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Alpha Gam's Inaugural

Week of Service



When we give of ourselves, we receive so much more in return. Our commitment to others, beyond ourselves, is what will continue to move Alpha Gamma Delta onward and upward.


s we wrap up our final moments of another year in Alpha Gamma Delta history, I reflect on all the seasons we travel throughout each year of our lives. “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose.” You may have heard this verse in worship, or you may have heard it on the radio in the classic song from the The Byrds, "Turn, Turn,Turn.” The lyrics share the interesting theme that there is a need for sorrow to experience pure joy, hard work to reap a bountiful harvest, and a time to break down in order to rebuild. In Alpha Gamma Delta, we approach this season focused on renewal of spirit combined with cautious trepidation for the change that comes with closing one year and moving to the next.

Rie Gerah Hoehner International President

We all find ourselves in a variety of seasons throughout our life experiences. Our graduating collegians are heading into the unchartered waters of adulthood. Sisters who are new mothers are learning to endure with little sleep and new responsibilities. In the workplace, new roles or responsibilities create challenges and threaten the balance of work and life priorities. Those with aging parents or family members in poor health must learn to fill the role of caretaker and advocate in new and unfamiliar landscapes. With each experience, however, comes great returns: transitioning from collegian to graduate offers many the freedom to navigate the opportunities and challenges attached to new-found independence; children are daily reminders of unconditional love; often, careers allow for travel and broadening of relationships and expertise; and caring for others cultivates compassion and sensitivities for those of all ages.

As sisters in Alpha Gamma Delta, we promised to live our lives aspiring for higher standards. The time for every purpose is always upon our members. Through your membership, you are encouraged to reach out to those around you with acts of kindness and support. Spend more time in your community, share talent through your local charities and serve those around you. Help others through their seasons and reap the joy that comes from living with Purpose. As you read this issue of the Quarterly, you’ll appreciate our focus on community service. Making a difference in the communities in which we are placed is at the core of our Alpha Gamma Delta values. No matter how great or small our talents, time or treasure, we are compelled to put them to good use. In this issue, you will learn about how Alpha Gamma Delta sisters across North America have chosen to live out our Purpose through our inaugural Week of Service and how they have personally benefited from their contributions to a variety of service projects. I encourage you to seek out opportunities to contribute to the world’s work in all the seasons of your life. When we give of ourselves, we receive so much more in return. Our commitment to others, beyond ourselves, is what will continue to move Alpha Gamma Delta onward and upward!

Rie Gerah Hoehner International President

Director of Communications and Marketing Christi Vawter

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Graphic Designer Megan Disselkamp Communications and Marketing Coordinator Shelby Huber


Communications and Marketing Coordinator Mary Higgins alphagammadelta.org

Member, Fraternity Communications Association



The Quarterly is published four times per


year at 8710 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260. Send all correspondence to International Headquarters, 8710 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260. When sending marriage or death announcements, please send duplicate information to your collegiate chapter or alumnae chapter/club so accurate records may be kept. The Quarterly welcomes editorial

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Beta Delta Chapter: A Fresh Look Cycling for a Cause

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@alphagammadelta "to cherish friendships with but a chosen few and to study the perfecting of those friendships" #alphagammadelta. Paulina Mihelick @paulina_marie17

When you get roses at #AGDIRD16 for being the collegiate member who traveled the furthest to be here. #AlphaGammaDelta @alphagammadelta Lisa Stevens @L_AntoniaDE Sorority sisters are a blessing #AlphaGammaDelta @alphagammadelta River Hudson @_BeinMe_

@alphagammadelta I cannot get over our #alphagammadelta AirBand routine! AMAZING! So proud of my beautiful sisters! Catie Witt @catie_witt13 Shout out to my #alphagammadelta sisters who are getting new members today! @WVWCAGD @alphagammadelta Gabrielle Tokach @gabaleh

Thankful to be a member of @alphagammadelta because otherwise I wouldn't have met so many wonderful members of @UCOAlphaGam #IRD

One reason I love @alphagammadelta - #ThePurpose guided me when I couldn't articulate my views. As an alumna, it is my foundation for more!

Mila @MilaLeni

Mary Kate Toomey @MaryKatePro

I love Alpha Gam. I love our Purpose. I love my sisters. Initiating into this sisterhood is the best thing I've ever done.

Days like today make me appreciate being in Alpha Gam so much!

Princess Amanda @mannahtee

Marie Masters @MarieMasters11

WE WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK! Thank you to all sisters who submitted feedback on the last issue of the Quarterly. Remember, the Quarterly is for YOU! We want to hear what you think about your magazine. Send your comments on this issue of the Quarterly by July 15:


SEND AN EMAIL: quarterly@alphagammadelta.org COMMENT ON FACEBOOK: facebook.com/alphagammadelta ENGAGE ON TWITTER: twitter.com/alphagammadelta SHARE ON INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/alphagamihq MAIL: Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters Attn: Quarterly Editor 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 2

quarterly | winter 2016

Congrats to our chapters who held the highest GPA on their campus Panhellenic for the fall 2015 term! More than 2,800 sisters reacted, commented or shared our “smart� Facebook post!

While studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain, a @iwualphagammadelta sister took the opportunity to create a piece of legal #alphagam street art! #alphagamabroad #alphagammadelta with close to 1,200 likes!

fraternity news updates

IRD 2016: Endless Possibilities International Reunion Day (IRD) is a time to develop or rekindle Fraternity friendships and to renew and develop understanding of the true meaning of Alpha Gamma Delta. It is celebrated in various ways throughout the Fraternity with large and small groups gathering for luncheons, dinners, teas and community service. Here are some of the many ways Alpha Gamma Deltas celebrated IRD, and Endless Possibilities, this year:



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FEATURED SPEAKERS Amanda Pouchot, Levo League Amanda Pouchot is a 2008 graduate of UC Berkeley where she majored in Sociology. She began her career in the Organization Practice at McKinsey and Company in New York going on to create the Levo League. Levo is designed to inspire and enable Gen Y women to build amazing careers through in-person and online networking. Her newest venture, Together10, aims to help parents find enriching activity ideas they can do in the moment with their kids. Amanda speaks regularly on confidence, leadership, negotiation and entrepreneurship. Her writing has appeared on Fortune.com and in the Huffington Post. She is a Lean In Launch Team member and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the UC Berkeley Alumni Association.

Ginny Carroll, inGiNuity Ginny Carroll is the CEO of inGiNuity, a consultancy focused on building personal competence and improving team synergy through keynotes, skill development workshops, strategic planning facilitation and more. In 2010, Ginny founded the Circle of Sisterhood, a U.S. charity leveraging the influence of sorority women across North America to remove barriers to education for girls and women around the world. In just more than five years, the Circle has had an impact in 22 countries and completed five school builds in Nicaragua and Africa.

CONVENTION SCHEDULE Wednesday, July 13 Registration Opens Opening Session App-y Hour (Welcome Reception)

Thursday, July 14 Step Challenge with International Council Foundation Trustees and FHC Board Members Breakfast and Intentional Connection Time General Session and Keynote Speaker: Amanda Pouchot Foundation Awards Lunch Educational Sessions

CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS Opening Session and App-y Hour (Welcome Reception) The Opening Session officially marks the beginning of International Convention. We’ll conduct roll call, so if you’re a delegate, you’ll need to make sure you’re there. After the Opening Session is an App-y Hour reception for all attendees. We can’t wait for you to join in the fun to kick-off Convention!

Business Meetings and General Sessions Business meetings and general sessions are an opportunity for Alpha Gamma Delta to demonstrate the progress that has been made over the past biennium, as well as introduce new initiatives that are important for all attendees to know. Keynote speakers will also be featured in these sessions.

Educational Sessions The purpose of an educational session is to provide a space and time to dive deeper into a particular subject. Some programs are more focused on a particular constituency (i.e. officers or alumnae), while others are more general in nature, welcoming any and all to attend.

Memorial and Initiation Services

Intentional Connection Time Intentional Connection Time offers a dedicated space to allow attendees to talk specifically with the volunteer committees, Fraternity Resource Teams and Collegiate/Alumnae Development Teams about their individual challenges.

Memorial and Initiation Services A Convention favorite, the Initiation Service allows sisters to participate in a large-scale Initiation with sisters from across the continent.

Honors of Epsilon Pi Banquet At the Honors of Epsilon Pi Banquet, we recognize all who received an Honor of Epsilon Pi in a formal setting. The purpose of the Honors of Epsilon Pi is to recognize faithful, continued and outstanding service to the Fraternity beyond what is properly expected from an alumna member.

Feast of Roses Banquet This time-honored Convention tradition is a chance for sisters to come together in celebration of all things Alpha Gamma Delta, with a special emphasis on our newest initiates.

Honors of Epsilon Pi Banquet and Service

Friday, July 15 Step Challenge with IHQ Staff Members Breakfast and Intentional Connection Time General Session: Fraternity Business Awards Lunch Free Day Friday

Saturday, July 16 Step Challenge with Volunteer Service Team Directors Breakfast and Intentional Connection Time Educational Sessions The Future of ΑΓΔ Lunch Closing Session and Keynote Speaker: Ginny Carroll Feast of Roses and Living Circle 5

volunteer appreciation


quarterly | winter 2016

fraternity news updates

Celebrating Delta Phi Chapter! Alpha Gamma Delta is pleased to announce the Installation of Delta Phi Chapter at California Polytechnic State University on Saturday, April 9, 2016.

ABOUT CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY: Location: San Luis Obispo, California Undergraduate Enrollment: 21,000 Mascot: Mustang

INITIATING TEAM: International Council Installing Officer: • Bobette Sandifer Thompson, International Vice PresidentFinance

Mission: Cal Poly fosters teaching, scholarship and service in a learn-by-doing environment where students, staff and faculty are partners in discovery. As a polytechnic university, Cal Poly promotes the application of theory to practice. As a comprehensive institution, Cal Poly provides a balanced education in the arts, sciences and technology, while encouraging cross-disciplinary and co-curricular experiences. As an academic community, Cal Poly values free inquiry, cultural and intellectual diversity, mutual respect, civic engagement and social and environmental responsibility.

Chapter Attending Installation Weekend: • Delta Tau–Chapman University INSTALLATION BANQUET: Location: Multi-Activity Center (MAC) in San Luis Obispo, California Toastmistress: Bobette Sandifer Thompson, International Vice President-Finance 7

Week of Service


quarterly | winter 2016

“To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world’s work.” As new members of Alpha Gamma Delta, we learned, practiced and recited these lines of the Purpose. Through our journey as Alpha Gams, those words have not only become second nature to us, they are the guidelines for the way we live our lives. As our Fraternity continues to flourish, we persistently seek opportunities to contribute to the world’s work, making an impact as wide and diverse as our sisterhood. We know our sisters volunteer their time and talent to their communities; we have since our founding in 1904. But this year, we decided to make it official by launching the Alpha Gamma Delta Week of Service, which will be observed annually during the week of Valentine’s Day. This inaugural Week of Service, held Sunday, February 14, through Saturday, February 20, urged sisters to support local organizations that provide goods and services for local citizens. It challenged sisters around the globe to follow their Purpose and give back in the community where they are placed. Sisters were encouraged to volunteer at local food banks, women’s shelters or with any other organization with a local impact. Individual sisters, collegiate chapters, alumnae chapters and clubs and Alpha Gam’s International Headquarters staff participated across the continent.

“It was exciting to see members of Alpha Gamma Delta serving in a variety of ways, both as individuals and as groups during our first official Week of Service,” Stephanie said. This inaugural event was a huge success with a great deal of participation from both collegiate and alumnae members. It was especially exciting to see members come together to give back and spend time with each other for a great cause. We saw sisters volunteering everywhere from food pantries, high schools, churches, hospitals and even animal shelters! “We have been so impressed with the involvement of not only collegiate chapters but so many alumnae clubs and chapters and even individual members. If this is how involved our members were in the first year of implementing this new initiative, I can't wait to see how the participation grows for next year,” said Samantha. We are looking forward to next year, when we hope even more sisters participate! Members can get involved as individuals, serving causes that are near and dear to them or as part of a group, collegiate chapter and/or alumnae chapter/club. Alpha Gam appreciates the support in 2016 and looks forward to an even larger impact in our communities in the coming years!

Philanthropy Committee Chairman, Stephanie Simpson, Gamma Zeta–University of Memphis, Community Engagement Coordinator for Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters, Samantha Avanzino, Delta Omicron–University of Nevada Las Vegas, and the philanthropy committee organized and managed the Week of Service.


FEB 12-18

227 4,615





Palm Springs Area Alumnae Club Becky McKeon, Delta Epsilon–University of California-Los Angeles and Palm Springs Alumnae Club President, shared how her alumnae club participated in Alpha Gam’s inaugural Week of Service. The alumnae club volunteered four hours at FIND Food Bank in Indio, California, on February 18, 2016, where they sorted and packed 4,828 pounds of apples and oranges!





Alpha Gamma Deltas Serve Their Communities

10 quarterly | winter 2016

Nu Alpha–Appalachian State Many sisters from our Nu Alpha Chapter at Appalachian State University were heavily involved with Week of Service. Below we’ve highlighted several members who volunteered with a variety of organizations.


Abigail Hubbs volunteered her time and her arm at the ClubFest Blood Drive, hosted by the Appalachian State Student Government Association.

Nicole Kadosh volunteered with a program called "Horse Helpers of the High Country," where a Nu Alpha sister, Maddie Braid, regularly volunteers. The owner of Horse Helpers graciously allowed the chapter to participate in Week of Service by volunteering to brush and groom horses, muck stalls and clean chicken coops for the non-profit organization.

Lexi Triscari snuggled with a cat at the Watauga Humane Society while volunteering. The Watauga Humane Society holds a special place in the heart of all Appalachian students because of their openness to volunteers. They even have a special volunteer program where students are asked to simply interact with animals and show them affection they might not otherwise encounter.


"To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world's work in the community where I am placed because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiplied." Our hearts overflowed with joy as we continued to receive social media updates using #AlphaGamServes as Alpha Gams everywhere shared their community service projects and events!







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12 quarterly | winter 2016


Delta Omicron

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#WeekofServ ice


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PHOTO alphagamihq



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Gamma Xi–Murray State @agd_gammaxi Whether it is the

janitor at your school or the lady who checks you out at the campus coffee shop, show them how much you appreciate all they do! "People will never know how much you truly appreciate them until it's too late. Let those who give service to you know how much you love and appreciate them". #AlphaGamServes #giveservice

PHOTO alphagamihq

PHOTO alphagamihq

PHOTO alphagamihq


San Francisco Alu


Chapter We the Sutro Stewards to weed and plant nativ volunteered with e plants along our hiking trails right here local in San Francisco! #Alp #alumnaechapter haGamServes #sfb ac 1904 likes State University-Chico Delta Iota–California out invasive species for Alpha Gam's d_chicostate Plucking @ag ervice haGamServes #WeekofS Week of Service. #Alp


sevelt velt University @agdroo Beta Upsilon–Roose to volunteer for such an amazing cause eful for the opportunity Heart to Grat annual er of South Suburbia's tonight at the Crisis Cent ice #AlphaGamServes Heart Gala. #WeekOfServ


collegiate news

Chapter Happenings

Alpha Beta–University of Michigan Alpha Beta sisters welcome their newest members on Bid Day.

Alpha Lambda–The Ohio State University Alpha Lambda sisters prepare for Formal Recruitment at The Ohio State University. They later welcomed more than 60 new members into their chapter!

Theta Mu–University of North Carolina-Wilmington Theta Mu sisters pose for a picture together at Wilmington's annual JDRF One Walk.

Beta Beta–North Dakota State University Beta Beta senior members celebrate Homecoming Week on the Alpha Gamma Delta float. 14 quarterly | winter 2016

Epsilon Phi–Texas Woman's University The Epsilon Phi Chapter had a blast celebrating their new members on Bid Day.

Delta Tau–Chapman University Delta Tau celebrates their Sorority of the Year Award at Chapman University.

Delta Eta–San Diego State University Delta Eta Chapter sisters had a great time at their fall photo shoot.

Beta Gamma–Florida State University The Gamma Beta Chapter at Florida State University is proud to announce their 2016 Executive Council. They are excited for this upcoming year!

Reminder: The Collegiate Chapter Quarterly Report Form has been updated and is available in the Resource Center of myAlphaGam under Operations Team Forms. All chapters will now submit photos twice a year, each year. The deadlines are March 15 and September 15. All you have to do is upload up to three high resolution photos and provide a caption for each photo you submit! 15

collegiate profile

A Sister's Best Friend

By Kat Lombard Heiden, Delta Tau–Chapman University


hospital stay can be difficult for anyone, but when it coincides with your very first semester of college, and doctors have a tough time figuring out what’s going on, the experience can be particularly challenging. Fortunately, Katelyn Medelin, Delta Rho–Sonoma State University, had a lot of support to help her get through this trying experience. Katelyn found support, not just from her family and her Alpha Gamma Delta sisters, but also from a rather unexpected new friend: a seven-year-old dachshund named Rusty. Rusty is a therapy dog who is specially trained to visit patients in hospitals and care homes. His first visit with Katelyn was an unforgettable experience. “When Rusty came strolling into my room, I just remember crying tears of joy, because he looked right at me, and his ears perked up, as if he knew who I was and what I needed. It was an immediate connection,” Katelyn recalls. This exact connection would go on to change Katelyn’s life in a way she never expected. She became inspired to write her very own children’s book! Katelyn’s book, Rusty to the Rescue, is about a young girl and a therapy dog who brings her comfort while she is sick in the hospital. While recovering at home after her own hospital stay, Katelyn began writing her thoughts down, as well as sketching some small drawings, in a journal. Writing helped her own healing process, and it also made her think about others facing difficult health issues. “I began to think about my ordeal and what it must feel like for others in very similar or even worse situations,” Katelyn says. “I shared some of these with my mom, and she said, ‘Wow, it sounds like you have the makings of a book!’”

16 quarterly | winter 2016

While balancing her studies, Alpha Gam events and other activities, Katelyn started working with an editor and illustrator. Rusty to the Rescue was published later that year and has been a great success! In Rusty to the Rescue, Katelyn decided to share her story from a child’s point of view, as a way to help children who are sick or in the hospital understand their time in the hospital. Katelyn has met readers at several book signings and readings of Rusty to the Rescue. Her experience as a young author has inspired many of the children she interacts with to become more interested in reading and writing. “One of my favorite questions I have been asked so far is, ‘How old do you have to be to write a book?’ After I told them all that there is no specific age, they all lit up with such excitement!” While recovering from an illness, writing and publishing a book, and returning to being a full-time college student may seem daunting, Katelyn is persevering. Through it all, she was glad to have the support and love of her Alpha Gamma Delta sisters. Today, Alpha Gam sisterhood continues to help Katelyn, who is working on the second Rusty book. “It is truly motivating and inspiring to be surrounded by women who want to see you succeed,” she notes. Through writing Rusty to the Rescue, Katelyn has found success, as well as an opportunity to help others. As she heads into her final two years at Sonoma State, Katelyn says she often thinks of the Alpha Gam vision: Inspire the Woman. Impact the World. “Of course, I will continue to document my experiences,” Katelyn adds. “You never know when or where your next inspiration will strike!”

fhc focus

Beta Delta Chapter: A Fresh Look A year from now, people driving or walking down Jordan Avenue at Indiana University, Bloomington will do a double take, as the front of the Beta Delta Chapter house will look strikingly different. In March2016, the Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) staff members attended Beta Delta’s Feast of Roses where they unveiled a large-scale plan to dramatically update the look and function of the 50-year-old home.

In the summer of 2012, Beta Delta was the third property to join the FHC. Since then, $120,000 has been spent on interior renovations which include new furniture, paint, remodeled bathrooms and upgrades to plumbing and heating. While the house's interior updates were significant, the exterior of the property needs to be renovated to remain competitive with other National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) organizations on campus.

As a result, the FHC has worked with an architect to re-envision the look and function of the more than 24,000 square foot house. In addition to a complete re-design of the exterior, the Beta Delta house will have an expanded dining space and a re-designed thirdfloor, which will increase the sleeping capacity for the house. Construction will begin this summer and last through summer 2017. During renovations, the Beta Delta collegiate members will live and recruit next door at the newly constructed Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity house. Phi Kappa Psi, which is currently inactive at IU, is leasing the beautiful property to the FHC for the 2016-2017 academic year. We are excited to share this journey with the Alpha Gamma Delta community.

BEFORE Sydney Ellison President, Beta Delta–Indiana University "With the new expansion, we will be able to grow our chapter! I am so excited that we will be able to give more women at Indiana University the Alpha



Gamma Delta Experience."




In the Winter 2016 Quarterly issue, we shared an update on the renovation and addition at Upsilon–University of Oklahoma. Progress continues as we lighten and brighten the brick exterior and inside, the drywall is installed and rooms take shape. Meanwhile, Upsilon Chapter members are full steam ahead, planning and preparing for their first Formal Recruitment in their newly renovated chapter house this fall. 17

alumnae profile

Cycling for a Cause By Beth Hartnett, Delta Tau–Chapman University


athryn Haller, Beta Xi–Purdue University, knows about long commutes. She begins each week flying 800 miles from Denver, Colorado, to Dallas, Texas, to work as a consultant for Accenture.

Frequent flyer miles have done little to prepare her for her current journey—traveling 3,900 miles across the United States with nothing but a bag and a bicycle. The 26-year-old is completing the first leg of a two-month trip from Jacksonville, Florida, to Monterey, California. Through July 1, Kathryn is giving up the corporate world for community service; her continental cruise is part of Bike & Build, an organization advocating affordable housing. This journey may seem well-suited for an avid cyclist or a skilled craftsman. Kathryn, however, is neither. A swimmer and recent triathlete, she is motivated by the athleticism of the feat. “To get yourself across the country with no motorized transportation, just your own two legs, is incredible,” she said. “The human body is capable of so much more than most people believe, and I love pushing myself to see what I can accomplish.” Accenture encourages its employees to volunteer and permits hiatuses to engage in charitable acts. Kathryn’s mother,

a retired schoolteacher who volunteers helping socioeconomically disadvantaged children, inspired her to act. “Many of my mom’s former students had a hard time in the classroom, because they didn’t have a stable home life,” she said. “If I can help provide children with housing, maybe it will help them do better in school.” Not only is Kathryn inspired to serve by her employer and her mother, Alpha Gam has given her a passion for philanthropy. "Alpha Gamma Delta helped me learn the importance of giving back to the community. In college, my chapter had an annual

Alpha Gamma Delta helped me learn the importance of giving back to the community. 18 quarterly | winter 2016

soccer tournament to raise funds and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes. In addition to hosting our own philanthropy events, we were also active in the causes of the other sororities and fraternities on campus. I loved participating in the events that other chapters held and learning about various charitable organizations. We actually had a fraternity on campus that had a cross country bike trip similar to Bike & Build, named Ride Across America, to raise funds and awareness for those with disabilities." Kathryn is one of more than 2,000 young adults who have taken part in Bike & Build’s cross-country crusade. Riders have raised more than $4.5 million since 2002. Bike & Build’s mission is twofold: educate the country on critical affordable housing issues and build more low-cost dwellings in the process.

Kathryn and 31 cohorts will complete 35 to 97 miles per day

distance race consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride

as they bike to their next location—through rural Louisiana or

and a 26.6-mile run. Although the average person might get tired

bustling Las Vegas, Nevada. But it’s not as simple as just clipping

merely thinking of this challenge, Kathryn feels encouraged.

into the pedals of a bike and riding. To participate, riders must

“Biking from Florida to California and competing in an Ironman

raise $4,500. They also have to do their homework. Participants

will be as much of a mental test as a physical test,” she said.

are expected to spend at least 10 hours with a local affordable

“I know there will be days when I want to quit, but whenever

housing organization before the trip. They must also take the

I'm having a hard training session, I always picture myself

program’s affordable-housing course, which educates volunteers

crossing the finish line of an Ironman. It gives me chills to think

on the issues they will discuss on the road. At each stop, riders

that someday soon I'll be racing down the red carpet and the

will give presentations on a topic of local interest. Kathryn is

announcer will be calling my name.”

presenting in Biloxi, Mississippi, and Page, Arizona. Keep up with Kathryn by checking out her blog: After completing her tour de force, Kathryn doesn’t plan to take


a break. In fact, she’s using the long-distance trip to prepare for her next big challenge—completing an Ironman. This long-


alumnae news

Alumnae Recaps

Beta Alpha Alumnae Chapter

Santa Clara Valley Alumnae Club

The Beta Alpha Alumnae Chapter had an eventful fall and winter. They assisted with Formal Recruitment and Bid Day activities, and have continued to share our sisterhood through meetings and events which included a lovely Formal Recruitment kickoff, a JDRF fundraising walk, their annual “Share-a-Dish,” with the collegiate chapter and a Christmas brunch hosted by several alumnae members. They are excited for the spring, including a wonderful IRD event!

As part of the Alpha Gamma Delta Week of Service, six club members volunteered their time at the Second Harvest Food Bank, sorting pears donated by local farmers. Along with several other community groups, they sorted more than 15,000 pounds of pears and they had a great time.

Houston Alumnae Club The Houston Alumnae Club volunteered at the Houston Foodbank for the Alpha Gamma Delta Week of Service.

Orange County Alumnae Chapter The Orange County Alumnae Chapter enjoys gathering for monthly “Pearl Projects,” which are small, random acts of kindness that contribute to the world’s work. This winter, Orange County alumnae gathered to share a cup of coffee and craft blankets in support of Project Linus, which gives handmade creations to critically ill children undergoing treatment.

20 quarterly | winter 2016

Alumnae chapter/club recaps for the Summer Quarterly are due July 15. Fill out the online form by searching "recap form" at alphagammadelta.org, or email your report to quarterly@alphagammadelta.org

sister spotlight


Meet Sydney

e first met Sydney Patrick, Upsilon–University of Oklahoma, when she arrived at the Alpha Gamma Delta Academy for Chapter Presidents in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sydney is a senior studying construction and renovation design at the University of Oklahoma. She is very involved on campus, including a new organization, Our Mental Health, which focuses on mental health awareness. Having suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in high school, Sydney uses her own experience to bring awareness to campus serving as One Mental Health’s publicity coordinator. She is also actively involved in The Wesley, a mission of the United Methodist Church on the OU Campus, and enjoys going to worship and bible study. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO AFTER GRADUATION? After graduation, I hope to renovate sorority houses. I have seen Upsilon’s chapter house undergo a huge renovation, and it has been an incredible experience. I think about the impact it will have on our chapter’s future and see the excitement from our members as we get closer to the house opening. As I am wrapping up my time at Upsilon, I’ve realized how important it is to immerse yourself in the community. HOW HAS ALPHA GAM IMPACTED YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE? Alpha Gam has showed me my potential and given me the confidence and faith in myself that I need to succeed. After becoming a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, I began holding myself to a higher standard and realized my worth. I was appointed and elected to positions I wouldn’t have even applied to previously. I was surprised by my success, but my sisters weren’t, and that is a great feeling. IF YOU COULD GIVE ADVICE TO A WOMAN ABOUT TO GO THROUGH RECRUITMENT OR SOMEONE INTERESTED IN SORORITY LIFE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Everyone says to be open minded, but I think it’s more than that. Focus on the sisterhood as a whole and collectively; notice how each sister is needed to complete the group. Each sister has a story and a background that shapes the organization. Don’t focus on the decorations or cute t-shirts, but look at the values that are practiced and the growth that is instilled in each member. With these things in mind, you’ll be able to find your long-lasting home and not just a social organization. WHAT DID YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT THE ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ACADEMY FOR CHAPTER PRESIDENTS? WHAT IS THE BEST NUGGET OF INFORMATION OR PIECE OF ADVICE YOU GAINED THROUGH ATTENDING? I loved getting to meet women from across North America and hearing about the different and fun things they do within their chapters. I was able to take a lot of ideas back to our chapter. I am grateful that the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation gave each of us, and the rest of our Executive Council, the opportunity to take the StrengthsFinder® test. It was a great opportunity to see the incredibly diverse and powerful women that are leaders in Alpha Gamma Delta and how our strengths can be used to impact our chapters and communities.


alpha gam boutique

A Year in Review: The Alpha Gam Boutique

The Alpha Gam Boutique has been your one-stop-shop for exclusive, trendy and affordable Alpha Gam merchandise for one official, sensational year. You may receive their emails, creep their social media for upcoming merchandise or shop their website every chance you get, but do you know how and why the Alpha Gam Boutique started? Keep reading – we’ll give you all the exciting details. Sorority apparel has come a long way. Years ago, stitched letters were a popular item and now, collegiate members are wearing their sorority in more trendy and fashionable ways. The Alpha Gam Boutique is committed to producing stylish and chic merchandise you can wear anywhere, anytime. The idea of the Alpha Gam Boutique was generated by listening to collegiate and alumnae members who wanted to purchase quality merchandise from a reputable source. A strategic plan to launch the Alpha Gam Boutique was put into place and it was determined that the Boutique would operate from within International Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. A small, but mighty and dedicated team work diligently to make sure your merchandise is held to the highest standard. Merchandising Manager, Lauren Drury, Beta Omicron–Illinois State University, and Merchandising Coordinators, Kirsten Medice, Alpha Epsilon– Westminster College, and Emma McAvoy, Theta Iota–Western Kentucky University, do everything from researching trends and selecting the merchandise offered in the Boutique to posting fashion-forward, inspirational photos on social media to keep our brand top-of-mind with sisters.

Did you know that all proceeds from the Alpha Gam Boutique directly impact our Fraternity? The Alpha Gam Boutique prides itself on buying from reputable sources and giving our members the best quality merchandise, which also benefits the Fraternity. We ensure our members can own trendy merchandise while positively representing the Fraternity. Because the Alpha Gam Boutique team is housed at International Headquarters, team members can supply a personal shopping experience and excellent customer service. When you shop the Alpha Gam Boutique, your purchase helps provide inspirational and impactful programming for our members as well as helping to continue a great shopping experience for our members, ultimately elevating the Alpha Gamma Delta experience for all sisters. The Boutique is always looking for ways it can improve the shopping experience for our members. What can the Alpha Gam Boutique do for you? Do you have a philanthropy event coming up? Need custom t-shirts for Formal Recruitment? The Boutique’s graphic designer can help you with custom designs for your chapter and events. Chapter bulk merchandise, recruitment supplies and event supplies are also available at alphagamboutique.org. If you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it on the website, email orders@alphagamboutique.org to submit a special product request. The Boutique’s team is excited to work with each of our collegiate and alumnae chapters and clubs.


One Year Anniversary

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22 quarterly | winter 2016


June 24, 2015 Bid Days Installations Regional Training IRDs




*Interested in hosting a pop-up shop? Email orders@alphagamboutique.org.

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Sisi and campers

ALPHA GAMS AT Summer camp conjures so many images — campfires, hikes, sing-alongs, lakeswimming, checking your blood sugar. Wait! What? Checking your blood sugar? Everyone’s camp experience is different and for those who attend a week-long diabetes summer camp, like Camp John Warvel, in North Webster, Indiana, checking your blood sugar is a camp-norm. The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation has proudly supported many summer camps for children with diabetes since 1998 and The American Diabetes Association’s Camp John Warvel is one of those camps. There, children ages 7–17 spend a week learning how to manage their disease while still having fun. Many children and their parents would tell you it is a lifechanging experience.

Just last summer, Alpha Gam was lucky enough to have one of our own attend camp as a volunteer on the medical staff. Sisi Xie, Beta Delta–Indiana University, is a second year medical student who shared, “I was surprised to learn how much micromanaging goes on in the daily life of people, especially children, living with diabetes. It is so time consuming for them! To constantly test their blood sugar, count their carbohydrates, be very conscious of their bodies and be able to know if they are low or high blood sugar-wise. You get an idea of how difficult their lives are. These children function like their peers which is why you would never know just looking at them that they are dealing with this.” One of Sisi’s duties as a member of the medical staff was to monitor blood sugar

“It’s obvious that the camp has a meaningful impact on the kids because many of them come back to volunteer as camp counselors and medical staff. Some of them are even inspired to pursue a health profession so they can help others with diabetes.” 24 quarterly | winter 2016

—Sisi Xie, Beta Delta–Indiana University

levels for four campers daily. That translated to approximately 80 blood sugar tests each day – almost 500 tests over the sixday camp! “The best part for me,” said Sisi, “was getting to see the social and emotional side of the experience. The kids were so happy at camp! They got to be with other kids just like them. Kids whose ‘normal’ might be different than yours and mine. It was an experience that grew their self-esteem and helped them meet new lifelong friends. Some of the kids were sad when camp was over. At home, they might not have a lot of friends with diabetes who understand what their reality is like.” When asked what surprised her most about her Camp Warvel experience, Sisi said, “I was surprised to see how well many of the kids handled the life-changing disease and all its aspects. Most of the young girls I worked with did not let diabetes hold them back. They are coping without missing a beat! It’s obvious that the camp has a meaningful impact on the kids because many of them come back to volunteer as camp counselors and medical staff. Some

Foundation of them are even inspired to pursue a health profession so they can help others with diabetes.” Julie Waitman, Beta Beta–North Dakota State University and Foundation Executive Director, also visited Camp Warvel last summer. She reflected on her time there, “It was overwhelming to experience both the camp and the daily lives of these children living with diabetes,” said Julie. “The children had their blood sugar level tested before each meal and snack and sometimes, depending on the levels, tested again at midnight and 3 a.m. You realize that their parents may not have had a full night’s sleep in years. It truly made our philanthropic focus of diabetes education and awareness feel even more personal and vital.”

Sisi agreed. “For me, it was amazing to help the children, learn more about the disease and contribute my time for an Alpha Gamma Delta cause,” she said. “Seeing firsthand how the camp has such a positive lifelong impact on the children and families made me proud that AΓΔ was supporting this important cause. I wish more Alpha Gam sisters could be a part of this type of camp.”

Camps Supported by the A ΓΔ Foundation in 2015 Is there one near you? Briardale Family Camp • Calgary, AB Camp Banting • Toronto, ON Camp Carefree • Framingham, MA Camp Discovery • Toronto, ON Camp EDI • Town and Country, MO Camp Granada • Chicago, IL Camp Huronda • Toronto, ON Camp Jean Nelson • Calgary, AB Camp John Warvel • North Webster, IN Camp Korelitz • Cincinnati, OH Camp Kudzu • Atlanta, GA Camp Lion Maxwell • Halifax, NS Camp Morton • Halifax, NS Camp Possibilties • Wilmington, DE Camp Seale Harris • Birmingham, AL Camp Sweeney • Gainesville, TX Camp Sweet Life • St Peter, MN Camp Victory • Metairie, LA Camps: Bearskin Meadow, Jones Gulch, Arroyo, Campbell • Concord, CA

Camps: New Horizons North, New Horizons South, Aurora • Dallas, TX Camps: Planet D, Discovery • Overland Park, KS Camps: Setebaid at Swatara, Setebaid at Mt. Luther, Harrisburg Diabetic • Winfield, PA Central Missouri Diabetic Children's Camp, Inc. • Columbia, MO Florida Camp for Children and Youth with Diabetes • Gainesville, FL Hopewell Camp and Conference Center • Oxford, MS Kakhamela Family Camp • Vancouver, BC Kentucky Diabetes Camp for Children • Louisville, KY The Center for Courageous Kids • Scottsville, KY Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood • Potosi, MO

Sisi and Julie Waitman, Foundation Executive Director


DIABETES: Did Know? • 1 in 11 people in North America has diabetes. • Diabetes has a major impact on a person’s lifestyle and health and is one of the leading causes of death in North America. • While insulin helps, there is currently no cure or prevention for type 1 diabetes.

Only through the generosity of Alpha Gam donors can the Foundation continue to impact individuals living with diabetes. Won’t you help?


Give by

SEND YOUR GIFT 8710 N. Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46260



CONTRIBUTE ONLINE AT alphagammadeltafoundation.org, where you can also select and send a special occasion eCard with your gift!

CALL US at 317.663.4242 to charge your gift (V, M, AmEx) or to find out more about other giving opportunities such as monthly giving through the GEM society, endowments stocks and bequests.

Please let us know if your employer matches charitable contributions.


pearls of wisdom


Reasons Why You Should Join an Alpha Gamma Delta Alumnae Chapter or Club NETWORKING

Whether you are right out of school or graduated some time ago, there is never a bad time to make a great connection! As an Alpha Gam alumna, you may be looking for your first job or on the path to your “dream job.” Being in an alumnae chapter or club exposes you to a vast number of Alpha Gam sisters from varied backgrounds, each with her own area of specialty. Take advantage of your sisterhood and find a mentor, ask for career advice or share your professional knowledge. Whether you need a referral, a contact or a support system, your sisters are there to help!


Through your collegiate experience, it was easy to keep in touch with your Alpha Gam sisters. Now, as an alumna, it’s not that simple. Being involved in an alumnae chapter or club gives you the opportunity to gather with sisters for fun events such as visiting a new restaurant or participating in a community service project. No matter how you stay involved, that connection with sisters will help the transition from collegian to alumna much smoother.


Whether you join an alumnae chapter or club in the area where you went to school, or you find yourself joining a group in a new city, there is a chance to create new friendships. Alumnae chapter and club members have an array of different backgrounds, interests and career paths that will facilitate that initial connection.


As a collegiate member, you had so many opportunities to give back to your local community through Alpha Gamma Delta. What better way to keep your passion for service alive than to volunteer with your Alpha Gam alumnae chapter or club? Continue to Impact the World as an alumnae member!


You may be out of college, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! We still enjoy sisterhood, events and philanthropy. The only thing that may be missing is you!

Interested in joining an alumnae chapter or club? Search "alumnae chapter" at alphagammadelta.org. Once you’ve found a chapter or club near you, reach out to the primary contact via email to let her know you are interested in more information. 26 quarterly | winter 2016

chapter grand

Alpha – Syracuse University Audrey C. Potts ‘57 Delta – University of Minnesota Mary Stock Johnson ‘62

Upsilon – University of Oklahoma Janice Gibson Cloud ‘56 Joan Zellers Gache ‘51 Nancy Gambill Leftwich ‘50 Ann Webb Wolfe ‘67

Alpha Kappa – Bowling Green State University Magdalene Batcha Davenport ‘45 Elizabeth Farmer ‘97 Margaret Johnson Hood ‘48 Beta Alpha – Nebraska Wesleyan University Shirley Magill Allely ‘53 Yleen Phelan Brown ‘42

Zeta – Ohio University Estelle Hogrefe Jones ‘43 Jane Tullis Wetherholt ‘52

Phi – Oregon State University Joy Payne Klages ‘54 Chi – Michigan State University Iva-Jo Rabold Hutton ‘45 Sally Chadwick McKenzie ‘47 Ruth Montgomery ‘84

Beta Eta – Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Helen Holmes Johnson ‘57

Epsilon Alpha – University of Missouri Harriet Phillips Aberle ‘51 Mary Boone Conn ‘40

Eta – DePauw University Lu Anne Michel Dayment ‘74 Kathryn Weesner Miller ‘43 Elizabeth Mills Park ‘46

Psi – University of Alabama Kathleen Cannon Anderson ‘43 Esta M Bradley ‘66 Janice Wood Grayson ‘45

Beta Xi – Purdue University Susan Reeve Shultz ‘87

Epsilon Gamma – University of Denver Elizabeth Bates ‘38

Iota – University of Washington Miriam Wynne Rice ‘56

Omega – University of Akron Susan Gainer ‘84

Gamma Alpha – University of Georgia Elaine Brinson Evans ‘65 Dorothy Bliss Raines ‘56

Mu – Brenau University Barbara Stockton Perry ‘44

Alpha Delta – Ohio Wesleyan University Janet Smith Cederquist ‘44

Epsilon Delta – University of Texas at Austin Julia Gregory Ryan ‘55 Epsilon Epsilon – William Jewell College Alta Jean Glancy Damron ‘46

Xi – Illinois Wesleyan University Roberta Kesslar Kulier ‘63 Mary McCain Raney ‘47

Alpha Zeta – McGill University Diane Kromp Kovats ‘58

Epsilon – University of Kentucky Virginia Pitzer Sanders ‘31

Omicron – University of CaliforniaBerkeley Vera Coates Dickie ‘36 Sigma – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Helen McNabb Lundstrom ‘55 Tau – University of Toronto Jocelyn Scott Fullerton ‘52

Alpha Eta – Dalhousie University Muriel Chisholm Pitt ‘46 Alpha Theta – Hunter College Jean McClellan Reidy ‘37 Alpha Iota – Baldwin Wallace University Nina Downend Williams ‘58

Gamma Delta – Auburn University Mary Furr Davis ‘43 Charlotte Rawls Thorington ‘57 Sarah Dobson Vickers ‘41 Gamma Epsilon – University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Martha Bridger Shipman ‘53 Gamma Zeta – University of Memphis Linda Key Jarrett ‘66 Gamma Upsilon – University of Montevallo Michelle Renee Medal ‘87 Sandra Beck Morgan ‘72 Delta Beta – Washington State University Helen Moses Edgren ‘43

Delta Gamma – Montana State University Patricia Davidson Langhor ‘46 Delta Eta – San Diego State University Georgie Hearrell Botte ‘49 Delta Theta – University of Idaho Margaret Williams Fosberg ‘58

Epsilon Zeta – Arkansas State University Kathy Cloar Mitchell ‘67 Epsilon Kappa – Pittsburg State University Nancy Herman Free ‘75 Nancy Jane Allgood Wilson ‘74 Epsilon Lambda – University of Central Missouri Eleanor Roop Gregg ‘67 Zeta Upsilon – Northern Michigan University Kory Pound Switzer ‘93


a look back

Stepping Back in Time W

e’re going back in time to 1919, when Convention delegates voted to create a summer camp for

underprivileged children. The following year, the camp was opened on a lake in Jackson, Michigan. A second camp was later established in Wellington, Ontario. For more than 25 years, the summer camps were staffed by Alpha Gamma Delta collegians and alumnae. These camps not only impacted the lives of many children, they influenced the lives of Alpha Gamma Delta members who gave their time and talent. This excerpt, from a 1920 issue of the Quarterly, features Inez E. Sackett, Zeta– Ohio University, reflecting on her experience working at the summer camp.

Benefits of Working at Camp The benefits derived from life and work together in the Summer Camp are great to the workers as well as the children, for association together of girls from the difference chapters strengthens the bond of fraternal love. One seems to be so much more a helpful part of the organization after such association and hope becomes determination that such a tie and obligation may never cease to force in one’s life. We all know that all Alpha Gamma Deltas are working for the same cause and so draw closer together. The particular pleasure of meeting and living with sisters from many places is a wonderful opportunity and because of the fraternal bond, these girls seem dear, life-long friends. Camp life has brought all this so forcefully to me that I wish to express my appreciation of it. Inez E. Sackett, Zeta–Ohio University

28 quarterly | winter 2016

Q corner

Spot A Squirrel!

OUR DIRECTORY INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Executive Director, Wendy Bright Faust 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 317.663.4200 info@alphagammadelta.org Office Hours – 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EST

ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDATION Executive Director, Julie Waitman 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 317.663.4242 foundation@alphagammadelta.org Office Hours – 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EST

INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Rie Gerah Hoehner IP@alphagammadelta.org INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT–ALUMNAE Melissa Jacobson James IVPA@alphagammadelta.org INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT COLLEGIANS Lelia Van Norden Kelley IVPC@alphagammadelta.org INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT–MEMBERSHIP Marie Ford Palmer IVPM@alphagammadelta.org INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT–EXTENSION Lee Woodham Langub IVPE@alphagammadelta.org INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT–FINANCE Bobette Sandifer Thompson IVPF@alphagammadelta.org

Photograph courtesy of Tara Hodges Bethany Kossick Seale, Gamma Upsilon–Montevallo, recently gave birth to this precious baby girl, Clara Madeline Seale. Look at that darling squirrel!


ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDATION PRESIDENT Patricia Tulley Riddiford riddi4d@comcast.net VICE PRESIDENT Debbie Douglass Roth SECRETARY Janis Lang Bartosz TREASURER Sue Maggio Sim TRUSTEES Patricia Tulley Riddiford Sue Maggio Sim Janis Lang Bartosz Carol Richards Peske Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher Patti Guthrie Rogers Lynne Dunford Rossell Debbie Douglass Roth Rie Gerah Hoehner


Alexandra Pomerance, Delta Tau– Chapman University, spotted a few squirrels while traveling around Europe. She found this particular squirrel in Prague!

Sara Roth, Zeta Zeta–Worcester Polytechnic Institute, found a squirrel on a merry-go-round!

PRESIDENT Katie Jolley Abernathy kabernathy@alphagammadelta.org DIRECTORS Gail Calkins Duree Mary Beth Dulcey Morabito Bobette Sandifer Thompson


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