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'1HE LD-M..· HOUSE P .ARTY Jess Chenoweth had such a glorious time at the bouse party of the Springfield Di?ision that &he decided to hnve one ut her own h?me_ in Lima, 3~~ary 21-23. Included in her invitation were· the g1rls of the Sprlngfield Division and also Katharine Shulte Geor~ia Turner and Ruth Sutton. For various reasons only four of the gi~ls. manag~d to get there, Helen Boggess, Lucinda Leedom, Ruth Sutton and Ruth \lyatt. Everybody had a wonderful time, in spite of the diseppoint~ent over not·having all the others t11ere. It wcs the first time that Ruth Sutton had been \lith the girls since June 1914. ·,Limn ;s quite u city, so the guests spent a goodly portion of Saturday morn1ng and part of the afte=noon in the ettrective stores , Later on in the day, two girls· 't'7ho are teaching in Lioa. this year and who uere at school rii th the b.SA bm1ch came in for a short \7hile so there nas quite a pleasant reunion of I.Iiami people. One of th~ gi rll:l was a Pi Kappa Sigma. Satnrdar; night all attended the nr.1 ovies" and had loads of fun later on nith a slumber party. · An outsider got in on this, as a young lady by the name of Olive Reeves is living with the Chenoweths this uinter. Miss Reeves had had a year of Normal training a.t Athens, 0., so . could tellns many interesting things ·a bout the University there. r1r. and Mrs. Chenov.reth gave us all a ' onderful welcome and shot7ed us such a •,; glorious time . that it \7as vTi th much regret that t7e said good-bye on s~~day afternoon. Helen B ogge ~s . THE SIDNEY HOUSE PARTY

The House party held at the home of nuth V/;yatt was a d.ecide c success, in spite of the fact that all of t nc g irls inv i ted couldn't c·oDe. Jess Chenov1oth r..-a s the only out-of-t ovm girl '''ho got to Sid-. ney. We remained in totm for dinner Frida.y n i ght nnd attended the picture· show afterwards. !.bout nine or clock r;,re y1ent· out to Swanders for an old-time 'feast', and spe·nt the rest of the evening tc.lking over old times. Saturday r:10rning we re a d the I>HOEUI X, · dis cussed it and held a short busi ness 1.1eetin g. In the afte rnoon we went to Sidney and attended the picture sho't7 again. Sunday vras a lazy day , spent mostly in reading nnd resting . .l.~rs. '."'yatt c e rtainl y knows t7hat girls like to eat, for she had the most delicious manus at every ~ meal. In the lnte cfternoon t7e all came in to Sidn e y to see Hess oft tc ·Lima, after ue had promised her that our next· h ous e party should be u ith her. Har riet 7 ilson THE K.ANS:.S CITY CELEBR!.. TION

Mrs .. Gilliland gave the ASL.s in I:Bnsas City a most deli gh t ful 7aleh tine Par.ty on Sa turday, Februa r;r 1 2th. 7he t c bl e dec or u t ion.' of Kerrpies and Cupids \lere very vef.y pr etty. \'Jc had some most a ttractive valentines t) eat. Hrs. ~:rn.a c iJrough t ni t h he r t h e Si.l. c; g e s ~ ­ t ions for national Work that l> een s ent out by t he Cen t ro.l Offiee . ·:~ o. ch n eL.lber preser: t r:n.s rr; e> rc t l12.n gl ;:'. u t o vol1mt c cr her se rvic es . 17e '?ere all gla d t o 1mon . c. bou t G:- e ~J l 0 ; , un u <- lv ~ n:11d t ,?ok g:.reat -:; l c ns ur.·~n Sending to both [;rcctlil{'; S ::-ra11 O tl!" ~ . S S O C :!o t1. o n. .fo t r u s t t hut ·:rs . '?c ced may fi ner it p oss;_ bJ.e t o vis :tt hs on he r t ·ny bc c k to Iono...,... ;:w ~a a ~P ver~ anxiou~ to se e her . ~ubPl ~ . An d e r s~ n .. Se c r c t c r y

THE tL'ii1 roucH ~· The Contral Office is no"!; clone in its recorG. of illnn s ses. ,liss Jct'!ett' .l\13 ~a.cul t j Aavisor, ha.s bc0.n called home on account of the ser1ous ~ondltion of her nether. ~nth D11ffey has been anxious for many Vlee"rs about the i1eu.l th of her mother . r.1o.bel nnderson Sec~ct~~y. of. the Kc.nso.s City Jl..ssoc iution, has for sow~ -t imc been f~c ing a c ... 1s1~ 1n the cns~ ... of her mother. ~h? mcr.1ue r ship generally VTill s;rnpathl~e deeply \71 uh these earnest HOrlr.ers. \7hose hearts arc filled ~nth an:nety about their loved ones. . Va.ndo. 11i~chel1, who .':ren".; 1rp to the Greeley Installation, r:rttcs that. she enJoyed her v1s it greatly, that she was very deeply 1np:essed ~1th the earnestness of the Bctn Beta girls, as Tiell es with the1r abil1ty a.t entertaining. She hopes to see the girls again before the end of her year a.s teacher in the Denver~anhools. _ J~nbel HcHcndry planned, if possibl0., to g e t over to the Alv c. .. ~nstc.l • t. t1on from Beloit, Kansc.s, v1here she tr.aches, but Fute must bav c 1ntcrfcred, . for none of the letters received nt the Centrcl Office mention her presence. Better luclr next tillle, Ho.bcl! The ne~ct house pa.rtj of the S ~ .-· ingfield Division is to be 2.t the··homc of Helen Bo 0gess, t1c.rch 10-12. AG -r1rites that thoro onLY l ive more v1eeks of rushing. ~e are glad that AG is patient!~ . BB used for its menu tl~ e red h eart and the gold crovm, a. deSlgn furnished by the Insignia. C c ~n~tte . . Th ere was one p u rticul~rly unique feature at the Banquet. ~'/hen the mints uere passed ne2.r the close, it 'iU.lS found that there ucre tuo kinds, one y elloi-r in tho shcpe of the Theta Zeta Beta. pin \7ith the lett·e rs in gre en, in honor of the society's colors, the others in the shape of the !~L ~in. white with the letters in red. For some years the student clubs at Alva ·h ave been in the habit of giving plays, for the purpose of rc.ising money to be devoted to certain uses. SSS staged its pl~y on February 22nd ut · the Grchc Opera House and cleared 0239, according to u sta teoent by l'.'liss Pyle. Faculty Advisor. ~he Ple.y un.s called "T ~'le Hoodoo" end culled for 24 characters in the cast. Ucn students o.ssisted in making the play a succoss, and tv10 professors played important purts. . One of the fo.cul ty acts o.s tra·incr. Both men n.nd v10men students get a great deal of vnluo.ble experience 1n th1.s v.ruy. The Hunnibal Club t~njoyed a very pleasant luncheon on Febru-· ~:try 4th, at the :,home of Cecile Thoupson. The Cluh has incprporat?d in its by-la~s an article to the effect that the Secretary shall send ~opy of the Minutes of every oceting to the Centra l Off ice. 1'1rs. R~cd ~rites that ~~iss Jenny Lind Green, the popular Facul ty Advisor for Be ta Beto. uas gro.dua.tea ut the :Normal College that i 8 a alepartment of the University of Illinois . Hiss Grf::en did special v1ork o t the Summer School of Chicngo Uni vers i t ;r and 11as graduated late r fror:1 T P.~ch­ crs College,of Columbia Univers ity. Miss Gre n has h a d ~uch experlcnce in teaching ana iB · at pTescnt ~%aining School 7e acher and P r ofessor of Gra.mmo.r Grc.C.c :r: c: 1 ~ c ut ion. Mts. Reed hus u rittcn h e r trip u p 2 t con siee r able l engt h ~o r the Central Office. Her report sho~G that she rne d c u s e of ev e ry nlnute of title and that she took advunt age o~ cv e~y ?pp o r tu~i t y t o me ke the Installations n success from every po1nt O .L v1eu . ,/hat s he h as to say about the c e r emonies vill be ?f p ~r tic1 l u r in~e r cs t to ev ~ry l'lS.t but before touching in a.ny dctc.1l up on thut s ub Je dt, v1 e bcl1ev e it \:Jill he nell to let you rend her a ccoun t of t h e Uc.t i onc. l p c rcphernu. · Lin in the Installation 1runk. The rob es ·, yu u u ill ~eme ~b e r. u ere made by f,1!'S. Reed o.nd !.~ rn~ ~ en Gc rdn~ r, nnile ~he cmbro -..~e r7e s r~ere t he "Ork of the Insignia Cootntte c , \7hlch also d1d the G.eslgnlng.


There are four of these, one for ccch nltnr. The - ar 44 inch·es long by 12 inch~s t.rd.d~ l- aE-cl are made of an· excel len quality of w~te velvet. There 1s a dl.ferPnt aesign on ench. ~hat for the l!!f\ln rrl tar sho~ts - ~he coat-o_:f-arms , tho shirtld outl inod in heo.v gold t~rend, t~e PHo~n1x of velvet cut on and pes ted on the sh ield so as to g~ve a _ra1sed effect, painted red Pith totches of gold, the cro\m o ~­ llned ln _gold thread and gilded, the mot t o a lso ottlinod 1 gold ~ith letters 1n rea. The nholo effect n~ most attractive. The Registrar'J o.ltur ~rupe curries a ureath of sago ~alm, the leaves in green and the general design outlined in gold thread. ':hat on the~ Cht.l~luin 's altar i~ equally attractive, shonins tr1o lyres of gold.. ~-..11 four colors arc 1~sed :.n connection vrith this design, there be1ng touches of green and red in the band joining the lyre. The drape on the vi<?e-pres idcnt ' J al tnr displays tvlo ,-,1ngo and just · above them a fucs1m1le of the pin in rc a silk outlined with £Old thread and placed agu~nst o. background of gold rays. All the· lrapes are finished r:-i th gold lace 4 1/2 inches vrtde uith a crocheted edge of gold thread and fou•jurther ornamentation four gold tnssels. OTHE:l P l~R~'U?HE'Rll/.LI./.

Tlie circlet~. with the star and o.lso the cro\m r1e re most effcctive, so far o.s o.ppearnn·o e Pent, but they t7erc c trifle too heavy o.nd should have some o.rro.ngemcnts for fastening them firmly in plece. The staff employed proved nondorfully sntisfacto ry. It 11as mcde of o. \7hi te curtain pole o.nd in two oectiona, so tho.t it· could be ca rried easily in the trtink, the t\7o 3ections ~ing held together by a gold · tube. ':'he square at the top v.'c.s mude of tin pnintod white and the cn<l of the staff \'7nS supplied nith o. rubber tip, so that there no.s no noise from it, if set do~ suddenly on the floor. The Tiings we re g ilded , . . _ and from them hung long rrhi te ribbons. The condle holders and shade· holders of V7hite porcelain . '!71th nicl'el trimmings. · ':'he ·~ticks· a r ·e oi glass and simulate s square column. The shades are red and· tre a ted w~th n ~ bst ance, so_that they may-·not catch fire quickly. rrhey were tr~Llen tnth gold bra1.d and ornamented further vri th some gold gauzy matcr1al. THE ROBES

THe robea are of three kinds. Thobe for the use of pres:ding officers are of nhite 0o.tin and G::-cci<:.n in st~le. T!1Gse for the guard the herald and the· pianist a re o:f flaxon r. l~c gown::: for the i~i td:.!ltes are of \7h i tc sa tine. ./~11 the govms are rrC.J stable , having three sets of snap fcstcningn, so tho.t -:he y cun be ~n~e_sho rt er or longer. lo.rger or small~r in the bust. The go~ns fo~ 1~1~ 1 ates Pr of three sizes, each carrying the proper number prlnted tn 1nk on th inside. :JECOR.."..TIO TS

In the rnstnll.:. tion . . ·runlt are fou1· dozen o.r"';ifi ~ 1cl p['. lm~. 24 · h ~ in length nn d 20 yords of PLite cheese clot ~~ . ~e onl lncdea . tl· o.n th..,t coulc 1 2 vc 'teen c: cs ired nas fl a;; , •Jh :ch nm: ld oth er ecora u. • •• a n ~~ <' -C h c h ._p er <..., P. · h- · b v ry effective on the Palls. ..'hy cou e · al J-•st,.. banner so thu t Tie migh t h~ve ct least hal f L ~~~.LI. a spec1 • d ~!!~een dozen different kin~s ?

THE GBEELEY SETTnTG ~ . . !l~s • 'Reed. \"!hose homo chapter is in the habit of fo~ ~ts 1n1t;at1on ceremonies soce one of the necret society halls, nas ~ · very anx1oua to secure something s~tlur something at both Greeley and Alvc., but. this proved impossible. T"lle only place nvailnble nt Greele., rra.s the Kmdergo.Mcn Room but :Mra. Heed 1 s c:~periencc in the some kind of room at the ~ium1 Convention enabled her to handle the situation ~ft~otivcly. ~ftcr screening from view nll furniture, she creotea e booth at one end of the room. This nos done by nailing four lathes to t~o top of the blackboard ana using for their support four other· lathes that rested on the floor, the latter being wound with the oheesr cloth, which \70.S also draped over the i'ro.I!lc -\:ork above and so arranged that it hung down in front as u valance. ~he blackboard was hidden from view by a double drapery of the cheese-cloth. In the space thus set ap~rt there ~as a profusion of g~owing p~ lms. Artificinl ~~lm fronds ~ere used on the background nnd ~ern also prcs~nted to ~aoh initiate at the Registrar's Altbr. All officic l books uere covered with

red leather, so the general effect ~as n~st charming . the ·s cene '7llS greatly enhanced.· o~iing to the fact that es nell the officers, was dressed in \7hite.

~he beauty of th ~ audience,

THD GRDELCY IlliTIATES '!'hose in it io.ted ware :!'rc.;nccs Bu!, o.lumno., Sue 1.1 . Cc.ry, !iiric.m TI. Sui th, .ACtu ..•... Baker, Cl<1rc. E. Tu n1er , rrances Tu·r ner,- B:i.zncht rridemnn, ~nn~ ~. Bro~cn, Jecsie 1. Brunton, E Qn~ A. Cuvcrley, Jeulah L. Flowers, Rebecca llnwthorne,-vor<:l Campbell, Bees Ke nne dy, Edith L. 11crlurty, Gladys Lei~aster, Eileen I~elly, Grace Patten, r;e ith Ru-Jsay 1 I:lvira Pock, l.iary Po.tten, r.1u""-io.n Travers, Irene S uvryer, Iva Watson, Haul 7ihi te. Florence Tyrrill, ~di th Tc.ylor v.nd Ilnbel 8hul tis. Trio others, Rose Sc.ndine and Lela F. Sqrgent rrerc ta hnvc been initiated nlso, but tUas Sand ine \7C.S 'to.lten suddenly ill ari.C.. !.!iss Sergent \-rent homo w1 th her. so both missed tho ceret1ony, but will ~H lntticted by -· · the Chnpter a.:·11 ttle later. Orring to n rnisunderstnna §eversl a.luJ?-ne.e ., \7ho hc::.d expe•te·d tho.t the initintion would 1'ollo;7 the bc.nquet ~rr1.~cd too lcte for the ceremony. The initiation of the r.cculty ~dv1sor, lliss Jenny Lind Green, has nlrecdy been mentioned. 1

THE ALVA INITIATES The first initiates \7ere Miss Uinnie ShockJ.l1F. Faculty AdVisor o.nd tfrs. F. o. 1-Iunson, uho org::mized Sorosis. Then follo\l~ ·a the alumnae, Ua.ry Bovrling, Dclna Brocl.."l7ny, tern Clifton, Urs. Jenn1e Vinson nsk r,a 1 th Henton. Iiorin~a Unso~. Next oame the . Seniors, I

Dthel reese, Ruth !.ong, Louise llille'r, Rlt~h re tti~ . Ada Sm_lJ'h _and ~ m.anch ·:roolman. The Junior inii1intes uere Be lle Chesnut, Helen_ r . . tsgeral"C!. Ruth Kendall and Irene !tebber. The f oll 0\7ing \."ere _ -pledged : 'roster. B=rrdie H:,rde, J,C!i th Hc.rris !.o is 11onn , Grc oe •.lt:'.untell, I re~~ :l~lf, Blanahe Y· I

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 2 no 22 mar 1916  

Asa phoenix vol 2 no 22 mar 1916