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Kibanda Kibanda means ‘small house’ in Swahili and the present owners may have bought a small house but they have transformed it into a wonderful home, exuding charm and quintessentially Caribbean character. The first impression walking up the path is a cozy familiarity, and when the front door opens it’s hard not to gasp at the beautiful view ahead. The entrance leads down a couple of steps to the main living area which is completely open to the spectacular ocean view. Two bedrooms and bathrooms lie to the left and the sitting room/office to the right. His master’s choice of dark woods and subdued colours make it cool, relaxing and very inviting. Walking through this area leads to the kitchen and dining room, with a dark, solid oak, dining table and chairs. The kitchen is completely custom built by local craftsmen and is a joy to behold. Beyond the kitchen is the large deck with outdoor dining and lounge chairs. The pool is beautifully set in the manicured garden and nothing has been overlooked, as testified by the decorated satellite dish that has been painted with a garden mural to better blend in with the surroundings. The deck wraps around the front of the house and steps lead down to two more bedrooms and bathrooms. Also at this level are the pump and filters for the pool which show a very professional installation. Kibanda comes fully furnished, with the exception of a certain pieces that have sentimental value.

Price On Application

Caribbean Realty Limited B




















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North Shore Lookout North Shore Lookout is at the end of a country lane, quite private and secluded, and is on a very large lot, so privacy is guaranteed.The house has split levels: the living/dining area, kitchen and deck are on the ground level and a few steps lead up to the master bedroom; a few steps down lead to the guest room with bathroom and a separate laundry room with a washer/dryer. Most of the furnishings are recycled teak with the exception of the dining table that is made from harvested teak. So far, the main attraction has not been mentioned - the view is spectacular! Looking over the golden sands of Brewer's Bay and across to Anderson Point with Anegada in the distance; the view is to the North and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean lies before you. The beauty of the sunset is stunning without the hot rays of the sun shining directly into the house. The sunrise and soft sound of surf provides a gentle wake-up call in the bedrooms. The house is tiled throughout with Saltillo. The kitchen cabinets are solid wood and the appliances are Viking Professional grade and stainless steel, including the barbecue.

US $975,000

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letter from the editor

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Editors David Blacklock, Owen Waters & Traci O'Dea

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Welcome to the July issue of Property Guide

Advertising Sales Owen Waters ::

I remember when my parents bought land in the late 1980s—the thrill of seeing the architect’s plans transform from blue ink on paper to a cement foundation, wooden studs and, eventually, brick walls, ceramic tiled and hardwood floors and the bedroom in the northeast corner—my room. After the house was built and inhabitable, I was overwhelmed by the additional excitement of being able to decorate my own space as I liked—choosing paint and carpet colours, picking out furniture (a loft bed with writing desk and dresser below), putting up posters and selecting curtains. As many beautiful houses as there are in the BVI, and as much as I like the idea of adapting to the quirkiness of someone else’s vision, I also understand the appeal of building a home from scratch. This month, Property Guide offers buyers a selection of land available in the BVI. Homeowners in the BVI have certain responsibilities to the territory and the planet. We offer our monthly green feature which recommends planet-friendly alternatives to homeowners—in this case to lower your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, PG offers suggestions that should encourage everyone to do what we can to diminish the threat of dengue mosquitoes. Tasks as simple as rinsing out pet bowls and emptying flowerpot bases can kill thousands of mosquito larvae. Sometimes you need to get out of the house, and when you do, we propose you stop by Emile’s in East End for some fresh Mexican food and homemade pizzas—crust and all. You might need a designated driver, though.

Graphic Design Richard George & Nick Cunha Executive Producer Colin Rathbun, aLookingGlass Publishing For additional information contact Colin Rathbun at aLookingGlass or visit aLookingGlass

#7 Road Reef Plaza, P.O. Box 3895 Sea Cows Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands t 284.494.7788 f 284.494.8777 | On the Cover: Landslide Stoney Point. Photo courtesty of Caribbean Realty

Just a few more reasons we love living here.

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12 Solé Spa: Colour Me Relaxed

13 Landslide: The Benefits of Buying Land . . .

18 Greener Pastures: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions . . .

20 2009 Winemakers Dinners: The Chefs



contents State of the Market: A New Beginning at the End of the Season 8 At Scrub Island, the first new resort development in the BVI in over 15 years, local real estate agents took a collective inventory. Arawak Interiors Opens Showroom and Warehouse at Road Reef Plaza 10 Arawak Interiors' new space is stocked with the latest in weatherproof furniture, synthetic rattan, perfect for BVI homes inside and out. Solé Spa: Colour Me Relaxed 12 Solé Spa provides residents and visitors with some indoor relaxation to complement the low-stress lifestyle of our islands. The new location in Nanny Cay is just as calming as the Road Town spa. Landslide: The Benefits of Buying Land in Today’s Economy 13 If buying a multimillion dollar house is not an option, PG proposes buying land in the BVI and building your dream home. Caribbean Realty offers advice and suggestions on locations. Shoreside Review: Emile’s Restaurant and Cantina 16 Emile’s in East End serves savoury Mexican to herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Watch out for Jamie and his tequila. Greener Pastures: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Your Home 18 Our homes produce a surprising amount of greenhouse gases. Through the use of responsible, emission-free flooring, tiles and paint, this amount can be reduced. 2009 Winemakers Dinners: The Chefs 20 Top chefs from all over the world—São Paulo, Seattle, Waikiki, Marseille— visit the BVI to prepare delectable creations for the 2009 Winemakers Dinners. This year, the event also features fun, informal lunches with the winemakers and chefs, including a barbecue at Necker Island. Mosquito Proof Your Home,Your Neighbourhood,Your Island 24 Mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance; they are also a health threat as vectors carrying dengue. The Center for Disease Control and the BVI Environmental Health Division recommend constant vigilance in reducing larva development sites. Property Listings


Check out the latest listings from the BVI’s top real estate companies. Vacation Rentals


Looking for somewhere to stay whilst you seek out your sensational new BVI dwelling? Our vacation rentals section offers a variety of accommodation types to suit every budget.

STATE OF THE MArkET A New Beginning at the End of the Season by Chris Smith of Coldwell Banker BVI

I recently asked Google for the collective noun for a group of real estate agents, you know, like a murder of crows, a pod of whales or a smack of jellyfish. A “gazump” and an “exaggeration” of real estate agents were two of the more civilised suggestions. “Gaggle” also came up. Towards the end of May, a gaggle of BVI real estate agents was present at the soft opening of the new marina at Scrub Island—the first new resort, marina and spa development in the BVI in a long time. Also attending the event were several rather large bankers, a few media types, some representatives from the BVI Tourist Board, an investor or two who have purchased villas or marina suites on the island and even a couple of prospective buyers. The developers of Scrub Island, Mainsail Development International, put on a good show. The champagne was nicely chilled and, as long as



Most of those who have listed their homes for you didn’t run your hands along any of the freshly sale with us recently, particularly our snowbird painted walls, it was certainly a few hours well second home owners, are not panicking. They don’t spent. The progress in the last couple months, after have to sell but may choose to and so are not a few hiccups last year, was impressive, and the dropping their prices. They are not the speculative marina village has really started to come together. sort, on the whole, but enjoy all that the BVI has to For more info, visit or offer as well as resting easy in the knowledge that theirs is a pretty safe investment. The majority are The gossip amongst our gaggle largely took the not in trouble and therefore are not desperate to form of verbal prodding and poking, each trying to sell. We at Coldwell Banker have had only a couple discover whether the others have been busy or just sellers drop their asking price. Just as many have sitting around twiddling their thumbs. At the tail end increased their prices. of our busy season, it was a rare chance to take Many potential buyers are, however, expecting collective stock since we don’t get together that often. bargains where few are to be found for the The general feeling was that whilst the global real reasons given above. They are not blushing as much estate market is generally in tatters, the BVI market as they would have has held up rather done a year ago well. No one was . . . whilst the global real estate when they submit claiming a bumper offers way under season, and most are market is generally in tatters, the asking price. More expecting a quiet BVI market has held up rather well. than one has gone summer (not unusual, home with his tail but the suggestion of between his legs when a seller failed to bend going sailing down island and not coming back until sufficiently to make a deal happen. But sales have Christmas was made by more than one of the group) and are being made and, whilst the number at the but, all things considered, we held our own.

end of the year might be down from last year, the prices fetched continue to be impressive which is good news if you own BVI property already or if you are considering buying. We’ve probably had a much more efficient season as well. There have been far fewer tyre kickers around this year. Showings have tended to be to people who are serious prospects who can afford the homes they are viewing. So our conversion rate this year should be higher than most. Overall, it’s also probably been busier at the more expensive end of the spectrum than at the lower end.

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Everyone has a dream home. When you are ready to turn your dream into a reality, visit us at Building and Property Maintenance. Our clients define who we are. We’ve been established for over seven years and have eagerly supported a wide variety of construction and maintenance needs because we customize our services in response to the specific requirements of the client. Let our empecable standard of service help you realize your dreams.

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Dreams . . .

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Examples from the Salsa Range of furniture in the Arawak showroom

Arawak Interiors

Dining chairs that are both durable and comfortable--delivered and installed

by Traci O'Dea

Opens Showroom and Warehouse at Road Reef Plaza

When Roy Keegan of Arawak Interiors tells me he just got in a shipment of synthetic rattan furniture, I imagine the brightly coloured chairs and noisy sunset crowds at the outdoor cafes in Nice, France, but when I enter the Arawak warehouse in Road Reef Plaza, I’m surrounded instead by the muted earth tones and contemporary shapes of Arawak’s line of all-weather furniture. Stacks of chairs, stools and side tables line the walls, interspersed with mirrors, lamps and decorative sculptures. “All the rattan is weatherproof,” he says, “suitable for snow at ski resorts or direct sun. They’re fadeproof, too.” I’m drawn to a slate-coloured Orbit chair—an oversized round divan that comes with its own retractable shade. If I had that chair, I would never leave it. I would live in it. I would abandon my job and friends and become a hermit. Or a hermit crab in my own little shell. With nothing but books and grapes and pillows allowed inside. That chair is dangerous. I don’t sit in it. I wouldn’t get up. Perhaps sensing my hypnosis and not wanting a new resident in his warehouse, Roy leads me to the showroom a few doors down on Waterfront Drive. Almost as tempting as the Orbit chair is the

Daydream Lounger—an outdoor daybed in tan synthetic rattan with four posts and a canopy with curtains that unfurl to block the wind or sun or peeping neighbours. Young Gabi Fox, resembling a genie in a bottle among the cushions, reads a fairytale while her mom peruses the furniture. Beside the daybed, a corner chair with boxy arms misleads me into thinking it won’t be comfortable, but I end up sitting in it for a while taking notes. All the cushions for the outdoor furniture are covered in Sunbrella fabric—a weatherproof and sunproof trademarked material. The corner chair, an impressive piece on its own, can also be made into a sectional with additional pieces. A glass-topped dining table and four dining chairs in the front of the showroom sport a gorgeous pebble colour, which I later learn is called Cappucino. I can imagine mixing and matching the different rattans—a Java Brown table with Cappuccino chairs and Bronze accent tables. I pull out one of the chairs—it’s lightweight but sturdy—and lean back. Once again, I’m surprised at the comfort of the furniture, especially since dining room chairs tend to be stiff. These invite lingering and after-dinner conversation. And maybe a second bottle of wine. I resist two chaise longues that beg me to put up my feet and instead wander over to the funkier Salsa

Range of synthetic rattan furniture. The curvy arms remind me of a Dali painting, and the plump, trippy cushions heighten the effect. “The idea is to have the warehouse fully stocked so we could do a whole house at once,” Roy says. He’s off to Bali next month to buy more stock. “We’ve been doing so many private homes that no one has really seen what we could do until now. We’d get furniture in and deliver it directly to the customer.” He then mentions that the price of the furniture includes delivery and installation. All Arawak’s synthetic rattan furniture can be custom ordered in many different shades. Roy shows me colour swatches, and I’m pleased to see yellow and magenta amongst the coffee-coloured hues. So replicating those crowded, bright and noisy French cafes is always an option. PG Arawak Interiors is open Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Shop: 494-5240 Appointments: 499-7483 or 442-0407

Your Headquarters for Professional Grade Pool Products

CHEMICALS include: Granular Chlorine Chlorine Tablets PH Plus + PH Minus Stablilzer - Clariffer Muriatic Acid

auto sanitizers automated controls heaters/heat pumps automatic cleaners automated color lighting

Air-Conditioning Units & Refrigerants 10

In Road Town Blackburne Hwy., Steps from Riteway Pasea

MAx-E- Glas Dura-Glas Pool/SpaPumps

Tel: 494 2885/2085 | Fax: 494 4392 |



Nestled within majestic boulders on Virgin Gorda’s southern shore... lies “Raku” • • • • • • • • • • • •

19 Room Custom Luxury Residence 2 Acres 240’ of Beachfront Secluded/Pristine Beach 5000 sq ft Interior Living Space 1500 sq ft Exterior Living Space 6 Bedrooms 4 1/2 Bathrooms Palm Tree Setting Professionally Landscaped Detached Caretaker or Guest House Ozonated Pool

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Custom Woodworking Throughout Andiroba Windows and Doors (Hurricane Glass) Mahogany Floors Andiroba Vaulted Ceilings Jatoba Cabinetry/Furniture Property Management Team Available Custom Imported Stonework (100 tons) Marble Counters and Floors 495’ Private Driveway Gated Entrance - Intercom Offered Brand New Visit website for more information and pictures

$11m Visit us at our new location at 159, Main Street, Road Town or at our Nanny Cay Marina office. tel. (284) 495 3000

SOlé Spa

by Traci O'Dea

Colour Me Relaxed I push open the door to Solé Day Spa’s new location in Nanny Cay, opposite B dock, and the sounds of the marina disappear behind me. Not that I mind the sounds of the marina. I love to hear the clanging of the stays, the linens-on-a-clothesline ripple of the sails and the cave-like groan of the wind, but those are invigorating sounds to me, and I don’t want to be invigorated, I want to be relaxed. My first impressions of the reception area—low lighting, calm hues and a wall of Stephanie Clayton’s abstract artwork—begin to accomplish this mission. My masseuse Debbie, in a uniform the colour of the sand at Lava Flow, greets me by name and asks what type of massage I’d like. “Deep tissue,” I say, “and don’t be afraid to dig in.” She isn’t. But first, she sweeps over my skin with a natural-bristle brush, and I understand why my cat loves it when I brush her. Purr. The bristles awaken all my nerve endings, so when Debbie digs in with her elbows, I feel it on my epidermis as well as deep in my tissue. My muscle pain seems to flow out of my

shade of lipstick can improve a woman’s self-esteem.” I remark how Stephanie Clayton’s artwork doesn’t adhere to the muted palette that Julia has created but instead adds a welcome splash of primary colour to the otherwise neutral atmosphere. Julia tells me how Stephanie uses Solé as a local studio. “In return, I get to view some inspiring art.” The new location in Nanny Cay mostly serves sailors visiting the marina. “The clientele at Nanny Cay is different than the clientele of the Road Town location. We get a passing trade from charter boat companies and the Nanny Cay hotel while our customers in Road Town are pretty much 100% people who live here. I’d like to let residents in West End know that we’re here at Nanny Cay, so they don’t have to come all the way into town for a quick eyebrow wax.” Julia assures me that at both locations she only hires therapists with the best training. “And our treatments are the most up-to-date.” She cites Minx nail forms, the latest in manicures and pedicures

“We want our clients to know they are getting the same treatments they can get in London, New York and Paris right here in Tortola" body, drip onto the table and evaporate into the air. I am relaxed. So relaxed that I actually appreciate the minor interruptions during the massage— technical difficulties with the CD player and my mobile phone vibrating—because they keep me from dozing off. After the massage, I thank Debbie and leave the soothing tones of the spa for the invigorating sounds of Nanny Cay Marina and head off to Ladies Night Windsurfing, feeling completely in tune with my body. The next day, I contact Julia Hingston, owner of Solé, and compliment her on creating such a relaxing atmosphere. “My passion in life is colours,” she says. In fact, she worked as a colour consultant for the former owners of Solé before she bought the spa five years ago. Everything from the walls, tables, towels, robes and counters to the technicians’ uniforms were handpicked by Julia to facilitate serenity. Julia asserts how colours can make a huge difference in someone’s life: “Even something as simple as the right 12

which are only available at the most exclusive spas in the US. “It’s nail art that lasts about ten days. Beyoncé is wearing them. Last week I had on fishnets,” she laughs. “We want our clients to know they are getting the same treatments they can get in London, New York and Paris right here in Tortola—with the best service possible.” Julia mentions that Solé offers call-out services to yachts docked at the marina, as well as in-office massages with a portable massage chair to boost morale at local firms. While I’m tempted to suggest the idea to my boss, my office’s relaxation factor cannot compare to what Julia has created at Solé. And I don’t think purring is appropriate at work. Solé Day Spa hours: Nanny Cay Summer Hours:Thursday to Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday by appointment. Mill Mall, Road Town Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed on Sunday. PG


Jost Van Dyke

landSlidE The Benefits of Buying Land in Today’s Economy by Owen Waters

There does not seem to be a midrange or starter’s market when looking at houses in the British Virgin Islands. Property Guide visits and reviews multimillion dollar homes, dream homes, that to the average person are just that—dreams, and unattainable in reality. New homes are expensive, and in the islands a niche market exists, mostly for luxury second homes. But for those who aren’t millionaires and live here year-round, a new home under a million dollars is hard to find. Builders cater to the luxury market.The alternative is to build from the ground up. Right now, building is more affordable, and land is available.Then there’s the potential to rent out the property, or part of it, in this price bracket which can cover the costs of a mortgage; whereas, renting a multimillion-dollar home long term does not come close to covering the costs. According to Maritha Kiel from Caribbean Realty, there is an opportunity via the purchase

of land and then building, to own a home in the market of $600-$800K. The demand is high and that route is achievable. For expats who want to own property, a NonBelongers Land Holding License takes approximately six months to be approved and then building must be completed within three years, preferably two. The government, as Maritha states, is not being difficult but allows speculation. Rules are rules. In reality, if you were going to buy the land, you would be planning to build a house, right? There is no point going into a lifetime commitment unprepared. Once the license is approved, it takes up to three months to get the green light to build. During that initial year is the time to plan, meet with architects and surveyors and get

everything organised. There are project managers who can handle the whole project, and this is highly recommended. Getting materials to the island and local knowledge of building has never been more precise. The learning curve is over. Everyone has different tastes, and the island’s building professionals, from architects to interior designers, are aware of that. Caribbean Realty is one of the island’s most experienced real estate agencies, and in their experience, everyone is looking for something slightly different. Most people building on Tortola favour a hillside home with a breeze and a view of Sir Francis Drake Channel. Hurricanes are an issue and also sunsets and sunrise; which will make a big difference to which side of the island you want

Stone Bay

West End Hill, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.

to build. Ideally, building into bedrock, or excavating down to it, is crucial for solid structural engineering. The ideal home on steep land will mean the additional cost of a large retaining wall. The goal is to be solid from the ground up, start to finish and according to the recommendations of the structural engineers. Another positive factor of buying land is the reduced stamp duty. For Belongers, this is four percent, and for Non-Belongers, it is twelve percent. The duty is paid on the land only and not on the

value of the house once it is built. This automatically ensures your investment return is higher on the resale. Another convincing factor is that you would get your own design from start to finish. So it is your dream home, not someone else’s that you are building. Locations are available on the beach and other waterfront properties, and this increases your return also. Whilst the security of planned communities and resorts is compelling, the independence of ownership is very attractive. The developments usually include

paved roads, underground utilities and the benefit of a Home Owner's Association which all adds to the price of the land. Maritha has a wide selection of land available. There appears to be a phenomenal variety: from Arundel— just over three acres for $950,000 that has sunset views looking over Cane Garden Bay to the northwest and St Thomas, Jost, Tobagos, Thatches and many more toward the southwest; then Havers—one acre for $250,000 part way up the hill; and then, at

Caribbean Realty Limited B
































>>> R

underground utilities, town water, communal beachfront pavilion, lush fruit trees and floral landscaping with meandering golf cart pathways to the beach pavilion, barbecue facilities and ice-maker or fridge, covered beachside tables and chairs, all part of a private estate and secluded beach only ten minutes from the airport.” What we notice at Property Guide is choice, and that is crucial. There is something for everyone, and a good realtor will guide you through the process, rather than sell you what you do not need or cannot afford. After all, isn’t that how all the trouble in the US property market started? Maybe, as things turn around, the Island has the benefit of learning from that mistake. You can contact Maritha Keil at 284-542-9006 or Dietmar Lichota at Caribbean Realty Limited 284-494-3999 to discuss the available properties. PG


the top of the estate, lots are currently being priced as the roadways are being constructed, with views of the whole of Drake's Channel from Virgin Gorda to St John; then Cooten Bay 3/4 to one-acre hillside lots and waterfront from $180,000 to $450,000, with paved access, underground utilities and communal areas; then Cane Garden Bay with incredible views toward Jost and St Thomas and the islands to the west, with prices as low as $70,000 for 1/4 acre up to approximately $130-150,000 for 1/2 to 3/4 acre that have cool breezes, mature vegetation and tremendous views. Maritha says, “Due to the drop in economy, builders are supposedly hungry for work and construction costs have come down. Architects are also keen to design.” “If people are nervous about building by themselves,” she adds, “then they can consider Plantation Estates where the contractors will give a turnkey construction contract, highend finishes of granite and marble, quality hardwoods in custom designed, ecologically friendly homes, with R30 ratings, where they can choose between beachfront homesites and hillside home-sites ranging from $400-$1 million, sandy beachfront, including

The BVI’s


284.494.3999 | |

Get a Miami shipping address with TortolaExpress’ Parcels and Mail, and start shopping instantly. You can finally order everything you ever wanted online and now enjoy nonvolumetric weight charges!

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SHORESidE REViEW Emile’s Restaurant and Cantina by Traci O'Dea

As my friends from the BVI Beacon and I shuffle up to the open-air, porch-like dining room of Emile’s Restaurant and Cantina in East End, across from Harbourview Marina, we’re fortunate enough to encounter local farmer Lion Dread dropping off organic produce to owner Jamie Schultheiss. We take this as a good sign that our food will be fresh. Photographer Todd Van Sickle chats with Lion about his plentiful harvest of tomatoes, arugula and spinach.

Though the weather is a bit drizzly this Friday evening, Emile’s is cosy. Jamie leads me, Todd and reporter Mason Marcus to a roadside alcove table in the front of the restaurant. We order beer and appetizers to start. While waiting for our starters, we hum along to the traditional Mexican tunes coming from the speakers, watch the East End traffic and gear up for the weekend. When our first course arrives, Jamie warns us not to fill up on the Mucho Mucho Nacho Platter ($8.95), but we can’t stop snacking on the warm tortilla chips piled with homemade bean salsa, local peppers, jalapeños, black olives, onions, guacamole, sour cream and layers of cheese. I remind Mason what Jamie said as we fight over the last cheesy chip. We order more beer, and Jamie asks how we feel about tequila. I grimace, saying that I haven’t been able to even smell tequila since I was about seventeen and a friend brought back a cheap bottle from Cancun which we polished off in one night by doing Tequila Slammers—shots of tequila mixed with Squirt, a grapefruit-flavoured soda similar to Ting. I start to sweat thinking about it. But Jamie doesn’t take no for an answer and pours two small snifters from his collection of over 30 different tequilas. First I try the Don Julio REAL, which I pronounce surprisingly drinkable. The Beaconites finish it off with a smile. Then Jamie hands me the snifter of Don Julio 1942 which tastes nutty and sweet— dangerously


similar to the almond-infused moonshine I sampled two years ago in the mountains of Tennessee. On that trip, I discovered why moonshine is illegal. It’s not because it tastes like lighter fluid, as I’d always suspected, but rather because it tastes so smooth and goes down like water. I’m hesitant to share the 1942, but I let the guys try it. Emma Paull, manager of the Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club, joins us in time to sample Cantina Pie ($11.95)—peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn, feta cheese, cheddar cheese and marinated grilled chicken stacked between two corn tostadas served with rice and peas, a side salad and guacamole. Emma declares the chicken moist, well seasoned and fresh tasting. Jamie brings her a fishbowl-sized margarita and jokes, “My regulars say if you’ve had one of these, you’ve had three too many.” Soon the main courses are served, and we all dig in. Todd bites into his eight-ounce, handpatted Cantina burger ($11.95), crowned with mushrooms, fried onions, cheese and bacon, and declares it “the best burger on the island, hands down.” The tender prawns and Mexican rice in Mason’s enchilada ($14.95) have absorbed the complementary flavours of the creamy chipotle sauce in which Chef Paul baked it. Emma’s humongous chimichanga ($13.95), packed with beef, rice, seasoned vegetables and cheese, could feed a family of four. My pizza arrives loaded with cherry peppers, jalapeños, pineapple and onion ($12.00). Pizza is


Friday night happy hour in East End

Pizza crust is made from scratch at Emile's

not exactly Mexican, I know, but so few places on the island make their own hand-tossed crust that I couldn’t resist. Pizza chef Johnson offers a choice of thin, regular or thick crust. The classic crust on my pizza is chewy, flaky, crispy and buttery all at once. Seriously, this crust is so good that even after I’m way too full to eat another bite of the cheesy, peppery pizza, I cut off the edges and continue to munch on the crust. Todd’s wife and toddler appear, and I notice children at the other tables as well. Emile’s manages to host a lively happy hour crowd while also maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. The happy hour special, $1 off all alcoholic beverages, runs from 4:00-7:00 p.m. I also notice the take away window has gotten busy as Todd’s wife orders a pizza to go. As stuffed as we all are, with Todd swearing he’ll finish the last bite of

burger on his plate, we manage to find room for ice cream. Each flavour of the frozen treat, imported from South Africa, is served in the rind of its fruit—orange, coconut, apple and pineapple ($5.00–$8.00). Somehow these refreshing desserts make me feel less full. Unlike many restaurants on Tortola, Emile’s is open on Sunday. It’s a perfect place to go after a day of surfing at Josiah’s or sunbathing at any of the East End beaches. Also, before you head home to enjoy your food coma, Jamie offers a DVD exchange program: bring in an old DVD and $2, and you can exchange it for another. He uses the money from the exchange program to buy new movies. PG Emile’s is closed on Tuesdays, but open every other day from 4:00 p.m. (284) 495-1775

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Real Estate Sales Vacation Villa Rentals Appraisals Planning

Established 1965 miths Gore opened its first overseas office in the British Virgin Islands in 1965 and has since expanded its activities into North America, Europe, Malaysia and Brunei. The United Kingdom practice was founded in London in 1845 and currently operates from 26 offices throughout England and Scotland. While the Caribbean practice continues to be based in the BVI over the years there has been a tendency to specialise in the sale and valuation of properties throughout the region.

British Virgin Islands Brittannic Hall, P.O. Box 135, Road Town, Tortola T 1(284) 494 2446 F 1(284) 494 2124 E

United Kingdom 17-18 Old Street, London W1S 4PT T +44 (0) 207 290 1611 F +44 (0) 207 290 1617 E

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Greener Pastures Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Your Home by Faye Stiler-Cote, OBM International

The fact that our everyday lifestyles have a direct impact on our environment is now common knowledge. But it’s perhaps less widely understood that our homes, and the way we use them, make a significant contribution to global warming and pollution. “Greener Pastures for Homebuilders? A Survey of Sustainable Practices in the Homebuilding Industry,” by the Calvert Group and the Boston College Institute for Responsible Investment, reports that the energy consumption of homes accounts for about 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. It is clear that energy efficiency should be high on the agenda of anyone aiming to cut down on their emissions. In addition to the problems related to climate change, medical experts are increasingly pointing to buildings, and the products we put in them, as being the primary culprits that cause or contribute to respiratory illnesses such as asthma. We introduce a myriad of chemicals into our homes whose health effects are questionable: off-gassing paints and adhesives, plasticisers in vinyl, brominated flame retardants, fluoropolymers used in wiring, not to mention household cleaning products. The concentration of these chemicals can reach levels five times those found outdoors. In specifying green products, we aim to cut out these potentially harmful materials – a green home should be safer and healthier to live in than a conventional one. For those leaning towards greener interiors, whether it’s a new


durable, you’ll save money over the long haul by not having to replace it. Tile is easy to clean and won't release unpleasant odours like some carpet or vinyl flooring products. Another advantage is that tile Low VOC Paints doesn't harbour potentially harmful mould spores, Benjamin Moore's eco-friendly Natura paint pollen, dust or dust mites. Recycled tiles and salvaged gives an odourless, zero-VOC (Volatile Organic tiles have the extra Compound) option bonus of saving on with performance We introduce a myriad of chemicals into our raw materials—they comparable to cut down on the traditional paints. homes whose health effects are questionable mining of clay, stone, Natura promises marble and other easy application minerals needed to make conventional tiles. Well as well as outstanding durability. It dries fast and known manufacturers such as Crossville, Covering is highly washable days after it's been applied. ECT, Terra Green Ceramics and Eco Cycle Glass The Natura range includes a primer plus three produce tiles that contain 50% to 100% in-house sheens: flat, eggshell and semi-gloss and, of course, manufacturing by-products— waste that would an infinite selection of colours. Another readily available product on the market is Dulux Lifemaster, otherwise have ended up in the landfill. So, whilst manufactured by ICI Paints. Lifemaster also contains enjoying extra durability and health, you’re also helping save the Earth for future generations. no VOCs and is a low-odour paint. This super Another non-traditional tile product is Terrazzo. Made adhering, stain and oil resistant series of paints is with 80% recycled content and a cement binder, this ideal for every interior application. product includes recycled glass chips, granite and marble, and can create a beautiful, durable and affordable surface Flooring choice for floors, countertops and even wash basins. Recycled, stone, clay and salvaged tiles will outlive Other green flooring options are rubber, cork most, if not all other types of flooring. Tile resists and linoleum, used in sheet or tile, and all made scratching and is fire-resistant, and because it's so home or an existing remodel, there are now many safer alternatives to conventional building products.


from natural materials. Marmoleum is a well known product with a wide choice of patterns and colours. Concrete flooring is another popular choice. It can be cheap and potentially eco-friendly, depending on the concrete mix and type of finish. Millwork With a variety of wood suppliers on the market claiming green products, Smith & Fong's Plyboo bamboo material is a beautiful, emissions-free alternative to pressed-wood products containing glues with toxic formaldehyde. This bamboo material can be cut and stained just like regular plywood, and has the added advantage of coming from a fast-growing, renewable resource. It has become an international commodity in various forms of strip flooring, wall panels, cabinetry and furniture. If your project calls for the true look of wood, manufacturers are marketing certified millwork products which are verified by a third party as originating from well-managed forests. Manufacturers recognize the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards as the most rigorous and the only certification system with a well established chain of certification. To make certain that you get environmentally responsible wood products for your project, be sure to emphasise your requirement for FSC-certified wood with a verifiable chain of custody. Many homeowners, contractors and designers

are going the extra mile to research and purchase environmentally responsible interior design products. Living in a home that includes these products makes the home and the planet a safer, healthier place to live. It doesn’t necessarily cost more to design and build in an eco-friendly way, and you can save on maintenance costs. Designers and builders alike are making headway in this field; many items once seen

as expensive and specialized are now made by wellknown brands and are readily available and affordable. Innovative design and careful sourcing of materials at the beginning of a design project can save you money, health and time, not to mention the planet. Faye Stiler-Cote is an Interior Designer at OBM International’s BVI office. PG FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT OBMI OR TO INQUIRE ABOUT SERVICES, PLEASE CONTACT: Steve Fox, Managing Director, British Virgin Islands office T 284 494 2148 / F 284 494 3898

Steve Fox is Managing Director of OBM International’s BVI office. He is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental 7.25”Professional Design (LEED) Accredited and a co-founder of Green VI.

For seven decades, OBM International has been the premier full-service design-consulting firm in Bermuda and the Caribbean. Today, with nine multinational offices, projects throughout the world and a diverse team of experts, OBM is a global leader in luxury hotel/ resort design development, architecture, master/town planning and interior design, with landmark projects in the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe and the Arabian Peninsula. OBM has design offices located in Antigua, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Madrid, Miami, Muscat and Trinidad and Tobago.

The essence of architecture is the creation of timeless and beautiful places. It takes courage, passion, emotion and rational thinking to create a successful place. To do it is a privilege. It is an opportunity for greatness. And success will turn a vision into history.


Architecture resort Design Development consulting mAster plAnning interior Design OBM INTERNATIONAL t +1 284 494 2148 | ALOOKINGGLASS PUBLISHING BVI PROPERTY GUIDE JULY 2009




by Traci O'Dea

You don’t have to fly to the best restaurants in Hawaii, France, Brazil or Seattle to taste the inspired culinary masterpieces of the chefs at the 2009 Winemakers Dinners, you only have to fly to one location—the British Virgin Islands.

Vikram Garg, Executive Chef at Halekulani Resort in Waikiki, Hawaii, is known for his spicy and sophisticated yet palatable and unpretentious innovations that appeal to all the taste buds at once. An example from Halekulani’s restaurant La Mer: roasted goose breast accented with sea salt and lavender honey on butternut squash. Chef Garg also volunteers for international charitable contributions, including March of Dimes, Meals on Wheels and the Winemakers Dinners, where he returns as Executive Chef for the second year. At her Seattle restaurant Joule, Rachel Yang cooks up “a fusion menu that tastes wonderfully original while seeming utterly organic,” according to Seattle magazine. Her culinary influences— Korea, France, Italy, Spain and the American South—lead her to create dishes like whole mackerel with smoked tomato puttanesca and daikon salad or wild boar spare ribs with a spicy Korean BBQ glaze and collard slaw. The Corporate Chef for the big Burrito Restaurant Group, Bill Fuller is dedicated to using ingredients from sustainable and local farms. This is apparent by menu items such as Elysian Fields Farm lamb loin with an Anson Mills polenta cake at Casbah or Three Sister’s Farm Mesclun with Telford Tomme cheese at Eleven. In addition, the Andy Warhol Museum Cafe features Chef Fuller’s creations. He also


dedicates his time and talent to help feed the hungry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Certified Executive Chef Thomas Hannum of the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware serves on the board of directors for his local Meals on Wheels. His award-winning creations have appeared on numerous TV shows, including The Saturday Early Show, Good Morning America and Historic Chefs of America. His wine list at the Green Room rated at the top of “The Wine Nine” in Delaware Today February 2009 issue. In 1995, former actress and producer Carla Pernambuco opened one of the first cosmopolitan restaurants in São Paulo. Since then, her restaurant, Carlota, has been praised in almost every publication imaginable—from Japanese Elle to the UK’s Condé Nast Traveller—where Carlota was named one of the ten best restaurants in São Paulo, and Carla was named one of the top chefs. Notable menu items include sole filet with golden goat cheese sauce, fresh palm hearts and mushroom fettucine. A professor at Lycée Hôtelier in Marseille, France, Chef Alain Ivaldi has appeared on France 3’s popular La Cuisine d’à Côté where he prepared a tian of sardines in millefeuilles with vegetables confits. While it may sound complicated, Chef Ivaldi’s passion is teaching others how to prepare fine cuisine, and he makes his recipes accessible to all in three cookbooks that celebrate the cuisine of Provence.


Hotel Du Pont’s pastry chef Michelle Mitchell’s desserts have been called “artful” by Frommer’s, an opinion confirmed by Philadelphia Inquirer restaurant critic Craig LaBan who enjoyed a “currant-poached pear that stood on a pedestal of devil's food cake like a circus seal with a chocolate collar.” Her three and a half foot recreation of the Fabergé Orange Tree Egg— in sugar, chocolate, fondant, gold leaf and silver dust—is featured in Linda Civitello’s Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People. Giorgio Paradisi of Virgin Gorda serves inspired dishes that range from Anegada lobster risotto to homemade pappardelle with duck ragout and black truffle or homemade pumpkin ravioli with a hint of modena balsamic. Frommer’s Guide says of the chef, “We decided that the restaurant's owner, Giorgio, has an appropriate last name -- Paradisi.” Chef Davide Pugliese of Capriccio di Mare, Brandywine Bay Restaurant and the forthcoming Wali Nikiti culinary retreat recently showcased his culinary talents at the 2009 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival among such celebrity chefs as Emeril Lagasse and Paula Deen. calls his cooking “nominally Tuscan—carpaccio, homemade tortellini, and ravioli—but veers off on delicious detours such as Thai-pumpkin-and-coconut-milk soup or roast duck with mango chutney.”

While eating simmering East Indian food dockside at Spaghetti Junction in Road Town, I discuss the upcoming Winemakers Dinners with Ajit George, cochair of the BVI Charitable Fund. He first surprises me by informing me that he volunteers for this event and adds “all the chefs are contributing their time as are the winemakers.” But I shouldn’t have been surprised after researching the chefs’ charitable work, and I’m even less surprised when Mr. George tells me that he met most of them through his association with Meals on Wheels. “I met Alain Ivaldi at Meals on Wheels,” Mr. George says between bites of fish masala, “and he invited me to Marseille. What I will remember about him until the day I die is that I didn’t have bouillabaisse until I was in Marseille, and I’ve had a lot of bouillabaisse in my life. We went to these small restaurants in Marseille, and he chose

He hand blends all his own spices. He has no which fish was going into the dish. He said to me, microwaves or can openers in his kitchens. I met ‘Bouillabaisse is the fish.’ One day I’d like him to him in Virgin Gorda when he was a sous-chef at make bouillabaisse here with some of our local fish.” Little Dix, and we’ve been friends ever since. He’s Mr. George also met Chef Tom Hannum through Meals on Wheels. “Every chef who’s ever worked with Tom wants to adopt him as their “I wanted diversity in views and preparation . . ." brother,” he says. “He’s here to help Michelle with the desserts. dedicated to this event—volunteering his time, She did the desserts for us last year—every dessert coordinating the menu.” for every dinner. She had to call me to let me know “I wanted diversity in views and preparation, and that she was available for this year, too, because I I didn’t want to be limited to my circle of knowledge, didn’t have the guts to ask her.” so I asked Gourmet to nominate someone, and they I ask Mr. George about the Executive Chef for suggested Rachel Yang. Gourmet has gone out of their the event, Vikram Garg. “He is a master of visual way to support this event. I trust them, and Rachel has presentation. He loves experimenting with things an amazing reputation.” like fire and ice. He’s fundamentally an artist. | ALOOKINGGLASS PUBLISHING BVI PROPERTY GUIDE JULY 2009


Celebrate this moment forever.

Gourmet dinners in an unmatched location: the BVI

“Bill Fuller was recommended by Guana Island. They said he’s someone they would be proud of. He’s part of a group that has a series of interesting restaurants in Pittsburgh.” As I finish up my Aloo Behgan and rice, Mr. George continues. “Along with our international chefs, one local chef will be doing one course per dinner : Davide, Giorgio and the chefs from Necker and Guana. I think he’s a very talented chef. Giorgio will be doing the food for the VIP Reception at the Sugar Mill Ruins at Nail Bay.” With all these acclaimed chefs, I ask Mr. George if there are any prima

Dinner where you are forced to focus on the taste. Nothing but the flavours of the food and wine. It would be a very exclusive dinner, and every guest would have their own server. Wouldn’t that be great?” Ajit George’s passion for wine and food is contagious. I close my eyes and imagine being blindfolded for a meal—discovering tastes without the expectations that often come with presentation. How do I get an invitation? The Winemakers Dinners take place on July 16 to 19 and December 3 to 6. The July dinners, which feature the chefs listed above, will be held

New for this year are Winemakers Dinners Lunches. donnas. “We’re still too young to have prima donnas. When I asked Gourmet to nominate a chef, I asked for a non-TV chef. The focus is on the wine and food.” New for this year are Winemakers Dinners Lunches. “We wanted to create a series of special events where more people have an opportunity to meet the winemakers because that’s what this event is really all about. Just a taster— food with a fun twist. We’re not trying to replicate the dinners or anything.” The lunches are $50 per person and take place at restaurants on Virgin Gorda, Tortola and Necker Island. “Vikram is going to do a gourmet barbecue on the beach at Necker. Every other day there will be two events to choose from, so people can decide based on the restaurant or the winemaker they prefer.” Mr. George swigs the last of his lemonade and ponders the future of the Winemakers event. “My fantasy is to do a blindfolded Winemakers 22

at elite locations in the BVI: Necker Island on July 16, Peter Island on July 17, Guana Island on July 18 and Mooney Bay in Virgin Gorda on July 19, with an opening VIP welcome reception on July 15 at the Sugar Mill Ruins at Nail Bay. Lunches will be served on the same days at Necker Island, Brandywine Bay Restaurant on Tortola, and Mine Shaft Restaurant, Rock Cafe, Chez Bamboo and the Fat Virgin on Virgin Gorda. For more information, visit www. PG


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TORTOLA: Road Town Antigua Aruba Bahamas Barbados Cancun Cozumel Curacao Grand Cayman Grenada Jamaica St. John St. Lucia St. Maarten Tortola Trinidad Norwegian Cruise Line

Nanny Cay is Tortola’s flagship marina with berths for 180 yachts, full service boatyard, a hotel with 36 rooms, tennis court, swimming pool, restaurants, spa, shops, beach and the list is growing. Nestled in the heart of this thriving community marina will be 32 waterfront homes with docks. Finished to the highest of standards, these 2 and 3 bedroom homes are priced from $650k and are available fully furnished if required. As well as stunning views, great ocean breezes, guaranteed dock, and first class facilities, owners may take advantage of one of the BVI’s most competitive, optional rental programs. To arrange a tour of our completed homes call Chris Smith on 284 495 3000 or stop in at our Nanny Cay office.

Visit us at our new Road Town location at 159, Main Street or at our Nanny Cay Marina office. Tel (284) 495 3000. ©2008 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity . Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

Mosquito larva breathing through its snorkel-like breathing tube

MOSqUITO-PROOF Your Home, Your Neighbourhood, Your Island by Traci O'Dea

Every morning, I open my eyes and see at least six motionless mosquitoes waiting for me to emerge from the blue tulle net that covers my bed.They’re female, I know, because only female mosquitoes are the vampiric ones, needing blood for egg development, while the vegan males feed on nectar.

“Good morning, ladies,” I say before smacking each one between the wall and netting, leaving either the flaky, leggy carcass of an unfed mosquito or the red-orange, splatter of an engorged mother-to-be. Looking at the fresh vermilion blots, I wonder whose blood, brought into my room by these flying hypodermic needles, now graces my white walls—my housemate’s? The cat’s? Or did it come from one of the goats I hear bleating through my shuttered doors? The fact I’ve grown accustomed to this morning ritual bothers me. I don’t like having someone else’s or something else’s blood on my wall, mosquito net and hand. With the reality of dengue fever, I’m ready to do everything necessary to reduce the number of mosquitoes I have to swat each morning. I’m wary of repellents and mosquito coils, the two prevention methods I commonly

see employed on the island. After the last time I used a DEET-based bug repellent cloth, I touched the left-click button on my laptop, and the chemicals ate away a spot on the painted coating. The idea of putting paint remover on my body does not particularly appeal to me. Nor does the idea of breathing in the fumes of a mosquito coil. A September 2003 article in Environmental Health Perspectives reported that some mosquito coils are so unhealthy that “the formaldehyde from burning one coil can be as high as that released from burning 51 cigarettes.” Besides, sprays and coils only keep mosquitoes away. I want to seriously decrease their numbers. Dengue: Public and Clinical Health Aspects, a report published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends community-based prevention efforts to keep mosquito populations at low levels. Aedes aegypti, the only mosquito that acts

Continued on page 26 . . . 24




One of the Virgin Islands’ unique houses set in a dramatic location, overlooking Jost Van Dyke and the USVI, extending to 5.25 acres. Accommodation includes great room with living and dining area, kitchen, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, media loft two tier swimming pool, wine cellar and two bedroom staff accommodation.



A rare opportunity to own a permanent home at Little Dix Bay. The Villas at Little Dix Bay, situated on the dramatic hillside above the world-renowned resort offer a magnificent setting, luxurious amenities and services and remarkable privacy to each and every owner. The master plan includes spacious three and four bedroom villas with private pools, each nestled into the lush tropical hillside.



An intriguing blend of tropical design and European sophistication, this home boasts spectacular sea views and exhibits a super standard of finish. Reception room, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, private office loft and workshop, dining courtyard swimming pool with deck, spacious verandahs. Set in about 1.5acres.

US$3,150,000 British Virgin Islands Brittannic Hall, P.O. Box 135, Road Town, Tortola T (284) 494 2446 F (284) 494 2124 E| ALOOKINGGLASS PUBLISHING

United Kingdom 17-18 Old Street, London W1S 4PT T +44 (0) 207 290 1611 F +44 (0) 207 290 1617 BVI E PROPERTY GUIDE JULY 2009 25

. . . Continued from page 24 Mosquitoes capable of transmitting dengue are recognizable by the white stripes on their black legs and body

as a vector for the dengue virus, recognizable by the white stripes or bands on its black legs and body, dwells in enclosed, human-inhabited indoor spaces, making any sort of prevention by outdoor mass spraying completely useless. Even indoor spraying can be ineffective.The CDC’s report claims that insecticides may only temporarily paralyze the mosquitoes, giving them the appearance of being dead but allowing them to fly away after the paralysis wears off. So, after spraying mosquitoes indoors, it is necessary to squash them, wash them away or fry them with an electric tennis racket to ensure they are indeed dead. But the most effective method for controlling the Aedes aegypti population is by reducing potential larva development sites. The CDC suggests that every time we spot an adult mosquito, we should wonder where it may have lain its eggs, prompting us to look around for places where water collects. Female mosquitoes will lay their eggs in containers with as little as a teaspoonful of clean standing water. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes mostly stay indoors and prefer to lay their eggs in artificial receptacles instead of natural ones, so I pay special attention to the wet


Both the CDC’s and the BVI EHD’s reports stress the areas inside my home. I squeegee the tile shelf of my importance of full compliance. We all need to make an alfresco shower, scour the bottoms of garbage bins, effort to eliminate mosquito larva development sites. wipe dry the strainer beneath the dish drying rack, The other night while hanging out in town on tilt the tray below the barbecue so the water streams out of it and scrub the sponge holder . . . the most effective method for controlling the Aedes aegypti by the sink. I also check around pipes population is by reducing potential larva development sites for possible leaks. Because the egg a friend’s porch, I noticed a rainwater-filled plastic to larva cycle takes about a week, I have to repeat this cup sitting on the tiles. I looked inside and saw process vigilantly. Also, I make sure I don’t simply empty the water from the containers; I scour them because the dozens of tiny larvae, often called “wigglers” on the surface. I showed it to my friend Chris, who eggs will stick to the plastic and ceramic walls. made an unintelligible noise of disgust, grabbed A December 2008 press release from the the cup out of my hand and dumped it over the BVI Environmental Health Division (EHD) railing onto the concrete, killing all the potential recommends sealing cisterns with concrete and dengue vectors. covering downspouts with mosquito netting or Every possible water-collecting vessel we see cloth. They also suggest weekly cleaning of gutters should be emptied and turned over. By this simple and pets’ water bowls. For those who have to act, our entire community can keep the dengue store quantities of water because of water supply mosquito numbers at low levels, and we’ll all have outages in town, containers should be scrubbed fewer blood-hungry guests in our bedrooms. PG once a week or kept covered.


Frenchmans Paradise An Exquisite New Luxury Home on Frenchman’s Cay

Frenchmans Cay is home to Soper’s Hole Marina and one of the BVI’s most exclusive and secure gated residential communities. Here can be found some of the BVI’s most luxurious homes and Frenchmans Paradise, a fabulous, newly constructed 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom home with office, raises the bar. Quite simply, the breathtaking ocean, islands, marina and sunset views are unbeatable as is the home’s privacy. The tasteful, modern style of the home, designed by a distinguished British local Architect, is best described as contemporary Caribbean, combining West Indian charm with modern finishes and clean lines. Features include lots of local stonework, hardwood doors, custom millwork of the highest standard, a phenomenal master suite, 2 spacious guest rooms with large ensuite bathrooms, a truly unique pool with the ultimate vanishing edge, a solar powered back up generator and plenty of covered deck space for enjoying the views in the shade. Coveniently located for those arriving via the USVI or for those wishing to moor their boat in the nearby marina, Frenchman’s Paradise is the ideal vacation or second home. $3m

Tel. (284) 495 3000 Visit us at our new location at 159, Main Street, Road Town or at our Nanny Cay Marina office. ©2008 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity . Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

PROPERTIES FOR SALE ARUNDEL Ease of construction and panoramic views, from U.S.V. I, Jost Van Dyke & Cane Grden Bay. Lush tropical vegetation, high tree canopy allows the home to be positioned with the best view while maintaining privacy. 3.669 acres acres. US$900,000 BANANAQUIT GARDENS 3-bed, 2.5-bath, 2-storey building. Wooden and tiled floors. Stunning view over Hodge's Creek to many islands in Drake’s Channel. Covered garage. Large Lot. 0.89 acres. US$895,000 CARROT BAY LAND Overlooking world class surfing beach. View of Jost Van Dyke, Green Cay, Sandy Cay and others. Close to restaurants, hotels, shopping, West End ferry terminal. Easy access and utilities nearby. 2 x 0.70 acres. US$150,000 ea. COOTEN BAY ESTATE A rare find these days in Tortola - beach front land! New subdivision with seclusion, ocean view, beach. Tradewind breezes. Utilities underground. Paved roads, covenants will make a very desirable area. Easy access to Road Town and shopping. see plan for acres. US$100,000 ++ COOTEN HOUSE Almost finished, with view of Atlantic Ocean. Easy access, ample parking, leads to entrance which opens to living area and to deck. 2bed, 2-bath, large living area and kitchen. 0.94 acres. US$875,000 GREENBANK LOTS Exclusive area above Brewer’s Bay. Paved access and utilities. Covenants and home owner’s association. Beautiful northern view of the Atlantic Ocean. 1.2 - 2.0 acres. US $$250,000 ++ ea.

HAVERS HILL VISTA Spectacular view from this large lot on Haver’s Hill, Tortola. Easy access on paved road. Less than 5 minutes drive to Nanny Cay - 15 mins. to Road Town and West End. 1.131 acres. US$250,000 INDIGO PLANTATION Two lots on Great Camanoe with sunset and sunrise views and views of the private marina and tennis court which are part of the Indigo Estate. Good roads. A small boat is essential and a slip in the marina comes with each lot. 2.10 + 2.10 acres. US$495,000 each lot LAMBERT CONDO Fully furnished Studio apartment in Lambert Beach Resort located close to the Pool. Enjoy the pool and amenities of Resort. Beach only a few steps away, as is the restaurant. There is also a nearby laundry. strata acres. US$260,000 LIME LEAF Magical Jewel Box only footsteps to Josiah's Beach. 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom exquisitely furnished house on a small, fenced lot only 1 min’s walk to the beach. 0.12 acres. US$335,500 LITTLE BAY VILLAS ONLY ONE PARCEL LEFT! Peace and quiet and definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the BVI. Secluded and exclusive, Little Bay will one day become the “Mustique” of the British Virgin Islands. 0.870 acres. US$265,000 MACNAMARA VILLA 4-bed, 3.5 bath house, views overlooking Road Harbor - 3-mins drive to Road Town. Landscaped with pool and sold fully furnished. 0.546 acres. US$975,000 PEBBLE BEACH COTTAGE 2bed, 2-bath waterfront at West End with private dock. View of Soper's Hole harbour, Frenchman's Cay and St. John. Convenient for shops, restaurants, and ferry terminal. 0.6 acres. US$1,950,000

POOLSIDE APT. 211-213 Ocean view apartments offering the best views at Long Bay Beach Resort. Villa includes two tastefully decorated air-conditioned studio’s with kitchenettes, dining balcony, king size beds. strata 2/2 acres. US$450,000 SAGE PARK HOUSE 3-bed, 3.5bath with stunning view of Drake’s Channel and St John. All bathrooms en suite. Large dressing rooms. Games room w/pool table. Lots of storage. Formal dining room overlooking living room. Landscaped gardens. 0.77 acres. US$950,000 SEAVIEW Wonderful view of the islands in Drake’s Channel and St. Croix USVI. 15 minutes to Road Town and 5 minutes to West End restaurants, shops and ferry terminal. 0.737 acres. US$110,000 STARGAZER 3-bed, 3-bath in 4 buildings, major renovation recently, teak furniture from Bali, modern appliances. Caribbean Colonial style, stone paths, private decks from each bedroom and living space. Amazing views of the ocean and the night sky. 4.24 acres. US$1,250,000 STONEY BAY POINT A rare find and a perfect piece of property for an exclusive, private and secluded home. View of Atlantic Ocean, Guana Island and Anegada. 8 (approx.) acres. US$2,400,000 SUGAR CANE Open-concept living, dining, kitchen, great room. Master bed, en-suite bath, outside shower, indoor Jacuzzi. Stainless appliances in kitchen. French doors to courtyards, BBQ patio. Downstairs - 1 bed, en-suite bath; private sitting room; office; pump room. 0.88 acres. US$1,550,000

SUNSET GARDENS Up the hill from Cane Garden Bay, wonderful view to the North includes Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Cay. Road development has begun. see plots for acres. US$110,000+++ TAMARIND Sunset views right on the beach. Apple Bay, world renowned for surfing and just a few steps from this property. 2-bed and 1-bath. Walking distance to restaurants, entertainment and 10 min drive to West End ferry. 0.07 acres. US$950,000 TAMARIND BREEZE Above Tamarind Club, Josiah's Bay, duplex includes 1-bed unit and studio unit, which are rented long term. Could convert into 2-bed, 2bath villa. Use of Tamarind Club facilities including pool. 0.14 acres. US$275,000 THE PLANTATION Tortola’s North Shore, ten mins drive from airport, verdant hillsides roll down to wide, blonde sands of Little Bay. Sparsely populated by opulent few. Warm waters, sheltered by long, rocky headlands on both sides of the secluded bay. see plot plan acres. US$412,000 +++ TWO EGRETS 3-bed, 2-bath overlooking Road Harbour and Drake Channel. View extends from Virgin Gorda to Norman Island. West-Indian style house faces trade winds and is a short drive to Road Town and beaches. 0.978 acres. US$1,650,000 VILLA IONA 4-Bed, 4 en-suite baths. Private & exclusive with 1st Class Cabinetry. Pool and Patio with wonderful view of Lambert Beach below, Atlantic Ocean. Quiet and convenient for airport. 0.965 acres. US$P.O.A.

P.O. Box 188, Mill Mall, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands • Tel: (284) 494-3999 Fax: (284) 494-8999 •

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property listings Use the map and legend to reference the properties listed below. TOrTOLa H9 wIndy HILL BEaUTy!: Lovely, well finished, recently built 3 bedroom 3.5 bathroom home sitting on 1.152 acres. Very private. Beautiful views of Cane Garden Bay and Jost Van Dyke. $850,000.00 (284) 495-3000 I10 BrIgHT and aIry 3 BEdrOOm famILy HOmE: Lovely bright and airy, three bedroom, two bathroom family home with studio apartment on a hill above Nanny Cay, Tortola's premier Marina. Ideally located to provide easy access to Road Town, Tortola's best beaches and for boaters all the facilities of the marina…fantastic ocean and island views. Contact US$775,000 (284)495-3000

H8 BEaUTIfULLy BUILT HILL TOP HOUSE: Beautifully finished 3 bedroom home with pool sitting majestically above Cane Garden and Brewers Bay beaches. These stunning, unbeatable views are why you came to the BVI! The interiors, millwork, kitchen etc on this lovely

property are as impressive as the view. Contact US$2,300,000 (284)495-3000

K8 vIEwS frOm nOrman TO JOST: Gorgeous 3 bedroom hillside home with pool provides views all the way from Norman Island to Jost Van Dyke. Recently completed. Beautifully finished, furnished ad equipped. Has rental permission and is already renting well. US$1,850,000 chris@ (284)495-3000

I10 an arcHITEcTUraL fInd: Tropical design with European sophistication and superb standard of finish all combine to create this intriguing three bedroom retreat located on 1.46 acres in a private hillside setting on Tortola’s south coast. Recently completed and immaculately maintained, this luxury residence is built as two pavilions separated by the infinity edge pool and connected by a covered loggia and enjoys some of the more spectacular

ocean views on Tortola US$3,150,000 (284)494-2446

rawLEIgH HILL HOUSE : 2- bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms in main house. 2-bedrooms, one- bath in Guest house. Historical site with ruins and magnificent views. Beautiful gardens, footpaths and stonewalls. 0.507 acres. US $2,850,000 (284) 494-3999

H9 agaPE cOTTagES: Nestled within walking distance of Cane Garden Bay beach but elevated to provide fantastic ocean and island views, Agape Cottages is an investor’s dream for someone looking to walk into a thriving small vacation rental business. Consists of 3 x one bedroom units and 2 x two bedroom short term rental Units plus owner occupied accommodations and more on just over an acre. Potentially 12 rentable bedrooms. $2,290,000.00 284 495-3000 PInEaPPLE PLacE: Antique furniture, objets d'art from around the world in 4-bed, 4-bath home with pool. Kitchen with granite counters,

Tortola Virgin Gorda Jost van Dyke Northern Islands Southern Islands Anegada beautiful garden and wonderful view over Smuggler’s Cove. Custom made carvings, orchid arbour and gazebo. 0.879 acres. US$2,500,000 (284) 494-3999

J9 TwO BEdrOOm aParTmEnT In rOad TOwn Adjacent to Village Cay with spacious living and dining areas and galley kitchen. Fully air-conditioned $525,000 Tel 494-2446

K8 LUXUry 3 BEd vILLa aT LamBErT: Spectacular three bedroom Villa with dramatic, high vaulted ceilings, spacious walk in closets in all bedrooms, additional apartment underneath main house,lovely views and breeze, walking distance of great beach. Visit www. $2m (284)495-3000

g10 EXcLUSIvE fOUr BEdrOOm rESIdEncE In LUSH wEST End: The wonderful ambiance of this residence comes from its first class design and breathtaking views of Jost Van Dyke. Built as two pavilions separated by a spacious swimming pool deck, the property also includes a self contained one bedroom apartment. | ALOOKINGGLASS PUBLISHING BVI PROPERTY GUIDE JULY 2009


K8 vacaTIOn rEnTaL HEavEn! Two 3 bedroom townhomes, each with pools, recently completed and beautifully finished, now available. Walk to Little Bay beach! Fanastic vacation rentals. Contact US$2,300,000 (284)495-3000

g10 EncHanTIng carIBBEan STyLE vILLa: Located on the hillside above Long Bay, this three bedroom villa in two pavilions offers a 40ft pool and patio for outdoor dining. Close to all the North Shore beaches, the home has access to and use of Long Bay Beach Resort’s amenities. $1,300,000 (284)494-2446

vILLa aSOLarE aT manSIOn HaLL HOmE: This stunning home is located around a point which gives panoramic views of the outer islands from Scrub Island to Norman Island. There are stone steps that lead to each of the three buildings, the two beaches and thru lush flowers, fruit trees and the historic ruins of Fort Hodge dating from the 1740’s. There is also an infinity pool with an out door kitchen, perfect for entertaining! For more details about this property please go to or call Michelle at 284-494-2500

g10 TwO BEdrOOm cOndO – LOng Bay rESOrT: Lovely two bedroom condo with fantastic views. Great resort amenities. Good income producing history. Really well maintained. Best value in the BVI! $350,000.00 (284) 495 3000

g10 PInEaPPLE PLacE: Situated US$3,500,000 Tel. 494-2446

HILL TOP HOUSE: Exquisite sunset view with finest quality in finish-work. 2-bed, 2.5 bath and highest standard modern conveniences. 0.26 acres. US $2,300,000 (284) 494-3999

H9 LOvELy LOT aT BaLLaST Bay: Beautiful Ballast Bay Lot now available. Glorious views of Cane Garden Bay and Jost Van Dyke. $120,000 (284) 495 3000

H9 IncrEdIBLE rETrEaT: Incredible retreat set on 2 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds at Shannon offering Caribbean architecture and spectacular views of Jost Van Dyke. Comprising approx. 6,000 sf of living space this property includes three bedroom suites, gourmet kitchen, living room, office, spacious verandahs, swimming pool deck and a one bedroom guest cottage. US$4,200,000 (284)494-2446 K8 STUnnIng cOnTEmPOrary HOmE: This newly completed four bedroom, five bath home masterfully combines indoor and outdoor living, with spacious living and dining areas, gourmet kitchen with breakfast are, fitness, room, swimming pool terrace with bar pavilion and panoramic views of Little Bay. US$1,995,000 (284)494-2446

g10 LOng Bay LOTS: Two Lots for sale

and both offering spectacular views. Concrete access, road, underground utilities, full resort services available. $295,000 each 284 495-3000

g11 affOrdIng dOUBLE vIEwS: To the south and the north to include the Francis Drake Channel, Soper’s Hole and Jost Van Dyke this delightful property includes a graceful main house with two bedrooms with ensuite bathroom and second level living room and terraces to take advantage of the exceptional views. One bedroom guest cottage. Swimming pool terrace and lovely tropical gardens. The property also include ruins of a military installation. $2,850,000 Tel 494-2446

g10 TwO and THrEE BEdrOOm HILLSIdE vILLaS – LOng Bay rESOrT: Cleverly designed with Villas with fantastic views, great beach and full use of all resort facilities. Lock off units designed to maximize income potential at Tortola’s leading beach resort. From $415,000 (284) 495 3000

agaPE cOTTagES: Six buildings form a small hotel over looking Cane Garden Bay and all are within easy walking distance to the beach. 3 lots available separately or all together. 1.04 acres. US $2,290,000 (284) 494-3999 H9 1 acrE LOT aT BaLLaST Bay: Stunning Lot, hillside just off the water, spectacular views, one for your “Must View Today” list! $200,000 (284) 495 3000

above Long Bay Beach Resort. Both just under an acre 30


in Belmont above Smugglers Cove. Pleasing proportions, stunning views, it has 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a guest house and swimming pool. Privacy, antique teak doors and furniture, mahogany windows, and an orchid shade house are also appreciated. US$3,500,000

H10 TIngaLayO: A stunning newly constructed property on approx 4 acres. 4 bedroom main house with 2 bedroom guest cottage. Unparalleled views of a bright blue sea dotted with islets. A choice of living, dining and entertainment areas, indoors and out. Sweeping decks with sunbeds and oversized cushions for tanning and contemplation. Two heated swimming pools and a hot tub for star-gazing. And all within a short drive of Tortola's legendary West End beaches. $4.5m (284) 495 3000

home with office (potential 3rd bedroom) and Nanny Flat beneath with fabulous views of Brewers, Bay, Jost Van Dyke and beyond. Incredible vistas. Light and airy, designed to take full advantage of the breeze. Bathrooms and kitchen just refurbished with great taste and style. Great, quiet and very private neighbourhood, easy for town, schools, etc. $995k 495-3000

I10 waTErfrOnT HOmESwITH dOcKS, nanny cay: 2/3 bedroom waterfront townhouses with docks now available at Nanny Cay, Tortola’s premier marina. Full resort facilities and competitive rental program available to offset costs of ownership. (284)495-3000. Contact US$650,000

J8-SEa cOwS Bay Land: Located near Oleander Estate in the hills above Sea Cow’s Bay, these 2 properties have spectacular views and breezes. These lots are prime for development, one lot is 0.783 of an acre and the other lot is 6.9 acres, both totaling 7.683 acres. Freehold and No Covenants. US$650,000 (284) 494-2500

H11 SUndOwn: A unique three bedroom home with pool designed for indoor/outdoor living with large open living area and terrace. Fabulous channel and sunset views. Located at the exclusive, gated Towers Estate, at just under an acre privacy guaranteed. $1.6m (284) 495 3000 EQUInOX: 3-bed, 3-bath overlooks dramatic Caribbean seascape. White stucco buildings, Mediterranean-style, around open courtyard with pool. Less than 1- min drive to Long Bay Beach. The restaurants, shops & boating facilities of West End are 10 mins by car. 1.1 acres. US$2,200,000 (284) 494-3999

J10 TwO BEdrOOm HOUSE aT SLanEy: Opportunity to acquire a 2 bed, 3 bath house located at Slaney Hill within short driving distance to Road Town. The property extends to 0.20 acres and also includes a two storey workshop which could be incorporated into the main house. $675,000 (284)494-2446

g10 a rarE fInd aT BELmOnT ESTaTES: Newly built, contemporary home

g11 frEncHman'S cay: Stunning new build 3 bedroom Villa with pool with views of Soper's Hole, Little Thatch, St. Thomas, etc. Recently completed. The perfect vacation retreat in one of the BVI most exclusive Estates. Designed and built with absolutely no expense spared. Contact chris@ $3,000,000 (284)495-3000

in prestigious Belmont Estates, a few minutes’ drive to Long Bay and Smuggler’s Cove beaches. Spacious master bedroom suite with two private guest rooms both with ensuite bathroom. Kitchen and living areas open onto swimming pool deck. US$1,250,000 (284)494-2446

Q8 1 acrE LOT aT BELmOnT: Beautiful views from a lovely one acre parcel in Tortola’s favourite vacation villa estate. Glorious ocean and island views. $325,000 284 495-3000

H8 1 acrE LOT, gLOrIOUS canE gardEn Bay vIEwS: A rare Lot on Luck

I8 LOvELy famILy HOmE wITH nanny fLaT, 1 acrE LOT, mOUnT HEaLTHy: A delightful 2 bedroom family

g10 BELmOnT ESTaTES: A few lots left

hill with fantastic views of Cane Garden Bay. Beautiful sunsets. Very buildable. One not to be missed! $250k 495-3000 on a delightfully wooded estate of about 250 acres encompassing two of the finest beaches on Tortola,

Long Bay Beach and Smuggler’s Cove. Some lots are located within walking distance to the beach. From $145,000 (284)494-2446

property. $5,450,000 (284)494-2446

LOngvIEw HOUSE: 3-bed/bath suites in 2

Halloran designed, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom Villawith pool on approx. 1 acre lot a short stroll from Long Bay Beach. Great views, mature tropcal gardens. Concrete road to property! Vacation rental history. US$2,200,000 (284)495-3000

g10 waLK TO LOng Bay BEacH, 3 BEdrOOmS, POOL: Much sort after, James

pavilions with 40-foot lap pool. Main pavilion houses living area, kitchen and one double/twin bed/bath suite with garden shower. Outdoor dining patio leads to king master suite on second pavilion's main level. 0.882 acres. US$1,300,000 (284) 494-3999

I8 LOvELy rESIdEnTIaL LOT wITH BEacH vIEwS: ¼ acre Lot with beach views

H10 SEcLUdEd HOmE SITES: Located at Sage Mountain these three lush sites extend to approx 0.300 acres each and enjoy breathtaking views of Jost Van Dyke. $120,000 (282) 494-2446

and easy access to Road Town. Beautiful boulders and cooling breeze. $75,000 (284) 495-3000

H9 InvESTmEnT PrOPErTy In canE gardEn Bay: within walking

PErgOLa gardEnS : Distinctive design 1-Bed Main House, 2-Bed Guest House, 1-Bed Cottage. Gourmet kitchen, fully furnished and wonderful view and beautiful gardens with shady courtyards for outdoor living. Lap Pool and Deck. 0.814 acres. US$1,250,000 (284) 494-3999

distance to the beach. The property extending to 1.04 acres houses six buildings containing 5 one-bedroom, 2 two-bedroom and 1 threebedroom unit. Beautifully landscaped grounds with a variety of fruit trees. This established business has great development potential. US$2,500,000 Tel. 494-2446

H9 dramaTIc PrOPErTy aT SHannOn: Built amongst large boulders and

ISLandS vIEw: 5 Apartments, four with

lush tropical gardens this unique residence is situated on 5.25 acres and affords the most spectacular northerly views and sunsets. Encompassing approx 5,700 sf this exceptional retreat consists of a great house with three bedroom suites, dramatic two tier swimming pool, private master bedroom cottage and two spacious Balinese guest cottages. A self-contained caretaker’s cottage is located to the rear of the

2-Bedrooms, one 1- Bedroom all with private patios. Parking, wonderful view, convenient location and good rental income. 0.279 acres. US $1,200,000 (284) 494-3999

OvErLOOKIng SmUggLEr’S cOvE: Located within Belmont Estate, with stunning views of Smuggler’s Cove, this charming and imaginatively decorated three bedroom house with

one bedroom guest cottage and swimming pool terrace is surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens. $2,500,000 Tel 494-2446

OcEan vIEw: 2-storeys of 3-bed and 2-bath each. Separate laundry & storage rooms. Dining room leads to covered decks, ideal for outdoor entertaining. Lots of parking, easy access. 5-mins drive to Road Town. Views of Drake’s Channel and Guana Island. 0.2962 acres. US$775,000 (284) 494-3999 J9 2 BEdrOOm cOndO vILLagE cay marIna: A lovely garden condo conveniently located at Village Cay Marina. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan kitchen, dining, lounge area, approx 1250 sqft. Great rental potential. $525,000 (284) 495-3000

H11 dELIgHTfUL TwO BEdrOOm HOUSE wITH SPEcTacULar vIEwS: Elegant two bedroom two bath house with swimming pool and spectacular views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, including St. John and St. Thomas. This well designed home combines timeless Caribbean design with contemporary flair. US1,250,000 (284) 494-2446

g10 vEry cLOSE TO SmUggLEr’S cOvE: Set on 0.7 acre of gentle sloping land this charming three bedroom, three bathroom house is located within walking distance to one of Tortola’s finest beaches. Ample room for further development. $1,650,000 (284)494-2446

JOSIaH’S vILLaS: Three villas: 2- bed, 1-bath upstairs and 1-bed, 1- bath downstairs, each on approximately 0.25 acre, and one unfinished villa, all overlooking Josiah’s Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. 0.25 acre lots (approx) acres. US$500,000 each (284) 494-3999

L9 EXcEPTIOnaL waTErfrOnT ESTaTE: Set on 4.7 acres and including 600 ft of waterfront/beachfront and a private dock. Ideally located in a private residential estate with spectacular views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, the residence comprises a four bedroom main house featuring three pavilions connected by covered verandahs and swimming pool terrace, two bedroom guest house, garage, workshop and tennis court. The combination of beach frontage as well as anchorage is a rarity in the BVI and the Caribbean and presents a unique opportunity to own an exquisite residence in an idyllic location to take full advantage of the island’s treasures. Price on application. (284)494-2446

BELmOnT ESTaTE: Beautiful property near two of the British Virgin Islands' best beaches: Long Bay Beach and resort and Smuggler's Cove beach. Belmont is an established residential area and a very popular vacation villa location. 0.7 acres. US$350,000 (284) 494-3999 g10 POOLSIdE aParTmEnT: Poolside apartment with income potential al Long Bay Beach Resort including two bedroom suites and large balconies. With access to all the resort amenities.


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US$350,000 (284)494-2446

pool, garden, fitness centre laundry and restaurant. From $320,000 (284)494-2446

SUnSET BrEEZES: eautiful views from these conveniently located lots. approx. 0.25 acres each acres. US$70,000/lot (284) 494-3999

P9 cHarmIng THrEE BEdrOOm, TwO BaTH HOmE aT wIndy HILL:

H9 BUSInESS OPPOrTUnITy: 1.04 acres of hill side land just 200 feet beyond the picturesque beaches of Cane Garden Bay. The property houses six buildings containing 5 one-bedroom, 2 two-bedroom and 1 threebedroom units. US$2,500,000 (284)495-4825 H10 LOcaTEd In carrOT Bay: This 0.267 acre site affords lovely views of Jost Van Dyke and a quiet neighbourhood. $65,000 (284)494-2446

H9 PrIvaTE vILLa aT SHannOn: Ideally located to benefit from higher elevation, spectacular views and year round reduced temperature. Main house with great room, master bedroom and two guest bedroom suites. A one bedroom guest cottage is located across the spacious swimming pool deck. US$2,600,000 Tel 494-2446

vIrgIn gOrda P8 aParTmEnTS aT OLdE yard Inn vILLagE: Two, bedroom, two bathroom apartments at the new Olde Yard Condominium Village. The apartments (1,225 sf) are fully air-conditioned and enjoy ocean views through the French doors leading onto a large patio.The homeowners share a beautiful

Set on 0.5 acres in a quiet neighbourhood the property enjoys beautiful views of Tortola and Beef Island and a lush tropical garden. $750,000

P8 a STOnE’S THrOw frOm LITTLE TrUnK Bay: Enchanting 5 bedroom, 5 ½ bath Caribbean Villa perched amid huge boulders above beautiful Little Trunk Bay. Nestled in approx. 1.15 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, this poolside villa boasts five separate guest cottages, tennis court and fish pond. US$2,600,000 (284)494-2446

Q8 waTErfrOnT Land avaILaBLE In vIrgIn gOrda: Lots now available from $200,000.00. Dramatic ocean views. Very buildable. (284) 495-3000

Q6 Lan y mOr: Lan Y Mor – Welsh for “By The Sea” - a simply stunning home on a ¾ acre Lot that must be amongst the prime sites in Virgin Gorda. Absolutely incredible ocean and sunset views. Custom hardwood doors, Sub Zero appliances, slate countertop…get the idea? “WOW!” does not fully describe this property or its lush gardens! Built by a renowned Landscape Architect Contact chris@ US$1,300,000 (284)495-3000 P9 BaLdOr, SPrIng Bay: A beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, spacious home located in Spring Bay Estate moments from Virgin Gorda’s finest white sand beach Built up high to capture views and breezes. In the main house are the master bedroom, bathroom,

living and dining room and kitchen. Adjacent and connected by wooden decks, is a 2 story building with two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. $1.7m 495-3000

Q8 EXcEPTIOnaL PanOramIc vISTaS: Encompassing many of the islands in the BVI from the Dogs and Ginger Island all the way to St. John are had from this contemporary 3 bedroom 3 ½ bathroom home with spacious swimming pool terrace located in a quiet and covenanted residential estate within a short drive to Spanish Town and beaches. The design cleverly blurs the distinction between the internal and external living areas. Exceptional standards of finish reflect a modern interpretation of Caribbean living. US3,150,000 (284) 494-2446

Q6 SEaS SOng, 3 BEdrOOm vILLa: Seas Song sits 30’ above the Sir Francis Drake Channel on a beautiful promitory on Virgin Gorda’s North Western shoreline, Within easy walking distance of two fabulous beaches, this stunning 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bathroom home with pool is a modern interpretation of traditional Caribbean architecture. Lots of stonework, large covered terraces and landscaping by award winning Architects. $2.95m 495-3000

P8 - 5 BEdrOOm vILLa wITH 360 dEgrEE vIEwS: Unique location atop Virgin Gorda's boulders. 360 degree views of the Caribbean and Atlantic. Inviting living spaces created in and amongst the boulders. Fantastic freeform pool. Tastefully landscaped to provide complete privacy. Visit $3.5m (284) 495-3000

Drakes’ Traders Ltd.


JULY 2009


P9 raKU, crOOK Bay: This 6 bedroom custom home has been designed and built to a standard rarely seen in the BVI and is surely one of the finest luxury homes currently available in the Caribbean. The standard of construction, choice of materials - marble countertops, andirobi vaulted ceilings, mahogany hardwood floors, over 100 tons of imported stone, jatoba hardwood cabinetry and location - beachfront, Virgin Gorda - are all second to none. $11m 495-3000 r5 HOmES and Land aT LITTLE dIX Bay: Rare opportunity to own a home on the dramatic hillside above the world-renowned resort. Magnificent setting, luxurious amenities and services, remarkable privacy. Price on application. (284)494-2446

P9 rarE LargE LOT nOw avaILaBLE In vIrgIn gOrda: Approx 1.9 acre Lot now available in Virgin Gorda. Incredible 360 degree views. Truly unique. Beautiful boulders. Upscale neighbours. Off Coppermine Road. Very buildable. $1,200,000 (284) 495 3000

T5 360 dEgrEE vIEwS: Spectacular 2-acre lot, commanding breathtaking Caribbean vistas, amid tranquil and unspoiled surroundings. Beach access. Oil Nut Bay Realty (284)495-6939 r6 SOUTH SOUnd waTErfrOnT HOmESITES: Freehold 0.5 to 1 acre sites in a private secluded location with fabulous views, breezes on South Sound. Services are underground.

We offer villa designs and construction. US$200,000 (203)312-0152

P8 TrOPIcaL HOmE: Charming and eclectic 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on a 0.5 acre site with spectacular views of Tortola and Beef Island and the Caribbean Sea. Its lush tropical garden includes a Balinesian Rice barn. $750,000 (284)494-2446 P8 cOndOS avaILaBLE On vIrgIn gOrda: A selection of one and two bedroom condominiums available on Virgin Gorda at the Olde Yard Village from $320k. Finished and equipped to high standards, lovely facilities including large pool, gym, restaurant, tennis courts, beautiful gardens. From $320,000 (284) 495 3000

P9 5600SQfT Of mEdITTEranEan SPLEndOr: A really spacious home with gorgeous ocean views, one Lot off the water, short walk to wonderful small secluded beach dotted with VG’s famous boulders. Lovely gardens chris@ US$2,000,000 (284) 495-3000

P9 rarE LOT In vIrgIn gOrda: Rare, very buildable Lot on the road to the Coppermine. Just over half an acre. Lovely views. $450,000 284 495-3000

nOrTHErn ISLandS m7 maInSaIL rESOrT, marIna and SPa: Spectacular Lots from 1 1/2 to over 6 acres now available to build your Caribbean dream home on beautiful Scrub Island. A few Oceanfront and hillside homes with incredible views and access to alll resort facilities still available. US$2,000,000 (284) 495-3000

m7 360 dEgrEE vIEwS, 2 acrES, PrIvaTE dOcK: If you want the best views

at ‘Rising Sun’ on Great Camanoee.This luxurious 4 bedroom Villa in high end residential Estate is everything a Caribbean dream home should be. Sale includes car, boat, and dock in private marina. US$2,000,000 (284)495-3000

m7 PrIvaTE 2+ acrE LOTS On EXcLUSIvE ScrUB ISLand marIna & SPa rESOrT Part of an upscale island resort, waterfront land is available to build your own dream home. US$1,000,000+ (284)494-2500 View at

m7 OUTEr ISLand ESTaTE Located on Great Camanoe, this 10 acre estate has beach and water frontage and a dock. Main house built as three pavilions connected by terraces and verandahs with beautiful views of Marina Cay and the Sir Francis Drake Channel; one bedroom self-contained guest cottage. Beautiful landscaped grounds. $6,000,000 (284)494-2446

dIamOnd rEEf ESTaTE: 3-bed, 3-bath; kitchen, Great Room lead to large covered terrace of main house. Beach front, private dock. Completely refurbished and includes: 2 workshops and studio; 2 generators; bathrooms for staff; desalination plant producing 2000 gals water/day. 10 acres. US $6,000,000 (284) 494-3999

m7 LUXUry accOmmOdaTIOn arrIvES In THE BvI: Brand new Marina Suites, 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath at the BVI’s premier Resort and Marina Development on Scrub Island. Resort faclities incl. first class spa, restaurants and marina. (284)495-3000 $1.2m

m7 cHarmIng 5 BEdrOOm vILLa On grEaT camanOE: Delightful 3 bedroom Main House with 2 Bedroom Guest house on Great Camanoee. Lots of character. Fantastic island and ocean views, incredible panorama. Easy access to dock. Approx 2 acre Lot. US$1,200,000 (284)495-3000

in the British Virgin Islands, you need to take a look

m7 3 BEdrOOm vILLa, maInSaIL dEvELOPmEnT: One time opportunity to purchase nearly completed 3 bedroom residence from Owner at significantly below market price. On Mainsail Luxury Resort, Spa and Marina private island. Finishes to the highest specifications. Full property management services and facilities. $2,000,000 284 495-3000

of Beauty Restaurant, this freehold 3.88 acres lot is ideal for any investment venture.There are road access and utility polls next to the property. US$550,000 494-2500

m7 dIamOnd rEEf ESTaTE, UnIQUE 10 acrE PrOPErTy: A fabulous property, full of character and charm. Upon this 10 acre site sits a magnificent 3 bedroom main house, built largely from local stone in 1968 by the Upjohn Pharmaceutical family. A delightful one bedroom guest house built in later years. Residents treated to glorious views yet completely private. Wonderful landscaping, beachfront, private swim dock. Absolutely one of a kind property. $6m (284) 495-3000

JOST van dyKE JOST van dyKE Land: There is a 1 acre lot located about a mile east from Foxy’s Restaurant. It has utility access, road access and stunning panoramic views of Tortola and St. Thomas. US$200,000 (284) 494-2500

wEST End HILL: Overlooking Tortola, St. John, St. Thomas this property is ripe for development. New development, several lots already sold. There are some water front lots and all lots have a magnificent view. 1++ acres each acres. US$200,000++/acre (284) 494-3999

anEgada r1 TwO BEacHfrOnT SITES: Located in proximity of Loblolly High Point. Each lot extends to approximately to 0.3 acres. $175,000 494-2446 LOBLOLLy Bay Land: Great Investment Opportunity!!! Walking distance to the beach and Flash

VACATION VILLA RENTALS SEBaSTIan'S On THE BEacH: Rooms for every budget starting with Tropical Garden rooms up to luxury junior-suites with teak whirlpool. Beachfront rooms offer "fall-out-of-bed into the water beaching" (Fodor's), a/c, ceiling fans & refrigerators in all rooms. Seaside Restaurant, continental, caribbean cuisine, fresh lobster & seafood. Commissary with Internet desk. - sebhotel@surfbvicom (284)495-4212

SUrfSOng vILLa rESOrT: This secluded beachfront resort offers four extraordinary villas, each accommodating 2-5 people or groups of up to 14 guests. Each villa features individual distinctions and luxuries - delicately draped four-poster beds, spacious slate and glass baths and modern gourmet kitchens. All equipped with plush king size beds, BBQ, CD & DVD, satellite TV, A/C, room safes & dedicated phone lines. Business facilities with wireless Internet & full concierge service. Conveniently located near the airport on Beef Island's southern shore with stunning views and the rhythmic sound of the sea. (284)495-1864

List your vacation villa here. Send a 250 character or less description with a headline, price, 1" x 1" hi-res photo and contact details to or call us at 284 494 7788.

Want to see your property listed? Send a 250 character or less description with a headline, price and contact details to or call us at 284 494 7788. | ALOOKINGGLASS PUBLISHING BVI PROPERTY GUIDE JULY 2009


BVI Property Guide July 2009  

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