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ORA PRO. NOBIS Tune :-"Our Nc. \. i v e Lund,.

I. Youth and a sv~etheart, rend'ring all due, Love that is fickle, but swift to·owoo Young love changing, old love true, '

AH, come what


St ~ Val·enti:rre ~



Pray for us ai"<:ay ~ Pray for us al,.. ray-. I!~


Young love, a-iaughirlg whispered fears, True lo~e. proven by faithful years, · Sad Heart, a-drowning in lost lovets tears,

Ah, come what may, St.



Volentine ~ Pray for us alway! Pray 'for us alway! · IIII.

Love that i ·s pleasu:r-e, 1·ove that is ~ in , Lo~e in life's springtime, love in 11fe 1 s wane, Glad love and sad love~ true love and vain. Ah, come what mny, St. Vnlent ine! St. Valentine ~ Pray for us al~ay~ Pra.;r - for us alway! IV.

'FJhether love brings us a chaplet of flowers. Whether the· cnvm of' thoms be ours, \7hether skies brighten, or darkness lowGrs. Ah, come ~hat may, St. Valentine! St. Valentine ~ Pray for us a lw sy ! Pray for us a l VTa y ~ Academy So·ng Book-Pa ge 21 1

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~eng ~go.

St. _Valen!ine

VIaS a

dea,r old saint anrl. he lived leng age; ..

H1~ gai~ ~as qneer an0 nis garb ~as ~naint; his virtu~s

.ere v~r?ng and !lis Vl.ces faint; and he never vras knorm to make complal.n"C when ~ ;1€'9'Simist tr?ld • ·n his t~e. . 8o . they made him ,a 9a:i:lt in the [!ooa old days when scints we-re as ~.1le:,-cy as fleas; ana: hP. vro :re a t:·ith ~ · .. r.teen ra~rs Hi ·~h ~ one-..;>ie~c :a.sso~l~ _of ~nr?le b9:.ize ;. r'hicl: pe chan~ec! at night au ~he recoro s~ys, ~o~ paJ o rna~ J~~nne~e • _ . Tho he kne~ ho Greek lie could t ·c tin speak as easy as Engll.Sh I: for he l1ved in Rome, in a d-i;7el1 ine r;1e ek not far fro m the ~;berrG ~ :mcldy c:reek, VThore he studied ert., in the reul Lntic.:.ue, and J.l.kew;rise Theology. · Hell, he pondered one day in his pious old ",?(:.te, ·c.s he s~ro~led thru the Capitnl green, oU. the sparror: that ~ rched on th~ F1nc1an gato and discovered that birds are expe·ctGd. to ma.te on the very unreasonably eurly date of Februar~r fourteen. And he axgued if birds on that morning wi 11 woo e.s he . found that they did "''ithout fall--why shonldntt ladies and gen~s their examplo pursue, on Feb ty fourtGenth &11 their courting ·4•,, e.n~ to do<lge any scandal just a~ it all thru the svecial Delivery Ma1.l? · ' How that is exactly w~ t Val en tine di"d; he . loade~ the p postman \"Ti th love; and $0 smoothly his 'hand o t er tne billets-c!.oux slid that from many a bl)s&n ·he lifted the lid whil~ De.n Cupid lavghed loudj the imer~inent kid, as he fluttered the inkstand ab4ve. , · · He .mailed Cle·•patra en ele<J't,lent n•te--the poor ~bt:ir believed it from Mark--to S~ppho 8. sflinet be bad to acvo"t?e, sent . queen Bess a charade\b¥ t;he first Londo.n boe.t, 1.11hil~ t, Lucrotta · Boreia a lyric he wr•te , ~d a rendoa.h te Joan o :f Arc. · \71th c6mics glli:ret he set Rdr:1e 1D.· a roar t ther! v1~rc sen- .. aters gasping for breath; even C"ice:t~ smiled and thf. Po'je was · .beguiled, but he tickled peor Pompey t~ death. Well, he died long agt>-·-as 1 t is right :rou sbould knnw--- . and his relics are rdsting at 'ease in a hand-painted shrine, like r. a big Valentin~, in the 6hapel of St. Praxade~. S ~ I've ·t old trt :..rou hov1 what I think -yeu t 11 all ow isn t t found in the late~t "t1ho rs '"'ho": and it read ·s ·just as woll, one may readiiy tell, as if would if the stor:,• wo:re true. Yet ad·()rablo Saint ·in· my praise f'r rny plaint my pat:r;on :fo.rever thou 1 lt be: and· whenever I woo--and it 1 s ne matter who-I Fill set up the candles to t'bee. ilho Pill cover herself v.ri th glor~r uy writing original mus ie :lor thP above '}oct ic fancy'? iJe wan t .· ome th in ~ . . ~ ith sparkle anG. <lash to it, .;;onething 'Jri.ght and c·n tchy . '.:'here is no tune in the !1:. . cJi:d'ei·tlJT Sone; :aook"·:;rtihat le.nC'.:1 itself t 0 the mete-r used, so it Yli l'l be nece:..lSt!.TV to g et tm Oi."ig inal prr.du.ction, unless, perchence, some'uody knoYn Q 'l)Olmln r tnne tha t c•ulo. be nseo. for t l1 f' purpose. any·oocly uho h L s rm iC.ea on ""Uhe subject,communicate v1 ith the Cent:al Office, «:'. .t th e c > rli, ~ s·ii ~ )ossi:J:i..e nN,JP nt, in "rr,er th CJ.t thE Sorr,r1ty muy get the '.>ene:Li t of ex;H:riP-ncfi'S and idtJa~ from a large number. .ef the r11embers!1ip. i"/e ~s l.lOP.ld like a tune -~ ha t ':'onld uake t he spng as ·')opula.r as is : ' .T~ IiJ G .,;.s;;,n, :ior, 0i cou r s e . vre d(l not ~" i sh .;te s light OUT patr on S~~int, VThOm 'v?e have }T OVecl to ue f'nl~r a manifestaf·m.;fJI after all· ef }iis ::1oyal ~ Ii[hness, the beloved Ruler of Jerusalem.


·The Central. Office got so e~cited over hearing about the pro · ~pective chapter celebration and ·o verseeing the designs submitted by ~he Insignia Board that it just naturnlly . bnd to hnve o st. Valentine

affair of its Ter-y own·. As a result of its gayety, it could not rcsL making this issue lnr!ely a Valentine Numaer. lVhnt did we do? Vel~ we · all donned the .Crimson _.for one thing. ... The rHoEn:Ix hacl a doubl~ sash ~~ound his middle, just. where ht~ ~~a~t vould be, an4 right festi· did ho appear. Ycur National President ·wore Crimson velvet ·cif

course. but the bov7s uen t to . the "girls't ,·· the larger one .t o i!iss Blomberg! illsist~t, because she VT~s longer in the service, the sma~ler to r!Il.s s rlo.xman , S e crctary ~ · : All the lovely ynlEntines .that nna c~me from different partE of the country "for the PHOEN:tX attcl ·for. . ,Y.)ur NatiC'l}al President were · . o.:rranged together, an_d . ~ ' ~~~~,?~~tl)J.:'1,;\.'ti~~·v ~ di~play did they make. ~ong them w~a . an ASA .: P;-"i,q;t-q~~. f~.flm.q i":1wi c by M1ss wa:xmnn, who accompan-:led the gift \Ti tlr o.n o. ttrO:ct-ive:· , ~~aret ::!Jt.a~ ...="eacl,· f:l.l tho I'm· no.t :·.~n ASA, :: ·: : IJ~ spirit o 1 er my heart·, holds sway. rThich is just· the best kind of p.roof, not:. o)11y that our S'oror·1 ty exerts an influ:enco, ~·. 'bv_t also that. it is. a'tx.ont ·, the only thlhg we ever got time for he~e a·t >the Central Office. The most ul:dque remcmbru,nee.:.-rl.'flll ~:· .bo;okJ.&t:;made: ·up of s·ixteen hearts. each one o:r· l.7P,.ich co.ri;iCd\~~.-;.~o~a~:pf ~cp·i:e%t~;.:gi1:'1. 'The grou:p is the one . kriofiii.-, a": ~pe Btl~V~r,nn~ :So\)int;l.1c"micll is:Pmtithered' by Jea~ne Willett . . : ~1;i~ ·: c~fi~t,all:'<'~f:f~p~ ::\7~s~ i~l .tght~· ~!)t~ ~fi!e~t~e .: opportunl ~y to r.Jeet ~Iatt;_p~ ..~9-ck:W9..o~•: V~;r,rgl!tll.a S]),u:l!.tlg.:;:· ;Ih~ ~ C:t~u~ ·;· Sallie Heuthman. Floy \7olfe~eu~g~. r f\ ~11f~J.79~~ i..P~xlb~n;. ·]frank~~ \7~stfnll ~ Ruth flay, Pearl Cherry~ .oo.kltif T~omO.~.~~r.:v:·~·v:·inn lfarker ·, · r~abel -' Vailghn, Anna Lemen, Lettie Merrick, an·d 'Mf?.E! ~b-q:rma.l)• . It appreciates : Jeanne 1 s thought in sending so charmin-g :a ·valent in~. . · It '.t70.S an accident, :tio · be sure, that r.a ss Waxman had a birth .. day pnrty the day before. but most certainly not one tho.t led he·r to-· bring over u box of goodies, su~C?h · a~ ·.v~ould tempt even a jaded apetite, ... a gold cake, frosted in wbi te and sprinkled Vli th candy pearls in the. ASA colors, yellow candies with white filling, golden marmalade· and diVinity £udge. Miss 3lomberg 1 s specicl contribution to the festivities was the fascinating verses on pnge : 9l, which she had found in the course of her rendin.g , and which yo:ur. National President recommends that you ndopt end c~a-tm as ~our own before anyone else appropriates :them. The autb~t, who s suid to be o. l"Tell--knovm Boston bnnker- sta.tedp tho.t the St.• Valentino hulo hnd 'nineteen' rays, but, so sure nrc no, from clooe o.cqua:intnnoo with our paton. that there V~ere sixtoon, we talten the 11bert:y• of blotting out the 1 nine... o.nd · it to you to put in 'six'. .. l.~.l'together St. V.nlentine xs Dn:t ut tho Central Off1cc "ITas a great success and closed ~ost happily when th e two ree ~nndles ablaze on the cake . at te a time lent thei~ soft radiance to a l1 ttle c urd that said,-


I think of you· eight hours a da y ,Eight muJ. tipl ied 'by tv1o, Then during all the eight hours l eft, I nleep and dream of you . one of the pleu.santcst -:-things oi the v1hli>le dey "''as rc cei vinl the Gounctl vote3 on one of the peti ~ion3, \7hich, follovJed by cert a i n cocuments, led to a telegram authorizing




Gnmmo. _Ga~n Chapter r•ill be inotnllcn at· .\lva, Oklo.., Feb · . ~ary 21-24, by the National Secretary, IIru. Charles R. ~eed, on her

Pay home from Greeley. The Chapters have already been instructed t ·o· don tl_le i7HITE & G9LD in hon·or of Gamco. Go:mmr.- during four dcys , - bu·· J.~.ssocint1.ons and ~lumna.e nre requested to do the same·. Greetings s hould be sent to Miss Minnie Shockley, 727 Uo.ple Street, Alvn, ok1 a. Hiss Shockley is thf! I'acul ty J~..d.visor for the group and willp therefore, be extended the courtesy of an honorary inltiation, in nccordencc r:i th the settled f,S.A. policy of clwcys having some faculty uomo.n ·a member of the ohcpter, so th~ t she mo.y ttend oll meet ·· ings, both business and social. · thus being in u position to inter- pret faculty uisheo to the membership and the ~ orority ideals to the school administration. This policy on the part of hSh is unique, for, so fnr as the Central Office is . - anure, the idee bas not , been ndopted volunturily by any other sorority, altho there is one Normal School whose cdministro.tion demands such faculty representntion. ' Alphc. Sigmo.. is very glad to Vlelcome r.r iss. ~hockley to u~- .· tional membership, for hnr reco:rd shor;·s the t she is in every way \·,orthy o~ the honor. Alpha Beto.s v1ill be pr.rt icu lc.rly interested tol~a.rn th.:.t Miss Shockley iS o. Uissourion by birth unC: education, bei:q.g 8. gr~duatc of ·the Jefferson Cit~r High School, o·f Ha rdin College, with the A.B. degiree in 1888, and the addi ti ono.l credit of one yec.r later·- at ·1·7 urrensburg Uormnl Scgchol us Pell as two at the Univers1 ty of Uissouri. Sin·c e 1910 !!lisa Shoch:ley has been on the fnoulty c.t . .'1lva, ranking ns . .\ssistant Professor of Ent;lish. Since 1913 she has had charge of tbe Sohool 1 s ExtenEion Depart~ent, incconnection uith uhich she bns exclusive jurisdict1on over all ~ork done in absentia. In ocnjunotion -r1ith the Univernity of Okl ahoma, the Alve Normal is doing a very effective for the ~tate olong educational lines1 It is o. pleasure to recora. in connection v: ith the Oklahoma petition the receipt at the Cei1trol 0-f i'ice of the fo:J_lowing letter, addressed to yo~J.r Uutionnl President. Dear Mn.dn.o: \7hen our Grand ?resident of S igma Sigma. Sigma inGtalled us last !Tovember, she stu tee tnut she wi ~hed thut sorne of our· local club~ would petition Alphn S'igmo. Alp11n, so tho.t T:e might have a real rival in the fiarld. Acting upon. Hiss 11Talton 1 s suggestion, I conside~ed ot:.r local club, and selected t h e S orosis Club as an organization that v.' on ld be· likely to s tand for the t hi ngs I t hP.n b 1~o u.g ht t he ma tter Ylo::thy of- our sister N8.tional. before l'U!!n ~hocklg~;, rho in t"Jrn sti r::ul ute d t '1at clu b to action. Should you t e~e ir1 this or f;u niz ution, you Hill e;ct one thut hL.s clD..:ys stood for 7orth. The alucna.e froo the· 3orcsin a re p:-ovin b t~er:lSelves to be s ome of the : : tr:)ngest teac 7lers e ver se Ylt out fror.1 F orthnestern . Hoping to be ::tble to soon \,t: lcom !.. l pho. S i ;_;ma ·.1 ::.;~-:. a, I '1m, (Gi

Yours in ..: .P .s. =ne~) ITenrietta ?ylc, S83 ro.culty

~dvi s or.

Asa phoenix vol 2 no 19 feb 1916  
Asa phoenix vol 2 no 19 feb 1916