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THE PHOENIX l.!:====of Alpha Sigma Alpha=====::!..! Volume XXII

MAY , 1936

Number 4


President's Picture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ca ll to Convention.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Convention Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Convention Hostess . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Who's Who at Convention. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Convention's Social Whirl..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Convention Ritua l and Newspaper ......... . .... . ...... . 13 Transportation P lans . . ........ . . ...... .. ... . .. . ... .. .. . 14 Convention Awards . . . . ........ .. .... ... .. . ........ . . ... 18 Chapter P etition Anno路.mcements . . ... . .. . ... . ............ 19 Al um nae Delegates ...... . ................. . .... . . . .... . 2'1 Coll ege Delegates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . ... .. . .. . .. 25 Persona li ty Growth of Members .................... .... . Is Your Leisure Creative? .... .. ..... . . . ... . ....... . . . .. Mus ical Given at Iowa State ..... .. .. . . . . .. . ............ In the Limelight. ... .... . . .. .. .. .. . ....... . ....... . . . .. . Receive Scholastic Honors ..... .. . . . .... . ...... .. .. .. .. . Alumnae Chapters ... . ........ . ...... . ........... .. .. . ..

36 37 38 39 43 46

College Chapters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Announcements . ... . ....... . .... . . . .. . . . ........ . .. .. . . . 83 Directory . . .... ... . .. .. . .... . ... .. .......... . .... . . . . .. 87

Publi路shed in November, January, March and May of each year at No . 30 North Ninth Street, Richmond, Indiana, by the Ni cho l son Printing Company, for the A lpha Sigma Alpha Sorority having headquarters at Indianapolis, Indiana . Busin ess correspondence may be addressed to either office, but matter for publica tion and correspondence concerning the same should be addressed to Mrs. B. F. Leib, 317 East Fall Creek Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind1an a . Entered as second -dass matter, September 4, 1923, a t the po st office a t Richmond , Indian a , under the Act of March 3, 1870.

SubscriPtion price on e do lla r per year.



\ IL IA WIL ON Kationa l Pre ident Alph a



lpha Sorority


Call to National Convention August 17-21 , 1936 A LPHA SIGMA ALPHA has known many signational conventions. Each one tells its own story of the development of the sorority. The proceedings of every convention portray current standards and record sorority histor3:: and growth. Looking back through the years, it can be said that each Alpha Sigma national meeting has had distinguishing characteristics which set it apart- and entitle it to a special place in our annals.

.l'"\. nificant

The same will be true of our convention in the Minnesota woods-but in far greater measure. For our 1936 national convention, if carefully made plans materialize, will demonstrate the true meaning ::Jf membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha. It will prove the basic values of national affiliation, of group unity, interest and activity. I call all Alpha Sigma A lphas to the 1936 national convention. I call you to enjoy an interlude of pleasure and inspiration, to gain mental and physical refreshment - "to find dominant beauty in F riencl ships." vVrLl\IA WILSON SI-L\RP,

National PTesident.




Tentative Convention Program Monday, August 17th Regi tration ...... .. . 9 :00-11 :00 Open ino- es ion . .... 11 :00 Luncheon .... ... .... 12:30 Busines e 1011 . . . . . 2 :00- 5 :00 ectional Dinner . . . . . 6 :30 Sectional tunt and :.Iu ical Program .. 8:00 Tuesday, August 18th Busine s ession . . . . 9 :00-12 :00 Alphabet Luncheon . .. 12:30 Round Table Discu 1011 .. . .. .. . . . . . . 2:00- 4:00 Recreational Program . 4 :00- 6 :00 ports Dinner and Song Fest . . . . . . . . . 7 :00 Wednesday, August 19th Pledge Service . . . . . . . 7 :15 Business Meeting ..... 9:00-10:30 Conference Period . ... 10:30-12:00

~ ational

Luncheon (National O fficer a Ho te e ........ 12:30 :.Iemorial ervice . . . . 2 :00 Round Table Di cu 2:30- 4:30 SIOn Dinner- onvention of the Past. ....... 6 :30 lpha igma Pageant of Progre ....... 8:00

Thursday, August 20th Busines e ion .... . 9:00- 10:30 Conference Period .... 10:30-12 :00 Sports Carnival, Swimming Meet, Tennis Matches, etc. 2 :00- 5 :00 College Night Dinner. 6 :30 Model Initiation . . . . . . 8 :00 Midnight Minstrel Show ... . ........ 12:00

Friday, August Dusine s Session .. . .. Installation of O fficers . . . . . . . . . . . Tea on the Terrace P re entation of Convention wards.

21st 9 :00-11 :00 2 :00

3 :00- 5 :00



Your Hostess Welcomes You

welcomes you! The \i\1 estern chapters count it a rare privilege to be hostess to the fourteenth National Biennial Convention of Alpha Sigma Alpha at Big Pelican Lake. For five wonderful days college delegates and alumn<e, under the leadership of our National Council, will assemble beneath the whispering pines of the Minnesota woods to pledge themselves anew to the aspirations of Alpha Sigma Alpha .

M l\Iid-


In welcoming each of you to thi s national Alpha Sigma Alpha house party, may we add our belief that you will find the locale ideally suited to the manifold activities of such a gathering. Yes, we will meet together and play together and, when we say au revoir, upon our memories will be indelibly written a beautiful chapter of strengthened fellowship ties, of worthwhile achievements, and of broader visions .

Eta E ta, Convention Hostess.





Who's Who at





Evelyn Bell Conventi on Chairman

l\[argaret Duncan ' hairman ectiona l Night

Edna D nl y hairman Pa t onvention



In the Convention Limelight 1936 Convention Chairmen General Chairman ............ ... ........... . .. Evelyn G. Bell, Pi Pi Convention Hostess .................... .. .... Esther Bucher, Eta Eta Registration ........ . .......... . .. Dorothy Williamson Crook, N u N u Sectional Night . ...... .. . . .... .. ... .. . Margaret Duncan, Alpha Alpha Pageant. ........ . . .. . .... . ........... . Thelma Stortz, Kappa Kappa Music for Pageant .. .................. Geraldine Smith, Kappa Kappa Transportation ..... . ..... .. ..... . ... Carol D. Pierce, Gamma Gamma Ritual. ...... . ....... . ... ... .. . .. Louise N. Stewart, Upsilon Upsilon Alphabet Luncheon ...... .. .......... Letha Heckman Gaskins, Chi Chi Past Conventions .. .... . . . ....... . ...... Edna Donley, Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma College Chapter and Alva Alumnc.e Publicity ....... . ...... . ........ . ... . Genevieve Steele Leib, Chi Chi College Night Dinner, .......... Nell Blackwell, Phi Phi College Chapter and Maryville Alumnc.e Banquet Arrangements . ... ... . .......... . ... Margaret Houston, Pi Pi Minstrel Show . ........ ... ................ Polly Schlosser, Beta Beta Convention Awards ........ .............. S. June Smith, Kappa Kappa Convention Displays . . . ... . . ......... . ... Rita Walter Selvy. Iota Iota ational Council Luncheon ................... Leona Wilcox, Iota Iota Terrace Tea . .............. . . ....... . ........ .. Kansas City Alumnc.e COOPERATING CHAPTERS FOR SECTIONAL NIGHT Alpha Beta, Alpha Gamma, E ps il on Epsilon, Theta Theta, Zeta Zeta, Mu J\Iu, Nu Nu, Omicron Omicron, Rho Rho, Tau Tau, Sigma Sigma, Psi Psi.

Do you have P1'oblems tha.t you want to thrash out? Come to Convention!



T helm a Stort z Cha irman Pagea nt

L tha Gaskin 路 hairman A lphabet Lunch eo n

Ge r a ldin e mit h Cha irman M us ic fo r Pageant

Marga r t Hou ton Chairman Banquet . rrangement



Convention's Social Whirl has its spokes-a star has its points-and a national convention of Alpha Sigma Alpha has its special features ! We are told that associations bring back memories and that memories are based on associations. And that is the reason a convention of A::SA's always includes a wealth of clever, diverting, friendly and yet meaningful social activities. Here's your schedule of social events for convention. Can you afford to miss them? Make up your mind now to Come to Convention.



S ectional Night. It marks the beginning of A::SA's Fourteenth National Biennial Convention. A dinner especially planned to acquaint A::SA's with others from their vicinity . Almost everyone has a finger in this sectional night so it's bound to be diverting. Twelve separate groups are making the arrangements and guarantee that the evening will be both light and enlightening. College Night. Here路s where the collegiennes hold sway. \i\Tith banners to identify them and with songs to cheer-yes, come prepared to revel in thi s College Night's activities sponsored by our own college delegates . Past Conventions. How ma 11Y conventions have you attended? Is it a habitual part of your biennial routine. Then this event will not

only honor you, but will also revive some mighty pleasant memories of conventions past. One of the outstanding events of our Convention at Breezy Point is our "Past Conventions Dinner" which is under the direction of Gamma Gamma College Chapter and the Alva Alumn<e. This is to be a new feature of an A::SA National Convention and one that we feel will be very enjoyable to all "Convention Goers." The A lva girls are not divulging their detailed plans now so plan to come to convention and have "heap-much-fun ."

Pagea.nt of Progress. That A::SA has progressed is a known fact , and yet here for the first time, convention-goers will be able to review the steps of that progress . You'll long remember this colorful A::SA Pageant of Progress with its story told in rhyme. Terrace Tea . Esther Bucher, our Convention Hostess. assisted by the Kansas City Alumn<e, will preside over this convention tea to be held on the lovely terrace at Breezy Point. FoYmal Banquet. Little can be said that is not already known about our A::SA formal convention banquet. It is like the tieing of a bow knot around a group of lovely memori es. Come to Convention! Glad You Did !

Y ou" ll be



Let's Go to the Convention (A Preview of th e College

Exciting a

ight Dinne r )

your childhood dream - ! songs, stunt by cheer leaders, ta p dancing by coed , and fun for all. The tables are arranged in a way to repre ent a tadium , with goal posts streamin g with color and pennant standin g at the end of the '路field. " O ne large table i re ervecl for the referee, the captain , the managers and coaches. ( \Vould you believe that the ;..lational P resid ent, the National ouncil, the ponso{s and presidents o f each chapter were these people?)

Ne ll Blackwell Cha irman Co llege ight Dinner

ha s been speculati on for ome month am on o- the member o f . lpha igma :\lph a oro rity a to what progra ms and wl-:at kind o f activitie are chedul ed for th F'ourteenth ~ ational Biennial Co m路en ti on which i to be held at Breezy Po int in Augu t. T hi s pro mi ses to be the most intere ting and enterta ining ev nt o f the sea on ior all .-\l pha igma .--\lpha ' i 路te rs. G od mu s1c. lively proo-ram. tunt and c medy make up ne of the ma in features . " oil ge ~ight dinner." a ll ege ~i ht ha a fami liar plot-ban ner Ay in o-. f tball



Beginning with a ' 'kick-off' the dinn er is a series of rig ht and left tack les, forty-yard clashe . ' 'timeouts, ( during time-outs we ha Ye our program ), punts and other special delicacies on our menu . Several of our coec!s eire eel in riding hab it demon trate a bit of the teep lechase in a tap dance w1th the a iel o f Yery mall hedge to give effect. Like all good co mmittee , t he plans are a yet incompl te and like all good committee th e P hi P hi hapter a k for c operation . o \\'h en you pack your I ag to go to Breezy P int, remember to bring pennant o f Ye ry kind and have a good tunt r t\\' O in mind o y u o r yo ur o-roup ca n compete for the p n ze to be o-iv n a\\'ay that evenll1g. Y e . ind eed, pr ize . D n't mi th e fun- 'ome t onvention.



Convention-More on the Subject LOUISE N. STEWART HE last PHOENIX intrigued me.

T I forgot that it had been a hectic day at the office, that the bus has been too full of tired humanity, cross and pushing, that not yet had I reached the magic age of forty when life would begin and that my fifth college reunion was uncomfortably far behind me. I felt rejuvenated, enthusiastic. Alpha Sigma Alpha was having a Convention, and I was an Alpha Sig. Yes, I want to go to Convention. When you pored over the "Little Colonel" books and the "Molly Brown., ones years and years ago, didn't you wish with all your might that ''Lloyd Sherman., and "Betty Lewis" or "Molly Brown" and her college chums would step out of the pages and you could talk to them and know them? Just so do I feel about the characters in the PHOENTX who have parties and take vacations and do interesting things in the working world. I want them to come out of the book. It is perfectly thrilling to see an Alpha Sigma 's picture in the book and then, months later, turn a corner at Convention and see that person in flesh and blood. I know- I have been to Convention!

Moreover, I want to meet again the girls and women with whom I worked and played at other Conventions: our lovely and stimulating Founders, Hattie Kelly Thomas, the girls from Kansas, Nancy Simpkinson, Miss Shockley, Dot Marley-all the delightful people who emerged from the book at Old Point and Estes and Boston, not to mention my fellow Counselors and my chapter officers with whom I have exchanged files of correspondence. Finally, the cold rain, the dirty snow, and the whirr of Chicago traffic fade away as I gaze at Breezy Point scenes. Could there be a more enticing spot in which to make real the "book people" of my beloved sorority?

Convention Song Tune : Long Long Trail Awinding The Alpha Sigs have journ eyed up here to Pelican Lake, Our friendships to renew and new acquaintance make. The convention will soon be over, And to our homes we'll depart But memories of our A}:.A days, Will linger in our hearts.

Do you like an atmosphere that is ntgged, rust,ic, frer: ? Come to Convention !




Th e seventeenth of August will soon roll around When Indianapolis delegates will be Convention bound. Our plans we're keeping as dark as a dungeon, But w e're going to give an ALPHABET L NCJ-IEON. 1iVe'll mix the Smiths and the Burns and the Wilsons 路w ah th e Banks and the Scotts and th e Tilsons. At Breezy Point, w e' ll tell you the restSo follow the Beacon and come N"orthwesl! JA:x E FoLTz :\I cDA YI TT, Chi Chi.



Ritual at Convention LoursE







attendants will have the opportunity to see "how it is done" ritualistically. A model pledging service and a real initiation will be held with National Councilors and Committee Chairmen participating. If you are a new chapter officer with questions galore, you will find them answered. If you are an alumna wondering if girls are still pledged and initiated exactly as you once were, you, too, will be given an answer. Demonstration, however, is only a secondary purpose of the services which are planned. Once each of us experienced the sweet delight of having the Crimson and White first pinned upon us. Whether it has been one year or twenty, few of us have forgotten the thrill when we TION

National Chaplain

first heard, at an Alpha Sigma altar, the ageless story of a "love that passeth understanding." Our services are impressive and unforgetable in our own chapters; at a Convention, with the shields of chapters from Alpha to Omega surrounding us, and in the presence of our Founders and early initiates, they are positively inspiring. Any chapter chaplain will tell you that it requires planning to have a real Alpha Sigma service. You, each one of you, can help. A white dress tucked into your suitcase will insure an "all white" service. Andwe shall sing. Won't you begin now to review them: "Pledging Day," "All Thro' Your Life," "Closing Song," "Oh Promise Us," "Blest Be the Tie."

Our Convention Newspaper Will we have a newspaper at Convention? Certainly we'll have a newspaper at Convention. Who will be responsible for its publication? Our national editor-Genevieve Leib. What will we print in our paper? All the items contributed by our councilors, delegates and visitors. So make notes en route, be prepared to tell us of your anticipatory thoughts, your thoughts on arrival and all the news items advanced at Convention Headquarters. It will be our Convention Paper. Let Everyone Contribute.



All Aboard! A. S. A. Special! 11 abroad for that Alpha Sigma Alpha Special! Get aboard that 1--I ouse Party on Wheels and be in on the convention fun from the tart! The lpha igma Alpha Special will run over the Burlington and Torthern Pacific Lines with most of the delegate traveling on the famous Zephyr. vVe must know your plans early in order to go forward with final arrangement for this A~A House Party on Wheel , and also arrangement for holding the ' pecial" in Pequot till morning. Take note of the time and place where you can connect with this louse Party on Wheels. If there is a possibility that you may be attendmg convention, fill in the blanks below immediately and return to the Convention Manager, Evelyn G. Bell, 8 East Depew Avenue, Buffalo, New York. (This is for college and alumn<e delegate as well as all other visitors.) LEAVE DE r VER

5 :00 p. m ., Saturday, August Lith, 1936

(Delegates from Denver, Greeley and Gunnison)


11 :58 p. m., Saturday, Augu t 15th. 1936

(Delegates from Kansas City, Pittsburg, Kansas; Warrensburg, Emporia, Alva. Natchitoches, and Hays)


7 :35 a. m., Sunday, August 16th, 1936

(Delegates from Maryville will join the Kan sas City and Denver delegation and travel togethe r to St. Paul)


8:00 a. m. ,

unday, August 16th, 1936

(Delegates from Indianapolis, Ypsilanti, Philadelphia, Boston, Oxford, Indiana, Farmville. New York, Pitt burgh, Pa., Chicago, Huntington, Buffalo, Kent, Columbu , and Toledo)


9:30 p. m .,


ugust 16th, 1936

(The groups from Denver, Kan as City, Omaha and Chicago will be joined by delegates from Los Angele , San Diego, De Moines and Kirksv ille)


Do you li/,'.C C'l'ery u ew day to bring :vo n somethi11g Come to Com'elltion!





Convention Transportation Plans Name ...................................................................................................... Chapter ............................................. .

Home Address .....................................................................................................................................................

Check the items below that pertain to you and return immediately.

I expect to come to convention : (1) By Train

(2) By Automobile

Please reserve .............................. space (s) on the ALPH A SIGMA ALPH A SPECIAL. ( 1) Lower Berth

(2 ) Upper Berth

I travel on a Railroad Pass and would like instructions about the routing (


I will leave from. .........................................

........ and will board the


Special at .................................................................................................... .

I expect to travel with ................................................................. of .................................Chapter

NOTE: Are you planning an extended tour? Miss Carol D . P ierce, Transportation Chairman, 8 West 40th Street, New York City, will gladly make up itineraries for Pre and Post-Convention trips to the National Parks, etc., if you will outline your plans for her.



Round Trip Rail and Pullman Fares to Pequot, Minnesota Round-Trip Rail Ticket

\Iva. Oklahoma ... . ............ $33.00 Bo ton, ia achu ett ........... 81.05 Buffalo, New York ..... ..... ... . 43.80 Chicago, Illinoi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Columbu , Ohio ................ Denver, olorado . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Des Moine , Iowa .... . ........ .. Emporia, Kansas ............... Farmville, Virginia ........ .. .... Gunnison, Colorado . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hays, Kansas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Huntington, West V irginia ....... Indiana, Pennsylvania . . . . . . . . . . . Indianapolis, Indiana ...... ...... Kansas City, Missouri . ........... Kent, Ohio .................... Kirk ville, Missouri ... ... .. . .... Los ngele , California ... ..... .. l\Iaryville, Missouri . . . . . . . . . . . . . ratchitoche , Louisiana . . . . . . . . . :New York ity ... .... .. . ...... . Oxfo rd , O hio ..... . . ... ...... .. P hiladelphia, Penn ylvania ....... P itt burgh, Kansas ....... ....... Pitt burgh Penn ylvania ......... an Diego, alifornia . ... ..... .. \ arren burg, l\Ii ouri .. .... . . .. Yp ilanti, 1ichigan .. .. ..... .. ..

20.35 33.70 43.55 17.25 25.60 63.45 51.1 5 38.80 39.85 53.55 27.55 21.85 35.98 21.75 92.50 25.25 43.40 74.75 31.65 69.55 26.10 41.25 92.50 2-.60 31.18

Lowe r Berth Round Trip

U ppe r Berth R o und Trip

$10.00 25 .26 16.26 5.00 10.00 13.50 5.00 10.00 19.50 18.50 10.00 14.50 14.00 12.50 10.00 12.50 10.50 36.50 5.00 14.25 23.00 10.00 21.50 10.00 14.00 36.50 10.00

8.00 20.20 13.00 4.00 7.50 10.80 4.00 8.00 1:.60 14.80 8.00 10.80 11.20


.10.00 8.00 10.00 8.40 29.20 4.00 11.60 18.40 8.00 17.20 ( .00 11.20 29.20 .00 7.00

Tran fer charge round trip from Pequot to Breezy Point will be SOc per per on.

T H E P I-I 0 E N I X


The Water Level Route T IKE silver arrows sprung from a L giant bow, the Twin ZephyrsThe HI onder Tmins-sail smoothly in their swif t flight between Chicago and St. Paul-Minneapolis, over the Burlington's water-level route, one of the best pieces of railroad track in the world. Fo r almost three-fourths of the way, between Chicago and the Twin Cities, it follows alongside the l\!Iississippi River, and in all this distance there is no place where the gradient exceeds one-quarter of one percent- literally a "streamline" route. They a re the only Diesel powered trains operating between these cities, and the only trains of any type that make the round trip daily.

Both trains are air-conditioned by a special system that supplies filtered air to all passenger compartments. Meals prepared in the kitchen which is fitted with accessories of "stainless steel" will be served to all passengers at the "foursome" tables in the dinette, or upon trays that can be bracketed to each chair. All of the passenger compartments are equipped for radio reception. Two hours , o r 145 miles out of Chicago, the Burlington Route reaches Savanna, Ill ., and it is at this point the first view of the Mississippi River is had . For the balance of the journey approximately 300 miles, the rails are ,~; ithin sight of the majestic "Father of \iVat-



er -''-with a broad i land-dotted expan e on the one hand and bluffs, real, heroic heights, on the other. Fo r many miles the tracks are o clo e to the river's edge that a child might easily toss a pebble from the car window to the water. 1 ot only is there this magnificence of scenery, but every mile is replete with historic and legendary interest, and a recital of the stirring events along the Upper l\Iississippi would require volumes. A further charm is found in the quaint villages along the river, many of them founded years and years before the advent of the railroad. The pioneers of some were Italians, of

others Germans, and of other Yankees, with the result that one ees here an old-\ oriel touch and there ew England spruceness. The occupant of many of the villages are unique, a large number of them being engaged in the pearl fi herie , an important indu try. Altogether, one may be sure, of seeing something worth seeing every hour of the journey, and thi feature, coupled with the experience of riding the fir t of America's 路'streamliners" will make the journey between Chicago and the Twin Cities, a trip that will linger long in your memory.

Convention Awards HE presentation of awards ha always been one of tho e breathle s, expectant phases of an A~A convention program. It is a time of recognition-a time when excellence 111 competitive achievement is awarded . It is also a time when resolution to win next year are made. vVhile each chapter strives to offer real competition for each award. it is likely that you have already made plans for capturing ome particular trophy. Each ch<tpt r ha previou ly been in formed of the qualification and limitations c nnected with each a ward . . brief re ume follow . CouMil Trophy: To the chapter


that has met the requirement of all-round. efficiency, sorority examinations, participation in college actiVIties, cholarship and PHOENIX contributions as set forth in the Constitution. Mileage Trophy: To the chapter that has the areatest mileage total to and from convention. Delegates Trophy: To the chapter that ha the greate t number of delegate at convention. A lnnuw e A路zcrard: To the alumn<e chapter that ha the be t eli play bowing it variou activitie . College Display A路wa.rd: To the college chapter that ha the be t eli play of campu leader activitie and ocial event. .



The National Council of

Alpha Sigma,'Alpha announces the acceptance of a petition from

Sigma Alpha Sigma local sorority


Ball State Teachers College Muncie, Indiana



Rita Wa lter Selvy De Moi nes , l o\\·a

E th el L1 well yn hicago, lllin i ·


Mari e Rauh Kin gdon Indi ana po li . Indian a

Marv Lawrenc ::<.launtel Pitt sb urgh. Ptnn y h•ania



Introducing Alumnae Delegates Des Moines In spite of the fact that she's the wife of a busy attorney and the proud mother of a three-month-old son, Larry, RITA WALTER SELVY, finds time for her sorority activities. Since her graduation from Drake U niversity in '29, I[ rs. Selvy has been actively and enthusiastically identified with the Des Moines Alumnce Chapter whom she will represent at convention.

Indianapolis The newly elected Alumnce President and Convention delegate from Indianapolis is MARIE RAUH KINGDON, one of the most enthusiastic Alpha Sigs you have ever met! In 1928 when Phi Delta Psi became Chi Chi chapter Marie came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, to be initiated. For the past four years she has been a member of the Indianapolis Alumnce chapter. This is the first, sorority convention for Mrs. Kingdon and when asked if she were excited she replied, "Excited, why I'm positively exuberant. I feel like a pledge on the eve of initiation." LETHA HECKMA N GASKINS, as Chairman for the Alphabet Luncheon is putting forth her most artistic efforts to make it a success. When we say artistic-" we know whereof we speak." She is one of the Indiana artists who is studying

under Edward Sitzman and last month she held an exhibit of twenty-five oil and water colors. Letha is Vice-President of the Indianapolis Alumnce Chapter and alternate delegate to路 convention .

Chicago One of the \A/heaton-Chicago daily commuters who has been a very loyal member of the Chicago Alumnce group since its organization is ETHEL LLEWELLYN. Et!1el was a charter member of Upsilon Upsilon Chapter at Denison University. Since her graduation in '29 Ethel has put her Mathematics and Psychology to good use in working out all kinds of advertising and promotional problems at Sears, Roebuck & Company. Chicago is proud to have as their representative to convention such a versatile Alpha Sig. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania After reading "A Romance Through A~A" in the l'v iarch PHOENix it is not difficult to understand why MARY LAWRE NCE iVIAU NTEL, Pittsburgh's delegate to Convention, has such a keen interest in Alpha Sigmas from coast to coast. Following her graduation from Temple University in 1923, ::\Iary taught Home Economics for fi ve years. Since her marriage she has been a member of the Pittsburgh Alumncc Chapter and has served as both Secretary and President.




arro l Day Tibbal Columbu s. Ohio Rose Begy Kraft Buffal o. e w Yo rk


Ann e Will a ure r t rn Pe nn syh路a ni a

Edri s Warn r Gree ley. olo rado


Columbus Even the responsibility of a home, a three-year-old son and being Assistant to the Director of the School of Social Administration of Ohio State University do not keep CARROL DAY TIBBALS from takinr; a very active part in the activities of the Columbus A lumn<e Chapter. Following her graduation from Ohio State University in '26 Mrs. Tibbals taught one year, did personal and placement work at the College of Wooster and served as a Research Assistant in the Bureau of Educational Research and Ohio State University. For the coming year Mrs. Tibbals is President of the Columbus Alumn<e Chapter and delegate to convention. Eastern Pennsylvania A clever poet, a good whistler and one vitally interested in dramatics are the achievements of ANNE WILLAURER, delegate to convention from the Eastern Pennsylvania Alumn<e Chapter. This year when the A lpha Sigma Alumn;:e living in the vicinity of Easton and Allentown decided to organize one of the leaders was Anne. She is also o~1e of those alumna members whose presence at Alumnae week-ends brings delight to College Chapters. Kappa Kappa Chapter and Temple University are proud of this loyal and enthusiastic A~A.



23 Buffalo

It is with great pride that the Buffalo Alumn<e present to Convention-goers a loyal worker, â&#x20AC;˘vho has won a high place in the genuine affection of our hearts, RosE BEGY KRAFT. Clionians and Alpha Sigmas know Rose as a resourceful, competent, very dependable person, with a keen sense of humor. Her associates in various organizations will testify that working with her is like "a windmill working with the breeze." "Your enthusiasm doubles and toil is cut in two." When you get to Breezy Point we know you, too, will understand why Buffalo is so proud of their versa tile President.

Greeley An A lpha Sigma convention IS not a new experience for EDRIS WARNER for she was present at our Boston and Estes Park meetings. However, this year she will represent one of our newly chartered alunm<e chapters, Greeley. Edris was introduced to PHOENIX readers in March so we are going to let that splendid article tell you more about this interesting Alpha Sig delegate.

want to inc1'ease )I O~w own capncity for f riendship ? Come to Convention!




IX Boston

DoROTHY the Do to n

L'RRIER . d leo-ate f rom lumme Chapte r. came

to Bo ton G ni ver ity in 1931 fo llow路 ing her g rad uati n f rom Fa rming ton State

~ o rma l

cho I.

a memb r of T heta Theta

.-\ s

hap ter

he wa very acti ve in all choo l and orority affair a nd received the key presented annua ll y by the

o ll eo-

for out tandin g chola r hi p, per onality and acti vity. Do roth y i a very acti ve member o f the Do t n . tum me Cha pter a nd ha

erved a both

sec reta ry a nd v ice-pres id ent o f the D o rothy Currie r

o-ro u p.

A Convention Song T une-Old Gray Bonn et

P ut on your old red bonnet With the A ~ A on it, nd we'll start to B reezy Poin t rig ht a way . T here the lpha ig a re meetitw. A nd excha ngi ng f ri end ly g reetitw . I n that good old Alp ha way. P ut on your - A bon net . nd ing, dog gon ni t, You'll help our onve n tion 111 thi Put the pep ri o-ht to it. . nd we're bound to do it, Tn that o-ood lei lpha way. ubmitted by Gamma Gamma





Introducing College Delegates Alpha Delegate Alpha has chosen SusAN LANE, their newly elected president, as their delegate to Convention.

n1.istake she arrived ahead of her belongings (Beware: Cappy is always on time! ) . By some luck or fortune it fell to the lot of two Alpha Sig girls to help Cappy set up her establishment in Oxford College with a coat, hat, purse and gloves as her only possessions. They did it and-Cappy became an Alpha Sig. Christined Catherine, Cappy, the only child of Papa and Mama Landolf, had spent all her girlhood days in the Big City until she came to Oxford. At first she was dubious about such a small village but now she's quite converted. Um-hum, it's a - - ! (and he gave her a diamond at our tea dance this year!) Now, we haven't revealed a secret, have we?

Susan Lane, Alpha

Catherine Landolf, Alpha Alpha A pair of snappy black eyes, the kind of red hair you read about but seldom see, and a smile that makes you want to be friends-that's Cappy. As a freshman, three years ago she entered Miami University without bag and baggage. You see, she comes from that village in Illinois called Chicago and by some

As a Sophomore, Cappy was chost:n to be a counselor to help cheer up homesick freshm en. In fact they thought so much of her at Oxford College that they refused to let her go and so she is spending her third year there. We Alpha Alpha girls have just made her our president for the coming year and are sending her as our delegate to National Convention so that you can know her too. We could say lots more about her but we'll let you find out for yourselves why we are proud to send Cappy.



.. Catherine Lando! f, A lpha A lpha

Avis Wheatcraft, A lpha Beta

Lillian P orter . .-llpha Cm11ma

[ary Phillip-, Beta Beta



Alpha Beta Delegate

Beta Beta's Convention Delegate

Avis vVHEATCR.\FT, the newly elected president of Alpha Beta Chapter is to be their official representative at Convention.

May I introduce as Beta Beta's delegate to the Convention ::'vir s MARY PHILLIPS of Colorado Springs, Colorado. As you see in her picture she is very attractive. She is a medium blond, having beautiful naturally curly haiL She has nice eyes, a lovely figure, and a grand personality. To show you that there are others who have the same opinion of her as I have, I will tell you more about her as she is known in the sorority and on the campus. During her first two years in school she was outstanding in th e sorority, being secretary one year. and treasurer the other. She proved to be so efficient and respon sible in these offices that she was elected to the presidency this, her Junior yea r. And at the recent election she was re-elected to hold the office of president a second term. In her campus life, she is vice-president of the Junior Class, a member of Panhellenic, President's Council, Tharsay, Dance Committee, Prom Committee, and is a candidate for Queen of the Junior Prom. We are very proud to present her for your acquaintance at Pelican Lake.

Alpha Gamma Alpha Gamma Chapter has chosen LILLIAN PoRTER as its representative to the National Convention. Lillian is a girl you would all enjoy knowing. She is bright, interesting, and attractive. There is scarcely an organization on the campus that does not include her on its roll. She not only merely "belongs'' but also takes an active part in each. Lillian is the efficient treasurer of our sorority, secretary of the Leonard Literary Society, chairman of the publicity committee of the International Relations Club ( which one joins only by invitation ), and oh, it is a long list of meetings that she attends. She is nineteen years old, a Home Economics Sophomore, and quite adept at making her own clothes. Our Student Council sent her as one of its representatives to the convention of the Pennsylvania State Association of State Teach ers College Students. Thus you can see how dependable and likeable everyone here find s "our Lillian."

Do yon C1'avc luxurious co111}01't in the cool north woods ? C01ne to Convention!



Ethe l Green, Ca 111111a Ca 111111a

\ ' i,路ian

utton, Zeta Zeta


Ma rga r t Abildgaa rd , Epsilo11 Epsilo11

Elizabeth Hobby, Tire/a Tire/a



Gamma Gamma's Delegate

Zeta Zeta

Gamma Gamma girls are proud to present to you ou r chapter delegate to c01wention. JVIIss ETHEL GREEN. She is also our new president. Ethel's home is in Alva, where she has done all of her school work. In the fall of '36 she w ill be a sophomore here at Northwestern. A lthough this has been her first year in sorority she has been a most faithful and outstanding memb~r, never once fail ing to accomp lish a task she was asked to perform. She comes from a "line of presidents, " her sister Elizabeth hav ing been Gamma Gamma P resident at one time. \ Ve feel sure you will enjoy knowing her as much as we have.

It is hard to write a brief article on the achievement , p ersona lity, and activities of VIVIAN SUTTON, our official delegate to Co nvention. 'vVe think she has everything. She is " lovely to look at, delightful to know," and "tops" in scholastic standing and general popularity . She is publicity chairman for the Y. 'vV. C. A.; she heads a section in the Dramatic Club; is a member of A lpha Phi Delta, a national honor fraternity and she has made the year 1935-1936 a splendid one for Zeta Zeta chapter through her untiring work as P resident.

Epsilon Epsilon Delegate MARGARET ABILDGA.\RD, newly elected president of Epsilon Epsi lon chapter has been appointed as chapter delegate to the National Sorority Convention at Breezy Point, M innesota. Margaret ( better known on ou r campu s as Abbie) has been ve ry active not only in the sorority, but also in campus activities. She has been a member of the Bulletin staff (campus publication ) and a memb er of the Gilson Players (college dramatic organization). She is a very efficient member of th e so rority and I am sure wilL bring back many suggestions to better our local chapter.

Eta Eta MARJORIE THOMAS, new president, was unanimously elected as representative for Eta Eta chapter for the Convention. Marjorie is a very charming little girl w ith short dark hair , olive skin, and dark eyes. Marjorie is a lso secretary of the College Pep Club. Theta Theta's Convention Delegate Theta Theta's delegate to the convention is ELIZABETH HoBBY of Wh ite P lains, New York. She is a graduate of the Lesley School , Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is now a junior at Boston U niversity. where she is working for degree of Bachelor of Science in Education . The honor of having the highest scholastic stand ing in the School of Education is hers . Theta Th eta is proud to have her as vice-president of the chapter.



Martina 1leyer, l ola l ola

11 a rj ori e

路hamber , .\"u .\"u


J eanne Wri ght , A路appa Ka/>f>a

Fra nkie ' otton Xi Xi



Iota Iota Delegate

Nu Nu Chapter

Iota Iota has chosen MARTIKA MEYER to be their delegate to the National Convention. Martina considers it a rare privilege and an extreme honor to be chosen to represent them. She is a Junior in the College of Education at Drake and is a General Science Niajor. She is the V ice-President of the Junior Class; Vice-President of Grade Club : member of Sigma Delta Epsilon, honorary science fraternity, and a member of the Y. W. C. A.

MARJORIE CHAMBER~ of the N u N u Chapter at Drexel Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been elected official delegate to the National Convention. She was selected because of her pleasing personality and her willingness to always be of service. She is prominent in outside activities: at present she is serving as treasurer of the Merchandizing Club and is a member of ~he New Deal Club for Girls and the Y. vV. C. A. Last year she served as treasurer of the Nu Nu Chapter and this year is our V ice-President.

Kappa Kappa's Convention Delegate Our official convential delegate is JEANNE WRIGHT, president-elect of Kappa Kappa. 'vVe can think of no one better fitted to represent Kappa Kappa than Jeanne. She has ~d足 ways, since her pledge clays, had the interests of A lpha Sigma Alpha at heart, and what is more, she has worked for those interests. At present, Jeanne is secretary of Kappa, and has made a fine job of it, too, in spite of her many other act1v1t1es. She is all-sorority representative to the Templar, our year book. She is Home Economics representative to \!\!omen's Athletic Association ; on the Home Ec Echoes staff, plays a prominent part in the Home Economics Club. All the Kappa Kappa gi rls know that they will be ably represented in having J eanne our official delegate to convention .

Xi Xi The representative of Xi Xi Chapter to Convention is to be FRANKIE SuTTON, our President. Frankie will be a Senior when she returns to school in the fall. She is about five feet five with dark brown hair and eyes. Accompaning this is her good disposition. She is always ready to do what the rest wi sh to do and often is so busy enjoying herself she forgets about her work. Frankie's one ambition is to teach school in a country school house or teach in the mountains. She wants just one room with many children of all ages. Our representative is aiso a lover of the beach, mountains. and the desert, as she likes to swim, hike, and ride. She plays excellent bridge and on top of all thi s she likes to cook.



Dorothy Fitzgera ld, 0111icron 0111icrou

B tty

reel, S ig ma

Betty Murray, Pi Pi



Omicron Omicron Omicron Omicron Chapter, located at Kent State University, is proud to announce that DoROTHY FITZGERALD has been elected our official delegate to the Convention. Dorothy is an outstanding girl on the campus, having served as "Maid of Honor'' to Miss Kent State in 1934. In the spring of that year she reigned as May Queen on Campus Night Festival and also in that year was elected the ''Most Popular Girl." In 1935 Lanny Ross chose Dorothy as "Miss Kent State." Her excellent scholarship grades only go to prove how unspoiled she has be.en by all these honor . As president of our chapter, she has served us successful ly and well and we have elected her to that office for another year. Vve feel that we are sending a splendid representative to Breezy Point. Sigma Sigma l\Irss BETTY CREEL, Gunnison, Colorado, is Sigma Sigma's official delegate for our National Convention, to be held in August. Betty was elected, by popular vote of all the girls of \iVestern State College, to be "Miss Per sonality," of W. S. C., she has lots of friends and a sunny, cheerful dispoSition. She belongs to the Glee Club, and has just been unanimously voted to be our President for the coming year. Betty is a grand leader and has lots of initiative, and a way of getting things done that at times is surpri sin g.

33 Pi Pi

BETTY MURRAY, official delegate to the 1936 A lpha Sigma Alpha Convention and newly installed president of Pi P i chapter, is a Junior at State Teachers College at Buffalo this year. She is registered in the Grammar section and has been practice te路a ching during the past semested . (At time of editing, Betty was busy at the ''traditional rural school" at Clarence, N.Y.) Betty has been very active in college activities. She has ably fill'=d the position of vice-president of the Junior class. The duties of the same office have awaited her in the Dramatic Club. At Convention you'll note her as the tall, slim, dark-haired Alpha Sig from Buffalo. She's got lots of pep and enthusiasm, 'specially when Alpha Sig's concerned, and she'll be anxious to "swap" ideas with other Alpha Sigs at Big Pelican Lake. Incidentally, Betty will be accompanied by quite a few other cbegates from Pi Pi who likewise are interested in convention plans.

Rho Rho Delegate Rho Rho Chapter is sending M ATTIE McCORKLE as our delegate to the Convention. She was our president last semester and she has been re-elected for the coming year. She is a member of the Woman's Athletic Association and the Panhellenic and takes an active part in all the school functions. She was chosen as one of the Junior and Senior Prom Queens.




R ita Jacob , Tau Tau

Marian 1[aloy Phi Phi

Jean John on, Psi Psi


The Tau Tau Delegate RITA JACOBS has been chosen by the Tau Taus as their delegate to Convention. Rita has recently been installed as our new president for the coming year. S he is a Junior in college, and is majoring in journalism. This year she is the assistant editor of the Leader, our college paper. This spring she is nmning for ed itor of the Reveille, the annual year book, which will be published next sprir1g. Rita lives here in Hays, and is a very lovely and sweet girl. She has been a good and efficient worker in the soro rity, and we are all confident that her duties as president will prove an asset to th e sorority.

Phi Phi Chapter Phi Phi Chapter's delegate to the National Convention of Alpha Sigma Alpha is MARIAN MALOY. Marian has a very charming personality and is one of the most lovable and popular girls in our active chapter. She makes friends readily and she is an ideal girl to send to convention. :M arian's achievements on the campus are numerous. She is President of the Green and V\rhite Peppers girls' pepsquad a member of Residence Hall Board; Vice-President of A lpha Sigma Alpha for 1935-'36; and President of A lph a Sigma Alpha for 1936-'37. She is


a maJor m M usic and English and a member of A lpha Epsilon Psi musical fraternity. She is also a member of A lpha P hi Sigma honorary fraternity. Marion is a social leader on the campus and serves on innumerable social committees. Her scholastic record is above average.

The Psi Psi Delegate to Convention Psi Psi Chapter of Alpha Sigma A lpha has chosen her president, Miss JEAN JoH NSON, as her delegate to the National Convention of Alpha Sigma A lpha at Breezy Point, M inn. Miss Johnson is one of the outstanding girls on the Louisiana State Normal College campus. She is th e president of Psi Psi this year and has been re-elected to hold the same office next year. For each of three years that Miss Johnson has been at th e Normal she has been elected a beauty. She was a candidate for the sweetheart of the yearbook, The Potpou.n'路i. The results of the contest have not been announced yet. M iss Johnson is a member of Phi Kappa, honorary art fraternity , and the O rchesis Club, honorary dance club. She held the office of secretary of the Sophomore Class last year. Psi Psi feels that she has selected her most capable member as her delegate.

Do you like tennis, 1'iding, golfing, and swimrning? Co1ne to C onve1~tion!




Personality Growth of Members An A. E. S . Letter to Local Panhellenics EDITOR' NOTE: The As oc iati on of Ed ucati on o roriti es has a long e tabli shed policy whereby each member of the A. E. S. council end a lette r o r an app ropriate me sage to A. E. S. Local Panhellenics at some time during the college year. The general theme of the letters thi year, as planned by ir . Ruth eidig. Director of Local Panhellenic , deal with the value of soc ial training. Printed below i the lette r which was sent to the Panhellenic in February by Wilma Wil on harp. our own president and Trea ure r of . E. S.

Dear Pa nhellen ic -:\Iember : Did you ever stop to think that our per onality is that rare po c ion which makes you uof like other people but unlike other ? That :vmt arc yo11 because you have "that which con titute distinction of peron . ,?. orority girl need to be more than good judges o f per onality during rtt hing season. It i of greater importance that local Panhellenics and orority chapters aid in the development and enrichment of perso nalities. William Lyon Phelos wrote. ' dvancecl education may or may not make men and women more efficient but it enriches per onality, mcrea e the wealth of mind and hence brings happine ." The time i ripe for oro rity rrirl to eriou ly et about making their o rority chapter ·· a fertile rrround for the g rowth of the per onality of each of their member s. Ju t a there are certain char-:cteri tics which eli tingui h yo u from ther p op le. o there hould be certain de irable qualitie which di tingui ·h the orority girl on your campu . ne i the clay "hen or riti can be termed "exclu ive"' ,,·ith th old implicati n of the term.

).Iember hip r main elective and limited. But attitude and action of sorority member · become illclusi'l•e in the highest en e of the word. The les ons of ucce fnl. helpful and happy relation hips which have been learned in your own cheri heel groups can be graciou ·ly applied in other and wider contacts. How? How can local Panhellenic or individual chapter make the worth of fraternity affiliation felt? Thc?'C are 1111/lll?rOIIS wa:vs. It might be an excellent beginning . to see to it that or01·ity girl are justly kno\>vn to e'l•cryoue as the mo t graciou , the most courteou girl on the campu . " mall kindnesse , mall courte ies, small con icl ration. habitually practiced g ive a greater charm to character than the display of great talent and accompli hment." Pau e lonrr enough to a k y ur·elf if the e virtue are a ba ic part of your per onality-of the per onality of each of your member_. If they are not. then there i a birr ta k facing you and an imme liate one. -:\Iy incere g od wi he to y u. Fraternall y you r . \\ JD!.\ \ \ IL:


Trcas11rcr A . E.




Is Your Leisure Creative? KAY BLOOD,

Kappa Kappa

HAT do you do with your the graphic art of painting and spare time? Have you ever drawing. tried art? Your trouble for a while will be Art is an activity which enables that you know too much; you have you to express well in a tangible adult standards . You say this is form hunger, love, or hate, the now drawn right. But for creative movement of life in the city, or the leisure, you aren't interested in benobleness of Nature, or your own ing a good draftsman, besides, peothrill in a particular form. But in ple who have been trained to be good any event the joy which flows draftsmen may be so afraid of doing through your being comes with the something wrong that their work response to the drive within you to will either be mechanicai or agonexpress your own individuality as a izing in its painstakingness. In result of assimilated experiences of many of the famous works of art, your environment, both external and all of the rules are broken anyway. internal. This drive to give expres- So think how lucky you are unhamsion to experience is the creative pered by having learned the rules. power which everyone has, since You will acquire the skiils as your man is born with a potentiality for 路 need for them increases. Your art, although art ability is dependent greatest satisfaction will come from upon its use to increase facility of creating rather than from finishing the work. Boris Blai, the Philadelexpression. phia sculptor, says after he has finCreativity is a spiritual force. If ished a piece of sculpture, he your leisure is creative, it means doesn 't care what becomes of it. He you are revealing yourself in some has put himself into it, and his JOY media in which you can most easily came with the work. satisfy the urge within you. Some As Dr. Joseph Butterweck, Dipeople do it in the dance, others in rector of the Oak Lane Country music or with words or with draw - Day School, has said, "Creative r1rt ing. The important thing, however, is a part of life; its subject is taken is to know yourself and to be true to from the life of its creator; its type that self, whether you use the plas- varies with his individuality, and tic arts of stone. wood, and clay or the doing enriches his personality."


Yours pirit is la:::y! T li e1'e are places jttst made for lingering a11d drea ming . Come to C onvent1:on!



Bel Cantos Pay Honor to Living American Women LP HA CoRI NN E 1\I.\YFJELDJ

A lpha B eta

unu ual program w~s g iY en in the College A uditorium at I owa State Teachers College. Thur day, March 26. 8:15 o'clock. when th e Bel Canto Glee lub. und er the direction of .L\lpha Corinn e :\Iayfi eld, gave a concert co mposed entirely o f mu sic written bv .-\merican women. all o f wh m a re living. It is believed that thi s th e fir t entire program of thi s kind tha t ha s ever been given.


:'-l OST

T wel ve \\·omen were re prese ntr~ d on th e program. l\I iss :\Iayfield wrote each compose r for idea s conce rning th e interpretation o f her song and replies have been most inspirati onal and helpful to the director a nd g roup. All o f th e composers wrote to th e Bel Cantos befo re the concert. lnteres ti1w things about how th e ong happened to be written. something of the poet " ·hose po m ha bee n set to mu sic and in teres tin a- persona l experi ences o f th e compo ers a re contained in the ma ny letter received. _noting from the letter o f :\Jr . H. H . .-\. Beach , ''There I S no g rea ter joy . I think. than in mgm g in a choru s.'' F rom ena B ran c mbe's letter, '·If onl y :\lagic :-t rpet had be n dev loped to the point \\·her R adio n w i . I hould be wi th y u 111 person n \larch 26.

Alpha Co rinne M ayfie ld

instead o f in spirit. Kin dest pe rana l g reeti1ws to the D irecto r and to each member o f th e Del al!to Glee lub.'' Harri t \Yare write . '·I am -very happy to be repre-ented on such a 1 rogram . D ·end me a proo-ram ! \\ arm e t g reetin g to you a ll .' ' An excerpt from Pearl urran letter tates, '" I am ·o rry I am fa r a way for it would a-ive me great plea ure to hear the n el a ntos sing my 'Rain' .'' reception for more th a n one hundred wa held in th e Dean o f \\' omen ' P arlor immediately following th e concert.



In the Limelight At Gunnison \11/ e were all thrilled when Linda Salmine, our new A::SA treasurer, was chosen to lead the grand march as Junior Prom Queen with the president of the junior class. The Prom \Yas given for the senior class at the club house Saturday, March 7th. Shamrocks of green and white balloons, and a green and silhouette covering the fireplace carried out the St. Patrick's Day decoration motif. February 29th was 路another thrilling day for A::SA for at the Co-ed Prom that evening two of our ac-

At Warrensburg Miss Helen Hanners, Zeta Zeta, has been named one of the three beauty queens of Central Missouri

Helen Hanne rs

Linda Salmine

tives were honored . Linda Salmine was voted Miss Attractiveness, and Betty Creel, our new president, was chosen ~iiss Personality.

State Teachers College, 'vVarrensburg, Missouri, for this year. The queens were chosen by Ted Lewis, nationally known orchestra leader. _Miss Hanners has recently been installed chapter president of Zeta Zeta for the coming year. She is active in all school activities, being a member of Amadrams, college dramatic club, and Alpha Phi Sigma and Alpha Phi Delta, honorary fraternities. On April 9th she took part in the all-college play, "It Pays to Advertise." Her home is in Hale, Missouri.


40 At Hays

\\ ' a r e p ro ud to an nounce that o ne o f o ur member s. Loui e Peterso n. " ·on seco nd place in the annual


ti n o n T /i r R ecord ·taff _he was sent to P..:ew York ' ity a a de l eo·::~te to the o lumbi a Schola_tic Pr ~ss _ s oc iati on. T\\'O oth r _ lpha - ig · figured 111 th e pre delecration. na mely Julia tep ien. and l;Iacly Young, bu sines m a nage r and alumni edito r. r espective ly. As far a other activitie · are concerned Dot' been ervin cr on the Senior la s finance committee ar~cl the committee in charge of ticket · and program for the Senior 11all. In Kay John sto n, Pi P i boas t · of o ne o f its most active Seniors. K .ty . vice-pre icl ent of thi yea r' g rad u ating cia s, hold - a pr min en t place

Loui se P eter on

school b::.a uty contest . The queen \\-ere selectt cl bY Ted hawn . th e well -k no \\·n dancer. Louise is a s ph om o re in the coll ege, and ha s been an active member fo r one year.

At Buffalo T \\' 0

eel ito r hips .



th e

P11 oEx rx and th e other o f T h e R ec-

ord. stud ent ne wspa per at Duffal o State T eacher ~ol l ecre . have been held 1 y Dot ! ~ rick durin her m o r y a r. ·onseq uently, mo t o f her tim e ha - been p nt in attempt - at .. ditirw... .-\ s a re ult oi h r pos i-

Doroth y F ricke

in th e cabinet a: s he did in the cl::t.. cabinet o f 1935 wh en s he \\·a: Junior Ia - ecr tary. Last yea r. he \\·a . appo int cl chairman of th e big oc ial

THE PHOENIX event of the year, the Junior Prom, and also took a leading part in Moving Up Day activities by being attendant to the May Queen. The an-


past year, Dot successfully guided the fortune of Pi Pi. During the same period, we see Dot as the competent secretary of the Senior class and an active member of Alpha society, an honorary organization at State recognizing extra-curricular participation. Dot is the ' 'alto'' part of an elegant College Trio including two other Alpha Sigs-none other than Mary Zoller and Shirley Passage. The trio is an asset to any program . .~nd as you might expect, Dot is an active Glee Club member. We'll find her in the limelight again on "M oving-Up Day when

Kathryn Johnston

nual College Stunt N ite, under Kay's chairmanship, was chalked up as another success on the College calendar. The organization sponsoring thi s event is the Art Kraft Klub of which Kay is president this year. After being tapped to Alpha, honorary society, she became an active member and was chosen for vice-president. After summing up all her activities it's not difficult to see resignation of this office became necessary later in the year. After all, one person can do just so much. Dot Kuhn is one of those girls who can do several things and do them well. As president during the

D orothy Kuhn

she'll be in charge of the dance; on Panhellenic Day when she'll be in charge of programs; and at the Senior Ball as a publicity agent.






holding .:\[ary hrecl er, be icl the un official office o f live-wire funmaker, and ·'teller of the jokes," ha been P i P i's Junior and eni or Panhdl nic repre entative for the pa t two year . The clutie of ec reta ry of the campu organization have be n her re pon ibility for the 193 33 term. . ncl Pi P i f~l that they hav been well repre entecl! \\ e kn ow we're goin(J' to be prou I on Panhellenic Day when we can boa ·t th at · Alpha ig'' hrecl i chairman of the event of the clay. Her other int r t a re divide I among ba ketball and \\'Ork on th e Phot <Traphy taff f the El111 s and pr gram committ e for the en ior Ba ll. H r able a i tance i needed in th \·anou nde41-vor and ther f re it i hop d that l a ketball will n t laim verdne empha i .

Gla dys Y oun g

Glad Young has reach d the " top" in everal fi elds of encl ea \·o r. During the fir t eme ter of the year. he p nt mo t of her time ·upervi sing the taking of picture for th e E!ll!s, tate' yearbo k. and in working on th e make-up of the book. The e were ome of her dutie a P hotograph Ed ito r. Perhap becau e of her effici ency in this work he wa appointed chai rm<tn o f the final banqu t. . lpha i kept her bu y.-in fact, very lu y,-by makin <T her chapte r trea ur r. \Ve couldn't keep her out eni or plan , though, for h i cha irman of a eni ot- Ball c mmitt e and hold the offic of 1 ermanent creta ry of the Ia of 1 36. Thi office wa cr at d thi yea r , 'sp cially for lad.)



Receive Scholastic Honors Alpha Beta

Gamma Gamma Miss Louise Ewalt, of Gamma Gamma Chapter, was formally initiated into Delta Eta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, national honor society for upperclassmen of institutions including education courses in their curricula, on January 18th, 1936.

Betty Huckstep

Betty Huckstep was initiated into the honorary fraternity, Alpha Phi Sigma, " 路ith the Master's Degree which is the highest of the three degrees. This is a National Scholastic honorary fraternity and only those having the Master's degree are allowed to wear the pin.

Eta Eta Two of our senior girls, Dorothy Ann Crew s and Ruby Fulton have been elected to Kappa Delta Pi, N ationa! Honor Society.

Those eligible for membership in this society are sh1dents in the upper quartile of the junior and seni or classes. Ten percent of the members of the senior class and five percent of the members of the junior class are chosen annually. Selection is on the basis of scholarship and participation in campus activities. Final election is held by the members of the active chapter, and a three-fourths majority is necessary to elect any student. Miss Ewalt, who is a senior, was chosen in her junior year, but initiation was not held until January, 1936, when Delta Eta chapter was formally installed. The local honor fraternity has previously been Phi Beta Sigma, whose membership was limited to seniors. Miss Ewalt is one of the six juniors who were chosen as charter members when the local chapter of Phi Deta Sig111a was changed to Delta Eta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi.




Zeta Zeta

Three Zeta Zeta g irl haYe been el cted to hon rary fraternitie thi y a r . Ruth ~ and ford of Kan . a 路 ity \\'a s lected to Kappa micron P hi, honorary for girl maj oring in harl otte Reid enh me econom ic. 1 ach of ' la ter. :'IIi ouri. wa elected to :-\.lpha I hi Delta. honor sorority for op homore girl . and ~[artha orriga n of Detroit. alr ady a member of .-\.lpha P hi Delta. wa further honored by being invited into Kappa Delta P i, eni or frat ernity. :\li s e andford and Reid enbach a re al o member of aneane , drum and bugle corp . and :\li s o rngan a member of coll ege drama tic club.

harl otte Re idenbach

Ruth Sandford




45 Beta Beta

Several members of Beta Beta have become members of honorary fraternities . Among th ese are Genevra H a wley, who is a member of Sigma P i Lambda, local honor society for women in ed ucation, and who has a n invitation to Kappa Delta P i, national honorary f raternity


education ; and

Gertru de

Newell, who is a member of Sigma P i Lambda and Kappa Delta Pi. Marian R ose P helps and Evelyn Fesenmeyer are members of Delta

Ma ri on Rose Phelps

O micron, nati onal honorary mu sic sorority.

E velyn F esenmeyer

Ge nev ra H aw ley



Alumnae Chapters Are YOU on the Bandwagon? Hu rry up! Get aboa rd lumnze ! That chartered bandwao-on i filling U( , but it' like the old woman' rhyme fame fo r, 'There's alway room for more."

lumnze chapter hoe of nur ry

Three more o-roup have ju t climbed into th ir place to well the n even core! total of th i cha rtered chapter bandwagon to h enty. De Moine , Iowa-Emporia, Kan a and olumbu , hio, were the Ia t three to be hea rd from. Three state ... Three citie . . . Thr e chapter and core of enthu iastic, cooperating Alpha tgma lph::t lumme. re you on the bandwagon ? Don't mis out. room for you and yo u and YOU!

ALVA, OKLAHOMA Two of Ga mma Gamma' charter memb r , Mr . Will Lane ( da mith Lane) and l\Ir . rthur Lane (Lo rinda Ma on Lane), w ~ re hastes e at Ir . rthur Lane's lovely home at the Feb ruary meeting. Table e-ames were played folmeeting. lowin o- the busine dainty valentine motif wa employed in all the party detail , including the deliciou refre hment . T he lpha tgma lpha lumnze f a mma amma chapter entertained members of the ity Panhellenic at a t. Patrick ' Pa rty in the beautiful and 路paci u home of ::\Ir . E . . . Haine , :\[onroe an l ::\Ir . Haine i a patr n f our chapter, and i a Y ry valuabl a et to our o-roup. Th t. Patrick th me wa tre eel

Get aboard.


in game , appointments decoration and menu. The green and white color note emphasized the cho en motif. V a e of white cut fl ower and greenery were placed about the room. pon arrival the gue t were greeted and u hered into the clininoroom where tea and blarney tone were served from an attractively appointed table pre idee\ over by Mi EmoM innie hockley and l\Ii o-ene Cox in Iri h co tume . Iri . h high top hat made by Ed na Donley were given a favor and worn by the gue t for the remainder of the evening. The entertainment committee con i ted of Loi Rodger , E Ina D nl ey a nd Minnie \ e ley. ttr quarter proj ct wa ap whi ch wa di tributed to the \\'a rc\ chool . ncluding the ent rtainment L i R d er led the

THE PHOENIX group m singing Irish songs. Luella Harzman accompanied. Mrs. Arthur Lane, l\Irs . Will Lane, Mrs. Alvin Paris, Luella Harzman and l\label Chew served a delicious salad course. The St. Patrick party was given at the home of Luella Harzman with Edna Donley as co-hostess. It was a lovely party from beginning to end, and everyone reported a splendid time. All the appointments were in keeping with the St. Patrick idea. Certainly no one who saw the results from the trays of fruits, vegetables, toothpicks, pins and crepe paper could question the creative and imaginative ability of that group. Mrs. Haines was a special guest. One of our group, Mrs. Quentin Ferguson, who came to us about a year ago from Beta Beta chapter, moved some time ago to Hugo, Oklahoma. We were sorry to lose her. Vve were all sorry to hear of the recent serious illness of Mrs. Frank Cox (Selma Harzman) of Parker, Kansas. However, we're glad to report she is much improved now. A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ruff (Thelma Kaarle), in March. Mrs. B. F. Clifton, mother of Fern Clifton Jackson (Mrs. Claude ) , passed a way Februa:-y lOth while visiting at Fern's home in Wichita. i\Irs. Eva Ames Wood (::\1rs. Charles), was elected to the 'W'ho 路s \tVho of Artists in Oklahoma. Mrs.


Wood is our alum nee president, and is an artist of considerable ability. She had a splendid exhibit of pictures at the Hotel Bell in a recent Hobby Show sponsored by the local B. P. W. Club during their Business Women's Week. Mrs. Freida Fortune Adams, district supervisor of census enumeration, has been in Alva on the business of organizing a county office. Gamma Gammas were glad to see Freida again . Another Gamma Gamma member of whom we are very proud is Mrs. Arthur Lane. Last week Lorinda was asked to give a toast at the Community Mother-Daughter Banquet on the subject of Gathering Bouquets. She wrote the toast in a beautiful poem and gave it. So many requests came in for the poem that I asked her to let us print it. She reluctantly consented. Anyway here it is and we think you' ll li k~ it. GATHERING BOUQUET._, "Tis the judgment day in Heav~n And the Gardener ta ll and fa1r, Wa lks among His flowers As they bloom in beauty there. He is call ing the flowers home today, Gathering bouquets of every hue. He planted the seed in the heart The growth has been up to you. Have the weeds of gossip and envy, The tears of unkindness and sin, Made of your life a bouquet, Not acceptab le to him? Here is the American Beauty, This girl had every change to grow, But she lived her life in a selfish way, A thorn to the Gardener, we know.



Then the purple \ ' iolet Mode t in every way, Her life wa a benediction. Many were influenced by her


Then the gorgeou Chrysanthem um. Cheerfulness and sm il es he could ha,·e pread, But he at ways seemed too bu y. Her blo soms are faded and dead. Then the plain littl e Morning Glory, Wa not much for show, But he posse ed contentment and peaceful mind, Her voice always sweet and low. ow-in what class are you, As your journey alono- life's way? Is your bouquet acceptable, Doe your life mean what you say? Let u guard and cherish our actions, As only the Ga rdener would do, vVhether you grow weeds or fl owers Is entirely up to you. Each mornin g as yon tart the day Consecrate your life anew, Then in Heaven you will hear the Gardener say, I g ladly accept YOU!''

t the Ia t meeting at Luella's home. ~Ir s . Wood, president, appointed Edna Donley and Loi Rodger as a onvention committee. From the intere ·t manifested in om·ention new it looks a if we might have a good delegation at Dreezy Point. Anyway we hope to. v e "·ere happy to find the name of o many amma Gam ma gi rl in other chapter ' new . \ e know the worth of these ~rl and are happ to ee that they are finding ity V ichaction place in Kan a ita. Denver. and other place where theY n w li ,-e.

1\Ir . ~Iary Truax De. tley i_ head of Lanuuage at Tonkawa Jr. ollege now. ~Ir . Edna Brockway ~Iuldrow of i\orman, Gamma Gamma chapter member, has had a number of short torie accepted by the be t magazine . One t ry i to appear in the \pril A ortlt American Review, and another one in the ~Jay Scribner. Her picture appeared on the book page of the unday Ok!ahonum and the Ia t Oklalto111a Teacher al o carried an article about her. The ctives and Pledge of Gamma Gamma chapter entertained the . lumn<e at a lovely Ea ter party in the sorority room on Friday. pril 3rd. An Ea ter Egg Hunt of a novel nature, Bingo, Heart · and dancing formed the evenings' entertainment. Deliciou refre hment · in keeping with the Ea ter motif were served . The ctive hould feel proud of thi party for all the alumn<e enjoyed it immen ely and felt that it had been a real ucce :. During the evening talks were made by l\1iss Edith mith. Pre ident of Active . Ethel Green, Pre ider~t­ Elect, and Mr . Eva mes \ ood (l\lrs. Chas.) lumn:-e Pre ident. \\ e were orry to learn of the enou illne of l\1 r . Ruth Hall alwaechter of Fairview, Oklahoma. The pril meeting ,,·ill be at \"era Leeper' home on the 17th with ~label hew acting a co-ho te . In ~lay we will go to apr n for

THE PHOENIX our meeting. Hostesses for that time ''"ill be l\I rs. Edith Heaton Johnson, Mrs. Lolita Migdon Gallon, ::-Irs. Sue Edwards Trenary. Mrs . L ela Hardy Morris. MI NN IE WESLEY.


choose our own entertainment, bridge. hearts, monoply. And we stay until it is very late, sometimes in seri ous and sometimes in merry discourse, content in the knowledge that each of us likes the other. DoROTHY




Pi Pi. Aht111110路e .

Walk In

Pi Pi Weddings

A door may be both an opportunity and a barrier. It can shut a person outside. It can frighten him with the uncertainty of that wh;ch it encloses . It can discourage and dishearten. But can do quite otherwise. Stand at my side as I ring Miss Weiss' doorbelL-An AlA supper party. \\'alk into the hall- another door- and then, Alice- BelleRose-Dorice-Louise, Jerry, my little sister! I've not seen you since college and now you are married. It seems odd to have Ev. Bell in New York, and I shall never meet with AlA's without missing our Miss Small. How can Helen Bradley manage to make people lau!Sh even when she demands money?


After supper, kitchen duty is really gayer than the business meeting, but even the kitchen aids do not mi ss the opportunity to help choose our convention delegate. All of us are proud to send to you Ro se Kraft. You will love her, as we do, for her sincerity, her humor and her understanding. After business (culinary and otherwise) is finished , each of us

On Saturday, February 22, Ethel Schutt. one of Pi Pi's '3 5 grads, became the bride of ]. Donald Peterson of New York City, in a simple but impressive ceremony at Central Park Presbyterian Church. The bride was gowned in a salmon pink acetate crepe dress fashioned with a high neck, and accented at the waist by a short peplum. Pearl grey accessories completed her costume, and she carried a small arm bouquet of gardenias and lilies of the valley. The bride's only attendant was her sister, Mrs. Clayton Gerlach, who was gowned in a grey dress with salmon pink accessories. Mr. Clayton Gerlach attended the groom . After the ceremony the couple left immediately for Warwich, N. Y., where they are making their home. Mr. Peterson is an instructor in Industrial Education at the State School for Boys at Warwich. SUITOR-DOW

A perfect wedding was solemnized one gorgeous morning t!-lis autumn at 11 o'clock in the rectory of Sacred Heart Church when Miss



Katherine Dow became the bride of Harry D. uitor. .. addy'' wa a member of the faculty of the Ga kill junior high chool, and ha b en actiYe in ocial affairs and i hi<Yhly popular among a wide circle of friends. Harry is a widely known youn<Y Ia wyer and repre entati ve of the Niagara Fall district and in the r' ew York tate A embly. The bride was lovely in a very quaint <YOwn of moire white lame, fa hioned with a light suggestion of a train and a coat made with f111l leev , the front of the bodice being trimmed with dainty buttons from neckline to wai t. Her haloshaped veil of tulle and white metallic lace fell in a three-tier capelet eff ct over the shoulders and he carried an ann bouquet of white chry anthemum . he was attented by her ister Be ie and Willard Booderick attended the <Yroom. :\. "edding breakfast was en路ed at the ataract Hou e to the bridal party and immediate familie . The bride' table wa attractively decorated \\"ith white mum and wh;te taper in ilver holders. Following the brea.kfa t, a reception ,,.a held from 2 until 4 at the "\'ia<Yara Fall ountry Club. The bridal party received their gue t before the fireplace, in the pacion 1 un<Ye of th club hou e, which wa banked with palm , white chry anth mum and autumn Aower . The t a table \\"a laid \\"ith a beautiful


white dama k. centered by the ,,路eelding cake and Ranked by white taper and pom pom . Immediately after the reception Mr. and :\Ir . uitor left by motor for a outhern trip, the bride travelling in a <Yreen en emble w:th They are matching accessories. now at home at 215 Fourth treet, Niagara Fails, ::\ ew York. mong the guest were the following lpha igs: Evelyn Bell; Louise Coe (:\Ir . George); Loui e Abram ; ~Ielvina Holzman (Mr . Ju tu ) ; Belle Contant, (Mr . George); Kay trickland, ( 1r . Don) ; Em Fro t (~Ir . Donald); and Mary Lennie. MARY


CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA The re<Yular meeting of the entral Penn ylvania Chapter of lpha Sigma lpha Sorority wa held on December路 14, 1935 at the home of l\Iary Jane \V entzel. Mary Jane, Ann lifer, and Hanna Dietrich were ho te e to a delightful luncheon enjoyed by the following gue ts: Kay Dei her, lpha Gamma, June mith, Evelyn Kratz \i\ eimmer, Geraldine mith, 1argaret Gohn, irginia Hoffman nne Ruppin. and ~Iargaret pry. The bu ine meeting wa preided over by the Pre ident, Geraldine mith. The minute of the previou m eting were read by the ecretary and approved. Due to the ab ence of the Tr a ur r, no report wa g1ven.

THE PHOENIX Kay Deisher of Alpha Gamma was formally welcomed into our group . The President announced the appointment of the following special committees: 1. Social Service Committee-Virginia Hoffman, Chairman; Freida Bunting, Eleanor Smith Thomas. 2. News and Convention Exhibit Committee- Mary Wilson Aungst, Chairman; Alice Hart Beaver, Mary Jane Wentzel, Kay Deisher, Peg Spry. Two suggestive ideas were given for an exhibit: ( 1) That we make a collection of news clippings and minutes to be compiled in interesting scrap-book fom1. (2) That we make a map of Pennsylvania, showing the location of our Chapters and exhibit commercial products representing each locality. 3. Program Committee- Kathryn Bender, Chairman; Mary Jane \iVentzel, Lillian Gish Eshelman. The object of this committee is to arrange meeting places for future chapter meetings. 4. Alumnre Extension Committee-June Smith, Chairman; Ann Slifer, Margaret Gohn. A short discussion of ways and means of earning money to send delegates from our Alumnre Chapter to this coming Convention followed. A motion was made by Anne Puppin that a card party be held in each locality, charging each


person twenty-five cents, and having prizes and refreshments donated, the proceeds of which would be us :::d towards sending delegates to Convention. Motion seconded by Mary Jane Wentzel. Motion was carried. Peg Spry was appointed to get in touch with the Harrisburg-Lebanon group. It was decided that the next meeting of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter would be held in the Spring at the home of Anne Puppin in the form of a card party, with refreshments and prizes donated. The proceeds will go towards Convention expenses. MARGARET SPRY.

DENVER, COLORADO Greetings to Alpha Sigs everywhere! As our Valentine party was postponed, we enjoyed a Colonial Party at Vena Moody's home la.t er in February. Bridge was played after a lengthy business meeting. We lingered till past midnight over delicious refreshments. Masquerading with April first foolishness, we spent a merry evening at the home of Elizabeth Foote. Tallies and appointments for all the holidays of the year, a lighted Christmas tree with Santa di spensing gifts, blind bridge, a lollipop contest and the delicious ( ?) uncreamed oatmeal served by the hostesses helped us all to enter into the fun of the occasion. Our lVIay party is to be a dinner



bridge at the Junior League hop, invited o-u st are the gentlemen. vVe hope to m et many of the hu band whom we hear o much about. In June we will motor to the mountains for a day at Vera Campbell' cabin among the a pens. The familie enjoy thi outing and while orne of the men go fi bing we have our bu ine meeting and plan for the next year. vVe wi ll be unable to g1ve the name of our Convention delegate :1t this time but we are going to try very hard to have a representation at the "onvention in ugnst. The following girls, we welcome a new member of our chapter this year: l\Iargaret Sanders Bedford, Lola ickles Burns, Gretchen Elmore, Ruth Lanphier, \ ena Bryan ~Ioody, l\Iargaret Nichol , l\Iarpear and Dorothy jorie Scott \\ester burg, all of Beta Beta chapter. VIVI DOBBI! s. pril 5, 1936.

D ES MOINES, IOWA The mem ber of the De :=-.Ioines Alumme hapter have had an unu ual and not altogether unpl easant winter ince last I wrote to rh e PHOEi\"IX. De }.loine had the colclt winter in 117 year and it wa so v ry c lei for uch a long time we .,. t to hoping it would keep up long nOLwh t tab! i h ome new recrd and ure enough it did. The cold however kept u all a clo e to home a · po ible o we had a meet-

ing in January and then not any ill late in }.larch. }.Io t of u ,,·i·h. cl we w re back in the red Aann I ra when folks wore more clothe. than we do. Lots of men and eYen girl took to ear muff and hardly anyone went without wool glove · and plenty of extra wrap . Then there were several times when we had to divide our coal with our neighbor who couldn't get any when road h, it wa a were drifted full. great winter but it eem to be o-etting warmer now and the gra ·s looks a shade greener every day. pring always come if you wait long enough. ur January meeting was an Italian dinner with spaghetti, meat ball and hard rolls and a lad. For desert we had ice cream ( suppo··ed to be spumoni) and black coffee. vVe had a nice crowd and a jolly e,·enmg. In 1arch we brave I the weather and met downtown at the n':! w B1 hop Cafet ria and after dinner we went to ee the Quintuplets in the movie "The Country Doctor.·· We enjoyed the how but didn't have much time to vi it o that \\·e had a v ry ''chattery'' time at ur pril meeting. ur April meetin g wa at the home of Leona \ ilcox with _ lb rtine Gei t a a i tant ho te . The meeting wa called "I nackabrocl" which i uppo eel to be omething w eli h I believe. . nyh ow we had a very wedi h dinner which wa JUite novel and very g od. I can't

THE PHOENIX tell you about the food because I can neither pronounce nor spell it. After dinner we had a short business meeting. The actives were our guests and they gave us a few hints as to their plans for exhibits at Convention. They have some good plans and after seeing their work for last Convention I am sure that this exhibit will be very fine too. Convention was just about all we could talk about. Several of the alumnce are planning to go together. One of our girls, A lice Eck Gabrielson of Dayton, Iowa, had the honor of being the mother of the first twins born in Des Mo ines in 1936. Carolyn and Marilyn with their sister Sally should be future Alpha Sigs. . Nancy Jean has come to the F ae McClung Shawhan home to start training for future Alpha Sig work. Lawrence Rae arrived at the Selvey home ( Rita Walters) just in time to be a Christmas present. vVe are planning a May morning breakfast and the June Picnic sponso red by the officers will conclude our year's program. LILLIA N JA COBSON,

Phoenix Correspondent.

Dean W. F. Barr of the College of Education, Drake University at Des Moines, Iowa, has been honored by being named Special Consultant in Educational Problems by the United States Department of Education. Dean Barr is the gen ial God-father of all A lpha Sigs who have attended Drake, a true friend


Dean Barr


to Iota Iota actives and alumme . Mrs. Barr, hi s wife, was for many years chapter adviser. We are all very proud of the honor which has come to our dean.

EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA The second meeting of the Eastern Pennsylvania Alumnce Association was held at the home of l\fary Kirlin, 227 North 19th Street, Allentown, on Saturday afternoon, March 28, with l\!Ia ry Kirlin. Thelma Stortz, Anna Grim, and Eleanor Carpenter as hostesses . Prominent in the informal conversation before the meeting was the topic of the recent flood s. \Ve learned that one of our memb er s was absent because she was in charge of an emergency soup kitchen in a flood ed district.



Com·ention wa the topic of main nn v illintere t at our meeting. auer wa elected delegate, wtth Norma ~ yce a alternate. Thelma tortz. our pre ident, al o plan to be there. Evelyn Bell ha given her the important job of pre enting a Paaeant of Progre at Convention. ugge tion and plans were made f or a chapter exhibit at Convention. The question of how to make money for our chapter arose. Many ugge ·tion were made but none orne eemed practical. Perhap other group would like to let us in on their pet money-making schemes. ny member of our group wottl.d appreciate a letter on this subject. A cleliahtful tea was served after the bu ine s meeting, and we all had the privilege of meeting IVIrs . Kirlin. ::\Iary's mother. ur next meeting will be held in Ea ton ea~ly in October with the Ea ton girl acting a hostesses. ~Iargaret Gohn, Thelma Stortz, Chri tine Klein, ~Iary Kirlin, Eleanor arpenter, Anna Grim, Eleanor mith Thoma , nna Willauer, Helen ::\Io er Moraan, Helen Po er Heckert. and Phyllis Gla gow Kittelber crer \\·ere pre ent at thi meetin g. PHYLLI


IN DI ANAPOLIS, INDIAN A T hi i · the final report of the year a nd a mo t happy and ucce · ful yea r. Jane Foltz ::\IcDavitt ha been a fine lead r, our pre ident f r two year . The airl have been

proud to have her and they haYe tried to cooperate. \\'e are grateful to Jane for all he ha done for our orority. to our meetinas . we have had the March and . pril meetina . The fir t meeting vva with Betty \\ inn Rice with Helen elvage a i ting. V\ e had our election of officers and are very proud to announce the following: president, l\Iarie Ratth Hingdon; vice-pre ident, Letha Heckman Gaskins; ecretary, Bereniece Lamb; trea urer, Hutton; PHOE IX corre poncle'1t, Betty Winn Rice. Plan for Convention were eli cussed. Our new pre ident and vice-president will be our delegate and alternate for 1936 Convention. We hope all of you who are planning to attend Convention will meet and enjoy our two splendid representative .. \i\ e are anticipati;1g much news as to lpha tgs throughout the United tate . Helen Emick as i ted by Katllerine Faust were our ho te e for the pril meeting. Convention eem to hold way . We do hope many of our Chi Chi girl ' ·ill be able to attend. Plan for our Mother ' Day celebration were made. Ye we are invited to Heckman· lovely cabin in Brown ounty, the mo t cenic pot in Indiana, for a real good time. Luncheon hiking, talking and good time we are expecting to have. ur ).!other ' lub i planning a bia finale of the yea r. \\ e hope it

THE PHOENIX will be another fried chicken dinner at the Hollyhocks. I believe this is their plan. Looking back to this year 19351936 our Alumnce have been a very happy group serving Alpha Sigma Alpha in many ways. 'vVe have been accepted by the Indiana State Federation of Clubs, this being encouraged by National. 'vVe have had splendid reports from l\tiarie Kingdon, our delegate, and Dorot!1y Ramsey Karrmann, our alternate. Vle have enjoyed being with our ).!others' Club. Such good times a re cherished memories . 'vVell, we will be seeing you at Breezy Point, August 17th, so till then . HELE N GRACE SELVAGE.


Alice Sturgill President Kent Alumnae Chapter

ants, and Antoinette Link as news correspondent. The last Tuesday in The Kent Alumnce Chapter has each month was selected as our time been organized with sixteen enthusifor meeting and after several interastic members to date. The first meeting was held on February 4th esting hands of bridge the party at the home of Mary Jane Fairchild . broke up, agreeing to meet at the in Ravenna. Of course there were home of \i\Tinifred and Louaine many interesting things to talk Schram in Kent on February 25th. about as many of the girls had not At our second meeting we decided seen each other for some time. De- that we must have some money becisions were made and changed fore we could accomplish much m (which seems to be the prerogative the way of helping our active chapof the so-called "fairer" sex), but ter. A benefit bridge was cleciclecl now the organization seems to be upon to bring about this result. A moving along quite nicely. O ur tentative elate was set and the sugmeetings are in the form of a des- gestion was made to have a ''samDifferent memb ers sert-briuge, with our business meet- ple party." ing in between. Alice Sturgill has were appointed to investigate the been elected president. She ap- possibility of securing the samples. pointed 'vVinifred Schram and Na- The elate of meeting was changed omi Johnson Hobson as her assist- to th e third Tuesday in each month




and . lice and Freda turgill cordially invited us to meet at th ~ ir home on :\larch 24. The elate of aturclay. pril 18, was definitely cleciclecl upon for our I ridge party when our third meeting \\'a held . Many amples have been ecurecl and prizes donated and we are quite confident that our party will be a ucces financially as well as socially. Louaine chram was appointed chairman of the committee for the bridge party. Naomi Johnson Hobson wa appointed PHOENlX corre ponclent. It i hoped that at one of our meetings in the near future we may have the plea ure of having with u a group


of lpha 1g from the urrounding Cltle of . kron. anton, and Young town. l\Iarie Lena \\'olcott will be ho tes to our group at the next meeting on pril 21. The following Alpha ig have joined our group: Hilda u tin. ~ elle \t\ ebb u tin Dorothy Bower , Mary Jane Fairchild, Jo ephine Gigger, Jean Gorham, Naomi Johnson Hob on. ntoinette Link, Helen ::\IcGuigan, Jeannette Riddle, Hazel Keener alter. Louaine chram. vVinifred Schram, lice turgill. Freda turgill. and Marie Leng v\ olcott. \i\ e hope that there ...,路ill be other who will find it po sible to join us. N AOJIII ]orr

路 soN HoBSON.

Convention Song TO BREEZY POINT Tune: A Capital Ship

An express train bound for Breezy Point We boarded one fine morn : Our song did ri e To the bright blue kie , Knowing friendships would oon be born. The A~A we all do love nd pledge allegiance true, o here's to our orority The be t beneath the blue. horus: h !-Breezy Point we're here ncl loudly we will cheer. \Ve've come from near and ,,.e come from hr But. A~ -here we are We'll dance and ing and play And we'll ne'er forget thi 路 clay. o here's to our orority The clear old A~A! Word by El eanor Coffman.



College Chapters ALP H A State Teachers College Farmville, Virginia


Alpha has just fini shed a most successf ul rush season; at least we think so. We now have nine desirable pledges: Mary Harvey, Elsie Cabell, P atty Baunds, Jane Saunders, L oui se Anthony, Dot Raiper , Kitty Roberts, Mary Elizabeth Badger, and Jane Branch. They are certainly a "peppy" and enthusiastic bunch of freshmen. 'vVe're expecting big things from them. The pledge banquet is going to be very soon, and we' re also going to have an informal "outin g" for them in the cabin out at Longwood as soon as the weather permits. T his winter has been th e coldest in V irginia for a number of years and there has been much more snow than usual. For those of us who aren't used to it, this unu sual weather has been a great treat. During a whole week, we went sleigh riding and we took up skiing in a "big way." Eve ry year here at school, P i Gamma M u, a honorary society in hi story, sponsors a Ma rdi Gras ball. They have a queen, a court. and prizes are given for the prettiest, the most attractive, and the most original costum es. Everyone is required to go ''fancy dress." Alpha will be right there among them with her old-fashi on, Chinese, ni ght club,

gypsy, Japanese, Mexican and pu¡ate girls. At last, after what seems almost an eternity, Alpha Chapter ha s gotten new furniture. The main pieces are between a maroon and a ru st color. The draperies are made of figured linen . The colors in them fit in perfectly with our banner and the rest of our room. Tonight at our meeting we wdl have the election o f officers. To me thi s always represents new and better undertakings. Being a senior, I will have served my chapter as an officer for th e last time toni ght. It seems only yesterday that I was a pledge and was looking forward to all that belonging to Alph a Chapte r of Alpha Sigma Alpha has brought me. Alpha Chapter has just installed her new officers. Susan Lane. a sophomore, who is fortunate in having a mi xture of ability, personality. brains, and good looks, is our new president. O ur vice-h ead, rvli ldred Davis, better know n to us as "Midge," is one of those girls that you love to have around. Della Pope Chambliss has proven by her capability in other things that she will make an efficient secretary. Sweet, pretty little Vi rgi ni a Doughty retained her office of trea surer. E lsie Cabell , a tall striking brunette with brains galore is ou r new chapter editor. E lsie will also



ALPHA ALPHA be the bu ine manac:rer of the Rotunda. o ur cho I ne,,- paper, for Miami University Oxford, Ohio the coming year. Incidentally, her roommate. Mary Lib later another princ:r vacation i over. and we good old . lpha ig, will be the bu i- · of Miami niv rsity haYe ettl d ne - manager for the f. irgi11ian our down for that Ia t c:rruelling lap bechool year bo k. Decau e he i a fore the goal i reached. And of c:ro d a - -he i pretty. blond aro- cour e our c:roal i that long-lookedlyn "l'Jr haw is our new chaplain. forward-to ununer \ -acation. nnie \\'at on Holden, a friendly \ Von't it be fun to have three and jolly little oul. i the regi trar, month with no a ignment to and Ia t, but not least, i 1\ ancy worry about? and won't it be fun \\'alL Her office in the 1 anhellenic to come back next Fall ! Truly th ouncil " ·ill be that of the Program happie t thing in partinc:r f rom old ommittee hairman. At Farm- friend ih the thought of the joyful Yille, the council officers rotate. reunion in eptember. pring ru hing is over, and Al\\'e A lpha A lpha girl have been I ha i proud to announce her three anything but idle the e la t few ne\\· pledge : France ::\Iaxey, Jane week . Fir t of all, the pledge enHolland. and Kitty l\el on. ur tertained the actives with a formal chapter thi s pring i a little la rger dinner. There were lovely c:ri ft for than it ha been for ome time. all the active , and the pledge preIf one had happen ed to pa s the ·• abin" out at Longwoodla t Monday, he \\·oulcl have been greeted by the echo of ono- and laughter. Ye . ::\li s ::\Ioran, our aclv i or, was giY in c:r . lpha hapter another picme ·upper. \. mo t delightful prin o- tonic! There i always that old feelinc:r of wantinc:r to get out into the ''w ide open pace " you kno\\·. .-\ a en ior and a retirinc:r editor, I hould like to take thi opportunity to end my be t wi he and th ·e i .-\lpha hapter to you in . lpha Si ma . lpha who will like" ·ise fini h th ir work in June. ALLIE P ERROW.

sented a comical little kit ab ut that old favorite. "Ivan kaYin ky kivar." Each pledge ang a OIW about A ..... A, a sonc:r which he her -elf had written; and we heard ome very good ong that night. ::\Ii wi her, our belove I ponor, ha a delightful cu tom of entertaining the enior before they leave u . Thi year he gave them a break fa t at the :\ ew En Ian I Kitchen. It' lot of fun to c:ret t g ther early in the morning· '·e learn what our i ter look like hefore they are fully a wake. ~A i helping in the preparation for our all carnpu carnival pon. reel by . D. I . and ::\Iortar Doard. \\'e wi h the re t f you

THE PHOENIX could be here with us; circuses are such fun! During their vacation periods some of our alums have visited the campus, and we were certainly glad to see them all again. Mary Catherine Landis was here, and so were l\Iartha Wells and Sally Cline. O ur chapter was well represented at the Panhellenic Ball held in the beautiful Brant Room at Oxfo rd College. We particularly enjoyed the programs ; they had the names of all the sororities in a scramble of Greek letters an9 symbols. And the music was grand ; that always helps a lot in making a perfect evenin~. \"t\Te are very proud to announce that we have two new actives, Ei leen l\Icl\Iechan and ~lary Ford have joined our ranks. Catherine Landolf, othervvise known as " Cappy," is our newly elected president. She has also been chosen as our delegate to the national convention. How we wish that she could tuck us all into her suitcase and take us a long too!

\li.Te are looking fonvard to our Spring Formal this year. Of course, each dance seems bigger and better than the one before; and we truly want to make this one a sucAnother glorious evening cess. dancing in that Room of Rooms, the Oxford College Brant Room! To end the year on a friendly greeting-may we wish a happy Summer vacation to all you Alpha Sigs throughout the country. Also may ~ve hope to see you all at the


Convention. So-long until then, sisters everywhere. ALICE WILLIAMS,

A lpha A lpha.

ALPHA BETA State Teachers College Kirksville, Missouri

A lpha Beta Chapter is beginning to wind up all affairs and gradua lly close up the pages of the past year. School will soon be out and ,,.e feel quite proud of our ~or01路iry accomplishments. O ur work for the year can be summed up in few ,,路ords: " \ li.Te started the year with only four active members and ,,路ill end it with twenty active members at:d five pledges to be initiated the first of next year." Don't you think that we should be proud? The last affair of the year ,,路ill be our breakfast dance which ha s been an annual affa ir for many years. Everyone is looking forward to the occasion. The dance is to be given in honor of the three graduating Alpha Betas: Ann Russell, Dorothy Jane Myers and Betty Huckstep Our officers for the coming year have been elected and we are having installation on Thursday e ening, April 14th . The officers are: President (re-elected), AYis Wheatcraft; V ice-President . Delorous Peterson; Secretary, Laura Le u Courtney; Treasurer, ~Iildred Brockway ; Editor, Jerry Bondurant; Chaplain, Marjorie Gregory; Registrar, Zenna McCune; Coll egiate Representative, Ruth Triplet, We all feel sure that these officers



will d~ the ir be ·t in their po ition durina the comina year. BETTY Hu<:K TEP,

Alpha Beta.

ALPHA GAMMA State Teachers College Indiana, Pennsylvania

Friday the thirteenth wa anything but an unlucky day for Alpha Gamma Chapter of Alpha iama AJpha a nine girl s were formally initiated at the home of fter- the ervices, Li lli an Po rter. the new initiates received their fir t taste of orority activitie by · itting in " on a hort bu ine meeting at which we elected our representative fo r the onventi on - Lillia n Porter. A we didn't want the new members to think we were always enou ( if eve r ) . we clo eel the meeting a nd gave them a chance to ntertain us. Each girl had something to offer which made it plain that they could be depended upon and were lpha Sig through and through. ince the rest of you i ter Alpha ig could not be the·.-e, we are aoing to introduce our new m mber to you. Fi r t.- tep right up. Zazu P itt . ( h. pardon u , we mean Iva Arnold. a fuii-Aedged actre . \ hen it c me to imper onatina-Iva " hit the pot." he' clever in enterta inin a a nd that help ' quite a lot. And now . lpha ia -here' H.uth ox- mall. clark. and quiet. Dut when it come to imper onatina I h Kibble- he' a riot. I Iere come a h rt blonde with

harlotte large blue eye - Ye Gei bert i next in line. a true lpha ig. he certainly i fine. \ ho' thi ?-Huh, how could we fo rget? J u t let u tell you. "Gi nny'' H ile ure i an a et. lpha ig . to our tall, ophi tif cated lady let' drink a toa t . :\ina McConkey we urely do boa_t. Ruth I\' oble, demure little Ia a nd let u tell you . he ha lot of class. ndnow, E laine, who ,e last name i Rinaler. teps forth with a ong and prove he's a mger. Jane orber, a saucy littl e flirt, peppy, good-natured, and pretty, and alert. Here he come • girl da St. lair-so ft. blue-eyes, and light bro·wn ha ir. La t. but not least. our only pledge- Bertha l\Iotz. nappy clothe . lovable smile, and for personality- he's "the top ." vVell. you've met them all ! ! Swell bunch. don't you think ? Really true Alpha tg . DoT BrRc H , MELBA KRA;\!ER,



Alpha Gamma.

' ih·er hip ailed ga il y along on blue g la mirror . Tall white candle in blue cry tal holder erved as beacon light . Ru hee and member , were eatecl at the Tshaped table a the ea y yage of

THE PHOENIX A lpha Gamma 's formal rush party at Rustic L odge was started. For bon Yoyage gift , each rush ee received a corsage of blue violets tied with silver ribbon. A ll received a program of blue suede paper decorated with a silver ship. To make th e scene even more r eali stic, a hip's prow was fa shioned in the double doorway by using blue crepe paper. A fter they had been properly introd uced by Lillian Porter, the captain and first mate, Margie Sullivan and Dottie Birch, gave welcoming speeches and introduced each of the oth er members according to their post on the A~A ship. The best part of this was that they spoke entirely in rhyme. and very clever verses they had, too. :.\lusic for our dancing was furnished by th e school orchestra a nd thi s continued until we neared the equator ( time to go home). Then A nn e \ Valthour, who also spoke in rhyme, introduced each of the freshmen g uests again as they went fOt-ward and received an honora ry deg ree from the pres ident. Each girl was delighted to receive a blue ribbon with her nam e written on it in large silve r letters. Luckily no one became sea sick, so we were a ll sorry to leave when the time came. T he A~A ship docked, good-nights and goodbyes were shouted and th e three-day silence period, which ended so well fo r Alpha S igma Alpha, started . HELE N THOMPSON.


High Lights of Pledge Week There's the 7 :00 bell. I must hurry. My sponsor said I should wake her at seven and I'm not even dressed yet. Reli ef! She didn 't say a word because I was five minutes late. S he was too sleepy to know what time it really was . . . Do you want your covers tucked in this way, Dottie? Which cover goes on next ? Three beds to make thi s mornmg. \iVhen thi s week is over I'll feel like an efficiency expert ... You can clean thi s room this afternoon after classes. Six times thi s vveek I hea rd this gentl e suggestion. I silently and uncomplainingly took up my little dustcloth and broom and cleaned the rooms. Surpri sing what a broom can do! ... Big reel bows on our heads and violent reel socks. O h, Ginny, I feel so conspicuous. . . If that rude person laughs. one more time at our strings of safety pins I'll never speak to him again . .. Did you study your pledge manual yet? \ i\1 e take th e test tomorrow, you know . A lpha, beta, gamma-! never can remember the alphabet . . . Will you please sign your "J ohn Henry" on the label of my can of tomato juice? O ne more name makes twenty-tw o names and I need onl y three mo 路e. I h~tve one name you don't have, but I'm not telling who .. . F riday night we a re initiated, and we get our pledge pins. I'm so excited. ELAINE RI NGLER,

A lph a. Cam111a.



BETA BETA Colo rado State College of Education Greeley, Col orado

\ \ e have three ne\\" pledg th i quarter. They are attracti' e o-irl and are active in campu affair . They are a fine addition to the orority, I know. \ Ve have been quite bu y the Ia t two weeks. The Boo ter lub pre -en ted their ann ual vaudevi ll e for which the ororities and fraternity, a well a other group on the campus, try-ou t with clever acts. The be t act are cho en by the club and are worked into an evening ntertainment to be pre entecl to th public. \fter the two nio-ht that it i o-iven, the cl ub holds a colleo-e dance. at which the winning act awarded a ilver cup. Th i one of the out tanding event of the year and i alway looked forward to by eYeryone on the campu . ur act thi s year was entitled ''1\Iemorie ·. ·· In the center of our staoe \\"a a htw ache Ia P oudre, the . C. E. . nnual, and a · two girl talked over their c liege day , loun o-ino- in pajama an I looking at an lei annual, upp edly many year after their o-raduat ion, they m ntioned each out tanding event o f the year. each event wa menti ned. with clev r clialo!!ue, a take- ff n that v nt came from the large bo k. \V e had a vocal tri who mad c rtain part f it m re ff ctiv . \ \ e have had many



compliment - n it. bu t a for w!nning the cup-w are merely h pino-. En:LYN FE E MEYER,

Beta Beta Editor.

GAMMA GAMMA State Teache rs College Alva, Oklahoma

\\'e are all very bu y \v ith our chool work and ampu .-\ctiv iti bu t we j u t m u t take t im to tell you about ome of the thino- ,,-e have been do ing in o rority. The Ia t of February w held a rummage a le in a dO\\ n t0\\'11 buildino-. \\ e a ll had lot of fun co llecting the artic les to bo o!d and made enough money to pay our national debt with a small urplu . One of our p ledo-e . :\farjory :\Iote made the cover d io-n \\"e ent } ou to be entered in th conte t for :\Iay PI-I E ' IX CO\ r . :\[arjory i an art major and enjoyed very much makino- the d io-n. p r il 3rd, the active chapter entertained the alumnc.e o-irl · and our patrone se at an Ea t r party. \\' had the par ty in our orority room in the tower of Her I Hall. _uite a number of alumnc.e had ne,· ,. been in our ro 111 ince we mo eel into it Ia t pring. _ t pre ent our r 111 1 being u ed a a cia r 111 o \\'e w re quite anxiou to e h ' it \\' u ld look with the cia · r m fixtures remov d and our wn furniture in it p lace. \Ye p nt the eY mn playin B ing and Heart . . thi

n our regular m ting night \\"e k th pi do-e entertained

THE PHOENIX the actives at a picnic in Hatfield Park. The active girls have decided our pledges are "real entertainers." We also have several activities planned for the near future, namely, a party for our "boy friends," the initiation of Kathryn Lowther, and a program which we are going to present in Chapel on Apr il 26th. \Ve are going to present a short one-act play written by two of our members, Louise Ewalt and Gladys Reed. The play was written with our own group of girls in mind. Three of our group, Edith Smith, Louise Ewalt and Gladys Reed will receive their degrees from Northwestern this spring.

EPSILON EPSILON State Teachers College Emporia, Kansas

The Epsilon Epsilon Chapter spnng formal of 1936 was held l\Iarch 7th in the Student Memorial Union ballroom. It was quite a gala occasion for everyone. Of course all of the active chapter was present and a large percent of the alumni. Favors of boutonniere corsages were presented after intermission and immediately after the party a formal mid-night supper was served at the Mid-Way Hotel. Prepa rati on for the formal was very difficult for the girls at the chapter house because of the fact that everyone was trying to pack her clothes and get ready to move


from our old home to a new location on the day of the party. Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, which has for the past seven years been located at 218 W. 12th Avenue, has moved to a new location, 116 vV. 12th. The new home is much larger and more modern than was our old house. It is also nearer the campus, a fact which makes it a great asset especially to the girls who wait until the last whistle blows to start to class. In spite of the fact that our new home looks and is so much more convenient, it was hard for us to leave our other house and with it the memories of so many pleasant (and otherwise) occasions. Some of the unfortunate casualties met at that house were such as a fire (which really did little damage) and a robbery during our Christmas vacation of several formal dresses and some jewelry, but when one attempts to sum up the good times we had during our stay at that house, it is almost impossible. There were always house parties, and of course the many announcements of engagements . nevertheless, we hope to continue this in our new home c.nd now that we are equipped so much bette t路 for parties, I am sure our future ru sh sessions will benefit by our new environment. DoLORE S THOLE N,




State T ea chers College W arre nsburg, Missouri

cour e. Then after meeting \\·e all go down town for a coke, and I ts of fun!

New Officers


On pril 2nd Zeta Zeta installed The following it n w officer were in tailed : President, Helen Hanners, Hale, :\lis ouri; VicePre ident, :i \Iartha Corrigan, Detroit;. ~Iichigan ; Secretary. J ewe! Bank , Warrensburg, :\li ouri; Regi trar, l\larguerite Harri on, \\ arren burg, Mis ouri; Treasurer, Vivian utton, Warrensburg, Mi harlotte Reidensouri ; Editor, bach, later, Missouri ; haplain, Jewel Bank .

State Tea che rs College Pittsburg, Kansas


A New Pledge Elma Leebrick of olumbia, :\lisoun, wa pledged by Zeta Zeta. . pril th. E lma i a lovely girl, very popular on the campus, and we are very proud that he made Alpha 1gma lpha her choice.

Spring Formal \ e are planning our pn:w formal for aturday. pril 25th . It i to be a outhern cene \\"ith bank of flower and lattice enfter bu itwined with flower . ne · meet ina we ha ,.e b en working on pap r flower for the forma l. A grea t deal of originality an I arti tic ability ha been brought out, but tho e who lack it receive their hare of razzing a the flower ar held up and " ·e laugh and cream ··a Ia mith !". r "a Ia J ne !'', tc. It all taken g d-naturedly of

Present Plays Eta Eta chapter of . lpha Siama Alpha presented two one-act plays 111 hapel pril 2nd. The fir t play was a dramatic one. The cene wa · laid in the receiv ing room of the Theatre of the nlue D ragon. The character \\" re: Cho Cho an. Dorothy nn re"" - ; Loo Moy, Marjorie Thomas : [(atherine, i\Iona :\lae H uffington : Anne, Dorotha Fadler. Following the play wa · a tap dance by !\'om a ~Iae :\latter. Then Jo int Owners in pain, a comedy about an Old Ladies' ll ome \\·as presented. The character \\·ere: :\Irs. l\litchell. director of the home, Nelda Bortz; :\J r . Fullerton. Erma Palango; :'IIi s Dyer, ~[ona :\lae Buffington; :\Ir . Dlair, D cky .\nn Fahrig. The play were directed by Dorothy nn Cr w ·. Joint \\·n r: 111 pam wa al o aiven pril l~th f r the P . E. ., a woman's club of the city. Dorothy Ann Crew read "II is Fir ·t Dre uit'' at th e (; rilla lub banquet at the Hotel Dellerine ity, :'IIi ouri. .-\pril in Kan a · ~th. Thi \\"a the annual reun ion of alumnce and faculty .



Party Laura Alice Frogue is in training l\Iiss Eulalia Ro seberry enter- at the Nurses' Training School contained the members of Eta Eta nected with \i\Tashington University chapter with a party at her home. at St. Louis. Laura Alice has been The evening was spent in playing active in Alpha Sigma Alpha for bridge and monopoly and in danc- about the past two years. Those present were: l\Iiss ing. Noma Matter has received her Jane Carrol, Dr. and Mrs. Garfield certificate for senior examiner of Weede, Miss Lillian Smith, Miss R ed Cross of first aiel to the injured. Waldine Cavanaugh, Miss Ruth Pease, Marjorie Thomas, Helen THETA THETA Taylor, Mona :M ae Buffington, VirBoston University ginia Martin, Francis Osenbaugh, Boston, Massachusetts Dorotha Fadler, Ann Hill, Estelle Hall, Noma Matter, Ann Frogne, Right after registration for the Lucille Mallard, Ann Prell, Dorothy second semester, Theta Theta June Eyeman, Erma Polango, Ruby started rushing. On February 18th, Fulton. we gave a tea from three to five at Mr. Harold Skorup, Jack :VIc- the Brittany Coffee Shop. The girls Cluskey, Tommy 路Puckett, Allen came in and out during that time as Shaffer, Chris Killian, Bill ::\Iiller, classes permitted. Miss Bragg and Howard Fleming, John Herrell, ::\Irs. Fletcher poured while waitresRoy Altermat, Walter Mills, ses, dressed in native costumes, Charles Tice, Allen Thomas, J olm served dainty cakes and cookies. Clements, J. C. Gross, Stanley The Black Goose tea room was Hlasta, Gus Heiman, Jay Beiser. the scene of our next party which New Officers wa s held in the evening. The tables The new officer s for Eta Eta were made attractive with bouquets chapter are: President, Marjorie of jonquils. Two or three clays beThomas; Vice-President, Ann Hi!!; fore this, the Alpha Sigs wove Secretary, Helen Taylor; Treasurer, bracelets out of yellow and black Erma Pal an go; Chaplain, Lucille gimp and the se were given to our l\J allard, and Editor, Noma Matter. guests as favors. Girls in our chapter holding other :\Iarch 25th ten of the girls went to Levaggi's for dinner after which offices in school clubs, etc., are: Noma Matter-treasurer of Phy- we went to th e Fox Hall dorm for sical Ed. Club. A lice Daii-Secre- pledging. 'vVe are proud to have tary of College Art Club. Ruby six pledges: Margaret Essery, Fulton-Vice-President of Mathe- Brookline. 1\-Iass., Grace Gowen, matics Club. Virginia Martin- Central Village. Conn. , Violc:tt King, ::\Ielrose, l\Iass., Lois JohnTreasurer of College Pep Club.



· n, Lewi ·ton. ~Iaine, \' ra ~Ic­ Elrop. Oran<Ye, ~Ias ., and Julia i\iland, Danbury. onn . \\'e had planned to have initiation thi corning week. but as it is vacation, it will have to be po'>tponed. thi will be our last get-to<Yether among the page of the IIOEN IX thi year, Theta Theta wi hes all the other lpha w a very. very happy and joyou ummer. and perhap some of u will meet ome of you at Breezy Po:nt in Atwu t. P. LEVIS, Theta Theta Editor.


Why I Pledged Alpha. Sigma Alpha Th re are al·way people we admire wherever we go in life if we look for the best. The girls in Theta Theta appealed to me becau e of their persona lity. graciousne incerity a:1cl cheerfulne s. 1lmo t before I knew any of them

I rea.lizecl what lpha igma 1pha meant to them; that they had r ceivecl something worthwhile and had omething to offer in return . . ocial c ntact are very nece ary for a full life. and when one can obtain the e in a ociety of high tanclarcl with the hope of timulating friend hip and opportunitie f r <Yrowth. the privileg f pledgin<Y ev n m re appreciated.

.·1dYi er and pon ·or of Theta Theta (if I may Drag<Y) are two more rea on for my pledging Alpha 1gma lpha . VIOLETT KI ' G,

Tllcta Theta Pledge.

Why I Ple.dged Alpha Sigma Alpha ~Iany

student enter college an 1 pass the four short year pluggi·1g away night and day for scholastic honors. They perhar s gradu:.~.te um Laude. and honor is certainly clue them, but after a ll , there i omething more to college life than tucly and honors eve.1 though the ·e are vital factor . The friendship and contact you make weave a much more important web about you than you may realiz . They help mold your growing per anal ity and make it blo som for better or for wor e. In after year , friend hip cling and till exert a powerful influence over your I ife. You may forget what you have learned in book , but you never forget the happy . ye , in tructive hour you spent with clo e comrade . A group of girl working together. carrying out the high aun: and ideal of lpha igma lpha cannot help but be the kind with whom you could be happy, loyal, and true--one who will make y u ''give the world the be t that you can'' thu making ''the I e t come back to you. ·· Realizing that the e thin<Y are true. I have pledged t A:£A. hoping that in me way I

THE PHOENIX may do my bit with the friendly girls who comprise it. GRACE M. GowEN,

Theta Theta Pledge.

Why I Pledged Alpha Sig Because of its members! When I first came here I knew nobody in the school. Naturally I began to look around for people from my home state. The first two girls from Maine whose acquaintance I made were Alpha Sigs. They were so pleasant and such good sports that I cleciclecl any sorority that they might belong to must be the best. Four or five times after that I met girls whom I thought were particularly sociable and was pleasantly surprised to find out that each time the girls were A lpha Sigs. Who could resist pledging a sorority that embraces some of the most charming personalities m school! I couldn't! Lors JoHNsoN,

Theta Theta Pledge.

IOTA IOTA Drake University Des Moines, Iowa

Things are Happening on Drake Campus Two of our most eligible bachelors have cleciclecl "to have and to hold." The Dean of Men and Business Manager have just taken the vows of matrimony. Could it have


been clue to the fact that it is Leap Year? Prof. Ficlerlick, head of the Drama Department, is really making actors and actresses of "these here" Drake Students. They have put on several fine plays, the latest being "The Good Hope" by the good Dutchman Herman Heijermans. The Drake Girls Debating team rated second at the National Co:1vention in Texas. We are pretty proud of the girls. Drake is getting ready for the Drake Relays at present and the candidates are being entered for The Queen of Relays. Several weeks ago the National B1路oaclcasting Company presented Drake Students in the opera "Martha." Leap Year seems to be playing an important part in the lives of Drake Students. Women rush madly around looking for elates. Men sit and wait for the telephone to ring. Corsages of garden vegetables, 'mums, lilies and pansies in buttonholes of the stronger sex. This affair is known as none other than our Spinster's Spree. At the annual Ballyhoo Ball Drake's most beautiful girls were selected and Bob Taylor of movie fame will do the honors in choosing the most beautiful, gorgeous and ado rable of all Drake girls . Drake girls have gone English and sip tea and eat dainty wafers in the Dean of \i\Tomen's office each



\\'edne day. \Ve are all becoming quite capable as h tes e . L. B.].

KAPPA KAPPA Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

:.1 ow that ru hing eason is over, our thoughts turn quickly to vacation. But we do top to think of our pledges, and a fine lot they are, too. ( Thi last phra e mu t be a hanrrover from our St. Patty' Day ru -h formal. ) Out of the melee we got ten lovely girls, and several other expre sed preference for Alpha Sigma Alpha, and may pledge in the near future. Our pledges are: Detty Fra nkenfield, Edna Meinier, Ellen Hetzel, Margaretta Shenbecker, 1\Iarguerite Rickards, Helen Gi,路ens, Dot Wolf, Ginny Lee Straw. Ginny Savage, and Marion Smile . We've been thinking about Convention around here, now -and we've started saving and raising ne of our financial ucmoney. ce e wa a card party, held in the house. It was a huge uccess, and not only financially. The girl are still talking about what a rrrand time they had. Suppers at the hou e are also adding to our ource of re,路enue-not to mention our ource of fun . o far " 路e 've had paghetti chow mien, and frankfurter and bean - not all , nd mce t rrether, of cour e. ,. ry ne help with the cleaninrr-up. it i done in n time at all, pract!cally . and a good time i had by all.


13ut we had our el e a more elaborate dinner on ~larch 16th at our dinner dance at the .-\del] hia, for the rushee . It wa a t. Patty's Day Dance. and the proo-ram carried out the idea-rrreen and so forth. The ru hees found an orch id cor age at their place at dinner. and when the boys came, they received clay pipes. There were "oh' , '' and ''ah' ,. over the orchid -thi i' an old Kappa Kappa cu tom and work rather well. Anyway, we rrot ten well pledge . The dinner dance wa - o much fun that those of the ru hees who have become pledge are looking forward to our prinrr Formal. Only it i n't rro ing to be a formal, and if we don 't set a date pretty soon, it won't be in Spring. v e're going to have a barn dance-in a real honest-to-goodne barn . They tell me that you dance in a loft and that there are hor e underneath in the barn proper. It sound like lot of fun , e pecially the overall -ye , it appears we are to wear overall . We ha' e been getting in touch with our alumn quite ofte n thi year. You know , we are alway trying to know more of the alumn., and they like to meet the activ . o we alway welcome a chance t get togeth er. \ '\ e took advantage of one a few week ago when we had a hower for ).Jildred ramer our fir 路t hou e pre ident. \\ e h.:td an aw fully nic time, and one of th e girl aid that it w uld be worth

THE PHOENIX getting married to get such lovely presents. We can see her point . Here's a news flash. Kappa Kappa held elections at the last meeting, and here are the results : President: Jeanne Wright; VicePresident, Janet Merrill ; Recording Secretary, Betty Albrecht; Corresponding Secretary, Helen Brooks; Treasurer, Alice Carl; Chaplain, Alva Hellman ; Collegiate Representative: Senior, Phoebe HamJr, Junior, Doris Whitcomb; Editor, Jane Dickson; Assistant, Kitty Dunavant; Registrar, Evelyn Kite; Assistant, Helen Stiles. We are looking forward to a successful year with our new officers, and wish them the best of luck. But even before that, we're looking forward to Convention this summer. 'vVe hope that all the girls who can possibly go will do so, for they are assured of a very interesting time. }AN E DICKSON,

Editor, Kappa Kappa.

Personality by Costume 路 Sometime ago, the Alpha Sigs in the advanced clothing course at Temple had the problem of making costumes for someone in the class. The costumes were to express toe real personality of each girl. After two weeks of sewing and fitting, the final results were shown by having each girl wear her costume and the maker tell why she chose the costume she did for her subject. Jeanne Wright, Kappa Kappa's president-elect, appeared in a typi-


cal Puritan dress of gray sateen, with a wide, white, broadcloth collar. Heanne's costume expressed that personality which we all admire in an Alpha Sig prexy-quiet and demure, but with depth and character behind that quietness. Ruth Toland's personality found expression in a gay Swiss costume. She wore a tight black bodice with a pleated ruffie on the bottom. The skirt was very full and very short, with wide orange and green stripes running around the skirt. This costume pictured to the rest of us the gay nature of the Swiss and suitt::d to perfection our sparkling Ruthie. The tall, blonde Ruth Owens wa s draped in a Grecian gown, with ribbons arranged in he1路 hair. The gown brought out her innate dignity and poise, and besides this, looked very fashionable, as the Grecian drapes are very popular in this part of the country this season. We had a lot of fun planning these costumes, although the actual work was not so much fun. However, the results were well worth tl1e trouble-and all of the girls seemed pleased with the subtle flattery of their costumes. PHOEBE HAMOR,

Kappa. Kappa.

NU NU Drexel Im1titute Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nu Nu's Initiation and Dinner After two weeks of intensive rushing here at Drexel. N n N u girl s are happy to announce that eight



fre hm n girl have gone Alpha 1 . Th y a re Betty \\ in a-, Dori Rice, Yirginia Bound . F lorence !iff, H pe :\Io rri on, :\Iido-e Laudenslao- r, :\lildred Busey, !are \ arren and :\Iarion :i\Iarsh. n February 1 th the e girl , a mighty fin e bunch. were all pledged to lpha io-ma lpha and on :\larch 3rd IJ tty Wing. inny Bound s. Hope :\forri on, l\Iildred Busey, !a re \ Van·en were all initiated as well a two of our older pledge - -:\la ry Kay l~ r idy and l\larie I rueke. :'\u N u hapter is awf ully happy to have the e o-irl with u and welc me them with all our heart . F:.>llow ing the initiation service in the :\rt allery the whole sorority donned their evening clothe and went to the P hiladelphia A rt A ll ia nc for dinn er. Ma ry Ra mu. en , a junior, wa in charge of the dinner and wa the toastmi tre s. . ft r a mo -t deliciou dinner everal of the o-irl s gave hort peeche . Their ubject wa the Ro e. Betty \\ ina-. F rann ie aglar and }.lis Richmond. our adv iser , a ll gave u their cone ption of the ro e and compared the ro e with the 1pha igma lpha o-irl -a to the development from the bud to the f ull o-ro wn Aower and how we a memb r f . lpha , igma . lpha rrr " . j u t a the ro e doe · and that ur lif and erv ice in Alpha ig . h uld b pattern d a uch. I f el as a memb r f .:\ u -:'\ u. that it i an h nor and privil ge to be abl t be an . \ lpha ig an I after uch a lovely



dinn r a that-w 11- it j u t inpired me to uo on further and further for .:\ u -:'\ u and Alpha io-ma . lpha. .-\t the clo e of the dinn r :i\Ii Richmond and Mis i\Iaclntyre, our pon or, were both pre entecl with a gift in token of their fa ithfulne to u and to ?\ u N u. T he whole affair wa indeed lovely and on long remember cl by many of .:\ u .:\u' girl

Social Service Fo r ?\u l\u's contribution to charity we are plannino- an Ea ter ba ket and Ea te r egg- for " ou r family" which we helped out at Chri tma . \i e feel that thi family is in dire need of help and anything which we mi ght do deep ly appreciated. A lso it i a great inspiration to know and ee those people we are h !ping and that they are happy in uch poor financial trait -while we who a re ecure-can help and be more happy, too. \ like. too. the idea of knowing xactly whe re our help a nd a iel i going.

Election of Officers round the b gi nning of }.larch a nominating committee comp eel of all the eni o r g irl m t to think O\·er and nominate th e p r on whom we thou ht he t fitted t ca rry on the office - of -:'\ u .:\ u chapter. .-\nd I t me tell you-it wa a hard job becau • u e we have so many-all nice g irl ·- that it wa hard to kn w wh to n minat .

THE PHOENIX Anyhow, at our last meeting before spring vacation the following persons were elected to office for the year 1936-37. President, Mary Lentz; VicePresident, Marjorie Chambers; Secretary, E leanor Coffman; Corresponding Secretary, Clare Warren; Treasurer, Phoebe Maxfield; Assistant Treasurer, Georgetta Marl or; Registrar, Jean Meuller; Chaplain, Sally Johnson; Editor, Sally Pennell; Panhellenic Representative, Betty W ing. A swell bunch of girls, these people are and those of you in other chapters who go to Convention will meet Margie Chambers because sne is our delegate, Mary Lentz because she is going and maybe some others. A few of the senior girls and myself would like also to go but it's hard to tell what August holds forth so that we are not sure yet. But, anyhow, here's hoping we see all of you out there in :M innesota, next August.

What Nu Nu's Girls are Doing Along Social Lines Since the last time we sent news in to the PHOENIX Nu Nu girls have been quite busy socially around here at Drexel. On February 28th, the military boys here at Drexel held their annual :M ilitary Ball at the beautiful and most spacious bali room of the Bellvue-Stratford Hotel. This is one of Phiiadelphia's fine st and nicest hotels and the setting was perfect for such an occasion. A ll the Nu Nu girls who


attended will vouch for me that it was a swell ball and the best Drexel ever had. Frannie Saglar, who just went out of office as president, was one of the six Drexel girls nominated for the Honorary Captain who walked with the Ca])tain of the Military Honorary Society at twelve o'clock when the Grand March formed. A lthough Frannie did not win-we certainly were proud of her as a Tu Nu girl. On May 1st the Senior class of Drexel will hold its annual Ball at the Penn Athletic Club here in Philly. This promises to be a gala occasion for all of us seniors and a good time is to be had by all of ns. Then some time soon the Freshman class girls are going to entertain the Senior girls at a formal dance at one of the hotels in town. This, also, promises to be a grand affair. In June, around Commencement time, N u N u girls will get together for a final farewell dance. Last year we held the dance at a club near town. The place is undecided as yet but we are all looking forward to it as a last real Alpha Sig get-together before we all depart for the summer and for good. And so as Nu Nu's editor, I close this column-with much regret because I have enjoyed being Chapter Editor and the contacts with :M rs. Leib-but I have hope of seeing you all at the Convention next summer-if not there-! will



look forward to reading future i ·ue of the PH E X 1x next year as ally Pennel, a Junior a n •· lum.'' thi · yea r in the Home Economic chool, i taking my place and knowing ally, I know he will keep you po ted on ::\ u :\ u' new CATHERINE BRACKIN,


u. Vu 's Editor.

Engagement Announcements Kathleen L. Clark to :\Ir. John Burnley Gib on. :\Iatilda G. :\I uth to :\Ir. John \ ·andercrone.

XI XI U niversity of California Los Ange les, Ca lifornia

A Week-end Party Ea rly in l\Iarch, the girl of Xi Xi hapter spent a mo t enjoyable week-end at th e Henno a Beach home of Catherine Kelley. our forme r pre ident. Here, for two days and two night eight girl had load of fun together in playinu game , inging. cooking. eating. dancing, walking, and leeping. unn y alifornia may be unny. but the Pacific Ocean is cold in the winter and pring month , o the uirl did not go in wimming. Two of the uirl , Franki e utton and Dorothy Linden tri ed their luck in tryin to catch ome fi sh. They p nt the greate r part of the day on the barrre-but not in Yain. a - they br ught home two fi h. The triumphant fi ·herwom n als turned int good c oks. a th y pr pared a ta ty fi h dinner that e\·emn .

Among other thing · that happened wa · the gr at Bridge game which continued until two in the aturda) night. many of morning. the girl · ang weet ongs far into the night. June Howell played th e ke. :\Iyrle Pater on and Dorothy Lin len had the experience of spending the night with a bed full of peanut hell . By unday evening everyone wa so tired that they were ready to uo home. BARBARA H HD.

A Visitor Mi E lizabeth Bird mall is now li ving in Los ngeles . The hapter first met her at a formal Dinner in l\Iarch, which was held at the :\Iary Helen Tea Room . n the following Tuesday evening everal of the girl were entertained for dinner by M is mall in her cozy apartment. The evening wa pent rority affair ·. mall has been to two of our 1onday night meetings. he is go ing to in pect the ha.pter but at the ame time he i going to help u with our reo rganization . he know s a great deal about orority affa ir and I know we will aa in a g reat deal from her help. DoROTHY LJl'OEl\'.

Our New Pledge :\Ji · E mily Ritchey wa pledged :\larch 30th, after a c uple of week of succe · f ul ru hing. \\ e entertained her for luncheon on the ampu twice and for an e\·ening oame:. Am ng the game that \\'

THE PHOENIX played \Yas Monopoly, which everyone enj oyed greatly. The last affair was a formal dinner at the Mary Helen Tea Room. 'vVe had the honor of having .Miss Small to thi s eli nner. Emily is a lovel y girl and we are very fortunate to get her. She plays th e piano very well and has a lovely singing voice. It is very nice to have such a tal_ented pledge as she is able to furni sh us very good entertainment. DoROTHY LINDEN.

A Grand Party A n informal party was enjoyed by Xi X i members and their escorts last Saturday night. We met first at the home of Dorothy Linden, our new p resident, and played card games, ::\Ionopoly, Easy Money, and Bunco. Then we all went out and played miniature golf. There are still several nice golf courses here in Los .-\.ngeles and we had oodles of fun. A fter playing several game , in which the scores were high in stead of low, we returned to Dot's house and danced for the rest of the evening (o r morning ) . FRANKIE S U TTO N .

OMICRON OMICRON State Teachers College Kent, Ohio

La t fall our chapter won a silver loving cup for Home-coming decorations. February 8th J ewell McGuigan , Dorothy F itzgera ld, Dorothy Weigancl, Jane A hl played in the An-


nual Panhellenic Bridge Tournament and received another sil ver loving cup for us. 'vVe pledged the "cream of the crop'' thi s year. Each and everyone of our pledges could qualify for any scholastic honor or beauty contest. 'vVe pledged twenty-three in all thi s year. The pledges are: Lynette Seeds, Silver Lake, O hio; Marjorie McNab, Cuyahoga Fall s, O hio; Phyliss Johnson , A lliance, O hio ; Virginia Myers, Beach City, O hio; Harriet Zerbe, Canton O hio; Roberta Van Fleet, Lakewood, O hio; Jane Ann Tatgenhorst, Kent, O hio; Helen Jacobs, Canton, O hio; Hanadene K oerpal , Cleveland, O hio; Gene Gettru st, Twin Lakes, O hi o; J ean Davis, Kent, O hio; Peggy Spencer, Grand Rapids, M ichigan ; Marjorie Dunfee, Akron, O hio; Lemoine Immell , Massillon, O hio ; Mary Baltzy Massillon, O hi o; J uanetta Brown, Akron, Ohi o ; Billi e Biedler, Cuyahoga Falls, O hi o; Mary Louise Camm, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Helen Densmore, Grand Rapids, M ichigan ; J ea n U lmer , Cuyah oga Falls, O hio ; Lenore Rine. Kent, Ohio; V irginia Dykes, Akron, O hio. Eight of these new pledges have already gone active. They are: P hyliss John son, Harriet Zerbe, Jane A nn Tatgenhorst, Helen Jacobs, Gene Gettru st, J ean Davis, Lemoine Immell, Roberta Van F leet. Gene Gettrust. one of ou r new actives was chosen by our chapter



to repr ent A~A at the :\Ii · Kent tate onte t which wa judged aturclay, February 15th. in the ymna ium by Tal Henry \ ill rche tra Leader. ene wa cho en maid of honor. :\I i Jean hot well transferred thi erne ter to a college in I an·as ity. :\Ii · :\Iary Jane Fairchild, Ravenna, and past pre ident of 00 wa ho tes at a des ert bridge to the members of the recently organized Jumme Chapter. Mi s Fairchild used the\ alentine :\loti£ in her decoration . Contract bridge wa played. :\lis Winifred chram held high core. The e meeting will bring too-ether the Alumme of the orority of Kent, Ravenna, uyahoga Fall s, ilver Lake, Twin Lakes, H ud son and other nea r-by towns. :\I is Alice turgill was elected p r e ~ ident. She appointed :\I r . ~a­ om i Hob on and :\Ii Winifred Schram to as i t her. :\!iss A ntoinett Li nk wa elected to take care of the publicity. T he Ia t Tue day of the month wa cho en for the elate of the monthly meeting . The alumnce pre nt at the fir t meeting \\·ere Jean Gorham, Dorothy Bower . Helen ':\Ic uigan. :\lice turcrill. Louaine ch ram, \ inifred • chram . :\Ir . Naomi Hob on . H il da . u tin . . ntoinette Link, :\Ii 1-l len :\Ic laflin . :\Ir ·. :\. . Robert and the ho te . ':\Ii Fairchild . :\li \'elma D. Kauffman gracluat c1 from a teacher cour ·e Jan-

uary 31 t, but 1 - croing to contin ue for her cJearee. ur ru h party for thi - eme ter wa held :\larch 3rd at the home of one of our Patrone e , :\I r . :\I erie \ aaoner. in RaYenna. hi . It wa in th e form of a " kid" party. Imitation lates were u eel for i nvitations . "Kid'' game were played during the eYening and celloid doll were the favors. Omicron O micron pledge acte>d a ho te e to pledge chapter and advisers of all other ororitie on the campus at a tea. Sunday afternoon, Fe! ruary 9th , 1936. A mu. ical program was arrancred fo r the afternoon and tea wa poured from three till IX. Gene Gett ru t was gen ral chairman as i ted by Jane Ann Tatgenhorst a nd Jean Davi . In the receiving line wa :..Ii Helen 1\IcClaflin, 1\Ir . . Fellow Roberts, ':\Irs. ':\Ierle E. ·w agoner, Dorothy Fi tzgerald, president of the so rority. The pledge o f the chapter ente rtained the active a nd alumnce chapter with a jinx dance which wa held l\larch 13th. It wa a g rand dance and it helped to bring our alum clo r to u . l\li Ruth Klein, trea urer f !he active chapter entertained the old officer at a Keeno party at her home in Ravenna, hi o . The new offic r for the year of Pre ident, D r thy 1936- 1937: F itzge rald: \ ' ice-Pre ident. Ha rriet Zerbe; ecretary :\Iarie tambaugh; T rea urer, Ruth Klein·



Editor, Virginia Carpenter ; Chaplain, Gene Gettrust; Registrar, Jean Davis; Collegiate Representative, Lemoine Immel ; Social Chairman, Velma B. Kauffman .. Miss Peggy Spencer, one of our pledges was chosen by Ben Bernie as the Smile Queen of Kent State University. Miss Virginia Carpenter was chosen as a member. Velvet Curtain, honorary dramatic club. Omicron Omciron Chapter won second place in the annual "Pop Entertainment" sponsored by the U niversity. Each campus organization puts on an original stunt. For the past two years we have won first place. Omicron Omicron's spring formal will be held at the College Club, Cleveland, Ohio. May 15, 1936. "Walt" Allen 路will furnish the

lights" as theme, Harriet l\k~\iillan and Kathryn Johnston made 路'short but sweet" after dinner speeches. The program ended with a closed dance for the Alpha Sigs and their escorts. From the general impression everyone had a perfectly elegant time. The " reasons" for all this celebration were the initiates, Lucile Fenton, Harriet McMillan, Margaret Miller, Helen Pratt, Margaret Sanborn, Harriet Sisson, Lois Jane Terry, and Dori s \iVyatt. Those who made the celebration possible were the following: Dorothy Fricke, general chairman ; Frieda Beck, arrangements; Jane Colby, chaperones; Florence Peffer, gifts; Florence Phillippi, programs; Josephine Phillippi, flovvers; and Gertrude Van Arsdale, orchestra.


A Pledge's Impression of Initiation




PI PI State Teachers College Buffalo, New York

Spring Initiation Eight grand girls became fullfledged Alpha Sigs at the formal Spring Initiation on Saturday, April 4th. Pi Pi resorted to its old standby-the Chinese Room of the Hotel Statler-as the place for the program. Initiation ervices were held in the late afternoon and were followed by a delicious dinner at sixthirty. With "Convention H igh-



"Oh no! She can't ride on the dumb-waiter. She's going- to beg penmes from the people in th e lobby ." \iVith statements like these co ming to our ears, we, the pledges, cuddled closely together on the davenport. Two minutes before I had walked proudly up to the room clerk of the hotel asking where, "Alpha Sigma Alpha's" room was. Now my proudness was deflated and I was bewildered as I sa t 111 agony wondering what would happen next. After what seemed hours of waiting we were anxiously taken



to our place initiation and lined up with our pon or . fter expre inu our de ire for admittance we were led before the altar of .. 1pha Sic:rma lpha.'' Here previou bewilderment and fear were replaced by a we and reverence. t the end of thi grand ritual a glow of contentment and joy wa rmed us in ide. The relationship with our now "sorority i ter .. eemed clo er and more understanding than before when we had huddled together on the cia venport. P ledrre service had eemed wonderful but thi wa far ureater. Now we may wear the badge of "Alpha · igma . lpha" and put into action our hopes to aid our si ter in fulfillinu it aim . fARGARET SANBORN.

Coca-Cola-Refreshes and "Replenishes"! It recently dawned on the member of Pi Pi hapter that it mic:rht be a good idea to make a little money as their rival ororitie on the campu · were do ing. Glad Young, chapter tr a urer, wa the originator of the plan. he wa graciou ly gi\·en the honor of beinu chairman of the bridge party which wa held at the OC:lola Plant in Duffalo. \' e were able to ell one hundred ticket . o the affair wa a big ucce . The evening ended with the givf ing away of f rty- even carton oca- Ia to tho e who were lucky n tt<Yh t have their name drawn.

The clay following the bridg , found all the little Pi Pi ·ister · fu ll of oca- ola in addition to a trea ury which wa fuller by twenty-five dollars! GLADY



Pi Pi Shorts The A lpha S ig are a ll buying white sweaters (ju t alike) to be worn with our in iunia on Panhellen ic Day . Alpha Society, honorary organization who e member hip i determi ned by extra-curricular pa rticipation, ha only three girl enrolled at pre ent. nd all three are lpha ig ! T hey're Kay Johnston, Dorothy K uhn, and Lynette Ter ry. l\la ry Loui e Chri t iansen i · vicepre ident of the honora ry literary fraternity at D. . T. ., .1\u Lambda 1gma. Harriet :.Ic"Millan i an active member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary educational fraternity. DoROTHY FRICKE.

RHO RHO Marshall College Huntington, West Virginia

Flood water ha\·e urr unded our collec:re and mo t f the r rity hou It lacked two and one-half inche · of being in our h u e. The !!irl · that are living in the hou e :;tayed. but th y had no light . \\"e have eirrht new pled e and \\" certainly are pr ud of them. \\·e

THE PHOENIX got more pledges than any other sorority on the campus. The student council gave, or rather sponsored a carnival last week and we got a great deal of pleasure out of our booth. We had an African Lodge booth, most every one participated and we made some extra money, which we have used to a good advantage. ELIZABETH CAREY.

SIGMA SIGMA Western State College Gunnison, Colorado路


on N. S. C. Campus and since thi s is a position of honor we congratulate our new editor, to路 whom I shall soon hand over my duties. Monday was P ledging clay for Spring Quarter and we have a new pledge-Esther Morri son, we are very glad Esther chose to pledge A~A . She is a sweet girl and will make a fine Alpha Sig. \i\fednesday, Bernice Pringle became an Active Siste r a nd we are happy to welcome her into our Active group. She has been a lovely pledge and we know she'll be a lovelier Active.

Last time I said our pledges were to give us a party. It was a lovely one and our pledges are to Last Thursday, F riday and Sc;,tbe congratulated, the fir st part of mday our P ledges obediently went the evening was spent in playing through "Pledge \iVeek," wearing bridge, then prizes were given for 12-inch cardboard Pledge pins. ca rhigh and low scores, next a lovely rying their paddles and plenty of lunch was served and since it was jell y-beans for all the Actives and near St. Patrick's Day th ey se rY<:cl repeating a poem upon request at green brick ice cream and white cup any and all times for we Activ~s. cakes with the shamrock in green Thursday evenin g after a short on top, the evening was concluded meeting, during whi ch the Pledges with a clever program by t'-IE: were given their inst ructi ons, they pledges. walked dow n to the La \1 eta Hotel vVe have had installati on of offi- for a note which told them to g-o to cers and we're planning on a big the old boiler house near the Colyea r next year. Betty Creel, P resi- lege where they would find a second dent; Dorothy Sisson, V ice-P resi- note, this last one instrnctecl them dent ; Loretta M iller, Secretar y; to return to the Dormitory for the Linda Salmine, Treasurer; Alice evening, th e walk was a short di sSchumann, Registrar; Marcell Mc- tance of one mile and a hai f. FriGuire, Chaplain ; Ada Jane Ingle- day evening f rom 10 :00 to 11 :30 dew, E ditor ; Linda Salmin e, Col- the P ledges performed for us upon legiate Representative. req uest. Saturday evenin g we had a lovely dinner in the private dining Ada Jane Ingledew was elected V ice-P resident of the P ress Club room of the Cafete ri a. the P ledges



agam did their little bit in peech, dance. and ono-. I now bequeath my clutie a Editor for Sio-ma igma Chapter of 1pha igma .-\lpha to cia Jane Ingled ''"- Good luck Ada Jane! igma. igma, Chapter Editor.


Doubtle you've heard of a peron planning hi own party. Well, that's what Roberta Janney did. Roberta and Harriette Peak planned an April Fool's party for all we A~A members, pril 1 t. But the pril Fool was on Roberta for after all the games were over and the refre hment 路 ervecl, Roberta was given her present, a lovely yellow va e on a -i!ver tancl with the A~A ere t on it. :MARY KATHRYN YoKLAVICH ,

S 路igma Sigma Pledge.

TAU TAU Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas

1\ ow that the clo ing of another chool year i approaching everyone i very bu y with this, that and the other. ).I usic students have been presenting recital s and Tau Tau attend them in a group. Also, vanou high 路chool ob erve their "Pike Day" by coming to Hay and one repre entative from each orority goe - with the a-roup around the campu and explains the points of intere -t. Election and in tallation of officer for next year \\'a an important event a \\' II a ReliPiou \ eek ac-


tivltle in which the . 11 ha w took active interest. The pring formal dinner-dance is to be held pril 18th at a leading hotel and it i a promi e to be a very beautiful and lovely affair. Now, we are a! o making plan for the l\Iother ' Day luncheon and the Farewell breakfa t for the eniors, de pite the fact that we ha\ e only one inactive enior leaYing u thi s year. Lo ISE PETERSON,

T(ln Tan Editor.

Mothers' Day Two years ago Tau Tau initiated an idea we plan to continue each year. VVe had a Mother ' Day Luncheon in the Lamer Hotel function room. Again this year we are inviting our mothers to pend that clay with us. V e will all go to church together before the luncheon, and . afterwards mother and daughter wi ll have a grand time together doing ju t what they want mo t to do. Thi i a big thrill for the girl and an equally great one for the mother . To have our much-talked-about si ters become realitie to our mothers mean much to them. It is a celebration that mu t be always. MARVELLA


Tan Tan.

A Founders' Day Tea To commemorate Founders' Day, Tau Tau hapter entertained \\'ith a tea March 22ncl at the hom of Rita Jacob for the patrone e , repre entative 路 and member .

THE PHOENIX The table which was laid with a cut-work table cloth, had a centerpiece of yellow roses, green carnations and fern sprays. On both ends of the table silver candle sticks held green and yellow tapered candles. Open-faced, and fancy-shaped sandwiches tied with baby ribbon were served on silver platters. The candy, nuts and lemon slices were placed on tall silv-er dishes. RITA ]ACOBS,

Tau. Ta.u.

What My Sorority Means to Me What a happy school year I am having! I can compare it to a birthday with lovely gifts. The giver of the gifts is my sororityA lpha S igma Alpha. Each gift is very valuable and means a great deal to me. Each gift can be listed under four main headings- spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social. Every girl should know that there is something deeper than human fle sh; that there is a God. I am learning to love this knowledge more through the devotional ervices at our pledge meetings and through attending church services to which the sorority often goes in a body. An Alpha Sig is attractive, physically, and is more capable of doing her work well because she is physically F.t. I find that I can keep myself in better condition physically by going out for various sports and by playing on the sorority team in the intramurals.


Intellectual development is part of the program planned by my sorority. A high scholastic standard is maintained. In working to do my share in keeping that standard, I am certainly benefitting myself . To me the most interesting part â&#x20AC;˘ of my sorority activities are those which are social in character. They are giving me an opportunity to acquire social grace. They are also giving me a chance to become better acquainted with my sorority sisters, who are becoming my best friends. lVIy sorority means to me-an opportunity whereby I might better prepare myself for the future through greater spiritual, physical, intellectual and social developmer:.t. It is an organization which is so great that I will not forget it after my college clays, but will be able to remember as long as I live . FRANCES STEPHENSON,

Tan Tau.

A Social Get-together The pledges of A lpha Sigma A lpha entertained the actives with an informal social " mixer" at the Women's Building, March 18th, from 5 :00 to 6:00. This hour was spent in dancing and singing A lpha Sig songs. In order that th e girls would mingle together more. there were a few circle dances, and a grand march. If two girls who couldn't lead a partner which they happened to get, much sport and lots of laugh resulted . Those who didn't care to dance sat and watched, or talked among themselves.



Thi wa · a good way to become acquainted with new <Yirl ·. and we ar <YOing to try and have these ocial hours a often as po ible. :MILDRED WErST,

Tau Tan Pledge.

A Party HaYe you ev r been to an inappropriate party? They are <YOb of fun . Tau Tau girl had one this year. Invitations were ent written on wrapping paper with pencil. The room was decorated with summer, winter , and every other type of decoration pos ible. The gi rl s and their date were dre eel a inappropriate ly as they could. ome were in forma ls, some in gingham and overalls, and every other way. uch a eli play of costumes! The dance prorrram were sheet of wrapping paper. One pecial dance was the '· andy S ucker Dance.'' 1\ ear the clo e of the party, popcorn ball were given out. .-\.ncl o came the close of anoth er ucce - ful lpha Sig pa rty. KATHRYN



Tau Tau.

Our New Actives Tau Tau hapt r i ,·ery proud of having ix new active . The) are all lovely girl and wi ll add much to the chapter and the ~ orority. They are active in campu affair and will do much toward making the chapter· a more vital factor on the campus. ELIZABETH Lt: IDIGH,

Tan Tau .

The New Pledges Tau Tau hapter of Alpha igma lpha ha the plea ure f announcing the pledging of Helen Higdon, Goodland, Kansa . a Pi Phi from Nebraska Univer ity . Lucille W ieland, Oakley, Kan a . who tran £er red from l\Iarymount !lege at Salina, Kan a . the fir t em ester Mary Jane ampbe!l, Greensburg, Kansas . The chapter i very plea eel with the . lpha rg pirit that the girl display. We are looking forward to ommencement Day when the girls will belon()' to the Acti, e hapter. E u KICE GAINE .

Tau Tau.

Initiation Services Tau Tau hapter of Alpha rgma .-\.lpha held formal initiation ·ervice February 23rcl. at 6:30 in the \\'omen' Duilclin<Y for the following !!irl : Lucille Hoch, Hay . :\Iarian Holtzmei ter Hay , Ruth Twenter. Hay , France te\ en on . :\ort n. J an Fuller, Elli ~ . and Eunrce (-;aines. :\IacDonald. :\lrLllR ED :\[ C RRAY,

Tau Tau.

Tau Tau's New Reign Tau Tau ha a new kin()' on it throne. \\ e did not behead our old king but w have had lecti n and in tallation f fficer f r F 36-37. The king 1 m i now rul d by Rita Jacob . he wa unanimou ly elected to her ffice. becau · . he i mo t capable f r the p sition. . ' he i · a lovely girl. dependable. c nsci-

TH E PH O ENIX entious and very active in the earnpus activities. The other rulers are equally well chosen to suit their offices. A rlene Harri son, who has retained her office from last year, is our vice-president. Ruth T wenter will be secreta ry. Marvelle Schridde was reelected treasurer. She is very capable and when she asks us for our dues she does it in such a way you can't resist or resent it. She has been in this office fo r three years and we all admire and like her a lot. Guwendola J ohnson was al so reelected for r egistrar. She seems to guide the pledges in the straight and narrow path through trials and hardships. Louise Peter son, w ho retains her position as edi tor will continue to do her good work because she has been so successful thi s year . I might also add that she won second in the beauty contest on the campus. O ur striking and quiet E lizabeth " Ibby" L eidigh will co nduct devotions, chapter services and sponsor the r eligious participations of our group. J eanne U nder wood, as collegia te r ep resentative, will represent A lpha Sigma Alpha very well in Panhellenic Council. M ildred M urray is our social cha irman . T he installation serv ices we re beautifully conducted at du sk with only candle light. M iss Paul, our adviser and also a member and one that all the A lphas dearly love, added pe rsonal sentiments a fter the ritu al had been read. } EANNE UNDERWOOD,

T an



State Teachers College Maryville, Missouri

Spring Pledging Spring pledging of the P hi P hi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was held F ebrua ry 12, 1936. We pledg~ d ten girls : V irginia Ann P lace, Virginia Siffers, Belva Goff, E mma J ean Co rrington, Do rothy Wort, M ildred E lliot, Dix ie E lliot, Charlotte Smith, Ruth E llen Bennet. H owever Di xie did not come back to school thi s qua rter so we have only eight new pledges. After the formal ceremony, whi ch was 11f'ld at the sorority house, we had a social hour at whi ch time the actives served the pledges with cocoa and cookies. Installation of Officers I nstallation of office rs of the P hi P hi Chapter of the A.lpha Sigma Alpha's was held March 18, 1936. T he election of the officers was the week preceding the fo rmal installation. T hese ar e the following offi1arian Ma loy; cers: P resident, V ice-P resident, E li zabeth Adams 路 ' Secretary, L udmil a Vav ra; T reasurer, Clare E llen Wolf ; Registrar, L ucy Mae Benson ; Chaplain, Delores Messner ; E ditor, T helma Patrick ; P anhellenic R epresentative, Mary Meadows; Collegiate Representative, Ma ry F rancis Sutton. The actives are planning some sort of treat for the new pledges. I t is a tradition fo r the actives to act as hostesses to the pledges some



time during their pledging. VIe intend to take them to the movie and afterward treat them with andwiche and a drink. Probably they will dance, and flower \\ ill be given for favors to the pledge

PSI PSI State Teachers College Natchitoches, Louisiana

New Members of ASA P -i P i Chapter of Alpha tgma lpha i happy to announce the initiation of Maxine Bryant, Manette weet, and Elizabeth Deloach. Psi Psi takes plea ure in announcing the pledging of Lois Downs and Isobel ~W i lliams on , pril 8, 1936.

A Farewell to Psi Psi Officers To the fo ll owing retiring officers of Psi P i hapter of lpha igma lpha, the members extend the ir cleepe t appreciation for a year of faithful ervice: Jean John on. President; 1ary atharine v\ oodward, \ ice-President: l\L innie Merle Flanders, echarp, reta ry 路 Pattie Virginia Trea urer; Evano-eline Lynch, Editor; Evelyn nderson, haplain; Catharin e ::\IcDaniel , Panhellenic Repre entati e; Alice Harkin ollegiate Repre entative.

Easter Bunnies Visit Psi Psi P i P i hapter of :\lpha tgma Alpha beo-an prino- ru hin o- by en-

tertainino- her ru bee with an Ea ter party. After the gay group of girl had gathered in the oronty room, the ru hee were plea. antly urprised when each of them wa presented with an Ea ter ba ket containing gras , candy egg , and chocolate rabbit and chicken . Minnie Merle Flander and J e sie J one came into the room and announced that they had ju t een some Ea ter bunnie on the lawn urrou nding the orority hou e, so both the member and the ru bees eagerly hurried to the cene. Delighted hriek filled the air a each girl rapidly found varicolored eggs hidden in nest , rose bu he , and other inconceivable place . vVhen the last pink, blue, or green egg had been found, everyone re":.. tu rned to the orority hou e to learn who would receive the prize for finding the most egg . Corinne Greer wa unque tionably the winner ince she had thirty-five ego-s in her basket. gale of laughter >vept the room when he was pre~ ented with an enormou balloonimmediately rabbit, which wa named "Jeep." fter each girl had 路 ung for her upper" by singing many lpha igma Alpha ong , a dainty repa t con i ting of coca-cola and innumerable andwiche wa erved. E\"ANGELLt:>:E LYN

rr, Editor.



Marriage Announcements Alpha Beta: "'Nu Nu: Esther McCune Epperson to Marie Elizabeth Brooks to George Earle Willard Staats on February Bevan on March 28, 1936. 27, 1936. Xi Xi: Alpha Gertrude Alice Byrkit to Claude Eleanor Lowry to Clark Milo Chester Slate on September 7, 1935. Wimbles on May 12, 1932. Helen Louise Seigh to Frank Dee Rho Rho: Kirby on October 12, 1935. Marianna Berry to Byron Elmo Kelley on June 5, 1935 . Epsilon Epsilon: Esther Krug to Harold W. Kel- Sigma Sigwta: ler on November 9, 1935. Gertrude J. Holesworth to Hugh Arthur Aikin on November 6, 1935. Eta Eta: Marguerite Fowler to Charles Theta Theta: Walthour, Jr., on May 5, 1935. Mabel Gertrude Tukey to Dr. Kappa Kappa: Helen Poser to Ernest L. Heckert on June 16, 1934. Nu Nu: Margaret Rossiter to Charles Francis Spring on March 19, 1936. Emily Tabor to Paul John Flory on March 7, 1936.

Theron M. Hatch on February 12, 1935.

Phi Phi: Katherine Gray to Harold F . Copeland on June 9, 1935. Psi Psi: Dorothy Standley to Howard Beecher Coons on August 17, 1935.

In Memoriam Alpha Beta: Hertha Cornish Fickes. June, 1935.

Died in



Birth Announcements Eta Eta: To Mr. and 1Irs. Charles Keirns (Kathryn Lamb), a daughter, Kay Carol. on pril 5, 1936. To Mr. and Mrs. Derwood Bethel (Do rothy W eede), a on. Garfield Derwood, on March 27, 1936. To Mr. and Mrs. Elton B. Br:own ( Dorothy Farnsworth), a daughter, Linnea Ann, on February 8, 1936. To Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dechario (Enid Frogue), a son, Joe Lee, on September 24, 1935. Canuna GG1,n ma:

To 'fr. and Mr . John France ( Lucille Chew), a daughter, Billie Jo, February 10, 1936.

To Mr. and Mr . William J. Hindman (Ruth Tyler ), a on, \,Yilliam John, Jr., February 1-, 1936.

Pi Pi: To Mr. and 1rs. Charle J. Coward (Betty Simmon ) , a daughter, March 10, 1936.

Nu !Vu: To Dr. and Mr . Richard E. lIen ( delaide Hoffman), a on, Richard, on March 29, 1936. To Mr. and Mrs. Malcom R. Longshore (Margaret E. Lyon ) . a daughter, Phyli s, on January 27, 1936.

Convention Song Tune: Beyond the Blue Horizon

cro the clear blue waters Voice weet we hear The lpha igs are joining Li ten to their cheer. To a-ather here together For long ha been our aim nd here we II trv to further lpha tgm; fame.

These day of glorious friend hip t Pequot Lake we'll spend nd in piration beautiful \,Y e'll find in our A! friend . \i\ e'll pledge our ervice once again \i e'll sino-. and wim and be gay nd home again we'll carry Love for ~ Word by

. Jean Mueller



Addresses of the Following Members are Unknown Anyone having this information, please notify the Editor: Mrs. B. F. Leib, 317 East Fall Creek Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana. Bowen, Edna H ... . ...... . .............. . ............ Kappa Kappa Cline, :Mrs. Emerson (Maybelle Schaefer) . .. . . . ..... . ... . ... Tau Tau Cliser, V ada . . ........................ . ......... .. .. . .... Phi Phi Cole, Mrs. Albert (Nellie Azbill ) ........................... Zeta Zeta Cooper, Mrs. Walter (Marguerite Van Meter) ............... Zeta Zeta Corpron, Carlotta ................. . .... .... ............... Mu Mu Cronin, A lice ..... . .. . ......... . .......................... Eta Eta Deegan, M rs. Geo rge (Mayme Foncannon) .. ......... .. .. . Alpha Beta Diedrich, Mrs. W. J. (Cora Collins) ..... . ................... Mu Mu Dominick, Mrs. Jackson (Sadie Mills) . .... . ...... . .. ...... ... N u N u Harvey, M rs. William (Ada Haun) ....................... Delta Df.lta Havey, Mrs. John David (Martha Rodgers) .. ... .............. Eta Eta Hendricks, Mrs. Joe J. (Katherine B. Nevins) .. ... . . ......... Eta Eta Irons, Mrs. W. D. (Neva Kriner) ... ..... ... . ....... ..... . . Iota Iota Jenkins, Mrs. (Jessie Hisle) .. .. ... ..... ....... .......... ... Eta Eta Johnson, Mrs. Walter (Zylpha Walker) ..... . ... ... ......... Iota Iota Jones, Mrs . W. A. (Maude Barrigar ) ................. Epsilon Epsilon Lantz, Marion .......... . ........................ . .... Theta Theta Martin, Mrs. Robert (Katherine Webb) ... ... ............. Delta Delta Mellick, Leslie ........ ...... . ................ . ..... Gamma Gamma Merrick, Lettie ..... . .................... . ............. Alpha Beta Pennington, Mrs. F loyd (Ann A. Cleveland) ... ...... .. Gamma Gamma Seaton, Mrs. Guy (Nettie Dickerson) .......... .. ..... . ... Alpha Beta Selinger, Mrs. J oachem E. (Janet Randolph) . .......... . . ..... M u iVI u Stewart, F. Katherine ............................... . .... Beta Beta Stokes, Mrs. James (Lila Dawson) .... ........ ...... ..... Alpha Beta Stone, Mrs. Ransom ( Ieoma Erickson) ..... .... .. .. .. ... .. Beta Beta Tinnen, Mrs. Harry P. (Florence Sublette) ........ . ....... Alpha Beta Tripner, Mrs. Curtis G. (Hlene Lutes) .................. Kappa Kappa Vorhees, Mrs. Ralph (Ruth Selby) .. . .. . ........... . ... . . Alpha Beta Ward, Faye .... . ............. . .................... Gamma Gamma



Address Correction Please send my PHoENIX to the following address:

Name ··········································································································································································-- -

Address (Permanent, Teaching) ···························································-·························-···················-·--...

Chapter ··················-······-·--·········································································---············-·········-·········································Former Address................................. ---························································-······-···-··············································-

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Name ···········································································--············································································--

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Date of Marriage ·············---·-·······································--·-·················································--·-······················-----·-----Chapur





President-Mrs. Fred M. Sharp, ZZ, 1405 Hardy Ave., Independence, Mo. Vice-President-Miss Evelyn G. Bell, II II , 8 E. Depew Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Secretary-Miss Leona Wilcox, II, 1916 44th, Des Moines, I owa. Treasurer-Mrs. Reinard Schlosser, BB, 2800 Dexter, Denver, Colo. Registra·r -Mrs. William M. Crook, NN, Apt. A 303 Narberth Hall, Narberth, Pa. Lo uise Stewart, YY, 3644 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Ill. E.1;tension 0 fficer-Mi ss S. June Smith, KK, 354 Manor, Millersville, Pa. Editor-Mrs. B. F. Leib, XX, 317 E . Fall Creek Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. Finance Chai·r Elizabeth B. Small, II II, 153 N. New H ampshire Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.


Con.s titnt1:on-Mrs. \iVayne R. Fuller, 430 Starin Ave., Buffalo, N. Y . Historian,-M rs. Roderick McCullough Thomas, 702 S. W . F ir t St., Miami, Fla. Songbook-Miss Ethel T obin, 5443 Romain Ave., Los A ngeles, Cali f. A lumnae-

Fellowship-Miss Esther Bucher, 4134 Eaton, Kansas City, Kans. Philanthropic-Mrs. John Stockton, West Carrollton, Ohio. Scholarship-Miss Joy Mahachek, State Teachers College, Indiana, Pa. So·r ority Examination-Miss Mary Gaal, 275 Deshler Ave., Columbus, Ohio.


Alpha-Miss· Grace B. Moran, Farmville, Va. Alpha A lph a-Miss Amy M. Swisher, The Tallawanda, Oxford, Ohio. Alpha B eta-Miss E thel Hook, 202 Conner Apts., K irksvill e, Mo. Alpha Gamma-M iss E thel A. Belden, State Teachers College, Indiana, Pa. Beta Bet0r-Edris Warner, 1214 19th St., Greeley, Colo. Gamma Gamma--M iss Vera Leeper, College and Choctaw St., Alva, Okla. Epsilon Epsilon-M iss Edna McCullough, 1017 Rural St., E mporia, Kans. Zeta Zeta-Miss Downs, Warrensburg, Mo. Eta Et0r-M iss Jane Carroll , 706 South Broadway, Pittsburg, Kans . Theta Thet0r-Miss Mabel C. Bragg, 80 Madison Ave., Newtonville, Mass. Iota I ota-Mrs. Hildegarde B . Nissly, 1078 24th St., Des Moines, I owa. Kappa KappOr-Miss Marj orie K. Jones, 1904 No. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Mn Mu-Miss E lsie Musolf, 112 S. Washington Ave., Ypsilanti, M ich. Nn Nu-Miss J ean M. Richmond, 1411 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. Xi X i-Miss Ethel T obin, 5443 Romain Ave., Los A ngeles, Cali f. Omic1·on Omicro1v-M iss Helen M. McClaflin, 237 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio. Pi Pi-Mrs. Carolyn W. Heyman, 10 Granger Place, Buffalo, N. Y. Rho Rho-Mrs. Margaret D. Seidel, 1661 Fifth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Sigma Sigma-Mi ss Lucy E. Spicer, 601 No. Taylor St., Gunnison, Colo. Tau. Tau-Miss Mae Paul, 409 W. 8th St., Hayes, Ka ns. Phi Phi-Miss Mariam G. Waggoner, M issouri State Teachers College, Maryvi lle, Mo. Psi Psi-Miss Marian Nelkins, Loui iana State Normal College, Natchitoches, La. Omega Omega-M~ss Audrey B. P eterson, 1835 Meade Ave., San Diego, Cali f.



Alpha- tate Teacher College, FarmYille, Va. Alpl1a Alpha-Miami niver ity, Oxford, Ohio. Alpha Beta- tate Teacher Colleg , Kirk ville, Mo. Alpha Gamma- tate Teacher College, Indiana, Pa. Bela Bela- olorado tate ollege of Education, Greeley, olo. Gamma Gamma- tate Teacher ollege, Alva, Okla. Epsilon Epsilou,- tate Teacher College, Emporia, Kan . Zeta Zeta- tate Teacher College, \Varren burg, [o. Eta Eta- tate Teacher College, Pitt burg, Kan . Theta The/a-Bo ton niver ity, Bo ton, ~fas . lola l ata-D rake niversity, D Moines, Iowa .

Kappa Kappa-Temp! nn路 r ity, Philadelphia, Pa. ~In Mu- tate N rmal lleg~. Yp iJanti, Mich. Na rt-Dr xel In titutc, Philadelphia, Pa. ali f rnia, L Xi Xi-l;niver ity of Ang le , alif. Omicron Omicrou- tate Teach r ollege, Kent, hio. ollegc, Buffalo, Pi Pi- tate Teacher . Y. Rl1o Rlio-1Iar hall Coli ge, Buntin ton, W. Ya. igma igma- \\ e tern tat II g , Gunni on, olo. Tart Tau-F rt Hay Kan a tate College, Hay , Kan a . Pl1i Plri- tat T ach r ollege, Maryville, 1\Io. Psi Psi- tate Teacher oil gc, Natchitochc , La. Omega Omega- an Diego tate ollcge, San Diego, alif.


Alva, Okla.-1\Ir . Charle W ood, 713 econd t., Alva, Okla. Boston, Mass.-1\Ir . lyde Jone , 36 Glen Road, \i\Tinche ter, Mass. Buffalo, . Y.- 1r . Wilbur Kraft, 27 Harvard Plac , Buffalo, . Y. Ceulral, Pa.-Mi s Geraldine mith, 312 \\ . Orange, Lanca ter, Pa. Cl1icago, fll. - Mi Dorothy Master , 7051 Og I by ve., Chicago, Ill. Co lumbus. 0/rio-Mr . Ralph Tibbal , 506 l\Iil f rd ve., Columbu , Ohio. Denver, Colo.-Mr . C. I. Lamb, 902 Cor na, Denver, olo. Des ~foiues, lowa.-Mr . \ alter elvey, 3712 dams t., De Moine , Iowa. Easlem Pemrsylva11ia - l\Ii Thelma t rtz, Eman , Pa. E mporia. Ka1rs.-Mr . L. D. P ete r on, 316 Ea t 8th, Emporia, Kan . Greeley, Cofo.-1\Ir . Flor nee very nder on, 1326 14th ve., Greeley, olo. Hays, Ka1rs.- Ir . Floyd Lee, Jr., 411 \Ve t 7th t. Hay , Kan . Hrmli11gto1~, TV. Va.-!o.Ii Mary Lilyan or uch, 1230 Third, Huntington, \ . Va.

l11dianapolis, lnd.-Mrs . Ho\ ard McDavitt, 4818 Ea t 11th t., Indianapolis, Ind. Kmrsas City, Jllo.-Mi Milclr d Hanthorn, 632 . C nion l. , I ndepcndcnce, Mo. Kent, 0/rio-Mi lice J. turgill, 217 University Drive, Kent, Ohio. Los A11geles, Calif.-Mr . laude late, 7050 . Jack on, Glendale, ali拢. Maryville Mo.-:Mis Mildred Hotchkin, 303 S. Buchanan, Maryville, Io. Philadelphia, Pa.- 1iss Ruth ailor, 28 East tate t., Doyle town, Pa. Pittsburg, Ka1rs.- 1is faude Laney, 910 . Pine t., Pitt burg, Kan . Pittsbr~rg/1, Pa.- 1r . C. I. Mauntel, 4218 Green burg Pike, Wilkinsburg, Pa. Toledo, Ohio-Mr . Merr ill Cook, 1421 Royalton, Toledo, Ohio. Wichita, Kaus.-)fr . Carlet n Hamilton, 727 . )fadi on, Wichita, Kans. Y psifa~rti, Miclr.-~[i udrey Eckert, 305 v\ ithington ve., Ferndale, Mich .





EDITORIAL STAFF National Editor Mrs. B. F. Leib, 317 East Fall Creek Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. A- Sallie Perrow, State Teachers College, Farmville, Va. AA- June Harpster, 19 Bishop Hall, Oxford, Ohio. AB-Betty Huckstep 207 E. Normal St., Kirksville, Mo. Ar-Angie Holman, 201-N J ohn Sutton Hall, Indiana, Pa. BE-Evelyn Fesenmeyer, 1829 7th Ave., Greeley, Colo. rr-Giadyes Reed, Alva, Okla. EE-Dolores Tholen, 706 Cottonwood St., Emporia, Kans. ZZ- Charlotte Reidenbach, 304 East Culton St., Warrensburg, Mo. HH-Lucille Mallard, 911 South Olive St., Pittsburg, Kans. 88-Martha Putnam Levis, 70 School St., Roxbury, Mass. II-Martina Meyer, Drake Dormitory, Des Moines, Iowa.

KK- Jane Dicks'on, 1917 Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.

MMNN- Catherine Brackin, 94 E. Greenwood Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. 33- Dorothy Linden, 4516 0 St. Charles Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 00- Velma B. Kauffman, 118 Sherman St., Kent, Ohio. II IT-Dorothy A. Fricke, 309 Richmond Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. PP-Elizabeth Cary, 620 16th St., Huntington, W. Va. ~~-B etty Cr eel, Gunnison, Colo. TT-Louise Peterson, 332 W. 8th St., Hays, Kans. <I> ill- Clara Ellen Wolfe, Residence Hall, Maryville, Mo. <p(!)-Evangeline Lynch, Box 786 Normal Station, Natchitoches, La. QQ-Nancy Taylor, 130 West Laurel St., San Diego, Calif.


Chai1'1111a11r--Miss路 Edith Mansell, A lpha Sigma Tau, 215 Highland Ave., Highland Park, Mich. Secretar31-Miss Mabel Lee Walton, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Drawer 271, Woodstock, Virginia. Treasurer-Mrs . Fred Sharp, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1405 Hardy Avenue, Independence, Mo. Director of Local Panhellenics-Mrs. C. P. Neidig, Pi Kappa Sigma, 3632 Pax-

Pherson, Pi Delta Theta, ton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Di1'ect01' of City Panhellenics-Mrs. Orley See, Delta Sigma Epsilon, .48 Wildwood Avenue, Piedmont, Calif. Chairman of Eligibility and Nationalization-Miss Carrie E. Walter, Theta Sigma Upsilon, 3815 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chairmam of Publicity-Miss Lula MeState Teachers Coll ege, Pittsburg, Kans.

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Asa phoenix vol 22 no 4 may 1936  
Asa phoenix vol 22 no 4 may 1936