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Albright College was founded in 1856. Today, we’re a nationally ranked, four-year liberal arts college.

When it comes to the college experience, applying to prospective schools is only Where we are Albright’s 118-acre campus is tucked into a residential neighborhood of Reading, Pa., a city of 80,000.

One hour to Philadelphia n Two hours to Baltimore n Three hours to New York City & Washington, D.C.

the beginning of the process—in order to get the most out of college, the secret is to apply yourself.


We know the transition from high school to college may seem daunting. But we encourage you to get involved. Whether it’s in the classroom, on a team, or in a club, applying yourself

Who we are Albright students come from all over the world to share their stories.

1,660 students n 22 states and 14 countries represented n 21% students of color n 6% international students

13:1 student/faculty ratio n Full-time faculty: 118

and where you really excel (see Vicki Smith’s profile on p. 11-12 , or Kari Keller’s profile on p. 3). The students featured in this issue of FACES prove that by engaging their deepest interests and talents, through seeking help from professors and forming collaborations with fellow students, the art of “applying themselves” led to even more than a well-rounded academic program and preparation for a satisfying career—they also discovered hidden parts of themselves in the process. “I really like who I’ve become here,” reflects Vicki, a psychology and art major. “I think I’m


way more mature than I used to be, and I like it. ”

(See page 13 & 14 for more information.)

Office of Admission Albright College Thirteenth & Bern Streets PO Box 15234 Reading, PA 19612-5234


(see Victoria Foanio’s profile on p. 10), and, most importantly, discovering who you truly are


Here, you’ll work personally with amazing professors. Our classes are small and interactive by design. You see, our professors want to know more than just your name. They will meet with you outside of class to go over assignments or just to be there to talk about your goals and how you’ll reach them. They care about you. After all, that’s why they chose to teach at Albright.

leads to adjusting more quickly, creating a network of friends and mentors to support you

Tel: 800-252-1856 Tel: 610-921-7700 Fax: 610-921-7294 Email: Web:

“People at Albright

want to be thinkers and innovators

in their respective fields.

— André Jackson ’13 G RE A T


WORK OF ART: “Then in sophomore year


I tried painting for the first time, and I loved it.

accounting major, landed a summer intern-

We learned about value scales and drew our

ship with Empire Services, an excavation

own self-portraits. It was my adviser who told

company that uses state-of-the-art analysis

me about the field of art therapy. I think you

software to save its clients money without

can tell how people are feeling by what they draw.” Page 11-12

Vicki Smith ’14

compromising design. Page 10

NEW FRIENDSHIPS: “When one of my

HOT APPS: “Before I enrolled, I approached

favorite professors said, ‘Your major is

an Albright professor with questions about

something you should really enjoy for the

Java, and we ended up emailing one

next 30 years,’ it made me reconsider my

another about programming that summer!

business major. In the summer, I teach kids

I was impressed.” (BTW: At this point,

at a swim club. I realized that I have always loved working with children, so I pursued education.” Page 7-8

Alex Zernechel ’14

Kyle has created three applications for the Android platform, including an app to keep

Victoria Foanio ’14

Kyle James ’15

mosquitoes away!) Page 4

Three times a year, we offer you a snapshot of life at Albright through the publication FACES. In each issue you’ll hear stories about life on campus and get some great advice about college living from the real experts—the people at Albright. Our students think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore the world around them. Get to know them and you’ll know Albright.

Get to Know the Faces of Albright...

See our complete library of FACES as well as access all links referenced in this edition:



Class: 2013 Major: Bus Adm/Marketing & Music Business Favorite Class: “Music, Law and Ethics” Hometown: Seattle, WA

Look into things you might not expect... because you might find something really worthwhile.

For Kari Keller, finding the right major took a little fine-tuning. Initially attracted to Albright’s biochemistry program and swim team, Kari thought she had found the perfect fit. “It was the kind of feeling you have when you take a dress off the hanger and it fits perfectly,” she says. But she began having second thoughts about her major after her freshman year. Then Kari’s classmate observed, “You’re passionate about music. Why not do something with that?” Kari decided to switch majors the summer after her freshman year. To her delight, the registrar made it easy for her when she called during summer break. “‘No problem,’ they said! They registered me for new classes, assigned me a new adviser, and that was that.” With an Albright internship assisting the production manager of the Berks Jazz Fest under her belt, she already has worked with artist contracts pulling information regarding hospitality expectations, equipment needs and transportation, as well as going on site visits to oversee venue setup. Her next dream job? “I want to go out and discover new talent.” 3

Visit Kari’s blog for the 411 on the next big thing:

Class: 2015 Major: Computer Science Favorite Class: “Creative Process” Hometown: Bernville, PA


Computers have been a part of Kyle James’ life since he was a kid. “My dad worked in computers,” he notes. “Then in high school, I spent three years learning programming.” During his visit to Albright, Kyle made an instant “digital” connection at Sneak Peek (a chance for students to visit campus over the summer) after telling a professor that he was working with Android programming. To his surprise, the professor volunteered to help Kyle write programs. “After that, I emailed him over the summer with questions on Java,” he recalls. “He answered all my questions! I was really impressed.” Kyle has done some impressing of his own, creating a handful of apps for the Android platform. “It’s amazing how quickly technology advances,” says Kyle, who once dreamed of working for Microsoft but now, with an increasing interest in mobile applications, has his sights set on Google or Apple. With a minor in film/video, Kyle is able to channel his love for filmmaking, for which he has won awards. “Film is so digital now,” he explains. “I definitely want to work in computers, but in my spare time, I would love to direct short films.”

Albright teaches you to be a wellrounded person.

Does Kyle have an app for that? Check and see...


Class: 2014 Major: Secondary Ed/History/Political Science Favorite Class: “Education 202” Hometown: Lock Haven, PA


I liked the hands-on learning approach.

An aspiring teacher, Clayton finds that his passion for helping others learn was sparked in his own high school history class. “A lot of my buddies didn’t know what was going on and had trouble with memorizing all of the dates. I tutored them, and when they started catching on, I thought to myself: ‘Hey, I can do this.’” Choosing Albright College was another no-brainer for Clayton. “The small classrooms really appealed to me. I didn’t want to be a number.” In fact, during one of his visits to Albright, Clayton met with the head of the education department, who later became his adviser. “If I need something, I can go to him and get instant advice,” says Clayton, an accomplished pole vaulter for Albright’s track and field team. Thus far, Clayton’s favorite class has been “Education 202,” which allows students to experiment with running a classroom effectively. “We test things out, see what works and what doesn’t—and we take a close look at curriculum.” Equally inspiring, Clayton had the opportunity to take a first-year seminar called “Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional.” “I felt so lucky to take a freshman class in my major. In that class, I got to voice my opinion about what was going on about controversial education issues, like the voucher system. And I really loved the reading material, including The Water is Wide and A Nation at Risk. The books demonstrated that no matter what the cost, students should always come first. “ What’s Clayton, the future teacher, learning now?



Class: 2013 Major: Biology/Latin American Studies Favorite Class: “Behavioral Endocrinology” Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ

I wanted to set my own path.

With the grace and ease of a natural dancer, Christy Chacko whirls through her roles as a biology and Latin American studies double major, club officer, resident assistant, community volunteer, and teacher’s assistant— among others! Christy was thrilled to take advantage of Albright’s brand new Science Center and the multiple academic opportunities for biology majors. She is already taking a Senior Biology Seminar called “Behavioral Endocrinology.” And on top of academic opportunities, Christy has found numerous extracurricular venues at Albright to apply her interest in dance and choreography. “I’ve studied professional Indian dance since I was four,” ays Christy, who is president of the South Asian Student Association (SASA), a South Asian club. At Albright, I am able to stage a performance every year during the International Student Association dinner and talent show.” On top of dance, Christy speaks Spanish fluently and volunteers with the Hispanic community through Albright’s service learning program, teaching English as a second language to adults. “I felt I was able to make a difference through the program,” she says. And this summer, Christy will intern in a pediatrician’s office—just to keep on her toes.

See where Christy’s path is taking her now...


ALEX ZERNECHEL It was during the second semester of freshman year that Alex, a business major, realized he wanted to teach. During a memorable business class, Alex’s professor stressed the importance for students to envision their future careers. That’s when Alex realized that he hoped to work in a classroom rather than an office. Another hint for Alex came from his work as a coach at a swimming club. “I teach kids there all the time, and I realized that this is something I could see myself doing in the future. I’m especially drawn to the first grade.” Teaching is a natural extension of Alex’s ability to encourage others. Formerly a competitive swimmer (he placed 9th in the 200-yard free-style event at the conference championships in 2011), Alex now runs home meets for Albright’s team. “I’m not swim- ming anymore, but I get to cheer the team on. We won the conference championship two years in a row!”

Check with Alex for the latest swim team stats:


Class: 2014 Major: Early Education/History Favorite Classes: “Children’s Literature,” History Classes

I really want to teach!

Activities: Student PA Secondary Education Assn. (SPSEA), swimming, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity Hometown: North Canton, OH

ALEX’s ADVICE: “Make sure you get involved. You don’t want to be one of those kids in the dorm room that doesn’t talk to anybody.”




Find the current and former FACES in this Albright College Lions Swim Team ’10-11 photo. 1. Alex Zerchanel ’14 (FACES 16) 2. Matthew Bauer ’13 (FACES 14) 3. John Ferrara ’08 (FACES 2)


Class: 2013 Major: Fashion Design Favorite Class: “Concept Development” Activities: Domino Players, Alpha Phi Omega


Albright is a community of people who care about you on an individual level.

For André, building his fashion empire starts at Albright—taking sewing classes, getting experience at the costume shop, and entering design contests, including those sponsored by Fashion Group International and Jo-Ann Fabrics, as well as ShopRite’s Knock Out Hunger T-Shirt Design Contest, for which he went to New York as one of 15 finalists. Down the road, André aims to start his own company in New York. “Ultimately, I don’t want to work for someone else. I have a vision, and I want people to know that it’s mine.” André deeply values the community at Albright. A favorite memory is when his car battery died and a number of students he didn’t know rallied to help get his car started. “That’s the kind of campus we have,” he says. “I’m proud to be a part of it.” And Albright is proud to report that André landed a summer internship at Majestic Athletic, working in product development, tech design and graphics.


What design contests are André competing in now?

Class: 2014 Major: Accounting Favorite Class: “Excel for Accounting” Hometown: Wyomissing, PA


When I’m busy, I get things done.

On or off the tennis courts, Victoria Foanio prefers to stay busy. Victoria has played tennis since she was 14, and currently holds numerous singles records at Albright. “I’d like to break some doubles records, too,” adds Victoria, who practices at least two hours a day. As important as tennis is to Victoria, Albright’s status as a Division III school was an equally big part of her college selection process. “You can be on a team but still have time for academics,” she explains. Academically driven, Victoria appreciates the guidance she has received at Albright. “Accounting is a demanding major. I spend a lot of time on homework but I also talk to my professors all the time. The faculty here is kind and caring and always willing to help.” And Victoria has learned a lot from her professors. She now inspires others as captain of the tennis team, motivating fellow players through clear communication and supportive leadership. “I want to be motivating but not bossy,” she says. Ultimately, Victoria hopes her path will lead to a job as a forensic accountant. “Forensic account- ants investigate when things go wrong, say in a business, by following the paperwork,” she says adding with a laugh: “Kind of like CSI for accounting.”

Find out Victoria’s latest scores in the classroom and on the tennis court:


VICK k Ii S M I T H An aspiring psychologist, Vicki Smith envisions her future patients as more likely to be painting or drawing than lying on the couch. “I think you can tell how people are actually feeling by what they draw,” she says. Vicki discovered the power of art in her sophomore year at Albright, when she tried painting for the first time. She found it relaxing, which led her to consider applying this newfound hobby to her longtime desire to practice therapy. Vicki’s goal now is a career as an art therapist. For Vicki, combining more than one passion into her college experience is the appeal of Albright. “Here I can explore all of my interests,” she says. And that she does—balancing classes, painting, playing Division III basketball and serving on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and still finding time to try new activities. “Participating in Albright’s Got Talent last year was the first time I ever sang,” says Vicki. “I tried an Adele song—‘Rolling in the Deep.’”


Class: 2014 Major: Psychology/Art Favorite Class: “Social Psychology” Hometown: Atco, NJ

BTW: As Co-President of Albright’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee (S.A.A.C.), Vicki helped raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Here, I can mix it up.

VICKI ON BLANCE: “It’s demanding balancing athletics, academics and friends, but you just have to learn how to manage your time.”

What’s Vicki trying now? Vicki and the Lady Lions take to their home court here in the Bollman Center. This 2,200 total capacity facility also hosts volleyball, badminton, or wrestling games and matches as well. 12


Victoria Foanio ’14

“ One of the most difficult classes in my major was ‘Intermediate Accounting.’ The class covered a lot of material and sometimes I found it hard to manage my time. However, I spoke with Professor Reilly on a daily basis. He kept me motivated and made the material fun to learn.”

“ The challenge of having to learn to teach yourself. The professors don’t hand you the answers, so you have to think for yourself.”

Vicki Smith ’14

“ Time management was the biggest challenge for me. I really had to work on this with my academic workload. But this skill will allow me to get my work done on time and do it well—and help me succeed in any future job.” Kyle James ’15

“ When professors challenged me to do my best work. Looking back, I know it was those moments that helped me become the student designer I am today, and I know they’ll help me in the future.” André Jackson ’13

Some obstacles force us to apply ourselves. We don’t always appreciate those kinds of challenges when they come our way, but with the right guidance, it’s the tricky “How do I handle this?” moments that can help us grow the most. Follow these faces of Albright to see what challenges they’re overcoming...

These Albright students all found new ways to apply their interests and talents, which ultimately helped them shape their future.

WE offer more than 60 academic majors and programs. Accounting Accounting, Economics & Finance Africana Studies 3 American Civilization Anthropology Art Art History 3 Arts Administration 3 Asian Studies 3 Biochemistry Bio-cultural Anthropology 3 Biology n Biotechnology n General Biology

Combinable major, which must be combined with another major



Business Administration n Economics n Finance n International Business n Management n Marketing Child & Family Studies Classical Studies 3 Communications n Journalism n Public Relations and Advertising Computer Science Crime & Justice Criminology

Pre-professional program


Digital Media 1 Digital Video Arts Economics Education 1 n Art n Early: Pre K-4 n Foreign Languages n Middle: 4-8 n Secondary: 9-12 n Special: Master’s degree only n 4 + 1 program for Master’s English Environmental Chemistry Environmental Science

Special program or minor


Environmental Studies European Studies Evolutionary Studies 3 Family Studies Fashion n Design and Merchandising n Fashion Design n Fashion Merchandising n Costume Design Film/Video 3 French History Holocaust Studies 3 Information Systems 1



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APPLICATION PROCEDURE Applicants must submit an application, essay or graded paper, academic transcript(s), counselor and teacher recommendations and SAT or ACT test results (or have a test optional interview). Transfer students can download an application or apply online: APPLICATION DATES Freshmen Admission: March 1 Transfer Admission Fall Semester: August 1 Spring Semester: December 15 APPLY ONLINE FINANCIAL AID Named to Barron’s Best Buys in College Education, Albright College seeks to make the cost of a private education affordable through generous need-based financial aid awards and numerous merit-based scholarships and awards. For further information, please refer to our web site: There, you will also find a link to a handy calculator that you can use now to estimate the cost of an Albright education. A little pre-planning always helps!


International Relations Latin American & Caribbean Studies Legal Studies 3 Marine & Aquatic Science 3 Mathematics Medieval & Renaissance Studies 3 Music Business 3 Optics 1 Philosophy Photography 3 Physics Political Science Pre-Dentistry 2 Pre-Law 2


Pre-Medicine Pre-Veterinary Medicine 2 Psychobiology n Applied Psychobiology n General Psychobiology n Evolution & Animal Behavior Psychology n Child Development Public Administration & Policy Analysis 3 Religious Studies Sociology Spanish Theatre Women’s and Gender Studies 1

Cooperative Programs: Forestry, Environmental Management

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At Albright, it’s all about our people. We’re on a mission to find students who think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore...