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Editorial Polish and Ukrainian students drew what for them represented a happy city and then shared their drawings with the rest of the partners. Portuguese students from Braganรงa and Madeira let their imagination run free and from the drawings created stories that we now share with you.


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Fantasy Valley


Don't get mad






A boy can make a difference


The happy kingdom


All together


The amazing adventures of Johnny the building


Life in the happy brown city


The best life


The animal city




Dream high


The geometry city


The Dreamers


City people



The sun is shining, the sky is blue like the clouds, the pink flowers and the green grass are big like the purple car. There are birds


flying in the air and a cat or a squirrel on the top of the pink flat.      On this happy day, a girl is walking along the street with a big smile on her face. Suddenly she stopped because of a very weird thing. All the lights on the trafig lights are on

By Carolina Magalhães; Diogo Pires; Francisco Gomes

and she got very confused. However, the purple car stopped as well because they are in a happy city and in such a place RESPECT is the most important thing, that’s why everyone’s happy!


Fantasy Valley

  The streets were no longer colorful, the

By Inês Barros & Júlia Monteiro

sidewalks were full of garbage bags and the cherry

Once upon a time, there was a city called Fantasy


Valley. It was a different city from the others:

Gummy Bear didn’t want to believe in what he saw.

colorful and full of plants and flowers. The

The houses and boutiques’ walls were filled with

creatures that lived there had different sizes and

posters. Posters of campaigns made by humans,

shapes, but all of them were happy and lived in

who invaded the city led by Dofald Krump.

total harmony with each other.

Annoyed, Gummy Bear summoned the whole city

Gummy Bear was one of the inhabitants of this

downtown, where he announced his return to the

magical city, but he was taken away from his family

people who thought that he was dead a long time

when he was younger to work in a circus. The


owner of the circus was Dofald Krump, a mean and

With all of his old friends’ help and the army of

selfish man who forced Gummy Bear to work hard

gingerbread men, he made a revolution against the

on magic tricks, since he was his greatest

humans, expelling them from the city. He reunited


with his parents and started working to make

Gummy Bear always felt sad because he missed his

Fantasy Valley a city happy again. They destroyed

family and his city. His only friend was George, a

the factories and replanted the cherry fields.

large, burly brown bear.

Homemade cherry compote became the best

One day, with George’s help, Gummy Bear managed

product in town again. They planted flower beds all

to escape the circus tent overnight, heading to

over the city and the chocolate milk river started

Fantasy Valley. It was a long trip. They walked

running again.

through enchanted forests, waterfalls and rivers

Gummy Bear became a hero and started managing

until they reached the city. However, the town was

his parent’s fruit shop, which became the most

completely different since the last time. The sky

famous cherry compote shop in the city. Dofald

was black instead of pink, the waterfall that made

Krump was arrested in a candy cane jail. The

the chocolate milk river had run dry, leaving only a

Fantasy Valley was alive again and it was all

huge puddle of dirty water. .

because of Gummy Bear’s courage.

fields were replaced by factories that polluted the


REUNION By JoĂŁo PadrĂŁo & Alexandre Garcia

Sometimes a happy city is in a kingdom because there is not much noise, it is a relaxing place and this is the case. Ymon is the prince of a far away and powerful kingdom. His kingdom lies in the sand dunes because of its strategic position. In the middle of his kingdom there is a castle where Ymon spends the day thinking of a princess named Rose whose father was his enemy because he declared war on him. And part of the time trying to invent means of transport to go get Rose faster because he wants to save her from her bad and soulless father. The castle of Ymon has two great walls painted the color of the dress she was wearing the first time he saw Rose and the red-painted keep in honor of the kingdom as it symbolizes its flag. After eight years of hard work Ymon finishes the vehicle and goes away to fetch Rose. However, when he arrives at her kingdom he discovers that her father had left the throne to Rose since he was too old. Thus, they made peace and united their kingdoms and lives.



By Catarina Pires & Lara Semanas

One day, there were three happy boys playing, but one of them was always saying: - This city is very sad and we three have to change it!  But the other boys ignored him.  It was then that he decided to do it alone and, while everyone slept, he set to work and painted the sky in dark blue and light blue. He painted the buildings white, destroyed everything that caused pollution, planted trees with fireflies to make lamps and switched cars for bicycles for people to move around. The next morning, he went to meet his friends and found them very surprised and happy. And that's when they said: - You were right after all, our city was really sad and now we can see the difference. You alone made this city and all its population the happiest in the world. - YES! You are a hero! You made our city a HAPPY CITY!!!


ALL TOGETHER By Cláudia Luzio & Diogo Meireles

This is a small city for big people, where everybody is healthy and very close to each other. It's a city without pollution, not even noise; they can talk without any confusion. They don't have cars so that means that there are no accidents and bad gases to destroy the Ozone Layer. All the houses are connected and everyone is BFF with everyone else. We can see buildings, a school, a little park, a lake and a football field – lots of places to have fun because they don’t have to work a lot. They have everything they need. Everybody’s happy in this Small city with Big people.


LIFE IN THE HAPPY BROWN CITY By Nuno Velosa & Preciosa Dionísio In the land of colours there was a small city, called Brown City because all its buildings were brown. But what made Brown city even more special was that the buildings were alive and they could actually talk to the people who lived in them. Everyone lived in harmony there. One day, the Brown City Mayor decided to build an orange building. He was named Nick Orange. Nick was bright and he stood out from all the other brown building. Being different meant he was discriminated by the other buildings who made it so no one wanted to live in Nick for fear of being discriminated too. -Hey guys, did you see the new building? – asked one of the brown buildings to his friends. -Yes, he’s a pretty weird. I don’t trust his orangy look – answered Kylie, the most populated building in the city. They all started calling Nick names and said he wasn’t good enough for Brown City. Nick was really sad. He felt useless, empty! Some days later there was a terrible sandstorm and no one knew what was going on. Everything was so dark that people were lost just crying because they couldn’t find their homes. All the Brown buildings were helpless too: they couldn’t see anything and they couldn’t help the people find their way! Hearing all the cries Nick started to glow. His orange light shone so bright that he became a beacon for everyone to follow. People made their way to him and waited for the storm to past in the safety of his walls. When the storm ended, everyone cheered Nick and even the other building thanked him for saving their people. He had saved the day! The government talked to the brown buildings and in honour of Nick they decided to have at least one of their facades painted in orange. Nick was very happy! He had forgotten all the discrimination he had suffered and was just thankful he had been able to help. Pretty soon Nick had his first tenants and eventually he proudly became one of the one of the most populated building in the city, which everyone now called The Happy Coloured City! NOMADIC

| 92 4



Once upon a time there was a happy city where people and animals lived in harmony. The people had such a strong bond with animals that they built estates in honor of them. They also built a statue with two monkey heads to pay homage to their ancestors. In this city there were giant flowers. People climbed over them and rested among their petals. The clouds seemed like stairs we could use to climb up the flowers. Also, there wasn’t pollution caused by means of transport as people used parachutes to move. But something terrible happened one day. Geraldo and Betty were cooking in their house that was in the CAT HEAD building, when one of them became distracted and the house started to burn. They only had time to escape without being able to alert their neighbours. Soon the firefighters’ giant purple bow tie arrived and took care of the situation. The situation was quickly solved although two of the inhabitants of the building were left with serious injuries. Everything was back to normal. It was fantastic!



On a very sunny day in the city of Warsaw were two children, Petroski and Anninka, were playing tag, until Petroski's mother opened the window and told them to go inside. When they finished lunch Petroski invited tag until Petroski's mother opened the window and told them to go inside. When they finished lunch Petroski invited Anninka to go to the terrace and Anninka accepted. When they reached the terrace Petroski started crying. - What's up, Petri?- asked Anninka. - I just remembered my brother.- Said Petroski. He said goodbye to me here, he had an illness and had to go to another country to treat himself and so far I haven’t heard anything from him because he does not want to worry anyone in the family. -added Petroski. - Petri, do not be like that.- Says Anninka, trying to cheer him up. Suddenly footsteps are heard, it was initially thought that the steps were from the mother but then the voice of a man is heard ... it was Petroski's brother. Petroski started crying, this time with joy. - I finished the treatment. - Said Petroski's brother. -Now I'll never leave you. added Petroski's brother. Now Petroski has a lively life, a busy house and a happy city. Everything because Petroski his brother is with him.


The Geometry City By João Sá, Tiago Fernandes

One day there was a terrible storm that In the future, located in a strange planet

destroyed the city. Peter and Betty found a

there was the big city of Geometry. The

new planet which they called Earth. There

planet has 2 suns and 2 moons but the city

they started to build a new city but this city

was even stranger. All the houses had

was much more realistic and more

triangle shapes. There was even a beach on


top of a building. Peter was a boy who had a

Soon they found humans who adopted the

flying car in the shape of a cap and Betty

new city. They got so happy about it that

had a flying car in the shape of a cell phone.

they decided to build a new Geometry city in

They were very proud of it.

a far away place. Now they live in that city watching humans grow and build more.


CRAZY BY CAMILA GUERRA, JOANA FERNANDES In a far, far away land, there was a mysterious feeling. Everyone who passed it by saw the buildings moving, but they thought they were crazy. One day, a very brave child, Rachel, decided that she wanted to find the truth. Well, she went there and almost passed out when she saw that the buildings were moving and smiling, the cars were flying, everything was alive, even the clouds! She asked a heart that was passing by what was the village’s name, and he said:  -Hello friend! Welcome to Crazy Village, but we just call it Crazy. Do you know the place?    -Oh, hello! No, I don’t, but I’d like to! Can you show it to me?    -Yes!    The heart showed her the village and told her all about it.    -So, here we have our two main buildings: the Hospital and the Grocery Store, and they are in love, they just can’t admit it. The thing you see up there is our favorite and only cloud. Her name is Cremilde. She is always happy and white, but when she gets mad or sad she stars crying all around and gets much darker! This is our security guard, Barbecue, and he is always hungry, so he is always jumping around trying to find food. And that’s it!    -God! This is so exciting! I’m never going to leave Crazy!    And so she did. Rachel stayed there until she died, never leaving Crazy and keeping its secrets to herself.



On this beautiful day the sun was shining. Two girls appeared in the park, and they were angry because they had realized that they were in love with the same guy. In their heads they were thinking about knives, guns poison and other terrible things they wanted to use on each other. Their imagination was running wild, but…nothing terrible happened, because in Happy Cities people don’t get in trouble and always find the best way to solve problems


KIDNAPPED By Margarida Teixeira; Maria Lombo; Sofia Santos

Seems like in this town there are some “people” who are unhappy about the happiness of others. It’s the case of Sebastian, who is unhappy with the marriage between Harry and Catherine. However, the priest, Walter, is very excited because he is going to receive money with the marriage of those two.

On 14th February, everyone in town was anxious. Everyone except Emily and Donald, who, without the knowledge of the rest of the village, planned to ruin the marriage. While Walter and Harry were waiting for Catherine at the altar, Donald was waiting at the church door on the main street. He saw a car coming out of the tunnel with Catherine and his father David. Donald asked David if he could leave them alone because he wanted to congratulate her. When her father entered the church Donald took off a scarf with ammoniac and put it in front of her nose making her faint. Emily showed up at high speed and suddenly took them in, thus kidnapping Catherine. When Harry realized that Catherine was taking too long he asked David if he knew the reason for such delay. David told Harry that Donald had asked to speak to her alone. Harry soon realized everything and he had barely got out of the church when he saw tyre tracks. He followed them until he got to the sports shop where he found Catherine fainted and tied to a chair. He immediately called the police and Donald and Emily were arrested. When Catherine woke up they came back to the marriage, Harry kissed Catherine and they settled happily in the windows house forever..


The happy kingdom By João Olim; Ana Beatriz; Beatriz Nunes; Bárbara Nunes

In the kingdom of OZ there live a sweet princess in the royal palace. She made sure everyone of her subjects lived a happy full live. She was nothing like her bureaucrat counsellors. They wanted tax money to be used in making the palace and their lives better. But she just wanted her people to share her good fortune. After all the kingdom was nothing without them. She issued strict laws to make sure none of her greedy counsellors would have the best of her people. Everyone was entitled to a home of their own and a job through which they could contribute for the wealth of the kingdom and their own. There was no need for grand living. Everyone led a simple life. Even the Princess, because even though she lived in a Palace that her people volunteered to maintain, she did not give in to follies or spend her treasure in silly things. Everyone loved how she ruled, well the people did anyway. There was one of two counsellors that tried to remove her from the throne, but in the end they all came to see the beauty of her vision of a happy kingdom, where everyone had a place, and a job to do. Where everyone was important. That’s the key for a happy kingdom!

14 16

The amazing adventures of Johnny, the building By Marco, Luis, Pedro In the happy city of the future there will be, buildings that have the personality of a person, buildings that can walk and speak and they have families living in them for whom they are responsible. One day as Johnny was taking his morning stroll he met some friends who needed help. But in doing so, he didn’t realize they had walked too far from the city and now they were lost. Johnny and his friends walked for 3 days. On the first day they went by a bridge that had a troll living under it. It wouldn’t let them cross over unless they answered  3 questions. Fortunately they had Brian the brainiac of the group so they managed to pass to safely! On the second day they found a sign that pointed to the way back to civilization, but unfortunately one of Johnny's friends was way too large to fit the road so they chose to keep on walking on the other direction. On the third day Johnny and his friend followed a hidden path and finally found their way back the civilization but since they had been gone for 3 whole days their families were hungry, and cold. They rushed them to the doctors to see what could be done. Feeling ever so guilty for failing them Johnny ran as fast as he could. He was on the verge of a heart attack when he suddenly woke up, shaking everyone inside! Luckily it had all been a terrible dream. 17 Issue 27 | 234


The Best Life By Ana Margarida Silva, Catarina Serrão Pinto, Joana Soraia Faria, Margarida Figueira

This story starts at a time when there were differences in society. This was divided into two different realities. Some in the countryside and others in the city. Johnny is a city boy, he is used to the noise of cars, and Jordyn is a country girl, she is used to the sound of birds singing on the tree tops. They have completely different lives, in opposite places of the world. Johnny's life is very boring, he lives the same routine every day and he is tired of it. He wakes up, goes to work and comes home every day. He’s rich but that doesn’t bring him happiness, as he is always working he has no social life. He lives for his job and work is always his priority. Unlike Johnny, Jordyn is a happy girl, she lives with her family and is accustomed to socialize with friends. She works like Johnny but she doesn’t make work her priority. She is a dreamer and accepts any adventure or challenge. Like everything else in life, their way of life has advantages. Johnny just has to enjoy life more and what it brings him, like Jordyn does. It is much better to have a simple life in the country than to have an unhappy and monotonous life in the city. 18


Ashley a little girl, with a beautiful brown hair and a sweet and big heart, lives in a small and happy city called Hawkins. In Hawkins, people are happy and green is the predominant color. It is always possible to see people sitting on a garden bench in the city’s parks to read or spend time with their family. Everyone is happy and has a happy life. That is what marks the city, even on winter times, the sky holds blue tones of color. The only big problem or rather, not so big, is the small building in the middle of the city. There, gray predominates, people are unhappy, like in most other cities. Pollution and gray are the words that can describe that place. On a simple normal day while walking past the sad building Ashley met a boy. He had blond hair and dreamy eyes. He lived there in the middle of nowhere, lonely, depressed. He was judged for dreaming differently, dreaming bigger than all those around him. Together they rebuilt the building, repainted the sky in shades of blue and planted flowers beds.

DREAM HIGH By Sofia Sinthon Mafalda Jardim

In the future, humans will invent buildings like people. Every different building will have a different personality. As much as personality and physical they will look like human. Some fat, some thin, some tall, some short… Inside the buildings there’s a speaker that talks to you when you’re lonely. But even outside the building there’s a speaker too if you want to talk to anyone in the street. And it’s not only that, the buildings will also fly in the sky, so  you will be very quickly  in your desired location. But, the only disadvantage is that if you want to go to a shop the building puts you near the shop, and then you have to walk there. And, with all these things, we are going to contribute to sedentary lifestyle . But that’s another story.



By Sara Caires, Mariana Abreu, Lara Velosa, Petra Andrade

Charlotte Hudson is a 16-year-old dream girl who believes that her city “True City” has a different reality from what people say. She believes that her happy city where will disappear due to pollution, global warming, hunger, lack of oxygen and volcanoes that were about to erupt, and which alone could destroy everything. It all began when she was walking through the forest looking for peace and quiet, where there was no one to talk to her, it was simply her and Mother Nature. Suddenly she heard footsteps and car noise, she began to look around frightened when, without warning, someone puts a cloth over her mouth and takes her in the car. Charlotte wakes up wildly and scared, she looks to the side and sees a girl who appeared to be 12 years old, when the girls realized that Charlotte had already woken up she began to speak and explain to her that her name was Cassie and that she was a robot and she’s there with only one objective, unite dreamers to make the city a happy place, where there were no differences between people and there was only peace. Cassie was very confused with the conversation since that girl Cassie gave her a bracelet with an initial giant “D” and told her that whenever she touched the bracelet, she would be able to build her dreams, transporting her to another place called Dreamland, Cassie took her to an old house, where she said there would be her old friend Josh, that was a dreamer too only that she hadn’t seen him for a long time and didn’t know how he would react.


When they entered they had to go through several traps that Josh had installed in that old house, only that these traps were only ilusion to find him. When they found him he was alarmed because he hadn’t seen Cassie for a long time. After Cassie explained what she was doing there, Josh refused to help them save the city because he didn’t believe in life, he didn’t have dreams anymore. Cassie and Charlotte were outraged and began to encourage him to accept and said that it didn’t matter if they failed and the most important thing was to try to achieve the goal because that’s what dreams were and made them happy. With all this speech Josh gave in and accepted. They touched the bracelet and were transported to Dreamland, where Charlotte was surprised by the city because it was a place full of harmony and peace that brought her happiness, a place where all her dreams could come true. They started to make Dreamland a place of appeal, if someday Trueland disappeared it would be like a background country. To save the city they started to imagine and to build several plans of resource like planting trees and the creation of electric cars, everything so that Trueland survived, but to get it done they started to send bracelets with a “D” to all the dreamers in Trueland and with their help they made the city change to a more protective and safe city, where there were no differences between people, where there was only peace and dreams. Now everything is different there is only the good of the city and of the people, everyone now has a dream and deeply believes that they can reach it, they are happy and that’s what matters.



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Happy Cities Magazine  

A magazine created for the eTwinning project Happy Cities.