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MAY 2017

The Bond between mothers and their children is one defined by love. As a mother’s prayers for her children are unending so are the wisdom, grace, and strength they provide to their children.

Mother’s Day May 14, 2017

What I Learned From My Mother By Julia Kasdorf I learned from my mother how to love

sympathy, as though I understood loss even then.

the living, to have plenty of vases on hand

I learned that whatever we say means nothing,

in case you have to rush to the hospital

what anyone will remember is that we came.

with peonies cut from the lawn, black ants

I learned to believe I had the power to ease

still stuck to the buds. I learned to save jars

awful pains materially like an angel.

large enough to hold fruit salad for a whole

Like a doctor, I learned to create

grieving household, to cube home-canned pears

from another’s suffering my own usefulness, and once

and peaches, to slice through maroon grape skins

you know how to do this, you can never refuse.

and flick out the seeds with a knife point.

To every house you enter, you must offer

I learned to attend viewings even if I didn’t know

healing: a chocolate cake you baked yourself,

the deceased, to press the moist hands

the blessing of your voice, your chaste touch.

of the living, to look in their eyes and offer

=== Tips For Abundant Life Carolyn Guyton

Sing. “I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free.” W e are happy and free when we recognize and accept that God has His eye on us and He is working all things for our good. W e must remember to sing our song of praise to God every day. In the good times. In the difficult times. He is always worthy. His worthiness is not based on our feelings, nor should our song be. Sing in the sunshine. How pleasant it is to sit on the porch during this beautiful Spring season and listen to the birds sing. I just want to join in and sing with them, don’t you?! It is easy to sing when we feel happy and free and life is sunny and bright. The Psalmist David shared many songs of praise to God such as in Psalm 28:7 when he said, “my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.” And in Psalm 98:1 when God had done marvelous things and gotten him the victory. W hat a glorious feeling to sing in these times! Sing in the storm. It is important to note that David also sang in the challenging times. In Psalm 32:7 he sang songs of deliverance because he knew God was his hiding place and that He would preserve him. How wonderful to confidently sing unto the Lord in times of trouble because we know we can depend on Him. He will never leave us or forsake us. Now that, my friend, is something to sing about! Sing while you can. Psalm 40:3 tells us that when we sing praise unto God that many will see it and trust in Him. Our song not only blesses God, but also blesses others. W e all have praises to sing to God that are specific to us alone. God has brought us individually through our own personal lives. No one else can sing my song but me. No one can sing your song but you. Don’t die with your song still in you. Sing it now. Sing it strong. Sing into the fullness of God so you can live the abundant life you desire. Carolyn Guyton, Speaker and Life Purpose Coach...... Subscribe to Live! mailing list at and receive a free gift;

When Will Jesus Come? When the work is done and the church is ready to receive Him We are now in the preparation time God’s Pioneer----A. J. Tomlinson, 1865-1943 “ My little finger shall be thicker than my father’s loins.” This was a statement that the young men of the kingdom of Israel advised the fourth king of Israel to make when he was taking the throne of his father, Solomon. On account of this statement and the meaning of it given, he suddenly lost the good will of a large number of his subjects. The ten tribes revolted and pulled away under the leadership of Jeroboam and instituted what was afterward designated Israel, or the northern kingdom. Ths revolt was according to prophecy. That is, one of the prophets had prophesied that Jeroboam should have ten tribes after Solomon’s death and only two tribes should remain in the house f David under Rehoboam. In order to have this prophecy fulfilled it was put in the mouth of Rehoboam to answer Israel roughly and say, “And now whereas my father did lade you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke: my father hath chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions” (I Kings 12:11). Thus every prophecy of our good Book must be fulfilled. With only a hasty but accurate inspection of this Book compared with history it will be readily seen that every prophecy that has been due for fulfillment in the past has been fulfilled to the letter. There was no force or combination of events or happenings that ever prevented their fulfillment. But rather, on the other hand, there were always combinations of events, though sometimes very odd, similar to the few words spoken by Rehoboam. That was an odd expression—a very small pivot upon which to turn a whole nation—“My little finger shall be thicker than my father’s loins,” but it turned that whole nation as soon as spoken and forced that vast multitude into two nations in a very few minutes. All the prophecies that are due for fulfillment in the future are just as sure. Unfailing prophecies show that the church of the last days shall prosper and be in health. The world shall be subjugated to our Christ. It shall be informed of our coming. The nations shall become weak and submissive. Resistance shall be taken away from them and all shall walk under one government just as truly as the wild animals of the forest become tame and docile when the time was ripe for their entering into Noah’s new ship. I do not know what odd statements may be made to bring about some of the changes that are destined to take place, but something will happen to change the minds of millions in a minute. God works quickly sometimes, as in the case of Rehoboam, while at other times it has been truly said, “God’s mill grinds slow but sure.” It is stated that God is going to make a short work in the last days. And by His saving, a short work I conclude it will have to be a quick work, because we have such a long distance to go, as we count distance, to get the work finished. The work must be finished. Yes, it just has to be finished. We want the Lord to return. We think He is the only hope for this world of confusion and distress; thus we want Him to come back and set everything right and in perfect harmony. We look for the fulfillment of the statement made by the angels when they sang, “On earth peace, good will toward men.” It has been anything else but peaceful ever since that vast multitude sang that wonderful chorus. But still we cannot think of anything else because of the meaning of those wonderful words, and the many prophecies and statements contained in our Book besides. But when is this mighty Christ of the Bible going to return? People have been looking for Him day and night for many years. But He has not come yet. We have been taught to look for Him any moment. We have often said, “He may come tonight.” But still He has not returned. The early Church looked for His soon coming. They became so enthused about it that Paul had to set them right to keep them from teaching falsely. He indicated that some had already commenced to teach that He would soon be back. I take this view because he called on the early Church to beware of

deceivers. He said about this very subject, “Let no man deceive you.” Let us read the verses and get the import. “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him. That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first” (2 Thessalonians 2: 1-3). Thus Paul plainly told the brethren that they need not look for Jesus to return until after the great falling away period which did take place later according to history. So now we are on this side of the great apostasy which led into which is known in history as dark ages. And we have a better right to look for him now than they did then. But Paul was afraid they would be deceived about it and he did not want them deceived. It has been many centuries since the great apostasy and still He has not come, but He will come yet. And He says He will come quickly when He does come (Revelation 22:7). But when will He come? Men have set the time. They have claimed the Lord revealed to them the time. Others have counted the years and spent months and even years in making their calculation, trying to work it out that way, but all have failed. He has not come yet. But I say, when will He come? As stated above we have been taught to look for Him every day. And we have looked faithfully and still He has not come. We have been taught that He would slip in on us unawares as a thief in the night. And He has not come that way. They used to tell us that probably mother would be taken and father and children left, because mother was good enough and they would be left to go through the tribulation period. It has been announced through religious papers that a certain good man had disappeared and it was believed the Lord had slipped him away without dying. But that never happened. With all the different theories advanced, and all the opinions expressed, with people sometimes dressing themselves in white robes and going out to meet Him on a certain day, still He has never yet come. Many have been deceived in later years as well as when Paul wrote to the early Church that warning. Jesus has not yet returned, but we know He will come at the appointed time. But when will He come? Many know but little more than is contained on the surface of the text I have used at the conventions for years. “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh” (Matthew 24:44). I have been insisting that we hasten to get ready since we are not ready. This we are doing. We are working hard because now is the time of preparation. The preparation time is marked out by the prophecy concerning the running of automobiles. I think most of our people see now that it is not only a good spiritual experience that is required to make us ready, but also that certain work must be done before we are ready. And that work is not yet done. So we are hurrying in on as fast as we can to get ready—that is, to get the work done that is plainly pointed out by the prophecies and Jesus Himself. Jesus will come and we are still looking forward to His coming, but in connection with this we are expecting to get the work done that we know is required. We do not want our people deceived any more than Paul ever wanted his people deceived. But we still know He is coming. And this in connection with the resurrection that is set for about the same time, is our hope. But when, oh when will He come? We do not seem to be so much concerned about the exact time of His coming, since we have learned that certain work has to be done in order to fulfill prophecy. This prophecy requires the Church to be perfected so He can present it to Himself a glorious Church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing. Then we have discovered that Jesus is not going to make us ready, but we have to make ourselves ready. This is shown by a number of Scriptures that cannot fail (Ephesians 4:11-16; I John 3:2, 3; Revelation 19:7). Making ourselves like Him. He finished the work He had to do. We must finish the work that is required of us. And that is, getting the Church ready and getting it filled, like Noah finished his big ship and got it filled before the flood came. I do not want our people deceived concerning this subject. Still I ask earnestly and boldly, when is Jesus coming so it can be said, “On earth, good will toward men”? Or does this mean He had to be here in person when this happens, or is He going to act as the Head of the Church while He still sits at the right hand of God and directs the work of subjugation in a similar manner to that of a general of an army who sits on his headquarters office and directs the battle? On account of certain Scriptures it would seem that the latter view is rather to be favored. Then if this is the case the heavier the responsibilities are that fall upon us. And this is what I have been trying to impress upon our people for years. Now notice a few verses in connection with this subject. When Peter was preaching that second memorable sermon that brought in the five thousand he made the following statement that never has been changed but is rather verified by the holy prophets:

“And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began (Acts 3:20, 21). The Syriac version verifies the King James version and assists in making it plainer: Read the same verses from this version: “And times of rest may come to you from the face of the Lord; and he may send to you him, who was made ready for you, Jesus the Messiah: Whom the heavens must retain, until the completion of the times of those things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of his holy prophets of old”. The authorized version says concerning Jesus, “Whom the heaven must receive until” the same certain time. In that first wonderful message after he was baptized with the Holy Ghost, and the one that landed three thousand souls, Peter made the statement that Jesus should remain at the right hand of the Father until His foes are made His footstool. The writer of Hebrews also makes a similar statement as he tells of Jesus who sat down on the right hand of God to remain there “expecting till his enemies be made his footstool.” When is our Lord coming back to earth? I do not know when He is coming, but it is evident that the time is set and when that time comes He will come and not tarry. It is evident also that He is not going to come and slip away a few without anybody knowing anything about it. How could it be that way in the face of Paul’s declaration of what is going to happen than? Some noise and some miraculous happening. Somebody may think that will be no exciting time, but when all that takes place that Paul tells of I would not think of it being anything else but thrilling and exciting. It is already exciting to me while I am trying to make ready for the greatest reception that ever has been recorded on the pages of history. Now read what Paul says: “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord” (I Thessalonians 4:17) . This is in the future, but I want you to understand what is to be done yet to fulfill prophecy and make a fully ready for this glorious event. And it is evident that we have to do our work while He is retained in heaven. And the work to fulfill prophecy will bring in the multitudes, teach them the all things, make them perfect and presentable so He can justly be proud of them and all of us. In other words, to be ready for the coming of the Lord is having certain things accomplished that fulfill prophecy. And since the time set for His coming is now so near at hand we must do our work rapidly. There is no time for idleness. This is the way I feel about it, and I believe my feelings are prompted by the same Spirit that prompted the prophets. While I am trying to hurry the work along by my statements and letters, I do not want my fellow-laborers to think of my being like Rehoboam promised his subjects. I do not want to be too hard on any of the workers, but I do want them to work. I can’t bear for a pastor to just merely be a preacher on Sunday and let the wolves harass and carry off their sheep all the week while he is lying around idle and contented to do so. I am getting nearer and nearer to the point where I think the pastor should put in full hours, in rounding up his sheep and protecting his lambs, the same as the man that works in the mill to earn money upon which to pay tithes to support the shepherd. The evangelists too, while “all around them souls are dying.” do nothing sometimes because they say they have no opening or no money to pay their transportation to some faraway field. There are always people near by that will die and lose their souls without somebody makes some extra effort in prayer and sometimes pushing the message upon them even when they do not want it. I know Jesus is coming soon. I know the multitudes must be reached and saved. I can’t be easy and restful about the work. I feel that I must work. I feel that my fellow ministers must work. And when they do not, then I wonder if they have ever caught the vision as they should. It is to such as these I want to say, “More is in you, put it in operation for the Church of God.” If we do have those with us who are not capable of finding a place to work or cannot work without being told by the foreman or chief engineer, then I think it is time for us to enlarge our organization so everyone can have the necessary assistance to keep them all busy. In the last days they are to be commanded to go out quickly and bring them in, and go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in that the Church may be filled to fulfill prophecy.

God and the local church and called by God to minister the Word to a lost and dying world. We are very proud of our Youth!

Browns Chapel: We are thanking God for two new covenant members, David Alexander and Jessica Alexander. Chickasaw: We’ve enjoyed wonderful fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Dothan: Our pastor, Brother Morris Bates, has been very ill. We praise the Lord he is recovering and getting stronger every day. Thanks for all your prayers. Most of all THANK GOD! Fayette-North Pointe: The Holy Spirit was in the house as our pastor preached an awesome message, as always. People were in the altar praying at various times through the service, seeking God. I’m very excited about my seventh year as a member of the Church of God of Prophecy in Fayette and look forward to many more great years. Green Pond: Spring is a beautiful season with new life beginnings. Our spiritual life is just as beautiful as we flourish in God’s Word. Bible studies are being ‘outstanding’ and new families are attending each service. God continues to bless. We were honored to have the Gideon Representative share what God is doing in the United States and other countries. Many souls are saved when someone finds a Gideon Bible in their lowest situation. Hackleburg: We had a Senior Citizens Appreciation Luncheon with 28 in attendance. Bishop Jim Williams spoke and we had a blast from the past and reminisced about things from 40's, 50's and 60's when they were teenagers and young adults. Also, we had some great hymnal singing led by Pastor Mark Barnett and Jason Pharr. We enjoyed a revival with Eric Washburn with one receiving salvation. Colton Hallmark was received into our church through covenant. Haleyville-Pathway: Praise God for our youth that went to Winter Jam.

There were 20 that raised funds to attend. They are a great group of kids, keep them in your prayers as they face so much in school and the world. May they stay on fire for the Lord and strive to walk in His ways. Happy Hill: On March 19, speaker and author Bruce Van Natta of Sweet Bread Ministries in Wisconsin came to Happy Hill. Bruce has been featured on the History Channel, The 700 Club and many other media outlets. He travels all over the country to tell what God has done for him. Brother Van Natta shared his powerful testimony of how God has delivered him from a life of drug addiction and brought him back to life when a semi truck collapsed on him in 2006. Numerous people were saved and healed! Most notably, we witnessed a young girl get out of her wheelchair and walk who has not been able to stand or walk since 2015! We praise God for His mighty works!! Short Creek: March was a busy month. We have begun some Spring spruce up around the church by painting all the doors, trim and baseboards. We have several other little clean-up jobs to do as the weather permits. This month we were privileged to set forth one of our youth, Steven Windham, as Lay Minister in the Church of God of Prophecy. He has proven himself to be committed to

Tarrant: This month we started off with a Birmingham District Benefit Singing, what a blessing it was as each church came together to sing praises to the Lord. A love offering was received for a pastor in the state whose wife has been diagnosed with cancer. We have several shut-ins and our pastor has been administering communion to them this month. We ended the month by attending Pinson’s Fund Raiser Elvis Concert... it was a night filled with great fellowship. God bless. Winfield City Family Church: We are praying and believing God for miracles! We are hoping to be in the new building soon! Birmingham District Annual Revival Our theme was, “Strengthen Me O Lord”. Each night the house was filled with anointed singing and preaching. This year the associates and co-pastors were the evangelists. On the last night the question was asked if anyone received something special from the Lord and this was the report given: many received strength, peace, uplifted, breakthrough, revived and renewed. One person said they were healed and one was baptized with the Holy Ghost. What an awesome revival with great attendance each night. Thank God!

Happy Mother’s Day

ANNOUNCEMENTS Prayer Line with Dr. Wessly Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00 AM Dial 712-432-1690 Access Code: 650786# Alton COGOP is interviewing for a Youth Pastor. “We are looking for someone called by God to the Youth Ministry”. Contact: Pastor, Daniel Stronge, Alton Church, 2305 Old Alton Road, Birmingham, AL 35210, 2 0 5 - 2 3 3 - 0 0 1 3 , Pinson Valley: Seeking a Youth Minister, call 470-9591.

Doug Tyler: 8165 Hopewell Road, Bessemer, AL 35022, 205-919-6025: Ken Donaldson: 13589 Telmar Lane, Northport, AL 35415; 205-310-1686; SPEAKING AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS:

Brenda Kay Pate, P O Box 156; Woodstock, AL, 35188; 205-388-1087 or 388-3129.

Dewayne Smith

STATE WEB SITES Alabama Update Blog: WWW.alabamaupd Alabama Web Site: Youth-Tim Beck Web: AVAILABLE FOR REVIVALS Earlean Emerson, P O Box 1863, Hamilton, AL 35570. Telephone (205) 921-5637. Brenda Kay Pate, P O Box 156 Woodstock, AL 35188; 205-388-1087 or 388-3129. Fill in for pastors also. Steve Puckett, 471 Co Rd 275, Arley, Al, 35541, Home: 205-295-5117; cell 864-385-0626.

Leland Lowery Sylvester Smith Neva Wright

Breaking Chains, Elliot:


Heart Attack–Dr. Kurian Maliel

Liz Knowles


John K. George—Author



2 5 1 - 4 5 4 - 8 9 4 6 ,


Carbon Hill: Charlene Painter left this world February 13th.

Anita Falkner Parker, 3615 Moody Pkwy, Moody, AL 35004. Telephone (205) 640-6207.

Commentary on Book of Revelation—$9.95

will be missed, her passing was January, 2017.

Alton-Connecting Pointe: Ricky Wallace and Diane Breece were married March 26th. BIRTHS Browntown: Adeline Morgan Lee was born March 16th to her parents, Chris and Caitlin Tanner Lee. Grandparents are Rev. Beecher and Chris Tanner and Peggy Lee. DEATHS Alexander City: Ora Hall has left this journey on April 11th. She loved to worship. Alton-Connecting Pointe: Nettie Loveless left us on March 6th. Browns Chapel: George Whitley made his final journey February 10th. Carbon Hill: Doris Boshell passed from this life March 27th. Carbon Hill: Bobbie Townley went to her eternal home March 10th. Carbon Hill: Rachael Richardson

ANNIVERSARIES Tim and Ann Douglas

FUTURE EVENTS May Camp Directors & Staff Training June Youth Camps 4-10 Collegiate 11-17 Senior 18-24 Discovery 25-28 PeeWee July 20-23 Alabama State Convention Embassy Suite Hoover, Alabama September 27-29 North America Pastor’s Conference & ......... Youth Leader/Youth Pastors Training Conference Chattanooga, TN Convention Center July 2018 18-22 100th International Assembly Convention Center, Chatt, TN Pre-Assembly at Fields of the Wood


Camping Ministry


We greet you in the love of Christ,

As you know, in 2016 we moved from having a physical Outreach Camp to establishing an Outreach Tuition Assistance Program dedicated to disbursing all funds that come in to the tuition of any child that needed tuition funding, and that meets the requirements of the program. We got great feedback last summer, and have decided to keep this system in place.

The children you would normally bring to Outreach Camp will be sent to the summer camp of their age. Outreach Camp has moved in a very positive direction over the past couple years, and we’ve seen great participation in funds raised to contribute to the camp from around the state as well as many children impacted by Jesus Christ through this ministry!

We are still in need of funds, and would like you to participate in the annual Love-Offering to contribute to Outreach Camping Ministries. The Outreach Tuition Assistance Program (O.T.A.P.) is laid out on the current page mailed along with this packet. For this camping season, O.T.A.P. will serve as a tuition substitute for new children you invite from your community to attend summer camps. You can take advantage of this program by inviting new children from your community to attend the summer camp of their age group free of charge!

MATT 28:19


Greetings in the name of Jesus! We hope you are blessed, and prospering in your many endeavors for the year 2017! First off, thank you so much for your love and dedication to outreach ministry. You are truly a blessing to this ministry, and are touching so many lives through your giving! We’re praying you will have an incredible year of seeing souls rescued from sin, miracles bursting forth, and the declaration of the Gospel setting captives free!

Call to Action! We would love to be able to use the tuition that will be raised by the

state offering to send as many new campers to Camp Boothe as possible so they can be introduced to Jesus Christ, and be connected to His Body! Our hearts desire is that Outreach will thrive in the local church, and Outreach Camping Ministry will be an evangelical/discipleship tool that each church can take advantage of. Please participate in taking up a love offering on Mother’s Day (May 14th, 2017). You can label the offering “Outreach Camp,” and mail it to state offices. Mother’s Day is dedicated to honoring all women who have nurtured and raised up children. So many children in our society do not have a mother or a father. On this special day, it is a great time to celebrate the children that have come through Outreach Camping Ministries that have so greatly been impacted by the many spiritual mothers and fathers throughout our state. These children have literally been nurtured and raised up in the faith through the camping ministry! Thank you so much for all you do! Please continue to pray over this ministry!

Outreach Camp Directors, • Trey Nini 662-321-7477 • Casey Nini 205-412-2278 • E:


Outreach Tuition Assistance Program Goal: O.T.A.P. will take the place of having Outreach Camp this year. Alabama C.O.G.O.P. State Offices are in the process of re-vamping Outreach Camp as they are trying to fine-tune every aspect of the camping ministry programs. Purpose: Many of our camps such as Discovery, Senior, and Collegiate are already being used by local churches to send children from their community. As you know, every camp is strategically designed to disciple the children in attendance, and lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ! Since we have a proven camping ministry in place already, we are putting Outreach Camp on pause for one summer to add identity to it, and make it more effective in the future. For this particular camping season, O.T.A.P. will serve as a tuition substitute for any new child you reach out to from your community. We encourage you to invite new children from your community to camp as always. Although some churches can afford to send children to camp, O.T.A.P. will help offset the cost of smaller churches that may not have as many funds. The following process will be the steps you’ll need to take to ensure any new child you invite to camp will be taken care of in regards to their tuition. What is O.T.A.P.? - A funding program in place to aid you in reaching out to new children in your community. - Tuition will be paid in full for any child (Who meets the qualifications) to be able to attend a summer camp. - Funding to help you in fulfilling the call to “Go” into all the earth, and preach the Gospel! How does O.T.A.P. work?... Step 1: For a child’s tuition to be paid for, they must be new to your congregation. More specifically, they have to be less than three months new to your local congregation, or a child that you are reaching out to in your community to go to camp that doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, or a church family to be a part of. Step 2: If the child meets the qualifications, you will contact Outreach Camp Directors Trey or Casey Nini, and they will give you the green light on paying the child’s tuition in full. This is to ensure that the child qualifies for tuition assistance, and the funds are being properly distributed. Please don’t hesitate to call for assistance. This program is for the local church benefit as well as the Childs. Step 3: After the child qualifies, you can bring him or her to the camp of their age group, and their tuition will be paid in full. We will also help provide them with toiletries, bedding, etc.

Trey & Casey Nini

Tim Beck

L.V. Jones

Outreach Camp Directors • Trey Nini 662-321-7477 • Casey Nini 205-412-2278 • E:

Alabama C.O.G.O.P. State Youth Director • Tim Beck • C: 205-994-1897 • E:

Alabama C.O.G.O.P. State Overseer • Bishop L.V. Jones • C: 205-902-5430 • E:



All Funds Will Go To Outreach Tuition Assistance Program (O.T.A.P.)



All Funds Will Go To Outreach Tuition Assistance Program (O.T.A.P.)


5/14/17 All Funds Will Go To Outreach Tuition Assistance Program (O.T.A.P.)



Camp Boothe 2017 PROGRAMS


Calendar of Events TUITIO



Gordon Conwell

3/16 - 3/31



Bishop & Sister Jones (205) 425-1905

Camping Ministry Training




Tim & Bethany Beck (205) 994-1897


6/4 - 6/10



ic & Haley Jackson (256) 460-2121


6/11 - 6/17



Josh & Crissy Lynn (256) 714-0571


6/18 - 6/24



Denise & Rodney Junkin (205) 394-2265


6/25 - 6/28



Sandy & Curt Knowles (910) 308-1746


11/2 - 11/5



Bishop & Sister Jones (205) 425-1905

Winter Conference

12/30 - 1/2


14 & above Leaders

Tim & Bethany Beck (205) 994-1897

***For Summer Camps: All applications must be postmarked by May 15th. Applications postmarked after this date will be charged a late fee of $25.00. To avoid this fee, the application and tuition must be paid in full and received as stated above. There is a charge for those making payment with credit cards. 100% of tuition is transferable within the same year, but non-refundable after day of registration. All Summer Camp registration will begin at 2:00 p.m. Gates will not open until appointed time. Due to insurance regulations, registration ends 24 hours after beginning of registration. We are grateful to everyone who volunteers his/her time. For Summer Camps only, ALL SNACKS are included in the tuition cost. Everyone will receive the same amount of snacks. Please do not bring extra snacks. Drink and vending machines will be available for extra snacks. Pick up time on the last

Applications are available online at: Make all checks payable to: Camp Boothe Mail all applications to: Camp Boothe P.O. Box 240 Greenpond, AL 35074 Phone: (205) 938-2444 Fax: (205)938-9197

Psalm 24:3-6

Summer 2017


Camp Boothe


The Church of God of Prophecy in North America is coming TOGETHER for this unique conference experience for pastors, church leaders, and their spouses. You'll have the opportunity to network and fellowship with ministry from across the nation, experience anointed worship, and be challenged by presentations from featured speakers sharing on topics such as ministry in the small church, current trends affecting local church ministry, health issues confronting pastors, church safety, and more. Additional Training Opportunities Visit us online to learn more about a special FREE pre-conference training opportunity on September 26-27. The Imagine Pastoral Leadership Summit, hosted by Dr. David Ferguson, brings the life-changing truth of Relational Theology with proven, practical pastoral ministry - in one powerful experience. FREE for those attending TOGETHER. International Youth Ministries is hosting a Youth Leadership training in conjunction with North America Together. Visit us online to learn more about this additional training opportunity. Seating is Limited! Register Early to Secure Your Seats and to Save! For more information, hotel options, or to register online, visit:

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Huntsville Mastin Lake Bell Road Jasper Leesburg Lincoln Mentone Montgomery Moulton Munford Silver Run Odenville Parrish Pelham Pinson Parkway Poarch Red Bay Robertsdale Rock Cliff Sheffield Cliff Haven Short Creek Sterrett Summerbrook Tannehill Mission Tarrant City Trinity Worship Twilleytown West Blocton Winfield Family World Outreach

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Our Sympathy to our Ministers Families Bishop James Adkins April 7, 2017

Billy Chesser April 1, 2017 Pastor John (Courtny) Chesser’s father

Wayne Hitt April 14, 2017 Lynn (Kim ) Hitt’s brother

Notie Lee April 21, 2017 Widow of deceased Buster Lee

Avvis Motes April 22, 2017 Retired Pastor

Burton Pounders April 14, 2017 Cam p Board Mem ber, Tam my (Terry) Highfield’s father

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Alabama Update May 2017  

This is the March Churches of God of Prophecy.