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Altho t her e has not been very much excitement in Al pha , we haTe managed to have a go od time , as wel l as to atte nd to the welfare of the chapter. Abo ut a week ago , we were i nformed by lJr . .arman, the President of t he sc hoo l, t hat the ~ as lawsky ~tring uartette would honor us wit h _a performance . We a ll a t tended and enjoyed the program, but , if one may JUd ge by t he number of yawning and s l eepy- eyed girls, especial ly ~hose who were fortunate or unfortunate enough to have beaux , it was JUSt a lit t l e too cl assical. e were rewarded the next mornin • *arman.~ ~ving us a ho l i day. e announce 1 in chapel. The ap pl ause , 1n add1 1on t o t he barking of ~YP Jarman, the pupL as so great as to n early drown hi s voice, but finally we m~aged to pick up fragments of his s pe ech and joined in t he applause . · By the say, girl s , you ougnt to have .l!.:lizab et n Clements tell yo u of h er exp erienc e t he ot her night when the great magicians , r . and rs. Vail, came to town and gave a performance at the Opera House . Of c ouse t he usual s t unts of magic were pulled off ith the disap pearance of eggs, etc. and f inal l y Mr . Vai l asked for three rings from the aud ience to do a lit t l e trick with, - one a wedding ring, but t hat wasn 't .l!.: li zabeth's fo r s he se nt her little silver ASA ring up to the stage. We were soon all pet rified, for we thought surely after Mr . Vail got through po~ding the jewelry to pi eces that we wo uld never see it again, but "Not ASA", like t he n HOENIX" it was killed but arose again and came back with some chocolate c andy tied to it in a little cheese cloth bag. I wonder if all the other chapters have been as busy as we have on new songs . We have made up about eig t new ones and expect t o practis e t hem i n a f ew days at a social meeting we are going to have . The new gi rls are go i ng to give t he old girls a party and expect to have a jol ly go od ti me practising t he new songs. We pledged a new g irl , .l!.:lizab eth Lewis l a s t week and are so pleased to have her with us. She lives her e i n to wn and we expect her to bring us much honor, as she is very bright in her classes , as well as being attra ctive. e read in the "P OENIX" about the new recognition pin and we were delighted with tho description that we are thinking af giving some of them to t he new g irls as favors , as we are in need of so me in the frat . Al l of us enjoy t he "P OENIX" and are deli ghted with the new songs . They are s o attractive and catchy , In our pledge service thi~ evening we played new ASA song to t he tune of "I l ove you tr~ly" and it was so pr etty and was she. s weet t hat our little pl ed ge just wept her eyes out , so t ' ,e a r e lo oking f orward to the c oming of t he next " HOENIX" , fo t e chapter l ette r s a re always so full of news and interest.


ALPHA ALPHA Everyt hi ng at Mi ami i s pretty qui et just now, for the student body i s awa i ting t he arriv al of vac at ion , but t he Chapter has manag ed to tuck in one good time . That was about St . Patrick 's day, and we gave a surprise dinner party on El izab et h Key ' s birt hd~y . All the plans went off smcot hly, .l!.:lizabeth being quite in the dark unt1l the very last_mom~nt when w e ~waiti ng for a few late comers and when one of t hem rush1ng 1n ~


said, I reckon the re a .c e ') lace c r ds. Tell me just !ere .L to sit , so I wun' t have to ander about". 7el l it wa all o.L f t en ut ~lizabet h was so ple as ed and amus ed t hat the girl ad given it a ay • . e all had a glorious good time and Elizab eth won t soon forget er first birthday away fr om home very soon. . Oufco~l~ g e paper is called t he "Student" and every year e have a str1ctly g1rls 1ssue. Of cours e f or t hi s there is a special sta f and one of our girls was the only freshman selected. It meant extra ~ork for ~ he girl, but.we usually forget the work when ASA is broug tun into pr?m1ne~ce • . ad71gal.Club, which is made up of the t .irty best women's vo1ces 1n the Un1vers~ty, went to Hamilton last nignt and gave a recital. We have only one girl, Ruth Slonaker, in Madr igal this year but we hoping for more representatives. · ' ~re Pres ident riug hes is stil l stirred up about t 1e Hushing Rules f or next .l!'all and he called another meeting recently of all t he sorer i ty a d fraternity representatives. His newest plan is t hat rus hing should be gin 1 as soon as students arrive here, that is we can pl edge when we meet girls at t he train or any time. Eve ry one is very indi gnant at such a plan and our girls especially, for we can not tell Normal g irls fr om Liberal Arts for t he first fe w days, and again a freshman is at such a disadvantage. Another idea of Prexy's is that we should all initiate t he same n i ght. He says that initiation is a time when all the alumnae come back, and i f all initiate at t e same time t he alumnae will not only s ee t heir own gir ls, but they will see girls of other sororities who were t heir classmates. He , made the point that alumnae should be broad enough to be interest ed in ot her girls than t heir ovm. The idea of sormrity life can certainly be improved at Miami, for the spirit between t he ormal Sororities es pecially is not particularly a 'lov ing' one. Every year at Commen cement one of t he big events is what is knovm as 'Students Night'. This· year we are to have in connection with t his a 'fraternity sing '. Every sorority and frater ni ty is to march into a large triangle to be formed between t wo building and si ng their songs. On t hese nights the campus is always brilliantly lighted and many stunts are put on. Music, peanuts, popcorn w1d chewing gum are always in abundance and ev ery one t horoly enj oys hims elf, fo r he is conti nually meeting a former student whom he has no t seen i n a long ti me . ASA intends to shine in t he 'Fraternity Sing ' this year. Bere's wishing all ASAs the jollies t kind of S ~ ring Vacati on and here's t he best of go od wishes to Al pha Gamma in her rush ing . ALPHA


Al oha Beta has done many things i n t he month of •arch and has been very success f ul in everyt hi ng t hat it has undertaken. The t hi rd quarter of s.chool began Marc il third. Mrs. Swartz and . . ildred . ard did not return but Lena Newmeyer, who has been teac hing duri ng the winter , and sever al Kanpa g irls came back. These wit h t he new initiates gives the undergraduate chapter a roll of 20. March sixth was Pledge ~ight . All t he girls listened to the. Service f or t he fir~t time and thought it very im ressi ve. Three girls were pled ged, Rena ~rriott, Zola Chr i sty and Celeste N?el. The~e were t he girls as ked duri ng the last quart er. After the ~e rv1ce the g1rls enjoyed a social hour. .l!'lorence York Stahl and Rena Garriott furnished music. rtefreshments were served. Then for a week all was quiet. ~ve ry ASA looke d serious. ~hat was because of the a pproac hi ng sorority exami nation. It may advisable · to 'cram' for an examination, but i n this case we found 1t very useful and it added considerab l e to our comfort on the day of examination. After t he te s t was over however, t he r e was something to be rejoiced over , because we learne d that'we are t o be represented in the "Bcho", our school Annual. Ours was the f i rs t s orority t o be granted that privil ege by the

~resident • . e have had a compo~ ite uicture ad e an d e t nink it will add ~onsider~ble to t he a pp ea range of the bo ok. e understan t ha t t l e f rauernity 1n sc~ool and t he other sorority are contented wit h gro uo jict ures. Alpna ~eta has b ~ en some~hat extended since last we wrote. Two more ?raduat~ clubs have been organized recently . t oberly the club

came 1nto ex1stence on arch sixt h . Carmen Fis her wrote to t he girls and they met at Lennye 1'ucker's for organization. T e members hi n is at oresent six, and it is the intention to hold meetings once a mont h . ~ Carmen was elec~ed ' resident. On March 17th , thro the efforts of Eva Stuck, the Hann1bal ASAs got together at the home of rs. cLain and establis hed a graduate club that is to meet every two weeks, and which elected a as President. , . . . T~e following week and a half the Chapter spent in preparing for ~ ne.1nlt1a~1on and banquet. Making arrangements was quite a probl em , f or 1t lS diff1cult to get together a group of girls living in different parts of the town, but Julia Sparka, our President, managed every thing very cle~erly ~d with~he assistance of Elva, who is always ready to hel . and adv19e, th1ngs went very smoothly. Our initiation began at 6.30 in the Al pha Tau Sigma hall. Twenty five in all were initiated two of t hese being new girls and the others former Kappa Theta Psis. 'Tnere are still quite a few of our old girls who could not be present at this initiat ion, but many are planning to be here during the summer, so we expect to hold another initiation in June. Rena Garriott could .not be initiated on the present occasion because she is a teacher at our Normal School, but we expect to have here with us later. After the initiatio n was over, Leo Rachford talked on t he g~rn­ ment of the sorority, while Miss Jewett followed with a most inter esting talk on the part alumnae are to play in the organization. She alsoftead read several letters from alumnae unable to be present, one in Montana an d another in Ohio. We went over to l:asonic .l:Iall for the banquet. ]·iftxtwo ASAs and two guests sat down to the long table. It was wonderfully 1nspiring to see so many together. The table was beautifully d ecorated with red roses and red candles, and such toasts! Leo made a ~plendid toastmistress. Stnrk talked on "Our Sorority its Miss ion We always expect something unusua ly fine from Miss Jewett, our faculty adviser, and we were not disappointed, for in her toast, rtThe ission of the Sorority to the ll-raduate '', she showed very clearly her remarkable ability in encouraging the rig l1t sort of sorority spirit i n the girls . Miss J ewett is a rea ins · · s ere. The talK y , rs. ady on "~he Sorori as a Matrimonial 1'raini Sc.8ooJ" was closely followed and many o us have resolved o e er words to heart. Anna Pearson talked on t he "Future of ASA., and ·rs • .l!'air on touching most beautifully on the old Kappa 1' het~ Psis. Julia nMemories Sparks took for her subject "The ~al ~orority ~irl", and s he paid a splendid tribute to ~lva Doyle by taking her as the ldeal. As we have pled ges with unusual mus ical ability, we asked them, as ~heir s p ecial con tribution to t he success of the banquet to com ~ ost and s1ng an ASA song. You will all have a c hance to judge of their eff orts, for we thought it s o good that we sent it on to the C~ntral O~fice. Hean is ?ne of_t he finest musicians in the school and 1s teach1ng t wo classes 1n mus1c the r e, so you see ~hat a treat we have in store. L astly _w~ san~ '~i n g AS~~ of sorority fame. Tho many of the girls are not f am1 l1ar Wl th t he soug, the seven who live at 205 East Jeffers on St., sang it wit h sufficient vigor for the whole assembly. Everyone ·~ ~greed that t he evening was one of t he most pleasant t hat had ever been spent. To date the r e have been 8 ~ irls i · · Co unting Elva and ~ ennye 1 who were initiat a onvent i on , we have a mem ersh i p of iexeut~ 68 subscriptio ns to t he " PHOEN I X" have been sent in. In. this connectio n we must not forget to mention t he fact t hat Saloma Sm1t h





has a 5- ye or subocription . Our girls have a·ntaine a 1i 0 of s.c ho larship so far t .hie year. During t he fir t quarter Lucy one of 11 honor students. To be on the onor Ro l l a s t •u-!id•e'"n-:'" t .........-..~;.;;;:.. a grade of "E" in four subjects. The fo l l owing te; m Leo Celeste Noel were t he SA re presentatives out of a grou AL ?.t.IA. G

The Chapter has sent out a lett er to all its alumnae and as The returns are not so satis actory as we might eg Veil, one of our alumnae, is w1s h! but_st1ll t hey are encouraging. work1ng w1th .us and we hope to send i n a splendid report soon. Those that have subscribed to date are Mary ~uncan edora Graff Eleanor Lowry .c..azel ! cCreight, Mary e. iller , Sarah 'rosser ·• ranc;s Shiffer .l!'lo' ~toneseipher, Margaret Veil, Oka oley , Edythe' .it hington and Ailee eyman. Some of the girls who subs cribed and who are planning to return for t ~ e initiat ion and banquet have asked us to tell them whom we expect. At t he time of writing we have promises to attend from argaret Veil: E~eanor Lowry, Hazel cCreight , Clara Laing, Edythe ithington, orma P1.per "' , .!!'ranees Shiffer , tary !f.: . iller, Alice rV eyman. and .Mary Duncan, Oka iley, .Jrlo Stones eipher , .Medora ~raff , ary C. Miller, :::>arah rosiser . We hope t hat t he publication of these names in the ' P.!::iOEHlX" will be t he means of bringing many more girls back for the ~pring Initiation, and that those who can not come for t he next one will surely return for the J·une lni tiation. e are sure after our own experience and that of our alumnae as are already members that thew will never regret it. This is our last week at school and that means that we are still rushing. We always rush in the dance hall, a f ter lunch and dinner, but as this is Holy Wekk, we may not use the hall, so are trying to entertain t he girls otherwise . We had a chicken dinner yesterday out at Hanxhurst , a little aountry home about two miles out of town. The alumnae who read this will envy us that dinner. Mrs • .l::ianxhurst is noted as a famous cook, and the 21 of us that sat down at the table did full justice to the waffles. rlow we wish that our old girls could have been there to join in the frolic. At the beginning of the new term we shall know whom we shall get after our long , hard, rushing season. e sent out our invitations on Wednesday a f ternoon , but we shall not know results until we return. One of our rivals, hi Kappa 2 i , is rushing hard two of t h e girls we want . We have had a few hints that we shall get the girls and naturally we are all smiles, for people have a habit of saying that Phi appa r i gets t he gi rl is goes after. " Our alumnae will smile when they hear of our expec tation of getting ahead of t his strong rival, but we are almost s ure t hat we s hall. ve are not expecting many initiates, gecause we have not sent out many bids. Desirable girls are very scarce this y ear. tlushing has been particularly difficult, because we are up against five ot her soto rities. These rivals of ours may not be known elsewhere, but they have good bun•hes nere. ~he SSS group does not worry us yet. ~hey nave some nice gi rls, but will not hurt us for several years at least. ~ hei~ bunch was jus t gotten toget her for t he purpose, ~o_lacks organ1zat~o~ . we leave for home on ~hursd8¥• Sehool w1ll not open of f 1c1ally until ~pril 13th , but we are all coming back before then, because we are to have an all-sor ority dance. You oan imagine how excited we are in antic ipa tion of t his event, because we shall know our f ate by that time. tler,e's bo oing t hat as good l uck will come our way as has favored our other chapters t his year. We extend the heartiest kind of welcome to all our alunmae to come back and celebrate. we need and want every one of you , so please be here in force at initiation time. h~ard from q~ite a fe w.


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Asa phoenix vol 1 no 21 apr 1915  

Asa phoenix vol 1 no 21 apr 1915