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.January ... .....• 24, 191 !>

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In oraer that this year ne~ yea r of 1915 may be distinguished f r om evert other 1n the history oi ASA, so far as the ob.(\pters a re CNn ern d it hns been tieci~ed thct there s hell be a repo rt of ohcpte r coti~ ities '

sen·~ into the Ce:lttt.l Off:tce r.n the first day of every month. The Chc:pt r president ahull assign this duty to oithe r t he His t orian or t hR S ecret~.ry , aa may seem beet, but the Pre~ident is the one Tiho '7111 b e h e ld r espon3 ible for 1 ts l)rompt appenrcnce. Th in r ep ort shoul d o7er not on l y t h e oho.pter activities. but should v.lsG t ouch upon any i nter tint; things thnt mcy he.-;e hnp-rened in th e 9 Ch ool. F or the ~re. ent nb l irli t i 0 ?l:'.ocd u:_lon length. anr.. it is the hope of the Oentrv.l Off ice t hr t the ·-rri te r ~: ill enter into· j!C.rtioulars, becr: u s e t h e i~e c. in ha.rinG t1 e!=le 11o··1thly Letter., is to enr:'ule the Cot,_ncil f·.nCl Cr-.b i ne t tc; just r:-hnt the U.l"ld ·· r:-:rr.'du""te c;rou~.:>::: ~re doing, or 'I)la ··nin.::; t o do. I f it is fm,nd poss i ble to con" i nuo tho :n~l>l ic; t ion of the PROiniX a fter the p r e!1ent t ssue, it i s hif;'h l y ~robeble that these let J~.-; r s 11111 be ~r esented to the nhole rnembczo-,h i? thro the ~eekly issue. ny the ~"' cy, hot7 mrm:r o~ .,.on h cve thoneht of rc1c1 i nc; U? ·~}-- c~ir;itc oi tl113 'J[.n Q ne'"' ~:o-e r: r-1915? Jtn t a. o i t s ·. ·~ d see ·:·rhct ~TOP. ge t. Thc.. t 0\u·c l:r oucht -~ o co,1v inc e e-very one of -:,Tou thC' t 1;hc: ;,?er: r n)on i'ihich u e c::.·e nou e ·~c. r·cinc i~! :;_1ec1:.lic rly c11 LSA yev r . l1~ ere not t:;oing to fore c r. t ·:rhat the harvest m~y be, b u t i7 e a re 3 cing to ~ ak eve r y on e of y ou t o Gi Ye of her best i n full me a sure, to t he en~ t hat 1 91 5 mr..~r be remc.rkc..ble f or things o.aooml)liJbed in ASA. The in13trc.t ion3.,l)le.ns hn.":·e r.ll been outline~ in the Pre !~ic1cnt 1 a I ncmGUrE-1, s o you are o.l l i'r.milinr tJith ":.rhe.t the Council bo~1es te be Eble t o de. , bu t there Gor e 2ome ne,_.- L :.ct: s ado:.;>te(. b y ·che Council thct m~.;:.r i ;1tere st ::ou ull. One of -~hom 13,


corr~ CIL


You all Be t tint; s o we l l o.cqur..iJ.''<CoC: ~. : i th the P~m:-:u:a that y u hcve not thouc;ht it ·p o.s s:i.ble -tha t there c c- ttlcl be 'ny other b il'u in ASl , but there is. He is a :Roun<l R''l> i n Red -·Brcr st . He :Ll ies from ·~he Con ~ro.l O~~ice out to Ruth Dufi'ey in Ohio,_ then on to ra·.re Doyle in !Iissouri, then 30ut~e r st to ~orth C ~r olinn to Doro thy B~ttcn ~nd then back to old Bo~t on T~~. I n his pouch go a ll t h e letters t hnt come tc the Cent rr l Of~ice that may pro-,;- e of int ereR t t o fl.ny C'the:r member of tho Council. The Centr2 l Of:Zice n c1ds cor:mwnt s i n RCD :i..r.k, no t only bec2.u se th . . _·t is n.n S~1 color, bt1.t becc.use the Robin gee s to t !:e P.-E-D 11eople, i.e. to Ruth, T:lva C'.nC't Dorothy. It i s c. rf'.the r i ~~. t ere~t coincidence thr t thc Given names of ·three membo:rs of the Counc i l s h onlc. beE;in ;:ith let"'tiers that spell the \lorf. Rim. The fir s t robin c a rrie d n ~r oclrunat i .)n frrm .':in[.; /.SA, to the ei'iect thc.t the letters mu st be s ent urm:.nd prom-p·tly. If yon have not ho.C:. an introductio n to the Old! a ing ASA? y CJu rmnt to get one right a\iuy , for II is Royr:.l t"';- belon g;~ to t he ? oro r i ty 1 u h i l e the r;ay he ·. ·~ars his ototm r.nG. the ex-.l?res ~ ion on - his f a c e n re ~:e ll v;,d:·th g oing som e mile !"'! to see , It -.; ;o.s he T7ho snse e Ated tt;, your Nc. ti onnl :Pres i c1m.t the.t ~ he huve an .!JBA Hiuncturet' to be usee: in ASJ.",. c orres yr.,_deno e only~ Hero 1 t is . Ho":"' mr ny of ~rou can :Li;1t1 (:i ~ tincti'·: el y 16 /',_~~".th ing s'it it? ~.

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The fai;es are certainly favoring J.S;.! Its :Lirst ·)rintec1 Hi3to _ ~fL_just. nome ~i"ro~ .t.ha ·:'Jre3s or ' eo. r~nta Publi:::;hin, Com·,1E.n o ·· - {9/b ·nasha ~1s • .It a:pj_)eared in the J?ecemb,rr ~J1m""uer of the ttGree}: I:xohancre". a quarterly issued by the firm in the interest of the fraternity system. !he History in question is one of the So.rority Stud~r Series that yonr president,.ia rmming in ~onnection v.rith h~r r:O'rk ~Sorority Eclitor of tho ~g·e !l.'his Series has been taken U!? in alpl:a be=tioal order, ant:. it ust appened by accident that AS~'s turn to be written un came tn the · J)ecember IR~Tne . If ;.rour ~resident had starteO.. the Serie:/a little earlier, the !SA History uould have ap~eared before the Convention was held and MtUld not h~ye made anything but a poor showing. Tt~o Sorority Ec"H tor z:n.ostt oertainl!P'Ha~e tried to say just as nice things as p\.ssible , not because she endeavo-rs at all times to b6 just a ltttle more than fair to , ~veryb~dy, but also because she has al~aya liked AS~ and has been on the loo!:ont for opportnni ties to give 1t a bc•ost. Still, no matter how n:uch she may have wanted to help ASA, there really would not have been much o:r ' anythinG that she could say to call attention to it, or to make Hellns think that it ooP..nted :Cor very much. The fates most certainly dicl :ravor !31., "1h~n they brought it to pass that the write-up should come after Convf!ntion ana that t~ author s onld be none other than its ie.t t:~, \7ho was thoron[;hl7 converaan ui 1 a.L 1 :;,. up ~o and all that transpirec at r:iami. :very .':..3A who has a S?ark ~f interest in her sorC'rity will want t0 read this Ristory • There is a creat c1eo.l else that makes good rec.aing 1~1 the December UUi.. ber of .;he "=xchanGe". There are re .·•ort3 of t:-..e Iron':::: I:.1terf1~~ terni ty Conference U!lG.. of the 'V7oi!len ' s lh~"l. i onal Panhellenic Con:;rcss, an article on the relction of c;radnntc a to the frate:cnH;y, ano·~her on the auc.cessful manacement of the fraternity magazine, and a third on Sr.:.: Prr. ·cisog as a convention contra :Cor l01G,. in ac1dition to the usual editorials and G.c·vnrtments. All the chapters have 'been asked to su.~)scribe for -'~he Exchange" for the present school year, but ll:tl~ others uho may i113h Jco do so, oan r;et the magazine for the year :Lor .,-rl• Sincle co~1iea al·e 25f~. "nC: stamps ma:r be sent to the Banta Com~')any 1~1 payment. Chaptera are ur{;eC:. to BUard their c.opies carefully, becaus e they uill _)rove the best J::.tac: of ru1hing material in the Pall, a: it ·t·ill be :~ossible to refer rr.shees to ~he · ~chEme;e" as proof that A3A rr.nks 17ith the colleeiate soro ·· rities, since it is incluclen in the 'Sorority Stucy Series'. These Cent::cnl Cffice \70l"'.. ld like to have a nUILber of the COi""'lie :i fer u s e in extei1:1 ion, St:' will 'be glad to hear of an lo;nl ASAa who may have purchased the December Number a.nc1 who ~"1111 hold it 1n reudiness t sene:: out to a t;roup that we may ~~ anxious tG interest in ASA. · .Al thone;h, aA stated in her Inaugural, your Presid ent is not lteen on the subject o·f extension, ao far as new cha11ters are concerned still s11e is doing a geod deal of quiet investigatin;=:! with the assistance o:r :tersonal anc. gororit-~ frienaa. She he.3 located Ht. Union AS~ on the i'acl'. l ty of the new Yc,rk Teachers College at A~bany, she ha1 J.Ormcl som;:one '17ho is reaf..y to su;>erintenc1 the v1ork at Peaboc. :y Te [ chers College in .mchville, and r.:he is in freruent corrcsponr1ence t1i th a. ver"'T cloGe frie n d, ~- !ho till 'be on the ty ()f the .Y'PS ilnnti. Hioh., 3ta te li ormn ,. Jchool nn:;:: year. ~ere rre several that she thinlts she oe..n crll em to dG anything :::l1e m£t"l7 as~: of them along ext~Jnsion 1 ines in 1Te ~., Yorlt City, r here there are se~nrt.l im~1ortnnt norm."'.l colleges.. The :Ct.c t of her connect ion '·; i th 113!. 13 ~>einf': \7ic1ely e.c.1verti:Jed in thn IIellenic Press, and there hnve been sever~l inr~iries alree~y from peo~le ~ r: o have herr( o f ~~A e n terin6 ~he Piclti . Your ?resir~ent i~ ~tnf.ying clo ·1 ely evcr7 :?lnce ti1c:.t looks at all \7orth v1hile anl1 ':.· s1w :Lin\.1::: th~ t :he h n s fricnt3 Oi.1 ~-;hom 3he mr; l:e)enc1 ~." 01~ \Jise jn<.1c;oents on the exi3 ting 3 i ·\/G: tions.


47. It is not knoPn at the time 0f going to :press whether it is poasibll to aont~ue the publication <Jf the :PITOI!UIX; becnur:!e, as stated 1n the preoeed ing 1ssne, not en:J.u gh subscriptions have been received to t1arrant the Central Ofiice in gett~ng out .a ny nUtnbers a.:ft er the present issue, but 1! it sh?uld be founcl J?OSS 1ble as e re::ml"t of h0arinr:; frot'l chapters and assoo1at1ons and indiv~dual alu41nae, it would ·ne 'best to at this tim~ a statement of the "I'l-tOEUL~''. , :nx,erie:nce jA~as. sho\m that it . i1 altogether too expensive a matter to send out the magaz1ne a-: a vvee! The Centrr·l ,_ . , ffice 1~ '3trong for senfi~e out the co~ies, e~ce~t in the ce3e of ohF)ters , ~o individual st~­ soribers. To mnil the ~eekly i3suo means an envelope, the uddressing of the ::Jrune an(1 1¢ !_10stage. The S 3heets of t\70 ma!"'a.z ines cs.n ~e sent fvr the s~e outlay of tine. ::Jtc.·cionery and strun11 ~ . ThErefore, in the i'1!.tnre, trhen there ure i:131.:ea, tho t!·1e7 ·:·ill boer the YieekJ.y ·~he :_r ,-v'ill not be sent out~ until there are R pa[;es to· :; -:- . . The same 'C~hin;::; uill hold true in the ccse o~ those CO ) iea that will go to the chapters. Chapter. 0011ics tlill so l>y e::T~i.1Te3!1 ~ This mn.:r seem stra.11ge, when ~troel )Ost rates aeem so reasor~.a~Jlo, ·out; a.n in7estigatior.. haG sh~rm that there ifl 1 i ttle difference be ·.:;,;;een ~;os·i;age a.nc1 ex-.ore ~31 rr. ··J es ~ \7hen the c1iatnnces nre as Err-en. t o.s they n~e in the of .!JSA. .Moreover, if sent by i_1tlrcel 1_10st, all ?n.ckac:;es would have to be .cnrried to the por-;t-offico, · ilhich i3 r..1ore than a mile o:rray, whereas ·~he e~:.._1rea s cr-.lls for the J!D.ckaees ancl insn!'es t hem as well. Takinr; everythinr; into conn ic1eru Lion, tile ot; da nre dec ic1ec1lj- in fc.vo1· of exl_)r·es::Jage, so t ' L t r1ethod will he used. As hereto.fore 7 20 copies Hill "ue sent to ea ch chr.pter, even when the ac·cive membership is helov1 that number .. There are seYcral unes to which the9e may ·oe put. s~me cran be used to i n terest a:!.tunnae~ bnt nny not need.ecl for· that purpose shonlc1 'be lnic1 Dai<'l e cr-'. refn lly in the Chapter Archives,. One of 'the policies of the 9.c1minis'trat i,,m is t o halle annual aoro::ity exrunina'tions.. The p:rer:ent -:te::..r insue a of the ''l?HOEUIX'' VTill really shou: as wnuld not be po:ss ible 7 :1ave in fl.n ~1a1;orr-. te history of the aororit~, the successive stop3 that led ur- t o ·c:he reo:rgan i zation of ASA. It \7ill be ma~t con-venient 'fDr cho:pters t e. ha:-re Bxtra n~p ies Gf ·the that the ne\7 initiates ma~r s tudy~ th~ts so.vins wear and tear o:n. tho Olru co)y that in to be preserved in the chapt e r, and which may not be ha.n<llecl too frequently, as it would soon become ttnT) r er.! entable. Pre s ent day acli:i1ves urged to preserve their ,:::ith care, to be used in this eame way later. The Centre.l Office has inste.lled a fili nG" s ystem, known a'3 the Libr~ry Bureau ~ilinc System. Thi s con ~ i,t s of ~ nAt ebonrd boxes, fitted tri ·~h e.n· inclex. These are (!ni te inez~1ensive. es -p ec t ell ;~,r "l O . ~ 'here the index 13 hoL.le -made, e.a is very ee·; ily done.. Tho Central Offi c e rocommenc1s some suoh fili .-,0 s"~;8tem for nll cha ~Qtcrq S. '~ d offic€rs , a 1 it i s ee.::J y to find thinG3 at c. momnn~'~ notice, ·while r:t the same time provit1ing a neo.t and oonvenient method of ')r08~rvin ;: · im~1ortnnt mf . teri ~. l. 0


The Chapter By-Law<J ?rovi(~~ for the ce leb r a tion of certain events One of these-S ·G. VLl€ · ti ne ' ~: D<:.y-v ill soon he with us. It hus been :Jn[;r;en ·:,fH.~. -:;}let chapter~ u:Je the occasion t O' remember their alumnae and that the alumnae incluc1 e t11e chapt .: r s in the list of tho :J e to t1hom 'Che "'r •Jill :Jend ll ttle token t-> o:r lovint; i n"..; er est. Alumnae are espec~ · 1ally urgecl to rer!ler.aber thc.t this is the fir 8t Vuler;tine Dc.y oi' 'PHO:SlHX .. , anu that beino- as yet only .a little fellO\·:· he hns lna h ev. rt ~ <Hi on some Ya.lentines. The kind tht.t will pl :-.ase him the mcut in t h e t. in d that has the pictnre of a bird en it. Plec:Je see if 70u can' t fin~ one of that Un,1 for him. It uill him fee·l so grovm ur>! b the ASA calender.

•• The secret of success is this ; There is no secret of ~uoeese.

Car ry y~nr chin in nnd the orovm of :rour her.d hie;h. We nre gods en tbe chrya a lis • suoces~ 1R a re~nlt of mental attitude~ and the right mental attitude

will brine; succtHJS tO> e~e:r:-yth ine; ~r0u lL'11ertake. Dl :re.ct , there 1l no suet.. thins as ir ilu~--e, excepting t, tho3e V1h~ sooept a11d bel ieYe in fn ilure. There in n~ such '::ord in · -the L>rieht lexicon speech, unle::Je you y'.~nraelf have "P.ri tten it there. A gre~t ~uccess is mcde 1~ of an ag3regation of little enes~ The~e finP.ll:r form a whole . . The ml'.n r:rho has n po1i tion of hcnor and trust har-! fillc<~ man,, sme.llor ../'> ..... "' p03 i v 1On3 o~ vTUS t • The mnn itho hnn the superintendence of ten thon3and men ha3 han ohr.rc;e of man:r 3maller sqnat:s . And befo:t.•e he hnd chr rge of n smull s~ucd ho had charge of himsel:r. The wm '<v'ho does h13 \7ork :JO nell the.t he ,·:eens no nupe:rvision has nlrecc1y :Jucceedcct. The s.ol::novtlec~ gment of hi3 succesn iJ 'lure to follcw in the form e>f e -;?:i."'omotion,. The i70rlc1 \7ants 1·~g work done, a:. d civilization ia s :tm~l~r a se£-l'oh for men \ .' hO ern do · thinfj'3 . Success 13 the most na·tnrc 1 ·\;hinc in the r orld. The mnn ~-.·ho does not ouocecd has lJln.cet!. himself in op~')oaition to the laws of the universe. The \7orld neecls :;,rou. I t m::n-cn whv.t yor~ procluce. You oun serve it, and if -r1ou nill, it Hill revard you richly,. By d ')inc; your \-ro:r.k you are mov i :15 in the 1 i ·. e o:r leP s t res i:J ta.nee. · It is a form o:r self-pro~jei::tio~J.. You need uhat others have to give, nnd Jlihey neec1 you. To reci)rocate is wisdom. To rebel is folly. To conoUI!le a~1 c: no·t :?roc1uce is a crer..t mistnke t ai \t1. U!"> On 3Uoh a one nature ' 1 ill visi·~ her displec.9n.:r.e •. The comnon ie!ea is tha·~ sncoe:Js mec.ns srer.t sacrifice, 0.11(1 that ~rou mu<:J·t buy it ui th c. price.. In one sense this i s ·i.i rue. To !3ucceed you must choose . If you want this, yon mm't bavc that .. Success derao.nc1s concentration , - 0neness of aim nncl c1esire . Choosa this day whom you will serve . Jmd let me sr.y right here that the habtt continually of looking out for Number One ia c.bsc lu toly fa tal to success.. Nature is on her guard against these, a.nd if by chance they e;et into a position of pOVler their on the vlaoe io :Jhort. A crea t Snocess r1emands a abnegation, a certain disinterestei.~ncas~ The man rrho can lose himself in his work is the man rrho rrill ancceed best. Courtesy, kindness End concentration - this trinity form the sesame that uill unlock all doo,rs" Gf)oc1 cheer is ti'Tin sister to geoct heRlth. Isntt it wiqe not to put 1nto ·your montl".. an anemy to ster.l av:a;r ~1onr brr.ins? Ian't it li'ise to :C111 your \·ro.rking honrs that the nicht oomea as a ble9sine and a benediction, - time for 3Ueet rest and sleep? This merns n preparation for cooc Ymrl:, end cood ''ork means r: prepare. tion for h i{Sher \7o:r:-k Succe:v3 13 easy. Vle do not ascend the mountr- in by !3 tcnding in the Talley and jumping over it . 3nccP.s ~ 1:.~ only (1 ifficul t ~;:; o the man rrho i:J tryinr; to lift him·:;el:f:' uy tncaint at his boot-'3traps. .A.


Elbert Hubbard. uln life, like rowing Uj,'l a strenm, We rise by tlint of force: filld when we cease to ply the oar, 'v1e tl~ke a. clownwnrd courne. ''

Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Volume 1: Number 12  

Volume 1: Number 12

Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Volume 1: Number 12  

Volume 1: Number 12