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Alumnae Support for National Growth A LP IJ.'\ l"\. wtth

J G~r. ~ ALPHA eme r~e. victorious along the tx other Assoctat10n of Education Sororilie in the long struggle to obtain a satisfactory olution to the problem of field. The Iational I anh ellen ic Congress accepted unanimously the recomm endation that our field be clearly defined and Alpha Sigma lpha sets her st ride for achivements un equalled in her past history. \iV hat form wi ll th ese new achievements take? Growth! New college chapters. Growth! New alumnc:e chapters. Growth! Regional Convention bringing college and alumnc:e members together in groups of national significance. A nd again Growth! Alumnc:e interest to bring about a co ntinuing alumnc:e support of thi s National program of expansion. Such a program will mean a greater development of alumnc:e interest than Alpha Sigma Alpha now has. A growing alumnc:e interest has been hown by the establishment of many new alumnc:e chapters and increased alumnc:e attendance at N ationa! Conventions. But there is need fo r g reater financial support on the part of our alumnc:e if the sorori ty is to embark upon this program of expansion and growth . To maintain its enviable position as a leader among the A. E . S . groups A lpha Sigma Alpha must engage in new and costly ventures. It cannot maintain its place in th e forefront by standing still. As an organization it must move forward with its rivals in the field. It must follovv the trend in fraternity activity as a changing world shapes the course of action for all fraternities. Regional organization seems wise and feasible for a widely scattered membership_. so Alpha Sigma Alpha embarks upon her program of growth with plans for it. And it is hoped that the regional organization will have a wider purpose than the Regional Conventions themselves. It can lead into other means of growth and achievement as it has done for other fraternities. \ iVe have prided ourselves that we have been able to achieve much as an organization and still keep our clues and fees at a minimum. S ince 1934 there has been no pressure brought to bear on our alumnc:e m~mbers for financial support. The college graduates have been sent only one letter concerning alumnc:e dues. Payment of alumnc:e dues has been entirely voluntary and consequently ver y li ttle money has come into the National Treasury. Alumnc:e dues are fi xed at $25 and there are no annual dues. The pledge fees of new members have been credited to alumnc:e dues therefore reducing th e amount to be paid after leaving school.

Payments of any amo unt are acceptable at anv time after initiation. By diverting the alumnc:e dues to the Convention F und and defraying a part of the alumnc:e delegates' expense to National Convention, theresponse of individual members through their Alumnc:e Chapters has been commensurate with the amount needed for alumnc:e Convention expenses. But to finance these new ventures in fraternity growth, regional organization and expansion of chapters, Alpha Sigma Alpha asks for the individual support of her al umnc:e members. And to have individual suppo rt a plan of individual contact by chapter members with their own chapter siste rs is presented. The Alumnc:e Loyalty Committee with Thelma Stortz Moyer, Kappa Kappa and National Secretary, as I ational Chairman will go into action as soon as this number of the PHOENIX is off the press. W ith her will serve five Regional Chairmen, twenty-three College Chapter Chairmen and thirty-nine Alumn c:e Chapter Chairmen. This Committee will f unction until the 1941 Convention when it is hoped that the possibilities of th e plan will be enlarged and the organi zati on perfected for pem1anent service. \iVho but the very members hav ing made outstanding contributions to their chapters in college days are the alumnc:e selected to serve on the Alumnc:e Loyalty Committee. We honor these by giving them the opportunity to contribute their most precious gifts to their sorority; their leadership, their initiative, their expe ri ence and time. The duties of all who will function to make the plan a success are listed. Those persons with tentative appointments to the Alumnc:e Loyalty Committee a re asked to write at once to Thelma Stortz Moyer at Laurel, Delaware, of their willingness to serve in thi s capacity.


THELliiA STORTZ l\IoYER, Kappa Kappa

Region I Regional Chair111an

MARJORIE CH .\liiTIERS SEELY, N u N u College Chapter Chainn e11

Katharine R oberts, Alpha Alice Carl, Kappa Kappa. Marjo rie Chambers Seely, Nu N u l\Iayme Sias, Rho Rho \iVini f recl Rew, Beta Epsi lon

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 26 no 2 jan 1940  

Asa phoenix vol 26 no 2 jan 1940