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to the 2009 BVI CYS Boat Show

Welcome to the British Virgin Islands and the Char ter Yacht Society’s 28th Annual BVI Boat Show. It gives me great pleasure to see how this organisation has come together to showcase their wonderful products. We are very lucky and grateful to have a product and location that generate so well and so regularly for our economy. The BVI Boat Show, along with Expo in the Park, showcases how Charter Yachting and Tourism, as a whole, touch every industry and create other niche industries within the Virgin Islands economy. My Government and I are pleased to support this event as it is a practical illustration of Tourism as an Economic Pillar. The Boat Show and the Expo give opportunities to the boat owners, the crews, the brokers, the maintenance companies, the caterers, the household and other cleaning companies, to showcase their capabilities to each other and the public. Tourism Industries function because of strong partnerships. We hope that the Boat Show and Expo plus a little fun this week in the BVI, will be most productive and memorable for all our efforts and that the BVI Charter Boat Fleet will thrive for years to come. Welcome, sincerely yours

Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal OBE Premier and Minister for Tourism

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show



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2008 Best of Show Winner, reAction.

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ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

For additional information contact Janet Oliver at Charter Yacht Society or visit Charter Yacht S ociety PO Box 3252 Road Town, B VI Ph: 284-494-6017 Skype: cysofbvi

Charter Yacht Society, publisher of the 2009 BVI Charter Yacht Show Programme, assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content placed in its publications. For the avoidance of doubt, Charter Yacht Society gives no warranty or guarantee in regards to any information placed in its publications. 2009 BVI Charter Yacht Show Programme and its contents are the intellectual property of Charter Yacht Society. Neither this magazine nor any part of it may be reproduced without written permission from Charter Yacht So ciety.



Multi-Hull Motor Yacht

YAChtS & Crew

Wait Listed Yacht




Clearing House


Darrell Hearne


Oyster Charter/CYM


Mike Haver

Roberta Haver

CharterPort BVI

Bleu Turquoise

Michel Guerra

Michele Riva

CharterPort BVI


Richard Hannah

Denise Morancie

Northrop & Johnson/Regency

Crystal Clear

Charly Zahr

Pacific Wave

Lynn Griffiths

Mark Miles



Richard Hough

Janet Hough

CharterPort BVI


Kirk Gilbert

Silent Partner II

Raph Palmer

Celeste Palmer

CharterPort BVI


Stephen Scott

Erin Ray

CharterPort BVI


Barry Miller

Bridget Kane-Berman

CharterPort BVI


Leon Heyns

Michelle Heyns

Catamaran Services


Brett Williams

Veronica Chamberlain

CharterPort BVI

Best Revenge V

Jonny Coop

Kelly Coop

Catamaran Services

Bleu Azur

Yves Lescarbeau

Marie-Michele Picard

CharterPort BVI


Jim Grant

Amanda Grant

CharterPort BVI

Blue Bayou

Walt Bohren

Ruth VanMeeter

CharterPort BVI


Jerry Blair Jr.

Dawn Mottram

CharterPort BVI


Kristian Sondergaard

Marianne Rasmussen

CharterPort BVI


Mark Cochran

Kristen Cochran

CharterPort BVI

Caribbean Dream

Kelly Shepherd

Angie Webber

CharterPort BVI

Cat Bird

Greg Harrison

Madelina Erickson



John Mashburn

Katherine Mullins

CharterPort BVI

Cuan Law

Scott Ferris

Catherine Bunting

CharterPort BVI

El Dorado

Mordecai Mainval

Marva Charles

Sunreef Yachts Charter

Fantasy Island

Brad Griffiths

Kerry Murphy

CharterPort BVI

Flying Ginny VII

Tom Clarke

Gemma Nicholls

CharterPort BVI


Dustin Graham

Courtney Kimball

CharterPort BVI

Free Ingwe

Matt Neidlinger

Melissa Neidlinger

CharterPort BVI


Alexander Bouis

Tara Chaille

CharterPort BVI

Jet Stream

Tim Schaaf

Marsha McCoskrie

CharterPort BVI

kingfisher Too

Peter James Whale

Linda Smith

CharterPort BVI




Alastair Monro

Sarah Monro

CharterPort BVI


Jean Francois Cleach

Daniele Pratesi

Blue Latitude Yachting

Mustang Sally

Douglas Moody

Wendy Bette

CharterPort BVI


Xavier Trigue


ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

Northrop & Johnson/Regency

CharterPort BVI

CharterPort BVI

Blue Latitude Yachting




Clearing House


Christophe Czajkowsk

Sarah Simsolo

Dream Yacht Charter


Sandy Marr

Elinor Marr

CharterPort BVI

ocean’s Seven

Doug Stein

Peggy Lagenbeck

Blue Latitude Yachting


Patrick Beaufront

Mapi Beaufront

CharterPort BVI

Pas de Deux

Harvey Jenkinson

Tracy Ford

CharterPort BVI

Pentesilea II

Travis Lindberg

Rosemary Lindberg

CharterPort BVI


Jack Boye

Susan Boye

CharterPort BVI


Richard Cassarino

Lisa Pratt

CharterPort BVI


Jeff Olen

Faith Olen

CharterPort BVI


Ian Phillips

Polly Pairman-Phillips

Northrop & Johnson/Regency

Saga Boy Too

Paul Johnson

Melissa Murphy

CharterPort BVI

Secret Oasis

Jacques Schoones

Janette Pretorius

VOYAGE Charters

Semper Fi

Dan Bowditch

Suzie Ridler

CharterPort BVI


Ben Nicolet

Nikki Nicolet

CharterPort BVI

Soul’s Calling

Alex Mulder

Carla Gabhai

CharterPort BVI


Andy Armshaw

Elli Rea

CharterPort BVI

Tahaa II

Rodolphe Merle

Magali Ragot

Sunreef Yachts Charter


Loic Fouchereau

Sylvie Vuillard

Blue Latitude Yachting


Peter Kirkman

Karen Lye

CharterPort BVI

True North

Jim White

Maxine White

Nicholson Yachts

Viking Dream

J Mark Duncan

Sally Duncan

CharterPort BVI


Jason DeShay

Bernadette DeShay

Northrop & Johnson/Regency

Wild Thing II

Ronald Paxton

Anya Paxton

VOYAGE Charters

Yes Dear

Ian Barber

Jody Boyd

CharterPort BVI


Rodrigo Dos Santos

Kerry Ann Dos Santos

CharterPort BVI


Peter Scully

Ruth Pinnell

Northrop & Johnson/Regency

La Dolce Vita

Mark Schwegman

Shannon Colein

Richleigh Yachts

M/V Viaggio

Gerry Matt

Lisa Mead

Virgin Traders

Nordic Lady

Gary Rainthorpe

Laurie Rainthorpe

CharterPort BVI


Zayn Berlin

Jessie Lysiak

Richleigh Yachts


Mervyn Twilley

Anthony Bantoft

Richleigh Yachts


Steve Smyth

Janice Smyth

Richleigh Yachts

Texas Star

Marco Heitz

Robyn Pitts

CharterPort BVI


Ron Gonsalves


Bartram & Brankenhoff

Yia Sou

Adrien Chevarie

Louise Breton

CharterPort BVI

42…The Meaning of

John Fisher

Alexis Garrison

CharterPort BVI


Christopher Worsfold

Andrea Worsfold

Sunreef Yachts Charter

Green Flash

Arthur McNary

Sherri McNary

CharterPort BVI


Barry Bourdon

Elizabeth Rybeck

Northrop & Johnson/Regency


Ossi Laurikainen

Vanessa Laurikainen

CharterPort BVI

Mañana Maybe

Terry Clark

Ingrid Clark

CharterPort BVI

Sea Quell

Sam Duce

Alexander Sattler

Richleigh Yachts


Elim King

Cynthia King

CharterPort BVI 28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


PArtICIPAntS eXPo In the PArk & doCkSIde VendorS PARTICIPANTS

Locally Yours

aLookingGlass : : Publishing

Myett’s Restaurant & Boutique

Aragorn’s Studio/Good Moon Farm/

Rainbow Visions Photography

Trellis Bay Cybercafé

Riteway Food Markets

Bobby’s Market Place

Romasco Group

Caribbean Cellars

Royal BVI Yacht Club

Cay Electronics

Samarkand Jewellers

CYM/Proudly African


The Fat Virgin Caf é


34 Main Street


Golden Pavilion Villa Green Technology BVI


Horizon Yacht Charters

We Be Diving

Journeys Health Spa

Leverick Bay Marina

Leverick Bay Marina

CharterPort BVI


ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009


ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show



ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

BeSt In Show Date & T ime

All four days of the show. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


No registration is necessary. If you would prefer not to participate, please register that request at the Society desk in the Gazebo.


Best of Show, Best Monohull, Best Multihull (Over 50’ & Under 50’), Best Motor Yacht.


Judges will remain anonymous throughout the show. As industry partners, the judges represent a cross section of established charter yacht brokers.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking at the whole spectrum of qualities that make a yacht and crew a winning charter combination. Size and expense of a yacht is not a criteria. Best of Show winner must be a fully crewed yacht and a Charter Yacht Society member.


The winning yacht will have a plate added to the perpetual plaque in the CYS office. A personal plaque will be presented to the winning yacht and winners of each category.

Prize Sponsor 16

Cape Air

ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


Green InItIAtIVe The Charter Yacht Society believes that maintaining a sustainable and clean environment is everyone’s shared responsibility. As an advocate for the crewed yacht community, we are demonstrating our commitment this year to reducing waste and raising awareness about protecting our coastal waters and oceans. To achieve this goal we have launched a “Green Initiative” as part of the 28th CYS Charter Yacht Show and will be implementing a Clean Regattas Program. This involves voluntarily meeting environmental standards set by Sailors for the Sea, a US-based, nonprofit organization that assists regattas, marinas and yacht clubs in their efforts to reduce the impact on our oceans. Our goal will be to implement some waste reduction solutions for this year’s show and hopefully get our crewed yachts fired up about “going green” with us. Assisting the CYS host a greener show is our Eco-Coordinator, Jane Bakewell, who previously worked with the BVI Spring Regatta in attaining their environmental goals. We are pleased to say that other local businesses have jumped on board to partner with CYS in this effort. VP Bank (BVI) Ltd. has agreed to be the sponsor for reusable eco-water bottles that will be sold at the Expo with the goal of reducing plastic water bottle waste. Along with this, Clear Water, a local purified drinking water company, has

agreed to supply FREE drinking water refills during the Expo for all who purchase ecowater bottles. Two environmental companies have also pitched in to make the Expo a “green event” in terms of managing the impact of waste. Green Technology BVI is supplying all the food vendors with biodegradable products for their food and beverage service. These products may appear like their plastic counterparts; however, they are corn-based and, unlike Styrofoam and hard plastic, will decompose naturally. Also lending a hand is Green VI, an educational, non-profit group that acts as the organizational arm for island-wide environmental programs and is coordinating the recycling bins for the Expo. There will be aluminum can crushers in various locations throughout the show, and yachts will be provided bags to separate their trash. We are pleased to announce that Sailors for the Sea will have a representative here to meet with brokers and crew about green initiatives specific to the yachting community.The BVI Charter Yacht Society will also be receiving an award, the Bronze Level Certification, for compliance with the Clean Regattas program in achieving higher environmental standards at the 2009 BVI Charter Yacht Show and Expo.We are hoping this will have a “green” ripple effect throughout the BVI community.

Green TechnoloGy BVI


ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


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TORTOLA: Road Town, Tel. (284)494-7477 Antigua Aruba Bahamas Barbados Cancun Cozumel Curaao Grand Cayman Grenada Jamaica St. John St. Lucia St. Maarten Tortola Trinidad Norwegian Cruise Line MSC Lirica

CEI-1204-05- TOR-AmoroAD-08BVIBoatShow.indd 1

JOB #: CEI-1204-05

10/7/08 5:12:49 PM


Judges Davide Pugliese, Owner Brandywine Restaurant

Capt. Jan Robinson Author & Owner, Ship to Shore Inc

Henry Prince/John Albright, Director & Asst. HLSCC Culinary Dept.

CulInArY ConteSt

Saturday, November 7th, Poolside at Village Cay Marina

reGIsTraTIon Register on line: or at the main desk in the Gazebo prior to 4:00 pm on Friday November 6th. Open to all show participants but limited to the first 25 yachts to register. Registration desk phone number is 496-6456.

PresenTaTIon TImes Appetizer/Salad - 11:00 am EntrĂŠe - 1:30 pm Dessert - 3:30 pm

5 JudGInG crITerIa Presentation, Taste, Creativity/Originality, Overall Impression and an emphasis on use of local Caribbean produce.

Plaque The winning chef will have their name added to the Perpetual Plaque in the CYS office. A personal plaque will be presented to each category winner.

sPonsor Colombian Emeralds

how IT works You are not limited to one category. Each dish should be accompanied by a card with the name and brief description of the entry. You are invited to prepare a place setting with your own flair prior to the arrival of the dish. All preparation and cooking should be done aboard your yacht. Plate presentation and sampling will be conducted poolside,Village Cay.You can do as much or little of the actual plating at the table.

PrIze A watch of $400 retail value will go to the overall winner and $100 gift vouchers will be presented to the category winners. All participants will receive a copy of Jan Robinson’s Store to Shore.

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


SChedule & eVentS 10:00 am – 3:00 pm 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

Wednesday November 4th Yacht Registration Annual General Meeting at Virgin Queen Crew Social for CYS Members and show crew

From 8:00 am 9:00 am – 5:00 pm 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Thursday November 5th Broker Registration Viewing of the Yachts Lunch Hour Broker Scrabble - Cocktails on participating yachts

9:00 am – 5:00 pm 12:30 am – 1:30 pm 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Friday November 6th Viewing of the Yachts Lunch Hour Expo in the Park

9:00 am – 5:00 pm 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm 11:00 am – 3:30 pm 6:50 pm 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Saturday November 7th Viewing of the Yachts Lunch Hour Culinary Competition Taxis depart Village Cay & Maria’s by the Sea Governor’s Reception at Government House

9:00 am – 5:00 pm 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Sunday November 8th Viewing of the Yachts Lunch Hour Taxis depart Village Cay & Maria’s by the Sea Broker/Crew Party at Nanny Cay Resort & Marina

9:00 am departure 4:00 pm 22

ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

Monday November 9th Daysail on yachts to Peter Island Ferry pick up at Peter Island dock

Annual General Meeting Plot the CYS’s course for the upcoming year. Let your voice be heard. Dockage discounts for CYS members who attend. Crew social follows.All Show crew and CYS members welcome. Sponsored by: Parts & Power, Marine Maintenance BVI, Northern Lights & ZF Marine. Yacht Hop & Broker Scrabble Brokers visit participating yachts, enjoy refreshments and build their best Scrabble hand by collecting tiles along the way. Each dock will be allocated a different time slot. It is time to move on when you hear the signal. After the last round, lay down your highest scoring word by the poolside. Expo in the Park Enjoy the buzz of activity in the marketplace. Local businesses showcase their services and wares to charter brokers, crew and guests. The Hon. Premier Ralph T. O’Neal will officially open the show. Live entertainment, interactive events, and random draws will ensure a fun evening for everyone. Proudly sponsored by the BVI Tourist Board. Wristbands a must. Governor’s Reception This evening offers a little bit of glamour away from the docks. Hosted by His Excellency, the Governor,

David Pearey and his wife Sue, the event has become a favourite of our guests. Culinary awards will be presented. By invitation only. Broker/Crew Dinner at Nanny Cay Kick off your shoes, dance under the stars and enjoy a sumptuous dinner prepared by Bruce Dickson at Peg Legs, Nanny Cay. Best of Show and Category awards will be presented. The evening is sponsored by Nanny Cay Resort and LIME. Wristbands must be worn. Broker Daysail Brokers are invited to be a charter guest for a day. Sail, swim, dine and lounge. A hassle-free transfer to St.Thomas by ferry follows. Made available by the BVI Tourist Board. Taxis Taxi transportation will be provided on Saturday and Sunday nights. Sponsored by CYBA, CharterPort BVI and Northrop & Johnson/Regency. Wristbands Wristband identification will be required to access the docks throughout the show and gain admission to evening social activities. We strongly suggest affixing your wrist band upon registration.

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show



BrokerAGeS & CleArInG houSeS


Cruzan Yacht Charters

Sanderson Yachting

1st Class Yacht Charters

Custom Caribbean Charters

Slip Aweigh Yacht Charters

Abiego Yacht Charters

Davida Yacht Charters

Stewart Yacht Charters

Amazing Charters

Distinctive Voyages

SunFun BVI Vacations

American Yacht Company, Inc

East Yachts Ltd.

Swift Yacht Charters

Angela Connery Yacht Charters

Eco World Charters

Tachyon Yachting, LLC

Antigua Yacht Charters

Ed Hamilton and Co.

The Charter Yacht Company

AquaVentures Yacht Charters

Exclusive Charter Service

The Multihull Company

Bajor Yacht Charters

Fantasea Charters

Virgin Island Sailing Ltd.

Barrington Hall Corporation

Independent Yacht Charters

Warren Yachting Inc / Chantours

Best of BVI Ltd

Infinity Yacht Charters

Blue Seas Yacht Charters

JMS Yacht Charters

Wessel Tropical Yacht Charters


Jolly Mon Sailing

Worldwide Boat

BVI Sail & Stay

Jubilee Yacht Charters - FL

Yacht Connections

BVI Yacht Charters

Mainsail Yacht Charters

Yacht Vacations Worldwide

Carefree Yacht Charters

Meridian Yacht Charters

Yates Yachts

Caribbean Soul Charters

Neptune Yacht Charters

Carol Kent Yacht Charters

Nicely-Dunn Yacht Charters


Nicholson Yacht Charters & Services

Bartram & Brakenhoff

Charter Sailing Unlimited

Northrop & Johnson/Regency

Blue Latitude Yachting

Charter Specialists

NV Yacht Charters

CharterPort BVI

Chartered Sails

Ocean Charters

Flagship Inc

CharterWorld Ltd.

Ocean Getaways Inc

Northrop & Johnson/Regency

CKIM Group Inc

Port Yacht Charters

Richleigh Yachts

Cool Cats, LLC

Saildive BVI

Sunreef Yachts Charter

Crewed Charters (STT)

Sailing Directions

Caribbean Inc.

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show



ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

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/ / / / / / / / // /// / / / // / / // // //// / // / / / /// / / // / / / /// // / / 28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


Private Air Charters

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Flying on-demand throughout the Caribbean Islands Islands Birds equals Vacation Bliss No ferries, no lines, no waiting, no cancellations and delays VIP Service through customs and immigration Luggage transfers, transportation assistance and more

Island Tours & Day Trips

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Excellent value for groups and families BVI #



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memBerS of ChArter YACht SoCIetY YaCHt Adastra Adeia Akasha Akasha Aldebaran Analisa Astahaya Ayacanora Belline II Best R evenge V Bleu Azur Bleu Turquoise Bliss Blue Bayou Braveheart Breanker Captiva Caribbean Dream Chateau Contessa Cool Runnings Corus Crystal Clear Cuan Law Dream Catcher Endless Summer II Fantasy Island Flying G inny VII Frangines Free Ingwe Grand Oasis

caPTaIn Barry Miller Leon Heyns Brett Williams Chris Plowman Justin Smit Peter Scully Darrell Hearne Mike Haver Walter Wegmann Jonny Coop Yves Lescarbeau Michel Guerra Jim Grant Walt Bohren Jerry Blair Jr. Kristian Sondergaard Mark Cochran Kelly Shepherd Doug Rogers Richard Hannah David Notley Bill Hasted Charly Zahr Scott Ferris Jean Pie rre Abetel Barry Rice Brad Griffiths Tom Clarke Dustin Graham Matt Neidlinger Jeff Hurd

chef Bridget Kane-Berman Michelle Heyns Veronica Chamberlain Joanne Vidler Cayley Smit Ruth Pinnell TBA Roberta Haver Sherry Burger Kelly Coop Marie-Michèle Picard Michèle Riva Amanda Grant Ruth VanMeeter Dawn Mottram Marianne Rasmussen Kristen Cochran Angie Webber Barbara Rogers Denise Morancie Charlie Routledge Ann Hasted Catherine Bunting Susanna Rice Kerry Murphy Gemma Nicholls Courtney Kimball Melissa Neidlinger

Clearing House CharterPort BVI Catamaran Services CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Northrop & Johnson/Regency Northrop & Johnson/Regency Oyster Charter/CYM CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Catamaran Services CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Northrop & Johnson/Regency CharterPort BVI Northrop & Johnson/Regency Northrop & Johnson/Regency CharterPort BVI Catamaran Services CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


yachT Green Flash Hypnautic Jet Stream King’s Ransom Kingfisher Too La Buscadora Liberté Libreterre Lionheart M/V Viaggio Mañana Maybe Marmot Mustang Sally Naej Nirvana Nordic Lady Nutmeg Oteka Pacific Wave Paradise Pas de Deux Pentesilea II Pirates Lady Pride Priorities


caPTaIn Arthur McNary Alexander Bouis Tim Schaaf Euros Williams Peter Ja mes Whale Mike Hallett Gordon Monsen TBA TBA Gerry Matt Terry Clark Alastair Monro Douglas Moody Xavier Trigue Christophe Czajkowski Gary Rainthorpe Sandy Marr Patrick Beaufront Lynn Griffiths Bernd Bohmfalk Harvey Jenkinson Travis Lindberg Stan Kaczenski Jack Boye Richard Cassarino

ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009


clearInG house

Sherri McNary Tara Chaille Marsha McCoskrie Emily Williams Linda Smith

CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Flagship CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Virgin Traders CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Blue La titude Yachting Dream Yacht C harter CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Nicholson Yachts CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI

Lisa Mead Ingrid Clark Sarah Monro Wendy Bette Sarah Simsolo Laurie Rainthorpe Elinor Marr Mapi Beaufront Mark Miles Ruth Bohmfalk Tracy Ford Rosemary Lindberg Susan Boye Lisa Pratt

yachT Promenade Quest ReAction Saboré Saboré Saga Bo y Too Sandcastle Sayang Semper Fi Serendipity Shenemere Shiwara Silent Partner II Soterion Stenella Swish Texas Star Tonina Victoria Viking Dream Wanderlust Windborne Yes Dear Zingara Zingara

caPTaIn Richard Rome Jeff Olen Ian Phillips Mike Cady Colin Moors Paul Johnson Rik Allen Paul Crossby Dan Bowditch Trish Baily David Warren Kirk Gilbert Raph Palmer Ben Nicolet Andy Woodruff Andy Armshaw Marco Heitz Peter Kirkman Klaus Weinmuller J Mark Duncan Dick Nichol Stephen Scott Ian Barber Rod Dos Santos Peter Leube

chef Lisa Dixon Faith Olen Polly Pairman-Phillips Lori Cady Penny Moors Melissa Murphy Ann Gracie Ratna Crossby Suzie Ridler Ida Warren Celeste Palmer Nikki Nicolet Kristin Clements Elli Rea Robyn Pitts Karen Lye Martha Cabada Sally Duncan Erin Ray Jody Boyd Kerry Ann Sa ntos Colleen Leube

clearInG house Flagship CharterPort BVI Northrop & Johnson/Regency CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI Flagship Northrop & Johnson/Regency CharterPort BVI Flagship Flagship CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI CharterPort BVI

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show



ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

thAnk You, to our SPonSorS CYS Annual Meeting & Crew Social Parts & Power, Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) with Northern Lights & ZF Marine Expo in the Park BVI Tourist B oard All exhibiting vendors Government House Reception The Governor of the Virgin Islands and Mrs. David Pearey Broker/Crew Dinner Nanny Cay Resort & Marina LIME Host Venue & Sponsor IGY (Island Global Yachting) Village Cay Resort & Marina

The Charter Yacht Society is a non-profit organization representing the interests of our member yachts and the crewed yacht sector of the BVI in general. The annual Charter Yacht Show is our primary

Green Initiative Partners VP Bank (BVI) Ltd. Sailors for the Sea Green Technology BVI Best of Show Cape Air Culinary Contest Colombian Emeralds Broker/Captain Packages Doyle Sailmakers Golden Hind Chandlery Transportation CYBA (Charter Yacht Brokers Association) Charterport BVI Northrop & Johnson/Regency

fund raiser. We sincerely thank all of our sponsors and programme advertisers for their contributions. Without your faithful support, this show would not be possible. 28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


bitter end Yacht Club

N O RT H S O U N D • V I R G I N G O R D A • B R I T I S H V I R G I N I S L A N D S





shop. sleep. Ask About Charter Visitor Specials! For dockage, mooring, room and dinner reservations, call us at 284.494.2746 or hail us on VHF Channel |


28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


CHARTER YACHT SOCIETY’S SUPPORTING BUSINESSES DIVING & FISHING Blue Water D ivers Discount 15% Email Phone 284-494-2847 Location Nanny Cay Marina, West End In retail shop. Free diving with guests, space permitting. Caribbean Fly Fishing Discount See comments Email Phone 284-494-4797 Location Nanny Cay Marina Referral fee to crew for full day trips. Dive BVI Discount 10% Email Phone 284-495-5513 Location Virgin Gorda, Scrub Island, Leverick Bay Commission from divers. Free diving with guests, space permitting.


ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009

Sail Caribbean Divers Discount 15% Email Phone 284-495-1675 Location Hodges Creek,Cooper Is, Trellis Bay With card in retail shop. 1 Crew dives free for every 3 paying guests (space permitting). We Be Divin’ Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-4320 Location Road Town, Anegada Commission or free dive with paying guests on rendezvous dive. GIFT SHOPS Bamboushay Discount 15% Email Phone 284-494-0393 Location Nanny Cay Marina, Road Town Every piece of pottery hand crafted on the premises. Members must present CYS card.


Caribbean Jewellers Discount 20% Email Phone 284-495-4137 Location West End, Sopers Hole Sale items excluded. Located roadside. A branch of Samarkand Jewellers. Colombian Emeralds Discount 15% Email Phone 284-494-7477 Location Road Town Join Rewards Program and become a VIP. Hibiscus Collections Discount 5% Email Phone 284-495-0180 Location Wickhams Cay accross from Burke’s Garage Bath & Body Products, Cosmetics and Lingerie. Samarkand Jewellers Discount 20% Email Phone 284-494-6415 Location #94 Main Street, Road Town Sale items excluded. Sunny Caribbee Spice Co. Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-2178 Location 119 Main St. Road Town & Soper’s Hole,West End Must present CYS card. MARINAS American Yacht Harbor Marina Discount 15% Email Phone 340-775-6454 Location Red Hook, St.Thomas Upon presentation of membership card. . Bitter End Yacht Club Discount Free Email Phone 284-494-2746 Location North Sound,Virgin Gorda BEYC Capt. card. Incl. free garbage drop off,local calls,ice discounts,moorings,dockage & more Crown Bay Marina Discount Monthly rate Email Phone 340-774-2255

Location St.Thomas Monthly rate applied for daily rate. Must call in advance to notify membership status. Leverick Bay Marina Discount Free Email Phone 284-495-7421 Location North Sound, Virgin Gorda Fill on water. Free bag of ice. Use of washrooms & pool with overnight mooring or slip. Nanny Cay Marina & Hotel Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-2512 Location Nanny Cay Marina 10% off daily dockage and 20% on accommodation Village Cay Marina & Hotel Discount 20% Email Phone 284-494-2771 Location Wickham’s Cay I Daily dockage rates. Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour Discount 10% Email Phone 284-495-5318 Location Virgin Gorda On daily dockage, haul & launch. Must present CYS card. PROVISIONING Bobby’s Market Place Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-2189 Location Road Town, East End, Cane Garden Now at Nanny Cay. Free delivery & pick up. Caribbean Cellars Email Phone 284-494-4483 Location Port Purcell Trade deals offered. Phone/email for price list. Free delivery. Harbour Market Discount 5% Email Phone 284-495-4541 28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show



Location Sopers Hole, West End On purchases over $100

Email Phone

One Mart Discount 5% Email Phone 284-494-4649 Location Port Purcell Roundabout Discount applied for payment in cash or local cheques.

Location UK

Riteway Food Markets Discount 5% Email Phone 284-494-2263 Location Pasea, Fine Foods, Road Reef, Flemming Apply for Riteway charter yacht discount card. TICO (Wines and Spirits) Discount Trade terms Email Phone 284-494-2211 Location Pasea Trading a bove Cla rence Thomas Website Retail pricing shown, Trade prices will be offered. The Watering Hole Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-5954 Location Between Mill Mall and VCay parking lot Discount on wines and liquors. RESTAURANTS & PLACES TO GO Jolly Roger Email Phone 284-495-4559 Location Sopers Hole One complimentary glass of house wine with every meal. Myetts Restaurant & Boutique Discount 15% Email Phone 284-495-9649 Location Cane Garden Bay Retail store, restaurant and accommodation. 1st Bank ATM. Spa services. Royal BVI Yacht Club Special membership rate for crew. Contact for details Email Phone 284-494-3286 Location Road Reef Marina YACHT & MEDICAL INSURANCE Admiral Boat Insurance Competitive rates for non-US flagged vessels 38

ChArter YACht SoCIetY 2009 011-441-722416106

Kuffel, Collimore & Co. Discount Group rates Email Phone 630-806-8032 Location Illinois LifeBoat Medical Insurance, a customized plan for CYS members. Toll free: 877-335-1234 MASA Discount $30 Email Phone 284-496-8854 Location Road Town Discount on initiation fee. Promo code:YCG , Agent: 9327 REPAIRS & SUPPLIES BVI Painters Discount $50 gift voucher from Bamboushay for every job over $2500. Email Phone 284-494-4365 Location Nanny Cay Marina Cay Electronics Discount $75 Email Phone 284-494-2400 Location Wickhams Cay 2 On satellite or tracking contracts (Iridium, Inmarsat or CayTrack). Doyle Sailmakers BVI Discount 15% Email Phone 284-494-2569 Location Road Reef Marina Specialty - custom canvas,charter quality sails, rapid repair. Priority for boats on charter. Golden Hind Chandlery Discount 15% Email Phone 284-494-2756 Location Wickhams Cay II On most items. Must register with GHC. Marine Depot (BVI) Inc Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-0098


Location Mill Mall, near Village Cay Not on specially priced items. Must present CYS card. Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) Ltd Email Phone 284-494 -3494 Location Nanny Cay Boatyard Repair all boat systems. Emergency 24 hr. 542-2413 Parts & Power Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-2830 Location Wickham’s Cay II Not on specially priced items. YACHT SERVICES/MISC aLookingglass :: Printing :: Promotional Items Discount 10% off Email Phone 284-494-7788 Location Road Reef Plaza Discount available for 1000 or more flyers and/or promotional item orders for CYS members.

BVI Transportation S ervice Discount Variable Email Phone 284-541-1281 Location Mobile-Road Town-Virgin G orda Caribbean Ima ges Tours Email Phone 284-496-7935 Location Prospect Reef Marina Dinghy rentals: Daily, weekly & monthly Caribbean Marine Surveyors Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-2091 Location Nanny Cay Marina Insurance, purchase & MCA surveys. Caribbean Yacht Ma nagement Discount 10% Email Phone 284-494-5954 Location Village Cay, Nanny Cay On dockage & cleaning services, storage and dinghy access. Licensed Oyster service centre.

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show



Commercial Dive Services Email Phone 284-494-8261 Location Village Cay Marina Discount on hull cleaning, visuals & hydros. Replace props & clear blocked holding tanks. Dohm’s Water Taxi Red Hook Discount 20% Email Phone 340-775-6501 Location St. Thomas Discount on crew transportation only Graphic Design BVI Email Phone 284-494-3992 Location Columbus Bldg, behind Village Cay Specializing in graphics, web design & printing Island Birds Email Phone 284-440-7694 Location Terence B. Lettsome Airport, Beef Island Chartered flights at competitive prices Kenny Tees Email

Phone 284-494-6527 Location Factory Outlet Wickhams Cay II Retail:Waterfront, Mill Mall. 24hr turnaround on embroidery approvals. Rainbow Visions P hotography Email Phone 284-494-2864 Location Prospect Reef Resort Promotional & fine art photography at Photographing since 1979 TortolaExpress Discount: Free 1st Year Membership Email Phone 284-494-0707 Location Road Reef Plaza, Road Town Membership ($75 value) for CYS Members if they sign up during the Boat Show. VISAR Email Phone 284-494-4357 Locatio n Road Reef Marina,Virgin GordaYacht Harbour Search and Rescue Service. Emergency call “767” All CYS members should be VISAR members.

28th AnnuAl BVI ChArter YACht Show


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Charter Yacht Society 2009 Programme  

The Charter Yacht Society (CYS) is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1982 by independent owners of crewed yachts in the BVI. It...