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Albright College was founded in 1856. Today, we’re a nationally ranked, four-year liberal arts college. Where we are Albright’s 118-acre campus is tucked into a residential neighborhood of Reading, Pa., a city of 80,000.

One hour to Philadelphia n Two hours to Baltimore n Three hours to New York City and Washington, D.C. n

Who we are Albright students come from all over the world to share their stories. 1,650 students 28 states and 24 countries represented n 17% students of color n 8% international students



Do you remember the morning you arrived for your first day of high school? Maybe you were happy to meet new friends—or excited to reconnect with old ones? Perhaps you were a little nervous about the academic workload? Beginning college life, as you’ll discover in the following pages, can be even more exciting and demanding. But it can also be a place where you’ll continually discover new ideas and influential people who will lead you to unforeseen opportunities and accomplishments.

Here, you’ll work personally with amazing professors. Our classes are small and interactive by design. You see, our professors want to know more than just your name. They will meet with you outside of class to go over assignments or just to be there to talk about your goals and how you’ll reach them. They care about you. After all, that’s why they chose to teach at Albright.

13:1 student/faculty ratio n Full-time faculty: 118 n


describe it as an energetic busy,” laughs education/physics major, Andrew Friedlund. “The atmosphere was different from the other places I had visited.” “My parents were surprised at how quickly I acclimated to college life at Albright,” remembers pre-dental student Emilee Hart. “I was much shyer in high school, but I just put my shy on the back burner in college.”

(See page 13 & 14 for more information.)

Office of Admission Albright College Thirteenth & Bern Streets PO Box 15234 Reading, PA 19612-5234

“When I arrived at Albright, I loved the positivity and energy I saw in everyone I met. I would

Tel 800-252-1856 Tel 610-921-7700 Fax 610-921-7294 Email Web

In this issue of FACES, Albright students of all types (pre-med, pre-dental, psychology, theatre and business majors) talk about their arrivals—their first visit to campus, their classes, new friendships on top of awakening research discoveries, transformative conversations with professors and career-launching internships. NEW OPPORTUNITIES: “When I arrived

NEW FACILITIES: “Coming in as a freshman,

for my visit, I met the pre-med adviser.

I was really blown away by all of the athletic

She talked to me for more than half an

facilities. For instance, the locker room had

hour about what I wanted to do and the

carpeting, wooden lockers, built-in locks,

many different opportunities Albright’s

TV and name plates. Since I spend a lot of

science program offered. Her support and advice eventually landed me an internship

Matt Bauer ’13

time there, top-notch facilities make a huge difference.” Page 4

Adam Galczynski ’13

position at the Reading Hospital where I’m now getting firsthand experience.” Page 5

NEW FRIENDSHIPS: “Before I came to

NEW DIRECTIONS: “I came to Albright

college, I looked down on sororities. But as

thinking that I was going to be an actress

I learned more about the sisters, I realized

and that I was going to get cast in all these

that they really cared about one another and

shows but fate had different plans for me. I’ve

provided each other with so much support.

realized that my real passion is directing.”

Now I’m so happy that I pledged.” Page 3

Uchechi Egbuchulam ’12

Page 10

Shannon Rowe ’12

Three times a year, we offer you a snapshot of life at Albright through the publication FACES. In each issue you’ll hear stories about life on campus and get some great advice about college living from the real experts—the people at Albright. Our students think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore the world around them. Get to know them and you’ll know Albright.

Get to Know the Faces of Albright...

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Uc Ch He Ec Ch H iI E g Gb Bu Uc Ch Hu Ul La Am M

Class: 2012 Major: Psychology Favorite Class(es): “Motivation and Learning,” “Child Development,” “Psychopathology”

After sending applications out to 15 colleges, Uchechi struggled to make a final decision when the acceptance letters came in. “I just couldn’t decide between my top two. The funny part is that after I asked my guidance counselor what I should do, he actually advised me to relax and watch cartoons. Then he suggested I pick the first school that came to my mind the following morning. I thought of Albright and it really was the best choice for me.” Uchechi encountered another tricky decision about a year later when a concerned professor asked her if she really wanted to pursue medicine and continue on the pre-med track. “Our talk made me realize that I wasn’t happy in my classes and that I was much more interested in psychology, my current major. I’m so thankful for that discussion. It’s important to have a good sounding board.” A born counselor herself, Uchechi regularly guides her fellow Albright students to resources at Albright such as the Career Development Center, where she serves as a career ambassador.


I have a lot to offer the world.

Get guidance from Uchechi:

Class: 2013 Major: Business — Marketing Favorite Class: “Intro to Marketing” with Jayanthi Rajan, Ph.D.


Football players are people, too! I want to crush the stereotype.

A football player who supports Albright’s theatre and likes to participate in community service, Adam hopes to change people’s minds when it comes to stereotyping athletes. “I like to show that football players are people who are intelligent. They are people first, students second and athletes third.” We might want to add a fourth for Adam, who is a born entrepreneur. He chuckles when he remembers the lemonade stand he set up with his brother at their local Farmer’s Market. “I’ve just always had an entrepreneurial spirit.” Courses like “Introduction to Marketing” have added critical thinking and cutting-edge marketing tools to Adam’s natural interest in business. “During one project, we chose a company and analyzed its marketing campaigns. Our assignment covered far more than what was wrong with the marketing strategy. We also had to come up with a proposal to show what the company should be doing to revamp themselves. I learned so much.” FYI: Last summer, Adam’s business savvy (and key assistance from Albright’s Career Development Center) scored him a paid internship with UGI Utilties, Inc. “Great experience, class credit, and I got paid!”

Find out about Adam’s activities on and off the field...


Class: 2013 Major: Biochemistry with special program in Political Science Favorite Science Class: “Cell Biology”

MATTHEW BAUER “You gotta be friends with your science peeps,” laughs Matt, a pre-med student and competitive swimmer with a sense of humor and huge ambition. “I’m very competitive. I’m very focused. As a surgeon, I can use those skills to my advantage.” Matt remembers that he was looking for a real advocate in the science faculty during his visit—and he found what he was looking for in Karen Campbell, Ph.D., the pre-med adviser. “She told me about the program’s unique qualities such as the early acceptance program to Hershey Medical School here,” recalls Matt. “She made me feel that I would have a great support system at Albright. I’ve since learned just how important that is.” In fact, Dr. Campbell’s support and advisement led Matt to an internship (that turned into a paying summer job) in the SCRIBE program in the Reading Hospital’s Emergency Department. “The SCRIBE program is unparalleled experience. As a sophomore, I’m already filling out charts, which is something they spend weeks on in medical school. Students need faculty who are going to take their interests and passions to the next level. And I’ve found that at Albright.”

I am a problem solver at heart.

What problem is Matt tackling now? 5


Class: 2013 Major: Political Science Activities: Ritual Chair of Fraternity Treasurer for the Gay-Straight Alliance Treasurer for the Inter-Fraternal Council (IFC)

It was impossible NOT to get involved at Albright.

Homeschooled through high school, Justin was accustomed to setting tough standards for himself and working independently. “My mom really knew her stuff, but sometimes as I got older, I taught myself,” says Justin. “The biggest adjustment for me in coming to college was sharing a room with someone.” But Justin did experience the normal freshman’s trepidation about going directly to his professors. “My academic career really opened up when I got past my hesitancy about that. I learned how lucky I was to be at a place where the professors, even of the traditional, tough ‘weed-out’ classes, actually wanted you to succeed.” One professor made such a favorable impression on Justin that he changed his major from biology to political science. “My professor had such a positive attitude toward political science. I could really grasp the concepts.” With his longstanding interest in government, the switch made sense for Justin, who started making new plans for himself. Now, Justin is excited about applying for law school, pursuing a career as an attorney, and keeping his eye on running for office one day!

Follow Justin’s journeys as he travels his new path: 6


It was love at first root canal.

See what Emilee’s sinking her teeth into lately:


Class: 2013 Major: Biology (Pre-dental), Spanish Favorite Class(es): “Organic Chemistry,” “Critical Thinking”

In 10 Years: Pedio-dentist Fitting In: “The Peer Orientation Program (POP) really acclimated me. I got to know so many people.”

“I put my shy on the back burner.”

It’s no wonder that Emilee’s nickname was “Smiles” in high school. Besides her natural cheerfulness, Emilee has set her sights on the field of the perfect smile—dentistry. In fact, she was only 14 when her career was launched during a dinner party! She and her family were visiting the home of her father’s longtime friend— a dentist. It turned out that the hostess of the party, the dentist’s wife, needed an emergency root canal. When all of the adults at the table refused to participate in the procedure, Emilee happily volunteered. “I was absolutely intrigued. From then on I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life,” says Emilee.

Emilee now enjoys the guidance of three advisers as she prepares for dental school. “I’ve got a whole team behind me.” No wonder Emilee is all smiles.

Planning a career in the sciences, Emilee knew she wanted to attend a small college with top-notch science facilities and personalized attention. She was impressed during her visit to Albright when many of the professors sat down and talked to her. “I knew I would get the resources I needed at Albright,” reflects Emilee. One of Emilee’s favorite resources? “I love the labs in the new Science Center, particularly for dissections. Figuring out exactly how an organism functions, rather than simply memorizing the theory, is irreplaceable,” smiles Emilee. 8


I want to help others who are as shy as I was.

Class: 2013 Major: International Business/Marketing Fitting In: “I feel like it’s impossible NOT to fit in at Albright. I can be myself here.”

When the coach of Albright’s basketball team invited Pedro to attend a game, the high school senior wasn’t sure what to expect. “The game determined the playoffs (Pedro remembers Albright winning!) and I noticed right away that the atmosphere was electric. It made me want to come back for a visit.” When he returned to campus for an official visit, Pedro was surprised to find that he felt immediately at ease. “Normally I was pretty shy but the tour guide made me feel as though I could ask questions. When I arrived as a college freshman, it was a pretty easy transition for me.” With a busy basketball schedule, Pedro keeps his study hours consistent, and it works. “I’ve really grown academically because of the professors at Albright. What I appreciate is that they are preparing me to step into the real world,” says Pedro. “Albright does a great job of helping students adapt to and learn about new cultures through seminars and class activities. In my ‘International Marketing’ class, my partner and I put together a 30-page report on the everyday customs and business culture of Italy today.”

Find out how Pedro stays on the ball...


Speaking of Italy, last summer, Pedro and the basketball team played in a nine-day, threegame (undefeated!) tour from Milan to Venice to Rome.


My real passion is directing.

Class: 2012 Major: Theatre Favorite Class: “‘Directing Studio’.... It was an interesting, fun and terrifying experience.”

A longtime theatre lover, Shannon knew she wanted to pursue a career on stage by the time she was 14. As a senior in high school, she found out about Albright’s theatre program through friends who were in a production. “What I saw on stage at Albright I had never seen before. I fell in love. I just knew this was the place for me and I applied.” Determined to chart her path on stage, Shannon immediately auditioned for the play You are Here during her first semester. She was disappointed when she wasn’t cast. In fact, she even questioned her goal to work in the theatre. “I thought to myself, well, maybe this is fate.” That is, until she had a long chat with Albright alumnus and artist-in-residence (and Grammy Award winner) Jeffrey Lentz, who urged Shannon to explore all aspects of theatre, particularly directing. Taking his advice (and classes), Shannon rediscovered the dramatic arts. “I found out how much I love storytelling. While I used to think that acting was the best way to tell a story, I’ve now learned that directing allows you to create the big picture on stage.”

Check in with Shannon for all the latest drama:



Rocket science— it’s not actually as complicated as it might seem.

Where’s Andy headed now?


Class: 2012 Major: Education/Physics Favorite Class: “Differential Equations and Classical Mechanics”

BTW: Andy figured out how to send a rocket to the moon— mathematically—in his Classical Mechanics class!

A student with a deep conscience and a penchant for action, Andy was recently named a Newman Civic Fellow, a national award that recognizes inspiring college student leaders. “When I feel strongly about something, I need to make a positive difference,” explains Andy who has already spearheaded ambitious fundraisers and participated in missions/relief teams for Haiti, Honduras, Louisiana and West Virginia. When Andy witnessed the distinctly upbeat attitude of students at Albright during his first visit, he knew he would be applying. “I really wanted to be at a place where students were positive. Everyone I talked to was smiling

BTW: Andy helped plan and participate in the “Ride for Morale,” a 4,200 mile bike ride around the country to raise funds for a desperately needed water well in Marale, Uganda.

and that stood out to me.” At Albright, Andy also met a mentor who helped him gain confidence in his plans to teach math and physics to high school students. It’s easy to see Andy—calm, friendly and articulate—teaching kids,

GOING PLACES: “I always want to travel... There’s still a lot of the United States I haven’t seen!”

a dream he realized while doing his early field experience during the January term. “I really wanted to show students that, at the most basic level, despite the fact that there are a lot of mechanics and math, physics is fascinating.”


L i v ing


R esearch

L ife

A Brief Guide to the ACRE Program Have you ever wanted to try out an ambitious research project?

“It was so amazing to watch an audience react to something

(Nudge: ACRE recipients win a research grant and free room

that I wrote and helped put together,” says Shannon, who not

and board for the summer or January term in which their projects

only co-wrote and co-directed the play but assisted with scenery,

are researched.)

costumes and lighting too.

The Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) is an


interdisciplinary program that enables students to conduct research

“Direct And Indirect Effects of Habitat Fragmentation

or creative activity in partnership with nurturing faculty members.

Due to Roads on Small Mammal Populations”

In fact, many collaborative teams of students and faculty present their research at academic conferences and publish their results in professional journals. In one innovative ACRE project, theatre major Shannon Rowe, along with her friend David Yadush, wrote a play about Reading called ....Or Something Like That. “We worked closely with our adviser, Jeff Lentz,” explains Shannon Rowe. “We interviewed people around Reading about the concept of ideal age, not the age

“Designing Clothing Inspired by Illustrations from the Art Deco Period Using Computer-Aided Design” “Perceptions of Individuals’ Sexual Orientation as a Function of Facial Symmetry and Facial Markers of Masculinity and Femininity”

they felt inside, more like, if they felt like they were a young spirit


or an old soul. From that material, we heard so many stories and


wrote an hour and a half play. A lot of people said that mentally,

‘they really grow into the weight of their life.’” That show, which Shannon co-directed, was the last show performed in Albright’s Domino Players 2010-2011 season. Shannon Rowe ’12

OUR PROGRAMS OF STUDY... We offer more than 60 academic majors and programs. Accounting Accounting, Economics & Finance Africana Studies 3 American Civilization Anthropology Art Art History 3 Arts Administration 3 Asian Studies 3 Biochemistry Bio-cultural Anthropology 3 Biology n Biotechnology n General Biology

Combinable major, which must be combined with another major.



Business Administration Economics n Finance n International Business n Management n Marketing Chemistry n Environmental Chemistry n General Chemistry Child & Family Studies Communications n Journalism n Public Relations & Advertising Classical Studies 3 n

Pre-professional program


Computer Science n General Computer Science n Information Systems Crime & Justice Criminology Digital Media 1 Economics Education 1 n Art n Early: Pre K-4 n Middle: 4-8 n Foreign Languages n Secondary n Special

Special program/minor


English Environmental Science Environmental Studies European Studies 3 Evolutionary Studies 3 Family Studies Fashion n Fashion Design n Fashion Merchandising n Costume Design Film/Video 3 French History Holocaust Studies 3 International Relations 1

ARRIVE AT ALBRIGHT Before you arrive, remember that we can provide you with assistance (and useful directions) along the way. See some handy links, important dates and contact details below to help you navigate the admissions process. And, for the 411 from your fellow travelers about life and work at Albright, follow the FACES blogs at: Talk to an admission counselor


Check out this link to find an admission counselor who can help you

Named to Barron’s Best Buys in College Education, Albright College

learn more about Albright:

seeks to make the cost of a private education affordable through generous need-based financial aid awards and numerous merit-based

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Applicants must submit an application, essay or graded paper, academic transcript(s), counselor and teacher recommendations and SAT or ACT test results (or have a test optional interview). Transfer students can download an application or apply online:

scholarships and awards. For further information, please refer to our web site: There, you will also find a link to a handy calculator that you can use now to estimate the cost of an Albright education. A little preplanning always helps! THE RIGHT PROGRAMS


Finally, we’ve included information that might help you with your

Freshmen Admission: March 1

choice of major(s). We even offer an Alpha Program to help students

Transfer Admission

who are undecided about a major. The way we see it, you don’t need

Fall Semester: August 1

to make all your decisions right away.

Spring Semester: December 15

In terms of majors and programs, you name it and we’ve probably got it.


We also have several travel courses during a January Interim for students

who are ready for some academic adventure beyond four classroom walls.

TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT ALBRIGHT ONLINE Latin American and Caribbean Studies Legal Studies 3 Marine & Aquatic Science 3 Mathematics Music 3 Optics 1 Philosophy Photography 3 Physics Political Science Pre-Dentistry 2 Pre-Law 2 Pre-Medicine 2 Pre-Veterinary Medicine 2

Psychobiology Psychology Public Administration & Policy Analysis 3 Religious Studies Sociology Spanish Theatre Women’s and Gender Studies 1

We know the college selection process can be stressful and difficult. Here are some web links that will help you along the way.

Cooperative Programs WITH DUKE UNIVERSITY n Forestry n Environmental Science



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IN EACH ISSUE OF FACES At Albright, it’s all about our people. We’re on a mission to find students who think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore the world around them. But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our students have to say. In each edition of FACES, you’ll find real stories of real Albright people with some very real dreams. Go to to find out more about the Faces of Albright. You can read personal perspectives of each of the students profiled in FACES – and even join our online social network. sue

vious is

our pre

Get to Know the Faces of Albright...

FACES 14  

At Albright, it’s all about our people. We’re on a mission to find students who think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore...

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