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Creating a Lasting Legacy

After an executive shake-up following an episode of mismanagement and corruption, Kimble Coaker rescued ATA’s then-failing workers’ comp fund, steadied the ship, and set it on a course no one imagined possible. Today, the ATA Comp Fund and its sister organization Alliance Interstate Risk (or simply AIR) are growing at a fast pace, spurred on by the group’s recent expansion across the state line. Story by Dan Shell with photography by Bob Farley.

Fuel Tops ATRI’s Concerns List

Truckers say fuel costs are putting a damper on profits. And for the first time in several years, they say diesel prices are the industry’s top concern. Here in Alabama, though, it’s all about workforce development and the shaky economy. See the full list in this report on ATRI’s annual Top Industry Concerns Survey.

LTL Group Seeks National eBOL Standard

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s Digital LTL Council is committed to digitizing the trucking industry for better security and efficiency. The group’s new Electronic Bill of Lading standard is a unified move forward for an industry committed to digital excellence and determined to convert that principle into policy and action.

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Coaker’s Leadership Drives ATA Comp Fund’s Success

This edition of Alabama Trucker focuses on the ATA Comp Fund and the remarkable recent growth it has experienced within the state of Alabama – as well outside of the state.

However, as the current Chairman of the Fund and its sister organization Alliance Interstate Risk (AIR), I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to commend its President and CEO Kimble Coaker for his vision and leadership of the Fund and AIR.

I can think of so many words to describe Kimble, but the ones that stick out the most include visionary, architect and orchestrator. When he joined the Fund in 1995, he had a vision. He knew what the Fund should look like, and how it should operate. His 30+ years of vision and leadership have propelled the ATA Comp Fund in ways no one expected.

What began as an effort to provide more affordable workers’ compensation coverage for Alabama Trucking Association members has now grown into a full-blown safety and risk management program that makes this industry safer for all of us.

Further, the comprehensive underwriting that takes place with each member has resulted in millions of dividend dollars being returned to those members.

Kimble has assembled his team one member at a time. He articulated his vision and then turned his team loose to execute that vision. He has not been afraid to embrace change, and he has not hired people just to fill positions. Every hire made has been strategic, whether it is to address a specific geographic need or to build bench strength for the future.

In my years serving as a Fund Trustee, I have been fascinated at just how technical work comp insurance is. At the same time, the passion that Kimble has for this very technical business is remarkable. When our leadership voted to establish AIR in 2021, Kimble prepped the Board of Trustees for what the growth might be – and it has exceeded those expectations.

The article on the Fund and AIR tells the story of how the Fund operates now. How the leaders see its future. It also showcases the various ways the Fund and AIR have been so successful.

That success is a direct result of Kimble’s vision and its execution. In the movie “Field of Dreams,” there’s a famous quote, “If you build it, he will come.” The Fund and Air have become Kimble’s field of dreams.

He has built it, and many are now coming to participate.

Opening Remarks
‘(Kimble Coaker’s)
30+ years of vision and leadership have propelled the ATA Comp Fund in ways no one expected.’



Alabama’s trucking companies are making a national impact through the groundbreaking Alliance Interstate Risk (AIR) workers’ compensation insurance program. This program was established in 2021 by the ATA Comp Fund (the Fund), Alabama Trucking Association’s (ATA) sister-company self-insured workers’ compensation trust. With the launch of AIR, this insurance program can now issue trucking and allied industry companies workers’ compensation insurance policies in all 46 non-monopolistic states.

By working with other state trucking associations that partner with AIR as their workers’ compensation insurance program, AIR assists these associations both monetarily and with their efforts in concentrating more closely on the issues particular to their respective states—giving trucking companies and their respective trucking association a stronger voice in each state.

The ability to provide lower-cost and proactive workers’ compensation insurance coverage to trucking and transportation related companies across the nation was developed over three decades as the ATA Comp Fund evolved and responded to member company’s needs and industry trends to build a successful in-state focused business that now has a growing national footprint.

Kimble Coaker, ATA Comp Fund and AIR President and CEO, notes that 30 years ago it wasn’t uncommon to see Alabama standard market WC insurance rates of 10%-14% of driver payroll and assigned risk rates above 20% of driver payroll. Standard WC insurance markets weren’t aggressive in controlling claim costs and tended to simply pass them on in higher cost of coverage, leading to sky-high rates.

In response, the ATA Board voted to form the ATA Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Fund (now the ATA Comp Fund) in 1992 to help ATA member companies find more affordable and effective workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Ever since, ATA Comp Fund officials have ridden that concept, and created a program developed “by trucking companies and for trucking companies” through strong growth and expansion based on a true behaviorbased risk management model during the past three decades.

Coaker, who’s been with the ATA Comp Fund since 1995, says the fund has been strongly supported by ATA member companies and that’s made successful steady growth more possible. “A great core of trucking and allied transportation industry

companies allowed the Fund to create and offer risk sharing deductible programs with better terms and conditions to assist larger ATA member trucking companies.”

“We were always focused on expanding the program, with a strong safety and risk management mindset to encourage companies and get injured workers back to work,” he says.

Reacting to member company needs and industry trends, the ATA Comp Fund established its original Cross Border program in 2001 that served member companies with operations outside Alabama, as well as a nexus to Alabama. “We were seeing ATA member companies expanding into other states and regions of the country while working closely with shippers and operations in multiple states, and that helped us expand in a direction to offer a true nationally focused program,’ Coaker says.

He adds that the ATA Comp Fund had been looking to create an entity with a national focus for several years but wanted to make sure that the infrastructure was in place to be effective and cost efficient before rolling out the AIR program.

With the transition and establishment of AIR in 2021, the ATA Comp Fund and AIR are now working with more than 600 trucking and trucking related companies in over 40 states.

Alliance Interstate Risk is currently partnering with the Georgia Motor Trucking Assn., South Carolina Trucking Assn. and Virginia Trucking Assn. as their workers’ compensation insurance program and is also working closely with several other state trucking associations as potential new partners.

Currently, AIR officials are talking with multiple state trucking associations, starting in the Southeast, but also “any state with favorable workers’ compensation laws that makes sense,” Coaker says. “It’s exciting to work with new people who are just as committed to the same mindset that creates the opportunity to expand outside the Southeast.”

The ultimate goal is to continue to add trucking associations as partners across the nation. “But the key is we can only grow as fast as the infrastructure can be built out,” Coaker says, adding that they’d like to have a minimum of two or three loss control engineers per state.

It’s unfortunate that not all the trucking partner associations’ members qualify for the AIR program. “If they qualify, great. If not, we conduct risk management reviews of their operations, and advise them on areas of improvement to focus on in order to qualify in the future,” says Todd Hager,

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Photography by Bob Fowler

Safety Pays

“We have a very hands-on safety and risk management program,” says Hager, noting that risk managers meet with company owners to get buy-in from the very top of the organization. It’s critical to have owner support to create a safer work environment when implementing new safety policies and procedures or re-emphasizing those in place.

Both the ATA Comp Fund and AIR pursue a true data-driven and behavior-based approach to safety and risk management. Risk managers make on-site visits and work with member companies to evaluate their safety programs and overall operations to identify and eliminate unsafe practices or situations.

One outreach program introduced in 2021 that feeds into the success of both the ATA Comp Fund and AIR is the “Safety Blitz,” a multi weeklong campaign to highlight situational awareness of safety issues in the trucking and transportation related industry. Last year’s blitz covered slips, trips and falls on the job with visits to member facilities, as well as monitoring drivers at shipper locations and truck stops to point out ways to reduce these common accidents.

This year’s Safety Blitz was expanded to a full month (October 2022) and covered the top five causes of motor vehicle accidents: distracted driving, speeding, fatigue, tailgating and weather. Program material includes videos, handouts, safety quizzes with prizes, and much more.

According to Abby Greer, in charge of

marketing and media and internal communications for the ATA Comp Fund and AIR, expanding the Safety Blitz to an entire month allowed member company safety directors to better plan training sessions and cover each topic much more thoroughly and in greater detail.

She notes that Safety Blitz’s online participation more than doubled from last year, and they have awarded more than $2,500 in gift cards for the safety quiz prize drawings.

The ATA Comp Fund and AIR’s Certified Safety Program allows member companies and policyholders to earn discounts by adopting the ATA Comp Fund and AIR’s behavior-based risk management model. Risk managers make on-site visits to participating companies and monitor progress

with hiring practices, claim reporting, training and inspections, and overall safety investment. Add in a qualifying loss ratio and meeting ongoing requirements, and a member company and/or policyholder can earn discounts up to 10% off annual coverage contributions and/or premium.

Offering up programs like the Safety Blitz and other support services helps feed into the overall effort to provide top notch workers’ compensation insurance coverage at cost effective prices.

Hager believes this only helps bolster the performance and reputation that the ATA Comp Fund and AIR offer through workers’ compensation insurance coverage and services specifically designed for the trucking and transportation industry.

For example, the entire business model is focused on trucking and transportation: Adjusters only handle trucking and transportation claims and have better insights into trucking industry dynamics than other insurance providers that handle many unrelated types of businesses, Hager believes. In addition, aggressive claims management means adjusters have lower case counts and can communicate more effectively with injured workers, medical providers, and policyholders to help keep costs down.

Dividend Plan

A key part of the ATA Comp Fund and AIR’s growth and success is their member company and policyholder dividend plans. Dividends for both entities are shared on a contractual basis. AIR is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ATA Comp Fund, but each entity stands on its own experience, Coaker

ATA Comp Fund and AIR Chief Operating Officer. Fund COO Todd Hager and CEO Kimble Coaker review data. The pair has led the organization’s push into other states. Coaker and Fund member Daniel Wright of Wright Transportation share a laugh during a recent presentation. Looking on, far-right is Steve Williams of Carr, Riggs & Ingram.

says, noting that AIR is already building sizable surplus of monies accrued for future dividends and is showing great national growth potential.

“We’ve never unnecessarily passed any surplus monies into equity—it’s all accrued as dividends as our underwriting performance speaks for itself. And we’ve been paying double-digit percentage dividends for the life of these programs,” Coaker says, noting that many other insurance companies and programs pay dividends only in the lower single percentage digits, if any at all.

Overall, the ATA Comp Fund and AIR have returned an average annual historical dividend of 26% to participating companies, and more than $239 million has been accrued and distributed since the Fund began in 1993.

Coaker notes that in the past five years (counting the recent announcement of $22.5 million in dividend distributions for the upcoming 2023 year), the ATA Comp Fund and AIR has averaged more than $21 million in dividend distributions each year.

He adds that member companies and policyholders generally take three to five years to see the full benefits of

ahead, Coaker says the Fund will continue to seek controlled, effective growth that yields tangible benefits and services for members.

the dividend plans, and that requires buying into the program concepts, investing in safety and risk management, improving loss ratios, and each doing their part to generate dividends.

Bigger Mission

As time goes on, Coaker says the ATA Comp Fund and AIR will continue to seek controlled, effective growth because the programs provide tangible benefits to ATA member companies and AIR policyholders and all our association partners.

“Across the nation, (AIR) has helped associations to better carry out the vision they have for their organizations and members,” Coaker says. He adds that they’ll continue to grow the AIR program as they find association partners that want to invest and become strong allies together.

Coaker emphasizes, “That’s the message: Strengthen the associations, strengthen the voice of the associations, give financial returns back to trucking companies, and in the long term make trucking and the voice of trucking as strong and powerful as it can be.”



Last fall, the American Transportation Research Institute, the trucking industry’s not-for-profit research organization, released its 2022 Top Industry Issues Report, identifying the leading industry concerns including fuel prices, the driver shortage, truck parking, driver compensation, the economy – and for the first time, speed limiters made the list.

Thanks to the response of more than 4,250 responses (Nearly 200 of those coming from Alabama Trucking Assocation participants – the second most of all states) it was the report’s best year yet in terms of participation and results.

“ATRI’s list is a true reflection of what it was like to be a trucker this year,” said American Trucking Associations’ Immediate Past Chairman Harold Sumerford Jr. “High fuel prices and finding drivers were two of our industry’s biggest challenges – challenges made more difficult by the economy and the continued lack of truck parking. Thankfully, ATRI doesn’t just tell us what the issues are, it provides a number of possible solutions that decision-makers can use to address them.”

In a year that saw record-high fuel costs, Fuel Prices ranked as the top concern, replacing Driver Shortage, which had been the number one issue for five years. This year, Driver Shortage ranked second, followed by the lack of available Truck Parking. Rounding out the top five this year

were Driver Compensation and the Economy.

With the release earlier this year of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Notice of Intent to enter into a speed limiter rulemaking in 2023, Speed Limiters ranked in the top ten this year for the first time, coming in ninth overall and fifth among commercial driver respondents.

Over 47 percent of the survey respondents were professional truck drivers and 39 percent were motor carrier executives. Among driver respondents, Truck Parking, Fuel Prices, and Driver Shortage were the top three concerns. At the same time, motor carriers ranked Driver Shortage, Driver Retention, and Fuel Prices as their top three concerns.

More than 4,200 trucking industry stakeholders participated in this year’s survey, including motor carriers, truck drivers, industry suppliers, driver trainers, law enforcement, and others.

Trucking’s non-profit research group recently released its annual Top Concerns survey, and there are a few surprises.


Top Issues in Trucking (National)

2022 RANK 2021 RANK

Fuel prices 1 (Not in top 10)

Driver shortage 2 1

Truck parking 3 5

Driver compensation 4 3

Economy 5 (Not in top 10)

Detention/delay at 6 7 customer facilities

Driver retention 7 2 CSA 8 6

Speed limiters 9 (Not in top 10)

Lawsuit abuse reform 10 4

(Source ATRI)


Because of its high responses from ATA members, ATRI was also able to produce a summary of the Top Issues Report for Alabama. We’re grateful for those members who took the time to participate. The following spread showcases the top issues Alabama truckers find most troubling.

Spearheading the list was Driver Shortage the No. 1 concern followed by Driver Retention. These spots actually check out, because, in our own internal research of member needs, the ability to attract, hire and keep more qualified applicants to fill thousands of vacant positions in the state’s trucking industry has been a common complaint among rank-and-file members for several years.

Next up, at No. 3 was The Economy. Fleet owners and managers

continue to express dire expectations for the coming year with regard to ongoing supply chain issues, worsening inflation and high operational costs such as fuel and insurance.

Coming in at No. 4 is Lawsuit Abuse. Tort reform has always been a challenge for Alabama truckers. And it’s no surprise. Turn on the local television evening news broadcasts and you’re bombarded with trial lawyer advertising demonizing our industry so they can line their pockets with frivolous lawsuits. ATA and other state trucking associations have worked with lawmakers for ways to curb lawsuit abuse, most recently with covid-19 restrictions and protections for businesses during the pandemic.

Like ATRI’s national rankings, Fuel was a top concern, but here in Alabama, truckers ranked it mid-list at No. 5. For the rest of the list and more information and thoughts on the entire list of concerns, see the following spread.





T he National Motor Freight

Traffic Association’s Digital LTL Council is committed to digitizing the trucking industry for better security and efficiency. The group’s new Electronic Bill of Lading standard is a unified move forward for an industry committed to digital excellence and determined to convert that principle into policy and action.

WASHINGTON, DC – The Digital LTL Council, a subgroup of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has announced the establishment of a new standard for Electronic Bills of Lading (eBOL). This standard is part of the Digital LTL Council’s crucial efforts to advance the digitization of the industry in order to improve supply chain efficiency.

The Digital LTL Council is now asking its members to pledge adoption of the standard by July 2023.

“The eBOL standard is critical in helping

the industry improve overall efficiency and operational excellence,” said Geoff Muessig, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Pitt Ohio and Chairman of the Digital LTL Council. “As companies in the industry pledge adoption of this standard, we know the overall impact will be a major step forward for the industry and those we partner with and serve.”

While other eBOL standards have been developed for the industry, the Digital LTL Council’s standard is distinct in its ability to reduce costs and errors, improve service and communication across the supply chain via better visibility, improve overall supply chain efficiency and secure the industry through contactless/paperless transactions.

Member companies are being asked to commit to the following pledge in adopting the standard:

“Whereas digitization is critically important for the elevation of the LTL freight industry, and the NMFTA and its Digital LTL Council have worked to facilitate collaboration, automation, standardization and digitization – for the reduction of paper flow and overall better communication across the LTL industry – I recognize the importance of implementing an electronic bill of lading (eBOL) to achieve the highest

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Early adoption among large carriers has been strong. The following fleets have already taken the pledge:

AAA Cooper Transportation Averitt Express Banyan Technologies

BlueGrace Logistics Carrier Logistics C.H. Robinson

Dayton Freight Lines

Dependable Highway Express Dohrn Transfer Co. Echo Global Logistics Estes Express Lines

KDL Logistics

Koch Logistics

Midwest Motor Freight Old Dominion Freight Line Project 44 (P44)

Peninsula Truck Lines

Pitt Ohio

Polaris Transportation Ross Express Saia LTL Freight SMC³

Southeastern Freight Lines Total Quality Logistics U.S. Special Delivery Ward Transport & Logistics Worldwide Express XPO



levels of shipment outcomes and accurate invoicing, and pledge to develop and fully operationalize the eBOL with at least one business partner or 3PL, starting no later than July 20, 2023.”

According to Paul Dugent, Executive Director of the Digital LTL Council, the standard is the result of a sustained team effort by industry leaders and staff at NMFTA.

“We have worked two years to develop this standard because we recognize the impact it will have on our industry and its partners and customers,” Dugent said. “As we move toward widespread adoption, we are confident the benefits will also be widespread throughout the industry.”

The new standard represents a unified move forward for an industry committed to digital excellence and determined to convert that principle into policy and action.

“Everyone understands the importance of cybersecurity and other best practices in the digital space,” said Debbie Sparks, Executive Director of NMFTA. “The standard

we have developed here helps member organizations implement these practices structurally into their organizations in a cohesive and actionable way. This is consistent with the vision of the organization, to facilitate such progress for the entire industry.”

Project44 (P44) and a diverse group of industry executives formed the Digital LTL Council in November 2019 with the intent to advance the complete digitization of the

LTL industry. NMFTA became the LTL Digital Council’s lead sponsor in June 2022 to bring industry expertise, dedicated resources, marketing, and legal support – in addition to the financial resources needed to accelerate the Council’s work.

To sign the pledge and download the new eBOL API, visit: digital-standards-development/.

For more about NMFTA and its Digital LTL Council, please visit



Alabama Trucking’s current Driver of the Year, William Brown, an independent contractor for Blair Logistics in Birmingham, Ala. was recently selected as a finalist for the American Trucking Association’s Driver of the Year award.

Brown was named ATA’s top driver back in March of this year by ATA’s Safety & Maintenance Management Council.

In 34 years of commercial driving, Brown has worked hard, focused on the details that matter, and built an exceptional career. A private man who doesn’t seek the spotlight, the 59-year-old lets his actions speak for him. His coworkers describe him as someone who always takes the extra steps to do the right things to deliver safely and on time without a lot of supervision. Over the years, he’s logged more than 3 million-plus miles without an accident or violation and has earned a shelf full of accolades and awards.

For his dedication to safety and professionalism, as well as for the value he adds to his customers’ operations, the Alabama Trucking Association named him Alabama Driver of the Year, sponsored by Southland Transportation Group, at its annual Fleet Safety Awards last spring.

Brown has been both a regional driver, long-hauler, company driver, and owner-operator working with various carriers in Birmingham’s hot flatbed market. For the last few years, he’s been a member of Blair Logistics’ stable of 600 lease operators, earning a reputation as one of its most trusted and valued partners in terms of production and quality of work.

National ATA will name its top driver in a ceremony during its annual conference next year. For more information, visit

Four Star Freightliner completes $5 million renovation at headquarters

Four Star Freightliner has completed a $5million renovation to its Montgomery headquarters facility located at 3140 Hayneville

Road on the west side of the city.

According to Four Star dealer principal and owner Jerry Kocan, the company has been in the building since 2000 when he assumed ownership of the dealership. Over the years, the company invested in a few

superficial upgrades, but with the building being more than 50 years old, the time had finally arrived for a complete overhaul. Thus, company officials decided to invest in a complete property remodel for a more modern look both inside and outside.

The project included the addition of four service bays; a diesel technician breakroom; additional office space, two restrooms; a new tool room; and the remodeling of the service department restroom and locker room. Outside, the parking lot was resurfaced, and the company purchased a six-acres adjacent property to allow for more future growth and capacity for the service department.

Four Star Freightliner employs 45 people at its Montgomery location with a total of 200 at seven locations in three states.

Named the recipient of the 2018 Successful Dealer Award, Four Star Freightliner prides itself on providing superior service to its customers and supporting community projects while creating a family atmosphere among its staff. Four Star Freightliner prides itself on providing customers with worldclass truck products from Daimler (Freightliner and Western Star) and a full spectrum of services. It maintains one of the most comprehensive networks of dealerships and ser vice centers in the Southeast region. There are seven locations to support its customers’ needs, including Montgomery; Dothan; Valley; Tifton, Ga., Valdosta Ga., Albany, Ga. and Midway, Fla. Visit them at

A sole query of D&A Clearinghouse will satisfy requirement in 2023

Beginning January 6, 2023, a sole query of the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse will satisfy the requirement to investigate a prospective driver’s previous drug-and-alcohol violations.

Currently, federal regulations require employers of CDL drivers to conduct both electronic queries in the Clearinghouse and manual inquiries with previous employers to satisfy a three-year window of past violations.

However, come January 6, the Clearinghouse will have accumulated three years of historical data, rendering a manual inquiry unnecessary.

It should be noted that employers will still need to obtain general consent from CDL drivers they employ before conduct-

ATA reigning Driver of the Year named finalist for national award Brown


ing limited queries in the Clearinghouse to view drivers’ information. In addition, employers are still required to perform other investigations and inquiries that are not included in the Clearinghouse, including but not limited to the driver’s safety performance history with DOT-regulated employers in the previous three years.

Trucking industry applauds new truck parking bill

The trucking industry is applauding the introduction of the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act by U.S. Senators Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) that would authorize $755 million in competitive grant funding to expand commercial truck parking capacity across the United States. A companion bill in the U.S. House of Representatives was passed by the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in July.

“A chronic, nationwide shortage of commercial truck parking continues to strain our supply chain and jeopardize highway safety for all motorists. This

carefully crafted legislation provides needed investments to remedy the problem while incentivizing public-private partnerships to further expand truck parking capacity,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear.

He added, “We thank Senators Lummis and Kelly for their strong leadership. Congress must ensure our nation’s truck drivers have safe and accessible places to park and rest so they can keep delivering for the American people.”

The industry leaders say the parking shortage is having a costly, measurable impact on supply chain efficiency, driver health and well-being, highway safety, and the environment. When truck drivers are unable to find safe, authorized parking, they’re stuck in a no-win situation—forced to either park in unsafe or illegal locations, or to violate federal hours-of-service rules that regulate their daily drive time to search for safer, legal alternatives.

A U.S. Dept. of Transportation report found 98% of drivers regularly experience problems finding safe parking.

The same report found the truck parking shortage exists in every state and region and is most acute along major freight corridors.

What’s more, 70% of drivers have been forced to violate federal hours-of-service rules because of this common scenario.

To ensure they can find a safe and legal space, truck drivers often park prior to exhausting available drive time, surrendering an average of 56 minutes of valuable drive time per day, according to the American Transportation Research Institute.

The time spent looking for available truck parking costs the average driver about $5,500 in direct lost compensation — or a 12% cut in annual pay.

The Senate bill establishes new funding eligibility criteria, including considerations for drivers’ personal safety. The lack of safe parking options is often cited as a serious deterrent to more women joining the industry. The bill also would make routine maintenance expenses eligible for funding, as state transportation officials often cite maintenance costs as a deterrent to expanding parking capacity.



Alabama Trucking Wins

The American Trucking Associations has given the Alabama Trucking Association the Mike Russell Trucking Image Award for its work in promoting industry jobs and continued commitment to improving the public image of trucking.

National ATA officials made their presentation during the group’s 2022 Management Conference & Exhibition (MC&E) held October 22-25 in San Diego, Calif.

Award for Workforce Development Efforts

“(These) awards celebrate companies, organizations and individuals who use innovation and creativity to generate positive awareness of trucking,” said ATA Executive Vice President for Industry Affairs Elisabeth Barna. “ATA is in the trenches … working daily to continue to raise the public’s perception of trucking and the Mike Russell Image Award recipients are the pinnacle of this work in action.”

According to Alabama Trucking Association President and CEO Mark Colson, his organization’s workforce development effort, which is funded by the Alabama Trucking Foundation and its supersupporters group the Alabama Trucking TITANs, has made significant strides towards building a sustainable future work for trucking, particularly for truck drivers and service technicians.

“Our work reveals a relentless commitment to improving the public image of trucking with the purpose of transforming its future workforce,” Colson said. “This work centers on a career initiative campaign we launched this year called Careers in High Gear, which shares personal stories of actual industry workers to market to targeted audiences to influence their career path to trucking and drive them to training programs. We call this campaign The Real Faces of Alabama Trucking.”

You can see much of this work at

Colson added, “The Real Faces of Alabama Trucking media campaign elevates the men and women working in Alabama’s trucking industry and highlights the many career and training opportunities available across our state. These drivers and technicians share what drew them to this growing field and why others should follow.”

The pilot campaign ran in selected areas of the state last spring and generated more than 500 contacts with an interest in enrolling in CDL or diesel technology programs. The program will be expanded early next year to include other areas of the state, including Mobile.

Since 2007, the Mike Russell Trucking Image Award has been given annually to an individual, motor carrier, trucking organization and industry supplier who each demonstrates excellence in illustrating the industry’s essentiality, professionalism and commitment to safety on and off the highways. The award is sponsored by Great West Casualty Co.

ATA won the state trucking association category. Other winners included groups and individuals whose work helped shape and improve trucking’s image in a variety of ways.

TrueNorth Companies was honored for its work with National ATA and the ATA Federation, sponsoring various industry endeavors, as well as fundraising for important industry-driven organizations like the Warrior’s Drive for Hope, Florida of Honor, and more.

Northern Industrial Training was honored for creating Alaska Trucking 101 – a program that tells the industry’s story to state legislators, policymakers, the press and the public.

Also, Altec Industries’ Ken Calhoun was honored for his work with the ATA Technology and Maintenance Council’s development of TMCSuperTech: The Game along with his efforts with the Be Pro Be Proud Vocational Tech Student Outreach program to help recruit and develop the next generation of technicians.

“The trucking industry is the backbone of our economy and plays a crucial role in not only maintaining, but also supporting overall economic growth and the demands that come with it, whether it be for food, vaccines, building supplies, electronics, or the oil needed to fuel our vehicles,” said Steve Ponder, senior vice president of Great West Casualty Co., “Many, however, take for granted the importance of trucking and the dedicated unsung heroes who work tirelessly, with professionalism to ensure we have the essential items that ensure our prosperity. We are having a positive impact on the image of our workforce and we are making a difference.”

ATA leaders accepting the Mike Russell Award. From left to right are Finn Church, Greg Brown, Chris Cooper, Mark Colson, Harold Sumerford Jr. and Alphonso Lewis. Mike Russell

Alabama Trucking leaders went to Washington D.C. last month for two days of meetings with the executive team at American Trucking Associations and Alabama’s Congressional delegation.

Despite an active week on Capitol Hill with Congress returning following the recent election, the trip featured tours of National ATA’s new office building and exclusive visits with Alabama’s Congressional Delegation to discuss key issues impacting the trucking industry.

Alabama is fortunate to have two new members senator-elect Katie Britt and congressman-elect Dale Strong. ATA’s delegation was there during an exciting time that saw the House Republican Conference select Kevin McCarthy as its candidate for Speaker of the House following Republicans taking a slim majority in the midterms. Also, longtime Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi announced she’s stepping down from her leadership post.

In the Senate, Mitch McConnell maintains his leadership position though not without some opposition from his caucus all the while the senate majority is still in flux though looks to be in favor of the democrats maintaining the majority.

At the same time, former President Donald Trump announced his 2024 run for the POTUS. These aforementioned factors will certainly impact the issues tackled in congress over the next two years.

Those making the trip were ATA Chairman Chris Cooper, Boyd Bros. Transportation; Will Bruser, Truckworx; Fenn Church, Church Transportation; Harold

Summerford Jr. J&M Tank Lines; Tommy Neely, Ross Neely Systems, Inc.; Daniel Wright, Wright Transportation; and José Samperio and Nick Roth of Cummins Inc., who sponsored the trip.

Local student selected to attend National ATA’s Trucking U and MC&E

Huntingdon College junior Chandler Buss, Class of 2024, was one of 18 college students nationwide selected by the American Trucking Associations to attend Trucking U and National ATA’s Management Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, Calif., in October. Buss is a business administration major from Huntsville, Ala.

Trucking U is an educational program for students at top business schools and universities around the country. “[Trucking U] exposes students to careers in trucking through networking opportunities at ATA’s events and [to] mentorship by future leaders in the industry,” wrote the ATA. “The program is focused on building connections that will help address key industry concerns, like supply chain issues and workforce shortages, and solve the problems of the future.”

After Buss mentioned his interest in supply chain management to Huntingdon’s dean of students Dr. Anthony Leigh and in turn introduced him to alumnus and College trustee Mark Colson, Class of 2007, who serves as President and CEO of the Alabama Trucking Association.

Colson suggested he apply to attend Trucking U. He was notified of acceptance in August.

“Eye-opening and enlightening” are the two words Buss used regarding the program’s impact.

“This program put me in touch with what I want to do professionally,” he said. “I already understood the importance of the supply chain because of COVID, but this opportunity helped me understand the depth of supply chain issues—how intricate and interdependent they are—the niche details and the effects policies have. [Trucking U] 100 percent opened my eyes to the interrelationship of the supply chain and politics, as well.”

The expenses for attending the three-day conference were fully covered by ATA sponsors.

“Huntingdon opens doors of opportunity for students,” said Dr. Leigh. “We have a host of alumni and friends of the College ready to help our students find and be part of resumeworthy experiences that prepare them well for their next steps beyond college. I’m proud of Chandler for pursuing this opportunity and for having the mindset to learn as much as he could and to connect with key people who could serve as mentors as he moves forward.”

Buss plans to enter a master’s program in supply chain management after graduating from Huntingdon.

Huntingdon College, founded in 1854, continues a legacy of faith, wisdom, and service through a liberal arts academic tradition grounded in the JudeoChristian heritage of the United Methodist Church.

National ATA elects Ruan’s Van Alstine as its new chairman

The American Trucking Associations’ Board of Directors elected Dan Van Alstine, President and COO of Ruan Transportation Management Systems, Des Moines, Iowa, as the Federation’s 78th Chairman during its 2022 Management Conference & Exhibition (MC&E) held October 22-25 in San Diego, Calif.

“I am humbled and truly honored to be here and to serve as your chairman of this great organization,” Van Alstine said. “It is an absolute privilege to represent the millions of Americans who move our country as part of the transportation and logistics industry.”

Van Alstine succeeds Harold Sumerford Jr., CEO of J&M Tank Lines, Birmingham, Alabama, as ATA chairman.

“Dan is perfectly suited to be ATA’s next chairman. He listens, asks questions and then takes action – that’s leadership,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “His ability to get the best out of people by challenging and inspiring them is why he makes a difference and we are fortunate to have him as our chairman.”

“I want to wish my friend and colleague Dan good luck as he starts this journey, which promises to be a truly special one,” said Sumerford. “I also want to thank my fellow ATA members and the ATA staff for their support this past year, I could not have asked for a better year as chairman.”

The Board also elected Andrew Boyle, Co-

Alabama Trucking leaders go to Washington D.C. to network with Alabama congressional delegation ATA Leaders were in Washington DC last month to meet with the state’s Congressional Delegation. From left to right are Chris Cooper, Fenn Church, Jose Samperio, Harold Summerford Jr., Will Bruser, Rep. Jerry Carl, Mark Colson, Nick Roth, Daniel Wright and Tommy Neely. Buss and Colson

President of Boyle Transportation, Billerica, Massachusetts, as ATA’s First Vice Chairman and, Darren Hawkins, CEO of Yellow, Overland Park, Kansas, as ATA’s Second Vice Chairman. In addition, the Board named Dennis Dellinger, President and CEO of Cargo Transporters, Hickory, North Carolina, and Wes Davis, CFO of Big M Transportation, Blue Mountain, Mississippi, as ATA Vice Chairmen. In addition, the Board reelected John M. Smith, Chairman of CRST International Holdings LLC, as secretary and John A. Smith, President and CEO of FedEx Ground, as treasurer.

CRST celebrates completion of new flatbed headquarters in Birmingham

CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc. recently moved its flatbed division, CRST Flatbed Solutions, to Birmingham’s Daniel Payne Industrial Park. The company showcased its new 3,361 sq. ft facility which will house the flatbed division’s corporate office and maintenance operations during an

Open House event in October.

“Birmingham’s business-friendly environment made the decision to stay in the city an easy one,” said CRST President and CEO Hugh Ekberg, who along with company owners John and Dyan Smith welcomed the public to the open house.

Former American Trucking Associations Chairman of the Board and President of J&M Tanks Lines Harold Summerford Jr., and ATA Vice President of Safety & Compliance Tim Frazier were on hand to congratulate the CRST team on their new home.

ATRI taps Derek Leathers to spearhead its executive board

Derek Leathers, Werner Enterprises Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer has been named Chairman of the Board of the American Transportation

Research Institute (ATRI). Derek succeeds Judy McReynolds, ArcBest Corporation Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, who is completing eight years of service as ATRI Chair. Derek was first appointed to the ATRI Board of Directors in October 2015 and will now chair the Board comprised of 13 trucking industry CEOs.

Mr. Leathers has over 30 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry and more than 20 years of experience with Werner Enterprises. In his tenure with Werner, he has served many integral roles including the formation of Werner’s Mexico cross-border operations and oversight for the asset operating groups leading the launch of Werner Global Logistics. In addition to his service on the ATRI Board of Directors, Leathers serves on numerous outside boards including the American Trucking Associations and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Leathers is the Founder and National Director of PlaySmart, a non-profit organization that helps underserved 5th through 8th-grade students realize their academic and life potential through sports.

Prior to joining Werner in 1999, Leathers was one of the first foreign members of Mexico’s trucking association and was based out of Mexico City for several years. He

From left, are Hugh Ekberg, Harold Summerford Jr,, Tim Frazier and Dyan and John Smith.

holds an economics degree from Princeton University.

“Derek has been a strong supporter of ATRI’s research in his years of service on our Board and is well-respected throughout the industry,” said ATRI President Rebecca Brewster. “We look forward to his tenure as ATRI Chair.”

In acknowledging Judy McReynolds’ eight years of service as ATRI Chairman, ATA President and CEO Chris Spear remarked, “Under Judy’s leadership, ATRI’s research has gained worldwide recognition for its objective analyses of key industry issues on topics ranging from litigation research, the truck parking shortage, congestion, highway funding and the environment. Derek is the perfect choice to continue ATRI’s leadership in advancing the industry’s safety and productivity.”

IRS announces changes in its interest rates for 2023

The Internal Revenue Service announced that interest rates will increase for the calendar quarter beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

For individuals that means the rate for overpayments and underpayments will be 7% per year, compounded daily, up from 6% for the quarter that began on Oct. 1. Overpayments are payments made in excess of the amount owed; underpayments are taxes owed but not fully paid. Other interest rate changes are 4.5% for the portion of a corporate overpayment exceeding $10,000; and 7% for underpayments. The IRS determined the rate of interest on a quarterly basis.

For taxpayers other than corporations, the interest rate is the federal short-term interest rate plus 3 percentage points.

In the case of corporations, the underpayment rate is the federal short-term rate plus 3 percentage points and the overpayment rate is the federal short-term rate plus 2 percentage points. The rate for large corporate underpayments is the federal short-term rate plus 5 percentage points.

Driver shortage eases slightly, but demand for drivers persists

American Trucking Associations leaders revealed recently that they estimate the shortfall of professional drivers has decreased slightly to 78,000 for this year.

ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello unveiled the new figure during ATA’s Management Conference & Exhibition.

“I said we were about 80,000 short in 2021,” Costello said. “But that was based on forecasting the rest of the year. Turns out it was a little bit higher than that. Not much, 81,250 roughly. This year, I think, when it’s all said and done, we’ll be just short of 78,000. So down a little bit. But still the second-highest level we’ve ever seen.”

ATA calculates the driver shortage by determining the difference between the number of drivers currently in the market and the optimal number of drivers based on freight demand. ATA says the shortage could swell to more than 160,000 over the next decade based on current driver demographic trends and projected growth in freight demand. The trucking industry would need to hire nearly 1.2 million new drivers over the next decade to replace those leaving trucking either through retirement or for other reasons to keep up with demand.

“There are some out there saying this industry is adding a bunch more drivers,” Costello said. “This is not a pure driver number, but it’s darn close, and we’ve added over 32,000 this year. But let me just caution you on that number. Yes, I think we are adding some drivers. As we got publicity around the driver shortage and pay going up so much. Yes, I think we’re attracting some drivers to the industry. But this is a measure of employment.”

Costello noted that much of that number is drivers that were acting independently on the spot market. They were taking advantage of the high freight demand going into spot. They also may have overpaid for a used truck because of equipment shortages. But now freight demand has been leaving the spot market and used equipment prices have been going back down as the industry has normalized.

“They’re struggling now and they sell that equipment,” Costello said. “They then become a company driver. That’s an increase in employment. But you know what it’s not an increase in — capacity. Because they were driving in the spot market and now they’re just driving for some of you. So, I caution folks don’t look at this as a pure capacity number because I really do believe that the capacity number is lower.”

ATA noted that there are a number of causes of the driver shortage and that there is no single solution. But the shortage has had an impact on driver pay and many carriers raised pay and benefits. There was also a focus on improving conditions to make the job more attractive.

Costello said the average annual pay raise for a driver from 2000 to 2018 had been 1.8%. Since 2018 it has jumped to 8.1% annually.

“That’s based on average weekly earnings, which is pay rate times the amount of work,” Costello said. “And we know that when you push up pay some drivers elect to drive less. So, it is going up significantly.”

Wesley Britt joins Fine, Geddie and Associates

Wesley Britt, husband of U.S. Senatorelect Katie Britt, has joined Fine, Geddie and Associates, one of Alabama’s premiere governmental affairs firms.

Britt had previously worked in economic development and government affairs for Alabama Power, but stepped down last year to fully support his wife’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. He will be based in Fine & Geddie’s downtown Montgomery office servicing statelevel clients and take no part in federal lobbying efforts, according to a statement from the firm. Fine, Geddie and Associates is a contract lobbyist on behalf of the Alabama Trucking Association.

“I am thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to join a top-notch team at Fine Geddie,” Britt said in an announcement. “Joe Fine and Bob Geddie are first-ballot hall of famers, and I can’t wait to work with everyone at the firm to serve our clients and strengthen our great state.”

Britt is also well known for his football career, first as an All-American offensive tackle for the University of Alabama and then as a Super Bowl-winning New England Patriot.

The firm’s principals, Joe Fine and Bob Geddie expressed their enthusiasm for Britt as an addition to their team in a joint statement.

“Wesley shares our love of the state of Alabama, and we look forward to having him as a member of our team,” said Joe Fine and Bob Geddie, founding partners of Fine Geddie. “Wesley’s intricate knowledge of Alabama’s economic development landscape, extensive experience in Montgomery’s governmental affairs arena, deep roots in communities across the state, proven track record of meaningful relationship building, and his true heart for service will enhance our firm’s mission and record of success.”

Wesley and Katie Britt reside in Montgomery with their two children.

A LABAMA T RUCKER • 4 TH Q UARTER 2022 31 MAG ______ MC ______ GC ______ YR ______ LTR/PLQ ______ RSL ______ BC ______ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY CODE # _________________ Application For Membership Motor Carrier: ___ Private: ___ Household Goods: ___ Allied Industry: ___ CONTRIBUTIONS OR GIFTS TO THE ALABAMA TRUCKING ASSOCIATION, INC., ARE NOT DEDUCTIBLE AS CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS. HOWEVER, A PORTION OF YOUR DUES ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE AS ORDINARY AND NECESSARY BUSINESS EXPENSES. Your Dues Amount: $ __________________ (please fill in by using dues chart) Firm
of Trucks: __________________
____________________ Fax
____________________ 800/ ______________________
PO Box 242337 • Montgomery, AL 36124 •
• Fax:
262-6504 Date Check # Dues Amt Mbr Class Mbr Type Dues Cat Freq Exp Date Nxt Bill Date AL Sen AL Hse CG Dist
Name: Address: (Box) (Street) City, State & Zip: DOT Number:
Telephone: (______)
Website Address: Type of Business: Official Representative : Title: Email address: Alternate Representative: Title: Email address: Signed: Date: Referred by:
Phone: (334) 834-3983

Schedule of Membership Dues

(Effective July 1, 2017)

A. For-Hire Motor Carriers (Membership dues are based on truck count; maximum of $4,000)

$500 plus $20 per truck

B. Private Carriers (Schedule based on miles traveled in Alabama)

$300 ..............................for up to 1 million miles

$600 for 1,000,000 up to 4 million miles

$900 for 4,000,001 up to 7 million miles

$1,200 ...........................for 7,000,001 up to 10 million miles

$1,500 for 10,000,001 up to 13 million miles $1,800 for 13,000,001 miles up to 16 million miles

$2,100 ...........................for 16,000,001 up to 19 million miles

$2,400 for 19,000,000 up to 21 million miles

$2,800 for 21,000,000 up to 24 million miles $3,100 ...........................for over 24 million miles

C. Household Goods Carriers (Schedule based on intrastate revenue only)

$420 ..............................for under $100,000

$480 ..............................for $100,001 up to $150,000 $540 for $150,000 up to $200,000

$660 ..............................for $201,001 up to $250,000

$780 ..............................for $250,001 up to $300,000

$900 for $300,001 up to $400,000 $1,200 ...........................for $400,001 and over

D. Allied Industry (Those who service and equip the trucking industry)

$600 annually

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT – The amount of dues paid by individual members of the Alabama Trucking Association is confidential information and is not subject to publication. Dues information can only be released by ATA to the principal representative of the member in question, and requests by other persons or parties will not be honored. Members are strongly urged to honor this privacy statement and to not share their confidential dues information with other ATA members or the general public.

2022 ATA Buyer’s Guide

We make every effort to ensure this list is correct. For changes or corrections to your company’s listing, contact

Alabama Trucking Assn.’s Buyer’s Guide lists those companies that have taken an active role in supporting Alabama’s trucking industry by becoming members of the Association. We ask that each time you plan a purchase that you consult this guide and give ATA members the opportunity to gain your business. These companies proudly support your association and deserve your support, as well.


Pitts Media (205) 792-1280


Faucett Motors of Boaz, Inc. (256) 593-7162


Southland Transportation Group (205) 942-6226

Transportation South, Inc. (205) 663-2287

Ward International Trucks, LLC (251) 433-5616


Rushing Enterprises, Inc. (334) 693-3318


ISAAC Instruments LLC (888) 658-7520

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (920) 722-2848

Omnitracs, LLC (615) 594-7565

ORBCOMM, Inc. (504) 494-0438

PrePass Safety Alliance (602) 601-4779

Trimble Transportation (407) 347-5121


Transportation Support, Inc. (205) 833-6336


Central Alabama Community College (256) 215-4301

J. Guthrie Consultants L.L.C. (205) 544-9124

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (920) 722-2848

JP Transportation Safety Consulting, LLC (205) 329-8182 (205) 945-8550

Roadmaster Driver School (800) 831-1300

Transafe, LLC (601) 425-2703

Transportation Compliance Services, USA (877) 268-7347

TRW Solutions, LLC (251) 362-2275

Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. (205) 585-3895


Cummins Sales & Service (901) 490-5232


CB Equipment, Inc. (205) 338-0943

KLLM/Equipment Solutions LLC (205) 515-1478

Metro Trailer Rental (205) 985-8701

Reliable Trailer Sales, Inc. (423)-799-3640

REPOWR (205) 908-0540

Southern Truck & Equipment, Inc. (251) 653-4716

Southland Transportation Group (205) 942-6226

Star Leasing Co. (205) 763-1280

Trailer Sales of Tennessee A Fleet Equipment Co. (615) 259-3301

Transport Enterprise Leasing, LLC (423) 214-4027

Vacuum Truck Rentals, LLC (205) 277-6190


Allison Transmission, Inc. (678) 367-7011

Eaton Corp./Roadranger Field Marketing (334) 398-1410


Ancra Cargo (859) 446-3804

Dothan Tarpaulin Products, Inc. (800) 844-8277

Imperial Supplies, LLC (920) 496-4337

Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems (334) 798-0080

Paccar Parts/Kenworth (206) 898-5541

Rockland Flooring (865) 982-8377

Southern Truck & Equipment, Inc. (251) 653-4716

Star Truck Parts (205) 324-4681

Thermo King of B’ham-Dothan-MobileMontgomery-Chattanooga (334) 263-5782

W.W. Williams (205) 252-9025 (334) 279-6083

Werts Welding & Tank Service, Inc. (205) 238-9277


Alabama Farm Credit (256) 737-7128

Arvest Equipment Finance (501) 400-5448

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (205) 298-7467

BMO Transportation Finance (770) 960-6307

Colony Bank (205) 603-2998

Comdata (615) 376-6917

Commercial Credit Group, Inc. (704) 731-0031

CorpFinancial, LLC (334) 215-4499

Electronic Funds Source, LLC (615) 777-4619

Fifth Third Bank (770) 510-8123

FirstBank (256) 970-1618

First Horizon Bank (615) 734-6046

Hancock Whitney Bank (251) 665-1667

IBERIABANK (251) 345-9676

M&T Capital and Leasing Corporation (205) 856-9354

M&T Equipment Finance Corporation (205) 664-9374

Pathward, National Association (615) 620-3530

PNC Bank N.A. (205) 421-2764

ProBilling and Funding Service (256) 736-4349

Progress Bank (205) 527-5692

Renasant Bank (334) 301-5955

ServisFirst Bank (205) 949-3433

Signature Financial (615) 982-4375

South State Bank (205) 422-7111

Trustmark Bank (205) 995-4615

Wells Fargo Equipment Finance (314) 374-2165


Aon Risk Services (865) 722-1209

Cadence Insurance, Inc. (334) 386-3317

Caribou Insurance Agency, Inc. (205) 822-7577

Cobbs Allen (205) 414-8100

Cottingham and Butler (563) 587-5521

DMC Insurance, Inc. (317) 436-4909

Farris Evans Insurance Agency, Inc. (901) 274-5424

Great West Casualty Co. (865) 392-3752

Hudson Insurance Group (317) 810-0056

Lyon Fry Cadden Insurance (251) 473-4600

McGriff Insurance Services (334) 674-9810 (205) 583-9641

Joe Morten & Sons, Inc. (865) 392-3844

MTG Insurance – Morgan Trevathan & Gunn (800) 489-4684

Palomar Insurance Corp. (334) 270-0105

PR Companies (334) 836-1377

Reliance Group, LLC (205) 504-4841

Reliance Partners, LLC (877) 668-1704

Starr Insurance Group, LLC (334) 401-0218

The Baxter Agency (334) 678-6800

TransRisk, LLC (334) 403-4114

TrueNorth Companies (616) 690-5856

Turner & Hamrick L.L.C. (334) 566-7665


Alabama Specialty Clinic (256) 736-1460

Carlisle Medical, Inc. (251) 344-7988

ErgoScience, Inc. (205) 879-6447

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (920) 722-2848

Safety First-Div. of Behavioral Health Systems (205) 443-5433


Davison Fuels & Oil (251) 544-4511

Jack Green Oil Co., Inc. (256) 831-1038

Myers Oil Company, Inc. (954) 938-7211

RelaDyne (205) 384-3422

W.H. Thomas Oil Co., Inc. (205) 755-2610


Accounting Firms: Aldridge, Borden & Co. (334) 834-6640

Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP (317) 580-2193

Warren Averett (256) 739-0312

Attorneys: Adams and Reese LLP (251) 650-0861

Ball, Ball, Matthews & Novak, P.A. 334-387-7680

Bradley Arant (205) 521-8837

Carr, Allison, P.C. (251) 626-9340

Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophette, LLP (205) 252-9321

DeLashmet & Marchand, P.C. (251) 433-1577

Drivers Legal Plan (405) 948-6576

Friedman, Dazzio & Zulanas , P.C. (205) 278-7000

Hand Arendall Harrison Sale LLC (251) 432-5511

Hill, Hill, Carter, Franco, Cole & Black, P.C. (334) 834-7600

Brandie Norcross at (Current as of 11-16-2022)

MGM (601) 255-0262

Moore, Young, Foster & Hazelton, LLP (205) 879-8722

Porterfield, Harper, Mills, Motlow, Ireland PA (205) 980-5000

Speegle, Hoffman, Holman & Holifield, LLC (251) 694-1700

Starnes Davis Florie LLP (205) 868-6000

Other Services: Allstate Beverage (251) 476-9600 Ext. 1231

American Energy Optimizer (205) 222-8874

AMG Driver Recruitment (205) 325-2446

C Cross Logistics, LLC (205) 759-1818

Corporate Billing, LLC (256) 584-3600

Davis Direct, Inc. (334) 277-0878

DriverReach, LLC (317) 610-0080

Drivewyze (780) 461-3355

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. (205) 823-4599

EXT-Logistics (256) 468-8749

HHO Carbon Clean Systems –South Alabama (251) 376-1170

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (920) 722-2848

JP Transportation Safety Consulting, LLC (205) 945-8550

M & N Transport, Inc. (256) 657-5161

Max Coating, Inc. (205) 849-2737

MCG Workforce (251) 652-5244

McLeod Software (205) 823-5100

Pitts Media (205) 792-1280

Porter Billing Services LLC (205) 397-4079

Power South Energy Cooperative (334) 427-3207

PR Companies (334) 836-1377

PrePass Safety Alliance (602) 601-4779

QuikQ LLC (678) 591-4675

Randall-Reilly (205) 349-2990

Rand McNally (877) 446-4863

RapidScale (251) 533-2009

REPOWR (205) 908-0540

Safety Plus (251) 661-7650

SET Logistics, Inc. (205) 849-6309

Spectrum Environmental Services, Inc. (205) 664-2000

Swift Supply, Inc. (251) 929-9399 Inc. (866) 245-3918

TeamOne Logistics (770) 232-9902

The National Transportation Institute (612) 263-9983

Transportation and Logistical Services, Inc (205) 226-5500

Transportation Billing Solutions, LLC (205) 788-4000

Transportation Compliance Services, USA (877) 268-7347

Whiting Systems (205) 239-8014

Repairs: Big Moe Spring & Alignment of B’ham, Inc. (205) 780-0290

Birmingham Frame & Alignment, LLC (205) 322-4844

BTTS (Ben’s Truck & Trailer Service) (205) 635-9286

Childersburg Truck Service, Inc. (256) 378-3101

Coffman International Trucks (334) 794-4111

Lazzari Truck Repair, Inc. (251) 626-5121

Mann Automotive Diesel, Inc. (334) 792-0456

MHC Carrier Transicold (404) 968-3130

Rowe Management Corp. (205) 486-9235

Star Leasing Co. (205) 763-1280

Thompson Tractor Company (205) 244-7812

W.W. Williams (205) 252-9025 (334) 279-6083


Best One Tire & Service (615) 244-9611

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (205) 514-8341

Butler Industrial Tire Center, Inc. (334) 376-0178

Columbus Tire Company dba Complete Tire and Service (706) 321-8133

Continental Tire North America (662) 549-7570

Love’s Truck Tire Care and Speedco (800) OK-LOVES

McGriff Tire Co. (256) 739-0710

McGriff Treading Co., Inc. (256) 734-4298

Michelin North America (859) 661-0855

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (770) 557-4320

Wilks Tire & Battery Service, Inc. (256) 878-0211

Snider Fleet Solutions (336) 691-5499

Southern Tire Mart (251) 457-9915

Yokohama Tire Corp. (317) 385-2611


C & C Trailers, Inc. (334) 897-2202

Dorsey Trailer, LLC (334) 897-2525

Empire Truck Sales, LLC (601) 939-5000

Fleetco, Inc. (615) 256-0600

Fontaine Fifth Wheel NA (205) 421-4300

Great Dane (205) 324-3491

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works, Inc. (251) 438-5521

Gulf Coast Truck & Equipment Co. (251) 476-2744

MAC LTT (330) 474-3795

Manac Trailers, Inc. (404) 775-2619

R C Trailer Sales & Service Co., Inc. (205) 680-0924

Reliable Trailer Sales, Inc. DBA Storage Trailers of Alabama (205) 808-0042

Southland Transportation Group (205) 942-6226

Star Leasing Co. (205) 763-1280

Transport Trailer Center (334) 299-3573

Transtex (877) 332-3519

Utility Trailer Sales of Alabama LLC (334) 794-7345

Wabash National Corp. (270) 206-1877

Werts Welding & Tank Service, Inc. (205) 238-9277


Action Truck Center (334) 794-8505

Alabama Freightliner (205) 322-6695 Birmingham Freightliner (205) 322-6695

Capital Volvo Truck & Trailer (334) 262-8856

Coffman International Trucks (334) 794-4111

Daimler Trucks NA LLC (803) 554-4831

Empire Truck Sales, LLC (601) 939-1000

Four Star Freightliner (Dothan) (334) 793-4455

Four Star Freightliner (334) 263-1085 (Montgomery)

Mack Trucks, Inc. (678) 201-4770 Navistar (813) 382-3113

Nextran Truck Centers (205) 841-4450

Rush Truck Center-Mobile (251) 459-7300

Ryder Vehicle Sales LLC (205) 492-2428

SelecTrucks of Alabama (205) 322-6695

Southland Transportation Group (205) 942-6226

Taylor & Martin, Inc. (402) 721-4500

Trojan Industries, Inc. dba Lyncoach Truck Bodies (334) 566-4330

Truckworx - Birmingham (205) 326-6170

Truckworx – Dothan (334) 712-4900

Truckworx – Montgomery (334) 263-3101

Truckworx – Mobile (251) 957-4000

Truckworx – Huntsville (256) 308-0162

Truckworx – Thomasville (334) 636-4380

Velocity Truck Centers (256) 350-1630

Volvo Trucks North America (336) 508-4950

Ward International Trucks, LLC (251) 433-5616


Taylor & Martin, Inc. (662) 262-4613


Love’s Travel Stops, Inc. (904) 738-4019

Pilot Flying J Centers (865) 207-3874

TravelCenters of America/ Petro Shopping Centers (678) 591-4675


Interstate Nationalease (334) 270-8387

Penske Truck Leasing (757) 603-2853

Penske Truck Leasing – Birmingham, AL (205) 942-6985

Southland Transportation Group (205) 942-6226

Ward International Trucks, LLC (251) 433-5616


New Members 9-23-22 through 12-7-22

American Energy Optimizers

Birmingham, Ala. Jack Dunn 205-222-8874

June Transportation Montgomery, Ala. Brandon June 334-799-3476

M. Wilson Enterprises Inc. Cullman, Ala. Mike Wilson 256-339-0230

Mobile Attic Dothan, Ala. Jake Creel 334-678-9562

MSDI of FL, Inc. Mobile, Ala. Mitch Fortner 407-810-8135

MTG Insurance –Morgan Trevathan & Gunn Benton, Ky. Jimmy Boling 800-489-4684

Pink Zebra Moving of Montgomery Montgomery, Ala. David Bowen 334-451-3451

ThreatAdvice Johns Creek, Ga. Randy Goggans 205-705-2716

Wood Fruitticher Irondale, Ala. Brian Shupe 205-838-0733


SMMC Regional Meeting – Birmingham January 9, 2023 McLeod Software Building

SMMC Regional Meeting – Wiregrass January 12, 2023 Montgomery, Ala.

SMMC Regional Meeting – Gulf Coast January 19, 2023 TBD

January 31, 2023 ATA Board of Directors Meeting Montgomery, Ala.

SMMC Regional Meeting – Birmingham February 13, 2023 TBD

SMMC Regional Meeting – Wiregrass February 16, 2023 Montgomery, Ala.

SMMC Regional Meeting – Gulf Coast February 23, 2023 TBD

SMMC Fleet Safety Awards Banquet March 31, 2023 Pelham, Ala.

ATA Annual Convention April 13-16, 2023 Destin, Fla.

SMMC Spring Roadside Inspection (Northern District) April 20, 2023 TBD

SMMC Regional Meeting – Birmingham May 8, 2023 TBD

SMMC Regional Meeting – Wiregrass May 11, 2023 Montgomery, Ala.

SMMC Regional Meeting – Gulf Coast May 18, 2023 TBD

Alabama Truck Driving Championships June 9, 2023 Pelham, Ala.

ATA event locations, dates and times are subject to change. Please contact Brandie Norcross at or visit for the latest updates and changes.

26 (888) 385-0186

ATA Comp Fund BC (334) 834-7911

The Baxter Agency 11 (800) 873-8494 Birmingham Freightliner IBC (205) 322-6695 Corp Financial 23 (334) 215-4499

Cummins Inc. 27

International Trucks IFC (800) 844-4102

McGriff Insurance 21 (334) 674-9803

McGriff Tire 22 (334) 674-9803

Nextran Truck Center 3 (800) 292-8685

Palomar Insurance 8 (800) 489-0105

R.E. Garrison 15 (800) 643-3472

Southern Tire Mart 9 (877) STM-TIRE

Southland Transportation Group 16 (205) 254-1821 Truckworx Kenworth 7 (800) 444-6170 Wallace State 17 (256) 352-8063 WH Thomas Oil Co. 18-19 (205) 755-2610

Assured Partners
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