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July – December 2008


by Daniel Templeman Pages 19-21

Min Min Light

Holden. Go Better.

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WELCOME Hi there, pleased you can join me,                              

Talk about going from old gold chocolates to boiled lollies, where has our economy gone? Not so long ago I was commenting on boom times and now this exciting business chapter! I can't recall such a rapid catastrophic turn of events. It is just as well we humans have the inherent skills to adapt. Probably taking things  in our stride may be a little flippant, however from what I have seen to date, its mainly ‘business as usual’ in our world. Sure some projects have slowed, been reduced, put back a little, but business is  still rolling along. 

Contents July – December 2008 Managing Director's Message................................2 AUSTRALIA Maintenance – why do you need it?!...................3 CHINA Retail Signage. .................................... 4-5 Stockland Stockland Merrylands and Stockland Cammeray

INDONESIA Kennards Self Storage. .......................................... 6-7 Mann Street, Chatswood

You will note in this addition of AAI we have more of the unusual, as well as a solid representation of our valued corporate clients across the region. Obviously I draw great pride from the vast array of challenges our company takes on, never tiring of involvement in this fantastic industry. There is the ever present thrill of knowing each product we build does not exist until we create it. Never ever a dull moment!  ASG manufactures one off products distinctive to its owners and circumstance. Whilst some products may look the same, BP, McDonalds, GMH etc., each site has its own characteristics and unique detail. Information transfer from "cradle to grave" on every product we manufacture is infinite. Some persons thrive in this atmosphere, and stay in the industry forever. Others flee in panic once the challenges of the "identity industry" unfold. I am one of the lucky ones (I think…)

Holden. Go Better.. ................................................ 10-11

In the last edition of AAI, I announced the arrival of the Global Sign Alliance. Well it is now well and truly up and running. Enquiries are flooding in and opportunities abound. What a unique situation; a highly respected, experienced group of long standing signage  companies with manufacturing plants  spread around the world, offering services of design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, project management across a vast array of products. GSA has to be unique in the history of the identity business. Clients can enjoy and exploit  all of GSA's services across the world in a seamless delivery.  Global specifications can be delivered on,  at local prices. Global specified products manufactured and fully supported in country of use. GSA is not a PO Box or email address, GSA is on the ground, established experienced manufacturers bound by a single purpose to provide a truly global service. We are currently developing the GSA website in the mean time - go to our ASG website for more information: signware alliance.

ARUP High Level Building Sign.................... 30-31

Both Albert Smith China and Philippines are still developing at an enviable rate. India is on the way up with many opportunities coming our way. Albert Smith Taiwan offers services not seen before and each year expands its base - a wonderful achievement in a challenging environment. Here at home we are also kicking a few goals. Here in Australia we’ve been honoured with five major new accounts, successful on several  large development  projects as well as several  project management roles, and this is only February! I look forward to our team continuing their "havoc" in this "economic crisis ". All in all, it’s an impressive performance by the Albert Smith Group, which adds immense strength to GSA in the process.

Ligtas Contractors Safety Association

Well that's it for me at this time; I thank you very much for taking the time to read AAI. One last point, we have a policy of open house to our many clients and should you ever want to see behind the scenes, give us a call. We are very proud to show off our "toy shop". See you next time,      Regards,

@ Westpoint Holden

The Legend of the "Min Min Light". ............ 14-15 artworks created by Susan Lincoln

NEW ZEALAND Matrix Spire. ............................................................. 16-17 270 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

SINGAPORE "Volume" ..................................................................... 19-21 artworks created by Daniel Templeman

Comiskey Group on their Game................... 24-25 TAIWANTavern Beachmere Big W – live big for less..................................... 26-27 image re-branding INDIA 108 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

AUSTRALIA Hotel Ibis – King Street Wharf.......................34-35 AUSTRALIA Pullman Hotel................................................................ 38 Sydney Olympic Park CHINA

CHINA SPECIAL OFFER! Maintenance – it just makes good business sense................................ 39 INDONESIA INDONESIA................................................................... 39 Subscription

Congratulations TOTAL........................................... 8-9 launched their 500th service station NEW ZEALAND

NEW ZEALAND Life is good think about safety.............................18 SINGAPORE SINGAPORE ptt Philippines Association............................. 22-23 TAIWAN TAIWAN AUSTRALIA Sym – Steer Your Motors................................... 12-13 INDIA INDIA CHINA The growth of HSBC China............................. 28-29 INDONESIA Caterpillar................................................................. 32-33 a global strategic player

Holiday Inn. .............................................................. 36-37 re-brand 11,000 signs worldwide All About Identity Magazine is a free publication published by Albert Smith Signs Pty Ltd. Copies are sent to clients, staff and colleagues. NEW ZEALAND Please send enquiries and comments to:

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Rodney Smith Managing Director Albert Smith Group


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Elizabeth Easton Editor Jody Burton Graphic Designer Rick Lodge Photographer INDIA Production Printcraft

Like our homes, signs can deteriorate and fall apart if not maintained. Like our homes, signs live in a harsh environment, sun, rain, hail, wind, pollution and even vermin. Whilst designed for a long life signs do require care and attention. Maintaining your brand integrity Your site branding reflects your business and regular maintenance ensures your asset remains looking its best. Quality branding delivers a message to your customers of a quality business. Protecting your investment Your identity investment has a balance sheet value to you and without protecting your investment its value decreases. Much the same as if you invest in a new car and don’t clean and polish it to protect the investment made.


Public Protection You have a legislated duty of care to protect your customers and the public from harm. Protect yourself from liability due to structural failure, electrical failure and fire damage.



ert es.

Degradation prediction Don’t wait for a problem - predict it. Prevention is definitely more cost effective than cure and regular maintenance is about prevention.

Maintenance – why do you need it?

Light Loss Factors Fluorescent lamps dull significantly over time due to a number of reasons, including phosphor deterioration, dust and dirt accumulation. Regular maintenance will ensure colour and light uniformity so your business remains looking its best. Lamp Mortality Statistics show that 50% of lamps will fail well before their full-expected life and the more lamps that fail the less light will be delivered, leaving a bad impression of your brand. Regular maintenance will ensure minimum failure rate and is more cost effective, with fewer interruptions to your business. Site Specific A preventative maintenance programme is tailored to suit your business needs, taking all aspects into consideration such as location, access, environmental, safety, etc. In Summary Maintenance is about looking good and protecting your investment it's about safety and public protection and being safe.

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MAINTENANCE – It just makes good business sense!



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Stockland is one of the largest retail property owners, developers and managers in Australia with a $4.0 billion retail portfolio. Our 38 retail centres, located across Australia, accommodate more than 2600 tenants and generate over $4.7 billion in retail sales per annum. In early 2008, we reviewed our retail signage creative and are now in the process of undertaking a full signage rebrand. This project involves installing the new look signage at shopping centres currently under development as well as undertaking a full re-brand of all existing shopping centre signage over the next few years. Previously, our retail signage was very corporate and information driven. As part of the revitalisation, a new colour palette was introduced. We needed signage that was vibrant and friendly and reflected the personality of our brand. Bright bold colours were used with light blue as the feature retail colour. The new signage also needed to clearly demonstrate our focus on the local communities we serve. As such, on all pylon and entry signs, the size of the suburb or local community name has been amplified and is presented in the vibrant light blue colour on a backlight panel. We have also produced a secondary guide for our more boutique, mixed use retail centres utilising brushed stainless steel for the Centre name with the signage reflecting the architectural setting of the building. The new way-finding signage is on a significantly larger panel size than previously to ensure legibility and ease of navigation which is an important part of our customer’s experience within our centres. Stockland engaged Albert Smith Group as the new signage manufacturers for the retail portfolio

Stockland Retail Signage to assist with this rollout. The scope of the new signage package is extensive and includes; external pylon signs, centre entry signs, hanging wayfinder signs, directional, amenities and carpark signage. Phase One rollout of the new signage branding was Stockland Merrylands and Stockland Cammeray. Stage One of Stockland Merrylands was launched in November 2008 with Kmart, Target and 18 specialty stores. Signage installed for this launch included a major pylon sign, Centre entry signs and entry door decals. Stockland Cammeray also opened in November 2008, with anchor Harris Farm as well as 16 boutique retailers such as Simmone Logue, Hudson Meats and Little Dove Childcare. Signage installed for this launch reflected the boutique nature of this shopping experience and featured brushed stainless steel on the pylon sign, lift and amenities signage and carpark signage. Taryn McGurk – National Marketing Manager Stocklands 5

Kennards In 1972 Neville Kennard, then Managing Director of Kennards Hire Service on a visit to the United States first saw a “Mini Storage” – rows and rows of garages with roller doors at a facility in California. The idea clicked in Neville’s mind and upon his return he built the first storage units in Moorebank NSW. Since that time Kennards Self Storage, a family owned business has grown to over 61 sites nationally with a further 8 in New Zealand. Recently Albert Smith Group were involved in the branding of Kennards Self Storage most recent purpose built facility in Mann Street, Chatswood. The fit out and base building works by Total Construction provided the perfect canvas upon which to project the company’s striking brand and corporate image.


ASG | All about identity magazine

The various sign types both on the exterior and interior reflect Kennards Self Storage strong focus on customer service and commitment to quality. The use of long lasting sign substrates such as oversize single sheets of ACM (Aluminium composite material), recycled acrylic and removal of unnecessary backlit lighting add to the company’s existing practices to assist in environment sustainability.

ASG are proud to have been involved with this project and enjoyed working with a such a committed team. Dean Crowfoot – Albert Smith Australia

ASG | All about identity magazine


Albert Smith Group congratulates TOTAL 8

December 2008 was a milestone for TOTAL as they completed and launched their 500th service station in the Asia- Pacific Retail Network. The site located in New Port, Pasay City Metro Manila, Philippines is strategically located directly across from the country’s newest airport facility Terminal 3.

ASG | All about identity magazine

The Albert Smith Group through our operations in the Philippines and China has been supporting Total's AsiaPacific network development for the past several years via supply, installation and maintenance throughout the region, and we look forward to continuing our service to Total long into the future. Sincere congratulations from our entire Group to TOTAL and its partners on this remarkable achievement. Peter Treloar – Albert Smith Philippines.

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Holden. Go Better. @ Westpoint Holden

Westpoint Autos have recently invested in a major refurbishment of their western suburbs dealership, and Albert Smith Group were pleased to be involved with the branding of their Holden dealership. The striking fascias are corporate colour matched, 80% high gloss, aluminium composite material whilst the eyecatching illuminated graphics are created from pigmented opal, high impact, moulded acrylic, incised through the fascia. For ease of maintenance to the electrics, access hatches are located on the top of the fascia, and all fixings are engineer certified.


ASG | All about identity magazine

Westpoint Autos Indooroopilly first opened its doors in 1988 with the first new Nissan dealership in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs. Within 3 short years, a new Holden dealership was added to the family-owned and run company. The dealership has continued to grow under the steady direction and vision of John Hawkins, the group’s Dealer Principal.

Now 20 years later, with John's son Luke by his side, as General Manager, Westpoint Autos brand has grown into an automotive empire. Their offering includes 5 major brands; Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Suzuki, and of course, Australia’s own Holden. With their stunning new facilities, highly skilled team, and the friendliness and core values of a family-owned business, you can be sure you are dealing with a business committed to their local community and its residents. Combined with their Queensland parts distribution business and massive stock holding, Westpoint Autos is able to support a dedicated service department with their own manager for each brand, demonstrating their commitment to provide the best possible service to their customers. Experience the Westpoint Autos difference, and see for yourself how pleasurable buying and owning a car can be. Elizabeth Easton – Albert Smith Australia ASG | All about identity magazine


Sangyang Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954 in Taipei, and initially started as a manufacturer of bicycle generator lights with only 10 employees in a small old office sized around 100 square meters. By 2009, Sanyang has production facilities for motorcycles in Vietnam, Indonesia and China with the new business division manufacturing SYM branded ‘pick-up’ in Vietnam for the south East Asia market. AST was commissioned to carry out the development of the Visual Identity System for the retail network for SanYang Motors Vietnam. Beginning with “Familiarisation and Research” of the local market and learning about the cultural difference was fun part of this project, all this was done between motorcycles mazes and delicious food washed down with coconut juice. As it was best described on the cover of “All About Identity “ February 2003 issue – What’s cooking in Vietnam? AST was fortunate to have a local/Taiwanese /Singapore support team to work along with us and the clients, they shared with us their 10 years experience working in Vietnam which enabled us to gain an in-depth understanding of the customers behavior within a short span of 3 months. However, trying to comprehend the availability of local materials and construction skills was frustrating process made more difficult by having to go through the interpreters.

SYM – Steer Your Motors


ASG | All about identity magazine

Application of LED lighting in signage design was a new technology that we introduced to the local vendor. After four months of endless Skype and emails the final designs, from the drawing board were turned into reality. “To expect the unexpected” and “do away with whatever is available” were our morals during the construction period. Four showrooms were refurbished during the last quarter of 2008 between Hanoi to HCMC. The brand was formally launched into the Vietnamese market together with the grand opening of the factory in December 2008. AST teams had the honor to join the clients for a special celebration at the Grand Hyatt HCMC together with 20 potential dealers and SYM teams. May I dedicate this article to our clients - SYM Motors Vietnam, thank you for giving us this opportunity to work on SYM’s new brand and hopefully the targeted 40 showrooms can be achieved in the next two years as planned. Jennie Lin – Albert Smith Taiwan

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The Legend of the ‘Min Min Light’ The Min Min lights is one of Australia’s oldest natural mysteries, and one of our most evocative legends. The legend is of an ancient light spoken of in stories from the Aboriginal dreamtime and which is still being seen today; a small bright dancing light of the Western Queensland plains and farmlands. Susan Lincoln’s public artwork titled ‘Min Min Lights’ was chosen for the vertical transport zone at Brisbane’s International Airport. Susan felt certain that this space was ideally suited to a concept based on the great Australian narrative, which has been stripped down and exposed as folklore by scientists… or has it? Explanations for the mystery of the light are many and varied, from UFO’s through to barn owls with luminous internal organs, balls of swarming insects and the oxidation of Hydrogen phosphide and methane gas. The latest published research findings by an Australian neuroscientist explain the mysterious lights as an “inverted mirage of light sources which can be hundreds of kilometres away over the horizon”. Based on these findings and the science world’s studies of optical illusions through parallel and angular substances, the finished works, featuring thousands of Swarovski Crystals, play with visual perception and the unexpected, through the materials inherent nature of refracting both natural and artificial light. A clean minimal and transparent lens shape, (blow moulded clear high impact PMMA) forms the outer casing to protect and enhance the Min Min lights. This circular shape was not only chosen on the shape reference of the Min Min light, but also as the round form playfully humanises the geometrical lines of the architecture. It is said by many that the Min Min lights themselves seemingly play and interact with you during an encounter. Therefore considered placement and configuration of the work, seemingly dancing within the space, pays homage to this attribute of the Min Min light phenomenon and is critical to a harmonious relationship within the space. Whilst the size of the Min Min lights in reported sightings vary from the “headlights of a car” to the size of “a new risen moon”, it was felt that the size of the forms averaging 1.8m in diameter, suspended from mullions between the glazing and the travelators, allow for the semi transparent works to have a meaningful presence in this architectural environment. Elizabeth Easton – Albert Smith Australia 14

ASG | All about identity magazine

Artist: Susan Lincoln Materials: PMMA, Aluminium, Stainless Steel Rod, Lead Crystals, Fishing Line Construction & Installation: Albert Smith Group

ASG | All about identity magazine


Matrix Spire 270 Adelaide St Brisbane It seems there is no limit to what Albert Smith can achieve when we set our minds to it. Our creation of a spire for the roof top of a high-rise building in Brisbane’s CBD is yet another example of what we can build here at ASG.


The structure is huge, and to install it in position onto the top of a building in a very busy city was a real challenge. With the combined skill of our designers, manufacturing and installation teams it’s now presiding proudly on Brisbane’s skyline. Size: 12900mm x 6000mm overall. The spire was constructed in 3 pieces for assembly on site. Steel internal structure clad with ACM Panels. Lightning Protection system fitted. Amit Karalkar – Albert Smith Australia

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“Life is good think about Safety" Albert Smith Signs Philippines is proud to be a member of Ligtas Contractors Safety Association. LIGTAS (Life Is Good Think About Safety) is an independent group composed of Total Philippines Corporation (TPC) contractors & suppliers whose main objective is to support TPC in implementing behavioral based safety through defined guidelines, rules, duties and responsibilities. The group will assist and help in addressing the concerns and issues with regards to occupation, safety, health and environment. HEALTH – To ensure that all contractors will be guided accordingly to continuous improvement of their health program, the group sponsors a Basketball Tournament participated by TPC contractors and suppliers. Albert Smith Signs Philippines has formed a solid team of players from various departments to participate in this regular event targeted to start this coming February. (Refer attached photo). ENVIRONMENT – To develop positive culture and strong attitude and orderly balance between the goal for economic growth and environment protection, A.S. Signs Philippines participated the Tree Planting activity held at La Mesa Watershed Quezon City “A commitment to leave a Legacy of Clean Air and Water to the Filipino Children”. 18

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SAFETY – A.S. Signs Philippines attended various safety trainings conducted by Ligtas trainers, to improve safety performance by maintaining safe work procedures & processes, instill safety and health consciousness in each and every worker in the course of their conduct of work activities. Edgar Orozco – Albert Smith Philippines

“Volume” by Daniel Templeman In mid 2006 Architects Cox Rayner, invited me under the curatorial direction of Jacqueline Armistead, to conceive an entry statement artwork for the new Southbank Educational Precinct. Having worked with Cox Rayner before on the very successful Brisbane magistrates Court commission, “Confluence” 2004, I was thrilled by the opportunity.

ASG | All about identity magazine


During the concept phase I worked closely with the Staff at Cox, John Holland Construction and the SBEP stockholders to develop a series of works that marked the entrance to the new facility. The brief centered on the idea of learning. I had previously worked on a series of sculptures called “Destroyed by Fiction” in which ‘book’ or’ container - like’ objects pushed into one another to create irregular shapes. These shapes where then extruded into three-dimensional forms that articulated both positive and negative spaces. “Volume” 2008, is an extension of this idea. Knowing that the site would be used predominately by students, who walked past the work daily, I wanted to make a work that could be enjoyed in varying ways.


ASG | All about identity magazine

By altering surface treatments and the inclusion of the seating elements, the sculptures invite an interactive experience. The sculptures’ form, that pushes and pulls at itself, works in parallel with the idea of interactivity or exchange. Revealing and concealing has become the prevailing dynamic of my work. Whether it is within the form of the work itself, or the site it occupies, this opposition is always central. Through the manipulation of the perceived properties of basic building materials, these ideas have evolved. Once the proportions had been resolved I began to work with the team at Albert Smiths’ to work out how we could build the sculptures and what materials and finishes we could achieve.

Some 18 months later work began on the construction that can only be described as epic. The forces at play in these huge constructions meant the internal structure needed to be incredibly robust. The skill level of both the Signspec and workshop team resulted in a millimeter perfect frame to which the external faces could be clad. The complex configuration on internal and external faces meant that achieving a high-grade finish was a convoluted process of working piece by piece around the works. The workshop team did a wonderful job ensuring each section was built to the design.

This task was made more difficult with the inclusion of Sandstone tiles in the design. The tiles where included to give the impression that parts of the work where merging with the existing building adjacent to the work. The work has come together just as I had hoped, creating a puzzling effect and a physical presence. Again, together with the team from Albert Smith Group, we have delivered a project that successfully functions as a destination artwork in Brisbane city. Daniel Templeman - Artist

The success of the work hinged on the transitional elements within the sculptures i.e. where the differing surfaces meet.

ASG | All about identity magazine


ptt PTT Philippines Corporation is one of the wholly owned subsidiary companies, in the Philippines, of Petroleum Authority of Thailand Public Company Limited (PTTPLC). The Petroleum Authority of Thailand is a state owned Corporation and is the largest oil company in Thailand. PTT Philippines Corporation (formerly SBDI) was incorporated in 1996 and now has over 40 stations in Central Luzon, Metro Manila and Cebu, with a goal to add a further 10 stations per annum. Albert Smith Signs was first given an opportunity to work with PTT Philippines in 2006, by 2008 we became the only Grade A signage contractor for PTT Philippines. Albert Smith Signs supply forecourt signage (e.g. ACM fascia, logo, red bars, fibreglass columns and spreaders.) 2008 was the year PTT Philippines focused on standardising their station identity into the ‘contour design’ and invested in LED’s as their preferred lighting method. We applied the concept to one of their biggest stations in ‘Park and Fly’ near Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila). This station has since become the benchmark in design and quality for PTT.


ASG | All about identity magazine

The use of LED’s was the main directive of PTT Philippines engineering department, headed by Retail Engineering Manager Mr. Korawat Sungmongkol. After the ‘Park and Fly’ station, the Edsa Veterans station, adopted the LED’s in the 15-meter high main ID sign along the highway. The huge double-sided sign head measures 3.3 meters x 3.0 meters and uses 1,600 pcs of LED modules. As a high quality organisation, PTT Philippines always considers the value of high quality and whole of life cost, this strategy helps them to achieve best results in meeting their goals. Albert Smith Signs is proud to be a partner of PTT Philippines. Roswell Chua - Albert Smith Philippines

ASG | All about identity magazine


Comiskey Group on their game Comiskey Group is a privately owned property development company based in Queensland and operating since 1996, with development interests around Australia, primarily specialising in childcare, taverns and retail developments. One of the groups more recent success stories is the brand new Beachmere Tavern located on the corner of James Street & Beachmere Road, which borders the picturesque Bribie Island - Moreton Bay area. The tavern is a simply stunning, architecturally designed, modern venue and includes indoor and outdoor dining, gaming room, sports bar, drive thru and a large children’s play area. Perfect for the whole family! Beachmere and the surrounding area is one of Australia’s fastest growing regions with an annual population growth double the Australian average and the development of the Tavern and the adjacent supermarket and speciality shops also by Comiskey Group, is a clear indication of just how much growth this region is currently experiencing. Of course, being Queenslanders we also like our beer, and the Tavern has plenty of cold ale on tap to help cool down on those hot summer days!


ASG | All about identity magazine

Early 2008 Rob Comiskey commissioned Albert Smith Signs to supply and install external venue branding and feature strip neon over the drive – thru building “blades” which we successfully completed. Rob then approached us later during the year to assist him with providing a solution to add some life and colour to the gaming room area and to provide dynamic and unique signage over the main and secondary entries. The design charter was to maintain the “beach” theme of the tavern, with a “nautical” twist to tie in with the name of the gaming room which Rob cleverly dubbed as “Cash Cave” in his initial briefing. The challenge to create a dynamic and unique design was then handed over to our Signspec team and Tom Smart took the initiative. We followed a traditional approach within the gaming room and installed two rows of red and blue perimeter neon around the bulkheads which added the light and colour that Rob was expecting. For the entry signs, Tom travelled down to Northern New South Wales in his own time to visit local antique shops to source authentic

“nautical” equipment, and came back with historic ships steering wheels, port holes and old net floats under his arm! He also visited several specialty timber suppliers to select an appropriate timber to act as the background, but with a look that resembled a section of a “tall ships” hull. Tom then combined these historic elements with some current technology, with “Cash Cave” fabricated 3 dimensional letters in a “ye oldy” type font, backlit by amber LED to create a “gold” halo lighting around the letters. He also added LED rope light to highlight the existing faux stonework around both entries. The final design is indeed dynamic and unique and delivered on Rob’s charter and we believe these signs are a clear indication that one off “craftsmanship” is still alive and well within our industry. We are very proud to be associated with Comiskey Group and are equally as proud of these eye catching and interesting signs. Hope to see you down at the Tavern on a Sunday afternoon! Jason McCormack – Albert Smith Australia

ASG | All about identity magazine


Big W has recently undergone a brand reimage and I am proud to advise that Albert Smith Group is one of two nominated signage suppliers for the programme. So what’s new about the Big W brand you ask? Well, for starters a fresh new brand on internal and external elevations. The ‘W’ icon has also become a main focal point of the brand and is very prominent on the internal mall bulkhead at all new and refurbished stores. The colour of blue used has also changed to a fresher, lighter shade of blue that really lifts the branding and works in well with the changes to the Brandmark. The rebrand has created a sleeker and more modern image for Big W.


ASG | All about identity magazine

Not only has the brand changed but the stores have been completely redesigned, taking your shopping experience to a whole new level! Another important part of the rebrand is Big W’s decision to change the illumination methods to LED’s rather than neon and fluorescent lighting thus reducing their running costs over time. The bonus is a significant saving on their maintenance meaning Big W can also ‘Live Big For Less’! Mandy Smith – Albert Smith Australia

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The growth of HSBC in China

The HSBC Group’s name is derived from The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, the founding member of the modern Group. The bank owes its origins to the business communities along the China coast back in the 1860s. In March 1865, HSBC opened its doors for business in Hong Kong, and on the 3rd April 1865, the bank’s Shanghai office opened. Today HSBC occupies a leading position in the world of banking and finance with an international network that spans six continents. In April 2007, HSBC announced the formation of a locally incorporated bank – HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, and in the same year received permission to become the first international bank to establish a bank in People’s Republic of China.


ASG | All about identity magazine

The branch network in China expanded to 62 outlets by the start of 2008. In the meantime, Albert Smith China was appointed to supply and install the signage requirements for its branches. We have successfully completed the illuminated fascia signage, directional signage, roundel, HSBC logo, mural wall and other external & internal products. Now we are processing the design of their new sites. We look forward to cooperating with, and sharing in the development of, HSBC in China; which is considered to be one of the largest emerging financial markets in the world. Cindy Lu – Albert Smith China

ASG | All about identity magazine


ARUP High Level Building Sign 108 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Due to the significant growth of Arup in Queensland they recently relocated from Ann Street in Brisbane to larger premises at 108 Wickham St Fortitude Valley. We were contracted to work on various signs for their new building. The signs included one roof top neon sign, a low level wall mounted neon sign and several car park signs. All in all, the project ran quite smoothly; road closures were required to undertake the installation and matching the signs’ background colour with the existing building colour proved a hurdle, but that was soon overcome via several site visits with PMS charts and paint samples. Thanks to Paul Wallis for his assistance throughout the project and to Arup for giving us an opportunity to work on this important project. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you again soon. Amit Karalkar – Albert Smith Australia


ASG | All about identity magazine

ASG | All about identity magazine


A global strategic player

Caterpillar As the long term business partner to Caterpillar, Albert Smith Group has been playing a key role in the company identity and branding development of Caterpillar in China, as well as throughout the globe. It is indeed an honour for the Albert Smith Group to be a regionally nominated signage supplier for Caterpillar, a position we hold with much appreciation and respect. In 1996, Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (“CCI”) was established in Beijing to augment the increased investment and business development activities in China, and we at Albert Smith are proud to be the nominated Regional (Asia Pacific) supplier. Sally Xu – Albert Smith China

About Cat Caterpillar Tractor Co. was formed in 1925, but their legacy began 35 years earlier in 1889 when two innovators and visionaries, Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best, first started building steam tractors for use in farming. Since its inception over 80 years ago, Caterpillar has grown to be the world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. In partnership with their worldwide dealer network, they drive positive and sustainable change on every continent. Cat delivers products, services and technologies in three principal lines of business: Machinery, Engines and Financial Products. As a global, diverse technology leader, Cat commits to excellence in all that they do. They are a leader in building the world’s infrastructure, and in enabling progress for millions of people around the globe.


ASG | All about identity magazine

This high level sign spans a massive 42 metres wide across the building

The letters are 3.8 metres high

The signs are illuminated via light emitting diodes - over 20,000 LED's used in this sign 

ASG | All about identity magazine


Ibis Sydney King Street Wharf is the only new build hotel to open in Sydney CBD this decade. The Ibis is an eight-storey, 91-room hotel, part of a combined retail and hotel development that covers approximately 1490 square metres of prime real estate on the corner of Shelley and Erskine Streets at King Street Wharf. The entire project cost close to $30 million. “It is significant that the only new build hotel to open in the CBD this decade is an economy-sector hotel,” said Mr Issenberg, Chairman & Chief Operating Officer, Accor Asia Pacific. “While many of the city’s upscale hotels such as the Sofitel Wentworth Sydney have been extensively refurbished and upgraded, the cost of CBD land has made the development of new-build hotels extremely prohibitive. However, economy hotels such as Ibis put their major emphasis on rooms, rather than restaurants and meeting space, so while the block of land is relatively compact, its design maximises the room capacity, allowing us to offer a very competitive rate for such a prestigious location.”


ASG | All about identity magazine

Accor has been one of very few hotel groups to open new hotels in Australia this decade, including the 5-star Pullman and 2-star Formule 1 at Sydney Olympic Park. Ibis is growing rapidly as a brand across the Asia Pacific region, with over 100 Ibis hotels under development in China within the next three years. The brand is also expanding in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Korea. The building signage for Ibis Sydney King Street Wharf was supplied and installed by Albert Smith Group early in the New Year. Due to the restrictive access the high level signs, located on 3 elevations, were installed via rope access. The distinctive Hotel Ibis signs can be seen from as far as Darling Harbour and by motorists travelling on the Wharf Road overpass.

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Holiday Inn re-brand 11,000 signs worldwide The dramatic change to the Holiday Inn brand is seen worldwide through their recent signage upgrade. IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) is one of the worlds largest hotel groups, boasting more guest rooms than any other hotel group in the world. It owns, operates and franchises 7 hotel brands, (InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites), has over 160 million stays per year, more than 600,000 rooms and over 4,100 hotels across nearly 100 countries. In October 2007, IHG announced a worldwide re-launch of the Holiday Inn brand family, comprising Holiday Inn, Express by Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. The re-launch programme gives Holiday Inn a refreshed and contemporary brand image. Holiday Inn is making dramatic changes to its signage, evolving the iconic script logo, energizing the signature colour green and eliminating the current shield shape. The brand will replace more than 11,000 signs around the world to reflect this refreshed and contemporary look. The new brand signage will also be incorporated into design elements in each of the more than 3,100 hotel lobbies and more than 400,000 guest rooms worldwide. Albert Smith China has been invited to participate in this brand re-launch program. As the sole authorized Art Wall and Cube Light supplier for the Holiday Inn brand family in China, we also supply the hotels with Pylon & Monument Signs, Wall Signs, Directional Signs, Building Letters, etc., throughout China. We supplied and installed the signage for IHG and are proud to now be playing a key role of its brand re-launch program. Cindy Lu – Albert Smith China


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Pullman Hotel at Sydney Olympic Park Albert Smith Group recently completed an internal signage package for the new Pullman Hotel at Sydney Olympic Park. The package included a range of door signs including signage for their signature restaurant Bacar. The restaurant has a Chefs Table where the executive chef David Greenhill treats diners to a unique culinary experience, a show kitchen and a 10 seat private dining room. Accor successfully launched its new Pullman brand in Australia with the opening of its 212 room, flagship 5 star property at Sydney Olympic Park in September 2008. The magnificent 16 story contemporary hotel is located in the dynamic sports, entertainment, business and technology hub that is Sydney Olympic Park. This upscale modern hotel offers business travellers, three exclusive floors with access to an Executive Lounge, three meeting rooms for up to 220 people, an executive boardroom and wireless internet in all areas. Experience Pullman and enjoy panoramic views of Sydney, toast your success in the chic wine bar and savour the contemporary cuisine in Bacar.


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From royalty to the fast lane in China .............12 Spyker

Total Sinochem ............................................ 30

Added service, Added value, Added opportunity ................................................................... 16

Total-Sinochem Fuels Company Limited is a joint venture of Sinochem and Total France. Sinochem is one of the four national oil companies in China; they operate in the petroleum, fertilizer and chemicals sectors and enjoy high prestige around the world. Total is the world’s fourth-largest international oil and gas company, with operations in over 130 countries. The core business of Total-Sinochem Fuels Company Limited is to develop, construct, and manage a network of 300 service stations of high standard and quality, in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Liaoning of East China. Building upon the successful working experiences between Total and Albert Smith in Philippines; about six months ago Albert Smith China was invited to participate in the Retail Visual Identity (RVI) Program of Total in China. As the RVI of Total is being applied consistently worldwide, our job in China was made easier, through simply applying the same engineering design and production methods that we’ve been applying in Albert Smith Philippines into our local manufacturing. In addition to this, our production lead time and learning curve for the Total signage was significantly reduced through the sharing of production resources and parts with our Philippine counter-part. Consequently, we have reduced the production hours by 40%, plus we have got each and every production detail correct first time, even at the first production trial.

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Brisbane Inter Airport term national inal expansion artworks

Ph: (07) 3395 9888


Millennium Arts Project

Maggie Shi – Albert Smith China

NB: Offer is for Brisbane and Sydney metropolitan area only Only valid for bookings made before 29th May 2009

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Albert Smith China is honoured to be appointed as the sole signage supplier for Total-Sinochem stations in China. Up to now, we have successfully completed 6 stations. Our scope of works include the supply and installation of a wide range of signs such as for the service bay, the convenience store facade, the pylon sign and including cladding of the canopy.


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