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. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .DECEMBER . . . . 8, . . 1915 . . .




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Hermes. god of things as the~r ought to be, is aurel· lookin -~ after th~ intcres~s of AlpM Sigma Alpha, for those of us who vrant gir~. are the k1nd that we nant, and such of us as are rna'king up our minds to ~e married are getting just the very nicest kind of husbands. 'l'be Ce*tare.l Office is perfectly post tive abo\it the above statements. b·· cause those who ought to know sat that it is a positive fact. one o! the girls who has recently acquired one of the 'best men ever' is Ethel Newmyer, now Mrs. ~v. -, . Alexander of Trenton, iio. There was such a prett¥ wedding at tile briie's home at Atlanta, ~~ o. Two carloads of young people wPnt over f.o·r the ceremony, one Qf them filled with Ethel's Camp Fire girls. ~he Ale.xanders had a two r:eeks' . trip to Chicago and other places, but have postponerl their real honeymoon trip until ne.Jtt summer. r:hen they vrill do Niagara .Falle, the St. La~noe and the Atlantic coast. Ethel dld not forget tbc PHO~IX, 1n spite of e.ll the preparations inc~enta.l to tbe weddtng. She is keeping up the reputation of Alpha Bc'p's brides, for she saw to it t~~ a f1~e-year Subscription renched thP. Central Office on her wedtlng


Gordon Seaman, /., was ·deep in the joys of a trousaeau, v~ the last PHOEN1X reached her. but she wrote that everything vms drop~ ~til she had read e'lery Pard of the iSsue. Gordon. t 9 weaaing took placte on Deoember sixth. 7e have no-t heard ~my of the details, but ~ know that G¢rdQn was planning to go directly to her ner. home at Red House, va., where her husband, .Henry Chalmers, is a country aoc~o~. Cordon had not been expecting to be married so soon. indeed she had · rully intended to return P~d be Alpha's Chapter President this year , b~t Henry had other plans und so ho carried her off to the little vi1lage, where he is doing so muoh to bring heal tb :::nd happiness to peopl e· Mildred Booker, A, is v.r~arine o. Phi Delta pin. The young man in the oase is a student j.n the> Hodical Department e>f L,oyola un.i..- · versity of Chicego. This looks as tho another man believes mo~t thoroughly in the desirabilit,y of po$sessing an ASA girl. Lillian Whaley, AB, is enrolled for work this year at Teachers College of Columbia University. <)he is enjoying her winter · in tlew York City. but she vti_shes she could ?.irksville thPre too : Her address is 414 '7- 118th Street, 3 She ~ould be glad to find somg : ASA letters in her mail. · Helen Bogg~ss. AA. writes that her mo~~r enjoys t~e '?llOE'NIX C'Uite as much as herself. and looks forward to its coming 1ri t h ahlo~~ t-1.s rnuqh •agerness. !lire. ~oggess thinks thnt AS /. i s the "best ev~r'.

\llill ie George Pri tes from Chelan, '.iash. , to say ho~' muoh sh e enjoys the Rou.nd Robin that ha~ been esta bli3hed by ;.i-r 3 . Rossiter of .~heridan, !,Iont. , for the girls Of the f&r ?J orthWE:St · Eloise.rEverett, AA. is te~<:hing :. ~ t tirbr.m a , o. She misses the girls of rliami terribly. JUlin sparks AB, is managing a Hound Robin, to whioh sh~ ha-s gtven 'tfue temp5rary' name oi ''Vergissmeinnicht".

56 ..

The Hannibal~ Uo. Alumnae .Associe: tion was organi,;ed on October 8th t>vt the homP of Hrs. Clnri~e Shackelford. !·1 oClnin. Eva Stuc? ~~ electe-d President nnd /~nn Brewington Secretnry-Treasuret·· · ~her e r7a.S another meeting at :Eva•s · home o~ Octeber 20th for discu~sion, and still on November 8th, when the By-LaWWGwere adopted. The Kirksville Alumnae Association is meeting regularly . ~e first gr. the ring t:'D.~ with ~!rs. Eugenia .Ringo Boorman, and everv e;irl in tOW%l wa s present with one exception. One of the · ~rs. Bessie Smi th.._Starr, t.r1is able to bring a greet i ng !rom : ~rs. ~ .. lu :IorganSkirvin, whom 3he hud been visiting. Others pres~nt a.t the meeting, in addition tovthe hostess and Mrs. Starr were 01-Rra rout ~rott. Louis! Record ,;,llen, Bess Lorenza~". gsby, ltileen UcGinnis Higb£: E' ;'l.nlle Evans, .Laura. Porter, Ida Jewett c,ntr 1v4ayme Foucannon. vAl ta Lorbi" ·· Fair has retained her membership in the ~b. althoughtslie is in lew York. City this winter while her husband is studying at Columbia Uni'"efSlty. Alpha Beta got into the lim~light recently because of its unique rushing stunts. This is what ~ local paper had to say about its very interesting nffatts. "This is 'rush' season for the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority girls and they have certainl y been doing their part by their new pledges the past few days .. 'lhe social activities stnrted Friday night ~ i~h a progressive dinner p a rt~ . ~Be members of the Sorority Bnd the girls -v~bom- they t · re rushing , first went to the home of l.Uss J.';nne tvn.ns, Hhere the bouillon course was served. ':_1he dinner course H t:. s served £ t the home of Mrs. E. G. Starr on East Illinois st., the s t.l~. d course ot the home of Miss Mayme Foucannon on South H~gh s t .. , and the dessert and coffeelat the : home of Mrs. Harr~r Allen on North Elson Street. The girls · spent an hour e.t e r,ch place nnd had a jolly time making the trip between the different houses. The rema inder of the evening was spent ~t the Allen home with music nnd dancing end mc. king out the progrem for the mntinee dnnce which wa s given rt the Heinzman•SVT1gert hall Sr.turday Rfternoou. The dr'..noe vres one of the prettie s t r- ffir!rS of the sea- · son. Sever3l specinl dnnoes were " given, one of the prettiest being the Chrysanthemum dance in -:; ·h icn the girls found a mass o:f Chrysanthemums c.round the punch bm7l nnd in the heart of enoh flower wcs the neme of the mnn with whom the gir1 was to ha ve the next dance. Punch W['.S served throughout the r.fternoon. Satunday night the girls r~1et at the home of the Misses Lilpyd on south Hgghl:.Street end hcd a 1 ine ps rty a t one of th~ : picture shows. After the sh ow they returned to the LL<'Yd home where they hed n cha fing dish p[. rty and dance. Sunday g fternoon theJ: :_m ~out in B ~d kodaking pLrty 't".• hich v:Tr.s one of the most enJoya ble 01 the s ertes . Out-door p2.rties a re a l u ays enjoya ble. Everyone 1 ike s o.n informal " hike " to the country, and the p <~ rty wr..:.lke.a. out to Qr-:nbe y' s Lflke ·~ rhere they took pictures and opent an hour a round the firepl ~ ce in the log cubit!. There were a bout t wenty couples, not all the girls making the trip, ( nd the_ ca bin Fa s cro.,.Jded to its O[l.p r.cit:Jlf Tho above i s from the Kirksvill e 11 Dnily H~:p rcs sn . Such a :· ·· vertising, especic lly in e tot·.rn v7herf-! n chaptc':'" c an get some of its 111embers ll.nd whe r e it can irnpress tcvrns,eoplc r;J. th the f re t ef the e.~ istence of the S orori t;v , is not a b r c1 iaca. It is r. l..,.,.~· :v~ n~ll t ~; . . keep before the ·p ic, VThen t}1is C[;n o() done legi tima tel:,r : n cl -r·he .') ·':. j , w:!ll mcr-n a certai'!i amount of locnl

Virginia AS.As, according t" !! i~drcd, State,Secretr:.ry, had a wond@rful time in Richnlond tit Thanksgiving, as ther~~ many of the •ld girls there to attend the Teachers Convention. The follor-

ing girls nere in·-.;to~m at so111e time tl.uring the hol ida.ys - l.'i ~ldred :!oDr~. El ize.beth Clements. ::,eu isc F.H ller. HP-tt ie Kelly, •M~.rie Mapp, ::utt1e Prulett, :.av.rinP. D~ni.el, in f~ ddition to tbe ones l'rbo are e1the~ te~ening or living there, Fr~nie Price, Josephine Allison Elise ~ 1cekie, Arie lJest, Julin Hundley, Evt~ L t Armour Lula Driver Besgie l' nulett, Alice B::-.sterville, I~arguerite A.rchembaul t, 2~rs. :Koi:mer, : ~r s Jester end 11rs. Gordon. On w•anesdey night there ~us a very pl er. S Qn~ neeting at t~e Jefferson Hotel. As quite P fen of those present w e~~ uembers of dlfferent elc.lses. ench ·,·vms P.sked to ~erve c.s Class Seore . ·.:;~.ry, and P~.mnie Price was_mcde Chr..irm~m of n Committee to organiz e . .'. Hicnmond Alumnae Associc.tion. The Centre.l Office is. nlrendy nwr.r e u'!'. the fact that the Clnss Seoretnries nre doing good work~ for ·~ever r..l ~ubsoriptions ·P ..lrecdy come in from ~lumnn.e hithel'to unimtereste ri. EXrE'JS !ON

Elva Doyle Reed of Iowa City, Iowc, is now in oharge of Extension., Mrs .. Reed is mnking n very thorough 3tudy of the enttre Pede.gogtoal Field, an·d has called to her assist ance mn.ny loyal helpers , uho are so situuted, either geogr~phicclly or otherwise, that they c an be of gre~t nid to the Sorority, now th~t it h~s renchea the point where it ts ready to expand. AS you knou, the most importnnt t~ing for

first year of existence es a reBrgnnized society character that it should nevet lose. t}link that n society does not am.ount to ve~y much of anything unless it has a long chapter roll. Some of our m•mbers, therefore, have been a little disturbed over the fact thct ss~ ~s been growing so ~ap1dly of lete, h~ving plneed three new chapter~ ct K1rksvllle, J·~o., rrarrensburg, Mo., .and J.lva., Oklar These members of o~rs should remember th~t sss · stcrted on its career as n Pedogical S~~o~1ty a~ay baok in 1911, that the present adaitions to its chapte~ ~oll are the results of tour years 1 work in extension. Certainly four years of work OlJGHT to yield ·some results, It is un:f,o rtunate that AS.b. did net reach the same deciAion aa SSS fou.r y~ars or longer ago. It miBht then have n much longer chapter roll than it now has. Your Ulltion~. l President, is strongly of the opinion that ASA with only four chapters _has n vitul quality not possessed by S~S even ~i'ith itS ten chapters· SSS hn.s done practically nothing to dcte toward interesting or holding ita alumnae. It has done nothing l'fl\lch toward bringing the chapters into cl ose touch with ~ne another or t~ith the N2.tional Officers. It has dene little tpward educeting its members 1n th~ gene~al ~orority system. It does issue a . : A~L



t70S to develop tt t:!Ulll i ty nnd. P, ~\ great IDP.n~r people nre upt to

'-'r!gnzine, but this appears only tv·rice a yeer.



l~tters 1-n

such issues ns ~ave come from the press luck esprit de corps. show clearly that there is nn strong intern~l organization. . It is this internal str~ngth of which N2A -can be so p:roud , ': the close bot.lcl of intere·st b~tlreen chnpters, the never failing devoti c.l of Nctionel Officers. the unvrnverins loy2l ty of ulum.n o.e. Thene thir ~. denc-te ST!\E~1G~. The're wns a time r.· h~n 1/5!., he d r>. long cha-pter roJ.l . 'hut ae an orgnnizlltion it wns ;:en}:., Go vreak ~n frrct thc.t there 'rlas pr a1.· :~llY no bond of intcr~t b-etvreen th~ d iffr;rel?t grou~s. c r bet::-T e~.. ·h P~ tmd eottncil- . Ho,rJev!r. th~t. ,c·er-.kness 1s c. thtnr ltf the p r ~'t : ; ..a "c r: -t,odny :'li •h its four ch~pter3 1.s nn('lne s tionrbly tM ~er IJ'f c~- i.... or.,. ~"'::' ·rO':_t.z~t';..ons tho.t h:;.ve m~y times : ts length of c'hnpter r oll. ...-:e 0 c c.u -'

.. .


,There is 11 ttl e ·aoubt but Hhf'.t AS A. coulc1 stE~.y an it is and 3'ct stan<'

up a.gainst anything it might r:1cc t in the p enr. e--.~ica:L Fi <::~d. AS . ho'tiavcr, recognizes the f:1ct that 1 t has no ::: ight to kliep its go -, d ';hings to itself. It r cal::.zes that lt has a mission, that this e.- .1 ·~C"' t be fnlfilled, 1:mless othe r ~nr- pt -:: rs are given en op!lortun i ty ~c., .n)oy the benefits that come from membership i n .:~sJ. . For this r - R~~ T.he 9ouno11 is how w-illing tc consi.der s e r~_·L:~sly the question of ~­ "-;ensl.on, is ready to have the roer.1b e rs 'h ip i ndividu al ly take st eps "~.~C" ·­ ":":e rd. getting acquainted. vri th the sorority ::d.tuation a s 'found in the .~icld in which our Sorority i s to work . 'd'ith this encl in v ie\-::- rrrs. Reed ho.s appointed the follr wi:r-~·.



Carey Butler--Colo r , Io·.-,. . , Nebraska

~thel Newmyer-Alexande::t-· · ·Gr: orgia, :c.aho , Texn.s c _a rrnen F i.Shf!r- - In citana' r:cn t u cky' i._ ;e\"J ·:t:·XiCIJ . Oregon Dale :eller~ North Dakota , ~akot2.


Helen Boggess--Ohic, Anna Earhart-- ~-·:;.sh ington. Zola Christy--Louisiana , Ni3sissippi

The appointmen-t of these same Assistan ts do !l not mean that :Irs • Re e d rrould not b e e lad to hav e oth e rs in th G gen e ral m e~b e rahip he lping her, whenever lihey f~. nd the~selvcs in a p osition to 'b8 of as··

::; ist.:!nce. !·.'Icny mem bers fri ~l1. G.3 o r r elat ives conn ~ cted r;it h cC::.;wc.tionc.l insti tut·ions in :lifferr:nt -oa rtfl of the countx-v and s ome of these ll.SA:s h been uble to render signal service. Ann n Yo·ung, for 1JilSt-::mce, who was in Alpha Gr1rnrac. lest year, but ":ho is 2 t t 'he State !lorm~.l, Gene seo, li. Y. thin Pull , hc G b e: en nbl e to secur(: a great C:ec ·, ot vc.lunble informat:ton co :'lc<'rn ine the soro:!':i.ties j_n New York State. With one exc eption th 3 new York Norreu l School scro~itien ql.2. 9tc.rted ottt ~-rith fanciful Ill ~ en, but w:i thin the l n st fev-, th c~r taking on c.ddition2.lly s~ verP. l Greek 1 -: ·cters. l:..s the member3hip me.y be interested in these sectional orec.ni7.ntions, we list them ·n .c rc·\71th,- Agonian, or Al!_:>ha l:3.l11)H ~hi, .hretln.!SP.., or Sigon. Gamma. Phi, Cl i · onlcn, w'hich he..s c. ~ s yet takC;n nn :r.o Greek l 0. tters nnd .hlphn De lt a., t7b1oh hns cr.>.rried that nc.m n f'rom ~t8 v e ry inc eption . Agonin.n , or /. l -Pbc r.:c.ppa Phi. which hr-.s a Bl' Oup in the same S ch ool whereiis our J~ l rh~ Gt;J."Ull:.>. Chapter, is the only one thut h ~ s Gv er gone outside 0f New Y<:lrk Stcte. A very olose stud~r of these four orennizP..tions is nr-v1 b e ing



~".nother situ [~ tion thc.t :i.s r .; ceiving clc-se ~t tentirn is t h : one ['.t ::ichigc.n St"-te Tc a c!lers Coll ege ::-~ t Ypsilanti. Your Nct irm. l President hcs 2 very <1ec.r fri&n d on the f ~ culty there e nd h ns b een rb to get hold of much v <:>.. lur:.ble inferma tiun i:-1. this VTny. Ypsil2nti ls the home of Pi Kappe Sigmc., '- · sorority ~ith fou r ether chapter s 2t Lt. ::']ler.:sc.nt, Mich., Tndicn['., Pn. r.( iamt Univers ity and A~vn, Okl o.. ln Qddi"jsion to Pi Ke.p~"l Sigm~ there n rc t P<31ve other ~reek-L ~ tt e r r~ ' Ypsil nnti . /, few of the~ e ol c. i m th 2.t they h Ght:!.r:ters else-..7hcrc, but m ~· st J f tha s vcieti'es l}:cf' 1 'J 0::tl. P ractir. G.lly :. ~ _. _ive j_n '' ell-mnmGged s or 0 ri t;y- houses, n~ d ., the :'l - cicties at th ~ l._i-r i·r~rs i ty 'J f n ichisnn. ·,;:tt!Dl.l.t d oub t !.Sf~ wil,l b e 111 rcc ~irt y f :J, ·- pe titiiin f r) m -;~· ). l~n t -:. in the v r>r'J near. 'fu · . The pTobl c:M 1n th .h ~ ccse, i S, ; f r:u rG e, t h got the b~ s t ~ av n 1lablo l o o~l . ~o u r_l l ell be intrrw ~t:1 Jr lcc.r-r'biJ\ -:- thl.:t Lrs. R::Jse-it€r in far n11cy l~ontana is in t 1'1_Ch · _ ,_': r C?'I~ J.~.T {: t""·.:.W'r t..:.T s t~-Lg f;'!' (,jt'l.p' thrn fl j .t;·nris hip rr j th l.·I :nt ant: ~~: ~)>~'; ::--· ':1~ c' oe1 :.3.' ~h ·.>ut en( ~ ~- .., ·1ch oth.el' ;>.l 'lce s . 0

Asa phoenix vol 2 no 12 dec 1915  
Asa phoenix vol 2 no 12 dec 1915