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Go into the World and preach the gospel to every creature Mark 16:15

and Sister Tucker were a blessing to us as they both ministered and we had one to rededicate their life to Christ. The church surprised Lavonda with a birthday lunch. W e as a church are praying for God to bless what He has placed in our hands as we offer it to Him.

Alton-Connecting Pointe: W e are glad to report a new member, Donna Moses. A le xa n d e r C ity : W e welcomed our new pastor and family, Stacy and Valerie Tuttle, Evelyse, Emy, and Zek, on their first Sunday in August with a luncheon after the morning service. W e were blessed to have both of their parents visiting from Tennessee. The Tuttles have hit the ground running, visiting members, becoming invo lve d in th e lo ca l M iniste ria l A sso ciatio n , visiting hospitals, children involved in local sports and school activities. W e are blessed to have the Tuttles at Alexander City. Browntown: Brother Harold Daugherty came and gave his testimony about the move of God he is seeing and experiencing in the lives of people. Their lives are being changed! Chickasaw: God is so good all the time! W e are praying for all in Texas! Dothan-New Life Fellowship: Our church had a Turkey Nacho Supper to welcome our new pastor, Brother W ayne and Sister Joy Kinder. W e also celebrated his birthday on August 27 th before church with homemade soup, Mexican cornbread, homemade ice cream, an cake and other desserts. W e were blessed to have visitors with us as we celebrated! Fayette-North Pointe: North Pointe COGOP had a wonderful attendance for Family and Friends Day with fellowship afterwards. Brother and Sister Smalley have been helping minister at the Pea Ridge Community Church in Berry, AL as a mission church along with Brother and Sister Garry Lovette. Our ladies will be hosting a special W omen2W omen service “One Night W ith The King” on October 7 th, with guest minister Judy Lyles. Brother Smalley also began a hospital prayer visit ministry during Sunday School at the hospital next to our church. Several have thanked him for coming to pray with them in their time of need. A young women’s Bible study is starting at the home of one of our young lady’s who felt led to start an outreach for those unchurched. Gadsden-Living W aters: Praising God for His faithfulness! This month we came

together for a church and family picnic. Those in attendance were blessed by good food and great fellowship. Gordo: On August 13 th was our annual Super Sunday. Our activities included Bible lessons on digging deeper in God’s W ord, learning new actions songs and fun games. Our meal from the grill was hamburgers and hot dogs. W e also had a special cake to welcome our new Youth and Children’s Ministries leaders, Michaela and Colton Hallmark. Our church is rejoicing over our Student Directors, and God is blessing this ministry through His leaders. Later the children, youth and a few adults enjoyed the water slide. This was a fun day for all. Green Pond: Praise His Holy Name. God is blessing our church. The youth made their annual trip to En Fuego in Verbena with twenty-eight in attendance. The music festival keeps getting better each year. There were two hundred and seventynine that gave their heart to the Lord. Our Seniors enjoyed a trip to the Peach Park in Clanton. Plans are in progress for our Fall Festival as we strive to make each year better than the last. Our goal is to share Jesus and change lives. Grant-Sanctuary on the M ountain: W e are using what God has placed in our hands! August the 6th , Sister Lori organized a Back to School Vendor Show. W e had 16 local vendors set inside the church with around 130 people to come. School supplies were given away along with door prizes. A lady with two of her children returned for church. W e gained several contacts for the church. Our church was used for voting and we were able to meet several also. Brother

Happy Hill: Sister Earlean Emerson passed away on Monday, August 28 th at her home in Hamilton. Sister Emerson was a mighty worker for Christ and impacted many lives. She served as a pastor, state secretary and evangelist. As an anointed minister of the gospel, Sister Emerson traveled to conferences and retreates in many states and foreign countries. In recent years, she has been a tremendous asset to the church at Happy Hill. Her presence and her prayers will be greatly missed. Happy Hill enjoyed a revival with evangelist Eric W ashburn. W e also had Kids’ Day, Youth Day, W omen’s Day and Men’s Day in the month of August. M entone: W e took Dedra Battles into the church as our newest member. Also, four were baptized, Jackson, Memphis, Nate, and Eli Battles. Pelham: Pelham is excited to report two new covenant members, Elizabeth Kay Smith and Fred Smith. Short Creek: Signs of the times are everywhere!! May we be about our Father’s business with great fervency. W e must reach the lost at any cost. W e have lost many of our precious ministers, members and family. Our own Sister Green just lost her brother to cancer. Our prayers to all that have lost loved ones. Sterrett: O ur church planned and coordinated a Fish Fry and Singing at Sterrett Park with the Hinson Family from Nashville, Tennessee. Approximately 200 showed up to enjoy children’s activities, fish or hot dogs, and old fashioned gospel singing. W e are grateful to report a successful event as various churches and pastors represented the community and so pleased that all present, noticeably, experienced joyous blessings of worship and fellowship. There is a Spirit of revival and resurrection in the Sterrett community!

Tarrant: This month our Children’s Church made a field trip to Kentucky to see Noah’s Ark. W e celebrated Deacon Lenzie W ynn’s 90 th birthday with a Sunday luncheon. W e ended the month with “Let Us Pray For Our City”. W e set up our prayer tent on the front lawn of the church, plugged in the PA.... we sang, prayed and ministered the W ord. Several cars stopped to pray with us. Some came and sat under the tent, and many waved in agreement. It was beautiful as we worshiped our Lord under the blue skies. Trinity: Our Y outh and Children’s Departments are growing, therefore, our church is growing. The youth and children took a trip to Six Flags on Saturday, and Sunday they ministered in an awesome drama with many new people in attendance.

Indian Reservation in South Dakota:

share the unconditional, limitless love of Jesus! God has already been moving on the hearts of men in this camp and it’s in the midst of revival. Please be praying for the men in white, our team, the warden, the officers, the chaplain, the administrative and medical staff, and the families of all those involved and affected. W e have seen amazing transformations time after time and are praying, believing and expecting to see no less once again–by the blood and in the name of Jesus!

Don Stanton

Kairos #13 at Hamilton Aged and Infirmed Eddie M itchell Kairos #13 begins today, September 7 th through Sunday, September 10 th at Hamilton Aged and Infirmed. I thank the Lord for allowing me to be a part of this ministry again after being physically unable to participate the last two years. I am just one of four Alabama Church of God of Prophecy brothers on the inside team and several of our ladies have supported from the outside. It is a real pleasure to work in the mission field with our brothers from other church denominations with one common goal–to

As “thank yous” are not allowed, I end with this—“How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things. May God bless us all”. Table of Luke Kairos #13 Ham ilton A&I

Below is a prisoner’s response to those coming to their facility to manifest the Love of God and share the Gospel.

I will try to briefly explain the totality of this weekend and its indescribable significance, but I know it will be like describing the color of the wind, so please extend me grace for my ignorance, as I know I will fall short. Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky said: “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”. The truth of this statement speaks volumes to all of us men in white as we are constantly reminded of man’s inhumanity to man which manifest itself in a complete loss of hope.

People at reservation are putting a new roof on the church. It shows they are taking an interest. Praise the Lord!

116 -Thou are m y hiding place and m y shield, I hope in the word. Uphold m e according to they word, that I m ay live: and let me not be asham ed of m y hope.

I had a bunkmate from Ukraine that stated: “Where there is no hope, there is no disappointment”. This is a sad and tragic statement, but it is the reality that we in white live in. I could not help but feel like I was a master mason and the complexity of my wall that I had built was vast and immeasurable. However, a flower was thrown over my wall. It was not a normal flower, in the sense that one would think of. This flower was in the shape of—cookies, cakes, banana pudding, smiles, laughter, tears—a letter from a brother named Wardell, a sister named Louise, and a child named Selena. In the flower was hope and truth and love. I know for certain that God enjoys the fragrance of this flower. I believe that the botanical name of this flower is Kairos. It was a wonderful flower thrown over the wall to me and I will do my best to cultivate the seeds of hope that I have found in ‘My Kairos flower!’ Paraphrasing the Psalmist in the 119 th Psalm verses 114 and

Salvation Fundamentals of the Faith Raymond Pruitt

The natural man is totally powerless to reconcile himself with a just and holy God, but "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself' (2 Cor. 6dB), and through prevenient grace and the agency of the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ, having been lifted up on the cross for our redemption, was buried and arose from the grave, He now draws all men unto Himself (John 12:32). But the grace of God can be resisted. To those who reject Him, He says, "Despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God" (Rom. 2:4, 5). Those who open their hearts to Him have this promise, "W hosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Rom. 10:13). The grace of God is freely and generously offered to all; whether or not it means anything to any particular individual depends on whether or not he cooperates with God in receiving the salvation that is proffered in Christ. God's appeal is genúine, but the individual must make it real to himself by accepting it. "1 call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live" (Deut. 30:19).

ANNOUNCEMENTS Prayer Line with Dr. Wessly Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00 AM Dial 712-432-1690 Access Code: 650786# Alton COGOP is interviewing for a Youth Pastor. “We are looking for someone called by God to the Youth Ministry”. Contact: Pastor, Daniel Stronge, Alton Church, 2305 Old Alton Road, Birmingham, AL 35210, 2 0 5 - 2 3 3 - 0 0 1 3 , Pinson Valley: Seeking a Youth Minister, call 470-9591.

Commentary on Book of Revelation John K. George—Author—$9.95 Also.... U-Tube Heart Attack–Dr. Kurian Maliel

STATE WEB SITES Alabama Update Blog: Alabama Web Site: Youth-Tim Beck Web: Camp Boothe:

SPEAKING AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Anita Falkner Parker, 3615 Moody Pkwy, Moody, AL 35004. Telephone (205) 640-6207. Brenda Kay Pate, P O Box 156; Woodstock, AL, 35188; 205-388-1087 or 388-3129. MUSICAL MINISTRY Breaking Chains, Elliot: 2 5 1 - 4 5 4 - 8 9 4 6 , nature into every part of you? What would that look like? BIRTHS Browntown: Jeremiah Cash Tuten was born July 3rd , to his parents Dylastion Tuten and Rachel Gifford. His grandparents are Scott and Keitrah Tuten and Ronnie and Beth McElroy. DEDICATION Browntown: Adeline Morgan Lee was dedicated by her parents, Chris and Caitlin Lee. Here grandparents are Beecher and Chris Tanner and Peggy Lee.

Tips For Abundant Life

Mind Battles. There is a battle warring in our minds. Keeping our minds stayed on God and His W ord gives us the armor to fight with. Deuteronomy 33:27 tells us that God is our refuge and His arms are holding us. He will thrust out the enemy. He fights our battles when we purposely rest in His arms. Growth. W hat happens when we daily recognize that God is holding us? Our relationship with Him is strengthened. W e grow! W e more confidently follow Him and obey what He leads us to do. The more we step out, the more we trust Him. The more we trust Him, the stronger we become. Stop trying to handle life on your own. Our Heavenly Father has a better plan. Rest in the everlasting arms of God to find the abundant life you desire. Carolyn Guyton, Speaker and Life Purpose Coach

OCTOBER PASTORS/WIVES BIRTHDAYS E. L. Croyle Patsy Gann Billie Ann Humphries James Simpson ANNIVERSARIES Odell and Pat Green Sylvester and Bobbie Smith


AVAILABLE FOR REVIVALS Brenda Kay Pate, P O Box 156 Woodstock, AL 35188; 205-388-1087 or 388-3129. Fill in for pastors also. Steve Puckett, 471 Co Rd 275, Arley, Al, 35541, Home: 205-295-5117; cell 864-385-0626. Doug Tyler: 8165 Hopewell Road, Bessemer, AL 35022, 205-919-6025: Ken Donaldson: 13589 Telmar Lane, Northport, AL 35415; 205-310-1686;

Leaning on the everlasting arms of God. A song we used to sing often in church. This song encouraged us when we were experiencing difficulties in life. However, these beautiful arms of strength were not intended for troubled times alone. They are always there for us. In fact, every day is better when we acknowledge and rest in those arms. W eakness. W e are always weak compared to God’s strength. W hen we acknowledge that and rest in Him as we go throughout each day, our trust in Him grows. This becomes the foundation on which we stand in those times when we feel we can’t go on. Since we have been leaning on Him regularly, it is natural that we lean on Him when there is trouble.

October Clergy Appreciation Month November 09-11 Gordon Conwell Masters Program Camp Boothe January 2018 07 Prayer Simulcast 07-27 21 Days of Prayer July 17 Pre-Assembly at Fields of the Wood 18-22 100th International Assembly Convention Center, Chatt, TN

Winter Conference 2018 Kingdom Come October 3rd, 2017

Greetings Beloved, Winter Conference is all about training and equipping students to reach their full potential in Christ. It is extremely vital that we empower this generation; our future depends on it. Discipleship, ministry workshops, and life-altering services are the core values of this conference. Winter Conference: KINGDOM COME is one way to expedite Kingdom authority, culture, and principles into the lives of all who attend. This will be a time, in the middle of the school year, for students and leaders to be refreshed and challenged to finish the school year strong. We believe that it is crucial for students and churches to take full advantage of these times of refreshing. The theme for Winter Conference 2018 is “KINGDOM COME”. Jesus informed us, once He started His earthly ministry, that the Kingdom was at hand. He taught us to pray, “thy will be done… thy Kingdom come…”. The word “kingdom” simply means… the King’s domain. We need “the King’s domain” to rest upon every area of our lives. The only way Jesus will take His rightful place in the nations is when He is given the throne of our hearts… His rightful place within us! We are the ones called to bring Heaven to earth. We, humanity…flesh and blood, are the vehicles, which He has chosen to use to spread His message, demonstrate His power and establish His Kingdom. We must come to grips with the high calling and beautiful opportunity that is before this generation of believers. Let us rise, gather, and surrender to the King of all kings! Imagine what the Father could do through you, if only allowed to do within you first? Surrender is the key that unlocks the Kingdom. Do not miss one of the best conferences of the year! You will never be the same!!! Winter Conference will be held at Camp Boothe. The address is: 3111 Greyhill Rd., West Blocton, AL 35074. The conference will begin on Saturday, December 30th, 2017 and go through Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018. Registration will be from 9 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 30th with lunch being served at 12 (noon). The cost of this conference is $70 per person, which covers room and board, ten meals, snacks and conference fees. Winter Conference is designed for students ages 14 and above, student leaders, youth pastors and simply, anyone craving MORE!

There are two ways to register for WC 2018:


P.O. Box 707 Bessemer, AL 35022


You and your students can go to, click on the “Winter Conference” tab, and print off an application.


You can make copies of the application provided with this letter and distribute them to your students.

All applications and conference fees must be mailed to:

Camp Boothe ATTN: WC2018 P.O. Box 240 Greenpond, AL 35074

Note: All applications and tuition need to be postmarked by Friday, December 15th. After this date, there will be a $25.00 late fee for any applications received. This fee applies to walk-ins as well. We want to personally invite you, your students, and the hungry to gather with us on December 30th – January 2nd as we cry out for more of the Lord! We hope that you, your leaders, and your students will make plans NOW to attend Winter Conference 2018. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate all you do! Harvest & Revival,

Tim & Bethany Beck Tim & Bethany Beck


P.O. Box 707 Bessemer, AL 35022






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Our Sympathy to our Ministers Families

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Alabama Update October 2017  
Alabama Update October 2017  

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