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.l_>Q UUli

One member has r aised the question of the proper pronunciation of.'' liOENIXn . It seems that there is some difference of op inion regarding t h1s • . ~he name , as stated on the firs~~age of the issue of November 1, 1914, 1s f rom t he ~reek work- m 0 I ~ I -· ~he first letter comes over in to,En~l ish as ' Ph ', the di pht hong as ' oe', and the last letter as 'x '. 7he ph has the sound of ' f ', as in 'philoso phy' etc. ~he diu hthong i n t he Gr~ek , iss~ posed to have t he sound of 'oy ' as in ' joy • : but ' when carr1ed over 1nto ~nglish in the form ' oe• it is usually given the so und of ' ee •, as in 'hom eopathy, whose more ~odern spelling is ' homeo pat hy' . Just as it is bec oming more customary to use t he •e • instead of t he 'oe ' i n t he latter word , so the re are people who ap 11 the name of our magazine , when referring to the bird, as 'phenix' . ~inca we are a · Greek-lett er sorority , using the Greek words in our Hitual, it seeme d . t o t ?e Cen t ral Office to b~ wiser to use the older form of sjle:Jll ing . Al though t ner e may be some quest 1on as to the spelling, there would not seem to be any r egarding the pron unciation , so the Central Office would stat e at t his time t hat the official pronunciation is ' l!'ee-nicks '. ~h ere is one ASA who is supremely happy , bec uuse s ' e has learned t hat s he may wear a Reco gnition ~ in. She had supposed that this was to be a badge of ho nor, that ·was · to be worn only by those who had one s ome signal service for t he soro r ity . Perha ps the time will come when SA will r e cogni ze distinguished services in some way , just as othe r sororities and f r aternities do, when they arrange for spec ial jewelry for special se rvice. One of t he Miami girls writes a little more fully about t he table dec or at i ons, which were in t he suppl ementary colors, at the b i rt hday party and where t he place cards were labeled with nicknames of t he girls . She a dd ed also t hat they lingered so long at the table that t hey who belonged t o Ari on Uhoir were fined 25~ a niece for be1ng late at rehearsal . The four alumnae clubs in issouri were represen t ed on t he toast program at · ~ pha Beta ' s in i tiation banquet, t he speakers being ··rs . Alta ..I!' a i r f or t he' i sville Al n e, .h;va stuck for .tiap.nibal, Anna Pears on for ~ih e r l y , and r • lyde .ady for Un~onville. An int eresting fact i n conn ec t i on wit , t his s a. e banquet is ¥ at it was furnished by the ladies of t he e t hodist ~pi sc opal Churc h ~out h , who planne d the menu, i n s o far as was po ss ible to car ry out t he c olo r s . ~hey called the salad a f t er t h e soro r ity. Al pha Be ta wr it es t hat its ~tate ~ ecret ary and its Regist rar card catal ogs are all in s ha pe, that i has typewritten uonstituti on and ByLaws a t t ractively bound in r ed leather, t his same to be decorated with t he coat-of-arms just as soon as t he sorority as ad o_ t ed on e of f icial ly . ~ he Uha . t er b ought a b ook already b ound for t he Plad J e a nd Regular Initi ation ~ e rv ices, but has made an attractive cover for this. Huth .l)uf fey is out for six sub s cri pti ons to t he P.rill.h;l~ l X" . lf she succeeds in getting t hes e , Alpha Al pha can clai m t nat it has ev ery member a sub s criber. ~hi s chapter has not had so long an exist ence as the ot her t hree , so tlut h knows pers onal l y pract i cally every memb er . 1t is quite a differen t pro pos iti on i n t ne oth -r cas es , where g irls hav e been out of sc ho ol many years and wh ere the ac ti ves have nev er met mor e t han a very few of t he alumna~ . ~lva Doyle , however, says s he is going to get at


leas~ 100 subscript~ons fro Alpha Heta. s sn e nas already succeeded in gettlng more than seventy , the Central office is ~ea y to wage r four to one, that s he will reac h he r goal. any of t he former Kappa T ~ta Psis have sent t n~ir sub s c:iptions to the ~antral Office, and i n many cases they have Wrl tten dellghtful letters full of interest and ent _. . usiasm. , Mary ~ur~hy wrote from Blessing Hos pital at uincy, 11 _ ., and sent n~r subscrlptlon and that of her sister , Mrs . Rial cReynolds of Knox Clty, Mo . Other far-away gi rls who could not be initiated but wh o wa "t to know all that is going an are ..l!'lorence Kerr 572 Buckeye Street ooster, 0., Vivian ,alther and Helen; Mcintyre of aleveland Okla. ' Oakley Thomas, 502 E. 2nd Ave., ine Bluff Ark ., and Anna Ea;hart of ayto n, ash. Maude Copper sent hers from Milan, o., and ..!!'ranees l! unkhouser from cAll en, 'l'exas . Mrs . R. W. Ro s siter of heridan , ontana, wrote iss Jewett that she 'longed to start instanter for Kirksville and the big doings of arch 27t h, but that she was just back from a tour of California, so another trip was impossible'. Her co us in, .l!'loss Kerr , wrote Miss Jewett also to say that she was deeply interested and that it seemed good to see a publication that had some news of the old girls. She went on to say that it was 13 or 14 years since she had been a member of Kappa ~heta Psi, but that she was still very much alive and enthusiastic over ASA. She was not sure at the time of writing whether s he was eligible to ASA, but s he said that, if so, s he wanted to plan to get back to Kirksville for t he June Initiation. Clara Pearson was terribly sorry not to be able to get back for the darch lni tiation, but in order to .do so she woul d have to drive many miles to get a t r ain that would take her to Kirksville. She would have been very glad to do so, but the conditions of the roads made it impossible, and if she had gone the usual way, via Albia, 1&., she would have been obliged to loae some time at t he hi gh school woore she is teac hi ng . · She suggested that ASA ought to have a 'corres pondence course', so that distant memb~s might attain to the di gnity of ASA . , Marion Ga~er , ~:>tate Secretary , went back from Central•~rp·;o for the initiat ion and banquet, and to ok with her one of the students who is a member of t he Junior Sorority known as Beta Sigma Omicron. arion writes , I just must tell you ho w proud I was of t ne way in which the initiation was conducted, of t he large number of girls who came from all parts of the state , of the beautiful banquet, and above all of t he wonderful soro rity s pirit and en t hus iasm that the gi rls showed. I was especially glad that the Chapter made such a fine showing, I or I took as a guest for the week-end one of t he sorority girls of this school. She was much impres sed and told me that in the four years she had been a member she never saw so much a f fection and enthusiasm expr es sed at any sorority celebration, not even a Convention ! Marion went on to say that she is enjoying her work immensely, t hat she has only three hour s work a day , so there is time for he r to do some china painting under a particularly fine teacher. · Lucy Reddish , who was quarantiBid at the time of the December Initiation, wrote to say that all the girls wer e deeply impressed with the beauty and sol emnity of the services . Altho Lu~ has been a Kappa Theta Psi for a long time, and tho Kappa memories are very dear, still she is very sure t hat ASA will become still dearer and mean much more. Her one regret is that t his is her last year at school. She says that she 'is working and playing hard to make it count f or. the most in her whole course .~. She speaks also of t he jolly bunch of seven g lrls that stay at on e house and who have such good times soget her. She has found t he new songs most inspiring and wis hes that Baby Phoenix might hear the bunch sing nKing ASA" and "There's many a l!'rat" . The girls are proud of what the Uhapt er has done this year so f a r, and they are planning even better and greater things for the f uture. 1



The Central Office fully expected thct the members would nll get in the March Ex ru:ninc.tion. This was made very simple and easy. bccnuso it wns felt that there was so much that was new in AS& within n few mo~ths that it ~ould be ~ difficult m~tter for the membership to grnsp th~ full significnnce of all the new ~.defl.S o.nd plans. There seemed to be nothing in the whole examination that would prove in any wa~ difficult, o~ of doubtful interpretation~ However there was one question on which a g~~at many fell down. In view of the fact that there are so many new subscribers to the WFHOENIX•, many of whom have not yet had an opportunity for initiation, it has seem9d wise to the Central Oftice to includ4 in this week's issue df the magazi:1e the sheet contf\ining 'ths exemina.tion, together with an explanation 1n the case of ~ number of thw questions. AA it is possible to :find tb9 "A.IMrr set forth in the Consti'iiu·tion, and as thia latter is included in. th'9 issue of December 1,. it will not be necessary to touch upon that question. ··The others, however, we are taking up in order. II. ~hiu the question on which so many fell down. You did - J~ t notice the "s" on the last word, so that many of you gave only the meaning ~et forth in the main Service. There . are many meanings of ASA. It is a Hebrew word that signifies 'h~~ler, or physician 1 • It is a Greek word, ~hose mea:a is madti clear in the PlAll ga Se:t"vice. It is in this same Ri-tual thE.t emphasis· i s lqid on tb~ fact that it is also the foundation date of ASJl . The three J.etters a:r.e, moreover, the initials of the Greek motto in wn ich are set f ort'h. the of the sorority. · III. ASA was'i~d a~ the Virg1k.ia State Normal School,November 15, 1901. IV. ASA entered any kind of institution where the group was satisfactory, i.e. it entered college or boarding school~ It had on its ~oll, in addition to the Mother Chapter, four seminaries, Lewisburg in West va., Mal.-y Jaldwin :l.;t Yirgj.nia ~ ~airmont in Washington, ward in NashitiJ.J.e, one institut~a¥auvlirginio., two schools, Ot o Mary :: s in North Caro- . lina and Hamilton in Waohington, four collP-ges f or girls , Columbia in South Carolina, Ran~1o1ph-Macnn .. -·~ -in V"i r, Brenau and Shorter in C·eorgia, . one coedul3aticna.J.. college ~ Mt c. Union in Ohio. V. ASA was a ~ M:l. ~mi. University in Oxford, o., during the 1914 Thanksg i,:ring Receso ~ WhJ., :i. t waE :r&Brganized is set forth very clearly in the is8ue c~ Decembex l8 t ~ ~hich answers VI. VII. ASA may now ent·e r only one t~rpe of school, tha f.. whi ch fits girls for the teaohing profession. No institution rna}'~ be c.t ns ·;_ae re d, unless it demands· for matricu-'l ation a full four years high schoc..• J. e<ru.rse . ' VIII. The present chaptel's are four in numQer, are named and located as follows, . Alpha State Nor-mal School, Farmville, Va. Al pha Alp;la Miami University, Oxford, o. Al~ha Be t a State Normal School , Kirksville, Mo. Alpha Oamma State Normal School, Indiana, Penn. JLJo%

There is ncthing at all oi ff i c·11tl i n the exam i nation, nothing that ought to have gi-ven any trc;ubJ.t ~ o fJ.:~;r ?~J.e. Next ye a ri s examination . will be a very much stiffez l)nft, l~ut u.. aJ..l . .u .kel ihood some of these q~est1ons w·i ll be repeated, so it is well. for e·rvery act ve girl to be perfec~ly sure she knows all the information abov e . ~'1Je pl.ans of the Comnn.ttee are not yet completed, but th~re :i.~ a ~ oss ~:b i l i ty th~t . t~!e Chairman may make out two sets of examinat1on, n ~ J.: o.t• · n ewer 1n1 t 1a tes, and one nore difficult for the upper class gi rl!; who hav e had th is first ye a r's ex-perience in ASA. If the member~ of the soror i t y a xe t? ta~e th~ir_pl ~c e in Hellas as the peers of any other Greek-Letter .Jr gan ~ z ~t1.on, 1.t l.S 'l.mperatjve that they should be familiar with all matter pertaining to the history and development of their sorority.

R • P~.. :I!

A7IO! C)-::.3 7IO:J , r.;;. (1 0 "'••V I


Clri tc plc.inly 1n ink)

I. St a t e t he Aim of Alpha

II .



thn three mccnings of

Alphn .


cs set forth in the rituuls .

I V . . :1h~t fields did it Enter the first dcoadc?

VI .


rr ::r

uns it rc Bfgan ized?

~·n1c. t

schools may it no\7 enter?


there any limitc tiens?

VIII . Nwne and locate its ·)resent chc.1ters.

Pnpcrs,:·; hen fillet~ out,shonld be hcn c1 cd to the c ·:··.c.y·ccr Pres icent, i''ho ·:iill fo:rr:o.rC. -t, en i.J:;n.J€Cl i o. tc ly in r. scc:.le:: cnvclo:?e to !h::;s :Clvu Do ~lc, 3·:18 S ~ uth Ri~ h St. Zlrksville, Uissouri.

Asa phoenix vol 1 no 22 apr 1915  
Asa phoenix vol 1 no 22 apr 1915