimore Road, Scarsdale, N. Y . Mary E. Runckel · ........ 514 Wins:pear Ave., Buffalo 15, N . Y. Ann M. Stark . ........ . ..... 86 Shenandoah Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. Mary E. Twist . . .. . ......... 310 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. June R. Vallett ............. 109 Godfrey St., Buffalo 15, N. Y. RHO RHO- MARSHALL COLLEGE, HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Leona M. Thacker . . . .. . . . ....... . ... . ...... Chesapeake Ohio Vivian Thompson ....... . ... . .. .. ... Chattaroy, West Vi,rginia Anna E. Skeens ...... . . .. . 2140 lOth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Mary L . Bland .. . . ..... . .. 256 Simms St., Huntington, W. Va. Ruth E. Carter ...... 339 Washington Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Helen J. Gallaher ... 2650 Chesterfield Ave., Huntington, W . Va. Frances M. Hickman .. . 944 East 4th Ave., Williamson, W. Va. Bettie R. Thompson ............. Box 1153, Williamson, W . Va. Eleanor J. Wright ......... 181 Third St. East, Ceredo, W . Va. SIGMA SIGMA-WESTERN STATE COLLEGE OF COLORADO, GUNNISON, COLORADO Marilyn J. Gray ... . . . .. .. ... 511 Hazel, Canon City, Colorado lma L. Garland ... . ..................... . Dove Creek, Colorado Helen Easterly . ....... . .. 1233 Logan St., Canon City, Colorado Barbara R. Fage_rness ........ . ... 2979 Birch, Denver, Colorada Rosabelle R. Lor1g .. . .... .. .... . .. Box 723, Telluride, Colorado Barbara J. Bennett ..... . ..... . .... 716 G St. , Salida, Colorado Estelle A. Adams ........ . .. 229 Chapel St., New Haven, ConR. Sh1rley G. Andrews .... . 3!1b W. N ew York, Gunnison , Colorado Collette Limauro ........ 171 Blatchley Ave., Nek Haven, Conn. Marilyn A. Gatterer ........... . .. 141 E. 5th, Salida, Colorado Laura J . Miller ......... 1829 East 8th St., Gunnison , Colorado Anme Raney Teal . . . . . . 2467 S. Clayton St., Denver, Colorado Bette D. Hopkins ............... .. . Box 276, Pueblo, Colorado Susan M. Gonzales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Portland Colorado Patricia L. O'Rourke ....... . . 131 North Fir T ellurid~ Colorado Betty Bailey ..... . ... . .. . ..... . ....... . ... :. Denver ,' Colorado Ann McKee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gunnison, Colorado TAU TAU- FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE COLLEGE HAYS, KANSAS ' Ruth Ann Bi~h! e r . . .... ..... .... ..... ..... . ... Collyer, Kansas De!ores I. Gr1ffmg .......... . ... . .. . .... Smith Center, Kansas Lo1s A. Bell .. ...... .. . ... • ..... . ........... . .. Selden, Kansas Barbara J. Conger ...... .. ....... . . .. ........ Natoma, Kan sas Mary L ee James .. . ......... .. . .. 311 S. 4th, Stockton, Kansas Mar!Faret L. Muir ......... . .................. Stockton, Kansas Glona V. Buck ......... . . . .... . . . . . . . Sawyer, Kansas, Box 5 Blanche H . Buck ..... ...... . .. ... ........ .... Sawyer Kansas Ida ~o Watkins .... . ......... . . ... ....... . ... Sublette: Kansas Bertma M. Johnson ... . ..................... Oberlin, Kansas. PHI PHI-NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE MARYVILLE, MISSOURI ' Helen J ean Toe! . ......... . .. 209 South 17th, Bethany, Missouri Darlene M. Strauch . . . . . . . 309 East Fourth, Maryville, Missouri [rene Hunter .. .................... - ~ ..... .. Bethany, Missouri Betty J ean. J~hnson . ........... 401 W. 4th, Maryville, Missouri Ruth. G. K1s~mger ...... 615 East Thompson St. , Maryville, Mo. Serg1a C. Fr1e.s .. . ..... 319 West Thomp son, Maryville, Missouri H elen P. Stra~ght ....................... . .. Sheridan, Missouri H e len ¥:· D~v1s .... ... .... 203 E. Edwards, Maryville, Missouri Marg1e Aldnch ............... .... ... .. ... .. Sheridan, Missouri Barbara J . Bovard ...... 403 W est Third St., Maryville, Missouri

Doris J . Hamilton .... ..... ...... .. ............. Bedford, Iowa ' Martha L. Richards .. .... 4115 Hickman Rd., Des Moines, Iowa Glenda A. Renfro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hopkins, Missouri Ferne Williams ......... . ............. New Hampton, Missouri Louise K. Harvey ........ . 304 S . First St., Savannah, Missouri Mary Lou Laughlin ..... . .... . . ............. Guilford, Missouri Carol L. H ornbuckle ... .. .. ................ .. Albany, Missouri Betty Lou Laurence ...................... Stanberry, Missouri Naedine Elkins ........................... Maryville, Missouri CHI CHI- BALL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, MUNCIE, INDIANA Florence F. Amtsbuechler .......... , .. .. ...... Lowell, Indiana Ruth G: Bernstein ..... 5151,~ N. Washington St., Marion, Ind. Ladonna Berniece Bradley ............. . .. . .. Ladoga, Indiana Frances A. Davis ... . .. East lOth St. Road, Anderson, Indiana Patricia L. Downhour ...... 1804 South Union, Kokomo, Indiana Charlyn S. Jones . . . . . . 1902 North Street, Logansport, Indiana Barbara A. Kimball . ... .... 504 West 3rd St., Marion, Indiana Nadine LeClare .... 1416 Kanawha Blvd. W., Charleston, W. Va. Roberta W. Reid . . .... 706 W. Division St., Union City, Indiana Elizabeth E. Robinson .. .. . 215 South Indiana St., Warsaw, Ind . Janet L . Smith ...................... . .. .. . . .. Albany, Indiana Ruth Mary Smith ...... . ... . .................. Albany, Indiana Jean Stellingwerf ...... . .. .. E. Center Street, Warsaw, Indiana Ann Sullivan ... . .. . ................. . ... Twelve Mile, Indiana Elizabeth E : Warschke . .... . . . ..... . .. . .... Andrews, Indiana Gene A. Zimmerman . ... . . 1839 Third St., Fort Wayne 7, Ind . Virginia A. Hutchens .. . ............ .. Rt. 4, Portland, Indiana Evelyn L. Rarick .. ...... 112 N. Washington , Warsaw, Indiana Doris S. Wishard ... . ..... 1204 S. Shipley St., Muncie, Indiana PSI PSI-NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE, N A 'DCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Beth Thompson Perkins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Columbia, Louisiana Eva Stuart ............... . ....... Rt. 4, Coushatta, Louisiana Elizabeth A. Abraham . .. .. .... 206 Mablom St., DeRidder, La. Margie Beth Barnette . . . . . . . . . Box 9, Plain Dealing, Louisiana· Johnnie Mae Campbell . . .... 208 N. 3rd St., Le<!sville, Louisiana Marilyn Mae Finley .. .... Rt. 3, Box 528, Shreveport, Louisiana Mary Lou Hardy ............ Rt. 1, Box 104, Henderson, T exas Carolyn Hawkins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Columbus, Louisiana Marion Ruth Stovall .. . . . .. 712 Normal Ave., Natchitoches, La. Dorothy Mae Tullas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chatham, Louisiana BETA GAMMA-NORTHEASTERN STATE COLLEGE, TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA Peggy Jean Spyres ........... . ........ Marble City, Oklahoma Irma Hail Stierwalt ......... 429 S . Frances, Picher, Oklahoma Julia E. Taff ... . ........ 723 Venita St., Tahlequah Oklahoma Mary E . Dipboye .................... , . . . . . Haskell: Oklahoma Jeanne Hartmann ...... .. .. . . . ............ Haskell, Oklahoma Minnie B. Crittenden ..... . ....... . .. . ....... Watts, Oklahoma Judy Brazil . ........ . ....... ..... . ...... .. Boynton, Oklahoma Banner M. H oole ...... . ...... 402 East Main, Pryor, Oklahoma Helen Capps ..... . ...... 319 Goingsnake, Tahlequah Oklahoma Rosemary Kirkwood ........ 236 N. B luff, Tahlequah' Oklahoma Zuma A. Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . McCurtain' Oklahoma Sh_irley A . Lloyd ... .. .. ... 334 Park Avenue Pryor: Oklahoma W1lma B. H err1man ....... ... ... .. .... . .. ftitchita, Oklahoma A11na L. Sanders ............ .. .. . . . ....... Haskell Oklahoma Leona B. Spicer ................ . ..... .. . . Stillwell' Oklahoma Maurine Proffitt ......... . ..... . ............ Jenks: Oklahoma BETA DELTA-MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Mary Tom Colones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Selma, North Carolina M~r~ A. McCormack . . . . . . . . . . . . Box 38, Pachuta, Mississippi Wllhe L. Barr'?n......... 920 Main St., H attiesburg, Mississippi Cha_rlotte L. B1vm . .... .. ........ .. .... Bucatunna, Mississippi Em1ly J, Bryant ........ . .......... . ....... Terry, Mississippi Amar.ylhs Doby ...... 415 N. Haugh Ave., Picayune, Mississippi Emm1e H. Ferguson ............ .. ....... Batesville, Mississippi Wy!'dal Hathorn ................ . ......... Carson, Mississippi Juh~ Sabel Howard ..... . . 1525 Sixth Ave., Bessemer, Alabama Maxme May .... . . . ........ 406 Decatur St., Union, Mississippi Car'?lyn McGee . . . . . . . . . 102 Harrison Court, Biloxi, Mississippi Edd1e Mae, Norsworthy . . . . . . . . . Rt. 5, Hattiesburg, Mississippi Je:<~ette 0 N eal .. .. . ................... P erkinson, Mississippi Wllha J. Steele .......... . ..... Rt. 1, Hattiesburg, Mississippi Althea Z. Ston e ................. . Box 115, Purvis, Mississippi Stella Cloy .. ... . .. . . . . . .... .. .. . . . . . ....... Bude, Mississippi Gean Cox . ........ . ...... . 409 Bay St., Hattiesburg, Mississippi J ean Patch . ....... . .. .. .. .. . . . ....... Lumberton, Mississippi BETA EPSILON- MAUISON COLLEGE HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA ' Bertha M. Boswell . .. .. . . . .. . .. Hundred Rd., Chester, Virginia Nancy L. Bradley ...... 3212 Wo~dro_w Ave., Richmond 22, Va . N~ncy R. Bryant .... . . 134 Mormngs1de Dr. Wilmington N C M1ldred E. Bushong ..... 729 S. Barton St., 'Arlington, v'irglni~ Sue L. D eat'?n .. : . ... . .. 4 Mountain Ave., Roanoke 13, Virginia Ern!'stme Glllesp1e . ·... .. ... 94 E . Main St., N ewark, D elaware Luc1_e P. Goetthng ...... . . 525 N K enmore St., Arlington, Va Mar1lyn V. Johnson ...... 205 E. C_arolina Ave., Crewe, Virgini~ Mary E .. Love · · · · .... · · . · .. 39 V>ek St. , Portsmouth, Virginia Lynn M1tchell ...... 1025 Park Ave., New York City, New York Geral~hne B. Nea thery .... 116 Washington St. Portsmouth Va Car~hne P <:ters · · .. . .. · · . ... . .............. .. • Catlett, Vh·gini~ ~';;ly ~1erce. . .. 116 Cambridge Ave., Va. H g ts., ~oanoke, Va. Y • · udas1ll · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ......... Woodr1lle Virginia Eugema Savage · · · .. . ... 13 W. Masonic View, Alexa;,dria, Va. ~:~~c~· Scott · · · · · · · · · · ·. RFD 4, Box 525, Richmond, Virginia . A. S ettle. .......... · .. · ............ Rawlings, Virginia Katherme A .. Colhe ....... . .. . ... . ... Rt. 2, Ringgold, Virginia Hazel G. Sm1th ...... .... 916 Wilborn Ave., S. Boston, Virginia

NOVEMBER, 1947 Helen L. Smi t h .... .. 127 umbe rlnnd St .. Cumberland, Maryland J nnic M. Snowd n ................ Box 176, Chester, Virginia Elc n or L . Stine .. . ...... 707 Bedford St., Cumberland, Maryland Carol M. Thompson ........• ... ...... Wurm Springs, Virginia Elizabeth A. Yeatts ...... .... .... ... . Rt. 3, Chatham, Virginia B e tty K. W elle r ... ..... . . . . , , ... . . .. Rt. 4, Staunton , Virginia Eth le n Smith .... . .................. . ..... Crewe, Virginia Dorothy E. Dic k e n son ... . . . ........... Ind pe nde n c , Virginia Betty L. H e ns haw .............. Charles Town. W est Virginia Mary E. Nethe r s .......... . . . ... . Rt. 2, Winchester , Virginia Jean L. She lley .. . ... 39 00 Gwyn Oak Ave., Baltimo re, Maryland BETA ZETA OUTHWESTERN LOUISIANA INSTITUTE, LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA Mary A. Schenkel ...... 217 W est S Street, Crowley, L ouis iana Elizabeth Beauxis ........ 338 Dupe rie r , N ew Iberia, Louis iana J essica W. Cozin e ..... . 4628 S . D e rbigny St. , N e w Orlea ns, La. Lou Ann Arce neaux . .... 621 S. Pie rce St., Lafayette, Louis ian a Dilon Bak e r ...... . ...... Bake r's Landing, Lake Mary, Florida Emily C. Baudoin .. ........... . ...... . . .. Raceland, Louis iana Gloria A. Bradford .. . .. . . .. . 1408 S . 4th St., Mon roe, Louisiana Emma A. Bridges ... .. . 1009 Lafaye tte St., Lafayette, L ouis iana Ruby M. Guidry ...... . ........ . . ... . . . .. . Raceland, Louis ia na Rosina M. Landry ...... 515 W . Congress, Lafaye tte, Louisiana Sara A. Livingston ..... 1007 Palmetto Ave ., Sanford, Florida J ean C. N e bel .... 506 Arlington Dr. , N e w Orleans 20, Louisiana Margue rite Richard . ... . 614 Madison St., Lafayette, Louis iana Mary J. Munch ....... . .. .. ...... B ox 103, Lafayette, Louis iana BETA ETA- STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA Alta R. Barstad ... . .. .. . ..... .. ....... . A lmont, North Dakota Eleanor Bitte rman ... . . . .............. . ... Zap, N o rth Dakota Marjorie A. Fredrick son . ....... Cass Lake, Minnesota, Box 113 Hazel Ruthe rford " ... ....... ........ ... R egent, North Dakota Ire n e R. Thielen ... .. . 444 4th St. W est., Dickinso n, N . Dakota Delores K . Braate n ..... . .... .... . . ..... R eede r, North Dakota Bernice A. Tillquis t ... 545 First Ave. East., Dickinson , N. Dak. Frances V. Bohmbach .......... .. . .. Charleston, North Dakota Alice L. Dynes .. . . . . 266 West Fifth St., D ickinson, N. Dakot a Jean A. Manning .... 425 Second Ave. W est , Dickinson, N. Dak. Ann Krush e vsky .................. . ... B elfield, North Dakota BETA THETA-CENRAL MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, MOUNT PLEASANT, MICHIGAN F lorence A. McConn ell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rosebush, Michigan Rowena B. ~lavik . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ashley, Michigan Marilyn Blackford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Flushing, Michigan Margaret Bockstah ler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RFD 1, Cedar, Michigan Marcella Carr .......... 124 N . Warren , Big Rapids , Michigan Alice Carter ........... .. .. 716 S . Warren , Saginaw, M ichigan J ean DuLong ...... .. ..... .. .... . . . .. . . Roger s City, Mich igan Marjorie Cherrette . . .... 246 N. 6th St., R oger s City, Michigan Kathleen Harrigan ..... . 408 E. Broadway, Mt. Plea sant, Mich. Ruby Hodges ... .... . .. .. . ... 1219 Glenwood, F lint 3, Mich igan Frances Huszarik .......... ~ 732 Casgrain, D etroit 9, Michigan Elvira Mcintyre . . . . .. .. 215 Chippewa, Mt. Pleasant, Mich igan L e nora Starr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 340 Hadley Rd ., Hadley, Michigan Virginia Steiger ...... . .. 807 N. Magnolia , Lansing, Michigan Mary Theobald ............... 1308 Lapee r , Saginaw, Mich igan Ann L. Wyman ..... . .. ...... . 750 E . Taylor, Flint, Michigan

51 Beve rly Ann Ball ......... . ........ . ..... . Griggsvill , Illinois · Shirley L ee Brown .. . .............. . ....... ... Golde n , Illinois Norma J. Godsil . . ... .. . . .. 167 Bla ine Ave .. Galesburg, Illino is Mary L. J ohnson ............. 52 Grant St., Danville, Illin ois Mary A. Killingsworth ...... 246 Phillips St.. Galesburg , Illinois Mari ly n E. Lawless ............ . ... .. .... Camp P o int, Illinois Doroth y E. M cKown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Elmwood, Illinois J ean Mireley ... ... .. . ..... .. .. 818 Spruce St., Aurora, Illinois June C. Mireley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Spruce St., Aurora, Illino is J ean F. Mulder ...... .. ... 820 North 4th St., Savanna, Illinois J ean N e wland ............ 302 W. Carroll St., Macomb, Illino is Mary R eilly .. . . . ........ 132 0 W . 8th St., Apple ton, Wiscons in Shirley A. Parker ............. .. .. ........ Hamilton, Illinois R oberta Baldwin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oquawka, Illinois Rosem a ry T . Gerrity ..... 411 W. Adams St., Macomb, Illino is BETA LAMBDA-A RKANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, CONWAY, ARKANSAS Beth Alexander ................... ......... Walke r, Arkansas Elizabeth Caperton .. . ......... . . .. ..... . Mo nticello, Arkansas Wyn elle E llin g ton ....... , ... .... . .. .... . Paragould, Arka nsas Betty Ann Hurley ....... . .... . .. ... . . . .. . . N e wport, Arkansas J ean McCle ndon . . . ... . .. . ........... . . .. . Warre n, Arkansas Marion S h uster .. ... . ......... .. . ........ Hunts ville, Arkansas Carolyn Swaim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . England, Arkansas Mary A . W drm . . . . .. . ........... . .... . .... Conway, Arkansas Annie M. K oeh er .... ...... .. . .. ........ Harrisburg, Arkansas P eggy Beli!) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sm ackover, Kansas Betty M itcl\ell ... ..... .. . . .. ... .. . .. ..... P a ragou ld, Arkansas BETA MD- HENDERSON STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, ARKADELPHIA, KANSAS L ois M. Batch elor ... 327 W. Sulle nbe rge r St. , Malve rn, Arkansas B etty A. Be n son . . . . ... . . 503 S. Hamilton St., Hop e, Arkansas Faye T. Bonne r .. . ..... 110 East College St. , Fordyce, A r kansas Mary K. Caldwell . . . . . . . . . 612 L ocust St., Malvern, Arkansas Marie C. Crum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Humphrey, Arkansas Elizabet h A. Day ... ... .. 220 B elle Ave., F ort Smith, Arkansas Margaret J . Dean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pine Bluff, Arkansas B e tte J. Hall ......... . .. 164 Cedar St., H ot Springs, Arkansas Ruth 0 . Haynes ... .... .... ..... . .. . ....... Wilmot, Arkansas H ele n F . Park .. . .......... Gle ndale Rt., Star City, Arkansas Margare t A. Robertson ... . 322 N. Market St., Be nton , Arkansas H elen T. Ham mon s . .. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . Box 395, Hope, Arkansas Mary C. Walke r . . .... . .... . ....... . ... . ... .. Fouke, Arkansas GAMMA <CLIO-STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, CORTLAND, NEW YORK B eve rly J. Davies . . . ...... 2 H ooper Road, Endwell, N e w York Gloria A . Vosburgh ..... 45 R ive rside Dr. , Sa ranac Lake, N. Y. Dorothy H. Wheele r ..... . .. . 273 E . Clark St., Ilion, N ew York Cleon e Barnes Davis .... . 101 6 B ellevue Ave., Syracuse 4, N. Y. H arriet H ess .. . ...... ....... .. .. . Box 27, Killbuck, N e w York Patricia M. Catlin ........ 1042 Walnut St., Elmira, N e w York Robe rta C. Drake . . ...... . . . . .... . ... Rock Tavern, N ew York Joan H . Duff . ... . . .. . 28 Hickor y St. , Floral Park, N e w York Virginia E . Eyle r . . .. Alder Dr., Mastic Beach, L . I., N ew York Miriam E. H e rbst ... . . 43 As h St., Floral Park, L. I., N ew York Ja n ice M. Hopkins .. . ...... 6 Banks St., Cortland, N e w York Anne T. Inn es .. ... . .. . 37 W est Main St., Cortland, N ew York Jane L. Muhlba ue r . . . .. 135 N. Me rrick Ave., M errick , N . Y. ,Patricia O ' Brie n . . . .. . 161 Woodlawn Ave., Auburn, N ew Y ork Lois J. Price ...... .. ........ . .. . ...... Curch ogue, N ew York Ma ril y n W . White . ...... .. 74 Walnut St., Walde n, N e w Y ork

BETA IOTA- RADFORD COLLEGE, RADFORD , VIRGINIA Nancy E. Bake r . . ...... ... ... .... ... . . . . ... Drap er, Virginia I sabelle A. Motteshea rd . . ... 1204 Fairfax St., Radford, V irginia Irma M. Parker .... . ... ..... . .. . ......... . Wakefi eld, Virginia Agnes G. Potter . . . . . . . . .. Callahan Ave. , Appalachia, Virginia BETA NU- MURRAY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, Mar y J . Ramsey ......................... . Abingdon , Virginia MURRAY, KENTUCKY V eda Manning Richmond . ........ ........... Ewing, Virginia Evelyn E. Ahart · .. . ........ . ......... Rt. 1, Gracey, K entucky Ge n e va K a the rine Robe rson ...... . . . ... .... ... Pound, V irginia Bettye L. Altman ..... 433 E. Bell St., Murfreesbor o, T e nnessee J ean Neal S ew ell .. . ........... . . Box 174, J o n esville, Virginia B etty J. Caraway .. . ... ... .. .. South 16 St. , Murray, Ke ntucky Marilyn K. Tayman . . . ... Chester brook R oad , Falls Church, Va. Donna L. Graves . .... . . .... . .. .. . B ox 38, Bardwell, Ke ntucky Edna B. Sip he rs . . .. .. . . ..... . . .... . Eas t Stone Gap, Virginia Virgin ia Gray . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RFD 4, Cadiz, K entuck y Carrie L . Alle n ... .. ... . . Washington Street, Radford, Virgin ia H elen N . Knarr ....... ..... . .... Route 6, P a ducah , K entucky Carol V. Babe r .. . ..... 1539 Patr ick H e nry -qr., Arlington , Va. Julia A. L owry . . . . . .. ..... ·College Statio n, Murray, K entucky Virgin ia L. Ball ... ... 1040 W . Ocea n View Ave., Norfolk , Va. Pattie M. Martin . .. ..... . ... . .. .. .... Rt. 2, D over, T e nnessee Mary E. Cardwell ........... Box 979, N e wp ort N ews, Virginia She rle n e Ma ttingly ..... .. . . 1700 Frede rica St:, Owe nsboro, K y. Amelia C. Costas ... . . . . 1600 Clayton St., Lynchburn, Virginia Carolyn B. Taylor ' · ..... 501 Maple Ave., Owe n sboro, K entucky Anne E . Dainge rfield ...... ... ... ... Box 96, Cambria, Virginia Betty J . Thompson .. . ... 1508 N. lOth St., Paducah, K entuck y B etty A. Hamilton ............. . .. Box 514, Che riton, Virginia George A . Upchurch ......... 900 Olive St., Murray, K e ntucky Mary C. Higgins . .. ... . . .. 504 E . Oldtown St., Galax, Virg in ia , Billifrank Wallace ....... . ... . . ... Box 469, Murray, K entuck y Ge raldine M. Higgins ............. Silver Lake, .Massa ch usetts Rose K. Dantzler .. . .. 162 Ave. "A" N. W ., Winte r H aven, Fla. Elizabeth G. Leffel .. . ... . ... . .. . ...... Shawve r Mill, Virginia Mildred A. Turk .. . . ..................... . Bardwell, K e ntucky Hattie I. L ee ..... . ......... 142 Center St., Emporia, Virginia M a rtha F . Cail .. . . .. 2026 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N . Carolina Clara M. M a ier ........... 711 1st St. S . W., Roanoke, Virginia June J. Moore ... . .......... 833 Fairfax St., Radford, Virg inia BETA XI- STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, H ele n R. Moss .............. . ..... Route 6, Danville, Virg inia ONEONTA, NEW YORK Martha J . Price . .. .. .. ..... . 410 W. Main St., Sale m, Virg inia Carol V . Banne r ... . ..... . .. 52 Union St., Oneonta, N ew York June E. Ratcliffe . . ........... ... .. . . Box 53 , Grundy, Virginia Patricia Burke ........ .. .. 59 Center St., On eonta, N ew Y ork Margaret E. Renz ....... 7909 W . Gle nn Rd., Norfolk , Virginia R egina K . Carpenter .... 119 Gilmore Blvd., Floral Pk ., N e w Y ork Mary F. RicE!: . . ....... Rt. 2, D eep Creek, P ortsm outh, Virginia Anne K. Carstens .. . ...... . 203 Smith St., Peekskill, N ew Y ork Gle nn D. R oger s ....... . ............. . . . . . ... Blairs, Virg inia E laine I. Cottma n . . ... Glenwood Garde n s, Yonkers, N e w York Anne Silve rman ..... 516 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Maryland Ja yn e M. Crowley ... .. ...... RFD 1, Hudson Falls, N ew York Nayoda M. Snuffer . . . .. . 117 Evans St. , Christiansburg, Virg inia Ma r y V . Doyle ... .. ......... . 51 Front St., Owego, N ew Y ork D orothy M. Strade r ..... . 614 E. D own ey St. , Radford , Virginia Elizabeth I. Elder .. .. .. .. . .... . .... Pattersonville, N ew Y ork Laura B. Wilson . . ...... .. . ................. Dublin, Virginia Marion Fraze r ........ 411 Grand Bl vd. , L on g Beach, N ew Y ork Nancy Ruth Wood ......... 44 Church St. , Gary, W est Virginia Dorothea A . Geor g ules .. . ... 12l ~j, Thomas St., Utica 3, N. Y . Flora A. Wrig ht ........... .. . . Tyle r Apts., Radford, Virginia J ean M .Hunt . . . .. . ... ... 53 Church St., On eonta, N ew York Marianne E. Wright .. . . .. 201 Y eardley Ave., L ynchburl!', Va. Pauline J ohnson ........ .. .. 15 Grove St., Oneonta, N ew Y ork Barbara J. Young . . . . .... 12001 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Fl<;> rida Catherine D. Murphy ..... . 214 E. Ga rde n St., R ome, N ew Y ork Betty J. Olmstead .... ... . . .. .. RFD 2, Fultonv ille, N ew Y ork BETA KAPPA- WESTERN ILLINOIS STATE TEACHERS Jay ne A. Ostrom .. . ... . . ............. Cannonsville, N ew York COLLEGE, MACOMB, ILLINOIS J ean E . Stratton ... 1161 P a rkwood Blvd., Sche n ectady, N. Y. Laura J. L ewis .... ... ·. . . . .... ...... ....... . Hamilton, Illinois Joan Mason Horwitt .. 11 Paul Place, R oosevelt, L . 1., N ew Y ork June Posey .... ......... 4239 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago, Illinois



ANNOUNCEMENTS GAMMA GAMMA Gloria Ann Hutchison to . Lawrence L. McFadden, Jr., on March 16, 1947 . Home-715 West Maple, Enid , Oklahoma . EPSILON EPSILON Geraldine Russell to Lloyd Edwards on July 3, 1946. Home-416 Y2 Madison, Fredonia, Kansas. Dorothy Lunsford to Galen Maurice Milsap on July 11, MARRIAGES 1 946 . Home-115 Merchant, Emporia , Kansas. ALPHA Jewell James to Bernie Lynch an June 16, 1946. Barbara Sureace to Warren Dougla s Kidd on Feb ruary 9, Mar jorie Gates to Robert Harold Corbett on August 1 8, 1 946 . At home 11 7 Clinton Street, Raanak~ 12, Vir1 946 . Home-Coldwater, Konsos. 路 ginia . Naomi Meinen to Kenneth Bonczkowski on November Virginia Rudd to Robert Kearney Williams, Jr., on De28, 1946. cember 14, 1 946 . At home 6113 Bremo Ave., RichPeggy Ladner to James Delamater on October 6 , 1 946. mond, Virgin ia . Home--Socorro, New Mex ico. Phyllis Jane Taylor to Ralph Warren Rhodes on July 28, ALPHA BETA 1 946. Home-91 5 Merchant, Emporia, Kansas. v1A ary Gertrude Fritsinger to Lewis Lonnie Shoemaker an Martha Berndt to Jack Larkin on August 17, 1947. December 22, 1 946 . At home 401 Ea st Pierce, Apt. Home-1 03 S. 17th St., Kansas City 2 , Kansas. 5, Kirksville, M issou ri . Audrey Garvie to Milo Peterson on September 20, 1947. Ferne Woods to Roy M . Boucher on June 12, 1947. At Home.....:...Abilene, Kan sas. home 1770 21st St. Kingsburg, California . Jayne Snider to Rod Renick on May 11, 1947. At home, Carol Drum to Elword Wright on August 12, 1 947 . Home -Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Kirksville, Missouri. Betty Ruth Lac key to Vernard Edward Hunsa ker on De Luce Bender to Robert Foncannon on June 25, 1 94 7 . cember 8, 1946. Home-Shelbyville, Mi ssouri . Home-Emporia, Kansas. Mary Rouner to Max L. Benner on December 29, 1946. Maureen Murphy to William Saffel on August 9, 1947. Ha me-724 East Scoott, Kirksville, Missouri. Home-Lawrence, Kansas. Wilma Opel to Philip Kay Wade on March 1, 1947. Adele Terry to William Corey on August 31, ] 947 . Home-Managua , N路icaragua . Home-Emporia, Kansas. Joan Calhoun to William Litchfield on June 5, 1 947 . ALPHA GAMMA Home-Emporia, Kansas. Nell Russell to George 0. McMahan on April 8 , 1946. , Marian S. Lee Choate to Charles Stuart on May 25 , Home-16321 Roosevelt Highwa y, Pacific Pali sades, 1947. Home-La Marr, Kansas. California . Mary Jean Gladfelter to Merle Hog on May 24, 1 947 . Home-Empor ia, Kansas. BETA BETA Nanette White to Michale McGuire on August 3, 1947. Edna Southworth to Bob Gaskil l an December 23, 1946. Home-Emporia, Kansas. Home -1903 6th Ave. , Greeley, Colorado. Nancy Pierson to Dudley Holman on September 6, 1947. Cl oyce Vaughan to James Whitney on Ma y 1, 1947 . Home-Stillwater, Oklahoma. Home-Littleton, Colo rado. Edna Louise Turner to Fran k Miller, Jr., on June 14, Virginia Ma~ Rice to G. Leonard Lindblad on April 9, 1947 . 1947. Home-Severance, Co lorado. ' ZETA ZETA Miriam F. Lancaster to William E. Baldwin in January, 1946. Home-Sa lina, Kansas. 1/.nn Caldwell to Ray Terrill in March, 1947. Margaret Enid Gibson to Henry Amsden Burr on June 12, vBetty Urban to Ph ilip H. Wallick, Jr ., on August 10, 1947. Home-1706 Ford St., Golde n, Colorado. / 1947 . Home-21 East College Avenue, York, Po . Vera Bell Smith to Ralph W . Waldron, Jr., on June 1, V Dorothy Cook to Ernest W. Hook on July 27, 1947. 1947 . ; Home-645 Sandusky, Kansas City, Kansas. Margaret Alice Crum to Richard T . Runnells on August .Jl"hoebe Winifred Brooks to Sidney J . Nicholson on Au18, 1946. gust 9 , 1947. Home-1352 Beech , Eugene, Orego n. Virginia Oughten Smith to John L. Black an March 1, Ann Henry to Ha rold Peabody in September, 1947. Home 1947. Hame-1188 South Lagan, Denver 10, Colo. -618 Highland, Warrensburg, Mi ssou ri . Edith Jean Joppa to Les lie Duane Wells on June 7, 1947. ETA ETA Home-Rt. 1, Box 111 A, Brush, Co lorado. Dorothy A. Litch to Robert G. Morriso n an August 3 1 , Betty Jean Brentari to Wm. Francis Peak on April 15, 1 946 . Home-1703 1Oth Ave., Greeley, Colo rad o. 1947. Home-129 North Ozar k, Girard, Kansas. Esther Kaufman to George G. Gatseos on June 1 5, 1 94 7 . Dorothy Brunkhorst to Richard L. .Gi IJette on February Home-1 620 15th Ave., Greeley, Colorado. 9, 1947. Home-25 Pioneer Street, Da yton 5, Ohio.


NOVEMBER, 1947 Betty Lance to John !twin Binkley, Jr., on August 2, 1947. Home-1 003 West Ninth Street, Coffeyville, Kansas. Helen Athene Reeder to William R. Wagge ner on November 27, 1 946 . Home- 312 West 3rd Street, Pittsb urg, Kansas. Mimi Just to William J. Waltz on May 30, 1947. Home - 1609 Broadway, Parsons, Kansa s. Dolores Sherward to Gordon C. Myers on April 10, 1947. Home- 904 Warwick Court, Neosho, Mi ssouri . Colleen Michie to Glen E. Tolle on July 20, 1947. Home - 1 02 East Carlton, Pittsb urg , Kansa s. THETA THETA Edith Sm ith to Charles Leightorr on May 2 9, 1 94 7 . Home- Limestone, Maine. Barbara Noakes to Edward Dequiriers on May 17, 1947. Home- 44 11th St., Onse t, Massachusetts. I)A PPA KAPPA \l(i ladys Margaret Beauvais to James William Cummings on March 23, 1947 . Home-Burlington, Vermont. 'V irginia Brenner to Henry C. Stouffer, Jr., on February 1, 1947. Home-1703 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia 30, Pennsylvania . \.'-Marilyn DeNooyer to Thomas Murphy o n September 14 1947. orothy Eliz . Green to Mortimer Hall Wells, Jr., on September 3, 1947. Home-Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania . vfieanor Conrad t9 John Mulholland Fetherston on September 6, 1947. Home-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . I

NU NU \,.{eanette Sperr to Lawrence Meredith Currier on June 14 1947. Home-236 West Walnut Lane, Philadelphi~ 44 , Pennsylvan ia . Margare t Feaster to Norman Brown on September 6, 1947 . Faye Burger to Molin Rossiter. v-emma Schlen-zig to Richard Meade on June 21 1947 VBertha Pearson to George Jense n on June 14: 1947: Home-4238 Chestnut St., Philadelphia , Penna . ~ etty Schreiber 'to Eugene McClean . V Viviene Gramling to Janes Stouppe . Loi s Young to James Biddle on June 21 , 1947. XI X I 路Catherine Schwarz to Lee Smith on May 1,路 1947 . Marian Lee Jones to Monte B. Myers on April 3 , 1947 . Home.....:_4538 Yz Melbourne Avenue, Ho llywood 27, Cal ifornia . Helen Hartw ick to Morgan Gillespie on June 29, 1947. Home-Boaz, Alabama . Dolores Aitken to R. E. Whitehuarst on August 8, 1947. Home-423 North McPherrin Ave nue, Monterey Par k, California .

PI PI Marilyn Gratzka to Clayton Stahl ka on April 9, 1947. Elizabeth Caroline Plaster to Edward J . Laubenstein on May 31 , 1947. Home-257 Clifford Ave ., Rochester, New York. Moura Lyons to F. Dayton Bean on May 17, 1947 . Jean Ann Fitzhenry to Dr. J . Desmond Caughlin on June 14, 1947 . Home-214 Esser Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Lois Jane Terry to Dr. Stanley Wells Widger on June 14, 1947. Home-344 West Ave ., Rochester, New York.

Marry Ellen Marian to Harold R. Walker, Jr., on Jun e 12, 194/ . Gertrude Alta Farrell to Me rrill L. Williams on June 23 1947. Home- 215 West Utica , Buffalo, New York. ' Carol Crane Frazee to Kenneth Gilbert Swayne on June 28, 1947. Evelyn Ruth Benson to Raymond A. Westling on June 28, 1947. Home-203 Y:z Grant' Ave. , Endicott, N. Y. Ruth Eleanor Hartung to Edward F. Fick on June 21 , 1947. Home- 211 Carl St., Buffalo, New Yor k. Dorothy Hawthorne to Howard J . J e nse n on June 27, 1947. Home- 87 Stillwell Ave ., Kenmore, N. Y. Beatrice Palmerton to David Nies on June 28, 1947. Home- 4 Regina Place, Buffalo, New Yor k. Eilee n Barry Collins to Wm . Edward Wh ite on July 5 , 1947. Home-162 Bird Ave. , Buffalo, New Yor k. Alice E. Greger to Craig A. Miller on July 26, 1947. At home Lake Street, Hamburg, New York . Jane McRae to Dr. James R. Cullen on July 19, 1947. At home 68 Mary Street, Binghamton, New York. Patricia Quigley to Daniel Calnan on June 28 , 1947. At home 463 Pearl Street, Rochester, New Yor k. Mary Kayes to George Keller on August 9, 1947 . At home 11 E. Jefferson, Salamanca, New York. Nancy Janet Dunn to Donald Henderson on August 14, 1947. At home 15 Revere Place, Buffalo, New York. J ess ie Clair Crocker to Marvin Howard Holland on August 23, 1947. At home 11 Brewster Street, Buffalo, New York. Ruth B. Molyneux to Kenneth Herman on August 29, 1947 . At home 150 Victoria Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. LeClaire M. Stephen to Rodney D. Edwards on August 23, 1947 . At home 1332 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo, New York. Caryl Mary Brennan to Casey L. Forrest on July 5, 1947. At home 661 Woodlawn Avenue, Buffalo 11 , N. Y. Virginia Roe Lawrence to Charles C. Twichel l on September 17, 1947. At home Geneva , New York. RHO RHO Eloi se Campbell to Wiley W . Hicks on March 1 8, 1947. Home-No. 65 Trailer Court, U. of 路N. Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina . Helen Herbst to John W . Lawso n on October 19, 1945. Juanita Johnson to Fred Wesse l, Jr., on December 20, 1 944 . Home 403 West Fourth St., Dayton 2 , Ohio. SIGMA SIGMA Betty Jane Hill to Ward A. Morrow on November 7, 1 946 . Home-632 N. Nevada , Colorado Springs, Co lorado. Laura Miller to AI Goffredi in August, 1947. HomeHighland Village, Gunnison, Colorado. Barbara Fagerness to Ed Larsh on August 25, 1947 . Home-Highland Village, Gunni so n, Colorado. Bette Hopkins to Nels McClelland on September 14, 1947. Home-Laveta Apts., Gunni so n, Colorado. TAU TAU Lucille Parsons to J . H. Miller on Novembe r 28, 1946. Home-Omaha , Nebraska . Barbara Conger to Ed McCauley. At home-Zurich, Kansas. Ida Jo Watking to Robert Farout on August 24, 1947 . Home-1211 Elm St., Hays, Kan sas.



BETA ETA Marie Thompso n to Alvin G. Tronstad on July 24, 1943 . Home-513 Alderson, Billings, Montana. Ida Mae Hansen to Wallace Bertram Croff on February 8 , 1947 . Home-Watford City, North Dakota. Claribel Arneson to Stanley Clifford Almquist on December 30, 1946. Home-420 North Chicago Avenue, Rockford , Illinois. Margaret Kusie to Dr. Robert E. Wybel on February 15, 1947 . Home-281 0 W . Wilcox, Chicago, Illinois. Marjorie Sadler to Clarence P. Cram on August 19, 1944 . Home-521 2nd Ave ., N.W ., Dickinson, N. D. Mary L. Rotering to Francis W . Fischer on June 20, 1 944 . Home-Rhame, North Dakota . , Catherine Rose Brown to Albert Kreitinger on August 5 , 1947 . Home-Center, North Dakota .

PHI PHI c;thie Aldrich to Raymond Nally on March 7, 1947 . Home-Ma ryvi lle, Missouri. Elaine LeMaster to John Mauzey on April 4, 1947 . Home-Maryville, Missouri. Roberta Finke to Dewey M. Drennen on November 13, 1946. Home-320 S. Mulberry, Maryville, Missouri . CHI CHI Karyll Kluender to Jerome C. Barcus on March 23 , 1946. Home-406 Michigan, Valparaiso, Indiana. PSI PSI Rosemary G. Robinson to Albert Eugene Hill 'On October 16, 1 946 . Home-30 1 Stephens Ave., Natchitoches, Louisiana . Helen Clay to Edgar Allen Poe on June 5 , 1 946 . Home -Newellton, Box 53, Louisiana . Ruth Bonnett to Paul Gaines on August 27, 1 947. Home -1 1 8 Behan, Natchitoches, Loui siana .

BETA THETA Lorraine Marie Mosher to Robert Anthony Griffiths on June 22, 1 946. Home-1205 Staunton, Bay City, Michigan . Le路nora Starr to Kenneth Nelson on August 30, 1947 . Marilyn Joy Blackford to Gene Glanton on April 5 , 1947. Home-Flushing ;-- Michigan . Ann Wyman to Howard Dell on August 23, 1 947 . Home -750 E. Taylor St., Flint, Michigan.

BETA GAMMA Naomi Emerson to C. C. Casey on June 13 , 1947. Home - 21 94 Spaulding Ave., Long Beach, California . Ruth Rasoic to Valgene Littlefield on July 13, 1947. Home-P ie rce, Oklahoma .

BETA IOTA Peggy Dalton to E. El wood Wilson on April 1 0 , 1942 . Home-918 First St., Radford, Virginia. Mary Eliz. Pennington to Eugene Ronald Rogers on January 12, 1947 . Home-Pennington Gap, Virginia. Ruth Ann Godbey to S. Y. Scruggs on June 28 , 1947. Home-918 First St., Radford, Virginia. Sara Stickley to Richard LaRue Humme l on Septembe r 6 , 1947. Home-601 Presto n Ave ., Blacksbu rg , Va. Kathie McGuire to David Patterson on Septe mber 27, 1947 . Home-Clifton Forge, Virginia. Clara Jane ,Hines to Wm. James Billig on June 20 , 1945 . Home-Pineville, West Virginia.

BETA DELTA Jeannette Strong to John Allen Hood on April 12, 1947. Home-Gl oster, Mississi ppi . Minnie Loui se Carter to Billy Joe Cox on June 2 2., 1947. Home-Rt. 6 , Box 51, Hattiesburg, Mississi ppi. Mary Tom Co lones to Dr. John C. Sphango~ on July 5 , 1947 . Home-4061 Taliluna Ave, Knoxv ille, Tenn. Nancy Eliz . Laugdon to John D. Bridges on June 2, 1946. Home -518 Dantyler St ., Moss Po int, Mi ss. BETA EPSILON Claire Be nnett to William Wilson on April 4, 1947. Home- Harri so nburg, Virginia. Betty McGrath to Nick J oh n Forkovitch on Septembe r 8, 1945 . Home-1416 S. Main, Harriso nburg , Virginia. Mary Floyd Crumpler to Major Maurice L. Appleton, Jr ., on April 19, 1947 . Betty Lou Fl yt he to Clifton Roy Hallowell o n August 3, 1 946 . Home-3405 Linco ln St., Portsmo uth, Va . Betty Mae Womack to James Unde rwood, Jr ., on Jul y 31, 1947 . Home-Bluefield, V irginia. June Pa yso n to Alan Kinne on June 14, 1947 . HomeCambridge, Massac husetts.

}!ETA KAPPA '~/'Fl ore n ce L. Robinson to Freder ick P. Simmons on Novem-

ber 1 6 , 1 946.

Home 1 001 21st Street, Rock Isla nd ,

1 Illinoi s.

V N.o rma Robeson to Robert Wittencend on June 22, 1947 . Home-Macomb, Illinoi s. Vs hirley Parker to Jack Bell on June 28, 1947 . HomeMacomb, Illinois. ~elen Sowden to Noah Hickman on August 10, 1947 . Home-Macomb, Illinois. /'M ary Abb ie Benner to Terrence Whittsil on August 24 , 1947. Home-Macomb, Illinois. BETA ZETA / Gertrude Perkins to Gene Janes on August 3 , 1947. Merrell E. Tuc ker to Charles David Chauvin on April 12, Home-Canton, Illinois. 1947. Home-718 Barrow St., Houma , Louisi ana . J Dorot hea Johns to Duane L. Flower on August 2 , 1947. Evelyn Anne Toups to Datton John Comeaux on Ma y 18, Home-White Bear Lake, Minnesota . 1947. Home-62.1 Grolee, Opelousa s, Louisiana . Marvel Putnam to Cornelius John Kehoe on June 21, BETA LAMBDA 1947. Home-1820 Welch, Houston 6 , Texas. Mary Jean Larson to Thomas H. Streeter o n Ma y 25, Ethelyn Claire Danneke r to Kenneth L. Fairch ild on Sep1947. Home-Nor phlet, Aransas. tember 7 , 1946. Home -Box 182, S.L.I. , Lafa yette, Beverly Bur kett to Kenneth C. Streeter on Ma y 22 , 1 94 7 . Louis iana . Home -Con wa y, Arkansa s. Rose Mari e Breaud to Noel Fruge on Jul y 27 , 1947. Donn ie Faye Brown to John Ed Steely on Ma y 21, 1947. Home-916 N. Ave. D., Crowley, Loui sia na. Home-Bridgeport, Illinois. Sylvia Le Daux to Reginald Mayeaux on August 27 , Joanne Douglas to William J. Patillo on March 9, 1947. 1947 . Home-S.L.I. , Lafa yette, Louisiana . Home-400 W. 19th, Little Rock, Ar kansas. .)


NOVEMBER, 1947 Beth Alexander to Little Wade Rooseon, Jr ., on Jun e 8 , 1 94 7. Home -McRae, Arkansa s. Peggy Hime to Paul T . Nolan on Jun e 1, 1947 . Home Conway, Arkansas . LoNe ll Si egel to Gilbert E. Copp on August 31, 1947. Home- 605 Monroe, Valparaiso, Indiana . Carolyn Swa im to L. L. Lee on April 26, 1947 . HomeRussellville, Arkansas . Dorothy Hall to D. H. Duncan on August 10, 1947. Home- Kensett, Arkansas. Betty Mitchell to Marshall Garrett on August 30, 1947 . Home- Woboseko, Arkansas . BETA MU Bette JoAnn Hall to Carl Merritt on July 13 , 1947 . Home- Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Helen Faye Pork to Maurice Porker on August 9, 1 947 . Home-Ashdown , Arkansas. Sorolou Ross to Harold Felts on May 29, 1947 . Home - Trailer City HSTC, Arkadelphia , Arkansas. BETA NU Evelyn Ahart to H. W . Wilson on August 28, 1947 . Home-Detroit, Michigan . Donna Hubbs to Gene Fairchild on August 10, 1 947 . Home- Paducah, Kentucky. Helen Knorr to Gene Thurmon on June 6, 1947 . Home -Martin, Tennessee. Mary Helen Munol to Carl Marquess on June 8, 1947 . Home-Box 415 , College Sto ., Murray, Kentucky. Vivian Bell to Dewey L. Outen on September 20, 1947. Home-College Sto. , Murrey, Kentucky. GAMMA CLIO Dolores Behul to Andrew Grabel on September 27, 1947. Home- 4 Edwards St., Johnson City, New York. Roberto Droke to Arnold Wrist on August 24 , 1947. Home-Courtland, New York. Cleone Barnes to Richard Davis on June 7, 1947. Home -South Carolina . BETA XI v6oris A. Green to Bruce C. Shearer on August .2 , 1 94 7. Home-Spruce Street, Oneonta, New York. \~'G loria Lloyd to A. Paul Lisy, Jr., on. August 16, 1947. / Home-34 Donelson St., Providence, R. I. V Angeline Se rrino to M . Conrad Agresti on June 28, 1947 . Home-11 Sawyer Ave ., W ., Babylon, Long / Island, New Yor k. VAiice Sweigart to Harry Burns, Jr. , on August 23 , 1947. Home-53 Cedar Street, Oneonta , New Yor k. RHO CHI Caroline Ruth Evans to Robert A. Dove on July 12, 1947 . Home-429 Ardmore Drive, Detroit, Michigan . \

BIRTHS ALPHA Mr. and Mrs. D. J . Roher (Viola Moe Surring ) a son, William Bernard, on April 24, 1947. Dr. and Mrs. William Porter Sellers (Pattie Bounds) a son, William Porter IV, on August 5, 1945 . ALPHA BETA Dr. and Mrs. John B. Eitel (Elaine Gillum) a daughter, Lindo Lone, on November 4, 1945, and a second daughter, Bette Elaine, on February 14, 1947.

BETA BETA Mr. and Mrs. W oodrow Brown (He le n Brooks) a son, Kelsey, on March 18 , 1947 . Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kay (Groce Belwood) a daughter, Lou Ella , on Morch 14, 1947 . Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Droke (Charlotte Hermon) a son, William Lewis, on June 8, 1946. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas K. Kelley (Loydeon Howorth ) a son, More Howorth, on November 4, 1946. New address - 4815 Forest, Kan sa s City, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sutter (Dorothy Avery) a daughter, Jill Florence, on October 25, 1946. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Genessy (June Snowberger) a daughter, Barbaro Joyce, on May 14, 1947. New oddress1228 8th Street, Greeley, Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Crowder (Vena Bryon) a on, Robert Harrison, Jr ., on August 8 , 1947. GAMMA GAMMA Dr. and Mrs. Byron Gentry (Johnnie Lone ) a daughter, Margaret Ann, o n May 25, 1947. New oddress618 Y2 N. W . 32nd, Oklo homo City, Oklahoma. EPSILON EPSILON Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murrows (Betty Lyons) a daughter, Julie Melinda, on April 14, 1947 . Mr. and Mrs . Philip Lord (Rewa June Ozenberger) a daughter, on December 28 , 1 946. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lord (Ann Goldsmith) a daughter, on October 29, 1946. Mr. end Mrs. Hulbert (Virginia Gunsolly) a son, on Aprit 11, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hewett (Fern McCasslin) a son, on January 1, 1947. Mr. land Mrs . Vernon Pennington (Virginia Smith) a girl , May 17, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Les lie Freemon (Frances Downing) a boy, June 9, 1947. Mr . and Mrs. William Yearout (Katherine Corbeiner) o girl , June 15, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Burns (Dorothy O' Donnell) a boy, June 15, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knoepple (Beverly Jordon ) o girl , August 31 , 1947. Mr. and Mrs . Lester Bell (Wando Long ) a gi rl, September 13 , 1947. ETA ETA Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schlopper (Betty Davis) a son, Gory Lee, on September 6, 1 946 . Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Wachter (Rosemary Cowan) a so n, Thomas Joseph, on January 31 , 1 947 . Rev. and Mrs. Milton W . Good (Dorothy Mary Burcham) a daughter, Diona Leigh, on August 19, 1946. Mr . and Mrs . Clifford Lyle Foster (Jeanette Gordner) o son, Dennis Lyle, on September 29, 1946. KAPPA KAPPA Mr. and Mrs. W . C. Thomas (Eleonore Smith) a son, William Roy, on July 1, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. John Wolti (Groce Williams) a son, Ken neth John, on April 11 , 1947. Mr. and Mrs. George Booth (Lauro Mock) 路 a daughter, Suzanne Louise, on April 19, 1947. New oddress2428 Liberty Street, Trenton, New Jersey. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wolp (Ruth Williams) a son, David Edward, on February 14, 1947. New oddress-158 W . Green Street, Nouticoke, Penna .



56 NU NU Mr. and Mrs. Jean Ehlers (Jane Pryse) a san, Robert William, on May 21, 1947. New address-RFD 2 , Hamburg , New York. OMICRON OMICRON Mr . and Mrs. Richard E. Roth (Dorothy Stough) a daughter, Phyllis Jean, an November 30, 1946 . PI PI Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson (Margaret Hammond) a daugliter, Candace Ann, an February 25 , 1947 . Mr. and Mrs. William Swenson (Ruth Christmas) a daughter, Melinda, on April 6 , 1947. Dr. and Mrs. Ray Seibel (Ruth Haenzell a son, Roy Edward, on April 18, 1947. Mr~ and Mrs . Richard Lebo (Virginia Weiffenbach ) a daughter, Phyllis Loujse, on January 17, 1947 . Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rogan (Gertrude Van Arsdale ) a son, Kenneth James, on April 15, 1947 . Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Taylor (Suzanne C. Sato) a daughter, Sysan Lynn, an April 9, 1947 . Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roe (Grace Schreiner) a 路daughter, Barbara Jean, on April 11, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gruber (Annette Pausewang) a daughter, Carol Anne, on May 7, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. William Rode (Gertrude Kane) a son , Jack Billy, an June 27 , 1944. New address-63 Carlyle Avenue, Buffalo, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Butler (Virginia Donnigan) a daughter, Sheryl Virginia , on May 27, 1947. Mr .. and Mrs. William Trautman ~ Rosemary Rathman ) a daughter, Ellen Frances, on October 13, 1947. New address-308 Grey Street, Buffalo, New York. , Mr. and Mrs. Will iam J . Caughlin (Betty Ann Fitzgibbons) a daughter, Collee路n, on February 20, 1947 . New address-161 B. Longfield Drive, Buffalo 15. New York. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kraham Uane Harris) a son Richard An t hony, Jr., on January 18, 1947. New ad~ dress-Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rendal Gilmore (Dorothy Marley) a son, Thomas Refl dal, Jr., on. July 22 , 1947. Mr. and Mrs. J ohn M . Leslie (Ruth Albright) a son , Craig Malcolm , an February 2 , 1947. Mr. and Mrs . J oseph F. Connally (Patricia Hansen ) a daughter, Patricia Anne, on May 13, 1947. New address-;-821 East 14th Street, Chester, Pennsylvania . Mr. and Mrs. George Kuhn (Corrine Palmerton) a daughter, Cynthia Ruth, on December 24 , 1 946 . Mr : and Mrs. Frank H. Morrison (Betty Grever) a son , William Gordon, on Jul y 27, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Anderso n (Anna Lou Marks) a daughter, Carolyn Jean , on August 28 , 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Marley C. T ownsend (Marjorie Duthie) a daughte r, Susan McQuhae, on February 15 , 1 947. RHO RHO Mr. and Mrs. Virgil L. Elli ott (Evel yn Haws) a daughter, Barbara Sue, on April 3 , 1946. M r. and Mrs. Wiley W . Hicks (Eioui se Campbell) a daughter, Teresa Ann, an April 1 ,, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. John W . La wson (Helen Herbst) a daughter, Sallye Warren, on February 26, 19.47. New address-] OS Emmo ns Jr. Apts., Huntington, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wesse l Uuanita Johnson) 0 son Michael Lee, on 路January 9, 1 946 . '

SIGMA SIGMA Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Janney (Roberta Helmecke) a son, Richard Helmecke, on December 10, 1946. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W . Sweitzer (Christine Sinding) a son, Richard Lee, on December 29, 1946. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Drake (Shirley Stone) a daughter, Donna Elizabeth, on February 11, 1947. New address-Paonia, Colorado. TAU TAU Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Nelson (Enid Brown) twins, Richard and Barbara, on April 14, 1946. New address-Duncan, Oklahoma . Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mermks (Kathryn Pratt) a son, Richard, Jr., on April 6, 1947. . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rusing (Ruth Twenter) a daughter, Gretchen, -on December 3 , 1 946 . New address-] 1 1 East 17th, Hays, Kansas. Mr . .and Mrs . Wilbur S. Lukenbill (Flora Lee Cockran) a daughter, Linda Louise, on December 1, 1 946 . Mr. and Mrs. Roy O'Brien (Martha Markwell ) a daughter, Mr. and Mrs . Robert Richards Uean Fuller) a son, Douglas Clare, on September 27, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Hale Hayes (Kathryn Brenneman) a daughter, Janet Kathleen, on July 8 , 1947 . CHI CHI Mr. and Mrs . Van J. Miller (Edith Baum) a daughter, Ellen Ann on September 7, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Zoss (Mildred Warner) a son, Paul Arthur, on June 8, 1947. PSI PSI Mr. and Mrs . J . Hutch Brewer (Viola Caraway) a daughter, Julie, on September 30 , 1947. BETA DELTA Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruggeman (Dorothy McGowan ) a son, Robert, Jr., on April 4 , 1947. New address-127 Montana Street, Pittsburgh 14, Pennsylvania . BETA EPSILON Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shield (Winifred Rew) a son , Will iam Rodney, on May 3; 1944. Mr. and Mrs . . Warren Cutting (Juanita DeMott) a son, Gregory Parke, on June 1 0, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. John Melvin Burton (Elizabeth Smith) a daughter, Margaret Elizabeth, on May 17, 1947 . New address-801 "D" Street, South Norfolk, Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. John Steel (Mary Lee Utley) a son , J on Lee, on June 21, 1943. Mr. and Mrs . H. E. Sayles, Jr. (Shirley Hope Rawl s) a daughter, Tamara Dean, on July 16, 1947. BETA ZETA Mr. and Mrs. Leonce Richard (Stella Dryer) a son, Arnold Gregory, on November 21, 1 946 . Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Carnal, Jr. (Evelyn Merrifield) a daughter, Lydia Margaret, on February 23, 1947. Mr. and Mrs . Jack W . Scott (Evelyn Ann Songe) a son, David Edward, on May 26, 1947.


NOVEMBER, 1947 BETA ETA Mr. and Mrs. C. Paul Cram (Marjorie Sadler) a son, Bryan Lewis, on March 9, 1947 . New address-5 12 Second Avenue W., Dickinson, North Dakota . Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conlon (Margaret Knapp) a daughter, Kathy Rae, on April 15, 1947. New addressState College Station, Fargo, North Dakota . BETA KAPPA Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Tuyle (Ruth Pletkovich) a daughter, Karen Lynn, on July 15, 1946 . New address-Roodhouse, Illinois . Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Vier (Betty Byers) a son, David Leon, on Nove.mber 22, 1 946 . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Graham (Earline Lanterman) a son, John Michael , on May 6, 1947. BETA LAMBDA Mr. and Mrs . William R. Lull (Florence Mor.ris) a son, Thomas Clyde, on May 21, 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Cooper (Marian Wilkerso n) a son, Paul Williams, on March 8, 1 947.

DECEASED THETA THETA Alpha Sigmas in the Boston area will greatly miss Winona F. Libby, who passed away on May 7, 1947 . ALPHA GAMMA Mrs. Glenn H. Ferguson (Mary A. Watson), of 7511 Hutchison Avenue, Swissvale, Pennsylvania , will long be remembered by the college chapter and her many friends. NU NU On June 27th, 1947, Miss Frances E. Macintyre died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Miss Macintyre was one of the original members of Nu Nu Chapter and for many years was Adviser of the group and a friend of all pledges and initiates. Both the College Chapter and the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter will long remember her friendliness and willing assistance.



Rho Rho - Miss Florence Davis, 1328 Elm St., Huntington, W est Va. Sigma Sigma-M iss V era E. Clark, Gun-


National Council 1946-1949 President - Mrs. Fred M. Sharp, 1405 H a rdy Ave., Independen ce, Missouri. Vice-President-Miss Virg inia Carpenter, 13605 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland 20, Ohio. .Secretary- Mi ss H elen Corey, 6310 Sherwood Road, Overbrook, Philadelphia, 31, P ennsylva nia. T reasurer - Miss E sther Bucher, Suite 226, 1025 Grand Ave., Kansas City 6, Missouri.

Registrar- Miss Marion S. ~owell, 3.301 Lansmere St., Shaker H eights, · Oh10. Alumnae Director-Miss Evelyn G. Bell, 767 L afayette Avenue, Buffalo 9, N ew York. Editor-Mrs. B. F. L eib, 3540 N . P ennsylvania Street , Ap a rtment T, India napolis 5, India na.

Nu Nu-Drexel Institute of T echnology, Philadelphia, P ennsylvania. Xi Xi - University of California, Los Angeles, California. Pi Pi-State College f or T each ers, Buffalo, New York. Rho Rho-Marsh all College, Huntington, W est Virg inia·. Sigma Sigma-Western Sta t e College of Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado. Tau Tau- F ort H ays Kansas State College, H ays, Kansas. Phi Phi- Northwest Missouri State College, Maryville, Missouri. Chi Chi - Ball State T each ers College, Muncie, Indiana .

Psi Psi - Northwest ern State College, Natchitoch es, Louisiana. Beta Gamma - Northeastern State College, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. B eta Delta - Mississippi Southern College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Beta E psilon - Madison College, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Beta Z eta - .Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana. B eta Eta - State T each ers College, Dickinson, N orth Dakota. B eta Theta-Central Michigan College of Education, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. B eta Iota - Radford College, Radford, Virg inia.

<National Chairmen Alumnae Organizer-Miss Phon Johnson, 221 E. 46th Street, K a nsas City 2, Missouri.

Alumnae Editor - Miss Eloise Proctor, 18 E. 40th St., Apt. 3, Indianap olis 5, Indiana . Alumnae SecretariesMiss Ethel E . Barrett , 9 Vincent Place, Montclai r, N ew Jersey. Mrs. Donald Frost, 32 E. 65th St., New York 21, New York. •Constitution-Mrs. Albert Kuch s, 614 N. Market Street, Maryville, Missouri. F ellowship - Mrs. Snead Camden, Chatham, Virg inia.

.Scholarship-Mrs. R einard Schlosser , 2800 . D exter St., D enver 7, Colorado. H istorian - Miss L ouise Stew a rt, 1330 Blue Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio. -Convention Miss H elen Corey, 6310 Sherwood Road, Overbrook, Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania. Art-Mrs. Robert J . Wolf, 151 St. James Place, Buffalo 9, New Y ork. ·College Editor- Miss Joan Steinmiller, 89 Keswick Road, Eggertsville 21, N. Y . Music- Mrs. Arthur L. H eUrich, Box 1021, Colgate University, H amilton, N. Y.

:Roll of College Chapters Alpha -

State T each ers College, Farmville, Virginia. Alpha Beta - N ortheast Missouri State College, Kirksville, Missouri. Alpha Gamma - Sta t e T eachers College, Indiana, P ennsylvania. Beta B eta - Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado. •Gamma Gamma N orthwest ern State College, Alva, Okla hom a . Epsilon Epsilon - Kansas State T each ers College, Emporia, K a n sas. .Zeta Z eta - Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg, Missouri. Eta Eta-Kansas State T eache rs College, Pittsburg, Kansas. Th eta Theta-Boston University, Boston Massachusetts. .Kappa Kappa-Temple University, Philadelphia, P ennsylvania.

B eta Kappa W est ern Illinois State T each er s College, Macomb, Illinois. B eta Lambda - Arkansas State T each ers College, Con way, Arkansas. Beta Mu- Hender son Sta t e T each er s College, Arkadelph_ia, Arkansas. Gamma Clio - State T each ers College, Cortland, New York. Beta Nu-Murray State T each ers College, Murray, Kentucky. B eta Xi - Sta t e T each ers College, Oneonta, N ew York. Rho Chi - W ayn e University, D etroit, Michigan. Beta Pi-Concord College, Athen s, W est Virginia. Beta Rho (Pledge) - Northern Illinois State T eachers College, D eKalb, Illinois.

Beta Sigma - Southwest Missou ri State College, Springfield, Missouri.

Chapter Advisers Alpha -

Miss Virginia Wall, F a rmville, Virginia. Alpha B eta - Miss Alma K. Zoller , 207 E. Patter son, Kirksville, Missouri. Alpha Gamma - Miss Ethel A. Belden, 105-A John Sutton Hall, Indiana, Pa. Beta B eta - Mrs. L ee W est, 603 18th St., · Greeley, Colorado. Gamma Gamma - Miss Aurice Hug uley, 1027 5th St., Alva, Okla h oma. Epsilon Epsilon-Miss Edna McCullough, 1017 Rura l, Emporia, K a n sas. Z eta Z eta - Mrs. Loyd Grimes, North H all, Warrensburg, Missouri. Eta Eta - Mrs. P erva Hugh es, 209 E. Monroe, Pittsburg, K a n sas. Theta Theta-Miss Ethel E . Kimball, 53 Grove St., Boston, Mass. Kappa Kappa- Miss H elen Corey. 6310 Sherwood Road, Oxerbrook , Philadelphia, Pa. Nu Nu-Mrs. Geor ge J en sen, 4238 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Xi X i-Mrs. Homer Hunsicke r, 2023 V eter a n , W est L os Angeles, Calif. Pi Pi- Mrs. Carolyn H eyman, 175 North St., Apt. 615, Buffalo, N. Y.

nison, Colorado.

Tau · Tau Miss Naomi Garner, Fort H ays Kansas State College, H ays, Kan. Phi Phi - Miss Elaine Mauzey, 647 W. •

S econd, Maryville, Missouri.

Chi Chi - Mrs. Oliver C. Bumb, 100 S. Tally St., Muncie, Indiana. Psi Psi - Miss Clio Allen, 118 Behan, Natchitoch es, L ouisiana. B eta Gamma - Miss Mary K. Stewart, Wilson Hall, Tahlequ a h, Oklahoma. Beta Delta ·- Miss Evelyn McNeese, Miss issippi Southern College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Beta Epsilon - Miss Louise Boje, 967 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. Beta Z eta - Miss J essie L. Keep, 300 Gen eral Mouton St., Lafayette, La. B eta Eta - Miss Leila G. Woods, State T each ers College; Dickinson, N. Dak. Beta Th eta- Mrs. J essie Thorpe, 1022 S. Fancher St., Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Beta Iota -- Mrs. William Einstein, Radford, Virginia. B eta Kappa - Miss Elna Scott, 434 W . Adams, Macomb, Illinois. B eta Lambda - Miss Marie Schichtl, 414 Conway Blvd., Conway, Ark. Beta Mu - Mrs. Beulah Thompson, Box 697, H enderson State T each ers College, Arkadelp hia, Ark. Gamma ClioB eta Nu - Miss Evelyn Linn, 1110 W est Olive, Murray, K t ntucky. Beta Xi - Mrs. Milon Bundy, 44 Ford Ave., Oneonta, N. Y. Rho Chi - Miss Effie M. Downer, 467 W. H ancock, D etroit, Michigan. _ B eta Pi - Mrs. Julian Williams, Athens, W est Virginia. B eta Rho - Miss Wallace W esley, Box 248, D eKalb, Illinois. B eta Sigma - Mrs. H . M . Farrar, 458 Normal, Springfield, Missouri.

College Chapter House Addresses and Names of House Mothers B eta Beta- 1731 Eleventh Ave., Greeley, Colorado, Mrs. George Dauth. Epsilon Epsilon- 929 'west St., Emporia, Kansas, Mrs. Rose W est. Eta Eta - 201 East Williams, Pittsburg, Kansas, Mrs . Noel Dieu. Kappa Kappa - 1938 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., Mrs. Meta Alff. B eta Ep silon - Carter House, Madison College, H arrisonburg, Va., Miss Mabel Gladin . Beta Kappa - 717 W est Adams St., Iliacomb, Illinois, Mrs. H oward Richardson.

College Chapter Officers 1947-1948 ALPHA President- N a ncy G. T aylor, S.T.C., Box 19 , Farmv ille, Virginia .

Vice-President - Violet Ritchie, S.T.C .. Box 16, F a rmville, Virg inia. Secretary - Betty J effer son , S.T.C. , Box 73, Farmv ille, V i rginia. Treasure r - Martha Gillum, S .T.C ., Box 246, Farmville, Virginia. Chaplain - K atie L awrence, S.T.C., Box 159, Farmville, Virg inia. R egistrar Sarah Raw ls, S .T.C., Box 165, F armville, Virginia . Editor- Martha Hatch er, S.T.C., Box 73, Farmville, Virginia.

ALPHA BETA President - Pat Feese, 701 E. N ormal, Kirksville, Missouri. • Vice-President- J ean Perehouse, 211 E . M"cPh erson, Kirksv ille, Missouri. S ecr etar y Martha Brockman, 701 E. N ormal, Kirksville, Missouri. Treasurer - Elsa Webbink, 701 E. Normal, Kirksville, Missouri. Chaplain - N orma Shear er, 618 S. Flore nce, Kirksville, Missouri. R egistrar - Evelyn Phillips, 701 E. Normal, Kirksville, Missouri. Editor Jackie Sue Watkins, 211 E. McPherson, Kirksville, Missouri.





President - Patricia Mc Daniel, 36 Clark Hall, S.T.C., Indiana , Pa . Vicc-Pr s ident - Gloria Bleek er, 7 Clark Hall , S.'l'.C., Indiana , Pn. Seer tnry - Ann Moy r , Richards H ouse, S.T . . , Indiana, Pa. Trea s urer Shirley Frye, 336 North S venth St., Indiana, Pa. Chaplain - Donna Fis her, 28 Clark H a ll, S.T.C., Indiana, Pa. Regis trar - Cecilia Rutledge, 316 N. John Sutton Hall, Indiana, Pa. Editor Lois Maize, 257 John Sutton Hall, Indiana, Pa.

Pr s idcnt - Anna Ravesi, 56 Main St., Malden, Massachusetts. Vice-Pres ident - Frances DiNa ta le, 129 Main St., Maiden , Massa chusetts. Secr etary - Barbara N okes D s lnurier s, 44 11th St., Onset, Massa chusetts. Trea s urer - Marilyn Shore, 378 Chelsea St. , Eas t Bos ton, Massachusetts. Chaplain Priscilla Congdon, 192 Exchange St., Millis, Massachuset ts. R egistrar - L eslie Elte rich, 135 River s ide St., Watertown, Massachusetts. Editor - Barbara N. Deslaurier s, 44 11th St., On set, Massachusetts.

Pr s ident - Iva J ean Jon es, 226 Chipeta Hall, Gunnis on, Colora do. Vice-President Virg inia Osborn, 227 Chipeta H a ll, Gunnison , Colorado. Secr etary-Barbara Bennett, 207 Chipetn H a ll, Gunnison , Colorado. Trea s urer Betty Dailey, 227 Chipetn Hall, Gunnison , Colorado. Cha plain - Rosabelle Lorig, 209 Chipeta Hall, Gunnison, Colorado. R egis trar- J eannette Gaither , 109 Chip etn Hall, Gunnison , Colorado. Editor - E stelle Adams, 228 Chipetn Hall, Gunni son, Colorado.



President - Janell Haworth, 1781 11th Ave., Greeley, Colorado. Vic -Pres ident - Margaret Whiston, 1731 11th Ave., Greeley, Colorado. Secretary Anna Lee Holmes, Snyder Hall, Greeley, Colorado. Treasurer - Zoe Briggs, 1212 15th St., Greeley, Colorado. Chaplain - Glen Eva Markley, 1731 11th Ave., Greeley, Colorado. Registrar - Jacqueline Rosling, 1114 14th St., Greeley, Colorado. Editor - Cathryn Z. Briggs, 1212 15th St., Greeley, Colorado.

President- Miriam Hipple, 1938 N. Park, Philadelphia 22, Pa. Vice-President - J eannette Grove, 1938 N. Park, P hiladelphia 22, Pa. S ecretary - Eileen Anderson, 20 E. Park Rd., Havertown, Pa. Treasurer - Charlene Christie, 1938 N. Park, Philadelphia 22, Pa. Chaplain - Ruth Houchins, 6540 Glenmore Ave., Philadelphia 22, Pa. Registrar Emily Sherwood, 1938 N. Park, Philadelphia 22, Pa. Editor - Elaine Sweigart, 116 Shelmire Ave., Philadelphia 11, Pa.



President - Velma Nickelson, Shockley Hall, Alva, Oklahoma. Vice-President- Phyllis Wright, 12 Flynn, Alva, Oklahoma. Secretary Louise Fountain, Shockley Hall, Alva, Oklahoma. Treasurer - Naomi Jean Hyde, Shockley Hall, Alva, Oklahoma. Chaplain ~lma Nickelson, Shockley Hall, Alva, Oklahoma. Registrar Phyllis Wright, 12 Flynn Ave., Alva, Oklahoma. Editor Peggy Wiebener, Rt. 2, Alva Oklahoma.

Preside;,t - Mary Bowman, 25 Columbus Ave., Manoa, Havertown, Pa. Vice-Pres ident Barbara Mack, 2506 Hillcrest Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. Secretary - Jane Wittman, 5743 Lansdowne Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Treasurer - Mae Cooper, 723 S. Walnut Ave., Merchantville, N. J. Chaplain - Ann Ristine, Ashland Ave., Secane, Pa. R eg istr ar - Patricia Floyd, 102 S. Sussex St., Gloucester City, N . J. Editor - June Salneu, 104 Millard Lane, Havertown, Pa.



President- Ann Harrison, 929 West St., Emporia, Kansas. Vice-President - Ina Lou Conklin , 1733 E . Wilman, Emporia, Kansas. Secretary - Jackie Maxwell, 721 Constitution, Emporia, Kansas. Treasurer - Virginia Moore, 929 West, Emporia, Kansas. Chaplain Mary Peterson, 929 West, Emporia, Kansas. Registrar - Pat Ford, 612 Sherman, Emporia, Kansas. Editor- Jane Drum, 521 State, Emporia, Kansas.

President Mary J ane Aitken, 6102 Citrus, Los Angeles 43, Calif. Vice-President - Marguerite Gray, 1017 Tiverton, W. Los Angeles, Calif. Secretary Lucy Colavin, 2119 Gates, Los Angeles 31, Calif. Treasurer - Greta Olson, 10237 S . Denker, Los Angeles 44, Calif. Chaplain- Patricia Anderson, 1928 Bentley, Los Angeles 25, Calif. Registrar Theda Case, 4825 Mascot, L os Angeles, Calif. Editor La Trelle Fredricksen, 1961 Halmby, Los Angeles 25, Calif.


PI PI President - Winifred O'Brian, 225 Wellington Rd., Buffalo 16, N . Y. Vice-Pre sident - Mrs. Marilyn Stahlka, 356 Olympic Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Secretary -Helen James, 29 Eugen e St., Tonawanda, N. Y. Treasurer - Suzanne Marvin, 318 Voorhees Ave., Buffalo, N . Y. Chaplain - Barbara Weyand, 245 North St., Buffalo, N. Y. Registrar Marilyn "Berry, 34 Crystal Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Editor- Edith Ertell, 272 Voorhees Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.

President Ruth L ee Swigert, 105 E. South, Warrensburg, Missouri. Vice-President - Judy DeMasters, 105 E. SOuth, Warrensburg, Missouri. Secretary - Ruth Evelyn Clark, Y eater Hall, Warrensburg, Missouri. Treasurer - Peggy Pearce, 406 College, Warrensburg, Missouri. Chaplain Betty Kirby, Yeater Hall, Warrensburg, Missouri. Registrar Shirley Fieth, 215 Broad, Warrensburg, Missouri. ' Editor- J ean Sontag, Yeater Hall, Warrensburg, Missouri. ETA ETA


President Mary Del Esch, 1002 S. Walnut, Pittsburg, Kansas. Vice-President- Janie Anderson , 422 W. Jefferson, Pittsburg, Kansas. Secretary Doris Evans, 807 W. 8th, Pittsburg, I):ansas. Treasurer - Mary Harpole, 603 W. 4th, Pittsburg, Kansas. Chaplain Betty Kissee, 201 E. Williams, Pittsburg, Kansas. Registrar- Georgia Potter, Willard Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas. Editor Orlanda Manci, 201 E. Williams, Pittsburg, Kansas.

President - Mildred Ann Bloss, 322 8th Ave. , Huntington, W. Va. Vice-President J ean Wright, Ce r edo, W.Va. Secretary - Betty Lee West, 1506% 4th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Treasurer - Ruth Carter, 1507 3rd Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Chaplain- Maxine Woods, Laidley Hall, Marshall College, Huntington, W. Va. Registrar - H elen Gallaher, 2650 Ch esterfield Ave., H untington, W. Va. Editor - Frances Hickman, College Hall, Marshall College, Huntigton, W. Va.

TAU TAU President - Eleanor Meyer, Custer Hall, H ays, Kansas. Vice-Presiden t--Mary L ee James, Custer Hall, Hays, Kans a s. Secretary - Blanche Pou sch, Custer Hall, Hays, Kansa s. Trea s ure r - Ida Jo Watkins Faurot, 1211 Elm, Hays, Kansa s. Chaplain L ois Bell, 1211 Elm, Hays, Kansas. Registrar - Delores Griffing, 1211 Elm, Hays, Kansas. Editor-Bertina Johnson, 1211 Elm, Hays, Kansas. PHI PHI President - Dorothy June Masters, Residence Hall, Maryville, Missouri. Vice-President Beverly Johnson, 401 West Fourth, Maryville, Missouri. Secretary - Marilyn Partridge, R esidence H all, Maryville, Missouri. Treasurer - Kat hryn Krause, 409 West Fifth, Maryville, Missouri. Chap la in - Virginia Ann George, R es idence Hall, Maryville, Missouri. Registrar Jane Bovard, West Third, Maryville, Missouri . Editor- Doris J ean Hamilton, R esidence Hall, Maryville, Missouri. CHI CHI President - Jeanne ,Hower, Lucina Hall, Muncie, Indiana. Vice-President- Mary Frances Patterson, South H a ll, Muncie, Indiana. Secretary - Patr icia Mucker, University Ave., Muncie, Indiana. Treasurer Kathleen Mabus, LuCina Hall, Muncie, Indiana. Ch aplain- Rosalie Glesing, Colle&"e Ave., Muncie, Indiana. R egistrar - Ruth Van Deursen, Lucina Hall, Muncie, Indiana. Editor- Janet Smith, Lucina H all, Muncie, Indiana. PSI PSI President - Dobbie Myers, N orthwestern State College, Box 565, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Vice-President - Blanche Jines, Northwestern State Colleg e, Box 1222, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Secretary - Virginia Winn, N ew Second St., Natchitoches, Louisi1;1na. Treasurer Juanita Cordozier, Northw estern State College, Box 565, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Chapla in - Margie Beth Barnett, Northwestern State College, Box 458, Natchitoches, Louisiana. R egistrar Carolyn Hawkins, Northwestern State College, Box 533, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Editor- Mary Lou Hardy, Northwestern State College, Box 873, Natchitoches, Louisiana. BETA GAMMA President - Dorothy King, Wilson Hall, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Vice-President Judith Brazil, Wilson Hall, Talequah, Oklahoma. Secretary Joan Whittenberg, Wilson Hall, Tahlequah, Oklahoma . Treasurer - Zuma Smith, Wilson Hall, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Chaplain - Elois Fry, Wilson Hall, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Registrar - Betty Lou Williams, Wilson H all, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Editor-Peggy Perdue, Wilson H all, Tahlequah, Oklahorna.




President - H ele n E . N elson, 211 N ewman St. , Hattiesbu rg, Miss. Vice-President Althea Stone, Station A, Mississ ip pi Southern College, H att iesburg, Miss. Secretary - J ean Patch , Station A, Mississip p i South e rn College, H a ttiesbu rg, Miss. Treasurer ~ Stella Cloy, Station A, Miss issipp i Southe rn 路College, H attiesburg, Miss . Chapla in - Emma Cath erine M cGom an, Station A. Mississippi South ern College, Hattiesburg, Miss . Registrar - Maureen Robertson, Station A, Mississippi Southern College, Hattiesburg, Miss. Editor J eanette O'Neal, Station A, Mississipp i South e rn College, H attiesburg, Miss.

President - Dorothy Carter, 1026 Grove Ave., R adford, Virginia. Vice-President S ybil Woodford, Radford College, R adford, Virginia. S ecr etary - Dorothy P ace, Radford College, Radford, Virgin ia. Treasurer - Mary J a n e Dud ley, Radford College, R a\)ford , Virginia. Chapla in Mariam D orm a n , Radford College, Radford, Vi rginia . Registrar - L ois R eich, Radford College, Radford, Virg in ia . Editor Isabelle Mottesheard, Radford College, Radford, Virginia.

BET A EPSILON President- J o V aughan, Madison College, Box 203, Harriso nburg, Va. Vice-President - Dawn Brewer, Madison College, Box 203, H a rrisonburg, Va. Secretary - Barbara Cabe, Madison College, Box 203, H a r riso nburg, V a. Treasu rer - Ann e Bu ssey, Madison College, Box 486, H a rrisonburg, Va. Chap la in - Bettv Wilkins, Madison College, Box 43, H arr isonburg, Va. R egistrar - Margaret Thacker, Madison College, Box 447, H arrisonburg, Va. Editor _:__ Ethelene Smith, Madison College, Box 466, H arrisonburg, V a. BETA ZETA Pres iden t - Vivien Talbot, Southwestern Louisiana In stitute, Box 170, L afayette, L a. Vice-Presid ent - Betty Lejeune, 421 Joseph St., Lafaye tte, La. Secr eta ry - J oycel,vn Brady, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Box 205, Lafayette, La. Treasu r e r - Gloria Simon, 619 L afayette St. , Lafayette, La . Chaplain - Be verly Stafford, Southwester n L ou isiana Institute, Box 494, L a fayette, L a . J essie a Cozine, Southern Registrar Louisiana In stitute, Box 494, Lafay ette, Louisiana. Editor - Daphne Ke rrison, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Box 389, L a f ayett e, L a. BETA E TA Preside nt Ceci l J. Brooks, 136 Fifth Ave. W., Dickinson, N . Dakota. Vice-Pres ident - Delo res Braate n, South H a ll , Dickinson, N. Dakota. Secr eta ry Irene Thielen, 444 W est Fourth St., Dickin son, N. Dakota. Treasurer H ele n J on es, South H a ll , Dickinson , N. Dakota. Chap lai n Shirley Bakke, South H all, Dic kinson , N. Dakota. R eg istrar - Bernadell Tillquist, 545 First Ave. E ., Dickinson , N . Dakota. Editor J ean Ann Manning, 425 Second Ave. W. , Dickin son, N. Dakota.

BETA KAPPA President M arjorie Galloway, 717 W. Adams, Macomb, Illinois . Vice-Preside nt - Sarah Cunningham, 717 W . Aadams, Macomb, Illinois . Secretary - Carol L ee J ohnson , 717 W. Adams, Macomb, Illinois. Treasure r Dorothy Tipton, 717 W. Adams, Macomb, I llinois. Chaplain - Jun e Posey, 717 W. Adams, Macomb, Illin ois. R egistrar Carolyn Stewart, 717 W . Adams, Macomb, Illinois. Editor - L a ura J o L ewis, 717 W. Adams, Macomb, Illinois. BETA LAMBDA President- Winifred Rountree, Arkansas State T each ers College, Box 224, Con way, Ark. Vice- Preside nt . - Wilma Adams, Arkansas S tate T eachers College, Box 275, Conway, Ark. Secretary Mat路garet H eerwagen, Arkansas State T each er s College, Box 275, Conway, Arkansas. Treasurer Marion Shuster, Arkansas State T eache r s College, Box 562, Con way, Ark. Chaplain - Betty An n H urley, Arkansas State T eache r s College, Conway, Ark. R egistrar - Peggy Belin, Arkansas State Teachers College, Box 275, Conway, Ark. Editor - B etty Freeman, Arkansas State T each ers College, Box 224 , Conway, Ark. BETA MU Preside nt- Phe na Daniel, H e nde r son State T each er s Ct>llege, Box 182, Arkadelph ia, Ark. Vice- President - L en elle Goza, H e nder son State T eachers College, Box 568, Arkadelp hia, Ark. Secretary Lorraine Larsen, H enderson State T eachers College, Box 412 , Arkadflp hia, Ark. Treasurer - L ou ise Chambers, H ender son State T each e rs College, Box 428, Arkadelphia , Ark. Ch a pla in - B etty Ann Benson, H ende r son State T eachers College, Box 151, Arkadelp hi a, Ark . R egistrar-Corr in e Cox, H ende r son State Teachers College, Box 283, Arkadelphia, Ark. Editor - E li zabeth Day, H enderson State T each ers College, Box 487, Arkadelphia, Ark.

BETA THETA Preside nt-Verna Gilbert, 108 Sloan H a ll , Mt. Pleasant, Mic higan. Vice-President Beverly Marzolf, 320 Sloan H a ll, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan . Secretary - Barbara W ebber , 313 Ronan Hall, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Treasurer- Frances Fairman, 311 Ronan H a ll, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Chaplain Rowena Slavik, 21 8 Ronan Hall, Mt. P leasant, M ichigan. Registrar Clara J ean Kingscott, 314 Ronan Hall, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Editor - Flarence McConnell, 311 Ronan H a ll, Mt. P leasant, Michiga n.

GAMMA CLIO Pres ide nt - H ele n P ie rce, 31 Maple Ave., Cortland, New York. Vice- Preside n t-Jean Tuttle, 22 W. Court St., Cortland, N ew York. Secr e tary - Esther Palumbo, 22 W. Court St., Cortla nd, N ew York . Treasurer - Kay O ' Brien , 22 W. Court St., Cortland, N ew York. Chap lain - H ele n J ohn ston, 22 W. Cour t St., Cortland, New York. Registrar Antoin ette Sposito, 22 W. Court St. , Cortland, N ew York. Ed itor Winifred Fulle r, 22 W. Court St. , Cortland, N ew York .

BETA NU President - Mrs. Vivian Bell Oute n , College Station, Murray, K e ntucky. Vice-Preside nt - D oroth y N ell Smith. 301 N. 16th St., Murray, K en tuck y. Secretary-Mary Carolyn Utterback, College Station , Murray, K entuck y. Treasur e r - Caroline Jon es, College Sta-路 tion, Murray, Ke ntuck y. R eba Jo Cathey, 1310 W . Ch apla in Poplar, Murray, Kentucky. R egistrar Barbara Big ham , Box 85, College Sta tion, Murray, K entucky. Editor - Aleda Farmer, 1002 Main St., Murray, K entucky. BETA XI President - Max in e Fieg, 10 N. 6th St. , Oneonta, N ew Y ork. Vice-President Al ice Siegwart Burns; 53 Cedar St., Oneonta, N ew Y ork . Secretary - Mary Parker, 91 Maple St., Oneonta, N ew York. Treasurer E la ine Coltman , 91 Maple St., Oneonta, N ew Y ork . Chaplain - Patricia Burke, 12 Grand St., Oneonta, N ew Y ork. R egistrar- Margaret Myer, 91 Maple St. , Oneonta, N ew Y ork . Editor - Mildred Mahon ey, 91 Ma p le St., Oneonta, N ew York. RHO CHI President - J acqu eline J oly, 4810 Three Mile Drive, D et"oit, Michiga n. V ice-President - June F isk, 14558 Rosemont Rd ., De troit, Michigan . Secretary Kay H elliar, 19345 Mansfi eld, Detroit 19, Michigan . Treasurer-Marilyn Conley, 15376 Cheyen n e. De troit 27, Michigan. Chapla in Lylia M athiak, 8940 Ward, D etroit, Michigan . R egistrar Phyll is Inwood, 4510 She rida n, Detroit, Michigan . Editor M a r y E llen Anuskavitz, 1616 Cavalry Ave., D etroit 9, Mich igan. BETA PI Preside nt Carm el Auciello, Concord College, Athens, W. Va. Vice-Preside n t K athleen Short, Concord College, Athens, W. Va . Secretary - K a the rine N a tthe w s, Concord College, Athe ns, W. Va. Treasure r N ellie Ellison, Box 1420, Ath en s, W. Va. C hap la in - J ewell Wrig ht, Concord College, Athens, W. Va. R egistr ar - J oan Lusk, Con cord Co ll ~ge, Athens, W. V a. Editor - Eloise N eely, Concord College, Athens, W . Va. BETA SIGMA President Patricia Baugher, 1080 S. N ew, Spring fi eld, Mo. Vice-President - Harriet Blair, RFD 8, Springfield, M o. Secretary-Frances Davis, 1182 R oan oke, Springfield, M o. Treasurer - Rub y J ean Findley, 510 D elmar, Springfield, M o. Chaplain - Sallv Potte r , 735 South Ave., Sprin g fi eld, Mo. Registrar Lena Arndt, 657 Cairo, Springfield, M o. Editor Frances Van Wagn, 927 Belm ont, ~pr in gfield, Mo.

Alumnae Chapter Officers A KRON, OHIO Pres ide nt - Mrs. Jose ph T. W ashk o, 1441 R edwood Ave., Akron 1, Ohio. Treasurer -- Mrs . L. F . Snyder, 450 R eed Ave., Akron 1, Ohio. Edito r Mrs. Dorothy S cott, 800 Wall Stree t, Akron, Ohio. ALVA , OKLAHOMA President - Mrs. Alvin R. Paris, 304 3rd St. , Alva, Oklahoma. Treasure r - Mrs . Ch arles Wood, 1029 Locust, Alva, Oklahoma. Editor - Miss Minnie Shockley, 520 Cent e r , Alva, Oklahoma.



BO TON, MA SA HUSETTS Prc·s id ~ nt Miss Do rQthy M. Currier. 734 Frnnklin St., Melrose Hlds .. Massa husetts. Trea surer Mrs. Edwin Lundquist, 63 chool trcet, Melrose. Massachusetts. Editor - Mrs. Ern st Poland, 49 G orge Road, Wollasto n, Ma ssachusetts.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN (Rho Chi) Pres id n t - Miss Marion Tate, 1172 Bird Ave .. Birmingham, Michigan. Treasurer - Miss Margaret Saulter, 2656 Blain e, Detroit, Michigan. Editor- Miss Ellen Imboden, 18637 Cherry Lawn, Detroit 21, Michigan.

DUFFALO , NEW YORK President - Mrs. Donald E. Strickland, Morgan St., Tonawanda, N ew York . Trcasu rer- M•·s. George Conroy, 91 Portland Ave., Buffalo, N e w York. Editor Mrs. William Suggs, 179 St. James Place, Buffalo, N ew York.

EMPORIA, KANSAS Pres ident - Mrs . K eit h Caywood, 224 W. 7th St. , Emporia, Kan sas. Treasure r Mrs. Leslie Freeman, 800 Grove, Emporia, Kansas . Editor Mrs. William Litchfield, 1216 Hig hland, Emporia, Kan sas.

CANTON, OHIO Pre idc nt - Mrs . William J. Marsh, 324 34th St. N. W ., Canton 3, Ohio. Treasurer Mrs. P. S. Campbell, Jr., 3206 Enfie ld Rd. N. W. , Avonda le, Canton. Ohio. Ed itor -- Mrs. Ronald M. Harner, 306 37th St. N . W .. Canton, Ohio.

GREELEY, COLORADO President Miss Gloria Sc rogin, 1832 14th Ave., Greeley, Colorado. Treasurer Mrs Lowry Mallory, 1025 17th St. , Greeley, Colorado. Editor Miss J oella Kirton, 1803 7th Ave., Greeley, Colorado.

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA Pre ident - Mrs. George L. Brown. 712 N. President Ave. , Lancaster, Pa . Treas urer Mrs. Alvin Rost, 425 N. Franklin St .. R ed Lio11, Pa . Editor - Dr. S. June Smith , W. Chest nut St. , Lancaster, Pa.

GUNNISON, COLORADO President - Mrs. H enry Mion, Box 368, Gunnison , Colorado. Treasurer- Mrs. George B esse, 405 N orth Iowa, Gunnison, Colorado. Editor - Mrs. Delmar Zeiger, Gem Court, Gunnison, Colorado.

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Presiden t - Mrs. Virgil L. Elliott, 1002 Circle Way. South Charleston, W. Va. Treasurer - Mrs. R. G. H a ile, Jr .. 6618 McCorkle Ave .. Charleston, W.Va . Editor Miss Eloise Kel ler, 321 22nd S. E. , Charleston , W . Va.

H AMPTON ROADS, VIRGINIA President - Mrs. Winifred R ew Shield, 2301 Keller Ave., Norfolk , Virginia. Treasurer - Miss Shirley Rawls Sayles, 603 D St., South Norfolk, Virg inia. Editor - Miss Mabel Brumley Pimgo.

MARYVILLE, MISSOURI President - Mrs. Betty Lee Olson, 335 E. 1st., Maryville, Missouri. Treasurer - Mrs. Sue Chocran , 112 Jackson Road , Maryville, Missou ri. Editor Mrs. Sue White, 401 South Bochanan, Maryville, Missouri.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Pres ident Mrs~ Jeanne Ramsey, 4937 W . Race, Chicago, Illin ois . Treasurer Mrs. J ohn Demond, 6238 Hay ne Ave., Chicago, Illinois. Editor - Miss Dorothy Masters, Eastgate H otel, 162 E. Ontario, Chicago, Illinois.

HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA President - Mrs. Elizabeth Deter Applet on, 43 Cantrell Ave. , Harrisonburg, Virginia. Treasurer - Mrs. Frances Mullen Long, 210 Sunrise Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. Editor - Mrs. Betty McGrath F orkouitch, 210 N ew York Ave., H a rrisonburg, Va.

MUNCIE, INDIANA President - Mrs. L eRoy C. Miller, 122 N . Martin, Mun cie, Indiana. Treasu r er - Mrs. Richard Rankin, 1302 Burlington Dr., Muncie, Indi ana. Editor - Mrs. H a r old Bull , 317 Ashland Ave., Muncie, Indiana .

HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI President Miss Gloria Coleman, 301 Miller, Hattiesburg, Mississippi . Treasurer - Miss Marcelle Sumrall, Purvis, Mississippi.

NATCHITOCHES , LOUISIANA President- Mrs. R obert Easley, 417 Rossier St., Natchitoches, Louisiana. Treasurer - Mrs. W. D. Ballard, Jouline St., N atchitoches , Louisiana. Editor- Mrs. George Himel, Washington St., Natchitoches, Louisiana .

CLEVELAND, OHIO Presiden t - Miss Ruth Duffey, 2032 Mor1 rison Ave., Lakewood 7, Ohio. Treasurer - Mrs. F . J. Borch, Briar Dale Lan e, Solon, Ohio. Editor - Mrs. J. J. Greer, 1662 Crawford Road. Cleveland 6, Ohio.

KIRKSVILLE. MISSOURI Presid nt - Mrs. Marie Dougherty, 1008 E. Harrison, Kirksv ille, Missouri. Treasu re r - Mrs. Lorrain Williams , S . Downing St.. Kirk s~ ill e , Missouri. Editor - Mi ss Emi ly King, 111 E . Patterson , Kirk sv ille, Missouri. LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA Pres ident - Miss Kathleen Toups, Lafayette, Louisiana. Treasurer - Mi ss Kittie Manley , Lafayette , Louisiana. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS President Mrs. H a rold L. McDonald , 509 S. Cedar, Little Rock, Arkansas. Treasurer Miss H arriet Umsted, 419 Elm St., N ewport, Arkansas. Editor - Mrs. William H. Greeson , Box 172, Harrison , Arkansas. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA President - Miss Virginia T ebbetts, 2222 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles 25, Calif. Treasurer - Mrs . L ouise P errin , 1549 Centinela Ave .. Santa Monica, Calif. Editor-Mrs. Lois Stegen, 705 S. Prairie, Inglewood, California.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO President - Mrs. Chester Truman , 1628 N. N evada Ave., Colorado Springs, Colorado. Treasurer- Miss Virginia Shepherd, 525 N . W eber, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Editor - Mrs. Dan Shoup, 15 N. Sheridan , Colorado Springs, Colorado.

HAYS , KANSAS President - Mrs. Modena Chittenden, 218 East 6th, Hays, Kan sas. Treasurer - Mrs. H elen Hartman , 2206 Ash, Hays, Kansas . Editor Mrs. Mary Earl Pearson , 129 Church, Ellis, Kansas.

COLUMBUS, OHIO President _:__ Mrs. Violet G. Roush, 185 Winthrop R oad, Columbus, Ohio. Treasurer - Mrs. Earl Southard , 537 S. T errace Ave., Columbus 4, Ohio. Editor - Mrs. L.oren Windom, R eynoldsburg, Ohio.

HOUMA, LOUISIANA President - Mrs. C. D. Chauvin, 718 B arrow St., H ouma, Louisiana . Treasurer-Mrs. Riley Rhodes, 189 Gouaux Ave., H ouma, Louisiana. Editor - Mrs. Raymond Thiboudaux, 711 Suthon Ave., Houma, Louisiana.

DENVER, COLORADO President Mrs. L. L. Flanders, 2424 Vine, Den ver 5, Colorado. Treasurer · Mrs. Za Lawren son , 3229 Raleigh, Denver , Colorado. Editor Mrs. John E skridge, 2606 S. Milwaukee, Denver 10, Colorado.

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA President - Mrs. Ma rga r et Fulwiler , 612 Trenton Place, Huntington, W est, Va. Treasurer - Miss Mary Lillia n Gorsuch, 625 4th St., Huntington , W est, Va. Editor - Mrs. Wils ie Malone VanOsdol, 2809 1st Ave., Huntington , W est, Va.

DES MOINES , lOW A,. President Miss Floren ce Harley, 900 36th, Des Moines 12, I owa. Treasurer Mrs. Ralph Whitten, 3891 68th St., D es Moines 10, Iowa. Editor - Miss Florence H arley, 900 36th St., Des Moines 12, Iowa .

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA President Mrs. William R. Lull. 111 S. Wittfield, Indianapolis, Indiana. Treasurer - Miss Esther Burge, 3339 N. Me ridian , Indianapolis, Indiana. Editor - Miss Eloise Proctor , 18 E_ 40th St., Apt. 3, Indianapolis, Indiana.

PITTSBURG, KANSAS President - Mrs. Betty D. Sheward, 408 Fieldcrest, Pittsburg, Kansas. Treasurer - Miss Beverly Stacy, 307 W_ 7th, Pittsburg, Kan sas. Editor Miss Camilla Bumgarner, 312 Globe Building, Pittsburg, Kansas.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN President - Mrs. George C. Ford, 18694 Monica, Detroit 21, Michigan. Treasurer - Mrs. William Buchinger, 375 McMillan Rd., Grosse Point Farms, Detroit 30, Michigan. Editor Mrs. William Stirton, 15346 Asbury Road, D etroit 27, ¥ichigan.

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI President - Miss Evalyn Evans, 221 E. 46th St., Kansas City, Missouri. Treasurer - Miss Mildred Hanthorn, 824 N . Delaware, Independence, Missouri. Editor - Miss Mary K. R eiff, 3105 East 36th St., Kansas City, Missouri.

PITTSBURGH , PENNSYLVANIA President - Miss Janet Benedict, 275 N . Dithridge St., Pittsburgh 13, Pa. Treasurer Miss Anne Schade, 6814 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh 8, Pa. Editor - Mrs. Philip Meyer, 233 Third St., Aspinwall, P ennsylvania.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK President Miss Ethel E. Barrett, 9 Vincent Place, Montcla ir, New J ersey. Treasurer Mrs. Donald L. Frost, 32 East 65th St., N ew York 21, N . Y. Editor Mrs. Colendar Whidden, Jr., ' 142-41 Fra nklin Ave., Flushing, L ong Island, N. Y. PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA President - Miss M. J ean R eimet, 127 W . Central Ave., Moorestow n , N ew .Tersey. Treasu r er Miss Nancy J . Gundrum, 310 Brookline Blvd. , Brookline, Upper Darby, Pa. Editor- ( Nu Nu) -M iss Connie Pennypacker, 808 Powder Mill Lane, Penfield D ow ns, Pa. Editor- (Kappa K appa)-Miss Annabelle Miller, 2526 Coral St., Philadelphia 25, P ennsylvania. ..





President- Mrs. W. A. Lugar, 3920 Park Ave., Richmond, Virginia. Treasurer - Mrs. Lewis Shumann, 3218 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Virginia. Editor - Miss Mary Elizabeth Harvey, 2327 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va.

President Mrs. Louise Cosby Quick, 7071 Corbitt Ave., University City, Mo. Treasurer - Mrs. Gladys Parks Marsh, 1328 Midland Drive, University, Mo. Editor-Mrs. Stephen J. Hall, 9019 Eager Road, Richmond Heights 17, Mo.



President - Mrs. William F. Riley, 359 Melville, St., Rochester 9, N ew York. Treasurer- Mrs. G. E. Y eazel, 3700 Chili Ave., Rochester, New York. Editor Miss Florence Gerrish, 204 Chili Ave., Rochester 11, New York.

President- Mrs. D. M . Johnson, 137 N. Saratoga St., Suffolk, Virginia. Treasurer - Miss Myra Aaron, High St., Franklin, Virginia. Editor - Mrs. Robert R. H ewitt, Jr., 212 Catherine St., Suffolk, Virginia.



President - Mrs. R ay mond Zerr, South Campbell Road, Springfield, Missouri. Treasurer - Mrs. Clyde Kelly, 1325 S . National, Springfield, Missouri. Editor - Mrs. Leon Palmer, 1908 Ferguson, Springfield, Missouri.

President- Mrs. K enneth R. Rissler, 212 The Drive, Topeka, Kansas. Treasurer Mrs. E . B. Weaver, 337 Woodlawn, Topeka, Kansas. Editor - Miss Mary Emily Russell, 501 West 3rd, Topeka, Kansas.


TULSA, OKLAHOMA President - Miss Margie Jeanne Miner,. Ambassador Apt. Hotel, Tulsa, Okla. Treasurer - Mrs. Louise Reynolds, 1335 South Atlanta Place, Tulsa, Okla. Editor Mrs. J. H. Brewer, 1726 S. Victor, Tulsa, Okla. WASHINGTON, D. C. President-Mrs . Clara Teller, 3522 Valley Drive, Alexander, Virginia. Treasurer - Mrs. Mildred B. Lahm, 1448 Park Rd., N. W., Apt. 5, Washington, 10, D. C. Editor - Miss Harrietta S . Peters, 17th and K Sts., N. W., Washington, D. C_ WI CHIT A, KANSAS Presiden t - Miss Mirna Jennings, 156 N _ Ash ., Apt. 4, Wichita, Kansas. Treasurer - Mrs. C. W. Jackson, 1133 N. Dellrose, Wichita, Kansas. Editor - Mrs. William Wright, 5212 East. Central, Wichita, Kansas .




MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENT Send to National Registrar: MISS MARION S. POWELL 3301 Lansmere Street Shaker Heights, Ohio Maiden Nome - - - - - - - - Former Address - - - - - - - - Married Nome - - - - - - - - New Address - - - - - - - - - -

Date of Marriage - - - - - - - Chapter - - - - - - - - - --



BALFOUR BLUE BOOK Gifts of Distinction and Beauty ENHANCED BY YOUR FRATERNITY CREST The new 1948 edition of the Balfour Blue Book brings to you a selection of the finest and newest fraternity jewelry-designed for fine gifts and for personal accessories. Your crest on a Balfour lifetime ring or on a beautiful gift is a dignified symbol of your fraternity association. Display such a gift proudly knowing that only the fraternity man and woman may enjoy the prestige of crested jewelry.








Christmas Suggestions Rings-in silver or gold; signet or onyx style Charm Bracelets Expansion Bracelets Earrings

Pendants Billfolds in Fine Leathers Gay Lapel Pins Compacts Cigarette Lighters

Cigarette Cases Key Chains Knives Cuff Links

Special Presentation Gifts Chapter Officer's Ring or Key Genuine Alligator Billfold or _Key Case Wood Gavel in Leather Case Wedding Gifts in Silver Baby Gifts in Sterling

Mail post card request for your free copy* ':' Mailed in U. S. A . only. In Canada, contact your nearest BIRK'S Store~ T<;>ronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec.

BALFOUR COMPLETE SERVICE Balfour Stores are located in educational centers throughout the country for your prompt service. Your badge price list sent on request. Balfour representatives call regularly on

each chapter to serve you personally and make complete displays of fraternity jewelry. The Balfour factories have been expanded to double capacity for serving the fraternity men and women of America.

Official Jeweler to Alpha Sigma Alpha

L. G.







路 The Heart of the Jewelry Industry .

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 1 nov 1947  

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 1 nov 1947