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The party was given in the Alpha Sig rooms and was a screaming success from the beginning. A radio was secured from a local dealer. Dancing was, of course, a big feature. Perhaps the most fun was playing Novelty Bridge. This was played as ordinary bridge except that envelopes were placed on each table at the beginning of each game. Sometimes these instructions read: "Losers play next game with lollypops in mouth," "Winners play this game with white cotton gloves on," "Bid, then pass hands over to right," "Add 250 to score if bid is made." At a late hour delicious refreshments were served. The party was declared a hilarious success. Ft路ieda Shirley. We are sorry to relate the sad news of our Adviser's mother, Mrs. W. A. Shattuck, who is seriously ill in Wichita Hospital. We held pledge services on April 12 for two very fine pledges this term-Miss Peggy Curtis and Miss Genevieve Gaston. After pledge service we adjourned to the Delta Sigma open house, where everyone had a grand time. We are especially proud of all of our new pledges and members this year.

DELTA DELTA CHAPTER NEWS The last two months have been busy ones for Delta Delta. We have not only taken part in most every activity on the campus but have been very successful in our undertakings. On March 4, the Delta Delta chapter had the honor of participating in the Prep Follies. This production is given annually for seven of the sororities offering the best skits. This year Alpha Sigma Alpha took .the ever famous moon as her theme and called the skit "Moon Melodies." The act was featured by an odd setting in that the entire action took place behind the silhouette of a large silver moon. Next came the debate between the sororities. Here Delta Delta "shined" once more. Winning for the second consecutive year in the inter-sorority debates, we gained permanent possession of the silver cup offered by the Women's Forensic Association. Special honors are due Dorothy Jefferson and Martha Kaiser for their splendid work. Patronesses sometimes feel they do very little for the sorority, but the Delta Delta girls think they are underestimating themselves. They do not realize how much it means for the girls to know some one has an interest in them. One of the loveliest dinners that we attended this year was given by our patronesses at the Eastwood. Our adviser, Mrs. H. L. Goodwin, also gave us a very nice evening's entertainment at her home and touched the girls' hearts by the delicious refreshments she served. Along with all these entertainments came the initiation of five brilliant girls and the pledging of Lucy Mathews, Hester McClafin, Beatrice

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932