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Famous models The world, has a lot of famous and beautiful models. The most famous model is Gisele Bundchen and she is Brazilian. She is very beautiful and famous. There are other models, like Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, Doutzen Kroes, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, etc. The Portuguese models In Portugal, the models are very beautiful , like Diana Chaves, Vanessa Oliveira, Joana Duarte, Rodrigo Menezes, Sisley Dias, Rita Pereira, Sara Chaves, Carla Matadinho, Mariana Monteiro, Sofia Arruda, Jessica Athayde, InĂŞs Jindrich, etc.

Some photos of models


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Now, photos of portuguese models ...


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3) 4)



- Recent events Portugal: -

Helena Coelho on “Triumph�

Helena Coelho was the model chosen to play the new campaign for lingerie brand Triumph. Sexy and very feminine, the model was at the parade of the mark held in the Amoreiras Shopping Center. -

Fashion Show in Madeira

In Madeira, there were very fashions shows in the shopping centers: Madeira Shopping, Forum Madeira and Dolce Vita. Many dummies were actresses/actors. The fashions shows were a success because many people were interested to see the parade. In the rest of Europe -

Fashion week in Paris

In Paris, the city of fashion, there was a big fashion show with many famous models being dressed by many famous designers. Many people were eager for the day of fashion show. Some photos of the fashion show in Paris

1) Channel

2) Atsuro Tayama

3) Elie Saab

4) ES Orchestres

Mode in Paris and London Both in Paris and in London, the boots are a “fever”, not only because this cities are very in winter, but also because they are always in fashion. The streets of London and Paris, in cooler seasons, we only see people with coats, boots and hats due to climate.

Paris, “Louis Vuitton” Louis Vuitton was a manufacturer of bags in Paris. Currently, is a famous brand of luxury items that are sold by famous people (actors, singers, models, etc) The manufacturer of bags collaborates with international famous figures (like Gisele Bundchen and the fashion designer Marc Jacobs). ( Louis_Vuitton_Hong_Kong.jpg

The biggest problem of fashion The anorexia is the biggest problem of models. The models think it is fat and do everything to lose weight. All models want to be beautiful for the day of the parade, and do anything to lose as much weight to this day. Anorexia is a serious problem, which can lead to death. Some photos of anorexic models,,11956593,00.jpg

More news for next week :


Next week, we will publish an interview with Gisele Bunchen and Tyra Banks.


Some pictures of Zac Efron with his fans


New trends of fashion Spring/Summer

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