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Albright College was founded in 1856. Today, we’re a nationally ranked, four-year liberal arts college. Where we are Albright’s 118-acre campus is tucked into a residential neighborhood of Reading, Pa., a city of 80,000.

One hour to Philadelphia n Two hours to Baltimore n Three hours to New York City and Washington, D.C.




“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.”


Who we are Albright students come from all over the world to share their stories. 1,670 students 28 states and 24 countries represented n 17% students of color n 8% international students

–Ansel Adams You might think of extreme mountain climbing or dodging snakes in the middle of a distant jungle, but explorations can take place anywhere, even (and perhaps especially), during your college search process.


After all... exploring is a state of mind that benefits from curiosity, excellent use of one’s


resources and a healthy thirst for learning. And that’s a helpful perspective for students

Here, you’ll work personally with amazing professors. Our classes are small and interactive by design. You see, our professors want to know more than just your name. They will meet with you outside of class to go over assignments or just to be there to talk about your goals and how you’ll reach them. They care about you. After all, that’s why they chose to teach at Albright. n



mixed feelings about which path is right for you. We encourage you to explore your options and trust your instincts. And it always helps to hear the stories of other college students who’ve been there. On that note, we’d like to introduce you to a varied group of Albright students (interested in science, music, theatre, journalism, education, sports, literature, among other things!) fullest at Albright College.

(See page 13 & 14 for more information.)

Office of Admission Albright College Thirteenth & Bern Streets PO Box 15234 Reading, PA 19612-5234

We know how stressful it can be as you plan this new phase of your life. You might have

who are all similarly passionate about living their lives and exploring their talents to the

13:1 student/faculty ratio Full-time faculty: 118

looking for the best college to suit their talents, dreams and personality.

Tel 800-252-1856 Tel 610-921-7700 Fax 610-921-7729 Email Web

The Explorations of Albright Students All the World’s a Stage: Szalene,

LIVE at Albright: Looking for a concert

a theatre and psychology major, serves

or the latest comedy craze? Kat, president

as secretary of the International Students

of the Student Government Association,

Association, a student-run organization for

lines up top-notch performers through

international and domestic students to learn about other cultures. Pages 7-8

her work with Albright’s event-planning Szalene Anthony ’12

committee, AC2. Page 4

Kat Biehl ’11

Nature or nurture: Besides serving

What’s the scoop? Editor of The

as an emergency math life-line and tutoring

Albrightian and contributing editor for Albright

students on campus, Jennifer, an education

A.M. (the College’s local area entertainment

major, is a park ranger for Berks County and

magazine), Amir scouts out the latest music

avid photographer. Page 9

and entertainment news. Page 3 Amir Hardy ’11

Jennifer Bates ’12

Three times a year, we offer you a snapshot of life at Albright through the publication FACES. In each issue you’ll hear stories about life on campus and get some great advice about college living from the real experts—the people at Albright. Our students think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore the world around them. Get to know them and you’ll know Albright.

Get to Know the Faces of Albright...

See our complete library of FACES as well as access all links referenced in this edition:



Class: 2011 Major: Communications/Music Business/Spanish Hometown: Garnet Valley, Pa.

Watch out for Amir’s byline in a future issue of Vibe or Blender.

I listen to everything, but R&B has my heart.

When Amir chose his major(s) and future career path he combined two of his greatest passions—writing and music. “From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a writer,” says Amir. “As a kid, I wrote all kinds of stories—and I discovered poetry. Then, in high school, I experimented with journalism and loved it!” Amir took his determination and talent to Albright College. “Not only did I like the campus when I visited, but Albright seemed like the kind of place that would really prepare me for a serious career.” O n c e a t A l b r i g h t , A m i r took advantage of all the opportunities at his fingertips including a well-equipped computer lab. Now, the up-and-coming music critic serves as the entertainment editor of The Albrightian, as well as a contributing editor for Albright A.M. (the College’s local area entertainment magazine). Look for Amir’s latest article which focused on aspiring rapper, Angelina. “I have a million ideas,” says Amir.

What story is Amir working on now? 3

Class: 2011 Major: Psychology/Communications Hometown: Newtown Square, Pa. On Albright: “I had real friends on my first day.”


“Sometimes you need to fully experience something to find out what you don’t want,” says Kat, a transfer student from a large university (with 42,000 students) who found out what she did want when she came to Albright (with a student population of 1,670) in her sophomore year. “I knew I found my home. And now, I never want to leave,” Kat chuckles. After an internship at Reading Hospital during her first year at Albright, Kat made another major switch from biopsychology/ pre-med to psychology and communications. “After my internship, I discovered that medicine was more of a fascination than a career path.” Moving from, as Kat puts it, “subatomic particles to storyboarding,” meant she could focus more on relationships between people, which fit the social nature of her personality perfectly.

I’m a pop culture addict.

This year, not only does Kat serve as president of Albright’s Student Government Association, she enjoys bringing performers to campus through her work with AC2, Albright College’s Activities Council. “I mean what can be cooler than a club that brings concerts, comedy shows, slam poets, hypnotists, and so much more to your campus? It’s a good time all around.”

Catch up with Kat to find out who’s on center stage... 4

Class: 2011 Major: Spanish/Elementary Education/ Special Education Hometown: Holbrook, N.Y.


I want to teach little kids. I like that they still need you to tie their shoes.

The art of teaching might just run in the family. The fact that both of Lauren’s parents are teachers (dad, history; mom, first grade) certainly influenced Lauren, an education major, with a gift for teaching younger kids with special needs. “I spent a lot of time in my mom’s first-grade classroom and loved it. She set it up so comfortably, like a home away from home. I’ve also volunteered at special education summer schools,” Lauren says. “So I know what strong bonds you can form with students and the positive impact you can have.” Lauren not only has a positive impact on her students, but on the volleyball court, a sport she has been playing since she was six years old. A key player on Albright’s volleyball team, Lauren points out that her role on the team helps her too. “Playing a sport allows me to keep focused and on top of my school work. It really motivates me. And I know I can count on my teammates on and off the court.” Recalling how quiet she once was, Lauren laughs and says her current friends might have a hard time picturing that today. “I’ve broken out of my shell,” Lauren grins.

Learn about Lauren’s study abroad experience:



Class: 2013 Major: English/Psychology Hometown: Born in Washington State (also lived in Ga. & Wyo.)

I’m pretty relaxed and tolerant. I don’t let the little things bother me.

During his first semester at Albright, Brendan faced a heavy load of coursework. Like many other freshmen, he struggled to keep up with the academic demands of college life. “It was really hard for me to adjust to the amount of work and manage my time. I tried to handle it all by myself, but I admit that I became really frustrated,” says Brendan. Wisely, Brendan took an important step towards improving his grades (not to mention his experience of being a freshman). He reached out to his professors such as Lawrence Morris, Ph.D. (English) and Julia Heberle, Ph.D. (Psychology)—and followed their advice. “My professors gave me great tips for learning more about the material. I also formed a study group with my friends. After I made those changes, things became so much easier.” An English major, Brendan especially enjoys the darker side of literature. Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness, and Kafka’s Metamorphosis are a few of his favorites. “I just finished a course taught by Dr. Richard Androne called ‘The Vampyre’ and I loved it because we read lots of classics.”

Find out what’s on Brendan’s reading list this semester.



Do things that you are truly passionate about.


Class: 2011 Major: Biotechnology/ Pre-Med/Spanish Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Fraternity: Alpha Sigma Phi High School: Conestoga Valley High School In 10 Years: Medical Doctor

Keep abreast of all the latest stats and scores for the Albright Lions men’s and women’s teams: An aspiring doctor, what Chris remembers most about his first visit to Albright is having the opportunity to talk to a biology professor who inspired him. “Dr. Campbell is extremely passionate about teaching and takes an interest in all of her students. I remember feeling a sense of connection with her right away. She’s been like a second mom to me.” With the help of Dr. Karen Campbell during his freshman year, Chris had the opportunity to complete a medical externship at the Reading Hospital. In the “scribe program,” students work with physicians and complete a medical chart while the physician examines the patient. For Chris, the experience covered more than medical terminology and several months of clinical experience. “I really learned about the importance of compassion as a doctor, which is something that can’t be taught in a classroom. It was so valuable to me.” A record-setting swimmer and Academic All-American, amongst his many social and research activities, Chris

On students who fit in at Albright: “Any student who is willing to try new things, explore issues he has never thought about before, and most importantly, someone who has a will to learn!”

served as the president of Alpha Epsilon Delta (the premedical honor s o c i e t y ) , s t u d e n t

Do you have what it takes to be an Academic All-American? See for yourself...

ambassador, a tutor, a n d a m e m b e r o f t h e A l p h a S i g m a P hi fr a t e r n ity .

Read up on Chris’s research on sleep apnea:


Class: 2012 Major: Math/Spanish/Secondary Ed./Physics Hometown: Burlington, N.J. Favorite Class: “Educational Theatre”

JENNIFER BATES By the time she was in the sixth grade, Jennifer’s parents were unable to help her with (increasingly) advanced math assignments. Placed into an honors program for the gifted and talented, she started offering her help to her classmates instead. “I loved it and I’ve been a tutor ever since.” Jennifer decided to attend Albright College during her junior year in high school after a tour she describes as fun and bubbly. She remembers that when they drove home from the tour, her mom suggested that she visit a few other schools. “I said, ‘Sure, Mom, but I want to let you know right now, I’m definitely going here.’ I felt that strongly about the campus.” Being close to her mom and sister, Jennifer admits that she was actually a little homesick when she first arrived at Albright, but not for long. Not only did Jennifer click with her roommate, but she found that classes such as “Educational Theatre” gave her an entirely new perspective on her future vocation—teaching. “We had to build our own set and put on a 20-minute performance at the end of the class. It really taught me to think out of the box.” In 10 years, Jennifer plans to be working as a high school math teacher who loves her job. “I don’t want to be one of those people who hates going to work. If I can just impact one person in one of my classes then I have achieved my goal.”

Here, everyone can leave their fingerprints.

Find out Jennifer’s favorite roommate qualities:




Class: 2012 Major: Environmental Studies/Political Science Favorite Class: “Protecting Endangered Species” Hometown: Wyomissing, Pa.

“The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences.” So reads Sophie’s favorite quote from Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild. The experience that changed Sophie’s life was an Interim course at Albright in which students travelled to Hawaii for an intensive study of the region’s Hawaiian Humpback whale population. Run by Albright professor, Marsha Green, Ph.D., the course was designed to collect data on the impact of the boats used by the whale-watching industry. Since the boats are extremely loud and whales are highly sensitive to sound, large boats can have a negative effect on whale populations in surprising ways. “It really opened my eyes even further to the fact that all of our actions have consequences. You realize how small you are, but how much of an impact you can have too. That course changed my life,” reflects Sophie. It was during her second year of college that Sophie realized she wanted to devote her career to working on behalf of animals and the environment.

I’m learning what is involved in making real change.

“I talked with my professors and I started to think: ‘Why not become an environmental studies major?’ I’m passionate about the earth and being environmentally conscious.’” Not surprisingly, Sophie is an active member of the environmental club on campus, Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO), and serves as vice president of the organization.

Learn more about Sophie’s work with Albright College’s environmental club:



There is never a dull moment.

A theatre major and dynamic actress, it makes sense that Szalene also majors in psychology. “I like to talk to people,” laughs Szalene. “And I just love wondering why people do the things they do. Sometimes I even analyze my friends.” People watching is good preparation for any actress, but is also the kind of lively curiosity that led the young Domino Player to wonder about other cultures—and encourage greater understanding between domestic and international students on campus. Szalene serves as secretary of Albright’s International Student Association (ISA) and is a member of the Cultural Awareness Relations (CARE) program, which pairs domestic students with international students, for coffee, lunch and, most importantly, conversation. “I think it’s important to reach out,” Szalene explains. “We have so much to learn from each other!” Szalene learned about Albright via a search on the College Board and “fell in love with it” after visiting the campus with a friend, who is also active in the theatre department. She found that the happy, welcoming attitude on Albright’s campus eased her transition to college life. Now, she focuses on easing that transition for others.


Class: 2012 Major: Theatre/Psychology Hometown: West Orange, NJ Favorite Class: “The Creative Process”

Advice for High School Seniors Looking at Colleges: “Be open. Visit.” Dream Internship: “I’d love to work on a movie set.”

Szalene’s got a gift for gab.... and it’s a gift that she enjoys sharing with her “talking” partner, Jongsung Kim of South Korea, as part of Albright’s Cultural Awareness Relations (CARE) program.

Szalene gets into the act with her fans.

A natural performer, Szalene is quite at home in Albright College’s resident theatre company, the Domino Players. The troupe is comprised of both students and faculty and is renowned for its stylistic, avant-garde performances. For more on the Domino Players and their upcoming performances:

Szalene says of Albright’s 118-acre campus, “It’s calming and picturesque. I have a great view of the mountains!” See for yourself:

Find out why Szalene loves Korean pop music!


E xplore

Y our

F uture

Remember that you are already on the most important exploration—determining your future. But even though the college search process can be overwhelming, don’t forget to have fun (and be a little adventurous) along the way. Go on tour, talk to other students and the Admission’s staff, and when you do, ask the questions that mean the most to you. Perhaps you’re wondering about what it’s really like to live in a residence hall. Or you’re curious about the research and/or study abroad opportunities that might just be a perfect fit for you. We’re here and happy to help. Talk to an admission counselor Check out this link to find an admission counselor who can help you learn more about Albright: APPLICATION PROCEDURE Applicants must submit an application, essay or graded paper, academic transcript(s), counselor and teacher recommendations and SAT or ACT test results (or have a test optional interview). Transfer students can download an application or apply online: APPLICATION DATES Freshmen Admission: March 1 Transfer Admission

FINANCIAL AID Named to Barron’s Best Buys in College Education, Albright College seeks to make the cost of a private education affordable through generous need-based financial aid awards and numerous merit-based scholarships and awards. For further information, please refer to our web site at There, you will also find a link to a handy calculator that you can use now to estimate the cost of an Albright education. A little preplanning always helps! THE RIGHT PROGRAMS Finally, we’ve included information that might help you with your choice of major(s). We even offer an Alpha Program to help students who are undecided about a major. The way we see it, you don’t need to make all your decisions right away. In terms of majors and programs, you name it and we’ve probably got it. We also have several travel courses during a January Interim for students who are ready for some academic adventure beyond four classroom walls.

Fall Semester: August 1 Spring Semester: December 15

OUR PROGR A M S OF STUD Y We offer more than 60 academic majors and programs. Accounting Accounting, Economics & Finance Africana Studies 3 American Civilization Art Art History 3 Arts Administration 3 Asian Studies 3 Biochemistry Bio-cultural Anthropology 3 Biology n Biotechnology n General Biology

Business Administration Economics n Finance n International Business n Management n Marketing Chemistry n Environmental Chemistry n General Chemistry Child & Family Studies Communications n General Communications n Public Relations & Advertising Computer Science n General Computer Science n Information Systems n

Combinable major, which must be combined with another major.



Pre-professional program


Crime & Justice Digital Media 1 Economics Education 1 n Art n Early Childhood n Elementary n Foreign Languages n Secondary n Special English Environmental Science Environmental Studies European Studies 3

Special program/minor


Fashion n Merchandising & Design n Fashion Design n Fashion Merchandising n Costume Design Film/Video 3 French History Holocaust Studies 3 International Relations 1 Latin American and Caribbean Studies Legal Studies 3 Marine and Aquatic Science 3 Mathematics

A l b r i g h t A f i e l d an d A f a r LAUREN HIGGINS studied abroad in Seville, Spain (not to mention a long weekend in Portugal) last summer during a three-week trip in which she became close to her host family! “I really encourage students to be open-minded because you learn so much more from people when you give them the time and listen to their experiences and journeys through life. I will never forget my time in Spain.” CHRIS SHEERER explored the exciting world of scientific research firsthand through Albright’s Creative Research Experience (ACRE) program. “I analyzed bats for the presence of Histoplasma capsulatum antibodies, a type of fungus that causes the disease histoplasmosis, which is a severe respiratory pathogen in mammals. Later, I had the opportunity to present my research at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR).”

T A K E A CLOSER LOO K A T A LBR I GHT O N L I N E Visit our web site and discover more useful advice about the Albright Experience – and get to know our people. MEET THE FACES OF ALBRIGHT

Lauren Higgins ’11


When SOPHIE SCHUSTER traveled to Hawaii to learn about whales, she took part in a lifechanging experience to do first-hand research with an internationally renowned scholar. President of the Ocean Mammal Institute, Marsha Green, Ph.D., developed the psychobiology concentration at Albright College and teaches courses in animal behavior, behavioral neuroscience, ecological Sophia Schuster ’12 psychology and field research on the Hawaiian Humpback Whale. Since 2002, Green has been working with the European Union Parliament on the high intensity active sonar issue.


Music Business 1 Optics 1 Philosophy Photography 3 Physics Political Science Pre-Dentistry 2 Pre-Law 2 Pre-Medicine 2 Pre-Veterinary Medicine 2 Psychobiology n Applied n Evolution & Animal Behavior Psychology n Child Development Public Administration & Policy Analysis 3

Religious Studies Sociology n Anthropology n Criminology n Family Studies n General Sociology Spanish Theatre Women’s and Gender Studies 1

Cooperative Programs WITH DUKE UNIVERSITY n Forestry n Environmental Science


Office of Admission Thirteenth & Bern Streets PO Box 15234 Reading, PA 19612-5234

NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. Postage PAID Reading, PA Permit No. 25

Tel 800-252-1856 Tel 610-921-7700 Fax 610-921-7729 Email

IN EACH ISSUE OF FACES At Albright, it’s all about our people. We’re on a mission to find students who think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore the world around them. But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our students have to say. In each edition of FACES, you’ll find real stories of real Albright people with some very real dreams. Go to to find out more about the Faces of Albright. You can read personal perspectives of each of the students profiled in FACES – and even join our online social network. sue

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our pre

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At Albright, it’s all about our people. We’re on a mission to find students who think for themselves, test the waters, work hard and explore...