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"Form a circle," he shouts. "Ladies face your partners. Grand right and left." There they go again. What is intermission for? Eat, drink, spoon? Take your choicethey did. The orchestra begins on the home stretch now. What is that I hear them saying? I prick up my ears and hold my breath. What Chinatown! Ohl girls, girls-But here my eavesdropping is interrupted by a masculine clamor for a slipper dance. And did they enjoy this dance. As the last half hour before midnight approaches, numbers are distributed among the dancers. Now what can this mean? Ohl the Elimination Dance with the coveted prize for the last couple remaining. And who is that couple? None other than that sweet little southern girl, Evelyq Brooks, and that tall Bob Carruthers. Oh, dear, I wish I could see that better. What is it? They both have a prize. Oh, she is holding it up. She has the daintiest little silver compact with ASA engraved on it and Bob has a cigarette case to match.:" As usual the last dance ends all too soon. Coats and wraps are sought. Car doors bang. Subdued mirth still I hear from without but gradually it fades as the cars drive away. Frances Clark. Constitution-Pledge Manual-Symbolism-these are the things in the minds of every ASA girl today because of sorority examinations which are now over, and because of convention which is still part of the future. I wonder if other chapters have had discussions and arguments pro and con on "suggested changes" that we have had, and if they have come out with a fuller understanding of what ASA is as well as what it stands for professionally. Such a discussion we all participated in this week led by Catharine Haight, President of the City Association. Each member had some worthwhile contribution in the form of a criticism or question. And as one of the members declared afterward, using the words of Emerson, "There is no knowledge that is not power." ASA needs no challenge as to its power, yet I'll add Convention is a perfect time to notice the Sorority knowledge we have amassed this year. Emily Hall.

IOTA IOTA CHAPTER NEWS Dear Sister Chapters Everywhere: Here it is, time again, to tell you all about what we've been doing. That Valentine's dance, that the pledges surprised us with, was perfectly marvelous. They had the cutest shiny red programs, tied with white cord. And ASA in gold on the front. Our "dates" being in many

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932